Massive Spraying Shows Up On Normally Filtered Satellite Loop Images


Once in a while the normally computer filtered satellite loop films do not filter out the blatantly obvious aerosol spraying trails that are being fed into upper level wind currents. My sincere thanks to “The HAARP Report” for capturing (and narrating) this unfiltered, compelling and alarming video that shows all too clearly the degree of toxic spraying that is constantly being dumped on us all. There is much more to the aerosol programs than just the horizon to horizon trails on an otherwise clear day. The spraying is constant around the globe. The skies above us are almost constantly filled with the drifting toxic brew of the climate engineers. The 4 minute video below gives us yet another powerful tool to prove that geoengineering programs are real and ongoing.
Dane Wigington



30 Responses to Massive Spraying Shows Up On Normally Filtered Satellite Loop Images

  1. Val says:

    I am in the Portland, OR metro area. We are sprayed every day, mostly in the evenings. Lately they have been spraying a combination of arsenic, other heavy chemicals and hydrocarbons. These are causing all of the same symptoms that we have been seeing on the news for their mysterious virus-enterovirus! Hmmmm. Go figure!

  2. Amy says:

    I have contacted numerous offices about all of this. I’m in Columbus, ohio. The ohio environmental council stated that they are unaware of anything of the sort and there is no need for water and soil or air sampling. EPA= no response at all? governor Kasich’s office = no response. I don’t have the extra money to be out here sampling the environment. But I will send in specimens to detect it in my system. Hair analysis is better than blood because it will show a difference in contamination over time.

  3. Amy says:

    Ken same thing here in Columbus, ohio. You can hear it but you can’t see it. They are the reason that our weather is so whacked out. People think it’s the end time prophesy. It’s the asshole in our government.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m goin through the same thing Mark, people laugh and make fun of me, and they talk behind my back. It’s so depressing, that people can be so ignorant.

  5. Steven Chamberlain says:

    The people of Weed California should use this in their lawsuit to recover damages caused by the spraying of the storms that could have saved their town.

  6. Christina says:

    James-in-Ont, there is global march against chemtrails taking place. Toronto, Windsor and London are all hosting marches in Ontario. Find the event listings in the link below.
    Thank you, Christina

  7. Erock says:

    Your facts are great and appreciated
    I see it everyday in NC
    I understand the scientific and power trip thing.
    I also understand the political power thing
    I also understand the progressing $ incentive for the companies involved.
    I DON’T subscribe to the “they want to kill us off” thing
    I think that’s a conspiracist cop out.
    Seriously, what is the REAL purpose of that?
    I REALLY think the answers to the WHY question is the KEY to
    Bringing the mass public into this debate
    The REAL reasons are what people can rally against.
    Thank you for all your work and passion.

  8. jesse says:

    could you also focus on the SW of thailand? (latt. 8-9),i’m seeing this for the past 2 yrs,plus maybe,some HAARP stuff going on as well,since the beginning of the monsoon,always to my SW,sometimes over land as well,here they think i’m nuts,i just keep posting,very few believers.

  9. Andrea says:

    You know I live in the area and always see in 2 seperate areas always spraying it looks from far like dust and when looking at this video it makes sense what I’m seing from far.

  10. James says:

    Steve, pls send jpgs to


  11. Lynn says:

    Much of spring and summer here in the Shuswap area of B.C. Canada. Yesterday Sept. 13th was non-stop

  12. Steve says:

    Frank, I also am in Quebec province, and have been shooting video of chemtrails/SAG for many years now.
    If you have use for a French language short video about the issue, check out “Lignes dans le Ciel”url:
    English language vid with Quebec footage is here:
    We can’t expect much from government, they are too much in the pocket of big biz, and the US. Spread the word is the best way. I have made a chemtrails flyer, 1 page black and white, lots of pictures, English and French text versions.Reply here with your email and I’ll send you the .jpgs!

  13. jason birdwell says:

    Hi I live in southern California its looking bleak we need to start rounding up these pilots and these worthless cops and hold them accountable ,each person is responsible for their actions,Simply saying I am just carrying out orders is not acceptable my scum bag unconstitutional sheriff here in orange county who should be protecting us,damn this law inforcement completely worthless,they know what their doing which is sucker punching us instead of doing their job which is serve and protect ,total scum I spit in their face. well judgement day is here you scumbag police, you think we are so stupid ,don’t you know arrogance destroys everyone who practices it.(Now are you happy) you scum bag freemason scum isn’t it bad enouph we are all being sprayed like cockroaches everyday !we are under attack and good will prevail its the most preffured.

  14. Shelley says:

    ‘They’ are pretty blatant about it here in the UK. Most mornings we wake up to a uniform criss cross pattern filling the skies, but what was strange was how 2-3 days before the NATO summit took place here in Cardiff. …the skies were totalky clear and blue. …go figure?!!

  15. Mark Landreth says:

    I live in Medford Or and for the last 14 years that I know of I have been watching and we get chem trails on a daily basis, and some days there is a blue sky and a couple hours later it’s grey like a winter sky, other times I have seen chem clouds forming and they look just like a cloud, I’m retired so I have a lot of free time, and you can see an oil ring around the sun most of the time, I’ve quit talking to people about this face to face because I guess I know a lot of dummies so I tell my dog.

  16. James says:

    Very instructive, many thanks for pointing out the dynamics. Generally speaking in my area, central to the Great Lakes in Ontario, there is not an identifiable norm to any directional axis of spraying, and the jet stream propelled storms pass overhead with regularity. On many days I see close-up in-your-face aerial phenomena that look exactly like this remarkable clip from Alaska.

    The weather fronts here move from west to east too but they dump deluges of rainfall in startling amounts. We are overcast the majority of time, covered by banks of strange looking clouds that roll over us for days on end, at a ceiling that is far too low, and too dense to be normal.

    Tonight our temp is dropping to 5C, the evening NEWS hr featured people in winter coats and it’s still summer. At least we’re not blanketed by snow like Calgary last week.

    As the planet melts down, the arctic is losing its temp differential and the jet stream slowing down. Meanwhile all hell is breaking loose, and this is just the start of it.


  17. Ken says:

    Whiteout today with heavy spraying here in Dallas. You can only hear the jets. temps dropped nearly 50 Degrees in 1 day.

  18. Greg McCann says:

    Thank you, great video and comments.

  19. Tim says:

    Heavy spraying in CO

  20. Kim Ireland says:

    From 80 mi north of the CA border on the OR coast, can confirm early morning spraying looks exactly as shown in video both today and yesterday.

  21. JR says:

    Spraying all day yesterday and starting up today here in Bellingham, WA. Drove back from Seattle yesterday and nothing over Seattle, but I could see the aerosol haze over Bellingham. Took and sent some pictures of the trails being laid down this morning to Richard Hibbard at WA department of Ecology and some of our Legislators.

  22. John Lynch says:

    Dane what day was that video taken on I believe I felt that entire spraying on September 11

  23. Marc says:

    Accumulated scientific knowledge over generations has expressed itself here in modern times as geoengineering. Basically, science run amok. In science’s effort to dissect and explain and control every fucking thing on earth and in the heavens, we common people have been swept under the rug by the science illuminati. Oh, sure, we common folk have benefited from much of the science that is tossed down to us as crumbs. But there appears to be a vast universe of covert technologies kept hidden from the public at large. Secrecy equals power and control and advantage. For the very few, of course. For Jan, I think the “end game” is unclear, even to the geoengineers. Their newfound ability to radically control weather is still in the “wow, look at all the agendas we could carry out” phase. Decimating California is just one of a vast array of possible agendas, with far-reaching political and/or military implications. Genocide, or at the very least, engineered disease and suffering appear to be among these agendas. I vow to stay focused on this issue, and I am humbled everyday by the fine work and profound dedication of Mr. Dane Wigington. Thank you and namaste.

  24. Frank says:

    They do spray over Montréal QC. on daytime almost every day , i wrote to the canadian gov. they reply to what they call condensation tails , i’m pissed

  25. Olivia says:

    Perhaps you are new to all this Jan, I don’t know. But weather modification is a multi tiered agenda. It is used as a ‘weapon’ by the military, because, yes, they do control the weather….they can make earthquakes, hurricanes, and guide the hurricanes to make land fall right where they want it (they did this with Katrina), they are creating a massive drought in california. Please check Dane Wigington’s site, , his video on Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare and the collapse of civilization, says it all, Dane has been researching all of this for long time and he knows what he’s talking about.

  26. Kay says:

    I would like to know, too, why is the geoengineering aerosol being injected into the atmosphere? What are they trying to accomplish and who are “they”? With what they’re doing, are they trying to kill people? In my opinion that appears to me what their desired end result is because once it’s in the air . . . it’s everywhere.

  27. Håkan says:

    This maniacs have to be stopped because they
    are flying to destroy us.

  28. Justin says:

    Trust me, They spray over land on a regular basis…..They black out the sky in Texas at least 4 days a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dallas)

  29. earth moving??? says:

    I saw these in the Thursday (11th) morning skies exactly where the above video shows. The weather has been “dry” all over the place. Everyone seems to be complaining about the air quality.

  30. jan Wilson says:

    Hi can you tell me why are they doing this what is the end game they want Jan x

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