Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 29, 2020, #264


Dane Wigington

Hurricane Laura was manipulated and steered, the geoengineers are deciding who is impacted by weather cataclysms, and who isn’t. Droughts, fires, floods, all are being heavily influenced by the ongoing climate engineering operations. Populations all over the globe are now facing changes and challenges that were formerly unimaginable to most. What agendas and objectives are being carried out by those who control the levers of power from behind the curtain? Will rapidly deteriorating societal circumstances finally compel populations to objectively investigate frontline facts? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

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  1. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Please consider carrying an umbrella when you go outside to keep that UVC off your skin. I only walk my dogs now in early AM or in the evening to help protect them as well.

    My, you should see all the trees in Greenville NC with scorched upper branches.

    East Carolina University GeoWatch distribution coming up soon!

    Blessings and Peace,



  2. christy eck says:

    Covid-19 is a manifestation of Geoengineering's manipulation of our skies.  I've connected the dots and i know where i stand.  It's happening now, every minute we are here and i feel like a *** getting marched to the train.   I've talked to a few folks and the few i've talked to know…"something is going on"!  Biosphere Collapse is what's going on people.   This morning for the fourth time it has been very foggy out here, but not wet or damp like a fog.  Starts at dusk, WEIRD, eerie feeling in the air.  I also noticed a week ago there was a formation of clouds that looked just like HAARP frequency clouds, coming from the ground up above a  pasture.  Don't know how,  all we have here close enough for that is a substation.  They have been doing a lot of work down there. 5G i suppose.  Sometimes with the way these supposedly stars line up around us, looks like an invasion is about to happen…of the drones!  Oh, and there are lots of them!  I know this sounds crazy, maybe it's making me crazy, I don't know, but it's every night.  Still spraying…

    GOD is with us always. Keep HIM first. Be safe Dane.

  3. Jonathan O'Quinn says:


    Yesterday afternoon, I had to go outside for no more than about 4-5 minutes or less to feed our local wildlife. 

    I got sunburned just from those few minutes.

    Be safe, everyone.


  4. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To my friends I have not met,yet,

    Randyl J, Damn right I'm proud of you. F reps, thank you for the contribution. Much to think about. Andrew, my fellow Scotsman. And so many more of you. Virginia Susan Ferguson, you have messed up my personal paradigm bubble more than anyone, Thank you for the courtesy. Your efforts are not wasted on feeble minds.

    Randyl and anyone living like her or me, "be proud of how you live". If you're not feeling life, you're not living it right. Believe me, it matters now and it will matter when you go meet your maker. Personally, I try very hard to parallel how life was 150 plus years ago. Minus the long horse drawn rides on a wagon. If horse drawn wagons were allowed or safe on our current road system, I'd be there. Unfortunately, our current population has no old school common sense. "There will come a day when there will be no motor vehicles". Sadly it will coincide with the fact that vegetation will no longer support animal life or our own lives. So it seems to be. Civil "conflict" is already well underway. What it manifests into is almost certain for those of us that can see the writing on the wall. Few are those that can see and or imagine "what could be". So many are trained to accept the narrative that comes at them. Even fewer are those that make decisions based on fact and relevancy. Interesting how those of us that live our lives with such realities are tasked with giving 'answers' to those that have done zero research or even soul search. Just like the Prince of Peace, I hold little patience for those that refuse to listen.

    Find 'your' strength, find a way to love your neighbor. Help them create a reason to be loved. It matters! We're all in this together!

    'a' simple horseman

    • RandylJ says:

      Thank You Again to Dane, 'A Simple Horseman', Jonathan O' Quinn, Virginia Susan Ferguson. Black Cat Italy, Penny Waters, f Reps, and SO Many More who (I apologize if I forgot your names) frequent Dane's Amazing, Awesome, and VERY CREDIBLE INFORMATIONAL WEBSITE! I still have some John Denver Albums (being that I consider Colorado home and was blessed to see him in concert in Aspen area once). He is still missed by all his fans, but I will say that were he here, his music would truly reflect Climate Engineering information! He would not have turned a blind eye to what we are learning here! And in some ways, I'm glad he isn't here to see what we humans have done to Mother Earth.

  5. Joseph says:

    Mainstream Media Coverage Of Climate Engineering, What Is The Agenda?

    Imagine the whole of academia pretending the ongoing geoengineering operations we see in our skies are not really there. Imagine the vast majority of populations blindly accepting the official denial of climate engineering, and thus completely ignoring what they can easily see occurring with their own eyes

       Alot of great info in here.

  6. dave avers says:

    "The Dimming", Why do  I strongly feel like this COVID-19, is also being played out to delay this Awakening  to people that look up?

    • sea says:

      Dave I am in full agreement, along with the timing of Vxd #2. My son saw the premier of Vxd #2 in Grass Valley late Feb- after that the Vxd crew and troupers had to cancel all their scheduled visits across the nation…after all they were a public event.

      Funny the timing of that , or maybe I am just imagining and a little 'paranoid'.

  7. f reps says:

    Now that the CDC pronounced their " Factual Mortality Findings"  ;  that  Deaths "specific" to Covid 19 ; amounted to 9,210 people.    The majority of the Population ; as well as the majority of the Politicians  remain blind to this very important  News.   A parallel  situation exists in regard to Geo Engineering Activities.  Although In plain sight ; the Airborne activities as well as the On Ground Results of the  Geo Engineers are absolutely ": in Your Face " ; but  the majority of our  "Flouridated,"  Dull Witted, Sheep like'   GMO'd,  Propagandized   fellow Citizens  remain Like Zombies.   It is also  absolutely mind boggling that the  current "potus" is promising to " Bring Order to our Burning Cities " ; "if " he  is re-elected.  Isn't He Already the President ?.,   Is some Magic  Wand going to be handed to him in 2021?.    You cannot make this Scheisse up.      

    • Thomas C Petrie says:

      t reps,

      I love that response, "Isn't he already the POTUS now?  Great reply.  Crazy how, also, the Mayor of Wisconsin implored him to NOT travel to their State in order to ENHANCE the prospects for peace.  What does that tell you?  

  8. Donna-Arizona says:

    From the CDC Under Comorbidities

    Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. 

    The CDC admits that only 6% of 153,504 deaths actually died from Covid. That's 9,210 deaths. The other 94% had 2-3 other serious illnesses and the majority were of advanced age.

    I read this in the morning, then it was on the news last night, I was shocked!

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, Sunday evening, time to wind down from listening to this weeks GAN(twice) and trying to not get over come with the multitude of thoughts we all experience after listening and/or watching the slide show that plays on you tube. I had to take a 'me' day today. An escape. I cut in and built in a stair way, ladder to the 2nd story to the small cabin I am now building. Pretty simple when you look at it out right. Not so simple when factoring in imperfect wood. 3 and a half hours of living in the way back machine and replicating the stairs/ladder I built into my own loft 20 years ago that are simple and still as solid as the day I built them. The risk and the comfort from such carpentry is that the customer did not draw me a picture nor give direction as to how to get up there. So, "I made an executive decision". My customer lives 300 miles away. On their arrival I will either be a hero or a dumb F that messed up. There's a reason I have repeat customers. Sometimes it's not easy guiding sheeple towards doing the right thing and in their best interest in the long run. Raising awareness is no different. I've stuck my neck out so far sometimes I should have a goose neck or no head at all. Just sayin. Not everyone can tell when someone is on a campaign for the good of the many, But those that can, they are like gold nuggets in the collective consciousness. It is important to share what you know in a palatable manner. I know that there are many folks in my region that I have spoken with that listen to the GAN broadcast and connect dots with what I have told them about our own environment in our region. The rest is up to them and their own conclusions and thoughts.

    For what it's worth, thank you Dane for once again re-enforcing the importance of 'not' using the chemtrail term. Personally, I feel that if you can express yourself with actual scientific and engineering terms you come off even more credible and worth listening to. 4 years now of having my own awareness booth and I have NEVER used the chemtrail term in a sentence unless it was to point out how it leads to the "conspiracy" bull shit. "The facts ma'am, nothing but the facts". Where the heck did 'that' endevore of thought end up?

    The exponential curve we are now going through is much like a roller coaster reaching the height of its momentum and the tracks falling away blow it. No coasting back the other direction to an eventual equalibrium. Sucks, Don't it!! It is what it is, "what in your wallet?".

  10. f reps says:

    It is quite interesting  and Most distressing ; to note that from the outset of the Covid19 Plandemic ; not "One" of the World's Major Nations exposed  to this disease had ever "convened"  a Group of  International Medical Experts and  
    Scientists  to examine , discuss, analyze and …….. after careful research and deliberation " then" …make  solid…factually based " Procedures"  in order to  address this Worldwide problem.    The Chinese , Italians, French, British as well as the USA simply trotted out  their  own particular Functionaries and  "so called" Medical experts who  told  the politicians what to do.   The results of this  "Knee Jerk" response are  graphically evident .  Our "own"  Dr. Fauci whose  grotesque personal  history of his failed medical approaches to past problems { as well as  his financial conflicts of interest } was looked to  by the current Administration for guidance.  Please remember  his claim that Millions of Americans would die "if" his advice was not followed.     The Counsel of many other Notable medical experts was not sought.  Why on Earth Wouldn't a panel of experts in the Disease Control field be gathered together before the entire economy of our Nation was subjected to the whims and dictates of one little man with  such a  spotty history ?.    Politicians like the governor of New York ; stupidly moved vulnerable people to the wrong venues and then subjected them to    disasterous Medical procedures.   The Governor of NY even "publicly" complained that he was not getting enough of the "Ventilators" that were  causing the deaths of his constituents.  .   Sweden ignored  this  thoughtless "Gunslinger" approach to the Virus ; and simply  implemented traditional methods of isolating its  most vulnerable  citizens ; while cautioning  healthy people to exercise  normal  "disease preventative" conduct.  Sweden has had the least per capita deaths.    Healthy children are now  kept out of school. Face masks which absolutely cannot filter Virus nano particulates are still being mandated by the same thoughtless functionaries who closed our Churches but opened the big Box Stores .     The abject Stupidity of  most of the the Leadership in the USA ; along with the subservient obedience of the majority of our  woefully under educated and dull witted population will not end well.  Current  Governmental activities  to combat this  Covid 19 Virus is " Too Stupid to be Stupid ".   I think that  "Covid 19" is actually a brilliant plan to  destroy  the "World's Economy ; and Sicken ; and then kill the world's population through Isolation and Vaccination.    Time proven  methods for  dealing with communicable diseases has always been to Quarantine  the sick and leave the healthy alone.   Today we are quarantining  the healthy as "well" as the sick.    In times past ; we only isolated the Lepers. Now the  World's population are all  Lepers.  Who could be  behind these detrimental activities ?. ?.   The answer might  be found in a  careful study of Bill Gate's   objectives and Talmudic influence.   

    • F Steele says:

      Brilliant and concise comment above. It will take these brave thinkers to save the "momma's boy generation" who believe they think as equals to the generations before- Who remembers liberty?

    • RandylJ says:

      Thank You Dane for ANOTHER Completely "Down to Earth" Alert News Broadcast. And to 'f Reps' – I just couldn't say it any better! To all the incredible souls who frequent your Alert News, Dane ~ Just Blessings to Each and Everyone. I just keep going. Not wearing that suffocating mask whenever I can avoid it, but realizing that the only place I truly need it, is on longer dog walks where I'm breathing the human-killing crap that floats down from the sky whether it be in artificial sounding raindrops or strange white particulates that I can see floating. And I'm truly concerned about the scheduled 'winter freeze-down' that I feel will be engineered for us once the bake and burn project ends. I live in a 32 foot Class C motor home that's been my home since 2006, so she's almost catching up to me in age if she was my dog! And she still gets around when I need her to move – like me! Sadly, she's too old to be acceptable in these high end, fancy campgrounds called RV Resorts, who finally began charging rent equal to apartments when the younger generation realized that owning and living in an RV was cheaper and more secure. So now I'm 'boon-docking' which 'a Simple Horseman' would be proud of. No running water – I fetch it from a Well. And no 'full hookups' nor a sewer hose strung out. (You can use your imagination on that one being that I'm a 71 year-old-woman), and my portable lifestyle is more physical than I first imagined it would be. However, I've gown proud of myself and in the process, I have come to realize how most of this Country is soft and flabby. So when things really 'go south' as they say around here, it's not going to be pretty!

      I'm also blessed with the strong examples by so many GEW people here and fellow active support person Jonathan O' Quinn, also in North Carolina. I never take Your Alert News broadcasts for granted, Dane. Every week I can listen to you, is the greatest blessing. I keep sharing where I can because I feel so sorry for the majority who seem to 'know nothing'.

      To All Who Find Their Way Here – Blessings and Keep on Keeping On!

  11. Andrew from scotland says:

    Hmm, looks like my 2 year prediction for global climate chaos by Sept equinox 2020 is, unfortunately, being proven correct.

    Here is an interesting calculation: The ADS graph for Arctic sea ice extent currently shows it at just under 4 million km2, based on a minimum of 15% ice coverage per grid cell. There are now few grid cells left that are a genuine 100% ice coverage, thus it is mathematically reasonable to assume that we have less than 1 million km2 sea ice extent based on a minimum 60% ice coverage per grid cell. Many people consider anything less than 1million km2 sea ice extent as a Blue Ocean Event (BOE)… realistically we are already at a BOE, and using this mathematical calculation we also had BOEs in 2012, 2016 and 2019.

    Of course, it would be more sensible to use sea ice volume as the method of calculating a BOE, but that has variations based in the difficulty for satellites to differentiate between snow cover and actual ice, and the continual addition 'sea ice' by calving glaciers and ice floating out of fjords (not sure if their sea ice measurements historically included ice stuck fast to shorelines,but there ain't much of that left now anyway), and then someone would need to decide what level to set for a BOE – Arctic sea ice volume is currently less than 5,000 km3 and falling fast.

    • Dennie says:

      …you gotta just love how everything bloody horrible that can happen to anyone and anything is now euphemistically referred to as "events," as in "cardiac event," when you've had a HEART ATTACK???  And so the weather now has actual "Event Coordinators…"  Hahahahahaaaahhh!  I'm in the wrong business!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      A "What if.." calculation: What if the remaining 5,000km3 Arctic sea ice melts in the next 4 weeks (whilst this could happen this year, it is unlikely unless we get a major methane releases…so let's see how quickly we get to 5,000 km3 sea ice next year!). 

      Mathematically, and assuming the same heat energy is in place for 8 weeks, the heat that is required to melt 5,000km3 Arctic sea ice in 4 weeks will then raise the top 1.5m of the whole Arctic Ocean (14million km2) by 20C in the next 4 weeks, and that will undoubtedly cause major methane releases…and 4 weeks after major methane releases we will be facing the collapse of our so called civilization and very probably our extinction.

      Of course, we do not need an ice free Arctic Ocean to have major methane releases. Geological studies have shown us that methane is released in a series of major burps as subsequent layers of frozen methane thaws, be it in permafrost on land or in the continental shelves of the Arctic Ocean. 

      Ecologically, we are now living in a rolling 4 week to a maximum 4 year timescale for the collapse of our so called civilization. The maximum 4 year timescale is unlikely to change (unless they initiate the 24 month nuclear volcanic winter – but that is an extinction level event itself!), and the 4 week timescale resets itself every day. 

      Fifty years of data from the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA) indicate that in 3 and a half years (starting 2024) humanity will face the final, catastrophic subsea Arctic methane hydrate destabilization and methane blowout. The major submarine methane eruption centre will lie in the Laptev Sea – East Siberian Shelf region.

    • sea says:

      NPR – National Public Radio (as it is named, not what it is) is fully funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and has been for at least 10 years (that is why they dont hound the public anymore for "donations"). I used to be a tried and true believer in the church of npr…dropped out of the church when I found out the truth.

  12. Steven L Smith says:

    Do you think an interview with Brian Rose / LondonRealTV  would help reach a new audience?

  13. resi says:

    Very Clear what is happening.  Category 4 Hurricane in the south with 140 mile//hr winds.  A few weeks prior, storm with 140 miles/hr winds only in Iowa.

  14. Chris says:

    As always, well done, Dane. I can't thank  you enough for all you've done, and continue in your work trying to awaken as many as possible to stop these criminals from spraying us while destroying not just us, but the only home we have, our planet.

    I use to film spraying and at one time had over 600 videos on youtube while trying to awake the public. What I began researching, and later learned was that everything coming down from the skies was poisoning the mind's and bodies of most and has a direct connection to cellphones, cell towers and smart meters. This explained why so many didn't see what I was seeing, daily. How anyone missed the skies, horrendous at sight, was beyond my thinking, till I realized this.

    Obviously, more need to wake-up.

    An obvious agenda is going on and like you I know our world is in trouble. How does one wake-up strangers, who are oblivious for years to the spraying, or awaken their spirit of fearlessness against those with no care for our welfare?

    Again, thank you for all you continue to do.

  15. Mike says:

    Outrageous tyranny. Trump should be ashamed!

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Daily Mail,
    27 August, 2020
    Scientists have created an army of microscopic robots, each smaller than the width of a human hair, that can be injected into the body to wage war on disease.
    It resembles the plot of sixties film Fantastic Voyage in which a vehicle was miniaturised and then injected into a patient. Scientists inside the tiny vehicle then destroyed the patient's blood clot using a laser gun.
    The new real-world micro-bots could monitor nerve impulses in the heart or brain or even deliver drugs directly into organs, according to scientists from Cornell University who created the machines.
    The minute four-legged machines will enter the body via a hypodermic needle and travel through human tissue and blood using four electrochemical actuators that function as 'legs'.
    An army of microscopic robots thinner than a human hair have been created that can be injected into the body to wage war on disease, researchers claim +7
    An army of microscopic robots thinner than a human hair have been created that can be injected into the body to wage war on disease, researchers claim.
    Lead author Dr Marc Miskin, who is now at Pennsylvania University, said: 'Controlling a tiny robot is maybe as close as you can come to shrinking yourself down.'
    He said machines like this are going to allow humans to venture into amazing worlds that are 'too small to see' and could change medicine forever.
    They are the first robots smaller than 0.004 inches in size in which on-board electronics are used to direct them.
    These robots provide a template for building even more complex versions that utilise silicon-based intelligence and can be mass produced.
    The walking robots are the latest iteration, and in many ways an evolution of previous nanoscale creations, from microscopic sensors to graphene-based machines.

    The legs, 'or actuators', bend when stimulated by laser light – causing a walking motion. In tests over a million were produced – on a 4-inch wafer of silicon.
    The micro-bots are powered by solar cells and are made using a technique called photovoltaics – used at a larger scale in solar energy panels.
    The legs are wired to several 'photovoltaic' patches on the robots central chassis and when an operator shines a laser on them they 'bend and unbend'.
    This can alternate between bending the front and back legs by aiming the light on different patches – propelling the robot.
    'They are robust, surviving highly acidic environments and temperature variations of more than 200 degrees centigrade,' explained Dr Miskin.
    'They can be injected with a hypodermic needle – offering the potential to explore biological environments.'
    Miniaturisation of electronics to produce cell-sized robots is a 'holy grail' of medical research but there has been a lack of smaller enough suitable systems.
    The bots get round this problem. They are about 5 microns thick, 40 microns wide and 40 to 70 microns in length. A micron is a millionth of a metre.
    Each consists of a simple circuit made from silicon – which essentially functions as the torso and brain. Four electro-chemical actuators function as legs.
    The researchers control the robots by flashing laser pulses at different cells – each of which charges up a separate set of legs.
    By toggling the laser back and forth between those at the front and back, the robot walks and despite being cutting edge tech, they use a fraction of a volt in power.

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