Record Warm Oceans And Eco System Collapse


The climate engineers are confusing some of the population with their jet stream manipulated chemical ice nucleated engineered temporary “cool-downs”, but the bottom line for the temperatures on our planet are the oceans. A cubic meter of sea water can carry 4000 times the thermal energy of a cubic meter of air. Global ocean temperatures are shattering high temperature records month after month (GLOBAL land temperatures are also being shattered). All of this is happening even without an “el nino” event which will sooner or later make the whole situation much worse still. The climate engineers have been actively trying to push back the el-nino by holding the “ridiculously resilient ridge” of high pressure over California. This alters the trade winds which helps to hold in the heat the Pacific Ocean is trying to release. Those that want the truth about the actual state of the climate will examine breaking information with actual statistics and facts from the ground instead of fabricated headlines from people and special interest groups with agendas. In the meantime, the mercury is continuing to rise on planet Earth. The ongoing climate engineering insanity is making an already critical climate situation exponentially worse overall.
Dane Wigington


Record North Pacific temperatures threatening B.C. marine species

Source: CBC News

The North Pacific Ocean is setting record high temperatures this year and raising concerns about the potential impact on cold water marine species along the B.C. coast, including salmon.

Ocean surface temperatures around the world this year reached the highest temperature ever recorded, due in large part to the normally chilly North Pacific, which was three to four degrees above average — far beyond any recorded value.

Pacific record temperatures

Dr Richard Dewey with Ocean Networks Canada says scientists are still trying to figure out what’s going on. (CBC)

​ Bill Peterson, an oceanographer with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said the warmth along the North Pacific coast is very unusual.

“We’ve never seen this before. It’s beyond anyone’s experience and this is why it’s puzzling,” he said.

To further complicate the picture, Peterson says an El Niño warm water ocean current should arrive in about a month.

“We’ll have what we call a double whammy,” he said. “It’s already very warm up north, up here. If we get an extra push of super warm water from the tropics, we could possibly have a big disaster on our hands, ecologically speaking.”

Invasive species on the rise

Richard Dewey, an associate director with the ocean observatory operator Ocean Networks Canada in Victoria, said scientists are still trying to figure out what’s happening.

Sunfish - Pacific Ocean temperatures

A Sunfish, normally found in temperate and tropical waters caught by fishermen off the Alaskan panhandle. (CBC)

Unusual and invasive species have already headed north including:

  • Sunfish, normally found in tropical or temperate waters, which have been seen off the Alaska panhandle.
  • Thresher sharks, which rarely travel past Vancouver.

There’s also concern that Humboldt squid, which voraciously eat juvenile salmon, could make their way north again, after first being spotted off Alaska in 2005.

“So the worries with this is our local species having to work harder,” Dewey said. “They’re competing for the food they’re after.”

Source: CBC News

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  1. Karen says:


  2. Am very much appreciate your exposure here. I have suffered from chemtrail / geoengeneering since late 90’s, in northern New Mexico at around 8,000′. The 17 year Cicada, those large insects that look like huge horse fly’s that buzz in the trees all summer long are now extinct in Mora Co. N.M., and I notice in the town of Taos N.M. they are now gone. That year when the locusts hatched out they maintained their rotund juvenile shape as they grew. At maturity they had NO wings, were approximately 1-1/4″ long, by 3/4″ wide. Very unusual! That year when stepping out into morning dew the moisture from the grass got trapped underneath the straps of my sandals. over the course of a few days my feet where the dew had been trapped under straps became a itchy rash that took around 3 years to go away!
    We have had “RED” lightning there, and in the mornings following there was a red powder in the bottom of the rain gathering barrels. Over the months this red powder became green slime, like algae, only at bottom of tank. Back then whenever jets were spraying one could clearly see a nozzle on the tail of the jets doing the spraying. When I saw them coming over I would take cover as would make me sick. Ons friend there almost died from respiratory issues due to this. One night around 11:00 P.M. it was snowing. A small jet flew over my town of Guadalupita N.M., ZIP code 87722 and circled our valley and town. That was around year 2000. Most of us in town woke up with respiratory issues. My neighbor “Lazaro” got sick, and died trying to get into his car to go to hospital. I have seen small jets in formation in that era with plumes of spray coming out of them, and sometimes the plumes would shut off while in mid flight. According to William Cooper when he had the shortwave radio show “Hour Of The Time” He reported that Holloman Air Force Base in southern New Mexico had been entirely turned over to the German “Luftwaffa”. He went onto report that the “Sister” nation of New Mexico was Germany. Note that the swastika is in reality a symbol for the sun. Note that the symbol for New Mexico is a sun disc with radial lines radiating outward top, bottom and sides.
    Myself and neighbors have seen many “Orange” fuselage multi engined jets taking off from the U.S. airforce base in Albuquerque that were the same spraying the chemical. Back this phenomena of there being a yellow orange “Halo” around the sun after these jets passed by. I was able to see this halo when flying to Hawaii by looking downward from the plane into the shadow of the plane I was flying in. We have seen at night what appears to be a shining star that would follow air force jets. Usually we would observe this star like light begin to pulse with it’s brightness intensifying until the star would speed off into space and would be totally out of sight within 1 second. There was posted in the Albuquerque news paper (Don’t know which one) someone had taken a photo of a air force jet, and when photo was developed a silver colored “Globe” was seen following the jet. I observed one of these silver globes for a solid 15-20 minutes in about the 3Rd. week of November, in 1972, around 8:00 A.M. in the morning at “Klines Corner” in New Mexico. I find chem trails to be much worse on my health at the higher elevations. I no longer live there only due to this!

  3. Andrew Corrie says:

    Please tell me what I can do to help stop this??
    Thank you,

  4. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    You amaze me, Dane in how you find all this info out about our Earth. Keep up the great work.WE all appreciate you. Thanks for being you and for caring so much.

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