If The Trees Die, We Will Follow


The concerned Canadian woman that filmed this short video on the tree and plant die off occurring in her region has done an exceptional job of conveying the seriousness of what we collectively face. If humanity stays on the current course, the planet as we have known it will soon enough be no more. The single greatest leap we could currently take to preserve what's left of the Earth's life support systems is to expose and stop climate engineering. My most sincere thanks to the activist that shared this video, it is well worth the time to view.
Dane Wigington


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  1. Robert says:

    Just shared the video. Thanks for making it.

  2. Arafel says:

    New York state doesn't look much better. At least 25% of the trees in my yard (1.3 acres approximately 1 hour north of New York City) are dead or dying. In the nearby forest, 80% of coniferous trees are dead or dying (80%!!!!), their bark peels off in huge strips, then the tree dies. I contacted several local environmental protection agencies, state and private, all of them blew me off saying they'll look into it. Nobody's looking into it. 

  3. Jeanette S says:

    If that was my land I would be in downtown Oakland at lunchtime with a laptop and megaphone screaming my bloody head off. Let's see the gov't deal with that.

    I wonder if you could get a cover like the ones for termites put it over some of those trees. It is either UV or what they are spraying ;and with the cover all you would have to do is take a sample during a rain and send it even to a foreign lab. Other countries are happy to rat on the US and close friends. She would find out what it is.

    Use a light color and thin as you can get to let some sun through. Put it just over the top of the trees, like a tarp. Then make a crease/valley in the center and collect the water for a sample. And take the rest put it in a solar distiller, get the water out and take the dried out goop in the bottom and send it to our oval office occupant that never did a day of homework in his life. With a note: here have your …. back. It's perfectly fine right? So then it is not illegal, right?


  4. I have said it many times, where are he birds? Much like the coal the mines, birds are used to detect toxic gases. Are the birds dying because the air is now toxic?   

    Could it be the UV rays are getting stronger?  I notice my skin getting very tan even tho i stay indoors most a the day.  Whatever it is something is going on and no one is telling us! 

    • Anthony Enright says:

      Well there you have it in Alberta Canada all that Magnesium and Aluminum Chemtrail Spraying on the trees and plants on top of a drought have led a Wildfire that is out of control because of its fuel burning extremely hot due to the metals that have been put there by our Leaders that think they can control nature.I hope the citizens sue the pants off of these criminals . 

  5. Gail says:

    Hello my fellow Albertan! I thought I was the only one here that cried while walking their property in this most polluted province in Canada. The Land of the Free! But, not free enough to Breath Fresh Air! We would make a Great Team using our emotions towards Action. It gets tiring doing it alone. Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much. (Helen Keller) This Province has not had a full day of Sunlight in three years!!! We still had Snow on our property in the middle of June. On Nov. 2nd we had three inches of Fake Snow, that feels disturbing to walk on. This is approximately four & half months without Snow in Alberta, in a years time. I checked my pictures taken in June to confirm this fact. Mushrooms growing in full Sun areas. Those areas that no longer get full Sun. My Green House growing was a Failure. I've grown Organic & Landscaped Organically for thirty five years OUTDOORS & am sickened at the results of what this has done to our growing abilities, in this Province. I saw a dozen Bees, this year. I saw two Lady Bugs. Hundreds of Wasps & Ants as Dane & other experts speak of in the U.S. As if the Humming Birds didn't have enough to deal with. They swarm around the feeders or crawl into the ports & block them from the much needed nectar. Thank God for Dandelions! Acres of Land & them Trees are very quiet. Few Birds. A Birder for Twenty five years. Proof is in the pudding. We are loosing our Song Birds here too. So sickening to watch a Bald Eagle fly into a Chemical Cloud. I Cry again. I read others letters & so many act so hopeless asking what to do? Be creative! Buy some BOLD stickers & put Geoengineering.org in your back window of your vehicle. Buy Bright paper & write this again in Bold letters Laminate ($1.25 @ $1 Store for a package of ten) And post on poles in your area. Write a form letter, print off 500 times go to a mall & put them under windshield wipers. You can reach Hundreds this way instead of a person here & there. Dane wants us to wake up the MASSES. So think many. We are under the gun my Brothers & Sisters. Get Moving. Make Haste. Put up a Billboard, if you can afford it. Or combine funds to do so. In Every City, Town & Hamlet. The time is now. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of Value!  Thank You so much for your BIG HEART & making this video for the World to see. God Bless You. We shall prevail.     

  6. Emily says:

    When i tell people it is geoengineering they say how can i prove that most people say its just general pollution doing it they honestly believe that its all the industrial pollution doing this and not geoengineering . How can we change their minds I am lost at what to do.

  7. JoAnn Fox says:

    Trees  turning yellow and Orange and dropping leaves way before time here in Tuscarawas County Ohio during July and August.  Leaves having black and dark brown spots all over them as well as a brown and curling/dying effect.  All trees usually well canopied and not seeing any "white" sky and this summer canopies are nill and sparse.  Plants and trees do not look good her at all.  Noticing ots of dye off all over area here in NE Ohio as well of lot of needle trees(pine, etc) browning up, needles falling and trees dying.  
    What really bugs me is most people are not even noticing.  Too busy with their lives and texting to look around.

    • Janet says:

      I live in Massachusetts and I noticed this exact same thing with my backyard trees last summer and fall! Leaves falling and turning bkac k way before they should and a lot of trees didn't loose their leaves,  no brilliant fall colors and the trees are stressed. I had to look at my 2016 fall tree pictures to see how different they looked from 2017.

  8. Alex D. says:

    Here in Liverpool, England, the London Plane trees are showing signs of ill health, canopies sparse, tips of branches dead, row upon row of trees in a very poor condition, all parks are planted with these trees, what will the people say when they're looking at dying parks, it's all happened in the last few years.

  9. Nicole says:

    Yeah this is stunning, awful and sadly familiar. We’re being exterminated. Period.

  10. Nicole says:

    Clip works fine for me – hope that helps.

  11. cathy hubbell says:

    When I try to open the video it says web page can not be displayed. Does anyone else have that problem with it now? I too believe the we create what we project. I believe we must realize who and what we truly are and that we have the power to fix things. I also think we must take action (I stated above what seems like a logical thing to do…please see suggestion) We must get the military on our side and the side of our Earth. Anyone being made aware of the alarming tree decline will want to do whatever they can. Many in the military are already awake. We must get them to arrest and detain indefinitely those people and bloodlines responcible. Keep hope and stay happy. Love from your sister Cathy

  12. cathy hubbell says:

    I think writing emails and making phone calls to military groups, police groups, oathkeeper groups and airplane pilot groups are the fastest way to alert people in key positions to the alarming tree decline and death. We must do all we can to encourage those groups to see who the real enemies are and to stand on the side of humanity and our Earth and all life on Earth.. Most people in these positions are normal humans who naturally care about the planet which sustains us.
    The other thing a few friends and I will be doing is going to city council meetings and county meetings for the purpose of alerting others to the spraying and tree decline. Also since the spraying is local as well as global we should expect our representatives to have answers for what is being sprayed in our skies, the very air we breathe. Of course they won’t at first but we should be able to insist that they demand answers from whoever it takes to get the answers even if it means they must contact the president. We will return to these meetings over and over and not let up until they do their jobs. The very least we should expect is an open dialog between those responcible and the citizens. If we can get to THAT point people will wake up fast and the people should be mighty PISSED!!

  13. Jessica Dyer says:

    I have to wonder if this isn’t exactly what is prophecied in the Bible of the end times. No cattle, no sheep, no grape on the vine….a power that is rooted within many nations will give rise to the antichrist….global destruction, earthquakes, draught, pestilence…..

    Truly, since my health has declined and I’ve begun to suspect just who the culprit might be (mind you with no former knowledge of chemtrails, after a self-diagnosed Morgellons condition)….I literally walked right out of my lifestyle and back into the church. We are the ones who know the times. We can be the Watchman to a nation of sleeping people, the messengers. True Justice, I believe may be coming in the next couple of decades. I think God is the only one who has the power to restore the Earth now.

    I suppose we can be more certain in the next few years if this appears to be the unfolding of the Revelation if Jesus Christ but I know where I’ll be in the meantime….reacquainting myself with the Holy Spirit.

    Truly I apologize for the prostelitizing, as I do know when I’m not walking with The Lord just how annoying it is…..but I just feel compelled in these days.

  14. Debbie says:

    I posted earlier. I’ve recently become aware of Geo-engineering and totally believe it’s true. I’ve been following Dane and commented on this video as this is where I live!

    I’m sitting here wondering what more can I do, other than sharing with people I know. How can we stop what is going on? Is it possible to stop it? If so how?

  15. Debbie says:

    Absolutley Disturbing! I watched your video to the end and I understand your tears. It’s sickening. I live in Calgary & I see the non-stop trails almost every day! I will start videoing them. I’ve tried to get people to open there eyes but find people don’t want to believe it. I love being in nature and I’ve seen many diseased looking plants over the years and have wondered what’s wrong with them?

    Yes it’s time everyone takes notice and finds the right band wagon to jump onto to do everything and anything they can to STOP this craziness !

    Thank you so much for taking the time to video what truly is happening!

  16. Cory says:

    Thank you soo much for posting this! I live in Alberta as well and have noticed all of this. I try to tell people that something is really wrong. Everything looks like this from Fort.St.John Bc all the way to Calgary. I am glad to see that others are noticing as well. I too am very upset!! Something really needs to be done!!

  17. Terri says:

    found a new article about the star fish die off. another results of being sprayed with chemicals i am sure.


    we have birds dying. wild birds drink like crazy and then fall over dead. they act as if they cannot get enough water. streams and springs are drying up as well but i find it hard to believe that is the reason for it.

    what is happening to these star fish is what is happening to melon crops in our area. the melons are turning liquid inside out. rotting on the vine. no signs of blight. plants looks healthy. no blackness on vines or fruit. the insides look cooked. what is it that is being sprayed that melts things like this star fish? what melts fruits in the south? more then just aluminum or perhaps a reaction.

    • rg says:

      speaking of birds, i rarely here chirping birds in the morning no matter where i am, any city USA…

      THIS IS AGENDA 21 at work across the USA.

  18. Margaret says:

    I also see numbers of dying trees here in Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto area (Ontario). And I observe the chemtrails almost everyday. I found it very difficult to talk to people about it -they do not want to listen. It is truly frightening… I discovered those facts only around 8 months ago, but since that time my life transformed almost completely… Thank you for posting this video.

  19. Jodie Foster says:

    Thank you so much for this information and message. I must share!

  20. Jodie Foster says:

    Could you submit a few photos to me. I am trying to get a photo slide show to present to all government officials and the UN. my email is iamthesong@hotmail.com Thank you

  21. Jodie Foster says:

    Chet no one has this right and that is why we have to take a stand NOW. There is a global march this Saturday, we all need to attend and make contacts with those around and start taking action to end the spraying. http://www.globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com/events.html

  22. James says:

    Wow, this video is gut-wrenching and frightening. Her entire surrounding looks as if it was sprayed with Roundup but a week ago. Her MLA’s riding is north of Edmonton. This lady must get to the bottom of what’s killing everything about her. In answer to her, my guess, trees that are dropping their leaves in July are dying. I’ve just lost a few in my wood lot. Last week I watched a leafless tree fall down in a bit of a wind storm. As my 50 year old hardwood tree fell over dead, it was a real jolt. Her shock would be magnified a hundred times over. I’d be crying too.

    I’m in central Ontario. There are young deciduous trees, roughly 20′ to 30′ height, 4″ to 6″ at the butt, dying all over my town. It wasn’t that obvious to me until I noticed a few, then began looking more closely. Upon seeing a few dying trees I began to notice more. I have no idea what’s killing them but their leaves were turning and falling in June/July, same as the video. In the space of 5 blocks I counted about 20 young trees that won’t be here next year.

    Next, I began to notice the pine trees looking sick. They seem more vulnerable here compared to other local conifers.

    Our gardens in this area had a very bad year. Tomatoes the worst I have seen it, almost none ripened, potatoes died of blight in Aug. You can’t get pickling cucumbers that are any good in the stores, they turn to mush. We had continuous cloud cover all summer. I’m thinking this is the shape of things to come.

    Dying trees, gardens failing, this no longer something to be thought of as a future peril. At the rate this is going we need a short term solution. I just don’t think we will see mass outrage any time soon. People are too docile.

    I really wonder how much radiation fallout has to do with this situation. Oh, i forgot to mention the robins all left in the last week of Aug. The geese have been flocking since about late Aug as well.

    They spray the skies here every day. There seems to be no let-up whatsoever. Its a catastrophe in the making, more people have to catch on, and fast.


  23. David says:

    It’s also radiation from Fukushima, over 3 and a half years and going… ENENEWS.COM

  24. First of all, I love this lady and thanks. second of all I too have this problem and have had it for maybe three years or so but first I thought it was a bug peoblem, I have had trees just fall over for no reason and evergreens that are dying for no reason and like she showed trees just dying and defoliating for no reason.
    I will also take a video of my property.. I ask WHO has the authority to allow this to even happen ???

  25. KS says:

    We are also seeing a lot of scorched looking deciduous trees here in Moses Lake, which has chemtrails being sprayed constantly. How do your evergreen trees, specifically, pine look? Our large mugo pine & Colorado spruce were covered with cones & candles last season. This season there is hardly a cone, and what candles we had curled up and turned brown. Both are in our yard, and get a lot of water. Neither were affected by Japanese beetle. It is like they stopped growing this year…My sumac look sickly as well as our lilacs. I am also doing a video to keep on file for further use. We have patches of pasture grass that have died as well….

  26. nick Dombkowski says:

    So sob Angry at The Destruction of the wonderful creation , we the people as stewards to look after . Bigs Hugs to you sister , for sharing this video x

  27. Nostradamus says:

    In the sixteenth century there was
    a french philosopher, by the name of Nostradamus, who prophesised that in the late twentieth century
    an angel of death shall waste this land. I pray to God that he was wrong.

  28. Truthbetold says:

    That is why ALL our vegetables are coming from Mexico where they aren’t spraying yet except for rain!

  29. Ken says:

    WHAT is it going to take?
    If this isn’t bad enough, WHAT IS?
    I’m getting so tired of this BS.

  30. JR says:

    We’re seeing the same here in Bellingham, WA. Spraying daily overhead. All trees turning brown and the temps are not below 65 even at night which is highly unusual. No rain either. I talk about it all the time now because I’m not afraid anymore of the blowback. Funny thing is that once I point it out, people just become quiet. Next thing I know they’re sending me pictures of the spray grids from somewhere they are. Or they tell me of watching the planes flying past, turning around and coming back with the spray turning on and off. It’s way, way easier to show people now as it’s happening so much. I would give anything to see natural clouds again. I see the spray clouds and I just get angry.

  31. Roberto Abril says:

    This is pretty sad. Threes are destroyed. Our support systems is in danger and so are we. Why?

  32. Jo says:

    Dr Stan Monteith talks about how they’ve been trying to kill us slowly with Aspartame, Fluoride and Mercury for a long time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iguggvFg2Z0

    I wonder how many people saw this article about Nicole Kidman’s father. I doubt it got to the main press. He was one of the elite in Australia and it mirrors the same pattern one finds in Europe and elsewhere. If you scroll down to the bottom of this article you will watch the most horrifying account you could ever imagine, of a lady who experienced and was witness to the tortures the elite do on a monthly basis to children. This testimony just echoes what we have heard elsewhere from other witnesses, that they use the same children again and again to carry out their unbelievable tortures, or just kill them in a horrible way.

    So what is the solution?
    We know now from quantum physics, the more we focus on something the more we influence it (see video at end). So the solution is, rather than going into the feeling of fear and powerlessness, we must remember they are afraid of us. Their backs are against the wall now, which is why they are desperately trying to cause famines and destroy our world before too many wake up.

    Their aim is to cause more wars, cause millions to die via various means: war, sickness, famine, climate engineering ebola, etc and weaken us to the point we will totally submit and they can then microchip all of us and completely enslave us.

    So what does waking up mean?
    It means understanding that the real power is our own Consciousness: if we BELIEVE something we will create it.

    If we BELIEVE and KNOW we have the means and the POWER to bring about justice and the imprisonment of these people who are harming our world soon, we can and we will.

    We need to focus on:
    We HAVE the solution and it is becoming clearer and clearer day by day, how we can implement it.
    We have plenty of indisputable evidence.
    There are genuine judges with real integrity, along with lawyers and politicians and we are drawing the best of them together to fight our cause.
    All the pieces are coming together now and we will soon achieve our goal and bring these people to justice.

    Everything is consciousness and we have the power: what we focus on we create! We are the 99% and they are just 1%!

    More and more people know the truth about all their corrupt practices. It is a bit like a rotten dam where the water is breaking through the wall all over the place and eventually soon, it will completely break.

    We just have to Absolutely TRUST and BELIEVE we have what it takes to bring all the pieces together to bring about justice, in the most peaceful way possible, sooner rather than later, and pull our world back from the brink.

    Ebola patent: http://yoy50.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/ebola-virus-was-patented-by-u-s-government.jpg

    The hidden secret about consciousness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tAxww5V_7I

    The Forbidden Secret:

  33. Laura Sutton says:

    This is the saddest documentation of the harm to plantlife done by geoengineering that I’ve seen. Shame on the people doing this. Very very sad…made me cry.

  34. Constance Chauvel-Gomez says:

    So sad…the “zombies” are killing our Planet!! I grew up in The San Joaquin Valley, Central California; The Valley is no more!!!

  35. lee bartram says:

    This is so so sad. It has to be stopped now… is this also killing off our Bees.? If the Bees go.. we go..! Frightening. .

  36. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Thanks for sharing this video from Alberta. We have a community of Sisters up there. My heart aches for all of us and our beloved planet. I continue to speak out daily. Let’s commit to do this and Make It Known.
    With gratitude.

  37. Jhere McKenzie says:

    OMG!!!!!! I thought it was my imagination….why are the leaves turning, it is only September, and it has been in the 80s and 90s. These trees should still be lush!

  38. Fay Knox says:

    Same thing happening here in Lancaster Ontario Canada. I have this wild flower that grows to 3 feet and the bees just love it but flowers barely flowered and it all turned brown weeks ago. Milkweed I let grow in my yard for monarch butterflies black mold on it. they sprayed overhead three weeks ago and within two days 8 foot high flowers perenial was dead brown those flowers would handle frost. Popular tree had branches that just fried at the same time. No cucumbers or zuchini this year tomatoes are toast. Only thing that grew was weeds. Haven’t seen a sunny day all day in weeks. Total grey mass over us. If the sun breaks through it disappears right away they are killing us.

    • joe r says:

      Same conditions in Sudbury Ont. Its too early for natural color change in vegetation. I see trees dying from their roots up instead of normal top down.
      For us,.the barium shuts down our alarm system as lead get into our brain. Once it gets there, 2 weeks of sickness and then death. Doctors see nothing and can only diagnose it as natural causes.

  39. kathleen beynun says:

    Thank you for taking the time to document this travesty. My heart breaks also for our entire planet and the little children.

  40. Cori Gunnells says:

    Everyone, please film any damage you see. Video it, zooming in and out, so you can show the full extent of the damage. Record your temps so there is no dispute in interpretation that it’s caused by frost damage (which will be coming soon). Calendar your days of sunshine/lack of sunshine, precipitation… The more facts the better. This is showing up all over. Let’s track this, and report. The magnitude of this loss – mature trees, young trees, understory growth, all dying, should greatly help us make a big impact in gaining the attention of those who are supposed to serve us.

  41. DebW says:

    Ive said this many times the past few years. Killing our forest and greenery is what they are doing. If they cause it to rain and freeze again this coming winter, MOST of the trees will be done for in Wisconsin. Many died last year when they did the rain/freeze all winter. When I see what they are doing to our lands with the storms/fires/ droughts/flooding etc, it proves to me exactly what their intentions are. Some of these chemicals (they are all not the same) are causing people to be very sick, especially with lungs (respiratory and cancer) with this heavy spraying in our skies. I see our military doing it also, yes, I have, and those are the ones we have to stop. There are many companies in every single town in each state hired to do this, and I hope the hell someone strikes them where it hurts.

  42. Cori Gunnells says:

    Deeply moving. Deeply concerning. We are seeing this all over, and I can only hope that when the average person begins to register these losses, they will stand with us and demand disclosure of the geoengineering programs and demand a stop to them.
    This should show all that the time is very near to losing all.

  43. sonja lourenco says:


  44. Barbara Santora says:

    An observation…The palm trees in FL still seem to be okay..their root system is not deep..perhaps the concept that it is coming from the soil (enriched by rain) has some merit. I noticed the other trees have severe fungus growing on them. Very good video. the nay sayers will say this is due to global warming…in my estimation it is a freeze or fry scenario. 🙁

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