Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases


Dane Wigington

Was Puerto Rico the target of weather warfare from Hurricane Maria manipulation? Was the case the same with Texas and Hurricane Harvey? Cuba and Hurricane Irma? What are the mathematical odds of the US and Caribbean nations experiencing a sudden rash of catastrophic hurricanes after a 12 year major hurricane landfall drought? Why was there a 12 year major cyclone landfall drought in the US to begin with? These questions are especially puzzling when we consider that the rest of the world has endured record strength cyclones with record frequency during the same period. Climate intervention and cyclone manipulation programs are a verifiable reality, not theory or speculation. The 6 minute video below contains animations of radio frequency transmissions interacting and impacting hurricanes Maria and Jose. What are the possible objectives of the geoengineers?

Though the agendas behind the escalating weather warfare operations can be argued, the reality of these programs is beyond legitimate debate if available data is examined. How long will populations sit idly by while Earth’s life support systems are completely derailed by the ongoing climate engineering assault?

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65 Responses to Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases

  1. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Erm… All kinds of documentation. All kinds of hard evidence. Hundreds of thousands of "concerned" comments on hundreds of web pages.

    No criminal charges. No arrest warrants. No hanging trees, and zero accountability… The Earth must rotate around an axis made of self denial…

  2. Chris says:

    On 12/19/2016 around 7am in South Florida I observed a 747 leaving a contrail very similar to the one on your video.  It seemed strange to me and beautiful at the same time.  I took many pictures as it moved from the south (Miami?) towards the North.  I wondered what it was doing.  Now I suspect that might have been a weather related flight.  To mess with nature is evil.  They will have to face GOD one day.

  3. Matt says:

    you watch, Puerto Rico = Shock Doctrine i.e. Naomi Klein. Trump talking about their 'debt' is the 'tell.' That and that many people are reported to be leaving with no intention of returning. Another piece of evidence for steering that hurricane there on purpose.  hmm 

  4. Ana says:

    Hi Dane, My name is Ana and I live in the Dominican Republic,  I have been aware of the geoengineering assault since about 2006, and is one of the reasons why I left Florida and moved here in 2011.   but now I know that there is no escaping this no matter where you move.  now to my question,  this past Monday here on the local news was a report about Sahara dust that was supposed to be coming here and that it will cause respiratory illness and all types of sickness,  Tuesday morning the planes started spraying like I have never seen before, it hasnt stopped as of now, I am looking at a jet spraying right now out my window,  and I knew that the Sahara dust report was an attempt to cover the increase geoengineering here, .  I went to the local emergency room yesterday, Wed  just to see if there was an increase in respiratory illness and was told that they have never seen so many people come in with problems breathing and coughing,  I have a young daughter and I am scared to death for her health,  Puerto Rico was literally destroyed now we are getting hit hard with biological agents, I try talking to the locals about this and they think I am nuts, I am referring everyone to your site, there already have been reported deaths here.  my question is, have you heard of this Sahara dust lie and have you noticed anything thru satellite images here over the DR?  I am scared  here.
    Thank you


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ana, the “Sahara dust” narrative is a lie, just another narrative of the climate engineering coverup. I have sent you a personal message, we will try to get informational materials to you so that you can wake those around you to the critical climate engineering issue. Stay strong, you are not alone in this battle.

  5. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The actions of the government and miltary are so obvious, with the intense hurricanes, FEMA Camps and Naled mosquito spray. I have talked to many people about what has been taking place. I have also watched many YouTube videos, people are starting to wake up and are connecting the dots.

  6. Susan says:

    Port St Arthur  Texas which lost 80 to 90% of the homes as they are deemed uninhabitable, is right next (a stone's throw) to the largest oil refinery in the United States. The owners of the largest oil refinery wish to expand so the homes will be bought up by insider knowledge armed "carpet baggers" who in turn sell said properties that will be demolished,to the owners which are not your 'Texas Oilmen' but…Saudi Arabia!

  7. Josie says:

    In Texas and probably Florida there is Genocide going I have run across some video's about what our government in all sectors and paid contractors are doing. Please research and share. You can start with video's on you tube by, Theshowmebby, site. God help us.

  8. lorenzo says:

    Recently came back from a river cruise on the Volga River in Russia  We sailed from St Petersburg to Moscow. Excellent  trip. A reader previously stated that they saw spraying in St Petersburg. Yes I saw it. In Moscow the SRM spraying is on Steroids!  As bad as I have ever seen it in NYC  I gave out some Geoengineering Watch flyers to the Russian crew and they were open minded  One stated she remembers seeing lines in the sky as a child in the late 60s or early 70s Its a shame we con so many countries that SRM is the answer When I came hope I heard all the fake news that Russia is in a bad recession and the people are protesting like crazy Total lies  People are very friendly and polite Their are far more homelessness and poverty in NYC  The subway stations are like museums, beautiful clean and very efficient, unlike the filthy rat invested, always breaking down, subways in NYC  Many young people speak English and they ask Why do the Americans dislike us? Blame that on our propaganda rhetoric for decades.  As Pres. Reagan called Russia  "The Evil Empire" The US is the blame for The Cold War  We govern out of fear and paranoia

  9. DH says:

    Did anyone see Shooter, the sniper goes in and takes out the members of the Elite while they sit boasting to each other? 

  10. vickey says:

    I visited Dominica 1 month before hurricane Erika hit the mountainous island in 2015, crippling the island. Now again in 2017, she received a direct hit with the strength of Cat 5.  That is too "coincidental" to me.  70% of the roofs blew off.  90% of the buildings are either destroyed or damaged.  Landslides and mudslides came rushing down.  The thick, lush trees that once covered the entire island look like sticks from a forest fire. They have no power – no water – no communications.  What better way to destroy a Sovereign Country then increase the speed of a Wind Monster so rapidly that the people had no time to prepare.

    I watched a video of Professor McCanney explaining the Tesla technology that harnesses unlimited energy from space and powers their trillion watt laser which allows them to increase or decrease the speed a tornado or hurricane and by pointing the laser at the eye, they can direct it anywhere they want.  There is another video on youtube showing that they used this technology to manipulate a hurricane to plow into the coastal regions in Mississippi and Louisana, causing forced evacuations.  The people left and NASA swooped in to steal their land which is now being used by NASA for their secret weather weapon projects.  

    There were others besides me who questioned the rapid speed increase of Maria from a Cat 1 to 5, destroying Dominica then onto Puerto Rico until "Mission accomplished," decreased it in size.

    I kept a watch on the satellite images of Harvey, Irma and Maria.  Harvey seemed to be moved over Houston and hovered over that area for quite some time, pouring flooding rain upon innocent people. Irma was projected to go straight up the center of FL then moved across the Keys, curving around to hit Naples then went inland.  I heard a man on the news state, "Naples is really hard to hit." But they seemed to have achieved their goal.  

    What else can I do?  I wrote Congress and received a copy of a letter written by an Air Force Colonel admitting they're spraying "over unpopulated areas" but I am powerless to stop them with informative letters.  Like the IRS, government IGNORES the people who pay them.  It will take an army of people to may a dent in their dirty work.  All one can do is the best they can. 

  11. Nelson Martins says:

    Hello, All. I won't say "Good Afternoon" because it isn't good. Heavy Dose of S.R.M. today, here on the west coast of Portugal. No rain making it here. All precipitation is being diverted to Great Britain, France, Germany as per usual. I look to my east. Towards the hills and see a haze of S@#T, all over. It is 6pm and the sky is white where the sun's path goes towards the coast. Todays sunset will be quite colorful(TOXIC). Not a drop of rain in a long 4-5 months here. Hot, Dry, White Toxic Sky. What is the easiest way to depopulate a large area? Spray that whole area with toxic metals and chemicals and whatever else will make the population(all living things) sick and dying, of course. I wonder if , in truth, the Life Expenctancy Age has gone down, and not up like "They" tell us. I think the times of people reaching 100 years of age or even 90, are going to be over quite soon I fear. In 20 years or so, we all will have some form of Dementia or Alhzeimers, we won't know whats going on anyway(Dispensable). Oh help us, Lord.  Great Job as always, Dane. Thank you.

    • Nina says:

      Nelson, I know exactly what you mean! I see it too! Unfortunately most people seem to be totally blind to it!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      They are sucking with the aerosols the humidity from the soil, from the air, from the Forests, and Water lines. And no Rain.

      They are stealing away our Rain, this is terrorism.

      Tragedies all over the World:


    • Julia says:

      The US Census Bureau under the Obama Administration was told to falsify records. In 2000, the median age of death for African American men was 48. Please don't quote me, but I think it was 53 for women; In the Native populations it was 46 for males and 51 for women. In 2010, there was a precipitous drop in the Black population so precipitous the US Census was told to squash the figures. In 2000, nearly 20% of the population would die before age 50 and 40 if you were Hispanic. The government attributed it to GMO corn. If you were born in 1920, and lived past 14, the median age of death was 85. If born in 1935, it was 70. 2014 figures showed, If you were born in 1950, 20% didn't live 45 and the median age was 62!! Only 12.8% lived past 65!!! Keep in mind that Geoengineering only went on steroids starting at the end of 2014 with the Obama Administration deregulating coal fly ash. So just imagine what the figures will be in 2018!! Neighbors left and right are dying from cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and stroke in their mid-40's in NJ & NY area. Last year 1 million Americans died of either COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia (including barium poisoning that gives pneumonia-like symptoms), etc..  

  12. Robert West says:

    The Humans Are Free website has an article named "Pacific Northwest Resident Documents Metallic Fibers Falling from Sky". It is about Susan Ferguson's documentation of Metallic Fibers caused by geoengineering in Washington.

  13. My deepest gratitude to Dane says:

    Hello, My name is Isabel Lizzie, I have been watching the Chemtrails being sprayed over and over again in NYC, New York City have been hammered as hurricane Jose neared the coast and is still being hammered today. I look up at the sky and I see planes leaving their trails again as I woke up this morning, I am sick and tired of this !THIS IS DISGRACEFUL!.

  14. Jane says:

    I find that here in CT they are taking advantage of days with natural cloud cover to spray. For instance yesterday's skies were about 60% cloud cover. I watched as planes filled in the remaining 40%. Forecast was for temps in 80s but of course high winds kicked in and temps stayed in low 70s. I see exactly what Dane refers to by the modifiers "protecting" the East coast. Tomorrow we are forecasted for record breaking heat. I will not be surprised if instead I wake up to geoengineering skies and a cloudy day with temps lower than forecasted,, plus big gusty afternoon winds. Always the winds on spray days. 

  15. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    The Dissident does not operate in the realm of genuine power at all. He is not seeking power. He has no desire for office & does not gather votes. He does not attempt to charm the public, he offers nothing & promises nothing. He can offer, if anything, only his own skin & he offers it solely because he has no other wayof affirming the Truth he stands for.  His actions simply articulate his dignity as a citizen, regardless of the cost.   — Vactav Havel —   Thank You Dane for all you have done to wake us up. Great interviews on Hagmann, Jimmy Church, Mike Adams & Coast to Coast last night.  You are truly a Torche in the Darkness of this Climate Engineered Madness.

  16. Anda Ornelas says:


    I recently discovered geo-engineering and I have to say, it's shocking; among the many other corrupt actions the elite of this world is participating in. I am 26 years old and it seems like no one I talk to about this cares. My generation among with others are so dense and ignorant to important topics like this. Maybe I need to expand my circle of friends. I'm tired of seeing the latest fashion and make-up trends and the latest filters… They're trying to distract us more and more so that they can carry out their evil agenda. Americans seem to stay focused on trivial sports, music, celebreties, etc. If all of these disasters isn't going to wake people up, I fear nothing will…

  17. SD says:

    This just in. News reports Sat AM say a M3.5 EQ reported near N. Korea Nuke facilities was NOT test related. 

    I think it would be reasonable to assume this was a U.S. attack to which VP Pence alluded last week when he stated "We have options."

  18. Tenderflower says:

    I called my son in Los Angeles, California this week and he told me how cold it is there right now.  I told him he can thank the 'weather modification crew' as I call it, but he said the cold is 'natural', as his girlfriend from that area says that "this type of thing has been happening for years".  I gave up talking to him, I was shocked that he would choose to believe such bull, especially since he has been well aware of my research involving geoengineering for years. 

    I just don't know what to say to people anymore who talk about the weather extremes, it is like they are in some kind of a trance and need to feel that it is all normal somehow.

    Up here in the Upper Peninsula we have had record heat this week, and for it being nearly the end of September it should not be in the 80's during the day and 70's during the night!

    I looked at the jetstream map yesterday and saw that California's heat from a week ago has now been funneled northeast.  This insanity is getting to be too much, I am really getting concerned with where it will all end up.

    I have a sick feeling that we may not see a winter at all in a few years in spite of the constant barrage of artificial ice nucleation events that have been wreaking havoc with wildlife and transportation here over the last few winters.  


  19. Janice Hicks says:

    His nephew Donald John Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States in 2017.

    During World War II, Trump switched from work on hospital X-ray machines to research into similar technologies with a more direct application to warfare, especially the development of radar. During 1940, he joined the newly formed National Defense Research Committee (NDRC), as technical aide to Karl Compton, President of MIT and the Chairman of the Radar Division.[6]

    During 1942, Trump became Secretary of the Microwave Committee, a sub-committee of the NDRC. The director of the Microwave Committee was Alfred Lee Loomis, the millionaire physicist, who decided to create a laboratory. He selected a site for it, chose a suitably discreet and ambiguous name for it and funded the construction, until the Federal administration was established. The new institution was the MIT Radiation Laboratory, or the "Rad Lab". The British were also researching radar, which they termed Radio Direction Finder (RDF), and had started much earlier. Their Tizard Mission to the US showed how much more sophisticated they were with some of the technologies, particularly the magnetron. The US decided to send a team to Britain to help coordinate the efforts of the two Allies. The unit was known as the "British Branch of the Radiation Laboratory" (BBRL) and operated as a department of Britain's Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) at Malvern, in Worcestershire. In 1943, as the technical aide in Division 14 of the NDRC, Trump reviewed and analyzed the papers of Dr. Nikola Tesla when Dr. Tesla died in a New York City hotel. The research was completed on behalf of the Alien property Custodian office in Washington DC. From February 1944 to the end of the war in Europe, Trump was the Director of the BBRL.[7] During this time, Trump also served in the Advisory Specialist Group on Radar, advising USAAF General Carl Spaatz on navigational radar, precision-bombing radar, and also defenses against the German radars found in their night-fighters and in their flak units. The systems included: Gee, Oboe, LORAN, H2X, MEW & SCR-584. Trump worked with all the most important British radar experts, including Sir Robert Watson-Watt, A.P. Rowe and Bernard Lovell. At the end of the war, Trump also had interviews with Germany's main radar technicians. Trump received recognition for his war-work from both the United States and the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

  20. Janice Hicks says:

    I am listening to you on Coast To Coast Am tonight. 9/23/2017. I found a few things I wanted to share with you.
    This is a PDF file and I am amazed the Rhode Island Legislature bill admitted so much ! 
    RHODE ISLAND Legislation
    SECTION 1. Title 23 of the General Laws entitled "HEALTH AND SAFETY" is hereby
    2 amended by adding thereto the following chapter:
    3 CHAPTER 23.8
    5 23-23.8-1. Short title.
    6 This chapter shall be known and may be cited as "The Geoengineering Act of 2017".
    7 23-23.8-2. Legislative intent.
    8 (a) "Geoengineering" is defined herein as the intentional manipulation of the
    9 environment, involving nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic and/or other physical-agent
    10 activities that effect changes to earth's atmosphere and/or surface.
    11 (b) The Rhode Island general assembly finds that geoengineering encompasses many
    12 technologies and methods involving hazardous activities that can harm human health and safety,
    13 the environment, and the economy of the state of Rhode Island,
    14 (c) It is therefore the intention of the Rhode Island general assembly to regulate all
    15 geoengineering activities as further set forth by the terms and provisions of this chapter.
    16 23-23.8-3. Findings of fact.
    17 (a) Scope of geoengineering. Inclusive of solar radiation management (SRM) and other
    18 technologies, geoengineering activities are diverse and vary greatly in their characteristics and
    19 consequences. Geoengineering may involve ground-based and/or atmosphere-based deployments, 
    (8) "Geoengineering" means the intentional manipulation of the environment, involving
    10 nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic and/or other physical-agent activities that effect
    11 changes to earth's atmosphere and/or surface. 
    (11) "Release" means any activity that results in the issuance of atmospheric
    21 contaminants such as the emitting, discharging or injecting of one or more nuclear, biological,
    22 chemical, and/or physical agents into the ambient atmosphere, either intermittently or
    23 continuously.


  21. jared says:

    Most people may not know that Puerto Rico (PR) was recently bankrupted after years of budget shortfalls. PR repeatedly begged US congress to bail it out in a lead up to the bankruptcy but they were denied. Now, the Island is nearly "wiped clean" of it's infrastructure, homes, and electric power. Why?  

    Could it be the desire of globalist elite for more waves of destabilizing immigration? Could it be justification for a 51st state, which could tip the balance of electoral power between Dems and the GOP? Or could it be a desire for natural resource take over? It's hard to say, but if they want a political effect – you will see the media talk about Puerto Rico constantly in the coming weeks. If it is a for a covert resource take over – the media coverage will be a blackout of the crisis. 

  22. Lori Bridgeford says:

    What happened in Puerto Rico is yet another show of force, no different than the fires, droughts, and quakes that seem to all be unleashed. Military-industrial is where the money converges. REFUSING the power elite (No toxic zika sprays)  brings swift and penetrating PUNISHMENT. Maybe there are deep  resources there to extract- Oil, minerals ?) thus cleared this island home.  Or, a needed post for NWO/Agenda 21 globalists ? Wait until we get an earthquake tax, a hurricane tax, back-to back flood insurance, snow in summer tax, lightening tax, sanctuary tax, point is -we are to always pay to the very end. Death tax .  To those facing released relations, I grieve with you as some cannot/ will not face truths. Do not take it "personally" -break free from this conditional situation-Join the aware and you will be fortified and will sleep at night KNOWING you are tipping the scales for critical mass. Not worth another sour meal , visit, or other social contract. OWN this and you will feel stronger, brighter, and motivated to turn the corner on this -together !

    • Sam says:

      Yes…we are paying many 'taxes' now! Jesu said to pay caesar whats his!

      In eternity they will be paying ETERNALLY!

  23. barbzi says:

    Dane and Warriors,

    I recently heard a well known tv minister say that psychiatrist will tell you 80% of the people choose to live in denial to stay comfortable. 10% of the people will attempt to change reality. 10% of the remaining people will face reality but not try to change their circumstances. I would guess if the circumstances gets really really bad then some of the reality deniers will start to wake up….. I talked with a AT&T support rep today about geoengineering and shadow government and had no resistance. He thanked me several times for giving him websites and names. Plus the conversation may have been recorded as per warning…….In my bible class this morning i talked of geoengineering  and how the fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much. I've definitely seen  answered prayer regarding my fervent geoengineering prayers here in AZ.  Be ready when the doors open for you to  help expose climate changers and shadow government.  We are in a spiritual battle between good and evil.  Prayer, truth, faith,  our weapons against the schemes of the enemy.  God bless.

  24. chris says:

    I have to say that, after listening to all the latest (Hurricane Maria)…and from Dane, that this is all being orchestrated for the sole purpose of global/political/economical control of the masses. The masses, in my mind, are innocent good people. They are not ignorant nor are they uneducated. They are, however, being mind-controlled to the 10th power…and for the most part, by the mainstream, CIA controlled, media. It's sad.

    My wife and I have not had TV for almost 21 years, now. When I see, on the internet, Hollywood-type blonde divas reporting the "news" about Hurricanes H,I,J,K,L….whatever, and how devastating they are, I totally retreat to what I know as fact. And that is, OUR Shadow Government (CIA) and our Deep State minions, which are an endless chow line of privileged corporations, bankers, and defense contractors, have taken over this country…lock, stock, and barrel. Ask, if you could, Dwight  D Eisenhower. He knew back in 1953. No secret….and he tried to tell us!!!

    This weather warfare assault is being ramped up…for your entertainment. Enjoy the new military presence, DHS and FEMA…all for the common good and YOUR protection, of course. HAARP/microwave transmitter/Doppler sites are their tools of destruction. It's a game for them and they probably enjoy it, no doubt. The more they inflict their devastation, the more willing we are to 'accept' their terms….even if it be the security of detainment camps. Think about it. Your tax money at work.

    I, right now, have a niece in hurricane devastated Texas. She's been 'deployed' by the USCIS to help those poor folks who were the targeted by this cabal. She hasn't a clue that this was all a man-made catastrophe. Zika mosquito virus spraying, anyone? Enjoy. What's next on their agenda? Hurricane season ain't over yet.

    The evil do not rest….. don't  forget it.  You good folks, take care out there and fight back.

  25. LS says:

    Thanks Dane.   We can't help but see that weather is a war weapon. I saw this frequency effect on Maria in real time.

    It looks like a war out in the forest anywhere now. Everything is out of sync and nothing makes sense. In one small area there were 4 of the same willow bush in different stages of seasonal growth.  Then there were 2 more of the same willows that had all stages of yearly growth and death. All bushes and trees have a high percentage of dead limbs. It is unbelievably frickin nuts. It makes me feel nuts and my husband says I am hypnotized. It is a mass effect. Time for men to notice that women are more effected and sooner. We need the help of real men. But nature is so damaged….. how can anyone act like this is all normal. Peace and comfort to all. 

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      There are just as many men who are fully aware. Being a arborculture disease specialist in the south eastern U.S., I have been watching the global tree die off progress since I started to notice the strange symptoms all the back in 1994. The problem with all this is that even after presentations to the city, state. and federal entities, you get no where. If the masses tried to form an actual militant action, in response to what is happening , our shadow government has so many ways to eliminate the uprising that no one would even know they had been targeted. This will all play out and the only thing that will stop this is benevolent divine intervention. 

  26. Dawnski says:

    After listening to a table of four converse back and forth on the hurricanes and the lack of sun in the times surrounding the epic weather I gave both couples a copy of this website and shared they might find some answers to the ideas they posed. When they asked why such a thing would exist as geoenginereed weather i mentioned "follow the money" ie who profits from these events. I reintereated reading your research, Dane. At this point one of the ladies at the table proceeded to repeatedly ask me when did we start monitoring the weather. I told her I myself have been monitoring the weather since I was born. She repeatedly asked the question and I gave her the same answer. Eventually she gave me back this website I had written on a piece of paper and said if I am going to  bring this type of geoengineered weather concept up I should know how long the weather had been reported. Her reaction did not affect me one iota. I asked her if she felt the rise in cancer was at all contributed to the huge X's in the sky and the  fall out of the aluminum and barium in their spraying. She boldly said "that's from the planes" ie nontoxic. I politely let her know if she wanted to believe that she could. I had a very captive audience at this point in time during a Friday evening in a local popular restaurant. . . .my guess is that she knows what I was talking about and she is profiting somehow from the secret spraying 🙂

    • Dawnski says:

      Sadly, my son and I had a dispute on the ride home. He wants to go in to environmental conservation but he finds it embarrassing if I bring up geoengineering weather in public. I find it hypocritical to want to focus on a career in an environemntal career when he knows dard well what is going on as I have walked out my calling as a watchwoman for the Lord. His ostrich generation is so dumbed down and selfie me me media focused that they don't want to ruffle any feathers, ostrich or otherwise. I stood my ground and told him if he was unable to support me in public or in private it was time for him to venture off on his own. . . . we are running out of time. End of story!

    • Dennie says:

      Dawnski:  Too much of our world is filled with many, many stoopid people who are totally bought into, who are so hooked into The System (translated:  MONEY, and "stuff," creature comforts; fancy homes, snazzy cars on which they all base their "self esteem," and stunning vacations in exotic, faraway places) that any challenge to that "reality" is taken as a real threat to their life(style) and they are very easily pushed into Fight or Flight by anyone who challenges their beloved (Infinite Economic Growth) Paradigm, even as it poisons and kills them and everything they like to say that they "love."  

      You know, it's not just you you're asking your son to support– you're really asking him to stand up, and support The Truth.  

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      I have found that they either listen with interest or reject the truth outright. Even as their world spins out of control there are those who will never believe that man had a hand in the destruction of this civilization. There is no turning back. The mass extinction event is upon us. I'm sorry to be so negative but I don't see how we could even survive the feed back loops for the next one thousand years. Only the intervention of an intelligence greater than our's could mitigate this mess.

  27. Moonflake says:

    Saw an ad today on Fox news that Chris Wallace is doing an interview Sunday night with Bill Gates. (9pm).  It was also mentioned that some of the interview would pertain to the many patents Gates has on "controlling hurricanes". Will be interesting to see if they actually show it.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Thanks Moonflake. I searched the other day for those patents and could only find the applications for them. I think there were six.

  28. Plane Spray Weather Mod says:

    Hello Dane, here in Ireland they have been spraying more and more everyday, I see strange flat clouds they are aerosol dispersions from aircraft they must be, contrails are extremely rare they almost don’t exist. Geowatch tutorial provides an overly detailed example of that. Love To My Warriors & Dane.

    -Olaf Jenkins

  29. david says:

    Excellent interview with Mike Adams at natural news Dane.  

    • SBX says:

      Absolutely! I 100 percent agree. Interview with Jimmy Church (Fade To Black) on 9-11-2017 was also very good. I think it was the most informative broadcast I have ever heard. Jimmy Church did a great job interviewing Dane.

    • Befuddle says:

      Yes, I agree!

  30. Tex says:

    Apparently the first of these catastrophe bonds were up for renewal in June 2017.  If one could only know when a disaster might happen, a well-timed sell-off could make a lot of money and leave institutional investors holding the bag and probably none-the-wiser.  How nice for insurance companies such a product exists.


    http: //’s-first-ever-cat-bond-issuance



  31. WILLIAM says:


    • EndtheFed says:

      Central banks can print money at will.  They don't need your money, they take it because they can, to keep you subservient.  Not paying taxes will just land you in jail.  Lot of good you will do us there.  

  32. Larry S. says:

    Mother Nature in all her fury , an act of God . We must be crazy to think otherwise , not ! Although plausible deniability has existed throughout history, that name for it was coined by the CIA in the early 1960s to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge.

  33. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Dane, regarding  the legal arena, Is it possible that Freedom of Information requests are being stonewalled, redacted and refused outright on the grounds of "National Security?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, though we can speculate on the motives, yes, our legal effort FOIA’s are being completely stonewalled at the moment.

  34. Frances says:

    There are actually people who don't want to be informed. They just want to be entertained. It's soooooo frustrating. Thank you, Dane, for your strength and perseverance and deep love.

  35. Concerned ONE says:

    Thank you for this video, Dane. It is incredibly important and definitely makes one wonder why and how this is happening. Human lives are at risk as well as animal lives. Our planet needs protecting regardless of which political party one may belong to. These issues affect us all. 

  36. Mindy Maucelli says:

     I'm sick and tired of being treated like a sheep!!!!!

    when will all the people finally speak out and start calling their elected officials about this because they are our voice! 

    Start organizing marches and write letters! 


    • Dan Moore says:


      Most all of us who have contacted our "representatives" get a canned formal response of complete denial."Contrails have always existed."  That along with some piece of Government paper labeling us as conspiracy theorists.

      That's from Dave Brat US House Of Representatives R-Virginia.


  37. Nina says:

    Massive spraying here today (SW Portugal) . Is it connected?

  38. Jim D. says:

    There must be a main control center for this (like the wizard of Oz behind the curtain) somewhere. Why don't we find out where this control hub is and go knock it out?  Just kidding, but actually, not really.  Think about it.  To control everything involved must require so many individuals on so many different levels and in so many locations making the power structure HUGE and unstoppable.  What are we going to do?  What CAN we do?  Now the deer are dying in the THOUSANDS in PA and the animal die-offs globally are too horrible to think about, but I do.  I tell everyone I encounter about what's going on and I direct them to and I don't use the names that disinformation agents created like "chemtrails" but I can't seem to get anyone to CARE.  Could this really be the END of the age?  SOME thing has to break sooner or later!

    • Jim I am with you, I tell everyone I encounter and most don't care, but the ones that do care already know what is going on. I have become more isolated from friends and neighbors because they don't want to hear or believe the truth. This does not deter me from continuing to spread the word. I tell people wether they want to hear it or not and then the truth is on them to act informed or continue being apathetic and ignorant.  I am sorry to hear about all of the dear dying in your state. It only adds to the horrific mass animal die offs that are and have been plaguing our planet and her nature. Take Care.      

      Apathy + Ignorance = Extinction

      True Regards

    • Dawnski says:

      I shared this information with my Revelation bible study leader today after she shared a blog from the pastor of the church about hurricanes and earthquakes and God. This female pastor has been informed of this site by me on numerous occasions. Any 501.c3 is NOT going to discuss the reality of the days we are living in out of FEAR. Plain and simple. 2 Cor 2:17 spells it out . . . I do not make a living off of being the leader of any church. I do not make a dime off of sounding the alarm. Great is my reward in Heaven 🙂

    • LS says:

      Jim D. I read that PA wildlife put out rabies vaccine pellets in the forest of western PA. They are wondering if there's a connection. Ya think? Oh my god humans are stupid and the lesser form of life for sure. 

    • SBX says:

      Hi Jim and Christopher,

          I personally have found it effective to spend the $30 to receive 20 individual 20 page booklets from to give to friends/family etc. Let's face it, most of us are huge nerds on here who truly really do care. This method seems to be very effective, at least from the feedback I receive from friends….it makes things a lot less personal. Gets the point across without being a disaster capitalist….$30 for 20 booklets that are 20 pages long….no way to make a profit off of that…do it!

    • Dennie says:

      Are the deer actually dying off due to a rabies outbreak?  Who's suggesting that?  I think it much more likely that THEY HAVE NOTHING TO EAT.  Or drink.  That's what's happening out here in the West, where we are being baked and fried to death, and the people in the East are being flooded and frozen out.  

    • Nina says:

      Hello Jim D., I think the main reason they dont care is because they have no real connection to Nature anymore. Technology is their "God". No Soul, just some kind of "hive-mind." I have always loved Nature more than anything. Maybe that is why we noticed that this terrible attack on Her and they didnot.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Jim D.

      You're a buyer, you can do a lot.

      The problem is that we need a BILLION or more of buyers with consciousness when they go shopping.

    • Julia says:

      Jim same thing here in NJ. Not just the deer, but birds too just falling out of the sky dying from cardiac arrest and respiratory failure. Awful. Tragic beyond anything. I agree that the Earth will continue to exist, but life as we know t today will not. Sad as the Earth is so beautiful and man has given so much-poetry, art, music, theater, architecture, cinema- and it will all have been vain when we no longer will be here. Please check out Chemtrails Fightback on Facebook. Let's discuss what's happening in our areas and ways we can hopefully organize.

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