Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 26, 2019, #181


Dane Wigington

A number of new science studies have concluded Earth’s systems are nearing tipping points. Is this true? Or have the tipping points long since been passed? Is the human race spiraling toward near term extinction? A group of the world's top scientists has just stated on the record that we are perilously close to exactly that. Some still claim the global economy is growing, does this narrative hold up to the front-line facts? Extremely anomalous winter weather continues in parts of the US.  Is it natural? Drought and above average warmth persists in the US West, will the Colorado River run dry? Rivers in other parts of the world have already dried up, greatly diminishing food supplies. Chaos is unfolding in many regions, is this the future that await us all? The latest installment of global alert news is below.

The darkening horizon can be overwhelming, but this feeling can be conquered. Summoning a firm resolve to fully face the gathering storm head on can and does bring a deep sense of solace. If we stand together our collective efforts could yet make a difference. If we don’t take a stand, we will never know what we may have accomplished. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward, sharing credible data from a credible source is key. Help us to sound the alarm, make your voice heard.

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  1. Sandy Patrus says:

    I saw the interview …and I too thought it was excellent.  We need more of these people on YouTube to have Dane on as a guest and the word would spread like a wild fire.  So many of these people have a large following and if all share imagine how far amd wide the word would spread.

  2. BlueSue says:

    Hello Paul in Minnesota, as you mention, your state’s extremely frigid temps were about 60 degrees colder that what it was here where I live in (relatively balmy) Alaska yesterday – damn strange I’d say!  It is horribly disturbing to know that you folks are being chemically and electromagnetically freezer-burnt as you describe, but I can relate to what you say from experience.  In contrast, here yesterday, our local area had a dense “cloud” of “fog” envelope everything (at about 33 degrees F) that was of course sprayed and laid upon us during the night continuing the effect of our artificial warmth.  With considerable anxiety do I ever draw a breath out of doors anymore, especially when it’s so in your face, and you can literally, see, smell, and taste the toxic air. 

    Our friend Dominic, the plant pathologist, describes here the truth concerning the plague upon our trees. And the “disease” attributed to the particular pest  (spruce beetle, et al) is a symptom of the sinister biochemical/electromagnetic assault upon life, our precious trees being the guardians of our ecosystems.  Sadly I doubt that there are any pristine places left on this planet.  Alaska is one of the few states where maybe something close to “pristine” may still be sought, if not found.  It is still relatively heavily wooded in my hometown except where clusters of commercial buildings and dense neighborhoods exist. But everywhere you look, the trees appear pathetically sick or dead — leaning, fallen, or most of those still standing with branches and bark over-encrusted with lichen or black fungi or similar signs of decline.  The once thick stands of evergreens are no longer vibrant dark green, but now are heavily spoilt with rusty-brown hues – the shade of dead spruce trees.  Our once brilliant blue skies of cold winter days are most often an ugly milky gray like everywhere else these in these unnatural times. This one-minute video shows a horizon scene so very like what I see here in Alaska each morning or evening – with the perpetrators obviously doing their evil deeds.

    “The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself, and without loosing the right to be called civilized.” 

    And another quote, also, from the same exceptionally wise woman who saw the truth long before most of us:Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.

    “Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Blue Sue:  I so relate to your description of crippled trees and dying foliage in your domain.  I moved to the northwestern shore of Lake Superior in 1997 to get away from city life.  The skies in the Autumn once shined an incredible deep azure blue.  The birch, maple, aspen, and poplar, celebrated with golden yellows, bright oranges, and rusty reds.  All were enhanced against mixed greens of pine trees.  The back drop of the azure sky was magnificent… I weep that it is gone…

  3. Rodster says:

    “Venezuela’s Collapse Is A Window Into How The Oil Age Will Unravel”—1——0———————

    In this article it goes on to show how Venezuela suffered a severe drought at it’s most critical time which is a big deal because they got most of their electricity from Hydro. With no electricity for most of the day (14 hrs) it virtually put the final nail in the Venezuelan economy and collapsed it. Now the US is looking to take over their oil reserves once their puppet President is sworn in and Maduro is forced out.

    Now what are the odds the the US Gov’t created that drought with some Geoengineering?

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, the U.S.'s policy is to go into these countries looking for the resources, so we can support "The American Way" of life at home (translated:  5 per cent of the planet's population using 50 per cent of the planet's resources), then wage economic warfare (read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man if you want to know how) including blackmail by loan and sanctions if you don't get what you want.  Now we have weather warfare so we're using Dr. Ken Caldeira's methods of "diplomacy" in order to bring these countries to heel by drought.  Victims include Syria, Iran, India, countless African nations and now Central and South American nations.  And if that doesn't make 'em do exactly what you've told, then "earthquake" them!!  Like in Japan in 2011… Most Uhmerukun eedjots just would not believe this.  They think that capabilities for clandestine warfare by weaponized weather and frequencies could not possibly exist.  The still believe that "the bomb" is the Ultimate Weapon and nothing else could be dreamed up that would be as diabolical…… sigh.

  4. dominic says:

    beech leaf disease.  I'm a plant pathologist.  The leaf colours suggest the inability of the tree to move nutrients to the leaves, leading to a nutrient deficiency symptom.  Sometimes this is from phytotoxicity.  It seems abiotic to me, not a "disease" like a new pest or a bacteria, it's a classic symptom of a chemical imbalance.


    Trees are an indicator of ecosystem health.  There aren't any "new" pests or diseases, trees have evolved with pathogens for millions of years already.  The only thing new is environmental , it's chemical. It's sort of similar to what happened with acid rain in Vermont, "nobody could figure it out" because it was airborne, or, you could go to Sudbury, ON, where they learned about airborne pollutants affecting the downwind area.  Now today this is common knowledge, but nobody ever expected it would be globalized.


    next time anyone has a chance, take a sample of snow and get it analyzed at a laboratory.  Then, melt it down and drink some, if it is so safe. 

    Thanks Dane for bringing up this one, the trees are not something to be taken for granted, they are essential.  That's different than nice, or good for you, or desirable, trees are essential. 

    Meanwhile, around here, the traditional Alberta blue sky, is gray.

    covered with clouds I've never seen before, long wispy threads , clouds with new names, imagine that,, as if they are "new" to science, as if they were there all along, even for the ancient Greeks, but nobody named them.  I believe however, they are actually "new".




  5. Tsar Nicholas says:

    RT just published an article on a new scientific paper on the impact of the deaths of indigenous peoples of the Americas on the global climate. The authors estimate population decline of about 56 million between 1492 and 1600. The population loss, due to epidemics and so on, led to large ares of former famland being re-afforested. This in turn led to a noticeable CO2 drawdown which can be traced in Antarctic ice cores. The result may have been the Mini Ice Age.

    A small number of pre-industrial Europeans (earth population in 1500 AD ~500 million or less) with muskets may have caused the Mini Ice Age. That says a lot about how humans have geoengineered the climate. How much more destructive can a global population nearly sixteen times larger with all sorts of industrial technology can have?

    In the article is a link to the original paper. It's lengthy, but worth a read, or the first part of it is worth a read.

    Thanks, Dane, for all the work you do.

  6. Paul Vonharnish says:

    It was -37 F (that's below 0) in Northeastern Minnesota the morning of January 30.  Ground surface temperatures were well below reported temps in Alaska.  Anything strange about that?

    I've lived in Minnesota my entire life (so not a weather wimp) but have never experienced frost burns on my face with just over ten minutes of exposure.  Chemical nucleation is being combined with pulsed ELF radio frequency modulations.  I can hear and feel HAARP/SBX manipulations every time they come on line.  Deleterious physical responses are being reported all over the web.

    HAARP/SBX emissions affect all species who utilize magnetite crystals for polar field orientation. > I read this paper shortly after its initial release in 2001. 

    A scientific study “Magnetite-based magneto reception 2001” affirms the “sensitivity to electric fields and their role in navigation across wide range of species.”  Please read

    Then review this page: The Disappearing Bees: CCD and Electromagnetic Radiation – UK Indymediae

    These "experimental" transmitters need to be Permanently shut down, and their designers and operators imprisoned for life…

    • Kelly says:

      Excellent shares. Thank you. We had snow in Colorado at 48 degrees and at 42 degrees a couple of weeks ago. The snow is very, very cold, as is the wind they use to cool things down. I grew up in Montana, but what we have had here the past few years is much different. It's super slick and cold. I had my snow melt tested in the beginning of 2018 and there were heavy metals, which I'm sure would be in higher concentration now a year later. 

    • Nancy S. says:

      Hi, your first link to Caltech paper will launch from the URL you provided if the last three (3) characters are removed. In other words, backspace to the end of the .pdf at the end of the URL. Otherwise, the link shows as "not found." Thank you for posting the links to the studies.

  7. John Jay says:

    I think that if the sun set an hour later some evening, and it wasn’t on CNN, that almost no one would notice, and those who did notice, would be labeled as wild conspiracy theorists.

  8. Marilyn Avila says:

    Regarding the Venezuela crisis,  besides oil and gold,  another mineral mined there is Coltan (blue gold) to manufacture batteries for electronic products.

    Thank you to all the good, awakened people speaking out and trying to save our planet, and to you Dane for all you do.  

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      U.S. and Russia in proxy wars over Syria's natural gas fields and Venezuelan oil and gold.  IS or ISIS, depending on whose propaganda you're reading, was outfitted with a fleet of Toyota trucks paid for by the Pentagon.  At least we know where some of the missing trillions wound up…..

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, I can count the things I hate in life on one hand. Engineered skies is one of them. I've been watching the "sky cover" drop lower and lower all afternoon today. Then about 2 hours before sun down a very strange, almost heavy smoke looking lower layer started to roll in under the engineered sky cover. It started slowly rolling in from the north. As it came closer I could detect a very strange oder. It's nothing like I've ever smelled before. Not natural, for sure. Then about an hour after sun down I could hear several tankers flying over at an alarmingly low altitude. I've gotten pretty good at judging how high up tankers are just by listening to them. We are scheduled for "1-3 inches" of snow tomorrow. There is more coming on Sunday and Monday. Another 3 to 6 inches. I don't mind writing that the notion scares me. I've been sick for 8 days now from the last snow we had. Between being sick and mending 2 broken ribs, I've had way to much time to sit and think. It frustrates me knowing that if it weren't for chemical ice nucleation, it would be raining out there. And if the skies weren't aerosoled so heavily, it would be raining a lot! 7% more rain for every degree C of of global temp rise. We all should be getting 21 to 28% more rain and not be stuck in an induced deep freeze. Just in the last few weeks I've heard of over a dozen folks coming down with "pneumonia". I don't get out much this time of year so I consider that number to astounding. I speculate that the area specific "crop dusters"(fighter jets) are carrying out "experiments" on the residents below. I wonder how many more will get sick after this next 5 days of "snow event"?

    • DblOT says:


      Around 6 years ago I was on the beach in FL on a nice hot day. The beach line was sprayed heavy that day. The very next day everybody that was on the beach, including myself,  ended up in the local clinic with "pneumonia". I couldn't believe it. The place was packed. Young , old , and in between , all coughing, They gave everyone the same treatment, called a ZIP pack. It had a 7 day supply of cipro and some cough meds. The next day at the CVS they had a sign out front advertising pneumonia shots. Then shingles shots. Coincidence?


    • Robert St John says:

      Hello Simple Horseman,. Here in Portland,  Oregon , there have been cold clear skies of late (albeit the persistent trails of deceit) ,turning to rain with phony snow predicted for later next week. I don't know what it is, but I don't smell what you have described in your post, but then again my nose has been hammered for most of my life with pollution from, industrial, , city living, nasal cold sprays etc,  Strange as this sounds, I  try to stay out of the weather as much as I can, dog included.. Sorry to hear about you feeling under the weather (pun intended),and broken ribs on top that, Sheesh!  I came down with pneumonia back in 2004 and a weaker person would not have survived. I went through a good month of misery and a few months of recovery after that and I came away from that 20 lbs. lighter and with a real (respect/hate)  for pneumonia. And as a note, I find it amusing, and sincere,  when poster's to this site send in songs to relate to current times and here is one that struck a chord with me,   it's by Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young," titled "What Are Their Names".  As relevant today as then. Get Well Mike.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Cipro is the trade name for the fluoroquinolone antibiotic that was being used prophylactically by members of Congress in case of anthrax attack (the anthrax mailed was genetically analyzed and it proved to have it's origins in Ft. Detrick, VA…..hmmm….).  Donald Rumsfeld (whose ancestors were N.A.Z.I.s) owned 51 per cent of the stock in the company that makes it.  The drug, like so many other toxic Big Pharma "solutions" to what ails, contains fluoride, which along with aluminum, robs the body of magnesium… causing heart attacks… for which "they" will give you more toxic drugs, that also rob the body of magnesium.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

  10. James says:

    Here in montana the spraying has gone through the roof. I moved from seattle WA in 2012 and could watch planes spraying non stop, making circles and any other pattern you can imagine. I cam to bright blue skys with almost no clouds, after 5 years they now spray this area non-stop. Fortunately we have a local radio show talking about it now and providing tips to stay healthy and get this crap out of our bodies, here is a link

    mass consciousness is our only effective tool to fight what we face 

  11. Gary Morrow says:

    The existence of the geoengineering programs can be proved, at least to my satisfaction by observational and statistical means alone, without knowing a great deal about the physics of the matter. If you repeatedly see thirty planes within the first hour after sunrise, with nearly all of them flying in the same direction and leaving long spreading trails over this part of rural SC, you are witnessing a military operation.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Gary Morrow:  Even when a person points to the evidence, the public has been "educated" to ignore the evidence…

      "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a Trout in the milk"

      – Henry David Thoreau –

      (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862)

  12. Bella_Fantasia says:

    They're going beyond overboard trying to explain the polar vortex.  One climate scientist tonight said it was like a tight ring around the north pole, higher up than the jet stream.  It holds the cold in at the pole, but it has split during the last two years, something they've never seen.  So they are speculating, and a few papers have been written about it, but there seems NO OTHER EXPLANATION for what's happening with all the cold 'escaping' and coming south.  And of course no mention of all the hottest years recorded on Earth coming in the 21st century.

    Give us a break!  The cold in Minnesota is probably colder than the North Pole.  It's definitely colder than Utqiagvik, Alaska, on the Beaufort Sea, which often is no colder than Anchorage, 600 miles to the south.

    As Dane's recent article on Geoengineered Winter, 2019 demonstrates, the people are fed absurdities, like it will rain for 102 minutes or snow at 39 degrees.  And as liars beat the drums of winter storm drama to death, my confidence in peoples' ability to think sinks daily. . . . . like the Alaskan natives that are 'wading' in permafrost.

  13. Richard says:

    Ok I don't understand this artic blast of record low temperatures crippling the mid and eastern states this week. Is this ice nucleation or a low pressure front coming from the north polar region? Dane can you explain this please? I am confused here. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Richard, in regard to your question, the “Arctic Blast” is an engineered winter event. FYI

  14. Paul Vonharnish says:

    There are a number of posts regarding 5G being released in "select" cities around the world.  As most know, 5G is a militarized murder weapon designed by Israeli technocrats and jammed down our collective throats as another "needed" innovation.  Indeed!  The dying wildlife and insects have been trying to clue us about "need" for over four decades.

    Murder by Emoji – The Digital Killing Fields – EMF/EMR – YouTube  Published on October 15, 2018

    The Insect Inspector Report – How we are all involved in industrial scale digital insecticide without knowing it. What does it mean for the future of humanity?

    Yes. What does it mean?

    Here's a whimsical song with a great title: Insect Armageddon – Man-made Electromagnetic Radiation is out of control – The Insect Inspector – YouTube  Published on June 14, 2018

    "A song and video based The Insect Inspector's Hypothesis that:  The world-wide decline in flying insects is due in part to the rapid growth of man-made Electromagnetic radiation from wireless device communication. This global, ubiquitous non-ionizing radiation is adversely affecting flying insects' ability to feed and breed."

    You'll have to turn this up pretty loud to hear the lyrics –

    None of this is news to people who've already been made ill by EMF radiation. The employees and operatives who've forced cellular communication networks upon us are insane and dangerous.

    Existing military programs and all airborne technology needs to be banned and removed from the our mutual environment or we are all dead meat… Here's another document that our post war German/Israeli technocrats have hidden away in the Library of Congress archives for decades: >

    Aerospace Technology Division

    Library of Congress

    ATD Report 66-92

    July 13, 1966



    "Although there have been regular international conferences on this subject, the exchange of information and the publication of results has been limited. The reason for this is clear from one fact. In the United States, the research on the influence of high-frequency waves, especially microwaves, has been carried out on a broad scale since 1957, and this has been done under the auspices of the Department of Defense and coordinated with the medical research laboratory created as a part of the experimental rocket base at Cape Canaveral.

    Therefore, one cannot expect that all results would be published in detail. It is also understandable that information on new results from other countries would be equally hard to come by. In spite of this, about one thousand studies have been published on this subject up to the present time (1963). [8]" 

    "Low-intensity electromagnetic waves cause difficulties which are primarily of a neurotic nature [14]. These include headaches, pain in the eyes, tiredness and general weakness, dizziness after standing for a period of time, fitful sleep at night, sleepiness in the daytime, changing moods, irritability, hypochondriac [like] attitudes, fear, depressions, reduced intellectual capacity, and reduced memory.

    With longer exposure, laziness and an inability to make decisions result. Complaints are evoked regarding sensations of tension in the skin, head, and forehead, loss of hair, muscle aches, and pain around the heart. Complaints of sexual difficulties are not uncommon. Such people experience slight eyelid, tongue, and finger tremors accompanied by increased perspiration. During work in a higher field a marked reduction in blood pressure has been observed which lead to collapse."


    "It should be pointed cut that the possibility of the existence of the non-thermal effect of electromagnetic waves is generally accepted today, [1966] and because substantial experimental documentation exists, it can be considered proven. It has been demonstrated that non-thermal effects also occur with fields of greater intensity, where the rise in temperature is the first reaction of the organism. Non-thermal effects brought about changes in inter-neuron connections, the inactivation of certain viruses, and changes in the growth and infection properties of bacteria. 


    Undoubtedly the most important non-thermal effects are the changes in the course of the division of cells, especially of chromosomes. Fig. 3 shows the process. It depicts the dependence of the mitotic index on the intensity of the field at different radiation times [11]. Also, actual changes in the shape of the chromosomes have been encountered. These changes are directly connected with the development of the individual and the changes in the properties of the descendants." 

    Complete text:

    The telecommunications ghouls, FCC accomplices, and most world leaders need to spend the rest of eternity in prison…

  15. [hō′mē-OH'-stā′sĭs] says:

    GeoWatch website still #1 on Duck Duck Go search for geoengineering. F*ck g$$gle. Doomsday Clock is worth mentioning with every flyer handed out.

    Weather whiplash in the Lower Great Lakes as ABC affiliate WTVG reports record-breaking (-5°F in 1965) extreme bitter cold once again grip the eastern states of America while temps in Alaska soar, and the western states half of the lower 48 remain drought-stricken. Wind chills of -30°- 45° below zero today and tomorrow lead to a "dramatic warmup" by Monday; "predicting" 100°F difference in the wind chill between now and then. They're also reporting people hearing booms in the sky!!

    There's a break in the precipitation right now and the sun lights up the sky brilliant white and silvery gray- behind the persistent shallow layer of chemical ice-nucleated air blanketing the eastern half of the lower 48 States. The wacky weather buzzword for today-"frostquick." 

    Once you're  awake, you can't go back to sleep. Not if your sanity and morality are intact. Tell people to find out what's going on and decide which is the right thing to do: speak up and help raise awareness, or pretend its not happening like our "government" and remain silent. 

    Solace is truly found in knowing about and caring enough to do my part in exposing and halting climate engineering, and knowing all y'all weather warriors out there are also shining the light of truth into the dark where our real enemy cowers and conspires with the live-action role-playing sexual-deviant psychopaths that control everything.

    I end with words of wisdom from Mark Twain, "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled." 



  16. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It's beginning to look like the US is not really set up for 5G yet compared to China.  Without explanation we've heard a lot about China stealing our intellectual property, but it might be the other way around.  Perhaps you've heard how the CFO of Huawei was arrested in Canada at the behest of the US and may be extradited here.  She is not a criminal, but it sounds like Huawei has every aspect of 5G infrastructure perfected already.  There will be complete tests in 16 Chinese cities.  I feel very sorry for those unfortunate people and animals and plant life, but I don't think the US has come close to any sort of full testing of 5G.  If there are disturbing and detrimental effects from the tests, do you suppose Huawei will admit it and back off?  

    " It’s leading the race to roll out next generation cutting-edge 5G technology of mobile Internet use, ahead of US and European competitors. At stake are trillions of dollars of economic value ahead. Huawei is targeted by Washington for the above reasons."

    It's hard to imagine which is worse; the toxic, deadly technology of 5G or full blown war with China over the 5G technology. Either way, there's a lot going on behind the scenes of the East/West trade war, all of which ordinary people can do without.

    The Battle for 5G, Escalating Trade War With China: Trump Administration to Request Extradition of Huawei CFO, by Stephen Lendman, Jan. 23, 2019,

    "China To Start Testing 5G Networks in These Cities" by Bridget O'Donnell, May 3, 2018,


    • DblOT says:

      Verizon employee told me weeks ago they have already been testing 5g in 3 US cities (to see if it works). If they haven't already rolled it out, they will soon, I believe. I don't think they will ask our permission in any case. The tower near our house has been humming strong for the last two years. Unable to sleep as a result.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, hello, and horrors, 5G IS here now!  As in Berkeley, CA.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, I did not think this would go through but it did!  Wow, been a long time since I could post.  When I came home from uptown end of September, PG&E were in my usual parking spot in front of house and I asked what was up. Those guys know me by now and with big smiles said they were setting up 5G!  I flipped, they looked bummed and asked why I was upset.  I told them briefly and asked how much they knew about it, they knew nothing!  So I told them and they looked horrified and I told them where to find out more as well as this site.  Then marched up stairs to house to call the governor, Brown, while landlord and neighbor taunted me: "Come into the future Rachel, with us!  Where we get the Internet of things!"  Oh dear deities they knew nothing, both college graduates.  Sigh. I called the gov and you really can't do that or even leave a message but as I was about to blow, the kind woman who answered the phone told me the issue.  When gov Brown offed 5G, or so I thought, what he offed was blanket permission for all of CA.  He okayed it city by city and of course our now tech Berkeley wants it.  Sonic delivered flyers, even garden seeds as 'good neighbors'-wow!  They installed then had to uninstall, competition was that issue.  The city said they were having some issues getting the 5G to work.  No one cares it seems!  But for the few like me, it may as well be geoengineering!  GRRRRR!  No one wants to know the harms.  And these idiots did not even know what IoT stands for and means!!!!  I think there is serious truth to phones offing 5-10 IQ points.  Some people can't afford to lose that!  I'm one pissed off Rachel.  I feel so alone, but now? this works?  

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Rachel Robson et al:  I know the feeling… Been in the anti-EMF trenches for over 30 years.  Lost all business associates, most friends, and all family.  All believe the mainstream bullshit and have painted a foil hat on my head.  They won't read data: >

      Excerpted from: Human Generated Electromagnetic Radiation is Harming Wildlife


      In his magnum opusBees, Birds, and Humans – on Electro smog's Destructive Effects on Nature, Bio-scientist, Dr. Ulrich Warnke states:


      "The information-processing and function systems of today’s humans, plants and animals are bombarded with artificial magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields from numerous mobile and telecommunications sources in a concentration and intensity as never before. The consequences of these developments put forth by their critics cannot be overlooked any longer. Bees and other insects are disappearing. Birds avoid certain regions and are disoriented in others. Humans suffer functional problems and other sicknesses. And the evidence that suggests some of these problems may be inheritable means we’re passing them on to the next generation."


      Please review the entire page.  Then ask your friends if downloading movies and pictures (really fast) is worth dying for it…

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      DbIOT and Rachel Robson, Hello!  It's been a long time, Rachel.

      I'm sorry to hear the news of 5G already intruding so horribly on your lives.  It's hard to imagine so many towers going up without people complaining, and it's disturbing that people seem so stupid and ignorant.  What possible use is there for the internet of things?  Why it would be a good idea for everything to 'go down' at one time with the whims of the internet?  They must be dreaming of all the new appliances and phones they'll sell us.  I wish them luck with that when so many don't have money. . . . .  

      Here in Alaska we're in the back water of internet services.  Spotty coverage, collusion between companies for the appearance of competition, and very, very high costs to the consumer.  Wireless?  There are about 13 electrical cords to accomplish connections from the cable jack to a phone modem for a so-called landline that's on wifi, to an internet modem for the desk computer, to a router to have wifi in the house, and a lamp. To be fair my TV is plugged in nearby (without cable) and the antenna is plugged in, but there's an enormous jumble of cords that makes you wonder what ever happened to 'the future'.  Here it's a dark ages nightmare of electrical cords. 

      Anyway, I hope we're too backwards here to see 5G any time soon.  I know my left ear started ringing after the first month of wifi exposure ten years ago, and never has stopped.  It's getting louder and I worry about my other ear, hoping I won't go crazy if that one breaks down. Quiet is such a lovely state.

      And, I agree with you Rachel, this wifi smog is deadly.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      For Paul, Rachel, dbIOT,

      I'm remembering a conversation I had online with a man who told me his bedroom was on the other side of a wall of smart meters.  Always healthy, he suddenly needed an extreme heart surgery, and that all three of his dogs died.  

      Hearing that made me feel both livid and deeply heartbroken.  Such pure evil, even though there is plenty of evil to go around, I'm convinced this technology is the death ray.

      Rachel, please stay in touch with us.  It's very bad to feel alone when you are not.

      A note of good news here:  Italian Court Orders Public Safety Campaign, by Microwave News, January 30, 2018,


  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: A new awesome radio interview with Dane!

    Premiered Jan 28, 2019
    The truth is finally revealed! Shocking Interview!
    Groundbreaking Interview with Dane Wigington from! Dane has new eye opening information about the silent battle being waged in the sky over our heads!

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  EXCELLENT interview!  Am going to pass it around.  Thanks for the link.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      I saw the interview …and I too thought it was excellent.  We need more of these YouTubers to have Dane on as a guest and the word would spread like a wild fire.  So many of these people have a large following and if all share imagine how far amd wide the word would spread.

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: I post this now and again for those who are wondering “How do i function everyday knowing i am living in a deadly soup?”  We all go through this — and somehow find our courage. Dane inspires us and I know that he would agree with me that no matter what happens, when I pass out of this world, I want to know that I have done everything I could to expose the TRUTH. So we strengthen our will and our faith, whatever form that takes for each of us. Lose all fear.
    As for the body, I recommend Vegetal Silica (gets the aluminum out of the brain), Synertek Colostrum (boosts the immune system), Colloidal Silver (safe anywhere in & on your body), Olive Leaf Spray (protects & boosts respiratory health). Don’t give up. We all “walk this lonesome valley.”  Our beautiful planet and the sleeping earthlings are counting on you!

    Also, Dane has posted this “The Basics” on staying healthy and alert:
    Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t

    July 13, 2016    
    Dane Wigington /
    How does one retain some semblance of health while existing in a world that has become alarmingly toxic and incompatible to life as a whole? Though there are countless sources of contamination, the climate engineering fallout is the most pervasive of all. I am not a physician, but I have made an effort to understand and pursue fitness and health since I was about 14 years of age. To some degree I have avoided previously penning this post because it is not my primary area of study. This being said, I have had many requests to outline what my personal health protocol is, so I'll do exactly that. I am not giving medical advice, I am not suggesting or directing anyone to practice the health/fitness regime that I follow, I am simply sharing it.

    • Dale K says:

      Perfect (???) Super Bowl weather concocted by the geoengineers… The football game means nothing to me, as I don't own a TV or make it a habit to watch it on the screen. 

      Chicago will be colder than Antarctica this week; 250 million in USA will see freezing temperatures
      John Bacon, Doyle Rice and Aamer Madhani, 
      USA TODAY 
      Jan. 29, 2019

      CHICAGO – The season's most wintry roar threatened to paralyze a wide swath of the nation Tuesday as temperature records began falling fast. Parts of New York braced for up to 4 feet of snow, and Atlanta endured a blast of rain and snow as travelers headed to the city for the Super Bowl.

      Wednesday, temperatures will continue to plummet and winds will howl as parts of the Midwest and East are overwhelmed by the polar vortex swooping down from the North Pole. meteorologist Ryan Maue predicted that 250 million people in the continental U.S. will experience freezing temperatures by week's end, and 90 million would see below-zero temperatures.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dana Ashlie
    Published on Jan 25, 2019

  20. X on Earth says:

    I'm new here and this may be commonly known and obvious, but aren't those who are spraying our skies doing so in a mistaken attempt to mitigate Global Warming so their fossil fuel sponsors can continue to sell their products?

    • Randall rj says:

      Yes, and much more. They have brought us to the cliff of extinction in their greed, abandoning the laws of nature. Its going to be a exciting next decade as this emergency comes to light and it all plays out. Educate family and friends,you WILL be proven right!

    • Dennie says:

      Yup.  They're just stoopid enough to believe that they can stop their poisoning with…. more poison– SHEEEESH!!!  You never hear about the lack of minerals in our diet and how important it is to get enough for healthy blood pressure, heart, liver, pancreas and other functions necessary for health:

  21. Star Messenger says:

    Dane, I just left a "Tweet" on the Union of Concerned Scientists web site to inform them of something more pressing.  As much as they are concerned with this planet's environment, I told them they were overlooking what is directly over their heads that is quickly destroying the entire planet; Solar Radiation Management (SRM), commonly known as Chem Trails.  

    For those here who are interested here is the Link:

  22. Ken Miller says:

    Florida is 55. Chicago? below zero from the nucleated snowfalls that are  frozen in place like stone. Of coarse Dane Wigington is right. The North Pole poisoning all that breaths in Canada and USA and all breathing past the equator. Rivers drying up in Australia. Methane. Colorado River? I remember it running through the desert. Stats are formally asking for the Great Lakes.  Now? The ship is sinking. The Parkland Student Movement need to hear you. I will link GeoengineeringWatch to the them. 


  23. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, Greg Hunter had a VERY interesting interview, 1-22-2019, with Daniel Estulin. Myself, I had never heard of him before. But in the first 3 minutes he starts talking about and explaining "conceptual intelligence". Absolutely fascinating. He worked for Russian intelligence for 24 years and is a "best selling author". If anyone wants to have a more clear picture of who is pulling the puppet strings, this guy connects a lot of dots for us. I learned a lot. Daniel Estulin does most of the talking in this interview, FYI. Greg also did a very good recent interview with our friend Kevin Shipp.

    It's time for the horseman to give some more things away. I have a copy of a book called "Cadillac Desert" The west and it's disappearing water, by Mark Reisner. In it you will learn more than you thought existed about the water systems of the southwest and in that you will learn how or why things are playing out like they are down that way. I'd like to give it to someone that is directly affected by the water situation of the Colorado river urban needs and rural irrigation region. I also have a copy of "Crossing the Rubicon" The decline of the american empire at the end of the age of oil, by Michael C Ruppert to give away. Wow, what a thick and powerful book. No wonder Dennie quotes from it often. Two last things here, Please be serious about reading one of the books and promise to pass it on here when you are finished. Ask Dane to send you my email address and then I will send you the book in the mail. Nothing like good o'l fashioned hard copy.

    • Dennie says:

      If only MCR were still here…..I've given away a few though I still have my copy.  Crossing the Rubicon was a book that pointed to where civilization was headed, to where we are at this moment in time.  The moment "They" feared the most, the time when "they" run out of energy to fuel Their machines of mass destruction.  So, YOU tell lies to create false pretexts and cover your asses with plausible denials– the fabric of your sick creation in which you've clothed yourselves is now so very worn and threadbare that you can't hide behind that torn and tattered curtain for even on more New York nanosecond, you so-called "elites.."  And on that subject, "elite" WHAT?  Certainly it's not your imagination– no, that could never possibly come up with any kind of lifestyle that would foster actual life, only "virtual" life, which you try to sell as something better even while you're busy killing The Real Deal– Plastic Fantastics– !!!! Mike Ruppert lived so close I could have gone to visit him for lunch, then he blew his brains out on Tubbs Lane in Calistoga one mid-April Sunday in 2014, but not before he blew the cover off you Elites' sorry hidey-hole.  We know you're there and we know what you've been doing, and there will be NO putting that Genie back in the bottle.  YOU.  ARE. FINISHED.   GAME OVER.  But onlyYOU are the last to know that.  And YOU will be the last to go.

      Mike (Ruppert), I am still here "saying your f***ing name," as you often said of the key people who you wished could have blow the whistle and didn't.  In the end you couldn't bear up under the pressure and collapsed from within along the fault lines of your inherent congenital weaknesses but you opened many eyes while you were here.  The massive boulders you threw are still creating ripples that will continue to echo in the paradigm of the dimension of "good and evil."  

  24. Louise Neufeld says:

    Thank you Dane for your tireless work attempting to wake people up. It is so frustrating and seemingly futile to bring up the geoingineeering topic, or GMOs or vaccines or other "conspiratorial topics" that seem to infuriate and have me concede by changing topics so my friends and relatives don't begin WW3. And don't touch politics either! Thank goodness for you Dane and the many contributors,especially the regular ones, who feed my soul and remind me I'm not crazy! 

    A few years ago, at an anti-geoengineering protest I was handing out Dane's pamphlets in downtown Winnipeg at The Forks. I moved towards a father and daughter who were casually riding their bikes.  As I persistently explained what the pamphlets were about he scowled at me and yelled…"I'm in the military!" as though that explained everything including his reluctance to accept a pamphlet.

    Manitoba has been sprayed every single day for years. Apparently we've been doused with experimental spray already in the fifties and sixties.  Even when people argue…but it's sunny out, the sky is silver.  We've not seen a real blue sky in years.  Currently we are in the deep freeze, manufactured of course. Tonight with a temp of -33C the wind chill is supposed to be -53C. We've had cloud cover and snow at -26C.  That is unheard of.  We experience 360 degree dark red/pink sunsets and sunrises whenever the sky is supposedly "clear". We have rain at -6 degrees Celsius and snow, in the form of "snow showers" ?? (the new buzzword) at 9 degrees Celsius.

    People in Manitoba are sick.  The sickest in Canada apparently.  Everyone is afflicted with MS, Parkinson's or Dementia (early onset), some type of cancer or heart disease or at the very least are waiting or have had shoulder surgery, hip or knee replacement. I've been to so many funerals in the last years.  The majority were people under 60. It is disturbing to watch so many slack jawed, obese, or lumbering people stumble about in a daze to wait in line for their drug prescriptions.  

    They are talking about the emerald ash bore possibly freezing in this cold weather so perhaps a few ash trees will be saved.  This after culling so many stately ash and elm trees in Winnipeg. Out in rural Manitoba our evergreens and pines are dying. We rarely see any wildlife and hardly any birds nor butterflies in the summer. I was overjoyed when I actually saw a bumble bee this summer, a Monarch butterfly and 2 hummingbirds.  It's been years. And we used to see so many.

    Our national CBC continues its ridiculous propaganda as do Big Pharma, Big Ag, Bid Corp, Big Science, conventional Medicine, universities, and our politicians. There is nothing more corrosive to character than money,

    Rather than listen to the pontifications of authority or the clamor of the majority we may quickly find that our inner convictions do not resonate with the vox populi.  And so…we carry on!!



    • BlueSue says:

      Hello Louise. It sounds like Manitoba suffers the same SRA and SAI onslaught that we know so well here where I live in Alaska. I can so relate to so many points you mention in your post, the sick drug-dependent (especially elderly) masses, the prevalence of joint replacement surgery (my mom just got a new knee), the decline of conifers and deciduous trees, the disappearance of insects such as bees, butterflies, and most noticeable here — mosquitoes!  The birds are seldom seen or heard anymore, except for ravens, magpies, chickadees, and gulls. Sadly, robins have become a rare sight. The heavy spraying of the past few days has produced unnaturally warm weather in the high 30s and 40s (F) with snow one minute and rain the next, and rain in January is not normal!  Unfortunately Big Oil runs this very red state, and our pathetically entrenched lone representative in the House is deeply prostituted to the corrupt corporatocracy.  I well know your angst in trying to bring the light of truth to others who are unwilling to see or listen.  Please know that you have many kindred souls here doing the same as you and sharing your frustration as we soldier on in spreading awareness. Your efforts are appreciated and meaningful. Thank you. God bless. 

  25. Will says:

    The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.    

    — Frank Zappa

  26. Stuart says:

    A spectacular "Krakatoa Sunrise" this morning at 0630 AM here in southern CA.  Heavy SRM spray activity to control hi temps.

    We had about six weeks of Engineered Winter here which started mid December.  Now they are attempting to shield the cold air mass with canopy of aerosols.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      We are supposed to get a little snow and freezing rain tonight and tomorrow morning here in north Mississippi. So they have been spraying the skies like crazy today, preparing for it. We would have had beautiful blue skies today, if not for the usual assault.

  27. Beatriz says:

    Dane, thanks for your response. Indeed I was extremely distressed when i learnt that your interview with Dr Mercola was never published

    on his site. Another case of caving in and not being corageous to stand for the Truth. Still i think at least Dr Klingdheart speaks and condemns geoengineering and has protocols for getting rid of the aluminum.

  28. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here in Italy, we had it very cold (but it felt colder than what the outdoor thermometer said. It was an icy cold). The snow fell and in some places 3 metres of it – it would not melt and hung around for nearly two weeks in places even when the temperature was in the 50-60F! All common signs of ice nucleation.  

    The air was toxic. My husband experienced burning in the whole oesophagus area after going outside to clear snow and we both experience this feeling especially when it is raining – so its best to stay indoors. Even our poor cats stay in as they are affected.

    I have never seen so many trees still with all their leaves on, just brown and hanging there, despite high winds and cold.  No one else notices!

    As to the birds dying en masse in California, we know that when they experimented with switching on 5G in the Netherlands that masses of birds dropped dead from the sky and trees.  Maybe, someone should check whether the 5G towers had been put up nearby.

    Here, what's left of the poor birds are being shot at by stupid hunters. I hate it and would like them to get a taste of their own medicine. I feel like running out shouting for them to stop but of course I would be thought of as "mentally unstable".  I was so pleased that a wood pecker had come to our little wood nearby. I hope he survived the hunter picking off anything that flew.  It sickens and saddens me to tears at times what the human race is capable of.

    A couple of weeks ago the UK Daily Mail had an article about air pollution. A politician wanted to ban wood fuelled heating stoves and fragranced candles because of the harm it was doing to people!. I put a full comment on about geoengineering and how he should be "looking up" and investigating the harm from the toxic SRM.  I agree about the dangers of fragranced candles being harmful to health because as a health practitioner I have witnessed it first hand.  I was AMAZED, for the FIRST TIME EVER the Daily Mail (or any other media) actually posted my comment at the bottom of the article!!!!! I got about 25 likes in the first few minutes so there is hope yet to waken the masses.

    Also,people should beware of sitting or sleeping any where near the Smart Meter. It affects the heart rhythm even in people who have not had heart problems.  It is all insidious in the way they want depopulation at any cost.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      There are so many frightening things converging right now — poisonous vaccines & flu shots, the spraying of our skies, GMOs in foods, processed foods, 5G poisoning, the list is long. I totally agree with you about hunting. It is beyond cruel to take the life of an innocent animal, and there are too many people without love and empathy in their hearts. Animals and people should live in joyous harmony with each other.

    • Dale K says:

      You can search for the terms, "geoengineering destroying ozone layer" and find GeoengineeringWatch's 2014 post at the top of the list using the Yippy search engine. I've read that DuckDuckGo uses Google's search results, so you are likely to miss Dane's article using that search engine.

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Pentagon Warns Climate Change Threatens Bases, Security
     U.S. Defense Department has issued a dire report on how climate change could affect the nation’s armed forces and security, warning that rising seas could inundate coastal bases and drought-fueled wildfires could endanger those that are inland.
    The 22-page assessment delivered to Congress on Thursday says about two-thirds of 79 mission-essential military installations in the U.S. that were reviewed are vulnerable now or in the future to flooding and more than half are at risk from drought. About half also are at risk from wildfires, including the threat of mudslides and erosion from rains after the blazes.
    … The report contradicts the view of President Donald Trump, who has rejected the scientific consensus that climate change is real and man-made. The report’s premise echoes the findings of the National Climate Assessment, written by 13 federal agencies and released in November. It concluded that the effects of global warming are accelerating and will cause widespread disruption.

    Trump rejected those findings. “I don’t believe it,” he said at the time.

    The new Defense Department report, which was mandated by Congress, describes widespread impacts, dispersed across the U.S., with more coastal flooding along the East coast and Hawaii.
    … Shortly after taking office, Trump revoked a memorandum that Obama signed in 2016, directing the Defense Department to account for climate change in its decisions about where to build new facilities and how it prepares for future threats.
    Senator Dick Durbin, the ranking Democrat on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, responded by calling Trump’s decision to rescind the memorandum “a security disaster.”

    • Hello Susan:  Darth Trump will need a flaming flamingo up his ass before he'll listen to any environmental advice.  If it weren't for all the fish (and other living creatures) I'd like all military bases to sink about 300 fathoms down… I found this DoD report in a .pdf the other day:

      Excerpted from: Department of Defense – Base Structure Report

      FY 2017 Baseline

      From: I. Introduction

      "Even with these regular reductions, DoD is still the Federal government’s largest holder of real estate managing a global real property portfolio that consists of over 568,000 facilities (buildings, structures, and linear structures), located on 4,794 sites worldwide and covering approximately 27.2 million acres."

      Complete text:

      Relocating the personnel from one flea bitten base in Syria – cuts one military base operation from the list of 4794 reported sites… Yippy!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Maybe sea level rise will finally be the nail that shuts the coffin on the military and their stranglehold on civilization.  They look to be begging for their nasty asses to be bailed out, literally, from a future that will put them quite literally under water.  That's karma for ya 😉

  30. Di says:

    I'm mad. People are getting sick, continuously, left and right.  Friends that eat totally clean, lead healthy lives, most of us live in the country. We all live in So. Cal., between San Diego and LA.  It is ridiculous.  They have been spraying the snot out of us lately. Everyone I talk to wants to know more. People are awake. Rant completed… for now.

    • Sideline Sam says:

      I wish more people would get mad Di.  "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" is the level of anger that every person on this planet needs to rise up to and fast.  Just think of what needs to be done to get these operations to stop and realize that it is going to be a monumental chore if it ever happens at all.  The level of disgust and indignation needs to quickly reach the point where people start taking action instead of passively watching all of this happen.  And it needs to start yesterday!  We are rapidly approaching the time when we will no longer have any recourse against the evil that has permeated every fiber of our existence on this planet.  Time is NOT on our side!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Greta Thunberg at Davos "I want you to panic": 


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Di, you're right, there 'are' people getting sick. "All over the country". Several you tube channels I follow have folks that are feeling poorly. I too feel like crap. Like I wrote below, I caught myself a "cold". Strange though, my only symptom is a fever. I'm not sure if I am running high temperature because of my broken ribs. The last ime I was sick was 5 years ago after I was out plowing snow on my little garden tractor while it was snowing. Another note here, 2 thru 5 days ago have been crazy dense skies like we see on the GAN Saturday broadcasts. We don't get hammered near as often as other regions but this last 7 days has been one for the records.

    • Keeping At It says:

      "Crazy dense skies" and the sickening realization (avoid panic attacks)  that the unusual and off-color cloud like panoramas I witnessed yesterday along with many expanding trails overhead while driving out over the Hood Canal bridge and west to Clallam county are way too obvious not to miss for those like me who have been noticing the sky all of my decades.  The low smoky haze of outdoor burning also punctuated the journey on a sunny day with increasingly added cloud cover being emitted by aircraft overhead.

  31. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta - says:

    So we are at two minutes to midnight! And what percentage of man will admit to it. You know, those that keep skipping through life that think there will be no repercussions to their actions. Or non-actions to stop this daily madness above all of our heads each day. Tick. tick, tick.   Didn't  you report on a huge drop in shipping last year too Dane.  How much longer will it be before there is only 1% left of shipping, of the last 10%  Then there is Zero! The Gold will only weigh them down as they're sinking.   Thank You Dane for all your encouraging words to stick with it.  It really helps to keep with it.  It is very helpful to have someone say; you are helping by everyone you reach. The spot fires. I Pray for this with each mail-out or interaction with one that is un-aware. I have also made up cards I keep in my wallet, which simply states:                                                                              Weather Modification                                                 Facts…                My back window that states: Our Weather Is Being Modified Everyday.            Our Billboard at our gate. You can wake another up without uttering a word!  I have had many cars on my butt that are  clearly writing down Danes site. It makes me proud. Ill back my speed off so they can read it easily.  A wave says it all!   We need to be creative. There is no excuse when you can do this for just a few dollars. Someone is talking about weather…hand him or her a card. Done. Especially those that see the weather is odd. Give them the answer to why. They are paying attention. Let them know the Truth.   It is so disturbing to hear about the weather in Australia. The melt down! 49C That is 120.2F !!! And they are warning the public not to leave their Children or Pets in vehicles! Oh My! At 25C (77F) they warn of that here. Do they really need to say anything at 120F !!!  What isn't wrong with mankind thinking.    Do we deserve to live.   I Wonder.   

    There is no next time, there is now, or never.

  32. Joseph L says:

    President Trump's Plans to Boost Missile Defense Could Spark an Arms Race


  33. Nemo says:

    “This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.” 
    ― T.S. Eliot

  34. Beatriz says:

    dear Dane and friends, my gratitude to all of you. the above is a link

    to a Dr. Mercola interview with Dr. Klinghardt about detoxifying protocols. Dr Klinghardt mentions geoengineering as a military operation being done by this country and 42 more, describes it 

    as homicide. he says that aluminum, barium, lithium, strontiontium and glysophates are raining on us, over the ocean and

    land from these operations. he also says that glyphosates serve as

    an injection of aluminum into our tissues. great interview, there is also a PDF provided. the 1 hr interview comes after the 3-4 min video before.

    It is interesting that from 49 comments only 2 mention the geoengineering atrocity taking place. The other commenters only

    focus on ways of dealing with the toxins in our bodies. that is important but the crucial importance is dealing with the cessation

    of the geoengineering program!!! it seems so logical and it is missed

    even in this so called intelligent site.


  35. Sean says:

    As depressing as it is, I dare say despite the rapidity of the collapse, it is still not nearly fast enough to wake up the masses. If things get to a point where there are no negative daily temperature anomalies to be found at all in the world, I'll think we'll be at the point where the zombies finally must awaken. As it is now there seems to still be a pool of cold that is being pushed around to maintain appearances, often at the expense of the Arctic.

    I think the geoengineers are now pushing the panic button themselves for the arctic. I've noticed that the positive temp anomalies there have not been so high as in previous years. When they are not robbing the Arctic to cool the lower latitudes, this means the lower latitudes will be way too warm. I think we're seeing that this year. I kid you not flowers have been coming up since New years day here in Vancouver BC Canada. It is absurd but no one cares. They are just happy it is "Spring" in the middle of winter.

    Thanks for your hard work Dane and others.

  36. BlueSue says:

    Dane, I noticed that in the weather report graphics you posted on a previous page for Bingham, NY, Nashville, and Jameston, they (the spurious weather disseminators) are including something that I've never seen before — the duration of the "forecasted" rain-showers — "rain continuing for 102 minutes" or "rain for at least 120 minutes".  Like you say Dane, they clearly control the spigots and the message. Sickening isn't it?

  37. Jeff Z says:

    It's odd how so many sources/prophets/whatever you want to call them always pointed to this timeframe, and how it was going to happen.  Self-fulfilling prophecies? Communion with dark forces? I suppose it doesn't matter.  I remember thinking- Nah! They can't pull this off in such a short period of time!  Yet, here we are.

    We've allowed psychopaths/sociopaths to charm their way to power, consolidate resources, all while the masses argue among themselves. Batten down the hatches folks.  Turbulence ahead.

    And yes Dane, I'm one of those on the east coast.  It's amazing how you can fool people.  Or maybe not when you consider most folks only observe what's right in front of them and get their other info from paid disinformationists!  We had a beautiful blue sky yesterday for about 4-5 hours.  I had forgotten the sky could be so blue.  But, like everything….it was shortlived.

    Get right with God!  In the end, all we've truly got is our own souls anyway.

  38. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Hello Huston?  There's a problem with our operating system…

    Published on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

    Common Dreams

    by Vijay Prashad


    Reality Is Starting to Creep into the Billionaire Oasis of Davos

    "Only 26 individuals have as much wealth as 3.8 billion people. Let that sink in."

  39. Alan says:

    Archived nugget from the Journal of the American Meteorological Society – 

    "The Meteorology Group of The Army Electronic Proving Ground, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, were visited on March 19, 1955, by Captain Howard T. Orville, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Weather Control, and Mr. Kenneth C. Spengler, Executive Secretary of the American Meteorological Society."

    • Alan says:

      Captain Orville’s Advisory Committee  on Weather Control reported to Eisenhower that the ability to control weather on a global scale should be a higher national priority than nuclear weaponry or satellites.  That was saying a lot, only months after the Sputnik launch.  He was also the source authority for the June 1958 Popular Science article Dane has referred to many times, in which it is stated that the Air Force was, even at that early date, already experimenting with aerosol dispersions from aircraft.

  40. Environ Toxicol Pharmacol. 2015 Jan;39(1):176-86. doi: 10.1016/j.etap.2014.11.021. Epub 2014 Dec 5.

    Identification of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in food products: induce intracellular oxidative stress mediated by TNF and CYP1A genes in human lung fibroblast cells.

    Periasamy VS1, Athinarayanan J1, Al-Hadi AM1, Juhaimi FA1, Mahmoud MH2, Alshatwi AA3.


    "Food grade TiO2 (E171) is a synthetic additive, and widely used as a coloring agent in many foods, pharmaceutical and personal care products. A few reports have highlighted that insoluble particulates (less than 200nm) of food grade TiO2 are found in many foods and confectionary products. However, information regarding the physico-chemical properties (i.e., size and shape)-based food grade TiO2 nanotoxicity related human health issues are limited. The main goal of this study is to examine the presence of nano-sized particulates and its structural characteristics of food grade- TiO2 materials and to assess the acute cellular uptake and metabolic stress induced by these particulates in human lung fibroblast (WI-38) cells. The results of transmission electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction studies indicated that about food grade TiO2 sample contains spherical shaped particulate forms in the nano-scale range, <100nm. The intracellular oxidative stress in human lung fibroblast cells (WI-38) was assessed through studies investigating the cellular uptake of the particles, changes in nuclear and cytoplasmic morphology, intracellular ROS, mitochondrial trans-membrane potential, the cell cycle and the expression of genes linked to metabolic stress markers. Altogether our data clearly indicate that primary metabolic stress indicators such as changes in the intracellular ROS, the dose-dependent loss of the mitochondrial membrane potential, alterations in cell cycle progression (G2/M>S>G0/G1) and changes in the TNF and CYP1A gene expression pattern are linked to cellular stress. Thus, food grade TiO2 as nano-scaled contaminants could not only be potential human health risk factors, suggesting that safety considerations with special respect to a few crucial factors such as size, and shape should be considered and regulated by food regulators."

    Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

    Complete text:

    "Should be considered and regulated by food regulators."  These nano-particulates are manifesting in the world's air column, water supplies, and crop lands…

    For testing in California: > McCampbell Analytical Inc. Testing services. 

    "Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, McCampbell Analytical, Inc. (MAI) offers a full range of analytical testing services for drinking water, waste water, storm water, as well as metals testing, soil testing, volatile organic compounds (VOC's) testing, hazardous waste, industrial materials and food analysis for a wide variety of chemical compounds including organic, inorganic and metallic contaminants."

  41. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It's hard not to feel discouraged.  Is the US a country without a moral compass?  Here is a new low in the ongoing saga of American exceptionalism. Certainly this is history I've never heard before, and it caused me to feel physically ill.  Nazis and the Holocaust were horrifying enough, but do you know about the American holocaust against the Germans?

    Excerpts from James Bacque's, Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation, 1944-1950, pp. 41-45, 94-95.

    Eisenhower’s Starvation Order
    Never had so many people been put in prison. The size of the Allied captures was unprecedented in all history.  (The Americans held 6.1 Million prisoners.) 

    Copies of the orders were discovered recently in several villages near the Rhine …

    As soon as Germany surrendered on 8 May 1945, the American Military Governor, General Eisenhower, sent out an “urgent courier” throughout the huge area that he commanded, making it a crime punishable by death for German civilians to feed prisoners. It was even a death-penalty crime to gather food together in one place to take it to prisoners …

    One US Army officer who read the posted order in May 1945 has written that it was “the intention of Army command regarding the German POW camps in the US Zone from May 1945 through the end of 1947 to exterminate as many POWs as the traffic would bear without international scrutiny.”

    ….Many prisoners and German civilians saw the American guards burn the food brought by civilian women. One former prisoner described it recently: “At first, the women from the nearby town brought food into the camp. The American soldiers took everything away from the women, threw it in a heap and poured gasoline [benzine] over it and burned it.”


  42. Paul Vonharnish says:

    About those rosy sunsets: > See chemical substances used in the following patent.  Ask yourself when you consented to become a guinea pig in this "experiment".  Signature??? 

    US3899144A – Powder contrail generation – Google Patents

    Excerpted from the patent information: "The Silanox treated titanium dioxide pigment is further protected from the deleterious effects of adsorbed moisture by incorporation of silica gel. The silica gel preferentially adsorbs water vapor that the powder may be exposed to after drying and before use. The silica gel used is a powder product, such as Syloid 65 from the W. R Grace and Co., Davison Chemical Division, and has an average particle size about 4.5 .1. and a large capacity for moisture at low humidities."

    Here's more monkey idiocy: >

    Variability in morphology, hygroscopicity, and optical properties of soot aerosols during atmospheric processing    

    Renyi Zhang*†, Alexei F. Khalizov*, Joakim Pagels‡§, Dan Zhang*, Huaxin Xue*, and Peter H. McMurry‡  

    *Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843; ‡Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455; and §Division of Aerosol Technology, Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, SE-211 00 Lund, Sweden 

    Communicated by Mario J. Molina, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA, May 19, 2008 (received for review February 20, 2008)   

    Complete text:

    What remains of "life" will continue to degrade until ALL aircraft are permanently grounded… I didn't sign any consent form to have a bunch of demented witches and their flying monkeys snuff me with their toys…

    • Mike UK says:

      Andrew, thanks very much for the link to this important article. I will circulate it as widely as possible. Although, in the past I've sent similar reports to among others, The Green Party, FOE and my own MP imploring them to take action – with zero response! But as Dane frequently reminds us, we have to maintain our efforts to sound the alarm – even in the face of apathy, and outright denial.

    • Sideline Sam says:

      Chris Martenson is really just a different type of paycheck and pensioner sellout.  His priority is selling his "courses" right up until the very end.  It is Sickening!

      Publishing an article entitled "Collapse is already here" without mentioning geoengineering is criminal as in aiding and abetting the  criminal cover up of these operations.  He knows what's going on but doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to let his followers in on it because that's what people that worship at the alter of the almighty dollar do.  It looks like he won't even let any comments that mention geoengineering so he's also censoring his comment section which is despicable in my book.  Like Dane says, he needs to find some courage and start telling the truth before it's too late.

    • Jeanette S says:

      thank you andrew. good article. as I was reading, about that enviro disaster with the birds on the baltic, it was made clear to me the importance of putting away vitamins in your supplies. I poo pooed that I don't take them regularly any way…I had been watching survival, skills, homesteading you tube videos and some of the folks say that you should stock vitamins. forgetting that our nutrients are running out and that is before the skies cloud over and change to sugar, etc. If things are collapsing count on nutrients running out which can be for any number of reasons. lots of good prepper vids. One was a gentleman saying people say they cant jput away emergency food it is too expensive, etc. he was talking about ALL the dehydrated food in a regular store that we buy all the time. oats, pasta, rice beans, I add jerky, nuts raisins, etc. He also said seeds. check these things out folks from building a stick shelter to a log cabin. Hints tips and tricks are priceless and can help us in our work here. these can keep us going, we who knew better and are best able to help others. we have been prepared and need to keep ourselves going strong in all times. 

    • BlueSue says:

      Horribly depressing read Andrew, because the truth of what's happening is becoming unbearable. I wonder many species have to disappear before it matters to enough people to collectively face this dire reality and actually do what's necessary?

    • Heh, heh… I'm with Sideline Sam on tis one.  This line says it all: "Publishing an article entitled "Collapse is already here" without mentioning geoengineering is criminal as in aiding and abetting the  criminal cover up of these operations."  Abso-tutely!

      I've planned carefully for Armageddon.  I keep stashing cartons of cigarettes and bottles of single malt scotch…

    • Sideline Sam says:

      I see a couple of people came to Andrew's rescue so I'd like to note that my post is not a slight on Andrew in the slightest.(PI) The fact of the matter is that I LOVE Andrew's detailed weekly reports and look forward to reading them.  Andrew, keep up the good work!

      The material in the link to Martenson's site is basically a collection of   reports that he copied and pasted from various sources with some commentary sprinkled about.  Dane went over most, if not all, of these reports in this week's Global Alert news broadcast but it's always good to have another reference.  The problem with Martenson's article of course is the exclusion of any word about geoengineering and we all know that ain't right.  Right?  Just calling it like I see it and Martenson is no friend of the cause that is for sure.

    • Jeanette S says:

      and those are for sale or trade, right Paul? we must keep our sense of humor too.

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks for sharing. That's a lot of information in one article.

  43. konrad gillissen says:

    Hallo  zusammen 

    ja sie sprühen jeden tag von Morgens bis zum Abend .

    es wird immer mehr  .



  44. BlueSue says:

    We experienced an abnormally warm day yesterday here in Alaska, almost reaching 50 degrees F above zero where I live.  What was weird was that stars could be seen shining in the early morning, and usually if the sky is clear in winter, it means very cold temps outside. What pitiful little snow covering we've got is now icy and slick from the meltdown.  Yesterday, six children in my class were absent.  All kinds of "flu" and cold symptoms are taking a toll on the little ones. Recess is brutal these days when we all have to breathe what's invisibly raining down upon us in the atmosphere. At home my deck is totally snow-free except for the slight dusting of fake snow (looks like little styro-foam balls) that fell last night.  Today is a little colder — about 33 F.  The sky is a drab blanket of gray. The forecast calls for temps in the mid 30s this coming week. We had another 4.2 "aftershock" Thursday. Seems that one of these little earthquakes can be felt almost weekly here.  They are strange, just a brief sudden jerk or jolt.  I wonder just what kind of jolt will it take to awaken the distracted and the deniers to the truth of our collapsing climate and environment?

    Thank you Dane for another excellent Global News Report.

  45. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, well, guess I can quit whining about the lack of snow for a while. Last Tuesday evening we got 8 inches in 7 hours. Just to show that God has a great sense of humor, that evening before it started snowing, on my way back up from the outhouse, I fell and broke two ribs, middle front left side. Buy the time I got up Wednesday AM, the snow had stopped and it was "go time". When it snows deep and you don't get at it right away, your laziness will come back to haunt you. I keep 6 miles of forest service road open for myself and 3 neighbors and 2 miles of road for a customer and her two neighbors. I don't have a fancy snow plow on the front of my truck. I have a V drag plow that I pull behind my big truck. 10 foot 6 across. (I asked the universe and it was given to me). I needed two "H" beams of substantial weight. They were given to me last fall by a very dear neighbor. 20 bucks worth of hardware, 2 hours of welding and we're plowing snow 8 inches deep. Thanks to the Universe, I can now keep long stretches of road open for only the price of my gas. It is good to treat your neighbors right. My customer has a quad 4×4 with snow plow that I keep her goat trail(half mile up hill) of a driveway open with. It's quite a work out. Especially with two broken ribs. So fast forward 3 days… I am sore as hell but I don't have to look over my shoulder nor regret any haunting of any laziness. I caught a mild cold(so far) from getting sweaty and cool to quickly. Not to mention inhaling what ever was gassing off from the recent heavy snow fall. 4 days now that snow has been plowed and it still hasn't set up like cement like it did last year and 3 years before that I can testify to. Even at 32 degrees it's dry and crunchy. Very strange indeed. There has been a substantial change in the chemical ice nucleation agents this year. The evidence is quite clear.

    • BlueSue says:

      Greetings from the north friend!  So very sorry to hear about your accident on the slippery snow and your broken ribs.  I feel your pain (literally) as I fractured the same two ribs a couple of years ago when riding my bike while attached to my dog (a young Aussie on our "maiden-voyage" with the bike) who jerked me off my seat and onto the pavement. I re-injured the same spot in another stupid fall last year hitting the very same spot on my ribcage-ouch! – very slow healing.  I pray you mend quickly, and am glad to hear that your own injuries have not curtailed the heart-warmed service you so freely give to those in need.  Wish we would get some more snow this winter (a real snowfall instead of the typical trickle of late) as there has been very little for us here in south central Alaska — just barely enough to make it look like winter (thinking of you here Gail).  It's been a virtual snow drought for the last 7 years or so. This morning the sky is a pale silvery blue with wide gray-white smears here and there and still above normal (+35F) temperature wise.  The tall and majestic (once dark green and full) spruce trees surrounding my house are all showing signs of death with their thinning and fading yellowish needles and fungi encrusted branches, and and it saddens me — half a dozen more will have to be fallen in the spring. (I knew two years ago that this death was coming, as they all coned-out extremely heavily.)  The song of chickadees reminds me that it may not be to late to affect positive change and save what's left of our beautiful world.  Blessings. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta - says:

      Sorry to hear about your ribs Mike. Didn't I tell you that you had determination. It is amazing what we can do if we have the need to do so. Pain is then secondary to a cause. You're a Good Neighbor. We could use a few more of them too!  

    • Joseph L says:

      I hope you get better soon. You bring alot to the table.  I read your comments alot,  Dane great work.

  46. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you for your unending courage, Dane!

    Doomsday clock remains at two minutes to midnight
    Jan.25, 2019

    The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, an organization comprised of scientists and Nobel Laureates, recently announced that the world’s Doomsday Clock remains at two minutes to midnight.

    While the clock hasn’t moved since last year, two minutes to midnight is the closest the clock has come to the apocalypse since the 1950s when the world was locked in a nuclear arms race.
    The clock remaining in place is anything but comforting, and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists call this new environment of political unrest and upheaval, “the new abnormal.”
    “It’s a state as worrisome as the most dangerous times of the Cold War, a state that features an unpredictable and shifting landscape of simmering disputes that multiply the chances for major military conflict to erupt,” the Bulletin wrote in their 2019 Clock Statement.
    “This new abnormal is simply too volatile and dangerous to accept as a continuing state of world affairs.”

    • Dennie says:

      "The new abnormal…"  Thank God, at least Jerry Brown said that. Just wWishing the elected representation and industrial leaders like crazy Elon Musk and Emperor Gates would actually come out and say why.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Yes, reading the full report and all their reasons,  it is unbelievable that they did not move the clock forward by 30, 60, or even 90 seconds

  47. Pauline says:

    Ah..sneaky!  Spraying has taken a change. More is happening under the cover of darkness or other aircraft is being used.

    At 10.50pm last night, there was a helicopter flying circles over Warragul, Aust. I went went out to watch it as it didn't register on Flight Tracker.  It started with a red light which would change to a green then back to red. There was very little cloud at the start but by the time the helicopter went elsewhere, we had whiteout above. 

    Very few people are out looking UP at this time of night so easy to get away with.  I suspect that the aircraft are from Snowy Hydro who seed for snow in winter. This info available on web.

  48. David Bach says:

    Hello Dane,

    this is my recent contribution from the southern border of Thuringia in the middle of Germany again.
    As I wrote last week, the climate engineers are working like  havocs on creating the Winter 2019 event for our biathlon competition and the distraction of the masses. During the last weeks I observed massive spraying followed by strange snowstorm events out of warm humid air coming from the Atlantic Ocean. The jet stream has been extensively manipulated for weeks now and it seems  that a lot of things are getting out of control, even for these maniacs who are playing god or whatever they are up to in their twisted minds.
    The predicted snow turns in to rain and back to flash ice events these days. Temperatures are snapping up and down around the freezing point
    and the forecast on several weather channels or smart phone apps changes completely every hour. Seems like they have problems with their simulation and forecast models while manipulating and recalculating the forecast data every hour.     
    The temperature on the southern hemisphere is extreme as they are in northern parts of Russia. Temperatures around freezing point at this time of the year for the Siberian region is totally unnatural. So I decided to use my animated gif's from that climate reanalyzer page to show them as many people as possible. It proofs that there is no winter in reality if they would not make use of that Knollenberg patents and massive ionospheric heating  over the Atlantic Ocean an on the west coast of North America. The many radars and H.A.A.R.P. facilities are responsible for the strange weather in that region. It seems that European weather is now constantly manipulated like it is in California since decades.      
    Most people do not notice, but since I got a nasty "cold" from that freak weather conditions and stayed at home, I observed the climate re-analyzer hourly and it seems that things are totally out of control. Since they started spraying my nose is running and my throat burns. Coughing and sneezing shows unusual amount of tiny bloody speckles in my tissues, that's frightening. A lot of Kids have problems with the respiratory system having a permanent "cold" as the officials claimed that there is a new kind of virus going around. I'm not sure how long this kind of deception will stop people from asking what to hell is going on. Next thing is, doctors and specialists for respiratory diseases are now starting a debate about air quality in Germany and Austria too. With it, it is slowly becoming evident that it is not only due to our many diesel vehicles which for years have already been equipped with particulate filters, except those of the military actually all. The air is nevertheless filled with the finest dust but one cannot explain it.  One thing is for sure, it causes illness and kills animals as well as humans. Destroys the soil and is poisonous, like the "beautiful" snow we now have here. Ever since this stuff fell from the sky, my nose and my throat have been irritated.. When it comes to the spraying, no one dares to mention that cause, they are in complete denial. Crazy shit, for sure, the answer is above our head's!
    With the beginning of January there had been only a few hours of clear sky. All the time we have that featureless white sky with these so called condensation trails of jet aircrafts. Every time I saw a little bit of blue above, it was full of trails and it drives me crazy every time I noticed. When I was commuting to work last weekend there was a blue sky and the sun showed up behind these poison clouds. I and some of my fellows noticed these spectral colored stains in the sky and took some photos with the smart phone. A few hours later the sky became completely hazy and the light turned in to pale orange the whole time at the day. When the sun went down, it was completely red and orange. Some would say it's like a surreal painted picture every evening or early at morning.  Also the snow glittered like a carpet of colored gems in that pale sunlight through my sun glasses. I'm using them even on cloudy day's because the high UV radiation is forcing me to squint my eyes all the time.
    Even animal's are getting sick or even crazy like last week. A fox attacked adult humans, biting a child and fled in the woods when a hunter went after him who stated that it showed no signs of rabies. Maybe the point where nature strikes back, who knows.

    Since my English skills aren't the best I hope most of the native speakers are capable to get an idea what I'm writing about.
    When I started with my observations on I also began asking myself why it is called that way. (re)analyzer? from the Climate Change Institute?  As English is not my native language I could possibly be wrong what that means, but in German language every words meaning is well defined. For example:  "Entertainment"  the German word would be "Unterhaltung" that consist to words that mean "unten" and "halten". If you take it that way you could also say it keeps your mind down by distraction. Also the word for "news" or "Information" in the MSM speak. The word for that is: "Nachrichten" an consists of the two words "nach" and "richten". If you separate them, there's meaning becomes  more clear like: adjustment towards the "correct narrative".
    Since I know Chomsky's " manufacturing consent" and  professor Mausfeld's " Why are the lambs silent? " or in German: "Warum schweigen die Lämmer?" it is totally clear why it is nearly impossible for uneducated and disinformed masses to get a clue what's going on and how the power structure keeps them down. I threw away my TV over 15 years ago. Since then, I started reading what brought me to the point mentioned above.
    How do the achieved that invisibility despite the fact that they are all working officially together. Raytheon, Harvard and Max Planck institute for atmospheric chemistry, Mr. Keith, politicians, big companies and so on., more and more without obfuscation while the media with their so called experts denial. Climate Change seems to evolve as a great business too and they are fueling it for purpose as data has prooven so oftend. They controll our heads, by speach and ideology driven distraction to break resitance. It's very clever psychological war against the majority and their minds for the sake of a few bankers. Founding a Bank ist the much worse crime than robbing one once.
    Mass extinction seems like the final goal for them, but why? What would they win? This does not make any sense, aren't they human beings too? I will never understand their intentions. Maybe these huge monolith's in Georgia provides the answer for those in power and them who made them so wealthy. We all by spending our whole life working for the cabals profit. 
    Since I'm no billionaire like 99% of world's population, there is only one interpretation left for us. The poor working class need's to be vanished?! Like the  pictures in this creepy Denver Airport are telling us.
    One thing gets more and more clear. The power behind everything is out of control because greed eats brain and heart. We're on the home stretch to hell and they are becoming even bolder and perkier from day to day, unbearable…

    Btw. did anyone noticed an impact to the geoengineering during the shut down in USA?
    It looks like they are funded by someone else to keep this crap going. So, another hot and dry year is approaching with trees, birds and insects dying. White sky's all the time and poisonous air, rain and artificial snow in the arctic to poison even the ocean there.
    Some other things here giving me sleepless nights too when it comes to Venezuela, Ukraine, Syria, Africa, Yemen and all these endless war's that could never be possible if the western society wouldn't be held in distraction and fear. It's so sad to see all those zombies out there and how they are made into them by the media.  Hope is dying every further day but we must go on to wake them up. For our future, children and we owe it to mother nature and the whole Planet. I'm not accepting these agenda of the banking cabal. They robbed us ever since, created wars by lying to us. We need to stop them and it's so important not to give up now. There is only little time left but I feel  change in the masses consciousness here. I thank all of you guys fighting to awake the zombies. Special thanks to Dane for his tireless fight. You are a true hero and role model for me! May God give us the strength and nerves to get through this.

    Best Wisches


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      David, the US govt shutdown did not affect the US military or covert operations.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta - says:

      Are they Human David?  Their behaviors are so In-Human aren't they?   Thank You for your contributions from Germany. None of us are immune to their actions wherever we reside. I wish that mankind would see this too. Its always someone else with the problem. Ive heard many times from Canadians; those reports of spraying are from the U.S.  but not in Canada!    Pardon?  Oh no, Canada would never do that to it's citizens.    I always throw the lawsuits filed in Canada & in the U.S.A. in their face.  Don't say much then.   Its a strong argument.     And once you know something…

    • youss says:

      Hallo Herr Nachbar,

       I mentioned the 'Super Feinstaub' (super fine dust) or whatever term they are now circulating for it here last year when it first popped up regarding the 'dropping' air quality in German cities, in this case they talked about Frankfurt Main (Rothshild Origin), and blaming it mostly on Diesel Cars. Its more than obvious that the real cause is more above than below, especially if you know that the Rhine-Main area is probably (thanks to all secret and not so secret NATO/US airbases around here plus a German 'remote controlled government' ) the center of weather manipulation for most of Europe with almost constant streams of drones going up and around, painting our sky's in the most depressing grey as possible all around the year.

      Sadly mostly the 'Deutsche Michel' is so manipulated into submission to the official/msm Narrative of the past/present/future of the World he lives in (thanks to the WW2 aftermath of social engineering) it's really hard to get people to even recognize the most obvious alien environment around them without them directly switching into 'cognitive dissonance mode'.

      Anyway, just wanted to give you a short shout out, and confirm anything on your side is mostly happening in the western side of our country too. Always nice to know that there are probably much more people aware of it.



  49. Dana says:

    Last week there were black specs on the bathtub, I thought they were dead tiny flying ants which are a problem lately (Qld.)  On closer inspection, it looked like coal dust but we are 15k's from the train line; it was difficult to clean out as it seemed really stuck on.  So, it could  be from the overhead aerosol spraying.

  50. Pauline says:

    Ah..sneaky!  Spraying has taken a change. More is happening under the cover of darkness or other aircraft is being used.

    At 10.50pm last night, there was a helicopter fflying circles over Warragul, Aust. I went went out to watch it as it didn't register on Flight Tracker.  It started with a red light which would change to a green then back to red. There was very little cloud at the start but by the time it went elsewhere, we had whiteout above. 

    Very few people are out looking UP at this time of night so easy to get away with.  I suspect that the aircraft are from Snowy Hydro who seed for snow in winter. This info available on web.

  51. Jeanette S says:

    get rid of all the velvet green lawns in the southwest. there is no excuse for that in the southwest if you do not like the look, geological and ecosystems that thrive there then LEAVE. go to where green grass is normal and AS IN NORMAL as in clover and dandelions in it. don't like it? then you are what needs to depart from our collective ways. the rest of us will be just fine. also when it comes to useless use, I say waste, of water is dish washing machines, clothes washers (and dryers) and car washes. don't care if they reuse the water takes the finish off your car, could not convince me otherwise. washing dogs and cats-once a year max. People never did to their animals what they do now. all animals dogs and cats got was a rabies shot, flea collar and a bath in a pond, snow or rainstorm. I wonder how many billions of dollars we give the slime of the earth in stupid things we do to our pets or allow them to bs us into and then wonder why our animals die or get cancer. I wonder how much pollution and death to the planet is caused by "having the 'perfect' looking, quote 'healthy' pet. when I was a child our animals died of natural causes and happy and otherwise healthy lives. Just like we used to. all we need to do is reject the sociopathic, them and their ideas. again, I think the pollution and environmental consequences of veterinary vaccines, medicines, all the flea what have you (gets in your house too). do not forget the manufacture, disposal and the fossil fuel transportation of all phases for these "marvelous" products is staggering especially when they are so costly and pretty much unnecessary. i wonder how many insects and birds are killed because of these products or human cancers or disease. buy this put it on your animal, you bring it into your house and into existance; it does not just evaporate into the land of "away". I could wave all away except a rabies shot and flea collar a year or none even better for all animals; I wonder how much our environment would improve then and what will be left living. think about it.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jeanette S, there's a term for what you describe in the way "we" treat our animals these days, "anthropomorphism". It's a practice of civilized humans that I completely despise. The definition, the way 'I' define it is, "inflicting' human values and emotions on animals". We see this with pink collars and doggy coats and bits in a horses mouth and horse blankets in the winter. Those two stereo types always have the most "problems". For what it's worth, back when I had my sled dogs, twice a summer I would load up the dog truck and take them all down to the lake at the boat ramp. Huskies don't like water so the boat ramp eased them into the idea. They soon learned there's nothing like a lake water bath on a hot day to rinse the dust off and make ya feel better. 20 years and hundreds of sled dogs, I never had a problem with fleas. Of coarse I never fed commercial dog food as their main staple either. I only gave my dogs rabies shots for two reasons. They needed it in order to participate at dog functions and second, the Coyotes would come around and play with my dogs at night or when I wasn't home. I once had my lead dog get loose and run with the Coyotes for 3 days. When he returned, he wasn't hungry and wasn't thirsty. He sure took a long knap in his dog house though.

      "all we need to do is reject the sociopathic, them and their ideas"

      I agree 100%. Myself, looking from the outside in, I am forever amazed as to how many are locked in and slave to "the system". If people were taught that their one and only vote that actually mattered was where they lay their money down and then further educated as to how it makes a difference on a large scale collectively 'and' how it would ultimately make a positive difference in their lives, "would things change then? Or is it to late for all the dumbed down civilized minds to understand?" When we do not spend money, that is also a vote. Kind of like how George Carlin explained why he didn't vote. In the case of money, "we" didn't see any product worth our vote. Make sense?

    • vincent mastro says:

      Janeatte . – "Reject the sociopath and there ideas" So True . The missing word here is Collectively / I am Pained by what is going on in the environment , The saddest part is that Americans will never revolt . I know its a strong word ( but seems the only logical step tward a better future , ill leave out the word's "violently if needed" for now )but people know that in order for it to get better it has to get worse and that would mean putting down the smart phone and actually taking time out of your day , week , month to save the world .. . There spoiled and brainwashed by the media and government . Im willing to die for my beliefs – but the petrol and all mighty dollar has a stranglehold on the American conscience . We as a people could be so strong but there playing us like puppets to further there agenda  at the cost of unreversable and infinite destruction.  

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta - says:

      I got my King Shepherd from a rescue society. He had what I was certain was Ringworm. Seeing it on a farm as a child. The Vet insisted it was an Allergy, I disagreed, but agreed to testing. $500+ later, the tests came back the cause, Ringworm. She still insisted he had food allergies & was sure this would  cause a persistent skin condition & insisted I put him on the allergy diet that they had for sale there. Apparently many Dogs suffer from skin conditions! I asked her what Dog would chew on a cob of corn, or a soy plant over a Cat or a Squirrel. Being the first 2 ingredients on the bag & on their cans of moist food, Corn & Soy & no doubt, GMO. They have the market on everything. Including the many Veterinarians. Not just people Docs. They want to keep all of us sick & paying for it!  She was very angry with what I had asked. Jake has never been back to a vet, & is an  excellent specimen of a Dog. He eats high quality dog food & bones & drinks good water. He scoops up toxic snow to my objections. But I Love my healthy, un-vaccinated Big Boy that I am proud to say has no skin issues or any other issues since. That was 5 years ago.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta - says:

      P.S. Jeanette, I treated his wounds with Tea Tree Oil & a Strong solution of Salt Water, daily. Gone in a week & a half.   That is how sad it is. Can you imagine a Vet giving this advice. Just a few bucks would of achieved the same goal!

  52. Benjamin Cehic says:;

    The above link is the UMSL event hosted by me on February 7th. Refer to the link for information, date,time and topica being discussed. 


    To all who want to make a difference, come to this event. It is free and lets make this the year we bust open the geoengineering destruction. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Benjamin, my friend I have not met yet, Man, there ain't nothing like going "all in". Win or lose, live or die. "It's up to us". I have faith in you young folks out there. Make your voice heard. I'm looking forward to hearing how your event turns out. Please let us know. I'm considering hosting just such an event in my little home town.

  53. Sensitivity of stratospheric geoengineering with black carbon to aerosol size and altitude of injection

    Ben Kravitz,1 Alan Robock,2 Drew T. Shindell,3 and Mark A. Miller2 

    Received December 16, 2011; revised February 20, 2012; accepted March 19, 2012; published May 4, 2012


    Excerpted from page 21 

    "[74] And finally, an important consideration is the effects of geoengineering on health. The impacts are numerous, but of particular note is the toxicity of the aerosols once they have descended into the troposphere [Baan et al., 2006; Center for Disease Control, 1999]. 

    Moreover, the additional ultraviolet radiation that would reach the surface due to ozone loss would be detrimental to human health and large parts of the biosphere [Hutchinson et al., 1985; Madronich et al., 1998; Molina et al., 2000]" 

    Complete text:


    I've located other NASA atmospheric particle data, (including jet aircraft emissions) but this study contains analysis data in the references section from before the 80's…

    • Dennie says:

      Somebody oughta send this excerpt on the health effects of toxic geoengineering chemicals to David Keith and Ken Caldeira, and all the other conspirators working against all life on this planet.  I can't believe that Keith actually thinks spraying this crap is going to cool the planet when we know damned good and well what it's been doing to the ozone layer in all this time.  

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