Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 25, 2016


Dane Wigington

We are all swimming in a sea of lies and deception, but this carefully constructed paradigm (that has been put together by the global elite over a vast expanse of many decades or longer) is now finally starting to unravel. Two primary and critically important lies that are coming to light are the "vaccines are safe" deception, and the "climate engineering is only a proposal" false official narrative.


A sunset scene of skies that are completely saturated with climate engineering aerosols, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Photo credit: Penny Stevens

It has long since been business as usual for the power structure to demonize any country that the military industrial complex wants to use as a tool to help fuel and feed the massive military machine. The propaganda on countless fronts is fracturing and falling apart, as is the power structure itself. American citizens are stocking up on AR-15 assault riffles in preparation for collapse, but one must ask how more guns will save any of us from a planet that no longer supports life? If the human race does not immediately and totally focus on addressing the rapidly failing life support systems of our biosphere, very soon, nothing else will matter. In the meantime, the truth about Fukushima and the "War on terror"  continues to emerge while Obama and Clinton are connected to supplying terrorists with weapons. Where are we headed as a species and how soon will we get there if we stay on the current course? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

No matter how those around us behave, no matter how apathetic members of our families and peers may be, we are ultimately only responsible for our own actions. If we are not here to do our part for the whole, and for the greater good (to the degree that our personal circumstances and challenges allow), then why are we here? Each and every one of us can greatly contribute to the overall effort to reach a critical mass of awareness in regard to all that is unfolding, we simply need to try. Never give up.

Below is a photo taken at first showing of "VAXXED" in Shasta County, California, June 24th, 2016. The film will be shown twice a day until June 30th at the Anderson Valley 11 Cinemas, Anderson, California. Vaxxed is a must see film for any that truly care about our children, our future, and the greater good.


157 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 25, 2016

  1. – in the fight, here – I'm copying my comment to our city newspaper that's demanding attention to our over-the-top police state.

    Dear AJC, I went to a balloon fest with 14 hot air balloons and tethered rides. People kicked back and milled around.  The organizers were relaxed and everyone had a good time.

    Contrast this with your coverage of the upcoming Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta.  You warn us, "see something, say something." And "sharpshooters will also be along the route," along with undercover law enforcement.  Spectators can hold "only small signs." (I suppose big ones obstruct sharpshooters' views.) Oh, and "no strollers."

    So, basically, you can't even take your toddler to a metropolitan road race.  Give me a special event like a balloon fest, any day, and I believe there's a kinder, gentler road race somewhere.

  2. Please remember that we are NOT helpless. It's time to stand our ground. It's been quite a while since chemtrail aircraft have appeared in our local skies. We're very vigilant in our community and ready to kick ass and name names of positively identified aircraft using Flightradar24's web site. It also has apps for iOS and Android devices. It's time to take the offensive and stay on it. Airlines regularly scan the Internet, especially social media sites, in order to get intel on their competitors as well as monitor their own online reputations. Data posted on the Internet, if absolutely true, can have a VERY LONG life. This can be good or devastating to a company. And… we still are not precluded from taking legal action against those who harm us.
    Find Flightradar24 at
    Use the plus and minus sign on the right side of the window to zoom in and out. Use the mouse to drag up and down, left and right. Click on any yellow aircraft and the aircraft details show up on the left side of the window. Flightradar24 also has iOS and Android apps for your device. Use any camera with a "timestamp" feature to document the time and date of the photo. Take several photos to show that the aerosol spreads in the way characteristic of chemtrails then post the results. Keep doing this every time new chemtrails pop up. See if these aircraft eventually stop because of the constant damaging publicity. Hope this helps… 🙂

    • Grant Jones says:

      Lori B,  I don't know all the ramifications but basically the climate is in chaos . has an article  "Unprecedented" Scientists Declare Global Climate Emergency after Jet Stream Crosses Equator.  Abrupt Climate Shift may be happening right now.  Hope this helps. G

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Susan!  I get it!  I am very aware of plasmas such as with the sun and universe, still! unfortunately, have some questions about Earth's own, which I imagine is left over from early formation.  This does well explain it's use, that is, how it is used now in experiments and reality. It makes sense.  Given this excellent answer, I think I know now how to find out the rest of what I want to know, and why I want to know.  Amazing stuff, no?  I greatly appreciate your work on this Susan, very kind of you to break it down for me.  Oddly or not, I understand plasma in space more than our own!  It's "usefulness" is obvious.  You've made that much more clear.  The Alfven wave thing is of great interest to me.  I did not know about this and it explains a lot and makes perfect sense, as does Alfven's "frozen in theorem".  While I do have some real background in physics, I never aimed for a degree and by and large just studied what interested me.  So my knowledge is hit and miss, or, miss a little, miss a lot!  Very grateful Susan.  Your work for my questions was not in vain!!   I will run with this!

    • Rachel — Awesome! I was concerned that you were too ill – or maybe would not find the tutorial post I made for you at the bottom of this page. I'm only starting to get some understanding of this technology. It's uses are huge ubiquitous. I sincerely believe that if more people understood plasma physics, at least a basic bit – and that geoengineering (ionospheric heaters, etc.) is a plasma technology, more would believe what they see in the sky above and what is happening to our planet. My interest began a few years back in NZ, because I found advanced technology while translating the ancient text, the Rig Veda. I intuited that the Vedic Sanskrit word SOMA meant 'plasma' and from there found the Electric Universe people, which I no longer read because they became so new age speculative that it was maddening. And Anthony Peratt, the astrophysicist genius, who is working at Los Alamos creating utilizing these equations that are destroying the planet, distanced himself from them and thinks they are a worthless 'cult'.  Peratt wrote the definitive text book, 'The Plasma Universe', and is the main plasma man. Here is a good website for more on plasma physics:     :o)

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    Hey Anonymous, Interesting to me that you mention evergreens brown on one side.  I've noticed that too.  And what's up with that?!  I mean like "my" big redwood maybe 7 feet away from where I'm sitting always, it is in front of the south of "my" front half of this old house.  I remember when it was a baby.  It is now so huge.  Of course its branches are everywhere, but I notice the most profound browning of it on the east.  I'm down near the Bay, so the sun comes up in East from behind the hills such that by the time it hits here, it is well past dawn.  The light further filtered by all up hill from here, buildings and trees.  Somehow it surprises me that early light, and reduced like that could fry, despite cold, just kill so much of this tree.  You'd think it would be the light later on as we get the most of that and from the west.  And there is some damage but not as much at all.  And always, the most protected branches are the greenest and healthiest looking.  Like my literally waking rose bush, I gotta really hand it to this redwood.  You should see it try to survive.  Constantly bullied by the aggressive sweet gum the city planted ages ago in the street strip, they fight for air space.  One particular branch slimed last winter by chem something, yet clings to life.  It cannot open all its needles still.  But not brown.  Years ago our resident squirrels ate off much of its bark showing much of its tender, stringy red fibers which the birds peel off to line their nests.  They say redwoods repel insects so I always thought that that was why birds don't like to hang out in this tree.  They will land on it scoping out the bird bath, but that's about it.  But the birds are gone, almost all.  So are the squirrels.

    The one upside for me this year is no worms in the blackberries.  This is major.  A bit over 5 years ago, maybe 6, we became the first place to notice what then was being called the Japanese fruit fly, later changed to Asian fruit fly.  We have an outstanding and well known organic nursery. When I reported my findings, the guy looked at me in horror.  He said, but you'd have to have a Japanese neighbor.  Check.  Who travels to Japan often.  Check.  And who brings back fruit and soil/rocks.  Check and check.  Doom, unless you can convince yourself that worms, little ones, are protein, if you are starving.  We did not plant these.  They came with the place along a fence line.  They were dug out but made their way to me and us as they know we love them.  Pollinators love them, we love them and all do-they are huge and taste like blueberries.  Summers were endless blackberry shakes, pies, sauces, just endless bounty and I don't even water them.  The hummingbirds nest in them.  That whole side yard smells like blackberry pie.  Mixed with yellow Hawaiian ginger, the sweetest gigantic rose, lemon verbena, lots of mint.  But the blackberries, looking good, yet wormy for last 5 or 6 years.  Either geoengineering killed that fruit fly, which was found, soon after I found it, up and down the coasts and into Washington, this tiny fruit fly lays eggs in soft fruit.  Like cherries and strawberries and blueberries, and the blackberries.  It was majorly impacting the fruit markets.  There were no remedies and we tried everything organic including sticky tape.  And so I got chickens again because flies overwinter in a dormant state on the ground.  I figured the chickens would eat the flies.  The worm thing got so bad we gave up trying except for me.  And so this year, zero, knock on wood.  Could be the very prolonged and cold winter we had.  The cold weather we are still having.  Has to be a certain temp. for flies to fly.  So,  one good thing.  For now anyway.  And that's not nothing these days.

  5. nobodiesfool says:

    I want to ask everyone to take some time here to    imagine that perhaps the solutions will not come from where the problems come from, this scientific materialism which keeps this discussion mired in unending fascinating details. Every nation  is spraying its citizens. Stop the insane  divisiveness still. Remember when we thought we just may as well levitate the Pentagon and  legalize cannabis?  In order to change the going paradigm, creativity is needed.  Watch the DNC be maneuvered into a police riot and excuse for military law.  Yes, they are desperate, because they have already lost .  Imagine this, they have already lost, entirely. I know Dane understands what I say here, and perhaps can explain this to you. Look at Paris, June 14, the piggies are terrified, running backwards. When people are in disbelief that  their government would do this , I ask if they are referring to the same governments which build and stockpile nuclear weapons with intent to use them? Don't wait for the meek  and willfully ignorant , the fearful and timid, to act.  We are  the counter 1%, and they are only so desperate because we have them by the sensitive, weak, oh so vulnerable balls.  They fear nothing so much as our consciousness.  Shine people, shine, there are legions of angels walking with us!! It's the same   message"  Turn on, tune in, and drop out – of the fear agenda.  Remember the Vietnam Vets swearing to "bring the war home"? Welcome to our collective  nightmare. We  created it, so what will we create now?

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Also, be encouraged, I met a young father in Asia some months ago, who  spent four h ours every day for two years sending swedish government and agencies info and questions r egarding  this geoengineering.   Many people know, many are doing  the little bits they can.  The darkest hour is always, always, just before the dawn.  Blessed Be, everyone, don't be a fraid, we've died many times before, simply for the love of this planet. empower ti with your love.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Here in B.C. we had only morning nucleateds yesterday, getting more curious all the time, and totally blue skies today, actually woke early feeling rested for the first time in months.  Well, of course, here comes Canada Day and July 4th, and as folks have not been traveling as much due to the bad "weather", well…meanwhile, yes, heard a barechested Victorian exclaim how "perfect" the weather was one day, not too hot, not too cold, yup, they are getting their pablum. The nucleated cool down clouds, if you a re watching in early morn, come in blocks of little puffies, clever aren't they?

  6. CJ says:

    Thanks Dane:

    For reinforcing that into my Brain, what is left of it. You are doing a great job. I don't know of anyone that invest's the time and spirit that you do into this matter. 

    On a good note I talked briefly to a young man today about the Subject. He had no idea about it, so I have him a quick low down on this, and some information to research. I hope he does as he a a one year old and one on the way. I forgot to mention about Vaxxed. I am sure if he does some research he will find out about this Atrocity that has been unfolding for many years. Take care Dane. Thank You

  7. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Famous Women's NCAA basketball head coach Pat Summit passed away this weekend at 64 years of age. Coach Summit lost her battle with Alzheimer's and Dementia. I'm sure Climate Engineering helped fuel the problem she experienced! The power structure and certain companies prevail on the decimation of the planet and people's health for major profit at whatever cost! 

    • Dennie says:

      That was about the first thing I thought when I heard the news yesterday on National Propaganda Radio, er, NPR.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      David,  Sorry to hear about coach Summit.  Surely age 64 is far too young for Alzheimer's. 

  8. CJ says:

    Over 2.6 million Dead Bees delivered to EPA headquarters Dee Stew posted. They blame it on Pesticides. No doubt there at all. Geoengineering does not help it most likely either. Are the trees dying from pesticides? 

    The EPA will come up with some sort of Goofy answer for that one too.

    From all the information that I have looked at the EPA doesn't care much about anything. There is one thing they care about though. They care about covering up the True Facts.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello CJ, geoengineering is a primary factor related to the die-off of bees and all other insects. The highly toxic climate engineering fallout and the radio frequency bombardment are both wreaking havoc on the entire web of life. FYI

    • nobodiesfool says:

      The EPA has twice now,  years a go in D.C and recently in San Francisco, purposely moved its prime lawyers into highly toxic offices and buildings, rendering them extremely environmentally ill and unable to do the work that they are so versed in and qualified to do. The agency then denies their claims and calls them psychotic.  The term EPA is Newspeak.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      CJ, There is some real truth to pesticides and bees, particularly Monsanto's neoniconoids.  All pollinators seek out wee bits of nicotine and caffeine in nature so that when this is built into a plant as they have done, the bee goes right for it and over doses as the amount is far far greater than found in nature.  While geoengineering is a powerful assault against all of nature,  that does not make Monsanto chump change.  Right now there is a bill before congress regarding labeling GMO foods, but it has many loop holes.  I was urged and did call my Senator today regarding not signing this bill, and demanding one with no loop holes.  To me, Monsanto's practices are like the from the ground version of geoengineering's assault from the skies.  Poor pollinators don't know what is up or what is down.  They get hit both ways.  Few understand the farming practices of old, compared to monocropping, and Monsanto's "kill all" version, which destroys topsoils.  Few people understand top soil and that we have just a bit of it and it is not replaceable, ever.  We all know that Monsanto is working hand in hand with geoengineering, both hell bent on killing and control.

      From my own personal research in depth, the EPA is not entirely unlike the IPCC.  Utterly corrupt from the beginning, a false front, the illusion of help and watch dog status going nowhere.  Useless and worse than useless.  No help to bees or to us.  I suspect the bees killed via Monsanto are more of the native kind, than honey bees.  So far honey bees are replaceable, native ones, not so much at all! 

  9. CJ says:

    As mentioned in a Previous Post……READ:


    NATURAL NEWS.  Google that.

    You are not only getting poisoned from above, but GMO labeling is going to be shut down which means that you won't know that GMO is poisoning you also.



    • Rachel Robson says:

      CJ, hello again.  I just wrote to you and the reason I had to call my Senator today is the so called Lame Duck session in which most of our congress is already on holiday which means, it seems, perfect timing to try to sneak things through such as this half ass bill against labeling GMOs.  I don't think that Brexit accounts for this as much as who is left to mind the store while all take a holiday, a long one, to celebrate America??!!!  As usual, I will not celebrate the "birth" of this nation, this being one of two Native days of mourning.

  10. CJ says:

    Hello Duane Brown:

    For your question can anyone shed some light on this? 

    Here in Central Ontario I see the exact same thing. If Google is updating their Aerial images then they are doing it each and everyday. If this person thinks that, then tell them do some research on how and when Google does just that. Myself, I wouldn't be so Gullible to be spoon fed such a Load of BS. It's time to wake up and start taking Heed what Anonymous said in the previous post. I have no doubt that this is the case without any doubt. We are slowly being poisoned. If one doesn't think so then it is either time to research or go back to sleep. There is so much information on all of this that we all can not Dodge the real truth.

    Tell your friend that he needs to research this site and get informed and inform others if they will listen.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      CJ, Hello again and I just read Duane Brown's post.  I know I am slow, but I am sick and very busy.  So, hopefully you'll forgive me muddling through my chem fog brain, but are you saying that everyday you see a fleet of evenly spaced white aircraft, apparently Not spraying, but flying in tandem, preceded first by two just like the 5?  Those two following craft that did spray?  I've not seen such a thing myself, but then I'm not out and about enough, and our skies here are usually too thick with chem gunk to see anything, but for the last few days.

      Sounds as if you are being hard on Duane when he was only asking if anyone knew anything about this oddity, and it does sound odd.  And if he had been spoon fed, sounds as if he didn't swallow!  The gullible one would be the one who suggested google, and that person needs to wake up.  My first thought, if he was right about being drones, was, were they looking for fires, or, even, where to start one???!!!!  You see fleets of white drones every day?  Yikes.  I'd want to know why too.  I mean, if spraying, one does have a clue, if not, what?   

  11. Duane Brown says:

    I just got done my Monday night fire training session where we were training outside. I observed several aircraft flying East to West leaving their toxic payload behind. Several of my fellow fire fighters started looking up as well and I explained to them what they were witnessing. We then noticed two low flying white aircraft that were moving very slow compared to regular aircraft. I believe they were drones. Shortly after that we witnessed five of these same aircraft all evenly spaced out flying at approximately the same altitude fly over head in the same direction as the previous ones. This was very unusual to me. One of the people there said it might be Google updating their aerial images. Can anyone out there shed some light on this strange event? This, by the way took place in Saint John New Brunswick, Canada.

  12. Marc says:

    Anonymous, Thanks for your post. Last I heard, Horsegirl and her husband were gonna move back to Mexico. Cannot confirm anything definite about her, though.

  13. Bill F. says:

    As suggested by my earlier post – It didn't take long for the First Phase of the quiet implementation of an "undisclosed & hidden" agenda to be launched during the aftermath of the Brexit "Kerfuffle"?

    This is a Natural News RED ALERT action item:

    While everybody was distracted by the BREXIT vote, the U.S. Senate secretly reached a "compromise" that would outlaw all GMO labeling laws nationwide.

    Monsanto's minions in the Senate are conspiring right now to destroy any hope of meaningful GMO labeling. Your action is needed NOW to call your Senators and demand they vote down this insulting attempt at food tyranny:

    {whether the reporting agency named is ( or is not) your favorite source for "The NEWS, behind the News" this report is worthy of "Exploring the Possibilities" of credibility, I believe}


  14. Veritas says:

    Larson Camouflage, this is the company making the Cell Phone Tower's disguised as Tree's.

    • BaneB says:

      The camouflage is pretty good, too.  Very realistic.  In an earlier post someone living in NY stated the camouflage was in the form of redwood trees.  Not sure about that but redwoods are not NY native trees.  One might suppose next will be Palm trees in Chicago?  The newer version of the microwave cookware technology is the G-BOSS tower, the new kid on the block.  Search it out.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Here in Sun City, AZ, homeowners are obligated to pay $474 for annual property assessments to the Recreation Centers of Sun City. The center closest to me has a very tall realistic looking spruce tree next to the back of the building, which is a cell tower in disguise. I wonder how many seniors or employees know the dangers that lurk? Won't be going there.

    • BaneB says:

      Donna:  Lucifer is a counterfeit.  It is not surprising that a disguise is utilized.  The entire human historical record has been a steady march into abstraction, as in artificial.  The virtual world we have had shoved down our throats is by definition NOT IN FACT.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      All of you all, hello and a call to arms!!  One mega pissed off Rachel.  this fake tree hiding cell towers chaps my ass big time.  A tree should be a tree, a real tree, even at Christmas.  How the F dare they poison and burn down all our trees everywhere it seems, then use fake trees!! as tall as a big spruce yet, or Redwood! to HIDE a cell tower!!  Dear God let a tree be a tree and a cell tower be a cell tower!!  Enough with the games! Trees are holy, they are thinking, feeling beings.  Not camo gear!  So cell towers are ugly, they are and should be and need to be recognized for what they are.  It's too bad the assholes do this all over the better to fry us, even us who don't use the stuff, but trying to sneak it by as a tree is like flipping us off to boot!  Let ugly be ugly.  It IS.  Cannot something be done about this?  I mean, I don't want to sound criminal nor threatening, but…..any loggers out there looking for something like a tree to take down?  Hey, a "free" fake Christmas tree!

  15. quan myers says:

    There is a very informative video on "War as Business," SOFEX, in the country of Jordan. A huge trade show with every weapon in the world and every country there to buy and sell, including the US, China and Russia. Generals from every country greet and meet to buy weapons. This video is mind blowing and alerts us to see how the military industrial complex is trashing the planet.

    • BaneB says:

      One big happy family of murders, liars, and thieves.  Merchants of death!  They are the New World Disorder.  They also have been the old world disorder.  These are the creeps who have a vested interest in WAR.  Genuine global peace would bankrupt them.  We are their cannon fodder, the trapped victims upon which these psychopaths feed. Is there any lower form of money grubbing?  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, And they are most likely all slapping each other on the backs and having drinks together at these Military Weapons 'Trade Shows'- just like happens at all the other trade shows. Whadda' you bet?!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Sigh, Boys and their toys.  Rather, old guys buying ones for boys, you know, so that they can become real men.  How do any of these guys there sleep at night?  Fully armed I bet.  Talk about a bed of snakes.  Good times!

  16. Pedro says:

    Hello everybody.
    Methods of Depopulation   …  ( Kevin Galalae ).
    …see video please.
    “I created AIDS to deliberately depopulate Humanity” – Dr Robert Gallo.

  17. Wes says:

    Here's a great list of articles on vaccines. I've read quite a few of them. As has been written here before. I've noticed the more formal "education" a person has, the less they can critically think. They are that much more ingrained into the "system". Then if you go all the way up to the PHD level, forget it, they already know everything there is to know.

    My sister is an RN. Some time ago I sent here some of these articles. She refuses to even read any articles on vaccines. She told me not to even bring up the subject again.

    • Benjamin says:

      I was raising the red flag about Vaccines when the House of Representative hearing was aired on CSPAN in 2002 after Rep Dan Burton's son came down with Autism 3 days after receiving a vaccination, its about time this gets coverage, thank you Dane.

  18. Dee Stew says:

    Spraying continues daily in Upstate (Albany Region) New York.  I was in Wayne, NJ, over the weekend, the same there, but the tree's are not quite as bad as in Upstate NY – Albany/Catskill's/Adirondack Regions.  Extreme heat wave last couple of weeks since they stopped spraying the black trails and NO rain. Tree's took a significant change for the worse.  This week heavy thunderstorms expected.  Anticipate tree's will get hit by lightening, praying fires do NOT start.  Ironically, NY has NEVER legalized Fireworks, there were stiff penalties if one got caught crossing into NYS with firecrackers,,, NOW, NY has legalized fireworks, there are tents selling fireworks every 2 miles down the main roads.  Can't help but think this is a way to blame any potential fires on inexperienced people who used fireworks, meanwhile, I'm sitting on 3 acres of forest, that surrounds my house and my tree's are a disaster. The bark is disintegrated  before my very eyes.  My bird population is almost gone and my property was a bird sanctuary, the one's I have left, are small and thin.  I have large birdhouses for nesting all around my property, each year they are full, and now, not one box has one bird. My deer are almost nonexistence, and for the last 40 yrs I would always see several cross by my kitchen window on their way to the creek, no more.  The squirrels started eating pine cones last summer, and I couldn't figure out why because at the time I did not realize what was happening.  Now with my dying pine tree's, they are running out of pine cones, and they too, are very small and scrawny. My bee population is about 10% of what it was in past years, or less. I'm finding dead bumble bee's scattered around my property. The other oddity is hawks. Usually they stay in the woods, in their habitat, but recently I have seen at least 5 of them sitting on the side of busy roadways looking for food. Never in my life have I seen this occur.  Large FAKE redwood tree's are starting to pop up with  white electrical boxes near the top and the bottoms are fenced in with KEEP AWAY signs.  NY doesn't even grow redwoods. HAARP towers are everywhere, meanwhile, no one saw a single one being erected. Each rest area on the NYS Thruway now has NEW WATER systems that are barb wired.  The Taconic Parkway has new water drains – every 100-150 feet in EACH lane (there are 2) on both sides of the Parkway. The northern section of the Garden State Parkway also has new drains every 100-150 ft only on 1 side of the hwy. There are 1000's of new drains in this region.  There are NEW HUGE drain ditches dug out from NYC/NJ to Albany and up into the Adirondacks and I'm sure far beyond. 1000's of Large basins have been dug out that once filled with water will be lakes or large ponds. Massive construction of high end large homes are being built in Wayne, NJ, Kingston, NY, Albany, NY, Clifton Park, NY, meanwhile 1000's of homes are up for sale. Fruits and vegetables in the super market are getting smaller and smaller, and they have a lot of brown spots, they also spoil much faster than ever before. I'm going to farm markets instead, but come Fall, they all close. The planes that were spraying the chem trails are less, but now they are using these silver like planes with a red strip in the middle,  no windows, and makes no noise,,,, and they are spraying short trails that decapitate more quickly, so NOW, no one will really notice the spraying.  I had 16 silver planes fly over my house yesterday between 6-6:00 pm spraying.  Last night at 10 pm, I could see the trails but not what was spraying them, there was no noise either. These silver things are NEW,,, because up until 2 weeks ago, the planes were spraying. Two days ago while in Saurgerties, NY, visiting a friend, we watched 20 of these silver things fly over her house, all on the same flight path, but none of them seemed to be spraying.  They appeared to be going from one military base to another military base right along the Hudson River, meanwhile, the ONLY clouds in the sky ran only over and along the Hudson River which was very odd.  We sat and watched for almost 2 hrs and the clouds never moved away from the river.  From the very bottom of the local govt right up to the top, is in on this, and no one can or will do anything to stop it but that is exactly what Kissinger told the UN was needed for them to effectively roll out their  Agenda 21 which they have camouflaged under the UN's Sustainable Development Plan aka the 2030 Agenda to derail people from knowing what they are really doing. As I sat here and wrote this message, my skies went from BLUE to a mass mess of white distorted clouds.  I stepped outside, and I can hear the jets but I cannot see them. How are we ever going to stop this when so few even realize what is happening? NY and CA are the progressive States, they do everything first and even though most know that, they still are oblivious to what is happening, they blame things on the mild winter, lack of rain, and insist there are laws to protect us and the Govt can't just do this.  I feel like I'm in the middle of a bad nightmare and I just can't wake up, as I'm sure so many other's on this site feel. I pray every day that Dane is successful in trying to put an end to this. I share his video's and pray that at least one person will listen and wake up.    

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dee, thank you for your moving and very informative commentary. In regard to exposing and halting the geoengineering insanity, though I will continue to do my absolute best in the battle each and every day, all of us are essential in this fight. All of us are nessesary and essential to the overall outcome. We must each make every day count in the effort to reach a critical mass of awareness, constantly passing on credible data to the as of yet uninformed is absolutely imperative.

    • Dan G. says:

      Again here in Canyonville Oregon it was clear no planes five days . Some flying a couple nights across the moon . Meandered south east to Kino Oregon  today brilliant blue sky there and back like the last four years of my life was just all a bad dream God knows I needed these blue days wish I could share it with all of you 

    • LS says:

      Thanks for a great report the the frontline in NY, Dee.    Harsh reality.          I have also noticed the planes that can be heard but not seen for awhile now. I said in the midst of a group of people today, " $5.00 to the person who can point out that plane that we are hearing". No reply. I can't  help to wonder if this is part of Nevada's Drone program. They named the first (admitted) one – The Sandoval Silver Express or something like that. Or some sort of cloaking technology. It is insane. Like what you describe about the environment…how can people not know and be screaming and protesting?  We are also seeing those clouds that don't move all day. Bizarre, beyond words. Keep working on waking people up and forcing them to be uncomfortable into the process, if necessary. Better uncomfortable than dead. Time is not on our side.

      We are apparently as sick as the environment, as a species and as a society.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Dee, heart stopping as I'm in tears. God help us as time is running out. I believe very soon positive feedbacks will begin, maybe by 2020 no one will ever say we didn’t try  TY.


  19. Dennie says:

    Omar Mateen and would-be Trump assassin Michael Sanford trained together as part of a U.S.-grown terror training program:

    • Dennie says:

      Note: I've only taken a cursory one-page look-see in an effort to vet  "" so I have no idea whether or to what extent this article and others posted there are true or are propaganda and planted articles.  That happens all the time.  This was an article someone passed along to me and if it's true it's more than interesting.  And I wouldn't be surprised if it were.

  20. The sky was clear here on the Olympic Peninsula WA today and a lovely 70 degrees…until they started…I could feel the rf/microwave energies in my head, so I went to the windows and yes…again new weirdness…new shapes…massive new ripples across a huge swath of the sky. I suspect that what they do in the electronic warfare EW zones like my Olympic Peninsula is perhaps a bit unique, different, more rf/microwave energies to keep the sky electrified fried for their Growler fighter jet games. Sometimes I get angry, sometimes it feels like living on a strange planet. I never get used to it. I’ll post photos soon.
    The “Diplomat” online magazine, which deals with the Asia-Pacific, reports:  Amid rising tensions in the South China Sea, the United States Navy dispatched four U.S. Navy EA-18G Growler airborne electronic attack aircraft and about 120 military personnel to Clark Air Base, an air force base located on Luzon Island in the Philippines, according to a U.S. Seventh Fleet press release. The four aircraft and 120 personnel arrived on June 15 for training with Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) FA-50 aircraft pilots and to support U.S. and Philippine naval operations in the South China Sea, as the statement makes clear with a veiled reference to so-called freedom of navigation operations (FONOPs) in the disputed waters. “In addition to bilateral training missions, Growler aircraft will support routine operations that enhance regional maritime domain awareness and assure access to the air and maritime domains in accordance with international law,” the press release reads. The Diplomat is a good place to find out what’s going on in that part of the world, especially if you live in Australia and New Zealand.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, I'm wondering what one of those growlers costs, how much fuel one holds and what fuel and what that costs.  How many men/women it takes to man/woman one.  In other words, total cost of one growler jet with all the fixins'.  Then, times how many there are ready to go, operational-be it Olympic Peninsula or China Seas.  Plus average upkeep, manpower for upkeep, all the bits and pieces added up equals what?  This just Has to cost a king's ransom.  When the cost of defending a country-theoretically-exceeds the cost spent on the country itself in dire need of repair and so much else, then that really does beg the question all the way around.  It is often said that freedom is not free.  But when the expense of defending  exceeds value of what is being defended, surely that is a clear wake up call regarding our value system.  I also wonder if all the posturing and muscle flexing over Russia is but a distraction regarding intent against China?

      Yesterday, for some reason, the sky was blue, as blue as it gets these days, whited out a bit on horizons with a tint of smog, but not one chemtrail or such weirdness anywhere!!  Not even one cloud.  Amazing.  All day long too.  But, I got this creepy feeling that it, that absence of, was fake itself.  As if an artificial dome of blue was in place.  When I was a young teen, I remember my father who read a lot, saying that one day we'd all live under domes.  Total climate control and protection.  Hmmm.

  21. Marc says:

    In my humble opinion, a "must read" is Clifford Carnicom's recent essay "A Clash of Evidence", available on his website, Carnicom Institute. He eloquently cites a paper by Edward Teller entitled "Global Warming and Ice Ages: Prospects for a Physics-based Modulation of Global Climate Change," in making his point that for effective MITIGATION OF GLOBAL WARMING to occur aerosols must be deployed in the STRATOSPHERE or higher, not in the troposphere (where we currently see all SRM occurring.) The stratosphere starts around 8-11 miles up and continues up to around 31 miles, give or take.) Carnicom's contention is that the perps (not his word) KNOW THIS and this essentially proves for all practical purposes that SRM was never actually designed to "mitigate warming". The groundwork was laid, he also contends, back in the 80's and 90's, to steer the public mindset carefully in the direction of interpreting SRM or geoengineering as a global warming mitigation strategy even though when said strategies were actually deployed they were deployed only within the troposphere, where again, it is known that aerosolization cannot possibly mitigate warming and will instead have the reverse effect: to increase warming. On the face of it, this sounds like a simple enough analysis. But if we accept what Mr. Carnicom has encapsulated here, this opens a Pandora's box of interpretations as to just what the f**k the forces behind all this shit have been intending to accomplish all along by spraying the holy motherf**king shit out of our TROPOSPHERE for decades now. If we accept that the sons of bitches KNEW early on that aerosols couldn't possibly mitigate warming if deployed in the troposphere, then we must accept that mitigating warming HAS NEVER BEEN THEIR INTENT. We must THEN conclude that for them to undertake programs of such immensity there must exist agendas which, by the their own determination, justify the cost and resources. Just what exactly are these agendas that are sooooo goddamn important?? (Shhh….i know the answer).

      It can be argued that many, many of us have come to the same conclusions long ago: that agendas other than mitigating warming have always been on the table. But this essay by Carnicom helps cement the conclusion that the bastards have likely NEVER had mitigating warming as their concern. If anyone is familiar with the full scope of Clifford Carnicom's work, then you are aware of his research into Morgellons disease, and by implication, his acceptance of BIOENGINEERING (not to mention other agendas) to be at the forefront of government/military activity in the troposphere. These truths can be considered to be nothing less than heinous and suggest that there exists a structured evil so vast and so potent that we are forced to ask ourselves whether or not the human beings who are fulfilling all the functions of these agendas are the same kind of human being that you and I both know. I don't see how this is possible.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, yes, though short term (often chemically nucleated) cool-downs at the cost of a worsened overall warming. From any viewpoint climate engineering was never about mitigation as you correctly stated and as Carnicom seems to have concluded. Rather, it has always been about masking the problem for as long as possible, confusing the population as to the true extend of climate damage, and countless other agenda’s, some known, many more unknowns. In the end, it is all about power and control.

    • Wes says:

      I was thinking so much of what you wrote tonight. I'm thinking the whole SRM thing could have been an original psyop for the people who are doing the spraying. They really don't care what we think but they had to get and keep the people spraying on board. You start with them. All of these geo conferences and such are the original ground work. Then you bring them into the backrooms under the guise they're privy to this top secret information that they have to do this to save the planet. The biggest psyop job has to have been getting all the people who are doing this harm to do it and keep doing it.

      I was living rural between 1992 and 2003. For the early part of living there. I would burn three tanks of propane a winter. Then sometime during the late 90's., with a click of a finger I started burning 1 to 1 1/2 tanks. It seemed to get instantly warmer. Same time frame for when these programs started in earnest.

      Here's what made sense to me about what Clifford says about it's where you put these particles. And putting them were they are putting them has the exact opposite effect of cooling.  If you fill the atmosphere with particulates, any particulates. Those particles are going to absorb heat. They will absorb more heat and hold it longer than what would normally happen in clean air. In clean air the suns rays go all the way to the ground before they encounter something solid to transfer the heat to. Those little nano particles of metal have to be getting hot just like our car hood. 

    • Steven says:

      Great Post Marc, you seem in tune with reality. I know people that have and do suffer from morgellons symptoms. I have heard that the carbon nano fibers utilized with the srm/sag/weather warfare programs are to hold the nano particulates aloft in the atmosphere for a longer period of time. These fibers are breathed into the lungs and since our bodies are essentially all carbon are absorbed bonding with the bodies molecular structure. I wont go any further into this subject, I personally think it is a super parasite that only certain people notice. Look into the cotton parasite and you will find many similarities. Like DW said it is all about control. The people of this site are rebels in the eyes of the elite. We are ignorant to even start to believe that the perpetrators haven't thought of the consequences to their actions. The people that don't care or comply are the people they want to keep. I have even talked with people that know about the situation and welcome it because it blocks the sun and keeps it shady and nice for outdoor labor. WTF. Perfectly trained and brainwashed individuals completely out of touch with nature and reality. Or very scared individuals completely willing to comply and praise because they know something we don't? There is a very dark evil force behind all of this. It is allowed to happen because of the choices we have made as a race. We all know who the ruler of the darkness of this age is. Even if most of you don't want to believe it, that was his intent. Truth in Trinity 

    • Marc says:

      Susan, as Clifford Carnicom mentioned, Teller didn't even bother to mention deployments of any SRM technologies in the troposphere because it was and still is a foregone conclusion that aerosolizing this region with light scatterering technologies would likely backfire and cause the opposite and unintended result: warming. Therefore he focused his "solutions" on the stratosphere and regions even much further up and ultimately, even into deep space. You say the Teller research is "ages old" hinting that you feel it to be archaic or perhaps has been usurped by even more refined science and thinking since he was alive and actively writing. While this may, in fact, be true in some respects, this observation has zero to do with the essential point which Carnicom is making by citing Teller's work, several of his own papers from prior years, and data from the IPCC and NASA. The conclusion Carnicom arrives at is precise, intelligent and grounded as it relates to what he has experienced as a repetitive misunderstanding of Teller's work among geoengineering advocates.

    • Marc says:

      Wes, your speculation in your first paragraph is brilliant and may indeed be woven into the whole operation. Military obedience to the chain of command has always been of supreme importance to any military objective.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      As we know, they have been experimenting, even aiming for the ionosphere and even the magnetosphere, maybe especially the latter.  As we all know, what goes up must come down, even space trash.  Oh God, to think how very much we've actually littered space!  Crosses my mind, for one thing, that they may have wanted a serious understory for their canopy efforts in the skies.  The better and longer to hold that up.  Whatever the F that is.

      Susan is right, Teller is very old news.  But! amazingly still relevant.  Reagan had that whole Star Wars thing going on and so HAARP was built.  Supposedly, Star Wars was ditched, and I think HAARP did just sit there for awhile doing nothing.  Until someone thought hmmm, this could be useful.  I so hate Teller and followed him closely until the MF died.  I saw an interview, well more than one, but a particular one in which he was asked did it ever bother him that he could be destroying the world?  He shrugged his shoulders and said so what!  God blows up worlds everyday.  WOW.  Enough said, but that some of his ideas live on and apparently springboarded at least some of what is going on now.  It will forever blow my mind that we imported this asshole from Germany to blow up our own country, specifically my beloved Nevada, with nukes!!  Paid him to do it!  He must have felt he was in Evil heaven!

      But to your point, what stocks went up yesterday?  Pharmaceutical.  Un-fortunately my handwriting is from hell as are my notes, so forgive me if I get something slightly wrong, but I did note that Ghs? Pharmaceuticals shares soared amid results from epilepsy treatment.  As well as at least one other.  For epilepsy also, the first for childhood onset, the second was for infant onset!  Big Pharma is doing very well these days.

      Given that there is much public info known and true of US experiments with creating diseases, such as Lyme's, for example as that is well known, and testing biologics on the population at large, it is an easy leap, for me anyway, to imagine, for instance, uber rich people with children with a specific rare disorder, incurable.  What to do?  Infect the population at large to create interest and attention and hopefully a cure.  Meanwhile testing and experimenting on the great "unwashed" masses. I find that all too easy to imagine, too, too possible.

      So far, not one doctor genius can figure it out, nor can I.  No fibers.  Itches like poison oak if one is allergic to that as most are but not I!  Here, there and everywhere on my body and so far I've tried nearly everything including elimination diets, and body stuff.  Sometimes it goes away and I think I'm done and yay!  But noooooo.  It comes back!  First clue is that soft clothing feels like sandpaper.  Then blobs of redness on skin, then hives here and there which may or may not itch at the time, but will eventually.  Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marc — There was nothing ‘personal’ in my criticism here. And I tell you that Carnicom’s analysis of my ‘chaff’ fiber evidence in the flashlight, that could have been used in a court against the Navy here on the Olympic Peninsula, also amounted to zero zip, a waste of many months time and money. However, I would imagine that your final "answer” and mine are quite similar. I often reflect that the human species has done little-to-nothing to prove that it deserves this planet.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc and Susan, Marc, in my answer to you Marc about Teller, last paragraph screwed up somehow? in that I was trying to say I've had a rash for more than a year now and no one knows what it is and it is driving me nuts.  All over me, comes and goes, does not resemble Morgellons. I wish I had a clue and I have tried everything!

      Susan, your remark about your flashlight fibers confused me.  Seems as if you are saying you could have used this-I remember your photo- as evidence to the navy, but you sent it to Carnicom?  And spent a lot of money? which yielded not one clue, nothing?  He tested it?  Said what? Are you regretting sending it to him, or to? Or?  Clearly I missed something somewhere, easy to do.  Also, I've been so very sick, so long.  Think I am getting a bit better, but for rash/hives weirdness.

    • Rachel — You understood about the fibers on my flashlight  perfectly. Get well!

  22. Melanie says:

    Dane, thank you for your ongoing support.

    Please, everyone, help spread awareness by setting up billboard funding sites, printing fliers, creating your own car magnets, or contributing to the legal team. We need to take action in any way we can! "We are the ones we have been waiting for" Liberate yourselves and stand up for what is right. It feels really good.  Best to all of you.


    • Laura says:

      Melanie..I just want to add BUMPERSTICKERS to your list of tools to spread awareness.  I have a big one on my bumper that says "Stop Spraying Poison' "GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG'  …with an spraying tanker.   I just went to a local printing store and had a bunch made…I'll probably have another batch made..If I do I'll get the word . I figure it's at least a way to familiarize people with the term and concept…a first step type thing at least.   

    • Melanie says:

      Thanks Laura, yes, bumperstickers are fantastic! So great you had a bunch made. I have done the same, with big magnetic ones. Anxiously waiting their arrival. Can't wait to sit in traffic and display them. Best to you, friend. 

  23. Anthony Enright says:

    Dear Dane You are Spot On with your Knowledge and information and I truly respect you for what you are doing this whole thing would of been better with a different government administration in a different time but the speed of destruction is going so fast that it would take a miracle to stop it.It would be better if we stopped thinking about humanity and put our efforts into the planets Trees, Plants and Animals.We The United States will no longer exist in this world because as a world leader we have elected a corrupt government and are on the path to re elect the same people that have destroyed this country's health and well being .Russian science has solved a lot of the radiation crisis and has learned first hand on its effects.We on the other hand will push our pollution to the point of no return but do not have the right people to correct it because our pollution will be caused by those who are with our corrupt government.In the Bible it says that Babylon will fall.This is Babylon.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Anthony, thank you for makeing your voice heard in this most critical battle. Yes, the US and the entire western power center is completely out of control. This being said, it is important to remember and consider the fact that Russia, China (and many other nations) are active and aggresive participants in the ongoing climate engineering insanity. All are collaborating on the geoengineering front.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Anthony, Just to say that what Dane said to you is all too true and makes the whole of it scarier as what goes around comes around!  Not to mention that if "we" stopped it, that would be the ever present argue-ment for it!  Worse, it's gone military, or rather that was the point in the first place.  I mean, if it was for pollution, China would be looking better, would it not?  So, it has become a game of one-up-man-ship, no?

  24. SD says:

    The recent floods in West Virginia have once again been called "unprecedented" or "100 year" floods.  At least 24 people killed, millions in damages.  So WHY do we keep seeing such events in the country, week after week? Any evidence of cloud seeding?  Any evidence of increased or artificial convection leading to such flooding? WE SHOULD DEMAND ANSWERS from NWS and USGS reps.

    Here in California we have a major brush fire in the southern Sierra. At least two deaths, dozens of homes burned, many homeless now.  This is just the beginning of our fire season.  The period Sept 2014 to Sept 2015 was the Coup de Grace for CA's forests.  At least 25 million MORE TREES died.  The event was called a 500 Year Drought.  What was the CAUSE?

    The El Nino of 2015 was predicted by many to be a 100 year event, yet it mostly FAILED to produce rain/snow in CA.  What was the CAUSE of such a failed prediction by meteorologists?

    What we need is a Senate Hearing – The Senate Special Investigation of Weather Modification.  Bring Govt and military witnesses before the Senate and testify under oath.  "What did you know and when did you know it?"


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello SD, all your points are valid, just one note on the SD flooding, it is actually being considered a once in a 1000 year event

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Friends.

      The other name for the El Nino is geo MFg engineering!!!

      And why in Europe we can't see these news in tv?? WHY??

      It is shameful.

  25. Pedro says:

    Friends, Please do not forget that we still have the power of numbers. If they do not fear us, they wouldn't try to kill us. Be Strong and Together. Push for the Brain to get to more people. We are fighting real devils… this make of Us, Angels… Have no Fear. We are NOT wrong. The MFs in the past have lost one time because of the cold ( in ex-USSR ). Now they want to control weather, because they fear another defeat. …They are just COWARDS, not men.    

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well said Pedro!  They are indeed cowards, feeding and getting paid to dwell in fear, and to create even more fear.  We do indeed have the numbers.  One way we can attack them is by not falling prey to fear!  Not buying into their whole war machine, fear this, fear that.  We here have faced the darkest of fears and evils.  We call them out!  We know we are being watched and tracked and we don't care!  The more we can instill this bravery aspect, the more the unaware will respect our stance. And the less they can marginalize us as fearful conspiracy peoples.  Plus, we can be role models for those becoming aware for whom, at least initially, this is overwhelmingly scary.  We've all had our dark moments, our "cry uncle" moments, and we well know despair.  Non the less, we stand up for what is right–not just what is right for this country or that.  What is right for this Planet, for humans all, whomever, wherever.  Human Rights.  Earth Rights.  The real war is one for souls.

  26. CJ says:

    Killing 2 Birds with one stone.

    These Arse Holes are Cooking us while Poisoning us at the same time. Previous post's are excellent.

  27. Rachel Robson — Thank you for your questions. I will try answer in a separate post. Please know that I am an Art Major with a BFA in Painting, whose field of study now is Sanskrit metaphysics – not traditional Physics or Plasma Physics. So I am learning as I go and hopefully sharing that a bit with GW. I am very stubborn!  Sorry to hear about your eyes. Take care!

  28. Dawnski says:

    It was painful to listen to the Health Services nurse tell the parents at my sons orientation how important vaccinations are, including the flu shoots. Autumn freshman creeping crud which is obviously environmental friendly fire. I slept in a dorm on campus and awoke to an ongoing hum that would not cease, wondering if it was electronic, mind control. My question to the nurse, what do you offer students who are from a holistic, organic, homeopathic home for Health Services? Any supplements or chiropractic, essential oils? Her answer, we are traditional medicine. Translated, pharmekia/sorcery. Parents have no clue about VAXXED. Convinced the inoculations were mandatory. Not so in NC. We submitted a letter that waived this due to our religious beliefs. End of story. 

  29. Rachel Robson says:

    Thanks Dane.  As always, I keep learning more and that can only help.  I am glad, well, not, but to see the photo from Arkansas.  There are the mauve clouds I dislike so much, as well as the three dimensional shapes of clouds I've been commenting on, as they look so much like structures, as opposed to clouds.  What an unholy mess of ugliness!  And worse.

    The other day, someone left typed papers all over our neighborhood regarding "silly" stuff for the most part and no name, no indication of who or why but to inform people of things such as sun is the best source of vitamin D, no need to take vitamin D!  Or, "use caution if constantly carrying one's cell phone".  Some of us were shocked kind of, confused by who could it be?  Some found it funny, but my daughter kindly pointed out that the person was trying to be helpful in a neighborhood in which many are ignorant of so much.  I asked one neighbor if he did it, saying I did not think so as he always puts his name on stuff.  He and his brother were reading it and joking about it at the time I emailed.  I remarked that heck, I could do the same, but for the anonymous part.  He said: "Don't!"  I assumed he was referencing weather modification as he is the one that just flat out refuses to hear a word of it.  Yet both he and his brother are such bright people.  But I was actually thinking of new neighbors who leave trashed stuff on the sidewalk area, and a note to clue them in as to what can be done,  so it ruffled my feathers that my friend jumped the gun, anticipating me.  Therefore, I just had to reply in kind!  And did.  And so I floated my first geoengineering lite effort!  Just the most simple "overview" and why he should care, why any thinking person should care.  He ,himself, has some sort of neurological problem of unknown origin.  I just skimmed the surface and big picture, and added how very rewarding researching all this has been, how much I've learned about planet Earth.  I've not heard back and doubt I will.  Well, I will eventually, and by the way I mentioned various lawsuits and countries, as well as source material.  This person has some real influence in this neighborhood and beyond.  I've hesitated before because he has had some profound depression issues, a sort of handle-with-care person.  Anyway, I finally said my bit and why to him, and I feel better!!  And even inspired.  Knowing him, he's probably pissed but he will get over it.  Especially when I tell him what I had in mind that he went there with instead!  As if asking for it…..  The feedback may be helpful, shaping future efforts, or not.  We'll see.

    By the way, interesting to hear the talking heads today about Brexit.  It sounds as if Britain will become a lesser player in all things.  One can only hope!

    • Greg O says:

      Rachel R., thanks for your reply; the collective telepathic web is alive , even if it is in it's infant developmental stages at this time in human history.  I am grateful to share this energy with you in the ever-growing conscious web of life.  I only wish that we all could be in a close community together instead of being spread out all over the world.  I just embrace the mystery of the 'plan'.  Best wishes to you as we help realize a healthier and sustainable future.  Greg O.

  30. 2008 All Over Again / Chris Hedges / June 24, 2016
    Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has wiped out many bankers and global speculators. They will turn, as they did in 2008, to governments to rescue them from default. Most governments, including ours, will probably comply. … Whatever happens next will be chaotic. Global financial markets, which lost heavily on derivatives, are already in free fall. The value of the British pound has dropped by over 9 percent and British bank stock prices by over 25 percent. This decline has wiped out the net worth of many Wall Street brokerage houses and banks, leaving them with negative equity. The Brexit vote severely cripples and perhaps kills the eurozone and, happily, stymies trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It throws the viability of NATO and American imperial designs in Eastern Europe and the Middle East into question. The British public’s repudiation of neoliberal economics also has the potential to upend the presidential elections. The Democratic Party will orchestrate a rescue of Wall Street if there is a call for a bailout. Donald Trump and the Republicans, by opposing a bailout, can ride popular revulsion to power. … Britain’s withdrawal from the eurozone will damage not only the international banking system, but hamper Washington’s aggressive policies toward Russia and the Ukraine. Britain has served within the EU as an American proxy. German Social Democratic Party leaders, who have accused NATO of warmongering, have already called for the lifting of the sanctions against Russia. And there is a growing reluctance to continue supporting endless war in the Middle East.
    “By breaking with the European bankers, you also ultimately break with the American domination of Europe through NATO,” Hudson said.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Susan, It is always refreshing to read a takeaway that mirrors my own!  I just feel gleeful!  Not so, the talking heads!  On Fareed's show today, he seemed clearly disturbed and had a panel of what he called World Class.  Prior to their comments though, Fareed gave a breakdown of voters in Britain, saying the majority for Brexit were white males, with no college/university education, poor, and xenophobic.  One woman on his panel looked very severe and displeased.  But another whose name I did not get but for Fareed calling her Xanny, was impressive, calm, cogent, balanced, and she disagreed with him, giving a fuller picture.  Meantime, I'm wondering how much money Fareed and his world class panel had "lost"!!  Regardless of what turmoil comes, this has got to be a good thing.  It certainly levels the playing field! 

    • Dennie says:

      We have two Brits (former?) who attend at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in San Rafael CA.  One came up to the other during coffee hour this morning asking "So what do you think of Brexit?"  These people talk by phone with their close relatives who still all live there and were there to cast their vote.  They said that the popular vote is in fact a Done Deal, no vote from Parliament required for "approval." 

      Amazingly, many of the Brits there were and are not watching the coverage, and their relatives here were actually watching in real time when the news broke there at the time about the outcome of the vote.  The ones here asked their relatives why they voted and many just said "I voted the way all my friends voted."  Mostly it was the older voters who turned out to opt out.  The Main Issue when you ask is the massive numbers of immigrating people from the droughted-out countries whom the U.S.'s military-enforced foreign policy of droughting and killing forces to flee their home lands.  In places where there are huge numbers of immigrants that keep arriving in waves, the older English are sick and tired of hearing other languages and watching as foreign cultures supplant their own, especially when these people have their own country and the feeling is that they should stay there.  So the task now is to continue to expose and thereby discredit/disempower the U.S. military.  It is NOT fighting for our "freedom," other than the freedom to continue believing that we in the U.S. and other developed countries somehow have a God-given "right" to send our Mighty Military into your country and force you to give up all the resources there and send them here where we can mindlessly continue to suck them down.  The biggest one now is WATER, stolen from all, by means of "geoengineering" via the Air Force's pioneering work with chem trails.  Keep on exposing!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Here Here!!  It's definately time to halt Western involvement creating endless wars in the middle east. Would be nice to see the tides finally turning for peace and world freedom from the grip of the current criminal systems.. Carpe Diem! Thank you British People for taking decisive action on this matter. Let's hope the domino effect keeps on working. : )

    • renate says:

      Thanks Susan. They’re all the same players. There’s no one side vs the other. Guess we’ll see what happens. It’s all a set-up. These guys are game players. Have to remember they control votes. The whole thing is fake.

  31. Ben says:

    Dane – POTUS maybe?

  32. Greg Overton says:

    Thanks Dane!  It seems that all aspects; environment, economy, politics and global unrest are imploding.  Where are we at with critical mass?  I need an action plan.  I'm not seeing enough 'before the fact' change taking place with the majority of the population.  I am now  planning post collapse scenarios as a reactive/proactive approach.  I'm focusing on my community since this is where I will be when the infrastructure is gone.  Water, food, sanitation, heated structures, and health supplies, to name a few of the areas needing attention.  Each community in my region has unique resources as well as needs.  If we can create a plan to move toward some form of sustainability and barter within our region, there might be a glimmer of hope.We still don't know if the damage that exists in our eco-system is so far gone that survival is impossible, but one must try.  Co-operative, compassionate community, in my mind is the only civilized approach.  I'm marching on in the good fight but I'm not counting on any sudden change that will transport us out of this self-induced nightmare.  The cabal is desperate but they still have alot of "everything".  To me, martial law and FEMA camps are around the corner in our present trajectory.  My fairy-tale prayer is for Divine interference or extra-terrestrial help but most days I think that we created or at least let this mess be created and we are on our own, regardless of what exists beyond in the great mystery.  May love, compassion, co-operation, and forgiveness reign in the human community as we face the greatest challenges known in human history.  I wish us all a healthy and successful outcome.  Greg O.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Greg, thank you for sharing your thoughts relating to this most critical momemt in time. About reaching a ctitical mass of awarenss, all possible efforts are being made. We hope to finally have the initial steps of the US legal action moving publically forward in the next week to 10 days, this will help. The undercurrent of awareness is much more vast than is currently visisble, but the populations propensity toward denial is still very strong and deeply rooted. Denial willl not be an option for much longer due to unfolding events, the seeds of awareness we have all helped to sow will then be forced to sprout. Face to the wind, never give up, my most sincere gratitude to you, Greg, and all commited activists in this battle. It is all of us working together that can yet make a difference for the better.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Greg Overton, It is as if you read my mind!!  For a long time now I've been thinking along the exact same lines.  I've been living here for 37 years and watched and helped shape this "hood" as it went from gun shooting wild west to a kinder, much nicer environment.  Which, in no small part was helped by the person I mentioned to Dane who will not hear one word of this.  He and his brother each have a home on the large-ish lots here two doors down.  He is very kind and secretly helps very many people, does much for the community.  As do I, and other as well by now such that we really do have something of a tight neighborhood.  Problem is, how to rein in these potential resources, assets, given that none seem to be aware, or just very slightly and with much skepticism?  I guess I'll have to borrow from the IPCC and just use climate control as a cover?  I suppose I'd become the default medic-IF I AM WELL ENOUGH!!  Therefore, I should stock up and take stock of medical stuff I have here.  I mean, I've done this for years, decades, life time.  So.  Also, since last year I've been growing way more medicinal and drought hardy plants.  And other foods.  Including chickens.  Eggs.  But I could up that too.  Giving thought to this, it is kinda easy to spot who has what to offer.  One Big family has an enclosed recreation space that could become a shelter.  Hmmm.  This gets interesting.  As I think about it, various things fall into place.  You and I and others too had best get busy!  Thank you for bringing this up, and for the kindness in your tone.  Kindness really helps.

    • Ben says:

      You may be interested in the Ubuntu Movement out of South Africa.

  33. Marc says:

    Was sitting at a small bar having lunch in a hipster cafe run by an ultra cool woman from Laos. Lots of vegetarian and vegan items on the menu. My friend and I were discussing global geoengineering and I was contending that the average person does not comprehend the magnitude of the programs deployed worldwide. (Note: she will engage in discussions about this with me, yet, she remains highly skeptical that such programs are underway on the scale that I always describe.) Ultimately she asked: "Do you really believe that this stuff is going on all over the world? I just can't accept that!!" Much to my surprise, a young feller (thirty?) was washing glasses right in front of us behind the bar, and suddenly piped up entirely on his own and said to my friend, "Oh, yeah, this shit is MOST DEFINITELY going on all over the world, there's no question. Has been for a long time." Well, THAT stopped my friend in her tracks. She was caught off guard by the simple fact that this guy knew all about the things I'd been saying to her for months. Her tendency has been to pigeonhole me into a subculture of people who "just believe in geoengineering" and she leaves it at that. When she saw that this random dude in a cafe ALSO KNEW ALL ABOUT THE ENTIRE GAME THESE ASSHOLES ARE PLAYING, I could see the change in her demeanor. She was floored.

      I went to a Sprint store some months back to get a new phone. The clerk (also maybe thirty years old) who helped me knew all about geoengineering and had an attitude of complete resignation and disdain and basically felt his days were numbered. I reflected a lot on this later and became quite sad that a fine young man such as he had already resigned himself to a most dark and dystopian future. 

      Point here is this: the numbers of people who FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS IS GOING ON is, I think, actually much greater than is apparent. There is no way that this issue can NOT become increasingly front and center in the public mind. Unfortunately, the bastards are ready for us. They have been positioning themselves for civil unrest for quite some time. And while mass protests against geoengineering seem like a distant fantasy, if, and I stress "if" the public were to truly understand what has been done to them I don't think they'd take it sitting down. And yet….the malaise AND the deception that rules the minds of the American people are formidable obstacles to entering into critical mass on this most important issue of all. I have to continue to BELIEVE that the efforts of ALL OF US to disseminate info about this will someday pay off. If and when I lose that belief, the guttersnipes and troglodytes at the top of this food chain will have secured their victory. Though…….I have to wonder…..what kind of f**king moron calls it victory when they have actively participated in omniciding 99% of all life on earth for countless centuries to come?

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, it came up in coffee hour after church today.  We have two Brits who were discussing Brexit.  Biggest Problem in Britain and other Euro-Zone countries are where you have massive numbers of refugees who are changing the culture from sheer number, and what's driving it?  Their countries of origin are being droughted out by U.S. military's "order followers" using geoengineering to hijack their water.  The Brits weren't really clear on the fact that it hasn't rained in Syria for over six years– they just blinked and looked surprised, but not incredulous. to hear this, as well as what's causing the droughting.  And I used the term "geoengineering," explaining that they use materials that are known desiccants and that's already public record, proven via ordinary routine state Dept. of Health drinking water tests. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, Oh No you Didn't! just tern omnicide into a verb!  I can't cope with "suicided", much less omnicided.  To be factual, omnicide means 100%, not omnicide if less than.  However, since learning that micro bacteria in whole weigh far more than the whole of us, and Will survive, and made life possible in the first place, I am clinging to that puppy like a life raft!  My guess is that people ages 35 to 55 are probably most encumbered with malaise and deception.  Do not underestimate the young ones! as you have seen for yourself in the two guys you mention.  On Bill Maher's show last night was an amazing 16 year old.  Aztec no less, half Aztec and looks it and embraces it wholly.  Out here, at Pow Wows and other Native events, Aztecs dance and impart some of their culture, not all of which I find user friendly, but for the long time indigenous aspect with its multi dimensional view.  He was interviewed separately, and everything he had to say was about harm to the environment and when he tried to approach the skies I could tell that he was just dying to mention Weather modification, holding back a bit, on the verge and interrupted.  He tried to emphasize to Bill, who thought young people did not think this way, surprised by such wisdom from a 16 year old, that older people are too set in their ways invested and out of date! to question what kind of world this is now-when Bill nearly blew-he's having trouble being 60 now and feeling relevant-at which point the young handsome one with hair to his waist, said no, no, we need our elders for their knowledge, but it is us with the strength to carry through and we need each other!  And WOW.  And true.  We should probably be aiming for them!  God knows there are a lot of disaffected youth out there just looking for a righteous fight.  By the way, is your female friend upping her game now since hearing this, from a younger one just chiming in when you two were out?  You are lucky to have had such an experience!  Cheers!

    • Melanie says:


      For me, personally, I would rather die fighting to save this earth than to sit back and watch everything perish in front of my eyes, without having done anything. I have no fear, and wish that anyone else reading this feels the same. Eliminate fear from your mind, everyone. It is a truly wasteful emotion.  Choose strength, instead. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:


      "There is no room for fear in love"


    • Melanie says:

      Thanks Andrew, keep growing the good fight. Thanks for everything you are doing. Love is the strongest force.  

  34. Jeanette S says:

    I just wanted to say I think in most cases it is not the scientists. They are just nerds doing what they do. When things get bad is when a top 1% sociopathic do anything for another buck yesterday BA, management/business degree freak latches onto a scientist. That is when things go bad. Anybody remember back in the sixties all the small businesses run by our neighbors and community members? Remember how business went from small business to fewer and larger ones? Check out the letter of Chief "Justice" Lewis Powell's corporate call to arms letter on Greenpeace' website. This is when science, invention, business and economy went into the the downturn it is today. It all started when all the sixties college graduates became managers for the small businesses; things got progressively worse from there. The tech scientist was the second in command behind the (small business) owner, then as the owner thought of retiring, he hired a "manager", the scientist/tech person and the manager often butted heads, the owner had to pick someone to take over and in most cases it was the business manager (familiar with all aspects of business) that won out. The decision maker became the manager who answered to the owner instead of his neighbors and community. This is where it all went wrong.

    • Dennie says:

      And everyone else involved all along the Chain of Command will also say: "Hey, it's NOT ME, I'm just doing what I'm told!!!" 
      We already know this from the Nuremberg trials.  Or should. By now.

  35. CJ says:

    It's like a cooking pot. We are all in it.

  36. Charles says:


    Good morning.  

    As soon as I look out my Sunday morning window

    already there is a jet spray from one horizon going all the

    way across to the other horizon.  If it is spraying poisom

    it is up early Sunday morning before I can get to church to pray

    for our salvation.  Prayers for all of us and our world.  





    • Dan G. says:

      again no planes over Canyonville Oregon clear sky 4 days now . we will watch tonight . 

    • Bluv says:

      The last two days here in Portland Oregon the sky rapers have been absent, although every now and then you will see remnants float by.  It's 7:30 am June 27th and nothing happening as of now. It's funny and sad that when it isn't happening I wonder why and the unusual pause sets me in for concern. This isn't the world I live in, it must be a dream. 

  37. Bram says:

    Chris Hedges wrote an excellent article indeed. But we cannot bring about change by only and exclusively fighting an outside world or 'elite'.

    There is also an inner battle to be fought in each and every one of us. It is of course all to comfortable to blame someone else and not having to look at ourselves.

    We have to delve into our own unconsciousness, find our own destructiveness, our own faults and at the same time having the humility to ask God for helping us overcome these flaws.

    This is the path we must all follow sooner or later.

    And the only way to restore balance in our soul and world.

    Thanks again Dane, it is always a pleasure to listen to your radioshow. The truth can never really hurt.




  38. Michel B says:

    I think one of the reasons people go straight into denial mode when confronted with this information for the first time is because of the abject terror it causes. The normally wondrous sky is a protective mantle, a roof of benevolence that brings what we need. Now it is totally perverted and weaponised against us. It rains down poisons, prevents our life giving rain and burns the surface things with unleashed UVB.

    To find out that the attack is total and reaches all horizons induces great cognitive dissonance. When Dane says "It is truly unimaginable" as he iterates disaster upon disaster, he is correct. It is our task, we who have recognised what is going on, to break through this barrier of the stubborn ones with all the tact and bravery it requires.

    Brisbane, Australia today was totally overcast and totally geoengineered. SRM and RF signatures filled the smeared cloudy layer all day. Where you could see the sky through occasional breaks, the colour was very wrong. Very light blue at best.

    I cannot blame all those who don't know about it. How could they imagine such a thing in order to start looking for it? I didn't. I learned about it from the documentary, 'What In The World Are They Spraying?', found by chance on Youtube. And I went through the phases of terror and depression. I have the memory of those phases, now I am developing the verbal acumen and powers of argument in order to spread the message.

    In regards to Brexit, I wonder what punishments lie in store for them now?

    • Mike looking up says:

      Michael B  Same here on how I learned about the spraying in a slightly different way. I follow Greg Hunter and USA watchdog, the first time he had Dane on his program was the first I heard about geoengineering. I'm not one who looks down at my phone or is totaly in the weads. However, I never looked up into the skies looking for aircraft spray, I mean who would, right? But after Danes interview on USA watchdog I started looking up and sure enough I started seeing the action. At that time I started asking questions with my friends and all of them said they heard about (chemtrails) Alex Jones, and said it was a joke, or a hoax. See, If I see something with my own eyes I'm not going to be very easy in my, oh and ok. So I started my study and reasearch with the help from Danes site and I'm all in with full exposure. I fight everyday with all my resourches and I salute everyone here, because I know its not easy to change hearts and minds. I have virtally lost 20 percent of my friends I once had and alienated many others.  However, I have awoken 3 that now fight the good fight talking with others. We must walk forward one step at a time. Thank you Dane and all who contribute Ive learned very much from all of you.

  39. Bill F. says:

    2 or perhaps more – THINLY VEILED AGENDAS?

    BREXIT – How very interesting that upon first glance, it appears the Global "Distraction" of the recent BREXIT Vote, makes it look like a couple of agendas were quickly executed, while other more dire & detrimental Global activities were quietly "Ram-Rodded" into existence during the Brexit "Kerfuffle?"

    Perhaps the FIRST agenda was perhaps just a very efficient way to guarantee the "Toppling" the existing Prime Minister from his post.

    "Prime Minister Cameron has announced his resignation effective in October, a new Conservative Prime minister is to appointed following the Conservative Party conference" "

    The implementation of Brexit is in part dependent upon the new leadership of the Conservative Party. There are divisions in both Conservative and opposition parties with regard to Brexit.

    At this stage, there is, however, no assurance that the Brexit proposal will be ratified by Parliament.

    Moreover, Cameron’s decision to resign in October contributes to delaying the process"

    AGENDA #2: The general pulse of the citizenry of Britain was carefully observed by the powers that be, as the final tally gives a very clear "Temperature Reading" of the core of the country's current feelings about the performance of their government leaders & also how the citizenry at large – feel about Britain's EU Connection.

    "All the fuss and bother about Brexit largely ignores its non-binding status – parliament, not voters deciding if Britain stays or leaves the EU, the latter extremely unlikely.

    Writing in the Financial Times, British lawyer David Allen Green explained Brexit voting is “advisory,” not “mandatory.” Parliament has final say.

    MPs can legally disregard the public’s will either way, they alone are empowered to decide the path Britain chooses.

    What happens ahead is “a matter of politics – not law. It will come down to what is politically expedient and practicable,” said Green"

    At the end of the day: The exercise appears to be little more than an "Exploratory" insertion of a rectal thermometer to find out "Who is Hot & Who is Not.

    The results of the vote may, (or may not) actually determine the Final Decision, but now the WHOLE WORLD knows the outcome of the "Rectal Exam" of the citizens of Britain.

    While the whole world is watching this carefully staged & highly-publicized show, You have to ask yourself only one question?

    What other "Far More Important" Global action of the cabal was implemented, while the WHOLE WORLD was "Distracted" by Brexit?

    Jus sayin'


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      You are also absolutely correct, Bill F.  We will have to wait and see what actually happens after all the hyperbole.  

      They may find a reason not to actually act upon the referendum result – already the news chanels are full of individuals saying that they voted "Out", but are now scared and not sure they did the right thing……..

    • Grant Jones says:

      Bill, Good points all. On the surface it would seem that the World financial wizards gravely missed their predictions before the Brexit vote. Two things strike me, One is that Goldman Sacs is always in the background an the other was the Bilderburg meeting in Germany. I am not seeing it yet but I think you are correct.  Something is hidden. Thanks.

    • BaneB says:

      I read that the vote was on paper ballots, And not on the voting machines so very much maligned as computerized theft of elections here in Mystery Babylon.  The majority voted to exit the EU.  It would serve civil order well in England for the Parliament to do as the majority have directed it to do.  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello friends.

      The exit of England is a good thing. now the media are doing their normal job of terrorizing people. It is to manipulate through psychological coercion.. The media exists for this, to create confusion.

  40. "Effects of climate change on methane emissions from seafloor sediments: A review".  / Methane Emissions From Arctic Ocean Seafloor / A recently published paper (May, 2016)  
    Rapidly declining sea ice and snow cover is darkening the Arctic, leading to large temperature amplification. … a warmer, wavier and more open Arctic is leading to many physical and geochemical processed that are causing increased methane concentrations in both the water column and the atmosphere.
    PDF here:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yes, Susan, as they say, one big burp from the Arctic and we are all toast.  Years ago, because of Dane, I began studying methane clathrates.  That too is fascinating, also known as hydrates I think, a frozen sort of webbing encasing and squeezing methane into something like little packages which if opened release so much more than it would appear!  So much!  These are found on the ocean floor, and particularly on sides of land masses beyond a certain depth-not that far-in the oceans.  Such that these latter kinds are the first to be disturbed and there are tons of them.  Our local "weather dude" remarked today that he had never seen the ocean this cold here before.  Must be owing to all that Arctic ice.  Yikes!  It is bad enough that methane is leaking from all sorts of places all over the place, but this could well be the nail in our collective coffin.  Most have already seen Arctic examples of land thaw and the methane and fires from in spots here and there.  Those big Siberian "blow holes" of mystery found a year or two ago, they now say most likely methane blows, though the methane seems "gone".  It is now thought that this is what has sunk ships and boats in the Bermuda Triangle.  The stuff bubbles in the water.  If so, would that it would sink whatever ships decide to use the Arctic as a passageway!!!! 

  41. Gail - Yellowhead County, Alberta says:

    Another Eye Opening radio show, Dane. I loved the sandbox remark. Seedlings burning up before they have a chance to establish themselves while coming up in the Spring.There use to be a transition of temperatures. Many were too small to handle July-August temperatures in April-May. Fire bans on High alert everywhere in the Spring, now that it is Summer it's on a low alert? To cool things down they have now kept us in constant aerosol clouds and down pouring Toxic rain on us.Trying to keep the temperatures low. Everyday weather reports are 30% rain. This I guess covers all the "clouds" in the Sky! We use to have 300 days a year of Blue Sky and Sunshine. One day at this point would be shocking to see. A number of Lakes here have banned any fishing. The Lakes were with hundreds of dead fish after the winter. A lack of aeration was the cause, they said. Wink, Wink! They bleached a Lake near Edmonton last year to have a boat race. It was that covered in Fungi with the lack, or elimination of Sunlight on it. And that was their solution. This world is Mad. Alzheimer symptoms now found in 30 year olds and it's called Chem or Aluminum Brain. Now because of the Huge upsurge of  Victims of Alzheimer and Dementia. They are now offering in Alberta, a way out! They will help you end your life. Health costs to reach $153 Billion! 750,000 Canadians already effected. 2012 costs were 18.7 Million. What could be causing that? Where are they going to put everyone. And care for all the young ones with Autism?  FYI: http://chemtrailsmust —–Will it ever end. — Prince William owns Obama Care! Check it out! He also has a Islamic Centre named after him. It looks like he is following in Papa's footsteps. The greatest threat is a Free thinking mind. Mind control, "The Perfect Enemy"! In a Ham and eggs breakfast, The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!   I Pray it ends very soon.

  42. Dennie says:

    Speaking quite frankly, I know where I'd like to launch a "rocket released barium cloud.."  namely, right into the lower chakras of the "high-minded" scientists who cook up this diabolical stew. 

  43. Dan G. says:

    thanks for the weakly radio news . Canyonville  Or has been unbelievably clear of the day time spray planes for the past 3 or 4 days but have been flying over late in the nite got some pics of HAARP rib clouds in front of the moon a few nights  back that brought me back to reality .  Good news about the Anderson theater and vaxxed I will try to make a showing this week . Again thank you Dane .

  44. Pedro says:

    Hello everybody.

    This can appear crazy and silly, but is not 100% impossible ( in my humble and ignorant opinion ) that if the gentle balance that holds the gravitational grip over the Moon is disrupted, this can cause the collapse of the Satellite over Earth. The melting of all ice in the Poles, represents a new distribution on Earth's weight, and this WILL affect the tilt of the rotational axis, and maybe the speed of rotation… The biggest dam in the world, in China, has caused a slight inclination in the Earth's rotational axis, and increased the length of the days a tiny bit…

    …the hydrographic basin of the Tree Gorges Dam contains 39.3 km3 of water.

    But I think that all the ice in the Poles when melted represents a "little" bit more of this so important water..

    Let's see if the MFs will fry or if they catch with the Moon in their ridiculous little heads..

    In the "battles" that the "civilized" world promotes against the real Persons, Worldwide and through History, Tribal Warriors ( in the past ) went to combat ( against machine guns riffles and helicopters ) with spears, bows and arrows and with the will of defending their Families.

    The machine guns haven't won all times.

    Raise your Heads Brothers and Sisters, and be like Lions defending their Families.

    This is an Historical moment. In the end we'll be keeping the keys of the cells of the MFs in their PRISON.


    Good Luck to Us All.

  45. adam coleman says:

    Einstein said, "Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance" and I feel that Israel plugging ISIS (Israeli Secret Intel Service) would be a good place for people to do a little investigation to see where our conflicts of interests are as a nation when we are funding enemies (alleged) of ours that are friends of Israels who are our alleged allies. What ELSE is wrong in this picture? Anyone?  Does anyone ELSE see something wrong with this who doesn't have their head in the sand? Truly a perfect fly in the ointment for the whale manure globalists

  46. paul fowler says:

    Dane Wigington is right again. This time about the power structures sick and crazy ways.
    Search : Goerge w Bush , Brownsville Texas  mass murder (1984), or
    Clintons Mena Akansaw , Cia 

  47. Jake says:

    Hi. I have family up in London. Now that the UK has left the European Union, what does the future hold for London? Will we start seeing their people move into the US? 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody.


      The English People are 100% right.

      EU must disintegrate. This ( EU ) was a creation of the MFs for better controlling all European through the clowns in Brussels and trough UN. Every country in Europe is rich, one way or another, we don't need EU. Now the totalitarian / fascists of the world cabal banking system ( the neo nazi talmudic saudi petro dollar system and its associates )  created this impossible to pay debts, in 5 or 6 south European countries. Only for assuring that we can't go away, but these countries MUST follow the Good Example that the English People have given.

      And the queen want to play for the cartel.

      We must Fight for our freedom.

      The 500.000.000 they will leave for slavery will be cloned creatures, not Persons. We must wake up!!

      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Veritas says:

       Yes Brexit is a great sign of things to come. It shows the people aren't willing to role over and die like the "elite" want. It must come as a shock to these people that European's do not accept being genocided and replaced. Hopefully in time the EU, NATO, the UN and all these other centers of corruption are disbanded.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Andrew, Does Scotland want to leave England as some say?

  48. Karen Strong says:

    Everything I strongly believe in,is said in this broadcast … Once we get our heads around the initial shock ..and .. Open our minds as to the prolific evil on our planet everything makes perfect sense …. The shame is humanity has been deceived for so long and still is …. Where to from here ??? Well that I am having trouble imagining,Too many people don't care .. They should be alarmed but they aren't ….and that … I will never understand … Thank you For a compilation of these reports the dots do connect …..

    • Natasha Gubert says:

      they are spraying lithium.  Oregon was the first place where someone

      got info … it seems logical they are trying to medicate the public into


    • Jeanette S says:

      I think it is easier and more fun to be oblivious and happy and then just drop dead. Never mind that somebody very stupid or deliberate did it to you. Don't be mad, be glad. (sarcasm) You know the movies we watch that depict all these people that put their lives on the line for us (not that people don't) but we see it so much that I think it is gov't/elite propaganda to get us to continue to sit in our armchairs and let they that love doing this, do it for us.

  49. Neil says:

    Hello All,

    I am in the south suburbs of Chicago.  We are past the summer solstice now, the temps have been raging like it's August after a wet spring.  I have noticed that there are no crickets chirping at night time this season, nor any tree frogs that I can discern.  It is eerily, deathly quiet, save for the man-made noises.  I have lived here most of my life and have never experienced anything like this before, although I am now reading reports that this has been happening all over the country for a few years now.  In Hawaii, they are attributing the 'silence of the crickets' (read NatGeo article of the same name) to a particular fly which seeks out chirping males and lays its eggs on them, eventually killing them.  So the scientists are pointing to a 'rapid evolution' whereby the male crickets now have flat wings and don't chirp anymore.  Rapid evolution?  Seems more like 'rapid extermination' to me, not unlike what's happening to the bee populations. 


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.
      Hello Neil
      The name of the "fly", we know what is it; Hate, pathological and compulsive narcissism and because of the too much money they ( the MFs ) have to spend in their new hobby – destroying life in a vertical and transversal way. Because they can and they enjoy in doing so. Lets see in the end if they will fry like the crickets or not. …Crickets gone through more than one event of Global destruction.
      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Deanna says:

      I too witnessed the eerie quiet at night near Pittsburgh. Thankfully, the insects are starting to show up. Saw a baby cricket the other day and I was soooooo happy! Until the past week I had to really look hard to see flying insect besides flies. I was even happy to finally see mosquito larvae twirling in my rain barrel. Don't give up hope, I think everything is getting a late start.

    • Edward Palys says:

      I'm surprised that those evil scientists didn't blame the Zika virus on the silent crickets…..oh, they blame it on something more serious. My bad. Otherwise, I'm not surprised at anything these days. When we moved into our present home here, summer nights were like a live jungle with crickets and different species of frogs making their nocturnal noises. With the spread of population and expansion of suburbs, these majestic summer noises have disappeared. 

    • Dennie says:

      I quite agree– we're hearing all kinds of excuses from the "scientists" that are simply designed to cover their lying asses.

    • lucy lulu says:

      These past 3 years, I have thought that my neighbors were killing the frogs in the pond across from me with chemicals. But I have just recently noticed that the crickets are nowhere close to as loud as they once were. I can remember a time when you couldn't hear yourself think at night for the cacophony of crickets and frogs. I can't believe that I didn't put 2 and 2 together. If something is bad enough to kill insects……….

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hello Everyone.  People are awake on this site and that is so refreshing.   I drove from Meadow Lake to Cold Lake yesterday and received three insect splatters on the windshield.  Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' was a dead on prediction of our collective circumstances.  When I bring up the lack of insects in conversations, people tell me things like, 'Sshhhh.. You will wake them up.'  Just as little chance of that happening as there is of awakening you I offer and walk away.  A tiny bit frustrated I am with the lack of intelligence or observation of what is rapidly occurring in plain view.  On a more resonant note I have to offer this as well.  A tiny Monarch Butterfly landed on my smoke case this Spring.  Of all things for it to pick.  I had never saw a young one before.  Maybe it was a message for me to try harder.  It gave me a glimmer or hope.  But like all moments…  they come to pass.  Unless sheeple start to care really soon… 

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      I have noticed the same thing..I live in a well forested area.  Every year there were abundant insect life except for this year..All I see are mostly ants, blowflys, and some beetles. Luckily the bird population is still healthy.  Bees are rare as are other pollinators.  It's not that there are no wildflowers, it's just deathly quiet. Just like the media. Will India survive the genocide? What will be left?  At this rate should I thank my lucky stars I live in North America?

  50. LORENZO says:

    Dane, another great show,ever so frightening.  I live in that 50 mile dead zone around Indian Point nuclear plant in NYC  It affects 20 million people with no evacuation plan.  If The financial capitol of the world blows, so does the rest of the corrupt banks and corps. [its almost a good thing in a way] Thankfully for truth in sources,  I have read about the troubles, that continually are getting worse, in Reactors 2&3 at Indian Point. The main stream media continue to leave us in the dark. Their are a number of troubled Nuke reactors in the US.  Im sure our readers can elaborate on the others.

    • Dennie says:

      When I was in the fourth grade I'd have these discussions with close friends who lived up the street and went to the same school.  We worried about a world that was overcrowded with people living on top of each other.  We never knew about homelessness.  We worried about nuclear bombs.  No one was thinking of failing power plants.  All the stuff we worried about is coming true.  We mourned the loss of the presence and wisdom of the native peoples.  We worried about the disappearance of all the wild and open places.  We never thought it would become so hot that nothing could live here.   We never imagined what those streaks in the skies were from time to time or that they would eventually fill all the skies all the time. 

      Here's a link to the reports page from Fairewinds Energy Education:; You can read about the missing bolts at Indian Head and other truly terrifying stuff at other reactors that will keep you up late at night, like Arnie's demonstration of nuclear embrittlement..

    • Dennie says:

      Executive Summary re Indian Point Power Plant:

      “Missing bolts” and “nuclear reactor” are words one generally does not want to see in the same

      sentence. And when the missing bolts are many, the risk and concern multiply. In the case of the Indian Point nuclear power plant just outside of New York City, the risk is that the missing bolts will cause the nuclear reactors to overheat, meltdown and release deadly radioactivity over the surrounding population and countryside. Specifically, leaks due to the missing bolts could deprive the reactor of sufficient cooling water to contain the 550 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in the reactor’s nuclear fuel, triggering an uncontrollable nuclear meltdown with catastrophic results from temperatures reaching more than 2,000 degrees.  More than one out of every four bolts that help channel cooling water to the Indian Point Unit 2 reactor is currently damaged or missing, according to an inspection by the plant’s owner Entergy.  This is an extraordinarily high failure rate that appears to be unprecedented in the history of the globalnuclear power industry.

      Indian Point reactor Unit 2—and its twin “sister,” Indian Point 3—are located 26 miles north of

      New York City, along the east side of the Hudson River. Depending on the speed and direction

      of the wind, any radioactivity escaping from Indian Point could easily reach New York’s Times

      Square within 90 minutes, making mass evacuation impossible.


      This situation demands immediate remedy.

    • Dennie says:

      Palisades nuclear plant in Covert, Michigan is the most embrittled nuclear plant in the U.S.  Here's Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Education, demonstrating what happens when you try to cool an overheated reactor that's embrittled as a result of neutron reaction: 

      "Did you know that embrittled nuclear reactors could shatter like glass? Watch Fairewinds Energy Education’s Nuclear Science Guy Arnie Gundersen demonstrate reactor embrittlement and imagine the shattering glass as a shattering nuclear reactor vessel. What makes embrittlement so dangerous and frightening is that during an emergency when the reactor must be cooled down quickly, the rush of cold water necessary to cool it could create a scenario that looks like the one in our video. You will only see steam escaping in our video, but in an embrittled shattering reactor vessel, that steam would be highly radioactive."  [watch video here]:

    • Catherine D says:

      Hi Lorenzo, Dane & all. RT News reported on the Indian Point facility. Includes a 4 1/2 minute video in which Entergy Corp. spokeswoman Patricia Kakridis outright denies that there are any safety concerns, or any health issues, including the high cancer rate, that are connected in any way to the facility. (of course they would!!) Includes interviews with Drs. & cancer victim. So sad for the residents in the area, of which many are completely unaware of the danger. Please take care, Lorenzo.

  51. Ryan says:

    Please never stop doing what you do. 


  52. Jan says:

    Hopefully you are not near the wild fires.  You are a really good man.


  53. Free Energy Technologies says:

    We are constantly told to accept autism as normal
    and how autistics somehow have superpowers and are smarter than us
    and how selfish we are when we pray for a cure
    and if we have the diagnosis and support the cure we are brainwashed by society
    if you have schizophrenia same thing we are told we have to accept our illness
    why is the cure being suppressed
    why if you have cancer should you call it you're natural prosses of dying and therefore not want a cure
    why are they not allowing the sick to get cured
    the worser the illness the more you have to learn to love it we are told
    tell me this is not what you think of as neurodiversity
    this is neurotoxicity or something else being like the following link is about to show you
    it’s not normal, it is a poor soul living in an unhealthy mind
    I personally think he would be thankful if he was cured
    I could be wrong since we live in a world where down is up
    up is down
    and shallow is deep.

    • Jake says:

      Wow. I wouldn't call them superpowers at all. If anything it's a sort of corruption of the brain. Yes, it's true that some who are on the autism spectrum tend to have a stronger grasp in other fields, but that's only because they are using a part of the brain that a neurotypical does not use as much since the other part of the brain isn't functioning properly (the social, communicative, expression area)

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Apparently not many people know that so I feel like its my job to expose all the disinformation sorces to bring the truth to light we have 1 in 50 maybe less or more depending where you live but the average is 1 in 50 have ASD 1 in7 have something wrong with them and they try to sell it to us as superpowers or something to be proud of just ask yourself would you be proud if you child was disabled or would you want to be disabled if so you are in luck there is so many ways to achieve that but I assume you don't so im not going to spend time explaining how to become disabled.

    • beatriz says:

      A propos, today went to the movies and saw previews for a documentary just showing what you described so well. The journey of an autistic boy and his family. It seems the media is preparing us to accept autism as a challenge full of wonderful rewards!!!!! Soon it will be 1 out of 2 children. The emotional and economical cost is devastating to families and the communities, thanks to Geonengineering, vaccinations and the rest of the poisons. Thanks Dane and everybody for your enlightening and compassionate posts. May we all take right action nourished by compassion and clarity.

  54. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 119th email to my contact list, titled "Deceit, Disregard for our Laws, Fraud and the EU".

    1.  After only a few months, my wife and I have left jobs at a nearby estate due to the deceit, disregard for our laws and blatant fraud that is being conducted by that estate – much of it under the advice of a large local estate agent and chartered surveyor company.  

    There is little intention from the owners to change – as long as they get their 'subsidies'.

    It will come as no surprise that the estate owner is from Belgium.   If you Google the Belgian character you will come across these words: 

    "…Belgians (are) critical of any form of authority, and laws, rules and regulations are not taken very seriously (tax evasion is one of the national sports)."

    It is also no surprise that the headquarters of the EU and NATO are in Brussels.  I am delighted that the UK is attempting to break away from the EU dictatorship.

    With regard to 'subsidies', I have never understood how they could create an open and competitive market.  The whole 'subsidy' scam should have been stopped (been nipped in the bud) within a few years of the end of WW2. 

    2.  On June 22nd, Harold Hensel made an interesting "and if" comment on Climate Alert: "I think when (and if ) the clouds clear away, we are going to see the extent of the real mess in the Arctic Ocean."

    As Dane Wiggington writes: 'An "Arctic haze" was observed during the 1950s, this phenomenon was well documented. Though, of course, climate engineering was never admitted to in connection with the Arctic haze.' 

    Intensive atmospheric spraying has been conducted over the Arctic since 1945/47. 

    No matter what you think of Dane, he does his research and asks that you do yours.  You will be shocked and probably depressed when you do, but our only way forward is to face up to the lies, deceit, fraud, deception and omnicide that is being conducted all around us.

    • TrudyB says:

      Readers/Friends of Life >> NOW  is theTIME to invest in, carry and wear N-100 Respirator Masks [reuseble] to protect your lungs from the contaminants descending from the skies as shown in today's program.  YOU must understand that without this type of mask,  you will with every uncovered breath these contaminants will  thusly enter your bloodstream and deliver  'deadly'  doses to every cell of your body!  Survive  by increasing your knowledge about removal of the  individual toxins as spoken of in Dane's reports.- and elsewhere on the internet!  Aluminum, cadmium, cesium,DU, etc etc etc.  Your actions alone speak the truth !!

    • Edward Palys says:

      The lies and deceit are not limited only to geoengineering. They spread almost into every corner of society. Based on these facts, it may be too late to wake up and smell the mess being left. The whole world is turned upside down and most people can't and don't understand what's going on right in front of their eyes.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Andrew!  Kudos to you and your wife for having the moral integrity to walk away from jobs/income of unsavory, scheming people.  While that does not feed you, it must feel good, as in my own experience, there is real satisfaction in knowing what is right, what is wrong, and choosing right, regardless of consequences.  There are subsidy issues in this country too, most of them ridiculously outdated, not truly applicable, pure greed.

      I have done my own research from scratch. I was not shocked.  Much is in fact quite depressing without a glimmer of hope.  But, as I've said before, I've learned so very much about how our Earth works that it has been a priceless education in and of itself.  People have forever commented to me that I am the most curious of persons, always asking why, like a child!  And I forever find it odd that others are not asking why all the time!  A major upside to all this is hearing from so many, such as yourself!  Diverse and brilliant all.

      I am delighted to hear that you are delighted by the UK leaving the EU.  Switzerland never joined.  It seems as if people do not remember when and how this debacle was created, much less why.  Also, your description of Belgium is spot on, but for more you could have said!  Always a pleasure to read your weekly post.  Thank you!

  55. DrDignity says:

    Thanks for that, Dane.  In today's (25 June 2016) article in Arctic New, entitled, "Climate Feedbacks Start to Kick In," Sam Carana makes the case that geoengineering is the only way to save the planet.  When I answered a similar claim that it had already commenced on Sam's Facebook page, Sam immediately erased anything connected to my original post.  Sam doesn't like to upset the apple cart nor is he even open to the idea geoengineering started a long time ago.  Conflicted, that guy.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dr. Dignity, about Sam Carana, yes, you are absolutely right, “Conflicted”. Telling the truth out in many ways, and blatantly lying in others (denial of the ongoing geoengineering attrocities)

    • TNGeoWatch says:

      Same here. He's blocked my posts for months!!!

      What is the logic behind this behavior? 


    • DrDignity says:

      TN & Dane, The "climate action plan" at the end of each article by Sam Carana ends with suggesting "solar radiation management."  I cannot fathom the editors' & contributors' push for SRM but then denying it's already in existence & being utilised al over the globe.  It is also absurd to silence posters who even mention it on Sam's Facebook pages & the Arctic News web page.  Although I do value Arctic News for its information, I am deeply troubled at the dishonesty displayed by Sam Carana. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello DrDignity, yes, your point about the Arctic News site and Sam Carana are exactly on target.

  56. Melanie says:

    Dane thank you for your weekly update, always look forward to hearing them. Really glad to hear that Vaxxed is reaching more people, thanks for your efforts.

    For those of you who would like to help us spread awareness, here is a link to the fundraiser we have started for a billboard sign in Northern CA.



  57. dane, i am one of your followers and appreciate more than words can say, i talk this up with anybody i can and truely most people here are very receptive. another hugh thankyou, keith

  58. “DEEP STATE”: Neoliberalism and The Globalization of War. America’s Hegemonic Project / Prof Michel Chossudovsky /Global Research, June 16, 2016 / [excerpt]:
    Broadly speaking, the main corporate actors of the New World Order are: Wall Street and the Western banking conglomerates including its offshore money laundering facilities, tax havens, hedge funds and secret accounts; the Military Industrial Complex regrouping major “defense contractors”, security and mercenary companies, intelligence outfits, on contract to the Pentagon; the Anglo-American Oil and Energy Giants; The Biotech Conglomerates, which increasingly control agriculture and the food chain; Big Pharma; The Communication Giants  and Media conglomerates, which constitute the propaganda arm of the New World Order. There is of course overlap, between Big Pharma and the Weapons industry, the oil conglomerates and Wall Street, etc.
    These various corporate entities interact with government bodies, international financial institutions, US intelligence.  The state structure has evolved towards what Peter Dale Scott calls the “Deep State”, integrated by covert intelligence bodies, think tanks, secret councils and consultative bodies, where important New World Order decisions are ultimately reached on behalf of powerful corporate interests. In turn, intelligence operatives increasingly permeate the United Nations including its specialized agencies, nongovernmental organizations, trade unions, political parties.
    What this means is that the executive and legislature constitute a smokescreen, a mechanism for providing political legitimacy to decisions taken by the corporate establishment behind closed doors.

    • Pedro says:

      Thank you Mrs Susan, for fighting for the truth.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      /for a rather  brutal look at just what neoliberalism has in mind  for us, see the movie Imagining Argentina, true story, the green cars were donated be Ford 

  59. Physics of the Plasma Universe, by Anthony L. Peratt / Cosmic Filaments as Transmission Lines: The high conductivity of cosmic plasma permits electric currents to flow that constrict the plasma to filaments. These current-carrying filaments form transmission lines which allow electric energy to be transported over large distances. Transmission lines consist of an assemblage of two or more conducting paths. … Electric Fields in Cosmic Plasma: Electric Fields play a crucial role in cosmic plasma. Electric Fields can accelerate charged particles and cause currents to flow, generate, and "unfreeze" magnetic fields in plasma, causing plasmas to pinch into filaments, separate chemical elements, and initiate the collapse of plasma to the condensate and neutral state of matter. … The mapping of electric fields in space plasma is also possible by following the motions of rocket released ionized barium clouds…
    Ultra & Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, by Vadim Surkov & Masashi Hayakawa / Global Electric Circuit: Electric Field & Conductivity of the Atmosphere:  …clouds, precipitation, fogs, and dust clouds contain a large amount of spatial electric charges. The electric field permanently exists in the atmosphere even though there is a fine weather condition. … conductivity and electric field can be highly dependent on altitude. … The permanent thunderstorm activity around the world is thought to be a major electric source for the global atmospheric electric current…lightning discharge currents flowing basically upwards and the background atmospheric current flowing downwards to the Earth's surface.

    Turning the atmosphere into a battery by creating and heating plasma for electromagnetic weapons, weather manipulation and …

    • Edward Palys says:

      If only some scientists dedicated their energies into capturing this free currents in the atmosphere and converting them into perpetual "batteries", maybe mankind would not be so dependent on what the governments give us. There were a number of scientists who discovered perpetual batteries that could run all our energy demands for FREE. Unfortunately, none of those scientists are alive today.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, I'm not sure if this article/explanation that you posted simply got through to me, or if throughout your postings on plasma they've added up, but I'm beginning to get it.  I think.  Must say, I can see how scientists would be interested and more than interested.  This stuff is endlessly fascinating.  One almost has to give them props just for "going" there.  I don't quite understand the electric fields in plasma as described-if referencing natural electric fields or man made?  And I don't quite get unfreezing magnetic fields in plasma-natural magnetic ones, or?  Does plasma regenerate itself?  Is space plasma different than that of our Earth?  And I'm back to what exactly is plasma?  Does it have weight and mass-it seems so, as if a duh.  What purpose does it serve Earth minus being messed with?  So glad you are doing the "heavy lifting" and explaining!  Thank you.  For this and in anticipation of answers.  I've been so sick for so long now.  Finally feeling as if brain is working.  Not that I am well, still not fully recovered from this recent many months long bout of a cold/flu like whatever.  But previously, much you've said about this made my head hurt!  Now, not.  Prepare for questions!!  I may well have to go back through it all!!  Except something weird is happening with my eyes and the computer.  I'm seeing lines that are not there and move around and blurred out bits that come and go.  I do a lot on computer including oh so much research, as do others and wonder if you or others have visual issues with computer screens? 

    • For Rachel:

      Q: What exactly is plasma?  
      A plasma is a gaseous substance consisting of free charged particle such as electrons, protons and other ions, that respond very strongly to electromagnetic fields. The free charges, make the plasma highly electrically conductive that may carry electric currents, and generate magnetic fields that may cause the plasma to constrict (or pinch) into filaments, generate particle beams, emit a wide range of radiation (radio waves, light, microwave, x-ray, gamma and synchrotron radiation), and form cellular regions of plasma with similar characteristics (eg. magnetosphere, interplanetary medium).
      Plasma is usually considered to be a distinct phase of matter from solids, liquids, and gases because of its unique properties, that it is often called the "fourth state of matter", or even the "first state of matter."
      Plasma typically takes the form of neutral gas-like clouds or charged ion beams, but may also include dust and grains, called dusty plasmas. They are typically formed by heating and ionizing a gas, stripping electrons away from atoms, thereby enabling the positive and negative charges to move freely.

      Q: Is fire a plasma? What is plasma? May 13, 2013 by The Physicist
      Physicist: Generally speaking, by the time a gas is hot enough to be seen, it’s a plasma. The big difference between regular gas and plasma is that in a plasma a fair fraction of the atoms are ionized.  That is, the gas is so hot, and the atoms are slamming around so hard, that some of the electrons are given enough energy to (temporarily) escape their host atoms.  The most important effect of this is that a plasma gains some electrical properties that a non-ionized gas doesn’t have; it becomes conductive and it responds to electrical and magnetic fields. Our Sun (or any star) is a miasma of incandescent plasma.  One way to see this is to notice that the solar flares that leap from its surface are directed along the Sun’s (generally twisted up and spotty) magnetic fields.

      Q: I don't quite understand the electric fields in plasma as described-if referencing natural electric fields or man made? 
      Everything has an electric field. Your body, a tree. The electric field permanently exists in the atmosphere even though there is a fine weather condition.

      Q: And I don't quite get unfreezing magnetic fields in plasma-natural magnetic ones, or?  
      In magnetohydrodynamics, the Alfvén's theorem, also known as Alfvén's frozen in theorem, states that in a fluid with infinite electric conductivity, magnetic field lines are frozen into the fluid and have to move along with it. Hannes Alfvén put the idea forward for the first time in 1942. In his own words: "In view of the infinite conductivity, every motion (perpendicular to the field) of the liquid in relation to the lines of force is forbidden because it would give infinite eddy currents. Thus the matter of the liquid is “fastened” to the lines of force…".
      In most astrophysical environments, as well as laboratory plasmas, the electric conductivity is not infinite, so the magnetic field lines are not ideally frozen into the fluid. However, with a high electric conductivity, or equivalently a small resistivity, the frozen in theorem can be approximately applied. This is called the frozen flux approximation which is widely used in dynamo theory.
      * Plasma is a state of matter that is often thought of as a subset of gases, but the two states behave very differently. Like gases, plasmas have no fixed shape or volume, and are less dense than solids or liquids. But unlike ordinary gases, plasmas are made up of atoms in which some or all of the electrons have been stripped away and positively charged nuclei, called ions, roam freely.
      A gas is made of neutral molecules and atoms. That is, the number of negatively charged electrons equals the number of positively charged protons. Plasma is a charged gas, with strong Coulomb [or electrostatic] interactions. Atoms or molecules can acquire a positive or negative electrical charge when they gain or lose electrons. This process is called ionization. Plasma makes up the sun and stars, and it is the most common state of matter in the universe as a whole.
      A typical gas, such as nitrogen or hydrogen sulfide, is made of molecules that have a net charge of zero, giving the gas volume as a whole a net charge of zero. Plasmas, being made of charged particles, may have a net charge of zero over their whole volume but not at the level of individual particles. That means the electrostatic forces between the particles in the plasma become significant, as well as the effect of magnetic fields. Being made of charged particles, plasmas can do things gases cannot, like conduct electricity. And since moving charges make magnetic fields, plasmas also can have them. …
      A magnetic field can create a population of very fast particles, for example. Most plasmas aren't dense enough for particles to collide with one another very often, so the magnetic and electrostatic interactions become more important.
      Speaking of electrostatic interactions, because particles in a plasma – the electrons and ions – can interact via electricity and magnetism, they can do so at far greater distances than an ordinary gas. That in turn means waves become more important when discussing what goes on in a plasma. One such wave is called an Alfvén wave, named for Swedish physicist and Nobel laureate Hannes Alfvén. An Alfvén wave happens when the magnetic field in a plasma is disturbed, creating a wave that travels along the field lines. There's no real analogue to this in ordinary gases. It's possible that Alfvén waves are the reason the temperature of the solar corona– also a plasma – is millions of degrees, while on the surface, it is only thousands.
      Another characteristic of plasmas is that they can be held in place by magnetic fields. Most fusion power research is focused on doing just that. To create the conditions for fusion, one needs very hot plasma — at millions of degrees. Since no material can contain it, scientists and engineers have turned to magnetic fields to do the job.

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