Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 23, 2017


Dane Wigington

How is our societal programming affecting our sense of reason? Why don’t the facts matter in so many cases and with so many people? Countries all over the globe are maneuvering and preparing for the coming overturning of the reality we have known. An increasing number of countries are finally disconnecting from the US petrodollar, they have had enough of supporting the primary global empire of America. How many Americans have any idea about the totality of what is unfolding around the world? Where do the millions of tons of toxic Hurricane disaster waste materials go? Wildfires and weather whiplash both continue to become ever more extreme, especially in the most industrialized nations that have the largest militaries and thus the largest geoengineering operations. What will be the next big power structure shoe to drop? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The increasingly aggressive weather warfare operations are beginning to wake the sleeping masses, but the flames of awareness must be fanned. Sharing credible data with the as of yet unaware, is critical.

This week's outreach booth is at the South Towne Exposition Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



152 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 23, 2017

  1. Dr. B Fox says:

    I listen to each and every one of your weekly videos and I must thank you for your courage and your commitment to educate, expose, and to hold onto hope.  Even before I had heard any mention of hurricane modification, it was blatantly obvious to me that the string of hurricanes in the Gulf and the Atlantic this summer were either manufactured and/or steered toward their final destinations.  It makes me wonder if the 2013 EF-5 El Reno, Oklahoma tornado that killed well-known storm chasers Tim Samaras, his son Paul, and Carl Young was steered at the last minute into their path.  That huge storm made an unusual right-angle turn to the left, trapping the chasers' car and mercilessly flipping it end over end.  (We saw the raw footage in a storm spotter training class). I've witnessed such odd weather over the past few years it amazes me how others think it's just a weird act of nature.  Two years ago, a blizzard apparently came out of nowhere (only in three counties in northeast Iowa);  the "quiet before the storm" was so eerie right before straight-line winds and blinding snow hit. The "blizzard" was short-lived;  within an hour the winds subsided drastically. In Iowa, we've had record heat for the end of September and extremely dry conditions.  This makes for huge clouds of toxic "dust" (pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers) during the fall harvest.  It never ceases to amaze me all the different ways we are being assaulted.  Thank you again for all you do, Dane.

  2. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I agree, all the toxic debris products, left in the wake of the catostrophic Hurricane's this season, will only ruin the environment even more in the manner it is disposed of. The 2017 Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone had the highest measurement of Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE), even higher than the 2005 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season!

  3. Anon says:

    Well they are Fuc'n us up here. These Bsterd's want all the leaves on the trees to fall down so that everyone goes out a head of time before Jolly Jolly gets here. Only one problem though. Your trees don't have a hoping "high in Hell". Only because the trees have been slowly poisoned with the sht that is being sprayed into the upper layer. Can't you see the different layer's?

    It is so obvious to me. I see a lot of black sht going by, underneath what already has been laid down above. Look at that sht man.

    Nucleated clouds from David Keith' and his fantastic ideas.

    Well we will put it on the grandkids coat tails is what he said.

    You can find that in Dane's Archives if you wish.

    All of the whole Nato countries are being slowly poisoned or manipulated into believing this is Normal.

    The rest of the other countries are being Bombed or Being Obliterated by storms.

    Most think that this is OK because they listen to the Sht Wagon Media News.

    Well many are thinking the opposite. Ones that have a brain on their shouders.

    Do you think the majority will wake up?


    Because they wil be DEAD before that happens.

    The rest of the story.

    No one wakes up because the are a sleep at the wheel.

    Then they spend a whole bunch of money on the criminal lottery and all the other BS things like Xmas Valentines Day hoping that it will magically make them feel better or hoping that a Win Fast will happen on the lottery. KEEP giving your money away and it will be Taken.

    People have been Duped for such along time.

    The chances that some one wins the lottery are Slim, but the chances of Death by this Criminal Cartel Deal are so much greater.

    Your death bed awaits you for sure if you are in Ignorant Bliss.

    Ignorance is so Bliss.

    Most love it.

    Acting very Ignorant to the Toxins above them.

    Most love it though.

    Because most are just that.

    Totally Ignorant to the complete truth right in front of their face.

    Fantasy Land.

    Enough Said.


  4. Erik says:

    They are back again over the southern California skies. Woke up to a milky white skies over head here in Los Angeles. It has been over 4 months since I've seen a sky like this again. They started up again these a holes.

  5. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hi Dane.  I found this conference this morning.  I do not imagine academia would like you to speak at a conference like this so I doubt you received an invite.

  6. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was Farmers Market #21, 4 more to go. There was a good vibe at the market today. The temps were about 82F or so. Unseasonably warm by 10 or 12 degrees, for this time of year, "on a nice day". The weather schedule has us receiving more chemically nucleated rain by Sunday. Anyway, the market was a success today. I keep writing about how this is a "compounding" endeavor. The Gem Faire is Herculean in the efforts put forth, but they are in a different town every week. I am at our booth "every week". I see a lot of the same folks week after week. And more importantly, "they see me" and the booth offering truth about what's not right with the skies above. I'm noticing it's getting harder for some of those folks to walk by and look at the banners and reader boards. They may not say much, but they sure are starting to take up their own observational documentations of what's happening above them that they can see on the banners in the booth. They will wake up soon enough, maybe. Then there are the folks that are starting to come by and want to strike up a conversation about this "geoengineering 'stuff". Forgive me, but I've had way to many opportunities to tell someone that comes up to the booth stating "I know all about them chemtrails". The proper responce is as follows, "they're not chemtrails, (pause, let it sink in)" Right there you have their attention. Educate at will. I usually go into how to use the proper terms and can recite 7 or 8 of them off the top of my head when in conversation. All the sudden an old hickerbilly with a sweat ring around his worn hat doesn't sound so "dumb". I had 3 DVD's come back today and 3 went out. I have over 25 of them in circulation. Again today I had someone offer to buy a DVD from me because he wouldn't be able to return it. Of coarse, I handed him a DVD and looked him in the eye and said, "this ain't a dvd for someone's collection, you make sure it doesn't gather dust and that'll be fine". Had a couple of Native Americans stop by today. They were very interesting to speak with. It did me good to know that I handed them a pile of info that will lead them in the right direction. Not the direction they think is true. Misinformation is every where these days. On second thought, I guess it's always been a factor that has influenced the masses. Those boys said they'd come back and talk with me some more. Maybe they will, maybe the great spirit will tell them to search more of what they have learned today. They were both good young men.

    "21" weeks in a row now. Only missed one market day because I was on a bus headed for Redding CA. My will is to grow roots of awareness, cultivate and nurture them and watch the "tree" grow. I can't grow real trees anymore, so I'll grow bigger trees….

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Our deepest thanks for your relentless efforts to sound the alarm, Simple Horseman, you are an example for us all. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to each and every activist and individual who is refusing to yield to the gathering storm. No matter how dark the horizon, our will can never be taken from us. We can still make a difference even at this late hour if we press on in this epic battle for the greater good, refusing to give up, ever. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward,

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hats off to you my friend I haven't met yet. Your steadfast resolve to stay the course for 25 weeks at your local market reveals a rare real man of potent will power and a warm loving heart.   You are a beacon in this miserable battle we share.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

  7. Anon says:

    Only, Only if people would look at the trees.

    Every single time I go out, whether walking around or on route to anywhere….

    I always take note of the the trees….

    Either they are dead or they are dying…

    If people think this is O.K. then I invite you to your Death Box…

    When all the trees are gone…

    What do people think is going to happen Next.

    The answer is right there in front of everyone….


    And there is a lot of death out there…..

    I guess this is our Future…

    • Blue Sue says:

      Thinker, thank you for posting the link to this article.  CCT method my you-know-what, those are aerosol dispersal trails straight out. " … Risky plans to hack the global climate"  are good closing words to this piece that tells part of the truth. 

  8. Anon says:

    The "absolute truth" by Paul V….. Your Children…. Thank you Paul.


    It’s not about your children anymore, and never was. They’re all dead, and most of the Earth’s populations are dead as well.

    Your obligations were to protect to planet Earth and to act as divine custodians. Your obligations were to husband the land as one tends a garden. Instead, you chose to desecrate your Earth in order to fulfill hebrew (satanic) prophecy… All planned long ago, and bible thumping Judeo/Christian types should at least get Academy Awards for playing their parts so well.

    The plan??? Pump up those idiot military hounds and blood suckers for international banking cartels. Be sure to support the Vatican. Especially Swiss UBS bank… Instruct your children to willfully join in “law enforcement” activities. Teach them to “Protect and Serve” by shooting drivers in the back for failing to signal their turn. Sit your kids in front of digital television “programming” for days and weeks and years on end. Buy them iPads, cell phones, Gameboys, and other electronic cocaine. Make sure they become politically passive and sexually sterile. Shoot them up with all the specified (mercury laden) vaccines before they’re old enough to say no. Feed them lots of GMO crop poisons from the companies you hold in your investment portfolios.

    Pray for Santa to be more gracious during the holidays. Your retirement portfolios depend on massive profits. Turn the entire planet into an industrial diaper bucket, and blame the corporate elite for any lack of profitability…

    The babble script was written by hebrew and jesuit scribes during the “Dark Ages” and shoved up believers asses for the last 1200 years. It was convenient that everyone was so compliant, concerned, loving, and courageous… Please turn the lights off as you leave planet Earth…

  9. Blue Sue says:

    Dane, thank you for another (so rare today) starkly honest news report.  You do an amazing job of connecting all the dots and laying out the awful reality of our times. Like so many others who share on your site, I appreciate the sane comments and local observations from awake and aware folks from all over the world. 

    This evening I returned home from a brief three-day escape to nature for renewal. My daughter and I packed up the our two Aussies and camped out in the Captain Cook Park in Nikiski, Alaska.  It's been unusually wet and warm for September here in south central Alaska, due to the non-stop engineered weather.  Yesterday morning we awoke at our campsite to a beautiful blue sky, but by noon the sprayed ribbons of white haze extended horizon to horizon.  Approaching 8pm we sat on the bluff overlooking the beach and stared (transfixed) at the lovely spectacle of the golden sun melting over the Aleutian Range across the waters of Cook Inlet. It is so rare nowadays to see the sun as it sets, as usually there is heavy obscuring fake cloud-cover at sunset — and also at sunrise for that matter.  After enjoying the warm glow of our campfire for an hour, we climbed into our sleeping bags inside our roomy 9-man tent.  Four hours later I awoke to the spackling sound of rain upon our tent roof.  Then I heard the familiar sound of a low flying plane after which the rain fell much harder.  After about 30 minutes, the rainfall lightened, and again I heard the same plane; it flew over several more times, and just afterwards, the rainfall would intensify.  I can imagine that the rain was chemically nucleated.  Damn those evil doers.  We arose at 8 this morning to load up the car and pack up a soaked tent in the pouring rain.   Back on the road, I stopped into a local mom and pop store to get a cup of coffee and saw latest issue of TIME magazine (European Edition Sept. 25) displayed at the check-stand. The cover could have been taken from Dane's weather maps, showing hurricanes Harvey and Irma in vivid red, blue, and yellow.  The headline read: The Storms Keep Getting Stronger.  And So Do We. (Sub-headline: Learning from Disaster) — I did not buy the magazine or even read the article, imagining the spin, misinformation, and omissions with in.  

    A bright spot in an otherwise dreary wet day was when I stopped by to say hello to Steve Chamberlain (formerly of Charlies' Pizza) who now owns and operates a terrific greenhouse/feed-store in that small community. 

    What a great guy and hard-working man!  It always does the heart good to visit with like-minded souls who know the truth and share your awareness, concerns, and desire to awaken others to the reality of geoengineering and all it's dire consequences. 

    Driving home along the beautiful Kenai River, I saw how high the river was and thought about the rising sea levels mentioned by Andrew here.  And the rain continued to fall for the remainder of our four-hour drive home.  


    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Blue Sue, Thank you for the kind words, encouragement and stack or two sided color GeoWatch flyers you left for me. Over the last four years I have handed out over 5,000 flyers and 60 DVD's. I ran out a couple of weeks ago, so the timing was perfect. Your visit was inspirational. Yesterday I spoke with several people about Climate Engineering and handed out a dozen or so flyers. It's amazing how a visit or phone conversation with like minded individuals like yourself gives me the boost I needed to step up my efforts to raise awareness.

      Until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity.

      Never, Ever, Give Up!!!


  10. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Note the r/f-microwave ripples coming off this Russian island.
    Novaya Zemlya was a sensitive military area during the Cold War years and it is still used today. The Soviet Air Force maintained a presence at Rogachevo on the southern part of the island, on the westernmost peninsula (71.61787°N 52.47884°E). It was used primarily for interceptor aircraft operations but also provided logistical support for the nearby nuclear test area.
    Novaya Zemlya was the site of one of the two major nuclear test sites managed by the USSR, used for air drops and underground testing the largest of the Soviet nuclear bombs, in particular the October 30, 1961 air burst explosion of Tsar Bomba, the largest, most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated.

  11. ron hall says:

    'Like to hunt and eat animals in Western USA?  'Better test them.  They could be radioactive.

  12. Anon says:

    2 me it seems like everything on Earth will be pretty much FCK'd.

  13. Anon says:

    Dig into Dane's archives…………

    July 13 2014 you are breathing in this

    You will see

    That that is exactly what you are BREATHING IN…..

    This is for certain…

    No………. and you think this is a HOAX, then read this…………

    And No Body gets out here Alive…

    Check it out


  14. jeff says:

    It has been a long time since I have had time to visit this great site of Dane's,and it lifts my spirits to see so many more waking.

    Much respect for you here Dane.

    I just went to check the weather in my area,and noticed this ominous name Dark Sky as being the creator of the chart. A long story short,after fallowing the rabbit hole a ways,I found what seems a sinister story. All the usual characters in most of the  worlds criminal organizations. Give it a look,"IDA International Dark Sky Association. What they describe as a goal is wrapped in an attractive package,with a few vague dark plots. It shouts agenda 21/2030 to me.

  15. Danny Valencia says:

    Hello Dane,I have been up lately in the mornings and I keep on seeing these white silvery sky always after they spray us like lab rats. These white silver sky after the trail theybspray behind the plane make me feel dizzy and give me allergies and fatigue.I am sick of seeing them. I live in Santa Rosa California.

    Please if you know how to stop this say something.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Danny, in regard to your question, there is no easy way forward and the effort will take all of us. Stay strong, don’t give up, FYI

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Danny:  I've been feeling dizzy when the spraying's heavy with the "fall" mix of crap– wonder what they're putting in it now?  They don't CARE how we FEEL about it– we're dealing with "people" who don't want to feel anything.

  16. Even Children can grasp this concept while grownups have their heads buried deep in the sand in denial.

    Watch video below…..

  17. Nice pics of clouds. Too bad that they all are loaded with deadly chemicals. One could stick that SAI pipe up a Non Believer's poop shoot and they still wouldn't flinch at it.

    Keep the sheep docile while feeding them with lots of lies and poison.

    The herd follows the MSM.

    I call it the MSM sht wagon. Lot's of BS ont that wagon.

    This is why so many people think all of this is normal. The media dupe's the mass.

    Because all of this seems normal now, even most of the meteorologists' are telling lies, or they have been duped or stooped.

    Impoverish the people that are trying to get ahead by ruining their habitat.

    While the big wheels rake in the cash.

    Nothing has changed over the years except technology.

    Technology designed to devastate or obliterate areas around the globe.

    As far as people that you may have thought were sane. Look at them closely when the puke spills out out their mouth's while talking about things they think they know about, when they don't.

    Be prepared to dump some of the ones you considered friends.

    Only because you need to get a grip with yourself that this is real.

    When other's might just think that you have gone loony.

    Have a good day everyone.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I came to grips with what you presented a long time ago. And never looked back. "I wonder what would have mattered more in the end? Being a good teacher or ringing the alarm bell?"

    • Lucille Munro says:

      Yes Monsanto, Bayer, China less, Sygenta and other chemical companies are making sure we are thoroughly doused with chemical spray.  I get so upset whenever I see these filmy white clouds floating over me.

  18. horsegirl says:

    Dane, Friends:  is it a character defect to have willful blindf

    ness to the larceny of Ground Nero?

    Two friends – one a carpenter/builder with brilliant mastery of materials, the other a professional architect – are stuck in the tin-can-knocks-down-skyscraper lie.  The former refuses to even discuss it, saying he's fully investigated it to his satisfaction.  The latter espouses all kinds of bizarre talking points including invoking witnesses whom he says he or someone close to him knows (passengers on crashed flights).  I always thought the world of these two.  Friendships for decades based on mutual respect.  I can't understand how either of them came up short in intelligence or an innate sense of physics – highly pragmatic, capable people with their hands.  Therefore it is some internal flaw, IMO, that roots them in pseudo-analysis.  I don't believe either has the guile to be a part of team smirk.  What is this self-deceit?  With persons with less mastery of construction/the physical world – and both thee guys are amazing, and outdoorsmen – I could pass it off as a lesser analytical mind.  Not these two.  What is the character flaw?  Any ideas?

    • Danny Valencia says:

      Hello all, I agree many people have character flaws they are either cowards or are hypocrites or liars or something that is not good. I have seen three people who cut and 4!that are suicidal. This is an extreme example of a character flaw people under stress possess however how many of our dear people working in the government are simply not saying the truth just not to be fired too many. Yes workplace protection for both sectors private and public are nearly non existent meaning you can loose your job whenever for whatever reason even for something you did outside of work in your personal life and time. Yes what you post on Facebook can get you fired perhaps if they who work for the government follows this page they risk their own job. We don’t own our jobs we are being used unless you’re a self employed. Take this into account when examining why people omit the truth that have a job.

    • Frank says:

      You don't need a character flaw to not believe geoengineering or the 911 story, just the average human desire to enjoy life and not make waves. We live in a time of great leisure, something humans love, and it does not mix well with talk of the end of the world, especially if you live in the NE USA, where the weather is beautiful.

      Unless you sit behind a news desk, hold political office, or have an Oscar or two, you have no power over casual conversation in a supermarket or by the pool. I have known all about what we talk about on this site for decades, but as the events rapidly close in,  I think twice about ruining someone's blissful ignorance with what we know.

    • Frank says:

      All I am saying is that in a time of universal popular disbelief we need people of higher position to stand up and break the spell. If they do not stand up…

    • marc says:

      Hello Horsegirl, at least part of it is the "three blind men and the elephant" explanation. Will assume you know the parable. In this day of virtually unlimited access to every conceivable kind of information, the statistical chances that many millions will have only consumed a very narrow slice of that information is very high. More information does not translate directly into less ignorance necessarily. In fact, as we all know, rivers of "information" are being used to insure our ignorance about extremely important scientific and historical realities. This is an almost impossible situation which Dane fights back against with every breath in his emphasis on pursuing only verifiable facts about weather manipulation. And even THIS is becoming increasingly difficult as the power structure a-holes have continued to ramp up their disinformation game. And in fact, it must be argued that chemical ice nucleation and the whole of climate engineering IS ITSELF A MASSIVE DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN TO HIDE OTHER AGENDAS.

    • ron hall says:

      Horsegirl:   I always ask the simple question, "Have you ever seen Bldg 7 collapse on 9/11–47 stories in 7 seconds?"  I've had many persons over the years simply say, "No, I cannot accept our government would alow that to happen."  Once, 2 professors sitting in THE NEXT ROOM refused to walk over to the computer which was showing it with no narration. A case of denial and cognitive dissonance if they would look.  Their minds remain unchanged. 

  19. Frank says:

    Don't ever forget.

    People are sitting in a room with a lot of computers planning how to kill other people remotely with weather and earthquakes.

    The only reason they can do this is that nobody thinks they can do this.

    Tell the unbelievers that they made the A-bomb over 70 years ago.

    What do you think these people have been doing since then? And with computers and satellites and trillions of dollars. Have they told you what they've been doing? Maybe they keep it secret. Just maybe.

    • Dennie says:

      @Frank:  It's astounding how many people do not believe "they" would and have been up to doing more with regard to researching and creating evermore weaponry since The Bombs were exploded (over 2000 of 'em here, just for fun– WHEEEEE!!!), forever changing our atmosphere, but who thinks of that trifling little detail?  Sitting on "their" hands, resting on "their" laurels– pffft– indeed.

    • Lucille Munro says:

      Yes the military/industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about is alive and well.

      They also killed President John F. Kennedy because he would cooperate with their killing agenda.

  20. Jeff Naish says:

    Thank you Dane for what you do!

    I try to inform many here in Alabama

    This state is sprayed heavy.

    The pics i have taken this year, are unreal


    • Danny Valencia says:

      Last summer in June, I visited my family outside of California and I traveled to several states one being Alabama, they sprayed so much the sky was nothing but thick certains of chocking air I could hardly even breath it was sunny and dark at the same time like when there is a heavy haze that block most of the sun out but it is not completely blocked. I will never forget that day when they sprayed heavily.

  21. Tomi says:

    Sydney NSW region hasn't had rain for 3 months at least, we had a few splashes there and there but in general it has been so dry and windy. Feels like we live on some other planet. Weather forecasters are predicting extreme fire danger conditions due to extreme hot weather that's coming up this Summer ( shortly ). It looks like the Geoengineers have already predicted the weather conditions few months ahead… I wonder how do they know what the weather is going to be like so many months ahead.  At night you can see a very few stars in the sky due to extreme SRM activity.  Also there's extreme Microwave transmittion visible when it gets really cloudy. Clouds get dispersed within an hour of forming up. Again – no chance of rain.  Lets just put it this way : Ladies and Gentlemen , today's forecast is;  Cloudy with a chance of …..meatballs ?

  22. ron hall says:

    I gave up eating red meat in 1968(bad vibes,man!). over the subsequent years I gradually became a 99% vegan(any dairy product is considered  "animal".) I've been astounded over the years how many environmentalists, academic friends, and relatives have no clue whatsoever that eating animal products is the NUMBER ONE FOOTPRINT FOR A HUMAN! -back in the day, people would ask me what they could do  to mitigate help  the horrors of the world . "I have to support 3 kids, my wife is in a wheelchair and my parents need help.  I have no time!", I often heard.. My answer: "do nothing because your burdens are extreme.  If you stop eating animals and animal products YOU ARE COMMITTING A REVOLUTIONARY ACT!" Usually I received a blank stare, followed by, "NO WAY, MAN!" 

    • Ashleigh says:

      I am vegan too!  It really gets to me that people feed the animals grains to eat the animal, when you could have just eaten the grains in the first place. I completely understand the blank stare, I don't know any other vegans just myself my husband and our son. Much love to you my friend!

    • Dennie says:

      We've got 'em out here in California, but many more are just vegetarian.  Then we have a whole group of people who don't eat red meat, but do eat chicken and fish, and another group that eats only fish.  Another category eats eggs and dairy, or only dairy, vegetables and grains.  Frances Moore Lappe's Diet for a Small Planet was a ground-breaker for helping people wake up and start moving in a saner direction regarding what they eat and how that affects us all.  

    • Joseph L says:

      Thank you Ron – I totally agree  about what you eat and carbon footprint. I am mostly a vegetarian and not only for that reason but for better health.   Cutting down forests for grazing of cattle is a big problem on this planet.  Eat vegetarian will also mean a healthy planet and society. You have to be careful  even when things are natural since alot of produce as lots of pesticides. I try to eat organic for alot of stuff.  Apples and strawberries are very healthy but if not organic lots of pesticides

    • penny waters says:

      grains given to cattle are usually genetically modified soya.

      tis one way i try to open people up – by giving them that tiny piece of info and hopefully go from there.

      uphill struggle – but never let go!!

  23. Raul Gutierrez says:

    Love seeing all these essay long comments, keep that info coming and let’s make it happen.


  24. Bella_Fantasia says:

    While everyone here understands the extreme danger of biosphere collapse as preeminent, the focus worldwide is on ditching the petrodollar.  Creative and flexible ways and means of cooperation are afoot, causing the US power structure to be apoplectic.  And it does make the US exceedingly more dangerous by the day to rest of the world.

    Not only will Venezuela being trading in Yuan, the deal with the EU will involve Yuan.  Canada will clear the yuan and the UK may come on board.  Venezuela has put in place a whole basket of currencies and has arranged with banks worldwide to accommodate its business.   Find out what the kerfluffle over Qatar was about.  Even OPEC will have currency swaps with China.  Rubles and Singapore dollars have a place.  All manner of collaborative banking structures are being arranged, leaving the petro dollar in the dust. 

    "According to Michael Snyder in his blog The Economic Collapse, in economic and financial terms China’s government has been playing chess while the West has been playing checkers. Unfortunately for the US, play has now reached a stage where check mate is within view."

  25. Shirley Kistner says:

    Sunday, September 24, 2017  Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.  Tanker Jets were Disbursing Toxic Particulates in an aggressive manner late in the afternoon.  Multiples of Jets projecting Nano-Particulates in the atmosphere.  Line, after line, after line.  One would have to be brain dead not to notice the abnormal configuration of the atmosphere.   End of the day the sky was a haze of pink.

    Monday, September 25, 2017,  the insanity began early in the morning.  Non stop all day long.  It's currently 4:03 PM.  Just walked outside, Jets are spraying parallel and through previous dispersions.

    It's almost as if this is science fiction taking place before our eyes.  We can smell the chemicals in our home.  Pure evil and criminal what our citizens unknowingly have to endure.  One lady stopped in the street as I was photographing and informed me the Eclipse was over.  Her comment to me;  Mam, those are Airline Jets on approach to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.  I tire of attempting to explain the truth to people who are close-minded to the facts of Solar Radiation Management   I'll maintain my composure and keep trying.  That's all I can do. 

    Factually Reported by Shirley Kistner, Charlotte, NC



    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Somebody get a plane schedule for the entire U.S.,it's public knowledge,separate commercial and non commercial flights especially when spraying is occurring try to pinpoint takeoff points and have someone investigate airports,ground crews and pilots.This is ridiculous in this age of technology and transparency we can't confront this crime.For God's sake,the whole world knows when we spank a kid.Someone needs to really investigate.All we do is watch it and wine about it.Lets end it.Its up to us.

    • Dennie says:

      @Lee Eyerman:  I'm with ya on that!  And yes indeed, the entire city knows when someone dares spank a kid.  THERE HAS TO BE A WAY INTO "THEIR" SYSTEM to find out WHO is doing WHAT and WHERE.  Would be great if someone could hack their remote-controlled flight system and GROUND the damnable jets!!!!

  26. Dennie says:

    Well, we still do have, and there are definitely pockets of butterflies, dragonflies, other bugs, bees and tons of lizards.  My backyard is currently such a place.  There's a flock of bluebirds that moved into the trees along the east border of land at San Rafael H.S. a few winters back, and we have tons of jack rabbits, skunks, raccoons and coyotes.  But they are relying on water– I water here every day, and the field at SRHS gets watered nightly.  Yesterday, the heat of the sun was as hot as an oven, much worse on some days, like yesterday afternoon around 4:30 in northern San Rafael, California.  I was driving north on U.S. 101 in my '81 Volvo and I knew that if I couldn't get out of the sunshine it would have burned me nastily. … UGHH!!!

  27. marc says:

    I recently flew SW airlines and was puzzled when, after landing, the flight attendant asked ALL passengers to close their window shades BEFORE approach to the gate. Some passengers either ignored the directive or just weren't paying attention. Attendants were going up and down the aisle asking people to close their shades. All I can say is… is that about?? What don't they want us to see? CIA mechanics doing their dirty, omnicidal deeds at an adjacent gate? Has anyone else encountered this request to close window shades prior to docking at the gate?

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Yes, during daytime arrival.  I thought it was strange, too.

    • Eva says:

      marc – When I last flew American Airlines in August (a dreadful experience, canceled flight, returned home a day late!), the flight attendant also asked all passengers to lower the window shades.  The explanation was that it kept the plane cooler.  Most passengers complied but it did not seem to be an issue for those that did not.

    • Watcher says:

      I have heard of this before. I wouldn't have complied if I was sitting in a window seat.

       I'll state the obvious. They didn't want you all to see something. 

      The scale and scope of this program still boggles my mind on a daily basis.

      So many cowards and blind order followers it makes ones head spin.

      I heard something that I thought was poignant on Gary Null's show. People would rather self destructive than face change. I'm paraphrasing but you get the point.


  28. SD says:

    Widespread Solar Radiation Management over Orange County, CA today, Monday. Temps forecast over 100F inland valleys in 7 days.

    Report just released by UC Davis researcher says EQ activity WAY UP in Los Angeles area in recent years ( I knew that) Question is – are they natural occurring or INDUCED by WX Engineering ops of upper atmosphere?

  29. Ron Marr says:

    Netanyahu…the lizard of Israel, gave a speech the other day. His eyes fluttered in rhythm with his lies. He can't hold a candle to G W Bush but is neck in neck with Hillary Clinton and her husband, Rice, Powell, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz. Dane was all over Trump…but I would like to add that Trump is pushing a flag, military and patriotic theme bigger than that of Hitler's.  As long as we play alone with their fake reality they will continue to pull the strings of race and gender, religion and wealth. We can no longer be black and white, brown and yellow or red…we are consciousness. We must begin to accept it…because together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. Trump and his buddy Netanyahu are hammer out monologues for WW3, against innocent countries and the human race.

  30. Rosalie says:

    Since many sit stern in their position that because we're in the "end times:" there is nothing that can be done, I wonder, if at, there could be a downloadable cue card of one-liners by Dane Wigington, created, to help knock these people out of their slumber.  Dane, you've have some profound quotes throughout the years that would certainly help create that bing moment amongst the masses that steadfastly refuse to be woken up. If we could gain ground in the Christian community, as an example, that is a way to force them to face the truth.

  31. LS says:

    Hello Dane and all.

     It is the middle of the night. My defenses are naturally down right now so I will just say this instead of keeping it to my self. Thanks you to all who gather here and provide comfort, sanity and so much info. 

    I called our sheriff dept. recently about people living in the woods by the river for weeks. I got a call back from a private cell and he told me they have been told that state wide there is no more law enforcement. There's murder and anything else is tantamount to a ticket. People can do what they want, live where they may…. the law is standing down. This comes from Gov. B. he said. I said – I am sorry… we are screwed. He agreed.

    • Dennie says:

      Okay, so let's see… we've been hearing all over the internet from every "conspiracy theory" (translated: C.I.A.-controlled propaganda) website that we have martial law, and now we're hearing that there is NO law enforcement– REEALLY??  Which is correct?  Where are you getting your information?  

    • neil says:

      (?) What County and State, please…

    • Anne Nonimus says:

      LS means the "sanctuary" criminal state of California with Gov B(utthole) Jerry Brown presiding.  

    • Dennie says:

      I have a student renting a room at my house right now.  His father is a farmer in Santa Cruz county, CA. Trump's also not popular with farmers because when we scare off all our migrant workers here, the farmers can't get their work done.  And YOU pay a lot more for the food that YOU don't want to lift a finger to harvest, or else you don't eat.  t.  

  32. Ronnie says:

    Trees staring to die in mass in Arkansas too. Not just the usual, gradual fall leaf changing but approx 10% of trees with all leaves turning brown within a matter of a few weeks. Very noticiable in the hilly areas. There has been a lot less spraying here lately too – wonder if more UV getting through killing trees. At this rate we might face collapse before 8 years.

    • Lucille Munro says:

      Then where will our oxygen come from and that is probably the reason for the high CO2 as our trees are dying the photosynthesis cycle is broken. The leaves cannot absorb the CO2 that is being put out.

  33. horsegirl says:

    Dane, hi,

    A question about the potentially most grand and stupid geofornication plan in recent times – there are hundreds of recent videos in response to NASA's alleged quest to diffuse Yellowstone's power (Space agency rapes the earth, hmmm).  As you know I was born and raised very close to the Park where over my lifetime I've observed the biggest power brokers cluster:  the FED itself lives in and meets in Jackson, WY, where Cheney lives along with all the Saudi oil crew; Turner, Rumsfeld, Kissinger and other omnicide proponents have properties in south central Montana, and of course the Montana Club (known also as the billionaires' club) outside Bozeman is where Mr. Gates of Hell has his Armageddon Bunker.  All so close to Yellowstone…  what is this?  I am convinced they've been geofornicating the volcanic region for ages.  But why move to ground zero?  While they're attempting to infuse fear into the public over its potential eruption?    Yellowstone has been unstable as water all my life.  But now they're making an issue of it all.  Que bono?  Thanks if you would give your thoughts on the biggest geofornication boondoggle imaginable.

    • horsegirl says:

      The ultimate false flag.  They would Dick with Yellowstone.  Because they can.  . 

    • horsegirl says:

      It's official.  This story represents the weaponization of Yellowstone against their own public.  Today a psy-op weapon. Tomorrow a "plausible deniability" cover for another aerosol operation.  Why not.  They've weaponized everything else. 

    • Frank says:

      Well, if the Yellowstone Supervolcano is a limp noodle, then maybe when Russia's nuclear first strike targets our ICBM's in that neck of the woods, the Superelite will meet their maker.

    • marc says:

      Hi Horsegirl, seems to me the bastards might be having a little harder time blowing the Yellowstone supervolcano than Fukushima and other seismic zones. Either that OR there is a timing consideration based on what is probably a long list of geopolitical and socio-cultural issues, and/or issues we can barely conceive. If they succeeded in blowing the Fukushima fault, there is a strong likelihood they have the real capability of blowing the Juan de Fuca also. But I agree, Yellowstone would be a gloriously evil accomplishment if you were sick enough to be one of the repulsive pieces of shit behind such deeds.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thanks for your insights, Horsegirl.  It's interesting that 3,500 gas fracking wells and associated infrastructure have been approved on the border of Yellowstone.  It seems like they're gonna trigger the supervolcano, at least inadvertently.   It's very hard to imagine they've 'tamed' the volcano, but who knows?  It's my feeling they've lost all reason and rationality.

    • kazadum says:

      Well you have unlimited clean geothermal energy along with unlimited water, hot water, enough to power a civilization for 1000's of years  if you have the right, Kind of reminds of that scene from doctor strange love


    • penny waters says:

      dear horse girl

      i am still not convinced that the people at the top actually have ANY idea about what they are doing!!!! or what is happening!!!!

      the more i have got to learn as i have got older – being poor  – is that the more at the top of the pile you are the less that you can see.

      consciousness is what brings outrage at thoughtless human behaviour  – do you think that they are conscious? i think not!

      i have often felt the people who understand what is going on can see things because 1) they live outside urban areas or they are very sensitive. 2)they are not that wealthy and when at the bottom of the trianglular pyramid of wealth – in britain the queen is at the top – looking up one can see all the assh-les above.

      they have a very limited view of the human world and therefore an almost no understanding of nature and life.

      have seen it all my life – bring on the volcanoes – spew into the atmosphere and no planes will be needed

      how long have we been really assessing our world – stupidist expression i hear – 'it has never been as extreme as this since records began'. records began!!!!!!!!!!

      i geological times that is not even a blink!!!!

      love to all the awake ones

  34. Raul Gutierrez says:

    I was out boxing with my friends yesterday and I looked up in the sky and behold I saw three Chemtrail planes spraying big huge white trails the planes were all making loops around over my head and I wasn't surprised because they often do that I just happened to witness it my self take place for the first time in the way that it happened. Anyone know what I can do to help stop this? Should I contact my local representatives? Who do I go to to make a difference?

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Welcome Raul, exposing the insanity of climate engineering to the unaware, and encouraging them to do the same is the game plan; tell them  its going to take all of us to make this stop. Using the term chemtrails to the uninformed only leads to conspiracy theory and hoax when searched on the internet; use the science terms of climate engineering, geoengineering, or solar radiation management to point them in the right direction.

      My experience with local representatives is; the longer they have been in office, the more influenced they are to not rock the gravy boat. Definitely let them know we know about the coverup, and that the public will consider all those involved in the cover up accomplices to crimes against humanity and war crimes.

    • Raul Gutierrez says:

      Thank you very much for your voice in this epic battle, Dane is correct when he says those talking points you mentioned above. I spent last night at least five hours going through several of the global alert News shows anywhere from 6 to 10 PM and it was very sobering to listen to all that DW has said. My favorite part is the one when he says that Trump is just a puppet in the play many people don’t realize that that is something I thank Dane for acknowledging as I see so many of the same people who point to the sky ranting Chemtrails while wearing their little MAGA hats.

  35. Frank says:

    Look at how easy it is to create a national distraction – the NFL thing – you would think the people would see it by now, the way they come and go with no results – the statues, the hatred litmus tests, and now the National Anthem protest hour. These are all old stories stirred up for a week or two and nobody sees through them. They all happily play their part.

    You know, I haven't seen a good ol' chemtrail story for years, and yes I mean chemtrail, where some neighborhood yokel has enough of it and calls the news and the word got in the news. Now there is nothing.

    And in a month that new movie "Geostorm" will bury any weather talk to a footnote of the movie. "What's that, you say? Weather control?" "Oh yeah, you mean that movie. Yeah, that was pretty good."

    Things are sealed up pretty good. I was going to recommend that since the hour is getting so late that we take to the streets. I was one who downplayed it before because I thought who the hec would know what we were talking about. Well, I think if we took to the streets now we would just end up promoting the movie in some comical way.

    The only thing that's going to bring this to a boil is a famous person being brave enough to talk. Like any chemical reaction, nothing happens till you have enough energy to break through the activation energy barrier. Then all hell breaks loose.

    Then everyone will know.

    • kazadum says:

      Nothing will break through except empty shelves

    • Anne Nonimus says:

      Frank, you forgot about H.A.A.R.P. manipulated Harvey, Irma, Maria and Melania's high heels!  Thanks for pointing out the distractions from reality. 

    • Dennie says:

      Things might be "sealed up but they are faaar from "sealed up good–" heavens, witness this website, and how many YouTube vids are out there talking about hurricane manipulation, weather control and weather warfare.  I personally see things as far from stable for "them," they are so out of control, it's just very apparent "things" are so very out of control.  Just look at how the weather isn't helping anyone, except in the short term.  These people are soooo very busy  robbing Peter to pay Paul and shooting themselves in the ass with their damnable weather weaponry, there'll be NOTHING left of their physiology with which to rest on their defoliated "laurels."

  36. horsegirl says:

    A presentation featuring historical public outrage over "hurricane seeding" – decades ago:

  37. Christina says:

    Just watching Philip K Dick Elevtric Dreams in UK.  Very interesting!


  38. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: This is from an online science paper by a Russian, which is very technical — however it indicates the depth of current research. Moreover there is a comment at the bottom of the paper which is very telling. The comment mentions DARPA (Defense Advanced Reasearch Projects Agency), SRI (Stanford Research Institute), and “other ‘labs’ involved” – which gives us an idea of how extensive these IONOSONDE OBSERVATIONS have become. We have seen the Lowell list of HAARP-like transmitters, but consider the number of Russian, Chinese, and others? This technology is the science of electromagnetics & plasma, and thus INTERCONNECTED worldwide – and therefore very dangerous in my estimation. One electromagnetic field effects another.
    Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics / September 9, 2014
    Alexandros Sfakianakis
    Aperiodic Large-Scale Disturbances in the Lower Ionosphere. Ionosonde Observation Results
    We present the observed disturbances of the parameters of the ionosphere affected by high-power radio waves from the SURA heating facility.  Ionosondes located in Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow (Russia), Kharkov (Ukraine), and Pruhonice (Czechia) were used for the observations. The diagnostic tools were from 560 to 2200 km away from SURA.  We consider the possibilities of studying the evolution of the plasma wave spectrum and artificial striations of the plasma density at different altitudes of the disturbed ionospheric region modified by high-power HF radio waves from the SURA heating facility based on measurements of the dynamic characteristics of diagnostic stimulated electromagnetic emission.
    Comment: Vince F. Golubić Linux Software Engineer (Poly-Discipline) & Tech Analyst
    Let’s get a team together. DARPA/NSF/DISA program lead with yourself, BBN, SRI and other ‘labs’ involved. Next start with Tier1 Telecom ‘team’ provider to assist with system wide integration, then bring in ‘best of breed’ tools vendors. (Matlab, NI, 3D/CAD modeling, etc..) Start with quantum encryption networks first (i.e, ‘racks’ like Boris & Ana -see slide 30 in each ‘node lab’). …We may just amaze ourselves.!!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SURA Facility / the Russian HAARP Like Facility – Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia +56° 7′ 9.70″, +46° 2′ 3.66″ Antennas at Sura facility, Russia.
      The Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, located near the small town of Vasilsursk about 100 km eastward from Nizhniy Novgorod in Russia, is a laboratory for ionosphere research. Sura is capable of radiating about 190 MW, effective radiated power (ERP) on short waves. This facility is operated by the radiophysical research institute NIRFI in Nizhny Novgorod. The Sura facility was commissioned in 1981. Using this facility, Russian researchers achieved extremely interesting results regarding the ionosphere behavior and discovered the effect of generation of low-frequency emission at the modulation of ionosphere current. At the beginning, Soviet Defense Department mostly footed the bill. The American HAARP ionospheric heater is similar to the Sura facility. The HAARP project began in 1993. [photos at link]

    • MadMagyar says:

      Here's a pic of the SRI facility

      SRI International's AMISR at Poker Flat, AK

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan, again!  I am sorry for my rambling confusion prior but since have been somewhat following your lead.  But in first thing posted here by you, you speak to what worries me as well.  One electromagnetic field indeed affects another.  And, 'everyone' is doing it. I knew that sonde meant sound as in finding, feeling the way, probing ways, etc.  And so I found some of what you were saying.  Then, somehow I tumbled into to an 11 year old discussion among scientists regarding the collapse of the ionosphere. !  They were talking about how the stratosphere is warming, getting hotter higher up rather than cooler which is putting pressure on the ionosphere such that it is 'falling' as if its scaffolding is collapsing.  I begin to think we have bigger problems than we know here.

  39. michael says:

    over the past few months now i've noticed internet awareness of geoengineering is exploding , you almost can't find a weather related upload now that doesn't have someone trying to spread awareness of that in the comments

    we covered the same survey when it came out but in that survey of scientists opinions on if geoengineering is happening or not , you didn't seem to pick up on the part where it stated in the report that at the time (a year ago) 17% of the us population was aware of geoengineering , that's well past the critical mass of 10% to make something virally known , you've broken through the conditioning and have alerted the planet to global geoengineering good job now you can watch what happens next , there certainly is not a single weather related video being uploaded by alex jones that doesn't have all the commenter calling out geoengineering being the reason behind so much craziness….

  40. Tom says:

    A white house petition has started – End All Chemtrail Spraying Nation Wide And Disclose Its Purpose.  (I know it says chemtrail, but it can still bring attention to this).

    Go sign it and pass the link around! Calling out geoengineering in any way possible is always good. No exposure of climage engineering is too small, keep spreading the info and waking people up!


    • Bluesky says:

      Start a new one and don't use the 'C' word:)

    • bob says:

      There are a lot of climate change petitions where you can put in a comment that geoengineering must be stopped.   And probably ones where they blame diseases / extinctions on the wrong thing.

  41. Donna-AZ says:

     “Oh, freedom of speech, freedom of speech.” These are foolish people.

  42. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 18th email titled "Despacito – This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico."

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, indicated that there will be a 'Blue Ocean Event' on 6th and 8th Oct. There has been a considerable loss of sea ice in the last few days. The graph is still similar to 2013, but a storm/'hurricane' or two in the Arctic would change things dramatically. 

    The 'Year-to-date-average of Arctic sea ice volume' continues to be lowest on record:

    2.  Putin has ordered the end of trade in US dollars at Russian seaports – starting next year. Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein tried to do similar for their countries/regions (Africa and Middle East).  How will the US and its vassals respond this time?

    3Notes to Self (week 37 of 104). Hurricanes can be manipulated, modified, suppressed, increased, directed, controlled, etc…so why was Maria allowed to devastate Puerto Rice, and why is there such a disgraceful lack of news cover about this devastation of Puerto Rico. Was it deliberate, is it a distraction, or has Gaia started to take back control?

    River water level gauges in Puerto Rico show 20 to 40 ft of flash flooding – one showed over 70 ft above normal water level – this gauge is now not working…

    The damage and loss of life in towns in the valleys of these rivers must be staggering.

    Whilst you (maybe) enjoy this video imagine the devastation to villages further up the valley:   They are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

    No apologies for the multiple use of devastation. 


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      184th email

    • penny waters says:

      gaia has never lost control – tis just humans!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Andrew, Yup, you confused me at first with 18th!  We do get news coverage of Puerto Rico.  But you do know the whole island has no anything, no phones, no communication stuff, no lights.  It is horrible.  I'd so hoped the offshore banking places would get hit, like in the Cayman's but no.  That would have been some justice, if only symbolic.  And my understanding is these were steered away from two nuclear plants, but all said what a living monster Maria was, Irma too.  Wrangling hurricanes seems a tall tall order.  What keeps blowing my mind is how many people live there, so many, as well as on other islands, as well as US low lands.  I guess people get complacent after 12 years of none.  Now that is the giveaway trick, I think.  You'd think more would remark on that!  I felt such stress with all of this, not to mention the earthquakes around and in Mexico City.  As if we don't have enough tension as it is under Trump.  I keep thinking this was done to get Trump on board with global warming.  I had some hopes of Mar A Lago being swept away!  If indeed done, perhaps a head's up to all peoples on islands and low lying areas.  I mean, the seas ARE rising.  No more easy breezy island living. First comes all the fears and stress from.  Then some relief as all clears and not as many dead or hurt as feared.  But they say it will be a Very long time for things to be operational.  And of course, following relief, comes depression over all lost, what all still with waters, how or if to rebuild.  A slap on the Donald's wrist for pulling out of Paris Agreement?  In any case, we will be facing 'angry' seas and so many other island nations and low lying areas around the world are in jeopardy.  And in the midst of all this Trump just has to up the stress anti with Kim Jong Un–who called him a dotard!  I loved, loved that!  Kim nailed it!

    • Sean says:

      Andrew, for the most part I love what you're doing, but I think we need to look at what Dane has said here about standing on credible ground with our data, otherwise we can cause more harm than good to the movement. There is just absolutely no way there is going to be a blue Ocean event in October. I'm not sure what you're using to calculate your data, but it is simply not realistic regardless of the current state of affairs for the sea ice.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Penny,

      Gaia is easy to kill, unfortunately. And we are included.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Apologies Sean, I should have written '…indicated there could  be…', rather than '…indicated there will be…'. 

      To highlight the situation and to tie in with my emails I use daily short term weekly info from JAXA/Wipneus – which I agree can give variable indications.

      Currently about 5750 km3 arctic sea ice. If a 'hurricane'/cyclone type event was developed/allowed to develop over the Arctic ocean, then we would see a dramatic loss of sea ice in a few days.

      Over the next week, Arctic ocean air temps at 2m are forecast/indicated to be between 0 and -5C, not enough for any dramatic surface sea ice formation on salt water, and the influx of relatively warm waters continue to melt the ice from below.  It will be interesting to see how much Arctic sea ice we will have by the winter solstice.

      Global sea ice is back in record lows.



    • Andrew from scotland says:

      clarification: Global sea ice extent back at record low – though you know my feelings about the usefulness of the 'extent' measurement.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Interesting, at about 1130hrs (UK time) today, Torstein Viddal posted: 'My way too simple 14–day decrease algorithm now suggesting 3rd week of October for the Blue Ocean Event.'  Referring to Arctic sea ice.

      Neither he nor I actually think it will happen, but it certainly could, and therefore would not be a surprise to either of us.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Andrew, a blue ocean event in the arctic in October? It wouldn't surprise me! Love your emails! Keep it up!


    • Dennie says:

      Answers to:

      No. 1.:  And so "their" answer to a Blue Ocean condition is to "increase the planet's albedo" by spraying it all over with toxic reflective nanoparticulate metals, which, as we all know by now, stays "shiny side up," so as not to increase the warming here on Earth ;-).

      No. 2:  NUKE 'EM, but of course!!!

      No. 3:  You can't tell, hurricanes don't talk, actually.  But we can look for fingerprints, eh?  Personally, I believe that "they" can start steering storms but other factors probably can and do come into play and what started out looking like "weather control" is anything but.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      1. Thanks Steven.

      2. Oh great! Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Lee are forecast to join forces and head for Ireland and UK on mon & tues, gaining strength to @ 972 mb (wierd – over colder water).  This "superstorm" is then forecast to go north past Iceland. 

      That might "rattle a few cages"!

    • penny waters says:

      dear pedro

      extend the thought 

      we come from gaia – it evolved us – we are part of its evolution

      we are nature looking at ourselves – nature creates and destroys – is it our time to go – or change?

      everything changes but stays the same

      dynamic stability is my view of nature

      tight as a particle – expansive as a wave

      (don't she go on!!)


      maybe nuts but i am relatively harmless

      and love the lot of you!!!

  43. horsegirl says:

    Could NASA be serious about "stopping Yellowstone?  Or what kind of ploy?

  44. Joseph L says:

    Very good show exposing  alot of stuff.   Wow everyday the s–t gets worse and people really do need to wake up and share credible  info to wake up other people .

    Time is not on our side.

    Time Has Come (Geoengineering Must Stop)


  45. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia: prediction for coming warm months and summer time is for "hot and dry". Where has our summer monsoon gone?! We used to have storms every afternoon in summer that you could set your watch by. Now we get irregular and bizarre weather patterns: occasional rain and extreme storms that deluge in tiny areas and cause floods, but overall drought conditions prevail.

    Each morning the elephant-in-the-room is in the skies to the east. The morning sky is white and the sun a silver disc. The normal wind patterns are no more. It seems the spraying, whether inland or over the Pacific, is done at night so that is will spread to a homogenous white misty sheet by sunrise. Not that I am outside much, but obvious SRM trails are occurring less, hence my conclusion of night time deployment.

    Brisbane had a "rain event" two days ago in the South East that deluged over the rain catchment area of our municipal dams and spattered elsewhere. This is a pattern I have observed for a while now. It is what I call the 'Municipal Dam Top-Up'. We pay for our water separately now from our Rates bills. We can't have anyone receiving free water in the form of natural rain now, can we?!

    • Lee says:

      @ Michael.  what you say is correct.  Think, they want a dry summer so that we are forced to use more water……think that 'water comp' said we were too good at conserving water and they were losing money…LOL that is the way monopolistic capitalism works….pay…

    • Dennie says:

      Well, and water vapor is a green-house gas.

  46. Rachel Robson says:

    All: In my email feed yesterday was huge news about Dicamba.  The stuff has backfired and may well spell the end of Monsanto foods.  Farmers are pissed big time.  Millions of acres of crops have been destroyed.  In the first place, over use of Round Up created super weeds and I've read about them in other places as well, such as Brazil.  To deal with the super weeds driving all crazy, they came up with Dicamba which is actually worse.  Not only did it not kill the weeds, it killed the crops and drifted into other crops.  Arkansas has banned Dicamba.  Monsanto is on the ropes.  About freakin' time!

    I've been reading Ralph Nader's book: Breaking Through Power and so am learning much I did not know.  For instance, "In 1950, federal corporate tax collections amounted to about 30% of all federal revenues.  Today it is only seven percent. The highly regarded public interest tax analyst Robert McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ), rebuts the propaganda that the US has the highest corporate taxes in the developed world."  "in practice, the true US corporate tax rate is barely half of the 35% nominal rate."  "Many companies paid little or nothing."  Stay with me here, this leads to something big I think.  Who paid nothing?  "…during the five year period between 2008 and 2012, 26 commercial corporations, including Boeing, General Electric and Verizon, paid no federal income taxes."!!!!! "That means a high school student getting paid minimum wage at Taco Bell contributed more dollars to the upkeep of the nation than all of these massive corporations combined." !!!!  "Of the 280 companies studied, 111 paid zero in federal income taxes for at least one year between 2008 and 2012.  "Astonishingly, some very profitable companies, such as General Electric, have been able to receive from the US Treasury hundreds of millions of dollars in any one year.  Such are the grotesque and contrived intricacies of the tax laws.  'Phantom costs' never incurred, indefinite deferral of US taxes on their offshore profits and the purchase of other companies' tax liabilities are some of the obscure methods that result in corporate tax attorneys getting praise and fat annual bonuses.  Over the first decade of the 21st century, General Electric averaged a federal income tax rate of only 2.3 % on its 83 billion dollars in US profits."  This had such influence that Obama picked its CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, to chair the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Such cushy relations-big business/big government extends to Congress "where McIntyre found that in 2012, 98% of sitting members of Congress have accepted campaign money from the 30 most notorious tax avoiding companies."  Boeing is one of them and has received bizarre tax refunds from US Treasury And got out of paying state taxes to Washington state.  The kicker: Boeing's average federal tax rate during that decade was at Negative 6.5%!!!!!!!

    Now, things like this are usually headache inducing to me to begin with, but via Nader I learn such bizarre tricks of the trade as well as the in and outs of offshore banking.  I had NO idea how extreme this is and the sheer highway robbery of a nation and us, citizens who bear such burdens.  This then becomes fascinating and Nader seems riveted on General Electric and Boeing as they stand out huge-inexplicitly.  Knowing GE's background in geoengineering as well as general info and speculation about Boeing, I suspect this mega money, understatement, and cushy relationship with Congress is down to geoengineering.  May be getting close to proving that one.  Close enough to smell the shit that fairly screams guilt and by whom!  This sort of thing is the 'real swamp' in DC.  This is no normal thing but yet has become such.  Any who feel that not paying their taxes as citizens would make an impression or a point–well that is just not reasonable under these conditions, that in fact would be nothing to them!  Zip nada.  And by comparison, Hillary too is almost nothing.  However, Donald, no doubt, feels right at home.  This is his milieu.  This is his comfort zone and why he will Never show his taxes.

    I don't know about all of you, but I am mega pissed by all this.  We are forever saying follow the money.  Well, there it is!  Go get them!!!!!!!  Some also say we should not participate.  They count on that!  While we were not looking, there went the world and life itself.   

    • Dennie says:

      @ Rachel Robson:  Can you tell us how much tax Monsanto paid last year?  Good catch!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, The info on Monsanto, well there is alot on line.  First up is Feb. 9th, 2016 with the Securities and Exchange Commission making them pay 80 million for a prior period of time, cooking the books with regard to their flagship product Roundup.  There were more fines on top of that as per certain individuals.  As much as I'd like to look into it more right now, it is too freakin hot, I must go outside, and some of our rez relatives are in SF right now studying grants! at a conference.  I intend to live long enough to see them!  Will revisit this when I can-soon.  Tip o' the berg and all that!

  47. Edmund ONEILL says:


    • Barbra Gillmore says:

      I love Dane Wigingtons work, people can’t argue facts and that is why they are ignorant to the truth because people can only run away from facts because if they confronted facts they would loose. Keep up the good work Dane as a US citizen I approve the criticism of our government.

  48. Veronica Roach says:

    Since we seem to be seeing some kind of crazy neuroticism taking over the population – eg hysteria & intolerance, nobody prepared to entertain anybody else's point of view – bunker mentality etc – it has crossed my mind recently that something seems to be going on at least in the US that is changing how people are behaving. Is it possible the heat, atmospheric chemicals, modified & bad foods, micro-beads & plastics in our water supplies, sound waves, constant microwaves & cell tower emanations etc are slowly driving us all mad ?????   Are we doomed to go down in a final total wave of annihilation because we are losing our minds >> I am very worried…a lot of this is the same world wide – is that why there are so many rumblings all over the planet – previously tolerant peoples now going into rages & unable to control themselves ???  Human nature has the potential for terrible behavior, and we seem to be 'losing it' all over the place.   

    • penny waters says:

      dear veronica

      yes humans seem to be losing it! why? how about……..

      we are 'run' by our environment – see seasonal influences, biodynamics, astrology ( and i mean proper traditional pattern understanding of the year), etc etc

      we evolved on this planet between the sky on one side and the earth on the other.

      we have taken oil and other heavy materials out of the earth. 

      the earth is moving in space – spinning towards the east – one can see that in the way the atmosphere reacts to the spin and the topography that we live within – moving easily across the oceans and slower across land, moving around mountains – friction etc.

      where we have created voids within the earth water has filled up the holes.

      water has totally different properties to oil and other materials.

      oil moves much slower than water – that tends to slosh about with the least provocation – how does that affect everything that we stand upon??? and us????

      everything is made from energy – so underlying all the material world – that we perceive – and live within – energy has its own way of behaving!!

      and most of us are totally unaware of it.

      there are some – just reading a book by donna eden – a person who perceives energy and uses it to help people – her book is blowing me away – lent to me by an english acupuncturist who also perceives energy.

      because most of us live in big cities and an apparently solid built environment we think of ourselves, in my humble opinion, as much, much, much too big.

      recently went to a talk about quantum physics – lecturer (a professor of physics) stated – if you took two electrons and put one at each end of the universe – pardon – end of the universe – hmmm – where would that be then – yes a prof!!!!!!!! academics – oh dear!!!!

      look at what is happening at the moment – millions of people affected by what is happening in our skies.

      and i understand now that volcanoes are beginning to erupt around the world – now the sun is in a minimum its influence on the earth is less and the insides of this little spinning bit of matter is spewing out.

      we live in scary times – still i have to die sometime!!!

      and most people don't want to know – as long as it doesn't affect them (or they think it doesn't affect them) they will go about there business (busy-ness – as long as they keep busy they don't have to think!!!!)

      again  i say – or puck says (midsummer nights dream – shakespeare) 'what fools these mortals be'

      i can but feel pain for humans – so lost in their own nightmare

      thank you dane – once again you keep us informed

      do you think once the volcanos emit then geoengineering will stop

      cos this has happened before when civilisations have collapsed because the sun was blocked out by volcanic eruptions!!

      much love to all you wide awake watchers out there


    • neil says:

      I think you are spot on with this Veronica – intolerance has become the new norm. I have noticed the escalation of this on social media, particularly over the last year or so. Our human 'spirit' has been infected, but it's happened almost imperceptibly and so people aren't generally recognising it. It's very distressing, and the pessimistic side of me doesn't think we're going to get out of it…

    • horsegirl says:

      Veronica, you hit it.  Absolutely. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Veronica Roach, Yes, well, there is that!  But also how about communications?  So many now with a computer or smart phone and access to more info and feedback than ever before in history by far, as we approach 8 Billion people?!!  That has just gotta up the anti, not unlike the Orange one's tweets. 

    • Dennie says:

      Well, we know that hotter temps makes people more irritable and we also live in a "me-me-me" culture that has nothing to do with grand opera, more like Grande Oprah, and all her pop-culture advice, though that's a little better than the "let it all hang out" crap we were told was good for us back in the sixties.

  49. horsegirl says:

    Thanks again, Dane, for bearing a torch for truth.  You must have to endure a lot of flack, yet you remain an example to us who likewise are mostly marginalized among our social contacts.  It gets so lonesome.  But every day we awake to one offense or another by the pedophocracy who animate the fraudulent monetary system.  We thought we'd found some reprieve, but here some fifty miles from the Los Alamos laboratories we have to wonder at their hand in things (e.g. earthquakes).  For the light is radically diminished here compared to many nearby areas.  Often on a "sunny" day with evidently genuine cumulus clouds, there is a kind of distortion in the distance comparable to the waves rising off hot asphalt.  Because my focal abilities are still weak, I am the canary in the coal mine where there is some kind of invisible atmospheric disturbance (yes this drives me freaking ranting insane at times).  We have wondered hard whether the reason I can easily read road signs 20 miles away in any direction – but falter in vision at home – is because of our brains being disturbed more than particulate by the vile doings at Los Alamos.  What are they hammering away at in their deepest slimy bunkers, that psychopathic snakepit of the pseudoscience world?  Is it one of the major control centers of everything currently destroying our planet?  We recently had an example when we drove some three hours north to experience southwestern Colorado-flavored sunshine.  We stepped out of the car and I realized I was seeing maybe ten times the detail in my husband's face and complexion.  I almost gasped.  I knew him, but had been seeing so much less in full sunshine where we rent in New Mexico.  My mouth fell open.  He has excellent eyesight but also experiences a downturn in vision near Los Alamos.  When the nucleation events occur the light-scattering aluminum sucks light out of everything.  I go around the interior of the house with a 500 lumens police flashlight just to keep my eyesight in shape IN FULL DAYLIGHT.  This is just insane.  The worms.  I know God wil flush these filth out of their hiding places, but meanwhile we never shut up about the geofornication.  Thanks again Dane for your fidelity to what is good.  These are such stupid and ugly times.

  50. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, it is great to see many new names and to hear of your work being spread far and wide, more and more.  I just have to say that Stuxnet did not just belong to US.  It was a joint effort with Israel.  Therein lies the rub in that Israel sent it off Before we okayed it, which left us hanging with the blow back and whatever extra they may have done.  Now Israel has a cyber thing going, building it out huge as they have little land and resources to work with so putting all their eggs into cyber tricks and specialties.  Makes our efforts look small by comparison.  There is a good chance Israel did add on with regards to Fukushima.  Way back then when I was trying to research all that I somehow stumbled into discussions between the Israeli mob and Japanese mob.  The Japanese were suspecting Israel because they drew Israel's ire by advocating for a two state solution with Palestine.  Japan was flush at that time and took a stand, criticizing Israel.  This does make some sense.  Also on the under, are hints that North Korea has worked with Iran helping them develop their nuclear abilities.  Many say they do have a relationship, though that is hard to imagine.  As Andrew would say: on, on! 

    • Barbra Gillmore says:

      My Daughter she is 16 she came up to me and said MOM look I found a great video that exposes our governments criminality, she and I have talked much about what’s going on in the world and she was the one to introduce me to Danes website back when she came across one of your Global Alert News hour videos. Love to hear from all you people, have peace in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering.

  51. Jeanette S says:

    Thank you Dane. Don't the lumber companies say anything about all the forest fires? They don't complain or investigate? And if not the companies themselves, a powerful lobby in itself, what about the loggers? Their sons and grandsons WILL NOT HAVE JOBS if this continues (Jobs were always the comeback when in the 70s or so environmentalists complained about cutting the forests. Where is their concern for jobs now?) 

    Another thing all these scientists…why don't they unionize? Under the cloak of a union, they can take action in unizen and none will be singled out. What would the gov't do? Fire or kill all of them at once? Like we would not notice or the public have concern that we have NO scientists. And then what will the forked tongues do? Invent this stuff by themselves-when so the slime of the earth ever get their hands dirty?  I would love to see them breathe this stuff in, I hope it is slow and painful before they die. It is always some of the weak (in the mind) 90% that does it for them. If we all tell them, the forked tongue slime, to go to hell, what are they going to do? Yeah, go ahead, do it yourself ah, I would love to stay and watch but… 🙂 

    P.S.  A lot of times the gov't, scum of the earth, take over governing, regulating, accrediting agencies and put their trolls in the chairs of these organizations. What about getting something put into the whistleblowing laws that any licensing, accredidation, retirement, etc. that is suspended on a whistleblowing individual be suspended and any unusual activity, such as credit holds, layoff, accidents, etc. be investigated. What if you found somebody or started a fund to fund/protect these whistle blowers? (or somebody else)

    • some one says:

      Jeanette, sorry to be here just to burst your bubble, but this is no time for encouraging impossible dreams.  The logging companies don't give a damn about jobs – only the loggers do.  The companies are vast conglomerates.  They probably buy up burnt land for pennies, post-fire, and plant monoculture tree lots.  Or put a Nestle water-stealing plant on it, or build a bunker, or…  The ex-loggers, meanwhile, are begging for jobs.  People don't seem to realize that the only way to be assured you'll get a job is to own the business.  The one thing Marx got right (which he stole from the real socialists) was that the workers must own the means of production.

      Sadly, people who want to feel successful and professional look upon unions as a scourge, for and of the unwashed masses.  Scientists want to believe they have made it already.  Most of them ditched their morality in their twenties, when they realized the most exorbitant salaries come to those who do the most despicable things.

    • Dennie says:

      What most sentient humans would characterize as a "slow and painful" death wouldn't faze the Perpetrators of Atmospheric Evil, because THEIR specialty is in NOT FEELING ANYTHING.  If they actually COULD, they would'nt be doing what they're doing.  Empathy means "to feel with," as in "along with."

    • Dennie says:

      Adam Smith wrote that the wealth of nations are it's natural resources.  Why do we see such a drop in overall wealth on this planet–???

  52. MARIA SMITH says:

    Hello Dane, appreciation to all the truth of your fruit. Will be bringing your materials and flyers and other materials I purchased from your website to public places such as restaurants, churches and schools.

    Hope to see your cause be a success 

    — Maria Smith & My Two daughters 

  53. Richard Doiron says:

    Thank you so very much, Dane, for being such an advocate for humanity. While people may not wake on so many fronts, the work you do has an immeasurable effect on the human psyche. No matter how many foster the lie, the truth will always outweigh the rhetoric!

  54. Toby Dent says:

    Borders don't matter in the sky. Streaking nearly every day over BC Canada is bringing drought to our rain forest and many trees are dying.

    Things are getting warm and warmer despite covering up the sun.

    But there's also snow in winter which we never had in what was a moderate climate.

    Going for a simple walk under these polluted skies is dangerous to your health.

    Weather newscasters lie about the 'clouds' …but one reporter uttered the word 'chemtrails' on the air and quickly moved on.

    So there are many people that know what's going on and prefer to either question why they would do this or prefer not to talk about it.

    And then there's Trump who actually denies climate change despite what's happening in the US. He talks about bringing back coal… totally unaware, never mind his own nuclear threat. Dark times.

  55. jim scrivano says:

     initial considerations about scalar weapons and scalar wars:

    1.  Tesla Howitze

    2.  Tesla Domes

    3.  Rogue group

    4.  WW III

    5.  Russian "UFOs?"


  56. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    The time is near at hand, which must determine whether American's are to be Free Men or Slaves.    – George Washington –   The cost of Freedom is always High, but American's have always paid it. And on path we shall never choose, & that is the path of Surrender or Submission.   -John F. Kennedy –     Those who deny Freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.   – Abraham Lincoln –    Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded, by the oppressed!   – Martin Luther King –     We & all others that believe in Freedom as deeply as we do. Would rather die on our feet, than to live on our knees.    – Franklin D. Roosevelt –     If we restrict Liberty to attain Security. We will lose both.    – Ben Franklin –    Everything secret degenerates even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bare discussion & publicity.        There are two good things in life; Freedom of Thought & Freedom of Action.          – W. Somerset Maugham  –     Another Great Global Alert News Dane. Thank You.

  57. Eva says:

    Dane on Coast to Coast with Jimmy Church last night 9/22/17:

  58. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: 88 HAARP-like Transmitters around the planet!

    Reading of the Springer textbook, the 2014 “Schumann Resonance for Tyros, Essentials of Global Electromagnetic Resonance in the Earth–Ionosphere Cavity” by Alexander Nickolaenko and Masashi Hayakawa — I found the Karimshino Observatory in Kamchatka Russia. The Kamchatka Peninsula is east of the Russian Sea of Okhotsk. Both these regions have been very active in my NASA Worldview screenshot database. In fact some of the most amazing and uniquely bizarre cloud formations continually appear in and around these areas. It occurred to me that the transmitter technicians might be using observatories in other locations. I began to search further and came across this stunning list of HAARP-like transmitters from the University of Massachusetts Lowell MA. These locations which are all around the planet, including Antarctica, correlate with the screenshot images I have been collecting from NASA Worldview. The term they use is Digisonde Instruments (digisonde ionospheric sounders). The word SONDE refers to any of various devices for testing physical conditions, often for remote or underwater locations. You can see the mind-blowing shocking list of 88 locations for yourself here:

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      with Real-Time & Retrospective HF Ionospheric Sounding Data from Lowell DIDBase
      The Lowell GIRO Data Center (LGDC) implements a suite of technologies for post-processing, modeling, analysis, and dissemination of the acquired and derived data products:
      IRI-based Real-time Assimilative Model, “IRTAM”, that builds and publishes every 15-minutes an updated “global weather” map of the peak density and height in the ionosphere, as well as a map of deviations from the classic IRI climate;
      Global Assimilative Model of Bottomside Ionosphere Timelines (GAMBIT) Database and Explorer holding 15 years worth of IRTAM computed maps at 15 minute cadence;.
      17+ million ionograms and matching ionogram-derived records of URSI-standard ionospheric characteristics and vertical profiles of electron density;
      10+ million records of the Doppler Skymaps showing spatial distributions over the GIRO locations and plasma drifts;
      Data and software for Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance (TID) diagnostics; and HR2006 ray tracing software mated to the "realistic" IRTAM ionosphere.
      In cooperation with the URSI Ionosonde Network Advisory Group (INAG), the LGDC promotes cooperative agreements with the ionosonde observatories of the world to accept and process real-time data of HF radio monitoring of the ionosphere, and to promote a variety of investigations that benefit from the global-scale, prompt, detailed, and accurate descriptions of the ionospheric variability.
      Further links & Map:

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes, it makes me really wonder about these scientific institutes with the advent of developing technologies. To see so many HAARP like installations around the world just boggles the mind. But, to see so many cell towers being put up non-stop, most of which are way way overpowered for their needs, should be alerting the public. Our airwaves are so over-polluted with electro magnetic crap that I wonder sometimes how us humans can stand the change. Going back ever since WWII, have we ever  wondered about the need for all those nuclear tests that we had? We're talking the US alone accounting for over 1,000 tests of all types. So, can someone tell me what man has learned through all these experiments? I wonder how our earth survived all those explosions.

    • ron hall says:

      BINGO SUSAN! Absolutely revolutionary and heroic work!  And 5G completion is tightening the noose!  Great work!  Thank you and, of course, Dane's relentless passion!  The guard rail is fading while what awaits us is rushing up!

    • Dennie says:

      The "Digisonde" next-gen HAARP sites need to be exposed more widely, in terms of location and function, and we need to start talking about it to the "powers" that "be" to put them on notice that WE know about their dirty "secrets."  Apparently, NONE of these clowns have kids or grandkids, or any plans to have any more generations of family.  With the Evil Eighty-Eight out of commission and the GWEN towers down, just imagine… we might just start to get our planet back…

    • some one says:

      These must be MIT-affiliated, 'for public knowledge' systems only.  Hard to believe that a list from a 2014 book (written in 2013, or 2012) contains all the sites, some of which must be covert for the obvious reasons.  It's always worse than the official reports make it out to be.

      These 'clowns' do have kids… for dinner.

    • Dennie says:


      VISUALIZE their "Creators" PERMANENTLY DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Susan for this list. I notice how basically the same cast of characters come up for the contacts, although there are 88 locations listed worldwide. We have just a handful of people in charge of things in the area of ionospheric heating. Interesting.

    • Dennie says:

      One name keeps coming up over and over again when you look at the U.S. sites:  Dr. Terrence Bullet, allied with noaa, with tentacles wrapped all around it belonging to USAF.  So this is a very accurate picture of The Beast we're up against.  So, WHO is "Terrence Bullet?"  Anyone wanna do some research?  How 'bout we contact Terry and ask a few questions??  Like WHO his handlers are in the USAF, and who THEY answer to, for starters ;-).

  59. Toni Van Winkle says:

    Great Job Dane, I love your patriotism, cheers. 

  60. Joseph L says:

    Hello Dane, I haven't listened to this show yet.  I stayed up late last night to listen to you on Coast to Coast.  You did an amazing job exposing Climate Engineering.  I hope more people go to your site and get educated and share the info.  I am on the East Coast so the show ended at 4 a.m. my time. I also listened to natural news broadcast and that was very good too.  Here is an interesting link about nuclear power plants and Hurricanes Nuclear Plants Plus Hurricanes: Disasters Waiting to Happen by Harvey Wasserman

    • Randi Dembowski says:

      Hi Joseph, I'm listening to the Coast to Coast episode right now, on YouTube.  WOW.  This is blowing my mind!!  I live in NC and getting people to understand/listen to this kind of info is quite a challenge.  But I will not let that stop me.  This is crazy scary stuff.  An I do not doubt a bit of it.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joseph L, Yup.  This is my nightmare, rather a vision I had some years ago, nuclear plants going off like popcorn all over the Planet!  This possibility is too real for many reasons. 

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