The Insider: Chemtrails KC-10 Sprayer Air To Air – The Proof ====✈


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  1. For anyone who is looking for more documentation on the history of geoengineering, please take a long hard look at the pages linked below. Some of these documents are also duplicated in Danes excellent "Documents" section.
    Post these kinds of informational pages on other geoengineering and/or social web sites. These dire issues need massive exposure. It's up to us…
    GeoEngineering Current Actions | Agriculture Defense Coalition
    Weather Modification | Agriculture Defense Coalition

  2. unfortunately the computer and all social media is also a tool of control for the @$$holes who are perpetrating all this madness. we must figure out another way to inform and organize, otherwise all our efforts are immediately known and WILL be infiltrated. down with authority, government, and technology. up with life and spirit. end is here.

  3. ShantellRene Reese says:

    wow! sigh me up how can i help? i don,t have money but am smart dedicated with time on my hands.   must be something i can do to help?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Shantell, you can do so much good in this battle from your own computer. Use the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrows” link on the upper left of

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