Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 9, 2016


Converging catastrophes are closing in from every direction, this is our reality. Why are the masses still sleeping? Unfortunately the majority still want to sit on the sidelines and blame our ever darkening horizon on anything and everything but their own apathy. Yes, those in power are psychotic criminals who have been wreaking havoc on the planet and all life for countless decades, but how can they carry on like this? Because the majority of the human race has so far chosen to remain completely oblivious and ambivalent to the growing cancer that is consuming the world. The vast majority have not yet remembered their responsibility to the whole and risen to the occasion. How many in our own circles and societies are actually a willing and enabling part of the cancer? Agency officials, elected officials, reporters, government scientists, etc. How many do each and every one of us know or have access to? How many in our own circles and communities can we (and should we) be peacefully but persistently confronting with solid data in an appeal to them to start telling the truth? Such actions must be undertaken. Locate public email contacts for all those that are toeing the line for the collective insanity, post their emails publicly along with a description of their part in hiding the crimes of the power structure. Send credible data to the morally misguided individuals from every sector and openly CC as many concerned members of your community as you can so that the exchanges is observed by all. Put the violating individuals on notice that the public is waking up to crimes like the ongoing geoenigneering assault and that citizens will likely one day soon hold responsible (legally and morally) all those that helped to hide these crimes. How fast are the walls closing in? The latest Global Alert News update is below, let's all do everything in our power to sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington


Our most sincere gratitude to Jason and Lorna Hardy for helping to sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue by putting up this new powerful billboard message en route to Banff, Alberta, Canada’s #1 visited park and town (the billboard is on The Trans Canada Highway also known as Hwy 1 heading west just before the start of Banff National Park). The link on the billboard leads to the site.

Banff National Park, Hwy 1, Alberta, Canada (4:7:16)Jason and Lorna Hardy

Billboard and photo credit: Jason and Lorna Hardy


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  1. Cill says:

    How will we survive global warming? Prayers is a start!

  2. Kel says:

    Drove to banff today and saw this sign! So blessed to have ppl out there waking everyone up thank you god thankyou jesus thank you allah <3 god has blessed us THANK YOU!! 

  3. Pinky says:

    Watch this video:

    Flu Shots Vaccines Kill    William Mount YouTube April 21 2016

  4. Khalil "The Enlightenment bomb" T.I Aliy The Poet, The Philosophical ((((((((((((((((((((@)))))))))))))))))))) says:

    Considering the age of the earth, the age of early civillisation, the age of homo sapient, the age of primates, and the age of dinosaurs? It is a wonder and a tragedy that in only 4 thousand years has caused more damage, to arisen upon the earth, via such systems, leaders and pure insane politics towards the environment from the west. Simultaneously… The space mission endeavor is employed to seek out new planets. I wonder when people will finally get the picture. If every four thousand years or so, human nature drains a planet, how long will it take to ravish a complete star system…? Locust effect! 

  5. matthew clayton says:;  Understanding the exponential function is simple arithmetic that an amazing number of "Experts" seem to be clueless about. This should be a required lecture for anyone who can think, and is more than pertinent here. Please take the time to listen to Dr. Al Bartlett, Professor Emeritus at CU in Boulder, Colorado.

  6. Eyes Open says:

    Alert ! Alert ! All you have to do is look at Dane's video's. I am pretty sure that Dude is completely right.

    Fungus everywhere.

    Fungus is Cancer's best Friend.

    Start looking at his Videos

  7. Eyes Open says:

    "Trees Dying Fryslan" You Tube. 


    I watched this video and it explains the same scenario about the trees on my property. They have the same bark cracking and are rapidly dying. I also watched Dane's video explaining about the dying plants.


    This is very serious stuff. When the aerosol spraying is done it cuts of the much needed light to the tree and contaminated the soil and leaves. Then the tree eventually dies. It is like a runaway train right now. 

    When there are no trees and no oxygen to breath we are next. This is an extinction project going on and it is Full Tilt Ahead.

    Years ago I went camping in the United States and where we camped was on a private campground. We were right on the water and I noticed most of the trees were dead. Any that were not dead were on the last leg. The women said they had a big storm, but that didn't explain why most of the trees were completely dead.

    We are on a fast track to total meltdown here. Life on this planet will not look the same real soon. South Carolina is experiencing the same with all the trees. Watch the videos in the same section on You Tube.

    This is not the Law of the Jungle as Bush Sr. Said.

    What it will be is the concrete jungle though with no life on it soon.

    I guess it won't matter to most because most people will be Brain Dead or just plain dead. 

    How sickening does that sound? 

    It sounds like Reality Folks.

    It will be like Survivor. Who will be the last to stand?

    It does not look good no matter how you look at it. 

    Fairly Depressing and only compounded by the Death Spray and Radiation.


  8. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Most of the general population, has tunnel vision, they only see what is of personal importance to them, without regard to the environment, as if it is indestructible! The government's, engineers, scientists, etc should cease & desist from falsifying documents, measurements, readings & reports, and tell all of us the honest truth, by reporting the true accurate data! By Agencies being straight up about what is taking place, all people that care can do better, by changing their harmful actions & behaviors can be curbed, so the planet can begin to heal and recover, if possible!

  9. Eveonst says:

    I can't believe how many people are sick where I work. I am a chronic headache sufferer, with constant sinus problems. I sit between two other women who have blinding headaches several times a week. I try to get people to recognize we're getting sick with the same chronic symptoms. Ironically, I work at the state Department of Health — what a sad joke.  The state managers won't socialize with the contract people — they are trained to live in this little box in their mind.  So no at the good old Department of Health, no one will deal with the fact that everyone's sick.   It's absurd.  By afternoon half of the office has chronic throat-clearing and hacking coughing.  People are coming to work sick everyday all year around.  This has got to stop…

    • sean says:

      funny you should say that about sinus ,

      because i live in ireland and the amount of people out sick from sinus related problems really is not funny.

      I photographs plenty of chemtrails along the east coast this morning. a sorry sorry sight on what should be a lovely crisp clear morning.

    • Ian Napp says:

      Yes and if you take the flue shots and vaccinations you will  be triple sick funny how the department of health dont notice what are they paid for to give more vaccinations/

  10. andy says:

    In this article you said:
    Locate public email contacts for all those that are toeing the line for the collective insanity, post their emails publicly along with a description of their part in hiding the crimes of the power structure. Send credible data to the morally misguided individuals from every sector and openly CC as many concerned members of your community as you can so that the exchanges is observed by all. Put the violating individuals on notice that the public is waking up to crimes like the ongoing geoenigneering assault and that citizens will likely one day soon hold responsible (legally and morally) all those that helped to hide these crimes.
    As you may be aware, due to your involvement with climate engineering lawsuits, there is a remedy at law for just such activities. It's called “abatement”. The premise behind an abatement of a nuisance is simple – if somebody is causing you harm through activities known to be injurious (whether maliciously or inadvertently or no matter the degree of harm being done) you can take it upon yourself to eliminate the nuisance once the offender has been notified and failed to correct their error.
    Ergo, I propose a solution in response to your article. I have prepared a list of nearly every known municipality in the country (The 48 contiguous continental states along with Alaska and Hawaii.). If you would agree to create a section of your website to alert others to this list we could all access and update the section with information as to who has been notified of the nuisance and their email addresses. In this way, notice will have reached nearly (if not all) offending public officials (sworn to protect us from all enemies, foreign or domestic). If the matter is not addressed appropriately within 10 days of being notified, then people can start abating this nuisance on their own in any manner necessary.
    If those who visit your website were to be armed with proper documentary evidence (such as the studies contained in the lawsuit) and disclose said evidence to various public entities, then said entities would be without excuse as to cause for their removal from public service and a “cleansing” could begin. And if you've not yet considered it, other areas of U.S. control can be added to the list and, thereby, expand the coverage of eradication of the nuisance to other areas of the world.
    Please email your response as soon as possible. I am willing and able to assist with the proper and expedient implementation of such a section on your website.
    Thank you for all your effort and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Andy, you have my complete attention on your suggestion and offer to assist, I will send you a PM for contacting. We need all the help we can get so that the battle can be moved foward on every possible front.

    • Jay says:

      I would urgently like to acquire the list you've compiled Andy in order to move quickly since there's no telling or mention when the ever busy Dane and crew can post it.  A useful combo with this list would be one of the flight tracking apps for smartphones and tablets which are designed for real time identification of aircraft overhead. Google "flight tracking app".

  11. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 109th email to my contact list titled '6 Months Early?




    Regarding the above article, Malcolm Light writes:


    'If the 95% is correct then the ocean heating is some six months ahead of the projected time on the global omnicide poster. The oceans are therefore heating up much faster than predicted which will bring on massive destabilization of the subsea Arctic methane hydrates sooner causing a giant blowout and firestorm of epic proportions. We are power diving into a methane induced major extinction event equivalent to that of the Permian. We will be Venus by the early 2100's.'


    I think Malcolm is referring to his 'Planetary Omnicide between 2023 and 2031' poster:

    rather than his 'Planetary Omnicide between 2016 and 2031' table:

    Methane releases are already disrupting our weather patterns, and I doubt we will have to wait until 2031 to experience 'Catastrophic weather being controlled entirely by Arctic atmospheric methane global warming veil' – see poster.

    2.  With this week's heat wave over much of the Arctic  (up to 20ºC above normal temperatures over Greenland), and the recent rapid flow of sea ice through the Bering Strait, we could see a "Blue Ocean Event" by Oct 2016.

    3.  How about some Monty Python humour?


  12. CC says:

    Rising Food Cost's! & Food Shortages!
    This should ring a Bell! 
    Trees Dying and Foliage Mutating!
    The soil contamination and inability to grow anything other then GMO.
    When it sets into the Sheople People.
    Panic will set in Slowly. Not enough food to go around and not enough money to buy it. 
    It’s coming Folks. It won't be Pretty. The only thing Pretty about it will be…. Is Pretty Shitttttty!
    Get yourself prepared. Especially the ones in the USA with all the Executive Orders that have been endorsed by Obomass.
    Why do you think Wall Marts have been shut down and have Barb wire surrounding them.

  13. CC says:

    Christine: I have experienced the same. When you mention this to some friends they tend to Steer Clear. They have a notion in their head that you are going whacky. Well in all reality we all are being Whacked Out by this. But you do have a New Circle of friends Christine. They are right here.

    Susan that is something about the Plasma Triangle. Pick a spot and Hit that area. The other person that mentioned it here hit it right on the nose with the shoes washing up on shore with the feet in them.

    This is getting sicker by the day. Again, most are just in an induced coma and can't even see it and deny what is going on. 

    I really thought there would be more that would catch on.

    I have given this one cashier at a box store information 3 times and I thought that she was interested. The last time I saw here. She said she had not had time to look at the information. 

    That's it, I am not wasting time anymore. Just move on to the next person that might have some interest and care.

    Every one here keep up the good work.

    • Bill says:

      I appreciate your analogy of "Coma" & further conjecture that their comatose state is indeed, a "Chemically-Induced" coma. As hard as it is to comprehend, their "Survival Instinct" appears to be compromised by the daily airborne injections of known & unknown chemical agents. Once informed (the planting of the "SEED") we must graciously move on & "Keep on Planting" The harvest we anticipate, is directly proportionate to the number of "Seeds" we plant, but not every seed will germinate, take root & grow. Continue to be forgiving of those who don't, "Get It" & pray that another soldier will add Water & Sunshine to the seeds you have planted, in order that our desired Harvest of "Critical Mass Awareness" will be ready at the "Appointed Season" May you know the Blessing of becoming "The Sower" FAITH is not true faith, until it is all you have left to hold onto – so "Keep the Faith" fellow laborer.


  14. Dennie says:

    I read this article posted by Susan Ferguson that appeared in;

    Here's a quote from the article:

    Carbon dioxide, contrary to what the so-called "global warming hoaxers" would have you believe, is vital to sustaining life on our planet. Without it, every living thing dies. What happens of geoengineering removes too much carbon dioxide, so that trees don't have enough to convert into oxygen?

    "Some argue we shouldn't even contemplate [geoengineering], as it's too dangerous to the planet," admits Dr. Karen Pinkus, incoming chair of the Faculty Advisory Board at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, at Cornell University, in an interview with the CSM.

    But she goes on to say that it should be part of the conversation: "Climate change itself is the biggest geoengineering project ever undertaken, anyway, if you take 'mitigation' out of the definition." [source article:]

    Well, how about stopping the slaughter of the trees by stopping the obviously ongoing geoengineering, let the natural hydrological cycle resume simply by allowing it, then actually plant trees?  Why do we stupidly feel we need to subscribe to the outlandish notion that we need yet another technological fix to undo the damage caused by… technology?? Who is asking that kind of question on Planet Earth???


    I looked up Karen Pinkus,the professor at Cornell University who is incoming chair at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell and a delegate to the climate summit who says that geoengineering should be part of the conversation about climate change.  Here's her web page:; and e-mail address:, so now we can all flood her inbox with links to and let her know of our understanding of the FACTS of this ongoing "uncontrolled experiment" that everyone is literally SICK of by now.  I think if I read the article correctly she's on our side and we need to support everyone who is as they are our mouthpieces.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, about Natural News, they have consistently hehaved like fossil fuel industry lobbyists. Their constant and completely false narratives of “global cooling” and “the more Co2 the better” (even with ocean acidification from Co2 already at lethal levels) are harmful to the credibility of independent news sites and the anti-geoengineering cause. Unfortunately “INFOWARS” is in exactly the same catagory as Natural News. 

    • Dane: "…about Natural News, they have consistently behaved like fossil fuel industry lobbyists."  Sheesh!  Natural News too. There goes another one. Thank you, Dane for your 12 years of sorting the real from the confused-confusing intentionally obfuscated plethora of online toxic rubbish. Always 'THE MIX' where they utilize some truth and wrap it in propaganda designed to manipulate and twist our every thought and feeling. Talk about the need for constant discernment, constant vigilance. The demonic is insidious, subtle, and will do anything to enslave our every breath. Thank you for being the Real.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, yes, NN is absolutely in the same catagory as INFOWARS in regard to the completely incorrect information they have put out in regard to the state of the climate and part geoengineering is playing. The attached links will shed more light.

      And one more,

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Dane:  Well, I certainly thought that the statements about CO2 were looking off-base.  Thanks for helping with the troll-busting, a favorite pastime of mine when not doing all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing.. I consider it to be doing my part for "community service."

      Well, I just busted another Troll Favorite.  See my addition from link to their story titled "Why It's Impossible to Unionize Walmart– Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States. Why are none of it's employees in a union?"

      Union-busting, a favorite sport of the Neo-Con and Corporate Democrat cabal alike, is much more profitable than creating and selling Trolling Propaganda Scare Stories about FEMA camps being built in the closed-down Walmarts, which reopen once they purge all the pro-union workers– a much bigger story, I think. 

      It really doesn't help Americans to better their lot in life to have videos about Walmarts-turned-FEMA camps (like it's Gospel Truth) circulating on YouTube, complete with whimpering True Believers (crisis actors?), flickering flames of Hell and a scary Satanic-rock music sound track:; The ramifications of the statement that "There's only one other grocery store that's in this town" is a far likelier scenario and a much bigger problem than the hysterical rumor that we have FEMA camps going up everywhere all joined up using RAND corporation big borers when we're not looking.  How about Walmart being the only game in town, and not a fair one at that?

      It doesn't help to have bloggers who decide to give themselves names like John Thomas Didymus (reeaally?) writing stories about the stories:; FYI:  I was an A-student in physiology and anatomy and as far as I'm concerned, any "author" who makes up a ridiculous nom-de-plume that de facto publicly showcases his knowledge of human male reproductive anatomy is unquestionably flashing his Palmaris Longus for all to see and justly does not deserve to be taken seriously, let alone listened to. 

      Ernest Hemingway said that "The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit-detector.  This is the writer's radar.."  Same is true for great readers, I'd say, most especially these days.

    • penny says:

      Thank you, Dennie.  It's heartening that somebody is thinking critically.

  15. Jill Jamieson says:

    Dane I want to express to you how grateful I am that you're out there educating us and exposing the power elite for who and what they really are. I am with you 100% in every word you speak. Thank you so much for your bravery. It takes a lot to guts these days to speak truth to power but like you iits not an option for me I have never been able to look the other way nor would I want to.  It breaks my heart when I think of all the beautiful creatures of this planet that are being wiped out by these greedy power-hungry psychopaths!  And how can so many people  sell their very souls and go along with this absolute insanity!!  Where is. The humanity!   I mean when you think about the number of agencies etc. etc. all the thousands  of people that are lying to us it's really mind-boggling to say the least.  So thank you again for your courage, perseverance and conviction. We need more Warriors like you. Keep speaking truth to power .Thank you again Dane.

  16. Reidun says:

    Hi Dane,

    we had weird snow here in Ireland on April 10 … it looked unusual, like little pancake or cornflake- shaped things, and everyone was surprised to have snow in april.

    I discovered geoengineering because I was researching what could be the cause of a constant hum, or better "rumble" I hear 24/7 since april 2011, and so do many people in this remote area, no cities, no industries. This hum seems to be more intense since this morning. Sounds like "a diesel engine idling in the distance" or "someone drilling under the house" as some people describe it. Would it be related to geoengineering ?

    Thanks for your great work!


  17. Jake says:

    Thank you Dane, for all of your hard work. The resilience truly inspires me. I have a hard time believing the ignorance towards our skies currently.

    I'm currently in CO, Colorado Springs, we got hit so hard yesterday that it was completely undeniable. I took some really nasty pictures from the complete cover up that peaked at 10 AM. By 12 PM the skies had completely murked over with dark hazy clouds. My photos from my phone look photoshopped, completely artificial. The skies later developed into a kid gone mad with his crayon, it was so undeniable, but not a single person glanced up. 

    During my shift towards the night, I just constantly brought up remarks about the artificial skies. Mostly I just keep getting shut down in the oddest of ways, it's some of the weirdest reactions I've experienced. I truly think people do not want to believe this chaos. I showed one co-worker my pictures, describing what I saw out my balcony that morning, his reaction was "Woahh nice wavy clouds man".. I just don't even know how to respond to that..

    Well I just try to give the info to this site, tell them to check it out. Not really sure how to go about this.. I'm willing to go spend like 50$ on fliers, brochures whatever, but I am not sure what will be most effective. I'm living paycheck to paycheck and can barely cough up enough for rent. My bodies degrading and I just want to heal and recover, but that's impossible when I'm completely assaulted everyday. I'm sick of seeing mad men run this planet, I'm sick of seeing a dying and confused world, I just feel sick..

    I lose hope a lot of days, but I will do whatever I can to raise the alarms, please share any methods that you find effective, and cost efficient. Thank you again Dane, you're our leader in this fight, spreading inspiration through all with your hard work and determination. Never give up.

    • Al C says:

      I along with probably hundreds of others all over the world relate to what you're going through…………It's sad, disheartening and enraging all at the same time seeing this criminal activity which is killing the planet done right in our faces.
      Dealing with folks who are asleep and don't see it or refuse to is really scary. We have to all stick together in this and keep the faith.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Jake, you mean a lot to many people, keep telling the truth and planting the seeds. THANK YOU, from all of us.

    • Dennie says:

      There are just soooo many stoopid sheople who simply follow the next sheep who happens to be in front of them.  That's how most people "live" their lives– just follow a stoopid template that says you need to do what– assume that all "progress" is vertically oriented (soooo f^cking YANG– what happened to YIN, actually??), so you compulsively climb that socio-economic ladder, which means more resource depletion, leading to… MORE impoverishment for all?  It is truly astounding.  Most want to buy new, fabulously expensive cars and electronic gadgetry (that spies on you) and when anything goes wrong they whine and throw tantrums to get idiotic physicians to throw them "candy" from Big Pharma.  The truth is that WE are the ones driving Big Pharma.  WE are the ones who insist on getting thrown the medications that don't do anything actually to heal but rather just mask the symptoms while creating a myriad of horrific new symptoms (take a look at the statins, blood pressure and diabetes control meds and ask HOW they work), otherwise known as "side effects."  Just how stoopid does stupid have to get?

    • Christine says:

      Hello Jake. I live in Colorado Springs – west side by 26th St. Yesterday I dared to take my dogs to Vermijo Park in Old Colorado City. I stayed a little too long. I saw the sky and I knew better than stay outside too long but I did. Today I'm unable to function.  I'm 65 and my health has declined severely. I'm alone, with no family ..and no more friends due to my (so called) radical beliefs. 

      I recently made a huge collage of my pictures of the skies over Pikes Peak and this neighborhood taken the past 8 years. I tacked them all onto a huge bulletin board that I can carry around and show to people. Some of those pictures are on Skyder Alert web site.  My plan was to take the bulletin board and stand on Colorado Blvd. by Safeway where people can see it as they go in the store. Also, my plan was to go door to door in my neighborhood.. but I don't think I'm well enough to do it. I feel weaker by the month. (and I don't have the flyers yet)

      My immune system is attacking itself and I'm struggling. I'm a vegetarian; eat organic, no gmo. I take everything I can to detox but nothing seems to help. Today I started Diatomaceous Earth. I hope it will help.  anyhow.. thought I'd write and say hello and kudos for reporting what you saw yesterday. It's pathetic.

    • ron says:

      Jake:  What you just said above, given your desperate situation, is tremendously important to anybody who reads this thread.  You ARE helping.  You are a trooper, my friend.  Don't think otherwise.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Jake, Thank you for sharing your feelings here. We all get that loss of hope feeling once and a while. Finding a way to be active in this fight everyday has helped greatly with my feelings of lost hope. Here is a link to what I am doing to raise awareness. It is effective, cost efficient and is constantly evolving and improving thanks to the help of other activists. I am in this fight until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity.  Steven Chamberlain  a.k.a.  The Pizza Guy

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Christine, Please call me at Charlie's Pizza (907)776-8778. I have about 400 full color, two sided glossy GeoWatch flyers on hand. I would be glad to send you half of them. You are a hero Christine!!! I will pray for your improved health. Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

  18. Greg says:


  19. renate says:

    Hello, from Mission BC Canada. I came across a heartfelt message as we hear from all of us, on and as you stroll down to Anna Von Reitz answers, it blew me away. I had to pause and get my thoughts together as I remembered many years ago the mystery  of running shoes washing up on the west coast. These running shoes also had the remains of foot bones still inside them, no other body  parts were ever found. After reading what Anna Von Reitz said about plasma and resonance technologies being used as a weapon, I’m floored. It seems the time line in the 80’s is correct for the running shoe mysteries. My gut brain connection is telling me this to be true. Another layer. Below is a short quote.   


    “By then the US Navy had deployed CIPPA—- a planet-spanning grid of mini-HAARP arrays that use

    resonance to create "murder zones". The idea is simple. You triangulate the electromagnetic frequencies very precisely from transmitters in the array, and "cut a slice" out of the atmosphere. The heart and the entire electrical system of any living thing caught within the parameters of the slice shuts off instantly and just as

    instantly and painlessly, the living targets die. Everything simply stops. Tests of this technology are what has caused the odd massive "die offs" of birds, turtles, and other creatures—- the reason that farmers in the Midwest have seen entire huge flocks of ravens, geese, and other birds drop dead from clear skies for no apparent reason. Other plasma and resonance technologies cause things to self-immolate—burn up to a cinder leaving only their shoes behind, for example, or, incinerate from within like the Twin Towers which was a staged domestic weapons test of this terrifying technology on a much larger scale.”

    • Renata — Thank you. “…the US Navy had deployed CIPPA—- a planet-spanning grid of mini-HAARP arrays that use resonance to create ‘murder zones’. The idea is simple. You triangulate the electromagnetic frequencies very precisely from transmitters in the array, and ‘cut a slice’ out of the atmosphere. The heart and the entire electrical system of any living thing caught within the parameters of the slice shuts off instantly and just as instantly and painlessly, the living targets die.  … Other plasma and resonance technologies cause things to self-immolate…”  
      All of this technology comes from plasma physics, which I hope to post on more often here at GW with Dane's permission. I believe that my photographs of the sky here on the Olympic Peninsula WA show something unique 'different' that must be symptomatic of the Navy’s Electronic Warfare zones around the country. I was told that the rf/microwave emitters here are not the usual, but are called JTEs.
      * The Joint Threat Emitter offers "true" warfighter training for the combat aircrews and provides a modern, reactive battlespace war environment, designed to help train military personnel to identify and effectively counter enemy missile or artillery threats. A multi-threat, hi-fidelity simulator with realistic effective radiated power levels, the JTE simulates both single and double digit Surface-to-Air and Anti-Aircraft Artillery radar systems and accurately trains combat aircrews to defeat or avoid Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) around the world in a war-like training environment.   [images]:

      I wonder if the big empty blue-sky 'gash' in the [my] fifth photo down is EW electronic warfare 'practice' to ‘cut a slice’ out of the atmosphere:

    • Las Vegan says:

      Stunning, absolutely stunning.  Thank you once again, Susan, and thank you, Renate.  I believe "this slice" is also evidenced in weather satellite images (like from the many instances pointed out by 1Pacific Redwood at where you see an extremely precise 90 degree "slice" taken from a storm headed toward the West Coast of the U.S.  Of course, the entire storm system falls into disarray and dissipates, which has resulted in the "disappointing" El Nino year's rains.  Wow.  Absolutely unbelievable chicanery.   

  20. TNGEOWATCH says:

    From Southeast TN.  This week has been insane.

    Thursday it mixed sleet and rain with temperatures in the low 50's?  

    Pretty much every day there has been very persistent airplane activity.

    Freezes both Saturday and Sunday AM.  Tree's look brutal after the past week. 

    Local Farmers market people tell me the local strawberry crop has been harmed severely. 

    The freeze affected early April planting.  

    Yesterday from dawn til dusk numerous planes with horizon to horizon SRM trails.

    Wednesday am/pm we had 30+ degree increase with massive spraying pre-weather front then ended in crazy downpours and lightning then mist remainder of night.

    Persistently seeing evening spraying going into and after twilight hours.  5-7 am are some of the worst plane activity of late.  Something new is going on up there.

    Huge # of people with respiratory issues.  Pretty sure its fungal related.  People just spiraling into sicker and sicker conditions.  

    Good news is got a new coworker in line with this site.  He did not freak out but he is wrapping his mind around it.  Another coworker who is still grasping this reality went on vacation 3 weeks ago on spring break.  Entire family got weird flu and had to come home early.  He thinks his family may of been poisoned.  

    Things are rolling out of control guys.  

    Not one honey be yesterday in neighborhood azaela's!!  Couple of bumble bee's.  Very said.

    Isn't it amazing that this weekends most watched sporting event/Distraction event The Masters is experience very cold windy cool weather for this time of year.  Talk about a major con to fool the masses!

    God be with everyone.


  21. John arndt says:

    Hello everyone,

    Just an F.Y.I.

    Check out the IQ Health Plus Pro air purifier.

    This unit takes out particles down to .003 microns. {that is virus size].

    100 times smaller than the nano particles that we are being sprayed with.

    I know this will not solve our problems but it can greatly alleviate the symptoms we suffer and help your body stay cleaner.

    Where I live here in Maine our doors and windows are shut 7 months a year.

    Supposing one spends 12 hours a day in their home this is a considerable amount of time annually.

    Swiss made and totally airtight.

    You will not have to dust for over half a year.

    Be aware of this machine and its capabilities.


  22. CC says:

    I'm with you on that one Susan. Shut your TV sets off and stop being blindsided. Research is Knowledge. Acknowledge the fact that we are all being slowly poisoned to death from this Program. Now people are starting to wonder why all them trees are dying. The people here know why. Thanks again Susan for all the information that you relay here. 

    Thanks to Everyone here and especially Dane.

  23. Donna says:

    Dane, the mention of seismographs being taken offline is of great concern, knowing the little assholes have the technology to pop that "super volcano". My mom told me about that a few years ago. Let's hope the order takers stand down, if this is the plan. Hiding the seismic activity from the public could just be fear mongering, let's hope that is the case. 

    Yesterday in Arizona, It was nice, blue sky with cotton balls, then around 2p they sprayed away. By 5 o'clock the cotton balls looked like they were in a glass of milk and we had the biggest ring around the sun I've ever seen.

    "Time to fire some folks, and let's start at the top".

  24. Rick says:

     Thank you Dane for these amazing broadcast and the diligent education and study you are committed to investigating for US.  I appreciate the reliable information and bringing it to us into the foreground is absolutely amazing!! I really appreciate the availability of listening to these on youtube,  however,  I would love to listen to them on podcast and be able to share with others efficiently through other media platforms.  This is great and I really appreciate all the work that you do


    thank you ever so much 


    • a simple horseman says:

      Susan and ALL, Wow! Stunning photos! Sadly, I have been seeing the exact same occurrences in my skies(the other EW zone). Just an observation here, but lately I think "they" are practicing wind direction. I watched the same practices last year at this time. Also, after 'every' rain fall we've had, the winds have kicked up and took our moisture away. On those days the jets spray trails that dissipate quickly. Probably spraying material that contains desiccant properties to gather our moisture and haul it away. My area is suffering in the same ways that Dane describes in his area. We just don't make the news until the wild fires start up. 2 days ago it got up to 78 here at my place. That is about 30 degrees 'above' normal. On that day we were sprayed like bugs all day, much more than usual. The evidence of the microwaves in the sky was apparent ALL day long. Interesting note in that the direction of the lines changed several times through out the day.

    • Las Vegan says:

      Susan, you are wonderful at documenting the skies!  We had a series of stormy rains through Las Vegas the last two days–a rarity, of course, for this region.  Prior to that time, we had received .63 of an inch of rain compared to "normal" at 1.74" for the year.  As the first of the storms moved in with the black, grey, and white clouds overlapping and convoluting with long, extended banks (as you document in your photos) of clouds as an underbelly, the artificiality was very easy to distinguish.  The real sadness and wonder came yesterday–the second morning as I left for work.  Wonder of wonders.  Real clouds and real blue skies!!  Oh, my gosh!!  Real clouds!!!  Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!  

    • Las Vegan — Thank you! Yes, these "black, grey, and white clouds overlapping and convoluting with long, extended banks" are new to me. It's like they are smearing clouds across the sky in totally unnatural horizontal long smears… I appreciate your confirmation. Every morning I get up and wonder what the hell they will do next. Crimes against Nature…endless crimes.

  25. Margaret says:

    I found this article interesting.  If I understand correctly, the premise is clouds with ice help cool the Earth, and clouds containing water contribute to warming.  Of course, there is no mention of man made chemical trail clouds contributing to the clouds that only contain moisture and no ice.


    • ron says:

      Margaret: In terms of what Dane(+Susan F) are vividly telling us; this whole "Science" and cloud monitoring is a massive RED HERRING. Let's see… an analogy would be something like a group of scientists studying the effects on a grass lawn next to a home smolder fire.—–  — while the smallish home fire itself is about to burst into 10 foot flames! .   THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE AND THEY ARE STUDYING THE LAWN!  Insanity and following superior's orders.

      The point being : such an article may be interesting, BUT ROME IS BURNING! 

  26. Stunning Video Reveals Why You Shouldn't Trust Anything You See On Television
    Zero Hedge 04/09/2016
    In a recently published paper by the Stanford lab of Matthias Niessner titled "Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos", the authors show how disturbingly easy it is to take a surrogate actor and, in real time using everyday available tools, reenact their face and create the illusion that someone else, notably someone famous or important, is speaking. Even more disturbing: one doesn't need sophisticated equipment to create a "talking" clone – a commodity webcam and some software is all one needs to create the greatest of sensory manipulations.
    From the paper abstract:
    We present a novel approach for real-time facial reenactment of a monocular target video sequence (e.g., Youtube video). The source sequence is also a monocular video stream, captured live with a commodity webcam. Our goal is to animate the facial expressions of the target video by a source actor and re-render the manipulated output video in a photo-realistic fashion. To this end, we first address the under-constrained problem of facial identity recovery from monocular video by non-rigid model-based bundling. At run time, we track facial expressions of both source and target video using a dense photometric consistency measure. Reenactment is then achieved by fast and efficient deformation transfer between source and target. The mouth interior that best matches the re-targeted expression is retrieved from the target sequence and warped to produce an accurate fit. Finally, we convincingly re-render the synthesized target face on top of the corresponding video stream such that it seamlessly blends with the real-world illumination. We demonstrate our method in a live setup, where Youtube videos are reenacted in real time.
    In simple English: famous "talking heads" speaking, chatting, interacting on TV can be practically anyone masquerading as said celebrity, and due to the real time conversion, they can talk, react, answer questions and generally emote so that the deception is flawless and totally convincing.
    Video here:

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Susan great article …people just have to watch ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, of the fake broadcast of 911 ……….know thats talent.

    • BaneB says:

      Interesting the language…..everyone and everything is a 'target.'  Sick beyond belief!  This technology/concept has been around for a while.  When the federal government was forcing broadcasters (TV) to switch to digital for the entire nation, that was when my suspicion began.  Everything we see and hear can be faked.  Faces, voice morphing, entire scenes might or might not be anything but VIRTUAL (not in fact).  Let the viewer and listener beware that reality is not necessarily what is real.  The best tact IMO is to simply get rid of the television.  Of course, the internet has its deceptions, but at least one can seek out counter discourse and find disagreements in agreement.  One has to wonder if the 9-11 alledged cell phone calls from those computer hijacked aircraft were voice captures from earlier pieces of phone conversations which were regurgitated into fake that fooled even their relatives.  We are in an epoch where technology and science are out of control and it is entering a lair where once we believed it to be impossibly 'paranormal' sci-fi.

    • ron says:

      Susan F:  Of course we already are in THE ORWELLIAN MATRIX  and my guess is that If we don't completely self terminate; younger people than you and I will one day walk down a street and meet a perfect clone of themselves who has been programmed to terminate the donor.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORK! NW Wash. sounds terrible.  Talk about fungus!  I live in central Ca.where we are drying to death. Flip a coin.  Go anywhere and look up. 

    • Dennie says:

      Would that include the journalists who were kidnapped by IS/ISI/ISL/ISIS (and just what's UP with all the confusing names?  WHO is supposed to feel confused, and why??), then "beheaded?" (notice how the hooded killer has such a nice well-schooled British accent).  We never actually see The Deed being done, only the "before" and "after" pictures, and something approximating a knife trick… and while we're on the topic, what about Saddam Hussein?  Or Osama bin Laden, who was, we heard, actually receiving dialysis at a hospital in Bethesda (U.S. army hospital?), as he had failing kidneys, then most likely died shortly after the attacks.  Bin Laden was reported at least six times by the main stream media to have died at various times over the years following the attacks, so what date was actually the real date?  Makes sense to me.  Confuse the crap out of everyone while blaming it all on a dead guy.  How totally convenient. 

      The Bin Laden family owned a very large construction firm in Saudi Arabia, doing very major projects.  No one over here in the U.S. seems to be aware of that.  Or that members of the Bin Laden family were here in the U.S. and very quietly flown back to Saudi Arabia after the attacks, never mind the "no fly" orders after September 11, 2001.

  27. Dane @51:15: “I owe my life to my children, to all children, to every bird, every frog, every tree, and quite literally to every cloud in the sky that once brought clean life giving rain….Now we all live under a toxic haze of sprayed particulates…”   Thank you, Dane. Thank you for being our warrior, our tender hearted warrior. We remain grateful to your intelligent courage, adamantine will, and relentless 12 years of working to expose the insanity.  Thank you!

  28. R pace says:

    I hear you Matt, I experience the same thing (Stockholm syndrome) Dane has an entire segment on this behavior. The age of deception and betrayal and people have a hard time comprehending the lies we believed and were fed our entire lives and then to learn the truth is a shock to the psychological aspect of sane thinking. (Brain shutdown). If any of you are like me, I couldn't believe I had been so gullible and trusting only made me feel like a fool. I always thought of myself as wise, street smart and observant, not easily fooled, then I had to digest how did I not know this was happening. Since this whole revelation has opened to me, I have been researching all the other sea's of lies and deception we have been led to believe was my reality. Shattered my mind, I'm sure I'm not alone with these thoughts. Made me feel like I was a dumb ass, maybe this is why so many cannot accept the truth. Admitting you were fooled or failure is extremely hard for some because it certainly humble's one, (I'm the shit attitude) I say get over yourself and help us kick these murderous monsters out and try them in court.  
    The skies here are pretty nice today after what we had yesterday, (complete blanket overhead yesterday), not spraying yet today, it seems about every 6 weeks or so we get a day or two off from being attacked. I'm sure they are gearing up for who knows what? I am wearing protection when I go outside and wonder if it even helps. I spoke to soon just went outside to look and see if spraying was going on and sure enough it looks like they have blanketed the west side of the mountains and the entire I-90 corridor, seems they do that everyday. The spray blasting out today is a bright white really blinding white.
    Last night I had some kind of breathing attack (gasping for air) this is a first for me and was really frightening.  I am in S. Central Washington State, the great NW (ha ha) the east side of the cascade range, I see beautiful Mt. Rainier and Mt Adams out my backyard view so looking west as they spray heavily every single day for the last several months. I have taken (at least 200) many days of sky grid line and bazaar mars like looking photos. We need to start kicking in the doors of these monsters indirectly responsible for this complete destruction of all life on earth. The military order followers are waking up and I think they are fighting against each other from what I can gather. Dane, as I got in my car to go home, I was thinking of you! "To Thine Own Self Be True" I am looking forward to meeting you someday soon. Your radio program today was outstanding, you are outstanding and admired by so many. Thank you once again for the sacrifice and being a man with courage believing we can make a difference. We need all the strength we can muster, stand firm together and never quit.
    Susan, you and so many of you are outstanding as well, I know you must spend all of your time on helping this most important #1 issue. It would great if you would copy the article telling about what your sister is experiencing in that part of the world to (Italy) get what the truth of the matter really is, we really need to know.  Thank you to all the family. Paul, so glad to see you sharing research again. All of the new people, if you can share what is happening where you live, so that we can form alliances in communities-like a meet up group to unite like the way it used to be. Neighbors used to care for each other and now most do not know even a first name. This has been done by design to divide and concur, overcome and unite and keep a driving force of positive action bringing light to the darkness of this work until the end. Their is nothing more important than the air we breath, name just one? I have made the geoengineering issue my top priority, everyday.
    Went grocery shopping yesterday armed with flyers and actually had an exceptional day sharing this insanity going on. Planes in high gear action, no denying what we were seeing was being sprayed out. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello R, thank you for your courage, for not yielding.Every single individual that is awakened by our combined efforts brings us one step closer to the summit, one step closer to critical mass. Never give up, our will is ours and ours alone.

  29. Bella_Fantasia says:

    While the Panama Papers didn't particularly surprise me, the coalition of Independent journalists, the ICIJ,  that they kept the 11.4 million pages secret for over a year, wrote a book and published on the same day was absolutely a surprise!  Edward Snowden tweeted, "Courage is Contagious!"

    Might the International Consortium of Independent Journalists help us?  They have a "Leak to Us" section on their website.

  30. John arndt says:

    Well, we have been blasted by the assault here in Maine for at least 5 years. I live on the mid coast.
    I recently was watching images on "chem bombs".
    Today I noticed at least a dozen of them being detonated right above me.
    Are they being used for dispensing different materials or are they a more cost effective way of dispensing the same cocktails in the trails??
    I have thousands of hours into self educating and educating others.
    I started off with a series of flyers in 2012 and dispersed them all over the campuses of Bowdoin, Bates and Colby colleges.
    I usually get the best results from the younger crowd.
    I am a professional photographer and have shot 1000's of impactful images. I use this skill set to help me present the reality of what we are all dealing with.
    Thanks Dane for all you do!
    I am a Dane Wigington fan to the fullest!!!

    • Shepard says:

      Hi John

      I am also on the midcoast and last year I sent dozens of letters with credible evidence outlining my concerns to Senator Collins, Senator King and Reps Pingree and Poliquin.  They really don't care.  The spraying hasn't been too bad lately but just wait another month as we get closer to summer time…

      I'm sure you have noticed the temperature fluctuations that are quite abnormal for this region, and now this cooler than average April… after having been fifty degrees for a week straight not long ago….

  31. Jude says:

    My sinus infection has calmed down due to taking Chlorella, Beta Glucans, good quality vitamins, and using a vaporizer in my room every night. I am hearing all the time about people who got sick around Thanksgiving and it lasted til into February.

  32. Bella_Fantasia says:

    You have no idea, Dane, how much I needed your insight and moral strength today.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    You are a giant, whose inspiration is contagious. Thank you so much for everything you do.
    We always worry for your personal safety and your brave voice.

  33. jim says:

    The only way is to go to the streets, sorry that is just how it is.

    • Padraigin Eagle says:

      With burning pitchforks, guillotines thereafter.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement which allows me to find some sanity in this matter of all matters: Geoengineering, a word I share with some of those I meet while walking on the road.

  34. Michel B says:

    I am always worried by what I don't know. Given what is unfolding and that I only discovered it about 2.5 years ago, I wish that I was more educated in the basics of some of the sciences, as well as in the true narratives of history and the wiley world of finance and politics.

    Thus I read a lot of alternative material on these subjects now. And an especial thanks to Susan Ferguson and others whose posts are very detailed in scientific particulars.

    Discovering the basics is too much like an epiphany to me. That's how ignorant I am. But I enjoy finding out how different our lives could be. It is a bitter sweet enjoyment.

    In the Sunday Mail today, in Brisbane, Queensland, on page 16 a large headline, "SEE THE REEF BEFORE IT DIES". The article goes on to explain how awareness abroad of the imminent death of the reef has caused a huge spike in the numbers of tourists coming to see it while the coral has some colour before its too late. It has "Queensland businesses excited". "State Environment Minister Steven Miles yesterday announced $150 000 to the University of Queensland's CoralWatch, which researches and monitors coral bleaching…"

    Also, "federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt will today announce $2.8 million for sugar cane farmers in the Burdekin region to reduce nitrogen run-off."

    Fair enough about those measures, but what about a peep concerning SRM, ozone depletion and ocean temperatures soaring? Of course nothing mentioned about that. Still, maybe some enquiries to the University of Queensland CoralWatch and those Ministers about Weather Modification…

  35. DrDignity says:

    Thanks for that, Dane, Susan & all of you awake people! Today in Southern California, lots of cumulonimbus clouds & in places, some rain.  Here in Palm Springs are lots of clouds, too. Sometimes an area opens up with blue sky & often behind an opening are jets spraying fake clouds in characteristic straight lines & X's. 

  36. Phil says:

    Dane, what would be your educated guess as to why they are making the eastern part of the U.S. so cold compared to the rest of the country?  Daytime highs so far in April have not exceeded 45 degrees here in Maryland.  Today barely made it above 40.  We have also had damaging winds nearly every day for the past two weeks and nothing but a constant manufactured cloud cover all day long with virtually no sunshine.  Some days would start out calm, and then the wind would seem to come out of nowhere.  A few days ago winds exceeded 60 mph.  I am aware that the rest of the planet is warming (with geoengineering being a major factor), but how do I explain to other people who are very skeptical about it since it has been so cold here?  Thanks Dane.  Very informative today!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Phil, a large aspect of the climate engineering insanity is to confuse and divide the largest possible percentage of the US pupulation in regard to the true sevarity of the planetary meltdown. The attached link will give more details.

    • Marla Stair-Wood says:

      Phil, I live in the East, too…East Tennessee, and are experiencing what you described. Dane is right: a main objective is to confuse and divide. People need to review credible data rather than parroting popular opinions. Thank you for paying attention!

    • Nancy Lee says:

      Phil, I also live in Maryland and have been extremely concerned about our strange weather, even before I became aware of geoengineering a month ago (I know I'm very late to the party). The crazy temp changes in one day, the howling winds, the dim sun shrouded in a silvery haze, the awful wet snow, all of the dead old trees that get upended with the winds, the obvious, endless spraying activity in patterns, people who can't shake off their respiratory illnesses, the lack of honeybees, etc… I have ordered bumper stickers and other materials. It's hard for me to not get emotional discussing this because the few times I've tried, people give me the "side eye" and say it's all conspiracy theory bs. I'm going to engage people as best I can and direct them to this website. It's hard to not let this totally consume me and become an obsession because I have three children still at home that need a lot of attention. But they are aware and I will try to take the gentle but steadfast path of educating people.

  37. The Exodus Of People Moving Away From California Is Becoming An Avalanche
    By Michael Snyder / Global Research, April 07, 2016
    Over the past ten years, approximately five million people have moved away from the state of California, and as you will see in this article this mass exodus appears to be accelerating.  So exactly why is this happening?  Once upon a time, it seemed like almost everyone wanted to live in California.  The nearly endless sunshine, the incredible weather, the pristine beaches and a booming economy motivated millions of young Americans to move out there to pursue “the California Dream”.  … But now the California Dream has become a nightmare.  Californians are being taxed to death, traffic in the major cities is absolutely horrific, violent crime and gang activity are on the rise, millions of illegal immigrants are putting an incredible strain on social support systems, and the ultra-liberal government in Sacramento seems to have gone completely insane.  In addition, the state faces constant threats from earthquakes, wildfires, droughts and mudslides, so it is quite understandable why so many people feel motivated to leave and never come back.

    • Dennie says:

      Re: Fleeing Californians: 

      The Northerly Exodus of disillusioned Californians has been going on since the late 60s.  My aunt, uncle and cousins moved to Eugene in 1968.  Right now the latest wave is all either moving back home from whence they came and can now afford to buy a house in Detroit or Milwaukee, or they're moving in with elderly parents or moving elderly parents in with them, or they're leaving for Italy and Germany (why? it's going to be just as bad there..), or they're continuing to move up to Oregon, where the natives hate them.  That northerly exodus of Californians who, in the first wave back in the late 60's left because California had gone to the hippies, was followed by a steadier stream of wealthy retiring people from Orange County who settled in the Bend/Redmond area, fleeing sales taxes.  Then we had the "back-to-the-land" movement with people who started going up there in the 70s to live on communes in the woods/Apple Valley/Ashland area or start organic farms in the Willamette Valley.  Now we have retiring and younger Californians fleeing the high housing costs and lack of water.  Cloverdale is a hot-summer area though it's not far from the Mendocino coast.  It has a nice new train station for all the folks who will shortly flee S.F. only to commute back down on a daily basis once the Sonoma/Marin Area Transit trains start running later this year, complete with tooting whistles, running through my neighbors' back yards in Rafael Meadows, starting at 5 a.m.  Look out, Ukiah– you're next!

  38. Wanda Drewery says:

    Dane mentioned the fungus that is in or results from the geo-engineering. In 2007 my dad passed away with/from a fungal infection in his lungs. Just a few months ago, I had a sore on my leg that would not heal. I went to my doc and he told me it was a fungus. He prescribed a cream that cleared it up in just a few days. I am surprised at how quickly the dr diagnosed it. Thank you Mr. Wigington and God bless us all.

    • Dennie says:

      Tea tree, wintergreen, eucalyptus, rosemary and other botanical essential oils have antibiotic, anti-fungal and antiviral properties.  Tea tree oil has been shown to be 90% effective against MRSA.  I have been using it to treat Staph A on my chin (I've been "colonized," I think, so I'm also taking probiotics to help my immune system deal with it from an internal vantage point).  You can't tea tree oil or wintergreen internally as they're poisonous as such but you can put a drop or so in as part of a nasal mist. has some good articles about these amazing healing remedies we can use that cost a fraction of what Big Pharma wants to shove down our throats and into all the other orofices of our bodies. 

  39. First Order of Business: My personal confirmation that Prayer is still our most effective "Flaming Arrow?"    How do I know that?

    I pray for the Safety & Divine Protection of Mr. Dane Wigington – every day. I see the week long evidence from the additional information posts  by Dane on this website between the Saturday morning Global Alert News broadcasts.

    I know that scheduling these broadcasts is a testament of Dane's Personal Commitment to Encourage; Empower; Educate & Enable every single visitor to this website. (21,700,000+ visitors can never again say they didn't know)

    The simple fact that Mr. Wigington's voice (of TRUTH) rings out on Saturday mornings is the confirmation that GOD is honoring the prayers for Dane's safety. (of course I know that, like the rest of us – Dane lives by the same "Definition of Life" as we all do & one day his schedule may cause him to miss a Saturday morning broadcast – but I have the utmost respect for his "Unwavering Commitment")

    Thank you Dane for accepting this "Job" you never wanted, but you looked past the edge of the rut & realized it wasn't the Horizon. You have taken "Commitment & Dedication" to a whole new level & hope you will continue to to accept our inadequate payment of Thanks, until you are much better paid.

    The "Definition of Life" quite simply "Levels the Playing Field" for all of us.

    Our lives are all – "Subject to Change – Without Notice," but by following the concept provided by Edmund Burke – every one of us have the ability to influence change in one way or another.

    Edmund Burke aptly stated:

    "The ONLY thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men should Do Nothing.

    During Times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Becomes a "Revolutionary Act" (George Orwell)

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bill, I don’t take your prayors for granted in anyway. I don’t take anyones support in this battle for granted. I am only manning my post, as you are yours, and as all activists who are truly commited are manning their posts. Only together can we wield the needed strength nessesary for us to prevail, and indeed, with all of us working together, our numbers grow by the day.

    • ron says:

      Bill: I was born in Winnipeg in 1940. 'Been an American since 1960. Joined the Anti-Viet Nam War, Anti-establishment and Pro-Civil Rights efforts.'Was on the streets a lot. We referred to ourselves as part of 'THE MOVEMENT." The 60s and early 70s were amazing–I lived in Berkeley-a key area and experienced Martial law and tear gas for 2 weeks under Gov. Reagan. I listened to and saw many "revolutionaries."

      This man we admire, DANE WIGINGTON, is, IMO, one of the great Revolutionaries of the last decade and the greatest in America right now! The minor key in all this is that the sheeple don't care about revolution.  Yet he persists.   THANK YOU DANE!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, clearly you have been fighting for the greater good for a very long time, thank you. We are a team each and every one of us, never give up. Again, thank you for marching with is in this battle Ron.

    • Dennie says:

      We've still got activists in Berkeley but it ain't what it used to be.  Yes, there was quite a stir during the "Occupy" nights, but I also had a chance to talk to a Berkeley cop who came in to Fat Apples to get a bite.  At least one of them very candidly said they were watching out for outsiders who wanted to start and spread trouble at the Occupy events and around town.  These were agent provocateurs, they were quite sure.  Not every cop is white in Berkeley.  The one I spoke with was "colored," African American.  Not long ago a young Latino officer pulled me over on Marin Avenue near The Alameda late one evening to let me know that one of my brake lights was not at all working and a rear license plate light was out as well.  I had no idea.

  40. Sandy Martin says:

    Today in Nebraska, trails are criss-crossed with heavy spraying.  Usually, they give us very little.  I have been wondering if they are "doctoring" to create these unusual late freezes in order to prevent planting until later in the season . . . perhaps to cut the growing season short and reduce the harvest.  

  41. R pace says:

    I hear you Matt, I experience the same thing (Stockholm syndrome) Dane has an entire segment on this behavior. The age of deception and betrayal and people have a hard time comprehending the lies we believed and were fed our entire lives and then to learn the truth is a shock to the psychological aspect of sane thinking. (Brain shutdown). If any of you are like me, I couldn't believe I had been so gullible and trusting only made me feel like a fool. I always thought of myself as wise, street smart and observant, not easily fooled, then I had to digest how did I not know this was happening. Since this whole revelation has opened to me, I have been researching all the other sea's of lies and deception we have been led to believe was my reality. Shattered my mind, I'm sure I'm not alone with these thoughts. Made me feel like I was a dumb ass, maybe this is why so many cannot accept the truth. Admitting you were fooled or failure is extremely hard for some because it certainly humble's ones (I'm the shit attitude) I say get over yourself and help us kick these murderous monsters out and try them in court.  

    The skies here are pretty nice today after what we had yesterday, (complete blanket overhead yesterday), not spraying yet today, it seems about every 6 weeks or so we get a day or two off from being attacked. I'm sure they are gearing up for who knows what? I am wearing protection when I go outside and wonder if it even helps. Last night I had some kind of breathing attack (gasping for air) this is a first for me and was really frightening.  I am in S. Central Washington State, the great NW (ha ha) and I have taken (at least 200) many days of sky grid line and bazaar mars like looking photos. We need to start kicking in the doors of these monsters indirectly responsible for this complete destruction of all life on earth. The military order followers are waking up and I think they are fighting against each other from what I can gather. Dane, as I got in my car to go home, I was thinking of you! "To Thine Own Self Be True" I think this may have been telepathy and am looking forward to meeting you someday soon. Your radio program today was outstanding, you are outstanding and admired by so many. Thank you once again for the sacrifice and being a man with courage believing we can make a difference. We need all the strength we can muster and stand firm together and never quit.

    Susan, you and so many of you are outstanding as well, I know you must spend all of your time on helping this most important #1 issue. It would great if you would copy the article telling about what your sister is experiencing in that part of the world to (Italy) get what the truth of the matter really is, we really need to know.  Thank you to all the family. Paul, so glad to see you sharing research again. All of the new people, if you can share what is happening where you live, so that we can form alliances in communities-like a meet up group to unite like the way it used to be. Neighbors used to care for each other and now most do not know even a first name. This has been done by design to divide and concur, overcome and unite and keep a driving force of positive action bringing light to the darkness of this work until the end. Their is nothing more important than the air we breath, name just one? I have made the geoengineering issue my top priority, everyday.

    Went grocery shopping yesterday armed with flyers and actually had an exceptional day sharing this insanity going on. Planes in high gear action, no denying what we were seeing was being sprayed out. 

    • R Pace — My information on Italy dealing with the refugees began with a story from an Oil Price/com report suggesting the Italian government had made a deal to take refugees in exchange for oil rights on Malta. Responding to your suggestion, I looked for recent stories and really could find nothing specific about Italy since 2015, which is suspicious in itself. You can imagine how it is escalating and summer is coming. What my sister, an 80+ opera singer who has lived in Rome for 60 years, said was that the refugees are not allowed to go off these islands. Privately the Italians fear plagues and are warned not to contact any even if they are related. This problem is just beginning. As I have previously sad, do read 'The Camp of Saints' – it makes Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness' more like Mother Goose.

      Did Italy And Malta Actually Agree To Swap Oil Rights For Refugees?  / April 4, 2016 As the Syrian refugee crisis reaches a critical impasse, both in terms of European security and refugee human rights, Brussels has found itself having to deny accusations of a secret pact between Malta and Italy to swap refugees for oil exploration rights.

      Italians on tiny island torn over flood of migrants /April, 2015
      LAMPEDUSA, Italy — This tiny, picturesque speck in the Mediterranean Sea has become the front-line of the growing humanitarian crisis in Europe. It is where thousands of migrants fleeing chaos in Africa and the Middle East are making the harrowing journey by boat to European soil — or drowning en route — because this is their closest destination.  … An overburdened former naval base just outside the island's only town houses the migrants. Its official capacity is 800 but it sometimes houses 3,000. … The migrants are not just a problem for Lampedusa. As their numbers grow, Italy and other nations are fighting over what to do with them. Last year, 170,000 refugees from Africa and the Middle East entered Europe through Italy, according to the United Nations. And by some estimates, their number may more than triple this year, as political and economic stability in their home countries worsens. Across Italy, protests have been held amid calls to sink the boats before they arrive. … Earlier this month, an estimated 10,000 migrants arrived in a four-day span. As the weather warms, numbers are sure to rise dramatically. The Italian government says May through August are the busiest months for arrivals.

      UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency
      In the first seven months of 2014, more than 87,000 people arrived in Italy by sea, mainly from Eritrea and the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria).

      * More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, compared with just 280,000 the year before. The migrant crisis continues, with more than 135,000 people having arrived in the first two months of 2016. Over the past two years, Italy has been dealing with migrants smuggled into Europe from North Africa. … Figures released in March by the Italian interior ministry say that far this year, the country has documented over 16,000 arrivals this year, compared with a bit over 10,000 in the same period in 2015.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      R Pace, Hello.  I have to really commend you on your honesty regarding being gullible.  I think you hit that nail on the head-in terms of the difficulty in getting people to become aware.  But it is a rare person who will admit what you did.  And, even more over, become aware, learn and take action.  Takes guts to admit to the world that you were a fool, felt as if.  Since members of my extended family were aware at least 20 years ago, I only since 2011, I feel remiss.  I seem to have been born not believing the party line and trusting no one.  But, I've had a lot of serious health issues and accidents.  So I feel regret at my self interest, getting so lost in my personal struggles that I didn't even look at the bigger picture.  But when I did, I got it immediately.  Just born that way I think.

      What makes you feel/think that the military order followers are fighting amongst themselves over this?  This would be great news if true.  Can you say more about this?

      By the way, I used to be able to say I lived in the country, or on the land, reservations and wildernesses most of my life but not anymore since I've been in this old place almost 37 years now, in Berkeley.  We now have a fairly tight neighborhood but that didn't just happen.  It took work.  Real work.  I found that in the countryside, one often could not stand one's neighbors but you knew them.  In the city, seems as if such crowding makes people strive for more privacy.  The new tenant next door to me has been here almost 6 months, we've never met nor spoken, she never replied to my welcome to our 'hood card.  Yet her bedroom window is 18 feet from and looking down into my bathroom and kitchen.  It is weird, but city normal.  But some of us have really worked on building a neighborhood over many years and it is now tighter, safer, kinder-some of my neighbors are wonderful.  But none want to know about geoengineering.  Most are really well educated.  All work hard.  All have major personal issues.  Some belong to the Sierra Club!  One works for childbirth at Kaiser.  A 92 year old was in the Carter administration.  A few are architects.  Most will tolerate some talk of weather modification from me just out of friendship and knowing me.  None will take it to heart.  I have to up my game!

      By the way, there is one thing more important than the air we breathe and that is water.  A person can survive quite some time with bad air, depending.  But, only 3 days without water.  And what goes up comes down and into our waters along with various poisons, fracking contaminants, and geoengineering crap.  Finding good water is getting harder and harder and will be more important than food or a financial crash when push comes to shove, and as water is being privatized.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ Rachel Robson, Hello!

      I've left you replies trying to explain my comments about the jet stream under the article, "Death by Ecocide".  I'm not keeping up very well lately.  I hope you are well.

  42. CP says:

    Last week, in central Georgia, there was the least spraying I have witnessed in some time. Many days without a single trail visible. Clear, blue, beautiful skies!  Not sure why we went a whole week with no spraying?  Not complaining, but it makes me wonder if there was an atmospheric reason for this.  Case in point, we had many low fronts move through the region, bringing much higher winds at the surface and aloft.  Is it possible because of these sweeping fronts that the spraying abated due to lack a of 'staying power' when these trails are released at altitude?    Just trying to figure out the method to their madness, which is probably futile. 

    • Dsnow says:

      They did not want any of the chemtrails showing up during the telecasts of the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta. 
      Also, when we have winds going from land to the ocean in Northern California they do not spray as it just goes out to sea.  
      There is a method to their madness.

    • K. says:

      CP, here in southwest Michigan/northwest Ohio, I have not seen frequent spraying in several weeks to a month. There might be a trail here or there, but not like it normally is. I have been videotaping the skies for over 2 years, and this is the longest break I've seen yet. I'm interested to see if anyone else noticed this.

    • Mary says:

      The only thing I can think of is that Warner Robbins AFB was hit by a tornado.  They had to check all of their planes that were caught outside but chained down.  Just a screw in an engine can bring a plane down they said.

      I don't think they can always keep the chemtrails in the sky.

    • BaneB says:

      I have noticed the retreat of the spraying when the wind conditions are going to waste their effort.  But. This terrorist program is like someone playing a computer keyboard hooked into countless phased array microwave transmitters, et al, plus the aerosol aircraft on cue as well, coordinated from earth lairs and satellites.  If my area clears out and no jets for a few days, it is because my region is weather-pacified and under control.  Other regions are then targeted depending on what high or low needed for their dirty agenda.  A week or so ago I think they had a problem down in northern Mexico because suddenly the whole region there was under heavy massive aerosol spraying but here in Mendicino the weather was beautiful and clear and close to being as it should be.  

    • Alan says:

      Two words – The Masters

    • Polk County, NC says:

      CP, I noticed the same here in SouthWestern NC, the last two days have been high gusty winds. This morning the winds have subsided and the spraying is the worst I have noticed. They are spraying cross patterns, X patterns in at least 3 different altitudes, in less than two hours the sky turned to the familiar sicking silver white fog. I also noticed this morning just before sunrise the ringing in my ears started again with a vengence. This spraying has really affected my soil and my plants. A small stream on my property used have abundent life, Minnows, frogs, crayfish etc. Now it is rare to find minnows tadpoles etc. I am on a watershed and when it rains now the runoff is always foamy. Pennys left in the back yard  will start to dissolve in a few months. Trees are dying all over the hills and dogwoods have really been decimated.

    • Rutherford County NC says:

      Have to concur with Polk County NC. I spend a lot of time in the woods doing hiking and mountain biking and own a little bit of rural forested land.

      Lots of dead trees. Constant spraying. Yesterday started off clear. Looked out at sunrise and saw a new line at relatively low altitude.

      As the day went on more andmore lines appeared and spread until we had what I call the 'spray deck' of horsehair clouds, herring bone patters etc.

      Last Friday while walking into the gym at 7:30 am, I was looking up at the sky to see 4 separate and distinct 'X' marks in the sky above, along with a series grid patterns to the east.

      A lady walking near me noticed me looking up and looked up herself then looked back at me.  I said "they're painting Xs in the sky this morning" and she said "well look at that, they sure are".  I thought "They look like crosshairs in a rifle scope".

      My ears started ringing in April of 2015. I have always used ear plugs when doing loud activities. A visit to an ENT found nothing wrong with my ears. I wonder. And I notice the intensity varies quite a bit. Seems like around 2-3 am, and in the mornings around 10:00 am.Oftentimes the loudest ringing will occur coincident with waves of nausea — something totally new to me in my 48 years.

      Also, being a fit non-smoker, lately I've been coughing up phlegm like when I used to smoke. But I don't smoke and haven't for quite some time. My lungs feel like smoker lungs  — I was a pack a day smoker for years and I know what that feels like. WTF?

      Most people I know take allergy meds, have asthma, or are suffering from some sort of 'cold', sinusitis, or the like.

      Shit is getting weird.

      Thanks for your work Dane. It gives me hope that there are others out there who can and will see what's happening.




  43. Steve Parsons says:

    Thank you Dane … Rest assured that the link to your April 9, 2016, Global News Alert show … has been forwarded to a wide audience including social media platforms, and personal email distribution lists.

    You may recall … We initially contacted you to request your advice on how we might handle presenting geoengineering data and information to our local television station and chief meteorologist.  … Although we never reconnected with you concerning this matter … we decided to send some email messages to the television station administrators, as well as the chief meteorologist ….that pointed out how harmful the heavy metals are to animals, humans and plants.   WAGM's, Presque Isle, Maine reply email response to us was … " Cease And Desist All Emails, We Have Contacted Our Legal Counsel, WAGM will persue legal action … ".

    Just thought that you and your post readers would like to know …  Evidently, … paychecks and pension take priority over human health and safety ! !

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Steve, Can they do this legally?  Make you cease and desist all emails?  Are they just tossing in the threat just to sound tough?  This does not sound legal.  Paul?  Paul would know.

    • Kate Willens says:

      That is beyond amazing, and just shows have backwards things have become. Everything is the opposite of what it should be. 

    • BaneB says:

      Steve:  I am racking up a litany of blocks from media outlets.  It matters not how polite and solicitous one is in communicating the obvious geoengineering.  You have encouraged me to add another lying media outfit to my list.  

    • a simple horseman says:

      Steve Parsons, This is a great comment!!! Seems as if you have hit a tender spot with those folks. Keep pushing the buttons! I hope you not stand down and will push on other stations as well.

      Any chance of posting the email you sent to WAGM?

    • Shepard says:

      Hi Steve

      I emailed WCSH6 last year because one night on the news the weatherman was discussing a user-submitted photo of an aerosol drop that he went on to refer to as a "strange contrail".

      I told him that it was not a "strange contrail" which he apparently interpreted as me arguing that it was not "strange" and said something like he was glad that I understood.  In his reply he CC'd like 8 other email accounts from the Hearst news group.

      I replied telling him that it was an aerosol drop and that I was not agreeing with him and that he is culpable for perpetuating lies and disinformation.  These people totally have their strings pulled but will never admit to it.

      The forwarding of the email to the higher-ups at the parent Hearst mainstream newsgroup was a real indicator that he knows all about this and has been told to stfu.  He never replied back.  I wonder why….

  44. Neil says:

    Wow!  Is Mike Adams finally endorsing the ongoing geoengineering reality by allowing this short piece to be published on Natural News?
    Let us hope so.  And Dane, they even hyperlinked your website!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Neil, thank you for bringing the article to our attention. Unfortunately NN and MA are still missing the mark on the overal state of the climate and the complexity of the factors that are damaging it. To say “the more Co2 the better” simply incorrect. One example of this is the oceans that are acidifying at an extremely alarming rate, how good is all that Co2 for the seas?. We must all continue to research the frontline data and to connect ALL the dots in order to form an accurate picture.

  45. Lana Givant says:

    Many people are sick with respiratory illnesses right now. The spraying has been horrific over Oregon and else ware. A SCIO operator says that his patients are showing allergic reactions to Lithium on the SCIO. Also, many disease organisms are showing up in their scans Many of these organisms are not generally found in the United States!?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lana Givant, Hello.  Can you say where in Oregon?  The kinds of spraying as well?  I hate to sound like an idiot, but I don't know what a SCIO operator is.  What are the allergic reactions to lithium like?  What kind of scan is this?  Wish I understood.  Help? 

  46. R pace says:

    I'm speechless!

  47. moderncalamity says:

    The poor weather forecasters are obviously under the "gag order" as the major news stations forecasted "filtered sunlight" yesterday and this morning before the storm in the northeast.  I think they are trying to tell us something without being punished.   They should file a lawsuit to protect their freedom of speech and perhaps it would expose the coverup by the genocidal geoeingineers.

    • Earth Angel says:

      That's a great idea moderncalamity!  It would be nice if they find the balls to do so!  Love to see a group of lawyers from the ACLU take up the case for them..oops, I forgot those lawyers generally work for The Powers That Shouldn't Be.

  48. Susan E. says:

    As a young woman I had the privilege of interviewing Paul Wellstone when he made his first run for the US Senate (which he lost) 30 years ago while I was the News Director at a small radio station in Central Minnesota. He was so passionate about education, social justice, Minnesota and the future of United States. I was truly inspired by his hope and dynamic presence during the interview, and then a week later he sent a thank you letter to the Radio Station addressed to me in which he urged me to go to college as soon as possible and get a degree. 
    Wellstone and his family were murdered by the same evil forces that are now depopulating and destroying the planet.  I wish it were as easy as blaming evil individuals or the government. I wish there were some way to stand up against the pervasive, all encompassing structured mayhem that has been systematically installed into nearly every society on the planet.  
    I'm sorry Dane, I want to help but I feel so helpless. The storm is coming fast, and all I can do now is try to prepare and pray for a miracle.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, thank you for the message you shared about Wellstone. Stay strong, there is great solace in waking others, and each one that awakens brings us closer to critical mass

  49. bija says:

    Today here in Tucson is unbelievably gorgeous – bright blue sky, authentic white puffy clouds!!! The feeling is the feeling of life, real, vibrant life! It's simply unbelievable the mind, heart, soul difference between this day and the all too frequent grunge days and silvery oppressive, fake skies.  The spirit really wants to believe that this could last. I will drink in this moment, knowing it won't.

    Keep getting the word out everyone! If there is a solution, we are it!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes bija!  We are having that kind of a day here in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains today! Even the animals feel the glory of the earth as it should be! Despite light spraying yesterday it is brilliant sunshine, blue skies and quite windy. Expected low temperature drops the next couple nights- I figure that's what they spraying was intended for. Still, its great to soak in the beauty of these days when we get them.  : )

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Sorry to sound so cynical, bija, but are you expecting a presidential visit or some other high level presence or event?  They very obviously blew out all sky crap for Obama's visit to Anchorage last summer.
      It would seem logical that not everywhere can be continually sprayed, or at least we hope not.
      Nevertheless, I'm envious and encourage you to seize the moment of loveliness : )

    • Marc says:

      Bija, I shall be in Tucson in 2 weeks. I know the skies of which you speak.  Glorious beyond words.

  50. Linda says:

    At 6500 ft we are seeing that where the snow has been, in feet, this winter, the voles and moles were busy in the unfrozen ground, underneath.  If intelligent life is watching, we worship devices, celebrity and sports. Spiritual leaders, speak up. People, demand it of your spiritual community, that we talk about how we can stop this.

  51. Al C says:

    Once again Dane, excellent show.

    This morning, here in Southeastern New England the sky was nice and blue……………..Within four hours, it is now a total overcast sun blocking.
    Every day, I make it a point to tell somebody regardless of the "tin foil hat look" thrown my way.
    A lot of folks know all about it and just don't care!
    Like you said, "Why not go to Disneyland and have another Bud."
    I think the majority just want to stay in the Disneyland in their head and pretend everything is ok.

    I had some highway driving to do earlier and was witnessing all the dead trees on each side of the expressway and wanted to cry.

    • Mary Lou says:


      Hello Al C:   Living here in southeastern MA is getting a little scary isn't it?  I often wonder what planet I'm on. Is Tinkerbell scattering 'fairy dust' to the population? I think not. It's just the same old "fly ash" brought to us by the chemtrail demons flying just above our whited out skies. It contains all the ingredients needed to dumb down and zombify the majority of people. They avert their heads whenever I open my mouth, so afraid are they that I will ask what they think of today's weather. But I'm an old New England gal and keep right on asking as well as confronting strangers I meet with geoengineering facts as they attempt to back away from me. I tell them to look up at the crossword puzzles in the sky and receive the response "oh that's just a contrail from a plane." It is so sad but all you can do is keep on trying to rock their worlds with the truth. It's very hard to stand as a lonely awakened person among friends and family. But knowing there are many awakened ones, Unknown to me, but all around me, gives me courage.

      There I've said my piece for now.






  52. World Class Journalist Spills the Beans, Admits Mainstream Media is Completely Fake
    By Arjun Walia
    Global Research, March 27, 2016
    Recently, Dr.Udo Ulfkotte went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also adding that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job. He recently made an appearance on RT news to share these facts:
    I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public. But seeing right now within the last months how the German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia — this is a point of no return and I’m going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do and have done in the past because they are bribed to betray the people, not only in Germany, all over Europe.
    It’s important to keep in mind that Dr. Ulfakatte is not the only person making these claims; multiple reporters have done the same and this kind of truthfulness is something the world needs more of.
    …The list of lies goes on and on. It’s time to turn off your T.V. and do your own research if you are curious about what is happening on our planet. It’s time to wake up.

    • Earth Angel says:

      God Bless Dr. Ulfkotte for having the integrity and the courage to come clean on this. Let's hope this is the start of the landslide of others! Thanks Susan for all of your research and informative posts. The intelligence level of those who follow and post on this site is incredible. So glad to share the planet with all of you at this critical time!

  53. Annie Gundersen – Nuclear Engineer: “Alarm bells” are going off over Fukushima plume coming to US West Coast People will be dying from radiation that’s flowing across Pacific — Massive amounts of nuclear waste are flowing into ocean every day, and will for more than a century — “We’ve contaminated the biggest source of water on planet, and there’s no way to stop it”
    [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is] measuring 1,000 miles offshore [of the US West Coast] and… picking up 10 becquerels per cubic meter [Bq/m3]. At my point, that’s when my alarm bells go off is 10 [Bq/m3]… That plume is still coming, the Pacific is a huge place and to think that a disaster on the opposite side of the world can be detected and begin to contaminate California, I think that the monumental shattering conclusion [is] radiation knows no borders… So this ‘dilution is the solution to pollution’ is what I think Berkeley believes in. What you can be sure of is that somebody’s going to die from the radiation that’s in the Pacific, but you just won’t know who it is – and they’re counting on that. The nuclear establishment is saying, ‘Well, we can smear that out in a broader epidemiological study.’

  54. This pdf link I located from a video of Dane talking about STRATOSPHERIC WELSBACH SEEDING FOR REDUCTION OF GLOBAL WARMING
    This invention relates to a method for the reduction of global warming…a method which involves the seeding of earth’s stratosphere with Welsbach-lke material. … One proposed solution…the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude. While this method would increase the reflection of visible light from space, the metallic particles would trap the long wavelength blackbody radiation from the earth. This could result in net increase in global warming.
    Known refractory materials have a thermal emissivity function which is strongly wavelength dependent. For example, the materials may have high emissivity (and absorption) at the far infrared wavelengths, high emissivity in the visible wavelength range, and very low emissivity at intermediate wavelengths. If a material having those emissivity characteristics and a black body are exposed to IR energy of equal intensity, the selective thermal radiator will emit visible radiation with higher efficiency (if radiation cooling predominates), i.e., the selective thermal radiator will appear brighter than the black body. This effect is known as the Welsbach effect and is extensively used in commercial gas lantern mantles.
    Welsbach materials have the characteristic of wavelength-dependent emissivity (or reflectivity). For example, thorium oxide (ThO2) has high emissivities in the visible and far IR [infrared] regions but it has low emissivity in the near IR region. So, in accordance with the invention, the layer of greenhouse gases is seeded with Welsbach or Welsbach-like materials which have high emissivities (and thus low reflectivities) in the visible and 8-12 micrometer infrared regions, which has the effect of reducing Ro and Rl while introducing no effect in the visible range.
    A desired material for the stratospheric seeding has a reflection coefficient close to unity for near IR radiation, and a reflection coefficient close to zero (or emissity close to unity) for far IR radiation. FIG. 3 is a graph illustrating an ideal emissivity versus wavelength function for the desired material. Another class of materials having the desired property includes the oxides of metals. For example, aluminum oxide (Al2 O3) is one metal oxide suitable for the purpose and which is relatively inexpensive.
    It is presently believed that particle sizes in the ten to one hundred micron range would be suitable for the seeding purposes. Larger particles would tend to settle to the earth more quickly.
    The particles in the required size range can be obtained with conventional methods of grinding and meshing.
    The greenhouse gases are typically in the earth's stratosphere at an altitude of seven to thirteen kilometers. This suggests that the particle seeding should be done at an altitude on the order of 10 kilometers. The particles may be seeded by dispersal from seeding aircraft; one exemplary technique may be via the jet fuel as suggested by prior work regarding the metallic particles. Once the tiny particles have been dispersed into the atmosphere, the particles may remain in suspension for up to one year.

    WIKI: Welsbach (name of Austrian scientist) Materials: Thorium dioxide
    Thorium dioxide (ThO2), also called thorium (IV) oxide, is a crystalline solid, often white or yellow in color. It was formerly known as thoria. It is produced mainly as a by-product of lanthanide and uranium production.
    The compound is radioactive due to the radioactivity of thorium. Thorium dioxide can be turned into a nuclear fuel by breeding it into uranium-233 (see below and refer to the article on thorium for more information on this). The high thermal stability of thorium dioxide allows applications in flame spraying and high-temperature ceramics. Thoria has the fluorite crystal structure.
    Thorium dioxide is used as a stabilizer in tungsten electrodes in TIG welding, electron tubes, and aircraft engines.

    • ron says:

      Susan F;  You are indeed amazing!  What I get from a somewhat cursory glance is that this method keeps desired particles(aluminum oxide, etc) at about 10K or 6+miles high, based on size(10-100 microns) in order to stay above earth and continually circulate. 'Sounds good in the lab; but soaring, twisting jet streams–some of which are man-influenced–can affect the ripping of 1000s of tons of x amounts of micron-sized particles(likely mixed with a whole range of radioactive nano- particles)  and many rain/"snow" ,to your driveway and clump which you can see.  The horror is that many of them cannot be seen whatsoever–the ones that we are now breathing.  Keep on truckin' Susan!

  55. charles says:

    Dane, I am in Chesapeake, Virginia and we had snow at 59 degrees this morning. Cant wait to see how the weather bunnys spin this one. Thanks for all your info.

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, we are in Norfolk. It was clearly some sort of chemical laden nucleus ice. This area is continually sprayed, I counted 11 planes last week cris-crossing the sky.
      Is there any safe place left?

  56. matt sarlo says:

    The spraying was incredibly intense yesterday April 8 over northern Colorado. My nose will not quit running and I have no energy. I keep signing petitions and try to show people to look up and wake up but most think I am a nut. I have six grandchildren and despair for their future.  

    • Cannabis says:

      I am from Pune, India. After learning about what's happening to our skies, I tried sharing the info with my friends and family. And you have to see the skies here it's terrible. It's a complete useless exercise. What I learnt is not to show too much attachment, smoke ganja and meditate. Its impossible to make a fellow human aware if their heart chakra is not balanced.

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