Italian Authorities Move To Shut Down “Tanker Enemy” Website UPDATED


The message below was received from Rosario and Antonio Marciano on 11/1/2013, the additional message at the bottom  from a friend of the Marciano Brothers.

This is what it has come to in Italy, confiscation of equipment and information, as well as legal action against any who dare tell the truth as Rosario and Antonio have so valiantly tried to do. The same will continue to unfold here in the US. It is up to ALL of us to help, not just a few of us.

I encourage all to visit the English version of the “Tanker Enemy” site and to contribute to their cause as much as possible. The Marciano Brothers deserve our support. Please visit and monitor their site for updates on this situation so we can best know how to help with the ongoing efforts of Rosario and Antonio.


October 30, 2013, at 7.00 am. Five officers of the Postal Police of Imperia (Italy), on the orders of the Public Prosecutor, Dr. Maria Paola Marrali, perform a search of the apartment and the seizure of computer equipment allocated on the hard drives. The material, including videos, briefs, programs etc., belonging to Rosario and Antonio Marcianò, is so available to the judge who decided to acquire it in order to try obtain any evidence to use against them as a result of libel suit (sic) lodged by Miss Serena Giacomin and Mr. Massimo Della Schiava, however, by Marcianò sued, but without any result.

This search – strange thing – was known by some “debunkers” some days before.

From Maria Haibel
Seized the computers and harddiscs of Rosario and Antonio Marcianò,

well-known Italian activists against clandestine geoenegineering and owner of the blog Tanker Enemy.
The measure was performed by the Postal Police of Imperia,
The accusation of the magistrate is slander .Two persons, one is a  geologist, engaged in denouncing  people who  “think that chemtrails are harmful”,have filed a complaint against R. Maricianò for libel.

  This is the geologist

Full Report Of the Search and Seizure


October 30, 2013, at 7.00 am. Five officers of the Postal Police of Imperia, on the disposal of the Public Prosecutor, Dr. Maria Paola Marrali, perform a search of the apartment and the seizure of computer equipment allocated on the hard drives. The material, including videos, briefs, programs etc., Belonging to Rosario and Antonio Marciano, is so available to the judiciary that has decided to acquire it and compierne a survey to obtain any evidence to use against them as a result of libel suit (sic) lodged by Miss Serena Giacomin and Mr. Massimo Della Slave . The latter, however, by Marciano sued , but without any result. Not only that, the two agents, who went into the staff room of the Lyceum “GD Cassini”, they then searched the cabinet Antonio Marciano.


First, seizure, following a simple libel suit (sic), it seems to act at least excessive, if not illegal. If the details for an offense can be recognized repute of a person, you can and should act in a different way, for example, by providing for the removal of an article or a comment. If the crime was committed making use of tools of the Network, is done on the tools made ​​available by the Internet and not with the requisition physical hard disks. The purposes of a measure as draconian are other? Subtract material useful for disclosure of information about the genocide known as “geoengineering illegal”? Unearth documents (even after suitable adjustment?), Which can be used for a flurry of new, instrumental accusations and farcical proceedings against Rosario and Antonio Marciano? Are legitimate questions that we ask, because we would be inclined to believe that the true end of the raid is to devise some stratagem to frame Rosario and Antonio Marciano.

The reading of “the search warrant personal and local” is very instructive to understand the lowest level which precipitated the “justice”. Apart from the odd expression “light trails” instead of “chemtrails” almost certainly used for groped to dodge the crucial question – in the process will become possible, however, the only issue on which the undersigned will decide – it is clear that the ‘judicial initiative is vitiated by a persecutory attitude. Do not you want to find the details of a crime, but under the guise of a hypothetical crime, stifle freedom of research (Article 33 of the Constitution, paragraph 1) and the right to express their own opinion (Art. 21). We face the perverse desire to pursue prevaricating opinions, however they are expressed, whenever not coincide with the dominant culture and with the versions of tyranny and political science.

What was the genesis of an initiative shameful and freedom-like this? To have “offended” (and is still open to question) the integrity of the gentlemen mentioned above. We are sincere and net: those that have a slew of academic qualifications or primary school does not interest us at all. The decree is grotesque where it is written that the plaintiffs are “persons in possession of qualifications and skills in the subject mentioned.” What does this mean? That all others are ignorant? That those two are custodians of revealed truth? That no one else has a bachelor’s degree? If they define geoengineering illegal “light trails”, it means that they do not understand a damn about “matter mentioned.” Let us admit that they are competent: their expertise where does it occur? They never refuted the arguments and our scientists for decades denounced the weather warfare? Write insults, or falsify the identity card of Rosario Marciano means refute? What reputation would have harmed? If we have defined them deniers, is a term that befits them: in fact, the deniers are those who do not admit the existence of overt illegal chemical activities in our skies. We want to quantify the insults, the insults, slanders that the uninformed produce in industrial quantities every day? Because the deniers of computers have never been impounded? Why the countless complaints presented to us for far more serious crimes of defamation have almost all vanished?

The “justice” – the Greek sophists teach us – it’s just the law of the strongest and most cunning. So do not delude ourselves that it can take a course based on the principles of impartiality. We are here to denounce the distortions and abuses of a corrupt and unfair system, enslaved by the powers that be, succubus and accomplice of a clique of Holocaust deniers. Depistatori that have graduated or not, no difference exists. Degree is not always synonymous with love for the truth or righteousness. Even Dr. Mengele had graduated. If science is conniving with the purposes of the vile ‘establishment is not science, but depravity. If we questioned the supposed “scientific” of the two, we are proud of. We believe a definite, inescapable duty to declare the wickedness of the equipment and the connivance of those who covers with diuturnal misinformation on the Net and newspapers. Stating that the two in question have spread misinformation and distorted about geoengineering illegal redounds to our honor: in this way we taught them how to perform the research and what are the physical and chemical principles with which you can form a contrail .

That said, do not give up to continue with our research, translation and analysis, in spite of the abnormal damage caused, primarily the loss of movies. Do not hesitate to deprecate some of the statements inside the device where it is written “the suspects are also owners of several sites used the same purposes.” This seems to us to slander, because our blogs are intended to inform, not to discredit. How can we discredit those who are already devoid of credibility? Do not hesitate to deplore that the partisan decree already expresses the judgment of merit before it is clearly established hypothetical defamation.

We are aware that the steamroller of “justice” will not stop. E ‘for this reason that We will continue to expose acts of intimidation, harassment, attempts to censor, threats, vilification in the press … will continue in repel the attacks, until the poisoners and their servants will not have received what they deserve. Will we wait, if necessary.


At this juncture we want to thank ALL the friends (many of which bloggers and authors) who have expressed their solidarity and their support with articles, videos, messages etc.

HELP FOR TANKER ENEMY – The Committee “Tanker enemy” since 2006 and is engaged in the dissemination of the thorny issue in the complaint known as “chemtrails” or “clandestine geoengineering”, through the publication of articles, videos, documents, translations and through of various initiatives (for example, the ‘ investigation of fine particles ).

This job required and requires a daily commitment with the consequent waste of energy and resources. In recent years the blog “Tanker enemy” and those connected guaranteed, thanks to the contribution of readers and supporters, information and independent assessment to such an extent as to arouse the reaction system . This reaction resulted, as well as attacks of all kinds, in the opening of proceedings ” legal “, obscuring the faces of the blogs and sites related to it. Processes are the source of considerable practical difficulties and substantial outlays for lawyers and technical advisers.

We hope, therefore, an effective support in the form of donations and other factors (legal aid, technical …) so that the Committee can continue to act in the public interest. A big thank you to all those who welcome, as far as in their power, the present appeal. Your contribution is absolutely critical in order to enable us to continue with our work. Here the Paypal page to make a donation.


5 Responses to Italian Authorities Move To Shut Down “Tanker Enemy” Website UPDATED

  1. Rose from az usa says:

    Your Movie was PERFECT

  2. MikeC says:

    Above Top Secret have banned Tanker enemy too – – looks like TPTB are really worried about him and are pulling out all the stops!!

    • YN says:

      Wow, that is unbelievable. In their “original video”, it is just as obvious that they are spraying.

    • rose lang says:

      We should be so lucky to have these increidable people here in the USA ,they offer great insight to this horriable act against human kind,
      I can not offer money ,But I will provide aplace for them in my home,If they ever have to leave Italy,,
      The movie was perfect in speech,truth, It shows true proffessionals at work,
      Every word spoken is True, Why ? Because I have been studing Chemtrails for 12 yrs and I have seen the affects,
      Sincerely Rose Lang
      ps You are both wellcome to visit or stay here with me in N.E. Arizona U.S.A
      We need you here to stop this,,

  3. I have been trying to get the truth out about 100 Miles per gallon system suppressed by oil companies for 80 years. Yes 5 times the fuel mileage is possible but definitely suppressed, please help me help us all by exposing the real solution (which chemtrails is not)at web sites ,or Byronwine .com or Please get info and share out while we still can

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