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Will Any Humans Become Post-Carbon?

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Source: OpEdNews

Probably nobody will read this because it is far too long, far too full of horrifying details, and far too realistic for most tastes.

I write it anyway, to fulfill a promise I made.

Back in 2007 I read the book High Noon by J. F. Rischard (also available in German). Rischard’s information shattered my Box’s long-standing defenses against the outside world. In a state of shock, two friends and I tracked J. F. Rischard down in Paris and interviewed him for 2 days in 2008. What a kind and intelligent man he is. As a result of Rischard’s intense download I began studying-up on several global situations, in particular methane clathrates and depleted uranium.

The year 2007 is interesting. According to David Spratt’s September 2013 report, “Is Climate Already Dangerous?” we crossed the planetary Rubicon in 2007 at about 0.76 degrees centigrade of global warming. Maybe I felt it” Maybe you felt it too? At this point, not only had Arctic sea-ice passed its tipping point, but the Greenland Ice Sheet was not far behind. (Reference: www.scribd.com/doc/168483927/Already-Dangerous-1)

Adding to the mounting evidence behind 2007 as the point of no return, Malcolm Light concluded on 22 December 2013, “We have passed the methane hydrate tipping point and are now accelerating into extinction as the methane hydrate ‘Clathrate Gun’ has begun firing volleys of methane into the Arctic atmosphere.” (Reference: https://sites.google.com/site/runawayglobalwarming/the-non-disclosed-extreme-arctic-methane-threat)

According to Light’s analysis, the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere will resemble that of Venus before 2100. Two weeks later, in an essay stressing near-term human extinction, Light concluded: “The Gulf Stream transport rate started the methane hydrate (clathrate) gun firing in the Arctic in 2007 when its energy/year exceeded 10 million times the amount of energy/year necessary to dissociate subsea Arctic methane hydrates.”(Reference: Malcolm Light http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2014/01/global-warming-and-the-gulf-stream.html) (Reference: Malcolm Light http://arctic-news.blogspot.de/p/global-extinction-within-one-human.html)

The clathrate gun began firing in 2007, the same year the extent of Arctic sea ice reached a tipping point. But who knew it?(Reference: www.the-cryosphere.net/7/275/2013/tc-7-275-2013.html)

Because of my research, my new collaboration partners at www.planetaryculture.com asked me to submit a blog paragraph about what the United Nations needs to know about methane and global warming for a paper they will read at the United Nations’ Climate Summit set for 23 September 2014 in New York City. (Reference: www.un.org/climatechange/climate-summit-2014)

I took Planetary Culture’ writing offer seriously. Perhaps I was naïve. My commitment threw me hard down into a rabbit hole in which I have not yet hit bottom. I quickly found intense new information published since my 2008 research spree that pertained to the methane “clathrate gun” (which I would now name the “clathrate cannon”).

Maddeningly, every shred of new evidence only reveals that the situation we are in is far more menacing and frightening than anyone anywhere ever suspected, even in their worst nightmares. We are talking here, folks, about near-term human extinction due to global warming, possibly as soon as 2050.

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Source: OpEdNews

2 Responses to Will Any Humans Become Post-Carbon?

  1. johnD says:

    @jason mcnair, Hey Jason you got any spare room on that *Cat* ‘cos I think I’ll join you.

  2. jason mcnair says:

    exeedingly selfishly, i wish to sell alli “own”,and sail a catamaran in carribean for the last few livable years remaining…. total chaos with the wheather changes and economic collapse will require radical pirate protection methods for us few on board
    any suggestions for a viable alternate plan??

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