So, How Do We Stop The Spraying?



By Dane Wigington

All that know about the horrific crime of “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG) or “solar radiation management” (SRM) want an answer to the question, how do we stop it? Though there are no easy answers, the most straight forward solution is the most likely to succeed. We must all continue to focus on effectively and credibly raising public awareness until we reach critical mass. We are getting closer to this with each passing day. This battle plan sounds so very generic, but in fact it is the most solid path forward. If all pulled together, the fight to expose the globally decimating aerosol spraying programs could very soon reach the tipping point.

The Concerted, Coordinated Government Agency Cover-Up


Governments lie about everything. Regarding the issue of geoengineering, the doors to all government representatives and all government agencies have been locked and shackled shut. Those behind the spraying operations have made vast preparations to protect these programs and keep them hidden in plain sight over the course of decades. They have left no stone unturned, no door unlocked, as I stated. Governmental agencies like “Water Quality” and “Air Quality” have been structured in a manner to mask the mountain of toxic fallout from the weather/climate modification programs.

In California for example, State Water Quality stopped testing for aluminum in 02′. CARB (California Air Resources Board) also does not even look for such contaminants. I personally attended a high level CARB closed door meeting in Sacramento, California, which was arranged by a congressional representative. There were 5 high level CARB officials in attendance. I was told to my face that they are mandated to test for “combustion particulates only”. The rest of the air samples apparently go out the window. Certainly it would be hard to find what you are told not to look for.

The testing of regional air quality agencies is never going to show the fallout from the aerosol spraying as the geoengineering particles are far too small to be picked up by all, but the most sophisticated and expensive and specialized air testing equipment. Politicians, federal agencies, and government representatives are also a dead end brick wall. Most simply produce the public propaganda sheet from NASA which states “Chemtrails are a hoax”. “Chemtrails”? Did I even mention this term to these people? No. I supplied data only on SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management). Does NASA’s disinformation sheet mention anything about geoengineering being a hoax? No chance. Their disinformation sheet does not even mention the “geoengineering” term (use the science terms to gain credibility).

They’ve Sold Us Down a Toxic River

For virtually all “bought and paid for” government officials, the NASA “chemtrails hoax” sheet is an easy out. This includes supposedly environmentally minded congress woman Barbara Boxer. I have been in her office also, to absolutely no avail. A comeplete dead end.

I have spoken in front of the entire CARB board, supplying them and their scientists with hard science data and videos. Nothing. I have done the same in front of the California Energy Commission (who admitted on the record the State of California was losing 20% or more of its rainfall from “particulates of unknown origin”). No response whatsoever from them, such “dead ends” should be expected for a number of reasons.

Any and all government scientists have no first amendment rights. None seem to have the courage to risk their jobs in spite of the fact that the ongoing atmospheric geoengineering is putting all life on Earth in the balance.

Agencies answer to State officials whose existence is now dependent on backdoor funding from the Federal Reserve to the tune of tens of billions. In the case of California, about 30 billion a year or more from the FED appears to be the only thing keeping the State going. Spineless State officials are not about to risk their positions by allowing state agencies to raise a red flag on the horrific contamination from the spraying. If they did sound the alarm, the fiat money from the Federal Government, which keeps the state afloat, would certainly be shut down.

We Must Expose the Spraying


The bottom line is this:  it’s up to all of us and each of us to expose the spraying. For any that engage in objective hard research on the subject of geoengineering, and its already known consequences, it is inevitable to conclude that our lives quite literally depend on stopping these programs. The atmospheric spraying is poisoning every breath we take, shredding the ozone, decimating the Earth’s hydrological cycle causing drought and deluge, sterilizing soils and waters with toxic metals and chemicals, blocking natural sunlight and causing massive fungal proliferation and contamination. There is more, but the point should be clear.

How do we do this? By making it our mission (each and every one of us) to put credible and compelling data into the hands of people, groups, and organizations, that would care, if they only knew. Such a list of target recipients is almost endless. Alzheimer’s groups, autism, ADD, environmental, farm, organic foods, ranchers, forestry, journalists, etc. We need to be thorough. Information can be given in a number of ways. From one’s own home computer appropriate people and groups can be located. Credible e-mails can be sent with a few solid articles on the subject attached (check the home page for “activist suggestions” and “flaming arrows”). Postal addresses can be found to mail DVD’s on the subject of geoengineering such as the film “Look Up” by film maker George Barnes. Start spot fires of awareness that will grow into blazes that cannot be put out.

Awareness Reaching Critical Mass

If critical mass of awareness can be reached, then people in the military, that are not currently aware of what they are participating in, would likely begin to refuse to participate. They would be aware of the dangers posed to themselves and their families from this lethal spraying. They would understand that by participating in these programs, they are literally killing themselves and their families slowly and surely along with the rest of us. As the army of the aware grows, the foundation of the insanity will crumble.

Every day the spraying continues, the nails are being pounded into our collective coffins. This is not alarmism or exaggeration, it is fact. There is again an ever growing mountain of data to back up this conclusion for any that bother to do honest investigation. One can search “negative effects of geoengineering” on any search engine. Numerous articles on the subject can also be found on “” or other geoengineering sites.

People Will Listen


If you connect with people in a manner they can relate to, they will listen. I recently connected with the head of the Northern California Cattleman’s Association. What was he most interested in knowing? How geoengineering programs are negatively affecting him and his fellow ranchers, reducing rainfall, stunting the growth of native grasses and feed crops due to the toxic contamination and the shredding of the ozone layer (which also harms feed crops). These aspects of the global spraying  are very clearly causing very negative impacts to him, so he wanted to know more. If you learn enough about this issue to inform people how they personally are  being affected, given what you specifically know about their interests, they will listen.

Stopping the spraying is up to all of us. Don’t run around randomly ranting to people about this dire issue, this can do far more harm than good. Give them credible data to examine with sources for more information. Ask them to help spread the word after they have investigated themselves. If one person tells two on the first day, and those two tell two more each on the second day, and so on, at the end of thirty days, over 5 million would know.

Don’t sit the bench, help those of us that are working on this issue 24/7. Our collective fate is in the balance. It’s up to all of us and it’s now or never.


76 Responses to So, How Do We Stop The Spraying?

  1. Janet says:

    I live  in Northern Central Massachusetts and have been noticing the Chemtrail spraying for 7 years now. I do post my pictures I take and do tell as many people as I can. I always mention your site. There are trolls on FB that will say the pictures that are posted are contrails. I just keep posting. It is sad that not many ask questions. I keep doing what I'm doing, and I get comfort knowing that a lot of people know the spraying is going on. I know I will have to answer to God one day, and is why I post on my feed. I had two young girls tell me it was going on, I didn't believe them until I did my own research and saw an unmarked plane come to my neighborhood spray the skies and leave on a cold February late day. I asked my local airport what plane was in my neighborhood that day, they couldn't answer me. I also notice populated areas get sprayed. More people need to see this.Thanks Dane for what you do.

  2. Janine A. Braaten says:

    I am just a truck driver and a mom in Missouri. I would like my son to grow up to have children and grandchildren of his own. I want to help stop the spraying. Throughout my life I've witnessed this activity in our skies. Recently, there has been actual weather anomalies within 24 hours of the spraying that are starting to frighten me. Please show me what I can do to help raise awareness to critical mass.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Janine, thank you for standing with us in this battle. The attached link will provide more detailed input on how to help us tip the scale in the right direction. FYI

  3. beijaflor says:

    Thank you for your website, your article and your documentary. I am so grateful for your work and your voice. I am very grateful for you. I grew up in the bay area and was spoiled by sunny skies. I live in Bend Oregon now and I haven't seen the sun in years. The spraying starts as early as 6 am and life isn't the same anymore. Since watching your movie I no longer collect the fresh water that flows from Mt.Shasta. Thank you for publishing your work. I would love to meet you someday. It is my hope to enlighten people on this subject for the rest of my life. God bless you

  4. Catherine says:

    I recently watched a DVD I found at the local public library: What in the world are they spraying?  I'm not a person easy to convince of anything, but this rang so true.  I've also been on the lookout for Chemtrails in the sky over Iowa every since.  They seem to be  everywhere.  I'm beyond angry that our government would subject us to these dangers and my fellow Americans are asleep, distraced, too busy follow the lives of Hollywood celebritis or "friends" of Facebook.  We need a wake up call  before it too late.  I'm mentioning this to everyone I know and writing my elected reps.  This government abuse of the people has got to stop!

  5. D says:

    What makes them think that they can do this? This government is clearly out of control.

  6. Deb Gales says:

    One word…"genocide"! This is what's happening people. I'm so sickened by this and feel so helpless in observing these planes all day, everyday poisoning us and what can we do about this?

  7. brian radcliffe says:

    What the hell is happening to our sky!!! I feel so angry and frustrated!

    How can they get away with this? I live near Heathrow Airport and it really seems they have stepped up their nefarious spraying of our sky.  It's pretty much nonstop today. There are checkered patterns all over the sky, starting early morning, it's now late PM and there still going on, day in day out.  It needs to stop.


  8. Jetta Mascon says:

    I've been watching the geo-engineering for some time. One thing I run into most often when telling people about the spraying is the obvious question any logical person would ask. Why would these special interest groups want to kill the very thing they claim to be trying to protect, like our fragile environment. The answer is "follow the money trail". This isn't about saving anyone or anything. It is about the money and total full spectrum control. Sickness is mega money for big pharmaceutical companies, lobbyist, congressman, doctors, lawyers, ect ect. The globalists use several ways to achieve their grand NWO goals, such as,. global spraying, war, starvation, vaccination, and water and soil contamination. All of these methods make billions of dollars for the special interests groups participating, and the bonus deluxe is population control which isn't because we are over populated as you would think, but because these people simply don't want all of us running around on their planet. So, to their warped way of thinking why not make a heck of a lot of money while. depopulating the planet…It''s not rocket science just morally bankrupt psychopaths devoid of any conscious or feeling. Our families and our planet is being destroyed while most of us go about our daily lives oblivious.

  9. Billy says:

    Hi all, I have been looking into chemtrails, geoengineering for a long time now, at firstbi was sceptical but after doing my own research into manybtipics and issues I can now see the elephant in the living room! I live in chichester south uk, Everyday I see chemtrails, alongside normal contrails and witness the destruction of our blue skies! I hate it, I try to inform people that seem a bit more open minded, I did write up my own posters and leaflets and put them everywhere on posts through people's letterboxes, slipped some in popular books in water stones, coffee shops anywhere really, I also writ lots of lyrics, hip hop and I write about geoengineering and similar topics, check out artists like low-key, Vinnie Paz end of days, mass conscious is increasing I must admit, for those who feel isolated and and like there on the own, don't, keep up the good work all.

  10. kirk mannor says:

    When I approach people I merely ask if they heard of goengineering, then I point to the sky, and tell them those are not condensation trails, you're being sprayed with nano particles of aluminum, and barium, most people ask what for, I reply, to control the weather, then I inform them that the government admits to it, but won't tell us what they're spraying, this always gets their attention I never have a problem, then I give them a card with danes web site. Most people tell me things like, its population control or they're trying to kill us, or I never trusted the government. I think people instinctly know what's going on they just need someone to show them, what they already know.

  11. Alan Cameron says:

    People make serious money on Spraying our planet. Devastation and population control are both the main Agenda. Serious storms and floods make certain people Mega Bucks. The New Mother Nature is here. It is New World Order. We are in serious trouble here. I have tried over and over again to explain this to others. They are not concerned and they ignore what you tell them. Even worse they lose you as a friend because they think that you are gone Nuts.

    I don’t know how most can’t see this in plain sight. Oblivious people are to such an atrocity.

    People are just so conditioned and are a very Dumbed Down Society.

    Very unfortunate.

    • john voelker says:

      SO  HOW DO WE STOP THEM???????????

    • Dane Wigington says:

      We must reach critical mass of awareness John, hope you will help with that effort. Check the attached link that is posted front and center on

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  13. Charles Lane says:

    We see a lot of chemtrails here in south central PA. As an engineer and a former frequent flyer all over the world, I am trying to make folks here aware of the existence of chemtrails. What I need to know is exactly how do the nano particles get sprayed. Is the jet fuel made with these particles as additives or are they somehow dissolved in the fuel and become particulates as they exit the combustion chamber of the jet engine as part of the hot gases? Is there a separate tank for the particulates so that they can be sprayed by means of a pumping system? Can anyone help me here?

  14. AJ says:

    I live in Phoenix, AZ. Today is October 16th, 2014. The last 2 days there have been many, many chem trails being sprayed all day. What do we need to do to make this stop NOW? I have been pointing these trails out to everyone I interact with and asking them what they think those trails are? Most people never give those trails much thought at all. I’ve been asking everyone to research geo-engineering and check out this website as well, to bring more awareness to what’s going on. The skies here are hazy from them. In an aside,I found a strange object showing up in photographs near the sun, (which I found by accident) when I was photographing some of the chem trails that were by where the sun happened to be at the time. Does anyone know what that object is? It appears to be slightly red in color. I thought it was something strange with my camera at first but I took more pictures at different locations and at different times of the day for the last 2 days and I still see this object appearing in every photo. Is this why they are spraying so much here right now and around the areas where the sun is? So we don’t see it? I am unable to find ANY information on what that object could be.

    • Jodi says:

      Hi AJ,

       I live in Chandler Arizona been seeing them spraying like crazy lately. Many people sick out here was wondering if you notice the spraying has been stepped up so much not the sky is dark everyday for the last 4 days. Would like to take a drive with me out to Marana Air Park near Tucson Arizona where the planes take off from see if we can see anything out there.

    • Susan says:

      I live in Alaska and our summer which is everything to us is being ruined by Chem spray. We have not seen the sun all summer. It sucks our sky's are covered in clouds that rain white powder on our trees which are dying. People are sick and very tired. The poison they are spraying on us make us so tired we just sleep all day instead of playing. Fish are siting from it. Losing our birds. I have yet to see and bees. The government is depopulating us by making a ill spraying aluminum on us. People can't believe it. They do think your crazy. Our government is evil and we need to rise up and take it back before they steal our guns. To much coruption n all department. AG president DOJ FBI all criminal la breakers that never get held responsible. We the people need to fire our government. Civil war time America! Let's start a movement before they destroy our planet!

  15. Malcolm Pritchard says:

    From my perspective the main psychological stumbling blocks for Joe public seem to be their ego syntonic programming in that they just can’t handle bad news anymore. I would like to point out that this is a programmed response as our ancestors absolutely had to face the good with the bad in order to survive!Also our ancestors were very suspicious about the ruling authorities as they have been tyrants in one form or another for thousands of years, the same families. Most people are brainwashed by their current fake philanthropy. Add to this the fact that most people don’t want to think for themselves and you have a very big obstacle to surmount. In my experience it is usually those people quite off the wall or have had to face extreme personal hardship before they are prepared to question anything. Also we have had years of various fanatic movements run by the same masonic groups so it stands to reason that most people will put us into a box with the rest as some kind of extremist. Here in the UK there are quite a number of people who have various health complaints, for tests and the doctor has said “we don’t know what it is.” In most cases it seems to be various forms of contamination issues to do with the spraying, on some occasions this is the personal crisis that is a way in. As others have said most people don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation and I think this is due to living in a fake paradigm i.e. the paradigm the rulers want them to be in (dumbed down and stupid).

  16. It is pure insanity to deny this is happening . Ofiicials are either bought off , ignorant of the facts or threatened into complying . None of these traits are desirable in an elected official to say the least..

  17. Nicole says:

    Try to tell any stranger on the street to look up and point to the actual jet and the horizon to horizon trail. Try to explain what SRM is and you will get an immediate negative response and that person will walk away from you. If you can’t convince them while the jet is right in their face, imagine what an email will do for ya. I’ve sent out no fewer than 10,000 myself. I have covered all of those “lists” without a single response. The information is too much, visually and verbally, for 99% of typical sheeple to stomach. They can’t do it. And I haven’t been able to find a spoon that is small enough to get them to taste it. Tips for this would be very helpful.

  18. Malcolm Pritchard says:

    The main problems I find associated with waking people up to geoengineering is that the vast majority of people have been conditioned by mass propaganda and brainwashing to only believe what is on the mainstream news. Some things I have found helpful is to keep the introduction fairly brief, it doesn’t help to launch into HAARP, mind control when first mentioning the topic. Also stick to logical and verifiable points when talking about the issue “contrails are mainly water and carbon dioxide so can only form a long trail in ideal conditions,” I usually suggest that people watch the aircraft for a few weeks before drawing any conclusions about what I have said, also aircraft can often be seen flying back and forth which is unusual and costly. So generally sticking to things they can verify without too much effort on their part. Then finish with trusted websites to look for more information. Also stating that the issue is very important and many people are concerned about it (without going into a tirade). I also found that saying I only found out myself 4 years ago helps as it removes the idea in their head that you have some covert agenda behind telling them.
    I just thought I would mention this as it is difficult to get the balance right as either too much or too little information doesn’t work. Over here in the UK the sun has felt very hot this summer and a few people have noticed this which has helped with the introduction. One last point I don’t think many people can believe that the power structure would do this to them behind their back, it takes a while to convince some people that psychopaths are generally in positions of power!

  19. Patricia Malvica says:

    Like Steve Chamberlain I have just started to be awakened about ‘ChemTrails’ this is atrocious! I am an RN and have been sharing the site to whoever will listen. What you are doing Steve in your place of business is wonderful…you were inspiring to me. God Bless

  20. Mimi Blair says:

    They know about it, but I honestly believe they have some sort of gag order where they can’t talk about it. Look at the News weather man. He’ll mention clear skies when in fact the sky was full of clouds….chem trail clouds…they know it, I’m shaking my head how quiet they keep their mouths…unbelievable. Are they paid to keep quiet, I just don’t get it. Someone please explain why so many people can remain quiet. No documentary on TV nothing..

  21. John Kimber says:

    Affected farmers and landowners should SUE! Class action now! Dane Wigington should supply the research, and get the ball rolling.

    • kirk mannor says:

      That would be a good place to start,framers, land owners and fish live stock, garden centers,child care centers.I hope we do somthing in time,I'm afriad to take my kid out side, I know my heath problems are from the spraying,Someone please help us, most people don't know they are being sprayed, I feel like a prisoner in a notzi death camp just waiting to die.what is happening to this country? We are prsioners of chemical war fare.

    • Michael says:

      I'm on board with a class action suit…  They/re killing everything I plant

  22. Merlin says:

    Very happy about this letter!

  23. Muad'dib says:

    All of these companies go back to Rothschild Inc. These people want to start WW3, they want to take down the US after we take out Iran. I know these chemtrails have something to do with dumbing us down making us too sick to resist WW3. The Federal Reserve is bankrupt. BRICS are lining up to end all Zionist power on the globe without a single blow. This is about WW3. This is about taking down the United States, they are so avaricious they dont care if they destroy the globe. If we go to war in Syria its WW3 so prepare my friends because if it is WW3 the Rothschild end target is the United States. They need an outside power to collect the Federal Reserve PRIVATE bank , privately held debt. 17 trillion, by Obamas 2nd term end 22 trillion, they want our resources ,our Bill of Rights gutted, they dont want BUNDY RANCH. They have taken our ability to wage a long war by stealing our industry giving it to China and when we take down Iran, China, Russia and perhaps Germany will have no choice but to wage war on us. Obama is a Manchurian president in every way, I am telling you he hates everything we stand for as a country and has been complicit (they have all been complicit since Reagan) in every step of our destruction. Wake up and prepare.

  24. chris chinalsky says:

    It’s amazing how local representatives won’t even schedule an appointment to discuss the affects of aluminum on upper and lower resperatory disorders and it’s relation to asthma and other diseases.My Senator will not return my calls without me even bringing up Chemtrails.
    They are deeply afraid to face the issue.

    • Martha says:

      My senators and representatives have prepared nonsensical replies to any question you ask them.  When asked about the chemical spraying in our skies, they don't even respond.  These are the 2 California senators and the representatives for Sacramento.

  25. Gregg says:

    Dane,Thanks for being such a great leading force in this movement and in putting together tools like the flaming arrow package which is a great help in informing people on this issue with credible,factual data and real information so that you don’t insult people by disrespecting their time or intelligence with hear-say and other non-factual useless info.Yesterday just passed some of the flyers and dvd’s(we made several copies from the original dvd that came with the FA package)out to a couple of land scape contractors/arborists and both of them had heard about this and were very interested. So The Word is getting out there and that mass IS building.I plant seeds(flyers dvd’s) about this every where I go and every chance I get. Always hoping that they will help to secure some hope of a future for my grand children as well as all mankind.I hope that many more people will continue to join forces with Dane- as well as others to fight these issues and the forces behind them. God Bless You Dane! Thanx

  26. Hello Jane Kean.

    Thanks for putting your experience into perspective. It’s much the same where I live on the Western shore of Lake Superior – former United States. I moved here for the incredibly deep blue skies of Autumn, and the sparkling air. The clear sky and the scent of red pine and cedar. Moose populations locally have plummeted 73% since 2006. Wolves are sighted with strange kinds of mange that eventually kill them when winter comes. The trees are full of aberrant lichen and fungal infections. They are dying by the millions. Most birds are gone. This area was a nature preserve. It’s beginning to look like the moon…

    The personal health story is only one facet of this atrocity against the creation. It’s the dead and dying of all the little creatures of life that make me ache inside. All the rivers and oceans of dead fish. The oiled and floundering gulls after the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The sacred land is dying. Geoengineering is diabolical.

  27. wayne tuuri says:

    californias agriculture minister spoke to th u.n. in depth,chemtrails are manufactured by u.s. gov’t and nasa, they contain aluminum, barium among others.they are causing global warming,poisoning agriculture as well as our water.they also produce a decline in photosynthesis, as well as an increase in disease as well as moulds and fungus.the only reasonable reason for this,is depopulation!..check out the video on youtube…amazing,unbelievable!

  28. Telling people and the mission to expose geo engineering is not easy to grab attention. In a hospital waiting room and around 20 others I started talking on SRM to others I got one person to listen and he said he would look it up. Only one! Well one is good, but I must say that’s a shame that only one cares enough to look into it. Most people are not interested and or think you are a nut case. Thats ok because I no the truth and will never stop the show and tell to all the people I can. It is our duty as human beings and guardian’s of this planet to step up to the plate and keep swinging the words out SRM and geo-engineering or chemtrails in the sky. NEVER GIVE UP!

  29. Patricia P Tursi says:

    What a brilliant even sound like Vaughn Monroe and
    weird Al could learn from you. Thanks..we need more ways like this to reach people.

  30. Patricia P Tursi says:

    What a great idea…writing Geoengineering address on the pizza boxes. Too many people would be afraid of affecting their income, not realizing that if this continues, there won’t be pizzas.

  31. Patricia P Tursi says:

    So does Hillary…who recently said that GMOs are safe and anyone opposing them is ignorant and she has spread gmo seeds all over Africa by calling them “drought resistant”. The ultimate goal of Geoengineering and genetic engineering are to have a synthetic environment to replace our natural system. Meteorologists have a difficult time predicting the weather due to government management. The black snow that hit Atlanta, could not be melted…as my daughter and grandson tried. When it was burned, it merely turned black and did not melt. The weather forecast did not predict the storm and it was a grand government experiment to see what traffic & human management would do. The first step is educating people as to what is happening. This website is great and needs to be mentioned in blogs and entries on other sites as often as possible. Dane, you are doing a great job. It is very important to constantly detox. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has some good suggestions on this in his interview on Dr. Mercola’s site. Continual detoxing is mandatory. Also, I have shown What In the World Are they Spraying, and Why in public viewings at the library. Gradually word gets out.

  32. Muad'dib says:

    I really think they want us dead, that is why they are poisoning the Earth. Avarice is the blindest sin for a reason.

  33. Muad'dib says:

    Dont ever for one second think the Rothschilds are on the American side of war, if anything want to see America defeated. The Rothschilds are on both sides of the war. They are setting America up. Our debt is meaningless if there is no outside enforcer. The Rothchilds have been secreting away our industry, the visceral component of war, using the US as the world enforcer of debts. When and if we stand up to war with real powers we will suddenly find we have no legs. The Rothchilds want to defeat America so that they can strip us of our vast vast natural wealth, impose whatever terms they want on this world, we are last bastion of freedom. This is what they did to Germany. Outside enforcement of debt on a defeated nation is the only way a nation has to pay its debt otherwise the debt is truly meaningless. Why do you think they fought a war wholly on borrowed funds from the Chinese. So they would have a dog in the fight. The Rothchilds are war profiteers who play both sides of the war equation.

  34. Gloria says:

    I have meant to say before and kept forgetting. Years back in my earlier beginnings of investigating these ominous trails at different times would mention to my friend that I had this weird metallic taste in my mouth, and couldn’t figure out what it would be…then she would say the same thing back and forth. We were finally able to associate that with the days they were spraying over Portland, OR-Vancouver, WA areas !

  35. But Bill gates says GMO’s and geoengineering are good business.

  36. Rex M. Vaughn says:

    THANK YOU, and may GOD BLESS YOU Dane!!!!!!!

  37. Rex M. Vaughn says:

    If we don’t stop the spraying and other government (or

    higher up) experiments, HARP, to mention one, PRAY A

    LOT, because obummer and everyday problems like cancer

    wars, oil, governments, terrorists, ect., ect., won’t

    matter. God will have a place for us, the good common

    people and the rest will reside with Satin!

  38. JR says:

    Good Morn; I thought I checked my writing before posting earlier, sorry for 2 in., must be all the aluminum or something with magnetic soup and all day spraying Thursday as days prior. Since earlier post we’ve been getting steady downpour of rain which started near midnight. There are no impossibilities for the Lord over the lowlifes interfering with his works. If you ask the chemtrail lowlifes I’m sure they would want credit for the rain even though they aren’t doing anything right? We know they are sick and evil! It’s 03:15 a.m., 9-05-14 and going back to bed. Lord’s peace……….

  39. Steven Chamberlain says:

    My name is Steve and I own and operate a successful pizza place in Nikiski, Alaska. I recently awoke to the Secret Worldwide Geoengineering Experiment. I have been extremely vocal in my community trying to wake others up to this War Against Humanity. We put out about 150 pizzas a day and I hand write along with some colorful artwork on every box that leaves the shop. The reader board out by the highway says: “THAT AINT CORNSTARCH THEIR SPRAYING IN THE SKY” and Nobody eats at Charlie’s Pizza without an introduction to Geoengineering! I know that it is making a difference. Discloser is coming soon and the spraying will stop soon after. I think Dane’s website is the best place to send people to reverse the brainwashing by the Government Media Propaganda Machine. Please support Dane’s Divine Mission and find ways to get people to this site. Call your local talk radio show and tell everyone to check out YOU can do it!

  40. Steven Chamberlain says:

    All of us must step up our efforts to wake people up to Climate Engineering. Print a dozen to a page, cut them into strips. Print 100 pages and you’ll have 1200 possible new recruits in the fight to end Geoengineering. Everywhere you go just hand them to people and say please visit this website. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it works.
    Here’s an even better idea, Print http://www.geoengineeringwatch on small strips of paper like confetti. Then fill airplanes with billions or even trillions of them and drop them over all the major cities all at once. Propaganda works both ways. I think I’m on to something here. We really could organize something like this. What do you think?

  41. Marc says:

    Either the chem-spraying over major population centers is intended to, over time, condition the greatest numbers of people to accept their presence as “normal”, or…….the deliberate and targeted spraying over major cities has nothing whatsoever to do with so-called solar radiation management, but is instead a carefully executed plan to either kill or seriously undermine the population at large. Which it is, of course, doing. I will accept that the underlying motivations behind the geoengineering remain difficult to fathom but the final truth of it all is simple: this massive global effort is so huge and so diabolical that it is quite literally beyond the ability of the average human to believe real. Which is perfect if your agenda is to depopulate, make sick, assume ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING. One small problem though, does their “absolute control” also include control over their own deaths on a dead planet?

  42. JR says:

    Here in Southwest, N.M. USA the lowlifes are back in swing of things. They are demolishing our rain clouds as many times I’ve said over and over, and yes it’s hotter for those in still in doubt and don’t quite get it. Some people I’ve actually spoken with lately are getting info. from someone sharing and eyes and ears are being opened, that’s good. Expose the evil for what it is. Later and God Bless…..

  43. Jay says:

    Hi Dane there is a Global march against Geo engineering on September 27 I was wondering if you could promote it on your website?

  44. Steve says:

    Rachel, next time you see the chemtrails being laid down overhead, dial in
    This a great aviation site that plots every commercial flight in the air, on a map, at very close to real-time.It covers the world. Check it out…up where I live in eastern Canada, the chemtrailers are ID’d as being from every major airline. United, American, KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air Canada, you name it, I’ve seen trails coming out of all of them. Corporate airlines are in up to their mid-wing tanks in this screwed up program. Auto-remote-controlled dispersal mechanisms installed on Airbus, Boeing, etc etc. If airline mechs or pilots talk about it, they are fired, threatened or worse. A truly sick situation, instigated from on high, in more ways than one.

  45. Steve says:

    Carole, I’ve produced a music video for the short attention span good old boy or girl crowd. It’s a take-off on the country and western classic “Ghost Riders in the Sky” How low-brow can you get? Give it a shot, pass it on!

  46. Philip Dec says:

    It’s good to be skeptical, on K, but make sure your “blue sky” is actually blue:)

    If there still remains a (barely visible) lighter dusting of spray in your sky it can easily keep temperatures from becoming cooler. Dane mentions in his presentations how they are often spraying even when it seems they are not leaving trails.

    The days I was referring to being noticeably cooler in Maine were days of “normal” plane traffic. Clearly extremely little to no spray because the skies are deep blue. They allow us very few of these days each month.

    As soon as the weather reporters predict a much warmer day, you can count on the sprayplanes returning like clockwork and delivering almost exactly the temperature forecasted.

    I began to document the excessive plane activity itself over central Maine as early as 1994 (perhaps even 1993). After two decades, what they’re doing is a well-oiled machine. Even before they give us the hotter weather, they use their influence over weather reporting outlets to “predict” it! Read what Dane has published here about the Rothschild / Raytheon / Bill Gates / Monsanto involvement in all of this.

  47. Jane Kean says:

    On the job Dane, slowly slowly catch the monkey….talking to everyone all day all night! Even starting my own research, some listen and come to this sight others say they just can’t cope with such a ‘crazy’ idea which shows their trust system has been well and truly corrupted. I agree about critical mass but also feel downright genocide should be dealt with strongly… what you will into that. The time is not ripe yet. We all still need to find that ‘ trigger ‘ or impact that stirs every soul into action, I call it the ‘ dogs skinned alive ‘ moment which seemed to bring a lot of reaction!

    First blue days here in SW France for weeks, but actually not. Went up to 700 mts to take pics of the higher chem distribution which hazes out to form a soup below, you can only see this from above. Will folk believe blue sky is actuall a good 30% less blue than it used to be. 25 years ago on first arriving here landscapes shone, skies vibrated with a blue depth, martins swooped everywhere, bees and crickets made a barrage of noise, nothing now just silience in my valley. Today all the leaves of local trees have turned grey and drooped, dead trees abound, everything is scorched. No storms anymore. The local village all have thyroid problems and are on drugs to stop them dying, connected yes very likely. Emperors fall by the hand of the crowd, never give up.

  48. lu says:

    Wake up, turn off, unplug.
    The media are like a book…..

    I’m sure the Carlyle Group are rubbing their hands with glee as everything falls into place just as they planned…. the war with ISIS.. this super efficient war machine that everyone needs to be afraid of. I wonder who financed and armed them?

    The US has lost the Dollar as the worlds reserve currency to the Petro ruble, meaning all the countries that previously had to keep stocks of american dollars to trade in oil are now dumping them. This has the Rothchilds and all the other American and European illuminati very pissed off. So they needed a false flag event to start a war with Russia…. Strange the whole mystery behind MH17! But it seems to have worked as the media are doing all they are supposed to do in massaging a war with Russia. (The Rothshcilds own Reuters and the newspapers and t.v. networks)

    The media is completely controlled by the illuminati at this point and it can be thought of as nothing more than a mind control propaganda machine to manipulate the collective human consciousness into believing reality is a certain way.

    We have forgotton we create our own reality with our thoughts, ideas and beliefs but the illuminati behind this manipulative system are very much aware of our true nature and use the media to unconsciously program us with beliefs and perceptions that we then unconsciously manifest into our reality hologram. They are literally using us to create the reality they want to experience which is one that keeps them in control and further enslaves us.

    I’ve noticed a massive agenda at the moment to program into people the idea of ISIS and terror attacks, people getting their heads cut off on TV, as well as another agenda of ebola, which we know was patented.

    What they doing here, just like 9/11, is creating a bad guy in the minds of the people so that if and when they supposedly conduct a terrorist attack, the people will already be prepped and programmed and ready to believe and support the complete fantasy story the media will concoct behind it to allow them to initiate whatever dastardly war type agenda they want to conduct.

    Ask yourself why they need false flags and don’t just go and do it ! The answer is because they need the people to create the reality for them to enable them to go and do it. Without the peoples support it will be 100 times harder to do what they want, as they are going against the grain of our outpictured consensus reality that we all collectively manifest in real time.

    Seeing these mind control programs being ramped up through the media is quite obvious to many people now and it is all pointing to the elite working up to some major false flag event like 9/11 which anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows was a complete lie in what the media reported actually happened. The official story has holes in it larger than the grand canyon but because of the sustained repeating of the story by the media afterwards on a loop on every channel, the people eventually take this on board as the truth and then it becomes self sustaining in the collective human consciousness. The gaping holes in the story now don’t mean anything as the mind control is so powerful that those of weak mind will simply fall into the dominant schema pattern existing in the collective consciousness.

    This next false flag they are ramping up to will likely follow the same script. They will already have these events completely scripted, crisis actors and news reporters all trained and ready and roving news reports all pre-recorded and ready to go when the signal is given, just like on 9/11.

    The way to counter this is simple. Be aware that this will be a false flag event and be aware that the story they will attempt to manipulate you into believing afterwards is a complete fabrication to allow them to initiate some other crazed war agenda. Simply don’t believe it. If you wake up to these tactics and this form of mind control it effectively disarms their most powerful weapon of all which you might have guessed is us…. we are their power to create reality… simple when you understand this do you begin to realise why they do what they do.

    What you think and believe is infinitely more important than you were ever led to believe and is very big business to control and is vital to the elites continued enslavement of us.

    This is the kind of people they are and what they are doing across the States, Canada, the U.K., Europe, Australia etc…. See video.

    Simply turn off your TV, throw out your newspapers and put your consciousness somewhere more pleasant. This unplugs you from their conditioning fear mind control infrastructure and reduces their overall quantum thrust in the collective consciousness to conduct the negative agendas they want.

    You are far more powerful then they ever told you because they want your power for themselves without you realising you have it….. this is 100% true and you have the ability to literally alter reality to a much more positive one by stopping running the fear programs they put out.

    Their climate engineering is to make you more pliable.
    Fear and despair are low vibrations of consciousness.

    They put out low vibrations in the media as it keeps you away from higher frequencies of consciousness, which is where they don’t want you to be. It is through higher frequencies of consciousness that we adopt the ability to read encryptions of truth in things, meaning we have a kind of direct cognition feeling if someone is trying to tell us lies. By keeping you in fear therefore increases the effectiveness of their manipulation as most simply take it on board as truth with no way to feel out the encryption of truth behind the words.

    Wake up to who you are and how you are being controlled and you can have freedom.

  49. on K says:

    Philip, sorry, but I’m skeptical it was blue sky all day. And the blue sky didn’t result in cooler temps. I’ve noticed when the jet stream comes from the north they spray less, and hot air out of south is a white out. Fairly consistently in WI.

  50. Rachel Robson says:

    I believe that one significant problem with stopping geoengineering is how very diversified it is. It may well be impossible to tell which particulates came from whom when. There are so very many players in this field. There is the military of course, directly or indirectly and via different approaches from different parts of the military. It seems to me that commercial air travel suddenly became affordable around the same time geoengineering kicked into high gear. Most people are shocked to hear that our skies are not regulated. Of course, commercial flights are and various military flights are, but some of this air crap is contracted out under other auspices, some is experimental by companies anticipating geoengineering, and some by individuals who can and do do whatever they want. So that perhaps one approach is this very fact-that we have no idea who is up there doing what. Perhaps we could advocate for regulations in non commercial/ non military flight, and in building on that, for unregulated flights, we could advocate for “clean” flights with no surreptitious agendas. Such flights would have to disclose what they are doing, and follow rules of newly regulated flight, which would include not dumping anything in our atmosphere, along with rules regarding rockets, their fuel and intent. All, including the government may agree to this. Thus building a platform from which to access the difference and more correctly discover the exact offenders. Such a law, in these sky crowded days of political instability may well be met with acceptance. Thus, putting one foot in the door. Such an effort should begin as soon as possible, proceeding along with the rest of the work which has international attention. Then there would at least be one law and a need for verifying it’s effectiveness via the expensive tests and tools gathering dust. It would provide jobs and info, and would seem reasonable to most people, prudent in fact, without the word chem or contrail ever being used and not appear to be “conspiracy theory” oriented. Just common sense. There would be those who would a rue they can do whatever they want up there, but not if regulated.

  51. Philip Dec says:

    Tim, it’s primarily the people spraying us that promote the idea that if the spraying stopped temperatures would skyrocket. Just the opposite has been the case here in central Maine. We had no spraying for almost 48 hours within the past week and the result: AccuWeather said it was 70° and felt like 68. Two days into steady spraying, and the same weather source said it was 83° and felt like 91! That scenario has played itself out month after month, and year after year in the state of Maine.

    Truly blue skies = cooler weather here.

    A canopy of chemicals overhead often produces oppressive heat, brain fog, elevated stress levels, and higher energy costs for many. We have nothing to fear from chemtrail-free skies. Amy Worthington’s 2004 article on Weather Warfare outlines many of the real reasons for the ongoing chemical trail operations. “Mitigation of global warming” is the official explanation promoted by Wikipedia and the climate engineering “scientists” who peddle disinformation 24/7

    Under close scrutiny the climate-changers are shown to be the ones responsible for much of the perceived global meltdown. If you’re going to fight a war on terrorism, you need terrorists. “Geoengineering” (their definition) is basically a war on “global warming.” Remember one of the retired intelligence officers saying “if we didn’t have an Osama bin Laden, we would have had to invent one”?

    They plan to unveil their “geoengineering” scheme to the public. How well do you think it would sell without “global warming”?

  52. ninasreality says:

    Dane – Your work is immeasurable and I thank you for every grieving, angst-filled moment you have suffered through for all the rest of mankind in this battle.
    Since 98′ I have been telling everyone, strangers on parking lots, in parks, co-workers, family, friends about this but now feel it is apparently futile.
    It absolutely sickens me that the Sierra Club and Union of Concerned Scientists REFUSE to acknowledge the problem. I started calling them both a couple of years ago. At first they denied any knowledge. Last year when I called on them again, they both admitted that they were aware of it but would not be addressing the issue at this time.
    Then you have people out there like “” who can turn the masses overnight on their ear against “yoga-mat-bread” being served at Subway, or her latest crime against humanity – Starbucks toxic ingredient filled Pumpkin Spiced Latee’s. Ten million views on Facebook in only a couple of days… really?
    Don’t get me wrong, all these issues that I have mentioned have their own merit, but nothing compares in it’s gravity and weight than aerial spraying.
    How is it that this issue can never get any traction?
    Would you consider creating a “Put On Notice” watch list for everyone?
    Politely contact those in power to take a stand to address public concerns or else go on the list.
    Your list of those you have officially made it a ‘clear and present danger’ to but refuse to admit/deny their exsistance would be an easy beginning. Government officials and offices that have denied your science and research, put on the list. Groups, organizations like the Sierra Club, claiming to truly care about the environment, should be put on notice for their failure to address the issue and for not taking a public stand against it.
    Of course, contact them again, ask them to take a stand and if they don’t, include them.
    You have millions of visitors – please give us a place to take our fight.
    Let us, your followers contribute to the list by adding our local/state wide elected officials, governments, conservation departments, etc., with an easy online email notice.
    Tossed in there should be national and local media outlets. Especially the local meteorologist’s.
    It’s all just a thought and suggestion – my desperation is at it’s end. Please consider!!!

  53. Michel B says:

    re Tim

    I disagree with you. There is a chance at a win if the spraying stops. I am willing to see things go awry for a while, if only to have the totally destructive effects of geoengineering come to a halt. The earth will find a balance, even if that balance has some negative effects on the biosphere. The current programs of geoengineering are military and economic tools that are not for our good. Reducing CO2 output and somehow subduing methane expulsions are part of the equation that, coupled with the cessation of spraying of toxic heavy metals, must be put in place for the sake of life on earth.

  54. Yes chemtrail spraying is a crime against mother nature and while these criminals will not go unpunished now is the time to take matters into our own hands, voices of power and chant these hideous chemtrails right out of the sky in the name of Sunshine and Blue Skies forever…

  55. Tim says:

    Guy McPherson’s extinction 2030 is looking more and more likely. I almost think that if they stopped spraying, the temps would skyrocket. They put us in a can’t win position.

  56. carol freiberg says:

    You are the man Dane…check,check,check, ok I’m ready for another round with these psychos.Thanks for the encouragement,knowledge and guidance. Have to agree with everything you just wrote.Again,Thanks.

  57. Carole Respini says:

    It is really important to remember that no matter how urgent an issue is, the public has a very short attention span so I would like to see and be able to share a video that is no longer than three minutes long. Once you can get people’s attention, then they might watch another one but I’ve heard that even over one minute is more than the average person will watch.

  58. Philip Dec says:

    Much of the sky was blue this morning here in Winthrop, Maine resulting in cooler temperatures and a delightful breeze. Sometimes this is the result of people speaking out. It happened years ago when I spoke at a local meeting and handed out information. The spraying abruptly stopped for two weeks and we had incredible weather! is one of the pages I have been working on to illustrate to others how what’s happening in our skies is certainly not occurring naturally. This new article by Dane, is another good one to copy and share!

  59. p says:

    What to say to people when they ask: “What is [alleged] the motivation/goal of the toxic spraying, then???”

    • CJ says:

      stated mitigation of solar radiation/ to slow a runaway greenhouse scenario, military/strategic, weather manipulation/ weather warfare

  60. Laura Pruitt says:

    Excellent suggestions on how to get the word out.

  61. Jack McLeod says:

    Thank you. I think we ALL needed to hear that.

  62. CLEAN AIR says:

    Surely everyone can clearly see the credible, dedicated wonderful research you have done for many years on these horrific SAG/SRM programs. If it weren’t for you and your dedication on waking up the public to these ongoing GeoEngineering operations, it would be doubtful that anyone else would even know about these deliberate, massive operations are in full force globally from across the world. We owe you the respect, you so deserve. We are grateful and thankful for opening up our eyes and for your hard work and we want you and everyone to know, your efforts will never ever be dismissed. Thank you and please keep up your excellent and impeccable research to continue to reveal the truth and wake the public!

    • dennis frailey says:

      i 2 want to do something just not sure what my family and friends think im nuts so i dont talk about it .  any answers what can  i do

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dennis, yes, any that are actively engaged in this all important battle have experienced what you describe. Actually passing on credible data is essential in the process of trying to wake others, the attached link will give more input on this. FYI

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