Passive Democide: Drought and Starvation


Killing off large segments of populations is normal government business, and with so many historical examples it is not difficult to understand how poisoning and starvation have accomplished genocides and democide throughout history.  On small scales, people are starved and dehydrated in jails and dungeons, poisoned by snakes, diseases, and fancy, deadly concoctions, and water wells have been poisoned throughout human history; all of which effective murder and often performed without culpability.  In fact, hundreds of millions of people have been murdered by starvation, dehydration and poisoning.  It’s a government thing.

Nancy Levant

Interestingly in the twenty-first century, national governments and the global government is out in the open with their intentions to scale back humanity.  They gave us AIDS, abortion, very bad food and drugs, and they continually flood all markets with deadly street drugs while calling them “recreational” substances.  Clever, indeed.  Equally, governments all over the world continually test nuclear weapons on land, in the oceans, in the atmosphere, and by global failure to maintain nuclear power plants.  Governments sponsor and represent technology corporations that design deadly devices like smart phones, smart meters, microwave ovens, routers, and computer systems; all of which emitting dangerous radiation levels, and all of which marketed and enforced upon every age group.  With GPS technologies we even sit in enclosed automobiles with dangerous radiation levels spewing forth in the cabins.  Very clever, indeed.

But the most clever, devious and malevolent poisoning devices are in the form of aircraft spraying poisons into the stratosphere, poisons which fall down upon all life on earth as nano-sized particulates, which are inescapable.  Decade after decade, we have breathed these particulates, worn them on our clothing and skin, walked and played in them, and we have eaten them in our salads, in our potatoes, in our steaks and burgers, and in our pan fish.  We drink our nano-particles in our bottled water, from our taps, from our pristine streams and springs, and from our tongues catching the rain.

All creatures large and small in nature eat and drink nano-particulates, sleep in them, and live their entire lives covered in them.  Equally, our gardens and crop fields grow in nano-particulate soil and absorb nano-rainwater.  What this all boils down to are several remarkable truths:

1.      “Pristine” does not exist on planet earth.

2.      There are, no doubt, ways to protect the few from this reality, but most cannot afford to do so, nor are they not told how to protect themselves from complete environmental contamination.

3.      The fowling of the soil, water and air will lead to food failures, both flora and fauna.

4.      The same aircraft, also blocking nearly 25% of earth’s sunlight with their nano-particulates, also cause flora and fauna failure, drought, flooding, ozone depletion and global warming, as so declared by geoengineers, scientists and scientific reports, universities, and  even governments themselves.

Geoengineering, which is the scientific name for chemtrails, is destroying the world’s food and water sources.  This fact is not lost on government leaders, scientists, billionaires and trillionaires, or global rulers.  They all know that earth’s food and water sources are wholly contaminated.  They know because they have been relentlessly spraying the planet for 40+ years, gauging the results of their ozone depletion, acidification of salt and fresh waters, covering forests with nano-particulate heavy metals causing unstoppable wildfires, and they know the human, animal and plant sicknesses born of these non-stop aerial campaigns.  They know the results, and they know exactly what they are doing.  So do Monsanto, Dow and others who create and recreate modified foods to grow in wholly contaminated and toxic global soil.

Human sickness has exploded in bizarre epidemics over the past 40 years.  Chronic kidney and liver failures, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, asthma and other pulmonary disorders of every new make and measure, epidemic skin disorders including Morgellon’s disease, chronic dry skin, skin lesions, chronic itching syndrome, and many others; wildly escalating cancers in young and old alike when, lo and behold, a new health care system evolves that 1) eliminate physicians and replaces them with nurses; 2)  replaces medical care with palliative numb-care for the elderly; 3) eliminates medical care for the imperfectly born; 4) drastically reduces medical care for both Medicare and Medicaid patients; 5) legalizes and pushes “assisted” suicide while striving for euthanasia legality as in Europe; 6) helps insurance corporations to dump physician and hospital care; and 7) forces most business to cut full-time employees to part-time, whereby eliminating actual medical insurance.  Coincidental?

Then consider the pharmaceutical industry, the industry that began earning billions in profits due to 1) chronic global sickness; 2) socialized or universal health care which causes more rapid death; 3) physicians replaced by drug therapy and its toxic addictions, and 4) the obscene annual profits made from the chronically sick and dying.  Another coincidence?

Then top this off with global food and water shortages, exactly as we were told they would occur, and exactly what aerial spraying of nano-particulates causes; drought and consequential food shortages, contaminated water sources, blocked sunlight, and an entirely poisoned planetary ecosystem, atmosphere, ionosphere, and stratosphere; a system that will not and cannot support biological human, animal, or plant life.

Governments both national and global with their hired scientists claim that aerial spraying is an attempt to stop global warming.  That is a lie.  They are altering the weather and sunlight to cause a seemingly “natural” global famine to depopulate human beings to numbers of their choosing.  They are committing perpetrated democide, depopulating exactly as they said they would do, and they are using “global warming” as their cover story for mass murder. Frankly, we should all be far more concerned than even at present.  Why?  Because they know we know, and I suggest that time is very, very short.  Once we are sick enough (and it’s hard to imagine how much sicker we can possibly become), manufactured “super” viruses could take most of us out in a heartbeat.  Remember that we have been ruthlessly prescribed antibiotics for common colds and runny noses for decades, destroying our natural immune systems much like the AIDS virus. Remember that super viruses, too, can be nano-particulated and sprayed, just as they have done so many, many times in the very recent past.

If you are not yet on this bandwagon, God only knows why not, because very, very soon, there will be food and water crises like none ever experienced in human history.  This perpetrated famine will make Stalin’s famine look like a Sunday picnic. This is the reason for geoengineering, for all the stripes and grids in the sky.  They are killing everything, but what they are after is you.

15 Responses to Passive Democide: Drought and Starvation

  1. ReBecca Lee says:

    Gene Maynard, We may be related since Maynard is my grandfather’s middle name. Your words are beautiful and I see my Saviour in them. THANKS YOU BrOTHER FOR BLESSING THE enemy. In Revelations Jesus will destroy those who are destroying the earth. I hope many will read your words and be saved. THIS Chem Trail Madness IS Absolutely unprecedented. Your words are comforting.

  2. Yevelle Nelson says:

    Sorry to all the critix I am new at this, I never wanted to tell my story but I am sick. Mourgellions skin rash, or mental illness. Then I got another DR. I am NOW allergic to all foods sprayed and the new food….Store bought crap we will die eating it. I actually had a Dr. tell me “do not eat the genetically notified food as you have 7 holes in intestine and ulcer! Well sick for years and now I can not get anything to grow as this CEM trails are neutralizing soil! Good luck and do good deeds as free will is all we have, oops that was taken! See What in the world are they spraying? U tube has all the labs!

  3. Yevelle Nelson says:

    I will totally agree with Gean Maynard,! You have wonderful words as I have felt the same, my life has been lived to help others or enable drama and after all that… I live and love, it is free and God is watching !!! He is not here and we have free will! <3 is free The hate will eat your heart out! The pain of that is hell! BE Human, you all must love yourself! Then share that! Ova-n-out

  4. Matthew Dane says:

    There is one son they will never be able to stop, dim or cover. His name is Jesus Christ and if they knew what was good for them they would stop what they are doing.
    One day they will answer to Him for all of this.

  5. Gene Maynard says:

    Ty, I fully understand where you are coming from, but it is a place of fear and fear will destroy you. The same God who made and watches over even the sparrows says that you are of much more value to Him than many sparrows. Put your faith in God. Tell your family to put their faith in God. What is happening must happen. God loves you more than you can ever comprehend. By faith place your very life in His hands. Your family and your friends need you!

  6. Ty says:

    You are so right on. I want off this planet. Lord Jesus Help Us.

  7. Don Aye says:

    ” Maybe that was’nt one of my better ideas” Mao Zedong after he starved to death 20M people.

  8. Adam Evenson says:

    Nancy, this is a well-written, thought-out, and thought provoking piece of print. I like your prescient, last sentence: “They are killing everything, but what they are after is you.” I took that highly personally, as I’ve long known this to be literally true. Evidently, I am immortal, as the government has been trying to murder me, in every conceivable fashion, since I was born on earth. I’m aware of this because I remember my birth and every subsequent event that occurred in my life. I’ve been through it all and subjected to every brainwashing program devisable by man, from the supremely rigorous to the ordinary. I’ve slipped all the bonds thus far. Yes I am the one that organized government is shooting at and know it. There’s one other thing that folks such as you should know about. There are no “governments” on earth today, as in the plural, but government, as in, just one. Yes, I’m aware the NWO is widely touted as a future thing. But I know that the NWO has been here, pretty much, at least since I arrived in 1940 as a brand new babe. Thus, the NWO is long past any initiation stage. What’s ongoing right now are the results of what has been a gradual release, over a long course of time, of the knowledge that the NWO is here and fully functioning right now. I could show all the signs how long the NWO has been in effect if one would like to see. The chemtrail program, e.g., is just one of them. One may notice, if one would like, that chemtrails have no national or regional borders. The so-called “iron curtain” countries, such as Russia, China, and several smaller ones, are heavily inundated with chemtrails, too. If Russia and China were the “autonomous giants” claimed, then chemtrail aircraft would be shot out of the skies over their territories, the same as all other unauthorized aircraft are. But they aren’t. Why and how could one suppose? An NWO is the only answer that can plug in here. Thus, the NWO is not future tense, but past, and long, long has been.

  9. Scott says:

    Sadly all true and yet no one talks about any of it. They are all preoccupied with the super bowl, making more money, appearing wealthy, finding someone to make them complete while the sky is crying. Thanks for having the patience to attempt to educate. I remember a time when I was included in the above group and thanks to people like you I stand as one who see’s reality and as ugly as it is would never go back.

  10. ThePoliticalPort says:

    Please see my videos of the past couple days about the California chemtrails and California drought. It’s getting real ugly here

  11. Steve Miller says:

    We appreciate your honesty and your compassion for all.We wish to also thank you for risking yourselves literally as that is the modus.In these dark days there are occationally bursts of bright light you folk’s being such a gift.Thank you deeply for giving hope to many of us that fight the good fight.

  12. Barry Sullivan says:

    Thank you for this article. This is a topic I present to friends and family to get them onboard and this is nice and concise. Someday I’m going to take a 2X4 and bang it into their heads.

  13. Keith says:

    “They are killing everything,” That is the truth of the current state of our world. Too few realize the total picture as you described it precisely here. What a wonderful time to be alive? Maybe this is exactly what we are here for, to comprehend that our creative abilities have also destructive potential and we must find balance or face self extermination. If my interpretation is indeed accurate, then I learned the intended lesson, but too bad for the schoolhouse will be no more. Time to say, So long, and Thanks for all the fish. (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe style)

  14. Gene Maynard says:

    Attention Geoengineers
    This is written expressly to all of the Geoengineers who are knowingly involved right now in the mass murder of every man, woman, and child on the planet. I know you monitor this site and will see this. Know this; the God who created heaven and earth loves you! One day, I pray soon, that statement will ring in your mind as the most important eleven words you heard throughout your entire life. That is no empty claim, it is a fact! Jesus Christ died for you knowing you hated him and would one day even express your hatred by killing innocent men, women, and children. God loves you even today and so do I because my God has commanded me to love my enemies. It’s not easy, this love thing. I’m commanded to love you even though I know full well of your intentions to kill me, my wife, my children, and my grand-children. I have concluded love to be the hardest thing anyone will ever attempt. I must be honest and tell you my inclination is to hate your guts, but I look at Jesus Christ, the greatest man to walk the earth, and I realize He could have spoken a word and all of His enemies (which were many) would have fallen dead. However, He didn’t desire that for His enemies. He chose to love and instead of watching them die He chose to die for them. It takes a great man to love. It takes supernatural strength. Even the weakest, even the most depraved man who ever lived can kill; but he can never love. He cannot do both because love cannot be fulfilled by the weak. It can be chosen by the weak but then it has to be given to God. Then and only then can God’s strength intervene to see it through. No, love is not an activity lightly engaged in. Because men are weak, love eludes them. They always settle for lust because lust is a substitute love for the weak, love is just too hard. Your power to kill me far outweighs any natural power I have to resist. However, I have a power you can never resist; I can love you! Even if God allows you to kill me, you still lose and I remain the winner. Your decision to kill me, if carried out, will cost you everything. In spite of how well you believe you have thought this through, you and your family cannot and will not survive your intentions. You will reap what you sow! Do you have children? What do you think about when you watch them sleep at night? When we were children others did our thinking for us. Now that we’re adults it is incumbent on us to think for ourselves. If you choose the path of love you and your loved ones can still be winners. God has always loved you very much and that has never changed. His love for me does not diminish His love for you, He loves us both the same! That means God’s intentions for us is for us to be brothers, but you must understand you cannot slay His love without eternal consequences. Why not serve the God of love instead of the god of hate?

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