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Greenland Meltdown Omitted by Mainstream Media

glacier breaking

Its not just Antarctica, its not just the Arctic, its the entire cryosphere, the planet is in total meltdown. The video below should be watched and considered by all. Any that have locked themselves into opinions based on disdain for Al Gore should stand back and take another look at the horizon. True, Gore is the pinnacle of criminality and hypocrisy, but that does not change reality on the ground. Though dialog on climate engineering and its devastating effects is still omitted from almost all news stories and studies of the biosphere, the actual damage showing up in the same stories and studies must not be ignored.

The global criminal cabal (that pulls all the strings for the moment) thought in their infinite arrogance that they could control Earth’s life support systems without cataclysmic consequences, they could not have been more wrong. Global climate engineering is the absolute epitome of human insanity. It is the hallmark of a completely psychopathic power structure and a largely denialist society that is now hitting the wall. The whole paradigm of modern industrial society was never sustainable, this reality will become ever more clear as the human race plummets toward a rapidly darkening horizon. Anthropogenic activity has decimated our once blue planet in too many ways to even begin quantifying. The greatest assault of all against life on Earth is stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG). Each of us must ask ourselves what we can do to help alter the course of the Titanic on which we are at this moment all passengers of. Any one of us could be the pebble that helps to trigger a landslide of global awakening. But for this to happen, we must try with all the strength, focus, and courage we can muster. Get educated, arm yourself with credible data, and help to sound the alarm for all those that are not yet awake and aware, every day matters in this fight. When we reach critical mass of awareness, the dominos of the climate engineering empire will fall.

Dane Wigington


13 Responses to Greenland Meltdown Omitted by Mainstream Media

  1. lucky says:

    Its time to wake up. If do not wake up our nature will not give any single minute to save our lifes. We all are responsible for this worst condition of our climate we all are living for their own profit and money not think about our nature. Our nature is our mother but we all not respect and save our nature. Wake up and do something to save our planet for future genration.

  2. Tim says:

    And even Scott Stevens believes an Ice Age is coming. Crazy.

  3. skywatchergrandma says:

    This is from the HBO show called VICE, it’s really good. I watch it on Friday nights after Bill Maher. I think everyone should write letters to the founder of this show Shane Smith, and also Bill Maher, he is the producer of the show. Write them here, in care of HBO
    2049 Century Park E # 4200
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
    Also Fareed Zakaria from CNN is a consultant on the show. Send him a letter too, in care of CNN. CNN NY. 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza. New York. _NY 10005. Might want to double check these addresses, this was just what I found.
    Tell these people to watch this video and look at the aresole sky and what it is. It’s all through this video. These people need to know, they probably already do, but lets all send them letters and tell them what is going on. Of course give them the “geoengineering watch” website. They should interview Dane for the show, maybe he could get them to do a show on geoengineering. Tell them of the thousands of videos from all over the world. The global marches against chemtrails and geoengineering, the websites, facebook pages, etc etc. The black on the glaciers they say is from the wildfires. Could it be from the chemtrails? I’m going to mention this, as last year so many of my plants had that black crap on them and a lot of it looked oily. My thoughts were it was coming from the chemtrails. I don’t know where else it could have been coming from but the sky. I live in the woods in rural America, no factories close by. I also saw last year glittery stuff on my plants and seeing it again this year. It’s also all over the soil. Sure does sparkle when the sun is on it. The air is saturated with this stuff. I’m just thinking we should contact as many people like this as we can think of. Why aren’t celebrities speaking out more? I can’t think of his name at the moment but didn’t one of the Baldwin brthrs narrate the Look Up movie? Wonder what he is doing to pass the word around and get other celebrities involved. Dennis Kucinich put chemtrails in the Space Preservation act bill, what is he doing now? God I wish this would stop, I’m so frustrated! How can the people behind this be so stupid to destroy this planet?

  4. Ivan Byrne says:

    That is my question exactly. There are no war protesters, few are protesting the despicable treatment of disabled veterans, or the new war our state department is trying to kook up in the Ukraine. Few people are even trying to get real news. Seems like a better plan would be to let nature run it’s course and clense the earth from m,indless blobs who will trash the earth and sell their soul for a good paing jawb running around making worthless currency.

  5. JT says:

    Really, and how is doing all that going to stop the evil doers from poising our skies, earth and every living thing on it? Cause I really want to know. Why is no one standing up and doing anything about this? Why are we no marching in our states and or capitals like some are doing in the UK? Why is the only info people can get and read about, on the very few sites there are, all outdated and why does no one every answer anyones questions, why is there not a place/forum were people can talk to one another and report what and where they are seeing this? Every one knows facebook and twitter are being watched and are to afraid to speak out there.
    Its like the saying goes, “They do it because they can” There plan is working perfectly.

  6. sherry taylor says:

    whoa this is very impact-ful.
    The lastest thing on the web re geoengineering..is that the barium is protection us from the radiation or the brown dwarf star..coming close???
    This is a good presentation..just the right length..I also appreciate the responses.
    Two words tesla tech. Who is working on this? Besides the covert companies subcontracted by the secretive military?
    WE need it now..in every household.
    This whole thing requires an overhaul on the revel of a revolution. The bankers are responsible for this mess. How? They gamble with our money on oil. Why..to make money from us buying it. What can we do? Tesla wanted us to have free energy..he was working on it.
    who stole it when he died? Our military. What did they do with it? Hand it over to their cronies in the military industrial complex. What did they do with it? Hide it..supposedly use if for defense..but really tired to weapon-ize space. What else..perpetuate our dependence on low tech polluting power.,.causing this disastrous sea ice melt acceleration. How did they try to fix it? Putting more pollution up into the atmosphere. ???? So here we are going “what the heck”? How do we get our planet back or at least prevent the worst of trashing it? Who benefited by this..something to think about. You think you did? don’t feel too guilty..look who benefited the most..who controls things?

  7. Francis the scientist says:

    Advice from a scientist in the GE movement:

    First, don’t play the corporat game. Stop conspicuous consumption,live frugally as possible. Downsize your attitude and change your tastes and desires to more homey things.
    Drive the car less. Insulate the house. Use your cheapest home heating and cooling systems. get energy efficient so you don’t pay the corporats. pay yourself, not them. Grow a big garden of veggies. Convert lawns to gardens or elitist trees to fruit trees and grape vines. Visit your neighbors or local church instead of flying to Fiji. Instead of going to a rock concert, learn to play guitar yourself and do folk music, or even better, protest songs.

    And YES, I HAVE DONE ALL THESE THINGS, AND I AM HAPPIER THAN EVER!!!! Learn the pleasures of a simpler life gradually. Just remember that these things will eventually become necessary whether you like them or NOT.
    Comments anyone? I will likely be at the big California meeting in July at Redding. Or you can read the Paper on this site, Geoengineering What we KNow, only three pages, unrefuted by the debunkers. Debunkers welcome to pick any item and refute it with your own facts.
    Yes its that good…

  8. Karen Strong says:

    Words fail …. I would hate to be in the shoes of those countries who have been major contributors to this …. Greed .. Arrogance .. Playing God … Power …. Now we are all going to pay … The innocent who have never contributed .. In the poorest of countries …those Who haven’t been born yet .. Even more so … I am devastated for my grandchildren .. I can’t see that any country who have sucked the life from our planet will make it their business to just stop .. Stop all industrialisation they currently undergo .. Go back to horse and cart and stop ravashing our earth .. They just won’t do it .. So we will continue to loose our home .. Our earth .. And they will still be in denial … Not to themselves .. Because they know what they are doing .. But denial as in lying ,in their arrogance thinking we are so gullible .. And the shame of it is .. Most of the world habitants are …

  9. Nikki Knight says:

    Aside from being aware, what really can we do? This is tragic and quite scary! So sad what human greed as created.

  10. dan says:

    This video tries to convey the melt is because of large factories and automobiles. Not one mention of geoengineering.

  11. Julie Woods says:

    What can I do??!

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