Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 21, 2015


Dane Wigington

A core group of consolidated power has been orchestrating global events and manipulating society in countless ways for an unimaginably long time. The global geoengineering assault has been (and is) a primary weapon for them. This cabal of insanity has pushed the planet far past the point of no return. Society as a whole has unfortunately been all too willing to go along for the ride. Collapse is coming on numerous fronts, this is not a question, but a mathematical certainty. Those in power are preparing as fast as they can for a massive paradigm shift. As environment disintegrates, the economy will follow. False flag events have always been used by the those in power to further their agendas. They are now backed into a corner and are more dangerous than ever. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are being lost,  the global dry shipping index has just hit an all time record low, the global refugee crisis is skyrocketing. As the walls crumble, people are more compelled to come out of their bubbles and take a look at the horizon.

Holding community viewings of documentary films can be extremely productive. One of the films that is essential for the public to see is the 911 Architects and Engineers for Truth documentary. On November 14th, such a viewing was held in Redding, California.


Preserving the planet for the young (and protecting them from the crimes of the power structure) is our collective responsibility. My most sincere thanks to young Colton for asking his question at the community viewing. It is for Colton, and all the children, that we fight.

90% of those in attendance had never examined information on the 911 issue other than the official narrative. None could argue the shocking data presented and the film was a stepping stone to the subject of climate engineering. All left with the free informational materials on geoengineering which were given away at the event and now many more "spot fires" of awakening are burning. This week's installment of Global Alert News outlines some of the key events and factors that have lead us to this crossroad. Where do we go from here?

We must all use every peaceful option at our disposal to help sound the alarm, no stone can be left unturned.

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  1. Moving forward and sharing with all my friends and family. God Bless you. LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS. LIVE FREE AND WITHOUT FEAR. 

  2. Ron Marr says:

    Woodrow Wilson's right hand man or shadow president was Edward House.  House put out a book titled, 'Phillip Dru, Administrator'. It is a stratagem for banker wars and suppression of human rights. An insider of the Rothschilds, House convinced Wilson to sign the 'Federal Reserve Act' of 1913….and so it goes.

    • Jilly Bed says:

      "House convinced Wilson to sign the 'Federal Reserve Act' of 1913"
      When you say the word convince how much money did our good old butt buddy Mr Wilson accept as a bribe to sell out the USA ?
      Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. But give a man a bank and he can rob the entire world.

    • justin turner says:

      dane please check out benjamin fulford youtube yesterday about nuclear bomb that was used to trigger sunami in japan on 3 /11/11. he exposes how cabal tried to extort 100 billion in us treasuries from japan or they will set off nuke at bottom of ocean off coast of japan. largest crime against humanity in human history 3/11/2011/fukushima nuclear disaster still out of control today.

  3. Michael says:

    I won't ask you to post this, because it's not directly related to geoengineering and I'm not trying to hijack your platform, but it is definitely related to the core group of power you speak of.  Incidentally, I have never in my entire life participated in any form of activism, but I  was in Washington exactly one week ago to protest  some of the sources of that power.  I was part of a peaceful protest objecting to expansion of corporate power.  I appear in the  video which accompanies the article though I personally never set foot in Morgan Stanley.
    Morgan Stanley spent huge amounts in support of these secretive so called trade agreements which in some areas will usurp US laws and sovereignty, and if signed will actually become US law. We also marched to the building of another familiar foe – Monsanto,  though it is incorrectly referred to as HQ), who has spent a great deal of $ buying political favor from politicians.  
    In today's 'trade' the Baltic dry index may not matter as much at least to the US, as it used to.  We do export quite a bit of food, but Monsanto, Cargill and others in that industry have their wish lists within TPP, TTIP and, TISA.
    I refer to those three as the unholy trinity.  The beast, the antichrist, and the false prophet. 
    To be blunt, we are at a point today where geoengineering can be too easily denied.   Not so for TPP at least, it is to be voted on and then followed by the others.  I read exhaustively before deciding to travel to DC and one thing is certain in my mind, if TPP passes it will facilitate censorship on the internet, the type that could shut down your website.  The entity known as the individual has never before been under such threat in the USA as it is with these Trojan horses.
    These agreements were intended to be passed in secret and not to be revealed to American citizens until after they became law.  They are not law yet, but too few people seem to know about it and how much power these pacts grant to corporations to exercise their will at the expense of workers and citizens.  I find it disgusting that there are politicians who actually claim that this is good.  If you want a concrete example of how the power structure is manipulating things then look no further than TPP, TTIP and TISA.
    There is still a chance to fight this.  Some politicians such as O. Hatch are against it, because it didn't give big pharma as much as they wanted.  Conservative R's and liberal D's are both against this, but the rest who are in the pockets of the corporations are for it, regardless of whether they be R or D.  
    No need to take my word on this either.  Read for yourself.
    follow the link within that document for a more detailed bullet point analysis of what's in the TPP and how bad it really is.
    Rather not read, no problem.  
    The interviewee in this 25 min  video organized the protest I attended, and a longer 57 min video of a  panel discussion here.  
    This is very real, it  is happening now and will erode our power and even that of our government, anyone inclined to speak up should use some of their energy in stopping the power grab which corporations are attempting. 
    Here is one current example which previews the type of damage that comes from these trade agreement which seek remedies not through the US court system but instead through tribunals.  TPP and the other trade agreements expand the use of tribunals to favor corporate interest over environmental protections and anything else that is not in their interest.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michael, Good for you!  I have mentioned at this site about the TTP for years now.  I could not do what you did and am glad you did!  The TTP IS a disaster, but just try to get anyone to care.  In on line activism, I do protest it.  A senator, I think, Louise Slaughter, started a petition a long time ago now against the TPP and also asking why no media coverage.  I wrote to her and said that many of us are concerned by lack of info from media about this and the others and more.  In no time flat her petition disappeared.  So many here do not believe in any form of politics, and I didn't used to, but to some degree involvement really does work, and silence furthers the evil agenda who counts on our apathy.  Kudos to you.  I'm afraid this may well go the direction of the navy-as in regardless of opposition They Will have their way.  At least we can say we tried.  Thank you for this post!  Excellent!  Needed! 

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you Michael, you make excellent and important points. Many of us who have been following the bouncing ball for quite some time can see the picture in much greater detail than others. This is an evil, corporate, fascist takeover of the world in every aspect including freedom of speech. We can't call it an Empire. Because they are not done pillaging from each other yet, and when that is finished no one will be left standing. This is not organized in that respect. It is rogue.

    • justin turner says:

      tue UNITED STATES CORPORATION IS WHERE WE LIVE THE united states of america was turned over to great britian and the vatican in 1871 check out rise toghether youtube site for more info. we are not a sovereign nation. obama is the ceo of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. THE REST OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ARE PRETENDERS. THE DISTRICT OF COLOMBIA IS THE HEADQYUARTERS OF THE CORPORATION. CHECK IT OUT. ALL THE INFORMATION IS THERE. YOU ARE SMART GET INFORMED. LATER.J.T.

  4. JACTN says:

    Very sad to read this.
    We are down to 3 white Rhino's in the world right now. 
    Age related and Bacteria infection.   How much of all that toxic air could of affected this poor animal.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      How did I get a staph infection on my chin, with no broken skin, no one around me had it, and tho I work with kids, none of them sick, no reports of impetigo in any of the schools?  This occurred during a spell of uncharacteristically humid, hot weather in the Bay Area.  I got rid of the infection, which spreads like crazy, using TEA TREE OIL. Be careful to test it on a small area of your skin first.  You'll probably need to dilute it, 1 drop tea tree oil to 3 of another oil such as almond or other less bio-reactive oil.  Tea tree oil's very powerful and will handle even MRSA, shown to be 90 per cent effective against the resistant strains of super-bugs.  We're talking TOPICAL application– do NOT take tea tree oil internally because it is VERY toxic.

      I believe "They" saw the rapacious invasion of EVERY country in "their" relentless, ruthless quest for mineral wealth, a very long time before "They" actually did so, and decided to round up exotic animals and put them in zoos in a pre-emptive move prior to invading those countries, first with their religious zealots, preaching guilt and white superiority, stomping out earth-based indigenous spirituality, then very shortly afterwards, invade with the economic hit men (read Jonathan Perkins' book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man– very revealing) and when the people were sufficiently brainwashed and servile, then go after the oil, gold, uranium, titanium, etc.  That's How It Works.

    • penny says:

      Dennie, it could be related to radiation-induced immune depression (of course compounded by all the other toxins in the environment):

    • Nicole says:

      On the one hand I really do get where you're coming from JACTN. On the other hand, there are so many people who are just miserable about the wellbeing of animals in every aspect, but they cannot get their minds around the billions of human beings that are in the process of being wiped out of existence. To say my family lives in terror and grief worrying about our own children and those of our loved ones is a gross understatement.

      We are NEXT. Everyone needs to truly wake up to this reality.

  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all!  I was delighted to hear Dane address the navy's antics, along with depleted uranium along ALL our coasts AND in Puget Sound and the Great Lakes.  This actually began in February, or just before, 2014, so they've been at it almost 2 years now.  For the navy, it was first this, then an extension to this from here to Hawaii, followed by Jade Helm, followed by the Olympic Peninsula.  They do know the effects of depleted uranium so I can only conclude that things are so dire, no one at the top cares anymore, no reason to protect sea life that is dying anyway.  Or, us.  And, what has been done, cannot be undone.  But, they intend to keep on doing all this for years to come.  Why?  In addition, these subs are dumping their human waste as they go, but then, how can matters be worse than depleted uranium in ceramic casings?  "We" had so much left over after Iraq, a forever radioactive Iraq, that we gave this munition to even local police forces, and even after that and the navy there was so much left over that they sold it to other buyers.  Other buyers?  Who? would seem a pertinent question.

    Sunday mornings I like to listen to Fareed Zakaria on CNN.  Fareed seems to be more truthful, if restrained, more informative than the rest of CNN.  Still, I've lost interest by degrees and so was doing other stuff at the same time when I heard him mention that France is now suspending their constitution, not unlike what we did after 9/11, such that they can shoot and kill a French citizen with no court order, no warrant, no hassles at all!  That got my attention!  Followed by some guy stationed in Europe saying the days of buying a Euro pass and traveling all over are gone.  Quelle domage!

    I also read a newspaper, the SF Chron, on Sunday.  I do read excerpts from other newspapers and can't afford a daily one, and it is all I can do to get through Sunday's but it is worth it to find the gems I find.  Such as: Earthweek: a diary of the planet.  This week was shocking.  Such as Ozone Hole Alert.  Issued for Tierra del Fuego as a near record (!) ozone hole over Antarctica threatens to brush the archipelago.  A risk to skin and eyes, the ozone hole has remained at a greater size than North America, and they did not say north of the border, they said North America!, since early October.  Tierra del Fuego frequently grazed by passing lobes of the hole.

    Then there was "Record El Nino"–"a stretch between South America and Indonesia reaching a weekly average temperature of 37.4 degrees above normal-a record."  Gee, what is between these two places?  "Our" Diego Garcia massive, "secret" military base built on the water and huge.

    Then we have "Invasive Diseases" from Africa, spreading across some of the Americas.  Those would be Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya.  They are blaming this transmission on the World Cup Series.  But now we know about our massive, massive build up of military bases all over Africa.  That is my take, given what I've recently learned about "America's best kept secret" in Africa.  Best kept my ass.

    Also, such high temps, in say Zimbabwe that planes could not take off nor land.

    On the up side, Monarch butterflies are rebounding thanks to efforts of people: Canada, US and Mexico.  That's nice.  Would be encouraging if not for the rest, but at least shows something can be done if someone cares to.

    In another section of the paper, a columnist rants about comments that MSM is not reporting the news.  A full page.  His take: no one is reading the news, just their news feeds from devices.  He has a point, if tiny.

    Last Friday in downtown Berkeley, having to wait somewhere, I stared at a section of blue sky as a small flock of birds flew north.  They got my attention because they were high up and the underside of their wings were bright white triangles and kinda large such that it made such a display-too far away to guess what birds.  The first group passed.  Then a second came, and again I was entranced by these white flashes of underwings, but these guys decided to go up more, did, and disappeared!  In an apparent blue sky-gone.  Just gone. I stared and stared until I thought I saw a bit of lavender coloring in the sky, but not sure if my eyes were playing tricks or what.  A couple of minutes later, they came back!, then changed course, and followed the first group but staying at a lower altitude, as first group did.  WTF?  Guess we know WTF!

  6. david says:

    911 video demolition expert testimony. in case anyone hasn't seen it yet its very good.

  7. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Dear Colton, Thank you for your question. I will continue to fight for the future of ALL of the children, "until my last breath."
    Never Give Up!
    Steven Chamberlain  aka  The Pizza Guy

    • Nicole says:

      Can I fit in a thank you to Dennie here. Everyone get to your local health food store and load up on tea tree oil. It really does beat back the bizarre and stubborn new types of fungus now growing on everything especially hands.

  8. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …..Infinite Thanks…..Mr. DW…..

    • Sara Danis says:

      I live in Eugene Oregon. Daily we see criss-cross patterns of chemical trails in our sky. We are also (I understand) #1 in the nation for asthma, allergy & respiratory ailments. Sad to say, we have been led to believe that these respiratory ailments are caused by the concentration of pollens here. Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

  9. Michel B says:

    I clicked on the link for 911 Architects and Engineers for Truth and watched several of the videos there. However, some of the videos could not work due to things like "violating Youtube's Terms of Service" and also "this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by TDC Entertainment".

    The one's I had watched I had seen before. It was very good to watch them again, for their undeniable implications and for the feeling it stirred in me. Of the one's that have been blocked, I am not sure if I have seen them.

    Youtube has obviously blocked them, pretending a technicality, as it censors things that are too revealing and counter the official narrative. So much for free speech. I have encountered the same thing with my local newspaper, The Courier Mail, here in Brisbane, Australia. Trying to make comments online, I find they are erased within minutes, or sometimes immediately.

    It's alright. You cannot put a lid on the truth too long. The pressure builds up and blows the lid off!

  10. Ana says:

    Good Broadcast  again as usual!…

    Seems like everything is sadly a game to this corrupt and delusive  system created by the "good ones"of the world (our dear leaders) !… I´m preparing for the impact to come (like the "car falling down the cliff ")cause now in 2015 i can feel something is not working anymore so "well " even to the builders of climate insanity game(geoengineering).I can see that the spraying has been more intense than ever and that they are using a kind of  fog or smog (similar to china like shown on tv  as the big levels of pollution there )that doesn´t last long here in Portugal  cause the sun rays make its entrance in the spaces between this fake irregular (not homogeneous)cold smog(sometimes seems just like i´m just opening my refrigerator ) and heat of the sun between the irregular smog (anyone felt this?).But Maybe tomorrow i will be able to take my new coat out of the closet (till now i was using the summer clothes and we are in November) cause they say the temperatures are going to drop dramaticly ! let´s see!

    Here in Portugal our Media are just talking about France and Belgium security measures  and showing the stories of the survivers of the Bataclan club atack in France .Also they show all the time that "toys r us"  took the plastic guns from their shops so seems like  this good people in the world  forgot about all the violent video  games to  PC/PS/Sphones/tablets etc. or even forgot about the Movie Industry with those violent sagas movies that all the children ,teenagers and adults like/love and  buy the tickets to see !(violence is violence at any form or not?). Those who think that is important to stop the sell of the kids plastic guns forgot to talk with big companies like Microsoft , google , Apple etc .to reduce their profits with the selling of such products that can be harmful for the education of peace to our children ?those that are so worried about the sell of plastic guns are really thinking clearly ?or is this the MSM(mainstream media) crap news  to keep us busy thinking with something ?Seems like hypocrisy to me …or are these "democratic and culturally civilized " people all so naive that can´t see the full picture anymore?.But as consumers of all these technological devices and software maybe it´s not convenient to see further about certain things in life:seems that seeing the big "elephant" in the room it´s never easy or  a priority to people !we are being manipulated ,brainwashed ,defending wars because of private interests ,being sprayed like bugs, artificially maintained in a chemical climate cocoon when the planet is imploding /dying, being controlled and destroyed by all means, but meanwhile Media are selling us a false fairy tale story of peace,economic growth  and security where plastic guns to kids seems to be  part of the problem ,really? are they serious? insane! But while MSM sells us  the nice  story that "we are going to win to the bad guys" those in command (the "good guys"?) already have food for more than twenty years stocked on their bunkers !After All how many "bad guys"  do we have in this Power  game story  that is our daily lives  ?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ana, hi, and you are right of course, but here in the US some children have actually been shot to death by police because they had a toy gun.

  11. When I listened to Dane's comment it reminded me of my new 2 part video slide show: Same ingredients: Weather manipulation by the Kabal, 2 months almost no rain in October and November in Germany! That's unbelievable in late autumn and wintertime. Mild temperatures like in springtime, often 18 C+. I can't prove it but it must have been HAARP engineered weather for the so called "refugees" (= invasion army). For decades I didn’t see so little water in the river Rhine like during the time mentioned, even not in summertime!
    Weather Manipulation as weapon against Germany? Bonn 15.11.2015 Teil1/Part1 + 2
    Photos of the drought in California come to my mind – but the situation can't be compared. Today it started to get a bit colder and first snow in Bavaria.

    • BaneB says:

      Alas, we too here in Mendocino County, California are awaiting a very belated rainy season.  When the hydrologica cyclel actually was a natural working weather system as I recall from the 1960s and 70s the rains began in late September or October.  That rain came in with the Pacific lows and we had rain off and on into May.  The year before last we had no rain until December.  Last year it arrived in mid-September and for the most part ended in January.  Here we are again…warm temperatures, very little rain, and skies utterly destroyed by jets for weeks on end.  What you are experiencing is apparently the ever increasing manufactured "norm."

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The drought is horrific here.  Oh, there's talk in the local daily publications that El Nino means we'll be getting rain, but it's totally weird when you look at a map of weather modeling.  The further south you go, the greater the amount of rainfall, so the area around the CA/AZ/NM borders with Mexico are all going to get much larger amounts of rain than normal.  Northern California, where all the reservoirs are located, won't be getting so much, it appears. 

      I want to know WHO is at the top of the decision-making pyramid, who are the Top Guns making up the weather modification cabal– must be people like David Keith and a bunch of generals and admirals.  Those are the ones that need to be brought to justice.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Karl, Hello and a question.  Can you give me again the site for my gentle friends in Switzerland?  Last year they had no snow at their mountain cabin.  I'm guessing this relates to lack of water in the mighty Rhine?!?

  12. Marc says:

    Went out on my morning walk today (Sunday, day off, yay!) and had an interesting experience. After about 45 minutes of trudging along with my left hip kinda flaring up and freezing up and me considering turning back home, I reached a crossroads in the sidewalks: left going over to a cemetery and my house, straight going up to a park and a high vantage point with a nice view of open sky. As I approached the crossroads I had no clear idea which way I would turn. In one moment I decided to head home, then in the next I decided screw that, I'm gonna keep on going. But then again my mind, and the discomfort of my freaking-out hip joint, intervened and talked me into heading home. I resisted again and as I got to the crossroads I stayed on the straight path and on to the park. As I crossed a street and made my way about 50 yards up a greenway foot and bike trail, something caught my eye from the top of a scraggly, leafless tree only 20 yards from me.To my utter amazement a red-tailed hawk had leaped off the very highest branch and simply dropped 40 feet straight down to the ground with it's wings spread but NOT FLAPPING. He wasn't gliding, he wasn't "flying", he was just dropping straight down using his wings kind of like a parachute. Once on the ground he then noticed me and flew off, but I suspect he, of course, had become well aware of me long before I of him. A most unusual and beautiful sighting, of a bird maneuver I had never seen before.

      What's the point of this little tale? For me it stands as a metaphor for what we who come to this site and who try to spread awareness of these issues are trying to do. Just when I thought I was ready to go home and get off my feet, I pushed on a little further and encountered something wonderful and totally unexpected, a gorgeous red-tailed hawk doing what he has likely been doing for millennia; dropping out of trees straight down to the ground. Probably a hunting maneuver. An unsuspecting mouse wouldn't have a chance. There's a part of me that thinks he did it to show ME something about himself and about something ancient and sacred and worth cherishing, even as he, like me, must endure the myriad assaults coming to us born of the ignorance of man and his technological and structural addictions. On a different note….

       That an entity has arisen on Earth that would choose to use intelligent, conscious sea life for target practice is so far beyond my understanding that my mind hits a wall and can go no further. Maybe if I had ever hunted wild game I would understand, but I'm not so sure. The activities of the US Navy around Puget sound and thereabouts are a psy-op of gargantuan proportions. To conduct openly such egregious activity in a geographically magnificent area, with a predominance of liberal-minded and generally "enlightened" people seems to me to smack of agenda and manipulation. It's even worse than that. It reeks of psychopathy and evil incarnate. No less. And to the US Navy, I say: go f**k yourselves if you choose to use this amazing region as a practice zone for your stinking, techno-weaponry. My words must ultimately fail to encompass the full breadth of revulsion I feel for a military operation that is nothing but the plaything of a sick and diseased corporate structure of immense proportions. Once again, the bad guys seem to have won. Is this how it's gonna go from here on out? Will the bad guys ultimately win? And what is winning if the whole livable planet is laid to waste and contaminated for eternity? Who the f**k considers that "winning"? Is "owning" the weather considered "winning"? Owning the weather? Who are these a*swipes who want to "own the weather"? What an absurd and arrogant lens through which to view this magnificent world. Destroying the whole world to gain a military advantage? Over who? China? Russia? Absurd. Really? As if "owning the weather" carries with it not the slightest environmental impact of any kind on any level? Is this how it has gone on countless planets throughout our galaxy and beyond? Does the dominant, so-called intelligent species ultimately shit in his mess-kit? Is this a repeating theme built into the very fabric of DNA? Is humankind somehow programmed to ultimately complexify and pursue paranoia to it's only logical conclusion, which is to "own the weather', or in otherwords, seek any and all possible means, no matter how destuctive, to subjugate an enemy, real OR imagined? It makes me want to scream into a pillow sometimes! This kind of thinking, and the vast technology rendered into the service of such thinking, is a FAIL!!! A big, huge fail. It's the card game of cowards. Cowards whose biggest thrill is tracking how their movements of cash can influence and manipulate anything on the chessboard of life. It's creepy because it's a little too close for comfort to the theme running through the "Hunger Games" movies. Hello? Gee, anyone Google CIA and Hollywood lately? But I digress.

    Spectacular show, Dane. Hard to remain upbeat, though, in the face of such disheartening news on so many fronts. Thank you for your incredible commitment to fighting in the trenches and for posting your research for all of us to follow and digest. You are an inspiration to so many.

    • Ana says:

      Great comment Marc! Full of wisdom!

    • Margarita says:

      Thank you Marc
      for articulately expressing how I feel.  And yes it is probably no accident that the Movie Hunger Games has come out during this time of existence.  I am like that Hawk and I refuse to let this evil defeat me.  I pray everyday for Dane, for Divine help to assist him in this monumentous task that he faces each and everyday, of letting the world know the truth.  Faith in the good that still does exist and hope that the truth shall be known to set us free is what keeps me pushing forward.
      the truth will 

    • David says:

      The day of Tuesday 09/11/01 President George Bush was down in Southwest Florida at a school reading book's to students when a Secret Service Agent informed him of the attack. What a coincidence that the president was far away from N.Y. and Washington D.C. when the attacks occurred, as if the attacks where anticipated. I also heard that President Bush took Anti- Anthrax medication, so that his body would be resistant to the Anthrax attacks from Mail. Statistics from the Iraq and Afghan Wars, March 2003 to December 2011 4,425 U.S. Military Troops Killed, 31,947 Injured 20% with Brain and Spinal Injuries. 30% with Psychological Disorders. In Iraq 134,000 Military and Civilians killed. Of course the numbers to date are even higher. All of this killing for what. The Cost Of War: $806 Billion for Operations,  $894 Billion for Veteran Care, which by the way we need more of. $9 Billion Lost or Unaccounted For, this was probably the money used to Fund Al Queda, Taliban, ISIS etc. How could you loose $9 Billion. Total $1.71 Trillion Spent. The U.S. Debt will be approaching $19 Trillion soon. Refer to the U.S. National Debt Clock. Another good referral to read and watch like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, is 9/11 Mysteries. A friend gave me this DVD in 2004. 

    • BaneB says:

      Clap, clap, clap….  bravo…  You stated exactly my view on the whole rotten mess.  The monster will self consume.  Unfortunately, it seems its main goal is to take as many of us, and the other life forms, out with it.  Given the push to suicide by our species, I am amazed that the evolution theory would allow a race of beings to have evolved to such a degraded level.  Were we ever fit?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Listen and Look:  ANYTHING these "superior ones" do to "own" ANYthing just means they intend to completely eff it up and thereby totally destroy it.  That's The Pattern.  They are programmed to do this and only this, and that's just not going to change.  Ultimately VERY uncreative "people."  WE need to let GO of "them" and not feel bad about wishing them OFF our planet and OUT of our time & space dimension.  FOR GOOD.  LET'S ALL VISUALIZE this, every day now.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      It was ZeeBig's idea to blur the line between reality and fantasy, to mix up what's happening Out There in the "real" world with Hollywood, have actors be politicians, etc.  The Point, I assume, is to create "socially acceptable" ways of confusing people into doing his Luciferian bidding, mixing up information with entertainment.  "Hail Zbig, Son and chief Heir of Lucifer!"

    • Dan says:

      Today I too witnessed a hawk nosedive out of the sky to capture a mouse only to be surrounded by five magpies trying to take it from him. The hawk was able to fight them off and enjoy his meal, it was a enjoyable few moments watching mother nature in action. But then reality came crashing down and it dawned on me that what I witnessed is us in a few short years if we continue on this path. Humans fighting one another for a few scraps. It angers me so much knowing that this evil cartel destroying the planet and everything on it will be safe and snug in their underground cities while the rest of us perish. But it angers me even more with the negative response that I get from people. I share all of Dane's programs on Facebook pleading with my friends to do their own research but to no avail. I print out flyers about Geoengineering Watch to post in the local stores. I don't know what the hell else to do. I am so angry and depressed today. I feel like i'm going to explode. The only thing keeping my spirits up right now is the animal rescue program my girlfriend and me are involved in. It is so comforting to save these animals from certain death and to be able to find them a good home, even if it is just a short while. They deserve a chance. I'm not so sure about humans anymore.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      These "people" are trying to win a card game while missing the suit of Hearts.  Won't work, in the long run.  They'll kill everything.  They'll just be the last ones to go.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I loved your Hawk encounter Marc.  Thanks for sharing that.  Birds play a huge role in Native American everything.  This act may well have been for you.  The military has planes called Hawk.  The navy and navy seals excel at stealth.  And it seems slipped past you.  The navy has been in Puget Sound forever it seems, but as I say in other posts, This began early in 2014.  Not the Olympic Range part per se.  Only ALL of  America's coasts-ALL, including Puget and the Great Lakes.  And Hugging the coasts–even in mating and birthing areas. To practice warfare with their new toys.  Apparently using depleted uranium to boot, so goodbye California coast, fishing, swimming, surfing, picking up seashells, hanging out, seaweed, getting your toes wet–wet with depleted uranium!!!!  Forget smoked smelt with your beer. Forget real salmon.  Kiss it all goodbye and that goes for Hawaii too.  And they plan to keep this up until 2020.  Sure, it really sucks that they'd do this to the Olympic Range, but compare!  The scope of this is un-ffng un- believable!  My anger at this knows no bounds.  This is a bridge too far.  Our country is attacking our country!  And this will last beyond forever.  There is no draft.  These guys signed up. Does it not cross their minds about the consequences of their actions?  How can they not wonder?  Many must.  Many are married with children.  How the hell do they rationalize this one?!  The ones aware must be afraid.  I'm wondering if there is some legal out for them?  Such that given such and such, they can quit and reveal what they know?  Some legal guys must look into this.   Paul?  There must be a clause somewhere that deals with when your military goes bats*it crazy.  Surely, in such a situation, one must be obligated to take action.
      Paul, are you there?  I'm betting you know this answer!
      Don't get me wrong, I'm livid about geo-tinkering.  But for many minds, that is iffy territory.  Nothing secret or iffy about what the navy is doing though.  Hell, they were upfront about it!  Like a big up yours!!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      David, have you seen the youtube video of the exact moment when Bush was told?  He looked mildly surprised, but only as much as he was surprised that they had gone through with it, he then carried on chatting to the children. 

      An example I always use is to light a match…a match is designed to burn with an ignition/phosphorous head and wax down most of the outside of very light combustible wood to encourage burn.  Strike a match and hold it upright…….it goes out. 

  13. Dane has said that the elites have 'chelation' therapy at their disposal, which makes sense. They must have something! I have been researching chelation therapy techniques and they often come with side-effect warnings. The best I have found thus far is the Silica in horsetail for heavy metal chelation:
    Silica has other good side effects too like anti-inflammatory, etc. Bamboo is also a source of Silica, but it is much stronger than the horsetail and high doses of Silica can, over time, cause irreparable kidney damage. Because I am 70 very soon, I have learned to begin with small doses. I’m taking one-a-day of the NOW Silica Complex – and it really has improved my aluminum ‘fog’:
    (amazon sells this)
    I am also taking small doses of Chlorella and I feel a bit better, stronger, putting on some much needed weight at last – but I’m going slow with this product also as it comes from Japan (god-forbid!) and even though they say it’s organic, well you know.
    Last but not least is colostrum three times a day. I don’t think I would be alive today if I hadn’t started on colostrum over a year ago. I have multiple chronic illness, especially GI (can't eat much of anything) and a weakened immune system that all began in Charlottesville VA nine years ago beneath the skies so thick with chemtrails they often resembled plowed snow. The east coast air-hubs make laying out chemtrails easy – one reason I moved to New Zealand. Here is my favorite colostrum product, SYNERTEK, after trying many others, including ones from New Zealand (NZ is not pure, sorry to report).
    I hope this helps you who are feeling weak and ill. Dementia is an aluminum plague! I think the elderly (like me) and children are the most vulnerable, as usual. Please contribute your own cures for us. God be with us! The meek will inherit the earth – not the 1%.

    • An excellent 6 min. vid on Aluminum Detox:
      Silica may just be one of the most overlooked minerals in terms of health benefits. Silica is most commonly found in nature as sand or quartz. In the human body, this chemical compound is what holds us together as it its a key element in the formation of collagen. Silica its found in every organ of the body from the blood circulatory system to the transmission of nerve signals.
      [I have horsetail growing wild in my yard. The locals consider it a weed, they put weed-killer on it. Argh. I consider weeds as potential healing herbs from our Mother.]

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Susan:  How do you prepare the backyard horsetail?  Do you dry it, then grind it up to a powder and cap it?  Do you make a tea?  Whole Foods sells Nature's Way powdered horsetail stems and leaves, 440 mg. each, in caps.  The manufacturer recommends taking 1 cap t.i.d. 

    • Dennie — I haven't done this yet. I moved here in May and didn't know what horsetail was. The video below says to do this in the Spring and never consume it raw. I'll let it grow all over…

      Harvesting Wild Horsetail Plant, A Nutritive Herb High in Minerals

  14. Gary says:

    Gulf war syndrome, depleted uranium !!!! Those Iraqi soldiers were melted along the highway of death, as well as our soldiers being exposed and skin melting off over time as well !! Dying of cancer and also bringing it home and exposing their children and families. Sickening !!!!

  15. Gary says:

    On the point of isis, everyone knows how the US government uses banking to curtail Iran, and many other nations, why can’t they stop isis with all their gold and oil, through banking ? I know they could if so wanting to. Why let the boogyman sell their oil ? We, the awake and intelligent, among us know it’s allowed to go on !!!

    • beretta says:

      You’re right Gary, all that needs to be done to stop their funding is find out who is buying their oil and stop them from buying it, but that’s not going happen because war is what the cabal wants. The more destruction and pain they can cause the more they like it. Like Dane says it’s a global effort.

  16. Andrew from scotland says:

    Remember some other "Turkey Shoots":  1. Desert Storm was so named because of the geoengineered desert storm which allowed the 'coalition's' vastly superior weapons and technology to annihilate the Iraqi Army. In some circles it is described as a classic military operation – little wonder when you have such overwhelming military superiority.  2. The Falaise Gap of WW2 when much of the German Army wanted to surrender, but were not allowed to by US command and were forced to retreat through the Falaise Gap killing zone.  German POWs in the US zone after the war died in their 100,000s from starvation and disease because they were kept in inhumane conditions without shelter, food or water.  Red Cross parcels were not allowed.  3.  Japan tried to surrender for 3 months, but again not accepted by US because they wanted to use the atomic bombs.  

    And people think we are the "good guys"??

    • Michel B says:

      Absolutely spot on Andrew. This is a point I have been trying to make, but it has very touchy issues. The history we have been taught is false in many regards. It is hard to raise it, as so many would rebel loudly since they have been so successfully indoctrinated by entire tracts of lies called our 'official historical narrative'.

      As you say, if the 'good guys' won the war (WW2), then how are we in the mess we are today?!

    • penny says:

      The good guys – I thought that was just an advertising slogan…

      Just read an article from last year about how the term 'redskin' was used in the 1800's to refer to a scalp sent in for bounty.  By the white invaders, who actually brought the practice of scalping to the Americas, by way of Ireland (done to, not by, the Irish).  Response from an enlightened reader: "So what? There's like 6 real Native Americans left." 

      This country (the US) was built on actions every bit as heartless, brutal, 'psychopathic' as what goes on today.  The only difference is that the weaponry has a much more vast reach nowadays.  And now, like then, many are complicit or look the other way whenever it benefits them.

  17. Teri says:

    On the Paris tragedy, it is sad but I am certain it was an inside job much like 911 was. who profits from it? and what laws are created because of it? who gains power from it? that person or people are the ones who did it. 
    They hype it and make people fearful but here in the usa 1000 citizens were executed, murdered, by hired hitmen called ''law enforcement''..those 1000 never saw the inside of a court room. the hired hitmen murdered snuffed them out acting as judge, jury and executioners.  no one talks about it. 
    98,000 people are killed by doctors incompetence every year. that is HUGE..people that would be alive today if it wasn't for the industrialized medicine machine. no one talks about. 
    How many people do the military industrial complex murder every year? 
    All these people killed by ''official'' sources yet no says a word…no new law is passed. no new ''regulations'' because of it and yet the number of people that die at their hands every day is HUGE..but their lives…the lives of the people killed do not count. they are swept under the rug.
    Most people are so easy to control and misdirect. anything the media hypes is a clue one should look behind you and see what is really happening..what knife is coming to sink in your back. most people are too well programmed to follow their ''officials'' and the ''media''..they will follow them right off the cliff. 
    False flag event in Paris? without a doubt. carefully staged and hyped.

  18. Joan Farrell says:

    Yesterday, here in central VA we had chem trails all over the skies.  I went out to walk my dog and counted at least 10 planes going in all different directions crisscrossing and leaving their trails.  I have never seen so many at once.  Unbelievable, and surprising that so many people are still unaware.

  19. Jactn says:

    Yesterday. East TN. Smokey Mountains. 
    Temps started out at 30 ended in low 70's by 5pm. 
    Heavily sprayed Sky's all day. Cloud cover rolled in at Dusk. 
    At 7:30 pm it was 65 degrees. At 9:30 it was 40 with sleet. 
    Thats a roller coaster day. Sun was very hot. UV out if control. 
    Again. When suns out for long periods the temps sky rocket. 
    Only thing on weather channel was the cold snow 100 year snow in Midwest. 
    How about the above normal temp swings with little precipitation over the south east!
    weather manipulation is everywhere. 

  20. Joseph says:

    Well,in Greece things aren't looking good either. Where i live there is constant spraying,to the point that the Blue sky i remember is now a milky white haze. Geoengineering spraying leaves a Spider like matrix of chem trails that spread until they cover the sky. The people know there is something going on but are too caught up in the economic and immigration woes we face to do something about it. In my view when the next global crisis arrives it will manifest simultaneously on all levels Financial, Environmental, Social and Political.

  21. debra says:

    Spot on commentary Dane. The spraying has made me very sick the last week,lethargic, headaches, burning eyes, cognitive issues, cough. Watched 8 planes the other day crisscross my mountain area at once into a toxic plasma sky. The spraying overall has really ramped up. FB had me banned for two months for posting on this subject. Am concerned about the drinking water, as it comes from local lake. Can anyone tell me whether distilling it would work to remove particles? And want to send rain samples, since Redding lab is compromised is Chico ok? Here is a wonderful video to share: The relentless attack on Mother Nature, when are we saving her? on Vimeo

  22. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Another angle of the Corrupt System, Dept. of "Health":  Aluminum in vaccines is over the top:

    • bija says:

      All Mother's must lead this fight against Big Pharma and our corrupt, bought off governments. Imagine, almost 5000 -mcg of aluminum before 18 month and then factor in all the additional aluminum from climate geoengineering! Our youngest and most vulnerable are under full attack. In what demented Universe are we living where we torture and kill our own young??? 

      Continue to sound the alarm even if efforts seem unwelcome. We need to take our cues from the natural world and ferociously protect our young! These vaccine protocols are unacceptable and doctors deserve neither the title nor our respect when they do harm, whether out of ignorance or complicity.

  23. Kat says:

    What are all the "telephone poles" going up everywhere with all the "junk" on them and masses of new cables to all the buildings?

  24. mossmoon says:

    Absolutely murdered here in NJ today. Take a look at the  Nasa imaging of the massive trails over Pennsylvania and Maryland that hammered us later that day. Perhaps the worst I've ever seen the four years I've been awake to this nightmare.,MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor,Reference_Labels%28hidden%29,Reference_Features%28hidden%29,Coastlines&t=2015-11-21&v=-83.29394531249999,37.00195312499999,-71.56054687499999,42.61816406249999

    • MS says:

      WOW!  Eye opening to see the satellite photos.  Seeing the radial dispersal of clouds and obvious trails is so blatant.  Undeniable.  Thanks for the link.  Any idea what time of day these satellite shots are taken?

    • Mike looking up says:

      Moosmoom, 9 am Sunday eastern time. Link no longer up…. You must have something the powers that be, wish not to be viewed….. With only 22 comments at this time by far the most informative group and in the know I've read, every article or write up of great or very good importance.  THANK YOU ALL

    • philip colon says:

      I'm in new jersey too. I'd like to meet people who know whats going on, and maybe go out in public with some flyers and signs. please contact me.

    • Pamela Simmons says:

      No spraying on Friday, massive spraying all day Saturday in Maryland.

  25. Relevant to the how-it-works follow-the-money insanity on the 1% plutocracy power in politics – excerpts from Counter Punch:

    “Plutocracy” seems almost mild to describe the rotten, dollar-drenched deep state of affairs. … America is ruled by “an unelected dictatorship of money,” and … the United States … a “corporate-managed democracy” advancing a populace-demobilizing “inverted totalitarianism” of concentrated capitalist and imperial power.

    … Wall Street is “the ultimate owner” of the “Deep State” that rules America beneath the more “visible” surface state and “marionette theater” of parliamentary politics and campaigns. This is because it has the money to reward government operatives with a second career that is lucrative beyond the dreams of avarice — certainly beyond the dreams of a salaried government employee…. The corridor between lower Manhattan and Washington is a well-trodden highway for … Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, and many others. … U.S. General David Patraeus, whose perceived skills at peddling Deep State influence garnered him a highly rewarding position at a giant Wall Street private equity firm (KKR) after he left “public service” … “the membrane between government and industry is highly permeable.” The pay grade is much, much higher in “industry,” or, more commonly, in finance.

    …“politics is the shadow cast on society by big business.” … U.S. politics would stay that way as long as power resided in “business for private profit through private control of banking, land, industry, reinforced by commend of the press, press agents, and other means of publicity and propaganda.” … Four decades into the neoliberal era, however, the moneyed elite’s abject domination of the nation’s political and policy processes has reached a level that almost defies belief. …the real world politician knows the plutocratic score.

  26. Beverly says:

    Blue skies today in Parker, AZ and Big River, Ca
    most amazing, as we have had geoengineered skies for weeks. Our local radio station KPLZ knew nothing of the weather manipulation until I gave him copies of your reports and he was shocked. I know he's looking into all of it and doing research on your work. Can't wait to talk to him later in the week. Thank you for all that you do and bless you for your untiring work.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Lots of chem trail and chem cloud activity in the S.F. Bay Area lately.  Someone is trying to get it to rain and the results are simply disastrous.
      Dirty, smudgy clouds that do nothing, literally, except fizzle or blow out.  I'm worried that Someone Else might send us DELUGES later this year.  The Supreme Idiots-In-Charge of "reality" have NO idea how to balance ANYthing, not even a CHECKBOOK, let alone Nature.

  27. Helene says:

    Here on the very southern part of Vancouver Island Canada across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Susan Ferguson, we had again spraying, we had a break for a few days since the big storm at the beg of the wk, the plane flew in a big circle and then again crossing it, several times during this afternoon…last 2 nights we finally had such clear skies the stars, moon were so bright so beautiful…now a milky colour and I can see the spraying lines by the Olympic Mts as the sunset lights them up…re Mockingbird CIA via Gloria Steinem et al–The Hunger Games Mockingbird Parts 1&2 film etc…??

    • Hello Helene in BC – Good to connect as we see a similar area. I so love Vancouver Island, Victoria and Tofino. This morning Sunday Nov. 22nd the spraying was unusually intense. I have never seen them spray on a Sunday, but there must have been at least eight chemtrails. I took 29 photos! The Navy 'electronic warfare' isn't supposed to begin till 2016, but they are spraying and microwave-haarp-ing away.  Yesterday (Sat.) I saw five Growler jets fly over my house, too high for my cheap camera, heading north – your way, I assume. Canada must be an accomplice in this insanity. I hope you are well. Thank God for Dane and everyone here!

      Silica from horsetail herb seems to be helping me. I'm using the NOW brand. Heavy metal chelation…

  28. dave says:

    "pushed the planet far past the point of no return." I think this is incorrect & mother earth a self regulating system will heal herself, eventually….humans & many other species may not be able to stick around that long though…so yes we are lookin down the barrel…but at this stage it’s a totalitarian NWO one, as they ramp up the CONtrol…ironically, exposing themselves & awakening many as they go….everything I agree with, a good write up dane 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, to clarify on my statement about the planet being pushed past the point of no return, I mean this in the following sense, no return in any time frame that could matter to the human species. The recovery period after the last methane mass extinction was tens of millions of years. Perhaps in this sense we are on the same page.

  29. Jonathan Weiss says:

    Plenty of spraying down in South Jersey tonight and other nights. 

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Jonathan Weiss- I live in South Jersey as well.  Evesham Twnsp. & the spraying on Saturday was horrific.  There were trails by the SW-W as the sun was setting, trying to make the sun look as if there were "rays". I took pics of course.

      I am trying to wake people up, so many are in denial and they believe that "if they are spraying somethig bad" then the fallout from it does not affect them…..? Really? Beyond frustrating. My husband still does not believe.

  30. MS says:

    I got an emailed letter from Diane Feinstein telling me that,
    “HAARP is a joint program between the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force that investigates ionospheric physics and radio science.  This program is intended to allow us to improve the quality of both satellite and short-wave communication signals.  Some of the everyday benefits of this research include improving the accuracy of global positioning systems in our personal vehicles as well as better reception for our satellite radio and television services.”
    That is a direct quote from her office.  I obviously voiced my opposition in writing and via telephone.  If you live in California and have seen the skies, make your voice heard.  Every little bit helps.  Every little bit can also be small stepping stones towards having the courage to fight this brave battle with peaceful, intelligent, and rational means.  May peace be with us all . . .   

    • BaneB says:

      Feinstein thinks its okay to destroy the earth.  She and others like her are blinded by their power, their great wealth, and probably because they do not really give a damn about the People. Her constituency are rich folks.  She never saw a prison she did not like.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Feinstein is a puppet for the nwo agendas. She has 'sold her soul' (if she ever had one to begin with). We will see no help from her in this battle for life on earth. These people are the lowest form of scum there is.

  31. Grinling Gibbons says:

    Dear Dane, I am like you know that your President Is in the control of the Illuminati & Kazerian Mafia Or Nazis as that is what they are, & my uncle was in the last Push that ended up in Germany at a Port In Germany where he watched 1,000 Germans being collected by American Subs & i have found out another 35,000 Nazi,s followed them Secretly Into America, America is controlled by the Nazi,s & the World, & you may not know Hitler did not die in a Bunker but actually had a Mansion Built In Argentina where he died in 1962 where he had lived with his Partner Eva Braun & infants , we are a controlled Nation Living On A Nazi Controlled Planet & as i am listening to your speach i feel that we have all been sold a false life controlled by them & as you are aware in your speech that we are now looking at ( Agenda 21 ) which has been put into place some time ago all ready for locking down fronts but Martial Law Is The Next Thing For Europe & At Your Home Jade Helm & 800 Prison Camps 102,000 Thousands 3 Storey Special Prison Trains Complete With Leg Irons Hitler Is There & Everywhere But Behind All This Is The Nazi,s Rothschilds Rockerfellas Bushes Clintons 198 Rothschilds Banks Out Of 200 Countries & Every War From The Civil War Was Started By The Illuminati Banksters , what you are doing today should have been done or started so many yrs ago & i hope your Broadcast Wakes Up America & The World. I Personally Salute You For Standing Up To The Evil Bas—ds May God Listen & Help Us All..

  32. Nikola says:

    I just want to share something. I am writing from Bosnia. This morning  9 AM, we had 18 degrees Celsius, same day in the evening we have heavy wet snow and -2 degrees Celsius.
    In the last 7 days we had temperatures 25 degrees Celsius.

  33. Boworl says:

    Time to arrest and try all politicians for treason. The innocent should welcome the opportunity to exonerate themselves, and ferret out the treasonous scoundrels. It is the military and law enforcement communities to do their real job. To serve and protect, defend and insure domestic tranquility. 

  34. Dane — What a great weekly ‘Alert’ encapsulating so many crucial topics! The sound of your voice, the voice of truth & sanity inspires courage in all of us. Thank you. The Navy Growlers flew over my house here today on the Olympic Peninsula as the skies were being sprayed with toxic chemtrails for electronic warfare, changing the once clear blue sky to a the depressing milky-gray.


    DAHB0077 makes the point that Russia and the USA are working together. We know that there are HAARP type ionospheric heaters alleged in Antarctica. As he says, the story makes no sense.
    Nov 20, 2015 /
    Russia and the US have removed radioactive components from Antarctica that were left unprotected and could have been used by terrorists to craft a “dirty bomb,” said Valery Lukin, deputy head of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.
    The story in RT: “Four radioisotope thermoelectric generators and four sources of ionizing radiation, which were used in different equipment, have been removed from Antarctica within the framework of the joint Russian-American program,” Lukin, who is also in charge of the Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE), told TASS.

    • Mark says:

      Dane, your message delivery improves with every broadcast. May strength find and hone your sword, for the sword of a vanguard is seldom honed.
      1. Obama signs Executive Order (EO), basically and overtly, permitting the use of propaganda on the American people.
      Under the umbrella of this EO, look into and quiver the following (presumably) historical events:
      2. Operation Mockingbird, CIA, and congressional testimony.
      2.(b) MK Ultra (an obvious offshoot of Project Paperclip)—a simple search will provide you with sufficient declassified documentation.
      3. Patented flicker rates to induce "targeted" brain waves.

    • bija says:

      All these 'deals with the devil' have been at the expense of ordinary people and innocent beings everywhere! The suffering is immense and unconscionable. This has been going on for so long, poisoning every living, natural system on this planet.
      It has come as a bit of a shock to realize I was born into a world already degenerate and corrupt beyond reason.  What has transpired since the fifties, in particular, is nothing less than an infection that has spread its poison into every last bastion of decency. These manipulative, degenerate lowlifes, who pose as people, are lower than cockroaches!
      There must come a time when they will get their due – when all their evil Operations and the harm they have perpetrated will coalesce and backfire upon them a million-fold, freeing Earth of their sickness forever! 
      While they have unleashed their Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird (and countless other operations and projects), it's only fitting that we launch one of our own – say, Operation Humpty Dumpty. Let's knock that overbloated, egomaniacal egghead of a cabal off it's perch, and never, ever let anyone put it back together again! In order to give our children any hope of a future, we have no choice but to try!
      You are ALL the real deal and any 'thanksgiving' this year goes to you!

  35. david says:

    After reading this article I went over to zerohedge and saw this jaw dropping news:

    • david — Thanks! Where I live on the Olympic Peninsula WA, I can see the freight tankers moving in & out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Seattle, etc. Now every time I see one, I grab my binoculars and every time they are practically empty – coming & going both ways.

  36. Sarah says:

    I thank you for your work & pray for your safety.

  37. Jeff says:

    Here in WV this morning was blue sky, by afternoon giant X's in the sky with whiteout in front of the sun.

    • Edward Palys says:

      That's happening all over the place. I just can't imagine how many planes are in the sky doing this say, only in America. The cost of carrying this evil agenda must cost billions of dollars. 

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