Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 21, 2019, #228


Dane Wigington

Weather and politics are increasingly the themes of the day. Which subject poses the greatest challenge to us all? From mass methane release to acidifying seas and the planetary contamination of microplastics, how many dire issues are mainstream media sources hiding from the population? Industrialized civilization has strip mined countless terrestrial regions, our oceans are now the target for what will be the largest and most destructive mining operations of all. How much longer can the planet sustain the damage being carried out against it? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Though the challenges looming on our collective horizon are immense and many, climate engineering is the greatest and most immediate challenge we face short of nuclear cataclysm.

When was the first time you noticed the change in our skies? This shocking half minute video reveals blatant climate engineering operations in the Northwest region of the Netherlands. Video footage credit: John G.

Collectively we can yet make a difference for the better. Reaching a critical mass of awareness in the population is the only path toward altering our current course of certain near term demise. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

This photo was taken at Nature's Market in Kent, Washington. Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our gratitude to the owners of Nature's Market, and to Larry and Kathy Burns for their help with encouraging this outreach effort.

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Event Center, San Diego, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

52 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 21, 2019, #228

  1. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 296th email, titled: 'Global Climate Chaos within 9 months. Fortnight factoids /  Functional extinction.

    The ongoing intensive, toxic (and therefore extremely profitable for those companies whose business model relies on disease and ill health) geoengineering and atmospheric spraying may have slowed global heating, but because it is a covert operation, the general public has carried on with 'business as usual' and nothing has been achieved to prevent climate catastrophe and our extinction.

    On 25th Dec, the Arctic sea ice volume refreeze had come 50% of the way from summer minimum to the previous winter's maximum volume. In the last 17 years only 7 years had less refreeze by date, however, they all started with much more ice, particularly multiyear ice of 3 or 4 meters thick. To date we have very little sea ice thicker than 2 meters.

    2020 will be the year when the general public in our western bubble in the northern hemisphere are directly affected by global heating.

    Some factoids from the past 2 weeks: Boris intends to increase aviation traffic; Boris intends to reduce regulations regarding GM foods and crops; Trump has allocated a minimum of $14m to geoengineering (as if over that amount hasn't already been used annually for the past 20 years). 

    So, Boris is increasing the most used method for toxic atmospheric spraying, and Trump is openly funding further toxic geoengineering… You have to wonder if the US meddled in the UK elections.

    Boris used the "Feed the world" mantra to promote GM crops and GM food. In 1977, Kissinger used the 'we have the ability to feed the world' mantra, and that has been studiously avoided – rather, food shortages have been used as a means of population control and resource theft, which Kissinger also advocated. 

    In Australia, over 90 towns are earmarked for water shortages and their populations will be forcibly moved to concentration areas/cities.  

    Trump's impeachment, BREXIT, Scotland's potential independence referendum, and war, continue to distract the general public in our western bubble from doing something about the most important topic in the world, global heating and the resultant crop failures, food shortages and food riots, extreme violence and our functional extinction as a species – which, unless we do something dramatic, will happen in the next 4 to 10 years.


    • BaneB says:

      Andrew:  China still signing contracts for Australian water.  Are the people “down under” asleep?  Australia is a disaster zone.  And their corrupt government(s) is facilitating it.  Thanks for your UK update.

    • Mr. Stacey J. Boudreaux says:

      Dane, I just reiterate a point regarding microwave/cell towers.

      Below is a copy right out of a safety manual regarding the use of cranes for lifting in the area of microwave/cell towers.  Note that the concern is from the HEAT of objects.  And this is relative to 3G-4G systems.  Imagine when they roll out the 5G systems.


  2. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Here are the links to two referenced articles from Strategic Culture.

    Hope that everybody had a Great Christmas, and let's hope for a better New Year, and back that hope with all we can do to expose "the elephant" in the sky, and other atrocities unfolding around us.

  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It doesn't take an economist to see that the Empire is collapsing.  Just look at the spending, and decide for yourself.

    US taxpayers?  Keep in mind that nearly half of the US population is impoverished or almost there, while 91 corporations of the Fortune 500 pay no taxes. Who will pay the bills?

    In light of the fact that the New York Fed is plying Wall Street with massive amounts to make overnight repo loans. . . . well, see here:

    "Last Thursday, December 12, the New York Fed announced that over the next month it would shower the trading houses (primary dealers) on Wall Street with a total of $2.93 Trillion in short-term loans."

    "The New York Times covered the subject in September. Then an eerie silence took hold in October and November as the Fed continued to pump out over $3 Trillion in cumulative loans to Wall Street’s trading houses."

    "Total US government spending for 2020 is $8.14 Trillion, including $4.75 Trillion federal, $1.99 Trillion state, and $2.15 Trillion local."

    Defense Spending will be $1008.5 Billion (over One $Trillion)

    Besides that, we have heard that Quantitative Easing, by any other name, for the profligate banks will continue, maybe forever.

    "Not QE" or "NotQE" — Is Powell Playing Fed Games" posted by Zero Hedge, Oct. 12, 2019,

    So, is the Empire collapsing or has it collapsed?  Realistically, all indications suggest it is a done deal.



  4. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Can we just pound Bill and Melinda and their Foundation into sand?  Enough is enough!

    'Powered by Gates Foundation Cash, MIT develops "Tattoo ID" Tracking Who Has Had Vaccinations', Dec. 25, 2019, 'Wow, Doesn't This Sound Like a Good Idea'

    Do not forget we are supposedly guaranteed medical privacy and informed consent.  Unfortunately, vulnerable populations, particularly in the developing world, do not have such protections.  My friends who work in hospitals here tell me that if you're uncomfortable with what is being proposed, make HIPPA your battle cry!  They'll back off, at least for the time being.

  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This is an excellent interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, an overview of not only the future of the USD – but also the general prospects of us retaining "a human" society. The Bezos 'cloud' and Gates too can render the entire government secret.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Wow, Catherine hits it out of the park as she usually does! Thanks VSF for this link. Also view her Nov. 26, 2019 (interview # 1497) with James Corbett on 'Where the Missing Trilliions are Going'.. they discuss the spraying operations and other black op's programs where this money is likely going. Once again VSF providing us with another link to some extremely important and valuable information to pass on to others. Please listen and share widely to ALL those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  : )

  6. Thomas A Ciolli says:

    The aerosol deployment over Bruce Michigan was massive on Christmas day. In the end the entire sky was obscured with this overlapping strata. This happens on a regular basis now as the SRM operations have been ramped up to insane levels. It's hard to be outside and watch this activity knowing the toxic fall out is poisoning everything on the ground. In the morning the remnants of spraying operations had blown in from the west with the washboard footprint patterns and cobweb lighter cover in between. I was hoping to take the dog for a walk with my wife without having to watch jet aircraft deploy aerosol, but it was not to be. They are spraying more often now and every day when the temperatures are well above normal, which they have been for most of December.     

  7. Kyle says:

    Bill Gates has been pushing us to the chip in the head since 1999. He had a meeting where he described his goal and CSPAN briefly showed it.  His goal was to get us to Web TV,Virtual Reality then straight for the chip by making things not work right so people will be forced to go that way.


    That is why since then Windows has gotten crappier and crappier to discourage software development.  Look around you. Where can you get 'software' other then the usual Utilities?  In Win 9X days you had LOADS of software but a lot required manual adjustments to work with your graphics/sound cards thru Dos Prompts.  XP the lie about not using Dos is just that a lie. You can still get to Dos Prompt and do things. Win 7 on up got rid of it.  Just like getting rid of recording What U Hear and other MIDI stuff.

    In XP and Vista it was all hidden but you could still access those things with simple tricks. Under 7 they got rid of it outright (at least for the 64 bit version) I don't know about 32 bit as there is better compatilibty with older software.

    The 64 bit changes was forced fast to stop software development and it idd as a lot of my favorite software companies that were already struggling slammed their doors shut for good. They couldn't/wouldn't go for the new stuff.

    For a long time under Vista there wasn't any drivers PERIOD the actual OS wasn't bad. It was the lack of drivers that frustrated people including us. 

    Google at that point geared itself for phones only and rewired everything on the web by making it so you have to comfirm to their standards or you would NOT get listed period so news sites went to the crappy look to confirm to Google's stanards as they have a Liberal buddy buddy system.

    That's why no matter what you type you get Quora,Snopes and Reddit as they pay to be on top and a lot of phone users click on them which is the other thing.


    Googel uses Watson AI the dumb version that DIDN'T win at Jeopardy as it was cheaper to buy and a lot of other digital companies bought it too.

  8. Jeff says:

    Today, Christmas Day I got up around 9:am and they had sprayed giant X plumes in the sky.  At 1:00 the sky is completely silver/pearl looking. Temps in the 60's today, it should be cold here.

  9. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello, dear fellow travelers,

    My prayers for Peace may go unanswered, but it matters that we consider what Peace brings us in the form of quiet contemplation.  Constant war and competition bring stresses, well beyond what is needed for motivation.  Genuine Peace brings opportunities for everyone's creative purpose and for our evolution, as we each work to find and make our own contribution to society.  Just as the Earth has given us everything, so does Peace.  It's logical to wonder whether ordinary people are ever seen as valuable to the power structure.  It is as if all the "brilliant" and "hard working" billionaires are the only ones who can impact the world in a really big way.  In fact, most often it is humble, unknown individuals who do everything that matters.

    Each day brings new absurdity to our aching heads.  While there are 1.1 million people in the US who have HIV and many more with untreated STD's, many of whom have no idea or no medical care, the TV nooze is apoplectic over one holiday traveler spreading measles at airports around the country.  It's thoroughly ridiculous.

    Indeed the Space Force has come this month with the signing of the NDAA funding.  (Voted in by 189 R's and 188 D's).  Karl Grossman writes for Strategic Culture, telling us the roots of it are the Nazi scientists and America, the driving force.  Nuclear weapons in Space whether or not anyone wants them there and in spite of previous treaties against such uses of Space.  Orbiting nukes sound less than wonderful, and they'll be powered by orbiting nuclear power plants. The placement of hypervelocity guns, particle beams and laser weapons in space are already developed and will be deployed. And "Rods From God".  It is to threaten Russia and China, who will be sucked into the arms race although they do not wish to be. The target for weapons is all the life forms below on Earth, not necessarily dramatic, cinematic dog fights between orbiting satellites.

    Still we need to focus on Peace and what we can offer individually.  It looks to me that the $Trillions needed for everything just aren't there or anywhere else. Perhaps our time for being believed is about to open up.

    Sending Warm best wishes with Love,

    Bella F

    'US Making Outer Space The Next Battle Zone – Karl Grossman' by Finian Cunningham, Dec. 23, 2019,


    • Joseph says:


      I once saw Karl Grossman talk live in a library about this issue in a library about 20 years ago not that far from where I live.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Bella_Fantasia, Thank you, thank you for a well thought out contribution here on this column. I just got home from having x-mas dinner at my neighbors cabin. It's the meal with friends that I want on this day. I quit participating in the commercialized version of x-mas 14 years ago. I've been searching all day for some kind of thought that would fit my mood today. And you hit it right on the nail. "Peace". Why I did not think of it sooner? Maybe those aerosols are having an effect? Just the same, we all want peace. Only a mere hand full of planet dwellers want "conflict". I frequently speak of the percentage(way more than half) of the USA Inc budget that goes towards the military and it is a rare person that even stops and thinks for more than just a fleeting second. Even after I point out that just a fraction of the military budget could wipe out all of our various education and health care concerns. Compared to the USA Inc military budget, free health care for just about damn near everybody on the planet is a good idea. "But that might bring Peace". I hate sarcasm but when it fits, right? It is a sad fact that most americans do not know or care to know that the USA Inc is the biggest bully on the planet. And look at what they are teaching kids these days about bullying. Such hypocrisy. On and on it goes where it stops nobody knows. I give thanks to the Creator that at least some of us even have a clue.

      Let us all remember: "War is over, If you want it"…. "Imagine"….

  10. Gary Morrow says:

    We had the same storm system that Earth Angel mentioned come through South Carolina. It was the longest duration rain event that I have ever seen at this location (sixty hours).As usual, the storm was preceded by a massive aerosol bombardment.

    • BaneB says:

      Gary:  I watched that storm ramp up by using the Northern California Weather Blog website (scroll down to infrared satellite animation).  Real time observations that are rather mind blowing at times.  The storm to which you refer was an atmospheric river coming up from the Gulf.  Massive, it stretched part way up the eastern seaboard.  Then on it’s left side over southwest Mississippi a small perturbation developed going counter clockwise.  Over the next few hours this became larger and turned into a classic comma shaped low pressure system. And subsumed the entire atmospheric river into a counter clockwise rotation.  The new structure had all the appearance of a massive developing hurricane.  I suspect your area had massive rainfall.  The system slowly moved east of Florida and weakened.

  11. Earth Angel says:

    Commenting here from the southeast usa on the recent weather system which has just blown through. In 50+ years of living in Georgia I have never seen anything quite like this, especially this time of year. Seems the moisture was pulled up and out of the Gulf only to wrap around counterclockwise back and then sort of out to the Atlantic- I think…not quite sure what exactly took place. Rained for a few days on and off, pretty steady soaking the last two days, which was welcome since we were in some drought recently. Oddly, a 'high wind advisory' for much of our area of the state was broadcast across the bottom of the news screen a full 2 DAYS ahead of time. For an entire day and a half during this time we had NO wind to speak of at all. Not until the last half of the last day/night of the aforementioned period did we get any wind and then boy- what a WALLOP!! Unbelievably strong winds for several hours overnight culminating in a power outage from around 3:30am – 5:00am. Now everything's blown away somewhere out to sea or wrapped around back to the Gulf and dissipated, I guess.. the news weather report hasn't really shown exactly where it went but I know it DIDN'T blow up the coast into New England where they've been sending the moisture recently to turn into snow and ice. I'm sure the folks up there are glad for a break. Also it is now unusually warm for December in Georgia. We'll have highs in the 50's-60's for several days and then who knows whats next! Sending Christmas/ Holiday blessings and feeling grateful for Dane's incredible work and everyone else who visits/ posts here. Merry Christmas to all God's good children & creation.. be safe and blessed in 2020.

    • BaneB says:

      Earth Angel:  See my above post to Gary.  Observing this storm’s birth, I had the impression it was man-made.  The earliest beginning of the counter clockwise rotation was a very minor protruding offshoot, barely noticeable in the infant stage.  Next it started to break off to the left and had a construct of a number of parallel striated lines.  Which disappeared and appeared again, the “growth”  growing in size.  This oddity began to rotate.  I noticed around the Internet others observed these peculiarities.  Land Hurricane?  That is what it looked to be.  Your report confirms it had some of the personality attributes.

  12. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I'm posting the link below for those who doubt the extent of scientific and technical hubris enjoyed by the "scientific" community.  Dane mentions some of these outrageous proposals for arctic sea ice enhancement, so here are a few examples: > 

    Current Geoengineering proposals for the polar regions – Geoengineering Monitor

    December 19, 2019 

    The recently-published IPCC “Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate” states that surface air temperatures in the Polar Regions are rising at a rate higher than the global average and that polar areas continue to lose sea ice and snow cover. In the face of fossil fuel use that is likely to burn through carbon budgets, geoengineers have put forward large-scale proposals with the stated aim of restoring polar-ice or to slow the melting processes through interventions in the polar regions. Some of the proposals, and the concerns that have been raised about them, are outlined below.” 

    Complete text:

  13. Duane & Mary Frances Martin says:


    Well, there are a lot of us who are trailing along with you on this journey  – to ours and its conclusion. – And, there's no other path more meaningful, nor worthwhile following  –  Don't slow down or stop! – We might all stumble midway!. (Remember from "The Lord of the Rings" – JRR Tolkien: Even the "dead" can be reawakened )  In some manner their survival instincts need to "come back" to them. We'll keep on 'goading' them though they may want to run away from this Battle.

  14. Donna-Arizona says:

    I've changed my position on whether or not these commercial pilots dumping heavy metals and chemicals on us know what's going on. I tried, I really tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but there is no way, NO WAY with all the ON and OFF SPRAYING here in the wide open desert, that they  don't  know, "NO WAY." A pilot would have to be blind, asleep, on their ipad/phone or not in the cockpit to not notice. Or maybe, the concentration of the mix they get to inhale, has affected their ability to see and think, and maybe, no one should be on the plane with them. I don't know if they are pulling some lever, I don't know if it's on auto, I don't care, and I don't care what they signed, they need to grow some or be held for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and that includes the co-pilots and the in-flight help that want you to draw the shades so you can't see the spray nozzles, and those loading the poison. You are all complicit. ALL OF YOU. Do you think your top boss cares if you get charged with these crimes?  THEY   DON'T   CARE.  They will probably hop a private jet and head to the "State we can't criticize" once the masses become aware of the destruction to our only home, that you are all a part of.

  15. Pete says:

    I went for long walk up the river today; river Itchen Southampton UK, prepared with wellies as it's flooded over in places, never seen it so bad after heavy rain / weather warfare of late, didn't get far yesterday but today away from home and others I felt at ease and at one with nature, connected but also very sad; fed the ducks I eventually found and were lots of seagulls swooping in nicking the bread; was quite the scene!

    I stood there for some time looking at the chemical sky and more spraying in action, sun shining through the whiteout and just a mess, thinking and feeling so much; spoke to people I saw about the flooding as trying to find a way in and got into a few things, not too deep but I sensed no connection from them, but one guy did speak to in more depth, spoke about the decaying trees and life in general that we can see is dying all over but got that look when I told him what is going on up there, well sort of; he looked puzzled like had no idea what I was on about but did say he's never known it to be this warm this time of year; then he got away from me quickly!

    Then got home feeling quite emotional so tried to really explain what I just felt and saw but just got stupid remarks back so reacted!

    People have no soul do they anymore, so far detached from nature and reality – that really better change, but nope they are dumbed down and occupied with meaningless crap especially now at xmas, so much mindless consumption and consider any who say things as they are as crazy – what will it take!!!

    • BaneB says:

      Pete:  Thanks for the report from your region of the UK.  I am in Northern, California.  I try to pay attention to the UK weather reports.  Storms that move into my region out of the Pacific eventually end up in Europe.  Most of these are battering you.  The infrared weather satellite over the North American continent is showing some very wild multiple mixed up low pressure systems.  Yesterday the U.S. east coast jet stream river of moisture going from the Gulf of Mexico up into New England very quickly went from clockwise to counter clockwise.  It’s now a huge low pressure system zipping over Florida and out into the Atlantic. This will end up in Europe.  Another system is right behind this. And yet another low just off the California coast moving in here late this evening.  My message is ‘batten down the hatches.’  As for the deaf, dumb, and blind, enough of these weather bombs upon England and people might just begin to accept the geoengineering reality.  They won’t be able to walk away.  Can they swim?

    • penny waters says:

      right there with you my friend from down south

      essex is flooded too – and they don't see it coming

      did you know that we have forests in essex that have mud in them (!!!!) and that many visiters want made up paths

      hahahahahahaha – humans are quite mad

      why do some of us humans try to understand experiences in life and others only see how it affects their plans and inconveniences them?

      one of the eternal questions i expect

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Pete.  I definitely hear you.  I used to spend as much time outside as possible, but am now just filled with dread and disgust when I venture out.  In the last line of your post, you ask what it will take.  Answer:  It will take mass starvation and a completely dead planet.  Here's why: >

      Climate watchdog urges PM to get back on track – BBC News

      18 December 2019

      Boris Johnson has been urged to get the UK back on track with tackling the emissions heating the planet.  Erm… What's wrong with this picture?  Answer: Tracks…

  16. penny waters says:

    someone mentioned 'our world'

    as if we owned it – but didn't come from it?

    we evolved on it

    and what we do as a species seems sometimes, a grotesque abomination

    and yet we are part of nature – that creates and destroys

    in a stupendous, dramatic awe-inspiring cruelty 

    so it seems if we are making the bed, will we have to lie/die in it

    there's cheerful hahahaha

    has always seemed bitter sweet – life

    why i have to live at a time when i have to hear and see so much that is so dreadful

    feel too much

    solstice gone – now the days are getting longer – but the cold is yet to come

    although it has been cold – having little atmosphere (except when inundated with cloud pollution) – some nights are scaringly cold – nothing between me and the cold of space

    i hear of dreadful weather over the pond – australia too – keep safe all of you awake people and enjoy this time for family and friends, holding them close

    leaves on my car!! earlier in the year it was yellow pollution off the leaves that covered my car in stuck on yellow powder!!

    now the powder is rusty reddy brown

    leaves collect pollution – now we have none – open to the human defilement from above by mad people

    how my lungs and lymph system will suffer till spring

    between the meglamaniacs and the sanctamonius sycophants, are squished us concerned folk, that do wrinkle our brows in trying to understand the mentality that is taking us to the brink

    with all my love from rottenden



  17. Roy says:

    the ridiculous border wall is part of the insanity. My hope that future funding include measures for removal of this construction.  These diverted monies for feeding Americans, healthcare, etc. are evil & wasted by a failing government.

    The u.s. Always had a War Dept. …. My other hope is for the creation of the long overdue Dept of Peace


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      The best reason to take down the wall is for wildlife preservation. Not only that, funny how "they" don't talk much about how "they" are going to stop the tunneling that has been going on for decades. Where do you think used tunneling equipment goes? "The wall" is 'not' for keeping people out".

    • BaneB says:

      The number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. last year is estimated at 1,200,000.  Why?  Climate change, and criminality by lawless mafia-style governments and brutal murderous drug cartels. Basically they seek a better life.  I suspect the U.S is being utilized by the globalists as a safety valve, a kind of dumping ground for the angry and disenchanted.  A safety valve for the Internationalists’ who otherwise would see their investments threatened by righteous revolutions in a myriad of regions around the globe.  And thus we observe what is a “life boat” operation (human trafficking) that will eventually swamp a nation already bankrupted by wars for empire, oil, Israel, and MIC profits.  My heart is open to these tired and poor battered people.  But from a practical standpoint this mixed up nation is committing suicide.  

  18. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Funding – IIASA

    "The institute’s annual budget in 2018 was €22.7 million, of which over 53% was from research funding agencies in member countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. These diverse sources of income enable IIASA to perform research that is truly independent. The institute receives additional funding from contracts, grants, and donations from governments, international organizations, academia, businesses, and individuals. Between 2017 and 2018 this additional funding increased by 25% from €8.4 million to €10.5 million.Yup: >

  19. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Another "science" lunatic who's apparently unfamiliar with two of the primary laws of physics.  He's obviously never studied the First and Second laws of thermodynamics…

    Excerpted from: Heat the Arctic to cool the Earth, scientists say | Climate News Network

    More heat escapes [Erm???]

    This increase in temperature would in turn increase the heat irradiated into space, thus cooling down the oceans,” explains the lead author of the study which details the proposal, published in the journal SN Applied Sciences. He is Julian Hunt, a postdoctoral research scholar at IIASA, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

    How's that perpetual gravy train of government grant money working out Mr. Hunt?  As with all “free energy” believers, he’s not alone enough, yet…

    • Dennie says:

      Using the kind of thinking these so-called scientists are exhibiting with their insane, waaaay-far-out incredibly risky postulations, they might as well say "We"ll have to kill the patient in order to save him."  This is complete insanity.  We are there already.  George Orwell was right– "down" means "up" "stop" means "go," "death" means "life" and "crazy" is now "sane,"

  20. virginia says:

    In spite of all the negativity and doom and gloom – it is the season for reflection, for renewal and for hope…..may I send each and everyone of you a warm Christmas wish with the hope that 2020 will bring some sanity and peace to this troubled planet.

    A special package of good wishes to Dane and his family.  Thank you.

  21. Black Cat Italy says:

    Hi to All from Central Southern Italy. 

    We are experiencing very high winds but it is warm wind. Yesterday was 20C when it should be winter.  The leaves on the trees are bronze and brown but still remain on the trees.  There are very few birds and stupid hunters still insist on shooting at them!  Now, we hardly see any birds. When we first came here ten years ago we were happy to see that the trees next to the house were full of birds – they made lots of chattering sounds like it was an aviary. Now we have maybe one or two small birds and a solitary woodpecker.  10 years ago there were lots of pigeons roosting on the houses – now there are NONE.  

    The insects have been trying to come indoors.  I have noticed one thing this year with the Shield Bugs and with the Lady bugs – they are all falling on their backs and even when I put them upright their legs are moving in strange ways and they go back onto their backs and often die. The Lady bugs should be in hibernation right now and there are some which seem okay, clustered in the top of the doorway in the spare bedroom. I have tried to save as many as I could but there are about 20 that have died in about a week in the house.  One day we even found a large Stick Insect sitting on the cupboard in the kitchen! I put it back outside.  We are getting Scorpions and spiders coming in as soon as we open the front door!  

    I can confirm the situation that Dane pointed out about the dire state of the mussels.  On Dec 4th we went to eat at a restaurant by the sea. We had some very nice mussels that tasted better than the local ones. The chef told us that because of the terrible situation with local mussels from the Adriatic coast, the mussels we had eaten had been air freighted in from Ireland!!!  We have said for years that the sea was almost dead. They over-fish everything and take the baby fish so that there are no big fish.  No one seems to care as they use all the tiny fish for a Frittura (fried fish dish). We boycott small fish in the supermarket (of which there is very little now). But the time is coming VERY SOON when they will not have any fish to eat – then they might wake up!.  

    As regards the UN preparing to mobilize the largest mining operation of the sea floor. No surprises there! They are part of the New World Order and the hidden hand. They all work together: World Health Organization, UN and the zionists (many of the elites are zionists

    It's no surprise that the only country that won't have 5G is Israel! They developed the technology and know what its affects are. 

    We face immense challenges in the next few years- just hope we can keep going.


  22. Paul Vonharnish says:

    The catastrophic effects of tampering with Earth's biological systems is becoming impossible for the media to hide.  Designer diseases like Lyme disease, AIDS, and hospital acquired MRSA are simply another facet of corporate controlled "practice".  Persons like Bill Gates fund KNOWN genocidal trials in places like South Africa and Guatemala, yet remain free to continue their careers.

    Civilians greedily consume cheap Chinese gadgets they'll throw away in less than a year.  Perhaps that cell phone sandwich will wash down nicely with some genetically engineered Coke…

    As Kurt Vonnegut once said:  "Yes, there are no nirvanas."

    China’s African Swine Fever (ASF) "Spreading Globally"? – Global ResearchGlobal Research

    By F. William Engdahl

    Global Research, November 30, 2019 


    The worst outbreak of fatal African [???] Swine Fever disease ever has devastated the world’s largest pig population, that of China, over the past months. Now it is spreading to neighboring states and even threatens the United States pig herds. The political and human impact could be far worse than imagined as a de facto pandemic disease situation spreads. Globalization of agribusiness is not helping matters.


    On August 3, 2018 a case of African Swine Fever (ASF) was confirmed in China’s Liaoning Province. Since then despite various measures to contain the deadly disease it has spread across China where as of November, 2019 in little more than a year, nearly half of China’s huge pig population has either died or been eliminated in a desperate effort to contain the disease. ASF is not deadly to humans but is 100% fatal to any pig that is infected. There is no known treatment to cure it. It can be spread by direct contact with an infected pig, body fluids, contact with equipment or clothing and via certain tick species.”


    Tick species eh?  Erm… 

    Complete text:

  23. BaneB says:

    Have found Flight Aware site is useful for observing approaching storms.  Not only that but one can watch NEXRAD  microwaves distort the physical characteristics of the cloud layer.  This early morning the rain has begun heralded  by several sharp blasts of strong house shaking gusts.  The NEXRAD at Eureka, California has obvious RF talons radiating outward. Small wonder a high-pitch tinnitus (sp) is evident .  This intrusive whine began in earnest last evening around 8 pm. Another site is impacting the San Francisco area.  In that instance the actual precipitation return (yellow color) is freaky-looking with blocky right angles and an odd ‘V’ shape.  Jets seem to be avoiding those as they approach SFO.

  24. Brian Hudson says:

    I read an article recently that claimed that commercial (and probably military) planes have no restrictions on the sulfur content, which is the reason for the chemtrails. Any truth in this?

  25. francis m reps says:

    "I KNOW WHO THEY ARE" … The actual  "identity "of the Perpetrators of  this  destructive Geo engineering assault  on  the entire Planet ; along with the  additional destructive activities in Institutions of Learning , Social Mores , National Policies based on " soft wishful "  thinking , and corrupted Communication , and entertainment venues , as well  as the lassitude of so many Christian Church Organizations is not at all really  hard to see.     That timeless truism   " MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL"  points to the "International Bankers" and their centuries old Confidence Game which has been robbing virtuous people of the fruits of their labor for years.   Who ; but the "Bankers" established a Federal Reserve Bank which  destroyed  the " Founding Fathers" honest money  and destroyed peoples savings ?.    Who ; but the "Bankers" can fund the  trillions of dollars needed to maintain the blankets of  Geo Engineering poison which envelope our Planet. ?.  Who; but the "Bankers" can influence Politicians to  subsidize the costly aircraft and chemicals needed to  poison the skies ?.   Who ; but the "Bankers" can engage in Media manipulation to propagandize the public  to pit peoples and Nations against each other in costly and devastating conflicts ?.  Why does the United States send Billions of dollars annually to Israel ?.  Why ?.  Who are these Bankers ?.  What Nation can lay claim to their Loyalty ?.  Is it possible that  the "Bankers" loyalty is not loyalty to any Nation….but rather  to a Tribe ?…a Group ?… or some Organization that has an agenda to foster  human conflict  and  chaos in order  for the Organization to  gain complete control  over people.    One may want to GOOGLE the  {1976 Wallace Rosenthal Interview} in order to better understand what is  occurring ; and identify who the "Bankers " really are.    We ourselves can also help  Dane to continue his work by donating  to this cause.

    • Tanya Quarterman says:

      The love of money is a root of evil, I believe is the saying. You can gain even more insight by reading Trance formation of America by Cathy Obrien. Its a tough book to read.

    • Josey Wales says:

      Thank you for having the courage to post those comments. I actually did follow that link that you suggested. 

      I didn't read it in it's entirety, because it appeared rather lengthy.

      But I got the jist of it, and I will return later.

      Thank you so much, whoever you are, for your courage.

      Please keep truth-telling. Just one person does make a difference.

  26. Randyl J says:

    Thank You Dane for your continued ' Not Dire' but rather 'Blessing of Awareness' News.

    I'm again posting from the Central Piedmont area of North Carolina. I posted earlier this evening at the end of the December 14 News Alert, so hopefully it will show up as I forgot this was Saturday. I had mentioned that this is the Winter Solstice in our Northern Hemisphere and Summer Solstice in the Southern. Our Earth needs positive support, love and healing. Hope you can All read that post even though I placed it in last week's comments. As I also mentioned ~ the national weather reports for influenza are generated to show the 'scheduled' states. So they know where they will be spraying and what will be in it. Please read my other post on that also. Hello to Wanda south of my area. We're experiencing similar 'Weather Whiplash' with days of very cold ground temps and bright skies followed by intense spraying and white sky with temperatures shifting up and down. No one really feels great with lots of complaints. Also very happy to see the Kent, WA display as I have family there and will point them in the direction of it. I'm sure they shop at that health store.

    Collective effort is definitely the answer. Beyond Dane's incredible weekly march forward, the Reader's Comnents are wonderful learning resources also. Thank You again Dane and everyone.

  27. Wanda says:

    Every Sat. morning, I set aside an hour to listen to your program. I am on the east coast and listen on KQMS. For the past month the broadcast has been stopping and then starting back where you left off. Could be buffering. I truly believe and try to get others o believe what you are driving at. We have the terrible weather whiplash here on the southern NC coast. I will do my best to keep sounding the alarm. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  28. Gary Morrow says:

    It breaks my heart to see what is happening to our beautiful planet. For me, like Dane (and Wordsworth), Nature is all in all.

  29. Jennifer says:

    There are so many distractions left and right.It is such a shame what is happening to our environment or should I say what is being maliciously done to our environment.I sometimes become so disheartened trying to wake people up.The looks some cast in my direction are looks that are misdirected.Those looks should be cast in the direction of the evildoers destroying our skies and our health.It is extremely depressing to realize we are facing such an uphill battle.Here in NY the latest artificial and toxic cool down is rapidly disappearing as they plan their next toxic move.I don't always comment here because I tend to become depressed at the situation the world we live in is in.I will say that I read the weekly reports from Dane and the comments from everyone even when I myself don't post a comment.I appreciate all of your hard work Dane.I thank you for not giving up in this never-ending battle.How can anyone in their right mind look at our sky and honestly believe all is well.The saddest part is that we are rapidly running out of time and I can honestly say that our world is anything but well. 

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Richest Country’s Empty Plates. 50 Million Hungry Americans
    … in 1980, there were 200 food banks in the US; today there are more than 40,000, all overwhelmed with demand and forced to ration their dispersals. Before 1980, one out of every 50 Americans was dependent on food stamps. Today, it is one out of four. Before Reagan, there were 10 million hungry Americans; today there are more than 50 million and increasing.
    … That 50 million hungry Americans today includes the 25% of all children in the US who go to sleep hungry every night. About 25% of the American population today cannot buy sufficient food to remain healthy, with most of these being hungry for at least three months during each year. It is so bad that many college students have resorted to what we call “dumpster-diving” – looking in garbage bins for edible food.

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    PHILIP GIRALDI: The Afghanistan Fiasco and the Decline and Fall of the American Military — Strategic Culture / December 19, 2019

    A devastating investigative report was published in the Washington Post on December 9th. Dubbed the “Afghanistan Papers” in a nod to the Vietnam War’s famous “Pentagon Papers,” the report relied on thousands of documents to similarly expose how the US government at the presidential level across three administrations, acting in collaboration with the military brass and civilian bureaucracy, deliberately and systematically lied repeatedly to the public and media about the situation in Afghanistan.
     Officials from the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations have all surged additional troops into Afghanistan while also regularly overstating the “success” that the United States was attaining in stabilizing and democratizing the country. While they were lying, the senior officers and government officials understood clearly that the war was, in fact, unwinnable.
    The story should have been featured all across the US as Afghanistan continues to kill Americans and much larger numbers of Afghans while also draining billions of dollars from the United States Treasury, but the mainstream media was largely unresponsive, preferring to cover the impeachment saga. Rather more responsive were the families of Army Chief Warrant Officer Second Class David C. Knadle, 33, of Tarrant, Texas, and Chief Warrant Officer Second Class Kirk T. Fuchigami Jr., 25, of Keaau, Hawaii. Both were killed in a helicopter crash on November 20th in Afghanistan’s Logar province while assisting troops on the ground, according to a Pentagon press release. They were participating in what was characteristically dubbed Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. Both men were assigned to the 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division in Fort Hood, Texas. The Taliban took credit for the downing of the chopper, but the Army is still investigating the cause.
    … more than 2,400 American service members who have been killed in Afghanistan since October 2001, together with 20,589 wounded and an estimated 110,000 Afghan dead.

    … The New Republic observes how “The documents are an indictment not only of one aspect of American foreign policy, but also of the US’s entire policymaking apparatus. They reveal a bipartisan consensus to lie about what was actually happening in Afghanistan: chronic waste and chronic corruption, one ill-conceived development scheme after another, resulting in a near-unmitigated failure to bring peace and prosperity to the country. Both parties had reason to engage in the cover-up. For the Bush administration, Afghanistan was a key component in the war on terror. For the Obama administration, Afghanistan was the ‘good war’ that stood in contrast to the nightmare in Iraq.”
    The Afghan War’s true costs have never been precisely calculated, though they certainly exceed $1 trillion and counting.
    … poppies that have made Afghanistan the world’s leading supplier of opium.
    One contractor who was involved in nation building described how he was required to spend $3 million daily for projects in an Afghan district roughly the size of a US county.

    … West Point Professor Tim Bakken’s new book The Cost of Loyalty: Dishonesty, Hubris, and Failure in the US Military. Per Swanson, the book “traces a path of corruption, barbarism, violence, and unaccountability that makes its way from the United States’ military academies (West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs) to the top ranks of the US military and US governmental policy, and from there into a broader US culture that, in turn, supports the subculture of the military and its leaders. The US Congress and presidents have ceded tremendous power to generals. The State Department and even the US Institute of Peace are subservient to the military. The corporate media and the public help maintain this arrangement with their eagerness to denounce anyone who opposes the generals. Even opposing giving free weapons to Ukraine is now quasi-treasonous.”

    … Together the Bakken book and the Afghanistan Papers reveal just how much the American people have been brainwashed by their leaders into believing a perpetual warfare national narrative that is more fiction than fact. Donald Trump may have actually appreciated that the voters were tired of the wars and was elected on that basis, but he has completely failed to deliver on his promise to retrench. It suggests that America will remain in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future and the inevitable next war, wherever it might be, will be another failure, no matter who is elected in 2020.

    • BaneB says:

      SUSAN:  The generals bleed the nation.  They will blunder us into utter destruction.  The politicians are in on the take.  Wall Street is getting an intravenous fix of over  $2,000,000,000,000 fake Fed dollars.  The crash is not being televised.  Last year an estimated 1,200,000 illegal immigrants permanently came into the U.S.  More than 9,000 retail outlets closed during the past 12 months.  Including your statistics, one can adduce Babylon is in collapse.  The collapse will not be televised.  

    • Larry says:

      Hello Susan, i always look forward to your comentary's and we are both on the same page. The public is completely brain washed by design and I fear it will only get worse. The dumbing down of the sheeple is progressing at a phenominal rate . I try daily to wake up my friends and aquaintences to ALL The realities that are conveintally left out or suppressed and ALL false narraratives SPEWED from the spokesholes ON TV AND RADIO but I'm affraid its too late and  The brainwashing has succeded on a mass scale. We have all got the skeptical responses and looks from our friends and families while trying to wake them up to the facts .Even my best and oldest friend who is well educated and a psychologist refuses to believe in weather modification / climate engineering and will not believe in collusion between big corporations and our politicians . Also the military industrial complex astounds me as to how long they have been bending the presidents and congress to their will. The Endless Wars for profit. Again my best friend has somehow been conditioned to be skeptical of all things the are not mainstream. Now we have another threat coming from the roll out of 5G and its potential for mass and total control of the people through transmitted "Silent Sound " subliminal suggestion.  We can all kiss our free will and our private thoughts good by!

    • Happy Solstice to you V. Susan Ferguson.  I wished to thank you for your diligence in posting links to these discussions and crises.

      I've read many such articles regarding the illegal "liberation" of Afghanistan, yet the current set of lies are only another strata of lies to conceal yet more disgrace.  How about those poppy fields, Eh?

      In my opinion, the bloody cards are still held in the hands of the American public.  Where does the corruption begin?  Where do military creeps and CIA goons originate from?  Who still invites these corrupted pigs home for Christmas?

      This line of twisted thinking needs to stop: >

      "Together the Bakken book and the Afghanistan Papers reveal just how much the American people have been brainwashed by their leaders into believing a perpetual warfare national narrative that is more fiction than fact."

      I would agree that propaganda is an effective tool, but… The American public needs to quit hiding behind these fabricated facades of innocence.  None of this carnage would be possible without their own concealment and contrivance…

    • Dennie says:

      It should be understood that countries go to Afghanistan to control the illegal opium trade there.  The so-called "War on Drugs" would have been more aptly named the War FOR Drugs, because the illegal C.I.A. controlled cocaine and heroin industry makes billions of dollars for the so-called "Deep State," the Banking part of the Congressional-Corporate-Military-Industrial web of mass destruction.  Pat Tillman understood this.  So did Michael C. Ruppert.  Go to your library and get a copy of Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil.  There's an entire chapter in there devoted just to the subject of illicit drug trade and money laundering and how that serves The Empire.  

    • Dennie says:

      Joachim Hagopian was the only person to sue the U.S. Army (for breach of due process) and win.  You can read this at his online book titled "Don't Let the Bastards Getcha Down," a scathing expose of the culture of West Point and the mind-set of the so-called "men" (a finishing school for abusive cowards, really) drawn to and further created by it.  Hagopian, who got his officer's commission, eventually left the army to work with abused children.  Here's what he has to say about The System and the propensity, on the part of the domineering abusive males that make it up, for believing that everything on Earth is put here expressly for their personal gratification:

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