Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 1, 2018, #173


Dane Wigington

Each passing day on our planet is increasingly best described as groundhog day in a global asylum. The more ominous the horizon becomes, the deeper into denial the majority of the population goes. Will a turning point come? Will unfolding conditions soon become so horrific that a forced wake-up in the population is triggered? Will the US continue to pour the majority of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) into making weapons of mass destruction? Even as the biosphere implodes from all directions? Is it already too late? Or is there still time to salvage some part of Earth’s remaining life support systems? The latest issue of Global Alert News is below.

As the warning alarms increasingly go off around the world, how many are willing to put all the effort and energy they can spare into the fight for the greater good? No matter what others do or don’t do, each of us are only responsible for ourselves and what we do with our own free will. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding, we must make every day count

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

68 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 1, 2018, #173

  1. Frances says:

    North Qld. is used to cyclones, floods, droughts but not bush fires as recently experienced; it will take a generation for the rainforest to come back.  I just saw these 'weird, beautiful clouds' on a facebook site:

  2. Dennie says:

    Here's something positive, from

    Silica removes toxic aluminum from the body (up to 70% I've read).  Here's a list of foods rich in silica, with no toxic side effects (yes, horsetail grass does have side effects used long-term):  

    Oats (595mg/100g)

    Millet (500mg/100g)

    Barley (233mg/100g)

    Potatoes (200mg/100g)

    Jerusalem artichoke (36mg/100g)

    Red beets (21mg/100g)

    Asparagus (18mg/100g)

    Bananas (13.60mg/250g)

    Cooked green beans (6.10 mg/250g)

    Raw carrots (4.58mg/200g)

    Brown rice (4.14mg/200g)

  3. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Disintegration of Western Society
    Paul Craig Roberts
    … the American population is so divided and mutually hostile that there is no restraint by “the American people” on government and the elite oligarchs that rule. “The American people” are no longer a reality but a mythical creature like the unicorn.
    The film, The Matrix, is the greatest film of out lifetime. Why? Because it shows that there are two realities. A real one of which only a few people are aware, and a virtual one in which everyone else lives.
    In the United States today, and throughout “Western Brainwashed Civilization,” only a handful of people exist who are capable of differentiating the real from the created reality in which all explanations are controlled and kept as far away from the truth as possible. Everything that every Western government and “news” organization says is a lie to control the explanations that we are fed in order to keep us locked in The Matrix.

  4. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Happy Birthday Mike.  Aka: A Simple Horseman  So you are a 4 in numerology?   No wonder you are so determined!    4's always excel at whatever they endeavor, or will die trying!   They like to know about the World.   They like Truth more then others do.    Mike, you fit right in!  Have a Great night.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gail, I thank you kindly for your compliments. I don't know much about that numerology stuff. I was born in "59" and today I am "59". for some nagging reason that has resonance in my thoughts. Today I learn I am a "4", Cool! I like the definition presented here. Like I wrote, I don't quite get numerology. Does being able to read a tape measure count?(smile), (just having fun).

      If a "4" always excels at what ever they endeavor, or will die trying, you can count me in for sure. I think good and long about any words I write to you ALL here. All of you, globally, mean the world to me, no pun intended. Well, maybe just a little.

      Good day and good night my friends. May you ALL have day just like mine was today.  'a' simple horseman

  5. NJ says:

    Fantastic day here in NYC today. 42 F (6 C) and blue sky. no biting cold or gray chemical skies or gusty winds. but how long will it last?

    • NJ says:

      Lol, this morning started with a blue sky, with some spray, then over the day deteriorated into overcast condition.

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Sorry to digress, but I've had enough.  With all the gushing memories and fawning praise for a dead former president, think about this every time you are forced to empty your pockets and take your shoes off at the airport:

    'The Bin Ladens and the Bushes: On 9/11 George Herbert W. Bush meets Osama's brother Shafiq bin Laden' by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Dec. 3, 2018,

    Fortunately, Caitlin Johnstone puts it all into perspective:


    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Caitlin Johnstone is being too kind… Thanks for agreeing with me regarding this dead piece of crap and the murderous legacy he left behind… Truly, an un-exceptional American…

  7. Ron Marr says:

    The End of Illusion

    by Jeffrey St. Clair – Joshua Frank

    Interesting article…from their book, "The Big Heat: Earth on the Brink".

    I didn't see a link…maybe this will work.

    Happy 'B' Day!!!…to the simple horseman!

    • Lana M Lorenzen says:

      Jeffrey St. Clair is the publisher/editor of the online news outlet, Counter Punch. I've been reading it for a long time. 

  8. Mary Hollowell says:

    Re: "The Ice in Clouds Experiment," I sent climate engineering information to Eric Jensen, Ottmar Moehler, & Shane Murphy in 2015.

  9. Kathy Burns says:

    Yesterday I was reminded that seeds do grow and our labors are not always wasted. I saw someone yesterday that I have had many conversations with on the GEO topic in the past couple years, active walker, hiker in the last "year". The conversation went like this..She had some health issues come up. ASTHMA, coughing, general malaise, fatigue, cant breathe, palpitations etc…the Doctor put me on inhalers, steroids( which she stopped)etc but chose to only keep the inhaler for ER moments. I said..That she is a classic case of the fall-out of climate engineering toxicity. She happened to park right in behind my car and had seen my bumper stickers so she remembered all that we had talked about before. This time,we went to my car  to get the Hacking the planet dvd and some booklets after the "why", and typical questions were exhausted. The seeds are growing with the sad help of "symptoms"

    Who knows how many out there have been engaging into action further due to previous labors of our actions in this fight. 

    No booths to work at the moment but as Dane mentioned every single person added to this battle of awareness, counts. May I add its never too late at any age to become aware and awake. I recently woke up a 88 year old to 911 truth, his wife asked me what I did to him because he didnt leave his computer for hours!.He was astounded at the solid evidence. I warned his wife again after leaving him the next time with Hacking the planet homework…I told him its up to him to wake up his family NOW. When I see him next we discuss GEO again on a greater level.

    Just a couple stories of my many daily encounters I  make happen. I hope it encourages us all to keep up the fight for TRUTH.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, they're talking about all the nasty "coughs and colds" and "flu" "going around" here in the S.F. Bay Area.  When my student's mother shied away from me when I coughed, I told her it's not contagious, I'm just super-irritated from the large amount of particulates in the air.  She said that's what they're saying at Kaiser, too……… Could these idiots finally be waking up, at l–o–n–g last–???

  10. Jeff Z says:

    today is just another typical day in Connecticut.  Weather calls for sunny, starts sunny & by noon the heavy clouds appear.  Perhaps to hide how warm it really is?  Forecasted to be a high of 53.  It was already 60 by 10 am.  Can't have that apparently.  Over 2 weeks of strictly cloudy days & nobody notices!?!?

    Also really wanted to comment on our snowstorm of a few weeks ago.  Whatever defoliants were in it shredded pine trees of their needles.  The morning after the storm I looked out my bedroom window and a pine tree was half bare.  Mind you I've lived here 20+ years and never seen anything like that……ever.

    Dane, what exactly are they using for defoliants now?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jeff, in regard to your question on defoliants, we are working on testing now.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jeff Z, I've witnessed the same thing happening to the pine trees in my region(north central Washington) after a snow "event". It seems like and looks like the pine needles are chemically burned. We had several days of light rain not all at once but over the coarse of 4 weeks. Each time I noticed how a different specie of bush or small tree would flash out with dead leaves that didn't fall off until the winds came. My Ponderosa look naked from all the fallen needles which will only add to fire volatility. Pine needles used to hold their brilliant green throughout the winter. Not any more…..

  11. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I was truly blessed to grow up with a Mother interested in the Health of the Human Body & what made it tick. She did not hold doctors with a high  level of respect, & for good reason. She grew up in the 30s & 40s & witnessed several mishaps due to doctors. Then in the 50's, she complained to her doctor  that she had a dry, sore throat. He advised her to have a cigarette each day!   She was a non smoker & she told me when Dad would ask her each night if she had her cigarette? She`d answer; Yes, I did! Lying of course. He gave up!  9 out of 10 doctors say Fatima is the best cigarette! Then both my Mom & my eldest Brother had polio after the vaccine was given & suffered for the rest of their lives from it.  Sadly she passed of the manmade Alzheimer disease at 86, after a life of awareness always reading on natural ways of treating conditions, that were all successful. She knew of the many health deceptions of the time. Who would think the flu would become one of them in our day & age.  Damn the Aluminum Particulates! I want my Mom back!  And now, pushing flu vaccine's.    In the parking lot at the local grocers the posters secured to the light posts read.. Check the flu shot off your list!  My God, this was not even a slight worry in years past. This is the"Twilight Zone"!   Why have we given these "doctors" so much credence? For century's these quacks, as my Mother would call them, have tortured people!!! Told us smoking was Great. Those were the Doc's.    Trial & Error.   And a lot of Error!  Chemo Therapy? Give me a break. 58 out of 64 oncologists say they would never subject themselves or their families, to Chemo therapy.   Why, because "It Kills"!    It's Mustard Gas!  That will kill a few good cells, don't you think!  What happened to common sense? My Mom knew a cigarette wouldn't help her dry throat. But yet we follow along with so called expert advice like it's the end all & only way to do things. Why are so many Health Practitioners/Advisors, Naturalists,  being picked off?  They don't want you Healthy!     You are an asset, Sick!      Healthy?      Get Out Of Here! 

     I don`t care if you believe me.  But,  I haven`t had a cold or a flu in near 40 years. I was a teen the last time I had either of these dreaded sicknesses of today! I am 57 & followed my mothers advice. Do I need a flu shot.  It`s as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny says;  Sanitation & Refrigeration. These are the keys to Health. Well at least Flu & Cold free. »How do I know it works, & I`m not just special as my Mom told me I am. Others that have lived with me for decades do not suffer from these illnesses. No one having a shot either! My children had few vaccines at birth & not afterwards. They did not suffer from colds or flu throughout their childhood. They had perfect attendance in school, never having a sick day during all af their schooling up until graduation.   Minus any family emergency. I always checked the box on their cards from school to not agree to the vaccination prescribed. ( We had this luxury in the past) Funny how those vaccinated for this, or that, didn`t make it to school the next day. I remember being shot with some vaccine of the day, in the early 70`s & left with one of those tablets taped on my shoulder for a week as a child & being sick for two weeks afterwards.                Marked for Life!    A 60`s Child!    Now they really want us gone.    Those damn Hippies. Tree Huggers!  Anti War People!

    Maybe this will help others reduce the amount they get these illnesses.

    Refrigeration:     Keep Meats & Dairies Cold.  Sanitize counter space prepared on, wash cloths-towels.

    Sanitation:   Keep kitchen sinks clean, pour boiling water down traps now & then, Disinfect sink!   Wipe down light switches, door handles & knobs, telephones, computers & remotes often.   Your fridge handle, microwave, what ever is used by many.  Change your dish cloths often, especially if you have  prepared meat or dairy products. I change mine every 3 days regardless. Very important to wash your hands after shopping, before you put anything away. Pack your own groceries so less handling by others. Choose your Cashier!  Your Steering wheel & door handles. Wipe children`s toys down with Vinegar & wash stuffed animals & blankets they drag around. Wash hands after you blow your nose. Any phlegm from this toxic crap, dont swallow, spit it out into a tissue or a spit tune!. Giggle!  And who wouldnt love shares in these tissue companys.  This may seem so anal, but really it isn`t that much when you see the importance of it.  I can barely recall the feelings of these rampant issue`s that so many suffer from on a regular basis from, colds & flus. To me it is absurd how many are still suffering from such mundane issues in the year 2018. Is this where we are after centurys of doctors research, Scientific!  Really!!!!  We havent figured out how to avoid such mundane illnesses.   As the Measles & Chicken Pox were thought of in the…No Big Deal!   I lost my question mark. So you can imagine them there. This may be important or not,  I eat as much Organic Vegetables & Meat as I can  ( I know with these spray programs, that nothing is Organic per say. But hopefully the seed is non GMO), A few Vitamins & eat very little meat, But cook it for others, I was a strict vegetarian for 10 years but now have followed a Mediterranean diet for most of the last 30 years.Hard to do today. I also cook 365 days a year. I don't, eat out.  I like to know the food I am preparing & where it came from, I grow as much as I can, & can my own foods. I know how things are prepared. And besides, I Love to cook. Great Restaurants out there, dont live near any!  I eat raw foods as much as possible & nuts. Not Roasted.  I have always had energy to spare.   The bottom line is, I now feel Poisoned from these Nana particulates! All the symptoms. Dragged down!   I want my energy back!  Headaches from the Waves!  Damn this Madness!   Although I have worked outdoors for the past 20 years, I have worked at Day Cares , Super Stores & Large Businesses in this past 40 years. I have not been isolated from the world to avoid these illnesses. But sadly, Colds & Flus are the least of our worries!    What are they going to spray you with this week. It might be Deadly!   We have to Stop These Spray Programs!  Tired of Feeling Tired!   How about you.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gail, my gracious, you were indeed on a roll yesterday. Thank you for sharing. I think it helps to know that there are real people out here that do listen(read) "the long contributions" and more over, real people that share their own set of circumstances. "Full circle". It was interesting to read this contribution. Seems we have similar upbringings in some ways. Though I am a couple years older than you. I'll be 59 tomorrow, the 4th. I've lived enough life to be 89 and some days I feel like it. Very much so, I am tired of feeling tired. I have one scenario to add to the barrage of doctor crap we were subjected to back then. I remember getting "fluoride treatments" at the dentist office. When I was in the 6th grade(which was the last time). The nurse said, "don't swallow". Jeez, how could you not, they filled a trough full of that pink shit and crammed it into my mouth. I also remember getting sick as a dog and ralphing my guts out the car window on our way back home. Those that know me would not be surprised to know that was the last time I went to a dentist. Growing up with 1960's and early 70's dentistry was hell.

      Tomorrow is my b-day and there's no snow outside, none! That's unthinkable for me here. I'm like a spoiled little boy, I always get my snow. Seems pretty strange, just sayin. Other parts of the country are getting all of our migrated, chemically nucleated precipitation. This coming years' fire season is going to be worse than the last ones. By far I'm afraid. I see the writing on the weather warfare wall. The more I watch what is happening to my region the more I see how we are being set up for a big fall.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Gail, I too do not trust doctors and that is why I have put off having my hips replaced…even though there are days I can barely walk.  My daughter has a friend who just lost her husband to pneumonia…he was 20 years her senior and got melanoma and was trying to cure it naturally.  Don't ask me why he let them treat him with radiation but it did not help, in fact the cancer spread.  He then got pneumonia and never recovered.  He was close to my age and I am going to be 69 in a few months.  His wife fought with the doctors because she felt they had given up on him and just tried to speed up his death.  She has a 7 year old daughter who is friends with my granddaughter.   The wife is from Columbia and wants to move back now that he is gone to be near family…she is fed up with the healthcare system in this country.  I was always very healthy until  I was put on blood pressure medicine…then I swear the Levothoroxide this one doctor switched me to from Amour thyroid, is what gave me the arthritis in both my hips because I never had it until I was put on that medicine.  I even use to do yoga and Pilates.  I  went back on Amour thyroid, but it was already too late…the arthritis was there to stay.  I am currently juicing celery in the morning and drinking it to lower my blood pressure so I can go off the drugs.  I cough daily now from the stuff in the skies and can only do a little each day because of my bad hips.  I feel that in the last 10 years my health has rapidly declined.  I try to eat healthy…mostly organic, and take vitamins…there is not much more I can do.  I also want to say Happy Birthday 'a' simple horseman, and I hope you get your snow…real snow, not that ice nucliated shit…If there is such a thing as real snow!

  12. Jeanette S says:

    this morning in sf bay area/oak we had clear skies about noon some lines and small pieces of something cloudlike substance. by 3pm we had skies filled with lines and huge areas of fishscale clouds microwaving us from two directions and spots of ripples, one direction. the sky was full of this garbage, all 180 degrees. In this we got major huge ripple clouds almost looking like baguettes and larger and mistier. I was out at 11 and came in about 1 because I was hot, thirsty and a bit tired. I made lunch went back out at two and noticed these clouds coming up. they spray to the west of us and it blows in. I went inthe house and back out at 3:13. went to a bazaar and on the way home at 4:20 the sky was full of all the described above. the air as you looked across the bay was crystal clear. I forgot to mention for last weeks. about Monday I saw mist on the bay it would not hit the shore and was a roll cloud on our side of the bay. I saw mist going up in the air as if it were attracted to something in the sky or was it just methane? we have not experienced "sea level rise". why I always think. Maybe they are chemically taking the water toxins out that expand the water. Our bay is shallow, maybe we do not have any methane because it has historically been warm. but it sure was quite a display of the forked tongue trolls in our skies today.

  13. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Okay, I'm on a roll tonight. As I tuned into KQMS Redding California to listen to Dane live Saturday morning. I listen to about 1 minute, sometimes 2 minutes of news leading up to his broadcast. They stated that the Mexican's are coming over the border with illnesses such as the dreaded Flu, & the Chicken Pox, or was it Measles ?(Aluminum Brain!) & other issue's these migrants are carrying. That will help with Peace between Countries! Hate the Mexican"s! They carry disease!  How sad this is. They look Healthy when I've visited their Country.  I didn't get sick!   I saw far happier faces of Women & Men loving their Children & spending valuable time with them then I see here in Canada. More fear Mongering! Look for Flu epidemic's & Chicken Pox (Measles) outbreaks on the border of the U.S. & Mexico! 

  14. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Great to see new faces manning the booths at Gem Faire this last two weeks. Kathy & Larry needed a break! In any location they are available to go to, you are blessed to have them to help wake others up.   I know if I lived near Dane & Family, I would be a thorn in their ass wanting to do whatever they needed done each day.   I couldn't do anything in my life so rewarding & valuable. Where is his needed helpers?  There has to be thousands, tens of thousands + out there in Dane's area to Help Him.    To Help get the word out.  When is it time to bring a Torch to these programs????   ANYONE?

    • Brenda says:

      I cant stand it any longer i live in upper michigan i have not seen the sun in months.  Everyone i tell about geoengineering they laugh at me amd say thats lake affect snow.. the lies are becoming hard to so sick of the ignorace i cant wait for the day this all comes out.

  15. Gail ~ Yellowhead county Alberta ~ says:

    The WHO, Won't get fooled again. Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss! Yes Indeed! Chinese sandstorm, Frozen turtles, Fracking, Killing Aspen in B.C., Seems like Fires are getting worse in California, ( The Entire Planet ) Airplane propellors & Wings causing Snow. Hell, it should be Snowing in Alberta 24/7 then.  So they call this Science Fiction? Could there be anymore jets flying? We're well past Science Fiction at this point.  This is reality folks! You've been duped!  Shake the Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, & Manganese from your brains & see reality in it's true form. They Are Spraying You With Toxic Chemicals Daily!               Get Mad, Damn It!!!

  16. Suzana says:

    We must go on the street like people in France. We must fight for the future of our children. Revolution for life !

  17. Ann D says:

    Our skies are sprayed daily, relentlessly in San Gabriel, Los Angeles. Some drops are at very low altitudes. I take photos. They sprayed over fire smoke. They sprayed furiously before the rain and during the rain. We got next to no precipitation.

    Today the sky is actually blue and the air is clear. They are here… several planes. Within a few hours the atmosphere will be poisonous again.

    • Dale K says:

      I'm very familiar with San Gabriel, having grown up in the valley and have high school friends who still live in the area.

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      I wonder how many days that it would take to have a clear, non poisonous sky & fresh air to breathe? I would assume a month or longer of clear blue sky days with every country stopping their spraying around the world! Then maybe, it would be Toxin Free!   Just maybe!   At least the Air, not the Soil, that's for sure, it's imbedded in soils around the World.  I understand that Aluminum can never be removed! I haven't seen a full day of Sunshine in Alberta in "Five Years"!   Always jets spraying somewhere. How many months, years, of spraying in Alberta before I started paying attention could I count? 

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Great observation.Same crap here in Ohio.

    • Dennie says:

      Ugly fish-skeleton spray patterns in the skies over Ukiah, CA this morning, marring the view of the high mountains to the east above the Russian River valley plain.  I heard it was the same in Marin County, CA, ugly skies funked up by noon.  This particular formulation has something in it that smells kinda fishy, literally.  It makes you nauseous and dizzy, and burns the lungs.

    • gina says:

      Yes, the spraying up here in Bay Area has become so prevalent and occurs daily these days. They sprayed over the smoke here as well.  Heaven forbid they can leave well enough alone and  allow us to breathe or fell the sun. It has felt so much colder with the degree of sun blocking they are doing. Anyone notice this?


  18. Peter says:

    Hi Dane… Team…. Ive posted previously about southern Spain…. Probably the key point here is just about every plane travelling south west and on the return North East is spray massive amounts. 

    A big concern here is that, the good people here produce so uch of Europes fruit and veg…. Theyve tried to protect it but that costs….. Then theres they fishing, of course its a coastal economy so everyone is eating the contaminated fish…… Seems like no major entities are acting on your great work….. As you say, time is running out so theres going to be a Point of no return…….. Maybe weve already passed it…..

    You and your team are true Earth Patriots my friend…… A special person……..

    Be safe 

    Best to you, your family and your team

  19. Jill R. says:

    I'm sure we're all aware that the insects have disappeared. An interesting and very sad article.

  20. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 246th email, titled '10 years's'.

    1. UK Met Office have released their Climate Projections 2018 (UKCP18). The global heating and sea level rise scenarios they project are considered by many to be "alarming" – when in fact they are not realistic or alarming enough – they talk about 2100 and 2300,…when few will be alive after 2030. 

    But if it is alarming enough for people to take action, then maybe we shouldn't complain too much.

    More than 10,000 flee “catastrophic” bushfires in northern Australia and flash floods from historic rains kill two in Sydney – “This is unprecedented, uncharted”.

    2. The US has yet again used White Phosphorus in Syria. 

    Typically, nothing in the US or UK media about the chlorine rocket attack on Aleppo  on 24 Nov, by terrorist groups located in the Idlib de-escalation zone who fired 120-millimeter shells at the northwestern districts of Aleppo. Turkey is responsible in this area of the de-escalation zone for ensuring all weapons of this sort were handed in by the terrorists…

    The US "aid" package to Israel over the next 10 years is $38 billion, or $120 per second, or $23,000 for each Jewish family of four.

    3. Notes to Self (week 99 of 104). When career planning, one is often told to consider where you want to be in 10 years time (it is then broken down into short term targets and timescales). 10 years is a timescale which one thinks one can work towards, which is why Extinction Rebellion can latch onto the official intergovernmental 2018 report (IPCC) – which basically told us that we have 10 years to achieve something to avert global starvation and extinction,

    The IPPC timescale used to be "by 2100", but people paid no attention to that because it was 'someone else's problem', and 'someone else will find a solution in time'.  Similarly, if the extinction date was in1 or 2 years, people would say 'Oh well, nothing we can do about it so let's just spend and do what we want in the time we have left' – unless handled correctly, this would quickly lead to violence. 

    On 28th Nov, LiveScience had an article 'We could spray cheap chemicals in the air to slow climate change. Should we?'. So far, no support for it on Climate Alert.

    Extinction Rebellion launch in USA on 2 Dec:  

    also see: 

    Another excellent Global Alert News. Please listen to it if you have any interest in your and this planet's future: 

    The cedar trees of Lebanon are dying.

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Unprecedented! We sure hear that word a lot these days don't we Andrew? A once in a thousand year flood!  A once in a thousand year drought! They'll even use, once in a hundred year flood, because how many will remember a story from a hundred years ago, yet alone live that long & still have their faculties to remember?  And, a thousand years is far more dramatic!   And we must have Drama in the news, these days!

    • Alan says:

      Hi, Gail!  To your point, following is a small sampling of recent (last 12 months) headlines sourced from a search engine that shall remain nameless.

      Unprecedented' marine heatwave triggered huge carbon-dioxide release

      Coral decline in Great Barrier Reef 'unprecedented'

      Japan's Unprecedented Heatwave Declared A Natural Disaster As Dozens Die

      Unprecedented Ice Loss in Russian Ice Cap

      Southern California fires are destructive and unprecedented — and a sign of things to come

      ‘Unprecedented heat’ and flooding rain across Australia’s east as bushfire threat intensifies

      'Unprecedented dryness' sees CFA declare fire season starts on Monday

      Current rate of climate change is completely “unprecedented” in the planet’s history

      Warming of the Arctic ‘unprecedented over the last 1,500 years,’ federal scientists say

      California’s “new climate” —UCLA scientists explain unprecedented fire season

      UN Experts Warn of 'Climate Catastrophe' by 2040 Without 'Rapid' and 'Unprecedented' Global Action

      Northeast faces unprecedented wildfire danger

      An Unprecedented Breakup of Ice in the Arctic

      Delhi Pollution: Unprecedented! Dust cloud envelops city in summers – what does it mean?


      UNPRECEDENTED HEALTH RISK Heatwave death threat soars for elderly, city dwellers

      Experts Urge "Unprecedented Changes" to Prevent Environmental Disaster

      Ocean acidification may hit unprecedented levels: Study 

      Rising Mississippi River could force unprecedented second spillway opening: report

      Rare blue whale makes unprecedented appearance in Red Sea’s Gulf of Aqaba: Egypt’s environment ministry

      Doug Ford rolls back climate policies while unprecedented tornadoes ravage his province

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Thank You Alan.    And they want us to believe everything is just fine?         Yet look at what you found on one of the "new terms" they use today on a regular basis,  that we rarely heard in the past.  If it's "Unprecedented" they can wash their hands to it.  Play the Stupid Card.     We weren't prepared!     It was Unprecedented!   

  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, I personally feel his accounts are fair and not exaggerated. I found the areal views quite interesting being that I've seen so much from the ground. Folks, this gentleman knows what's going on. He's doing his best to bring you the facts and still stay above ground. I fear that this coming year my own little slice of heaven will be run over by what you all see pictured. It wouldn't be so bad if it were followed by a few rainy years. Charcoal is good for desert soils. Those deserts become forested and it's good for them too. I've done a serious amount of research on what burns and what doesn't during these crazy ass wild fires we are experiencing. It all comes down to how close the modern structures are placed together and how much crap you have in your yard. Much of what we see in pictures and videos is testimony as to how hot "petroleum products burn". Modern homes are full of them. Lately, the thought running through my mind is, "how funny, building with adobe and cob is the cheapest and the most earth friendly form of building structures". They're fire proof and almost earth quake proof, literally. They are also the most efficient structures. Functionally and longevity. Guess what's against most regional building codes? Anyway, just thought folks might like an honest birds eye view look at what was once "Paradise"

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      It's Scary Mike when you live in the woods as we do. Through a Forestry course I once took many moons ago, they suggest keeping the forests free of "kindling", fallen branches, any dead fall or dead standing removed. Maybe you already know this being the woodsman you are. But, maybe it will help others to clean their forest beds out. It's damn hard work. But, well worth it. The Wildlife like it too!  And is less of a fire hazard. I avoid thinking about it. I refuse to give it my energy. I do what I can, & Pray for the Best. 

    • jeanette S says:

      but if the forked tongues allow us to use materials from our own land, then they can't sell us their toxic manmade stuff. they will not have their two trillion dollar raise this year. that's why.

    • BaneB says:

      Gail:  I have been that route.  For a number of years I would spend days on end with saws and ladder cutting out the dead lower branches.  And every that year I went back to check up on how things looked there were MORE dead branches and bushes.  I finally had to give up because the die-off of the forest is quickening, outracing my efforts.  My ladder will not reach higher and higher to keep up.  Conversely the trees also are dying from the top down.  There is no way to keep these forests clean of excessive fuel. Like you I still do what I can.  It's disheartening.  And going into the forest has become dangerous due to branches dropping.  I hear thuds quite often.  Over the past six or seven years the State of California forced 800,000 rural forest dwellers to pay up a "fee" of $150. We referred to it as the Rural Tax.  I paid out close to a grand.  It was suppose to teach us how to manage our rural property to prevent fires.  This was not for fighting fires.  The state got my money.  I got zero out of it.  A private consultant company got about $3,000,000 a year, or close to $20,000,000.  For what?  This ripoff has been canceled.  I think partly because we rural folks watched Santa Rosa burn and wondered why the cities and towns were not being dinged $150 per residence, too.  Anyway, there is my rant for this day.  Thanks for setting me off😀.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      I believe that homes built with hempcrete are also fireproof, as well as bug proof. But, of course, growing hemp is illegal. Anything that benefits most people, but not the 1%, is thrown right out the window.

  22. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for once again putting out the news nobody wants to hear. I appreciate what it takes to perform that task week after week, month after month, year after year. Thank you for posting the broadcast a bit earlier this Saturday. As a result I was only an hour late for work, but I reported myself to my boss anyway. I looked myself in the mirror and said, "don't do that again until the next time" and that was that(grin). Folks, today Dane expressed the need for any and all of us to take up the reins and make a difference in "moving the ball forward". Does anyone besides me cringe when I hear that statement? Though a fitting term, no doubt, these days with the way folks are immersed in the sports "TV" and moving the ball forward is there by commercialized. What now? I once played sports. Did well. Had fun. Though early on in my life I found there are greater challenges(tests) of strength and fortitude to be had and learned in what "could, may, might" be… "an every day life occurrence" in the life styles we were and still are designed to be living on this one and only home we all share "collectively".

    I want to share what the last several times going to town has been like for me lately. Mind you, the seasonal folks are all back in there other worlds and the population around here has dropped dramatically. Winter is setting in. All that's left is we the "local full time folks" folks. (Remember that term. I will be using it quite a bit this coming year). I swear, each trip to town has produced 3 or more extensive conversations with folks that were glad to catch up to me. They all had stories to share of their discoveries and their first hand "new" observations. Now if I were a for real teacher and I had a student come back to me with more questions, I don't think I would feel much different than I do when I am driving back up to the cabin after doing my errands. Proud for me and more proud for the student. Like many seeds these days when planted in the soils of the 21rst century, not very many will survive. Those seeds that do must be tended and looked after as best we can with the means we have. No excuses! Ever tried to push a thousand pound horse up a hill? It's a whole lot easier to teach them to move on their own. Thank you Dane, for teaching me how to be an activist. Never in a million years would I have guessed I'd be wearing these shoes(boots). Frankly, I've never had a pair fit better. The more I walk in them the better they fit, just sayin….

    Good to see those young faces tending the Gem Faire booth this weekend. One of them has a vest with quite a few "badges" on it. (Interesting). I don't know who you young folks are, but I hope you were successful and moved by your experience "on the front lines" as so many seem to want to call it. Personally, "the front lines" is every time you talk with someone or more than just one. The Gem Faire allows you all to speak with hundreds every day they are open for business. Lastly, just for fun, "I", Mike Torrence, the simple horseman, am going to get the 'first' Gem Faire awareness booth photo with "5" tendors behind the tables facing the camera. The best part for me is that I will have to wait months and months for such an opportunity. Which gives so many out there a chance to beat me to it. I hope someone does. I'll gladly take the place of second or third of forth or fifth in such an important photo progression. Maybe it'll get plastered all over fake book. Doesn't anyone remember the phrase, "beat them at their own game" and then it is another hurdle as to how to actually accomplish that triumph. Sadly so many today, young and old have been trained to think that the hurdle is to high and to not even try. Some of the greatest triumphs I've ever experienced were after someone said, "you can't do that"… and then I did 'it' 'and' was successful. (No boundaries, but be home by dinner time, or else)…..

    PS, many times I have "waited out" a stubborn sled dog or horse. Wasn't much different either way. For me, it's not hard to tell if ones heart is true. The rest of the equation just takes a bit of time for minor adjustments if you will. I don't think the Creator likes a push over. Questions, bring me questions. "Isn't tht what a child does?" Two legged or four, matters not. "Full circle"…….

    Love and strength to ALL, 'a' simple horseman

  23. Star Messenger says:

    So, NASA's oldest active astronaut, Don Pettit, says we can't go back to the Moon because "we lost the technology".  But, the truth of the matter is NASA never returned the "Moon Dune Buggys" to "Budget Rent A Dune Buggy".  Even with Budget's low, low, rates these Late Fees added up which caused the "Apollo Franchise" to go into "Chapter Eleven" and eventual total bankruptcy.

    We all remember Apollo Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen (oops, scratch that one), Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen.  Taken together, the regular rates must have been too much to bare for NASA.  Couple those with the Late Fees and the totals must have been "astronomical".  Just sayin'.

    P. S.  I was on the grounds of JPL during the Apollo Eleven launch and Moon landing in 1969.  But who knew…   BTW, the "P. S." comment is true.

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Star Messenger, Thanks for the humor!   It is that pathetic, isn't it?  

  24. Hal Meyer says:

    We need a meeting with Trump.  We live in Rancho Mirage – "the president's playground" and the sky was destroyed today and many days by the spraying.  Of course Palm Trees are suffering and God knows what else is being destroyed.  We just sit here and take it and I am sick of it.  How do we get the attention this deserves and how do we stop it?? 

    • BaneB says:

      Hal:  Organize.  Canvas the neighborhood.  Set up a booth.  Pass out printed information. Become a fixture at council meetings. Your region is drying out.  That is the plan.  Dry up the Colorado.  Empty Lake Mead.  Create misery.  Rancho Mirage is a wealthy community.  You have more "pull" than other areas.  If nothing else, Geoengineering is a threat to real estate values.  Maybe that would appeal to many, the threat to the fiscal. 

  25. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    U.S. life expectancy declines again, a dismal trend not seen since World War I
    Washington Post / Nov.29, 2018
    Life expectancy in the United States declined again in 2017, the government said Thursday in a bleak series of reports that showed a nation still in the grip of escalating drug and suicide crises.
    The data continued the longest sustained decline in expected life span at birth in a century, an appalling performance not seen in the United States since 1915 through 1918. That four-year period included World War I and a flu pandemic that killed 675,000 people in the United States and perhaps 50 million worldwide.
    Public health and demographic experts reacted with alarm to the release of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual statistics, which are considered a reliable barometer of a society’s health. In most developed nations, life expectancy has marched steadily upward for decades.
    “I think this is a very dismal picture of health in the United States,” said Joshua M. Sharfstein, vice dean for public health practice and community engagement at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “Life expectancy is improving in many places in the world. It shoudn’t be declining in the United States.”
    … Drug overdoses set another annual record in 2017, cresting at 70,237 — up from 63,632 the year before, the government said in a companion report. The opioid epidemic continued to take a relentless toll, with 47,600 deaths in 2017 from drugs sold on the street such as fentanyl and heroin, as well as prescription narcotics. That was also a record number, driven largely by an increase in fentanyl deaths.

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    “Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as ‘social media.’”

    Sick Of Facebook? Read This.
    Now is the time to defend the remnants of the Information Revolution. In the streets and online, we need to hear and uplift voices for radical and progressive change. Take off the corporate gag, close the social media surveillance blinds, and shift.
    by Eleanor Goldfield
    On Thursday, October 11th of this year, Facebook purged more than 800 pages including The Anti-Media, Police the Police, Free Thought Project and many other social justice and alternative media pages. Their explanation rested on the painfully flimsy foundation of “inauthentic behavior.” Meanwhile, their fake-news checking team is stacked with the likes of the Atlantic Council and the Weekly Standard, neocon junk organizations that peddle such drivel as “The Character Assassination of Brett Kavanaugh.”  Soon after, on the Monday before the Midterm elections, Facebook blocked another 115 accounts citing once again, “inauthentic behavior.”  Then, in mid November, a massive New York Times piece chronicled Facebook’s long road to not only save its image amid rising authoritarian behavior, but “to discredit activist protesters, in part by linking them to the liberal financier George Soros.” (I consistently find myself waiting for those Soros and Putin checks in the mail that just never appear.)
    What this all proves is what was already clear two years ago: Facebook is afraid of dissenting voices – and they have the power to drain the social media presence of this rising tide of leftist ire. We can’t plug this drain. The drain (and the entire bathtub) is in the hands of a private corporation that has intertwined itself with the government in a perverse partnership based on silencing dissent and streamlining a Stepford-like online experience. … if we are interested in uncovering truth, building networks, fighting for justice and freedom, we have to make a shift.  … I, and journalists like me, can not break through that aforementioned perverse partnership.
    It follows that the “news” people get on Facebook, a main source for news, will never be the news from the front lines of our fights. It will never be the news from the most marginalized and oppressed folks.  It will never be the news that hits straight at the heart of this crooked, corrupt system.  It will be sanitized, whitewashed, twisted propaganda that serves and protects the owners of corporate media – the very same corporations that depend on our oppression, distraction and apathy.  It will be infotainment and whatever makes you feel good about you. Because that means you’ll keep coming back. And as you go back, you’ll expose yourself entirely to the blue and white algorithm. Indeed, outside of Orwellian censorship, Facebook also excels at spying on us.
    …  back in 2008, alternative media reported on the surveillance power of Facebook. Ten years later and after his historic NSA leaks, Edward Snowden reminded us that “Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as ‘social media.’” It seems a hyperbolic visual but the dystopian picture of a constantly surveilled human being scrolling through banal content curated by a state-sponsored corporation is very real.
    What we need is an open source, non-surveillance platform. …

    • Katja says:

      Hello Susan,

      I've had 3 FB accounts either frozen to me, or outright deleted off the web, and I'm currently unable to create a new account.  I believe my efforts to connect geoengineering, climate change, and some of the forces behind a world government scheme who seem to be using climate change as the means by which to achieve world government, is likely the reason.  From the time that my research came to the attention of my local Member of Parliament in Canada, who forwarded my report (over 100 pages) to Canada's Minister of Environment, my life has unravelled at the seams.  I won't go into those details, but I've also lost access to 7 or 8 different email accounts, as well as to the various accounts I held that required login passwords that used those emails as my contact.  In all, about a dozen accounts have been shut down on me with all my activist contacts lost, many of which were unrecoverable.  Basically I feel as if I've been hogtied.  I can't reach out, I can't network, I can't connect.  Leaving messages on forums such as this which don't require a login password is my only way of connecting. It's been a very frightening, very isolating experience.  

      Thank you for your post, and I hope you don't mind that I share my 2 cents….

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Another two great reports Susan. Thank You for all your contributions. They are always worth while reading.

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Thank You Katja for your report on the experiences you've had, Very Disturbing to say the least. All the more reason to fight against this Tyranny! It's a Dictatorship!  We need to stop it in it's tracks!  Shame on those sites that blocked you.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Katja – Thank you for your reply. These are truly terrible times and I am certain the oppression and censure will only increase, because these tyrants must be terrified that the general public will catch on with perilous unimaginable consequences. You are a brave one. Stay safe.

    • Dennie says:

      Except for using it as a link to advertise a professional website, I would not have a Facebook account.  With the kind of "friends" you find there you don't need enemies.  Someone should tell that to Mark Sucker-berg.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      What you say is true, and I know people who have exited Facebook. One thing you can do is always go to DuckDuckGo when you need to do a search, since this search engine doesn't track you like Google does. I've also read (though I've not done it) that there is a site called Privacy Badger that prevents advertisements and labels them in bright red. Sorry I don't know much about this – I just learned about it – but perhaps it will be useful to you.

  27. Steve Davey says:

    Dane, I watched an episode of Vice, Season 6 last night investigating geoengineering and guess who Shane Smith interviewed?  David Keith! That's right, the supposed expert on the conspiracy theory concerning chemtrails. I have so much respect for Vice which always brings you the real news. Too bad they got suckered into interviewing Mr. Keith. The expert they should have contacted was you!  But, alas… probably not gonna happen. Too many jobs at stake. If only Bill Maher, who helps produce Vice and Shane Smith were to speak to you their eyes would be opened to the real disaster called Geo Engineering, SRM, Aerosol Spraying and HAARP to name just a few programs. 

    Keep up the good fight Dane. 


    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Maybe you should open their eyes Steve.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      I have photos of a destroyed forest next to my home.Years of spraying has killed all the trees,wildlife and insects.It is no longer safe to walk under any tree.Why can't we track down or find out the pilots responsible for this crime.Truthfully if this weapons of weather isn't stopped the whole world will not exist in 20 years,why,what is the purpose,population reduction.God will punish these people,everybody stay the course and flush out the bad guys.Rioting starting in France,people know things aren't right.

    • Eachan says:

      Bill Maher ?  Shane Smith ?  


  28. Joseph L says:

    Climate, Human Delusion and Our Destruction of the Biosphere: We Aren’t Even Trying!

    mentions this website

    I just read this that someone else posted. This is a great article that people should read. This article is one of the best that I personally have read since it covers so much.

       While our ancestors have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago. Civilization as we know it is only about 6,000 years old, and industrialization started in the earnest only in the 1800s. While we’ve accomplished much in that short time, it also shows our responsibility as caretakers for the only planet we live on right now.

    We as human beings have been terrible  to this planet environmentally in such a short period of time. Oil was first founded around 1859 in


    Thank you Dane for doing these great broadcasts,

    • BaneB says:

      Joseph L:  From my perspective the greatest disaster that has ever occurred upon humanity was the Industrial Revolution.  

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  Yeah, I'll second that.  I've often thought that very same thing….  BTW, snow up on Snow Mountain over in Lake County visible from Mendo Jr. College parking lot today.  Woulda been a striking late-fall day up there, except for the ugly fish-skeleton streaks in the sky… very hard to believe it was about 100 in the parking lot when I was there back in late July…

  29. izzy says:

    The genius of Nixon’s EPA was the co-option and neutering of the early environmental movement through government support. A tried-and-true gambit. But events are overtaking propaganda, and the evidence of official perfidy continues to leak out and pile up. 

    Here’s another far-reaching report once again outlining the fact that all this has, as a conscious and internationally coordinated effort, been going on for decades.

    Exactly who benefits, and what the ultimate goal may be, remains unclear. “We lost the technology” – yeah, right. What else do you suppose is still being hidden?

  30. Jon Ebersole says:


    (Note: This letter was sent to the Swiss Government, Department of Agriculture, on September 17th, 2018, and published by the newspaper “Schweizer Bauer” (Swiss Farmer) on September 22nd.  The original is in German, this is a translation into English by the author.)


    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen


    I read the article "The Little and Big Helpers in Agriculture" (BLW, 2018) with great interest. As president of the association for family gardens Affoltern a.A. (40 members x 175m2 parcels, I write here in my private capacity) I have only one hobby-foot in agriculture. We are directly affected by the problem of insufficient pollination from bees and insect. We plant flowers, practice organic farming methods, erect apiaries for wild bees, and invited the president of our local beekeepers association to speak at our last General Assembly. We do what we can within our limited capacity.


    Unfortunately, it is clear that we are currently on the losing side of this struggle and the problem is increasing. A report by the German Conservation Forum (Naturschutz Forum Deutschlands) (Hallmann,, 2017) documents "the rapid disappearance of species in the food chain between nectar-supplying flowering plants, flying insects and songbirds." In some regions, "up to 90% of some insect species are on the brink of extinction".  As you know, the impact on agriculture is huge, and quite rightly some organizations have launched a petition to bring more clarity. 


    As described in the report from the Swiss Federal Council "National action plan for the health of the bees" (May 2014), many problems concerning the bee-population dying are recognized and addressed. Research topics such as the control of Varroa and brood diseases, the influence of GMO plants, and pollen analysis all find their rightful place here. The question is whether all possible sources of the problem have been identified.


    Long denounced as a "conspiracy theory," geoengineering has become socially acceptable in the English-speaking world. At Harvard and Oxford universities, research programs have been running in public for several years (links to websites are listed below). Of the various methods of geoengineering, in my opinion, the most questionable for bees and insects are the so-called "albedo-modification" systems where metal particles (aluminum, barium, strontium) are introduced into the atmosphere by aerosol spraying, aiming thereby to diminish global warming by reflecting the sun rays back into space (Keith, 2013; Parson & Keith, 2013). 


    In the United States Congress, the Congressional Research Service has been commissioned to report on this topic (Bracmort, 2013). In Rhode Island, a bill to publicly regulate this activity was introduced into the legislature (Price, 2017). Opposition organizations such as Geoengineering Watch ( show evidence that this method (popularly known as "chemtrails", that is, chemical exhaust fumes from aircraft) has been used extensively and almost worldwide for many years.


    Since it is clear that geoengineering has been used as a climate management measure, and the public discourse over chemtrails has already been launched, would it not make sense to study the agricultural and environmental effects? Is it possible that the heavy metals sprayed into the atmosphere by geoengineering have a negative impact on bees, insects and crops? Would not it be reasonable to explore this possibility to improve the factual basis for these debates?


    In the increasingly public policy discussions about geoengineering, agriculture should justify its place at the political table through thorough relevant research. Because our food supply is at stake. My suggestion is to:


    Acknowledge heavy metal pollution through geoengineering as a legitimate research parameter with regard to bee colony deaths and insect species extinction, and to provide financially support for this research.


    Our environment is moving rapidly toward the "Silent Spring," that biologist Rachel Carson predicted in the '60s. It behooves us to investigate all possible of sources and solutions to this problem.


    With best regards, Jon Ebersole

    • Jeanette S says:

      Hi Jon, thank you for all you do and your efforts and for posting this. the problem in Germany and surrounds sounds acute. You ask for a good thing but by the time the govt up and decide to put themselves at risk, decide what they can do, beg for funding for the "necessary" 20 year study, you can pretty much say goodbye to the bees. I keep telling people we are past the point of polite. polite just makes the sociopathic not feel bad about saying no, procrastinating and stalling.  I would just say that it is from the geoengineering, why I know so and that I demand that the geoengineering immediately stop. do this at a public hearing of some sort and in the question and answer session or town hall when you comment have your associates spread through out the room and applaud you. Maybe it will make a few bells go off in the official's mind. another thing is more times than not it is citizen action that get things going and the gov't of course later hijacks it, such as victory gardens, the people did it of their own accord, then govt help came. also since you are at a severe disadvantage, it is time to up your anti so to speak, I had read articles on the subject of "unknown facts about bees", I do not have the best article at hand but they go for large groups of flowers trees, etc. and the reason why is that there is plenty for them to forage, ease of collection is attractive to all living things. this is important; it seems bees are like people they will go out each day in search of a particular thing such as lavender, clover, orange or loquat…like us toast, oatmeal or eggs and sausage for breakfast. they forage up to five miles and I think with the urban sprawl and man's foolishness that they also exhaust themselves too. if gmo fields are nearby glyphosate is too; like people maybe they are also zinc, magnesium deficient, glyphosate is a chelator see Institute of responsible technology. I also want to add that maybe studying with a beekeeper that lucks out and keeps having swarms; study what they have right. see if you can get bees from these folks because the bees you are working with or your neighborhood ones are from bees that were toxicized, from bees that were toxified. children in the us are toxified and from toxified bodies that came from toxified bodies. we are speaking of the 50's all that time, we are now on grandchildren that are now having children from when the toxifying started. Hope this helps. god bless

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