Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 9, 2019, #222


Dane Wigington

Weather whiplash scenarios are becoming more extreme, the unfolding geoengineered cooldown in much of the US is an unfolding example. As the climate unravels, military spending is rapidly accelerating in countries all over the world. Is building more weapons of mass destruction an intelligent or reasonable way to utilize what is yet left of Earth’s remaining resources? Which country is the most recent to have its oil fields stolen? How much pollution from burning oil can the atmosphere handle? How many are having increased respiratory problems? Atmospheric oxygen content is declining simultaneously with atmospheric particulate pollution escalation. The sea of "electrosmog" we are surrounded by is also taking an immense toll on us all. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

If the climate engineering operations can be fully exposed, we will have a real chance to stop the insanity in our skies. It is our collective efforts that can still affect the equation. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

The links below provide more details and data that directly relates to unfolding engineered weather events occurring all over the world:

Geoengineering Is Creating Freeze Fry Extremes

The Engineered Winter Deception, Chemical Ice Nucleation

Climate Engineering Insanity, Manufacturing Winter Weather With Tropical Moisture

Damning Admissions From Weathermen And A Geoengineer

Governor Newsom, Geoengineering And Unprecedented Wildfires

Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes

Our most sincere gratitude to Robin Christensen for his help with raising climate engineering awareness at the Metropolitan State University/Dayton's Bluff Library and Learning Center two Mondays per month in Saint Paul, Minnesota (10/21/19).

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our deepest thanks to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booths in the photos below were set up at the Charlotte County Administration Building in Port Charlotte, Florida (11/5/19) and at the Mid County Library in Port Charlotte, Florida (11/8/19).

This week's outreach booth is at the Washington State Fair Events Center, Puyallup, Washington, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. Geoengineering Watch also wishes to express our most sincere thanks to Larry and Kathy Burns for their ongoing dedication toward managing the Geoengineering Watch informational booth. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A geoengineeringwatch.orgbooth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

57 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 9, 2019, #222

  1. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It is heartbreaking to report that, in recent weeks, more than 200 elephants in Zimbabwe have died from dehydration and starvation.

    Last night on PBS a program called "Life From Above" shows the surface of Earth constructed entirely from space satellite photos.  Yesterday was 'Changing Planet' Episode 4 and it can be seen free (for a limited time) on the link here:

    This episode shows the changes wrought by humans, which would be the broader definition of geoengineering.  Of course there is some truth disbursed among more questionable narration.  But I must tell you that among the many, many views of Earth shown, THERE WAS NOT ONE NORMAL CLOUD TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! 

    That made me feel sick to death.


  2. Stuart says:

    Earthquake Swarms and Fog

    Southern CA weather dominated by HEAVY AM fog and low clouds past two weeks.  7 days ago earthquake swarm was reported near Ventura, on the coast.  Heavy fog associated, all across the area.

    Two days ago another earthquake swarm was reported near El Centro, in the Imperial Valley.  Widespread fog and low clouds all across SoCal yesterday, with fog advisory issued for San Diego coastal and valley areas.

    Low clouds and fog clear by approx 1:00 PM and we can clearly see aircraft spray trails at high altitude.

    Caltech just released additional info about last July 4th and 5th quakes near Ridgecrest.  Turns out that several faults erupted in close proximity (swarm) rather than single event. More to come as data analysis continues.

    Temps bounce back above normal quickly in between the Engineered Fog events.

  3. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Excerpted from: Why Exxon Is Being Taken to Court Over Climate Change – The Intercept

    The "Juliana v. United States” case is listed further down the page, and represents an important form of future litigation. > 

    "While reliance on the courts can be a tricky thing for activists — “because they’re out of your control in the end” — McKibben highlighted one case in particular as deserving of “special credit” in this moment of heightened legal action: Juliana v. United States

    Known as the “climate kids” lawsuit, the case was filed in 2015 on behalf of 21 youth plaintiffs. Juliana differs from the other major climate cases playing out in New York, Massachusetts, and elsewhere: It sets its sights on the government, arguing that through its actions to permit, authorize, and subsidize the fossil industry — while at the same time understanding the catastrophic harm that industry was causing — the government violated the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights and failed to protect them under the doctrine known as public trust

    The legal rationale behind the litigation was developed Mary Christina Wood, a law professor at the University of Oregon, whose theory of “Atmospheric Trust Litigation” argues that the legal canon of public trust — the idea that the government must protect critical environmental systems for the public good — should also apply to the atmosphere. Thus, the government would be required to pursue actions that will protect, rather endanger, the environmental well-being of future generations." 

    Complete text:

    • Robin Christensen says:

      Paul, Thanks for your reply regarding Tulsi & Daniel Quinn.  I had to reread Quinn’s book it, it was so well written.  Especially the observation that if the assumed point of view is ‘creation ended with us, then our job is to end creation’.  I agree about Tulsi, based on the way she is able to respond with grounded reason backed by facts.  She is forced to play the official narrative game, yet hint that much more needs to be uncovered.  

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Follow up regarding what is Public Trust:

      There are unusual interpretive glosses found when searching proper definitions of "Public Trust".  "Public Trust Doctrine" is not the same creature as Public Trust as a societal concept, nor are any of the defined applications as related to "security" apparatus. > 

      Excerpted from Public trust – Wikipedia 

      "The concept of the public trust relates back to the origins of democratic government and its seminal idea that within the public lays the true power and future of a society; therefore, whatever trust the public places in its officials must be respected. One of the reasons that bribery is regarded as a notorious evil is that it contributes to a culture of political corruption in which the public trust is eroded. Other issues related to political corruption or betrayals of public trust are lobbying, special interest groups and the public cartel."

      Complete text:

  4. Melissa says:

    The war on real food continues. Gene editing and manipulating is now making it possible for humans to consume non edible cotton seed. Taking GMOs to a new level. They remove the gyssop which is normally poisonous to humans . Gee what could possibly go wrong:(  it appears that Gyssop causes male infertility. They tell us that all is removed but we know better. Sounds like a Bill Gates ploy once again on population control and eugenics.

    • Dennie says:

      GREAT NEWS!!!  Let's bake a big old pie with a crust from flour made outta the gyssop cotton seeds and FedEx it on up to Bill and Mel Gates in time for Thanksgiving!!!!

  5. Kaylene says:

    Living in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  It is November our third month of spring, we had 10 days straight of cloudy skies.  We had our first partly sunny day last Monday, but with lots of HAARP clouds.  The last three days have been cloudy and tomorrow will be cloudy.  Same weather in Melbourne, Victoria, just a few degrees warmer.  When I look at the weather maps I see a cloud bank just parked over Victoria.  Amazing how they can predict what the days will be so many days in advance, never used to be like that.  Extreme weather and bush fires happening in NSW & Queensland, very unusual for this time of the year.  And of course it is CLIMATE CHANGE that is causing it all!!!!  Lots of petitions going around wanting the Prime Minister to do something about climate change, it makes me so cross that people will not do their own research, they only want to listen to the mainstream news.  The news won't tell you anything about the chemtrailing that has going on or HAARP.  Have been to the local nurseries over the past few days and a lots of the seedlings are damaged due to lack of sun and warmth.

    How about people getting together and cleaning up the plastic in the oceans, or the rubbish dumped along the side of roads, gorges, rivers etc., etc.  Cotton growing in Queensland, which guzzles so much water and so much more.  We need better decisions made instead of corporations doing what ever they like without caring about the environment, all sort term gain.  WE NEED TO PLANT MORE TREES.

    So frustrated

  6. Dennie says:

    The Vaccine War Against Women and Children continues: Antiphospholipid adjuvant causes miscarriages, clots, strokes, heart attacks and more:  

    As the name implies, APS is a condition in which phospholipids, natural and necessary substances required by every part of the body, is seen as an infectious agent by the immune system. So, this substance that exists in every cell becomes subject to attack. Symptoms include:



    Deep vein thrombosis (clots in veins)


    Thrombocytopenia (deficiency of blood platelets, causing bleeding & bruising)


    Pulmonary embolus (clots in the lungs)

    Heart valve abnormatilies


    Headaches & migraines


    Neurological disorders:


    Chorea (sudden uncontrollable jittery movements)

    Transverse myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord)

    Multiple sclerosis

    Cognitive dysfunction

    Skin disorders, including mottling, ulcers, and necrosis

    APS can also be diagnosed—more accurately, misdiagnosed—as lupus erythematosus, which is another vaccine-induced condition.

  7. Butch says:

    In SE Pa. a weekend of brisk cool air, clear blue skies, a few real contrails that disappear shortly behind the craft. Excitement over seeing real big puffy "old school" clouds. Monday morning Nov 11 out with the dog on our early morning dawn trail trek suddenly most aircraft are now condensationing the sky from horizon to horizon big time. Of course the scheduled weather report was "partly" cloudy, if you call the milky white floating dispersions clouds. It was 65, even with the grey/white blanket one could feel the suns "heat". The trails were dispersed all day long. Everyone was thrilled to have such a beautiful "Veterans Day". Aside from the sickening false patronage this day brings to further enhance the militaristic war propaganda, its just so sad how few realize the constructed matrix in which they exist to further their demise. I've emailed Smedley Butlers brilliant 1937 "War is a Racket" as an introduction to the Big Lies and scaffolding our world is constructed upon to numerous friends and family, not ONE response. I received my package of printed material and will shortly be distributing them to friends and family, although I have little credibility with them for having defied their cult beliefs in toxic vaccinations. So guess what? Today we have the scheduled rains, then snow and bitter cold winds to follow. All local news reporting "Weather Whiplash" today, a processed normalized and considered "natural". 65 yesterday, 25 later today…..ho hum. who won Monday night football?

    I proudly wear the "wingnut" moniker I'e been labeled with, hopefully it will evolve into to less invitations to engage in useless small talk while we burn up the planet. 

    Like Dane and others here, I will fight the battle. Dane thank you for your endless pursuit and exposure of the truth.

    • Dale K says:

      Stopping the secretive and ongoing geoengineered assault on our planet – not money – is the true solution to the climate problem. 

      What’s Really Needed to Fight Climate Change Is Money, and Trump Will Not Contribute a Cent. Who will close the gap?
      Mother Jones
      OCTOBER 27, 2018

      This story was originally published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. It appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

      Under the 2015 Paris climate accord, 195 national governments committed to curbing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change. After the Trump administration decided in 2017 to withdraw the United States from the agreement, American states, cities, and companies stepped forward, saying they would continue efforts to reduce emissions and meet the requirements of the global agreement.

      Although no substitute for a reasonable national climate policy, these decentralized efforts are welcome. A newly-released report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change outlines the dire consequences if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise on their current path: By 2040, scientists expect that extreme weather—like hurricanes, heatwaves, and droughts—will be normal, food and water shortages will affect hundreds of millions of people, and vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue fever will spread to new regions. The United States remains the second-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world after China, with among the highest emissions per capita. Decentralized efforts, like the recent law committing California to obtaining all its electricity from clean energy sources by 2045, are essential to reducing US emissions.

  8. PatinSF says:


    Very heavy SRM spraying over the Bay Area today I would say all over California looking at the satellite maps and the air quality is awful despite no major fires are presently burning. Don’t let the warm weather fool you: It’s still November.

    Daily high temperatures throughout much of Northern California have lingered in the high 70s to low 80s to start the month. 

    While it may feel pleasant, that’s about 10 degrees above average for this time of year across most of the Sacramento Valley. The trend should continue for a few more days, until about Thursday, forecasts show. 

    According to the National Fake Service, numerous daily records are vulnerable Monday – including in downtown Sacramento, where the predicted maximum of 78 degrees is just 1 degree shy of the all-time high; and in Redding, where an expected high of 86 would shoot past the record mark of 84 degrees.



    • Dennie says:

      @PatinSF:  The air's beyond saturated with the noxious,abrasive nanoparticulate metals scratching away at us, inside and out, day in and day out.  Today I got the unhappy news that one of my esteemed colleagues is out of work due to kidney functioning of only 20%– this, after she reported getting sick with a stomach and lung infection that laid her low a few weeks back.  She's losing weight, has no appetite and, I believe, at the relatively youngish age of 63, she's actually dying.  Where do illnesses like this come from?

    • Dale K says:

      How many readers have been paying attention to the wildfire outbreak in Australia?

      9yo child admits to arson as dozens of WILDFIRES ravage southeast Australia
      Russia Today | Nov 12, 2019

      As southeastern Australian is ravaged by dozens of wildfires, a nine-year-old boy has admitted to using a blowtorch to start another blaze in the state of New South Wales.

      At least three people have died and more than 170 homes have been destroyed by over 70 infernos that are raging in the state. The army is expected to be deployed in one of Australia’s largest ever peacetime military mobilizations in an effort to tackle the crisis. 

      A combination of high temperatures and strong winds may exacerbate the already dire situation as the greater Sydney area has been issued with its first ever "catastrophic" level fire warning.

      Catastrophic is off the conventional scale,” the commissioner of the New South Wales rural fire services, Shane Fitzsimmons, explained. “It’s where people die.”

      Local fire crews rushed to fight the fire started by the nine-year-old in Worrigee, south of Wollongong. Police interviewed a group of children and the boy in question subsequently admitted to arson. Because of his young age he was only issued with a warning.

    • Dennie says:

      @Dale K:  NPR's been doing a pretty good job of reporting the massive fires in Australia if people tune in and listen on the radio.  While we've had our share of nutcase firebugs in California, they are not responsible for the increased speed at which the fires spread, helped along by tinder-dry conditions caused by high UV and infrared radiation, robbing of our eastern Pacific water vapor by atmospheric heating and the incendiary nano-particulate metals heaped upon us 24/7/365 for various unexplained reasons, or the freak winds helping the fires along, ignited by downed electric power lines then fanning the flames.

    • Dale K says:

      Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
      New South Wales

      Fire Weather Warning

      for Far North Coast, North Coast, Greater Hunter, Greater Sydney Region, Illawarra/Shoalhaven and New England fire areas

      Issued at 06:09 AM EDT on Friday 15 November 2019

      Weather Situation
      Warm, dry and windy conditions are bringing elevated fire dangers in the northern and central eastern parts of the state on Friday.

      For the rest of Friday 15 November:
      Severe Fire Danger for the following areas:
      Far North Coast, North Coast, Greater Hunter, Greater Sydney Region and Illawarra/Shoalhaven

      Very High Fire Danger for the following areas:
      New England

      The NSW Rural Fire Service advises you to:
      Action your Bushfire Survival Plan now.
      Monitor the fire and weather situation through your local radio station, and
      Call 000 (Triple Zero) in an emergency.

      For information on preparing for bushfires go to
      No further warnings will be issued for this event, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings issued if necessary.

  9. Judy Gilmore says:

    I live in southwest Houston, TX.  On November 1, 2019, the temp before dawn at my house was 38 degrees. That was also the low.  As I was leaving home, I turned my windshield wipers on to clear the dew, only to learn I had frost.  I then sprayed the windshield and was stunned to see the water freeze!  Later, around 8 a.m., my sister was leaving and her Explorer had hard frost over the entire windshield and hood.  She used her credit card to remove the frost from the windshield.  I googled the word "frost" just to confirm that temps had to be at 32 degrees.Once confirmed, I then looked for an explanation from meteorologists.  I found a meteorologist named Patrick Vaughn in Beaumont, TX explain the discrepancy as follows:  "We measure temperature at 6 feet above the ground.  So, the temperature at 6 feet above the ground could be 37 degrees, yet at ground level, the temperature could be at freezing."  Okay, I hear that.  Now, explain why the Explorer had hard frost on the windshield and hood.  I measured the height of those windshields.  They begin at about 4 feet and are nearly 5 1/2 the highest point.  Nowhere near the ground.  I'm thinking this has to do with chemical ice nucleation.  Am I wrong?


    Best Regards.

    • dawnski says:

      Hi Judy. On Monday I scrapped frost off my windshield and it came off in sheets. Very white I might add. Not normal frost. My hood was just as layered in the ice nuke!

    • JOHN says:

      I believe we had the same thing going on here around then.

  10. Michael Kinsey says:

    I have posted on Greta Thunburg's videos a suggestion, out of the box, peaceful protests at airport facilities that launch chemtrail planes to create toxic spiderweb skies. Most of these airports will be military. This would be risky business. Nevertheless, she fights against global mass extinction. It would, at the very least raise the world wide awareness of the very real extinction crisis. These protests will not be ignored by the mass media. Especially, if the children participate en-mass. She has to attack the primary sources. I they are well met, .peace be unto you.

  11. Matt Sarlo says:

    I keep trying to explain what is being done to all life on our planet. Some people get it, but shrug their shoulders and say we our powerless. Others think I am a nut job. What really frustrates me is the lack of regonition by people my age, I am 56, about the obvious clues that the planet has been ruined. I don't understand why people who should know better believe the propaganda put out on the corporate controlled news. 

  12. Robin Christensen says:

    A gem of a quote Susan.  Hyper-predator Cain keeps killing Abel.  As Daniel Quinn author of 'Ishmael' posits- The true story of Genesis is likely a story of war between two tribes, led by groups of men, not brothers.  It was told from the vantage point of Abel's conquered tribe (pastoral culture). The invention of war by Cain's (agriculture) tribe signaled to Abel's tribe- 'The Fall of Man'.  descendants of Abel's tribe, Hebrews, far removed from their ancestors, adapted the story to fit in with their life in Cain's culture (power structure) at that time in history.  A story falsified, that was originally told from an enemy's point of view.  

    Quinn's book of the 90s was all about how to stop extinction.  Donald Trump was mentioned in the book in regard to a system that must be torn down.

    If you get a chance to read this.  I would welcome your response in regard to Tulsi Gabbard.  Her outspoken anti war stance is inspiring.  However, her membership on Council of Foreign Relations is a note of caution.  She has called for 911 disclosure, yet blames the terrorists for 911, not controlled demolition ot the WTC towers.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Robin Christensen:  Daniel Quinn's book 'Ishmael' is a work of genius.  Ishmael's notions regarding "takers" and "givers" are acutely perceptive and painfully realistic.

      I think Tulsi Gabbard is totally aware of numerous situations that surrounded 9/11.  I've watched her since before she announced her bid for the presidency, and believe it would be political suicide for her to disclose anything but media published memes… Her membership on the Council of Foreign Relations puts her in a unique position to observe the rules of the game

      Meeting with the enemy to find common ground is one of her goals as Commander in Chief, and is potentially more effective than that of war criminals who win the Nobel Peace Prize for aiding and abetting terrorism, or happen to "belong" to the American Bar Association… Jus' sayin'.

  13. Kathy says:

    Washington/Oregon State update. Larry and I attended the Eugene, ,Oregon Gem Faire as well as our other helper in Eugene who attended for us. I could write a book on all the people we have met there alone, their testimony, their awakening to the lies, what they have witnessed and/or been a part of in this world of immense deception. Countless people who never even knew what they have been looking every day or maybe had been told by someone else is suddenly confirmed via a  booth with credible data busts through skepticism and all else. This years Puyallup GF again was immense with awareness efforts & awakening. Many AWESOME people came to the booth from  miles & miles to connect and get materials. One amazing family with kids drove 1 1/2 hours just for this alone. Thank-you to the young man who drove from Seattle area as well/stay strong!  I want to thank the lady who attended Puyallup booth with us as the volume of people and conversations begin to take a toll,( Puyallup is the highest) its great to have others pick up. THANK-YOU! We are on to Portland this weekend, Larry and I will be there Friday and Sunday driving an 1/1/2 hours each way. Reach out of you are interested filling any time for this Portland GF. Its so worth it. Thank-you to our friend for covering Saturday, its so appreciated.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Kathy and Larry, It is good to learn that the Puyallup Gem Faire awareness booth was hopping this last weekend. It is good to learn that folks came from afar to procure materials for presentation in folks every day conversations. Can ya feel the momentum building? The race is on my friends. Do we stop the power of money or do we watch our planet turn into Venus? "Pretty simple" if you ask me….

    • Cris says:

      Hello Kathy, and all, thank you too for your and Larry's ongoing efforts, my helping with the booth was worth it. Those who haven't seen the handouts should see them in hand, it's not the same as looking on web, and in sharing those who don't use the web can still see photos and facts on the handout. A thought on bigger picture, those who've been working to wake others a long time have the most wear, which some time ago I began to see this as a ship that if everyone put just one hand on an oar we could turn the ship around. Another photo from gem faire, left off http so link doesn't distract from other comments, can copy paste .was giving out a geowc bag and likely saying the website has much more information to see. In sharing usually use my hands less when talking, which in thinking of how we gauge ourselves because of other's conditioning, if we expressed things closer to reality, I thought of how indians used to symbolize with their hands. In times past if describing something this serious would probably motion 'sun gone' 'big lines in sky bad' 'send smoke signals now' .Ironic that they probably couldn't use signals as they once did, would just disappear into the haze. In any case as Kathy mentioned Portland if can help with booth it's good or to just go by and pick up handouts. Appreciate you all, and 'a' horseman's post above, and thank you Dane for the site and all your work.

  14. RandylJ says:

    Dane is our 'Voice in the Wilderness', uniting those of us who will listen. We must remember that education in all areas of life is so important to understanding. There are millions who literally cannot understand nor connect 'dots'! Our adventure is to 'Educate' 🙂

    Thank you also to V. Susan Ferguson for the wonderful insight above and to ALL of Us contributing here. I am grateful for my NC friend, Jonathan, who keeps me motivated and reaching out. My mom used to say, KOKO ~ Keep On Keeping On! That's what we all must do!

  15. Flying Squirrel says:

    Hello All;

      Another powerful broadcast, Dane.  Military and Elite greed and catastrophe are amping up as our planetary existence becomes more dire. People are not awake to Geoengineering and us who ARE awake to it need to play our diligent part in spreading information. I am like many of you, who listen to Dane's weekly broadcasts and mourn and pray for a solution. YOU are the solution. Your 40+ hr/week job is nowhere near as important as putting some effort into this awareness cause. We need more people attending Gem Faire, who are in the area. Attending Gem Faire is one of the greatest steps you can take to meet like-minded folk and have some quality conversation. My hubby and I drove 10 hours each way to tend a Gem Faire booth on our dime, and we left with a much higher sense of purpose and urge to spread awareness. Dane's materials work; for those of us who stumble to explain  the insanity as clearly as Dane can. I understand how "weird" people think you are by talking about this stuff, so having Dane's materials on hand are KEY. This is a core issue of survival, Everyone, please touch people with knowledge when ever you can. You will not be judged for being "weird" when you die.

    Peace, Love, Blessings to You All. I hope we can all be "met" (as 'a' Simple Horseman would say) some day!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Flying Squirrel and "hubby", My dear friends I have now met, Thank you for chiming in here. I greatly appreciate your contribution. For those that don't know, Lauren and JD intended to take their motor home down to Eugene Gem Faire. It wouldn't make the trip due to to many minor repairs needed to get it on the road. So, they went car camping and followed through with their regularly scheduled intentions. I respect the fortitude in those actions. Earlier this last summer I put out an invitation here in this column to come and help with my farmers market awareness booth. "Bring a lawn chair and enjoy an afternoon working the front lines". Well, one day, about a month later, shortly after the Eugene Gem Faire these two awesome kids showed up, "with lawn chairs". (they're the same age as my kids so they're kids, grin) We shared an exceptional afternoon raising awareness and getting to know each other. They brought with them a "care package" from the Gem Faire group. Thank you Gem Faire, my friends I have met. Folks, look, like the Flying Squirrel points out, You just have to show up and get your feet wet, hell, jump in deep and really put out some efforts. The Flying Squirrel and her "hubby"(smile) are an inspiration to me in many ways. Ultimately though, "they get it" and they are reaching others their own age and that really makes me proud for them and everyone else that is like them, "waking up and doing something about it".

      "Fly little squirrel, Fly!……." (Picture that in your mind)….

  16. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, Once again I would like to give thanks. Thanks for all those that are "taking it to the streets". "We don't need no stinking yellow vests!" We just need to show up to the occasions that come our way through every day life. Funny how the media is grooming "activists" to wear certain apparel. You couldn't give me a yellow vest. "Hey, shoot me first". That's what that amounts to. Those that lay behind them a path of credibility will stand in their own light. So that other seekers of the truth will find their own way. The strong and the brave will stand out after SHTF. That's when we will be needed most. There in lies the true nature of how I write, "love and strength to ALL". "We're gonna need it". Every once of it!

    Robin Christensen, Very Cool table! I am impressed. I like the flowers. I hope your efforts lead you forward towards more engagements with the public.

    Kathy and Larry, my friends, I am so proud that you are able to cover 2 or 3 ? Gem Faire events this year. How long does it take you to come down from such an engagement? Each time for me it took about 2 days to tuck it all away and level out again.

    Maciek, You totally rock man! I hope you are settling down into your home after being away for so long.

    Love and strength to us ALL

    • Dawnski says:

      Charlotte NC Climate Change rally on the Mecklenberg County  Courthouse steps Friday, conducted by Greta and our local high schooler had interesting Instagram and Facebook comments from military looking grown men mocking these girls efforts. Also, I scrapped Chen "frost" off my windshield that came off in thin sheets. Apparent not your typical frost particulates. So annoying :/

    • Robin Christensen says:

      Mr Simple H., Yes indeed- more engagements to come.  Upon discovery, I had started this process complicated, spinning to some dead ends while on 'the road less traveled' (the road to reality).  A bumpy road indeed!  A slow poke journey, but ever more confidence to pick up the pace, thanks to Dane setting the bar, and responders such as yourself, brightening the path.

      As Dane says, most of what you need is already in the photo-facts to hand to others, clickable on web, or snappable (cell phone photo of website/fact sheet) by cell phone (if person doesn't want hard copy of phot/fact sheet/booklet in their hands).  It took me too long to see how 'simple'' it is to start from the beginning this way and don't look back. Just get out there and meet people.  To others out there, use these materials creatively!  A backfire halts a forest blaze, a spiritual fire halts those who raze.  Fire fighters will amaze.  Pour on the spiritual water, for the future, our sons and daughters.   Homer Un-  my new handle

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Dear 'a simple horseman' hello!

      While I understand your angst over protester's attire, the yellow vests were an organic choice.  All drivers in France are legally required to carry one in their car trunk for visibility when they're broken down.

      You're definitely right to question coordination in protest attire.  Remember how ISIS showed up with fleets of shiny new matching Toyota trucks with their logo on the doors, and suddenly there were flags in mass quantities with the ISIS logo, right after John McCain went illegally to Syria in April, 2013?  He set up ISIS and the Caliph, al-bagdadi, who has been reported killed perhaps 6 times already.  Also known as Abu Du'a his picture was already on a US Wanted poster for 'Terrorism' at that time which had a reward of $10 Million. So much for the so-called 'moderate' Syrian forces.

      I'm much more concerned about the Black Bloc.  They wear all black with masks and are hired (I'm pretty sure) to foment violence and property destruction at legitimate protests. I see they're being called 'pro-democracy student activists' in Hong Kong, and I very much doubt that is their official standing there.  We can guess who's paying them.


  17. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Considering all the damage Bill Gates is doing, it looks like he is a part of the depopulation plan of Agenda 2030. He supports poisoning people and all of the planet with toxic GMOs and vaccines. My term for him is corporate whore.

  18. Jim says:

    FYI:  This year, UV-C appears to be stronger than last over central Indiana as my Peach Trees are already getting ready to bloom and my Hyacinths and Crocus are already well up (2-3").  Suprisingly, even though we have had sub-freezing temperatures, the Sekel Pear trees are putting out new leaves still while most of the old growth has suffered from the spray considerably on all trees as leaves on most have shriveled up around the edges and many trees have had no leaf growth on the tips of their limbs this year.  As last year, leaves are staying on some even though they have been dead on the tree for almost a month now.

    The insects which are still with us are mostly still out, including butterflies and bees which should have gone into hibernation weeks ago.  Next year looks to be much more difficult than last.

    The number of Autoimmune diseases is well over 100 now – American Autoimmune and Related Diseases Association Inc.

    Good sources for information regarding bankers – Dean Henderson's "Big Oil & Their Bankers In the Persian Gulf"

    Education "Basics in Education, The Leipzig Connection" by Paolo Lionni

    Crowd Influence and how to take advantage of it "The Crowd" by Gustav LeBon

    • Jeanette S says:

      What is your location? Everybody please at least give your state, closest city or some other description of your region, such as NE Oregon. thx

    • Virginia says:

      Hi, Jeanette;  He did give location in the first sentence of his post.  Read it again.  Easy to miss if you are a fast reader.

  19. Elizabeth Andrade says:

    People grieve for this lost world in their own way.   This is Dane's.  la post

  20. Kelly says:

    As always, I am so grateful for your efforts and this broadcast. What a nightmare it is in Colorado again today, we have scheduled weather whiplash. It's really warm today but the sky is a complete disaster of man made clouds from all day stratospheric aerosol injections. An oil spill aerosol mass surrounds the sun and the polymers are visible flying off of the trails when you zoom in, and the ground has been covered with polymer webs for days. Everything from the dirt to the fences and cars is covered in the fine thread like synthetic webs. We have a scheduled cool down tomorrow. It will go from a high of over 70 today to a low of 17 tomorrow. The trees are all covered in dead leaves that have been hanging there since our first forced snow storm a month ago.

    I hope everyone will listen to your December 30 2017 broadcast that addresses the Polymers with a transcript of an interview with a Solar Shield insider.

    • RandylJ says:

      Thank You Dane, doesn't begin to show My appreciation for Your ongoing information and leadership to help us help others in this immense challenge to save our Earth. Thank You Kelly for your comments above on Colorado, my 'home state'. Today in central North Carolina, I observed over a dozen flights that appeared as passenger jets with very short spray trails, however the point of release near the fuselage was very wide behind each one and definitely wasn't ' condensation'. Also there were too many planes close in specific areas. The sky is filled with the same ice particles and this morning there was ice that also looked like snow in shaded areas. It disappeared once the sun hit. It also feels much colder near the ground than above, so we're getting the same type of 'cool down' here. While it's still in the 80's in parts of the Southwest, our scheduled weather is for lows in the 20's next week, much colder than Alaska! The patterns are so obvious once you study the information here. I continue sharing Geoengineering Watch materials from a 'fellow' helper.

  21. Mike UK says:

    Dane, thank you for your latest update. Your courageous and unswerving dedication to this all-important cause is admired and appreciated.

    The links below will be of interest, I think. But, as usual, never a mention of geoengineering!

  22. Barb E says:

    Gary Morrow I agree totally with you. As Dane tells us just because we're in a chemically nucleated cool down doesn't mean the rest of the world isn't burning up!  I read all articles about the vanishing wildlife and birds and see that so many of the beautiful creatures that roam this earth are being killed from the heat…no food, no water, no insects, no where to hide. It breaks my heart to see the polar bears starving, the penguins dying from lack of food in the sea, same for the otters, whales, seals, walrus with no ice to rest on, hippos wallowing in mud holes because the water has dried up. I could go on for hours about the devastation of the wildlife. How many died in the California fires? Nobody talks about that. Every day I get emails from all the animal sites begging for donations to save this one or that one. I don't give to any of them anymore because only a few really use the money to save some. The rest just pay the CEO's and advertisements. All the while US Government agencies use animals in horrific experiments. Check out the White Coat Waste petitions on – these are funded with our tax dollars!  We are nothing without the insects and wildlife and so the powers that be are intent on killing all of them too.  Welcome to this stinking nut house we live in. 


  23. Jeanette S says:

    There are many Christians that can quote the bible and are other wise clueless, but some do abide by what is a core value such as good stewards of the land. Not everyone is perfect, environmentalists are not perfect, liberals are not. I think it is a good idea to not knock people's religions of all cultures and by any name. They and religion serve a purpose. Most parishioners are ordinary people and we know who is really at fault. And besides I can't but help think, Agenda 21 ish because I think that the top 1% power structure propagandize that Christians and churches are bad no they aren't, it is the opportunistic power structure plants within the organization that are the criminals. Do not be so quick  to trip up network organizations. How was the Revolutionary War won with no computers/cellphones? …CHURCHES…That is how they communicated. Now if you were the enemy, would you want them obliterated? Think about it…


  24. Scooter one says:

    Thank you Dane for your sacrifices to still bring this issue to public attention.



  25. simone says:

    PLEASE KEEP SHARING THIS SITE, VIDEOS  AND FLYERS !! There is not a single day I have not shared with Dane's materials and info online, F and Google and other different  websites and even in some offices and stores and meetings, wherever I go. 

  26. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The South East region of Queensland, like everywhere else I presume, is under a very heavy siege of SRM. It was saturating the landscape right down to ground level. Any clouds trying to form were being desiccated right before our eyes. The saturation was uniformly spread over the region as far I could see from any high points when driving around.

    My weather app offers no reprieve until at least Tuesday next week. There is no rain forthcoming. I think they have now decided to hell with being obvious, they are going for broke and this country is to be dried down to the marrow. Pro Official Narrative and Left wing media infotainment shows like The Project (what an apt Orwellian name!) have their grinning idiot hosts supporting the idea of our farmers taking the offers of buy out. This is manufacturing opinion among the public, since the majority of the public are unaware of the weather control programs.

    Our mornings start with a sunrise back dropped by a sky that is shimmering white, due to the daily spraying of the Pacific to the East each night until early morning. If one gets up early enough they can see the last of the planes spraying  high up.

    • Lee says:

      Massive dust clouds coming off the ocean decimated all October November rain clouds they must be spraying off the coast using the wind to impact and dry up much needed rain are they steering the wind like same says threw Harrp technology over Queensland and nsw as we can see on the goldcoast over the last week ripple effect in the clouds as they are altering the higher ironosphere hotter than normal with massive dumps of aluminium strontium barium as it’s settling on Brisbane goldcoast serious situation as it’s not been on our news or radio as Dane says nothing short of nuclear cataclysm as nsw on fire are they purposely lit to tie in to hide the spraying going on are they burning Australia to get rid of trees for a better signal for 5 g I think I’ll prefer to breathe than a better signal hope the airforce spots these planes of terrorism the diggers from the past would be horrified to know a new kind of war has hit weather warfare the sad part is not many know about

  27. Henry R. Meier says:

    "Ice Eggs" in Finland. If a box pops up blocking the page click at bottom of box where it says continue without support and you can then watch the video.

  28. Gary Morrow says:

    If you think that the current engineered and hyped cold temperatures over much of the United States means that Earth has stopped warming, think again. Check out the forecast high temperatures for next ten days for Marble Bar Australia, where it is now springtime. Sunday 110, Monday, 110, Tuesday 110, Wednesday 110, Thursday 111, Friday 111,  Saturday 112, Sunday 114, Monday 115, Tuesday 113. Relentless heat, with UV readings in the extreme range. (Foreca).

  29. Ranjita says:

    Keep up the good work,this must stop ASAP,thank you so much!! Maybe young Greta can talk about this!!?

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Why are so many Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans getting cancer?

    Veterans saw a spike in urinary, prostate, liver and blood cancers during nearly two decades of war, and some military families now question whether their exposure to toxic environments is to blame, according to a McClatchy investigation.
    McClatchy found that the rate of cancer treatments for veterans at Department of Veterans Affairs health care centers increased 61 percent for urinary cancers ⁠— which include bladder, kidney and ureter cancers ⁠— from fiscal year 2000 to 2018.
    The rate of blood cancer treatments ⁠— lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia ⁠— rose 18 percent in the same period. Liver and pancreatic cancer treatment rates increased 96 percent and prostate cancer treatment rates increased 23 percent.
    … exposed to the firefighting foam the military is removing from service due to its links to cancer, and to the open-air trash-burning pits that more than 187,000 veterans have reported made them sick.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Not just what chems they used in war but at the bases. What scares me is all the gmo and conventional chemical food in mess halls, commissaries, MREs. Not only this but the military and other fringe/ward of the gov't groups were used as test subjects for pharmaceuticals and other things.

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshipping.

    Hubert Reeves / French Canadian astrophysicist


    • Yar Swerc says:

      May God love, preserve, and support your tireless efforts Dane.

      Only wish I still possessed your youth and energy to bring my former convictions (which you have so eloquently presented) to the attention of my incredibly inert neighbors. But sadly, my physical limitations severely restrict my ability to do so. Damnit!

      Your torch is well worthy of carrying, my friend. Please continue to wave it bravely in the face of the perpetrators of this travesty, as well as those who need awakening!

      Yar Swerc

    • penny waters says:

      couldn't be said any better

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