Who Is Really Running The Government?


The global structure of “government” that rules the world is very foreign to what we have all been trained to believe. We are surrounded by the glaring red flags to confirm this fact, but even now many are only just beginning to wake up. This awakening process must be accelerated if we are to have any chance for a future. Its up to all of us join in the battle to raise awareness, we must make every day count as time is not on our side.

Dane Wigington

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  1. LettaMego says:

    Get General Electric and the 5 other corporation out of the media…  bring back an informed population…  
    Bring back the free press… bring back investigative reporting…

    We are a nation of people being brainwashed
    by the professional propaganda and
    misinformation experts
    on the media…      
    bring back
    Freedom of speech…  FREEDOM of the press..

  2. Michaelemery Delaney says:

    Mr. O’bummer seems anti-everyone hell bent on destroying the rest of what’s good and great…If I need to be expatriate? So be it..I will fight to the end…

    • LettaMego says:

      0bummer just says whatever he thinks will sound good..

      and then he generally does just the opposite…
      which is usually some kind of robbery and mass murder…
      0bummer knows his cronies own
      TV and the media and
      most of
      We the uninformed People will never know the difference..
      For the first time in history a small portion of informed people are put in the position of countering the propaganda on TV and in the media…

  3. Katherine L. says:

    If you still fear? you do not know truth.

  4. Katherine L. says:

    cool. I had that saying in my emails. so true. If a person has their EYE opened, they can see and make proper choices.

  5. Katherine L. says:

    let us not forget Universal Laws. In the midst of all this created havoc, we have these laws; if obeyed, they protect you, otherwise, you’re on your own. They are always working. Man forgets this.
    The law of rhythm states that the pendulum swings both ways, now it is set to start swinging the other way. The Aquarian age is at hand. This world is crumbling, making way for a new way of being. It starts from within each and every human being. The new Earth. And so it is.

  6. Dave Casimir says:

    we are all scared, no plan, no back up, no weapons and a late start, and we don’t know our true potential. 1 day, 1 moment, 1 leader, thru fully, we need a lllllll of us every human, color is the last thing thats important today.

  7. Jenasus says:

    Prepare For THE FREEDOM WAR that is brewing in AMERICA.
    WORLD WARRIORS, FREEDOM FIGHTERS and others like them

  8. Susan says:

    I read where there has been the most ever recorded in last two years of US Citizens LEAVING the US, and giving up their citizenship, but that is not feasible for many of us.

  9. Gaz says:

    All of the leaders are affiliated with the illuminati. It is all about blood with the illuminati – royal blood. The royal bloodline is closest to pharaoh and prone to possession by demons of Ra. Thats who rules the rulers. Royalty was founded on satanic principles.

  10. Jack Slater says:

    To assist in understanding what maybe going on with “The Government” and “The World”, download/read the ebook ‘Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man’ by Jeff Michael Thomas Hays at SAMARITANSENTINEL.COM

  11. manor dweller says:

    the world governments and the power elite need to become a mirage, made obsolete by our love, new found awareness and higher consciousness.

  12. john doe says:

    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies !

  13. john doe says:

    It may be difficult to fathom the enormity of this issue but we can not deny how In Our Face it is.

  14. There is something in what you say. Undoubtedly the Zionist/Rothschilds are right in the thick of world control.
    How it all fits together is difficult to fathom.

  15. A says:

    This video is deflection from the truth of the Zionist Rothschilds. Not good. WHY? Rockefellers?

  16. horsegirl says:

    My hubby – pithy as ever – in accordance with the subtle distinction between the name of the document we thought governed us (The Constitution for the united states of America) and the one doing the dirty work (THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) has coined a subtly modified name for the imposter:

    Washington DeCeit.

    Let it go viral.

  17. Marian kunetka says:

    I wish more of the population would wake up to what is being done .

    • LettaMego says:

      People have been conditioned to rely on TV news …
      That's why made-in-China General Electric and a few other international corporation 
      bought up the TV stations… and media
      so that 90%of what people hear and see…  is not in our best interests…
      but is in the interest of corporate profits and welfare…..
      Even Fox, especially Fox, is protecting corporate interests..
      and spewing out misinformation… 
      that people are buying hook, line, and sinker..

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