The Criminal Cancer That Runs The World Must Be Exposed


Why are we here? What is it all about? What does it take to wake people up to the fact that on the current course humanity faces certain extinction in the near term, this is a mathematical fact. At this critical moment in time we must all focus on a common goal, on the single most important battle against the global tyranny, exposing and halting climate engineering. Lab tests prove beyond any doubt that we are all already being exposed to what is inarguably a "slow kill" due to the highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals raining down on us from the ongoing climate engineering. At any time of their choosing those in power can alter the mix that is being sprayed on us and completely level the playing field. What we face is no less than an immediate fight for life. This being said, we should abandon fear and instead allow ourselves to feel justifiable anger and outrage. Who gave those in power the right to inflict this harm on us? On our children? On the planet? Get educated, arm yourself with credible data to pass out, and make your voice heard. The attached 5 minute video is empowering and important.
Dane Wigington


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  1. kirk mannor says:

    Remember don't vote for anyone that doesent make stoping geoengineering a priority.

  2. kirk mannor says:

    I realy don't think the military is going to help the elites,and if they send un there will be a real war,I don't think that americans in any form will let this happen.

  3. Robert says:

    I remember growing up in the 1960s in New Jersey and seeing the trails in the skies back then! I said to my dad that they didn’t look natural. He later told me before he died about the secret HAARP Program because he was a weather forecaster in the Navy. He said that they were experimenting to control the weather…and i didn’t understand him back then because I was so young. But now I fully understand the elite and corrupt elements in our government now… we need to fully expose this diabolical and evil that is destroying our planet…

    • ria timmermans says:

      Thats too funny my dad who passed last year , has been telling me about this too for years. He left me about 10 binders off articles taken off the internet and books he left me. I have been going trough them and its just terrifying of all the lies governments have been feeding their citizens. I really believe they are killing all the babyboomers that stood up to the governments in the sixties, and now they are all coming in retirement age. Governments are so broke and it will collapse all their poisining programs . So my guess is we are all going to die from cancer, alztheimers etc… They spray us daily with chemicals that goes into our food and water. CRIMINALS

  4. Sue says:

    Very disturbing, this is why many are awaking! We must protect ourselves, drink high alkaline water, (of course not sold in stores or no one wld be buying bottled water) w/ GMO everywhr crap in our bottled water & climate control, …..Kangen water -(high alkaline) will keep your defenses up -strengthen your immune system from all the acid-crap we are being fed & breathe and fights diseases! We've been drinking for 2 yrs now & my mom whose always suffered w/ advanced chronic RA is no longer on her biologic & down 3 meds!

  5. Doug Hayward says:

    What if as president i would advocate the end of chemtrails, GMO, monetary system, end coal and fossil within 10 years.  Open borders, and work together with other countries to stop global emissions within 10 years, together, feed the worlds hunger and starving, cut government by 75 percent within 2 terms.  And save our planet,    Would you vote for me,  even if I was never a politician? 

    • Saiule Sarin says:

      The big PACs will find some way to discredit you, either true or false. Additionally, if you joined a PAC to be relevant you would be told what to say and how to say it.

    • Alexia says:

      Yes, I would vote for that!

    • penny says:

      Absolutely!  But in a government of, by, and for the people, are we not all politicians?

  6. Agree:

    Sadly, politicians and wealthy people are destroying the world

  7. sezer says:

    Or " BANKSTERS" I should say!

  8. sezer says:

    Fantastic Video.It certainly is empowering to hear people express the truth with such powerful emotions.Academics beat around the bush with sophisticated political explanations about the current situation of the world, but as this clip expresses it, a clique of evil bankers along with their accessories are destroying everything.  

  9. Allan says:

    "WAR IS A BUSINESS". Here is a documentary I put together, which I called "Terror factory. Manufactured wars" It clearly shows how the government actually creates terrorism. It was pulled of off You Tube so I had uploaded it here. However sometime the player does not work, but it can be viewed by clicking the download button on the right. The main stream news media manipulates what you believe, but things are never as they appear.

    This one I have called it "Who is the real terrorist"

    Shock and Awe – "The Greatest magic show on earth"Part 1 – YouTube

    Shock and Awe "Where did the towers go" – Part 2 – YouTube


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