Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 10, 2020, #270


Dane Wigington

Bone dry in the West, soaking wet in the East. Is it engineered?

California’s rain continues to be cut off by the climate engineers while yet another high pressure heat dome is scheduled for the US West. Are more fires forthcoming? Already extreme conditions in the once golden state are worsening rapidly, climate engineering operations are core to what is unfolding. Various locations around the world are being subjected to the same conditions as California, though mainstream media coverage of this is nonexistent. As many parts of the planet bake and burn, record deluge and flooding are taking place in other regions. Again, climate engineering is a primary factor. Through it all, the CV-19 scenario continues to be carried out. The supply chains that sustain complex societies are rapidly breaking down. How much longer can the current reality be maintained?  The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

We must not allow our fear of the future to paralyze our efforts in the present. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

38 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 10, 2020, #270

  1. BoomerFred says:

    Pardon me for presuming warm welcome so soon tho a thought presented, sent to each of you stellar participants in this hidden war.

    Truly is a weight to bear this knowing certain of abrupt climate collapse

    Scary,eerie especially when we hear we are the one's we're waiting for


    A privilege and honor to 'somewhat' meet' all of you already. With a strong possibility we will meet in person when changes make drastic into commonplace. We know a lot and will share our personal findings like seeding the chosen landings among our friends proven to be aware and ready. We're in good hands with Dane !

    Persistently Willing to give so much of himself and losing some share of time with his special family. He is among the few and far between with courage to tell, and challenge anyone to verify anything stated. Admirable Lead Researcher.  Hats off and Prayers That Avail Much to You and Yours .    

  2. Joseph says:

    Methane Emissions Soar 32% Despite Lockdowns and Green Pledges

    Oct. 15, 2020 09:47AM EST

    The first eight months of the year saw global methane emissions rise by 32 percent, according to Paris-based data firm Karryos, as Reuters reported.


    The rise in the harmful greenhouse gas is notable because it happened during worldwide lockdowns that led to drops in carbon emissions. It also happened despite pledges from the oil and gas sector to limit their carbon emissions.

    Karryos, which analyzed satellite data to calculate the extent of methane emissions, says there are roughly 100 methane leaks happening around the world at any given moment.


  3. I've spent the last five months attempting to inform readers on European web pages. I've found that Any information regarding "negative" environmental issues is rejected out of hand. Covert denial of planetary heating is backed by virtually all European News agencies, and censorship of geoengineering references is total. Language recognition algorithms are in obvious use, and civilian populations continue to drink the sickening kool-aid of mass deceit.

    It is interesting to note that the only persons I've had any geoengineering traction with are retired elderly farmers. They look at the sky and just shake their heads. Their grandchildren remain masked and blissfully clueless.

  4. Dennie says:

    From National Geographic:  Explore How the Corona Virus Attacks the Body and How the Body Fights Back.  This is a 3-D virtual mock-up of how the virus invades the body and sets up shop in every system:

    From USA Today:  Why Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson halted COVID-19 vaccine trials:

  5. Frederick Richards says:

    Greetings to All struggling with the 'open-eyed swirlies' . Hard hitting update and magnificent comments. They always teach me or motivate. Can't not notice the 'studious lag' from when Dane finishes, with roughened, tired but still punching voice imploring us to act  as he suggests.Dane always advises we check on his report and I do. this week verified So. island of NZ not only on fire but in the same wildly intense heat and speed applied to us so we burned to the ground. Right under it was a report about Malden, Wasington losing 80% of their little town. Awkward as it may look, a one page note and two full color flyers were sent to Sheriff Brent Myers for Whitman Cty. 

    Many agency offices were burned or closed, however his is open, hopefully for earnest look-see into the so similar to CA settup etc. Urged them to be strong, recoup and most of all become wiser, smarter about un-natural weather occurrances. With Dane's guidance I (we) could connect the dots in spades.

    Just one more thing. The Iowa crop devastation disrution was called 'derecho' which rang my small Spanish bell. looked it up, to see how, or if ;right, as in a turn figured in. The winner was "entitlement' as in those who reeked surprise havoc think they can decide when to ruine  those farmers honest efforts to provide for families and others foodstuffs. BTW could this tie into the GMO cabal seeking to corner seed prices and unhealthy universal planting ?  Three encounters today daring to spread the word. All 'discouraging faiures' that were able to end well as possible. Oh well, these are the stepping stones to success. Let's All march on anyway !

  6. Will says:

    We are becoming lonelier, sicker, more insane, more bored and more alienated from a natural world which is on the point of expiring. A few technological innovations may genuinely serve us, but the system as a whole enslaves and ruins us. The earth is not becoming a better place to live. In fact everything on it which we deeply value is being destroyed by amenities, choice, prosperity, jobs and progress.

    33 Myths of the System – Darren Allen

  7. Raymond says:

    Dear Penny, I will turn 61 in December and my neighbors are all assembly workers, scientists, engineers and CEOs of Lockheed and Raytheon! They have labeled me the town drunk, Nature Loving Climate Activist from hell and a tin foil hatter. Yet I never touch alcohol and don't even own a single roll of cooking foil. Because, if I want to be exposed to toxic levels of aluminum… all I have to do is breathe the air outside, or plant a tree in our extremely contaminated soil. My neighbors are the most apathetic, egotistical, self centered, maniacal, insane group of "mutant zombies without hearts and a soul" that attack and kill everything in nature for kicks. Empathy, compassion and "Love Thy Neighbor" are words and phrases, not found in their vocabulary. They average having a baby once every 13 months and most are now raising at least "seven" children per family. Knowing full well that this planet's resources can't even feed the billions of people as it is… but they don't care! Their insanity precludes common sense and good judgement, while they party till they drop… every weekend and holiday. They are all moderately wealthy from making weapons of mass destruction and climate warfare technologies. Their planes harass me daily by flying just a few hundred feet above my house, at full afterburner throttle. Which is basically music to their ears and the defense contractors way of telling me to "Go Frack Myself"!

    I'm the only resident of this small Trump Empire worshipping community that served my country and experienced the horrors of death in the first Iraqi war. My best friend took two bullets to the face, just a few feet away and I have never been the same since. I still have nightmares of that fateful battle and my neighbor's worst nightmares are simply about running out of beer, during a big screen football watching party. You are so right Penny, about the younger generations having never experienced death at their doorstep. I am a peace loving man who teaches karate to children and teenagers, who live in my home town about 30 miles away. They learn about respect, dignity and honoring the oath of non violence, we all take as martial artists. I am also a professional digital and mixed media artist, currently working on a portfolio of posters and murals… which depict the human and nature's side of geoengineering horrors. The one I'm working on right now is called "The Tree Of Life" and it will be quite controversial and thought provoking. With the purpose of shocking humanity and opening their eyes, to the genocidal holocaust that climate warfare is having on the entire web of Earth's "once bountiful and thriving" cycles of life. I am passionate about using art to defend nature and that's just one more reason why Lockheed and Raytheon despise me so much.

    • penny waters says:

      dear raymond 

      despise you sir! they are fools

      again you touch me with your words of feelings, so profound, the loss of your friend to pain and suffering

      your experiences of being a man and the things you have had to and still do face, are cruel

      i was in the womens movement when i began to understand that the life of a man can be a dreadful trial – your sharing of the pain and suffering that haunts you, is hard to bear for me – how can you stand it?

      life seems so cruel for us ordinary humans who feel so much yet it feels so hard to keep the darkness away

      the idea of fading away becomes more attractive the more years i put under my belt

      astonished, i admire your passion, in all the things you do 

      i wish especially that your night-time dreaming becomes a place of better memories of times spent with your best friend – of happier times – he would want that my friend

      i only know about such things because i too have memories – not of war time, but war in peace time, when all around you choose not see or help

      your coping with the suffering makes you the good person that you are 

      and i salute you sir

      you are in my thoughts, may peace overtake you


  8. Joseph says:

    'Uninhabitable Hell:' UN Report Warns of Planet's Future for Millions Without Climate Action

    The Human Cost of Disasters 2000-2019 was released Monday to mark the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, which falls on Oct. 13, according to a statement from the office behind the report.

    The bulk of the disasters were climate-related, as there were sharp increases in the number of floods, storms, heat waves, droughts, hurricanes and wildfires in the last two decades, according to CNN.

    The report found that the world is on a worrying trend line as natural disasters become more frequent and more expensive. In the last 20 years, there were more than 7,300 natural disasters worldwide, accounting for nearly $3 trillion in damages. That's almost double the prior two decades when there were just over 4,200 natural disasters that totaled $1.6 trillion in economic losses, according to the statement.

         All of these environmental groups and alternative media need to include, Geoengineering and Climate Engineering.   I personally now have been banned  for a long time from commondreams just for mentioning the dangers of geoengineering and mentioning this great website.

        I see alot less insects where I live. There use to be fireflys ,bumble bees and dragon flys. Now I see almost none,   I used to have clean my windshield wipers because of bugs–not anymore.          I am about 20 miles from NYC.

    Dane — thank you for your great broadcasts.



  9. Raymond says:

    There are so many Trump signs in yards here that it looks like a "House of Cards" and any Bidon sign that precariously gets erected, usually gets trashed or torched within days. Media articles say that if a new president is elected, he will inherit all of the troubles of this nation. But the truth is that he will merely carry the same old torch. It will simply burn with a different light and intensity. Elections are only a ritualistic formality to keep up appearances and support an illusion of empowerment to the people. As Jim S. so eloquently puts it… mob rule and elite privilege dictates how the government sucks the life blood, from every person who allows that veil to hide them from the evident truth and the reality of the Matrix.

    Those of us who are awake and embrace free will, are scorned and treated like a cancer or a carrier of Leprosy. Because we don't adhere to or accept the official narrative. Having dreams, aspirations and a mind of your own is detrimental to one's own health and sanity these days. Unless you conform to the will of the masses and worship those very mobs who rule over humanity, you are considered a threat to the establishment and status quo.

    We walk this Earth upon the unbeaten paths and forge a trail, through the forest of madness and insanity. Burning down all around us from the incendiary fuel of corruption, greed and addiction to power. Bravely trying to make our way through the red hot, glowing embers and flaming branches, which threaten to burn us… if we choose an ill fated course that the rest of humanity blindly follows.

    Feeling totally isolated and alone in our convictions, or the truths that guide our conscience and free spirit to a mental sanctuary. Where we refuse to be programmed and enslaved by false Gods or Prophets of doom. Who's goal is to hypnotize and pacify the masses, until the very bitter end of our existence. While they rape, pillage and plunder what's left of this world… right out from under our feet and the sky above us.

    We are the proverbial "boy who cried wolf" and none will listen or believe, as they are under the spell, of that very same wolf. We holler "Fire, Fire, Fire!" as the mindless people walk right into the flames, refusing to hear our screams of alarm. Earth-ship Titanic is headed straight for the iceberg of extinction and no matter how much we shine floodlights on it, to plead that everyone try and convince the crew to alter course. All the other passengers, who appear to be in a trance of bewilderment… see nothing but open, clear waters and smooth sailing ahead.

    The only way to pierce their hypnotic veil, is to shock the masses back to their senses again. Wake them back to reality with a jolt of irrefutable truth, that Earth's web of life is currently under a code blue emergency and desperately needs our resuscitation efforts.

    A mild Yellowstone caldera eruption or even a small asteroid impact in Washington DC, might just be what humanity needs right now, to render our government incapable of holding everyone in a coma any longer… or continuing their geoengineering crimes around the globe. Just maybe a monumental, global impacting natural disaster could be our saving grace. Compared to the insanity of Climate Warfare, the Official Narrative and our Electoral Circus of Horrors.

    • penny waters says:

      dear raymond

      i feel what you have written – tis hard being aware of our behaviour as humans

      and my neighbours – my neighbours – oh dear

      i am just a joke to them

      i have no man and no children and do not behave like them – i catch them sometimes when their humanity peers through the cracks of their fears which keeps them on the treadmill – and then they cover over again

      so simple – they give themselves away at every chance, with their language and behaviour and attitude – their small mindedness – their lack of understanding of what we are on the edge of – in all sorts of ways

      the things they say – i have had to read between the lines most of my life because i find most people to be liars in their lives – maybe that's what keeps them from running screaming into the night holding their heads in horror – i don't know – living in a day dream of foolishness – with families giving them the reason for being

      who was it said 'powers corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' or some such wise words

      has it all been said before so many times – have people seen 'the light' and tried to tell others but to no avail because most aren't awake

      have seen this morning that abraham lincoln had, was it 37, native american men killed because they were defending their families from the onslaught of european invasion – his statue has been pulled down in portland

      the reason i liked the teachings of jesus and the bible (although much weird stuff in there) is there is one where he says to people who were about to stone a woman – let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone

      is it in all the holy books?

      loved that teaching – like coming to terms with the behaviour of parents – they are just human

      and keeping an eye on oneself – to do the best i can

      one eye on oneself – one eye on others – makes for cross-eyed sometimes but tis the only way i can handle interacting with others

      was often told when young that i was too clever for my own good – hmmm….. feel it now – in my 71st year

      if i know little about a subject and i find if it is in my life i want to understand it – recently refused some medical treatment cos it was medieval physical attack on my body – sticking large needles in my limbs to watch the electrical impulses – watching a wave on a machine – medical or torture – doctor very contained angry – had to call the female english manager in – eastern european doctor couldn't talk to me when i went in and certainly didn't talk to me about my decision – and she just threatened that i would go to the back of the queue

      as far as i can see the nhs is being used by medics to experiment on people – many of the medical experimenters spend their time going from country to country and earning bigger and bigger wages as they go

      my doctor, when i was a child, gave me herbal medicine and was a kind, gentle, upper middle class man – part of the nhs – who was attached to my culture by hundreds of years – but now doctors come from around the world – many cannot speak good english and often have difficulties with cultural understanding of the people they deal with

      we are in such a mess

      and it rains and rains but when the sun comes out it burns 

      we have not seen the sun hardly – is it difficult for them to cover it for so long

      heard the antarctic ozone hole is the biggest its ever been – what a surprise – no atmosphere

      what will happen when many people realise that we are facing an end game if we don't pull back

      had occasion to dig up road with neighbours to find a water leak that we think was brought about by another neighbour – i made myself communications officer because they don't talk to each other – one crowd against another – i can see how wars start so easily – and women just let them get on with it – i was out with the men – have worked on building sites before so 'understand' the dynamics of unthinking men working together – weird bunch – no openess 

      haven't heard from the environmentalist i spoke to about your site dane – why am i so disappointed – while she, with her man, catch birds in nets to weigh, ring or do whatever they want

      she said how when they let them go the birds go into the trees and make a lot of noise – she assumed they were happy – i said that were twittering at you at the indignity of being caught and handled against their will – she was surprised that i thought of them as conscious beings

      we are so damn stupid

      and raymond – the people here and in europe had a shock during the second world war – seeing death on their doorstep (nothing like war on your doorstep) woke them up and they were amazing people because of it – class didn't matter so much as awareness of the moment – and as a child i lived in a society where people cared cos they had lived with death on their shoulder

      those people have nearly all passed – their children and theirs have all grown up in safety and stupidity

      i watched a programme about the american soldiers involved in the vietnam war and how horror never left them – but they live in a country where civilians were not involved – wasn't on their doorstep – and many of those men never recovered from the war insanity that is human kind

      what will it do for people to be awake?

      and as for the virus – one way to kill us off!!

    • annelia williams says:

      yes,believing and telling the truth carries the death penalty,and it will take divine intervention ,Gods kingdom,to release us from our prisons of deception,and validate the truth will and peace to all..

    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautifully put Raymond. A perfect synopsis of what we are all currently living through. My sentiments exactly, and I could not have stated them any better than you have. Your words ring of poetry & prophecy. You have really summed it all up brilliantly.. Bravo my friend!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "The boy who cried Wolf" and which as the story goes, did eventually see a Wolf. "And no one paid attention to him….."

      Strange days indeed. Raymond, Thank you for your very thought provoking and insightful words. Face to the wind folks!

    • Frances says:

      It doesn't matter who you vote for, a politician gets elected.  In most cases, a billionaire, an aristocrat, an oligarch, who carries out the will of the elite class.

    • sea says:

      Thank you Raymond for your very deep and thoughtful truths written in your posts. I have now read both your posts a couple of times as they represent my feelings precisely however your writing of those same inner feelings of disgust, frustration, sadness and more are so well written, far better than I could have ever done.


  10. wade says:

    thanks for your service 

    • f reps says:

      "Ain't it Awful"  seems to be a litany in the Comment Section this week.   There is still a lot of Hope in this World as well.    Go through your life in a proper manner ; discover your next  life in a different plane.     Suffer from a lot of  really painful third degree burns …or some other terrible Medical catastrophe….and then  delight in  ; and appreciate the good hearted Care and Ministrations of your caregivers.      Watch a child at play.    Do a favor for a stranger.   Clever psychopaths will never experience these things.  Look at Dane's efforts to awaken people.    There is still a lot more to life than being angry at the Judefetzen visited on Weimar Germany in the twenties…. or of LBJ's Gulf of Tonkin Resolution….followed by Bush's Weapons of Mass Destruction ; now topped off by the Covid 19 { a modified Flu pathogen  }  with a unique government  treatment   designed to control and enslave Humanity.   Most people are compliant , and obedient to the Lies of their Leaders because they are simply trusting.   Do your part by adding to the resources that Dane needs to keep  promulgating his message.

  11. f reps says:

    When one views the all encompassing destruction  of so many aspects of our existence ; it seems difficult to focus on a single Agent as the Primary cause .  There are way too many conflicts , pathogens, disruptions and absolutely evil occurances  for anyone to simply attribute  all of them to a single Source "unless" one focuses on some particular  Agents of Revolution.    Back in the early nineteen hundreds ; the Russian Nation was subjected to the practice of a Horrific Political Philosophy espoused by a Rabbi's son ; by the name of Karl Marx .   Social destruction and Terror were the instruments  used to enforce this  "New"  way of life on a couple hundred million hapless Christian Russians.    That  corrosive  way of life lasted from 1917 until 1991.  During that period of time ; tens of millions of innocents were subjected to privation and death.   That so called ; "Heaven on Earth" promised by the Marxists never materialized.     Today ; thirty years   after the demise of the Former Soviet Union; a New World order is "again" under construction which not only includes control of innocent hapless populations…but  has added { with geo engineering activities } the utter and complete destruction of Earth's Ecosystem.  Who are these Agents of Change ?.     May I suggest a close and careful reading of an accurate translation of the Book of Talmud.   A Group of adherents to the teachings of that Book who have a loyalty that absolutely  supercedes  their National affiliations are the ones behind most of our troubles.   Their  surreptitious activities have been going on for Centuries.  Advances in technology in the Media, Banking , Academia and other areas which they "now"  strongly influence have resulted in our current situation. Of all the Groups in the world ;  Which Group must not be criticized ?.  Does this  not answer  the question ?.     Give Dane some ammo…..make a contribution.

    • penny waters says:

      would love to read the talmud, and the qur'an

      but words mean so many different things to so many people

      tis action that says it all

      and humans are crap at doing good for the long term – apart from the few who are caught in the eye of all seeing – we cannot help ourselves – bless us all seeing

      love to you all

  12. Jim S says:

    Do you think "Voting" will change the course we are now embarked on? Will Trump or Biden be any semblance of a cure?Is it any different now than it has been over the last 150 years?

    Consider that all candidates work for the same "For Profit" corporation known as The United States Incorporated and it has been that way since "The Act of 1871" was passed. It is owned by a Foreign Contingent. The Constitution forThe united States of America was rendered as "History" and essentially thrown out. The Original 13th Amendment was changed. This makes every Amendment since null and void.

    When you register to vote, you enter into a contract with the Corporation accepting both the outcome and process of said election.

    It is a tactic to create division only. The Corporation selects it's own CEO regardless of any vote that the people believe to be counted. This referenced in testimony given before a Congressional Investigation in 2004. Search "Rigging the vote". Technology has only gotten better and people have definitely became dumber since.

    So go ahead, get your little stickers and wave your flags all the way to the booths as this will signify within your own minds that you have done your "Patriotic Duty"

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    ― Samuel Adams


    • penny waters says:

      dear jim s

      methinks, do you look too close for you own contentment, resulting in pain over politics and expectation

      i have found it more usefu, these last few years,l to try to view humans as a species – not so painful and more observation than frustration

      to see how various 'civilisations' have treated their poor and disadvantaged is repeated time and time again as we wander around the world and inflict our selves on anything that is in our way

      how to get everyone to believe and work together seems very difficult because of every individuals understanding of how to proceed! at any one time

      my consciousness has only become more and more detached as i have lived each year and tried to balance the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune'

      i wish us all a sound sleep and sweet dreams


  13. Jim S says:

    When Benjamin Franklin exited the Continental Congressional meeting at the ratification of the Constitution, he was asked what they had given the People of this Union of Nation States. "A Republic, if you can keep it." was his reply.

    Well, we can plainly see that we did not keep such for very long at all. Some of the first acts of the Republic of the united States was to start decimating the lives and cultures of the indigenous peoples. As if they had no part in the "Equality of Men". Out of that sprang such as "Democracy" "Mob/Majority Rule". That is a term/ideology that grew to be what so called "Free Peoples" identify as the way of life we now lead.

    A Republic is based on the securing of Individual Rights and Liberty while Democracy holds that a simple majority can reduce such individuals to despotism. Something as simple as owning and riding a bicycle can be overturned by "Majority/Mob Rule".

    Generations have came and went during the development of this country with each emerging generation being more Morally Deficient than the last. Not in the least holding onto the Values defined in our "Founding Document". Declaring that we are a "Democracy" is far removed from our actual circumstance. Government has become the "Majority/Mob Rule" and that is aptly defined as Tyranny. 

    We, as a majority do not want to be participants in War and foreign Hegemony. Yet here we are. The majority of people don't want to wear masks or be told where we can conduct commerce or where we are permitted to go.The majority would damn sure not want to be breathing the toxins of Geoengineering or deal with the multitude of problems created by such nefarious activity. Yet here we are. All of this and much more can be attributed to wanton and blissful Ignorance. That contributed to by decades of Gaslighting and continual Propaganda initiated by the "Power On" button on a TV remote. I could go on and on and on. Suffice it to say that we lost the Republic almost at the onset and Tyrannical Facism is our present state.

  14. Jim S says:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

    Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and, accordingly, all experience has shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

    But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

    This is an excerpt from "The Declaration of Independence" Our Country's Founding Document. Any who consider themselves to be a "Patriot" had better hold such truths as truly self evident. Our Freedom/Liberty was truly purchased with "blood and treasure" at that point in History and at no other time since. All other conflicts have born out to be falsified and without Freedom/Liberty as the goal to be reached. History has been recorded on behalf of and by the so called victors of such conflicts though their agendas had nothing to do with afore mentioned Liberty. Totally forgetting the equality of all men.

  15. Jason Hodel says:

    Thank you for all your efforts Dane – God bless

  16. Laura Kozicki says:

       In July my arm was broken and needed surgery. Before the surgery a covid 19 test had to be done in the hospital parking lot. I took a taxi because of the injury. When the swab was pushed deep into my nose, I cried out because of the pain. And again when he did it on the other side. The cab driver commented that he hoped he'd never have to take a covid test. 

       The body makes a substance called glutathione that removes toxins including metals from the body. With everything our bodies are exposed to, some peoples' bodies don't make enough glutathione to deal with the toxic load. I go twice a month for intravenous nutrients that include glutathione and vitamin C and other vitamins/minerals. It's expensive, but to me it's better than health insurance.

  17. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, this weeks broadcast takes me back ages. Thank you for all that you presented. Your context takes me back decades.

    I remember way back when I was a kid(60's). Those of us that "played in the dirt", mixed ourselves with the earth, "never got sick". It vividly sticks out in my mind. I used to chalk it up to just not having the time for such things. But now that I am much older, I see the significance of my childhood actions. So in that and all of the self allowed BS that goes on now days, I find little to no reason to change my coarse towards living in reality as it 'is'.

    A tue "patriot" is a good example to follow, if said patriot stands for the good of many. Personally, I feel it is extremely important to be a good example, a confident example of how to act like a real patriot. Holding something that goes bang does NOT make you a patriot, just sayin(grin). Point in case, this last Friday(monthly trip to the big town of Omak) I walked through 6 mask required signs to get into stores. Not once was I asked or inquired about anything having to do with a stupid mask. Even at Wally World. My cow pattern mask was in my shirt pocket. It's the best 6 bucks I've spent yet. Folks ask, "do you have a mask?" and I reply, "yes I do". And then I give out a subtle "baaaaa". At least it's funny 'to me'…

    Love and strength my friends, keep your chin up and defend it at all cost. "Mom's counting on us"….

  18. Ross says:

    The skies all over Sacramento CA. area have lines going in every direction with X lines and U turns.  Is it a coincidence the weather people called for rain a few days ago and now rain system moved north and there is no rain in Sacramento CA.  How many times has this happened ?  Also why so many in the lines in the sky today ?  Weather manipulation is the answer and the mass population is oblivious to what is happening in the skies above them.  I try to tell many people what is really happening to the weather and most refuse to believe me.  It's very frustrating hoping the evil weather monsters will let it rain and then watching them stop it.  

    • Dale K says:

      Early last week I noticed the Bay Area rain forecast for Thu/Fri that later changed to to Fri/Sat. However, by Wednesday the forecast for rain had disappeared and calls for warmer temperatures replaced it. I have seen this pattern repeated many times in the past.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      The biggest problem and the biggest barrier to any change that could turn things around on so many levels is a willfully ignorant population. I see it all around me and cry for this country and for the entire world.

  19. Raymond says:

    As I have stated before in my posts…

    For over 50 years now I have been a dedicated student of Meteorological Sciences and slowly watched it turn into the most bizarre, surreal and slight-of-hand, magical side show act of all times.

    Going from just 3-4 basic primary cloud categories to over ten, with around 38 subclasses and terms like Derecho, that was simply known as a thunderstorm "wall or shelf cloud". But now, is a new geoengineering term for… a widespread, long-lived wind storm that is associated with a band of rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms.

    Mammatus clouds were extremely rare and would only appear with very severe, tornadic storms that produced exceptionally large hail. In one person's lifetime, you would be lucky "or unlucky if you were hit with large hail" if you saw those clouds, a whole FIVE times! Unless of course, you happened to be a storm chaser. Last year alone mammatus clouds appeared right here, forty-eight times… and a few years back they formed in our sky, sixty-nine times over a six month period! Microwaved ripple or wave form clouds make up most of the clouds in our sky now days. With a checkerboard of patterns that form and disappear, in only a matter of minutes. Only to repeat with similar patterns, over and over again as they pass by overhead.

    Meteorology has become a joke and the ruse of all modern technically advanced societies. Meteorologists are mere puppets, like all politicians who read from scripts. Theirs are written by NOAA and the National Weather Service and enforced with non disclosure agreements and an adherence to very strict Federal Gag Orders.

    Yesterday morning and this morning as well… a dark, almost black FOG BANK rolled in over this town and it is like nothing I have ever experienced before in my lifetime. There's no lightning, thunder or rain… just ZERO visibility, 99% humidity and an extremely eerie quiet. Plus it has a very strong odor of chemicals and the dew that forms, has an oily rainbow colored shimmer about it. This black fog has killed my morning glories and honeydew plants. It also kept our humidity up above 80% yesterday and the daytime high reached 92 degrees. The heat index value made it feel like 123 degrees… but tomorrow it is expected to reach 105 degrees and if another "Twilight Zone" black fog bank envelopes this area?

    Then it will feel like the temperature here, is over 160 Degrees and that is beyond all Sanity!

    All because they are engineering our skies to deflect hurricane Delta towards the northeastern coast and bring rain to the drought stricken states, of the upper New England peninsula. Just as Dane keeps stating:  "Engineered cool downs and rain events, like those along the east coast, have dire consequences for the rest of the planet." Creating more heat, drought and fires in other regions like California.

    Tomorrow it will feel like around 160 degrees and a cold front comes through on Monday. With a forecasted high of 82 degrees and only 38% humidity! But the cooler and drier air will go back north by Tuesday and Wednesday, when extreme heat and humidity returns. Making it feel like the temperature will be above 128 degrees… once again!

    That forecast and our black fog events, don't sound like anything I would expect to see occur anywhere on planet Earth. Unless of course, you add in geoengineering to the equation. Which could also imply that a secondary objective may be the goal of the weather warfare terrorists.

    Create as many FLU related illnesses as possible to accelerate the CV-19 Agenda, by forcing our exposure to a rollercoaster ride of temperature extremes. AND to insure that our lungs and immune systems are compromised. They are throwing in a few rounds of chemically induced fog banks from hell.

    Just simply… because they can. Knowing full well, that no one here is going to question what happens in our skies, or think twice about such extremely high heat index temperatures. Especially since the climate engineers announced to the world that Death Valley reached 130 degrees in August. But the forecast for tomorrow in that eastern California desert, is expected to reach a high of 96 at only 12% humidity. Here… 105 and about 62% humidity!

    A heat index value of 160 degrees trumps an air temp of 130… any day. But I seem to be the only person in Texas, who questions how this anomaly is even physically possible. Considering that the first day of winter is less than 75 days away. A few years back, we actually hit 99 degrees on Christmas day. But NOAA and the NWS didn't want to raise any eyebrows. So they officially recorded a high of only 91 degrees. On New Year's day it actually did reach 91 degrees though.

    Dane, I noticed that your chances of any significant rainfall has dwindled to nothing and the extreme heat appears to be never ending. No surprise there I'm sure and while you are terrorized by a Twilight Zone like Gigafire. I am being attacked with Gigaheat climate weapons, that makes both of us feel like we are residing on a zone of real estate that is located on the polar caps of Venus… rather than somewhere here on Earth. I pray for your safety and much needed relief daily.

    • penny waters says:

      dear raymond 

      that made me feel better – not studied meteorology (even had a struggle to spell it hahahaha)

      but what you wrote – although i don't know what the technical words mean, just as i was beginning to understand 'science' and interested in our atmosphere everything went very weird – including the barometer readings – still not right, obviously, because of the increasing, what i call, the breakdown of the atmosphere

      for humans to think that we can have any conception of how weather works is such an arrogance – but then i see that repeated around me, in small or big ways

      but the skies above me are a mutilation of nature – ragged clouds with strange colours, dark, murky tones

      such stupidity 

  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Environmental Research
    Volume 191, December 2020, 110139
    Quadruple abnormal protein aggregates in brainstem pathology and exogenous metal-rich magnetic nanoparticles (and engineered Ti-rich nanorods). The substantia nigrae is a very early target in young urbanites and the gastrointestinal tract a key brainstem portal
    Fine particulate air pollution (PM2.5) exposures are linked with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases (AD,PD). AD and PD neuropathological hallmarks are documented in children and young adults exposed lifelong to Metropolitan Mexico City air pollution; together with high frontal metal concentrations (especially iron)–rich nanoparticles (NP), matching air pollution combustion- and friction-derived particles.
    Here, we identify aberrant hyperphosphorylated tau, ɑ synuclein and TDP-43 in the brainstem of 186 Mexico City 27.29 ± 11.8y old residents. Critically, substantia nigrae (SN) pathology seen in mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and neuromelanin (NM) is co-associated with the abundant presence of exogenous, Fe-, Al- and Ti-rich NPs.The SN exhibits early and progressive neurovascular unit damage and mitochondria and NM are associated with metal-rich NPs including exogenous engineered Ti-rich nanorods, also identified in neuroenteric neurons.
    Such reactive, cytotoxic and magnetic NPs may act as catalysts for reactive oxygen species formation, altered cell signaling, and protein misfolding, aggregation and fibril formation.
    Hence, pervasive, airborne and environmental, metal-rich and magnetic nanoparticles may be a common denominator for quadruple misfolded protein neurodegenerative pathologies affecting urbanites from earliest childhood.
    The substantia nigrae is a very early target and the gastrointestinal tract (and the neuroenteric system) key brainstem portals. The ultimate neural damage and neuropathology (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and TDP-43 pathology included) could depend on NP characteristics and the differential access and targets achieved via their portals of entry.
    Thus where you live, what air pollutants you are exposed to, what you are inhaling and swallowing from the air you breathe,what you eat, how you travel, and your occupational longlife history are key. Control of NP sources becomes critical.
    Energy-dispersive X ray analysis EDX
    Hyperphosphorylated tau pτ
    Protein misfolding
    Mexico City
    Neuroenteric system
    Substantia nigrae
    PM2.5, portal of entry
    tauopathies, titanium,Ti-rich nanorods
    TDP-43 proteinopathies
    Parkinson disease
    High resolution scanning TEM

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    2020 Antarctic ozone hole one of the largest and deepest in recent years
    The 2020 ozone hole over the Antarctic is one of the largest and deepest in recent years, according to scientists with the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). The hole had grown to 23 million square km (8.8 million square miles)– over twice the size of the U.S.  This is above average for the last decade and is spreading over much of the Antarctic continent.
    "There is much variability in how far ozone hole events develop each year," said Vincent-Henri Peuch, Director of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service at ECMWF.
    "The 2020 ozone hole resembles the one from 2018, which also was a quite large hole, and is definitely in the upper part of the pack of the last fifteen years or so."
    "With the sunlight returning to the South Pole in the last weeks, we saw continued ozone depletion over the area. After the unusually small and short-lived ozone hole in 2019, which was driven by special meteorological conditions, we are registering a rather large one again this year, which confirms that we need to continue enforcing the Montreal Protocol banning emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals."

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Remarkable Doctor A. Fauci

    By F. William Engdahl / 15 April 2020
    Dramatic political and social decisions are being made across the United States and around the world on what emergency quarantine measures and other steps must be taken. In many cases the radical and severe measures, such as shutting down the world economy, are being justified by COVID-19 case projections of morbidity into the future. If there is one person who is the face of the current strategy of dealing with the coronavirus in Washington it is the Director of the US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the NIH, Dr. Tony Fauci. What major media conveniently leave out in discussing Fauci’s role is his highly controversial and conflicted history since he first joined NIAID in 1984 during the beginnings of the AIDS panic. His role then sheds valuable light on his remarkable and highly controversial actions today.

    …fraud has shaped the career of Tony Fauci for more than 35 years.

    Fauci as head of NIAID has taken millions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Clinton Foundation along with tens of billions from US taxpayers for this bogus research.

    Suspiciously, the 2006 article by Giraldo and de Harven was suddenly retracted by the journal in 2019 just before the coronavirus Wuhan outbreak.

    Full article here:

  23. Jeanette S says:

    Have you all heard of the "Space Force"? Trump made another Military? Uniformed personnel branch. There are eight branches. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, this new Space Force and guess the other two Public Health agency and NOAA. I would say NOAA went from independent agenda…X…agengcy…X…agency…to a semi, quasi military organization. Got all this from a Space Force commemorative $2 bill ad. That is why that woman directory of the CDC was in a military uniform with bars of medals like a general.

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