Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 29, 2018, #177


Dane Wigington

As 2018 comes to a close, how much nearer are we to a moment when converging global events could catalyze populations in a common cause? If such an awakening were to occur, what would be the most logical top priority challenge for us to collectively focus on first? Could a societal wake up be the silver lining to the rapidly unfolding and escalating difficulties that we are increasingly facing? Is it possible that the effort to awaken others to the truth, matters in and of itself? Can our collective efforts turn the tide in time? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Science studies on human psychology conclude that “social solidarity serves as a kind of defense mechanism against destructive (blind and unwarranted) obedience to authority”. Can we reach a critical mass of awareness in time? Sharing credible data is a key factor in regard to waking others to the truth, make your voice heard.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to thank Laura Kozicki for her ongoing efforts to sound the alarm in Wisconsin. This most recent newspaper ad shown was placed by Laura in the Ozaukee County Newspaper on December 20th, 2018.​

Our sincere thanks to CSU students for helping sound the alarm on climate engineering in Atlanta, Georgia

Geoengineering Watch wishes to thank Jason Walker for the awareness raising sign he has placed on his home in Willsboro, New York


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  1. pissedoffinWNC says:

    At least on Yahoo! search, still comes up as the first search result when searching for the term 'geoengineering' (for now, and as of 1/1/19).  Tried to paste a screenshot here, but it didn't work….

  2. Sandy Patrus says:

    I hope the new year brings the end to this destruction of our planet especially now that I just found out my daughter is with child…certainly not something she has planned.  She never intended to bring any more children into the world.  It is enough worry with just one.  I have mixed feelings about this…of course I am excited,  but at the same time I am worried sick.  It angers me immensly that a happy occasion like this has to be turned into a time of worry because of what they are doing to destroy this planet.  Will this child even have a chance…I don't even want to think about it!  If there is such a thing as Karma, I hope they all get what is due them!  I am beginning to think that whoever is in control of all this does not have a conscience!

  3. Dennie says:

    It's 12:04 a.m. on Tuesday, January 1st, 2019.  I heard the new year ushered in by the popping of firecrackers and other assorted noise-making explosives outside my window in my office where I sit and type in the commentary.  I spent the last few nights not sleeping very much due to the heavy spraying in the San Francisco Bay Area and the difficulty in breathing, the stiff neck, severe headache and today, nausea and inability to keep even water down because the "magic dust" they sprayed us with contains horribly toxic chemicals that bubble up when you add water and stop my digestion.  Looks like "they" chased a storm front out of here yesterday, there'd been a long line of low clouds from Sonoma County all the way down the Pacific coast past Crystal Springs reservoir and probably off the coast of Santa Cruz County.  Today dawned clear, cold and windy, with leaves scudding across the landscape and the roads everywhere you looked– bye-bye, 2018.  God knows what fresh horrors this year will bring, and where the firestorms will alight,  But here's a hopeful look at that, a documentary by Golden Eagle films, on the Paradise, CA fire in November 2018: 

    • PatinSF says:

      Happy New Year Dennie!

      My father's name was Dennis:) I enjoy your comments here. Everyone, my family and friends and strangers on the streets have that same dry cough. No question about it, the spraying of particulates is sending our immune systems into overdrive, and when a virus does come along we are helpless to ward it off and get even sicker.  You have to get quality sleep 8-10 hours of REM. Your dreaming world should be just as important as your awake world. I recommend when you are feeling better taking tonics such as Astragalus or Jade Screen. Also lots of vitamin D3 5000 IU per day. And purified drinking water. We need you and everyone here healthy and strong! 

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Hi Dennie, I too have that dry cough that makes me totally miserable.  I decided to start drinking oregano oil water and it works like a natural antibiotic.  I just boil about one cup of water and add 4 drops of oregano oil and stir.  It helps my cough.

    • jeanette s says:

      I keep getting this rash on my face. I thought it was from something else but I think it is from the sprays. It appears about a day or two after I am outside in the sun. I thought it was chapping. I also notice a salty taste. they are spraying today on New Years day. does anyone know if coal fly ash has a salty taste? It behaves like baking soda when I wash my face. I too have been concerning myself with water, moisture. only I have been thinking humidity in my house. two plant air planters, glass loaf pans on central heating vents. I feel relief on my face as soon as I rinse with filtered water. sometimes I run an evaporative cooler along with the heater to get even more moisture. I fix a casserole dish to be a distiller on the stove. put an inch or two of water in the dish, small corelle dish in the center, invert lid, set over pilot light on stove. the slower the evaporative process, the purer the water.

  4. Gail ~Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Well it is almost midnight, & good bye to 2018.   I Pray this is the year that brings awareness to the masses to end this daily "Madness in our Skies" around the World. I Pray the World realizes the Importance of "Our Environment" for Our Survival, not to mention, future generations. I Pray that the Men & Women participating will find the Backbone & Stop Aiding these Planet Killers!    Join those that really want to Save the Planet!  We're not hiding anything. They are!    Please do the right thing! We need you now!        Please join this most amazing movement of mankind.          If only everyone made this their New Years Resolution!!!  Wake up the Masses to Weather Modification Programs!   God Bless all those making the effort to do so. Great Blessings to you & yours Dane & all those involved in Geoengineering The team of Lawyers in the U.S.A. & in Canada involved in the lawsuits & the Plaintiff's. Thank You all.   I Believe in the Hundredth Monkey too Josh WWA  I pray we are at the Ninety Ninth!

  5. Dennie says:

    I'm wondering about the veracity of a "psychological evaluation" in order to procure a "mental competency" test administered by a George N. Northrup, M.D., of Tampa, FL?  We learn that George N. Northrup is a psychiatrist:  But does he actually have the proper credentials and is he competent to carry out such a test?  How many of these tests does he administer annually in his practice?  And why can any two random attorneys call in a simple M.D. to "prove" mental "competency" of a fellow attorney?  Who ARE those two attorneys and whom do they represent?  This true story is SOOOOO "Josef Stalin!!!"  Can we start a letter writing campaign making the public aware of this kind of abuse of medical practice now happening in the United States, or at least write something about this on Yelp?  This kind of professional abuse, Soviet-style, needs to be outed, NOW!!

  6. Joseph L says:

    Ten Ways 2018 Brought Us Closer to Climate Apocalypse

    Good reporting accept — nothing about climate engineering.


  7. Scientists' Warning to Humanity & Business as Un-usual – YouTube  Published December 27, 2018

    "On the first day of COP-24, the annual UN climate negotiations, Stuart Scott and Victoria Hurth teamed up to discuss the World Scientists' Warning to Humanity ( and then the part that business can and must play to reverse disastrous current ecological and climate trends that threaten life on Earth."

    Please review (and distribute) this very sober discussion:

    Also review activist discussions at:

    Particularly this one: Dan Galpern & Sarah Mead – Suing the B@stards

    • Dennie says:

      This terrifying report summarizes what's been lost and where we're heading on this insane path– yes, that would be "through the guard rail."  It's correct to blame a lot of the problem on the "Who Cares, I have mine" attitude in the industrialized nations, and to underscore the point that environmental destruction and climate change is coming at us a helluva lot faster than the "official" reports say it will.  What will we, each of us, do about this?

    • BlueSue says:

      Hello Paul, thank you for posting the link to scientist's warning to humanity, certainly a dire and truthful expose` except for the obvious omission of the geoengineering factor.  Your link led me to another worthwhile watch, Chris Hedges discussing his new book: America, the Farewell Tour.

  8. lorenzo says:

    Would you believe that the New Years Eve party monday nite in Times Square NY will be cheering for press freedom? Reporters will be the guests of honor, in what organizers said  "was a celebration of press freedom"  What a load of crap!   Now my heart goes out to the real reporters around the world, that lost their lives in the quest for truthful reporting. Particularly Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi columnist for the Wash.Post  But here in the US when so many so called journalists are willing to accept a "gag" order.  They will dispense of the truth, for a paycheck and a pension, as Dane often says. These pseudo reporters, will accept any garbage, these  despicable corporate moguls shove down their throats, at the behest   of  their  greedy, diabolical  interests. 

    • concerned says:

      As they use drones “to keep

      everyone safe”

    • Jeanette S says:

      Maybe by celebrating what little good there was, it will bring out the humanity in the rest of them in the coming year.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Ah yes, it is a New Year… I totally get what you and other readers have said about the overt callousness of the fake "press".

      Be hopeful.  There are new activist websites popping up in many places, and existing "activist" News-sites have been dialing in on the unraveling environmental issues we face.  I think 2019 will be a turning point regarding many things in the corporate World…

      Here's a wonderful quote from the author Philip K. Dick:

      “Fake realities will create fake humans.  Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and then sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themselves.  So we wind up with fake humans inventing fake realities and then peddling them to other fake humans.

      It is just a very large version of Disneyland.  You can have the Pirate Ride or the Lincoln Simulacrum or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – you can have all of them, but none is true.”

      – Philip K. Dick – (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982)

  9. Kevin Toler says:

    Dane, Thank you for continuing to inform everybody the information going on around the globe that the mainstream media continues to cover up. As far as mining for gold on the ocean, they've been dredging for gold off the coast of Nome, AK  for a number years now 



    • Jeanette S says:

      they may be going for the gold in the deep ocean. they the sociopathic; its theirs you know…get this…the particles that wash off land settle in the deepest depths of the ocean. I always thought gravity, weight of water in general but add to this the fact that iron, lead, gold settle in the deepest parts. so it is all three of these components (at least) that make the pressure so strong in the depths of the ocean. some of these depths have tectonic/volcanic activity and what happens the heat melts the gold possibly other elements together and they form like "tofa' towers along the cracks. that is what they are after. Now if that were you or I we woud be trespassing on international waters, need permission here, permit there and a series of No's. but they just whiz in "its ours" and whiz right out…out of control people seriously out of control. even with metals, jewels, art; they think they are entitled you would not believe the things they do. average people acquire these and at the end is their paw waiting for it to drop in. thought that ocean belonged to all of us; isn't that from particles from my jewelry and that ring I lost?

  10. PatinSF says:

    The geo engineered GEO WINDS are to resume New Year's Eve and Day here in the Bay Area..Keep in mind if this was Spring, Summer, or Fall we would have another round of catastrophic fires destroying neighborhoods and people's lives.. With PG@E getting the blame.. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, like ALL of the blame is caused by corporate greed and indifference, and not one word about the spraying programs and what's in the sprays… I have laryngitis from all the powdery, burning toxic spraying we've been hit with Big Time since the day after Christmas, I just can't keep up with the hydration.  This morning I also have a severe headache and nausea, from the powdery burning crap that has this bubbling quality when exposed to water (like, inside my mouth) all from the toxic cocktails Our Lords and Masters of The Universe have chosen to serve up like some diabolical cosmic mixologist and thereby poison us with.  There is NO WHERE I can go to get away from it, just keep sealing my house up and find places to go where it can't get in quite as much as it does in others. 

      I wish the lawyers for PG&E would get the nerve to speak up about the massive amounts of aluminum nanoparticles we're being sprayed with 24/7/365, as if somehow that has nothing to do with the creation of much hotter, much faster-moving fires… I see in yesterday's local Marin County daily newspaper that some are considering hanging a murder charge on PG&E…not exactly sure how they'd do that, but people here need to realize that infrastructure maintenance and replacement, and upgrades, do not happen at no charge; it is we the rate payers who'll get stuck with the bill and, like public education, no one wants to see the cost of their energy go up to pay for improvements.

    • Jeanette s says:

      I think it is the geoengineering sprays rather than truly the fault of PG&E. Like waxing a candle…the spray goes on a bit of night moisture, just enough to make the dirt dust, organic matter particles and love-el-ly ge sprays mixed in to cake then the next day more and more moisture at night…from wind, birds moving the wires this stuff will work its way in to where it is live…it is nano size how can it not? I say. all you need is one spark and with everything else coated…up in flames.

      everybody they have been spraying us to death here in the bay area. It has not been for methane it does not seem as we did not have the fish scale clouds, or the ripple ones. It has been for something else. the white lines that spread out. our skies look like the sunrays? on the az state flag but only in blue and white. Large haze around the sun. this has been all week now the heavy wind to blow it into our homes, skins, mucus membranes. I saw the silver "airstream" tin can planes with the billowing plumes behind them. but it has been all kinds of non-clouds. big sprays, long sprays and blue skies with tufts… I dusted…the word must be out. (we must find humor somewhere, folks.)

    • Stuart says:

      GeoWind is a very accurate description Pat.  The wind picked up suddenly last night at 8:30 PM here in Orange County, CA.  Seemingly came out of nowhere, swirling and cold.

      Low Pressure system over Great Basin the cause.  Another so-called "inside slider" system cut off from jetstream and the ocean and not carrying any moisture. Looks like another CA drought to me.

  11. Josh WWA says:

       Today my email has been blown up with environmental groups asking for end of year donations.  All I did was sign a petition to save Escalante National Monument.  It seems they sold my information.

       Instead I have spent a good part of the day returning their emails , while informing them of their negligence concerning the climate engineering issue and peacefully encouraging them to educate themselves.

      My donation went to KABF radio in Little Rock Arkansas with a thank you letter of appreciation for their courage to air the Global Alert News Hour weekly!

      Angelhair (see comment below)  went to the time and effort to get this show aired she should not have to pay out of pocket also.  If everyone pitches in it is not that much and so worth it for so many reasons.  

        Every time someone shows an act of courage it is a domino effect on human consciousness.   (Search Hundredth Monkey Syndrome) Basically once the hundredth monkey learns something other monkeys on other islands and continents with no physical contact or instruction will somehow develop the understanding of what the first monkey learned and taught the next, until it becomes collective!  How cool is that!

      Other radio shows will follow is the point i am trying to make. Maybe someday environmental organizations. Who knows miracles do happen.  

  12. izzy says:

    Many pertinent questions, which will answer themselves as events progress.

    Something seems to be stirring, but the full gestalt remains undefined. Human (and possibly other) psychology is a swamp of irrationality; there may be no ‘logical’ explanations available for the accompanying behavior. Even so, it would not be a great stretch to wonder if some as-yet unidentified diabolical construct is behind it all. Intentionally or not, it appears the planet is being cleared of life.

    That our way of living – in this civilizational epoch – has no future has been obvious for some time. A great reckoning is in progress, karmic in nature. It may ultimately be an individual process, larger social constructs aside. A miracle-like transformation might happen, who knows? As it stands, taken as a collective, we’re still sliding the wrong way fast.

    Your work remains a flashing emergency light in the darkness, Dane.

    Meanwhile, gotta keep our shoulders to the wheel.

  13. Paul Vonharnish says:

    The first link is to one of hundreds of technocracy websites that boast of their wonderfully insane capabilities.  The advertising bling is designed to entice more indebted engineers and even more black funding.  In terms of environmental concerns, the title page says it all:

    IBM Research  The world is our lab

    It's interesting to click on the "Research Areas" tab and notice the way in which Artificial Intelligence is discussed.  AI is expanding unchecked by any Law, legal Code, agency, or any formalized concept of human morality.  Our children are taught to say and think "Gee whiz" and just go along with the Disney World theme…

    I spent a fair amount of time researching the potential environmental health impacts of nanotechnology in 2013.  Trust me: Technocracy is not a particularly "intelligent" or creative force.  Even when you dress it up in lipstick, it's still a pig…

    Excerpted from Wikipedia – Smartdust:

    "The concepts for Smart Dust emerged from a workshop at RAND in 1992 and a series of DARPA ISAT studies in the mid-1990s due to the potential military applications of the technology.[2] The work was strongly influenced by work at UCLA and the University of Michigan during that period, as well as science fiction authors Stanislaw Lem, Neal Stephenson and Vernor Vinge. The first public presentation of the concept by that name was at the American Vacuum Society meeting in Anaheim in 1996.

    A Smart Dust research proposal[3] was presented to DARPA written by Kristofer S. J. Pister, Joe Kahn, and Bernhard Boser, all from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1997. The proposal, to build wireless sensor nodes with a volume of one cubic millimeter, was selected for funding in 1998. The project led to a working mote smaller than a grain of rice,[4] and larger "COTS Dust" devices kicked off the TinyOS effort at Berkeley."

    Complete text with "See Also" to other points of thralldom or interest:

  14. MariaR says:

    They are talking about climate change on Meet the Press,…….??? it's really getting bad when they talk about it…….aka……cover there assess 

  15. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 250th email, titled '10ºC global temp rise in a few years?'

    1. Australia is 10ºC above average with much of the country above 45ºC. Next year is going to be hot in the northern hemisphere.

    On 26th Dec, Antarctic sea ice extent reached a record low for the date, and remains at record low.  However, Antarctic sea ice decline is only part of the picture, there is also Arctic sea ice decline and the decline of snow and ice cover on land. The joint impact of these warming elements could cause a 10°C  global temperature rise in a few of years.

    It looks unavoidable that there will be an El Nino in 2019. This will cause a lot of weather and temperature records to be broken next year.

    2. On Christmas day, Israel launched missile attacks at Syria. GPS jamming equipment had been turned off around Damascus to allow an Arab delegation to safely land. Using this plane and another civilian passenger plane arriving at Beirut as cover (and therefore risking the live of all onboard), Israel launched a sustained missile attack from their planes in Lebanon airspace. Many missiles were shot down by Syrian air defence, but at least 2 of 16 GPS guided MARS missiles hit their target(s). Netanyahu praised the "special capabilities" of Israel's airborne forces.

    Blackwater, the notorious US mercenary company, is planning to replace any withdrawn US troops in the middle east.

    Despite the fact that both Greece and Cyprus are full EU members, Washington has informed Athens that in a possible conflict between Greece and Turkey, "The Greeks will be on their own."  

    3. Notes to Self (week 103 of 104). I hope you celebrated Christmas with as much joy and love as christians and muslims did in the towns and villages liberated by Syrian government troops. Hardly a child was to be seen in the US backed "liberation" and complete destruction of Mosul and Raqqa – where just the stench of dead (mostly civilian) bodies in the rubble remains. 

    More than 1.7 million people have signed a petition in favour of suing the French government, accusing it of inaction on climate change.

    Extinction Rebellion New York is planning a national day of action in US on 26th Jan:  It would be amazing if they can get a group of academics to support them.

  16. Dennie says:

    Wouldn'tcha know that the State of Fla. would pull the kind of crazy Panicked White-man stunt such as disbarring a practicing attorney for speaking up and fighting for the telling of the Truth, but then again, what more should we expect from "the Land of the Boll Weevil, where the laws are Medieval," and whuppin' slaves is a pastime I'm sure they'd all like to see brought back into fashion?

    I'm hoping to get the link to the particularly mentioned study on the toxicity of nanoparticulate metals and send along to Drs. Keith and Caldeira, as well as to our favorite, Guy MacPherson, and cc it to our elected representation in the House of Reps and Congress.  However, I found this Iranian Biomed Journal article describing the toxicity of various nanoparticle-sized elements here:  and an Italian university research paper on chelation for various toxic metals, specifically iron and aluminum, here:  

    The main researcher's name is Massimiliano Peana, Ph.D. (Chemistry) at the Universita degli Studi di Sassari.  I have contacted him in order to receive the full research article beyond the abstract.  The ResearchGate website asks which organization you're connected with when you make your request..

    Other research papers regarding chelation of other toxic metals, including manganese, may be found here:  

  17. Raven says:

    Thank you Laura!! 

  18. Bella_Fantasia says:

    'Bearing Witness To Extinction' by Kenn Orphan, Dec. 28, 2018, Counterpuch.Org


  19. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, This weeks broadcast really pissed me off. I thought last week was was a pinch grabber, geesh, "how much truth can you put up in front of ones face?"… "before they see the light".  Something I learned as a very young child that lived in the sticks. Mother Nature doesn't give a hoot about "humanity". That's a fact folks. You can't walk around it. I've lived my life accordingly or more distinctly, in harmony as I see it. To me, the punch line in all of this is, the faster society moves, the slower 'our' demise will be. The way I live 'my' life it's all coming at me in slow motion. Does that make sense? Of coarse it does, but can you accept it? Life outside the box is pretty good, just sayin…….

    I really like the add placed in the Ozaukee news paper. That is a seriously great act and good idea. To you CSU students, "if you actually read this", good efforts my young friends. And thank you Mary Hollowell for having a hand in all that effort. Well done my friend I have met. Lastly, I commend Mr Gem Faire for giving his crew a few weeks off to spend with their families during the holidays. I have great respect for that. Dane once again put out a call for us here to tend one of the Gem Faire Geo engineering awareness booths when they come close to us. I will see you folks when the Gem Faire comes back to Puyallup WA, probably in April, 300 miles away from me. It is good that there are pictures being sent in here to take the place of Gem Faire during their much earned time off.

  20. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It seems to me that Nature is definitely acting or reacting to all the manipulation, as people will continue to ignore it or not, there comes a time. . . . . . .

    We're being told the recent tsunami in Indonesia was a result of volcanic activity; meanwhile,

    Earthquake watching here in Alaska just since December 24th, it appears to me that many more quakes are focused near volcanoes recently.  This is something different from most of the aftershocks we've experienced since the Nov. 30th  7.0 quake right under Anchorage.  Just since Dec. 24th here are volcano locations with the number of earthquakes nearby:

    Pavlov Sister (1) Mt. Iliamna (8) Four Peaked Mountain (1) Mt. Augustine (4) Mt. Readout (8) Kaguyak Crater (1) Hayes Volcano (2) Yantarni Volcano (2) Mt. Douglas (1) Mt. Spurr (3) Mt. Martin (1) Mt. Ugashik (1) Mt. Gareloi (3) Westdahl Peak (1) Makushin Volcano (1)

    We know the truly awesome power of Earth's natural systems are being manipulated. The PTB do it for control, but we're beginning to see, I think, the Earth taking back her power. 

    I'd like to see the PTB control an angry Ring of Fire! 



  21. Angelhair says:

    We now have the Global Alert News Radio Hour aired on central Arkansas' community radio station KABF – It is aired every Friday at noon as long as we pay $250 a month to the station. I've got next month covered, but if anyone can contribute any amount to KABF and note to the Station Manager Wade Rathke that the donation is for the Geoengineering Watch show, the broadcast can be heard around most of Arkansas. I believe the donations are tax-deductible as the station is a nonprofit. You can listen to the station live from the website – Thank you to anyone that can help us sound the alarm here.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Angelhair, thank you very much for your help with raising awarness. My deepest gratitude to you, and ever single activist and individual that is doing their best to help sound the alarm. This battle is a team effort.

  22. Josh WWA says:

        Very well spoken introduction today Dane.  No one could say it better.  Look forward to your show every week.  Much gratitude and support as well!!  Thank you so much for all you do.

         I have felt a rapid decline in health over the past few years.  Never used to get head aches or sick.  Sometimes my entire nervous system will become hyper sensitive and I shut down completely.   My nose and throat burn all the time.  I feel like I can taste the metals in the air and well water.

       The E.M.F’s have become so powerful at times i feel like my cranium is going to explode.  No matter how far or deep in the forest I travel I feel and hear the high pitch ringing.  I use to escape the bombardment in the forest but no more.

        The ridiculous weather this week is too much to report on in the comment page here, however..  I would like to mention that to my understanding coal fly ash is being use abundantly in colorado’s winter storms.  I have noticed it on the increase the last two years and noticed it immediately when it seems it was introduced in mass quantity.  Was unsure of what it was at first but just by looking at web images it makes a perfect match to the hue and color of the ‘smokey, hazey poop looking garbage in the atmosphere.  It seems to get trapped in the valleys for days. 

        When our Christmas week weather arrived this week,  it appeared as if thick smoke was rolling in over the mountains in combination with cob web looking aerosols.  It was not attached with them but scattered and saturated all through the atmosphere.  

       Today was ‘clear’ but could not see the distant mountains clearly.  When the clouds hover below the mountains in combination with these types of ’smoke like’ storms they have a gray thick polluted undefined look to them.  With the way the light shines on them they should absolutely be white and beautiful like they once were.  

      Have not noticed a darkening of snow but an enhanced disco ball looking effect.  This effect used to have a rainbow of shinning beautiful colors but now is much more silvery.   At times after storms clear out without a cloud in the sky you can see these glittery particles floating all through the air.  My guess is the shiny metals are attached to the remaining water molecules.

         I used to photograph nature and all its beauty, then began to photograph weather annomolies, but now it is impossible to take a picture that does not capture the atrocious effects of weather modification programs and I stopped taking pictures of that even because it is 24/7 and what more proof do people need at this point! 

      The memory loss of the population is mind blowing.  What happened to rainbows? What happened to sunsets?  I once would watch the sunset every night it was not a question of if there would be one.  Then it was about 50 50 and now it is not a question if there will be one, it is a miracle when there is one. 


    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      It' very disturbing to see these toxic Sunsets in the local paper with a caption: Another Beautiful Sunset !  What? Beautiful? I beg to differ!  Normalizing is their method to sway the public into thinking this is how a Sunset is. See, Black & neon Pink lines, are Pretty!   Pink clouds in the west while the Sun is rising, or Pink clouds in the east while the Sunsets! Pull the other leg. I keep asking where are the Rainbows? Northern Lights? Calgary's Historical Chinook Arch?   What a Rarity!   And Sub Par when there are seen.  They are removing anything that was once an awe inspiring event in our past. Blue Sky & Sunshine healed the Soul! We can't have that today. Anything that brings Joy to the Spirit is Forbidden by these Lunatic's!   They want doom & gloom.

  23. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Another excellent presentation Dane.  Thank you again for your ongoing efforts toward educating people regarding geoengineering and it's dangers.  My wish is that the events of 2018 have awakened many individuals to the imminent dangers of unregulated "science" and technology… The planet I once loved, and every living being upon it, is being willfully murdered by those who work in technological fields.

    In my opinion, human intelligence has mutated into a dangerous economic weapon called "technocracy".  Technocracy dictates that certain "human" beings can willfully, knowingly, and Unlawfully – destroy whole civilizations on any whim (or funding mechanism) that comes along.  Using the planet as an open laboratory experiment will certainly bring about the extinction of mankind…

    Here's an example of blind technology with no moral conscience:

    Nanobots: The rise of the molecular machines (video)

    In terms of "Nanotechnology" the cards have been on the table for many years. Here's what the Royal Society of Great Britain had to say about nano tech in 2004. >

    Royal Society Policy Report on Nanotechnology and Human Health

    Science Policy Section

    The Royal Society

    6–9 Carlton House Terrace

    London SW1Y 5AG


  24. Lori says:

    Great to see the VARIETY of outreach-in all ways possible. Maybe the basic newspaper advert works-not too harsh ? Got printed !  Wonderful campus life active on collapse issues too The real  "safe space  " will be WHERE on OUR PLANET, not some duck out zone from bullies. Yes, it's needed, yet a LARGER demon after ALL of us- spraying away. Dane, any former contrail people (on record)  waking up and admitting to climate engineering? No longer deny the obvious? Hope you are blessed and protected in times ahead as power structure absolutely off the rails and reckless .  They will do anything, more than censoring search terms. Very intense to witness how no limit to their insane desperation.  Your reports  are crucial in exposing massive corruption.The fires here in CA have awoken more as MUCH going on above us. I keep taking pics to share how bad it is getting.Everyone must take action, and DO something, solo or not.




  25. Scott Mckeon says:

    Dane, We live on the east coast in Virginia Richmond and Va. beach an it has gotten so bad the ground is saturated and we rarely have one day of sun this is insane! Isn't there a place or somewhere we can tell people to complain or write to or tell or get some type of reaction or response because most people i tell just say, "nothing I can do about it"! Who do you complain to? I love your site and the work you are doing but we need to be able to do something about it and I realize this is not easy but what do we do? I hate this so much that these sick people who have been doing this for so long unchallenged and pretty much hidden like the cowards they are. I have been trying since 2013 and have some of your pamphlets but that just isn't enough. What else can I/we do to expose this insanity? Thanks for all you do Dane, Scott M

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Scott, thank you for your report, and for your ongoing efforts to help sound the alarm. I and so many others truly understand your angst and frustration, unfortunately there is no easy way forward in this fight. Geoengineering Watch is doing everything we possibly can behind the scenes as well, but it is an uphill battle. This being said, there is a way forward, and it comes down to us. FYI

      Stay strong, Scott, you are not alone in this battle, and our numbers are growing much faster than is yet visible.

    • BaneB says:

      Scott:  Richmond, my former home town.  I was back there visiting in August several years ago.  Expecting the usual “dog days” heat and humidity for my two weeks there, I was surprised the weather was not very humid, but cloudy and misty.  This was way different than I recall growing up in that region.  My cousin says his backyard in Ashland is a swamp. And nearly impossible to maintain as anything but a jungle.  Meanwhile here in my region of Northern California there are no days where the sky is free and clear of aerosol grunge.  The sunlight is perpetually dimmed or cloudy.  The rainstorms are anemic and mostly lots of wind energy with not much rail.  Just lowered clouds, mist and fog.  It is almost January and less than 10 inches of rain since last May.  The average for our rainy season is 60 inches.  The season was once upon a time from October through April or May.  The weather terrorists have messed up our hydrological cycle.  And the ongoing GEOENGINEERED catastrophe is even more dire in the southern part of California.

  26. Bonnie Crawford says:

    If geoengineering is "for the greater good," as that lady told you, then why would they want to hide it??? We all know the answer to that!

  27. jjule says:

    do you think Bill Gates coming out with his Sun Shading Globalist BS Scheme Will finally wake people up en mass? 

  28. Denise Judy says:

    My hope:  2019 is the year that awareness of climate engineering hits critical mass, and people in a position to do something about it finally find the conscience and courage to do something about it.

    My resolution: sound the alarm even louder, and more often.

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Quotations taken from: Nanotechnology in Eco-efficient Construction, Materials, Processes & Applications / Woodhead Publishing, 2019
    Toxicity of Nanoparticles

    Nanoparticles have the ability to “enter the respiratory system and ultimately the cells.” They can “penetrate the cellular membrane and cause damage. … airborne nanoparticles when inhaled and ingested, enter the circulatory system and organs and cells and affect cellular processes leading to disease.”

    “…nano materials used in construction: a mixture of metals, metal oxides, and carbons.”

    “Due to their minute size, nanoparticles can bee inhaled or ingested in the primary organs, such as the lungs and stomach, respectively, and from there they can translocate to secondary organs.”

    “Nanoparticles that are small enough can pass from lungs into the circulatory system and become systemic.”

    “Nanoparticle cellular uptake and residence in organelles results usually in cytotoxicity (toxic to cells). … The higher the nanoparticle concentration, the higher the membrane damage.  … mitochondria is affected … Nanoparticles can have toxic effects upon mitochondria, causing its dysfunction … Impaired mitochondrial function leads to cell death.  Some small nanoparticles are able to pass through the pores of the nucleus membrane … and enter cell nucleus, causing DNA damage.  … neurogenerative diseases.”

    Nanoparticles have been found to cause toxic effects in the blood, in colorectal cancer, in the brain (Alzheimers), maternal-fetal exposure, orthopedic protheses wear, immune reactions.

    “Smaller than lung alveoli and human cells, nanoparticles can enter the respiratory system and distribute to organs, enter cells, and become toxic to organisms. …like viruses, can enter cells and induce cellular damage.”
    “… airborne nanoparticles can be inhaled and ingested, enter circulatory system and organs and cells, and affect cellular processes leading to disease.

    “Small nanoparticles can interact with proteins…and disturb cellular signaling. The misfolding of specific protein is related to the appearance of amyloid-type structures which are found in neurogenerative diseases … cellular internalization of nanoparticles effects cell metabolism and produces … DNA damage, genotoxicity, and cell death.”

    “Nanoparticles made of metals and metal oxides seem to have the highest degrees of cytotoxicity (toxicity to cells.)”

    P. 725
    “Magnetic nanoparticles were detected in the brain patients … with Alzheimer’s disease.”

    “Exposure to metallic dust is showed to cause various diseases … A study shows the existence of various nanoparticles in patients suffering from severe respiratory impairment who were exposed to dust and smoke from the collapse of the World Trade Center … aluminum and magnesium silicates, chrysotile asbestos, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, and small chards of glass.”

    P.732 (quotes)
    Nanoparticles in colorectal cancer
    Nanoparticles in the brain: … some with Alzheimer’s disease, showed the presence of magnetic nanoparticles in the frontal cortex.
    Maternal-fetal exposure: Nanoparticles can be passed from the mother to the fetus … Nanoparticles containing various metals were found in the amniotic fluid … in fetuses with congenital malformation.
    Orthopedic prosthesis wear: Nanoparticles can be released by orthopedic prosthesis in the periprosthetic tissue (tissue located around the implant). … Materials of joint implants include ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene; metal alloys … ceramics … often leads to nanoparticle debris — induced inflammation, reduced mechanical stability of the joint, often requiring revision surgery.
    Immune reactions: Nanoparticles … induce systemic inflammation. … risk of developing metal sensitization.
    Systemic toxicity and death: Exposure to high concentration of Nickel nanoparticles can lead to systemic toxicity and death … spraying nickel using a metal-arc process … lung tissue … kidneys, heart, and brain showed necrosis.

    “Inhalation exposure to particles and dust containing metals is known to cause respiratory disease. … proven carcinogens in humans: particulate pollution, asbestos fibers, soot, Diesel engine exhaust, paint, silica, silicon, carbide, cigarette smoke, welding fumes, some wood dust, many metals [aluminum] and their compounds. … nanoparticles with long aspect ratio, or long fibers may be more toxic than spherical shaped ones.”

    “Biodistribution to organs & tissues: Inhalation is probably the most significant human exposure … Part of inhaled particles will deposit within lung alveoli, while a fraction will be absorbed within the epithelial cells of alveoli, and some of the nanoparticles will cross the air—blood barrier of the lungs. These nanoparticles will enter the circulatory system and travel further to the organs, becoming systemic. … organs and tissues such as blood, heart, lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, bones, brain, thyroid, liver, colon, and kidney.”
    From ResearchGate: Nowadays more than thousands of different nanoparticles are known, though no well-defined guidelines to evaluate their potential toxicity and to control their exposure are fully provided.

    The way of entry of nanoparticles together with their specificities such as chemistry, chemical composition, size, shape or morphology, surface charge and area can influence their biological activities and effects. A specific property may give rise to either a safe particle or to a dangerous one.

    The small size allows nanoparticles to enter the body by crossing several barriers, to pass into the blood stream and lymphatic system from where they can reach organs and tissues and strictly interact with biological structures, so damaging their normal functions in different ways.

    This review provides a summary of what is known on the toxicology related to the specificity of nanoparticles, both as technological tools or ambient pollutants. The aim is to highlight their potential hazard and to provide a balanced update on all the important questions and directions that should be focused in the near future.

    Paper, charts & graphics:


    • Dennie says:

      Chelation studies:  

      "Biodistribution studies: Biodistribution studies were carried out in Balb-C mice to assess the efficacy of the ligand NTA(PrHP)3 as a chelating agent for the mobilization of gallium in 67Ga-citrate injected mice. Since the biodistribution profile of the radiotracer 67Ga-citrate in mice is well-known, we evaluated the effect of the ligand on the biokinetics and elimination of the radiometal by intraperitoneal administration of 0.5 mmole of the NTA(PrHP)3 solution immediately after intravenous administration of the radiotracer. Tissue distribution of 67Ga in major organs up to 24 h is presented in Fig. 7. These results indicate that the radiometal is rapidly cleared from the bloodstream mainly by the kidneys. Clearance from the major organs is also very rapid and no relevant radioactivity uptake in any organ, except the kidneys, was detected 24 h after injection. The overall rate of radioactivity excretion was high, 43.0 6.2, 80.8 0.3 and 98.2 0.1% I.A, at 15 min, 1 h and 24 h, respectively. Altogether, data from our animal studies demonstrated that the ligand NTA(PrHP)3 has a high in vivo chelating ability promoting a rapid elimination of the radiometal from the animal body, mainly by urinary excretion. This favorable in vivo behavior is in agreement with the biodistribution and excretion profiles previously reported for two other tris(hydroxypyridinones) that were considered promising compounds for clinical application."

      You'll have to go to the ResearchGate website and request a copy of the full research report on chelation of metals, via creation of your own account, from Massimiliano Peana.  If anyone out there is saying that "They" have ways to chelate the metals out of their bodies, you'd certainly be able to see that this is not entirely simple and easy, like popping some kind of magic pill or sleeping under a tinfoil hood every night while "magic rays" shine on your body.

    • Dennie says:

      Shoot first and ask questions later."  Bidness as usual in Uhmerukuh, where the culture is money and money is The Culture.  Wonder who the researchers had in mind when they wrote of nanoparticles that  "The aim is to highlight their potential hazard and to provide a balanced update on all the important questions and directions that should be focused in the near future."  Nice idea, but where there's money to be made, would the guys at the U.S. Patent office ask any questions at all??

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