Is There A Global Climate Engineering Cover-up? A Live Debate, Parts 1 and 2


Dane Wigington

Have illegal and highly destructive global climate intervention programs already been fully deployed? Or are such controversial climate engineering operations only “proposals”? This question is addressed in this one our live on-air debate that was hosted by WBAI radio in New York (hosted by Geoff Brady). Dane Wigington (lead researcher from presents evidence to corroborate the conclusion that climate engineering / geoengineering operations are fully deployed and causing immense damage to the planet’s life support systems. Paul Beckwith (professor and engineer from the University of Ottawa) adamantly denies that climate engineering is occurring, yet he states it should be immediately deployed. The purpose of this debate is to allow the listening audience to decide for themselves whether or not climate engineering is actually occurring. There were two one hour debates between Wigington and Beckwith, this is the first one hour debate.

Part 1

Part 2

Coming to credible conclusions requires objective investigation of facts, there is no place for ideology, bias, or preconception. The whole of academia is denying the ongoing geoengineering operations, to do otherwise is a bad career decision for them, or worse. So, while the the science communities are trying to protect their paychecks and pensions by denying climate engineering, the biosphere assault from geoengineering operations continues to wreak havoc on Earth’s life support systems. All are needed to help in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, help us to sound the alarm.

101 Responses to Is There A Global Climate Engineering Cover-up? A Live Debate, Parts 1 and 2

  1. Russ Meier says:

    Hey Dane

    I'm an average 50+ year old male who lives in Southeastern Ontario, Canada, at the Eastern Tip of Lake Ontario. I've noticed Massive changes in the Weather since the early to mid 1990's. More so than the average person because I fished Amateur Bass and Walleye Tournament's all through the 90's! These included the huge drop of water levels on Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, & throughout the Kawartha Lakes. I'm taking about 5+ feet to a point where we couldn't use the boat launches in 1996 and on, that we had used in 1993 and 1994. Also getting very bad sun burns that I had never gotten before & it's continued to get worse every year since.

    Now, as for Mr Paul Beckwith, he stated that he has NOT SEEN any of the Chemical Trails in the sky and I have to say, either he's Legally Blind or has been looking at the Ground & Not the Skies, because the Trails left behind Large Jet Aircraft are So Obvious & are happening at least 3 days out of every week & the rest of the days the sky is just Grey and Overcast. I've even noticed Light Red Skies during the day which I've never seen growing up!

    Keep up your great work Dane because there's still so many people who choose to ignore the obvious in their daily lives and that NEEDS TO CHANGE VERY SOON!! 

  2. Maggie says:

    Paul Beckwith is so difficult to listen to. Like listening to a teenager. All over the place, evading, obfuscating, invoking logical fallacy after logical fallacy, and desperately trying to put words in Dane's mouth, since Dane's actual words and the facts that he presents Beckwith cannot refute.

  3. Steven Carter says:

    The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

    Robertson Davies

  4. Tngeowatch says:

    It makes no sense to me how Paul thinks? I tried to listen with out goggles and try to here his views. I could tell by the end Dane you just let him fade into his own place. I hope your spirit after this is still strong. It must be frustrating to not get through to people like this?? I am praying for you and your protection. 


    In other news. SE TN is in a heat wave. 90 + for mother day weekend!

  5. dave says:

    Great debate but such a waste of time trying to convince hard headed people of what is painfully obvious.  They've made up their minds already so don't disturb their world with the facts. 

  6. Samie says:

    I’m 62 yrs. young…I grew up on a farm in SE Nebraska. I would escape to the meadow by the creek and stare at the sky and daydream. I remember seeing all the clouds that I was taught in science. Impressive!

    I left Ne in 1979 and moved to the east coast. I’ve been living in the Rehoboth Beach, De since 2000. I have worked on the beach since 2009. I look up everyday. I looked at Dane’s site and watched videos and the recent debate. There is something going on here. 

    I took a workshop in New Jersey…Jan. 2017. It was near a military base. I observed the spraying…I meet a meteorologist at the workshop and I asked him about what I was seeing. He got so defensive and told me that I offended his life passion. He ran away and avoided me. 

    One morning, I saw a grey military jet land and I saw the nozzles on the wings. 

    Last summer on my beach job, I saw a plane spray and then it stopped spraying. 

    I was in Nebraska recently and for 3 days…no spraying. And then before storms there was spraying where there are no commercial flights.  

    • Samie says:

      I also want to add that I often take a flashlight out at night and I see particles. 


  7. herb says:

    Frankly I thought there was hope for Paul Beckwith after listening to the first debate. He seemed genuinely ignorant about some of the facts you represented. And low and behold he did zero research. Boy it must have felt like hammering a nail into concrete trying to get him to understand the difference between voltaic uptake and visible light. And in the end he was reduced to a quivering child, repeatedly saying "Im a climate scientist who reports on the climate"  Im saddened by your response Paul…..

    • herb says:

      No wonder at times you were silent Dane, this guy was simply digging his own hole. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well said Herb!  I felt the same plus angst!  Mega angst!  But Dane holding back let Beckwith hang himself.  Can't imagine what Beckwith must have felt like afterwards and what all his colleagues would have to say about it!  Thanks for reminding me about his inability to grasp Dane's point between visible light and voltaic uptake!  So much he got so wrong or didn't get At All.

  8. Tanya says:

    It used to be that the "scientific community" was about empirical data, reproducible evidence. Its now about consensus, which is opinion and has nothing to do with facts.



    • Pedro says:

      Answering to Juli – ( I don't know if there are many nations able to stop the Anglo-American Nazi-Zionist-Wahhabi agenda ):

      Maybe Putin and China, BUT;



      Watch, please, from the minute 58:26.

      Look carefully at the image in the minute – 1:07:02 and 1:09:12.



    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      As Pedro suggests, view the video times.  I'm assuming this is Russian footage of yet another military charade.  Silver blue skies streaked with plumes of chemical aerosol poisons.  A bunch of ignorant military PIGS (I repeat myself) showing off expensive death machines as the planetary system crashes around them.

      How many private HOMES (not hamster cage apartments) public infrastructure, farm tractors, grain silos, water desalinization plants, and solar panels could be built with the trillions of rubles these retarded morons pissed away on their death wish?

      The U. S. military spends 10 times that amount on the same throwback idiocy.  Let's give 'em a big hand…

    • Pedro says:

      Hello, Paul.

      What you say, my friend, is 100% true, but what is more disconcerting to me in this particular video and "ceremony", which happened in this very particular time of our current History, is the fact of seeing Putin side by side with satanyahu ( I'm not saying that Putin is better ), but should not they be antagonists?

      I am aware of the game of interests that is running in the World, but now more than ever I am convinced that the masonic rulers of the dark from the West and East are plotting one more time ( as they plotted before in the WW2 ), their cyclical agenda of destruction and depopulation, to establish new paradigms of business and world domination. I think that for the top elites ( of cowards ) this is nothing more than a game to see who is the one that is able to kill more Humans.

      climate engineering will be probably "their" only mistake and – biggest crime – that will make them pay for all their crimes committed against Humanity and Biosphere ( crimes which also includes climate engineering ), but unfortunately this mistake that will make them pay is causing the demise of everything..

  9. Floyd says:

    Dane, You were absolutely amazing in the 2 part argument, showing how much a highly trained academician was so blind, flatly refusing to look at the evidence, and it didn't matter that you win the argument or loose, what mattered was you were bringing light where there was darkness. How I wish more people could listen to the 2 part series. You sounded like a Doctor and Paul Beckwith sounded like a 8th Grader, you did very well my friend, very well in deed!

  10. concerned says:

    I'm saddened Paul Beckwith adopts the view he does re chemtrail spraying. Recently its been bright blue skies (even!) here in the north UK, which makes it all the more obvious when its nasty spraying days. I point up and ask people and they seem so blind to the obvious, maybe tv and Fox has brainwashed them; I'm either ridiculed or they have some put-down wisecrack that is basically incorrect, untrue or does not advance the discussion.

    I blogged on this, Sunday April 8th. I missed the start but immediately after replayed that mornings early two hour flight paths on flightradar24 and when replayed 24hrs later only a fraction of the flights remained, in each instance I drew a line with a white board marker on the screen to register position and direction etc. Why had so many been deleted?

    Its the over-fast unreal chemtrail cloud morphing that is so instantly recognisable as unreal. Sometimes brown tinged when new and heavy. I also mentally divide the day into 3 hr segments to aid getting a 'handle' on whats happening, to aid observation.

    Heres a checklist I made to help newbies …

    Aircraft trails where normally never seen.

    Trails do not disappear as they should normally.

    Trails connect to produce overall haze.

    Sometimes as quick as 10-20 mins later all hazed over.

    No longer a blue sky as assumed and expected an hour earlier.

    Note parallel tracks or peculier bends and even 90deg  turns.

    In extreme cases the sky can ‘morph’ or change rapidly every 5 – 10 mins.

    Note metallic sheen to light.

    • NEIL says:

      They are spraying every day, at least here in a major metro area where I live (Chicago).  Pay closer attention and you will notice also the short, bright aerosols (not contrails) on so-called 'clear' days which serve to drastically lower the relative humidity and cause a kind of magnifying glass-type effect with the sun, causing the light to be blindingly bright and hot on the skin.  You don't need a weather meter to tell you this, however; your nose knows, and also your eyes will tell you something is amiss.  Utilizing a reliable weather meter, however, will corroborate what the body is sensing, and you will also find that relative humidity data values are consistently being over-reported.  'Owning the Weather' = Owning the WATER.  

    • concerned says:

      Lets think of chemtrails and how mass media is engineered to minimise any population taking notice ie …

      A realisation today … 17th May 2018. Regarding media manipulation. Maybe half a dozen times to different people I've pointed upwards to the sky not really getting anywhere and today it was a revelation.

      He says in response "Oh you don't believe in that mind control" ….


      "Of course not but what I am saying is that those straight lines that haze and merge are not conventional aircraft trails, they're full of aluminium and organic growers are having problems with it, its also why California burned the way it did."

      (Remember …. Monsantos GM patents include aluminium resistance).

      So who the heck is talking abt mind control? As with the first two people I mentioned this to and avid Fox News fans, as I did determine from that encounter there is concious effort to broadcast material that ridicules the 'look at the chemtrail activists'. That indeed is nasty and explains why its so difficult to get ppl to look up and take notice. Thats why its so difficult, they have been set against any such enquiry by it being framed in the media as a crackpot notion. Framed to automatically be seen as a nutcase enthusiasm. You see, theres no tv in this house so how wld I know their prior knowledge is so affected, so conditioned to ridicule my concern?

  11. Pete says:

    Wish Paul could see what I saw this morning in Southampton UK and on Wednesday morning – really heavy spraying and so obvious, very disturbing & just damn right insane. Thursday morning though, nothing, sky actually looked healthier for a change (we had heavy rain that night so maybe a factor in that), very few aircraft to be seen until later in the afternoon when they started again – I can almost predict what will happen and when now on schedule.

    All in our minds and fake or as Paul and so many lying/oblivious others would say – reality check please Paul & co….

  12. Dennie says:

    Natural sunscreen recipe from Shawn James at My Self Reliance videos:



    Raspberry seed oil

    Carrot seed oil

    Spruce tips

    Mix above ingredients into rendered lard and beeswax.  Pour into a jar.

    At 14:04 into the video, there's a shot of a thermometer showing 80 degrees fahrenheit.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  Shawn's log cabin is in Ontario, Canada, and this is in early May….

  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today, finally, was Farmers Market #1. Right now I feel like a million bucks. Tending an awareness booth is the only time I feel I am doing what I am "supposed" to do. In today's case the booth is my own that I share with ALL here. All of you have been referenced in my conversations with folks. Including those of you in different countries. Your inputs are most valuable to me.

    Traffic today at the market was very slow. It rained most of the morning and threatened to most of the afternoon. The market is from 3 to 7 PM. The booth backs up to the street and there is an 8 foot banner facing that way. Many folks from the grocery store across the street see it as well as those that drive by in the 25 mph zone. It was nice that low traffic afforded the opportunity to speak longer with those that did stop by and were very interested. I'm happy to say that I was asked some very good questions today. I'm also happy to say that I had good answers. Thank you Dane and thank you ALL for the knowledge I am passing on to any that will take a minute and listen. I tried something different today. Instead of having a table full of material. I had 3 sets of flyers and booklet and one stack of DVD's. That's it. Not very intimidating to the simple minds that roam these mountains I live in. I had 3 separate folks come up and ask "what is all this about?" Pretty obvious I wasn't selling anything. A very nice man paid my booth fee today without my knowing. Saved me 8 bucks, it matters in my little world. I did 24 farmers markets last year and will do the same this year. I live 17 miles outside of a small town and my efforts spill over into every day life when I am in town. My reputation has gone from "hey, there's that guy that thinks they can control the weather", to "hey, there he is, you should go talk to him". Meaning, he's the one that can answer your questions. My personality rolls pretty close to how Dane is in the debates he has "on air". I highly recommend adopting the frame of mind that allows such "fluidity and composure". Truth and reality have a power all it's own. We only need to latch on to it like it is some kind of thrill ride. Tell me how much defending is on your mind when you are latched on to the ride of your life?! I'd say your mind would be more focussed on the truth and reality of what you are experiencing in "real time"(grin).

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Just to make clear in regards to my last "fun" statement. Do not misunderstand my use of "defending". The point is to latch on to the power of truth and reality. Let it stand on it's own. Give it the chance it deserves. Most of all, learn how to manipulate the flow of it for the "greater good". "Teach those that do not know". They will more easily accept with the more they know of truth and reality. Each person we meet is a student. Many of them are long term. (I feel ya marc). The best and most lasting compliment I ever got was when I was told that I am a good teacher. My ship becomes more buoyant each time I hear that. Know what's fun?! Teaching lots of things! There was a time not so long ago that teachers were more often found outside of the school system……

    • JR says:

      Cool post Horseman; sounds like some people are finally opening up their eyes and minds looking up and observant, good job. Plant the seed of truth, and perhaps some one else will water it if need be. That's good, these scumbags days are numbered here on earth going to fire and brimstone for all eternity, what else? What good does it do for the lowlifes to have all the riches of this world but in the process sell out their souls, ha. I try to do what I can on this topic, if nothing else on a one to one basis. I haven't had the luxury to hand out cd's for viewing in a while as in past. It's all good, thanks. Good to hear people here are hanging on, if we don't have hope we are done. That's what the Enemy wants, we will run the good race. On another note I had surgery on my nose back in Dec. '17 for a deviated septum, feels like I have a small brick on nose, no weight though, but o.k. My 12 broken ribs, collar bone still mending, as rest of body. We will live to ride again I hope. It can be rough being hit by a 1/2 ton pickup from rear at 40-50 miles an hour. A buddy of mine has some mounts, but I'll stay off of them though, chuckle…Thanks to everyone else for concerns on my being wrecked back 1 yr. and 2 months ago, yeap…God's Peace

    • Kathy says:

      Great work Horseman on the East side-yes the best side, I know:-). It is an awesome feeling to be out there. On the west side of course is whole different game over here and not easy but I look forward to being available for "them". Doing what we are suppose to do, is right!  Looking forward to reading more posts on awareness efforts. Keep up the good work over there, we will do the same, our turn tomorrow.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      JR, many thank you's for the nod. Glad to know your are still recovering in good fashion. To this day I have a limp on the left side from a motorcycle accident 37 years ago. Haven't been on one since. My right foot has been broke twice by a horse. Both times my fault. Now I walk like a gimpy John Wayne(grin)…..

      Kathy, my friend I have met, I'm looking forward to your next report from your local market booth. For what it's worth, I am holding back until this weeks Global Alert News, a new friend I met yesterday. He's lived around here all his life and he is a hickerbilly just like me and twice as curious a personality. Fascinating gentleman. Can't wait to write about him. And to ALL, I can not stress enough how "relieved" folks like him are to meet someone like "me". Make yourselves available to inquiring minds. Be the teacher you needed….

  14. lawrence LB says:

    Heavy aerosol spraying this afternoon and evening over LA basin. 5-10-18

    • Dang says:

      Heavy indeed I'm now in Anza looking down towards LA was going to venture to San Clemente this morning but it's socked in and drifting up this way  .  The clouds dropped to the ground just like the jack Ass beckwith mentioned as if on cue for cooling pleasure


  15. GM says:

    Here in “San Bernardino Count” , they spray “ constantly” and then eventually starts looking “fog like” Except it’s not fog. It’s all that material that is being released into the atmosphere. All one needs to do it look up and observe the sky to notice all this pollution and what is being done.

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  A Russian oligarch sanctioned [giving up his three leased private jets!] by Trump is also the founder and owner of RUSAL, the second largest aluminium company in the world. China Hongqiao was the largest aluminum company in 2016.  Rusal, Alcoa and Rio Tinto are also ranked among the largest aluminum producers globally. On the surface these powers may appear to be competing enemies, but evidence shows a global cooperation in geoengineering our planet.

    WIKI:  Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska … a Russian oligarch, aluminium magnate and philanthropist.[1] He is the founder and owner of one of the largest Russian industrial groups Basic Element.  He was the president of En+ Group and United Company Rusal, the second largest aluminium company in the world,[4] until 2018.[5]. … As of May 2017, his wealth was estimated by Forbes at $5.2 billion.[8] Deripaska is also known for his close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin, as well as his connection to American political consultant Paul Manafort, whom Deripaska employed from at least 2005 to 2009.[9]

    WIKI:  United Company RUSAL … is the world's second largest aluminium company by primary production output (as of 2016).  It was the largest until overtaken by China Hongqiao Group in 2015.[ UC RUSAL accounts for almost 9% of the world's primary aluminium output and 9% of the world's alumina production.
    The United Company was formed by the merger of RUSAL (Russkiy alyuminiy) (Russian: Русский алюминий), SUAL, and the alumina assets of Glencore, completed in March 2007. According to its own statistics, UC Rusal accounts for 6.2% of the world's primary aluminium output and 6.5% of the world's alumina production, while operating assets in 13 countries over five continents, employing over 61,000 people across its international operations and offices.
    The company is incorporated in Jersey, where it has its financial centre, but its headquarters are in Moscow, Russian Federation. UC Rusal is a public limited company and its shares are traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and European Stock Exchange.

    Sanctioned Russian tycoon hands back his private jets
    REUTERS: Rinat Sagdiev, Polina Ivanova
    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska has handed back three private jets he was leasing because U.S. sanctions imposed on him last month make it impossible to keep using the planes, the firm retained by the owners to sell the aircraft said on Thursday.

    The world's leading primary aluminum producing companies in 2016, based on production output (in million metric tons)
    This statistic represents the largest producing companies of primary aluminum worldwide in 2016. In terms of production output, China Hongqiao was the largest aluminum company that year. Rusal, Alcoa and Rio Tinto are also ranked among the largest aluminum producers globally.
    This statistic represents the largest producing companies of primary aluminum worldwide in 2016. In terms of production output, China Hongqiao was the largest aluminum company that year. Rusal, Alcoa and Rio Tinto are also ranked among the largest aluminum producers globally.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      I've followed this too Susan.  And Oleg was in the WH very early on, right?  Memory is balking, but I recall he showed up Very early on.  The worse things get, the more information comes out!  Who knew that was a tactic!?  In fact I think it was Oleg who first drew Mueller's attention.  this Russian Oligarch thing is no joke, mega, mega bucks!  Under- statement, by miles.  But at first, I was tracking aluminum smelters and mines and producers in US and elsewhere.  The stuff is everywhere, and to think it all began with Army cannisters, water, like I used to hike long distances with on my hip, thanks to the Army Surplus stores! 

  17. Rodster says:

    Count me as someone else who can't listen to or stomach these interviews. It's like someone trying to convince me the red traffic light at the intersection is actually green.

    What bothers me most is the hypocrisy. These so-called experts i.e. Guy McPherson, Paul Beckwith, Dahr Jamail etc are the biggest bunch of hypocrites you can imagine. They are so willing to jump up and down and call anyone a denier who doesn't agree with their positions but call you nuts (Guy McPherson) or deny that Geoengineering exists and has been deployed for quite sometime.



    • Frank says:

      Yeah, I'm getting sick of the denial game, too. I even wonder how the elites can keep up the "mean and nasty" game, in light of what is ahead. I mean if we know, then Trump and Putin and Netayahu know, and instead of mellowing out and spending more time with their families, they continue the "I'm gonna kill you before you kill me" game. You'd think with civilization collapsing, there would be a little more depression and introspection going on, but it's missiles away to the very end. And all these nimrod scientists that can put out scary proclamations when they get togther, but individually aren't worth the CO2 that comes out of them.

    • Dennie says:

      What I totally do not get is how people like Beckwith– a "scientist," for God's sake– actually do NOT manage ever to look up and see for themselves what's going on up above them in the sky, actually. How does this happen, especially in light of the fact that science is supposed to be all about objective unbiased observation.  

  18. Rachel Robson says:

    All, Steve, 'our' local weatherman on TV said yesterday: " If you like fog, if you like cold, if you like wind, Today is Your day!"  But it turned out to be a wee better than he said.  Today began cold, again!  And, we are to expect high winds, as whatever moves in, loops around and wind from the north?!!  Okay….son of a….But good news, one very hot day this weekend, then back to cold?  With wind gusts at 50 mph?!  All bets are off!

    I got into an arguement with a crow the other day.  I'd come home from somewhere and my neighbor in apt. behind me was out front and as we chatted a bit, this crow, who began yelling at me as I walked over from parking car, kept yelling at me, followed me, sat on edge of roof yelling at me, and neighbor says what does he want?  Me: He wants me to fill the bird bath for him!  Her: You want me to do it?  Me: NO!  Her: Why? Me: Look what he's done!  He dunks old food like bagels, potato chips, old sandwichs, whatever into bowl to soften so he can eat, and it ends up looking like a cereal bowl but with the consistancy of cement!  Her: I'll clean it out.  Me: NO!  Bird: Do it NOW!  Me: I'm Not your bowl bitch!! I mean he wrecks it for all the others AND he eats baby birds too.  When I yelled at him, he got closer and just went off on me, me back to him, and my stunned neighbor kept saying, Rachel, he is actually talking to you!  Me: I know!  We've had this talk before!  Die crow die!  Then neighbor says she never saw a bird talk to a person like that, for real.  Said, he Knows you!  Yup, he's even followed me uptown!  I am not kidding!  Poor towhees.  This is their bathing bowl!  They miss it!  Freakin' crow bully.  A couple of years ago I actually looked up if one can eat a crow, and yes!  Not difficult either, but for killing, which I cannot do.  Damn.  Other birds have actually come into my kitchen here, I have a window shelf with some plants just outside south window.  They perch there, then on window sill, even hopping down onto tile counter edge of sink, chirping at me, and often I'm saying, I Hear you! I just don't understand what you are saying!?  But crows, they understand everything and I understand them. They are trash talkers, thieves, killers, bullies.  When this freak of nature comes to bird bath/water, he is so very paranoid,  Goes to a branch and screams, looking around as if he had anything to fear but for he knows what he has done.  Then to fence post, same thing.  Finally to bowl, but looking left and right constantly nervous.  Even crows feel guilt.  Even crows are capable of shame.  But not these 'science' idiots of all stripes, none good.  And, niether will become friends much less allies.  Just a whole lot of squawking! whilst trashing enviroment!  Greedy no good crows.  I know some love them, can't imagine why.

    • GM says:

      Crows are very sly. I liked your story. 

    • virginia says:

      Dear Rachel:  Your story of 'The Crow and I' is so damn funny.  I love it and your knack for composition.  You gave us a much needed respite from all that is going on around us.  Your post should be published in book form, just as you wrote it.  Thank you, Rachel, for being you and for giving me an uplift.   Came back to this site to hear part 2 of debate while having lunch; but, I couldn't stomach Beckwith and my chicken sandwich at the same table; changed courses and ran into your post, and I am happy that I did. I still cannot figure out how Dane keeps his composure at these debates.  A mystery.

      PS.  Rachel, be nice to that old crow.  I am one of the screwballs that love them.  Have some nesting in the tall pines and cedars on the acreage.  Three come down and eat my food scraps.  My grandson calls them Edgar, Allen and Poe.  True story.

      Peace.  Hopefully.

    • marc says:

      Reminds me of a missing hiker incident. Search and rescue teams had been searching for weeks and started thinning out. But one of the few who were still searching the woods heard a crow not far from him high up in a pine in a fairly remote area. This crow was squawking like craaaazy! Wouldn't shut up. The searcher followed the racket and found the bizarre remains at the bottom of the very tree the crow was in. Soon as the searcher got to the tree the crow got quiet and then took off. They're smart little rascals.

    • Dennie says:

      La Leyenda del Espantapajaros (The Legend of the Scarecrow) is the sad story of a lonely scarecrow.  It is the title of an animated short film by Marco Besas that won Best Animation at the 2005 L.A.Shorts Fest. It remains one of the best animated shorts from Spain.  Ten minutes long.  Enjoy:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks to all who enjoyed this too true story and yes Marc, they are smart!  I recall a study that said crows are so smart that they know exactly who lives where, what your routine is, where you go, when you leave and come home, AND they share the info with each other!  Down right creepy!  They fly by in threes checking out birds's nests to see how their meals are coming along and when babies will be ready to eat!  There ARE reasons I get so mad at them.  And we get 'murders' of crows, like big Pow Wows now and then, usually in the Fall.  The sky turns black and the noise is deafening.  My best friend who lives in Hawaii was here once when this happened and got very scared saying Rachel, what is happening?!  They utterly blanketed the big house next door's roof  and their entire yard.  They go for that house every year, who knows why? I've posted here sorta recently an old story now when I last planted corn, taking my time making trenches for watering easy, it was getting late, daughter had left, I was very focused on the ground when I got a creepy feeling and looked up.  To my initial horror, the house next to me to the south, not their pow wow house, but next to my gardens, on the very edge of that long roof were crows, shoulder to shoulder, in silence! watching me.  Like something out of The Birds, more along the lines of the original story by Daphne Du Mauria?  Uh, spelling?  Spooky!  They knew exactly what I was doing and were waiting for me to leave.  I grabbed a bunch of netting and so covered all I planted,  holding  it down with stones.  Stones, many rather big, forever percolate up in my ground out there, never ceases to amaze me, for once I was grateful to have some at the ready.  Crows were Pissed!  Foiled again!  Like some sick relationship, we are caught in this game, them and me.  But for our towhee cousins and some hummers we have few birds when once there were so many, so many kinds, but now, just seagulls, pidgeons and crows.  My squirrels are no longer running up and down the redwood tree as they have done for all these decades.  But then, their food sources are gone.  Just scavengers left.  THAT crow came back of course, put water in his messed up bowl to soften the cement effect, and he did not care.  Towhees wake early, crows don't.  So was finally able to clean it late so that it is ready for the wee birds this morning.  It is hysterical fun to watch towhees bath and they are not nevous at all, taking their time, really getting 'down' in their bath!  For them, I allow the thicket of blackberry and honeysucle to get overgrown on the fence because that fence's cross board at top is on this side and the small birds go into there to nest, safely.  Most birds nest on or within about 5 feet of the ground, normally.

      I've been meaning to say that we all were warned some little time ago to keep bird feeders, the ground under, and water sources very clean, I even use chlorox wipes.  Diseases aplenty and fears of more and worse and birds are a major source, so feeders are especially as they attract many kinds.  In general or more normal conditions I don't believe in bird feeders.  Those feeders become hawk feeders.  Hawks eating the birds. And, peanuts are not good for squirrels.  They don't meet their nutritional requirements for one, nor their teeth needs, and, they mold and can sicken them.  Hard nuts are recommended, like oak, but none to be found.  The last walnut has died.  However there are saplings.  I do wonder if the saplings will have their disease too?  Anyone know?  And no time for them to grow big and produce.  Walnut trees are famous for diseases, never buy a tree kept near young walnuts at a nursery!  Walnuts get crown root gall which can affect trees near it, a kind of plague in world of trees.  That was. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Virginia, I have tried to like them, But! get this!  After bowl refreshed at end of day, daughter now tells me that crow came back And has a nest across the street high in a tree–my kingdom for a slingshot!  When he came back he brought, she says, a syringe!!!!  A red tipped syringe which he then washed off IN the bird bath!!!  Oh ICK!  Then took it to his nest.  Holy!  Uh?  Guess I'll forget the slingshot idea!  And, heads up with the now 55 mph winds or more supposedly on the way!  Flying syringes!  OMG, the very last thing I could have imagined….grrrr

  19. virginia says:

    While we who are so entrenched in exposing the darkness of geo engineering work on, the Pres of USA, as we all know by now, has forever put the final stamp of disgrace on this nation.  And, while we look up at our poisonous skies, another drama is being unfolded;  Does no one care that Israel (on yet again false pretenses) is bombing the hell out of Syria???  Where are the outcries from the 'international community?" Where is any condemnation of Israeli aggression??  Syria has never, ever, (nor has Iran) made any aggressive moves against Israel, in spite of Israeli occupation of Golan and southern Lebanon and continued illegal strikes on multiple Syrian locations.  And where is Russia?  Putin is busy hosting that ratzoid  pig (thanks VSF) Netanyahu at the very same day Israel started bombing Syria!!!!  At a celebratory Russian spectacle of a parade, no less.   Where are the S300's Putin was to give Syria? Further,  we Americans should be ashamed of the actions of our present administration in Washington – it is well known throughout the world that America is now an Israeli Occupied country.  For every innocent human being killed, maimed or banished from their homes and country in the Near East each of us is guilty unless we speak out against this continuing holocaust perpetrated by Israelis and Zionism against Arabians, both Christians and Muslims.  And though Iranians (Persians) are not Arabs, they are one of ( if not the most important) targets.  War has been declared and even though it is occurring thousands of miles from us here in USA, it is time to get worried, to get prepared and to speak up. America needs to weep for what it has become under the past six administrations…it needs to heal or forever be lost – and we with it. America has the potential of being a great country, but unless We The People take it back, there is no hope.

    Peace.  Will it ever be possible?

    • Blue Sue says:

      Virginia, I so agree with everything you say here.  Absolutely!  and like you and many here, I too pray for peace and victory over the evil insanity that poisons our world everyday.

    • Dennie says:

      Peace WILL be possible once everyone understands the Psy-Ops machinations of division using phony religious strife and highlighting ethnic and racial hatred.  It WILL be possible once everyone gets hip to the fact that rich white men get even richer when they sell their Weapons of Mass Killing.  Take the profit out of the high-tech killing machines and watch war come to an end.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Virginia!  Spot on and a Many decades long issue up my alley.  Israel has gone mad, insane, there is no justification for what they are doing, nor for those joining in on this insanity.  The cradle of civilization no less!  Is there not something profound in That?!!  That all these different players would join in on utterly destroying the cradle of civilization?!  Is it not like saying to hell with Everything!  Israel has become the very thing it fears.  Much sympathy for the Holocaust but that only goes so far which is Not This far!!  They have become that which they fear!  That which haunts them!  And it was ever so.

      Also, meant to say I loved your grandson's naming of the three crows.  He reads?  How the heck did you manage that to happen?  No one in My family reads!  My place is a library!  None of them read unless it is something they must, like instructions, or what my daughter calls destructions!  I have tried so hard so long, but to them, only grandma reads!  They think I read too much!  They are very active and busy and they camp and boat, yesterday going far out to catch some fish, some of which is in my freezer, what to do?  They know what I have to say about oceans and fish, yet….Regardless, wherever I go, I take a book.  My grandsons are a handful, their parents are exhausted.  I get it.  But, growing up, books saved my life and still! 

  20. marta says:

    im beginning to wonder, as i listen to the second half, if Paul was not put up to this , or paid, to take Dane out in a debate. Only he underestimated his debate partner. Im thinking the whinieness is because he simply cant win any argument no matter how hard he tries. And I suspect he knows that everything Dane says is true and that everything he paul is saying is a lie. poor man. That could certainly be frustrating.


    • Darin says:

      There is no doubt about it Marta, it is so obvious my 14 year old can spot it, and he is slightly autistic, I wish I'd known about vaccines before I let him get them!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marta,  I do think that between debate one and debate two, and I don't know how much time between, but it seems he was given key words and phrases to trap Dane in 'conspiracy' boondoggles.  Dane did not bite!  Seems he had prepared for That, minus that, he had no where to go!  He did sound Very frustrated!!!  Bit of a temper tantrum there!!!

      @Darin,  Sorry you have this regret now.  Not Everyone who gets vaccines gets autism, but clearly it is correlated and now you carry this burden of wondering what might have been.  Still, your boy sounds sharp!  Well done you on that front!  He knows more than most already!  

  21. marta says:

    first thanks to WBAI for covering this issue. It is very difficult to listen to this debater as he has a very whiney voice and takes a very disdainful approach to this debate. That said , Dane exercised amazing restraint and managed to conduct a useful debate even though the guy was a slippery piece of work and appears to be operating at about age 4 personality. Plus the guy appears to be friends with david keith. need we say more?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marta, ditto that!  And isn't Jeff amazing?  And deft at what he does, clearly He understands and had Dane's back all the way, yet remained so calm.  Impressive work on his part, right down to apologizing for the wrong turn part two took. 

  22. herb says:

    I have no words for this

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      herb, The words are, "that report was written in 1995!!"

      How bad have things become since then? We see the answer every day.

    • Darin says:

      Hey Herb.  I live in Northern Ireland, and I can tell you, from one end of the country to the other, ncluding the South, the tree, water, plants and air is affected by this thing that isn't happening, according to these lying scientists.  The water in the river on Tuesday was the exact same color as the crust like mold eating into the tree bark, it had rained all morning and I was out with my dogs in the afternoon to have my usual look around.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Darin, Nice to hear from someone in Ireland!  I've always wanted to go there!  One of my trees, my beloved golden plum quite old, got what I thought was moss, I'd found lichen on the ground but elsewhere and not sure where from, didn't know for sure what was on some of plum but it was new and I'd heard things.  Then, when the sun began to hit it, some of it disappeared, the rest turned yellow.  This did come with rain. Most is gone, but a bit of that yellow is left.  Never occurred to me that it could be eating into the tree!  Is yours on trunk or on branches?

  23. Carol says:

    Hello Dane … I can more less predict the weather myself  ( UK )  !! we went from freezing  cold temp to high  burning heat u couldn't sit in it..  clear skies for couple of days .. Never vivid blues skies like I new as a child ..then they  have ramped  geoengineering up skies full  of stripes from the planes bloomed out then blanket of grey and  then cool down !! and guess what rain .. my eyes are sticky glue sore and my nose runs as and it's not hay fever because I get this when its cold …Mr Beckwith are you on another planet  we are not stupid … God less you Dane and your family for what you doing to wake the masses up its very difficult to educate people about this I hav the same trouble in the Uk they think I'm a nut person .

    • Darin says:

      Pretty much the same here in Belfast Carol, it really is becoming very blatent lies these fool paid scientists are telling!

    • Darin says:

      "they think I'm a nut person"  Yes, I get this also, but I really don't care what people call me, I am a Christian, so I am used to ridicule, and being a Belfast boy, you couldn't cut me with a knife lol

  24. marc says:

    I would suggest that where the "rubber meets the road' is how we respond when we are confronted with resistance and ridicule regarding geoengineering. We've all encountered this in one form or another. Please permit me to share an excerpt from a personal email I sent to a lifelong dear friend recently. This person is an unusual case because our friendship goes back over 40 years. We've had incredible experiences together spanning a lifetime but on the topic of worldwide geoengineering and biosphere collapse he absolutely refuses to allow any discussion of it in his presence and has gotten openly pissed off when the subject comes up. Yes, very weird. However, I love the guy (played a thousand gigs with him) and ultimately decided to draft a letter which was precipitated by a recent incident. Here we go:

       "……Allow me to add one more reflection. First of all I don't give a rat's ass whether you give a shit about some of my personal areas of extreme interest including geoengineering, or the direness of our environmental predicament, etc. I have devoted many years of my adult life to studying these issues as have millions of others. But what I DO give a rat's ass about is your utter contempt for my interest in these matters. If I even so much as mention one or another of these issues you sneer and deride me and sometimes even get up and leave the room. You have completely shut me down without even a judge or a jury, so to speak. You are mistaken if you think I am trying to "convert" you in some way. It is because I care for you deeply as a close friend that I bother to bring you up to speed on a critically important issue that affects every molecule of every one of us. For you to continue to hold me in contempt for my deep involvement with these issues will ultimately spell the end of our relationship. I have tolerated your contempt for years now and have tried to just let it slide. Even in spite of this undercurrent of weirdness we have managed to have a pretty fun time of it all. 

      But resentment now walks hand in hand with your continued contempt. I don't insist you get on board with my issues but what I do expect is for you to quit with the sarcasm, the derision, and the mockery of things that mean everything to me and upon which I have spent countless hours studying, going to conferences, relentlessly trying to isolate the best information and data I can find about a given topic. That you still desperately cling to your ignorance of these gigantic issues you do at your own peril. Conversely, I have made great personal efforts to be supportive of YOUR interests and successes, your film-making, your athletic accomplishments, your family and friends, your artistic and musical proclivities, etc. In return I only ask that you terminate the attitude crap. Rest assured, my friend, the day is approaching when everything I have tried to tell you over these years will be openly understood by everyone on the planet. What the hell will you do then?

        Much love, Marc

    • Blue Sue says:


      I love it! Your letter to your dear friend parallels my experience and is so similar to a situation I've endured with a close colleague, and could-be a real friend, except for the same haughty, dismissive, disrespectful, ridiculing, and rude shut-out-mind-block by this individual (concerning the topic of geoengineering) which has injured any genuine comradery we might enjoy.  It's a sad impasse, and I share the same feelings you describe so aptly — as always.  It's a pity that our care and concern for other's welfare can be so callously rejected.  One must be open to the truth to ever see it.  The last three sentences that close your letter are perfect!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, you make some good points here.  We've all run into this of course and maybe we are too quick to defend ourselves as if we'd done something wrong when the only wrong done is to shut out a dear one. Which would be one of us being shut out of a long relationship just because, because of what?  As if we were carrying a toxic load!  Some truth to that!  They feel as if we are wanting them to help carry our load. No.  We are informing them in the hope of saving planet Earth, yup, downright laughable that we even try I guess, such a tall order.  But as has been proven time and time again, just a few persistent people can in fact save bits and pieces in our combined efforts and a few more would be swell, but in the main you two were, are? friends, long time.  I have those too and one reason they love me is that I've always led the way, so?  Am I just supposed to stop doing that?  Stop being me?  What exactly has changed in this dynamic?

  25. John V. says:

    I went to today.  It pre-drafts and sends a letter sent to the president (including state officials based on jurisdictional locality of residence) on your behalf to stop geoengineering.  It encompasses the essentials and articulates, perhaps, a bit more eloquently than I may have otherwise done myself.  Just have to proofread and correct the last sentence for a punctuation error.  Although it feels like falling on deaf ears, I wanted to at least do my part to make my individual voice heard on the matter.  Whether or not it ends up making a difference . . . who knows?  It's worth a shot.

    • Tanya says:

      In regard to petitions and letters to officials, government representatives, etc. As a resident of Maine I sent letters to our Senators and representatives regarding geoengineering about 7 years ago. I got boilerplate responses stating that they would look into it or that there was no evidence to support my claims., despite the fact that I attached evidence to the emails. I've been following Danes work for about a decade. Many people over the years have stated that they've written letters just like I did. And my point here is not to suggest that doing so is futile, but I would imagine that each person in Congress has been absolutely inundated with thousands if not tens of thousands of correspondence from the American public. And not just on geoengineering but on vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, GMOs and all of the corruption that is clearly taking place in our government agencies. I like Max Egan's suggestion of sending out liability notices to these supposed authorities. Even if it never leads anywhere legally, these people that have been given the responsibility of the care of others (or taken it) can still be put on notice that they are held accountable morally and ethically. At the highest level this is a spiritual battle. People are either corruptible or they're not.

  26. Rachel Robson says:

    "F" !!!  Wow, Dane, this part two really shook me up, I mean I am actually shaking.  I feel Marc's bile rising in me.  I kept wanting to jump into this, say this and that.  I wondered why you didn't and then thought, maybe legal won't let you say certain things.  Like why not mention the military manifesto: Owning the Weather by 2025?!!!  Or, 20 seconds of Lyndon Johnson's insane speech, undeniably his voice.  Viet Nam and Operation Popeye?  Monsanto?  I, I,  what the, uh.  It was as if Beckwith had a personality transplant, suddenly he is Mr. know it all, quoting Webster's dictionary????  I wanted to ask him why, until this cold winter set in, why it actually gets warmer at night, sun 'gone'.  He repeatedly said chemtrails and you did not jump him once, I don't think.  Actually, this time, you were so cool headed, he lost it, he freaked, a raving maniac!  Lord, Dane, what you go through, endure.  You seemed Very restrained.  But that was perfect in that he hung his own self for all to hear!  You did so well Dane.  Wish I could have said what you couldn't under the circumstances.  However, I surprised myself, arguing back, at the degree to which I Really could.  I felt like throwing myself in front of you!, reaming him!  Not because you needed me, rather, I wanted so much to brawl!  Ya gotta realize these are words I never say. And, I'm still shaking.  This man knows Nothing of nature, nature is something he visits now and then.  He handed over his cred without even realizing it, saying he hasn't lived the life you have for the last 15 years, he studies statistics, reads reports, goes to conferences and meets with peers.  He says he has no idea what governments are doing. The really scary thing is how common he is among his ilk.  He freaking said that NO statistics are made of US military fuel use!!!!!!  Nor! in Canada!!!!  Canada!!!!  "F" their persona of sweet, peaceful people/ country which in reality seems to be an extension of the Crown harboring Evil Doers, even Chevron, everybody 'hides' in Canada and certain countries come with weather modification and hey I'm beginning to think that is better said than geoengineering because it would confuse this idiot less!  Hello NATO.  Hello Australia.  I can understand that the military needs to keep some things secret temporarily, but, forever?!!  I did not know that this was kept secret even from the weather/climate scientists!!  It so would tip scales and shock, I think.  This Beckwith man knows nothing, nothing, useless and probably hopeless, but for spilling idiot insights into his withered field.  Sigh.  Dane, you could not help but shine.  Did you go easy on him out of pity?  I wanted to rip him to shreds!   Jeff is amazing, just excellent at what he does and seemingly as a person.  And breathe.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      All, I'm not sure I made it clear enough about NO records of fuel use, quantities of for military flights!  None, ever apparently according to this idiot supposedly working on pollution, protecting Earth from pollution, and Dane knew, but I'd only recently learned elsewhere that commercial flights really have come way down, not increasing as I and we had thought, yet this 'genius' did not?  So, all this flying for spraying plus, say, war game practice and growler jets, none of that fuel use and therefore exhaust, not to mention fuel dumps are calculated.  That is what I meant by tipping their scales, since in large part they just model things to factor things, and so that factor would be off so large, so far as to greatly skew their end computation of how much exhaust, fumes, etc. is in our skies.  How can they do this work with that constraint?  Is finding that estimate as difficult as finding missing trillions?  I think this is a path to pursue with these idiots, who, though idiots, are partially put in idiot position by not being given the info they need. It just might blow their minds to find out, if they could.  How can they possibly address all this without knowing that?!!  I mean, Really!

  27. Lonnie Gordon says:

    It was frustrating to listen to Paul who just didn’t seem to “get it” or didn’t do any of the homework he was asked to do before this interview. If he is an indication of what our current “scientists “ are like no wonder the earth is in such trouble. He couldn’t even remember what Dane said about the solar uptake versus blocking the sun. What a sad state of affairs this is. He couldn’t even acknowledge the “trails” others pointed out to him on his canal walk. Talk about putting your head in the sand! Ridiculous. Sent from my phone so please excuse any mistakes. 

  28. traci says:

    Dear god! This man teaches? You, Paul are not a weather guy and you also don't tell the truth. We ARE seeing those particulate trails and amorphous, silvery white skies in every province in Canada.

  29. Rosalie says:

    My house is on a military flight path in Canada and in spite of what Paul Beckwith says, there is a gross amount of spraying going on over my head daily. I'm sure many other Canadians can say the same. My health has been so negatively affected, I am going to be forced to move.  I unfortunately didn't know I was on a flight path when I bought. What a disgraceful, ignorant academic Paul appears to be.  He didn't even show Dane the respect and take time to investigate all of the credible data on Danes' site.  Shameful.  As always, Dane, you were a class act, navigating your way around the geoengineering subject as if your life depended on it.  Oh yeah; it does.  Wouldn't you want to get inside the mind of a geoengineering pilot?  A day in the life of someone spraying us daily with these toxic chemicals.  Are they married? Have children?  How well do they sleep at night?  Are they as willfully blind as Paul Beckwith?

  30. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, This went rather well I thought!  The facilitator apparently is a believer, no?  He is so fair, so calm and so much needed.  You Can sound angry at times-loud, fast and domineering talk-and clearly this sparked a bit of Beckwith's anger flare/confusion, but he did roll with it and perhaps even learned a thing or 10.  Well done.  Gotta admit, cracked me up when he tried to follow the money.  Your answer seemed to leave him speechless!  And this was the first I ever heard in going on 8 years now of you lecturing about climate change, or, as I prefer to call it: global warming.  I didn't know you did that.  Of course there is much I do not know.  Loved how the two of you, and Beckwith started it, agreed to discus this more, how he said science has been remiss in this.  No Kidding!  I mean it is a rare scientist indeed that does. Unlike MacMartin, Beckwith seems to have a surprisingly somewhat open mind.  Not Way open, but open to open?  It seemed as if the longer the two of you talked, the more respect for you he had.  All in all, this was great!  Thank you!   Now, to gird myself for part two, after I get some more work done around my place and critters. Unlike Marc, I don't get angry listening to you school someone!  And I don't have any angry feelings at Beckwith, he just is who he is, and, willing to talk, but clueless and as far as that goes, we all know all too well how many clueless ones there are, not a stand out feature!  He's less clueless NOW!  Well done!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Today, I can barely believe what all I felt yesterday, and this part one, I thought went well, but then came part two and I just lost it!  My comments about Canada, when losing it, were not aimed at people here from Canada, of course, but their government.  Meant to say that at the time, but, anger got the best of me.  I so rarely get angry anymore that it was almost invigorating!  To go from part one to part two was a shock.  I wonder how much time passed between the two 'talks'?

  31. simone says:

    This is soooo Good 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!
    Actors paid to support Entergy gas plant at March hearing     •    At least four actors were paid to support a proposed gas peaker plant from Entergy New Orleans at a March public hearing, the New Orleans Lens reports, drawing scrutiny to the $210 million project approved later that month.
    Members of the local film community received cash payments between $60 and $200 to support the utility's gas plant at a City Council hearing, participating actors told the investigative news site. Other local news outlets reported similar allegations in the weeks after the March 8 vote approving the 128 MW project.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      OMG Simone!  Could this be an example of how the whole paid actors thang got started?!  From the dark side first, then using it because they know it to work for them, using it against real events as an accusation?!  I smell truth.  And the stench of their lies all the way from there to here! Thank you Simone!

  32. Sandra Marie Beebe says:

    that Paul is such an idiot, he is fake fake fake and he is lying lying lying… Dane Thank you for your continued efforts to awaken the masses…

  33. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The disappearing Arctic ice
    Just 2% of ice in Arctic is older than 5 years

    Eric Holthaus, via Twitter / May 9, 2018
    A truly shocking moment: Multi-year sea ice is essentially gone over large parts of the Arctic. Just 2% of ice is older than 5yrs. Carry on with banging pots and pans, warning everyone who can hear you. This is an emergency. (Now with updated graphic.)
    As can be seen from the satellite image, the passageway through the Bering Straight is ice-free. Thank you to Matt Nelson, Climatologist for this image.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      NASA Worldview: The BERING STRAIT, Russia & Alaska
      May 8, 2018

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh Susan,  Sigh.  For many years now I've read of how many are how eager for this to happen and even thought it sooner.  Under artificial pressure oil prices are rising, the distance to China so much shorter, minus ice.  If just 2% of ice is older than 5 years, then the weather modifying insane ones were skating on thin ice to begin with and this would be proof they made a bad situation worse, as in shown in Antarctica too.  They should throw in that towel.  But, they don't seem able to learn.  Like an old LP stuck in a grove, round and round it goes, what, nobody knows, just noise.  Water will rise.  Nations will die.

    • Pedro says:

      That means that the Arctic ice in these last 10 or 15 years it was 90% created from ice nucleation chemicals.

  34. Tom Keith says:

    I'd say mister Beckwith is a Hylic. That is,  a person who no matter how long you talk to them will never agree with you. Some call them materialist. I'd say over 40% of the population is this way. The ones we have to persuade are the psychics. Those that are sitting on the fence and can  be convinced with enough persuasion. I consider Dane and others here as pneumatics. From the word pneuma or Spirit, air.

     Just my humble opinion


  35. Alouette de Mer says:

    Academicians such as Beckwith never want to actually solve a problem, because as long as the problem exists there is job security for them.  It is the same reason cancer will never be cured.  Cancer is job security for doctors, nurses, hospitals, and insurance salesmen.  What is unsustainable is the capitalist system itself, for truth is often subverted for the sake of profit and paychecks.  It makes you wonder about the validity of science as a whole, not in general, but in practice.  How many more scientific facts have we been led to believe, facts that are not facts at all?  And no worries when someone swears at you and makes ad hominem attacks during an argument.  Congratulations.  It means you have just won the argument.  When they begin to scratch and claw at you, then you know you have them backed them into a corner.  Dane does a wonderful job keeping his cool when others lose it.

    • simone says:


      P.S. I knew a good number of academic morons like Beckwith since I had been trained in sciences in my tough science school… Our "standard"  education is a hellish joke – you're trained to serve the mad, artificial systems stupidly fighting against Nature's Fundamental Laws..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      seabird?, Alouette de Mer, Hello.  True, but also, it is said that as long as it can be debated, the issue is considered not resolved, so it is a tactic, which clearly Beckwith was schooled about between part one and part two.  Just as clearly, he did not expect Dane to be so very well informed! He kept trying to lead Dane to say 'conspiracy' things, the better to write him off, but Dane did not bite!  And so Beckwith just dissolved into frustrated tantrums, really blowing any purchase he had.  Poor baby!

  36. Abigail says:

    Thank you both Dane and Paul. It seems Paul, that you are not listening what Dane says before you immediately want to give your opinion. Why is it necessary, Paul, to spray all the Barium, Strontium, and Coal Ash, which is in effect Mercury.  You are saying we need to cool the planet. So is it necessary to spray the Chemical Engineering. Paul, look around on this website and you can 'SEE' what the problem is. Trying to manipulate the weather is truly damaging the planet EARTH.  And why spray the Aluminum To spray this is NOT necessary. The Ozone layer is breaking DOWN. Please listen to Dane, Paul. And look around this website and read the information, PLEASE. There is a tremendous contamination in the RAIN.

  37. marc says:

    I have an extremely short temper with guys like Paul Beckwith, whose academic orientation is so nearsighted  he literally "can't see the forest for the trees." Either he is as truly blinded by his own ratiocinations as he appears to be OR he is a repulsive, lying sack of **** who is working for dark entities whose diabolic intent should be plain for all to see. I have great difficulty with these interviews. In fact, I can barely stand to listen to them but I have bitten the bullet and hung in there. Mr. Beckwith's apparent WILLFUL BLINDNESS is so vast, and his arguments so misleading and incomplete, that I am slack-jawed with incredulity. 

    • marc says:

      I would like to add that Mr. Beckwith did appear conciliatory at the end and does not strike me as a "bad person". In fact, a day may come in the not too distant future when so-called experts like him are forced to abandon their houses of twigs and openly acknowledge their professional errors in judgment. Unfortunately for all of us, by then it will be too late, if it is not ALREADY too late. 

    • anne kelley says:

      Boy how can these intellectuals be so stupid and blind…I guess that is the indoctrination and mantra they continue to supply their social elites with to ignore the truth…It is these people who would rake our sight to fit into their false world and protect the lie.

    • TOM ROGERS says:

      Very well said Marc, I agree 100% with you. I have heard Professor Beckwith speak before and have come to one conclusion, that is he is full of BS or being paid to keep his mouth shut.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, yeah, conciliatory at the end of part ONE.  Part two, I could kill. This is assuming things came across numbered correctly, as at first I thought I'd listened to part 2 first, but no, and in part 2 there's a reference or two to part one.  And, the conversation built on that.  It really stood out to me how malleable Beckwith was in pt 1, and Dane was aggressive.  Then in pt 2, Beckwith lost it, Dane totally cool throughout. 

    • Steve Brownsberger says:

      Marc I am with you 100% and have zero kind words for Mr. Beckwith. He should ask his friend Guy McPherson what he means regarding Global Dimming as mentioned in the following video @ at about the 1 min 40 sec mark. I have no patience for these controlled fools.

    • michael whelan says:

      Well said Marc. These discussions are hard to listen to. Lying to your face buy bought Trolls is rough.


    • penny says:

      My impression of Paul Beckwith is that he truly means well, but is incapable of dealing with his fear of extinction.  Probably because he has grandchildren. He admits occasionally (e.g., in a 'debate' with Guy McP) that we are out of time, but then sweeps back to reactionary denial.  If he admitted that geoengineering has already been implemented, he'd have to admit it doesn't and can't work.  I know many people like that:  Piglets (cf Winnie-the-Pooh), not monsters. 

      Still, ineffably frustrating  to listen to.  I gave up when he tried the 'Dane doesn't know the difference between climate and weather' canard.  No integrity there, Paul…

  38. Akama says:

    The "psychopathic scientific technocrats" are simply the drivers of the bus.

    What is required are names and  addresses of the 'employers' and those 'off stage'  directors (up the pyramid of power and control) who have set this great tragedy of our times into motion. 

    It seems to be that this is the great research issue of our times by the intelligent and informed community of investigators with real research skills and due diligence.  To my mind, Dane is the great example of that.  

    Who ??  What ??  When ??  Why ??  Where ?? How ??  There are many layers to those simple questions.  The uncovering of the truth is like the pealing of the onion.  Keep on keeping on.  The lie is different at every level of the onion.  It is designed that way: to distort and distract from true intention and lead you off the trail.

    Find the way to gather that ever increasing collective  dissent and fire of anger and shock into the arrow of truth.  Find the others.  Keep on keeping on, my friends.  Aloha.

  39. joe S says:

    Dane,   I watch the Earth changes, volcanos, manipulated cyclones, thru HAARP.  This site I refer to, I am sure it is a geoengineered chem trail over big Island Volcano eruption, began May 4. The sky is red color from fumes;  I see the black outline of chem trail….Please verify. I have source, can not print color photo from site.   go to Hawaii volcano webcam live:   A series of videos  .This video, 'Fiery orange lave from volcano"   precedes the one I say has Chem trail image…"Strange black trail appears over volcano eruption.     

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      joe s, I suggest you stop using the term "chemtrail". It is vitally important that we learn the proper terms and use them always in all ways. It matters to you and it matters to those you speak with.

  40. Akama says:

    If somehow…somehow we are able to survive this period of history, Dane will be honored as someone who made heroic efforts tirelessly over and over again for so many years– long after almost everyone would have simply quit and walked away.  BRAVO, Dane.

    One notes:  What is so difficult for intelligent, caring, informed people to understand is that the person(s) 'driving the bus' have been skillfully instructed to 'crash it' by their employers and anonymous corporate officials (speaking metaphorically). This runs against the grain to all common and historical  standards of care and responsibility to self, earth (as biosphere),  other. 

    Truly 'waking up' to the crisis of our times is a long and heartbreaking process.  It offers an apparent endless  swamp that one must swim through if…if we are to find sanctuary and dry land.  Finding clarity of perception and understanding is rare– it is designed that way.

    Thank you, Dane for being such a wonderful man of character, strength, integrity, informed intelligence, great diligence, etc/etc.  BRAVO, sir for being one of the true heroes of our time.

    One is left with the following questions that history must answer: [1] How was this tragedy set in motion ?? [2] Who was/is responsible ?? [3] Why ?? 

    The great inquiry into this matter comes back to the six simple classic questions:   Who ??  What ?? When ??  Why ??  Where ??  and finally, How ??

  41. Croc1 says:

    It's just another way to soft kill the population. One of the many methods used by the psychopathic scientific technocrats that run everything.

  42. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Poison Papers': U.S. and Canadian Regulators Colluded with Manufacturers of Highly Toxic
    May 3, 2018
    It’s obvious the EPA is not the perpetrator of the actual “poisoning”.  The company employees that produce, distribute, and employ these dangerous substances, must be charged with criminal assault with intent.  Felony level charges of racketeering, collusion, aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice, and treason should be filed against ALL employees of the Environmental Protection Agency.  The agency should be permanently disbanded at a Federal level, and replaced with State and local enforcement of environmental Law – as established by each and every State of the Union.
    The original American Republic was intended to be a Confederacy of States.  Not a Federalized trade and banking cartel…
    Paul Beckwith is just another trainable idiot.  A corporate moron.  I haven't been able to stomach any of his dribbling-fumbling idiocy since day one.  The employees of companies that apply the technology are the actual criminals.  They need to go to prison or hang…

    • marc says:

      Hear ye, hear ye…. agree 1000%.

    • marc says:

      I earlier today watched a YT video I'd never heard of or seen…the kind I generally avoid because it had a title I can't quite remember…something about "chemtrails." But in the middle of the 20 minute video was a surprise: a long compilation of photos all depicting the interiors of mostly passenger jets (windows) retrofitted with quite a few different configurations of tanks and piping and so forth. Most of these great, clear photos were ones I have never seen and many showed "workers" doing stuff inside the planes, working on the equipment in one way or another. I absolutely promise you that the expletives pouring out of my mouth toward these worthless bastards is unprintable here. I agree with Paul V. that every single one of these complicit motherf**kers should be tried for treason and crimes against humanity. Oh? Just following orders from a superior officer? Bullshit. To knowingly engage in activities that assist in the distribution of highly, highly toxic materials into our breathable air column in massive murderous concentrations NATIONWIDE IF NOT WORLDWIDE, should carry a commensurate punishment. In theory, I guess that indicts the whole Goddamn defense contractor complex AND our entire military. So be it. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Paul, this makes a start!  I've been 'screaming' forever about the EPA.  Gina McCarthy? should do life long prison time.  And yes, we did not always have an EPA.  Never underestimate the vast number of peoples who willingly let death level threats slip by, just doing their job they say, pixie dust approved by EPA and others.  Canada seems a shelter for oh so many evil companies who want to distance themselves from the US. I'd say like that's gonna work, except it does.  I swear I've long been thinking Canada is following in Britain's path in poisoning, Britain seems to excel at that, always has done going far back to its formative time period in the middle ages, like a national fixation.  Canada presents itself as a backwater of innocent peoples when in fact it harbors and protects so many poisonous and destructive industries as with shale and oil and XL pipelines for one.  Chevron hides out there now, even coming up with a Chevron Canada which they claim is Canada's not them, not our Chevron, but yes, our Chevron that oh so many are suing for damages.  It is not unlike off shore companies pulling fast ones every day.  Money is the worst drug, worst poison ever apparently, damaging all who worship at that alter.  Literally poisoning the well.  Dioxin is in my kitchen flooring!  It is an imitation of a beautiful Italian tile design which while gone on a long trip, long ago, was laid down in here as old linoleum floor had potholes, but at least it was a natural substance, flax.  At the time, this dioxin laden fake 'tile' was all the rage, so pretty, so easy, so cheap, and so I came home to this.  I was pleased at first as I had a baby to raise for one and a half years, not mine, one I was trying to save from the system, whose skull was fractured at 2 months old, I knew the family, the grandparents and had been to court with the parents, young drug addicts, 18 times, determined to save this innocent baby.  So, pretty new floor for him to crawl on!! once he became able.  Quite some time latter, I read a mea culpa from a local real estate person saying she did not know this cheap flooring fix had dioxin in it, the harms of it, the horror if it burns, the ever present danger of it and apologized for having recommended it!  Too late for me and all the children I raised or in part here.  If somehow I am eliminated, this floor will go into some landfill somewhere.  Just think of how many landfills are holding crap like this. Or, say, when homes burn?  This stuff is ubiquitous now.  And that is but one thing, but a very, very bad thing.  Probably snuggled up with radioactive dirt in said landfill.  Talk about fowling one's nest!  And me, the one who has been an avid environmentalist my whole life, taking this property off poisons, organic for more than 30 years now.  I could spit tacks like a nail gun!  Really, one can't win for losing!  My theme song! 

    • Blue Sue says:


  43. simone says:

    Just wondering,  how long Paul Beckwith and this brain-damaged propaganda-gang of demagogues are going to manage to hold their breath?  

    They are losing the very air to breathe… just like every life form on our planet. 


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