Nikola Tesla: Father of HAARP and Electromagnetic “Climate Change”


The covert use of weather modification is the “climate change” we should fear most.

Chemtrails Planet

This short video explains the basis for HAARP as a weapon of weather modification. The covert application of Tesla’s concepts of heating the ionosphere has been sold to the public as” global warming” and then “climate change”. Neither warmists or deniers will ever convince the public the climate is changing as the IPCC claims until the past 22 years of aerosol deployment, HAARP and a vast array covert weather weapons is universally acknowledged.

The issue of weather modification of storms is no longer a secret. Many observers took time to document conditions, images and data as Sandy progressed from a low pressure area to category 2 Hurricane to inflict $Billions in damage, life, hardship and property loss just prior to the presidential election. The evidence of foreknowledge and coincidence of Hurricane “Sandy” and “Sandy Hook” massacre cannot be ignored. It’s now public knowledge that the Department of Homeland Security is involved in aerosol geoengineering to mitigate, steer or even intensify storms. If Sandy was forecast to weaken why this storm make landfall as a category 2 Hurricane – especially when mitigation strategies available to DHS were available?

We now know that a combination of aerosol geoengineering combined with HAARP manipulation can create, steer, mitigate or intensify storms. The full-length documentaries that follow are extremely helpful at decoding the mystery and criminal intent behind these operations. It’s my opinion that the enemy’s anticipated advantage of “plausible deniability” has been lost to the collective genius of citizens willing to adapt and investigate suspicious operations performed in the name of the US government and their agencies.

The DHS tried to hide the purchase 1.6 Billion rounds of deadly ammunition. Do you really trust them with your weather?

Nikola Tesla Time Magazine

Time – 1931
Interesting excerpt from the 1931 Time Magazine article commemorating Nikola Tesla’s 75th birthday

‘I am working now upon two things,” he said. ”First, an explanation based upon pure mathematics of certain things which Professor Einstein has also attempted to explain. My conclusions in certain respects differ from and to that extent tend to disprove the Einstein Theory. . . . My explanations of natural phenomena are not so involved as his. They are simpler, and when I am ready to make a full announcement it will be seen that I have proved my conclusions.

“Secondly, I am working to develop a new source of power. When I say a new source, I mean that I have turned for power to a source which no previous scientist has turned, to the best of my knowledge. The conception, the idea when it first burst upon me was a tremendous shock.

“It will throw light on many puzzling phenomena of the cosmos, and may prove also of great industrial value, particularly in creating a new and virtually unlimited market for steel.

‘I can only say at this time it will come from an entirely new and unsuspected source, and will be for all practical purposes constant day and night, and at all times of the year. The apparatus for capturing the energy and transforming it will partake both of mechanical and electrical features, and will be of ideal simplicity.

“At first the cost may be found too high, but this obstacle eventually will be overcome. Moreover, the installment will be, so to speak, indestructible, and will continue to function for any length of time without additional expenditures. Complete 1931 article.

Using electromagnetic radiation to modify the weather was an original concept of Nikola Tesla.

When Tesla died in 1943, the FBI seized his scientific papers and notes. After WWII weather modification and space weapons became a mission of the military and US government agencies to become much of what President Eisenhower warned about as the “military-industrial complex”.

In 1958 the military reported success with using Tesla’s concept of electromagnetic “beams” directed at the ionosphere to control the weather.

The history of weather modification and the inappropriately abrupt concern about “climate change” began essentially at the same time in the 1950′s with the National Weather Modification program formalized by NASA in 1966. (•)

Common sense would question how the consequences of covert weather modification could be distinguished from “climate change” – however this question was rarely addressed when the original label was the more ambiguous, “global warming”. This label provided a conceptual disconnect to the consequences of weather modification until the data failed to show enough warming to fit the hypothetical “computer models”. The operative term “climate change” was reluctantly adopted to replace “global warming” when the hypothesis and real world data could no longer be supported.

Today, the term weather modification is generally accepted as a fact even if some people regard the concept as old-style rain-making by spraying clouds with silver iodide or dry ice. It’s now much easier to demand answers that distinguish “climate change” from covert weather modification using aerosols and a network of electromagnetic weapons with many orders of magnitude the effect of cloud-seeding.

In fact, it is now the case that global weather modification is the climate change we should fear most

Supporting Documents:

That’s Impossible Documentary from the History Channel in 3 parts

14 Responses to Nikola Tesla: Father of HAARP and Electromagnetic “Climate Change”

  1. Tom says:

    To all:

    I am mystified by the current weather pattern: most pressure areas are constantly changing every five to ten days. So for a pressure system to remain stationary for one/two months is abnormal. There must be something to weather control. The most obvious is electromagnetic.

    Recently a large Tesla coil was detected near Waxahachie, TX. This and the space station activity suggest certain aspects of government intervention. Regardless, of what you feel, has there been abnormal weather patterns in your area? Search your own area for unusual electrical equipmemt; OH, they look like C phone towers….

  2. fabia brown says:

    for detox from heavy metals and radiation can take bicarbonate of soda  

  3. mike senn says:

    You have to add this. Read on what Tesla said about HAARP. Tesla did not take up HAARP after the Gov destroyed it because He Also Realized that running at 8hz birds etc including Human Brains would be affected badly. Human Brains run at 8hz so he nixed it. NOW or military and several countries have their own HAARP Program. Weather change in heating the ionosphere and HAARP is used Targeting Human Brains. WAR with out seeing the Bullet. This is so secrete hardly anyone knows. RUSSIA and US are using it Now. 

    • Tesla only created thing to help man kind. His lab was destroyed when he showed his invention to make energy free. The fbi stole his paper work to hurt mankind. Our government and defense department plus military, and scientist have created a weapon of mass killing


  4. bill says:

    who is benefiting from haarp weather modification and why they doing it stupid ignorant people,they want population control they will dye like rats.

    • gg says:

      their going to flood the world again like before to de populate the planet why else their finishing final preps for the world then its swim time 

  5. stick says:

    Whoever wrote this trys to mislead the truth Tesla was not at all trying to alter weather but he tapped into the I one sphere to transmit free electricity.He’s circuit in his own words needed to grip the earth.Meaning it needed extensive grounding .He tapped the ether of the universe with it’s unlimited power and wanted to give humanity free electricity.No you know why he was wiped from the history books.One only needs to research warden cliff tower and Tesla’s research in Colorado.He in no way meant to change the weather but rather harness a bit of the unlimited power that flows around use as we travel through space.You live on a giant magnet with a north and south pole and Tesla was the master of magnetism and used it to better humanity.3,6,9 if only you knew the power.

  6. MV says:

    the idea of Nikola Tesla is not destroy the world, but de high people in the goverments world wide make abuse of his technology. and that’s a very bad development in this terrorible world !!!

  7. Kateox says:

    I personally feel that this article is an attack on the late great N. Tesla. He in no way intended his ideas to be used in the way they are being used today.
    Haarp relies on the existence of the ‘ionosphere’ it has nothing to do with grounded circuits of Tesla’s technology. his ideas have been manipulated into a weapon to seek and destroy. Look at- everything you know is wrong.

  8. Lannyboy1 says:

    There is no doubt that geoengineering is ongoing now. There is also no doubt that those claiming to be opposed to the use of Tesla Tech are not really opposed to its development and use, especially for alledgedly “peaceful” and so-called “humanitarian” purposes. Those who think this way, in essence, consider themselves to “be like God”. Their plans are to transform themselves and the world into some type of utopia for humanity, using any means available, especially their sciences and technologies. Ask yourselves this question. Was the ressurection of Jesus, The Christ, accomplished using HUMANITIES sciences and technologies? The answer is obvious, IF you have true faith. Those who seek to create their own future reject the free offer of “divine grace” through Jesus, The Christ, the Son of the Most High God. They reject the true “doctrine of Christ”. Doesn’t this then make them “of the spirit of antichrist”? The answer to that question is obvious too.

    • Lannyboy1 says:

      To prove my point that those seemingly opposed to “geoengineering” are not really opposed to it the following article was posted on this website:

      4/8/13 EU Conference on Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering Reiterates 1999 Demands for Transparency and Democratic Control

      What people fail to grasp is how they are being deceived into believing they will somehow, in their democratic collective, have control of Tesla Technologies. The opposite will be the case because included in the capabilities of these technologies is the ability to manipulate and control the perceptions of people in whole regions. Read the book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP! The title of the book is very appropriate.

    • Michael Warhurst says:

      The U.S. military currently is using this technology to manipulate the Jet Stream (north of it is cold and south of the jet stream is warm). By fracturing it and pushing the pieces south allows cold air to come south thereby hiding global warming. These Wall Street criminals use H.A.R.P. (High Altitude Atmospheric Research Project) to manipulate the jet stream so that they hide global warming – which American military believes they can cripple countries that they don't like though food shortages plus as a result the Wall Street corporate bankster crew can make billions while starving their enemies (Wall Street banksters HATE Russia because Russia refuses to allow Wall Street banksters (Jekyl Island conspirators) to own nor control their central bank, thereby anti-democratically and absolutely controlling their country. A situation they succeeded to achieve in America by way of the Federal Reserve (which in fact is neither "federal" nor is it a "reserve"!!!)!

  9. Nexopia Blog says:

    Nikola Tesla: Father of HAARP and Electromagnetic “Climate Change” » Nikola Tesla: Father of HAARP and Electromagnetic “Climate Change” | Nexopia Blog

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