Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 12, 2022, #379


Dane Wigington

The COP 27 global climate conference is being being carried out in Egypt with government representatives from all over the world in attendance. Are they there to discuss greenhouse gas reductions? Or, in fact, are climate intervention operations the primary focus of the gathering in "behind closed door" meetings? An unprecedented coast to coast engineered cool down is scheduled for the contiguous 48 US states that will make the US the only "below normal temperature" region in the entire northern hemisphere. Is this a climate engineering demonstration being conducted by the world's largest military machine? Is technology going to save us from ourselves at the final hour? Or is it ensuring our common near term demise? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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51 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 12, 2022, #379

  1. Lance says:

    On batteries, teaching, and world peace | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Read this.  These "scientists" actually believe that their human inspired electronic technological "Green" revolution is going to create "world peace"!  If any of you believe them you deserve to be deceived!    

  2. CAl T says:

    Call me crazy, but fir the third year in a row I have been watching major forecasted rain events turn into nothing and what happened in between, major trails. No trails now, only after the first two days of rain, and no rain now, no rain forecast. All that rain forecasted has been dried out. West Sonoma County, Ca.

    • Robert koon says:

      You hit the nail on the head! I've been observing and talking about this, over the Sierra Nevada for over 12 years!

  3. Paul Davis says:

    Massachusetts Ground Truth:…  Climate from October to early November: Dry, Mid 70s to 80s…  Very few rain events most of 2022…..Early November, the weather reporters said that snow was forecasted (scheduled)…then after two rain events, or temperature-stepping down events,,,,then snow finally came as scheduled, and now we are in the 40s…. in fact the temps the night of the snow was in the low 40s.. and then today at lunch we got some hail, temps again in the 40s,  welcome to the scheduled snow events, and yet everyone has been normalized into thinking this is normal….- Paul

  4. Ziggy says:

    Please allow me to give you an example of just how far the geoengineering brainwashing plays into our every day lives.

    I have recently been watching the digitally remastered version of the cult classic television series "The Prisoner" with Patrick McGoohan, filmed in the UK back in 1968.

    In three separate scenes the sky in the background is a complete whitewash, with aerosol trails that have turned into whispy and feathery cirrus clouds that fill the entire sky. Exactly as the skies look today around the world. Plus (in two other scenes) there are aerosol particulate trails that are beginning to grow and expand in and above the clearings, in the natural clouds below them. Just exactly as you can see in our skies today.

    Well, I pulled out my old VHS version and guess what? When you play those very same scenes. The sky in the background is deep blue and there are nothing but a few natural clouds to be seen.

     I have noticed those very same tactics being used in many digitally remastered versions of the original productions, including some very old Walt Disney movies and cartoons. Some of which date back to the 1920s and they have also added climate engineered skies in the background of The Wizard of Oz. Believe it or not.

    They want us to believe that it is normal and nothing new or threatening to be worried about. Especially those from the younger generations who never had the pleasure of living under clear blue NATURAL skies.

    But simply research photographs taken at famous travel resorts, in their advertising brochures and the post cards at the gift shops. I compared ones from the 40s, 50s and 60s to the present day photographs… taken at the same resort and in the same location. The older ones show beautiful deep blue skies and puffy white clouds. While the present day pics are nothing but complete aerosol sprayed whiteouts!

    What I would give to go back to the 1950s and or the 1960s again. Just to enjoy those beautiful blue skies and breathe in that crisp, clean air! We never knew that we had it so good, until you spend a day in pure agony and grief, under today's ugly and toxic white to gray chemical skies.

    • Vic says:

      That's  a very interesting observation. 

    • Alan says:

      Ziggy, this is a topic that has been mentioned on this site many times, but its importance simply cannot be overstated.  Thank you for revisiting this disturbing truth in such a relatable way.  

      We here in SoCal had a brief "rain event" a week or so ago.  For two days afterward the sky was deep blue, punctuated by brilliant white remnant clouds with dark gray accents full of moisture.  This was the sky of decades past.  It was shockingly beautiful and served as a very sad reminder of how much we've lost.

      They sprayed all night on the second day after the storm.  We woke up to a white-out.  

    • Dirty Dan says:

      Yeah I watch a lot of classic TV. Specifically Westerns.

      There are trails. Singular trails. Sometimes "Cirrus" clouds that have formed together. The black and white, makes it clear the skies are much bluer in the 60's-70's.

      Rawhide, Bonanza and Have Gun-Will Travel. Have scenes with obvious aircraft aerosol trails. But nothing like the oil slick, sulfur puke, we see today.

      Bonanza is a good example. It's colour, the real outdoor scenes are filmed in California and Arizona.

      Mostly, True blue skies. On the VHS/TV rip version, I watch of Pondersoa.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes. They've now even done it in the old black & white series of Highway Patrol. We are watching it this weekend. Every now & then (as with color films too) you can catch a frame of deep blue sky then the next frame its whited out again! That's how far these Hollywood ba$t@r&'s have gone to 'whitewash' the public. This has been going on for at least the last 10 yrs. Adding trails to cartoons to brainwash children that these skies of 'toxic filth' are normal.. but those of us who are old enough to remember and own some of these tapes know better.

  5. Laura Cotter says:

    At the top of Dane's website, newcomers can click on T-shirts,Cards,Bumperstickers. The cards are wonderful for leaving behind in various locations in any store.  As we are Christmas shopping my husband and I are putting cards throughout the store on any shelf, counter, or flat space with the store merchandise.  The RED lettered side of the card that says "STOP" has got to entice people to pick up this small strange card. The card quality alone would make one want to keep it and investigate it !  When leaving the store we didn't see any that we had spread around.  They are inexpensive and you get 250 of them!  SPREAD the word and let's get more people on board to fight this insanity.

    • Joe says:

      Good point Laura– those  cards are very easy to carry in ones pocket and hand out.

      The cards should drive alot more people to this website and to watch The Dimming.

  6. Lance says:

    Went outside this afternoon about 2pm AZ time and witnessed the creation of a totally unnatural "cloud" formation which began to the W and N of our location in Yuma, AZ.  High thin "clouds" began to appear with visible waves and striations in them.  Several long thick lines of aerosol "clouds" also came over to the N and moved to the E.  The entire system moved directly E and sank to the S.  Eventually, all the "clouds" merged to form one "cloud" formation that is now covering much of southern AZ.  Numerous "fast movers" flying around while this was going on.  Internet connection has been disrupted as I typed this message in the box provided to post info on your website.  If you're reading this then it has obviously gotten through. 

  7. Ziggy says:

    Proof that Climate Engineering is ADDING to Overall Global Warming

    I remember when Dane pointed out during at least three global alert news broadcasts, that the SRM/SAI aerosols tend to spread out and form cirrus clouds. Which is exactly true, because when you compare what you see happening in the sky with these trails. They look exactly like images of cirrus clouds provided by the World Meteorological Organization. Difference being of course, that the sprayed ones are mostly toxic aerosols that are mixed with water vapor droplets and real cirrus clouds are ONLY water vapor droplets (with a tiny amount of air pollution mixed in with them). 

    Well I found this report on a proposed Marine Cloud Brightening experiment  Cloudy with a chance of cooling the planet ( and this is what some of the oldest and most experienced scientists have now said:   "As alarm grows over rising temperatures, the Old Salts aren’t the only people working on ways to reflect more sunlight and slow climate change. The top circles of academia and government are increasingly discussing these kinds of tactics, often called solar radiation management or geoengineering. Ideas include removing cirrus clouds, which absorb long-wave radiation and warm the planet, and—inspired by the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions—injecting sulfates or other compounds like calcium carbonate into the stratosphere to reflect light."

    So, I interpret their reasoning behind these facts to mean… Climate Engineering with artificial clouds (mostly cirrus) is actually causing the planet to warm faster, and not slowing it down in regards to the benefits of SRM. A point for which David Keith argues in direct contradiction to these well established facts.

    This report goes on to say:   "Each climate intervention strategy carries its own benefits and risks. The science behind stratospheric aerosols injections—aptly demonstrated by large volcanic eruptions—is fairly well understood. But Russell says they can persist for a year or more, and some of the compounds proposed, like sulfates, can have toxic effects. Some scientists also warn that if, say, a government were to suddenly halt an intervention, the resulting “termination shock” could cause temperatures to rebound sharply, accelerating warming."   Not so, the way I see it. Because if the government stops climate engineering and the spraying of aerosol trails, which morph into cirrus clouds. Then it would drastically reduce the heat absorbing cirrus cloud layers and nature would likely replace them with more cumulus and nimbus clouds. Which are the two main cloud types that are part of Earth's air conditioning system. And as Dane always says… "On a warming planet their should be more rain overall." Which of course most thunderstorm clouds are made up of Cumulonimbus clouds.

    I find segments of these two paragraphs very interesting as well:

    "Field argues that initial interventions, at least, would be technically straightforward to stop. “People view solar geoengineering as a fork in the road that, once you take, you’re totally committed to,” he says. “That might be true at high levels, but if we get to a point where we want to deploy this stuff, it’s relatively easy to turn on and off.” (what, like the trails we see in the sky now?) The Old Salts argue it’s important to conduct this research in order to determine safe parameters ahead of any possible deployment."             

    Almost as though they are covertly saying… they know that climate engineering is already taking place in our skies. But governments are not going to stop them, and for what reason they can't seam to be able to explain.

    And this:   "Currently, funding for climate intervention research is piecemeal. SilverLining, a nonprofit dedicated to climate research, for example, has given $3 million in grants to investigate mitigations. Recent federal spending bills included $13 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to study the stratosphere. Some of that has gone toward establishing baseline information, including about the ozone layer, the region that absorbs most of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. The agency is deploying high-altitude balloons to measure the aerosol particles that reflect light in the stratosphere. Such data is bound to advance our knowledge of how clouds actually work."

    Mitigations? How about the tens of thousands or even possibly millions of people that SAI and SRM operations have already killed over the last 75 years alone? They don't provide grants to investigate that, because officially climate engineering doesn't exist. It's merely considered to be a conspiracy theory.  AND The agency (NOAA) is deploying high-altitude balloons to measure the aerosol particles that reflect light in the stratosphere.

    Really? I thought that geoengineering and the spraying of aerosols are only ideas to mitigate climate change and global warming. Why are they studying aerosol particles (in the Stratosphere), if they aren't supposed to be there in the first place?

  8. David says:

    I'm a 65 year old fisherman in South Florida. I went fishing this weekend where 6 years ago I could just drop a artificial bait and catch a sea trout on every other cast. This weekend I took my grandson out for fun but not one sea trout caught all day. The sea grass has died and the water was muddy. Very little signs of life. This is the same with all areas I fish including the Everglades National Park. The die offs are fast and furious. WE ARE NEXT.

  9. Loran says:

    Today, west of Marietta, Ohio, then did a 180° and kept on the other direction: 3 planes in sync photoed- but am unable to post the pics here. Oh well.

    • Gary says:

      Here in NW Pa there are constant chem trails that I photograph regularly since I work outdoors.  And being at the top end of the Ohio Valley the toxic mess gets scattered easily over Lake Erie and inland…. it’s absolutely criminal what the planes are spraying, some days I get absolutely furious over it , breathing the toxic fallout… it’s worse now than I have seen in the past….

      How about the current “lake effect” snow we are getting along the lakeshore.  It’s definitely chemical ice nucleation at work, and using manipulated wind direction from the west over the open lake for additional moisture.  Funny thing is that Lake Erie is 50 degrees(it should be a sleet mix with a 50 degree lake temp) normally lake effect takes place when the lake is in the low 40 s, around early December!  Red flag for sure, but people think it’s normal?

      Also the snow consists of small rounds balls of snow?  Hmmm… Actual lake effect snow has larger snowflakes more wet in nature, this snow is fairly dry, very odd…

      And last south of Buffalo in Orchard Park,NY those poor people got dumped with over 54 inches of snow! and snow still falling for another day!   I have told numerous people that this is geoenginnered weather, many are waking up, and some think it’s just winter…


  10. Orwell Luxley says:

    The insanity continues. The mad parade of cognitive-dissonance marches onward. The shit show circus must go on..? NO! We geo-Warriors of truth have nothing left to lose. You know, except for our lives, health, families, children, future generations, our species, a livable planet and the entire web of life. So regardless of who we trigger, their pitiful hurt feelings are meaningless compared to our honorable battle for truth and justice for Humanity and Mother Earth and her guests.

    I point out the glaring obvious in the sky to those who are not brain dead and have some inkling of intuition and intelligence left. I simply ask them the following.. "how is it that these planes are creating clouds?, how do these contrails turn on and off mid flight at the same elevation?, how is it that planes flying next to each other do not always emit the same "CON-trails" at the same elevation?… see that new trail, compare it to that older one, and that really older one that is a cloud like structure over there…. how is it that these "con-trails" expand over time and blanket the sky and turn into "clouds"? Is that how moisture behaves?" etc.

    I find getting people to look up and asking them these relative questions initiates the first spark of awareness that something doesn't add up. When they have that eureka moment and typically say "wow, I've never noticed that before", this is when I hit them with the Dimming, or this awesome website, geo-engineering flyers etc.

    This is a much more effective way than telling them whats going on in the sky, where 99% of the time their brain will refuse to listen because of their default programming.

    All my respect and love to you all who are standing for the truth and light in this spiritual battle. May the Great Spirit and Christ watch over you all and protect you.

    God bless you and your family Dane for all that you do. You have ALL my respect Brother!



  11. Kay says:

    Good news… Revelation 11, The Lord God will return and destroy them that destroy the earth 

  12. Lance says:

    4th annual ai-world-government conference was held in Washington, D.C. on October 6, 7, 2022.  It was all about "leveraging ai"!  Enjoy having ai monitoring everything you do, especially "buying and selling"!  

  13. Ziggy says:

    David Keith is the most ridiculous person I have ever had the displeasure of listening to in my entire life. I have now watched or listened to about 20 different lectures and interviews by this idiot, and he constantly quotes the ten's of thousands of lives that will be lost if we choose to geoengineer the planet. And he ALWAYS says that the benefits out way the risks, and that those deaths would be a necessary evil in order to save the rest of humanity. He also says that we have no other option. But if you listen very closely to what Dane played in his broadcast this week. You will actually hear him say, when talking about the cost of spraying SRM aerosols: "… which is incredibly cheap, and it's easy for the science community to kind of assume that it's a good thing. But it's not necessarily a good thing. That means that unilateral action by small states is possible. These costs are absurdly small compared to the overall damages and costs of cutting emissions. And effectively those costs are so small that as a public policy problem this is a risk to risk problem." 

    Pay very close attention to these quotes… "compared to the overall damages and costs of cutting emissions" and… that as a public policy problem this is a risk to risk problem." 

    So basically what this moron is saying, is that we seriously need to spray toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, to avoid the damages and cost of cutting emissions!  {seriously?} Another words. Just keep spewing all of those global warming gases into the sky. Because the damage to the fossil fuel industry by going to wind and solar is unethical, and the cost to transition over to these technologies is just too much for these rich bastards to handle. Instead we will spray the sky with "more" deadly ingredients and the risk of hurting the fossil fuel empire can be avoided. With the only risks being that it may not work and we may end up killing tens of thousands of innocent people on the ground. But it's still worth it if you believe the garbage coming out of this man's mouth. Or at least, he still thinks it's worth it and he should know. Because he is an expert.

    Expert my ass. He is simply bought and paid for by the Government, Fossil Fuel Empire Elites and the current Climate Engineering Operations Cabal! This man is actually more insane than Gates and that's probably why they get along so well.

    Please excuse my French folks. But this guy really ticks me off!

  14. Laura Cotter says:

    It is getting worse here in southern NJ Dane.  Now, the days predicted to be 'full sun', like today, we are getting blue sky early morning but with a few long streaks of white……which tells  me this will not be full sun all day.  A depressing reminder that all of it is fake, all the time :((  Clear and cold…..35 F degrees in November used to be exhilarating….take a deep breath….and now we don't dare.

  15. brent papon says:

    So, yesterday I had to do some errands on the bike.

    Probably 50 to 60 mins on the bike.

    I swear I was dog sick for a day.

    It's like this hollow lung thing.


    They used 'Nicole' for moisture to chem cold ice nuke us.

    It's friggin horrifying.

    I don't think ANY of us can take another season of this shit.


  16. brent papon says:

    Let's go through some words that Dane uses casually cuz he's very bright and educated.

    Surfactant breaks up surface tension.

    If you have a glass of water or a pond and you toss a stone or a spoon into it you are breaking up the surface tension.

    Same thing happens when you add soap.

    The next word is Elite which Dane never uses cuz He knows,

    That being said it comes from the Latin 'To choose'

    Eligere, Elite, election, the chosen.

    That's BS , but one for knowing.

    Dane often uses the word 'desiccant.'

    That's anything that dries. Think desert.Same root.

    And everything they are spraying on you is gonna dry you out.

    Heavy metals (and not the good kind, like a Pantera show.)

    Salts , polymers and carbon.


    Peace and Love





  17. brent papon says:

    For the record,

    No pun intended

    They can create and steer a cyclone.

    All ya need is a heat source and spin.

    The heat source is one you are familiar with…

    Then It's just spin

    which they are doing with the towers and vessels equipped to do so at sea.

    The water is so fuckin warm, it's kinda easy.

    Then the haarp.

    The few they pulled on the Philippines were horrifying.

    They offered me a lot of money.

    I just had to walk away

    Love and respect




  18. Duane Martin says:

    Their poison trails are very prominent lately here in the West Texas skies and they've ice-nucleated the temperatures down at night into the 20's. It was a good day yesterday to hand out your flyers to the Boy Scouts,who were collecting donations for the local food banks, while, the semi-clear skies had X's and "Trails" all across the heavens…….so, now they know…….. Happy Thanksgiving to the Natural World!

  19. Malia says:

    At our first cool down/rain in Portland area my whole family was acting like they were carbon monoxide or some other kind of algae toxin poisoned. Seizures, bad breath, neurological deficits, acting intoxicated. Everyone in the neighborhood got a terrible cough and my dad and daughter have fluid on the ears.  I've started reiki to get my health and spirit in line and my body is working hard to detox but after not being able to think for years I am able to participate in life but my body is trying to purge something. All the kids in town have dark circles and look so I'll and acting extra ADD and looks like parents tempers are shorter than they were before the rains. I couldn't walk for a year after reiki I can but my goodness what are we being exposed to?

    • USmade says:

      It could be the 5G Towers emitting radiation. 

    • Dennie says:

      Ah, people always think they can filther this crap out by using air purifiers.  The truth is that the particles are nano-sized.  There is currently NO air purifier that is capable of filtering the filth out.  You ARE breathing, eating and drinking this crap 24-7-365.

  20. Joe says:

    The automobile has we know has been around for less than 120 years. 

    The world population has grown rapidly, particularly over the past century: in 1900 there were fewer than 2 billion people on the planet; today there are 7.7 billion

    We have destroyed  the whole ecosystem in  a split second if you consider going back to when fossil fuels was first founded.

    There are other things destroying the whole planet besides fossil fuels .  I just mention that one since it is a big one

    None of this is sustainable.

  21. Robert says:

    Part of my daily routine is when I awake I'll take note of the morning sky. One particular morning last week it started out to look like a some what chemical free day and then it began. Planes appeared with their ever expanding trails and by mid afternoon the white out was complete. Now I don't usually have a reaction to the poisons from above like some people have mentioned here, but that day was different. Later that day my tongue felt as if it had been scalded, even though it hadn't. My conclusion was that it had to have been from what was dispersed earlier. Has anyone here experienced the same reaction? Thanks Dane for your unwavering dedication and love for the planet. When I mention you to people who are sceptics, I always say that you have never given me reason to doubt you and I've never caught you in a lie. How many people can you say that about? Peace to all.

    • Cynthia says:

      Tongue that feels it's been scalded? Yes indeed.  Most days for the last year or so I would say.  I've asked health care practitioners and they've come up with 'burning mouth syndrome'.  I haven't had metal levels tested, but I do wonder….

    • Ziggy says:

      Hi Robert,

      Yes my tongue also feels like it has been scalded by a hot drink and after hours of stinging, it becomes totally numb. That's another reason why I lose me sense of taste temporarily. But when it returns I have a strong taste of metal that is so frustrating, and lasts for 2 to 3 days.

      My ears also fill with fluid Malia and it disrupts my sense of balance. Especially when I first get up in the mornings. I get light headed too and feel like I am going to pass out.

      These chemicals that they are using to cool us down are giving me more serious health issues than anything they have used to date. I always cough and sneeze my head off, while literally crying steady tears from the burning eyes and throat. Nearly every single time they do these artificial cool downs I think I am coming down with a cold or the flu. But the symptoms go away just a few days later. When it warms back up.

      Speaking of which. It will only be in the 40s during the days and 20s at night, for the next five days. But guess what? We heat right back up into the EIGHTIES after that, and I bet you it will be in the upper 80s for Thanksgiving. And in the 90s for Christmas. That has been the case for the last five years and I don't expect Mother Nature to change that. Because she has been hog tied by the climate Engineering Criminals.

    • Dennie says:

      Glad to hear someone else besides me is reacting to the POISONS being sprayed on us.  Maybe when it finally gets sooooo bad, something will be done when enough people are finally sick and tired enough of being sickened and tired.

    • Nicole says:

      Wow, I never comment on anything online, however after reading about your tongue feeling scalded I had to. My tongue has had that same feeling on/off for about two weeks now. I'm in Idaho and the Chem trails are so bad…but I never associated the two. Looks like you might be on to something!

  22. Mary Hollowell says:

    "it's going to get worse" – Anne Graham Lotz during her lesson on Revelation at The Cove in Asheville, NC, on Nov. 11, 2022

    • Jonathan says:

      I sat beside her in a Bible study in Raleigh North Carolina about 30 years ago when I was in college. I hope she's on board with Geo Watch.

  23. Jackie Pollock says:

    Thank you Dane for this week's sobering and very disturbing The End of the World as We Know It broadcast. Every week we are that much closer to the reality most deny could ever happen – "abrupt climate collapse."

    How can so many ignore or pooh-pooh what is and has been going on all around them,  wherever they live, if they would only look up and ask and find the answer to "what is going on up there?"

    Maybe people would not or could not even believe what "science expert" David Keith is talking about, which itself is a very toned down story line of what the truth really is and that this has been going on for decades already.

  24. brent papon says:

    "Mathematically speaking, WE have NO chance."

    Those of us paying attention have known this for 15 or 20 years.

    Problem is WE ARE HEAR.


    There are some Japanese Tea trees on my block.

    After it was defoliated, It's starting to bud again.


    The only Fall I've seen in 10 years is the fall of man.


  25. Lance says:

    There are a lot of humans who think that human-centered AI will provide them with solutions to resolve all the problems that humans have created in their efforts to make this world their world.  Hows that worked out so far up to this point in human history?  Obviously not well, not well at all, and its only getting worse by the day.  I don't  put my faith in them or their works and neither should you!    

    • Gary Morrow says:

      The idea that the galactically stupid AI (Artificial Idiocy) will turn out well for humans is absurd. Every computer nerd knows the meaning of the term GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) AI was designed by humans that are IQ smart, but totally lacking in wisdom They are also often selfish psychopaths with no empathy and no regard for the destructive consequences of their actions. They have created a Frankenstein monster that is sure to end with disastrous results for humanity and all other life on this planet. 

    • Jonathan says:

      Gary, you are absolutely right. I made the same point about Robert Malone. He had the intelligence to develop a certain technology but had not the wisdom to foresee how it would be misused.

  26. Rhonda says:

    Thank you Dane, every time I hear your broadcast I gain in strength to do more,. You are an inspiration to all, and surely blessed beyond comprehension for your contribution to humankind here on Earth.


  27. Gene Adaway says:

    After being around ammonia for forty years; the urea and other compounds in the chemically nucleated cool downs burns my eyes and throat so much, it makes my eyes tear up.

    • Ziggy says:

      Me too Gene. When these chemically nucleated fronts pass through, my eys begin to sting so severely. It feels like a very acidic fluid has been sprayed in my face. The burning and stinging is the most painful thing I have experienced in years. Nothing I have tried over the counter gives me any relief and within about 20 minutes they become blood red and I can't even keep them open at all any more. That's when I finally have to place a hot moist towel over them and lay down in a dark room. Only then does the pain begin to subside a little. 

      My throat burns so much as well, it feels like I am chocking and I struggle just to swallow sips from a cup of warm tea with honey. Which is the only thing that eases the burn.

      I have to make sure that I am always at home when these chemical fronts arrive and have the towel and tea prepped and ready to use, in a moment's notice. The next one is due here on Wednesday and I am already dreading the agony that I will be in, when it does arrive. My sense of smell and taste vanishes for about 48 hours each time and I also come down with insane allergies. Plus I literally get chilled to the core and cant stop shaking from the shivers.

    • Jonathan says:

      Idyllis and certain other air purifiers help to some degree to clean the air at least within your home. If you're in your car driving and have the Heat or the air conditioner on, set the system to recirculate so it's not drawing in quite as much air from outside. I also take zeolite among many other things, including a bunch of anti-inflammatories and nutritional supplements from and other sources.

      It helps, but I too can tell there's an itching burning sensation on my skin, and from months now I have been feeling more agitated. I think it's because of what they're doing to our neurological systems.

    • brent papon says:

      Ive noticed my hands smelling of ammonia of late.

      Sadly, I think you are on to something.

    • Dennie says:

      There is definitely something "hot" being used in the spray formulas that both burns the eyes and skin and makes you feel really cold.  I just thought it was toxic metals.  Who knows?  My guess is that we have many multiples of various formulas, depending on who is spraying and for what purpose.  And that the "recipes" are proprietary.  

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, you have to stay well-hydrated.  Some days I feel like I can't leave the house when the spraying's super heavy, as it's unbearable outside and I have to keep drinking so much water I'm spouting it like a leaky ship.  The alternative is worse.  It can be so bad that you need intravenous water, like it did a few years back while living in a very leaky house..

    • Robert says:

      That's an interesting observation Ziggy. I to have felt chilled to the bone and the temps here in Eastern Oregon are in the 20's to 30's. I've lived in Montana, Wyoming, Washington state and Alaska and have seen sub- zero temperatures down to -40 and not felt as cold.  I'm older now but I can't shake the chill, it must be from the chemicalized air. Thanks for the info.

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