Obama Authorizes: “Presidential Memorandum – Climate Change And National Security”


Dane Wigington

The stakes are raising by the day as the Earth's climate and life support systems continue to unravel. The US military has long since acknowledged that the disintegrating climate system is the greatest national security threat of all. What has never been admitted to by our government, the military, mainstream media, and legions of academicians (that are either paid off or threatened into silence), is the ongoing global climate engineering assault. Geoengineering/solar radiation management programs are nothing short of weather and biological warfare (due to the highly toxic fallout from the climate engineering programs). The recent "Presidential Memorandum" from President Obama is revealing. Not just because of what it covers, but because of the glaring omission of the climate engineering issue which is only eluded to in the document (excerpts below).

Presidential Memorandum — Climate Change and National Security

September 21, 2016


SUBJECT: Climate Change and National Security

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby direct the following:

Section 1. Purpose. This memorandum establishes a framework and directs Federal departments and agencies (agencies) to perform certain functions to ensure that climate change-related impacts are fully considered in the development of national security doctrine, policies, and plans.

The US military has long since stated its objective to "Own The Weather".

Sec. 2. Background. Climate change poses a significant and growing threat to national security, both at home and abroad. Climate change and its associated impacts affect economic prosperity, public health and safety, and international stability. Extended drought, more frequent and severe weather events, heat waves, warming and acidifying ocean waters, catastrophic wildfires, and rising sea levels all have compounding effects on people's health and well-being. Flooding and water scarcity can negatively affect food and energy production. Energy infrastructure, essential for supporting other key sectors, is already vulnerable to extreme weather and may be further compromised. Impacts of a changing climate can create conditions that promote pest outbreaks and the spread of invasive species as well as plant, animal, and human disease, including emerging infectious disease, and these can further undermine economic growth and livelihoods. Impacts can also disrupt transportation service, cutting off vulnerable communities from relief immediately after events and reducing economic output. These conditions, in turn, can stress some countries' ability to provide the conditions necessary for human security. All of these effects can lead to population migration within and across international borders, spur crises, and amplify or accelerate conflict in countries or regions already facing instability and fragility.

Climate engineering/weather warfare is a primary means by which countries and populations around the globe have been assaulted and manipulated.

Climate change and associated impacts on U.S. military and other national security-related missions and operations could adversely affect readiness, negatively affect military facilities and training, increase demands for Federal support to non-federal civil authorities, and increase response requirements to support international stability and humanitarian assistance needs.

The top US military leaders have stated again and again that the disintegrating climate system is the greatest national security threat of all.

(a) The Climate and National Security Working Group. The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, or their designees, will chair an interagency working group (Working Group) to coordinate the development of a strategic approach to identify, assess, and share information on current and projected climate-related impacts on national security interests and to inform the development of national security doctrine, policies, and plans.


US weather/climate modification programs are a historically verifiable fact.

Historical documents (a massive 750 page US Senate document is one) verify that global weather modification/climate engineering programs have been going on for some 70 years.

(b) Representation. The Working Group shall include representatives, at the Assistant Secretary or equivalent level, or their designees, from:

(i) the Department of State;

(ii) the Department of the Treasury;

(iii) the Department of Defense;

(iv) the Department of Justice;

(v) the Department of the Interior;

(vi) the Department of Agriculture;

(vii) the Department of Commerce;

(viii) the Department of Health and Human Services;

(ix) the Department of Transportation;

(x) the Department of Energy;

(xi) the Department of Homeland Security;

(xii) the United States Agency for International Development;

(xiii) the Environmental Protection Agency;

(xiv) the National Aeronautics and Space Administration;

(xv) the Office of the Director of National Intelligence;

(xvi) the U.S. Mission to the United Nations;

(xvii) the Office of Management and Budget;

(xviii) the Council on Environmental Quality;

(xix) the Millennium Challenge Corporation; and

(xx) any other agencies or offices as designated by the Co-Chairs.

(c) Functions. The Working Group, in close collaboration with the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), shall:

(i) identify the U.S. national security priorities that are within the scope of the Working Group's mission;

(ii) develop recommendations for requirements for climate and social science data and intelligence analyses, as appropriate, that support national security interests;

(iii) catalog climate science data, intelligence analyses, and other products and programs that support or should be considered in the development of national security doctrine, policy, and plans. This catalogue shall include climate and social science data repositories and analytical platforms; climate modeling, simulation, and projection capabilities; and information-sharing tools and resources supporting climate risk analyses and assessments, such as the Climate Data Initiative, the Climate Resilience Toolkit, the Global Change Information System, and the National Climate Assessment;

The very same governmental agencies that are named in this new "Obama Climate Change Memorandum" have already been involved in the weather modification/climate engineering arena for over a half century as historical presidential reports prove.

(x) in coordination with the NSTC, recommend research guidelines concerning the Federal Government's ability to detect climate intervention activities;

The US government (and other major powers around the globe) have been actively and aggressively  engaged in a toxic tug of war with the Earth's climate system since the end of WWll.

(xiv) have classified and unclassified capabilities, as required and appropriate, to consolidate and make available climate change-related impact information, intelligence analyses, and assessments for access and use by Working Group member agencies;

Even weather "forecasting" agencies like The Weather Channel are owned by corporate entities that are completely connected to the power structure. To help silence government employees in organizations like The National Weather Service and NOAA, illegal federal gag orders have been used.

(xvii) coordinate on the development of quantitative models, predictive mapping products, and forecasts to anticipate the various pathways through which climate change may affect public health as an issue of national security.

Though the government is admitting to the impacts of climate change on public health, there is, of course, no mention of the global climate engineering assault and the catastrophic impact to public health being caused by geoengineering programs.

(b) identify climate change-related risks to agency missions, and risks that may be caused by agency policies, programs, and actions… 

Global geoengineering/solar radiation management programs have been wreaking havoc on the climate system for over 7 decades. 

(g) identify climate change-related impacts on global water and food security and nutrition and the resulting impacts on national security, and recommend actions to mitigate these impacts;

Though anthropogenic climate change is undeniable and dire, climate engineering is the single greatest causal factor in regard to the record droughts occurring all over the globe.

f) "Global health security" refers to activities required, both proactive and reactive, to minimize vulnerability to acute public health events that endanger the collective health of populations living across geographical regions and international boundaries and includes the efforts of the Global Health Security Agenda to establish capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to disease threats, whether naturally occurring, deliberate, or accidental.

Geoengineering is also biological warfare, all available data makes this fact undisputable.

(d) This memorandum is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.


The final paragarph in Obama's "memorandum" is essentially a statement of full immunity for the US government. The power structure is increasingly desperate and maneuvering as rapidly as they can. The time we have remaining to fully expose the criminal cabal that has taken over our government (and our weather) is running out. The task of sharing credible information with the still uninformed belongs to all of us, make your voice heard in the critical battle to sound the alarm.

104 Responses to Obama Authorizes: “Presidential Memorandum – Climate Change And National Security”

  1. Joe Ceonnia says:

    We need someone in one of these agencies listed above to chair the actuality of this threat called Geoengeineering and it's real effects on our planet! With out someone in our corner with the knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the seriousness of this issues, we're all going to perilously perish, along with everything else that breaths air. With all the bad things and there are a lot of bad things, too many to list here, we need someone who understands them all to some degree. I get so mad, but there not a person I can point my finger at and say STOP this craziness now!!!

  2. Chad says:

    Thanks again Dane. God bless you and the rest of the angels and saints. 

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello Anonymous, Yes, astounding number of dead trees in California.  It's like those frozen cows, in that I wonder who took out a hit on trees.  The better to drill and mine?  I saw some video of Monterey county and good God the oil drills everywhere!  And, injecting the drill crap, and fracking crap into our aquifers!  And they grow our foods there!  Even my daughter complains of not getting enough oxygen.  I sometimes wake at night from gasping for air.  Even the critters seem air hungry.  At Sacred Stone camp for DAPL, a friend of my daughter's is planning on spending the winter–hoo boy, I think she has no real idea of the winters there.  But, she is determined, with kids and pregnant, intending to give birth there.  Has a tipi.  Asked around camp where she could get poles, lodge pole pines.  Ha!  Some guy says look around, do you See Any trees?!!  Too funny, not.  And not a lot of trees back there anyway.  But not far from where I once saw-2011-hundreds of miles of dead and dying lodge pole pines.  Cemented my commitment to anti-geoengineering!

  4. mr. c says:

    Wow! Thank you for all of your hard work mr. Wiggington. I teach a whole unit on geoengineering every year with information based on this site. My student wrote this poem today!


    What are the things coming down from the sky

    I see them as the wind blows

    When the right chemicals flow there’s always snow

    I feel trickles down my eye

    Ask the jets fly California will fry

    As acid rain keeps burning my toes

    Chemicals are slowly killing my bros

    66,000,000 trees about to die



    Cocktail of chemicals toxic to my lungs

    Flowing and destroying my respirational system

    Tasting metal like chemicals on my tongue

    Seeing the doctor not knowing the symptom

    Slowly fading to death and I’m still young

    Knowing chemicals are taking over our existence

    • a simple horseman says:

      mr. c. Oh my! From the hearts of our young ones informed.

      Good job!!! Not sure what a "unit" is in your educational system, but I am glad to know you are teaching one based on this site.

      This young persons poem fuels my need for the energy to fight this fight we must all partake in. We did 'not' chose this fight. However we must be the ones to finish it and prevail. Our Mother, our fellow human kind are depending on us. This persons need for his/her elders to stand up and stand for us all is evident in the words written. Could we as elders find a better follower of truth? I doubt it.

      Necessity 'is' the drive of evolution as well as invention. Lord help us combine them for the good of our Mother and the good of us all world wide. Thank you mr. c. and your student that took the time to "think".

    • Jeff says:


  5. nobodiesfool says:

    Just posted but got thrown and froze out, and somehow led to a site on Google with a lead saying Dane had been found murdered, WTF? I want to say that they are on the run now, Dane, this is a response to our notice to file. Take heart and give yourselves credit, everyone, and push harder still. Great job Dane, Del, Polly, Andrew, Sherri, all brave souls. Get creative and public, see Steal This Movie ans Searching for Sugarman for inspiration.  They got the bombs and poisons, but we got the love, the music, and the magic. Time to remember. I was told by my first mate that there is a circle os souls surrounding this planet in continual prayer for our well being. Keep dancing, keep dancing, watch the little piggies on the run. Their house of cards is about to blow away. We know what to do.

    • LS says:

      DHS head said this morning that they are cracking down on "foreign players, terrorists and activists" in the web world. Do you have the info you need without a functioning internet? Time to get it together. Seems the disinformation campaign by MSM is setting up a situation where if Trump is elected they will say it was stolen by foreign players and it is not legitimate. We shall see.

      Every person I know plans to fight forced vaccination. How will this play out? 

  6. nobodiesfool says:

    Dane I am sure that this is a response to our intention to file, and as such I realized we have them on the run now. Later, while laying despondently, pondering how awful it all is, I was magically transported into Alice in Wonderland, and realized abruptly that it is all a house of cards and about to fly apart. Take heart and give yourselves a high five folks, and push harder than ever. When an idiot said beautiful morning to me at 6 am as the daily dose was plunging the temperatures downwards 15-20 degrees in minutes, I clearly told him that no, it was not a beautiful morning, because  I have intact memory . If they cannot be bothered to care, I am not required to be happy or care about their comfort in my presence. Take heart, everyone, and repeat after me: They are losing, losing, losing it all. We know how to pick up the pieces, that is why we came here now. We have done it before. Stay safe, y'all, as Goliath falls, once more. Great job Dane, Del, Andrew, Polly, Sherri, everyone!! Remember, they need explosives and machines to hold it up and take it down. All we ever needed has been love and its music and full expression of the imaginary creativity this engenders. For inspiration, I recommend (because they are quicker n books), the films Steal This Movie, and Searching for Sugarman. Come on lets get creative,visible,vocal, and outrageous. Keep dancing, keep dancing, watch the little piggies on the run.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      nobodiesfool, hello, So glad to hear you recommend  Waiting For Sugarman!  Amazing movie, so inspiring.  I knew a couple of guys who were surfing their way around the world, from South Africa during Apartide, just finding out how their country was viewed by the world and shocked by that.  Also shocked by my humble apartment as of course I was in hospital, and within two minutes of meeting them via my best friend, gave them my keys.  Amazing guys.  Who were so blown that they could just turn on the radio and get rock n roll!  Could Not do that in their country!  TV and radio, all government controlled and they had to find rock n roll in 'black' markets!  Then, decades, many, later to see Searching for Sugarman, to see how music brought down Apartide, was astounding.  Have you seen Paul McCartney Plays Moscow?  Same thing.  And when the Wall came down, mainly it was tons of younger people who were tired of waiting for music and jeans!  Music really can change the world.  That has always been true.  Bring it on! 

  7. SortingHat says:

    I think it's past time waiting for *God* to return.  

    Religion is the tool being used to keep people divided against each other so we will focus on petty differences instead of being one and being the change.

    We are the change we seek!  We need to be one earth. One nation and fight this nasty aerial spraying business before there is NO earth and NO nation left to rule.

    What's going to happen when the atmosphere gets so weak that solar winds come charging thru like a knife thru hot butter?

    • LS says:

      Yes Sortinghat it is time for us to accept our evolution beyond religion. Teal Swan is a beautiful soul and teacher using the language of our oneness and limitlessness. She says we are past it and it is holding us back not to be owning our power in oneness with all. I agree.

    • Timothy says:

      What God? Where was he during the holocaust?

  8. paul fowler says:

          If global climate change is such a big threat to national security, perhaps it would be best to stop changing the global climate with geo engineering and weather modification programs . 

        On another note , "Air Canada " and "Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce" are teaming up to create a "global currency card" . This was a headline on BNN.ca ( business news network ) yesterday. Global currency is just another crazy conspiracy theory , they say .   

  9. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    The wording in Barack Obama's Memorandum is very contradictory and twisted. The statements give reasons as to the numerous things, climate change is severely affecting, but there is only an explanation of what the potential outcome could be. There is no admittance of any responsibility for climate engineering programs in progress and all people working for the government etc have complete protection from being held accountable for participating in Weather Warefare.

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    Anonymous, who would not think immunity?!  It more than less says so, not to mention prior gag orders, a million denials, not to mention marginalizing us all as crazies.  This proves we are Not!  That is my takeaway.  And this immunity is too little too late.  This cat is out of the bag.  Let the blame fall where it may.  As far as I am concerned, people do not get immunity for killing Earth.  For taking risks with all our lives and Earth herself.  In the past, quite past by now, I was severely abused.  Can those people, living or dead declare immunity?  In retrospect?!  I think not!  It is what it is.  Will other countries abide by this immunity? I hope not!  Like a bank robber when caught, can said robber declare immunity?  I wonder what the law has to say about that!

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    Anonymous and Dennie, Hi.  I just read today from the Science mag, Nature Science, that the led lights common in most street lighting and other areas, contains a blue light that cannot be seen but is deemed to be very dangerous to health, causing lack of sleep in the main, difficulty driving and even cancer.  This applies to all led lights, but for the amber ones.  They also mentioned that the same blue light is emitted via TV screens and computer screens.  It is seemingly obvious from my monitor, but they say it cannot be seen by human eye.  This article goes on to say it adversely affects wildlife as well.  While I am perfectly content to blame my lack of sleep, which normally Never happens to me but has been an issue for me for a while now, on sky crap, must say, I did not see this coming.  But, I have felt uncomfortable with led lights in a vague way.  And not so vague with what I call paranoia lights, as in peoples' personal bright night lights everywhere now such that if going down my stairs at night, I am blinded by the light, and get headaches. But also feel it big time with my computer screen.  Sometimes I can barely stand to look at it.  But God knows I've been using this computer ALOT, for so much including tons of research.  At the least, I now know why the computer screen seems to hurt my eyes!  Turns out it is hurting more than my eyes.

  12. Marc says:

    Took my car to a VW dealer today for some much needed work. You know how the repair departments are at these joints. Often just one big giant room with hydraulic lifts around the perimeter. Wish to hell I could remote-view the comments that will surely materialize when all the mechanics get a look at the large anti-geoengineering window screen I've had on my rear window for the last 6 months. I also have a bunch of smaller bumper stickers that say: "Spraying skies/ Telling lies", showing a jet leaving trails off the wings. Every single time I get in my car to drive somewhere, I feel better knowing that potentially hundreds will see the screen, and though many will remain utterly vacuous, many more will also see the huge website address to this site, and read: STOP GEOENGINEERING, laid over a photograph taken at close range of a military jet blasting out apocalyptic white plumes of nano-death. I couldn't be more thrilled than I am to see my funky 2003 Jetta blast an anti-geoengineering message in the faces of all those service-writers, mechanics and other employees over there.

      Gave three of Dane's dvd's to my landscaper today. Had a great discussion with him about geoengineering. He KNEW the bastards were f**king with the sky but didn't understand the magnitude of it. He's gonna share the dvd's with his friends. Yeah, man.

      Gee, do you think the sorcerer's behind all this presidential election-cycle bullshit are slapping each other on the back and congratulating themselves on just how wildly effective their orchestrated DISTRACTION is? The corporate media "monopoly" couldn't possibly be happier than to have a flamboyant hillbilly like Trump to bring up their bottom line, while he regularly makes a mockery of them. I watched all of 2 minutes of excerpts from the so-called debate and that was more than enough to remind me that this hijacking of our attention only succeeds in one thing: hastening our collective demise. For the longer society fiddles, Rome burns faster and faster to the ground. Incredible, isn't it? That these sorcerers and all of their apprentices (like the Record Searchlight) actually WANT to perpetuate ignorance and stupidity? And is this not EXACTLY what this "Presidential Memorandum" is intending to do? Perpetuate the ignorance and the stupidity of the general public with respect to the fact that we're being environmentally raped, intellectually disinformed, royally bullshitted and deadly poisoned? How in the f**k can they poison us on the one hand while advocating for our "national security" on the other??? 

  13. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Michael savage sensors for speaking about Hillary Clintons health (https://youtu.be/B7lsDPtJnu8) you can find more information online we know Hillary is anti-conspiracies and pro-official narrative and anti true freedom only what she defines as freedom is what she would allow this country is falling because its citizens are falling maybe it's the trash they get from TV or the music industry or what not but WW3 is coming I personally am not going to give in to being drafted if we get into war and I think no one else should either I want to live blood free I never want to say I am a killer and have it be true.

    • BaneB says:

      Free Energy Technology:  The only draft we need to worry about is the roiling winds should the ruling fools place the nation up for nuclear sacrifice.  There won't be time for the "traditional" draft (forced conscription) because there won't any time.  War is not a sane contemplation.  Our race of beings continues to forget we cannot think traditional warfare is an option.  And this particularly applies to the stare- down going on in Syria between the US(Babylon) and Russia(Gog).  We  The People are put into the great game for their pawns, an expendable commodity, collateral damage, and fodder.  Should the psychopaths miscalculate they too lose everything.  That justice seems fitting.  What ticks me off is suiciding the rest of us who never thought the unthinkable was thinkable.

  14. Earth Angel says:

    Mr. Obama states in his memorandum of Sept.21st "by the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the USA" he intends to put together a 'Working Group' of numerous federal agencies, something called The Millenium Challenge Corporation and other agencies not yet designated to assess the risks/ dangers of climate change and to make recommendations that the people of this nation (and did he also say or infer internationally?) shall be expected to adhere to. I am no Constitutional scholar but I would challenge that what he proposes to do is OUTSIDE the scope of what the original framers of the Constitution and the Office of the President are designed to do. The President does not have the power to mandate what individuals residing in this nation (or any other country of the world for that matter) must do. I would love to hear what Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall has to say on this matter. Her show can be found at gcnlive.com and she is excellent at explaining how the Constitution should be applied in our lives.

    • BaneB says:

      Earth Angel:  The oath of fealty to the US Constitution these frauds take at the time when  they are swearing on the Bible is a meaningless "I do."  The framers were interested in the rights of the Individual.  The document lists the authorities delegated to the federal government.  Time and power grabs have turned it into a "quaint historical document." The individual has been supplanted for "the common good."  Nation Security is one such common "good."  And it professes to have all the authority, while its corporate sponsors, artificial contrivances, claim "personhood" with all the delegated rights which belong to the individual.


    • Dennie says:

      Earth Angel, BaneB and so many others:  Thanks for the smart read here.  I will check out the constitutional attorney this evening when I return from the day's teaching :-).  The Eedjots-In-Charge have elected themselves to be The Ones who get to interpret the Constitution any old way they jolly well please, or more likely these days, now that these Pee-Knack-worshipping (the Bush-NAZI Crime Families' PNAC "Plan for a New American Century," quickly coming unraveled, it's clear to see) cockroaches are backed into a corner, just override it completely with that A$$wipe piece of paper they've called "Agenda 21."  InDEED!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Earth Angel, hello!  And thanks for the tip about KrisAnne Hall.  Obama is a constitutional lawyer and expert and I think That is why he was placed at this point in time as president.  At first, in the beginning, I thought that might be a good thing.  Not.  And, would GW's lawsuit have anything to do with this new declaration?  Hell yes!

    • Earth Angel says:

      I forgot to mention Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall will travel anywhere throughout the U.S. and speak to groups in order to educate us about the rights the framers of the Constitution intended us to have (unalienable rights)- AT NO CHARGE!!! Please visit her website (KrisAnneHall.com) and hear her show (on gcnlive.com) and take advantage of her speaking ability and generosity with it if you can. She is brilliant, fun, and motivational in teaching us to take back our RIGHTS!! She's a real fireball folks! Have a listen.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hey, Maybe KrisAnne Hall should team up with Dane at some of the anti-geoengineering events- the information would go hand in glove with helping us stop climate engineering and take back our planet! Dane, perhaps it would be worth your while to make contact with her and see if we can get her on board with our cause and the legal team. Just a thought.

  15. Deborah says:

    The very first phrase " by the authority invested….." shows  all the deception on the minds of those in power, America is a corporation legally (without a constitution or should I say "suspended constitution")  for about 150 years now. So in there minds they can say anything they like because they think no one pays attention to the meaning behind the wording. Fraudulent intent can be found in all government papers in the first line even before. But who knows any good wordsmiths any more? That art was wiped off the planet and proper speech changed in 42 when they threatened english teachers if they said anything about the change of meaning to our language. Why was it called Language Arts and now called English Lit.? They been pulling the wool over your eyes a long time by the very words you read without rules become the tool for great deception. All treatises etc. can be proven null and void by any good wordsmith whom lawyers should learn from. It would save many peoples on this planet with a stroke of a pen intelligently written mathematically  perfect. The unbeaten secret to good contracts. Over how many years and how many whistleblowers that have not been heard. It is too sad for me sometimes. God  has a perfect plan  and it is found in Peace.

  16. Yamakawa says:

    I have recently learned that microchip implants were implied in Obama Care. You can fly to that specific page fast by searching by the keyword "life-supporting"

    Page “1014” In The H.R. 4872
    ‘‘(g)(1) The Secretary shall establish a national med- ical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and
    outcomes data on each device that―
    ‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and ‘‘(B) is―
    ‘‘(i) a class III device; or
    ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.

    the word "implantable" is removed.

    The HR 3962 Bill Pages 1501 through 1510
    ‘‘(g)(1)(A) The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety
    and outcomes data on each covered device.
    ‘‘(B) In this subsection, the term ‘covered device’―
    ‘‘(i) shall include each class III device; and
    ‘‘(ii) may include, as the Secretary determines appropriate and specifies in regulation, a class II device that is life-supporting or life-sustaining.

    All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant In 2017 Per Obamacare

    • Yamakawa says:

      Here is a patent that was rejected by German Patent and Trademark Office. Connects the dots with Obama Care and vaccination issues. In worse case scenario, it would be difficult for military personnel who have already been implanted, to come forward for disclosure.

      Alshareef Adel Mohammed S
      Method for surgical implantation of electronic chip in body of person e.g. security agency searching person, to determine geographical whereabouts of person, involves utilizing chip in body of person and sending encrypted waves from chip 

      ALSHAREEF, Adel Mohammed Salem
      Shading of open areas by nano water mist 

      Saudi files for 'killer' tracking chip patent

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yamakawa, hello friend.  I've read this is part of Mark Zukerberg's plan, he and his wife, big time into vaccinations worldwide-and can be done with one, and you would not know it.  Over my dead body.

  17. Dennie says:

    More from the report:

    "(b) identify climate change-related risks to agency missions, and risks that may be caused by agency policies, programs, and actions… "


    " (g) identify climate change-related impacts on global water and food security and nutrition and the resulting impacts on national security, and recommend actions to mitigate these impacts; "


    • Elena says:

      "Try looking in the mirror" made me laugh out loud, truth is sometimes funny. Don't want to type too much, my hand is still hurting, now it's black and blue from the acupuncture! I still forget sometimes that I am small boned, so annoying. When I was little I read that Princess and the Pea and wanted that level of sensitivity, not really a good idea. One of my co-workers finally saw the VAXXEd DVD I had lent him. His comments, "We're fckd, how could this happen?" and "Really well done, not like those YouTube videos with the scary music." I like those scary YouTube videos! But he used sotto voce to get my attention, saying "Psst". Everyone does that at work, it's like you realize that just by seeing it you are going against the program and you have to be under the radar. (We work for a large Southland city.) His brother (everyone is related to somebody there, except me) sitting next to him said, "Where's my movie?" so I lent it to him next. I regret only buying three extra copies, wish I had bought ten, I will order some more. Next the gal sitting at the end will see it, she really wants to, I had loaned her another copy but someone stole it. I thought she wasn't keen on seeing it but now she wants to (after she had her one year old fully vaccinated -AARGH!)


  18. Rosalie says:

    They are thumbing their noses at those who know what's going on, based on what I see in this document. All nicely guarded under the guise of National Security. As if to say: Nanananana, you can't catch me… Disgraceful!

  19. CJ says:

    If you really believe that we all are being sprayed like rats then watch this Vid. He is telling you what he has in store for everyone and wants them to do.
    I call it the final Nail in The Death Box awaiting USA. Watch and listen.
    Google:  LEAVE NOW!! Obama says America must submi to the NWO Laws at Final Speech.
    If anyone decides that this is good in any way then that Box has your nails in it.
    I think they were plastic containers anyways designed to fit a whole family.

  20. CJ says:

    OMG SQ I looked at the pictures. That is terrible. I read some of the comments. Either this person is one of them or completely daft to what is going on. I tried to post a comment but it shut down. I wonder how many of them are coming. Most likely lots. The Agenda is steering in that direction.  Each of us know that. Well that is if one knows. What a Shame about the forest. Most can't see the Forest for the trees. In this case there won't be any forest left. I'll try again Anonother time SF to try to read this Person of Absense. Good work though Sus. As always. 

  21. Dennie says:

    The report says: "Climate change and associated impacts on U.S. military and other national security-related missions and operations could adversely affect readiness, negatively affect military facilities and training, increase demands for Federal support to non-federal civil authorities, and increase response requirements to support international stability and humanitarian assistance needs." 

    And that could actually be good.  They just very conveniently left out the part about CAUSING the climate change with all the hydrocarbon burning the past 150 years and the geoengineering they're lying about in order to fool you into thinking it's not getting warmer and we're actually somehow miraculously beginning to experience another Ice Age.  The part about the "humanitarian assistance," translated:  "Sorry for the annoyance of any collateral damage caused by us, you people just happened to be in our way on our last mad grab for all the remaining petrochemical resources…"

  22. CJ says:

    This is what else I wanted to mention. In Ontario we have grocery stores that have Walk in Clinic's. The other day I was doing my shopping and there was a Big Lineup of People. Well I didn't ask them why they were there, but I wouldn't have to second guess myself on the answer. 

    I looked at the deal that Dane had presented back in July 13 2014 about the crap that is being sprayed. It mentioned Mold and Fungus. So we are being sprayed with that Crap and when it blocks out the Sun, it grows very rapidly. Like on the Trees and Foliage. The sun stops it from spreading rapidly. So what do you think it is doing to your Body? I mean that Mold and Fungus. No sun means that your body can't fight it off. Do you remember when you had Diaper Rash. Your mom would put you into the Sun and it would go away. Well maybe you might not remember that because you were too young. Well that is what they used to do. Probably still do it. Well today either there is NO SUN or if one is Lucky enough to get some it will most likely be too intense because the whole Biosphere has been ruined from this Groengineering Scheme. 

    Candida is one to look at also. Running Rampant in women and also the itch that occurs in men. 

    Well we all get itchy at times and some get it with a B.

    Take that into Consideration.

    The Overhead Spray has some real noxious goodies in it. Check it out on:


    Find out why people are acting and reacting the way they are today.

    Enjoy your day.

    • Dennie says:

      Ya know, I kinda sorta somehow maybe think a little bit, just a teense, that losing sleep because you're being poisoned and dehydrated with chemicals all night long, after a whole day, day after day after day with no end in sight, of breathing the kind shit that someone else thinks it's all right to breathe, just might sorta kinda be somehow a little bit taxing on your body.. just sayin…" after all, who needs sleep, anyhow, it's suuuuch a waste of one's time, and anyway, good little boys and girls are always in a good mood here on cheery little Planet Earth!!!

  23. SF: Everyone here is really wonderfully articulate at reporting what is going on in your part of the world — so please do take the time to write to Dahr Jamail and let him know what you are experiencing, boots-on-the-ground stuff. And perhaps mention Dane’s work here at GW. Good idea? Marc, Dennie, Rachel, LS, BC, Anon, Yamakawa in Japan, Ron, and so many others – let’s make our voices heard! It’s time that  Darh Jamail wrote the truth about geoengineering!
    Dahr Jamail | Our Changing World: Readers Share Their Climate Stories / Monday, 26 September 2016 / Dahr Jamail, Truthout 
    "Readers write in from across the country to share their stories about how climate disruption is unfolding in the towns, states and regions where they live. An estimated 66 million trees across California's Sierra Nevada have died due to the ongoing drought in that state.  For years, Truthout readers have been sharing stories with me about climate anomalies they are witnessing where they live. Today, I'm bringing together your observations to provide a snapshot of what people are seeing in their hometowns, states, and regions in the US and abroad, as anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) continues apace. While no single climatological event or phenomenon can be attributed solely to ACD, consistent shifts in weather patterns, along with increasing frequency and intensification of events or phenomena, are being tied directly to rising temperatures."

    • Dennie says:

      Susan F.:  Do you have an actual e-mail address for this guy?  I went to the article to look but no "contact" area, unless I just didn't look closely enough (still reeling from the stooopidity headed for the White Man House we all witnessed last evening…)  Thanks,  Dennie

    • Yamakawa says:

      If that is SF’s order, I have to obey (sometimes) LOL 
      I also inserted “a recommendation phrase” to GWsite also. Here is the same sentence, posted at 14:45, 34th comment, just in case if it is deleted. Cori Gunnels had commented also.

      Hello from Japan. I am surprised the articles in this site are neglecting important parameters influencing the global climate, intentional influences from geoengineering, as assumable from the article on August 13, 2016 “’Chemtrails' Aren't a Thing”.

      Here in Japan, we see unnatural trails in the sky frequently, in many prefectures. In my understanding, the same are happening in the US also. Here is a Japanese website reporting daily chemtrails throughout the Japanese prefectures.


      We are sure of differentiating “chemtrails” from “contrails” , because we see similar trails dissipating similarly, even in different humidity and temperature, moisty and dry, hot and cold days. If they are "contrails", they should look different in different conditions, or should not be seen that constantly in similar appearances, in different areas. I am learning and updating the situations in the US, mainly looking at GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG

    • Dennie — Scroll down for "SHOW COMMENTS" and there you will find friends like Yamakawa and Cori Gunnells … and also a few hostile trolls you can attack! Go get 'em,

    • My post: Susan Ferguson 

      I live out on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The Olympic Peninsula is being used by the US Navy as an electronic warfare zone. Everyday I see the aerosol spraying of toxic chemicals across the sky from my windows and I take photographs. It may be that these cloud formations are specific to that use, meaning EW electronic warfare. The trees here are not dying yet. This area was kept cool and damp all summer. The temperature never got above the high 50’s on the Fourth of July. While I am naturally pleased that our trees are not dying, there are very few insects or birds — and I personally am sick of being microwaved daily. My hands tremble in tandem with the intensity of the zap. It is impossible to gather samples – as I used to do – because the particulates are now so small, nano-sized, which must make them easier, more efficient to breathe in. That must please the US Navy and the vast array of corporations that are profiting from geoengineering over this dying planet. These ruthless behemoths obviously regard American citizens who pay taxes, like me age 70, as ‘collateral damage’. Yet we truly remain helpless lab rats.
      What people out here on the Olympic Peninsula don’t seem to understand is that the technology involved in geoengineering is the same technology that generates the EW electronic warfare environment used by the US Navy that has turned the once pristine Olympic Peninsula into an electronic war zone and a rf/microwave hell. The US Navy uses the same dispersion of nano-sized toxic metals, aluminum, barium, strontium, Zinc sulfides, etc. to enhance their electronic warfare operations and “juice” the atmosphere. There is no essential difference in geoengineering, climate engineering, electronic warfare technology, ‘fracking’ the Ionosphere with HAARP, rf/microwave transmitters & emitters, and fusion energy. These are all technologies developed from plasma physics and the very insane ‘estimated for their convenience’ math equations that allow these arrogant lunatics to play God. They are failing and reducing our days on this once beautiful planet by the moment. If you want to inform yourself, go to Dane Wigington’s geoengineeringwatch.org.
      “Yet, we cannot go around hurting other people and claim we are justified simply because it might be the case that those costs will redound to their benefit. … the negative side effects of risky geoengineering will likely fall on the most vulnerable and least responsible individuals.”
– Who May Geoengineer: Self-defense, Civil Disobedience, and Revolution (Part Two) – Patrick Taylor Smith /August 15, 2016 / dcgeoconsortium

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Susan,

      For a several years now I've written comments under his articles directed at Jamail including factual information and and insisting the damage by military geoengineering programs be acknowledged. I think Jamail is fully aware of these military activities, such as the time he spoke against the dangerous "military training" in the Gulf of Alaska.

      While I agree we can go post what we know and why, so far from Jamail all we've heard is crickets.  Still, this may be different sort of opportunity, and worthwhile.

      By the way, the trolls are think as thieves over there at Truthout.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella, yes, as I have mentioned before, Dahr and I have communicated about the geoengineering issue, he knows. This being said, the more that activists post intelligent and articulate comments under Dahr’s articles regarding the geoengineering issue, so much the better. Yes, you are likely correct about others on the Truthout end perhaps doing the filtering. The more cover that is provided for Dahr in the comment sections, the more likely he is to finally speak about climate engineering. Thanks again for your on target suggestions Bella.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ Dennie

      Great idea!  Try this:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, hello and yes, will do!  At the moment, there are dozens of anti-geoengineering activists blitzing DC, all representatives, all government peoples.  I posted this before, don't know if it stayed up or if anyone is calling, but we are urged to call our represtatives, and others over and over again to make an impact and back these guys up.  I asked Dane about it and he said rattle as many cages as possible.  My literal head, and really, I am pathologically literal, feels as if it is Never a good idea to rattle a cage!  And bingo, Obama's new format for dissent.  This, our legal team, the whole of it including Rhode Island's effort which is into its third? year of going nowhere, this results in Obama's declaration?!

      Against my better judgement, I did watch the debate.  Jeez.  The embarassment factor is Huge!  I so regret my late life invovement in current politics as I get endless emails for money.  Since I have none to give and would not anyway, I get messages like: So, Rachel likes Trump?!  Insults.  But my main takeaway is the vast amount of money all this takes and for what?!!  At least all know by now about Hillary's deal with Putin for Oregon, spun this way and that and still not Fully disclosed.  I've hit a new low in cynisism.  And into depression.  Not a woe is me, but more like deep thought against all odds.  I've not even been posting.  Had to figure a bunch of stuff out.  Something you wrote about plasma physics lead me to discover, with the wayward jet stream, that it can get stuck, yielding just two season.  Lately, our local weather guy has not been able to call the weather 'correctly'.  Driving up town with my daughter last Friday, the sky display was stunning. Truly stunning.  I still don't know how to use my tiny camera, and I still don't have the glasses I need, but eyes were enough for this!  A Huge! feather of a chemtrail, just Huge and perfect, just like a feather.  To its left, a straight line that nearing the feather, which it met at the halfway mark, it was squeezed together puff balls.  To the left of that-northeast-were two 3 dimensional triangles, both really large.  I was amazed and kept remarking.  Daughter says, so what?  Another chemtrail, not news, not new and you really don't get out much do you!  Wow.  Again from her.  Kept saying but this is special.  Lately, a few months now, we've had displays that are nearly artistic.  WTH?!  Almost as if showing off.  And really pissing me off.  And yes, I only go up there, not far at all, two or three times a week.  I drive as little as possible.  Down here, there is too much in the way to see much.  We've had a lot of blue skies, whited out in the west, and it has been hot!  Like 100 degrees.  But really, how often does one see 3 dimensional triangle 'clouds'??  I believe they are showing off.  Downtown has becaome a hideous mess of tooth by jowl ugly, huge buildings.  And more and more.  And, people being shot all over the place.  I don't trust the sky, I don't trust these buildings at all, nothing seems trust worthy anymore.  Much less the candidates.

      I do trust Native resistance efforts, so again I mention DAPL.  Which, some judge ruled something, no matter, DAPL, which I misspelled when first posting it, has legs, worldwide attention and addresses all of this.  Stand with Standing Rock!  And check out the videos of it!


    • Andrew Hess says:

      Truthout unfortunately fails to address serious issues such as geoengineering and 9/11 truth.  Even though they adequately cover a lot of subjects, these two are clearly off limits.  One has to wonder why. 

      To me, it seems easy to tell the truth.  I don't know why it's so hard for others.  It really does boggle the mind when considering the lack of courage or fortitude these editorial boards have.  Local newspapers, national newspapers, limited hangouts like truthout, it's taxing waiting for them to grow spines.  We are surrounded by people ruled by fear.  Controlled by the necessities of making a dollar, so much so that they can't print the words 9/11 truth.  I don't know if it's more maddening or saddening that we are surrounded by such cowardice.  

      I don't read truthout as a result of their editorial censorship.  I'd rather be led by people willing to lead.  

  24. CJ says:

    Here today in Central Ontario, those Nasty Dark Black looking clouds keep rolling in one right after another. They are all fake. When it rains I watch the leaves shrivel up and die. Most of the Maple trees are dead on the tops of the trees. They want them to lose their leaves so they can start selling fall and winter stuff in the stores.

    I talked to a guy today while picking up spirits. I told him last time I saw him outside about this. I give him this site and over a week later (today) asked him if he checked it out. His reply: No I have been to Busy. What that tells me is people are too busy with Mundane Stuff that is more important then their own health and well being. I understand though. Most are Ignorant to what is taking place above their Noggin. 

    When they do find out usually. Not a care in the World. Way too Busy. Well I'm busy also learning more and more each day about Bending Over and being taken Advantage of from all these Smuck's. 

    It is very devaluating to my knowledge that I secure upstairs.

    Oh Boy. Who is next on Dane's Exposing List. There are so many of them it is not Funny.

  25. Modern Calamity says:

    There is no government anymore.  Insane people are running this world.  This video is heartbreaking from Dr Mercola's site:

    How GMO Crops Impact Livestock and Human Health Worldwide

    Geoengineering is only part of the same problem with greed and money all that matters to most.  Remember "Dust in the Wind" – "All your money won't another minute buy".  Our only hope is too inform the masses of the truth.  We are constantly being lied to and manipulated.  When will the masses wake up?  I hope soon so that there is something left to salvage.  


    • Eileen Kuch says:

      You're absolutely right. There certainly is no government to speak of anymore .. only lunatics running this world.

      In the US, there is climate engineering chemical cool-down, which has crushed El Nino, and is also engineering winter from warmth. The California drought has also been made far worse through this same climate engineering, creating fiercer wildfires in wilderness areas. All of this geo-engineering's done primarily for greed and profit, not for preservation of wildlife .. that's simply a cover-up.

  26. nobodiesfool says:

    The war to control minds has been waged with television and video, with its longest prevalence in the US. Research studies published from Australia in the early seventies on the effects of television on the human brain were never allowed to be published in the US. See Jerry Mander, Four Reasons for The Elimination of Television. Mander was an ad man on Madison Avenue, and went on to create the first public service ad agency His later book, from the early nineties, is entitled In The Absence of The Sacred. For me, the definitive statement of that text is: Machines destroy sacred space. Straight up, they all must go.

  27. LS says:

    Is everyone posting this on social media?  If not, why not? Post it with a comment. 

    Yesterday I went to volunteer to feed people less fortunate than me. Big groups of really needy, unhealthy people are in every big and small town and city. I have lived on the edge of the wilderness for 37 years and have never seen so many homeless people in the woods, near any  creek or water supply and just about every pullout on any road. My point? Isn't this memorandum really a declaration of Marshall law and an official acknowledgement of the crisis the country and the world is in?  I think that is what I am reading. Anything can be done by anybody, anywhere as long as we call it a national security issue. Mass immunity and impunity. Kevin Shipp called it exactly at the Redding event. Thanks Dane and everyone here for showing the best of humankind in the waning days. A friend says it is time for us all to start drinking, partying. and burning our brains out. I am pretty sure most people are way out ahead of me on that front. The sheeple. 

  28. BaneB says:

    The 'directive' reads like a recipe for cool aid.  Drink this because it's not for your INDIVIDUAL wellbeing, but this is for the "common good."  And further it's really about "security."  This 'directive' is a not-so-subtle message to the controllers to make plans for their survival.  National Security is for them, not us.  How secure do YOU feel?  Indeed, I have been feeling very insecure, beginning with the 9-11 con, consciously awakening to the atmospheric destruction by these same departments and agencies, and looking down the barrel of a looming nuclear destruction.  This directive addresses nothing that will cause me to feel secure.  

  29. Teri says:

    typical govt goon response. they break your legs and then sell you the crutches while giving themselves a pass from being charged with assault. there was a movie long ago called rocketman. the lead character was a walking disaster and always blamed someone else. that is the hallmark of fame for government and its hive mind. ''it wasn't my fault, it was JULIE'S fault. '' …

    worse. they do it at the point of a gun. remember clearly. government is force. everything they do is a death threat. comply or die. there is always a gun under the piece of paper pointed at us. 

  30. Jenny says:

    It's creepy to see pest outbreaks and human/plant/animal diseases listed there.  These are obviously among the things they have purposely done using geoengineering, and are planning to do in the future.  

  31. ” In war, truth is the first casuality ”
    Aeschylus~Greek tragic dramatist, (525BC-486BC)


  32. kathleen says:

    I'm not suicidal but I should be. And for that matter, why is suicide against the law? Who dey gonna punish?

    Every person we share one tiny bit of information with is a potential soul who might get a "light" in their brain. Don't waste time on those in s/Elective offices — they're already bought and sold. At least that's been my experience for 50 years.

    It's crazy, but I'm here with each of you in whatever small way you and I can impart this knowledge to a broader audience. But I could never have done this without Dane, and you wonderful enlightened people. Thank you. snd never give up!

  33. Blam says:

    You know i have thought about the central banks being the authors of our destruction but the more I think about it, the more I come up with the CIA as being the main force, the true ruler behind all thrones. They take whoever disagrees with them, presidents, prime ministers, dictators, bankers, reporters, cleaning ladies, anyone. Why? the power to print money is nothing compared to the power of killing someone. Yeah the banks are high up but I am absolutely sure whatever the CIA tells them to print they print. The CIA has the banks in place to give them unlimited resources. they are breakaway government, and I believe it they who control the planet. I mean no one talks about how powerful the CIA is. They can kill anyone on the planet in minutes. They can do in any central banker, and the alt media is so vocal about the central banks. Yes they should not have the power to print money but someone is allowing the alt media to talk about them, almost as if they are being set up. Real muscle is what rules, and I imagine the CIA gets what the CIA wants. I think they have created the banks as the fall guy in a collapse and not the other way around. I am not completely sure about it but I do know the real power is not talked about and the CIA has the power to do whatever it wants. They are the new praetorian gaurd that once CHOSE the emperors and ASSASSINATED the emperors of Rome… for nearly 200 years until Constantine disbanded them. I see corporation as the new legion and much like the Roman empire they view the world as their domain. The loyalty of corporation have become dubious much like the Roman army under its greatest emperor Diocletian favoring whatever section of the world was most profitable for them. If I were to point at the power behind all of this, the power which really chooses the president, chooses the bankers, chooses the policy and has the muscle to do anything it wants, CIA. Mossad is another fall guy for the CIA I believe, there is no way, given the budget and resources of the CIA could the Mossad ever compare in scope and power with the CIA. I believe they are pulling the strings and have set up agencies around the world as convenient fall guys. All those other agencies are bad but WHITE people are really really smart and there is no way they would give power to  zionist central bankers. The CIA is old school American, they are the breakaway civilization and somehow they are able to avoid being in the limelight. People are always talking about zionist bankers, I wonder how much power they really have, they are only paper pushers. I think old bloodline Americans got tired of needing the approval of the masses and covertly formed a break away civilization especially when different nationalities of Europeans started arrive whom they considered subhuman. An old english saying was "subhumans" (its actually the n word which is used) start at Calais. It is their plan that is being actualized. I mean a banker goes against the CIA I dont care if he Rothschild or Rockefeller, they have minutes left. No banker can protect themselves from the CIA. The CIA doesnt push paper, it carries threats through…instantly and they do not obey the president its the other way around, it pushes power real power. If the president is the most powerful man on earth what does that make the CIA. The power to end someones life is the most potent weapon of control and especially against people who have large egos like bankers. i honestly dont believe its the central banks because ALL POLITICAL POWER COMES FROM VIOLENCE. THE CIA could be the most powerful organization ever created and we really know nothing about it, shrouded in secrecy they are composed of mainly what is for the most part 95+% anglo/german american old school bloodlines. I believe they hold the power and all this junk about 13 families and illuminati is just CIA casting shadows. I believe the CIA formed itself and its main mission was to keep power from the ZIONIST central bankers who were plotting for centuries to control America.  I dont care how much money you have, you are not going to tell the CIA what to do, they tell you. they choose president not the CFR at most all these other bodies are consultants. We dont know who is running everything so we can be sure its not the central banks and the CIA has conveniently placed itself as just a shady intelligence agency, like its the servant of these groups. I dont thinks so, these are just my thoughts. CIA needs 10,000,000,000,000 dollars, they go to the BIS and say we need this now or you and everyone you love will be dead tomorrow, they give them the money. The bankers cant actually eliminate people, they have to hire people and the people they hire are the ones with the actual power because bankers are trying purchase that power, they dont control it the CIA does. That is why the CIA eliminates any president who would ever think of ending it, I believe this is the real reason Kennedy was assassinated, he wanted to end the CIA, the banks are the mechanism which the CIA uses to give it easy access to all the worlds human production. I truly hate banks, but I have just been thinking logically about who really has the power and this is what i came up with. No one know who is really in the CIA or how many. Interesting to say the least.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Blam, yes, there is no denying the unrestrained power of the CIA, but is is important to remember and consider that the central bankers had full control long before the CIA was created.

    • BaneB says:

      Blam:  I like the way you have stated your understanding.  There is, I think, much to be said about these dynamics about where the real power squats in USA/Babylon.  There is no doubt the Constututional government is a shell of its former self, a sort of facade, a Potemkin Village, and virtual, having been subsumed by the same force that subsumed the CIA.  Oh, The Company still is every bit as wicked and powerful in the way you describe it but my take is the Zionists subverted the CIA, and that sordid agency is now in subsumed service, her in-house agents and moles (think Pollard). Otherwise, I am at a loss to explain why the good ol boys would accept the ZioCon PNAC 9-11 "new Pearl Harbor. They all do now belong to the same genteel country clubs, and assorted lairs. And, of course, it is a mutual win win, with the good ol boys reaping huge wealth from infinite war (and drugs), and profits from the burgeoning prison-industrial-surveillance police state, while the Zionists gained the Pentagon (they already own Congress and control the White House) for their war upon the Arabs.  They all get rich, and We The People are looted and enslaved.  Their money rules us out of the barrel of a gun.  

    • Blam says:

      Bane, personally, I dont think zionists subverted the CIA. I think the CIA has become a break away civilization along with other groups. It reminds of that scene in the last of the Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman Rises? The character is Bane and he says to the banker, do you really think you are in control when the banker is trying to push paper. Then he kills him after he gets what he wants from him.  its well known the CIA controls hollywood, I think they use Zionist producers because zionist are sociopaths who will commit any atrocity. I firmly believe the ones who are really in control are the ones who are able to use violence. It has always been this way and will always be this way. I do agree with Dane in the sense they are working together but supremacy, the real dark force, is there exists a civilization within our own, separate and comprised of these groups which regards most of the human race, 7 billion, as useless eaters destroying their planet. Their end goal I believe is to get rid of the useless eaters. I think that can sum up everything we are seeing and answers why the CIA would let 9/11 occur…because by that time with all the immigration into the US from the Irish onwards, they view as subhuman and hold no loyalty to the US. they want to hit the reset button on the world. I honestly dont believe the CIA will let any zionists live in the end. Every CIA person I have known despises them but calls them useful I believe that scene in Batman is telling us what is really going on.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Blam, incredible reasoning.

      If your watch dog is a Tiger, you must be careful, everyone have fear of you but you can be killed by the "dog".

      This "guys" that run the World are masonic, that's for sure. We don't know who are the top group in the global cult (maybe the money pushers, or not) because they are secretive, of course. Can be the UN. Either way the romans have fallen. Specialists say that was because the widespread use of lead.

      Good Luck to Us All.


  34. I think it's human nature to rage against one's own invulnerability and strike out at others as we accept our own annihilation.  We've watched this destruction of cultures, environments, populations thru-out history. 

    How can we reign in these hopeless bastards with the rule-of-law we once had?  The enemy (that horrible nature of the cannibal we all have) is soo powerful right now and so few care to make an effort. 

    Checks and balances seem only restored after some cataclysmic upheaval.  But, this time I don't think what sustains human life will survive.  

    • Terri Perry says:

      Here in Italy, it is the time of the grape harvest.  I have just come back from picking the worst grapes seen in my 8 years of picking.  The leaves are brown as if torched, the grapes are brown, shrivelled up and dry or not mature at all, on the same vines.  We have told our neighbours, who own the vineyards, that it is the weather modification, metallic particulates in the air and the intense UVB that is causing this. "NO", they say "its because the "medicine" they put on to treat the vines was not as strong as last year"!!! We even sat them down to watch the "Tanker Enemy" film (in Italian) last year to show them what was happening (check if the English version is still on the internet).  Now the guy who made that film has been harassed and his Facebook page blocked by the Italian authorities.  Planes were going overhead as we picked – we said "this is the reason your crops are failing".  All they say is "oh, its just a commercial flight going to Yugoslavia!" We said commercial flights to Yugoslavia don't go around and around in circles every 10 minutes spraying!  I have just walked back from the vineyards and now the Walnut trees are dying as well as the peach trees and still they say its a "disease".  They will NEVER wake up. They are sheep with their heads down eating until there is nothing left to eat!  God help us all!  Also, it appears the recent Italian earthquake at Amatrice was not caused naturally, it did not follow the fault lines but followed a grid pattern where the fracking is and there was some massive energy perhaps from the Particle Accelerator in Grenoble that was picked up by seismologists at the exact time of a massive spike in energy.  More loss of life – for what?

    • BaneB says:

      Terri Perry:  Interesting report.  Thanks.

  35. chris says:

    The memorandum sounds almost like the 9/11 generation of policies under the USA Patriot Act,  prioritizing national security and defense, at the expense of civil liberties. Any new 'threat', no matter what it is, even something so BASIC AS CLIMATE, ends with new 'administrative' structure swallowing even more taxpayers money, limiting every citizens action, even something so basic as migration, access to water and food. The 9/11 pretext for inflaming infinite wars with every nation possible, or the recent CDC UNIVERSAL CONTROL of human BASIC rights, are just small examples of what is going on. Classifying Climate Actions while doing it for citizens money, is a tip of unlimited arrogance, criminality and power grab. 

  36. a simple horseman says:

    Dane, Top notch article!! Just like you and hopefully everyone that reads this article, "It's a smoke screen!!", Smoke and mirrors, aka, "deception". Good God man!! Talk about a million ways to slither out of any jam. Can you read between the lines people?! Personally, I am sick and tired of Obummer handing out these directives that waaaay toooo many follow without "any" consideration for themselves let alone the good of the many and our planets ability to sustain life that we are so comfortable in. I watch one rain event after another get obliterated all across the entire world. While other parts get pounded with rain, to much to fast. It's easy to see once you get to know how the satellite maps work and watch them daily. Mr Obummer has a cushy cocoon waiting for him, or so he thinks. As many of his stature think. They all think that the technology that got them where they are will actually prevail. I wish they would have considered what the "mother" has to say in the coarse of things. Mother nature does not recognize the human species, nor any species. She just "is". Just like a mother, preserving and giving what she can. The rest of "our" equation is up to each of us as individuals.

    After reading this and so many other to the point informative articles that read like this one, I'm not sure which I'm more disappointed in, Those that carry out these directives or those that are blind and deaf to anything that is outside of there little unsustainable bubble. Often they are one and the same. I read once that the mind of mankind so very malleable. Since then I have been taking note. Myself first and others secondary. I have concluded that we all need each other… "honestly". Always thinking about the good of the many and our mother first, always.

    Mr Speaker of the House, the floor is yours….

  37. Anon — You are too kind to me. Thank you. I have read for years that the real reason for all the secrecy around these advancing technologies (plasma fusion etc.) was the fear of legal action – and not just from within the USA, but also around the world as other governments began to realize what has been withheld from them for selfish purposes, for profit – for power and control, as Dane so often and rightly says. These spineless elitist ratzoid cowards have so much to answer for. Not only have they kept 'free energy' from us to keep the oil cartel pumped, but in implementing weather warfare for 60+ years, they have wrecked the delicate balance of our planet and potentially destroyed our only home. It's insane. Truly, they must be completely mad.

  38. The reports on the death of trees from BC and other locations in Canada are truly horrible. From here on the Olympic Peninsula I often watch the Navy push their toxic radio-frequency/microwaved cloud-creations up over and onto BC.  The people who are doing this poisoning of us and our planet are going to need immunity from more than lawsuits. They will need immunity from public rage if the population ever wakes up to the fact that we are being systematically poisoned everyday under the false pretenses of saving the planet from global warming. A more likely scenario is that the geoengineering, which has been going on for 60 years now, has actually made the ‘warming’ of our planet worse.  Who or what is terra-forming the Earth?  I believe that Mr. Wigington is correct in his thinking that the only chance we have is to stop this total insanity – and hope that the Laws of Nature will eventually correct the abuses and assaults that have ruined the subtle balances, the cosmic harmony that allowed Life to exist here on planet Earth for countless centuries. When I see these ugly heinous abominations in the sky over the once pristine Olympic Peninsula, I feel as many others feel.  I want to scream at the locals here — Can’t you see how wrong these clouds are?  But they don’t look up.  All I can do is take these photos and hope that more wake up. Tragic. Who knows how much time we have before the coastal cities are inundated. There will be hordes of desperate people, families with children and gangs on the move – and and little to feed them.
    Poison Sky on the Olympic Peninsula WA compliments of the US Navy / late September 2016

  39. nobodiesfool says:

    I would like to add an historical perspective which to me shows clearly how Dane's main approach to end this is correct. The Vietnam massacre ended when the soldiers refused to be mercenaries anymore. It was fragging which ended the war and the draft, the military could no longer keep an officer in the field. Simple, the universal soldier. So yes, the people who are willing to do anything for money are the core of the problem. Those who press the buttons. Also all who continue to turn on the machines instead of using their own energies. Their power evolves from all we buy from them.


  40. nobodiesfool says:

    Again,  and always,thank you to everyone here. I would perhaps have lost my ….a lot without this support. This document reads like exactly what the CDC has asked for, police powers. As a mater of interest, check out the centralization occurring in US Consulates services to citizens during this period. Also, foreign Consulates in the US. The election is Nov. 8 , it will be incendiary, and I predict a huge event on Thanksgiving. This will be a different world by Dec. Just guessing.

  41. LS says:

    I am almost speechless but let me say this. Military Men and Women current and former, need to see Sherri Saunders, former medic, blow the whistle on VAXXED FB page (or in a link from Saturday's posts on here). You military people need to grow a pair concerning geo engineering and start talking. Watch the video. She shows you what honor and integrity look and sound like. It is either the constitution or what we have now. History and mankind are watching and will judge you accordingly. What in God's name are you going to tell the children???

  42. Ed Bee says:

    There is always something new to experience under geoengineered skies. Today was very windy and chilly, yet there was an ugly yellow-brown haze remaining around the sun. With all the air movement, we should have seen clear skies. I don't wish for bad things to happen, but I can't help but hope for something big to occur soon that will wake the sleeping masses from their unconscious state.

  43. Rob says:

    Also 》have a question re the Ca legal action》what's next now that 60 Day Notice has expired?  Is 7/25 the date (official filing date I believe) which the 60 Day clock is based on?  Curious re timeline/expectations specifically as it relates to the next 60-90 days》Thanks!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rob, though the 60 day notice has run its course, this timeline is a minimum and not a required timeline for the legal filing. We have new attorneys with our group which are assisting us with the effort. I will give additional updates as soon as allowed and appropriate. We will continue to push forward as fast as we can.

  44. Karen says:

    No amount of intelligence in the military can defeat Groupthink in Govt.



    • Teri says:

      in a word..brilliant. well said. the hive mind is very evident. i am beginning to think of people as clones. not real. or perhaps they have become machines with machine minds and a willingness to act as the ''hive '' demands. 

      i recently was visited by a local tree harvester who wanted to buy my live trees…the answer was not only NO but HELL NO… i also lectured him on what he is doing. killing the planet and the trees…i told him i love to breath air. the trees and i have a symbiotic relationship and as long as i am alive and my son and his family live the trees on our acres are protected. not that geoengineering isn't hurting them but i can at least stop loggers. 

      the man offered us lots of paper dollars and i told him exactly how worthless those papers are. the trees being alive have greater worth then bits of colored wood pulp. 

      i gave him a print out for dane's sight and a copy of a dvd i made of dane's video's. he did know about food and water poisoning but i don't think he was ready for the fact he is contributing to it. people forget that what they do for a living has a massive impact on the world. it is easy to take it for granted. he said he would watch the video. i hope he does. perhaps one logger will change careers. 


  45. Sherri Prock says:


      You are truly doing God's work to help the uniformed or ill -informed to be aware and see the truth – for all of us who truly care about all life on this planet and about stopping the evil deeds that are being done to further de-populate this world and further the NWO agenda, I thank you.  At the rate things are going this planet will not last much longer – I feel since the end is very close and we may be living in the end times we must continue to pray and ask God for divine help and mercy upon us and continue to hope He will hear and answer our prayers.  God keep us all safe from the evil ones who seem to have taken over and are in high places down here.  Truly I feel this may be Bible Prophecy as the world has never seen times or technology capable of such mass destruction as it has now with such deranged psychopaths at the helm.  You are a seeker of the truth and a true leader and I also pray for your safety Dane. Blessings to you and your family in these very difficult times.

  46. Rob says:

    It will get worse IF not enough people choose to break their silence》of course this looks to be the intent promoting just that》the continued silence of the Masses. Here's desperately hoping the Masses awaken & choose life》 contemplating anything else》don't  think anyone would care to dare to imagine what such an immediate future would look like》yet could all too easily be our reality should people choose to remain culpable to our collective demise. Wow…just simply wow》wont someone please wake me from this nightmare??? 

    • Rob,  You may have hit upon the most important aspect of ALL of this:   this is indeed just a dream.  Continue to see it that way and just be entertained.  🙂

  47. Blam says:

    does anyone know if when they spray for rapid cool down does it take the oxygen out of the air? We were scheduled for an early freeze last night, they sprayed like crazy (but the cold didnt materialize, I think they are losing effectiveness, law of diminishing returns) I found myself breathing like I could not get enough oxygen. I swear whatever they spray to cool down takes the o2 right out of the air. I find its just the rapid cool down spray that does it to me. I know when they are spraying it because I feel like I have a piece of metal in my eye or gritty sand. it happens every time, then I know in a couple hours I will have problems with oxygen. I am thinking of getting an oxygen concentrator for these sprays. Such evil, such malevolence.

    • Rob says:

      Just rt'd info pertaining to just that》less 02》something like 10%+ less than not all too long ago》it's not your imagination》our breathing is becomming noticeably laborious》feeling the same way》then add to the fact that I've also been wearing a p95 mask》was 104 today in not so pleasant Pleasanton》will attempt to post rt referenced

    • Rob says:

      Apologies for my techno ignorance as I dont wish to spend anymore time figuring out how to post the tweet in question 》the #'s reported are 16% less o2 & 22% less sunlight》I'm sure Dane & or others who keep themselve's moreso consistently current w/figs as such can/will be so kind as to confirm✌

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rob, “global dimming” figures vary from study to study. The attached link is very helpful for input on the issue. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/dimming-the-sun/

    • Yes, there is less oxygen, more methane

    • talawanda78 says:

      I cannot help to agree.  I've experienced issues with breathing as well. I literally had to rush to get into the house so I could breathe.  It was as though I had a serious case of asthma.  

      They're out here every day, and the skies are filled with planes from dusk till goodness knows when. They've been busting their humps creating super, deep gray, near black clouds covering the skies to mask every sunrise and sunset. About a week ago they made it so cold here in MI, that there was frost on the grass when I got up about 8 am. Yet, only less than a week before all my spring plants were reblooming. Even bulbs that didn't take well during Spring, even without soil in the planter, were rooting and are still growing, even after that frost. Same with my garden. All new blooms on the green, red and yellow pepper plants, now with peppers growing back.

      Yes, hard to breathe…and we sure do NOT need gov putting this under National Security. They are all totally insane and going off the deep end because they're getting caught in their deep lies. Intel has been coming in from the middle East how unwelcomed our troops are, and how this nations military is shaming the US. They've stated that with our troops there everything they've done thus far in the peace process is being undone.

      War is for profit, and they won't let go. Their insanity to control everything and everyone will end up causing us to get hit by a nuke. China has already threatened to explode a nuke at high altitude, over the US. That would take out all the nations power. It seems insanity loves company. The freaks that run the show are sitting down inside the  DUMBS laughing at the population, while everyone watches their holograms. 

    • BaneB says:

      Rob:  Yes, this morning when the air ought to be rejuvenated with fresh oxygen, I find my breathing and my body seeking more oxygen.  Even my little dog frequently is yawning in response.  And I live in a forest, albeit a dying forest far away from traffic, cities, and manufacturing.  Regarding the artificially induced current heat wave the temps have been 100f at the lower elevations here, too.  I believe the weather terrorists have scheduled a cool down starting tomorrow.  Hopefully, greener pastures are ahead.

    • Rob,  A P95 will not filter the size of nano particle with which we are dealing.  100 required.  Even IT will not get it all.  Must detox the remainder.  Be well.  Larry

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      Yes and thanks Larry for your recommend… I have 3 N100 nanoparticulate masks now, thanks to you , they work almost immediately for O2 recovery / protection up here in mid Canada. With out the mask  I actually can feel the sharp metal particulate occasionally which causes coughing but also I know the caustic air when I'm trying  not  to breathe it in. The mask takes care of that and I really don't care much what people think when I'm driving along under all those toxic washes, quite often I see people looking up now examining their fate. Education going on. Also 3 air purification units make all the diffference. Nano particulate ones. I know it costs, but the pushback is worth it imo.Thanks again everyone for good info!

  48. Dr Chaplain Kenneth R Newlin says:

    The way I see it is: The very fact that the CDC has lied to everyone as proven in the Movie VAXXED tells me that our Government is in on a total deception to do whatever the feel without any concern for the planet or the people they are to represent. As this bombardment of toxic chemicals and biological warfare goes on day in and day out this Presidential Memorandum is another way to twist the truth by those in power that are so hell bent on the total destruction of this planet to bring about their One World Order agenda that is to depopulate this plant to their will to have only 500.000.000 people left to serve their purposes as mer slaves to their system of government. I have seen the death of a National Forest with my own eyes and ears as with death comes silence. I have hidden away over 70.000 photos over the years that show this assault on this Forest by GEO Engineering. So for the most part as to this Memorandum it is an assault on our intelligence and the very fact that the common man has not the intelligence to discern it.


    • doc equine says:

      Right you are padre. Given the blatant in your face assaults being executed on so many levels, as an outlier, I scream at my tv in the hopes that Trump will bring up GEing, vaccinations, gmo’s, etc. The man has no filter, and I do not entirely agree with him, however, I do believe he could blow the lid off of the spraying. The victim populace needs someone with his exposure.

    • rockhead says:

      Doc You are right on point. Problem is Americans in general dont care or want to know about it. Sad…..

  49. Dennie says:

    I don't have much hope for any of the kiddos in the military to wake up from their comatose state of "consciousness" in time to STOP the OPs.  These are people whose upbringing consisted of child abuse and they're just getting more of the same familiar "family feeling" having joined the military, with child abusers screaming in their faces.  You pick the Hell you wanna live in.  If you're stupid enough to settle for $15k a year and paid medical/housing/schooling, that's what you get. 

  50. Yamakawa says:

    Visiting HAARP sites part 13   Here are reference maps I came to, looking for known sites. After finding weird ripples in the clouds seeing EOSDIS Worldview, the maps are handy to see if the origin of the ripples coincides with the sites in the map.

    This map shows many geoengineering related sites. On the right pane, choose “ELECTROMAGNETIC” , and there are “Ionospheric Heaters”, “SuperDARN”, “ELF and VLF Transmitters”, and other items. The sites will be overlayed to the global map.

    CTBTO Map:Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization

    On the right pane, there is “INTERNATIONAL MONITORING SYSTEM”. Choosing that would show sites with seismic, hydroacoustic, infrasound, and radionuclide monitoring facilities. It seems some sites indicate some hints to unknown HAARP related locations.

  51. Charles T. Banks Sr. says:

    Does this mean that the President has just postured to halt any current and/or future attempts of any and all legal actions by the public against Climate Geoengineering Dane?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Charles, however the power structure tries to block legal action, there are still avenues for us to file our complaint and more importanlty to initiate the “disclosure” phase where we will present data. In the end, all efforts are about reaching a critical mass of awareness. If we can achieve that, the rest of the wheels will turn.

  52. Dane — Thank you for this comprehensive post. You say, “The final paragraph in Obama's 'memorandum' is essentially a statement of full immunity for the US government.”  Not only do they want full immunity from any legal action, but it shows that this is what they have been concerned about all along.  And this official-in-writing CYA immunity fits in with my own personal conclusion that the “gag orders” and punitive actions against those who have been willing to come forward and admit to climate control, are backed-up by and founded in the military that pervades and dominates every aspect of industry and the world economy. With the official term “National Security” as the rule, the law, any action that threatens what they conceive of as “climate change-related impacts” can be considered a threat to national security. No wonder they are cracking down on who says what. This will get worse.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, Forever it seems, they've just done what they wanted to do.  The internet has changed everything.  Which is of course why some wanted to rein in the net.  We must be gaining else Obama would not have come out now saying this.  We do have The Most Badass military ever on Earth.  That seemed to be goal number one.  And they are stuck like a record.  A lot of old people saying old things, over and over.  Everything about this country was set up from the beginning to be abused.  Like The Donald saying he was too smart to pay taxes, many do think that way and take risks in that vein.  I remember many many decades ago when newspapers began breaking stories of trucks dumping toxins in whatever nearby water, thus not having to pay.  At a point in time, it seemed as if this country was big enough to absorb Everything!  No more.  I would believe their rap about climate change being the main threat but for the fact they are doing zip nada about infrastructure, shorelines, etc.  Heck, there is a huge building in SF that is sinking!  Granted, only? 18 inches by now, but picking up speed and suspect a new building project next door.  Seemingly all the money in the world to build, but for what?  Just all those dollars changing hands.  It was only a year or so ago that kids died here in Berkeley because a balcony collapsed.  Should not have.  Shoddy work.  Heck even the Bay Bridge has issues–built in China.  So I'm thinking of what all came before and how we got here and how it Could be different.  Because it really could be different but for the mind set.  Which, the CIA has its hands all over the National Academy of Sciences.  The Intelligence we need is not spy work, but innovation.  That is hopeless as long as science remains hostage to government, which it is.  I believe the government runs the military, not the other way round.  It uses the military to further its goals and war is a money maker for some.  I think they are probably surprised it took us all this long to figure things out.  They were getting away with it!  We need a real change in government.  One that views its citizens as assets, not liabilities.  One that values truth and science and innovation on All levels.  This mode of government is as outdated as Russia.  One thing is certain: there are far more of us than them.  What if one day no one, and I do mean no one, showed up for work?  A national sit out in protest of an unjust demonizing government in which, apparently, we, in the land of the free have no voice.  They have betrayed us at every turn.  Every which way.  And fully plan to betray us further.  Just look at our choices of president!  What could be more depressing?  More oppressing.  Something radical but non violent needs to happen.  All the election hype is like playing the lotto.  Money down the drain.  Or rather to the ones at the other end of that drain.  The emails are so very dramatic.  Some people evidently believe in all this.  We need to burst that bubble.  It is scary, but necessary.  Lance the boil that has become America.  And address the Native issues fairly as possible.  It is the rot in America's heart.  And, damnit, when the intruders came, the reason they stayed and thrived is because they found a largely empty nation, the Natives having been killed off from diseases from which they had no immunity.  This is why I believed in vaccinations in the first place.  But, 'they' just couldn't resist turning that real possibility into great harm, because they could.  No one is protecting us, just allowing us to exist, for the moment!

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