Selling Climate Engineering While Denying It, Meet Professor Clive Hamilton.

Meet  professor Clive Hamilton, a member of the Australian Board of Climate Change Authority. In this short, just released video interview below (8 minutes), Professor Hamilton does admit to the fact that many extremely powerful and corrupt governments, corporations, agencies, and individuals are completely focused on geoengineering, but then Hamilton expects us to believe that climate engineering is not already going on. Does Clive also expect us to believe that the global power structure would ask our permission before they decided to implement such atmospheric spraying programs? Power that is completely out of control never asks permission, and this case is no exception. Clive Hamilton’s denial of the blatantly visible climate engineering going on in our skies every day should be considered criminal. Hamilton is in fact helping the military industrial complex to hide in plain site their all out assault against all life on Earth. Such “expert” deniers should be held publicly accountable. Professor Hamilton’s public contact is here send him a message and let him know what you think of him helping to hide greatest crime ever carried out in the history of the human race.


13 Responses to Selling Climate Engineering While Denying It, Meet Professor Clive Hamilton.

  1. L. Swanson says:

    I feel exactly as you, Roan Donahue. Only my children are in their 30’s now and one of them has 3 children of his own. I still want to protect them. I’ve known of aerosol spraying for maybe 10 years.I live in a very rural area and don’t wander far. I don’t drive much in other words. Too many distracted drivers on the road so I’m not a good passenger either. The best I can do is share information and I do it on social websites such as Facebook. I don’t like FB and I’m not there to be social. I believe I’ve gotten through to a few people over the years but not many. Most want to ignore it and go about their normal lives eating GMO foods and watching TV. I do think it’s starting to change though. And quite rapidly. Next time you’re outside and look up to see the fake clouds (chemtrails) say something out loud if anyone is nearby and see how they react. They look at me like I’m crazy. If you know anyone whose child has asthma you could tell them specifically about what geoengineering is doing to their child’s health. It may get their attention. United we stand especially for our children! Peace.

  2. donald wallman says:

    It is nice to know, at long last I can put a name to what I call the “SEWER RATS”, The rats come out at night and spray their poisons killing everything including our families and our children. It seems all for a few dollars that Clive Hamilton has sold his soul to the evil that will rot his very being one day when your mind begins to take in all the suffering you are causing, listen to the cries of people dieing because we can not breath, or the Nano practicals penetrate their lungs and brains killing us slowly. Try, for a moment to hear the cries of the millions fish, birds and animals, feel their pain and tell me that it feels good to know that is what the children of the world are doomed and can look forward to is your sickness you have rained down on them while they are SLEEPING. To wish you the same harm you heap on us would mean I was just like you, but I AM A MAN, a MAN is someone who knows he is stronger then most uses his strength to PROTECT the weak, the sick, the maimed, the child, the elderly and those that are hurting, but you sir, are NOT a MAN and should be ashamed of yourself. How does it feel to lie to your children? If at all you have any, if so, have you told them, you, as their loving father are slowly murdering them and they WILL die a SLOW, SLOW death? Funny so will you. Do you think you are not breathing the same foul air your family are breathing?
    You sir are beginning to look ugly to the world, I am quite sure people don’t see you as a BEAUTIFUL soul. I wish your family a safe and a healthy love filled journey through life, it is such a shame you don’t wish them the same as you promote the sick people that are, and then you happily lie for them. But don’t worry you will be one of the first they will kill to shut you up when you start to fight for your families lives.

  3. nikki says:

    I have just written Professor Hamilton the following:

    Hello Professor Hamilton,

    I am a sustainability consultant and resource specialist and educator. I have recently seen your interview/video on We are Change/YouTube.

    I have to say…it is astounding the way you backtrack, and cover up for criminals like Gates/Big Oil and people who certainly do NOT have the best interest – of either the planet or life on it – in mind.

    If these corporations/governments/people were really doing what they thought w[as] right in protecting the aforementioned, they would be bragging about it all over the place …on every news station…bill board… plane spewing chemicals…etc.

    But…. I’m sure you know all this already, it’s just too bad you can/will not acknowledge it.

  4. nikki says:

    This is where our “country lies” unfortunately.

    You are one of the few parents who is conscious about it. Your child’s life in just a few years will be drastically different from yours. In addition to food system collapse. contaminated air/water/soils, and the sixth great mass extinction, I wonder why people keep having children.

    Taking responsibility for his future, keeping him in the loop as he ages, and doing what you are doing right now (not being a coward/being proactive in learning and changing) is one of the best things you can do.

  5. Roan Donahue says:

    It has been quite a ride the last 4 years. I now have a son that is going on 4 in december. Its is clear to me i would have known very little of this had he not been born yet my biggest vex is that i do have him now. I have brought him into this world and now i must protect him from the evils that surround us. I was told by friends not to say or discuss certain things on Facebook and other social sites. Is that where this country lies? With its face down in the mud while they exterminate us like rats? I will not lay down. I truly appreciate all of your efforts Dane as well as all of the people running this site, down to anyone that is so willing to even discuss this with other adults, like adults. As we enter the vast hypocrisy and willful ignorance that is the political voting season, I beg US, our citizens to look at your children, friends, family and fellow human beings and feel the need to stop the evil.
    I will not bend the knee to these horrifically evil sociopaths that we willingly give our trust and tax dollars to year after year. Its time for action. Tomorrow IS too late.

  6. sherry taylor says:

    thanks Dane,
    Now I have a better understanding of where all the lying is coming from. That wonderful little truth keeps poking it’s head up though. If there was ever any thought that we should just trust these guys..well they are just making it up as they go along..nice to see the beginning of the disinformation game.

  7. Amy says:

    Skywatchers grandma, you are exactly right, this has been going on for a long time and we are still in its infancy of getting any answers and moving towards getting it to stop.

  8. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Why aren’t these professors, climate scientists, geoengineers, etc, etc, talking about how all this crap falls to the ground? Never a word about how the air, soil and water is saturated with this stuff, or the side effects from this. They never say hey look at your windows when the sun hits them directly and you can see these nano particles that look like glitter. Look at the sidewalks where it has fallen, when the sun is hitting it you can see it. Check out your windshields on your cars when the sun hits directly on the glass. Do they tell you to be sure and wash your veggies really really well because everything is covered with this crap. Are they thinking or talking about these issues? Why aren’t reporters asking them about these things? I’d like someone to ask them about the trees and plants that are dying. The bird, insect, and wildlife numbers that are ridiculously low. I have a ton of questions for them. What idiot ever came up with this idea in the first place? How much jet fuel is being used everyday around the world to do this and what is the cost? How much pollution are they adding to the atmosphere doing this? What are the damaging effects of the chemicals on the atmosphere? Dane says it is shredding it. How can this make any sense?

  9. Judi Brisse says:

    WOW Dane you are posting some absolutely astounding info.(as always) but the NAMES and FACES behind such madness is so appreciated you cannot know. ‘Ethics of geoengineering’??? What a joke. I can’t believe he could say that with a straight face. Pathological liars every one of them, arrogance to the max, they think they rule the Universe. This mentality needs to be stopped. Bill Gates and all of his cohorts are BIG SCIENCE GONE HORRIBLY WRONG. They need to get their heads out of the techno world and get a clue about Mother Nature and what their actions are doing to our organic world that gives us LIFE. Thanks again Dane. You can bet I will contact this man.

  10. Beatrice Wright says:

    Clive Hamilton is not a professor, he is a murderer just like all the others pretending to “save” earth whereas they destruct it, just like their own family and friends. Just like the others, he should be behind bars.

  11. bija says:

    Stuck inside today with my young grandchild, extremely downhearted and angry, don’t dare to venture out under the completely whited out and chemicalized skies of southern Arizona. I hear the engines from Davis Monthan and know what we are in for. To professor Clive Hamilton I say: I hope you are proud of torturing and harming children and all life on this planet. Your family must be so pleased with your accomplishments. How do you live with yourself?

  12. Annemarie G Wouda says:

    It is absout terrible, but I ‘m not surprised , it’s like many other things , swept under the carpet and credibility for him and like-minded equals zero . I’m ashamed that I’m Swedish

  13. Michelle says:

    Incredible double-speak.

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