The Great Unravelling


The climate system is coming apart, Earth’s life support systems will follow. We have long since past the point of no return in regard to the planet we have all known.  Now what is left is the effort to salvage any part of the biosphere’s life support systems. Though all major media is still doing their best to hide the climate engineering elephant in the room from the public, the lump under the rug is getting too big to conceal. The gravity of what we all face will soon enough be clear beyond any form of rational denial. The quicker people decide to put aside their preconceptions of reality and face the truth, the better our odds of making a difference in this late hour. All are needed in the fight to expose climate engineering and the psychopaths behind it. The attached 12 minute video is a stark wake up to what is unfolding.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Rebecca Lee says:

    I know I had read that somewhere. Thanks for chapter and verse. It is a comforting thought. Also” if those days were not shortened there would be no flesh left alive”

  2. Nicole says:

    BRAVO. I could not have said that better. If I could, I’d hug you. THANK YOU. Nicole in VT

  3. Hawkeye says:

    Bless you Sharia but “elected officials” do NOTHING about this they will not even admit it is in the sky when it is clearly visible. I reported it to my local county officials and got blown off. I emailed them 101 pictures of our skies and I was told a report was filed and they would get back to me. That was 2 months ago. Now they are spending millions to refurbish our beach’s! Complete denial and so a waste of time to do it. I also contacted local environmental org.’s and began the call with are you aware of geo-engineering being sprayed over our paradise? They answer no, what are you talking about spray?? Then after I explain things I get, well if we make this public people won’t like it because they want their things. OH, so you do know about it!Well our biologists have spoken about it was next. Then: send me an email, NO pictures. I have to go to a meeting now and then on vaca. for 2 weeks. I will read your mail when I return. Don’t waste your time, they all know and either do not care or think lying is a better way to keep moving forward. Don’t come to FL. It is ugly and no sun anymore. Today we had a dead porpoise wash up on the beach in Ft Myers and we have had several fish kills. Nothing is right here and paradise is lost to chem skies. I cry a lot just looking at it all wasting away. There is no water, no humidity and nature is suffering. I have a new friend, a crow bird who visits me now regularly for water. He looks at me with no fear and seems to be trying to tell me something is wrong, help! I could go on and on but not enough room to write it all here. I am afraid it is too late for an official resolution or any resolve at this point. Protect you & yours the best you can She ( earth ) is gonna blow soon. This video shows two volcanic eruptions and there are dozens and dozens daily globally coupled with earth quakes. I am hoping this is God and He has a nice big lava ball with all the elected officials and their chem buddies names on it. They go first! Earth is firing back and rightly so, unfortunate we are all in the way but I am still rooting for Her! GO Earth. Kick some ass for we the people who care. God Bless all.

  4. thea says:

    Also have not seen chemtrails for about 2 weeks in Marin County and Solano County, CA. Wondering why…I messaged Dane Wigington to ask why but haven’t heard. The sky is still hazy white, though and looking like China instead of the clear blue it should be, as we are a rural area and get steady winds off the ocean. Wondering if they’ve figured out how to make the chemicals permanent. This weather all over the world is damn frightening and then I see a calm president Obama talking about something extremely inconsequential. Has his mind been taken over by aliens?

  5. Michelle says:

    Geo butter spies and Geo dragon spies get sprayed in too , folks. This madness Must Stop Now!

  6. Karen says:

    These weather-makers are nothing but MURDERERS. Period.

  7. Gary says:

    Well máte there still saying every day here in lutonský, bedfordshire, south east england, united kingdom

  8. tim reeder says:

    Haven’t seen any chemtrails over Sacramento for about 2 weeks. Is this evidence of a change in strategy? Is this evidence of a no-fly zone over River City? Our detractors and “debunkers” who are onboard the “persistent contrail” boat would be hard pressed to explain the absence of trails while Flightradar24 shows crowded skies every single day.
    Check it out:,-122.24/6?&_suid=140250717435609358300256235823

  9. Carol says:

    That comment was supposed to read ” will bring an end to this”.

  10. Carol says:

    I seriously wonder if all the effort in the world will be able to stop this if the military is behind it as it seems to be, and perhaps huge corporations (ie: Monsanto) as well.

    As others here have said, Almighty God himself will bring them into this…Rev. 11:18 He will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth”. We just don’t know how dire the situation will become before God himself takes action.

  11. Tim says:

    I think this geoengineering is causing a plasma state that causes severe storms.

  12. manor dweller says:

    Action must be taken, you are the movement individually, daily effort is required, anything, do something, be creative, action is required right now, however subtle or far reaching, anything that deals with air,land or water is affected by the psychotic consciousness at play and must be displaced by Love for sentient beings and the planet

  13. rhonda says:

    I am right with you Barbie! Praying that the “shackles will fall from their eyes!” Peace in know He reigns!

  14. Barbie says:

    Thank you Dane! It is so hard to wake people up to what is happening. I have noticed lately though, more people are noticing what is happening and willing to admit it if I bring it up! Although my faith rests in Gods kingdom ( rulership) as the solution, it is good to know that not everyone is in the dark so to speak. It also reinforces my faith in the truthfulness of Bible prophecy and where we are in the stream of time.

  15. […] Though all major media is still doing their best to hide the climate engineering elephant in the room from the public, the lump under the rug is getting too big to conceal. […]

  16. […] Though all major media is still doing their best to hide the climate engineering elephant in the room from the public, the lump under the rug is getting too big to conceal. […]

  17. To reclaim natural systems all life depends on for survival end CHEMTRAILS, an INHUMANE act on a population, by signing this petition and sharing it widely. Thank you!

  18. sharla says:

    folks this is only going to get worse. we must ban together and start by putting pressure on all elected officials starting at state levels then working up. this must be stopped, the elite will not stop until we force them to. TIME TO MAKE A STAND!

  19. Audrey Lundgren says:

    We should at the very least pay attention to this. We have always heard it said, “We can talk about the weather, but we can’t do anything about it.” Well, maybe some people are “trying to change it” – and there’s more and more evidence that those changes are/will not be for our “good” – to say the least! I believe God is ultimately in control, but He has given us a brain, as well, to use it – so that we can be in on His plan and be more aware of the evils of This World.

  20. Kurt Pantaleo says:

    oops—it was muted–so i un-muted it—–sorry

  21. Kurt Pantaleo says:

    I’m afraid the powers that be sabotaged your audio. Someone or a bunch of people don’t want us to hear the truth apparently–lol

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