Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 18, 2017


Dane Wigington

The power structure's all out assault on countless fronts continues to accelerate. Recent studies state that fully half the adults in America are chronically ill. US invasions of foreign nations continue unabated with troops now being sent into Syria. The US Navy is planning to dump 20,000 tons of heavy metals and explosives into our oceans. The Trump administration is attempting to dismantle any and all forms of environmental protection and monitoring, this is exactly what the geoengineers want. A recent report discloses that the oil industry is benefiting from 5.3 trillion in subsidies annually. The oceans are absorbing so much Co2 that the acidification of the seas is unparalleled over at least the last 300 million years. Massive marine ecosystem collapse is occurring all over the globe. If the oceans die, we die. NBC has just published the following headline, "Climate Engineering: Scary idea should be tried out" (as if the weather warfare assault has not already been going on for over 70 years. Where is Mr. Trump? He has just made his 9th trip to one of his golf courses since taking office. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Many are beginning to awaken to the peril that is surrounding us from all sides. This being said, the pace of the wake-up must increase if we are to have any chance altering our trajectory before total societal collapse commences. The threats we face are existential, all are needed in the critical effort to sound the alarm. We will sink or swim together.

This week's outreach booth is at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center, Reno, Nevada, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


242 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 18, 2017

  1. Jim Bennett says:

    What's happening to the Ozone?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jim, the ozone layer is being decimated, geoengineering is a primary causal factor. FYI

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Wind shifting from multiple directions with varying speeds seems to be occurring more and more over the past 6 months. Very little, to no Dew in the morning, as the minimum temperatures are above average with very low Dew Points! Climate Engineering is dissipating atmospheric moisture and potential rain, as Wildfires are starting to occur, from low atmospheric moisture and dead Winter vegetation.

  3. Dennie says:

    Here's a link to a 1999 article that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle about what happened to the people of Bikini Island after the nuclear bomb testing that the U.S. military and it's "brilliant" (translated: EVIL) "scientists" blew into Earth's atmosphere there in Paradise– apparently with nary a complaint or objection from Uhmerukunz who said that atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki "SERVED THOSE DAMNED SLANT-EYED BASTARDS RIGHT!!!!!!– and "NOTHING LESS would have stopped those damned Japs:"

  4. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Here's my last attempt to post a photo over Eglesias de San Lucas in Colan, Peru where we lived then.  This was taken some time after signing the "free trade" agreement with US in 2008, but before the deep, deep blue of the sky was forever changed.  After we left in 2009 a HAARP facility was built south of Lima.  This is an abomination, considering this church was the oldest Christian Church in South America, built in 1539.  The sky there had even bluer than the sky in Alaska.

    Should this not post you have my apology.  Previously, the same photos I posted did not come up 404, as they did yesterday.


    • BaneB says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  The cloud is obviously manufactured by a non-natural entity.  Guess who:-). One of my "tricks" to get the message across about what has been done to our once pristine blue skies is to take a clear glass of water and put into it a couple drops of milk.  Slowly the clarity is destroyed.  The bastards!

    • Dave says:

      Nice picture, and a beautiful church.  It looks like a trail of coal fly ash is being radiated to create the "Welsbach effect" above it.  That creates high pressure by heating the atmosphere.

      The southern hemisphere is getting the same treatment we get in the northern hemisphere.  The population density is higher in the northern latitudes, so they started here first, but people in the southern are suffering the consequences too. Australia has been getting hit with severe weather and fires. South Africa has 100 days of water left, etc.

  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello horsegirl,  You do know that right after the end of WW2 all forward thinking, anti war people were dreaming up a new world order, by which they meant an end to atomic bombs, end to mass world wars, some way to avoid such and so the UN was formed.  Then, high hopes all around, Russia blew one as Teller had warned and as was his fear.  And the race was ON!

    By the way, a week ago?-this cold has scrambled my brains-I tried to save a Sunday paper article in which it said the "Down Winders" from the first atom tests at Alamo, have brought suit–not exactly sure to whom exactly other than the government, because they were never warned, never considered then nor since as all this atom bomb crap fell on them.  One of which is the oldest Mexican village in the US, and all of whom, them and others in general area, have had many kinds of cancer-not only themselves but their children and their children.  Just staggering amounts.  Devastating.  I'd think Legal would be interested in this even if not California, but as a test case.

  6. Pedro says:

    Hello All.

    Dane, some days ago I've posted that we had "snow" here in my region, in southern Europe. After that we had already ( 3 days ago ) temperatures of almost 30ºC, with a swing of more than 12º C in the last days ( yesterday and in the day before ), with temperatures coming down to 15 or 16ºC due to the heavy spraying the MFs did in these days. But today ( 22 March ) the situation was really BIZARRE; we had cold weather in the morning with a lot of rain and a lot of wind since 5.00h A.M. and until lunch time, in the middle of the day ( after 15h ) we had almost no rain with temperatures surpassing 20ºC ( maybe 24 ), and believe it or not after the 18.00h temperatures dropped to under the 10ºC and we had "snow" AGAIN!! Under 400 m we had also the same fake chemical snow!, with a lot of wind blowing from all directions! Of course the planes today sprayed a lot of the TOXIC cooling chemicals over the "clouds" they've created in the last two days. the Fkrs!!

    And the majority of people still do not connect the dots:

    white lines that CAN'T be related to the burning of the jet fuel ( normally geometrical ), catalysis of the Atmospheric humidity, creation of an immense white sheet in the sky , "clouds" ( after, manipulation of the same "clouds" with the electromagnetic F waves into very strange "cloud formations" ), eventual rain, spraying over the clouds, "snow" ( sometimes with temperatures of over 10ºC and under 400 m ) / or strange spraying in the evening without clouds and ice on the ground in the morning with very cold nights. And when we don't have the F planes in the air we get BLUE Skies everywhere!!!

    They are doing everything for get noticed!!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Dane, yesterday ( 23 March ), we had again a very cold day ( Winter is back, they say in radio for a few days ), and this is a clear ATTACK to the new Agricultural cycle that is beginning now ( every Spring ). Not only to the insects that were already active and beginning pollination but also directly to the Trees and Plants. They did the same last year. We have here in this region and latitude All Trees beginning to bloom, and if a big change in the weather brings back again the ice of "Winter" for a few days, Trees will lose their flowers, and the result is simple ( as everybody knows ); without flowers – NO Fruit!!

      This is a clear ATTACK to the Food Production CAPACITY of one country!!

      One more ""little"" thing;

      Because of the latest criminal attacks in England that they call terrorism, I've noticed a subtle change in the speech of politicians;

      Dane and All, now they are talking not only of terrorism, but they are starting to use this specific terminology : crimes about terrorism and – espionage…

      I'm not a prophet, but I can foresee that in a near future, citizens may have problems and be accused of espionage because of the exercise of citizenship and free speech / sharing information we do in sites like this one.

      The Fkrs will start using a net with narrow holes, my Friends.

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Pedro:  Thank you for your in-depth reports of the weather warfare  happening in your country. I believe you are right on all counts, my friend. 

      We've had the same patterns here in the northeast U.S. There were a few days, in FEBRUARY, when the temps were allowed to climb into the 60s and 70s F. The trees were budding and the flowers were not only coming up, but blooming. After those few days in the 70s, we were treated to a horrific storm – courtesy of a "cold front"- which dropped the temps over 20 degrees in an hour. And then it was cold again. This was about four weeks ago. The most recent warm-up was two weeks ago. This time, it was brought to an end by "Winter Storm Stella". The cold and attendant stiff NW winds continued in earnest after the blizzard. This week, temps in the 30s during the day, teens at night. I finally got a look at some of the flowers that had bloomed during the warm-ups, and they're dead. Some with blooms that were about to open. Even a great deal of the wild onions are dead, and they're some of the most resilient plants I've ever seen. 

      Today, they've warmed things up again ahead of days of scheduled rain. There are severe storms moving through the Midwest and southern plains states as I write this. One death has already been attributed to these storms. Looking at the Intellicast satellite map, there are huge transmitter signals firing everywhere there's precipitation. Interesting how these severe storms seem to be targeting the "breadbasket" of the U.S. and have been all year. There have been 24 deaths attributed to severe storms and tornadoes so far this year. This is nothing short of premeditated murder, and the INTENT to inhibit the planting of crops, or make it downright impossible to plant crops, couldn't be clearer. 

      So…warm up, freeze, warm up, freeze, lots and lots of rain to saturate the ground, no sun, and then, I'll wager, freeze again. It's so obvious to me, and will soon become a sickening reality to farmers everywhere. One doesn't have to be a botanist to know that the damage done to the trees, specifically fruit trees at this time, will be complete. Mission accomplished. These psychopathic scum must be very proud of themselves, and so excited about the prospect of how much more damage they'll do, how much more suffering they'll inflict. They should give an occasional thought, however, to what's in store for them when the law of cause and effect, or karma, comes into play. Things being what they are, I would much rather have an unlimited supply of heavy ordnance. 

      Blessings to you my friend. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Mrs Diane Friday.

      Thank you very much for your words.

      "psychopathic scum" is an appropriate way for calling these MFs.

      These MFs are really obsessed with the imposition of the GMO shit to everyone in the World, among other ""little"" things, as we All know. "they" do not respect nothing and "they" do not understand that Nature is Beautiful.

      About the Karmic effect, I believe that GOD ( the real one ) is ALL Living Beings and ALL the Souls of ALL creatures that have roamed the Earth ( and Earth itself – and its Water ) since the beginning of Times – ALL – together with the creative force of Nature that drives forward "evolution" ( not the darwin's one ), and that force for me is the Force of Love. The Love that Animals and People show when they defend their cubs / children / or members of the Clan from big dangers. There is a Principle of Agonist / Antagonist ( in my opinion ) that rules everything that happens in this World since the Dawn of Times. And if these PSYCHOPATHIC SCUM want to offer our World as an altar of sacrifice to their dark master ( to their ridiculous masonic / satanic little cult ), and if they are convinced that they can bring this evil energy or entity ( symbolic or existential ) to our World, they have to think well, Because the Antagonist of their coward heartless "beast" is – GOD. Of course, these MFs want to kill everyone and ALL Biosphere, and they will die in their deep rat bunkers in the mountains, and is because of that the satanic helpers must awake from the "spell" and start putting "things" in the RIGHT ORDER. Meanwhile we do our Fight, and we need a BILLION of Awake People with Us. Problems ahead will be BIG, because they are not only SCUM, they are the biggest COWARDS that ever put foot on the Land, and the "unlimited supply of heavy ordnance" they have.

      Thank you.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Mrs Diane, I've forgot mention that yesterday 25 of March, in the middle of the day ( after lunch ) we had hail.

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Pedro:  You included one thing that I left out: cowards. Everyone involved in these programs to systematically wipe out everything on this once beautiful planet are the biggest cowards the universe has ever spit forth. Worse than the "heads of the snake" who devised these plans, are the spineless order followers who are carrying them out. They are comparable to the kapos in concentration camps who did the Nazis' bidding for an extra ration of bread, and the slim hope that maybe they would survive. I wonder how many of them did. Little do these cowardly f**ks know, but I firmly believe that once they've fulfilled whatever duties they've been assigned, they'll be gone. Permanently. They know too much and are therefore a liability. And I can't even conceive of what the karmic debt will be for those guilty or omnicide, but I'm confident they will pay, hopefully in this lifetime. 

      An update from our region of the northeast U.S. The weather controllers have been working on a huge series of transmitter-directed low-pressure systems extending from the Texas and the Midwest. There have been deadly storms affecting many states, with more moving through tonight. Now, there is what looks to be a gigantic low-pressure system spinning counterclockwise, that extends from off the southern tip of Florida up into the eastern Canadian provinces. I've been watching this system being created and moved around by transmitters for two days, and it seems they finally got it just where they want it. Here in SE Pennsylvania, we had a high temp of 70F yesterday, but at around 5:00 pm EDT, the temp started falling rapidly, from 70 degrees to 52 degrees in under two hours. Today, we had the most horrible, depressing, ice-nucleated, fried sky day, with a high of 41F. It remained 41F most of the day. It's spitting/misting rain this morning, and there's rain scheduled for the next two days, at least. Of all the miserable days we've had in recent years, today was one of the worst. It's quite literally getting exponentially worse every single day. 

      This grand plan of theirs will fail and the fail will be spectacular. I only wish we'd be here to see it. 

  7. Dennie says:

    While we shouldn't allow megalomaniacle money monsters to set the tone in the United States and other countries, running everything according to their ill will, we should not allow our imaginations to run our lives according to their whim.  Yes, the futuristic bullshit is something Those In Power wanna see, but IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT EVERY LAST PLAN OF THEIRS WILL WORK OR EVERY LAST WHIM OF THEIRS IS SUDDENLY "REALITY–"

  8. marc says:

    I just had occasion to visit the Grand Canyon with my daughter and her boyfriend, who was visiting Arizona from the Midwest. We arrived late in the afternoon on Sunday, the 19th, and proceeded to make our way to the south rim for the sunset scene. Needless to say, thousands of people also had the same idea. This kind of "touristy" scene has never been my cup of tea but my daughter really wanted to see the Canyon and hike it, too. One of the first things I became painfully aware of when we arrived was the incessant and completely "in your face" spraying going on RIGHT OVER WHAT I ALWAYS THOUGHT WAS ONE OF OUR NATIONAL TREASURES. Multiple gigantic X's were hovering directly over the canyon, and the exact region of the sky where the sun was setting was a f**king aluminum-barium-strontium port-a-potty of smears, lines, and other assorted, unnatural looking filth. But OH!!! the pretty colors!! Everybody, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Swedes, Mexicans, Aussies, hipsters, hippies, geezers, gays, cowboys and more, were all marveling at the sight. I was (inwardly) my usual cynical self and just took in the whole scene in slack-jawed disbelief at the magnitude of the psy-op in progress there. I am not exaggerating: the spraying occurring RIGHT OVER THE CANYON SEEMED SUSPICIOUSLY INTENTIONAL WITH REGARD TO THE PLACEMENT OF TRAILS. Now, perhaps an argument can be made that these MF's don't give a rat's ass about that but are instead focused on the bigger weather-mod picture. I will concede this point. However, I was disheartened and repulsed by the AMOUNT of spraying going on that was undeniably occurring directly over the airspace associated with the canyon. The following day was no different. The moment I pulled open the curtains in my room, I was punched out by a sky laced with parallel trails.

       I did not hike into the canyon myself, but instead visited several ancient native-American masonry ruins in some remote areas. Fantastic sites that filled me with feelings difficult to describe. At one of these sites, as I returned to my car, I saw a fellow pointing out my rear "Stop Geoengineering" window screen to his compadre. As I approached, and he realized it was MY car he was pointing at, he then asked me if I knew WHY they were doing this shit. This led into an incredible half-hour long discussion out in the middle of f**king nowhere in northern AZ. He said he has lived in Flagstaff for the last fifteen years and had always marveled at the cobalt skies and incredible clouds until around ten years ago when something seemed to change. He is an example of a regular guy who did not have any prior orientation of any kind except to say he loved the Northern Arizona skies and the incredible landscape. He was pissed off! He admitted that once he even visited Dane's site. But he still had many questions and didn't understand the biggest one: WHY?? We had a great talk. I really liked the guy and I felt his anguish over the present reality. Even as we stood there in the middle of that vast wind-swept landscape, I several times pointed out jets laying trails off in the distance. And yes, he's gonna pursue the matter further and I'm quite sure will talk to friends. 

    • ron hall says:

      Great story and and your usual great writing, Marc. We are lucky to have you share your deep insights!  Thanks!

    • Darkansas says:

      I often see the spraying directly in front of the sun too….and yes the old types of clouds do seem to be a lot different  if not entirely absent.

    • MAP says:

      Your writing of Grand Canyon experience brought up "No One Gets Out Alive" documentary to my mind.  I think the producer of that documentary first learned of GeoEngineering through photography at Grand Canyon area. Has anyone here seen the documentary yet? 

    • Dennie says:

      Old issues of Arizona Highways clearly show the beauty of the skies over this state.  Glad I kept a few around.  Too bad it's all gone.  Soon we will be, too.  Nobody cares.  They'll just run in large mobs to storm the stores and grab what's left of the food, if they have any energy left at all, like the video of those people in Venezuela who RAN for the store's doors, then crashed them and ran all through the place like mad, insane ants on cocaine, all because they don't have enough food..

      NPR ran a story today about a "new kind of cloud" being "discovered," they said the name and that's about it.  Wonder if anyone heard it, or even cared.

    • Dog says:

      Tucsonan here, noticed the same thing over time. Marc I think we should hook up, there are means of spreading awareness here and a lot of open-minded people.

  9. Seeing Clearly says:

    ( partners up with Sesame Street to tell us vaccines are safe and to tell everyone we know to get vaccinated.

    To make such a claim that vaccines are safe is not legitimate because while some studies show that "vaccines are safe " others do not so to me research bias is what's dominant in this statement so what this shows how bad things are I would suggest people be dedicated to boycotting  Sesame Street if needed ,and tell everyone you know to do the same and for those who claim we need herd immunity to be safe I would ask this why is it that most of the vacccinated population are the youngest of the youngest children when it should be more towards the adults because adults have a more developed more resilient immune system and body and they can better handle the admitted toxins in the vaccines instead we vaccinate our youth at an extremely young age which is really insane.

    I also want to say just for the record, I am not a proud anti-vaxxer I simply want safety first in the order of business. But I am implying autism is a bad thing by attempting to prevent it, I am such a bad person for stigmatizing autism how dare I be so ableist.

    This is the sort of bullying we deal with whenever we attempt to shine the light on the issues of vaccination and their correlation to autism.

    • Ron Marr says:

      Seeing Clearly, very Kind and humble. How's anyone going to do anything , when everybody got something to do? They got us good with that one. Some of my friends are teachers. Locked in…a friend came by the other day. He never saw me…he was some where else. He would tell me things about his day…but he could not listen and then he was gone. That just the way things are. I am not going to take it easy on him. Next time he's conscious and relaxed, I 'll hit him with the truth again. Oh, while I am here, Del Bigtree, was awarded the NHF ( National Health Federation), HEALTH FREEDOM HERO AWARD, along with David Noakes, who has put up his own funds to direct people away from the Cancer Industry. I found this in Health Freedom News.

  10. marc says:

     OMFG! Note in particular the reference to "the engine exhaust from high-flying aircraft, which are also known as contrails." There is so much that is effed up about this article I'm just going to let it speak for itself. 

    • Marilyn Avila says:

      That is really messed up!  The Cloud Appreciation Society in the UK – totally sick!  Especially the gallery of photos!

    • Dog says:

      Newly-Classified Cloud

      Newly Classified Sky

      Newly Classified World

      Newly Classified Life

    • Dennie says:

      Alert the Press– we have a NEW CLOUD!!!  Obviously, the Ministry of PROPAGANDA feels compelled to set the Peons straight regarding their NEW REALITY!!!!! (which they just made up).

    • Chad says:

      April 17 through 20th in Boise Idaho the 85th Western Snow Conference will be held! Look it up and crash it. Good place for a geo march. Peace, love, and God bless. Amen Jesus!

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Amazing!  Gee, where have these 11 new clouds been for the past 100 year?  The "holy grail" of weather forecasting was the original 10 clouds, which these lunatics have doubled to 21 cloud definitions.  But, who can blame these cloud appreciators?  At the very least they do look up.  The problem is they are bereft of a facility for critical thinking.  Obviously these mean looking manufactured clouds are warriors created by the weather warriors.  The Cloud Appreciation Society reminds me of the movie Independence Day.  All those fools who wanted to greet the invaders by going up to the roof of a skyscraper.  They were vaporized.

  11. Randall says:

    i fear this is becoming a social networking site. Would like to see more action. 

    Im 61 and after following this topic , going down the rabbit hole, I am amazed. I know after all that I have seen being done on this (and many other dire) subjects in the last decade is a joke really in the timeline left. 

    People must act, get courage, and get really tough. DO you have time to play around? Share info without action?? 

    Anybody under 50 will not make it to old age unless this and many other subjects are not addressed NOW. 

    Do you tell young people they will die soon? I do

    i now tell people to take their kids out of the sick school system and love them, spend time since they will have a short life. 

    Dont be afraid of judgment, no time for that. 

    I have emailed White House ( many times, Wisconsin Dnr, air quality, and continue to be a pain in their asses. 

    Im prepping now and being a gun toting sportsman never wanted to. Laughed at others doing so but now I see not enough action will be done ( trump) to avoid real collapse of things comming soon. My graph shows if immediate action is not taken you die soon,( 5 years on my graph)me a little later, but doomed also. 

    I have no time for pta , politics, recreation, social garbage based in hero worship. I am taking all informed but do nothing people out of my life. 

    I will be calling Dnr again today to bug on tree deaths, air quality again  White House again today. 

    Get off your butts. Info without action is ignorant.



    • Dennie says:

      @ Randall:  Here's what I see:

      You're going to NEED the Social every bit as much as the Actual– one does not happen without the support of the other.  Mature people understand that we don't live and act in a vacuum!!!

      One thing some people here do is write in to their elected representatives.  Now for all the knee-jerk anarchists who wanna write back screaming about the ineffectiveness of that, we absolutely know the "official" answer we'll get.  Yet I for one am just NOT GOING TO PLAY ALONG WITH THE LEARNED HELPLESSNESS PROGRAMMING AND I WON'T TAKE IT, so I write in again.. and call.. again, and again and AGAIN!!!!!!  Now imagine what that might look like if EVERYONE in the Learned Helplessness Prison that is mainly in their mind would get a new mode for their hopeless butts and do the same. 

      And we need to get serious and start educating the children to reality, not just plopping them in public institutions of "learning" where most teachers are dumber than sacks of hammers and just pass along the propaganda, then whisk them off to five different kinds of sports activities after school for 3 hours a day each week, then wonder why the U.S. is lagging behind in it's ability to produce citizens who can read, write, figure and think critically.  Just look at how these corporate-military-pharmaceutical @ssholes are POUNDING ON OUR CHILDREN and their overwhelmed parents who unintentionally allow the poisoning of the planet and their own children– how about getting more intentional, folks?  And how'd we wind up here? The Greatest Generation's only "greatness" was to have had the dumb luck of being born at a time when the United States was sitting on a pile of natural resources it did not have to import, so that generation just allowed the military fvckers to suck all of those down, quickly, making it very able to win every fight it picked, now those are gone.  Don't think so??  Then please explain why "we" have 158 military bases on foreign soil and why "we" have to drill thousands of feet under the ocean and destroy it, while attempting to suck down MORE oil with which to run "our" military's war machines?  Supersonic fighter jets just don't run on solar panels– duh.

      There is planned a People's March on Climate Change in April  That's out there on the internet:  Marches should really be mainly about mobilizing people's WILL to begin to do the harder work of showing up at meetings locally and EXPRESSING how we feel and what we NEED to our elected representation, policy shapers, corporate media and corporate structure.  Why not organize a meeting with the engineers at Chevron and collaborate with them on coming up with affordable clean and renewable energy? As for the marches, I say we need to have those, end the marches with public education events with speakers who will inform and inspire us about getting to 100 per cent clean energy, including the need to CUT BAC on usage, and help to keep going, keep it up and don't stop, influence the next generation, do an action every week until we become the change that we want to see. 

    • Henrietta says:


      I totally agree with you. Real / devoted / serious action is what is needed. Since I learnt about this dire issue, I have started to devote much of my free time to passing out thousands of flyers in my town and beyond.  Because WE ARE AT WAR. That's how it is. Yes, we can crack the dam, if only every who is informed made this issue his absolute and uncontested priority. How can it be otherwise I wonder.

      In the next few weeks I will send out letters to the medical and business community. 



    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Randall, Sorry you feel this site is becoming a social networking site. If you can't find action in the postings here then you simply do not read all of the comments contributed here. I've read every single one and looked up every single link that folks have posted for more than 5 years now. I've passed all that on to the best of my ability. (Thank you ALL for teaching me things I didn't know). Having a table at our local farmers market every single week it is open is action. So is pulling banners through a parade. And the 4 signs on my truck too. You do the best you can and I will do the best I can. So will the social network that reads this post. "See you on the other side".

    • ron hall says:

      Randall: I am 76 and have been in and seen enough "action" since the early sixties that my head sometimes pounds.  I keep it to myself for the most part. Dane often notes how one can see a mote in someone's eye, while ignoring the log in your own.

    • Dog says:

      THIS is how we should measure our government's alleged effectiveness as a representative entity.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Randall, thought I would give my tuppence worth!

      I totally understand what you are writing, but most of us are fighting fairly lonely battles and it is good to have somewhere to fall back on for info, confirmation and encouragement.  

      Over the next 18 months, more and more people will agree with us and join the fight.  Until then, "ON ON".

  12. ebj says:

    I remember, 3 days after 'Nine-Eleven', our president at the time, spoke to the public on t.v., and told us to start shopping again…. 3 days, after a terrible tragedy.  This said so much to me, and it means to me that if 'the people' want change.. do not rely on the gov., but basically stop spending money…

  13. horsegirl says:

    Did he really die?  Do the elite now meld their brains into robust new clone bodies?  How far are they in their quest for manmade eternal life?  One of the murkiest bottomless rabbit holes I ever pondered was the state created for "scientific freedom" in Antarctica.  Locus of boundless post-Hitler fables, for sure they drafted articles initiating an international scientific federation free to pursue magination without legal, moral or other constraint [].  Great Britain long has boasted of chimera "research" probably outdone by that southernmost legion of white smocks.  This godless cabal lusts for power and immortality.  Very troubled tonight.  Sensing that actual occurence is quite distinct from the media spin.  For the incredulous google Google's chief engineer Ray Kurzweil/eternal life and find out the plan for cybernetic immortality via nanotechnology.  A program vigorously championed by Bill Gates, of course.  They are fiends, they will meet their hellish end, no doubt making the Revelation seem mild as reading Betty Crocker comparied with their fate (I bet God lets the cameras keep running until they melt) by the time they wrap their hideous satanic hubris.

  14. sea says:

    All…… please listen to our man—- Dane Wigington in an unbelievable  and very recent interview with Claudia from Cabin Talk on YouTube.

    Extremely important the details Dane and Claudia they discuss,; here is the the link

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you, sea.  There are two very remarkable people in that video  : )  I'll repost it.

  15. horsegirl says:

    From page 405 of David Rockefeller's Memoirs:

    "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

  16. Seeing Clearly says:

    Alex Jones with Infowars reports on Sesame Street attempt to beautifulize and normalize autism in an attempt to misdirect people away from what really matters which is finding a cure.

    I am also aware they have ties to the ASAN and autism speaks which was formerly pro-cure, but now apparently gave up under the peer pressure of the anti-cure leftist backward thinking stupid social Justice warriors anti-cure Neurodiversity excuse me neurostigatizing movement neurosupressive movement.

    I don't know if Alex Jones is aware of this, but he did something amazing by bringing attention to this pro-disability anti-cure, anti-ablism meaning favoring a body that is able over one that is not which is the logical thing to do, you don't work in a 10$ am hour job when you can be winning twice as much and I by no means support discrimination, but I do have to be honest you don't grab the rotten fruit over the ripe one you don't focus on LGBT issues when you have Climate Engineering going on which is much more important CNN.

    I am totally against discrimination of disabled people, but that doesn't mean I am going to put up with disabled people forcing the narrative that it's ok to be disabled and we should be ashamed of ourselves for wanting to cure ourselves because it makes the anti-cure look bad and we are ablest indoctrinated by society do you see the deception.

    I likewise want to mention for the record, I preach tolerance for diversity I believe white people and black people should just be called people I believe kids that like to be active which is not a bad thing should be allowed to be active without being called ADHD but I am not going to embrace your wheelchair that I can tell you.

    By the way vaccines are "safe", don't question them and tell everyone around you to get their shots.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Seeing Clearly, You bring up one of most favorite subjects. The color of people. Yes, I totally concur that we should all just be called "people", we all bleed red. Here I will drop the name "John Lennon". His spirit flows through me now more than ever. I am of simple mind and I actually "did" 'Imagine'. What I came up with drives me to this day and beyond the 'now'. Our planet, the life entity that we crawl around on is calling out to all of us. She doesn't care what color you are, "she made all of those beautiful colors". But she does care about being recognized in her call to each and everyone of us.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I almost forgot the most important saying I wanted to share with you folks. "A good horse is never a bad color". It's a title of a book and it's a damn good way to look at things. It's been a while since I have mentioned Parallels in nature, but, this sure is one of them.

  17. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "What does it cost to join in this fight to stop geo engineering"?

    I can only speak for myself in those regards. Personally, I've paid dearly, physically and mentally. Spiritually I remain strong. At every turn of events I choose to become stronger and more infallible. It would be an easy road if I chose to lay down and become one that will support the "official narrative". I've lost friends, customers and the toughest of all, family. They all think I'm off my rocker.  I don't get that being that I am a very soft ear and soft of voice. I never tell a lie, ever. Folks get what I know straight up and as informative as I can muster. "Without" jamming anything down anyones throat. Being a good teacher is important to me. In hind sight, I've set myself up to become severely "socially  retarded". While all you folks were keeping up with the times, I was out in the "wilds" becoming one with our great planet and universe. Now that I'm "older", I find myself somewhat "left behind" in regards to what is considered normal these days. (Thank you Lord for that simple grace). From where I stand, there is no other choice but to stand up and be heard. We, humanity, are in quite a pickle. The realities of our embellishments are coming to haunt all of mankind. If one can reach beyond the false need for "creature comforts", one will soon realize a greater happiness and in turn a greater satisfaction in just plain old "living". I promise! And this horseman don't make many promises! We are meant to "feel" life as we travel through it. It makes me very sad knowing that so very few these days feel anything for our one and only home. No one is linked in with an endless supply of warehouse goods as we know it in our modern age. Tell ya what though, we are "given" and endless supply of "grace". Stop right there and think about that for more than just a fleeting second. And then you will ask yourself, "what is grace"? Well, grace is not all that stupid girl shit hanging in your home and it's not all those manly toys parked in the garage, No sir! Grace is simple and ungoverned even in this age. Grace is what gets you up in the morning and you're still breathing….. Grace is facing truth head on and still moving forward… For the good of the many! For the good of our one and only home and for all to have a good life. Defined by "grace".

    Tune in, flourish and live for everything, for all life. Your rewards will over flow your wildest dreams that you never thought possible.

    "You", yes You, are your own miracle you've been waiting for…..

    With love to all my friends I haven't met yet,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Chad says:

      . God bless you and all on this site. GOD have mercy on the bastards doing all the evil works. Amen.

    • beatriz says:

      your words so resonated in my heart, thanks, simple horseman. that "grace" lit up by intelligence will make us all of us here stronger and more compassionate in our common goal of stopping geoengineering.

  18. barbzi says:

     Alternative medicine success story. I've known Inge personally and have been on alternative or natural healing since 1990.  Here's her full story….          summary below…….
    Inge, from Desert Hot Springs, had been flat on her back with a total disability for 12 years with osteroporosis, osteoarthritis, bonespurs, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, and high blood pressure.
    Inge had nine doctors and including three orthopedic surgeons, three rheumatologists, an internist, and endrocrinologist, and a podiatrist.
    surgeons suggested that her legs be amputated and that would solve her pain problem
    About this time Inge heard one of my interviews on KPSI, and decided to try the Pig “Arthritis Formula. In six weeks she was able to slip out of the wheel chair into a walker. After a several more weeks she was able to slip out of the walker and use a cane. A few weeks more and Inge was able to function at 100 percent without pain or restricted motion.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Its official, the bumble bee is now on the endangered species list, on the brink of extinction from environmental toxins.

      They also have a link to turkey point FL's leaking tritium isotopes into Biscayne Bay from this nuclear energy plant nightmare, and they also have the reports of the fire there a few days ago from methane gases corroding pipes and other malfunctions. Only local news reports for this news are to be found. Miami New Times also reported. 

  19. Dog says:

    One thing that might be useful to help convince a curious person, is to either take them away from, or ask them to get away from themselves, the dense sky-obscuring trees and buildings in many of the cities – much of the U.S. West is a place where there is not a lot of foliage that blocks the sky, and you can see much of it without obstruction, sometimes for many miles. If you're in the city and you can't see the "big-picture", it's harder to believe that these trails extend as far as they do.

    This is particularly true if you can gain some elevation – they were spraying the skies way out north of the AZ Chiricahua Mountains recently, a fairly remote area, and one wonders why you'd see the repeated passes of the planes there, except in order to extend and connect the reach of the "Program"…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dog, I think it has more to do with what level the dispersions are actuated at. I believe they spray over any area necessary in order to affect the targeted populous down stream of the fall out. It's becoming quite an obvious rule of thumb… Globally!

  20. ron hall says:

    THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: Here is a short video which points out the main CONTRACTORS and WHERE they are located:                                                   Note: Dyno-Corp has been accused of human trafficking and supporting PEDOPHILE RINGS according to Max Ingram.

    • Dennie says:

      If someone REEALLY wanted to fvck with U.S. military "might," they'd just fight fire with fire and send some "weather" to all the places where these monstrous corporations do business, namely, steer a massive hurricane and flooding to Arlington, Dulles, Falls Church, Manassas, McClean, Newport News, Norfolk, Reston and Tysons Corner, VA; create and steer a half dozen tornados to level Huntsville, AL and 3. "HAARP-quake the ocean floor off of Baja and "tsunami" to San Diego, CA.  That would just about do it.  Oh, and flood parts of western Washington state  with massive rain, lightning-strike select locations in Nevada ("Area 51," for the experimental air craft going on there) and parts of the state of Colorado.  Look how militarized this country has become– the military motherfvckers are thicker than fleas on a dog's back and about as useful to life on Earth.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, Don't forget about the Cascadia fault line that is almost 300 years over due for it's releasing of pressure. God help us when that ones lets loose. The longer it takes, the greater the effect "inland". Geologically 300 years over due on a 5 to 7 hundred year schedule has my mind wondering, for sure. Those aren't good numbers. Everyone I know as family will perish when the Cascadia lets loose. If the universe allows me to see that day, "it ain't gonna be a good one".

  21. Rosalie says:

    I can't get a certain car commercial out of my head with the slogan: "Enjoy the drive, while you still can." Last Summer as I made the trek across 2/3 of Canada, there were all these cell/mind control towers along the highways for miles and miles and miles.  Toronto has a gross amount of cell phone towers on the highways and throughout the city and suburbs.  When I read and listen to Lloyd Burrell's ( articles and interviews on the dangers of EMF frequencies, I think this is an area where we need to get to people more.  Lose or minimize cell phone use: bring the industry to it's knees.  When you look for answers for why they are doing this insane spraying, a lot of it is the greed by the cell phone industry. The more they spray the skies, the clearer the communication lines for the cell phones. Follow the money, as they say. I'm willing to go back to using my home phone if that is a way for us to put a halt to the stranglehold they have on us right now. We are being fried with these frequencies!

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Yes Rosalie, our electric utility fried both of us with 'their' Smart Meters when we got solar. The radio frequencies traveling throughout our house made us really sick, and now we can feel it everywhere we go. Everything in the house is hardwired now, even the ipad. I will admit, I do miss wireless, but it's not worth the health risk.

  22. Blam says:

    What is it with the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, headed by Sam Carana, never a mention of geoengineering other than advocating for it to begin. Its like they are afraid to tell the truth, afraid their cushy  grant money will be taken away. That has got to be what it is. I simply cant trust any evironmental group which does not mention the elephant in the roon, GEOENGINEERING. i CANT TRUST SOMEONE MORE CONCERNED WITH GRANT MONEY THAN THE TRUTH.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Blam, yes, the AMEG group goes completely in the wrong direction with their advocation of geoengineering. This being said, the front line arctic data AMEG presents is verifiable from other sources and thus must be considered. We must all “sift the truth from the falsehoods” in order to maintain a correct compass heading.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Speaking of methane emergencies Blam, methane/H2S/et al permeation has been causing buried gas line pipes to explode, since at least 2013. Many news links posted on these happenings but you do have to dig deep to find them as most are posted by individuals own assorted social media posting accounts like word press etc.

      Texas pipelines, Louisiana waterways, China had a huge explosion killing and injuring hundreds on 11/21/13. Just recently also st Turkey point nuclear generating station there was damage by electrical fire stating also that the pipes were corroded on the inside and outside from gases absorbed in water and soil which spreads and progressively corrodes. This was in Homestead FL. Sorry I am unable to post all links on these examples from this devise I am using. But it is out there!

      Enenews just posted that there is a small pox like corrosion being found now on some nuke facilities pipes corroding them and spreading to other parts of the system causing much concern on what to do to prevent meltdowns and leakages they cannot contain or contain fast enough to stop. India I think is where that report came out of.

      Point is folks, not only is methane heating in the atmosphere it is down under as well and the spraying has no masking effect in that arena. 

      Not only are we being sprayed with toxins that kill everything we are also in a global nuclear meltdown, completely unreported.

      The doomsday clock has been advanced to two and a half minutes to midnight. Won't be long now, its almost over kids. Hang in there, our saviour will be here soon, He promised and ,He lies not. Keep doing what you do, fight the good fight until the end. I'm afraid we can not put an end to this madness anymore, its too far gone now. Save as many souls as you can and as you are all doing, it is all we have to do now.

      Best, Hawkeye

  23. Seeing Clearly says:

    To those who mock alternative medicine/ people who take health seriously and are not in line with what the medical industrial complex narrative and practices says:



    Many people, especially from the  anti-cure, Neurodiversity and disability pride movement mock alternative medicine by saying it's a multi billion dollar industry, but have they ever wondered why it's a multi billion dollar industry maybe it's because big pharma fails to keep us healthy so we are forced to look for alternatives if we want to keep being alive or maybe it's because we don't want to treat our health with toxins when we can do it with nutrition maybe it's because we want safe treatment without side effects maybe it's because we want a cure instead of masking symptoms and the medical industrial complex refuses to acknowledge that cure even exist let alone cure you ,so when people say that big alternative is anti-science and harmful I want them to consider the fact that all alternative medicine really is a refuge from the insane practices of mainstream medicine we have today ,which is drugging our kids labeling our kids with stigmas like ADHD even if that child's ADHD goes away because he can move he will always be accused of having ADHD it really is that bad if anyon read the DSM-5 you should know what I am talking about ,it's that spiritual dominance and control labels steal and pollute identities ,labels confuse labels can mislead and harm and can even control you that's why I want people to have the freedom to chose there label because believe it or not labels are no different than name calling and we all know how bad name calling is and medical labels are no exception especially the phony one in the DSM-5.


    Just for the record, I had a bleeding ulcer and I was on medication for it and one day I had to go to the hospital because it was hurting so much and I was told I would always need to be in treatment because there is no cure for it and now it's almost been 2 years and not a problem wonder why we don't take these people seriously sometimes when they tell us there is no cure for our whatever we may have.

    GMO's maybe caused my ulcer, maybe pesticides killing my good bacteria causing bad bacteria to. Invade in this is also linked to "neurological problems as well" 




    • MAP says:

      Alternative medicine is natural and less-toxic medicine. Big Pharma medicine = Toxicity. I should know since I have been screwed by their "money making" toxic pills over the years. Now, I focus on natural alternatives.

    • renate says:

      FCC: intimidating press, suppressing science at "5G" announcement

    • Hawkeye says:

      Seeing Clearly,  Next time you hear some ahole say alternative medicine is a multi billion dollar industry as an excuse to imply it is corrupt and or phoney, tell them that big pharma chem meds is a multi hundred trillion dollar business. What they say then? Fools!

    • Anon says:

      I feel so sick today. Was checking out the weather radar to see if a storm is coming. I came across this loop. I need some help understanding how to read the legend. What is 'icing product'? Why did the map disappear?

      most curiously, what is the ripple moving south from Canada down the Rust belt and NE coast?

    • BaneB says:

      Anon:  That is very interesting.  Does not look like itty bitty clouds.  If clouds, they are being majorly microwaved big time.  Also there is a partial ring on the eastern side of South Caroline which is of interest.  Thanks for the heads up and link.

    • Ron Marr says:

      Seeing Clearly, and you do . Yes, they will do whatever they can to twist the human mind and than name it. But they have stolen everything…our genius, love, imagination, faith and even our immortality; As they kill you trying to save you from death. In health Freedom News, again, Dr. Dan Kenner, wrote briefly about glyphosate. How it is in everything and once it combines with aluminum the two toxins work synergistically to induce neurological damage. This deadly combination leads to anemia-induced hypoxia (linked to autism), causing damage to nerves and the pineal gland. That messes up the release of melatonin from the pineal gland.I have been curious as to how I haven't slept well for the last few months…  better check my diet…detox!!

  24. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, and Everyone!  A Holy Sht moment!  I am recovering from my cold, was writing something regarding my doc " friend" threatening me over mentioning weather modification and snowballs, news on to catch weather stuff, channel 2 as in Fox as my kitchen TV is not cable and gets but a few channels and this accurate for here, seemingly no bias politically–I look up for a second, a guy by a plane with what looked like pipes about 10 inches or more long, tight together, at least 6 or more and sound on as fast as I could, words below guy saying something about weather modification, back fast to news broadcasters saying that the small amounts of chemicals used are said to pose no harm!!!!!!  WOW!  And now I am finally speechless!!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, though mainstream media may occasionally cover regional small scale “weather modification” programs, these operations are very different from the global climate engineering/geoengineering programs. The local weather mod programs are used to distract the public from the ongoing geoengineering assault. FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, I figured, but it was what was in print below that caught my attention, yet a small plane.  It did not replay-I did look for it all day, and I've checked on line stuff for it and zip nada.  Now I am wondering if something for mosquitoes, or?  But, the wording.  I guess it must have been 6 years ago I searched for weather modification companies and at that time only found three.  And my how that has grown! This cold has hijacked my brain, so, not thinking or acting quickly enough and much computer problems.  This seems the one thing I can actually do, only site I seem able to look up.  Speaking of which, in nearly any search for anything, this site pops up!  I know it is because of my using it so much.  Still….You are all over the place!  Yet, not here posting as usual?  Hope all is well.

  25. Cliff says:

    This is a brilliant report.    But I wonder what those who are creating this global catastrophe will do when life cannot exist on this planet.   What is their plan?  Where will they go?


    • MAP says:

      To their lovely DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases/Bunkers). How appropriate since they are very dumb; And Evil.

    • Dennie says:

      "Their" plans are usually "go as long as you can ride the wave of Big Money, then try to disappear down a rabbit hole, and we'll figure it out as we go."  There are too many of these kinds of military-industrial high-tech @ssholes who are counting on their gadgets to save them, never mind they will NEVER be able to come up with clean air, clean water, clean soil or a clean soul in their god-damnable laboratories.

  26. Teri says:

    I just ran into this article  

    about how ''scientists'' believe they have the right to terraform mars. as if they have the knowledge as well? where would they have gotten that knowledge? by terraforming earth in a global experiment perhaps? the true evil in the world is science . it has no ethics. no morals. no regulations affect it and no limit to what it will destroy or who or what it will destroy.  what gives them the right to lay claim to a planet? to do whatever they feel like with it? what gives them the right to claim ownership of other worlds? just because they see it in a telescope now they own it? these insane people believe they know how everything in the universe works without having even left the planet themselves…they have never been there…never seen it…yet they did look at it through a lens so therefore they ''know it all''..and have the right to tear it apart in their quest to ''terraform '' a world to suit themelves…..truly we live in a bizarre insane world where a small group of people have that power..the power of a god…the power of life and death..the power to name and claim it. 

    and we wonder why they are tearing our own world apart…it is because they can!


    • Dennie says:

      "WE can terraform Mars!!!!"  YIPEEEEE!!!!! Send 'em all a one way ticket, NO return.  Let's see how "well" they do there, trying to make breathable AIR in a goddamned LAB.  Stooopid @ssholes, they insanely believe that with enough money you can buy anything– well, it doesn't buy a heart or a soul, or much of a useful BRAIN, actually, either.

  27. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hi ANONYMOUS.  Have to add that the most ignorant profession I have spoke with about the subject of geoengineering are pilots.  They wrongly believe that what they were brainwashed with in their education was true.  Remember that geoengineering has been an active program for many many decades and a pilot in training is taught that the trails are condensation,  nothing more.  They defend that belief.  Not all are like this.  I have watched pilots on the internet speak the truth.  Just have not met any on the street so to speak that have any resemblance of a grasp on reality.  Do people a favor of whatever corporation (country) you reside in pilots…  be the brave courageous one, and speak the truth of what you see and know.

  28. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Funny (not really) we would bill Cambodia for the bombs we dropped on it.  Nixon was forced to resign in part due to the secret war he waged in Cambodia.  I remember it well.

    My comment on Dahr Jamail's Truthout article about Navy pollution and the bits of plastic being dropped by planes at least admits what we have known.  Particulates are being dropped by planes.  It's not conspiracy theory!  He's at least coming closer to the larger truth, but it's still up to us to report it.

    I've been told people in Alaska just don't "believe" Dahr Jamail.

    Senator Murkowski (R-Alaska) is just another oily politician, but honestly we know she knows what HAARP can do.

    In 2008 the US signed a free trade agreement with Peru.  It had strings attached that imposed obligations to NATO, and a HAARP facility was built south of Lima.  Living there at the time, I gave people my condolences, all misunderstood.  If this is what we do our allies, who needs enemies?

    Peru: 70 die in the country's worst flooding in 30 years (cities all over the whole country the size of California).

    Aerosols over the oldest Christian Church, Eglesia de San Lucas (1539) in the new world (Colan, where we lived).  Disgusting.  The sky there used to be bluer than Alaskan skies, which hardly seemed possible.  There's now a huge tower on the cliffs above which wasn't there in 2008.  It's threatening to collapse the fragile cliffs.


  29. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Not sure how many folks read about the flooding in Peru.

    Wow!! They are just getting hammered!! Such beautiful people subjected to so much they do not understand. It ain't fair. For them I stay strong.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      We re-conquered Peru with "free trade" in 2008.  We lived there at the time.  I've written about it above, but the best photos would not post, I'm sorry to say.

  30. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "The truth will set you free"… Hmm, I've heard those words somewhere before. Would our christian savior lead us astray? He never said it wouldn't hurt and never said it would be easy.

    Give it some thought folks. Stand steady. Dig deep, Be strong.

  31. JF says:

    SoCal report, continued spraying here, expecting rain Tuesday and Wednesday.  I think then chemtrails dry out the weather system. We'll see.

    On heavy spray days, you can almost smell the chemicals. There's an odor in the air

    • MS P says:

      Yes very heavy spraying So. CA,. It was like driving through a brush fire or  thick smog, Way beyond the word hazy.  Layer upon layer. With non stop planes flying. In every direction.

      Perhaps their  predicted rain plan backfired? It sure seemed to be a good bit of Ice Nuke. Cooling, down, cloud build up for rain. Then nothing!  We got the layer of chem clouds, but it was hot & stuffy. Temps went up & the clouds never rained. Back to the bug in a jar feeling. With no air. Maybe the plan, or the mistake?  The (GAG) weather reporters keep switching up their predictions. Daily. If not by the hour? 


      So many people seem sick. Allergy meds, throat lozengers, & cold meds, are big profits these days. Thanks to the EVIL DOERS! 

    • JF says:

      I knew with the storm coming and if they continued the heavy spraying, it  would kill off this storm. I have seen these many times these past few years. It hardly rained at all.

  32. Mary Hollowell says:

    In today's House Intelligence Committee hearing with NSA & FBI, two senators mention clouds a total of seven times – alluding to geoengineering? Maybe some good will come of this.

  33. Blam says:

    My favorite thing in the world is to tell people how ffing hot it is and then hear them try to normalize this sh*t. Several ladies from California, I live in Colorado, replied after after hearing me rant about the week long 90 degree weather, "this is nothing, I am from California. I replied logically…this isnt California, we are a mile and a half above sea level. What is it with Californians, I fear they could be the MOST brainwashed people on earth. Want everything to be sterile like Palo Alto. Nevertheless I laugh at their "you are so rude" facial expressions, then I leave them with a dose of fear.. I tell them I think this planet will be unlivable in a decade. I love it, as they have kids, they are in terror. I just dont give 2 fks any more, I just tell people "look your children are not going to be alive if you dont do something to change our civilization" They hate it, but I love their reactions. You really must be aggressive, I dont even mention chemtrails, I just tell them the sh*thouse is crumbling. Needless to say after so much spraying I am definitely off my rocker.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blam, you are not off your rocker. "Californication", you defined it well. It's an often used term here in north central WA. It's used when someone out of state comes in here with high hopes and no sight for the future, let alone the environment. They usually end up buzzing down to many trees… and then disappear. Go figure…………….

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Blam:  "What is it with Californians?" Thank you! I thought maybe I was being too east coast judgmental, but it's not that, is it? I've been friends for four years with someone who lives in Marin County, and I've straight up told her that when it comes to denial, she's PhD level; her husband even more so. 

      I've tried to talk to her about geoengineering/climate engineering/weather control for years now. She's seen my posts on Facebook, and my photos on Pinterest of the atrocities going on in our skies. I used to simply allude to the subject, knowing she didn't want to hear it because she didn't want to believe it. Now, I say exactly what's on my mind. No mincing words, no sugar coating. 

      She was in New York for a trade show last week, and I usually meet her and stay at the hotel with her for the duration. She got a crash course, and a rather costly one, in weather control this time. She came into New York on Saturday, March 11th, with the intention of staying until Tuesday, March 14th. I still don't know about her, but I certainly wouldn't have gone if I'd known "Winter Storm Stella" was scheduled to hit the eastern seaboard on the 14th. I was told it was being talked about a day or two beforehand, but since I hadn't heard anything before I left for New York, and neither of us watched much television while we were there, I didn't know about it until sometime on Monday. She saw something about 10-20 on whatever channel they had on at the front desk of the hotel. She asked me if those were the temps for the next day, at which point I just knew what was about to happen. By that time, it was an all-out end of the world scenario, with emergency alerts running across the bottom of local news and weather reports. Long story short, her flight out on Tuesday was canceled. All flights were canceled that day. I could've gotten an earlier bus back to Pennsylvania on Monday, but she asked me to stay. By 7:00 pm Monday night, before any snow was falling, Port Authority was shut down as well, with no buses coming in or going out. My friend didn't have to pay for changing her flight since it had been canceled, but she she had to pay for another day at the hotel, as well as breakfast at the hotel since virtually everything was closed Tuesday. In Manhattan. I'd lived and worked in Manhattan for many years, and storms that shut the city down were pretty rare in the 80s and 90s. Storms like "Stella" – the geoengineered kind that took quite a few days to manufacture – are certainly the storms of the present and future. 

      She went back to California last Wednesday, to 80+ degree temps and "sunny" skies. She said something yesterday about the cost of the extra day in NY, to which I replied "take it up with the weather controllers."  **crickets**

  34. Christina V says:

    Does anyone else feel the same sickness I feel, it is like they are micro waving my brain, on Sunday during the day it was really bad, like woozy as if I was on one of those fair ground rides. And again tonight, Mon. I'm sure I am not alone. I sense the atmosphere and it feels odd.  I don't know if it's HAARP or just that they are spraying chemicals in the air and it's the side effects. I have changed my diet recently to improve my well being. I seem to crave bananas which seems to help my mood, but also sea kelp and vit C.  Does anyone else have any symptoms. I wonder if many people are silently suffering but are unable to link it to their environment. On occasions my heart is racing, at night I can wake up thinking what are they doing now. 

    Thank you Dane for your weekly talks. And your news articles. And these community voices.

    I have always been close to nature and the environment. I cannot believe how careless and ignorant so many humans have become, it makes me so sad.

    • reggie says:

      Yup. It feels like being very very very slightly "intoxicated". The effects of buildup of Aluminum in the nervous system could be the reason.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      You are not alone, I have suffered like this for the past four years now, some days I am immobile.  I recently discovered a video where a woman was suing a landlord after cell towers were placed on the roof of the building she lived in and was experiencing the same symptoms as me.  Many buildings, including mine, in Toronto now have many cell towers on the roofs.  I'm sure these towers are being used for more than just cell phones, I believe I started to feel this bad when they were put up on the building I live in.

    • dawnski says:

      Yes thank you for sharing. I have noticed a nauseating woozy borderline dizziness feeling that I find most annoying. I like your carnival ride comparison. Fits the situation well. Come Lord JESUS!

    • Dennie says:

      Christina V:  I believe you're suffering from barium poisoning. Racing heart is a telltale sign.  Stock up on potassium and magnesium.

    • tC in Ct says:

      Yes, I also experience loud tinnitus with the woozy feeling and the drugged feeling.  Your craving for bananas could be your body's response to need for potassium which is depleted by the barium in the aerosols. 

      I saw an illustration somewhere of what the air around us would look like if we could see the various electromagnetic and microwave frequencies.  It would look similar to the various frequency patterns we see in the sky permeating the whole of our environment. We are immersed in a sea of waves which penetrate all matter.  A

  35. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, I'm not much for music anymore. These days I find it hard to be 'happy' and have my feet firmly planted on terra firma. I clicked on this video thinking it was a commentary. Well, it wasn't. As I listened to the beat, I imagined thousands of foot steps marching forward in unison. "Our foot steps". "We are doing something", together!!

    • MS P says:

      Well Done. Thank you for sharing.

    • Dog says:

      This is an EXCELLENT video!! Extremely well done, important, and timely. Visit Neal Fox's website is recommended – he has had an impressive entertainment-biz career, and is now on the front lines on multiple issues. Recommended sharing for all.

    • Dennie says:

      Great commentary on the TERMINAL APATHY of the Uhmerukun Sheeple.  They'd continue sitting in their Barka-loungers watching Tee Vee while a nuclear wind vaporizes them.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      MS P, Dog, thanks for hitting this comment. Neal Fox is a modern day Attila the Hun. He has brought together many important figures and has had council with them. Yet true to Attila, he never wears a "suit" or fancy clothes if you will. (Sounds like someone else we know).

      Now to my point of why I am writing here. It was the beat of the music that captured my imagination. The title "we should have done something" is what we should be chanting when we are marching forward. When the dust clears, then and only then can we say to one another, "we 'did' something". This battle can be quite simple. Scary, isn't it? What's in your wallet? Do your neighbors like you?

  36. jintampa says:

    To my astonishment, the sky has been clear and a brilliant blue for about 5 days straight with the exception of chemtrails in the early morning a couple of days ago and it blew out here in Tampa Bay. Why I wonder?

    • MS P says:

      Some politician is in town? Playing golf? I'd see that happen in CA. When Obama would fly out. Or the Prince of England.  

  37. MAP says:

    We have long since known that we are in dire straits…..

  38. Donna-AZ says:

    I had a friend over, and when it became dark, went outside with an Ultra Bright Flashlight to show how it's snowing (particles) in Arizona. There were no clouds, and the stars were out.


    To the Slime keeping tabs on us, Stop F…'n Spraying Us NOW. 

  39. Peter says:

    Hi Dane and Members. Take a look at this video on YouTube

  40. Mario says:

    Matthew Parker, American Meteorological Society Bio:

    I find his choice of words very interesting.  He refers to the AMS several times as The Society (capitalized).  His language is that of an industrial capitalist. 

    His resume should also be a red flag . . . research money from Oak Ridge Lab in the 80s, part of DOE Savanna River Lab, etc . . . Talk about someone who was up to his neck in this crap.  

    Nice message.  Efficient and effective.  If they kill the head of the AMS, that should shut a few more folks up, don't ya think??? 

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  The king is dead.  Long live the king.  Yes, these folks are the tip of an iceberg that can only be described as a scientific dictatorship.  And they refer to something about their criminal operations as the 'enterprise.'  The dead head seemed rather mild.  This one is a spooky replacement.

  41. Blue Sue says:

    Greetings all,

    I was just on Facebook and learned that someone named James Robert Honest wants to be "friends" with me. Don't know the man and am curious how he came to know me.  Must have been the posts I've shared to Dane's site.  Hmmm … Anyone here know this man? 

    James Robert Honest

    Engineer at US National Weather Service Sacramento California · Arizona State University · Los Angeles, California

    • Mario says:

      Part of why I stay off all social media.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Sounds pretty fishy to me Sue. I googled his name and came up with a big "0". Maybe you were visited by a "spy algorithm" operating in fake book land? If so, I commend you for doing something right that caught "their" attention.

  42. Bob says:

    3 Chemtrails Tankers Filmed From Above. Boeing-777 alleged radio failure produces 2 Typhoon jet fighters obviously spraying chemtrails.

    • Mario says:

      Someone should send that video to Jodi Kolesh, the San Diego weather lady.  She if she has a response.

  43. ron hall says:

    I just watched a talk by a NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology)  WHISTLE BLOWER.  He worked for many years there and it apparently sunk in recently that 9/11 –especially BLDG 7– has been(for him) a shocking cover-up! He really gets into the power and meaning of TRUTH. Interestingly, his approach somewhat resembles that of Dane. IMHO, if 9/11 TRUTH gets "loose", the TRUTH of GEOENGINEERING may soon follow.  Forgive me, if this 13 minute video has already been posted here.  It certainly is worth a viewing.

    • Mario says:

      Wow.  I've studied 9/11 since it happened.  This guy lays it down.  One of the most powerful statements I've seen in the search for truth in many, many years.  I've been waiting for someone to have the fortitude to call out the NIST explanation of Bldg. 7 for what it was.  You need to be familiar with the Shyam Sunder's (NIST) presentation as to the "official" explanation of the collapse of Bldg. 7.  In Sunder's presentation he talks in circles for a long time and then says the building suffers catastrophic failure.  This whistelbower called Sunder and NIST out for this obviously ridiculous logic.  The whistelblower is also a shining example of how someone who worked at NIST during 9/11, had no clue as to the breadth of their cover-up.  That's how deep and ingrained the 9/11 narrative is.  And you need to understand that to fully appreciate what we are dealing with when it comes to the Geoengineering issue.  Dane does not bring up 9/11 for nothing.  There's a reason.  To understand 9/11 is to understand the type of folks running the show behind the curtain and what they are capable of 1. doing and 2. getting away with.   

    • sea says:

      ron hall thank you for this youtube video- what an incredible display of courage and in such an eloquent message regarding the "attacks" of 9/11…I agree this man displays the same courage and  integrity that Dane does , there are some beautiful and amazing people among us!h I loved that he talks about speaking "the truth".

      Keep it up TRUTH TELLERS! We love you

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Very good. Feelings are not the truth, I will use that line in the future.

    • BaneB says:

      Ron Hall:  Let's also recall that obvious liar, Mr. Gross.  I cannot recall his position at NIST.  Maybe he was PR.  Maybe he was head of the agency.  But, he was instrumental in the MSM dissemination of the BIG LIE about Building 7's collapse.  If my memory serves me, Building 7 was not addressed in the Omissions Report, the coverup engineered by that other lying controller, Zelikov.  The same forces that planned, executed, and sold the world the 9-11 lie, are actively seeking a confrontation with Russia.  Pay attention to the Congressional "investigation" into alledged Russian hacking of the US election.  My suspicion is its an orchestrated psyops propaganda tool to turn up the heat, Instill a national Cold War mentality, and maneuver this blundering nation into war with nukes.  Illogical, but so was 9-11 until one realizes the orchestrators are one and the same working inside the subsumed fifth estate.

  44. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Today, massive quantities of the DAMN aerosols were sprayed in my region, here in southern Europe. It's surreal, in the landscape we had a very thick mist like fog, in a day that was very dry and HOT, maybe over 27ºC in the middle of the day. They can't hide it anymore. And with this "fog" like situation it is very strange that people do NOT start panicking.

    I will add some positive info, but proving once more that big pharma is really criminal:


    Good Luck to Us All.

  45. Renny says:

    I live in Imperial Valley,the southern tip of california..low desert,10 miles north of the southern border and we are getting hit hard with these chemtrails !! I have to work outside for a living and when they start  spraying I get horrible sympthoms like slight burning in my eyes,a really weird type of headache, and a rawness to my throat and chest ! …They always do the same pattern..dozens of planes spraying traveling N.W. from Mexico border and dozens traveling east/west about 30 miles north ,forming some type or triangular pattern…Why is our government not admitting to this ??

  46. Ron Marr says:

    The anonymous have no place to run and hide, either; that's what they tell their victims, anyway. But, it is the true evil, that foil mankind, that hide behind the anonymous. They don't like to be seen. They get nervous and afraid; because their devastation is our awakening…stop participating.

    I am surprised no one has seen through Jonathan Kraft, owner of the New England football team. He could care less about football. He is only a spin wizard of human energy; used to manipulate and distract people. Mr. Kraft monitors sports radio in New England. The people are constantly bombarded with IRS threats and violence. A young woman pushes Viagra…so men can have an explosion like never before….and of course they want you to think autism is normal. In the commercial it says, " everyone knows somebody with autism. don't we?' Kraft, is just another anonymous insider.

    • 'a' simple horsseman says:

      Ron Marr, Thank you for these following words: "They get nervous and afraid; because their devastation is our awakening…stop participating"

      When people ask "what can 'I' do to stop the madness?" How much simpler can it get? "Stop participating". Even the the daily habits of many here on this sights need to be rearranged and re-evaluated. Take your "smart" phone(tracking devices) for instance, they can be managed quite easily. Take the battery out when you are not using it. Two years ago I needed to procure a phone message machine for my land line phone, I looked for several months to find one at a second hand store. 2 bucks and I got what I sought and did not tax our planet any more for my needs. There is only one item I purchase at wally world, TP. Quite fitting I'd say. I go out of my way  to spend my money "locally". I stopped participating years ago.

  47. son of san quentin says:

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Hitler and Mengele had the backbone and manhood to tell their sacrificial cattle what the deal was, with the help of big guns pointed in their victims' faces. It is the same deal now except with a shyster, clandestine and subversive fascist power elite who can now simply conduct and accelerate their in-your-face genocidal and human cleansing programs through outright denial, bureaucratic deceit and betrayal of the human family. They don't even have to hold a gun to your head anymore. Most of the ignorants voluntary line up like they did in the concentration camps and prisons, submit themselves and their children to the direct injection of toxic venom and say 'thank you' on the way out as their immune systems, mental, physical and spiritual health is just completely abominated in the process.


    Back during the Somali conflict Canada sent it's top commandos over there for 'peacekeeping.' Prior to departure, these poor warriors were injected with a goody that was described as a trial malaria vaccine. The goody that was forced upon these poor unsuspecting super soldiers, turned experimental lab rats, was equivalent to fuckin' hollywood's jacob's ladder in a syringe. Once the ungodly filth, termed medicine, took hold of them, they lost complete control of themselves. After the killing was done, these poor boys started chopping up dead bodies with machetes, engaging in cannibalism and devouring human feces. These military vaccine-induced atrocities were actually filmed and made their way into the media for public viewing. Ya, Canada was a shame and disgrace to the whole 'free' world after that little display of military prowess. Hey, but who cares, it's a new day without a blue sky or sunshine.


    And now they will roll out 5G to further irradiate domestic populations, interfering with and vitally damaging our natural biological frequencies and functions, thought processes, DNA, etc. There are days I truly wish I could sit down and have a nice enlightening chat with Hitler and Mengele so they could fill me in on how much more nasty and demonic this show is going to become.


    Just walk down the street in any major urban or metropolitan centre, and observe the mental, physical and spiritual disease first hand. People living next to GWEN towers and leaking nuclear power plants are now forming distinctive cancer clusters all over the planet. Unfortunately, most people in their ignorance and suffering merely compare notes with 50 of their diseased and dying neighbours without connecting the dots and discovering the true underlying causes of their maladies – biological and chemical warfare unleashed on populations by puppet governments.


    The very few capable visionaries of humanity are mocked, discredited, and ruined. The chosen ones who are very talented and help their fellow man en masse, without a debilitating and deadly profit motive, are usually very sloppily suicided by the establishment.


    Just a thought before the inevitable and not too distant ultimate and final shake down, take down, break down, and lock down of life as we know it. Go get your earnings and savings and shut this bitch down. Except for the big guns, the entire fabric and structure of society is hanging on a thread, that's how fragile it is. They know, that is why they insist on gassing our families in their own homes. A few bright economics students at Kent State figured this out during the Vietnam invasion. They came up with the idea of promoting and conducting a run on the banking system. Unfortunately, once they give voice to the idea the Gestapo started blowing them away.


    If your really want to test your masters and rulers completely non-violently and civilly, go to your local bank or financial institution and tell them your cashing out your chips. Formally request that the royals, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Carnegies please return your money and you no longer desire to engage their services or do business with them. Unless it's only a few bucks, they cannot and will not give you your money, unless it's in a paper form that is even more worthless than the cash it represents. If only a handful of people did this and were able to sustain the backlash, if any, from local militarized law enforcement, the house of cards quickly falls and the engine that drives this cancer seizes. If everyone wholeheartedly participated, the victory would make the American Revolution small and pale in comparison. The Revolution was for freedom from tyranny, now it's about survival from a genocidal, unauthorized and illegal entity that has overtaken this planet.

    • Dennie says:

      Forget stuffing your quarters under the mattress or the carpet or burying whatever's left of your money in a can in the back yard– haha!  While history does rather rhyme, it does not repeat verbatim.  While history does rather rhyme, it does not repeat itself verbatim. YOu don't need a "guns blazing" SLA attitude from 1969.  Just get your money out of the Toxic Twenty and put it to work in a local credit union.   

    • Donna-AZ says:

      And when you go down to the bank and tell them your cashing out your chips, if it is over $2,500, you will need to give them 24 hours notice. That was my experience.

    • BaneB says:

      Donna AZ:  The bank must have been terribly inconvenienced.  How dare you ask for your money!  They say it's not really your money but that it belongs to the federal government.  The corporate control freaks  do not want us to have cash.  Cashless benefits their agenda, because the banks do not have any cash except the petty kind.  Think about it, a paltry (relatively speaking) few thousand dollars and one has to place an advance order.  Not only that, the withdrawal is likely reported to Homeland Insecutity.  Then your name is placed on a 'no fly' list, reported to the IRS, and sent to Interpol in case you might try to travel abroad.  This what a fascist police surveillance state is, a cashless society.  

    • Dennie says:

      I'm hearing from Doug Casey that the banks actually do not keep much cash in the vaults.  He's saying The Usual:  Buy gold, stash cash.  The fed is coming out with the FedCoin, an electronic currency.  I think "they" tested the idea on us with the Bitcoin drama.  Won't work.

  48. Seeing Clearly says:

    Questions Of Concern


    Should we stop climate engineering?

     Climate Engineering Can Be Used To Prevent Or Cause a "natural disaster" using climate engineering takes the "natural" out of natural disasters so it remains a controversy leaning to no it should not be allowed.

    Is control of the amount of water that falls into our backyard an invasion of private property (property rights)

    Yes in a sense of notion that our property should not be infringed upon by any man or anything other than the happenstance of nature however we can benefit from more analyzing of the subject .

    Can weather warfare destroy our democracy?

    Its not so much of a matter of Can but rather a matter of will it destroy our democracy. 

    What is the environmental damage and influence of climate manipulation?

    The effects of climate manipulation need an abundant amount of research however the planet has been seen to get warmer with correlation of climate manipulation.

    If climate manipulation was to be implemented who would govern it ?

    This is a topic of major study as to what's best in the case of implementing climate manipulation.

    How should we view and deal with the potential health impacts of climate manipulation?

    This is a major area of controversy and concern and needs further evaluation before we allow climate manipulation to be implemented.

    Should we play God with the weather?

    No , Let it be gods will he is the one who decides if we and how we implement weather control.

    When should we control the weather if ever?

    There are many cases where it's tempting to say we should control the weather like during drought or floods or any form or severe weather but we must consider the side effects and consequences before a decision.

  49. Alan says:

    There are three pages on geoengineering in this morning's San Diego Union Tribune.  In an editorial, the paper comes out in favor of geoengineering as a "hedge against catastrophe".   There is a also contribution by Jane C.S. Long, "recently retired from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where she was the associate director for energy and environment.  She is co-chair of the Task Force on Geoengineering for the Bipartisan Policy Center, and chairman of the California Council on Science and Technology's California's Energy Future committee."  In her article, Ms. Long, like all the others, pretends that geoengineering has not been going on for decades.  I think her article describes the problem pretty well,  but it concludes with these words:   "How can mitigation and geoengineering work together to make a safer planet?"  Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the future, does it? 


    • BaneB says:

      Alan:  Thank you for this information.  We need no further evidence of the incredible Luciferian hubris of what has to be an out of control self-dealing fascist scientific dictatorship.  "Safer planet?"  Since when?  They are going to sell the brain dead population yet another "good."  And as if these high priest of psychopathy have not been delivering death and destruction on a global scale for at least the last 100 years.  Jane is Medusa, another Marsha McNutt.  

  50. AC in CT says:

    Another powerful report, both the content and the presentation. Usually takes me overnight to assimilate and get over the shock. I find these reports serve at least two purposes: One, they hold a lens up to the outer world. Two: they hold a lens up to the inner world. As the Indian philosopher Jiddhu Krishnamurti said "You are the World".  To change the world, we must change. . .

    Dane, as formidable as these reports of what is happening to this planet are, one of your articles that moved me the most was the story of your experience hearing the solitary frog in the forest and how that inspired you.  It is amazing that no matter how "big" what is happening to all of us seems to be, we can still be inspired by a tiny creature. . .

    After reading through the comments here I am thinking again how  powerful it would be to hear these comments (and the word "comment" seems sorely inadequate) spoken by their authors.  These are rich primary source documents. First hand accounts, reports, histories, stories, information . . .  perhaps even with musical interludes.  Marc, Dennie, horsegirl, any other musicians . . .?   I've been playing guitar for 53 years (not continuously, I take breaks to write, eat and shovel "snow".)

    Last night another 1-3 inches was planned for this area in sw Ct.  We got 0 inches.  Saw the first robins this year around our deck where we have been feeding the birds all winter.  Looks like "Stella" left some survivors.  Temperatures are "forecast" to be in the 50"s this week. Probably will be warmer.. .

  51. izzy says:

    Plans & schemes? 

    As if it’s not bad enough already, there are still more great ideas about how to make it much worse. Another nightmare EMF field getting ready for deployment as the much-hyped 5G ’Internet of Things’. And certainly the cloud of aluminum nanoparticles we’re all being bathed in will help ensure we get the full effect. Our reality has become an unavoidable bad movie, with no intermission. 

    • BaneB says:

      Izzy:  Well it can get worse, much worse.  Just search out "smart dust."  These wild eyed children of Pandora's upchuck know no hesitation in their insatiable appetite for getting us all burned by their curiosity and by the inventions that are for warfare upon all the earth.  There is no good in any of this crap.  But, the horse is out of the barn so to speak.  They always sell this as some great big altruistic love for humankind.  The fact is the Pentagram has first dibs.  This is because much, if not all, of the research money is from that source.  Which is precisely how the computer age was birthed.  

  52. dawnski says:

    Weather Channel website posted a survey on how they can better report the weather. How many of us can announce our awareness of geoengineered weather reports? I just participated.

    • horsegirl says:

      Dawnski, good to see you comment.  Seems like it's been a long time, hope you're well. 

    • Dennie says:

      Good catch!  What do you suppose the Weather Channel knows, now, and could this be a coded way of saying that they want to let the cat out of the bag?  Maybe some of these people are awake and want to let their Lords and Masters know that we outnumber them.

    • BaneB says:

      Dawnski:  That was quick.  I went into the link hoping to post some pointed questions and give a comment.  Guess they were overwhelmed because "Sorry, study closed."  

  53. Carol says:

    Hello Dane. UK .we are now in March and so far this year we have only had about five days light and the rest has been blanket of grey rain ?? And then we had day like it was summer the sun was so hot and then next day freezing INSANITY …… And you can see these ice crystal on the ground … The world is mess, food . Water .air TOXIC  SOUP u can smell toxic air , my eyes run my nose runs and they sting and foul taste !,, u can buy fresh air  oxygen canisters now . so scary …. Frustrated to get people to wake up … I do what  I   give leaflets .. but people look at u like u have six heads has long as I have breath  in me I will try and wake people up .. Bless u Dane …. 

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Carol, I just wanted to tell you that I agree and that it boggles my mind that the masses don't see those chemtrails and the powder looking sky that we have now. I have a friend who when asked what the lines in the sky were answered "Oh that's just exhaust wash". LOL. A made up term. My eyes run all day and I am watching tree and plant collections that I have maintained for 30 yrs.die now from diseases I have never seen and I am a 57 yr. old botanical taxonomist and horticulturist. I fear it's too late for us.

    • Sally says:

      Hi Carol

      I am in the UK too (South West) and agree with you that all throughout March the sky has been almost perpetually covered in a grey blanket and the sunny days I can count on one hand, which certainly isn't normal even for the UK!  We're supposed to finally be having some sunshine next week, but from tomorrow, it's supposed to be getting much colder (Not typical temps at all for mid – late March!).

      Still so many are totally oblivious to the freak weather!!


    • Game Over says:

      Hi Carol,

      in Germany it was the same: just a few days of sunshine during the last two months. Always a thick grey cloud cover.

      In Germany, commercial airline pilots, air hostesses, and ground personnel of airports every few months go on strike.
      I wondered why the well-paid pilots are not satisfied, and then I got the suspicion:
      Maybe the strikes are not for the money, but to make free room in the flight space for the military sprayers.
      Every day they are on strike, hundreds of commercial flights are cancelled.

      This thought came to me when I saw twelve white planes at the same time all together in the sky during a Lufthansa strike, when it would have been a blue sky normally.
      Afterwards was heavy fallout because of cold, dry air sinking down.

      Commercial flights go never over our city; when there are planes, its always military, not on radar.
      It looks as if they have different corridors, so they don’t crash into each other.

      I wish you all well.

    • youss says:

      hi game over,

      germany here too. no the strikes have nothing to do with freeing the air of commercial flights.

      Just check the 'deutsche flugsicherheit' website ( and search for the term 'NATO' or check the descriptions what their real purpose is.

      They are nothing more than a covert military institution to control the civil flights in agreement with military needs.

      That is why they switch the flight traffic directions (incoming/outgoing flightpaths) every day according to the needs of all the US military installations and their 'projects' in Germany/Europe.

      Here next to FRA airport and The US/NATO Bases surrounding us like Rammstein/Wiesbaden/Darmstadt/Kaiserslautern etc. its very very obvious that they are coordinating  the 24/7  geoengineering above us.

      If you dig deeper you will recognize much more and very strange 'cooperations' the dfs runs in regard of controlling the public opinion about everything 'airtravel' .

      For example under the cover theme of reducing  'noise'  or 'pollution'  (superfeinstaub) for the people living around the airports etc.



    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Youss, incredible information.

    • youss says:

      Just as a short extension to my above information about the role of the  dfs (Deutsche Flugsicherung) . I didn't mean they coordinate the geoengineering, just the air traffic according to the geoengineering other military schedules there might be. But they are a obvious part of the propaganda front for everything airtraffic too.

      The dfs is originally the leading part of the german Air Traffic Control but by itself it is now organized EUROCONTROL ( ) which is again part of the SINGLE EUROPEAN SKY ( Project.

      Generally all European Countries mostly have/had their 'own' ATC , but in real they are all controlled by the background front groups with mainly military interests (see the 'cooperations' between above shell Organisations/Projects and NATO)

      If you check out the intentions of these shell's you'll recognize its's all about automation and central control. 

      A side note regarding air traffic fuel. Got information of people working on the ground in FRA airport when asked if they have any idea  if the fuel tanked by the main airlines have any additives or whatever.

      They said mainly the fuel comes via underground pipes from whereever prepared in Europe (they don't have a clue) and the workers just plug the tubes into valves installed all around the airport.

      So potentially they can mix whatever fuel needed without anybody on the ground knowing what they really are handling. Compartmentalization in perfection so to speak.


  54. Christine says:

    It is very hard to convince young people constantly hooked to their IPhones about geoengineering which happens right in front of their noses. A normal 'cloud' dispersal for them is a microwaved inosphere to me. Jut wonder how much of it is 'controlled'


  55. Dennie says:

    Here's the letter I just sent to Rep. Jared Huffman:

    Issue: ENV

    Message Subject: The environment IS the economy!!!!!!

    Message Text:

    Dear Rep. Huffman:

    Please avail yourself and your staff and Congress of the FACTS of ongoing runaway global warming: Global heating is NOT a "hoax," and we need to get SERIOUS NOW about getting off of hydrocarbon fuel burning, and STOP the ongoing GEOENGINEERING spraying of aerosols that we KNOW from Berkeley Labs are SHREDDING THE OZONE LAYER, a .25-inch layer that is all that keeps Earth, OUR ONLY REAL HOME, from burning up… already we have OFF-THE-CHARTS UVA, UVB and now even UVC RADIATION measurable on the ground when it shouldn't be coming lower than 100,000 ft.! What's next? GAMMA RADIATION (x-rays); is that what is good for life on Earth????

    You're an environmental lawyer. Work HARD to STOP the greenhouse gas production. And for GOD'S SAKE, SOMEONE needs to get ahold of those generals and admirals and STOP THE GEOENGINEERING!!! WE KNOW IT'S GOING ON AND YOU CAN'T FOOL US OTHERWISE. STOP IT. NOW.


    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Jared Huffman's various offices are no strangers to the subject at hand.  Originially i communicated by snail mail.  That elicited a response from him that these aerosol trail are contrails.  To which I write back and received an EPA document.   The gist of that information is the EPA states the sprayings are contrails.  Oddly, the paper said jet contrails are now the majority of cirrus clouds, and that this cirrus cloud cover will continue to increase until the year 2050.  I kid you not.  To me, this seems like a back door approach. They know the jets are producing cloud cover, via "contrails."  No admission anywhere about Geoengineering.  I have sent his office over the last three years many images of Geoengineering over this area.  And educational material.  His staff knows.  Please post his reply to your entreaty.

    • Dennie says:

      Look, you can either keep after these mtherfckers and let them know that WE know, stay right on their asses, or you can just give up.

    • Blam says:

      Litigation isn't only works in a nation of laws, sadly we are no longer a nation of laws…we are a banana republic.

    • Dennie says:

      Of COURSE Congress people know what's going on– why would they not, when THEY WROTE A REPORT ABOUT CONTROLLING THE WEATHER AND IT IS POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE. .

  56. Diane Friday says:

    Seeing new names every day now is wonderful thing.

    Yes, "they" are indeed getting more blatant in their displays of weather manipulation and control every single day. I've had the feeling that, since there are many new names showing up in the comments here, even though we who are awake and aware remain a very small percentage of the population, these increasingly blatant displays are a message to us, as well as a sign of desperation. That message, as Marc recently pointed out, is that they know we know, but make no mistake, they are in control, their agenda will be carried out, and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it. How terribly frightened these cowardly slime are of we, the people. 

    I just wanted to thank Dane again for taking on this Herculean task, and thank all of the wonderful, intelligent, beautiful souls who come here to share vital information and personal experiences in these dark and surreal days. 

    I also wanted to offer a simple tip that might help stave off those pesky heart problems that are causing people to inexplicably die in their sleep these days. I read a long time ago that drinking a glass of water before bed reduces the risk of a heart attack. Also, since we know how we're being dried up from the inside out by the dessicants with which we're being sprayed, this means we're also going to be lacking in sodium and potassium, both of which are critical to proper heart function. So, potassium supplements, and maybe eating or drinking a little something with salt close to bedtime, can't hurt. Last year, my partner started getting severe leg cramps during the night that woke her up and left her with a sore leg the next day. She started taking potassium supplements, but the leg cramps persisted. A few weeks ago, I told her she should try having something with a little salt before bed, and it's been working. One night last week, after another day of feeling sick and having no appetite (we have a lot of those days of late), she hadn't had anything with salt the entire day, and had mild leg cramps that night. 

    I'm not a medical professional, but I have better-than-average basic medical knowledge, and good observational skills. If something this simple can help someone, and I think it might, it's worth a shot. 

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      You are absolutely correct with regard to the epidemic of muscle cramps at night. My WHOLE family has them now and sometime I have almost had to go to the E.R. but I bought a container of good sea salt that has the electrolytes along with good sodium that will not cause a B.P. rise and it works very well when used in small portions. I drink a table spoon in 8 oz. of water and put a little under my tongue and they are gone in a few minutes. It works for all of us. My poor dad is on dialysis and can't do this. If only we had gone the way Tesla wanted, we would never have ended up on this damn evil "petro" existence. The monstrosity of "Chentrails" is so horrific that it almost seems like we are living in a science fiction movie. I fear the end is near. Sincerely; B.P.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Thank you Diane for the tip on the salt for leg cramps, and to you too Jeffrey. I have also been experiencing this in the form of charlie horses waking me up from my sleep. Not too often, but it has been happening and I knew it was from all of this poison sky spray. Funny thing is I have been craving salt! I only use sea salt and pink Himala salt so I will try it as you two described. Non GMO potato chips with sea salt and either olive oil, coconut oil or avacado oil are the only chips I will purchase, they must have been working all the same because when I feed the craving I have no leg cramps,  but I didn't make that connection until reading your posts! 

      Now while I am in here I want to speak to the rotten rat fink bastard weather makers……. I know they are reading us, how else can they get feedback on their little Frankenstein experiment?! So to you jerk offs hear this: SWFL weather sucks, turn down the dam air conditioning wind please! It is sharp cold and painful and really a lousy dam job of mimicking natural weather temps down here! If you guys are able to control the temps then why can't you make it look and feel like it should be? Lol….cause you guys suck that's why! Terrible job! You're fired!! Lol!!!!!

      Fire that prez guy too! We are not impressed nor would we pay two cents for your crappy concoctions. FL is supposed to be pleasantly WARM in March and it is not even close to that. No one wants to buy your bankster buddies real estate cause the water is a nightmare and the weather SUCKS big time. Friggin hate you guys.

      There, I said it! 

      Lousy pieces of arrogant shit, go to hell and take ALL your dam technology, your friggin blue teeth, chrome, supra key, iPhone etc. etc. and shove it hard!!!!

      Thanks for allowing this venting Dane!

      Best, Hawkeye

    • Dennie says:

      Be sure to get enough potassium and magnesium.  The barium knocks these minerals out.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Yes, Diane Friday, the leg pains and cramps at night seem to be a feature experienced from Alaska, where I live, to Massachusetts, reported by a friend there. My leg problems correspond to heavy ice nucleation or heavy spraying in summer.   Never had any sort of leg problems until 2016.  In the natural food section I found Redmond's Real Salt, mined from an ancient sea bed in Utah.  It contains 60 naturally occurring trace minerals including iodine.  Looks pretty (pale pink with colored specks) and tastes very good.

    • MS P says:

      I do think you are on to something with the potassium mention. Bananas & potatoes are craved by many. I tend to go for potatoes. 

      On the flip side of what is wrong with this picture. Has anyone else here noticed how potatoes have blackened. From ALUMINUM????

      I do not cook with aluminum pans. The potatoes looks as if I did. Some less than others. I'll guess on growing locations, & how deep they were under the soil?  I only buy organic.

      More on spuds. In 3rd grade I entered the school science fair. In hopes to win the school prize. Showing how one could light up a light bulb, using a  potato. YEA you can do that.

      Too advanced for my stupid school teachers.. The baking soda /vinegar volcano was more their inelegance. Or what they wanted to see; year after year. Or what would win year after year, in the name of a school science fair. HA! Stupid teachers. I had many! The best part of it was this. I knew they were  really very stupid. ☺ I knew better than to join into science fair competitions, after 3rd grade.

    • Diane Friday says:

      I'm so glad I brought up the salt connection. My partner having leg cramps at night was what made me think of it. Reading about too many people dying in their sleep, usually due to heart failure (my partner's 56-year-old sister among them), was what made me want to pass along this information. I mean, a glass of water and a little salt before bed, and daily potassium supplements is such a simple (hopefully) preventative measure. 

      I don't take potassium, but Dennie is right: potassium and magnesium are crucial to fighting the effects of barium toxicity. I do, however, consume so much salt that my blood pressure should be sky high, but it's not. It's almost always within normal limits. And I never get nighttime leg cramps. I crave salt almost all the time. I can't go anywhere without water, and countless times I've had to buy something with salt while I'm out because I felt so sick, or just craved salt that much.  I'm a vegetarian, and I eat a lot of potatoes. I've also been craving oranges or orange juice, so more potassium is necessary. 

      @Jeffrey Fish and @Bella_Fantasia: Thank you for the info on better sodium sources. 

      Jeffrey, I'm so sorry about your father. How terrible to be on dialysis AND suffering with painful leg cramps. I don't know what the dietary restrictions are for someone on dialysis, but is it possible he might have a couple non-GMO crackers or a small amount something else non-GMO with salt before bedtime? Is he able to take potassium supplements? It would be wonderful if you could find a way to give him some relief from the leg cramps, while at the same time hopefully protecting his heart function. His and yours and the rest of your family. 

      I think we'd all like to know we're going to die peacefully in our sleep, but not like this. Not because we're being sprayed like roaches with chemical cocktails simply because we exist, on the orders of a handful of useless, inbred sh**birds who've decided we don't have the right to exist. Sprayed like roaches by people who have less worth, and do thousands of times more damage, every minute of every day, than all the roaches on the planet. It must really piss them off that at least the real roaches will survive. 

  57. Joseph L says:

    Dane — I am glad you reported on this.  I am update on alot of stuff but you always help me and I hope other people learn new stuff. People need to be pro active and hand out flyers or use the internet to help stop CLIMATE ENGINEERING.

    In a new and disturbing report from researchers at the International Monetary Fund, the world’s governments are providing subsidies to the highly profitable oil industry to the tune of an astonishing $5.3 trillion in benefits per year.  Another way of looking at just how much the world pays the oil industry that bears responsibility for decimating the Earth’s environment; imagine they receive $10 million per minute. That is $10 million every minute, every day, of every month, of every year. Those mind-boggling entitlements have grown over the past couple of decades and are increasing every year.

       Actually, it is the effects of pouring billions of tons of climate changing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that accounts for nearly three-quarters of the final $5.3 trillion annual figure arrived at by IMF researchers.     “While the large size of our new estimates may be surprising, it is important to put in perspective just how many health problems are linked to energy consumption and air quality.” According to conservative estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), “One in eight global deaths are attributable just to air pollution .


    • MAP says:

      These subsidies, along with every other "Project of the Power Structure", are by design, my friends. The Satanic Death Cult – In Charge has enlisted 90% of humanity to do their dirty work of destroying Earth (most of 90% are unknowing participants).

  58. Beverley says:

    In Yosemite all week. Beautiful weather, and then they started to appear. Cross hatching clouds that roiled heavily above Half Dome, stretching in all directions. Continued all day. No one, as they gazed upward seemed to notice. I was painting. I painted the skies cobalt blue.

    • 'a' simple horsseman says:

      "Cobalt blue"… If only the masses could remember those skies….

    • Steve Thomson says:

      Beverly, your experience at Yosemite seems like a perfect icon for what is wrong on this planet. An amazingly beautiful, majestic creation of God…smeared, nano-particle-toxified, darkened and rendered a twisted perversion of its true self. And the Wifi-entranced, pharma-addicted, GMO-retarded, Big Media-dumbed-down slaves which much of the population has become….don’t even realize that anything is wrong! It is pathos on a gargantuan, apocalyptic scale. It is a requiem for the distracted, superficial, walking dead…. which many of the
      population have now devolved into. It is truly sad, on a cosmic scale. We have to keep trying to awaken our poor sleep-walking fellow humans, while we yet have a little time. Don’t let them boil that frog!

    • Steve Thomson says:

      Postscript: Keep on painting your inner skies beautiful clear deep blue, my friend!

  59. Dennie says:

    I read at Arctic News.blogspot today "A Warning of Mass Extinction of Species, Including Humans, Within One Decade," a chart listing degrees celsius and the corresponding effects over time, with the following words appearing next to the 2.5 degrees Celsius marker: "Falling away of the aerosol masking effect" 

    What I presume is to be made of this phrase is that, 1.)  The guys over at Arctic News know full well that we ARE being sprayed with toxic aerosols, the main consideration being to MASK the heating, and 2.) at some point near now, the aerosols we're being sprayed with just won't have any effect against the warming.  Judging from what we've been seeing lately I'd say we're just about there.. "??!!!!!!!!!???" and THEN WHAT????

    • MAP says:

      That is the reason for the blatant, in-your-face geoengineering activities. We are very very close to the point where toxic aerosols will not mask a damn thing.

  60. Dennie says:

    The first casualty of war is The Truth.  Paving the way for what we see listed above from Counterpunch.  As if anyone cares, actually.

    If anyone STILL wants to say that Uhmerukuh is NOT an EMPIRE, it only proves that anyone uttering such a bizarre take on reality has misplaced their head so faaaar and awaaaay up someplace so horrifically dark and filthy that not even every single one of the engineers who ever graduated M.I.T. put together could possibly remove it from such a place so utterly devoid of light.

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      The sad fat of this is that the people are good for the most part but when America and it's actions taken against other countries and it's own people are spoken of, both are viewed as one by peoples of other nations. I am horrified by the actions of the powers to be in America. I am a proud American citizen though for and of the people only. Soon we will will be toast though. It would take the actions of a divine entity to correct this damage. Who knows maybe our creator will show up in time.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Jeffrey:  God can only work through our hands.  He says He's incorporeal, without form.  If we wait for a miracle from On High, as in sitting back doing nothing, then nothing is what we get.

  61. Dennie says:

    Well, now "they" are about to come out and say to the rest of us Peons that it IS intentional– that somehow putting MORE pollution in the sky's going to save our oh-soooo-so stoopid, oh-so-SHORTSIGHTED sorry little @sses.  As if it actually somehow, magically couldHMPFFFF!!!!!!  Just more "Magical Thinking" by stooopid "humans."

  62. Carmichael says:

    Hey Dane, are drones used as chemtrail tankers? I remember seeing a very strange aircraft about a year ago very closely. I saw it take off North West on the PDX runway as I was sitting on the beach of the Columbia River in Washington State. The craft looked like typical jet airliner except smaller. But the most curious thing I noticed immediately was that it had ZERO windows. And, get this, not even a windshield for the cockpit!? The entire craft was painted white. I was mesmerized by it as soon as it left the ground. 

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Yes they are out there.

    • LS says:

      Living right over the mountain from Nevada I see the drones deployed daily. They even named their first (first admitted drone) after their gov.  last year. It was all over the Nevada news and you can probably search it and read it. It was called "Brian Sandoval SILVER OXIDE Express". The dark legacy of Reid, that state boasts 50,000 defense related new jobs last year. There are several types of drones that we see daily and the sprays are new and more covert. Being a mile and a quarter in altitude here we see that it is never stopping now. Night and day we are being killed like cockroaches. So sorry the news is bleak. March on.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      For close to twenty years I have witnessed the white underbellies that have no letters, dashes, numbers or even stripes flying over Saskatchewan.  Originally they caught my eye because of the non typical flight path they were on.  South to North or vise versa.  Most air traffic here is East to West connecting cities.  Thank You for your astute observation.   Yes, …. quite often the aircraft I have watched were emitting their payload clearly…

    • ron hall says:

      Technology is ripping away in the hands of these PSYCHOPATHS whose main aim is too destroy most of us! Expect just a few human pilots soon!  Robots in planes, drones, etc. will be doing 90% of the spraying work.  Humans in well-appointed offices will do the monitoring.   "1984" arrived about 10 years ago. "Truth is the 1st casualty of war." And that is our world now. Those who struggle to find truth are revolutionaries. 

  63. Seeing Clearly says:

    We need to live with nature, not live on nature, not change nature to accommodate us if anything we should accommodate nature, we should grow the muscles not nature softening to accommodate our weaknesses  i.e GMO's and Geoengineering in general. We don't have to use fuel that releases CO2 we can utilize other forms of energy, but we chose not to because there is no money to be made or whatever the reason is and that must change. These three controversies should have never happened in the first place (only to name a few)

    • Global Warming 


    •Weather Control 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, and you can add cloning and the other horrific experimentation on animals and humans for mind control (like MK Ultra, Project Monarch and Project Montauk- just some we KNOW of) and other such dastardly purposes the sick depraved mad so-called 'scientists' have engaged in for decades. UGH- makes me cringe just to think of it.  : o

  64. Teri says:

    i was talking to my neighbor today. telling him about the b2 bombers that have been doing circles overhead and spraying the whole time. he informed me they were ''just '' doing maneuvers. nothing to worry about. look the other way. the b2 stealth bomber isn't supposed to be producing an exhaust that streams across the sky and spreads out but its okay because it is just the military doing a training exercise. never mind the stuff coming out the back of that plane causes intense breathing problems and nose bleeds. no problem here according to my neighbor. 

      add to that he informed me the talk radio he listens to says the commercial planes are only spraying so they can see each other and not run into each other. they have to do that by law according to their misinformation. no wonder it is so difficult to make people believe they are fumigated and the planet destroyed. the media is doing its best to give ready excuses to the masses so they will go back to sleep. a sleep from which few will ever wake up. insane. it is so very frustrating. no matter what info is provided these people have their own ready excuse handed to them and ready to use. 

     while their children die and they cannot breathe. while they stave to death they will make excuses for the master as good slaves will do. all the way to the end. no matter what happens they will excuse it away. with their last dying breath they will have a ready excuse to justify it. what a sick world we live in. 

    • Laughing Crow says:

      Mark Twain said, "It is easier to fool someone then to convince them they have been fooled."

    • Hawkeye says:

      Hi Teri,

      I hear ya! Talk radio is doing exactly that yes! 

      Just a few days ago, 3/14/17, I caught a news link on drudge report titled "The crisis mentality and intersectionality" which was broadcasted from the infamous phoney rat Rush Limbaugh. His rant went on mocking the weather forecasters over the nor easter snow storm up north last week. He was saying it was fear mongering because NYC will only get 4 inches of snow yet that city is canceling most activities for the day ….. "But folks, something else is going on here, and we have to face it". 

      Well that sentence was true but he puts the spin on it to distract while st the same time his words act as a subliminal message of truth. So he goes on next to say everyone is afraid of everything except commie socialist regime gov's who have killed 100 million people but…..(get this ) but climate change hasn't killed anyone yet….". Catch the spin there yet again? Key word is " yet". In the same sentence he denies climate change and admits it is by using the word "yet". He them said no people are being killed by it, no polar bears are dying, nor are there any extinctions or penquins dying off. !!!!!! So rush, if so then we do have climate change …..its just not hurting anything??????…..why would you say it is not killing anything? You can't say its not killing if it is not present. DUH!!

      I feel sorry for people who are so lost mentally to not be able to decipher this manner of brainwashing lies and seasoning the lies with truth. Masters of deception but ugly as sin! Drives me crazy others don't see this kindergarten manipulation as a significant insult tc their minds!

      Do you all understand this? What resulted from this crisis? 8k flights were canceled in the NE. That was the only thing rush harped on, yet there was also many school closings, transportation closings, etc etc, but no flights for the day. Now I am not including the planes we complain of specifically. Being general here. Think about it! 

      The liars are evil yes, but I read some of them because they do give much info if you can read between the spin. There can be no lie if not for a truth first and included in the lie. Think about it!


    • BaneB says:

      Hawkeye:  About six to eight years ago Limbaugh signed a new 10 year contract.  He is to be paid $400,000,000 over that time span for his services.  He is a paid propagandist, a known liar, and should be seen as just another mouthpiece for those who own Babylon.  Who are his sponsors, the advertisers?  Don't purchase their products.

    • Hawkeye says:

      BaneB, Thanks for the financials on rush. I knew he was what you say but I didn't have this financial info you wrote! Not surprised at all!! No worries for purchasing anything he advertises. I do not support any of them from Babylon ever. I will go without and pay the price for it gladly over giving them one red cent! 

      We need many more like us to bankrupt those pieces of crap! I don't eat their food, I don't buy their gadgets, I don't watch their propaganda TV, no cable, no meds, no vacs, no banks, nothing!!!! Its a much better existence this way. Imagine if more did this? Really I feel this is our only way to take them all down. Sadly we will never get the masses to comply though. 

      Best, Hawkeye

  65. jefe says:

    Call the White House at this phone number: 202-456-1111 (business hours to 4pm, EDT) and give your opinion about stopping the chemtrails!  

  66. V.A. says:

    It has been my experience that there are a large number of people who don't necessarily want to know the truth. They are overwhelmed in all ways. Their physical, psychological and emotional health, individually and collectively, has been so inundated with poisons from the sky, the water and food, they feel like they're barely hanging on. Or, their world is so 'perfect' they don't want to ackowledge anything might upset the delicate balance. Having to acknowledge and focus on the enormity of the situation with geoengineering is something that would send them over the edge. And they just don't feel they have the energy or time to think about it, much less do something about it. Even though their very lives depend on it! Then there are folks who just can't believe there is such evil in the world. They have enormous faith in their fellow man that they will do the "right thing". That everything they've been taught…such as honesty and morals…will prevail. They haven't yet had the veil lifted to see the reality of disingenuous people put in charge of protecting us and our planetary resources. Yet, I continue to ring the bell, to the extent my family has labeled me a conspiracy theorist. My hope is if enough people ring the bell the clatter will be so loud that humanity will have no choice but to stop and pay attention. Hopefully it won't be too late.

    • theglide says:

      well said! parallel's my experience with this f**king disaster.

    • MS P says:

      Agreed. My family even knows of such stuff. Intelligent enough to know the score. But at a get together. These topics are off the table, "Say nice things" is what my sister says. Forbidding me to speak any truth. (We do not talk about such stuff here) 

      Screw that concept. 

      Sure I'll say nothing.  After all it's their vacation & fantasy! After all. It's not my intelligence that is being insulted, as a result.



  67. kathleen says:

    Every week, the news is bleaker, yet every week you are here encouraging us to do our part. Further, never do you ask us to believe you, but encourage us to research for ourselves the countless citations you include in all your articles, as well as other sources we may uncover (to which I add, "follow the money"). Further still, you never mention the Donate button on your page, much less ask for any assistance except that we share credible information. Thank you for your research, dedication, and humility — you are an inspiration in so many ways!

    If I can add something relevant to the mention of huge numbers of folks suffering from chronic ailments, I and others who comment here have been experiencing tinnitus (ringing in the ears). After a bit of research, I ordered transdermal Magnesium (as opposed to capsule forms) as Mg deficiency is sometimes a cause of tinnitus. Please research this as a possible remedy if you also experience this annoying problem. Apparently, the transdermal has the added benefit of not causing diarrhea the way other forms may. Few M.D.s will be able to offer you any clue re nutrition, yet most ailments can be remedied using food, not drugs. My tinnitus is mild and intermittent, but annoying like crazy. When my order arrives, I'll report if it has a positive effect.

  68. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    I've found mr trump!!|

  69. Joseph L says:

    Great show.
    The US Navy has been conducting war-game exercises in US waters for decades, and in the process, it has left behind tons of bombs, heavy metals, missiles, sonar buoys, high explosives and depleted uranium munitions that are extremely harmful to both humans and marine life.
    Truthout recently reported that the Navy has admitted to releasing chemicals into the oceans that are known to injure infants' brains, as well as having left large amounts of depleted uranium in US coastal waters. Now, the Navy's own documents reveal that it also plans to use 20,000 tons of heavy metals, plastics and other highly toxic compounds over the next two decades in the oceans where it conducts its war games.
    For the next two decades, the US Navy will inject hundreds of thousands of pounds of flares and billions of metal-coated glass fibers into ocean waters off the coasts of Washington and Oregon.
    When the last two decades are added in, the Navy will have left behind more than half a million pounds of flares and trillions of microfibers of chaff (a radar countermeasure dropped by aircraft) by the year 2037.
    Additionally, as Truthout previously reported, upcoming naval exercises will inject 20,000 tons of heavy metals and explosives into the seas.
    I wish all of these alternative sites would mention climate engineering which they ignore.

  70. Gaianna says:

    Dane — suspicious death?
    President of American Meteorological Society dies in his sleep at 53.
    Wonder if he wanted to come forward…

    • Dennie says:

      "…passed away in his sleep…"  There's a new one for ya.  No, I take that back, it's really more of same-old, same-old:  Don't apologize, don't explain.  Don't bother to tell what these guys actually died from, for God's sake– someone might actually notice and start asking questions!

    • Mario says:

      Suspicious?  Yep.  Just like Scalia.  Supreme Court Justice dies suddenly and there is no autopsy or explanation.  C'mon maaannn . .  

    • Dennie says:

      FDR too.  Died of a "brain aneurism," but there was no autopsy.  People fed FDR something to drink and something to eat as he sat for his portrait, then he complained of a severe headache and died later.

  71. paul fowler says:

    Trump has increased military budget , deregulated  the banks , let the Clintons off the hook , unleashed the FDA and has done nothing to stop geo engineering . Trump / Drumf belongs to big bankers , business as usual .

  72. Mark says:

    Warm greetings to You Dave, today as we watched Indian Wells tennis from California sky was shown with SUN being by two crossed chemtrails as statement we will control weather, then blue sky, they are becoming more bold or maybe more desperate.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes, being a tennis fan, I've watched Indian Wells as much as I could. It was SO obvious that they were spraying the skies and did haze up the sun each afternoon. Unfortunately, it seemed that the fans in attendance were totally oblivious to what's happening above their heads.

  73. horsegirl says:

    To say this is a great show, Dane, is also to say it leaves us reeling.  Who among us can fully absorb this all at once?  The emotional impact devastates.  We are not immune from denial here.  Particularly concernng Douglas, Arizona, the northernmost tiny tip of the otherwise Mexican city of Agua Prieta, Sonora which lies some 12 miles from our land.  Where we daily document airborn atrocities as the people are blanketed with death films anomalous to otherwise blue skies.  Cochise County boasts the satellite stations of the behemoth Fr. Huachuca Army base wherein 60% of all top secret programs are said to be deployed (even Isis is listed in older Cochise Country telephone directories as a defense contractor until lately).  In kind response to our plight of failing immune systems or simply being victims of hideous experiments in bizarre technologies here in the belly of the beast, someone posted the cutesy little hometown description of how Douglas flatters itself.  Except their promotional bluster conveniently omimts the 120,000 – 200,000 Mexican souls dwelling on the other side of the US/Mexican border.  Sadly it is not anomalous to watch a Mexican city be nano-butchered.  During our seven years living in Mexico (2006-2013) we saw the cabal wage war against the Mexican population most particularly in cities, proportionate to population base, as we described [ ].  Agua Prieta is no exception to what we witnessed in Mexico.  But for some reason we bought the Douglas humbug.  Drank the invisible Mexico kolaid and narrowed our inner radar to conform to blindness to the other side of the border.  Here in a valley where the death trails seldom are visibly dispersed, although we see tattletale herringbone microwave patterns in the clouds and realize most of the material aloft above us forms airborn weapon systems, not natural clouds.  But now three times this year we have gotten sick, simultaneously to us both while passing through Douglas, seat of the grossest military contractors in existance, whose up is Ft. Huachuca and its satellite Cochise College campus in Douglas, some four miles west of our land.  We watch the nanofilth mass up daily over the population base of Douglas/Agua Prieta, staring in horror.  We tend to go into town only when it appears relatively clear.  Now we realize we may never go there again if we can help it.  We experienced in February a similar effect to what we felt in San Antonio Tlayacapan's new Walmart in January 2011:  we were smacked by an exceedingly powerful unseen source.  They had begun to use that Walmart as a mustering point for "security drills" and evidently we became part of one such unpublicized drill.  When the force hit us, we both felt like we might faint. I mean literally as simultaneously as possible.  We weakened, looking around for a place to seat ourselves.  Felt the strength and life go out of us.  Before stumbling out the door of that Walmart we felt like we were both coming down with the flu.  We who prided ourselves on going perhaps 10 years without a cold.  Me who lived 4.5 years in Manhattan, New York, riding the subway and average of two hours/day to work and back, and had exactly one overnight bug the entire time.  Very hard working healthy people, who after visiting Walmart that day nearly died of some respiratory bug that cleaved to us for six weeks.  All around us for the past several months, our Mexican community had been abruptly dying of cancer as the rash of planes assaulted the skies spraying granular filth we swept off the patio and toweled off the windshield.  Well we have been having a dance with death by entering Douglas (always on the US side where we feel strange waves of energy fields hit us the very day of getting sick).  What are they doing?  God knows.  But that tears it for us and that cabal-crime stricken city.   We have to break ourselves out of denial.  Some places, as was the case with the Jalisco community, you just have to leave if you plan to survive.  I am still somewhat sick but rapidly improving every day.  I have the sensation that I do not have the flu, but rather a burn on my respiratory tissues (PS Donna G, that tonic is fantastic).

  74. When the decision of suicide becomes a commitment, hurry follows.  Anxiety is the most uncomfortable state – these past 15 and 1/2 yrs of constant tension and fear has become intolerable.  Action relieves this horrible stress of anxiety, even if the action is suicide, it's a relief.  Rushing toward the cliff in complete denial, anxious, just hoping to be done with it, whatever "it" is.  Sad.

    1/3 of  America's kids between 8 and 18 are obese, the 1st generation that will not outlive their parents.  And, we are wasting our descendants resources on war.  A culture that does not care for its children is in advanced decay. 

    • 'a' simple horsseman says:

      Josef, Thank you for submitting your photos. Wow, you sure have some seriously micro waved skies over there in your region of our home. I have regularly witnessed every single photo in my own skies here in north central washington, 15 miles from the canada border.

      Side note: your town is very clean. I enjoyed seeing that.

    • BaneB says:

      ;Phased array radio frequency microwaving is being done to your atmosphere big time.  This is part of the Nato cost.  Your atmosphere is being utilized in the great game of warfare.  But, given how close you are to Russia, they too might be "fencing" in the skies over your head.  Good luck.  Thanks for the images.  You might try a filter on them to experiment.  I find the noir filter often gets rid of glare and brings out additional detail.

  75. Mario says:

    Friday afternoon they pulled the lattice of cotton candy tight over the skies of Sacramento.  Best way I can describe it is uniform symmetry in the lattice structure and all hanging at one altitude.  Other oddities I have seen lately is spray jets flying much slower (maybe passenger flights?)  Normally the spray jets I see are hauling ass, but I have seen a few lately that seem to be moving slower. I've also begun noticing more large U shaped aerosol trails.  Not sure how many commercial flights would be pulling such extravagant banking maneuvers and making U turns in the sky.  On Friday, the lattice was proceeded by the large U. 

    Stay vigilant with your health.  This ain't gettin' any better anytime soon.  Critical mass is our collective moral imperative at this point.  You, your children, and your loved ones survival is now dependent on reaching a critical mass of awareness.  The Earth isn't flat, folks.  Wake up to the collective delusion. 

    Do your part.  Inform people.  Document the skies and post it to YouTube.  Turn away from the pre-planted narrative.  It is a distraction.  Focus on your health, and on what you can see, and what you can observe, and what you can document, and what you can educate yourself on, and what you will need to survive when things change.  This is the only way you will be able to then in turn help others.

  76. Greg Davidson says:

    I'm in agreement on the trashed planet, but not so much we're so much the greatest military power on earth. "Russia Insider" news, go through the public comments and that is laughable! we can in fact be almost easily defeated. I suspect the decadent American public to not make a dent in the defeat of those that destroy the earth… God himself said He would do that,  but maybe he's going to do it through Christian Russia? Looks to me like it's already being done in the east.  

    As far as humans decimating the planet, yes, but G.K. Chesterton shed the greatest light on this for me at least "the Artificial is older than Nature". God told us to expect this. Endure to the end of the evil age, keep up the good work here to! but don't forget what Chesterton wrote. 

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      To even think that Russia or the U.S. would go to war from problems between each other is absurd. Who wins is not an option as that is an impossibility. Both side have enough conventional nukes to do away with any chance of planetary normalcy. If there was a war it would be brought on by powers far and above that of governments and would be carried out for the sole purpose of the elimination of this civilization.

  77. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Hi Pedro:  (reply to your post of March 6)

    You completely misunderstood what I was trying to say…sorry I was not more clear.  When I said "my heart faltered" upon reading that 20 million immigrants are due into Europe in the next 10 years, I was not in any way blaming the immigrants.  

    The agendas of war and enforced immigration are totally planned by the powers that be; I was told 20 years ago by some wonderful teachers/sources that immigration would be one of the tools used to bring down a country.  And we have seen how burdensome it has been for so many European countries.  When millions of foreign people come to a country and have no resources, it is a nightmare for everyone involved.  I have total sympathy and empathy for the immigrants caught in these planned agendas, and I probably give more money to Oxfam/and International Rescue Committee etc, in the hopes of helping refugees, than anyone I know.  In fact, the book "A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea" (one refugee's incredible story of love, loss, and survival) tells the whole tragic, awful story of what the refugees go through in so many instances.  

    The countries and the immigrants/refugees themselves suffer more than anyone in these hateful planned agendas.  (I was glad to hear about the extra sports pavilions and properties that could be used in your country.)  I totally agree with your last sentence "God help the climate refugees"  and I also add, God help the countries who must figure out how to feed and house these devastated people who have lost their homeland.

    In promoting your agenda and point of view, Pedro, please be careful not to shame and demonize others, especially when you have no true understanding of their actual point of view.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Linda.

      There is no victims among the European countries that are receiving immigrants, remember, we are a ""union"" now. And refugees are "immigrants" in a very different and much more dire circumstances. Immigrants are the blood that bring life to an economy, in the US everybody are immigrants with the exception of the Native-American Warriors that live there. And tell me please; how can you bring down a country with persons??, without persons countries are wilderness areas without Humanity. You  CAN bring down a country with GE, GMOs, pollution of the Water and cutting down the Trees. One more thing; tragic and hateful is seeing a son or daughter slaughtered with the explosion of bombs that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Welcome to the n w disorder.

    • BaneB says:

      Jeffrey Fish:  Of course it's absurd.  And not logical.  I look around and say to myself that very little about what I observe makes any sense.  Yet, here we are in a sea of criminality, national mafiosos ruling, 

  78. Nance says:

    Last Monday I brought my Dad to the VA for a check up and while in my car in the parking lot , making a phone call, a woman parked next to me, got out and was pointing at my magnetic Geoengineering signs on my van. I jumped out with a brochure to hand to her and she said I'm a whistleblower. I looked and said I recognize you from the videos. I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen Meghan. I can't tell you what a boost that gave me and I think she was pleased to see someone trying to wake up people about Geoengineering.
    I did get her email as I'm hoping to enlist a local church in a program on Geoengineering and maybe ask Kristen to speak as well.

    Thanks for your continuing informative radio reports and articles Dane, one brochure at a time I keep pressing on.

    • Laughing Crow says:

      Wow, that's great!

    • What a honor it must have been to meet Kristen. I don't think there a chance in hell of finding a church that will allow Kristen to speak though. Let us know how that goes. Great idea with the magnetic signs. Your story give us all a boost. Thank you Nance. Never Give Up!!!

    • stephan says:


      Nance – Amazing coincidince and good luck with you're efforts.

  79. Peter says:

    It is clear that nothing really is going to change unless we (humanity) can bring about that change collectively.  We face a tsunami of evil that continues to grow like a cancerous tumor but, what choice to we face but fight?

    Regarding the 5G Wifi, I would urge everyone here to research this further as from what Anthony Patch is saying, this is all connected to Cern and the opening of portals into other dimensions.  It is for us, extremely dangerous but ultimately, will be used to destroy every thing that is human about us.  I am unable to understand the physics behind it all as it's on a scale that is truly mind- boggling and additionally, it appears that the nano particulates used in the geoengineering programs have also their part to play in their role as conductive heavy metals transmit and receive signals through this 5G technology as part of this transforming process.  I don't even want to think about where this is going though, according to Anthony Patch, our world including every living thing on it would be completely transformed as we know it.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Peter, I have listened to Anthony Patch and Cern is truly frightening. We need to disable it (not build more and larger more powerful ones, as is being planned in China, from what I understand) along with all the cell towers. The electrical engineers who work on these things need to also wake up, refuse to design or build any more, and begin to take apart those now in operation…Another tall order! Yes, we could use some divine intervention right about now. What a bunch of sick, dumb, and evil individuals we share the planet with these days. How could it have come to this??  : o

  80. Dog says:

    Tucson blatant obvious today, for anyone paying attention.

    • marc says:

      Dog, I live in Tucson and was out and about outside of city limits all day. Yes, the worthless stench who either fly or remote-control these jets were laying HUGE LINGERING TRAILS all over the entire region today. Many of these trails were of a type that linger literally in place for hours with minimal dispersion. jets going in all different directions, short trails, long trails, horizon to horizon trails. A most disgusting display by the big babies, who remain either incredibly brainwashed or somehow entrained to continue performing their murderous tasks. And these guys think they're serving their country? Bullshit! Big Babies, all of 'em. Unbelievable cowardice and stupidity.


    Thanks For Your Efforts

  82. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Things that make the awake go "hmm, that seems suspicious". President of the AMS died in his sleep.. At the healthy age of "53!"

    • BaneB says:

      a simple horseman:  ' he was committed as anyone I know to our WEATHER ENTERPRISE…'
      I hate to grasp at straws but…

  83. Sara says:

    Out of over 250 MILLION  people in the land mass referred to as North America, only 231 people liked this article all the way into 3:51 pm on this day of March 18, 2017??????   Well it looks like we better get ready to swim!

    My fellow Americans are morons and deserve exactly what we get!

    • Martha says:

      Hi Sara,

      Yes, lots of people are unaware, uninformed, don't care. Many are also exhausted from working two or three jobs to support themselves and feed their families and don't know about this. Also, please know that lots of people who are awake, aware and care about this and other vital issues don't use social media. Just because they don't click "like" doesn't mean they haven't read this, don't like it, don't care and aren't doing what they can about it.

      I listen to Dane's broadcasts weekly, read everything he posts (have for years), don't use FB (for many reasons), share links to Dane's posts and have never clicked "like." Doesn't mean I'm not actively trying to inform on this issue or don't care.

      I invite you to send  links to Dane's posts to your friends/family with a brief, friendly message listing why you're concerned about this and why you're sending to them. Since you use social media post it there too. Also, there are flyers and other info on this site to print and distribute. The full color, glossy one is the one I have a print shop print for me to distribute.

      Maybe you're already doing all of this. If so, that's great. What's happening is despairing enough. Yes, it would be great to see thousands of "likes" but please know that not everyone who cares will click "like" which doesn't mean a thing other than maybe they don't use social media. Maybe they don't have time to while away on FB. We can focus on the negative and get more of it. Or, we can do what we can to inform and wake up the many who don't have a clue about this.

      All the best to you-

    • Blam says:

      they also control the likes and dislikes, sort of manufactured consent. A click of a button they take away likes and subscribers, add dislikes etc… Its just a program and they obviously censor. In this case they are actively trying to manufacture apathy to discourage those who are actively involved

  84. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Hardening of Society and the Rise of Cultures of Cruelty in Neo-Fascist America by Henry Giroux / March 17, 2017
    What does the culture of cruelty look like under a neo-fascist regime?
    First, language is emptied of any sense of ethics and compassion.
    Second, a survival of the fittest discourse provides a breeding ground for racial and social sorting.
    Third, references to justice are viewed as treasonous or, as at the present moment, labelled dismissively as “fake news.”
    Fourth, the discourse of disposability extends to an increasing number of groups.
    Fifth, ignorance becomes militarized, enforced not through an appeal to reason but through the use of the language of humiliation and eventually through the machinery of force.
    Sixth, any form of dependency is viewed as a form of weakness, and becomes a referent and eventually a basis for social cleansing. That is, any form of solidarity not based on  market-driven values is subject to derision and potential punishment.
    Seventh, the language of borders and walls replaces the discourse of bridges and compassion.
    Eighth, violence becomes the most important method for addressing social problems and mediating all relationships, hence, the increasing criminalization of a wide range of behaviours in the United States.
    Ninth, the word democracy disappears from officially mandated state language.
    Tenth, the critical media is gradually defamed and eventually outlawed.
    Eleventh, all forms of critical education present in theory, method, and institutionally are destroyed.
    Twelfth, shared fears replace shared responsibilities and everyone is reduced to the status of a potential terrorist, watched constantly and humiliated through body searches at border crossings.
    Thirteenth, all vestiges of the welfare state disappear and millions are subject to fending for themselves.
    Fourteenth, massive inequalities in power, wealth, and income will generate a host of Reality TV shows celebrating the financial elite.

    • kathleen says:

      Wonderfully hard-hitting article, thank you Susan. The truth is like a big hurt, again and again, for people like me who once had hopes that the powerful in control would actually do the right thing, or that the little people could make a difference. Sigh. Dreamers. Flower children. Peaceniks. Healers. Earth caretakers. Rebels WITH a cause, those who act first with kindness. People who practice the Golden Rule, despite any religious affiliation. Etc.

      It's obviously a trial we have been born into, one we are capable of traversing. Doing the right thing when no one is looking is the test. And anyone who hasn't searched these two articles needs to, right this minute: War is a Racket by Smedley Butler (Major General, USMC retired), and The 14 Points of Fascism.

      Many thanks to all of you wonderful, smart, caring folks who offer reams of support from weather reports to links to advice… For every one person who comments, there are hundreds or thousands, possibly millions, who gain from the knowledge shared. Namaste.

    • I've struggled with Giroux's academic language but I did send him anti-geoengineering info.

  85. Ron Marr says:

    How long will we stand and allow the Kleptomaniacs, who have been given everything, to kill us from every angle? Their tantrums are war, poverty and death. Their puppetry leads us to a toxic, dead earth…where isolated objectivity…the dreams of Aristotle, Bacon, Descartes, Newton, Hobbes, Machiavelli and others who have thoughts of ruling the world, is out of control. Today, we have Brzezinski and his chessboard. Our thoughts become about the project or work. But, the thoughts are not ours…the project, the work think for us. We become programmed, hypnotized, computerized and robotic. Thus, isolation separates people from people; from loved ones and Mother earth…dissipating gravity. We float away from each other, like a vacuum, we are sucked up into war, death, chaos, fraud, manipulation…along with the order followers, corporate executives, bankers, athletes, entertainers and journalists. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO BE FAMOUS?! Here we are…where everything is backwards…education destroys knowledge, doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, religion destroys faith…even when you look in the mirror. Democracy is only in sports…where they put billions of dollars to string you along. Equality is at the casinos only…where you can exercise freedom to take a chance along with them. Our consciousness, genius, imagination and immortality have been subrogated to a technocracy, agenda 21, reflexive law…that reflect only on corporations and their rules…that are handed down through committees, groups, or government agencies; usurping local,national and international laws and constitutions…and they get to remain anonymous. Giordano Bruno, preached about how he swept the air, pierced the heavens, sped by the stars and passed beyond the bounds of the world. He wanted to know WHO has annihilated these fantastic spheres? He proclaimed, Which, foolish mathematicians and vulgar philosophers had closed us in!!….They didn't do geo-engineering or vaccines…they burned him at the stake…..But…even today…Bruno's visions lay with our future.

  86. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 157th email titled 'Notes to Self 1-10':

    1.  Arctic methane peaks now at @ 2846 ppb – seems to be coming from the area around Franz Josef Land and Kara/Laptev Seas.  This is well above the 'safe' tipping point level of 1800 ppb…and we are not even past the spring equinox.

    2.  US/NATO special forces are extracting ISIL/Al Qaeda battle hardened leaders and foreign fighters from Iraq and Syria for redeployment…coming to a town near you?

    3.  Plan for Old Age vs Prep for Survival.  New Year Resolution Number 1: Become more practiced in general building trades, gardening and survival equipment/techniques.  New Year Resolution Number 2:  Be careful whom I tell about Resolution Number 1 (and any stores/equipment I have), as this could make me a target for the less well prepared criminal element of our society.

    Starry Starry Night.  Notes to Self (week 1 of 104…hopefully):  Arrange a First Aid refresher course for family and friends; Check all vehicles have First Aid Kit, Survival Kit, pack of tea lights – review all items; Review my EDC (Every Day Carry) items.

    A Perfect Storm is Brewing.  In an emergency (fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, riots, terrorism, war, etc) we will be lucky to have between 3 and 15 mins to evacuate.  Think about what we will take, how carried, how transported; put important docs (or copies) in Grab Bag; ensure vehicles always have enough fuel to get to possible destinations – at least 3 different directions. Review Grab Bag and Bug Out Bag contents – try to have complimentary tiered contents with EDC.  Have Grab Bag nearby at all times as, by definition, one never knows when an emergency will occur.

    Weird, Weirder and Weirderer.  I guess it is time to reduce my intake of that recreational drug alcohol, and gently try to regain some of my fitness, strength and stamina of earlier years. Buy (and not drink!) some half bottles and miniatures to be kept for barter.  Think of other small, light and easy to carry items for use and barter – seed packets, painkillers, diarrhea/constipation pills, water purification tablets, dental repair kits, FFP2 face masks, boiled sweets (individually seal wrapped), etc.

    In the year 2020.  Now that Spring has almost sprung, research and try various types of 'alternative' growing techniques e.g. vertical gardening (indoor and outdoor), and grow lights – dramatically reduces seeding to harvest times (particularly with our low light levels/global dimming).

    What does NTHE mean?  I have several sheds full of "stuff that might come in handy sometime". Aim to have them tidy and sorted by this time next year – I may need them "sooner than expected".  

    Hello and Goodbye to the Idiocene.  Research rocket stoves, rocket mass heaters, 'solar can heaters' and other survival hacks. Get Hydrogen Peroxide for drinking water, ears (3%), etc. 

    Nighttime Imagery.  How would I cope/how prepared am I if the UK electricity grid goes down, becomes intermittent or rationed for 3 days, weeks, months, or years?

    God Botherers.  Make sure I have enough black plastic or similar to 'blackout' our windows and doors, if appropriate. Browse second hand shops for survival/self sufficiency type books for when the electricity stops – there won't be any internet, and I may not be able to access info downloaded onto my computer – due to lack of spare electricity generation, breakdown/damage, or EMP strike.

    Vive ut Vivas.  Despite and because of 'their' best efforts, spring has sprung. Most importantly, the gorse continues to bloom – so love is still in tune. The joy of living and loving abounds around us, Vive ut vivas (Live that you may live)…we ain't got much longer to prove ourselves worthy of this life experience.

    30 Months To Go.  Be it a methane summer or nuclear/volcanic winter, do some prepping – not to outlive anyone in particular, but because: any fool can be uncomfortable; it may help family/friends/others after I am gone; it is interesting to learn and adapt the knowledge and skills of our ancestors who lived without electricity, phones, internet, cars, credit cards, cash machines, supermarkets, fuel pumps, etc, etc. 


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Andrew!  I love your mix of doom And preparedness, as well as spot on awareness, plus "love in bloom" and enjoying what you can while you can.  Strikes me as the perfect mix of a balanced reality.  I Will research rocket stoves and heaters as soon as my computer is fixed!  Something like love is in bloom here too, even if it is shockingly cold for here.  Birds tweeting, baby Titmouse birds chirping in nest box.  Excellent asparagus from my garden and golden plum in its best bloom in many, many years.  Life does go on, until it doesn't.  Best wishes to you and yours!  And thanks too.

  87. Print some of these flyers and hand them out TODAY.

  88. Seeing Clearly says:

    We need to live with nature not live on nature not change nature to accommodate us if anything we should accommodate nature we should grow the muscles not nature softening to accommodate our weaknesses  i.e GMO's and Geoengineering in general. We don't have to use fuel that releases CO2 we can use other forms of energy but we chose not to because there is no money to be made or whatever the reason is and that must change. These three controversies should have never happened in the first place (just to name a few)

    Global Warming 


    Weather Manipulation 

  89. Erik says:

    The whole skyline right now over Los Angeles is geoengineered. There are trails everywhere. Los Angeles has been sprayed like crazy the last few days day after day. This is crazy. This has to stop.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      It's been really dry and hot after it rained, I can imagine  of it being worse in Southern California with less trees and that I mean the sun just burns like you need to be covered with a sweater just to avoid sunburn which is starting to be common in winter as well.

      What's so scary about weather control is that it's so secretive and powerful we can't exactly knock the jets off the air as they fly over us or cancel the frequencies and in many cases we don't have the equipment to record the frequencies and the crime goes undocumented this is a nightmare.

  90. izzy says:

    “Where is Mr. Trump?” Undoubtedly a rhetorical question. The answer, of course, is up his rear end, where he can keep a close eye on what matters to him.

    At this point, I can’t even really remember when the skies started to look weird, but it was a long time ago, and things only get worse. Your efforts are heroic, Dane, and quitting is not a viable option. Even so, we are in very deep doo doo. At the very best, this race will be a photo-finish.

  91. Susan Ferguson says:

    Signals of Climate Change Visible as Record Fires Give Way to Massive Floods in Peru –
    “We’ve rarely seen this kind of rapid and quick change in climatic conditions.” — Juber Ruiz, of Peru’s Civil Defense Institute
    During September through November, wildfires tore across parts of drought-stricken Peru. Peru’s Amazon was then experiencing its worst dry period in 20 years. And, at the time, over 100,000 acres of rainforest and farmland was consumed by flash fires. Rainforest species, ill-adapted to fires, were caught unawares. And a tragic tale of charred remains of protected species littering a once-lush, but now smoldering, wood spread in the wake of the odd blazes.  …The climate extremes Peru has experienced — flipping from flash drought and wildfires to flash flood in just 5-6 months is exactly the kind wrenched weather we can expect more and more from climate change. For as the Earth warms, the amount of moisture evaporated from lands, oceans, lakes and rivers increases. As a result, the hydrological cycle gets kicked into higher gear. And what this means it that droughts and fires will tend to become more intense even as rains, when they do fall, will tend to be heavier.

  92. horsegirl says:

    Dane, I know you prefer the term chemtrails not be used.  However the following excerpt which employs that term is one of the best, most graphic descriptions of what is happening to us that I recall. I believe it originates from this website:   I'll paste in below:

    Project Cloverleaf The Science Behind it

    It involves the combination of chemtrails for creating an atmosphere that will support electromagnetic waves, ground-based, electromagnetic field oscillators called gyrotrons, and ionospheric heaters. Particulates make directed energy weapons work better. It has to do with "steady state" and particle density for plasma beam propagation. They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun. Then, they make an aluminum-plasma generated by "zapping" the metal cations that are in the spray with either electromagnetics from HAARP, the gyrotron system on the ground [Ground Wave Emergency Network], or space-based lasers. The barium makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense. This means they can make a denser plasma than they normally could from just ionizing the atmosphere or the air.
    More density [more particles] means that these particles which are colliding into each other will become more charged because there are more of them present to collide. What are they ultimately trying to do up there — is create charged-particle, plasma beam weapons. Chemtrails are the medium – GWEN pulse radars, the various HAARPs, and space-based lasers are the method, or more simply:
    Chemtrails are the medium — directed energy is the method. Spray and Zap. This system appears to be in Russia, Canada, the United States, and all of Europe. Exotic weapons can be mobile, stationary, land-based, aerial, or satellite. It is an offensive and defensive system against EM attacks and missiles. It uses ionospheric particle shells as defense mechanisms [like a bug-zapper shell]* against missiles and EM attacks. That means they spray and then pump up the spray with electromagnetics. When these shells are created using the oscillating, electromagnetic, gyrotron stations, it "excludes" and displaces the background magnetic field. These shells can be layered one above another in a canopy fashion for extra protection from missiles. The chemtrail sprays have various elements in them like carbon which can used to absorb microwaves. Some of these sprays have metal flakes in them that make aerial craft invisible to radar. Spoofer sprays. Sprays like these can be used to create colorful, magnetized plasmas to cloak fighter jets. There are satellite weapons involved. Activists are using meters and are getting readings of microwaves, x-rays, and some other kind of emission that they are not sure of, maybe a low-intensity laser. They are also photographing gas plasma generation due to the heating of chemtrails by electromagnetics. The technical names for vertical and horizontal plasma columns are columnar focal lenses and horizontal drift plasma antennas. Various size of gas plasma orbs are associated with this technology. These orbs can be used as transmitters and receivers because they have great, refractory and optical properties. They also are capable of transmitting digital or analog sound. Barium, in fact, is very refractive — more refractive than glass. What does that mean? Our country has a history of experimenting on its citizens. We are talking about satellite charged-particle frequency weapons attacking a person 24 hours a day. Psychotronic weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction by the U.N.

    HAARPs can create earthquakes and can also x-ray the earth to find underground military bases, gold, or oil reserves. These ionospheric heaters can also operate as an over-the-horizon or under-the-ocean communications system. This system can control the weather or create disasters. Taken together with the aurora keyhole through-your-roof satellite surveillance system, Echelon electronic computer/phone sweeps, plasma-cloaked DOD Drug War helicopters and stealths, implants, and cameras on the street, it constitutes one, big global and space control grid. These weapons involve beams. Two beams overlapped will couple into a particle-ion beam that will bounce off of a remote target and send a holographic image back to the satellite for remote spying operations. When you cross two strong beams, you can supposedly* create scalar energies. These energies can be used as untraceable weapons for nuclear size explosions or for defense. These crossed-energies can be used to cause a person's physical electrical system to fail or with a lower frequency, administer a kind of remote electro-shock. Visualize touching a positive and negative electric cable to each other on top of your head. Scalar energies can be utilized in hand-held military guns and on tanks. They can dud-out electronics or cause large, electrical blackouts. Scalar energies are practically impossible to shield against. You need lead, ceramics, and a deep underground facility to not be affected by these weapons. Or, you need to be up and above the field of battle.

  93. charles says:

    Dane , 

    When I return to visit week after week for your fabulous News Hour, do you increment my weekly visit?  You certainly should!  
    Thanks again for your weekly news hour, I havent yet listened today, and I am just about to start it. I anticipate another important installment.
    Yours truly,

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