Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 20, 2017


Dane Wigington

At what point do we use the word eugenics when referring to the ever more desperate actions of the completely out of control power structure? We are collectively being forced to endure an unimaginable onslaught of highly toxic assaults. From fluoridated water, to chemical laden GMO foods, to the highly toxic climate engineering fallout, and, of course, there are the forced vaccinations. 131 children in Africa have recently been vaccinated by gun point, that is how bad it is. What is all of this doing to our cognitive ability? Statistics prove that intelligence levels are indeed dropping precipitously. This is not conjecture, not speculation, not theory, but statistical fact. How convenient for those in power. Another record snow in the center of the US, while record heat surrounds the completely engineered chemical cool-down. The Saudi Arabian dictatorship terrorist nation has just secured another 100 billion dollars worth of weapons from the US so they can continue to obliterate Yemen, one of the poorest nations in the world. Then there is the subject of WWlll which the USA and NATO seem to be doing their best to make happen. The Russian military has already concluded the US is preparing for a first strike, Did we hear a word about this most dire news from US media? No. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The sand in the hourglass is rapidly running out. If we have any chance of turning the tide, the effort will take each and every one of us.

This week's outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


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  1. lucy says:

    One thing I am certain of and that is there is not ONE country in the whole world that is honest, that cares about the masses, that isn't involved in what look's like the destruction of our amazing earth and it's inhabitant's.I have been watching and talking about the monstrous even demonic(what else could it be?) action's, total disregard for anything but power and greed, I mean alot of people think Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is great,and he even paid for mass vaccinations for those poor african kid's, it seems that civilization has been a big joke, the pacific ocean's life is almost dead, I remember maybe around 25 yrs ago they were saying that if the land was destroyed we could alway's get food from the ocean, sad thing is they that said that probably knew already what was being done to the ocean'sand that was before fukishima. I am sickened and vvery few know or want ot know and some of those that do know are filled with apathy. I thought some 20 or more year's ago that there would be revolution for sure……..

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Numerous reports of Toxic Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) are forming in nutrient rich in bodies of water in Florida. Humans exposed to this type of Algae may experience stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rashes. Nerve and liver damage have been observed following long-term exposure, such as drinking water with toxic blooms. Pets and Wildlife have died after exposure. This can be controlled and minimized, if Agricultural, Landscape Companies, City/State Officials and employees as well as all individuals are more mindful of their uses!

  3. Excerpted from: Organized crime – Wikipedia


    Main article: Terrorism

    [“In addition to what is considered traditional organized crime involving direct crimes of fraud swindles, scams, racketeering and other Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) predicate acts motivated for the accumulation of monetary gain, there is also non-traditional organized crime which is engaged in for political or ideological gain or acceptance. Such crime groups are often labelled terrorist groups.
    There is no universally agreed, legally binding, criminal law definition of terrorism.[57][58] Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal, deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (e.g., neutral military personnel or civilians), and are committed by non-government agencies.[citation needed] Some definitions also include acts of unlawful violence and war, especially crimes against humanity (see the Nuremberg Trials), Allied authorities deeming the German Nazi Party, its paramilitary and police organizations, and numerous associations subsidiary to the Nazi Party “criminal organizations”. The use of similar tactics by criminal organizations for protection rackets or to enforce a code of silence is usually not labeled terrorism though these same actions may be labeled terrorism when done by a politically motivated group.”]

    • Arms trafficking
    • Arson
    • Coercion
    • Extortion
    • Protection racket
    • Sexual assault

    IS THIS THE KIND OF GOVERNANCE YOU WANT??? Please READ the complete page.

    Organized crime – Wikipedia

    Your survival will become effective
    When you become effective

  4. Felix says:

    Just in case the LEGAL  Team does not have some of this info:

    A 30+ min video about our chemtrail situation:


  5. Joint Chiefs of Staff alerted of felony and treason to the Constitution on the part of certain federal judges
    [“A copy of the petition and a personalized duplicate of the below letter sent to General Martin Edward Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was sent in the same mode to the Vice Chairman and other five ranking officers of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, each of whom has sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, i.e.:”]

    Complete text:

    Your survival will become effective
    When you become effective

  6. kathleen says:

    This year's is nearly over, but they might have a replay. It rarely matters how rich your soil is, it doesn't compare to the days before massive chemical "fertilization" of the fields, or other travesties were put upon the land, and in our foods.

    While we fight to inform the populace of the horrors of geoengineering, we must also drink water that is pure, eat the most nutrient-dense foods, and take supplements as needed. 

    Face it: we need air, water, and food. If one is poisoned (which air is), we will die (sooner). So, we must double down on the other two: water and food (both also poisoned in many cases). To augment those, supplements are mandatory, so free webinars like this will be helpful.

    Try eating local, seasonal, fresh veggies to start, and don't stop! I'll offer other suggestions but want you to try to get to this year's VitaminSummit before it's over!

    • lucy says:

      unfortunately the fresh local seasonal produce that produced where I live is in monsanto land,IOWA everywhere I look there are "test plot's" growing, the town I live in has a nice little(not so little) called THE VILLAGE, as there are many babies born here that are not ok.I'm not from here, and one day I was in a drug store and had a chance to ask what this individual did here……dairy farmer so I got a big smile and asked if I could buy raw organic milk this man jumped and I truly thought he was going to attack me, I had challenged his livelyhood  I guess,but to be fair there are some who even if he wanted to do the right thing would not let him.I am so very disgusted and sickened by the folks here, they honestly have the fattest blockheads I've ever encountered.So do I move back to the home of Cascadian Organics and our wonderful navy and an area that has recieved alot of radiation from fukishima? oh yeah almost forgot Hanford's little problem.

    • marc says:

      Kit, thanks for the links. The US military must be living in a dreamworld if they think there will be any kind of society worth bothering with in 2030. Martial law?? WHY???? At the rate we're going, mass starvation and global heating will have made this world a nice, quiet, desolate place with humankind nowhere in evidence. Who does the military think will be around to "suit-up" against?? Are they really that intoxicated with the need for an enemy that they haven't figured out what WE can all see coming???

    • JR says:

      Thanks for the link on the corruption led cabinet of the American people, big interests for polluters and the whore of people to patrol so called rules and regulations. The overseers, what a bunch of jokesters…losers

  7. marc says:

    I just want to clarify a point I made earlier. I'm under no delusions about Trump's trip and the news associated with it succeeding in and of itself with diluting or supplanting the news about the Russia investigation. It is clear now that other unapologetically shameful self-serving agendas were also part and parcel of this trip's goals. Furthermore, it seems the public's appetite for up-to-the-minute reporting on the investigation is not even close to waning, regardless of Trump's play-dates with world leaders. I have to remind myself on a regular basis that we mere commoners cannot possibly know what chess moves are being planned, much less those which are planned 5 or 10 moves in advance, regardless of this administration's apparent incompetence.

  8. penny waters says:

    today is the first day of seeing the shapes of the microwave transmissions over my head – i feel very sad

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Penny,  Gee, it was years ago already that I saw the biggest most in your face microwave transmissions here in Berkeley, right above UCB.  It occurs to me that it may be of interest to track these sightings, where and when.  Might give some idea of what they are up to.  I've forgotten! where you are?

    • Ronnie says:

      I've been seeing them in Arkansas for a few years but more so in the past month or so. I'm not discounting Dane or his NASA engineer — I totally respect them and trust them more than any other source — but I think this could spray out for another several decades. We might wish we were dead but I think we need to focus on stopping it and holding them accountable instead of assuming we will all be fried in 15 or less years. We cannot give up just because it is so dire. Even if it is too late we still need to hold our own trials for those who killed the planet. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ronnie, yes, if we can wake the masses in time, and completely alter our current course, we may yet salvage some of Earth’s life support systems. If we remain on the current course, mathematically speaking, we do not have decades, not even one. This being said, let us all renew our efforts in this most critical battle for the greater good, every day counts. 

    • penny waters says:

      am in essex england

  9. Debra A Evans says:

    You Shall Know T

    he Truth..And, The Truth 

     Will Set You Free.. 🙂

  10. EyepilotX!!! says:

    This explains it all so let's just watch sports and the giant reality show called POTUS. I'm so disgusted. At least I get Dane's weekly reality check. It's not pretty but at least it's genuine. Not much else is.

    • anna van Z says:

      Pretty sure the powers-that-be are hoping people will do just that. So many are already too overwhelmed to do anything but retreat into infotainment, games, and sports while the world burns and the country goes down the crapper.

      As for me and mine, we'll go down resisting. Besides, no amount of diversion can hide reality – even those that do their best to hide from it know on some level how dire it is.

  11. BC says:

    To those of you who may feel the trees in a specific area are doing ok,  I am sure to disagree with you. The tree's are not doing well anywhere. I was some weeks back on Vancouver Island and thought the same until I really studied the great Cedars and Spruces that predominate the area. The tell tale signs of sickness is always at the south facing top of the tree in the northern hemisphere. The tree will appear to be very lush except at that one area which is sparse and naked looking. From that point on the days of that tree is numbered. That death will travel right down the other branches and can kill the whole tree in two to three years or less. Sometimes in the case of certain variety's of trees as little as a few short months.

    Where the trees are densely stacked together it begins with the exposed trees bordering fields and clearings. They die first and then as the leaves and needles fall the UV rays begin attacking the ones behind and that are now exposed. Sometimes you really have to study a tree but the evidence is there on every tree. None at this late stage are healthy and unscathed.

    North central Alberta has the thinnest ozone in Canada because of the enormous volumes of natural gas burned to produce dirty crude. The elevation is higher and dryer and the trees had died on my acreage there over 15 years ago. When we moved to the central forests of BC the trees are doing a little better but death stalks them all. The pine beetle kill which devastated the pine forest 20 years ago and killed billions of trees in the pacific northwest was caused by the compromised immune systems of the trees, not the beetles. Now the high mountain Spruce here are beginning to die. To the logging company's and loggers this is a gift from heaven as there is no other lumber tree's of consequence to harvest (massacre). Here, the provincial government and the logging industry has been lamenting the loss of marketable trees and the Spruce had a very low alottment. Now that they are sick and dying it's Game On!!See? It's all just a suicide spirit on the whole world!

    It's true that down at sea level where the atmosphere is denser and the humidity higher the trees "apparently" are doing OK but they are not and it's only on a comparative scale.

    I read an article about the urban trees all dying in Calgary Alberta according to their Parks Dept. I believe they said 50% were either dead or dying and would have to be replanted.I was in the Golf and Turf industry for years in the area and watched all the domestic trees and ornamentals die on the Golf courses. Back then I didn't know what I know now and their excuses were always "It's a disease or fungus or what more". We know now it's nothing but cancer of the ecosystem.

    Our ability as a group to convey this important information to the unlearned is become informed as to the slightest evidence and nuances of the growing and unfolding catastrophe of the ecosystem so it can be identified and pointed out so we can convince the so called unconvinced.

    • penny waters says:

      everywhere i go i see damage on plants

    • Dennie says:

      I wonder if that "First Citizen" of Calgary, AB, the mad doctor David Keith, King of Solar Radiation "management," knows about "his" city's urban tree die-off… it's HIS idea, after all, that our entire planet needs to be sprayed 24/7/365 with sh!t his company, the Keith Group, sends up to rain down on us all.  ONE GUY gets to decide for SEVEN AND A HALF BILLION PEOPLE????  HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???

      Does he NOT notice the tree deaths?  DOES HE NOT CARE???

      SUCH A JERRRRK!!!! 

      THIS 1st Class A$$HOLE has the audacity to say that he's a back country skier, never mind that soon there will BE NO MORE "back country," thanks to HIM!!!

    • Dennie says:

      The Calgary, AB Parks and Recreation Dept. as well as ALL outdoorspeople there need to do an INTERVENTION on Dr. David Keith when next he's in town.  A$$hole needs his nose rubbed in dead trees!!!

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    This one needs to get passed around. Good film of AI trails and a few relevant statements about Trumpuppet.

  13. paul fowler says: 

    Sorry if this has already been posted by some one else , I try to read them all but some times I miss some and some times I forget , it's the aluminum I guess . 

  14. C.J. says:

    WAIT TILL YOU SEE THIS……WATCH the Heavy AMOUNT of Chemtrail ACTIVITY here. At least some are awakening.

    Here in this Video. That is "Today" on "CANADA SHToria LONG WEEKEND". Anyone that Deny's this have their heads up their Butt's.

    06 STOP CHEMTRAILS 21/05/17

  15. marc says:

    Gee, how convenient. No sooner does the investigation into the Trump administration's shady shenanigans get really intense with the latest "revelations", than Trump and team jet off on a nine day trip to where? To an MSM's wish list of countries who, by definition, will produce the optimal headlines and distractions to haul attention far AWAY from the aforementioned investigation. Yes, I realize trips of this magnitude require alot of advance planning on many fronts BUT…..I can't help but think the timing of this trip is completely and totally suspicious with respect to the administration's troubles. When are the American people gonna wake the f**k up and realize we are all being played like clawhammer banjos at an old-time jam session? Yes, we really are being duped into believing all this drama is actually real (legitimate). It sure looks real. But I'm not at all sure about that. Trump's utterance's in a variety of contexts (e.g. Coast Guard graduation speech, Oval Office blurts to Russians, etc.) are, on the face of it, so BIZARRE that they lack plausibility. Trump….the complete narcissistic idiot, and so on.Trump's whole brand, while captivatingly titillating and/or alarming to the masses, has never had the ring of genuineness to me. It has, from the start, seemed transparently inflammatory by design. And so it has continued right on into his antics inside this new administration. In the common vernacular, it all seems like total bullshit. And this current overseas trip is so obviously designed to derail the public's fixation and preoccupation with the Russian investigation, for some grander purpose in relation to world consciousness. Meanwhile the worthless suits in Congress continue on with their repulsive agendas unimpeded by the finely focused lens of mainstream media's scrutiny. There are some articles out there that are reminding us not to get too distracted lest the festering Republican sores in Congress jam more "end of the world" legislation down our throats. In any case, the vast majority of the public will happily subsist perpetually on a diet of nothing more than the most video and sound-bitey news they get fed. Nobody has the time or motivation to look under the rug (which is orange, by the way).

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, hello, and I thought that given Trump taking his whole family and most of the government with him left us ripe for the classic Reichstag fire, the 'oldest trick in the book', as in a major disaster like 9/11, which tends to follow an unpopular election, frightening people into compliance as more rights are taken away.  So, what happened in England surprised me, but for their own recent vote, now on hold.  I am not having trouble with MSM.  After all, I am in control of what, how much and my own opinion.  Here and there are some of the best reporting in years and years, maybe ever.  Just like more protests, more organization but with all of Trump's distractions, more goes wrong, as in more violence, more detentions of law abiding peoples, and lands and rights being taken away so fast, even basic rights.  I've been reading Ralph Nader's little book: Breaking Through Power which is a real education for me, as I'd eschewed politics most of my life.  We do have rights and lawful by the constitution procedures.  But, as with GW, we must not just roll over and die.  We must take a stand and become informed.  It keeps blowing my mind how much our 'founding fathers' anticipated.  Democrats, to me, as well as Republicans are but two sides of one coin.  One side kills you softly, the other a hard kill.  Enough of this!  With this dichotomous thinking, we are trapped.  As with GW, it needs all of us, speaking out on behalf of what people actually want and need, and very few want war.  Most of us indeed want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  And we don't need to kow tow to the plutocrats and oligarchs.  We need to take back our government and it Can be done!  Would that the Green Party could be REAL.  'They' don't want any third parties though as with such, we would not be so trapped in this two sided coin wanting, each wanting, to enrich themselves and their friends at our expense.  Imagine if we had a Real Green Party that could take on all the Real issues, like, say, geoengineering.  Big Ag, etc, etc.  Wouldn't that be sweet!!!!!

  16. Thanks Dane for all your hardwork to bring truth to the frontlines. I have a story to share to confirm the decimation of the ozone layer. It has been sunny and warmer the couple days in the pacific northwest. I went to my son's soccer game this afternoon. I noticed that the mom of one of the kids was sun burnt from an earlier game she attended for her daughter. She put on 100 spf sun screen and still got burned. She has never got a burn when using 100 spf sun screen. That really blew me away, it is confirmation the ozone layer is depleted. People better careful this summer probably will be alot of severe sun burns.

    • Deborah says:

      I live in Colorado Springs for the last 5 years I have been studying 'is Last summer I noticed that the chem clouds were present without trails. I live high up into the hills facing the mountains. On the other side of the mountain is Air Force Academy base. What I would see is blue skies then I would see clouds arising from behind the mountains. We have 5 military bases in our city. After doing more research I found that they are shooting flares up from generators on the ground. There doing it all around our city and outlined areas. You can see the line of white maybe a 1/3 of the sky and then with in a few hours a white out.we have had 2 nuclear ice storms in the last 2 weeks. They come a day after 65- 70 degree weather. Theres been a very violent chem flu that people can't get rid of it's taking weeks.  We have been bombarded daily for the last 3 years.  God help us. I'm doing what I can to inform people. But unfortunately people find it hard to believe that our govt and corporations would poison us. 

    • Ronnie says:


      Colorado Springs has one of the highest radiation levels in the nation along with my hometown in AR. Look up Your radiation this week.

  17. Donna-AZ says:

    Today in Sun City, AZ, lots and lots of "Magic" Condensation/Ice Crystal Trails, staying up there for hours in 100 degrees, and 6% humidity. Maricopa County put out an Ozone Alert. They say no leaf blowing or wood burning, drive as little as posible, then they spray the crap out of us.

    • Ronnie says:

      They sprayed us pretty bad yesterday in Central AR. My coworkers could not call me crazy today — the continuous "contrails" eventually turned a clear bluish sky into a hazy fog in a matter of an hour. Was hard to focus and work building these cheap pine stick houses while under biological and chemical attack. The haze seemingly contracted into a giant mass of filth blocking the suns rays for a couple hours. As it dissipated, other weird hazy chem shapes-formed (were sprayed) in different parts of the sky looking like wisps and blobs. Its like this stuff moves around, can break up and take a different shape or form or is directed and contracted by the frequencies or magnets or something. YUCK!

      We can feel the sun getting REALLY hot here down south but we are getting good rains and most plants seem to be growing well. It's almost like if they didn't spray the sun would rapidly cook life on the surface. Thanks for the detox info Dane. We have to keep our minds, bodies and souls strong in this struggle. About to post the link to this radio show everywhere I can on facebook.

  18. Seeing Clearly says:

    California Offshore Clearing 2012 and California Offshore Clearing 2015

    Looks like the effectiveness and efficiency of the technology has evolved I also ran these images through a filter and the geometric shapes stand out and are shocking you can do this yourself, it's easy to do even without a filter the geometric clearing of the sky offshore of California is undeniable.

    • BaneB says:

      Seeing Clearly:  I run all my pics through the noir filter on my iPhone.  Whoa!  What a difference to see the structural detail without the glare.  All day long here in northern Califirnia the weather terrorists sprayed.  This was absolutely the worst of the worst.  Never have I observed such a whiteout and imbedded with all manner of smears, streaks, huge morphing weird looking aerosol trails.  I took a nap around 1:00 pm.  Went back out later and it was shocking how fluorescent white was the sky.  It hurt my eyes to look anywhere but down.  No matter, I took a lot of pics, ran them through the filter and was floor at just how much crap was up there.  And the jets were virtually noiseless because they were very very high up, and only observed via the aerosol trail.  Otherwise they would have gone unnoticed.

  19. Dennie says:

    Psychopathic personalities literally cannot FEEL anything:  This article relates the news that the condition can now be treated "clinically."  I say throw out and start over. 

  20. Dennie says:

    Listening to the sound of the military mtohrefcukrs ramping up the perpetual scratching their unsatisfiable itch for war, I have to ask:  Now, why the fcku don't all the so-called "leaders" of this planet just get together and punch each other out, have either a p*ssing contest or a boxing or wrestling match, and whoever wins "takes all."  What a bunch of low-life LOSERS.  We haven't had a real leader since JFK.  @sshoels.  The only thing that makes me feel even sicker are all the eedjots who say not to get angry about this, "God's taking care of it," we don't have to do anything.  Or worse, all the even larger number of eedjots who go right along with the system because they're sooooo greedy they're afraid of what will happen to them "if" (we know it's really more like when) the system fails, and all the rest of The Sleepers who like to pretend they don't notice anything's wrong at all.

    • marc says:

      The "God's taking care of it all" excuse is nothing more than garden-variety laziness and an unwillingness to call people out on their bullshit.

    • penny waters says:

      what about the old saying – god helps those who help themselves

    • anna van Z says:

      Yep! That b.s. is really about people who are too scared to acknowledge what's happening, even though on some level they know how dire it is. And these folks would rather not have the responsibility of taking action and paying attention.

      This is why we no longer have a democracy, if we ever did: Democracy requires people who pay attention, read more than headlines, think for themselves, and SHOW UP. Like our ancestors who fought the American Revolution. The American citizens of today are NOT those people. When the going got complicated, they tuned out. They're busy posting pictures of their dinner or Johnny's soccer game.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Dennie, I agree. For years I have suggested to people, after getting them to think a bit and realize that war is only and always for profit, like, who's feeding that army for what? – that any person who wants to war be given a one way ticket to the War Island. One place on the planet where the idiots can wipe one another out . War Island, the ultimate prison. 

  21. paul fowler says:

  " CBC's 5th Estate  covered US false flag1992 

  22. izzy says:

    Well, I suppose it’s possible I may not be aware of my own cognitive decline, but I certainly feel a kind of sad frustration about how so many of my long-time friends and acquaintances seem lately to be able to see nothing more urgent than blaming all our problems on the Russians and the Orange Clown. The ability to even consider evidence for things like geoengineering or the 9/11 deception or the real danger of vaccines goes no further than snarky – and highly ironic – references to “Conspiracy theory!” The diabolical plan, outlined decades ago by none other than Joseph Goebbels himself, and now helped along with electromagnetic and chemical agents, appears to still be working very well. 

    At this late juncture, it’s now a Spiritual War. The fight for a habitable planet, at least in human terms, may already be over. Though that statement itself might imply an even deeper and as-yet unacknowledged dimension (google Paul Hellyer). But soldier on we must. It’s now an exercise in releasing attachment to outcome while praying for a miracle.

    • Dennie says:

      It always WAS a spiritual war.  But who the Hell notices the reality of that, when they're in their goddamned TWENTIES—?? 

  23. Dawnski says:

    I came across Amazon Prime series. Phenomenon: The Lost Archives Episode 3. H.A.A.R.P. Holes in Heaven . .  .John Hecksher Project Manager. Creepy dude. Interesting and informative.

  24. Randall rj says:

    seattle times posted an article on the death of a giant pine tree. It stated climate change was responsible!! Beetles and fungus was their stated cause. Now people we know every living thing on the planet has an immune system. Now we who are in the know, know that what they are spraying as stated in many sources, say the toxic soup they spray shuts down the trees immune system leaving the tree open to bugs, fungus, and reduced water intake and making it dormant. 

    These crazy professionals are blind. And it is incredible at their ignorance  as to they do not know all aspects of their professions. 

    We to are assaulted by this crap as the trees and our immune systems are being compromised. So be sure that what you see in the skies is in your body. They, tptb  know they are slow killing you. Be sure of this fact and dwell on it. THEY KNOW AND DONT CARE! Get mad, give no quarter to ignorant deniers. be sure that you know and dwell long as it is Murder!!!!!!

  25. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here in central Italy. From 17th to 19th May lots of spraying from heavy, low flying aircraft – back and forth across the valley, so we knew to expect something soon.  We had hot sunny days with temperatures at 90F and suddenly yesterday, the weather whiplash arrived at 2.30 p.m. It was 80F in the morning then the sky darkened so much that we needed lights in the house to prepare lunch! It was like the end of the world. From what was a sunny hot morning 80F to high winds, thunder, lightning and sudden torrential rain and then the hail thrashing down like I have never seen before. Water poured in through four of our windows and I couldn't get enough towels to mop up quick enough.  The violent hail storm lasted for 15 minutes and the temperature dropped but only to 60F yet the hail did not go away so we knew it was chemically nucleated.  We gathered up the hail that had fallen on the ground outside and as an experiment waited for it to melt.  The hail was pea sized and uniform about 5/16th diam but like frogs spawn in large clumps on the ground. 

    We went out to survey the devastation.  Our neighbours were distraught. Their food crops were totally ruined. All the plants shredded to nothing. No way those plants could recover. The tomato plants were about to flower and in shreds. The cherries bruised and lying on the ground. Large Eggplants shredded to the ground. Months of work and 300 euros worth of plants gone in minutes. We took photos. Our beautiful flowering plants reduced to stems. If they keep this up there will be little left to eat.This is just the wrong time of year for hail because the peaches and cherries are on the trees (those that are still alive). The vines are in flower.  We already know that the weather (unusual frosts!) has devastated the vineyards in other parts of Europe and that the price of wine is to double.  These B**stards make money on the futures/commodity markets of the stock market and make money while people starve around the world. They can produce the conditions of drought to produce food shortages and bet on it. It is criminal.

    The hail we picked up did not even melt in our hands.  We kept the large chunks of hail in a bowl. Even 10 hours later we checked it before going to bed and it had not melted – a sure sign of chemically nucleated. It was then 60F so normal hail should have melted straight after it fell.  We tried to tell our neighbours that this was manmade but they still think it is natural.  The last time we saw hail like this it broke peoples outdoor light globes and external shutters when it bounced onto them.  Golf ball sized hail has been frequent in Italy and people drive down the freeways and stop their cars under the bridges for shelter (causing chaos). It is so severe it dents the bodywork of cars.  

    Has anyone else seen the grey dust that seems to come into the house? It is like fibres or polymers.  We are breathing this stuff in while we are sleeping, even indoors.  I experimented and took everything out of the bedroom that might have fluff or fibres on it like rugs and fleeces but this grey dust still came and filled the vacuum cleaner even after less than a week. 

    Dane mentioned Ebola has come back again and spreading faster. We know that the medical/industrial complex is going to introduce at least ANOTHER 100 new vaccines in the pipeline for vaccinating US citizens and one is to be Ebola. See Barbara Loe Fisher's report on the internet. What better way to get everyone to uptake a vaccine than to make as many as possible afraid of an Ebola outbreak (or anything else they desire) spreading?

    We pray to get all this insanity stopped.



    • MAP says:

      Thank you, Black Cat, for your detailed report from Italy. It is appreciated. I plan to make photo copies of it and give to family members.

    • Dennie says:

      My cousin out in Fort Lupton, CO told me yesterday that one of her cats got killed by a large hail stone when they had a big hail storm there a few years back.  The poor little cat was trying make a run for the barn and was struck in the head with a flying golf-ball sized hail stone… :- (  Her grand daughter's car is dented from the hail stones.

      The gray-brown dust is EVERYWHERE in people's houses.  When the spraying's really heavy the crap starts falling in just a few hours and settles all over everything.  Today here in San Rafael, CA it started out pretty nice, though I could feel the ice nucleation chems last night, and then it started getting H-O-T again.  "They" were at it again by noon, with high, white jets laying down filthy metallic white streaks in the skies.  By the end of the day the whole sky was filmed over with orange-brown phony cirrus "clouds."

    • stephan says:

       Black Cat – the dust you speak of is driving me nuts too. You can really see it using dark coloured sheets. All the best to you.

    • marc says:

      Black Cat Italy, thank you for your outstanding observations, sad though they are.

    • Dale K says:

      Links to two news reports about the damage caused by recent storms.

      Sheriff: Barron County (Wis.) Tornado Causes $10 Million In Damage « WCCO | CBS Minnesota
      May 21, 2017

      Straight-line winds vs a tornado: What caused Saturday’s storm damage?
      Christina Edwards | WHNT19
      May 21, 2017

      Also, take note of George Ure's comment about the unseasonable weather where he and and his wife live in East Texas:

      "As the Pacific Oscillation continues, though, we are already noticing that the summer, at least here in East Texas, is arriving a month later than usual.

      Not only do we have 3+ inches in the rain gauge in the past week, but if the weather forecasts hold, we will make it out of May without it even hitting 90F here at the ranch."

    • Tammy says:

      Over here in central Italy, northern Lazio region near the Mediterranean sea, May 22, 2017, I witnessed some of the most intense spraying I've seen yet.  Planes working in groups of 3-4 covering an entire region.  When they've crossed the horizon in approximately 10 minutes, I look to see another set of 4 planes working the sky in another large region.  So, from my vantage point, there were 8 planes dispersing every 10 minutes making about 50 passes per hour.  In an 8 hour day that's about 500 dispersals.  I awoke this morning to hazy white skies thinking, finally, it's stopped, but no, the spraying continues.  What IS the end goal?  Certainly, this has been approved by some mandate from who?  NATO?  The U.N.?  Such darkness and manipulation.  People go about their business as if all is usual.  Although, one gal last evening saw me looking up at the sky, too and acknowledged my concerns.  So many vast fields of various agricultural crops here.  Aren't the farmers concerned?  Today, before noon, the planes have gone to work another area; all milky white now.  Just a few short years ago, the northern Lazio region had the reputation of the most beautiful skies and clouds in Italy.  No more!  Those days are history!  This seems to be the New Normal!      

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      For cleaning the dust the MFs are spraying on US, use a vacuum cleaner with Water filter. Everything will stay in the Water.

  26. Eric (USA) says:

    The pineal gland is what they're after. This gland is located inside your brain and when calcified, dumbs you down. Tired, lazy and no ambition. What is the biggest threat to this gland? That's right, Aluminum and fluoride. Perfectly delivered. Part of the elite slow kill process. Educate on how to decalcify yourself. There are many helpful links out there. Good luck and God bless us all. 

    • Dennie says:

      "They" are really not that smart.  "They" do NOT have a Pointed Plan to Kill Your Glands; OH, no no no, it's just that "They" don't mind spraying toxic shit everywhere and if your body is damaged, well so f**king what???  According to "their" actuaries, YOU are "collateral damage.." 


  27. Susan Ferguson says:

    It would be interesting to correlate the UVs with the tree die off. Here in western Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula the trees appear to be OK. We had almost continual cloud cover all winter, which is not unusual for this area. So are the clouds somewhat protecting the trees and my yard garden from the UVs? Certainly we are getting sprayed and the Navy is blasting us with radio frequencies, but that is often hidden above the cloud cover, unlike today when the spraying is clearly visible, along with the Milky Haze. Slow death… I rarely leave the house. There does seem to be evidence that many people are somewhat sedated, experiencing memory issues. Lithium and aluminum and…oh yes, fungi.

  28. Rick L. says:

    I have pretty much come to the conclusion that this geo-engineering project has been agreed on by all nations around the world. Some how the ones in charge of it or thought of it have convinced everyone it must be done. It's very perplexing to me how this has been so convincingly done when most nations can't even get along without some sort of conflict. Just what could be happening to this planet for such a huge project to continue?   

  29. paul fowler says:

    On top of the mountain crap the main stream media tries to feed us , they just added this . This nonsense is trending on Yahoo news .

         I hope the rest of the good people here are having better success with spreading the real news than I . My efforts are falling on deaf ears . I think the local average I.Q. here has plummeted well below average . People seem to choose beliefs over facts . 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, yes, you are of course correct. This newly released disinformation claiming that anthropogenic activity has created “a protective bubble” around our planet could not be further from the truth. I will very soon post the latest shocking front line ozone layer collapse data from the former NASA engineering that is working directly with The ozone destruction is a direct result of climate engineering, no ozone layer, no terrestrial life on Earth. Stay tuned, more data to come on this.

    • Dale K says:

      Paul: I recently wrote a detailed article about the health dangers of 5G wireless technology on my blog and, IMMEDIATELY, three subscribers canceled, even though I included numerous citations from various sources. I've been noticing subscriber cancellations repeatedly after I post a report about a subject (including geoengineering) that is poo-poohed by the mainstream media as bogus or conspiratorial.

    • Dennie says:

      Oh, "They" are such LIARS!  Remember the 80s, remember Ronald Ray-Gun saying that we were getting a Star Wars "shield" to protect us from incoming missiles from RUSSIA (but of course, where else– blame all of the crap YOU are doing on "the Russians.." UGH!)??  Well, here we are.

    • Randall rj says:

      I to have read on this and it sickens me that something of this magnitude  has happened and is stated as an exciting discovery. 

  30. Paul Vonharnish says:


    OCTOBER 2010

    Complete text:

    Regarding Yemen: Let’s make America Grate again…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Paul.  This Sunday's SF Chronicle 'broke' EMF news that probably you and us thought might never happen, but I've not heard a hue and cry yet from locals and to be fair, not so many I know read the paper.  And to be fair to MSM, our paper does relate info relevant to us, but not mentioning geoengineering.  This was titled State Kept Warnings On Cell Phones Secret:  "Newly released public records show that California public health officials worked for five years on a set of guidelines to warn the public about the potential dangers of cell phones, revising their work 27 times with updated research before abandoning the efforts without ever making their concerns public until ordered by a judge."…."The Chronicle submitted a public records request to the health department in March, asking for emails or documents related to why the cell phone guidelines were never approved to be made public–and to see whether there was any outside influence.  The department refused to release records, saying those that existed were protected by attorney-client privilege."…  "Joel Moskowitz, a public health researcher at UC Berkeley who sued the state to force the release of the records, said state officials should never have withheld the warnings from the public.  Lawyers for the state had argued in court that release of the warnings could cause unnecessary panic."…"It would have to be purely political to deny distributing this", Moskowitz said.  "Science supports this."  WOW.  All this began in 2009, the state's efforts and the 27 versions until they gave up.  Also, the CDC wiped their records of findings.  The article goes on about the very real dangers of EMFs, without mentioning all the rest of these electro/frequency issues.

      I am impressed by the above and glad to have the info in the paper.  I am amazed that this one guy got it.  I think we need this man!  Not long ago, in my eye doc's place, the young receptionist, with a college degree yet, was going on about the wonders of digital everything and so I spoke up.  She argued saying what could go wrong?  I skipped health and mentioned the digital control of everything includes, for instance, cooling of our nuclear plants.  That did not make an impression!  So I said, crime, it begs for crime.  Then, just days later, Ransomware hit.  I can't wait to show her this article!  Which, just skims the surface but makes a start.

      Paul and all geniuses out there, I need help!  This site, for me, is stuck on BOOK, and as much as I try everything I can, including Dane, I can't get off it or get at weekly posts by Dane and comments.  This has been going on ever since I bought the book.  I very much regret doing that on line.  Can't seem to get rid of it, everytime I try to get 'recent' I am instantly flipped to BOOK, no matter what I try to do or change.  I cannot access anything, read comments nor look stuff up.  I can only get Radio broadcasts and this is making me nuts.  I've been very sick, and my home in peril, I need this access to stay sane!  I would greatly appreciate any help!  Thanks in advance.  

  31. Paul Vonharnish says:

    How to drain swamps and elevate sewage:

    List of United States defense contractors

    • Earth Angel says:

      Oshkosh B'gosh?!.. Damn, I thought they made kid's clothing. So many defense contractors- you wouldn't have guessed by the names either. Thanks for the post Paul.

  32. One Is All All Is One says:

    Hi All, the Lies, lines that will be used to the general apathetic and uneducated public will be, look we can make it rain to end drought! also look we can make snow and ice, even over our melting poles! We can save our Planet/World, I feel sick writing this but Alas the gullible public hence the uneducated majority will lap it up, All those drought ridden farmers/countries, the places hit with extreme weather even earth quake zones will lap up this erh new tech. A savior they will cry after it is proven that yes it does work, Look we made it rain in the desert! oh, God, sorry my prophesy have gone to far, for it reached the heart and soul of All.


  33. Ronnie says:

    I'm trying to find the best strategy for us low-income people.

    First might be to envision a world where there is no spraying and the planet is healing instead of focusing on the pending desolation and doom that seems so certain.

    I've made a facebook page (not using my real name yet) and I comment and post the info on any page I think people will read it. I have to admit I'm yet to make a FB page with my true identity, become friends with everyone I know then send this info to all of them. I'm not scared to loose friends: Anyone who does not want to hang out with me because I talk about weather modification is not truly my friend. I mostly just think facebook can suck out people's souls and much of the content is shallow and disgusting…but it could be a good way for me to tell thousands that know me the truth.

    Anyone have any other new, innovative strategies??

    • One Is All All Is One says:

      Hi Ronnie,

      1} People with money have no apathy, guilt, empathy, or even care. So think positive in that regard.

      2} You Are spot on in that observation, I applaud you. One step beyond that vision Is love with passion and integrity, project that love to what you believe in, All Is good, the reinforcement of that comes with your one concerted effort and then becomes reinforced and multiplied by others projecting the same.

      3}True, but hey, who would actually use their real name?

      4} Strategies. Everybody seems to have them, even me, but hey The greatest General so far recorded is Sun Tzu, the book The Art Of War will be relevations for you even in peace.


    • Oo7 says:

      Oi Ronnie, i dont use facebook for the same reason, its a trans-human machine for pigs. Having a page may be a good start, but look around as there may already be one in use that could be vastly more informative and interactive with its member count.

      as for strategies, ive made myself a comprehensive single sheet pamphlet, maybe 3 inches by 7?

      I also dont have much money (still driving a bicycle! No car at 30 [semi by choice]), but with this size, i can print out 3 per page, in which i also use colored paper. There very first line of text reads something like "take a picture of this with your phone!, share the info with everyone!" To make sure the information gets spread as much as it can before it is removed by authorities.


      ive attempted multiple contacts with local news, to no avail.

      while i am not of religious stature, i assumed that reaching the churches would be a great catalyst for acknowledgement. Yet after talking to a renound (albuet, retired) bishop, i was informed that the conduct of churches have long since changed, and if my warnings do not give profit to the church, i would be ignored.

      my last bastion is in the city, and i will paint the streets with truth.

      so should you.

    • Eve says:

      I am having a similar problem. People who are middle class and/or well-off in retirement sometimes seem to have no understanding of how difficult it is for someone who is poor to keep going with activism. This is the same attitude that has alienated a lot of poorer people from the environmental movement in general.

      When you are poor, you cannot afford to alienate all your friends, because you help each other out. People who are poorer know that is they lose their job they could have nowhere to live. They need their friends.

      But on the flip side there is no way to stay silent about what is taking place regarding climate modification. It is making everyone sick and causing a lot of visible damage to nature. Here on the NY-Mass border – there is massive tree die off in parts of the Berkshires,

      So far my strategy has been to set up a small group to discuss climate engineering and review documents and information from this site and others. And then to try to gently introduce the issue to the resistant and point out that it appears to be already taking place. I don't push it too much but mention all the illnesses associated with it. I hope that this plants a seed in people's minds so they look at the sky and realize what is taking place.

    • paul fowler says:

               I have a face book page . I have posted articles countless times , only once have I had a response from people I know , some likes from strangers however .

                I also search for main stream news articles that deal with weather , vaccines , cancer or GMO,s , then I comment on their articles . Of coarse a lot of my comments are buried in the middle of the pile ,  so I also comment on the leading comments ( they are quite often abusive comments ) and I lay out nothing but verifiable facts carried by main stream news .( not that I prefer them ) 

       Any one that needs data to share , I have lots of damning main stream articles and documentaries . Search for " Paul Fowler / Collectors Cabin  " on face book . 

           Please remember Face Book is part of the cover up . I shared an article from Huffington post about the CDC S.P.I.D.E.R. whistle blowers , then face book posted an article about vaccine preventable diseases along with the Huffington Post article on my time line . They also follow your banking habits . I never told face book where I live . I had dinner out , in a small village near by , I paid with debit , the next day face book asked me if I lived in that village .  

    • Dale K says:

      Here are two alternatives to Facebook:

      MINDS – Take Back Your Internet Freedom

      SEEN (similar looking user interface to Facebook)

    • Dennie says:

      People with money have enough apathy.  People with less money often have even more apathy– they just do not want to feel what is happening to them; it is bad enough just trying to figure out how to solve one's immediate problems.  When you don't have enough resources (money) while living in a money economy, you won't have the time to think about how to solve your longer-term problems. 

      A = "not," PATH = "feeling;" Y = "state of." 

      Apathy = the state of not feeling.

    • Dawnski says:

      I would much rather die poor and with no friends having sounded the alarm, than to live on this planet wealthy with innumerable friends remaining silent and aloof.

      I was recently invited to World Financial Group's pitch and I explained to the man who invited me that I do not feel led to help people amass earthy wealth. I shared this website as this is my earthly low paying $0 passion. . . he never texted me back. Who needs friends when you are sounding the alarm?  I consider this site my family and friends as we all sound the alarm.

    • Domino says:

      Hi Ronnie,

      I don't know about "new" or "innovative," but I do think there is an idea floating around that will work. It would take a bit of discussion, but very briefly the idea would be "unity." That is (said to all the protesters), DROP YOUR DIFFERENCES.

      Let's assume the stance or posture of the planet being under attack — which it is

      If we take that position, all earthlings would DROP THEIR DIFFERENCES in the name of unity to defend against the invasion.

      Think of the Quakers, the Mennonites. They all get together and build a barn in one day. And it works because they all know that when their turn comes, the entire community will come to help with their barn. And so they happily give up their time for the cause.

      If we follow that idea and give up our differences while organizing (nothing is going to organize by itself), we will be several million strong, and at that point, will be capable of focusing our energies more efficiently.

      If you would like to discuss it further, I would welcome an email from you (or any who might be interested).

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Eve – when you're down friends are out.  Period, most of them.  You might as well offend them with head-on truth anyway.  Oh boy do I know that in spades.  Lose eyesight for five years, go broke and find out how many friends come forth.  Heartbreaking.  Wish I never had to find that out the hard way.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ronnie, Hello, and I think Domino is on the right path.  I also think Dennie is wrong about the poor having apathy!  I certainly feel the pain  the limitations, the hunger, the stress and the very immediate threat of losing my home and the help I must have to be able to survive.  I feel a great deal of pain, mind killing pain from my conditions, but I try to push through it.  Part of That effort has been to find out what we Can do.  A great deal can be done at a local level, who you elect, and letters and phone calls to Senators and Representatives.  In fact the sheer amount of feedback lead to some Republican Governors changing their tune knowing they would not be re-elected.  It does work, up to a point.  It is one thing a person can do that does have proven results.  And we need more to pile on.  This is the major reason why 'they' want to limit the internet again.  Because it works!  Up to a point.  And I agree with others that by and large, FB is useless.

  34. Dennie says:

    Here's a link to a page that names names of the Carnegie Council:  I don't agree with the Era of article author's assertion that the spraying is happening in spite of "over-hyped climate change."  We here know it's much worse that Al Gore told us it was.  But I do agree that we need to target the players in the Geoengineering planning game, and send them the links to articles such as this, as well as pages of patents and videos of crazies like David Keith and Ken Caldeira, their Poster Boy at Carnegie, talking about the "need" to do the unthinkable, which has been going on in fact for a very long time, to let them know that WE know they're doing it, it's NOT okay and they will be held accountable.

  35. C.J. says:

    This white haze is in the sky "ALL the TIME". Even if it looks like clear skies, don't be fooled. You are constantly breathing this in. And yes the trees are dying rapidly. I just counted numerous ones in my back yard. When I go driving down the street, I can see them dying from the top down. The branch's are dead everywhere and the trees that are trying to survive look sickly. Anyone that say's it looks clear out might want to take a closer look and examine closely. The only time that it is clear and a deep blue color is when there is absolutely NO AIR TRAFFIC. This is going to be quite noticeable about everything dying soon. The only ones that will really notice are the ones that are "not sick" and NOT in the Hospital. People don't need to wake up, because they will be DEAD soon Anyways. They won't know what hit them.

    • Mike looking up says:

      The UP of Michigang: Trees dead and dying by the millions, just Google

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      C J. I've been in the arboricultural industry for over 35 yrs. What I am seeing in south Florida is  unbelievable. The die off of trees and plants is accelerating at an astonishing rate. Our local agricultural extension continues to look to the secondary diseases that come in after the host tree or plant's immune system has been compromised by what ever they are spraying. There are actually symptoms before death that are giving the scientists at University of Florida, (Our main agricultural studies university) a fit due to the need to identify and classify new diseases every year. They are blind to the fact that these diseases are brought on by the chemtrails. I was in the Kodiak Alaska area in 1994 and the tree die off was already alarming. I spoke with local Indians who were well aware of this and questioned me. What boggles my mind is that the average person remains blind and unconcerned by all this. When I am trying to alert people, if they don't blow me off as crazy, they get to a point where they say , "Oh well,what can I do, I've got enough on my plate". It won't be long. We are on our way out in mass but there will be those who remain to claim the planet and I believe they have the technology to mitigate what is being done now. Sincerely; Jeff  

    • MAP says:

      On your comment about how "clear" the skies are or really are not clear. 2 weeks ago, I noticed that sun light was being allowed that day as I saw it shining on patio. Went outside and took a closer look and sure enough, there was still milky-haze covering the previously blue sky.

      And the trees are struggling more and more…..

  36. Joseph L says:

    Connelly: Governors ask for 'accelerated' cleanup at Hanford


    , Friday, May 19, 2017


    "Today, cleanup efforts are needed for the over 50 million gallons of radioactive and chemical waste stored in 177 tanks, more than 60 square miles remaining of groundwater contamination and thousands of still contaminated buildings and waste sites."


    • Dennie says:

      The North American West Coast's own Fukushima.  We read months ago that if stuff started leaking at Hanford, the contamination would be even worse.  It's just yards from the Columbia River. 

      Humans are doomed because too many of them subscribe firmly to the habit of shooting first and thinking later.  The kind of humans that we feel are best at making decisions, the ones that we let make our decisions for us are soooo fvcking stoooopid it leaves me absolutely speechless.  What's more astounding is that we actually follow these clueless blind lost ones anywhere they feel like "leading."  Who is sicker– them, or us for actually "trusting" them and their idiotic decisions based on their "values," spelled "M-O-N-E-Y??"

  37. Dennie says:

    Folks:  Here's an ACTION you can take:  Copy the link to the Sky Will Be Sprayed In Geoengineering "Experiment" article from Gaianna below and e-mail it to Dr. Keith et al, with a "WTF–!???!!!!" in the Subject line, and "WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT, HMMM????" in the body of the message.  Or something similar.  That's all we have to do.  Nip at the monsters' heels and let them know we're going to keep at it until THEY LEAVE!!!!!!!

    Let's just FLOOD the BASTARDS with stuff like this every time one of their "mouthpieces" decides to let the cat outta the bag, and rub their noses in their own crap.  And treat THEM like the badly-behaved ANIMALS that they are showing "Themselves" to be!!!!!


    HOW DARE these "Lords and Masters of The Universe" make the unilateral decision that they can do this!!!!!

    • Ronnie says:

      Some good zeolites like Zeotrex can help detoxify from some of this. Also bentonite and chlorella. I know a lot of this has been said in past years but trying to encourage all in this fight to stay healthy and strong.

      Dane, do you do anything personally to detox or cleanse your body?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ronnie, thank you for your detox suggestions. About your question, check the attached link, FYI

    • Tanya says:

      I've been trying to purchase activated charcoal. I can get it at the health food store 100 capsules 280 milligrams for $13. But I recall five years ago being able to purchase it at CVS or Rite Aid. So I checked with Rite Aid yesterday. I live in the state of Maine. And the pharmacist said they just don't stock it anymore. And I asked if he could order it for me. And he said that his supplier only ships to Hawaii. After doing several searches he said it appears that activated charcoal is more regulated than Sudafed. Whatever you use to detox you may want to stock up now.

  38. Pharmerdavid says:

    Spraying coal fly ash in our atmosphere, is not eugenics, it's full-spectrum genocide, and ecocide/omnicide!!  We are being culled, directly and indirectly, by the coal fly ash and weather warfare.  Then too, they can set-off earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 

    "Revelation" is being created artificially, but we are supposed to believe it's divinely ordained – got it?

    Vaccines are an important part of the full-spectrum genocide, but the EMF radiation is more pertinent to the coal fly ash chemtrails, which is  resonated with EMF radiation to create the "Welsbach effect", thereby creating a plasma, and heating the atmosphere to create high pressure.  Chemicaly nucleated ice creates lower temperatiures, and low pressure….  High pressure on one side, and low pressure on the other – that's how they steer weather systems, and hurricanes.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Why do I hear spray jets overhead even during bad storms,I thought commercial jets flew above the storm?Also how does arumble of thunder last so long .Here in Ohio,thunder rumbles last up to Two continuous minutes,I've timed them?Finally since when does lightning ltravel in weird lines ?Looks like an old Frankenstein movie like they are trying to recharge something.Very scary.Every storm I think I might die.

  39. Carol says:

    Hello Dane … uk.  Watched Decaprio movie climate change good movie !! but a big but  on the world issues but  never mentioned weather modification Wonder why ???? Shame he never told the truth ?? We have amazing planet but  being killed off  by greed … it's the elite stinking poisoned world  !! we are dying slowly ??? Skies are shocking in uk very scary really bad . people are the walking dead !! Amazing what  you do Dane bless you …….. Carol 

  40. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Why Nanoparticles?  We all know that the spraying has changed, and it appears obvious that they are utilizing smaller and smaller particles of Lithium, Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, and who knows what else. I live on the Olympic Peninsula, which is an electronic war zone EW for the Navy, and my house is filled with white dust particles that sometimes are now in a ‘ribbon’ form. Nanoparticles actually give them more ‘bang for their buck’ because there is in fact a very high surface area to volume ratio in materials of nanometric sizes. The surface area actually increases in the nanometer regime. This has been explained to me thus: Consider a block of steel, which as a block has six sides/surfaces. Now make that block of steel into multiple steel springs and you can visualize the increase in “surface area” that occurs when materials, such as metals are reduced into nanometric sizes. Also it seems that fungi are an excellent base material: Fungi are the common source of industrial enzymes by cause of their excellent capacity for extracellular protein production. These industrial enzymes are applied in pulp and paper chemical and biomedical products, food, starch, textile, drinks, baking, leather, detergents and animal feed. For industrial application, immobilization of enzymes has advantages due to their improvement in the stability and storage ability because of reuse, easy separation of enzymes from the reaction mixture, a possible increase in pH and thermal stability and low product cost.Using nanoscale structures for immobilization is preferred due to an increase in the functional surface area to maximize enzyme loading and reducing diffusion limitations. In addition, the physical characteristics of nanostructure such as enhanced diffusion, thermal stability, irradiation resistance and support mobility can impact catalytic activity of immobilized enzymes. This chapter deals with the strategies, challenges, applications and benefits of fungal nanobiotechnology in different areas and, also, antifungal activity of nanoparticles from the microbial sources. Fungal nanobiotechnology based agro-industries and environmental spheres created the enormous range of possible applications of fungi.
    Google: fungi nanoparticles, plasmon, plasmon surface resonance, effect of magnetic fields on surface plasmon resonance, surface area to volume ratio

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      It could have been a beautiful day here on the Olympic Peninsula, but they started spraying with the new nanoparticles, the feathery sprays that have the faster dispersion rates and stay airborne for a much longer time. It was lovely and warm here for the first time this Spring, but the air was laden with what I now call a Lithium Haze, reminding me of what I am breathing, the chemicals that are permeating every cell in my seventy one year old body, eating away at what is left of my strength, health, and mind. Our trees are not showing any evidence of dying, but who knows what lies within them. I came back here from New Zealand because I love the Pacific Northwest cedar forests. There are very few birds and insects. I no longer enjoy walking outside. Good that I know how to live in the inner realms.

    • Christine says:

       Recent sharks die off in SF bay was supposedly caused by a green fungus growth in their brains, according to some resources. Green fungus seems to like wood surface, lather surface, anything what has higher water content. That might include our epithelial cells along the entire bronchial tract…

      Who can stop this entire tragedy???  

    • Dennie says:

      Good God, these simpletons are DUMB!  They see one little possible part of reality and suddenly ALL of it gets ruled by their massive chemical experiment, never mind the "side effects."  Like somehow you can fix all your problems with gadgets and chemicals!!!!!

  41. Steve Brownsberger says:

    Thank you Dane for the very important message, and for everyone on this site. It looks like Trump signed a $350 billion arms contract today with SA. I do not even know what to say other than how wrong that entire picture is.

  42. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I thought folks might find this video interesting. We all know that we will not solve our current problems in society with the crap that that got us here in the first place. I talk a lot about stopping participation in the power structure. This video gives you "some" of the mind sets you will need to envelope to break free and make a difference for yourself, for others and our entire planet's health.

    • Dennie says:

      Excuse me, these people had been pulled over by a police officer, then chose to just drove off after he told them he'd be back and to stay put.  Then her crazy 14-year-old son chose to attack the officer, who then called for backup– Mess with a cop and what the fuck else would you expect? 

      The silly narrator of this anti-law enforcement racially-slanted propaganda video wants us to infer that somehow, our law enforcers shouldn't be enforcing our laws and are just a bunch of mean, white bastards in blue, hmmmmpf!!!!!!!!!!! 

      WHO NEEDS laws, anyway???

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, I knew someone was going to single out the incident that you concentrated on. There was way more to the video than just the cops and the idiots they pull over. Besides, I only posted the video as "interesting". I did not state that the content was where my mind set is.

      We only need "3" laws. In order: Be good to yourself, be good to others and be good to the planet.

  43. Hi Dane, On a recent camping trip to Yosemite National Park we were shocked to see the devastating damage happening to the trees. I hope you are able to see the attached photo. My friend Bill Blackwell has made me very aware of the "chem" trails that are destroying our environment. I am telling one meet about it. Thank you for your efforts and leadership. Best regards, Andy Hollinger

  44. Joseph L says:

    Great show  — you bring it every week .  The  whole planet needs to be listening to this broadcast.   I just came back from  NYC March against Monsanto.  It was totally pathetic  — . There were maybe 100 people there .  This is totally sickening.  Why should I bother even going here but  I did.  I had plenty of flyers to hand out .  Anyway, it disturbs me how weak these demonstrations are.

    Everyone should watch all of these Great Productions Gary Null Movies


    Unveiling the Lies of Gmo's.

    Knocking on Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy –

    Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines

    • Joseph L says:

      Let us review some of the President’s men, and see how they line up with respect to GMOs.  Jeff Sessions has accepted contributions from Monsanto multiple times, and he might be able to fast track the proposed merger of Bayer Crop Science and Monsanto, creating the largest seed and largest pesticide company in the world, and President Trump (before he was inaugurated) sat down with the CEOs of both companies and had a “productive meeting on the future of the agricultural industry”. It looks like we are not going to see any push back on the monopolistic merger that’s going on there.


      Interesting articel


    • Dale K says:

      "They hate us for our freedoms"
      -GWB, post 9/11

      These days, when we're dealing with opposition to forced vaccinations or the right to assemble and stage peaceful protests on public property, those "freedoms" go right out the window.

    • anna van Z says:

      I know what you mean! Last year, the one in Asheville, NC was huge – tons of people, great signs, energy, etc. This year….phhht. I showed up but couldn't find anyone. Very sad. What happened between last year and this? You'd think now more than ever people would be turning out.

      So many people seem lost in their own little consumerist bubble of consumption and self-entertainment – gawd, they don't even look up!

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, we're all The SAME when it comes to nanoparticulate crap being dumped on us and ionizing radiation allowed to spill and kill.  But can we keep racial discussions to an absolute minimum here?  We don't need any more divisions and certainly not here.  You can listen all you want every day on NPR.  They keep the racial tension pot stirred nicely over there.

  45. Seeing Clearly says:

    This is a really hard issue to talk about however I think it can relate to the Trump politics theater,

    Trump was a Trojan horse to deport what some Americans felt was an invasion of the American culture by immigrants mainly Mexico.

    If you delve deeper you will find out why immigration was even considered as an opinion by the people who immigrate to America, poverty at their home country are many cases for such a choice.

    Shouldn't we help other countries instead of bombing them, I think that's the more godly way to solve this problem.

    Moving On Below 

    The idea of racism is that one race is superior than another or that races can't mix up with each other.

    While it most likely white people and black people are more likely to hang out with people of the same skin color because it makes you feel less different and more alike and more of your type, people need to understand that skin color is nothing more than a look at best it makes you reflect a different amount of light, it doesn't disable you or make you less capable or make your skin less than the rest just because of a color by the way you can't be both colors you can only be one which one is based on your fate I guess.

    The way I look at life and its complexity and diversity is what side do things fall under what category the good or bad category or side?

    Under which environment are things good and or bad and is that environment itself good?

    The way life seems to be built is that it is made of lots of little diverse variables all working together to make one big huge existence we call reality, for example a rainbow wouldn't be a rainbow if it didn't have all its colors humans wouldn't be humans if we didn't have all our body parts you would be biologically incomplete.

    So what's the case with diversity is it good or bad what makes an opinion or ideology or a thing bad? 

    What makes an opinion bad I think at least is that it's not factual its make belief or some false perception.

    A thing is bad if it hurts other things that are not bad things I assume it gets tricky at this depth to know for sure what's happening.

    Correct me if I am wrong or forgot to mention something when getting involved with such complex and complicated topics that have no clear common ground pride is not something I think anyone should obtain.  

    • Gretchen says:

      Only indigenous peoples are native to the Americas, everyone else are immigrants and descendants of immigrants. 

      Racism is a Nazi-Zionist ideology rooted in the premise of a superior race of humans based on certain ancient bloodlines and advanced civilizations that considered themselves "gods" that methodically bred and interbred to maintain the purity of those bloodlines. These ancient bloodlines and advanced civilizations possessed knowledge that was used to create and maintain a power differential and control over those ignorant of that knowledge. The currently entrenched system of controllers are apathetic descendants of those same bloodlines, and are desperate to keep that knowledge hidden from the rest of us.

      Religions were created by this control system. Saving ourselves will only come through our actions; taking action is the most important part of making change. Knowing and understanding the General Principles of Natural Law empowers us to accurately perceive the truth and to effect the change we desire. What we care enough to put our will behind is ultimately what gets created in our world. Care is the driver of our thoughts and actions; by ignoring the negative we ensure that it grows. 

      "Belief systems prevent real knowledge from manifesting. Human belief is completely irrelevant when it comes to the existence and operation of Natural Law; just as it is irrelevant in relation to any of the other Laws of Nature, such as: Gravity, Inertia, Momentum, Thermodynamics, or Electromagnetism.Similar to such other phenomena of Nature, the workings of Natural Law require no belief in order for them to be discovered and known." -Mark Passio

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Gretchen.

      Yes, Natural Law or the Law of Nature ( if we want ), is the ONLY LAW.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Seeing Clearly, Wow.  I am so impressed with how well you express yourself now, how very far you've come.  And I am impressed by your comments here and I agree; diversity is a Good thing!

      Gretchen, Yes, with my Native background a whole hearty yes!  As a child we all were told Natives had only been here several thousand years, then it was updated a bit, then a bit more until 13,000 and all still said: Well, Native Americans were immigrants too.  Uh huh.  And NO.  Our old holy men said that human life occurred on all continents.  Nature Science though just blew my mind a couple of weeks ago.  They have discovered mammoth bones, apparently used for marrow, not meat, near San Diego along with crude round rock tools to break the bones apart.  They found DNA.  Neanderthals.  137,000 years ago or more!!!!!  I was over the moon happy to hear this.  They are not saying originated here, still going with a land bridge.  Makes no nevermind, as 137,000 years is a very long time and in that time until recent years, no over population, no monuments to the wonderfulness of themselves, no pollution, barely a trace.  Others say that is a sign of an undeveloped people.  I say that is a sign of perfect development!  The way things should be.  I swear, Native brains are different! 

  46. Gaianna says:

    Would like to know what Dane thinks of the recent 'official' rollout of geoengineering:

    On one level, it is another level of psyop to attack human intelligence, ie, our own perceptions themselves. Degrade human consciousness and intelligence.

    Second, the devastation to trees is now becoming visible on the east coast. I was out a couple of days ago and saw the first dead trees I have seen in my area of NYC. Five dead trees, but almost all trees have dead branches.


    • Dennie says:

      We had a lot of rain out here on the West Coast last winter.  Some of the trees have recovered, but many of them died before winter last year, and many more were so far gone that they either died over the winter or are on their way.  HUUUUGE LOSS to the planet– don't the mohtrefcukers understand that PLANTING trees, then caring enough to keep them alive, would reverse much of the problem "they" have caused?  The BIGGER PROBLEM is THE SICK DOMINEERING PROGRAMMING that keeps being FED, like the massive psychospiritual VAMPIRE that it is– It is an infestation, a massive colony of infection on our planet.  The heartless, soul-less, uncaring, UNFEELING programming and any ESSENCE that wants to go along with it, or even "just" allow it to continue, needs to GO, NOW, so we can heal in peace.  And we should NOT feel guilty for visualizing these facts as well as a healthy outcome, but it's going to take a lot of work right away on the part of many GROWN-UPS to get this done.

  47. L says:

    Dane, I have noticed that when you click through to the colour fliers and business cards, there are no images of the two sided colour flier to download as a PDF, but there are of the older, black and white ones. This is not an issue for me personally as I have them saved as PDFs from when they were accessible last year. But it would be an issue for new people coming to the site.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello L, I have attached the downloadable flyer link here, it seems to be working fine, Perhaps you can go back through the home page flyer link again, it is functioning properly. FYI, flyer link here

    • L says:

      Many thanks Dane. Much appreciated.

  48. Blam says:

    I remember loving life, breathing in that fresh mountain air, crystal clear water, thinking the government was filled with idealistic people who wanted a better life for all, now its all poison.

  49. richard mann says:

    the doomsday seed repository in svalbard  was swamped yesterday because the perma frost it was built on melted due to very warm temperatures . it didn't quite make it to dooms day

  50. C.J. says:

    We are definitely living in a confused world today. People out there are in a Delusion. As the killing spree continues, does anyone here think about the prognosis of the oncoming catastrophe? It is well on the way, yet most still ignore what is really happening. There is Famine and Slaughter running rampant. The media only reports what they want you to listen to. I would like to be very pleased to say that at least there are people out there that truly get it. I am not pleased by the people that don't and won't because of their selfish ways not to be open minded and listen. If this stays on this course then there will be a great need for those Plastic Boxes that fit a family of five. Try not to Deny, what is obvious in the sky. They are not your friend's doing this to the earth. These people have their own Agenda. It is called Agenda 21. A sustained environment. Which means one thin and one thing only. More culling of the Sheeple.More and More.

    Yet people just say Bologna. You are Crazy. Wait till you see who is Crazy. It will be most prevalent sooner then later. Ride out the storm as long as you can. Prepare yourself for the next upcoming events. Those events will be Disaster.

  51. JF says:

    Dane, I was listening to Alex Jones about a week and a half ago. He briefly mentioned something about Trump looking into the geoengineering programs. Have you heard anything about this?

    By the way, I have not noticed any spraying here in Socal for about the same time. Its great to see blue skies.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JF, About your question on Trump, he has absolutely know of the ongoing climate engineering assaults for a year and a half at minimum. As I have mentioined on previous broadcasts and posts, in January of 2016 a former USFS major general held a meeting in his home with the top trump campaign people specifically to educate them on the geoengineering issue. I have communicated with this former USFS officer for over 2 years, supplied the informational materials for the meeting. The Trump administration continues to ramp up the climate engineering insanity. Is Alex Jones providing cover for Trump? It would seem so. About your mention of not seeing spraying in Southern California for a week and a half, not sure where you are, but we have had countless reports of heavy So Cal spraying in that window of time.

    • JF says:

      Dane, thanks for the response.

      I live in Riverside, and the sky seems to be pretty clear the last couple of days. I know there are times the sky seems blue and clear, but If you look carefully, there is a white haze visible.

    • barbzi says:

      Monday thru this day Saturday has been reasonably clear blue skies in Buckeye AZ. Mother's day was a SRM mess.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      JF, maybe have a look at this:

    • Jeanette S says:

      JF, Dane, the same here in San Leandro/Oakland/SF clear skies since about Monday. Maybe some lines on the horizon but not that I noticed during the day. I figured they were just spraying the ocean and that is how we got the haze and silvery sheen around the sun at sunset. I always said that this stuff blows off the ocean and then they spray right over head and that we here in SF/Oak area are getting mega dosed as our mountains to the east keep the particles here. I thought to myself, I'll bet it is showing up in Medical statistics that I am right and the scum are just trying to "right" it. So that their mag behinds do not get caught.

    • Marcy says:

      I live in Riverside Ca.  The weather terrorists have installed high pressure over So. Cal.  When there is no threat of rain, no spraying. When moisture fields are approaching they spray so we don't get rain.

    • Dennie says:

      @JF:  The crap's always in the air, even when you think the sky looks blue.  It always has a white haze, even on relatively "clear" days now.  I can ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY say this is beyond any doubt TRUE because I'm in the Three Per Cent who can feel, smell and taste every single bit of it.  Groovy, huh???

    • JF says:

      Marcy, I have noticed the same. Whenever there is a low pressure system/storm coming in, they start spraying heavy, and it fizzles out. It's so obvious.

  52. charles says:


    Great Show today.

    I found the study where vaccines increased infant mrtality 500%


    I think you are so right, that the huge vaccine load on our toddlers may address the specific diseases, I think overall health of these children is decreased, where the autism link is the tip of this iceberg. Many other ailments and problems, from allergies to intelligence and perhaps even mental illness and behavior problems may have links.  But our medica-industrial complex cannot figure it out especially with the perverse incentives our society is prone to….  This society that took how many decades to realize that cigarettes cause cancer????  And today, in a society that is literally watching our earth ecocide right before our eyes!!!


    The civilization we live in is just too too suseptible to opinion manipulation, especially after the likes of Roger Ailles and his Fox News TV propaganda machine…   They seem to be winning,  they disarm the huge hazards of our world to the point that Near Term Human Extinction, due to climate catastrophe and geoengineering and a host of other contributing disasters.  To the point that extinction is probably occurring right before our eyes,  maybe in 5 years, maybe 20 years,  most certainly by the end of the century.  


    The Power structures have control and surely know where things are headed.  Maybe they have plans to save themselves while 99% of humanity will perish?  Maybe they think they do, but probably not. But no matter how it goes, maybe humanity just hasnt got an ability ot survive much longer. It seems so.


    In the mean time, Dane, keep up your great work .  It gives us all great comfort that even as we see it,  it is really happening and we can do our best and give it what effort we can do. 



  53. Dennis says:

    So much to say in this one broadcast.

    Guess the imminent first nuclear strike is what knew that we didn't. They have the US population CUT by 60% by 2020! Look it up!

    A nuclear winter would COOL the planet down, wouldn't it?

    And lastly, without this INSANE weather whiplash people will NOT beg for geoengineering. Which they will if WWIII doesn't pop off first.

    Makes sense why we CANNOT buy iodine in any strength that works anymore.

    Get ready folks as we are FULLY into climate chaos, google that! French Foreign Minister and John Kerry(Cohn).

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      And they are normalizing the idea of a nuclear winter to cool off the planet they acutely see that as an alternative option than reversing global warming by halting our contributions that are fueling it.

      They rather avoid doing things the right way same mentality in the medical industrial complex and the farming industry make life easy even if its damaging.


    • Dennie says:

      Ah, but doing things the right way wouldn't make as much money.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Dennis.

      I doubt strongly about the possibility that nuclear ""winter"" could give the Atmosphere of this Planet a cooler climate than it is now.

      1st – nuclear radiation KILLS, and contaminate the Ecosystems for hundreds of MILLIONS of years ( not to mention that a nuclear cataclysm would release an immense volume of energy and HEAT).

      2nd; "…Venus is a TERRESTRIAL Planet and is sometimes called Earth's "sister planet"…"  "…Venus is by far the hottest Planet in the Solar System, with a mean surface temperature of 462ºC…"  "…Venus is shrouded by an opaque layer of HIGHLY REFLECTIVE clouds of – sulfuric acid – , preventing its surface from being seen from space in visible light. It may have had – Water Oceans – in the past, but these would have VAPORIZED as the temperature rose due to the RUNWAY GREENHOUSE EFFECT." etc..

      source: wikipedia.

      3rd – I can give one simple example that proves that things are already out of control, here in my latitude;

      this past week, Tuesday or Wednesday ( I'm sorry but I can't give the day with more precision ), forecasted previsions ( in radio ) for max temperatures for that day were of 35ºC ( !!! – in May ) for the interior regions of the center of this country, in southern Europe ( is far from my region ). This was the official prevision. And in Friday, after a previous day with temperatures over 25ºC ( despite of the heavy spraying ), we had during all morning, until 12 h, a half day not with a cool breeze, but instead of that, with a – cold –  wind ( and we have had almost NO spraying to register in that day, the day was with a blue and almost cleared of "clouds" sky ) . I'm sure that wind from the Arctic was shifted to lower latitudes, thanks to the manipulation of the jet-stream caused by the HAARP F antennas ( the little toys of the MFs ).

      But in the same day, temperatures begin to rose after the mid of the day, and the heat at 18.30 h was very intense, the Sun was burning.

      They are only playing and making experiences.

      They think that "they" will escape from the disaster.

      4th – "scientists" say that Volcanic eruptions cause the downfall of Global temperatures, but what happens in long term effects??

      Evidences show that after the brutal eruption of Toba volcano ( 74.000 years ago ), the long term effects were NOT of cooling.

      What have happened 60.000 years after this natural event?

      it was the beginning of the end of the last Ice Age.

      Now we are living in a "warm age".


      People are still failing in understanding that with warm and dry weather and with NO heavy industrial aerial pollution or heavy smog caused by very intense automobile traffic ( like it is in Agricultural regions ), it is impossible to have at distance a thick layer of "fog" in the lower Troposphere, covering ALL the hills, that never goes away!

      This is another irrefutable proof of the fall out of the PARTICLES of the aerosols that are being sprayed OVER ALL of US!


      the MFs are Doomed.


  54. Seeing Clearly says:

    The evil behind Geoengineering including weather modification is one we can't afford to be silent about.

    • Dale K says:

      It's apparent that day-long precipitation in Chicago in the middle of May is the near (ab)normal. 

      Bradford Doolittle ESPN Staff Writer

      "The Cubs and Brewers will not play today's game at Wrigley Field because of day-long rainstorms in Chicago."

  55. Deb says:

    Morgellons is devastating the lives of thousands of families in America with the Government and the CDC  silent !   Doctors are told to keep it quiet and offer little help, please do a report on this obviously man made sinister plague.

    • marc says:

      It is estimated that the infection rate of Morgellon's is 100%. Meaning 100% of the population of the world (humans) is now infected. Why symptoms emerge in some and not others is not understood, at least not by the public. The singer/songwriting genius Joni Mitchell has suffered for many years with full-blown Morgellon's. I sometimes wonder whether certain people's bodies are so "sensitive" that they spontaneously reject the Morgellon's organism resulting in external lesions and other identifiable symptoms. That Big Medical has not fully accepted and openly identified this affliction is creepy and darkly suspicious. Something very f**king strange is going on.

  56. Seeing Clearly says:

    Very good show, we should be getting smarter with technology not dumber and also there is something this generation needs to know and that is that we have more responsibility than any other generation in history and my reasoning behind that claim is we can do more and are more capable as a result of the education and technology we have thus we can use the power of freedom and education for either good or bad.

    The more influence and power you have the less you can afford to mess up.

    Education without morals and ethics is very dangerous combination so when you see bad influences your affected more than in the bast because you can do more than in the past you can become the person that can take us to mars or you can become the next drug addict locked up in jail or worse you can become the next politician to sends bombs and kill many people or you can be the one that saves people and make things better if your allowed to live and don't get assassinated before you can ever do much.

    We exist in an age of complexity and information alongside we have the most information manipulation or as its called deception than ever before.

    Power ending up in the wrong hands is a large problem in todays world.

    I think taking responsibility for you're obligations is a command of God being irresponsible for our actions is disobeying that commandment and leads to destruction if allowed to continue.

    knowing Geoengineering is going on knowing all that's happening that is bad in the world, you have a responsibility to fight back against this evil, the rebellion against what is good and the implementation​ of the new good and the new bad and the new normal and as you all herd the new world order new is a key word because the dichotomy or irony of te new world order is acutely the fact that the new world order is acutely what would have been considered world disorder however under this new world order the people's perception has been manipulated and derailed to the point that we are do deceived we acutely see disorder as order and order as disorder and the definition of things are so manipulated and tampered with its hard for many to comprehend. We are already witnessing the beginning of this insanity unfold in the disability community I know it's not being talked about and the awareness of this is very low, but we really do have people that are starting to identify and surrender to wicked things like disorders and disabilities and trans-species transgenders trans-racial trans-ablism lots of trans right.

    Weather manipulation plays its part in all this as well.

  57. Kathy says:

    Everyday opportunities present themselves amongst our daily activities if we are looking for them and prepared. I went in for a vitamin drip and as the therapist was casually talking about the different people that come in. We mentioned how hard it is to stay healthy and I threw out that from our skies down we are inundated with toxicity and that was all it took…she said ya you mean chemtrails? I have known about those since I was a young girl but people wont listen and I dont know a lot about it…. I said ya thats really called Geoengineering and it went from there. I gave her Danes new book and card and I have yet to talk some more.

    Then another opportunity showed itself. I went to meet up with a seller on offerup. After I made the purchase I was mad at myself that I didnt think to hand him a flyer. Then a day later he contacted me again with another of the same item and asked if I wanted it too. I took him up on it and this time I put together a packet including flyers, dvd and the list of patents among a few other important items. Gave it to him upon 2nd purchase. Do you know he was so grateful and said thank-you. He has been trying to tell people but they think he is crazy….and we all know the story. This made my minute purchase mammoth! I feel productive and worthy in moments like these and I am ever so thankful to Dane for pounding pavement for all of us for so long that I am now able to help sound the alarm in my daily life with credible info and materials!!  I make point to find these chances everywhere.

  58. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 166th email titled '3 Months To Go':

    1.   This is one of maybe 3 headlines that has reminded me that we are now 3 months into the "20 million may starve in the next 6 months" article of 16 Feb 2017.  Ah well, plenty of time left – we can only survive about 3 weeks without food and 3 days without water.

    Good to see some truth being told about the so called White Helmets: 

    More countries and towns are reconsidering their acceptance of refugees.  'Accepting refugees under the EU relocation scheme would “certainly be much worse” than Brussels’ penalties for not doing so, Poland’s interior minister said, following an EU commission warning to Poland and Hungary to implement quotas or face action'. 

    Maybe those dumb should think twice about their DUMBS…  Mind you, as Kirk Brent writes, "The vault is useless if there is nobody left to use it"

    2.  Harold Hensel on the methane levels shown on a beta from Copernicus: "The surface level pinpoints the source location better… And I repeat, the energy balance for methane is about 1250ppb". Just so you know, the chart shows the northern hemisphere averaging well over 1900ppb with highest concentrations over land.!Methane!Surface!06!Global!macc!od!enfo!nrt_fields_ghg!2017051800!!/ 

    The recent series of earthquakes off the east coast of Greenland has released considerable methane.  

    I wonder if there will be any Arctic sea ice volume in three months.

    "We are living in a (atmospherically sprayed chemicals) test already"  and look out Tuscan, Arizona!: 

    3. Notes to Self (week 19 of 104).  Review sanitation plans for when SHTF.  Must plant some more apple trees in the hope that some survive and provide food (or should that be temptation?) for future generations…

    Must listen again to 


    • Dog says:

      Hello Andrew,

      Thank you for posting the link about Living in a Test Already – we here in Tucson are spreading the word, we who refuse to continue to be Lab Rats for the Mad Scientists…

    • marc says:

      Andrew from Scotland, great post as usual. I live in Tucson, Az. and am actually not concerned about the so-called field experiment they intend to deploy in the stratosphere. I mean, I am and I'm not, if you get my point. How much worse could things get over this region than they've already occasionally been after heavy, heavy spraying over stretches of days?? I've already seen some of the worst spraying (since I first awakened) out here in the Tucson area. And yes, on those days and weeks there is a palpably different "feel" to the air, the sunlight, etc, and it sucks. Now, if this so-called "field experiment" actually turns out to be a biological or germ warfare experiment, then all bets are off. However, it could be strongly argued that everything they're spraying ALREADY constitutes a bio/germ warfare experiment. What I do know is this: these motherf**kers behind all this, from the lowliest grunt-mechanic on up to every Godless CEO calling the shots, CAN ALL BURN IN HELL FOR AN ETERNITY FOR WHAT THEY'VE KNOWINGLY, WILLFULLY AND CONSCIOUSLY DONE TO OUR PLANET AND TO ALL LIFE ON IT. I don't accept the argument that some of those involved think they are helping to save the world, whether by heavy indoctrination or worse. It doesn't take a f**king genius to realize the intentional spraying of millions of tons of deadly poisons into our air column means death and suffering for billions. The depth of the COMPLICITY in this whole thing causes my mind to freeze solid with incredulity and rage.

         Have a nice evening……

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Dog, Marc: Aye, it's a sair fecht.  Will the Tuscon area come down with an infection in the near future?

      Have you seen the film "The 5th wave"?  I often watch survival type films which always contain some relevant info – despite the actual story line. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:


    • Hawkeye says:

      Andrew from Scotland….. really great links thank you!!!

      I have been without full PC means for over a year now due to getting demolished financially, so to have you and others in here doing this research (that I used to do daily) and providing these truth videos to pass on through emails is very much appreciated!!

      A great big thank you to you Andrew and to all our friends who visit this site whom we haven't met yet with Dane of course at the top of the list!!!!!!

      Love you guys!

      God Bless us all….. Except the mad scientists. May God dam them all asap!

      Best, Hawkeye

    • Dennie says:

      It's amazing how "everyone" has chosen to believe that "They," our self-appointed Lords and Masters of The Universe, will be FINE living in their D.U.M.B.s  Then along comes the Doomsday Vault Disaster.  FYI:  "Doomsday" is not going to be scheduled on One Calendar Date, as the literal extremist religions insist. 

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