Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 25, 2015


Below is the 2nd installment of a new Northern California commercial free news hour being aired Saturday mornings from 6 am to 7 am on KQMS 1400 AM and 99.3 FM (the first show aired is here). By covering climate engineering and critical global events, the information that will be presented on "Global Alert News" is a radical departure from what the North State's primary radio broadcaster has historically presented from sources like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Though some of the KQMS listeners may be initially shocked by the information they will be exposed to on this straightforward presentation of information, reality will prevail as events that are unfolding around us all become impossible to hide. This episode initially covers the fact that all of us are test subjects in the lethal and ongoing climate engineering operations. The discussion then moves on to focus on the fact that US civilians and US military personnel have routinely been exposed to lethal dangers and testing without their knowledge or consent. This is business as usual for our government of criminals and tyrants. 
Dane Wigington

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  1. I have been researching this material for years. I have taken this to the very top echelons of government in Canada. The Prime Minister's assistant that lying sack of shit with a  blue turban on. Does that say anything? My comments and evidence marked on a USB stick and physical documentation by some of the most renowned PhD's in the field of geo-engineering were hand-delivered to that department.(Prime Minister's office) And signed for. I know I paid $12.50 to have that done. Four weeks later I called oh sorry Mr. Rennie we do not have this On our computer. I have now taken our local MP. NDP/Party This same invitation to review and study intently the more than overwhelming evidence; consisting of population control / genocide/ get rid of the people.Population control nothing less than the truth.
    What the hell is the matter with people. Some of the people that I have mentioned this to look up and see what those jet trails are doing to you. It was like you came from the planet Uranus. That you better do. I'm talking about the possible rogue elements of a few well aimed missiles at these on mistake about undeniable murderers. They are killing your selves with these designed sprays coming out of jet nozzles not the jet engines. They are being sprayed on us night and day. They are causing dementia Alzheimer's on your loved ones. 50,000 times percent of any known or acceptable levels! I am not a violent person but he has come down to this thought. If the people do not wake up, they are going to bring in foreign soldiers on your soil. To put you in holding pens against your constitutional right in Canada and in the states.. But in order to raise awareness you must literally take your neighbor by the scruff of the neck. Sitting down and make him look at just one of the following videos (Diane Sawyer on YouTube) people are getting sick. People are now demanding that the pundits that feed us bull-shit every day of our lives. Do you know who owns these pundits? ABC. CBS. CNN. Fox news, and a lot of other organizations.. The literal hell has to be scared out of these people to make them print or carry these pieces of evidence; people are posting on the Internet everywhere. So I leave this with you. Chemical engineering involves making harsh choices at this point in time. The enemy is flying above you in the form of huge airplane tankers that are spraying chemically designed poisons of toxicity levels far above any acceptability. The next thing you should be looking at is a piece of electronic equipment called Harp and no this is not an angel playing a harp. It is a deadly piece of equipment in Fairbanks Alaska/Puerto Rico owned by the United States military and Navy. They in conjunction with chemtrail's had the ability to rain down terror on us in the form of mind manipulation it is like a spider web this was shown very clearly to me one night in a dream that the two were connected. What about your whales and your dolphins and your millions of fish? And some of the dolphins were tested after being cooked alive in a topsy's done by PhD medical people. I saw the evidence published on the Internet. And many thousands of birds dropping from the sky. That is also all over the Internet. Your governments are instilling into you fear and major health problems on to death. Wake up people. Fight back. Or at least push your young people to do so. Because their lifespan is not going to be long; do you love your kids??r

    • Hello John C Rennie: I hear ya loud and clear. I've been posting geoengineering articles and notices on various web sites for nearly a decade. Not one plane has been shot down. Not one arrest has been made. No one knows anyone who works for the companies delivering the materials, and no one is related to anyone loading the materials onto the planes. No one knows a good attorney, No one knows a judge who will hear the case. None see anything wrong with the picture, and most everyone still waves flags during military parades… There's nothing wrong as long as your cell phone still holds a charge. It's all good. Just drink the Kool-aid, and pay your taxes on time… 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, all will seem the same until it isn’t. Climate engineering will be exposed, and a shock wave around the globe will follow. Never give up.

  2. Hello Penny and interested readers: Please take the time to fully review the information offered on this link. Barry Trower lays it on the line in every interview. >
    ALL pulsed digital technology is genotoxic, period. All high frequency pulsed RF emissions are documented to negatively affect autoimmune functions, period. Pulsed microwave energy causes calcium ion leakage across cell membranes, heat-shock protein activations, behavioral abnormalities, cognitive decline, permanent neurological damage, reduction of sperm count in males, single and double strand breaks in DNA, and the list goes on. None of this has been a secret for over 60 years. Read the early studies done by the Russian Academy of Sciences, NASA, the Department of the Navy. Bell Telephone and Western Electric. Your corporations are running extermination programs for profit, and people keep buying the products.
    PLEASE pay attention to his comments. It's no hoax…

  3. Dennie Mehocich says:

    My acupuncturist had his hair tested for minerals and also toxic metals.  He has aluminum in his hair.  We all do.  He said he's going to write a letter to our local water board and ask them whether they are testing for aluminum.  There is a flyer he read that says that aluminum is "sometimes" put in our water supply– really??? WHY?  I think it's a lie designed to cover their arses to make it look like aluminum somehow belongs in the drinking water.  Anyone ever heard this?  Because I think it's an outright lie.

    I have a neighbor who's an engineer who said he's going to ask his physician for a serum barium test. 

    • Natalie R says:

      It's probably from the spraying. There is also toxic fluoride added to the public water supplies in many cities (purported to be "good for the teeth," but really mass medication). 

      Fluoride is the industrial waste product of aluminum production. Fluoride “enhances the bio-availability of aluminum.”  

      Please let us know if your acupuncturist is successful in getting the water board to 1) test for aluminum in the water, and 2) what the test results show. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Hi Natalie: 

      Of COURSE we know that the aluminum being found in drinking water, beginning with spiking levels of that and other toxic metals found on testing, documented starting in the 80s, is so widespread everywhere all over the grand state of California that the only way it could be everywhere all at once is if the source is airborne– of course, how else?  We don't have a "conspiracy" of guys in trucks dumping it in the water supply everywhere.  It's a much worse conspiracy of another kind, as we know, and as is so widely and deeply documented, as long as you do not suffer from that widespread disorder known as "crippled epistemology," to paraphrase our new-fangled "Czar" of (Dis)Information, Dr. Cass Sunstein, Arch-Creator of "Wiki-World," where anyone can "add" to the definition of anything, and it is not actually verified– another way The Empire props itself up using lies and lies and lies, and MORE lies.  As if telling yet more lies will turn them all into actual truth, somehow.

      As far as I've heard, and I think I heard it here, the state of CA is no longer testing for aluminum in drinking water.  There would be a massive class action lawsuit against the state if the truth came out, I'm guessing. 

      This "SHEER" insanity will NOT last forever.  It's getting harder and harder and harder and harder with each passing day to cover up lies and expect people of even modest intellectual capacity to believe that black is white, stop means go and evil is good.  NO ONE can live in that kind of life-killing backwards world and survive for any real length of time.  You aren't really LIVING, in a cointelpro-dominated world.

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, this was such a great presentation of yours!  I can't imagine anyone who hears this saying poppycock and turning it off.  Straight from the heart and with respect, all aspects correct.  I got a kick ot of your experience with surveillance at a demonstration because in the early 70s I was a part of a Shoshone medicine man's stand against the government and damage being done to Nevada.  When he would speak somewhere, there were always Feds around, photographing, noting, etc.  So, he set me up with cameras-I am light skinned, lightish hair, and could blend.  My job was to photograph who was photographing him, then to make files of these people, where they lived, who they were.  Mind you this was prior to '78, so we were not allowed to practice our religion until 1978!!  When we did in secret, it was dangerous.  Once we even caught one of these guys in the root cellar under the kitchen, panting a bug.  He was terrified as we tied him up in the house, interrogated him, then delivered him to the police.  Just saying, it can work both ways.

    I was especially grateful that you brought up depleted uranium and the incredible degree it is toxic-beyond forever.  One relative died of this.  And why is our own Navy using this along our shores, not just in California but all over the US, all shores including the gulf?  Surely they must realize the consequences.  Even the elite enjoy fish, don't they?  With a side of depleted uranium?  This is insanity.

    It would be swell and necessary if our military woke up.  But, in an email today from Barbara Boxer, she mentioned the men-so many-who died in an explosion in the Bay Area, black service men in 1944.  The rest, about 50 I think, refused to load any more ammo until some safety standard could assure them.  They were all court marshaled and to this day, all this time later, only one was pardoned.  So I am guessing, given Pat Tillman and so many others, those who do awake would be in a sticky wicket.  What to do?  If your own compadres decide to follow orders and kill you?  We do need them.  Surely they must know the service for all their fine words do not respect the rank and file, and expose them to dangers of which they are unaware, while the Veteran's health services are always grossly lacking.

    While I do vote and do online activism, I have forever said this two party system is but two sides of one coin.  I could not agree with you more.  Whatever happens, it is gonna be big, huge, as radical as it gets.  But, we, the people must stand our ground and not give an inch.  And you sure don't.  Unlike most of us, you somehow maintain your composure.  I admire that.  Your pleas to the military ooze with compassion and respect.  And bravery.  Bravo!

  5. Earth Angel says:

    Nothing like a dose of the brutal TRUTH for a real reality check. Thank you once again Dane for telling it like it IS- for those who can face it- and having the courage to STAND..and then STAND AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. (as our friend Joyce Riley often says) The TRUTH has a certain ring to it and I hope this information goes viral FAR and WIDE. You are a real hero sir, in waking up and drawing together the thinking and reasoning people of planet earth. Thank you for your tireless efforts of many years spent researching and compiling such factual information and your ability to share it with such clarity and conviction. Namaste!

  6. Montana Mule Gal says:

    Will an MP3 download of this presentation become available? As you had for the July 18 show, as well as for your weekly radio show?

    Thank you. 

  7. Monica says:

    Greetings from Sweden. I found the geoengineering website by coincidence when i was researching other things related to governments and how this world is being ruled. So I follow now on FB and want to thank you for making people aware. I have to say tho that since i have known about this spraying I keep looking up the skies. No stripes here at all whatsoever but in the past I remember watching the planes in the sky leave long stripes behind them. But not seen that here for some time now which is a good thing. However the damage done where you guys are will effect us anyway. It really angers me that the elite of the world in their arrogance get away with this. 

    I try to spread this information the best I can but people prefer to stick their head in the sand. Either way thank goodness for people like you Dane, you keep rattling that cage   🙂


    • penny says:

      Hei Monica,

      Here in Trondheim there is heavy spraying, on a daily basis, but one rarely sees the stripes that used to dominate the skies.  Now we get a mixture of silvery haze across the sky, long lines of puffy, cumulus-like clouds (which are clearly manufactured, because Nature does not lie clouds out in long, nearly perfectly straight rows), and "line segments" – short trails that get blown to the side and widen with time.  Very seldom do I see clouds that are the pure white and grey that characterizes real clouds.  Most are either slightly taupe or dirty beige, or a polluted-looking grey.  Some are actually a sickly green, if you see them at the right angle.  Anyway, lack of lines doesn't necessarily mean lack of spraying, though it's nice to think there might be some places in the world that aren't being hit directly.  Signs of resistance.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Penny, you are exactly correct. Here in Northern California there is clearly an effort to be less visible with the spraying but it is absolutely still going on. The silvery white skies and hazy visibility are all hallmarks of the ongoing aerosol operations.

  8. Marc says:

    Astounding eloquence and a fine, well crafted and heartfelt plea to a potential new audience by Mr. Dane Wigington. I'm quite certain the files on Dane just got thicker in the covert offices of the CIA, NSA, etc. But this should be of no concern. The tentacles of surveillance reach so far and deep nowadays that I'm gonna guess that all fine people who visit this site are already being watched, myself included. When complete chaos erupts across the land and the food runs out, will any of us still be considered a threat to the power structure?  

      I must say, it is a delicate fine line Dane must walk when addressing the involvement of our military brothers and sisters. And can it get any more paradoxical than to consider that from the government's perspective of ABSOLUTE POWER, Dane's actions might be interpreted as treasonous when he implores the military to wake up to how they're being exploited in an endless series of deadly toxic operations? While meanwhile, virtually every sphere of the government's activity from black ops to military, on down through congress to even some state legislatures qualifies, in my view, as high treason. We've got a real upside down pile of shit going on, don't we?

      When Dane shared the incident about encountering three operatives who appeared to be photographing him and his activities, I can only imagine what forms of surveillance many of us may be victims of. With GPS technologies, spy satellite technology, possible nano-bot technology, cell-phone data collection, the list goes on and on. It all goes far into the realm of the absurd. Just what I ask, just exactly WHAT form of threat to "their" absolute power and infinite control do they perceive us to represent? Is this not unlike the countless dash-cam videos surfacing now that show astounding police brutality completely OUT OF PROPORTION to the situation? And on that point, just exactly WHY are we witnessing such a wave of police intimidation and brutality? Yes, many cops are fine, reasoned individuals who can handle themselves under extreme, stressful situations, but is what we are seeing actually a weakness in the hiring and training procedures, in the effort to put warm bodies on the street? Are less than psychologically ideal people attracted to service in the police force? Is the rampant militarization of police forces across the country engendering a mind-set among those who wear the uniform?

      As regards surveillance, we all know the extent to which we are being videoed every day, listened to, watched and followed. As far as I am concerned, I don't give a shit. Sooner or later the tables will be turned and their house of cards will crumble. Meanwhile, to all the covert operatives who monitor this site, you are all pitiful sellouts for the Elite Cabal. Grow some balls and wake up to the truth.

    • penny says:

      When it comes to police brutality, everyone should listen to what Barrie Trower says about the Tetra communications system now being tested out on our Guinea Pigs in Blue.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      There's simply not enough money left to pay enough minions to watch, then round up, or enough resources left with which to build enough jails/camps with enough room to house all the "disloyalists" ("disloyal" as defined by Gen. Wesley Clark on a recent MSNBC interview about how to fix "self-radicalized" lone "woofs:"  I read some time ago that everything would make much better sense if the power structure and everything that has it's stamp of approval were to be turned upside down, then run backwards, from what it's been here since the founding of Toxic Patriarchy. 

  9. Penn Hudson says:

    Are you familiar with General Smedley Butler and his book  "War is a Racket"?

  10. Michel B says:

    Dane, you are operating on high frequencies, ie high consciousness. I do not wish to admire you. Instead I must emulate you. No distant appraisal from me. I came across your site soon after my journey began with discovering this awful news.

    From a Cosmic perspective, how many times this must have happened throughout this universe. That a planetary civilisation, which is what we are, comes to this juncture, and struggles to transcend its evolutionary heritage of the animal nature.

    How we fight over the smallest patch of ground in this whole fabric of space and time and all for what? We are all worm meal in the end. We can't own anything. Death assures that. What is the use of any ownership? Where is our sense of stewardship instead?

    A life span of about 80 years if you are lucky. And at a time when our global geological environment is in a relatively calm time of equilibrium. Ask the dinosaurs what that comet felt like 65 million years ago. Ask the mammals how lucky they felt.

    Ownership is the narrowest of parochialisms. We don't belong here; we are born and we die. This world is a place to learn how to die with grace, leaving it in a state no worse than when we lived amongst it, so that future generations can also discover their higher selves. If something is sacred, then all is sacred. Life is sacred.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Beautifully said!!!  For those of us who have experienced death and know it's just an illusion, also know that this is a battle for CONSCIOUSNESS, and the battle is ultimately within.  As each soul awakens the vibration expands to the whole.  As painful as it is to watch so many denying themselves the ultimate freedom we can only be patient, the way we are with our children, and hope they choose the right path.  It's so easy to get caught in the chaos of it all, but there's always a clear sky after the storm and I still have faith that this time we'll get it! 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Wait a minute– BELONGING here is NOT the same as "ownership!" Some of us here on this planet are indigenous people and some more of us do in fact FEEL that we BELONG here, like the plants and the animals, that also die, just like us, so… they don't belong here??? And so WE in fact call Earth our HOME, so if you definitely know of Some Other Place where these kinds of things (chem-trails, poisoning, warfare-for-profiteering, etc. etc. etc.) magically just don't happen, I suppose you're free to go (and then maybe the rest of us will have the planet to ourselves– finally–hahaha!).

      NOTHING will change and the problems will continue to repeat ad infinitum unless and until the appropriate people who really need to figure out they must finally get off their spiritual high horse, do so and put on their HUMBLE Hat, then actually MOVE to deal with their denied emotional crap, feel all of their feelings about what's happening here and get it all moving.  LIFE IS SACRED– THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL, IT'S NOT A MOVIE and it's REAL ENOUGH TO ME.  

      Earth is worth fighting for, and those of us fortunate enough to be free of the common culture's DEATH WISH know that–what other choice do WE have?  And seeing those who don't believe that and really just wanna leave, finally to go, well, that would be a good thing for Earth and those of us who do know it is our home. 

  11. penny says:

    Absolutely brilliant presentation (again), Dane.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. J says:

    Dane I really appreciate what your doing. Keep at it, and in reality, we should all be doing this to make a stand! 

    I live in SE alaska and see the spraying. Especially the May and June we just had. They seemed to be spraying even more so then than now. I almost wonder if thats what intensified our unusual dry spell. the dryest summer iv seen. Only one day of rain in May and we live in a temperate rainforest. June was nearly the same. We finally are back to our rain.

    we need to make a stand. Its sad to say tho that it may not happen because there is a dark power involved. I'm not going to preach or anything but being a JW im saying this on here because WE HAVE HOPE and I care for everyone of you. The bible tells us why the world is in such a bad state, who controls it, when it got even WORSE (the last 100 yrs-today), and the wonderful hope of a paradise earth in the very soon future.The bible says that satan controls, owns, mans governments. Rev 11:18 propheesies that man will someday be ruining the earth. That time is now. Never before in history has man actually had the ability to destroy all life thousands of times over.  In that very scripture it tells us that the nations became wrathfull..but that He will "bring to ruin those ruining the earth".

    lets clean this earth and make a stand until that day comes. Read your bibles, its WILL be the only thing that makes us  have hope until we get into  a happy  un polluted earth that is promised, our wonderful and only home


  13. Dane: Great presentation. Straight from the heart, and very personal. My greatest respects for all your efforts. Your comments beginning at 29:00 as something every American should hear…


    It is somewhat serendipitous that you spent time discussing the raw treatment of our American military personnel today. I just spent a number of hours visiting with a retired information specialist who served in the seducement of Afghanistan for the bankers (ahem) …


    If you have any resentments toward main stream media twisting of the facts, intelligence information persons who specialize in psy-op aimed toward "current service" personnel, would really send you to the moon. This person became aware of greater and greater departures from facts (lies) occurring in the military web propaganda régime, over a three year period after the invasion. She finally chose to step down from her military career and resign, rather than continue misleading her brothers and sisters in arms. I have the greatest respect for persons who are willing to put it all on the line, and this woman really took the cake..

    I am hopeful that our States militias, county sheriffs, national guard and military personnel, take notice of mankind's dire situation soon…

  14. Hello Ralph Ely: Thank you for your excellent posts. You're right: Don't stop the pressure. Step it up. I spent quite a bit of time on YouTube last night, and A LOT of people are waking up to the situation.

    This is our Earth. Let's take it back.

  15. Ray Ceniceros says:

    Here in Henderson, NV we get sprayed daily. The last few days no spraying…we have a Red Flag Exercise going on (Yearly military exercise from Nellis AFB). I guess that's the reason the spraying stopped. I notice spraying on Netflix movies and other international movies on Netflix. Thanks for the great work!

  16. Ralph Ely says:

    Thank you Dane for an hour packed with information we all need. If everyone would now Share this show on FB, by Email and any other media available it will multiply it's exposure many times over.

    We are all now feeling a pressure from the Power Structure in many ways and that is because they are feeling the pressure from us. Don't stop, Don't hesitate, Don't tire. Don't let them have our God Given Earth.

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