What’s Really Going On With The Weather?


Source: Dorset Eye

Alerting The Public To A Climate In Crisis

The signs have been written in the sky in astonishing trails. The weather has been shouting it through drought and flood – and the documented evidence has been available on the internet for a very, very long time.

But our lazy blind faith in the lame-stream media and a head-in-the-sand  ‘I don’t want to know’ mentality is hastening the end of us all.

So asserts Dane Wigington in his recent presentation – and so do I.

So, what’s really going on with the weather?


The sustained, covert manipulation of the atmosphere has secretly changed our world.

For 100 years People have been trying to control the weather to suit their own purposes, with varying degrees of success and failure. But a combination of Tesla-based technology: HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and aircraft-delivered aerosols (chemtrails) has enabled a group of powerful people with vested interests to control our weather. It’s one of the world’s dirtiest and best kept secrets.

It is denied by Governments and avoided like the plague by mainstream media. It comes at a terrible cost to the global environment and threatens the very future of humanity.

That Stratospheric geoengineering is taking place is without any doubt. There is an abundance of official documents on the subject. We have insider testimonies, scientific papers, aerosol delivery patents, video and photographic evidence, air and soil samples, radar and even ‘Weather Modification’ companies offering their services on the internet.

According to some sources the earth hasn’t had entirely ‘natural’ weather for more than thirty years.

The very real consequences of the secret geoengineering programme will not just be felt years into the future but in all our immediate tomorrows.

Earth’s unique species’ are now reaching extinction at the rate of 200 a day. Depleting ozone, global dimming and mass methane expulsion are all contributing to an end-of-life cycle that, at some point in our very near future, will become irreversible and geoengineering is the cause. It is denied – yet applied and excused as climate change.

I am sixty four years old. From before the day of my birth until the writing of this article, earth’s weather has in some way been artificially manipulated. Notably beginning with Rainmaker Charles Hatfield who washed out much of San Diego in 1915 causing death and destruction.

In the UK, The Royal Air Force were directly responsible for 35 flood related deaths at Lynton/Lynmouth due to Operation Cumulus in 1962 and so it has continued, with ever more catastrophic consequences.

We have now reached a point 100 years on from Hatfield’s failed experiment when it is entirely accurate to say that there is no longer any entirely natural weather.

Ionospheric heaters such as HAARP now cover the earth’s surface at strategic points on land and sea.  Jet-stream’s have been moved and snowstorms created.  Drought, floods, earthquakes and tsunami’s have been propagated (HAARP is listed in the US Defence budget in this regard) According to researchers on the subject – including Dane Wigington, weather men are almost certain to be aware of the wholesale manipulation of the world’s weather – or they are stupid.

Weather is engineered for profit, weaponised for wars and wielded for political advantage and secret agenda’s – such as UN’s Agenda 21.  Weather is used in wars as a force multiplier. It declares as much in official documents such as: ‘Owning the Weather in 2025.’

There is in operation, a silent conspiracy of epic proportions and time is rapidly running out. The world is run primarily by psychopaths – low empathy, conscience-free, power seeking, egocentric, individuals – who care only for themselves. Proof of this now unfolds on a daily basis before anyone who is awake enough to see it. Geoengineering is just one product of such psychopathic thinking but the world’s power structure is riddled with it.

It is no longer possible to prove the argument that geoengineering is not happening.

People like Dane Wigington and Clifford Carnicom who are dedicating their lives to expose the issue are in possession of the evidence – and have been for years. That’s without that collected by the thousands of other campaigners world-wide. But just as with any other subject of such proportions, these days it would be foolish to expect an unbiased and balanced presentation on television.

We are in dire straights. But the geoengineering issue is useful in that it can easily teach us all just how controlled we are – how easily led. How powerful propaganda so easily passes for mainstream media news programmes, leading to ignorant or arrogant denial by a misinformed public – but that’s how propaganda works.

Exposing the geoengineering agenda under these circumstances is like trying to wake a sleeping giant with a whisper.  The challenge is to get enough people whispering at the same time.

I have written to politicians, eco-oriented organisations and government departments.  I’ve appealed to celebrities sympathetic to nature like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and David Attenborough. The silence is deafening.  I have wads of paper research, videos and hundreds of my own photographs. I am doing what I can – hence this insertion.

Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, ADD, Autism and Asthma are increasing rapidly and exponentially and Morgellon’s disease, a new phenomenon previously unknown to medical science, has been directly linked by Clifford Carnicom to the spraying of aerosol trails.

Aerosol trails contain ingredients such as aluminium, barium, strontium, microscopic synthetic fibres and biological agents. Everything that has been exposed to ‘fresh air’ – even the inside of your home – has been exposed to this chemtrail debris. We are all unknowingly part of the biggest experiment on earth – because the experiment is the earth and every living thing upon it.

I still love the sunshine – but what passes for sky is now poison 24/7 whether you see trails or not. I do not exaggerate.

Before you dismiss this article as claptrap I implore you to at least check the links below. We are in serious trouble – no doubt about it.

Please help to get this stopped by spreading the word. Thank you.

Get wise:

Climate Researcher and Campaigner Dane Wigington’s amazing website which has now had in excess of 14.000.000 visitors is:  www.geoengineeringwatch.org

Research Scientist Clifford Carnicom’s entire research papers are available from his site: www.carnicominstitute.org

Watch the film ‘Why in the world are they spraying?’ Free on-line.

Source: Dorset Eye

23 Responses to What’s Really Going On With The Weather?

  1. Ehlana Worley says:

    What can we do? Can we make even a dent in the damage they've caused? Is there anything we can do? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ehlana, yes, much of the damage done cannot be undone, but we can all do everything in our power to salvage what is yet left of Earth’s life support systems. The attached link can give more direction, thank you for making your voice heard. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/introducing-geoengineering-climate-engineering-to-the-uninformed/

  2. weather eyes says:

    I have recently been looking at the news an I can tell there is some thing going of bad i dont no what as i am not much 2 do with it so it simple words two me

  3. tom says:

    There are many ways to get the word out to a lot of people about this geoengineering nightmare. Find a company that makes bumper stickers. If you want to save money, design yours to say the same thing on the left and right so you can cut them in two. Most bumper-sticker websites have great software to help you design your own stickers. You can get creative and Photoshop a blue sky with obvious chemtrails for your background or use your imagination. Now hand out your stickers to your friends and family and place your stickers EVERYWHERE you can think of. Drive-thru restaurants, poles where cars stop at left turns, light standards at shopping malls, public transit stops, near schools or anywhere the local population congregates. You will be VERY surprised to see how many stickers are still there after 6 months or more and you will know that you did something to get the word out! YOU CAN DO IT!

  4. tim says:

    Mike Rivero is a paid shill, like most all radio/internet hosts who claim to be “truthers”
    He also says that anyone who believes in God is a kook. Its called “controlled opposition”
    The establishment has control over all media outlets and who they let on the air and what they say. They are plants to make people think they are on their side…they are just infiltrators that take truths and then confuse them or flat out deny them

  5. fiona says:

    I live in San Francisco and I have written to a local tv meteorologist who gets obviously frustrated on air while reporting the rain we all expected is petering out, over and over. It’s like he knows people know something’s up, but can’t say a word. I sent him photos of the obvious aerosol spraying with planes, overhead that reach down to the ground, and he said they were condensation trails at 20,000 feet (even though with those pics I also sent a pic of a real contrail and the plane leaving it showing I know the difference). Who do they think they are kidding?

  6. matt says:

    THOSE THAT CAN NOT SEE and wake up …/ WILL NOT SEE ……….. WE NEED TO WAKE UP TO THAT FACT …………………. the strong will live, if they get ready. right location, food, shelter, things that are not money connected. use credit cards and cash now to get the things you need , food , garden indoor or out , high ground in mnts. wake up its on weather they wake up or not its war strong make it !!!!! WEAK ASLEEP DIE SORRY …….

  7. Tim says:

    James Graf, the spraying North of Denver is just as bad. My wife has asthma now and I hurt everywhere and nobody can tell me why. I am toxic. This stuff is so insane. We used to have wall to wall blue sky but not anymore. It is loaded with fake clouds and gunk. It looks like chalk and all has come from the military planes.

  8. They poison us and will make sure the cure never gets legalised, or accepted..Cancer etc. Is big bussiness. And yes, they do use haarp, chemtrails, and fake cellphone towers on us and test their Geo-engineering patents on US… Wake up people…!

  9. Twolf1 says:

    I have become aware now for only about a month after stumbling upon Dane’s website, geoengineeringWatch. But Aware I have Become! I can see the chemtrails everywhere now. Just today I sat at a cemetery visiting my mom and dad, with quite a wide open view of sky. To my turned stomach and anger, I looked south of where I was at the time, which would have been approximately the Temecula, CA area, because I was in Riverside, CA at the time, to see the all-to-familiar scum-clouds as one poster’ called them, drifting about 40 miles away in a west to east pattern. I watched one jet as it spread the evil off to the east and then vanished, as it was probably done for the moment. I then sat there for about the next hour and a half and watched the trails begin to spread out and lengthen, and after awhile completely cover the area in chemical swirls and haze! This is sooooooo bad, and it hit me even more, when I turned around to the north of me only to see chemtrails coming in from the west in that direction when only an hour before was blue sky!!! OMG I am TRULY AWAKENDED, AND ANGERED NOW!!! It hit me like a ton of bricks though…… they must do this just about 24/7 huh??? Began feeling ill the closer that I got to where it was right over the top of me and I know it wasn’t all in my head! I even seen some brownish looking clouds in the midst of the white swirls, which looked even more toxic and terrorfying! Thanks for this site as well as Dane’s site, and now you have another brother that has joined the fight, and am going to start doing my own in-deph observations and camara and video footage to help to bring awareness!!!

  10. Karen Strong says:

    The biggest mystery in the whole of humanity .. Has to be …. Why can people not see this !!! I am totally flumixed …..

  11. James Graf says:

    They sprayed us like bugs again all day in Colorado. I can’t image an area that gets sprayed more than we do southeast of Colorado Springs. I watch the heavy metal scum spread in semi-circle bands and suck the moisture up coming off the mountain peaks. Then the scum clouds move southeast to be dumped on the Midwest and east coast. They’ve ruined my pastures drought then dumping 11 inches of rain on us in 2 storms 2 weeks apart this summer. About all that grows are millions of tumble weeds, scenes right out of the dirty thirties with horrible dust storms and weeds stacked up against and behind any wind break. I tell everybody look up, wake up and quit hoping and believing and start thinking! God Bless us all that are aware of the problem.

  12. Ally L says:

    Hi Carol,
    Just reading a report that says that 5 people have died in Buffalo,New York, after heavy snowfalls.
    These ar##holes responsible for the unnatural weather patterns really have lost the plot and need to be called out and stopped.
    In addition,it’s all well and good to speak about the honourable people in the armed forces. I am a regular contributor to charities for wounded servicemen, but it will soon be time to ask certain pilots, “what the hell do you think you are doing?”

  13. Carol says:

    Now we have more horrendous winter weather upon us. Just last week there was a 4 to 5 Fort snowfall in the mid west. Yesterday and continuing into today another 5 feet of snow fell in western New York state.

    We no longer seem to measure snow in inches….is 5 feet the new normal?!!!
    What is it going to take for people to wake up!

  14. Earth Angel says:

    Another beautifully written article. Thank you.Keep spreading the word and educating those capable of comprehending what is going on. We must keep hammering away until we break through.

  15. Ana says:

    Very good article!Just per si weather control by delivery (just as ording Pizza at home) would be a exceptional business with high profits but with all the other major possibilities no wonder that the “business” has expanded in every front during all these long years ,specially if it started by military pourposes…i just wonder what makes people to think that controling the weather is science fiction ?they don´t find looking like fiction every new technologies they use in their daily lifes also?why not?i don´t think people in general are taking the time to look deeper into this subject or they are not good profilers cause maybe they are taking as granted that those in Power are serious and honest people that they can trust with eyes closed or some others are trusting in the masses and the masses are trusting in the same masses or representatives and their representatives are trusting the government or everybody is trusting on everybody and nobody is doing anything except a very few people who rose up against it!the logic seems to be that as long as something is oficial it´s true ,if it´s not oficial it´s not true …Thanks Dane and thanks to all your sources and cooperative writers and investigators !Thanks dorset eye for this article! good work of all of you!…

  16. Mason says:

    That’s interesting Peggy, I need to try that on heavy particulate spray days.

  17. matt says:

    but haarp controls the mind of the weak, so they will never wake up …………………they might even turn worse if they turn the power up on the haarp and fake cell phone towers ….. everyone get ready, store food

  18. carol freiberg says:

    Great article,too bad more can’t comprehend or accept the truth.And the fact that so many are complicit in this cover up. Do they think they are immune to the effects of constant man made pollution and the toxins involved with aerosols. I don’t get it.

  19. peggy mccray says:

    Have you shined an LED flashlight towards Heaven afer a day of spraying? It must be done in an area with no light pollution. It’s not stardust you see falling.

  20. sean cairney says:

    nice work

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