Microbiologist Sounds The Alarm On CDC Ebola Negligence

This 1+ minute video makes some excellent points in very clear fashion. Though it is as of yet impossible to know what the power structures game plan is with the whole Ebola situation, you can bet they are pulling all the strings in this scenario. From many directions the power structure is being pushed into a corner and that makes them ever more dangerous to us all. Exposing the totally out of control criminal insanity must be made a mission for us all if we are to have any chance of salvaging what is left of our planet and its life support systems. Make every day count in regard to this task.


6 Responses to Microbiologist Sounds The Alarm On CDC Ebola Negligence

  1. poppy robbins says:

    we had a beautifull day here yesterday the 4/10 /2014 blue, blue sky and normal cloud. today at 7am loads of spraying, now very hazy sky, after watching the ebola video i think how long? i will not succumb to despair, i believe there is a collective consciousness and my thoughts and love are directed to all who need help to wake up from the illussion and love to the perpetrators who are committing this war on life. no i am not crazy i am just trying to cover all levels of consciousness, as stated by chambers dictionary, THE WAKING STATE OF MIND, as well as attemting to do practical things, i am making some posters to put in house window and on my car and anywhere else, plus sharing all this page. maybe someone will finally start paying attention! who knows. this is shropshire england .

  2. Debra Lopez says:

    What can we do to get our leaders to close all flights? I often wonder if we all should we protest in the streets? I know what’s going on in the world, but sometimes I feel helpless and just don’t know what we can do, since our leaders don’t care and seem to have their heads in the sand.

  3. Gloria says:

    Tobacco or Alcohol ????? Really???? OMG ! The least of our problems! And Atlanta s a MAIN HUB !

  4. Laura Sutton says:

    Wow…what a courageous man!!! What a seriously frightening message.

  5. Annemarie G Wouda says:

    extremely irresponsible that nothing was done to prevent the spread of Ebola .Kanske Powers in the United States would begin to realize the seriousness of the situation.

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