Runaway Sea Level Rise, Collapsing Coastlines, And The Chemical Climate Engineering Assault


Dane Wigington

The current condition of the the climate and Earth's life support systems is not as bad as we have been told, it is unimaginably worse. Global climate engineering is the epitome of anthropogenic damage to our planet. Geoengineering programs are further fueling the biosphere implosion in what is already a runaway scenario. If we continue on the current course, "Venus Syndrom" will likely be the final destination.  We are not just facing climate change, we are facing what is more correctly termed as an "abrupt climate shift" which science makes clear is anthropogenic in nature. Climate engineering/solar radiation management programs are pushing the planet past any point of possible recovery. The record shattering heat in 2015 (breaking the record global heat just set in 2014) is compounding the rate of ice deposit melting around the globe. This in turn is pushing rapidly accelerating sea level rise which is now estimated to be happening at 10 times the rate previously predicted.


Record coastal flooding caused by "Winter Storm Jonas"

Sea level can mount due to two factors – melting ice and the thermal expansion of water as it warms.

Sea Level Realities

The amount of sea level rise that comes from the oceans warming and expanding has been underestimated… 

The findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed US journal, suggest that increasingly severe storm surges could be anticipated as a result. 

The 6 minute video below of expensive apartments in Pacifica, California, is a glimpse of what is to come on coastlines around the world.

In the decades to come, thousands more from along America's most fragile shorelines will embark on a great migration inland as their homes disappear beneath the water's surface. Over the last 10 years, the Isle de Jean Charles community in Louisiana has lost two-thirds of its residents to dislocation. In the Chesapeake Bay, Tangier Island's shoreline recedes by about 14 feet a year. On Washington's Olympic Peninsula, the Quinault Indian Nation relies on a 2,000-foot-long sea wall for protection until it can complete its move uphill.

In the attempt to continue masking the true severity of climate disintegration, the geoengineers are carrying out ever more desperate weather events. "Winter Storm Jonas" was a stunning example of this desperation.


Disaster cleanup at the taxpayers expense after "Winter Storm Jonas"

Winter Storm Jonas was multi-billion dollar disaster

“It is anticipated that this will be the first billion-dollar weather event of 2016 for the United States,” the re-insurer said in a statement. “Given the physical damage to homes, businesses and other structures and automobiles, plus the high costs incurred due to business interruption, it is expected that this will end up being a multi-billion-dollar economic cost.”

The global power structure now controls most of academia and nearly all of the media. These completely subjugated institutions have repeatedly tried to tell the public that we should expect more severe "winter storms"  because of global warming. But is this counterintuitive conclusion that is pushed on us really backed up by the most recent science studies? The short answer is NO. 

Climate change does not cause extreme winters, new study shows

Cold snaps like the ones that hit the eastern United States in the past winters are not a consequence of climate change. Scientists at ETH Zurich and the California Institute of Technology have shown that global warming actually tends to reduce temperature variability.

The climate engineers are chemically nucleating every bit of moisture they can (causing weather whiplash) in their increasingly desperate attempt to temporarily (and toxically) lower the temperatures on the ground. Engineered snowstorms keep the confusion and division going in regard to the populations perception of the climate.

How else is climate engineering costing the planet and its inhabitants? Geoengineering is causing drought and fueling fires. On a warming planet, the laws of physics state there must be much more overall rainfall, not less (the atmosphere holds 7% more moisture for every degree centigrade of warming). Solar radiation management programs (and the global dimming scenario the atmospheric spraying causes) are pushing protracted drought all over the globe.


Sau Palo, Brazil is one of countless locations around the world that is going dry

From the Amazon to the Nile to the Mekong, rivers are a lifeblood for many nations, filling taps and irrigation canals and generating hydroelectricity that is powering economic development. But a new study warns that changes to river flows caused by climate change threaten that. Thousands of hydrodams risk being left high and dry by mid-century as global warming takes hold.

The findings are stark… “climate change will reduce the existing power capacities of hydropower in most regions worldwide”. Up to 74% of current hydrodams will likely see reductions in useable electricity-generating capacity by mid-century.

River water is the little-noticed essential for much of our energy supply. As the climate changes, that looks increasingly like a problem.

Though mainstream science sources cite "air pollution" as a cause of drought, such sources have not yet admitted to the atmospheric particulate spraying. 

How are things going in the Arctic?

The geoengineers have been busy in the Arctic for a very long time, the artificial cloud creating solar radiation management programs are truly taking their toll. Recent studies now prove that constant cloud cover is rapidly speeding up the Greenland ice melt (also contributing greatly to the accelerating sea level rise), though, yet again, researchers are sill unwilling to admit to the ongoing geoengineering reality.

The more the climate system and the biosphere breaks down, the more the climate engineers ramp up their planetary assault in the destructive attempt to mask the damage already done (while at the same time inflicting far greater damage in the process). Exposing and stopping geoengineering/weather warfare must be our top priority if we are to salvage what is yet left of the planet's life support systems. 

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97 Responses to Runaway Sea Level Rise, Collapsing Coastlines, And The Chemical Climate Engineering Assault

  1. droughtsurvivor says:

    Texas saying:  "When the rain ends, the next drought begins."  76 degrees yesterday, air conditioning on in February, a dry, hot wind blasting all day from the South with no moisture and the sun excruciating on my skin for even a minute.  It might be Texas (if you don't like the weather, wait a minute) but in what reality is this normal?  I guess the criminals at Raytheon missed the mark on El Nino making Texas temps way below normal after the first of the year or excitedly rubbing their hands together in anticipation for the next big thing.  Steering their toxic brew to Iowa?  Who knows what crazy agenda these b-tards have except to destroy what is right, good and beautiful.  My heart aches for the trees and livestock baking in the glaring hot sun.  I understand what is happening but it still pisses me off.  Got that off my chest, now let me go back and finish the movie "Day After Tomorrow" about the next ice age.  Ha

  2. Leo K. says:

    President George H.W. Bush attended the Earth Summit held at Rio de Janeiro in 1992.  There's a connection between what took place then and what's taking place now with Climate Change.  Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild and Vice President Joe Biden are all supporters and proponents of a United Nations "New World Order".  Write your Senators and Congressmen without delay to end this insanity.  The United Nations is no friend to America.
    Please view the attachment below. Thank you

  3. stephan says:

    To all of you whose family and friends think you've lost it – send them this

  4. Marc says:

    I see that some who come here are hip to Ken O'Keefe and his commentaries. In my humble opinion I have heard no stronger voice telling it like it truly is than his. If you want the unvarnished, raw truth about who and what rules this world and why, seek out his presence online.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Right on Marc, right on the money & right through the bulls eye.

      Acknowledging who the destroyers and controllers are is the key to just about everything that has taken Merica down. First these communistic, zionist bros took out Russa, then Germany, Now us. Wake up people!

  5. L.H. says:

    Marches on DC plus tax protest would be a start. But be warned – the last time I participated in a march on DC, we were sprayed with something from a helicopter, and 3 days later, my daughter and I broke out with blisters on our lips.  I do think massive non-compliance against every single federal edict, from taxes, to vaccines, to education, to gun control, etc. is the only answer.  It has to be truly massive. This so-called govt. is diabolical and will stop at nothing.  People think this gun control stuff is about guns. What is really at stake here is the right of the individual to defend themselves with lethal force. Never forget that.

    • BaneB says:

      You may well have been a victim of the Active Denial System, a microwave heat ray developed for crowd control.  It can create pea size blisters.  You might want to search this.  It has been used in Iraq to kill people according to some web information.  Everything is subject to the psychopaths and their mad science.  

    • Dennie says:

      But if you got sprayed with something it doesn't sound as if you were hit with a frequency weapon, more like some kind of caustic agent.  If you'd been hit with ADS, it would have, as they say, affected you within 3-5 minutes, not three days' time.

  6. Kenny Simpson says:

    This criminal activity must end now!  The "Red Shield" of seven are the the secretive financial arm behind The Bank for International Settlements, The United Nations Agenda 21 and the devastation that's currently taking place in our skies throughout the world.  Wake up people!  This is reality!

  7. droughtsurvivor says:

    Dane:  I get up early (i.e. 3 or 4 a.m.) and have noticed this past year large planes flying low in odd directions that do not produce the doppler jet sound after passing.  I live in the I-45 corridor between Dallas and Houston where so many jets fly over at various levels but these are all but silent.  The lights on them are also distinctive.  New type of technology?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Droughtsurvivor, your location may be such that the jets are in a descending pattern and they are not utilizing much thrust which can make them almost silent. What is certain is that the geoengineering assault continues to escalate, thank you for making your voice heard in this fight droughsurvivor.

    • droughtsurvivor says:

      Thanks Dane for responding and for all you do to save the planet.  Normally I would say this was the case; however, since I woke up by looking up 4 years ago I have paid close attention to the skies above us and these planes fly W to E, NE to SW, sometimes in tandem with two, low, level and quiet, whereas the other commercial jets are higher and sound normal when passing even if they are spewing their toxic brew.  I'm no engineer or rocket scientist, although I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night :),  but these are definitely different.  With the new "exo-atmospheric kill machine launched from CA, the evil minions are always busy in secret developing new ways to wipe us all out.  Peace Brother.  Grace.

  8. J says:

    The Vietnam conflict ended because our men refused to fight anymore – 

  9. I think we need a register for all those who want to march on Washingtion. With 20,674,000+ vistors, I'm sure we could organize at least 2,000,000+ people to flood Washington for a march to expose groengineering. I've never been there but I would go and march with 2,000,000 and bring large banners, bull horns, and the media. And tell everyone to look up !

  10. Dennie says:

    O-M-F-GOD!!!   TELL me you are kidding!!!!! 

    In reality this is an exact replay of the idiot Spaniards coming to the Americas and "claiming" the land in the name of whatever ruler had the most money, power and control over them  The demonic are heading to the Abyss and apparently dragging everyone else right along with them.  It's really bad out there right now.  I am down to 7 hours of teaching a week.  I cannot make a living on such a small amount of income.  God help me!

  11. Wayne says:

    How long do we wait… the rate of legal proceedings versus the rate of spraying we're clearly losing the battle……………… we wait until we fall down….too full of toxic materials to move….too lazy because of lack of clean air…..loved ones dead due to rare cancers…what’s it going to take …enough is enough…let’s organize a March and put a final end to this insanity…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, legal announcements coming soon. Remember, it is not the final outcome that matters, it is the initial credible filings that will gain the desperately needed exposure for this issue. Lets all press on in this critical battle.

    • Anthony says:

      Couldn't have said it any better … "All we have to fear, is fear itself" … It is time for legal and physical action … And the trolls who are watching this site ….watch closely because your time is coming …. 

    • penny says:

      Excuse me if I'm displaying a lack of common sense here, but I don't see a march as incompatible with legal action.  Anyone could organize it; we are all needed and all our efforts count!  Except that, not being in the US, I can't be of much help…

    • Dennie says:

      The above posting being in reference to the Megalomaniac's insistence that they OWN the sun– imagine that– it's just a short step now before the A$$holes try to tell us that they own the universe, and all the rest of whatever else there is– sick, rapacious "hungry ghosts!"  THEY should be the ones whose disgusting physical manifestations need swing from cranes for public viewing.

  12. Wayne says:

    Well another day goes by with incredible heavy spraying, the heaviest I’ve ever witnessed. The fake clouds span the entire sky as they’re clearly microwaved from some distant HARP station. Insane, Insane, insane.

    No public official returns emails, city council continues to function as if nothing has changed, the media gives it no coverage, it’s as if the constant heavy spraying as already fogged the public’s mind beyond reason.

    We don’t have any time left for legal action, we need to organize a march on the white House and literality throw all the psycho paths out of office.

    I stopped hiking my dog every evening because the toxic fallout is like snow flurries 24/7, I’m considering purchasing a chemical protection mask from Home Depot, so I can continue to hike.

    My eyes are watering constantly, my throat burns nonstop, my ears ring so loud I can sleep without medication. Simple put the American public is not waking up quick enough.

    Dane, please tell me why we’re waiting for “critical mass”?  I believe as many other participants on this site critical mass may never happen…what is the harm of organizing a march? Thanks

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Critical mass is beginning to happen Wayne, and reaching this point is absolutely nessesary for us to prevail. Once we have this issue completely out in the open, the rest of the wheels will turn on their own.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Dane, could you send an email to every person who has ever visited this site?  If so, I believe we could overwhelm D.C. with literally 10 million really pissed off people. The spraying would stop.

      Wayne, I will attend the march on D.C. Set a date and make it soon, time is running out. Never, ever give up!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, there is no method to send out a blanket communication to site visitors (there is no registration for visiting and accessing, we must carry the ball forward by other means. My thanks to you and all activists/individuals that are trying to do exactly that.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Wayne,  Any mask will help. But if you are seriously concerned, get a P100 at the very least, and one that is electrostatically charged (for some metal nanoparticles).

      BTW…your dog is breathing the same air.  Good luck.  Larry

  13. Marc says:

    Adding aerosol trails digitally into old movies for public psy-op, feeding rivers of disinformation through carefully selected platforms such as scientific journals, internet MSM, YouTube videos, lies in Wikipedia, NASA lies and disinfo designed for our children re: cloud types, and "chemtrail" counting contests, chemically ice-nucleated snowstorms emblazoned on sicko-corporate owned weather channels to perpetuate ignorance, spraying the populace with bio-weapons and psycho-active substances to perpetuate ignorance, international conferences to address global warming involving two hundred nations but WITHOUT open acknowledgement that the geoengineering many of these countries have been strong-armed into has itself been contributing and aggravating this dreaded warming for decades, gagging of federal employees working within atmospheric sciences agencies to silence any whistleblowers that might compromise the BIG LIE, internet trolls drawing paychecks from three-letter agencies to sow confusion and lies and untruths across countless social media forums and relevant internet sites, military weather warfare at the behest of jack-off bankers and their corporate blowholes to conquer ever more of the planet's resources for their own enrichment even as they themselves fill with metallic aerosol nanoparticles, Bohemian Grover's, and Luciferians and Jesuits and their Bankers whose ignorance is rooted in believing their wealth is their consummate validation, as well the swineherd on Wall Street and in all international markets whose rapacious tunnel-vision knows nothing of value or meaning beyond it's own pie-hole of unstoppable acquisition, as if the sanctity of species diversity or beautiful western blue skies and flat-bottomed cumulus clouds are something so foreign, so extinct, and so irrelevant as to command not the slightest attention or concern; a MILITARY, whose reason for being has long since ceased being to safeguard "national security", if it ever was. And so on. Where do we go from here? Just some thoughts.

    • Anthony says:

      You have a talent for telling it like it is …. Saving this one to pass along ….  Maybe we all just throw our hands up and get on the opiate band wagon of self destruction … Seems hopeless … But of course we won't give in or give up… It's not coded in our DNA …. Yet …. Peace, struggle, and hope …   

  14. Dave says:

    All day long SRM/SAG in west Michigan. Seems like a growing contingent of people from my home state are becoming aware from the amount of postings. The suggestion of a march on Washington would yield a "have to respond" if enough people attended. I remember the effect during the Vietnam years. We certainly could fill a couple of busses.Dane, any thoughts about this, and as always great thanks for your tireless efforts!


  15. Top story on MSN today  US military needs more to defeat ISIS. More what? As Dane has quoted on his weekly broadcast the US military could wipe out ISIS with ease. They are not going to defeat an entity our government created in the first place. I wish the rest of the masses would wake up.

  16. Mike says:

    I know that question was off subject but I was just curious.

  17. Mike says:

    Dane,,,,,,,At the risk of asking a possibly stupid question,which I was always told that there is no stupid question!!!. In a hypothetical scenario,,if all geoengineering were to be halted,,,,,and if efforts at the same scale to deploy high altitude Tesla coils were somehow undertaken,,,,,could it be possible that over time,,,,,,that they could serve to regenerate any of our lost and damaged ozone?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, you are correct, there are no “stupid” questions, yours is very valid. About the ozone layer, it would regenerate on its own if the geoengineering assault were brought to a halt. As for the rest of the planet’s life support systems, the damage is complex and will at best last for time frames far greater than what most yet imagine or realize. This being said, we may yet be able to salvage the planet’s ability to support life, this is worth fighting for with every bit of energy and effort we can muster.

  18. BaneB says:

    War in the heavens:  one might guess that the heavens above extend from the highest mountain peaks through all the upper layers if our debased atmosphere, out into the solar system, and beyond into infinity. This concept seems to be where mythical heaven is located.  The area is certainly inconceivably vast.  Indeed, it is so vast that according to Einstein, and others, if you take a seeming straight line and proceed to go "straight" out into infinity, the line or traveller will come back upon itself, not entirely unlike a boomerang effect.  Oddly, and this is a guess, as I understand it, if the traveller returns upon herself, then it matters not into which direction on the spectrum one departs.  The result would be the same.  The electronic warfare scenario is likely more than just isolated regions and being conducted on unwitting and unwilling populations here in Babylon.  Everywhere on the globe we observe clouds having the appearance of being impacted by high frequency radio waves.  Can this extensive zapping of high altitude clouds and others, be the result of one techno savvy nation?  Given the state if global weather, and the metalicizing of the atmospher with these copious aerosols, that what we are witnessing is nothing short of global warfare by way of electronic atmospheric battles……for control of the earths weather systems, treaties be damned.  In sum, we are the collateral damage.   And as a play on words, in this scenario of the travelers lament, macro is over there in an atomic pile, whilst we are micro'd.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      EXCELLENT POINTS!! Why don't we put them to "The Donald" and the "Clintons?"  Oh, sorry, Trump believes in the 9/11 story and Clinton has already experienced the White House. As long as people can eat and watch t.v. then all's well and it's another day in paradise; It is soo frustrating.

  19. The happiest most fun, hope & heart filled video ever!
    Watch to the end for … and bring your beautiful children!

    Glosoli by Sigur Ros [Glowing Sun]

    • stephan says:

      Susan – NICE – thank you 🙂

    • Dennie says:

      From the lugubrious, chill, tidal volcanic landscape with a munching-marching pulse of a soundtrack accompanying a hike over volcanic landscapes to sleep en masse in the arctic half-light, to the miraculous flight of the too-well-fed-to-be rag-tag army of children in yellow skies over open ocean, I totally did not "get it," whatever "it" is, and I'm pretty perceptive.  The whole thing looked like one big giant commercial for– what? Freedom– must be!  As in the freedom to jump off a cliff into the sea and somehow be ecstatically happy with the result? I live about 30 miles north of those very cliffs in Pacifica seen at the top of this edition of geoengineeringwatch.  No one in their right mind would think of jumping off those cliffs, and a number have lost their lives when attempting hang gliding from this popular spot. 

    • Marc says:

      Susan Ferguson………..poetry in motion. Thank you.

    • Dennie — my respected friend, the images are a beautiful metaphor. Dane’s pure heart and childlike faith inspires us to go on in the face of the increasing insanity, no matter what. We all seek that purity of Heart natural in a child. In the sacred Sanskrit, our Source is sought in the Heart within us all, which simultaneously is infinite space. Those with the heart of a child can rise above the dark hard & cold … A man is what he or she believes, our faith is our very being. “… become as little children.”  / Matthew 18:3

  20. Wayne says:

    I still suggest that we march on Washington, D.C. with almost 21 million hits I’m sure we can organize at a minimum, 1 million supporters to attend, the government nor the news media couldn’t ignore such an event, talk about getting mass public awareness and exposure.

    Palm Springs was absolutely ridiculous today the sky was a total whitewash, so many jets I lost count then at sunset the entire horizon was bright pink as they continued to fly, got home, walked the dog no stars just jet traffic nonstop at low altitude…….

    Really….. how long can we wait?????

    • Mike looking up says:


    • pharmer says:

      Marching on Washington DC is the only way to stop this insanity, which is likely coordinated from the Pentagon.  Concerned citizens previously surrounded it with over 100,000 people, which helped stop the war in Vietnam.  We can do it again, perhaps with far more people this time. We can't wait much longer!!!

    • Al C says:

      AGREED ALSO……………..I'm there if we can get this going.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I think there should be a very large public geoengineering awareness event WEEK including a huge march on Washington, in springtime, going on repeatedly until we wake enough of the comatose and get the attention of the preoccupied perpetrators whilst hanging high banners listing their names in very large type.  How much longer CAN we wait??  Nothin' but toxic rain falling here in Northern California.  You can taste the metal crap.  I'm really tired of having to breathe this sh*t, 24/7/365 and NEVER get so much as a break.  I would rather meet the sasquatch.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Can you imagine just how much pollution is in that snow? How much of the chemicals and pollutants are sprayed in the atmosphere every day? It is almost unbelievable the costs of this operation to the governments of this world to make this happen. What kind of scientific community do we have in this world?

    • I notice the chemical smell in the fake snow every time. Even my lady friend noticed it the other morning, she usually doesn't pay attention to things like that. We have had so much of this fake crap and toxic rain this winter. All my evergreens are turning brown like they have been burned, I'm sure they will all be dead by spring.

  21. renate says:

    Hi Dane Found this. "Dr. Matthew Watson from Bristol University in the UK told the media recently that he’s “terrified” by many of the geoengineering projects currently in the works to thwart man-made climate change, a phenomenon being hawked as an excuse for weather modification programs by many in mainstream science as a ‘threat to humanity."

  22. SD says:

    The Cal Tech study which concluded "Climate change does not cause extreme winters" is very important.  All of the experts out there who have been looking at our recent "wild weather" stories and correlating them to climate change are WRONG.

    The Geoengineering Response has been the primary cause of 100 year floods, blizzards, tornadoes, etc.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Geoengineering IS the man-made climate change everyone is talking about. The problem is that our scientific community blames it all on CO2, just the excuse that the governments want them to use. After all, don't the governments fund most of these scientists?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, though you are correct to critisize the climate science communities sole focus on Co2 (completely ignoring the climate engineering assault), it is still important not to underestimate the damage that has been done by the massive amount of Co2 building up in the atmosphere. The equation we face is complex, this being said, we should all continue to focus on the primary goal of exposing and halting the geoengineering insanity.

  23. Sebastiaan says:

    Would like to keep u guys informed on the situation in Europe at the moment. i'm a ski teacher in the alps in Austria, and i sail boats in Netherlands. Since i'm always outside the only thing that concerns me is the weather. i check weather maps, weather radars, and global sites like everyday.

    So what i noticed, The climate engineers have been creating a "ridiculously resilient ridge" from the south coast of Portugal up to the coast of Norway, about 3000 km in length. This has been going on since end November 2015. It's a perfect repeat of the previous ridge created of the coast of California, where they alterd the moisture flow over Alaska and changed the prevailing winds from west to north over the west coast. 

    The climate engineers are Overcooling the alps with engineered cool downs record snowfall (1,5m in 2 days). By doing with the alps in Europe, like they did with the Rocky mountains in USA, they are maintaining this resilient ridge. Sending cold air to the arctic along the coast of Norway. Off course since this is only an "experiment" they nasty side effect is that the ice melting in Greenland is now at a record high, and storms destroying ice cover.

    My fear is that in a few years the alps will have little of it's snow cover left and the resulting economy collapse. because the engineered cold events go alongside record heat days like we had 2 days ago where the temperature shot up to 18 C.

    Stay informed, keep informing people

    • Dennie says:

      Sebastian:  Thanks for reporting on the European scene.  We're certainly MORE than just sick of the "ridiculously resilient ridge" of perpetual pressure off the coast of California, where I live. 

  24. Mike p says:

    after 25 years living in Los Angeles I moved back home to Michigan,The snow does not seem the same as it was when I lived here before.The dog I brought from California sneezes every time it leaves the house since the snow has fallen.Like an allergy one would have.There is something in the snow here that is toxic.The trees look very unhealthy compared to when I grew up here.Bark peeling off,many dead branches and limbs everywhere.Each time the sun does shine,which is not much,all I see is planes laying line after line of chemicals until it blocks the sun.I thought the people I thought California was clueless about SRM or Chemicals being sprayed in the air.Here they just look at me like I am from another planet and snicker when I speak of global warming,chemically nucleated ice and snow storms.Even the ice boulders that have appeared in Lake Michigan in the past years have gotten no reaction from the locals I have spoken too.When will people wake up and smell the coffee?Long story short,It is everywhere,they are killing the planet and its people everywhere.Most sheeple will follow the Shepard right off the cliff??

    • Mike looking up says:

      Mike p.  Not all of us in Michigan, just the majority……………..

    • Earth Angel says:

      Unfortunately, the fools will take the rest of us 'off the cliff' with them. Can you believe there are people still living in those apt. buildings falling off the cliffs in Pacifica, Ca.?? I thought they were abandoned until they zoomed in and for all the world I thought I saw people still moving around in them- the whole thing could just collapse into the sea at anytime- Unbelievable!

  25. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    I'll try to minimize the technical jargon in this post, but feedback systems in EE have been a big part of my work over the past few decades, and I see some serious stuff going on here with regard to the abrupt climate change issue.  In EE, we use "transfer functions" to describe how a system operates on an input to produce an output.  Everything in nature has a transfer function.  One of my buddies made a comical remark once when we were out golfing many years ago that even a small stand of trees on the golf course has a transfer function — hit the ball into the trees and it will come out according to the transfer function.  Anyway, the biosphere systems have many extremely complex transfer functions, which I make no claim to understand.  The inputs to these systems are what we put in — anthropogenic heat, particulates from normal air pollution sources as well as SRM, etc…, CO2, and so on.  The outputs are ocean temperatures in various places, air temperatures in various places, sea level at various places, arctic sea ice, etc…  Graphs of every output that I have seen have been growing according to an exponential function which can be expressed as A*exp(at), where t is time and A and a are positive constants.

    The transfer functions are ratios of polynomials, and the polynomials in the denominator determine the behavior of the system.  The roots of these polynomials are called "poles," and these are the major focus of stability studies in EE.  Anyway, these poles are plotted in a plane, and if they fall in the left half plane, the system output has an exponentially decaying behavior and is considered stable.  If they fall in the right half plane, the system output has an exponentially increasing behavior, which is extremely undesirable, and yes, unstable.  Positive feedback loops can give you poles in the right half plane.  I have to draw a parallel here between the biosphere systems and electrical systems — they are both natural systems, and basically follow the same rules.  You don't want your poles in the right half plane — ever.

    Dane's excellent coverage of all of the exponentially increasing phenomena (including the autism rate!) and positive feedback loops make it very clear to my EE understanding that the biosphere systems have their poles in the right half plane.  The problem with the associated exponential growth is that once you pass the "knee" of the exponential curve, stuff happens very quickly, or abruptly.  This doesn't look good, folks.

    There are a number of simple electrical parallels to the climate systems, but one of the most revealing is thermal runaway in resistors that have a negative temperature coefficient.  As they heat up, their resistance decreases, causing them to draw more current, causing them to heat up more, causing them to draw more current, and so on.  This thermal runaway can destroy a resistor in the blink of an eye.  I can't help but see the parallels with arctic methane release, the 50 gigaton methane "burp" that could happen any time, and all of the other positive feedback loops that have been brought up here.  I don't want to be overly pessimistic, just honest and realistic.  Things certainly could happen very abruptly.

    Sorry for the technical jargon, but I hope it made some sort of sense.


    • 57 Les Paul Custom — Thank you for the technical jargon! Keep it coming. The better we understand the technical side of these operations, the more effective we can be. Please.
      * Can you describe the difference between an Ionosonde and these ‘portable’ RF/microwave emitters they are using in EW here on the Olympic Peninsula for jamming, etc.. Some have said there are 100 of them here now, which can’t be good for the health of the elderly & children here. And since they are said to be portable, what is their energy source? If electricity, does that mean they have their own perhaps noisy generators in the vehicles said to be disguised as campers, or are they running off the vehicle engine?
      * Interesting what you have said about “the biosphere having very complex transfer systems.” The Ionosphere appears to be a cacophony of complex polarized particle plasma. Amazing they would blast it. Are you concluding from this “Graphs of every output that I have seen have been growing according to an exponential function which can be expressed as A*exp(at), where t is time and A and a are positive constants.” that what they are doing is increasing the intensity, the electrification (my term) of the biosphere? Is this understanding correct?
      * Why are the roots of the polynomials called “poles”? Like electric polarities?
      * “An unstable behavior that is exponentially increasing is considered undesirable.” I thought they liked unstable in the Ionosphere, because it reacted to their inputs and they could play with it. Are you saying that they have unwittingly driven these “poles” into the ‘right half plane’ which has, as you say, exponentially increasing undesirable behavior — and thus have put us all at risk for an abrupt unknown.
      Thank you again for the technical jargon.

    • IONOSONDE STATIONS: Ionograms are recorded tracings of reflected high frequency radio pulses generated by an ionosonde. Unique relationships exist between the sounding frequency and the ionization densities which can reflect it. As the sounder sweeps from lower to higher frequencies, the signal rises above the noise of commercial radio sources and records the return signal reflected from the different layers of the ionosphere. These echoes form characteristic patterns of "traces" that comprise the ionogram. Radio pulses travel more slowly within the ionosphere than in free space… [Oct. 2015]

    • Control Systems/Poles and Zeros
      Poles and Zeros of a transfer function are the frequencies for which the value of the denominator and numerator of transfer function becomes zero respectively. The values of the poles and the zeros of a system determine whether the system is stable, and how well the system performs. Control systems, in the most simple sense, can be designed simply by assigning specific values to the poles and zeros of the system.
      Physically realizable control systems must have a number of poles greater than or equal to the number of zeros. Systems that satisfy this relationship are called proper. We will elaborate on this below. …
      Effects of Poles and Zeros
      As s approaches a zero, the numerator of the transfer function (and therefore the transfer function itself) approaches the value 0. When s approaches a pole, the denominator of the transfer function approaches zero, and the value of the transfer function approaches infinity. An output value of infinity should raise an alarm bell for people who are familiar with BIBO stability. [A system is defined to be BIBO Stable if every bounded input to the system results in a bounded output over the time interval . This must hold for all initial times …. So long as we don't input infinity to our system, we won't get infinity output.] As we have seen above, the locations of the poles, and the values of the real and imaginary parts of the pole determine the response of the system. Real parts correspond to exponentials, and imaginary parts correspond to sinusoidal values. Addition of poles to the transfer function has the effect of pulling the root locus to the right, making the system less stable. Addition of zeros to the transfer function has the effect of pulling the root locus to the left, making the system more stable.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful responses, Susan.  The important takeaway is the fact that even well-designed intentional feedback loops can easily go unstable if care is not taken to prevent instability.  The stuff going on in the climate is totally uncontrolled — they don't have a clue about what they are messing with.  I'm certain that nobody has done any competent modeling of all of the complex mechanisms present in the "dynamics" of the systems that produce the weather.  Even after several decades, modeling something as "simple" as electronic systems is still far from perfect — forget about something like the weather covering the entire planet.

      Exponential growth is the problem.  Unless something is done to stabilize an unstable system, exponential growth will continue until some natural limit stops it.  Just about all of the curves I've seen w/regard to geoengineering show exponential growth in something.  One non-geoengineering phenomenon that shows classic exponential growth is the autism rate.  I was following this well before the MIT professor came out with her prediction of 1/2 within a decade.  I completely agree.  She did a lot of research into potential causes, but simply fitting the data to an exponential curve would predict something similar.  Clearly, the rate cannot exceed 1/1, so some natural limit will ultimately kick in and slow the rate.  I found a young guy on YouTube that was mocking her, her research, and predictions.  I noticed that all of the comments agreed with the owner of the YouTube channel.  I posted a comment in support of the MIT researcher, and it was removed immediately.  The channel owner had a bachelors in chemistry and a few years experience, and he's there mocking a seasoned MIT professor.  Granted, her specialty is computer science and AI, but one thing you learn is grad school is how to do research.  I'm sure she did her homework….  It's just another example of how reasonable people, honestly searching for and defending the truth, are marginalized and mocked by people who don't know what they're talking about.  I commend Dane for standing up for the truth in spite of those who ignorantly speak against him.

      Systems need feedback and energy input to go unstable.  A couple of simple examples of non-feedback stable systems are a bouncing ball and a mass bouncing on a spring.  These systems exhibit oscillatory behavior with exponentially decreasing amplitude.  The height of each bounce is smaller than the previous one, and decays over time.  A good example of unstable oscillatory behavior is the destruction of the Tacoma Narrows bridge.  The bridge acted like a simple mass-spring system, but the wind provided energy input, and caused the amplitude of the oscillations to grow until the bridge destroyed itself.  There's a famous video of that event that is widely available.

      The positive feedback systems that Dane brings up are really serious.  Methane release causing warming that causes further methane release, the loss of albedo as arctic ice melts, causing further melting, and all of the other positive feedback loops are unstable.  The speed at which the exponential y = A*exp(at)  increases in amplitude depends on the coefficient a.  How many researchers have modeled this?  It's likely that these systems are not linear in and of themselves, either, meaning that A and a are not constants, and are time-variant as well.  With the methane release, for example, if the giant "methane burp" happens and opens up a huge crater, or many smaller craters occur, the system dynamics will completely change — for the worse.  It's an extremely complex problem, and believe me, nobody has a clue about these things — they can't.  They just go about their business with this huge uncontrolled experiment, and if things go awry, well, gee, sorry 'bout that, folks.

      As a side note, early in my career I worked on the very beginnings of the NEXRAD weather radar.  Back then it was a really cool doppler radar that was being designed to detect wind shear at airports.  This was needed since wind shear can cause major problems for landings and takeoffs.  I have no idea what this has evolved into now, many years later.


  26. Porter Ranch CA: They may have “entirely lost control of entire field” involved in LA gas disaster, and it’s coming up everywhere… We learned there’s many other leaks -Attorney — Officials: Loud sound of gas escaping heard half mile away… It’s a “mini-Chernobyl” — AP: Leak “out of control” — TV: Amount released “seriously underestimated”

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Washington D.C. writes over $1.25 million in Winterstorm Jonas Parking Tickets!. If snow accumulation is over 2 inches, vehicle's need to be moved off the streets for emergency snow removal! This is just another method of collecting money from the helpless citizens, in a desperate time of need. You mean to tell me, there was no grace period of extension, given the extreme circumstances from the blizzard. Funds collected to be given for GeoEngineering & other criminal programs. This all really upsets me!

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      You are right to be upset.  It's our police state doing one of the things it does best — screwing the motorist (as the late, great Jerry Williams of WRKO radio used to say)

  27. Ron lech says:

    LETS YELL HELLO to the Stupid politicians and all those traitors are you still blind after this daily news and alerts coming out from Dane and others die hearts for truth weekly your family's will suffer your not exempt attack all so start speaking out start standing up Gods watching 

    • Larry Charles says:

      Ron,   RE:   "God is watching".

      Yes…we are watching.  And if "we" don't take care of this, you can bet it won't get taken care of.   Larry

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Larry,   RE:   "God is watching"

       Downplaying peoples faith won't get it done either. I work hard everyday "exposing the darkness to the light." I am doing what he told me to do. We will take care of this, with "his" love.  We are not Gods and neither are THEY.   Steve

    • Dennie says:


      2.) YOU have a "right place;" for some of us, that is NOT Earth;

      3.) Don't like it here?  LEAVE!!!  Either get your ass on the table and work to FIX this mess, or go with Hawking, Gates, and Sir Richard Branson to live on Mars where you can always grow potatoes, I'm sure.

      4.) WHERE is "GOD?"  I DO NOT SEE HIM ON THE PLAYING FIELD, not nearly enough, NOT YET; maybe we'd better open to Him and volunteer to do His work?  There are many here that do. And no, guns won't solve the problem, or rioting in the streets.

      5.) Believing that a "God" is going to swoop down on a cloud of glory to fix everything for us here, no effort required, is to believe in a useless Adult Fairy Tale that just keeps us away from our true responsibilities. 

    • BaneB says:

      Because we did not create ourselves, perhaps a Creator of life is in this mix.  We have yet to create a single living cell from any collection of a brew from scratch.  The problem is not in the brew.  The spirit required to annimate the novel cell can't be produced.  That comes from a "realm" into which we are not privey…thankfully.  Science is left mocking  the natural creation and creates dead things that must be plugged into a wall socket to be annimated.  My take on the notion of God (creator) is we really don't know where we are in the scheme of the universe (if there is a scheme) and might have nothing to lose and everything to gain by acknowledging credit to a natural universal living spirit intelligence that obviously (from my personal cosmology) cobbled life together long before we humans were set loose to wreck it.  I see everything to gain by at least acknowledging a superior intelligence simply by our observations about what a miracle this world really is.  If it created the eye, the ear, and the brain, then who are we to deny that God is watching?  What is the sixth sense?  And where is the fourth dimension?

    • Dennie says:

      1.) None of us created ourselves.

      2.) Whatever is responsible for this creation is vastly intelligent waaaay beyond our frequency band of comprehension.

      3.) None of us can assume that kind of power– ever.

      4.) We are told that God is everywhere, but it seems He isn't present enough here now– why is that?? Is that a problem on the supply or the demand end???  What is OUR part in fixing that?

  28. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, 7am. Just heard on the mainstream news that South East Queensland is due for a super cell storm today. "The conditions are right for it." So, we have been prescribed a super cell storm. I'd like to tell the waiter to take that dish back to the kitchen and serve up something a little more honest.

    This city had major flooding in 2011 when our major dam, Wivenhoe (earth wall!), had been allowed to fill to over 200% after drought dropped levels to about 10%. At 100% it is full capacity for drinking supplies. After that it is flood mitigation as Brisbane mostly sits on a flood plain. The Brisbane River is a tidal river.

    The flood occurred as the engineers (or whomever) decided that they better release the flood mitigation water which then ironically caused a flood. My question is: Who allowed the dam to fill to near breaking point on an earth wall dam instead of conducting adequate releasing earlier?! Aerial photos at the time showed the water lapping at the top edge of the dam, an extremely scary sight since if it did break most of Brisbane would have been hit with a wall of water and many would have died. It is as if the possibility was being tempted.

  29. Sunshine says:

    In July of this year, our friends are camping with us in Pacifica.  I asked them if we should be worried.  They said " no…we are more inland".  I just wonder if the RV campground will still be there at the rate the cliffs are falling into the ocean.  We may very well have ocean view by that time.  

  30. Rob Wilkinson says:

    I live and work in the South of England, in the lee of a large hill. It provides a view for several miles into the distance and I'm able to see the daily changes in ground level haze. There has been a solid haze for almost every day during the course of the last seven months (when I started consciously noting it). Some days, it is incredibly heavy, and if I drive a hundred miles in any direction, it's the same – it's uniform. It isn't smog from heavy industry or cars, it certainly isn't pollen, and it isn't mist. It is there regardless of the weather.

    I think there is now a serious decline in the ability of people to perform their jobs competently. At work, a lot of the deliveries we receive are simply wrong, without there being a good explanation for it; items are omitted, miscounted, or a completely different item. If you phone or email to sort it out, there begins a confused sequence of errors. At home, we receive occasional deliveries of organic produce; last week, the order was duplicated so that we received twice as much food. This morning, the order was completely wrong. I picked up some clothing which had been ordered online: items missing. When I drive on the motorway (which is daily), I see so many people swerving wildly, darting into the tiniest gaps, showing terrible judgement. It's not their reactions, I think, that have deteriorated, but their decision-making. I'd like to be able to disprove the hypothesis that the air column is saturated with aluminium but I see only increasing evidence that it is indeed the case. 

    • AllyL says:

      Rob, I stay in the south of Glasgow and have been telling anyone who will listen that, for months now, whenever the 'weather' is at its worst, there are no clouds as such visible. There is always a light grey coloured haze that appears to be a uniform depth along its entire surface which stays in place for anything from minutes to several hours and does not move whether it is raining, snowing or blowing a gale. Once the haze dissipates, the clouds are revealed again and the weather improves. Blue skies seem to be a thing of the past and are quickly covered up by a concerted and very obvious spraying operation. What do people think up to 4 or 5 wide bodied jets are doing flying side by side ? Practising for an air show ? Air Traffic Control are being dangerously negligent in this regard because where I live is below one of the approaches to Glasgow Airport, which is only minutes flying time away.    

    • Ron Macaire says:

      My wife and I have noticed the same thing over the last few years. Up until recently we wondered why.

  31. Paul VK says:

    Dane, are you saying they know things are much worse and have to spray even more to hide it, my question is Dane what happens if they quite spraying today?Does it mean we will see temperatures rise over 10 degrees and we will be torched by the sun, what are you exactly saying?  Could you please elaborate, this is something i keep asking myself, how bad are things really, and what will we all see if they suddenly stop as far as the climate and weather.

    Thank You Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, your question refers to what is termed “double catastrophy scenario”, see the attached link.

  32. marc says:

    What really grinds my gears is that these idiots have been going full bore on SRM for how long now (?) and it's only lately become clear that increased cloud cover is exponentially increasing ice-melt in the Arctic and in Greenland. Really? How long have the geoengineers known that this would happen? Have they known this from the start? And if not, WHY NOT!!!??? THIS IS PRETTY SIMPLE SCIENCE!!! Makes me think this effect (increased melting) was intended. If true, we must all ask ourselves just exactly WTF is going on.

    • william says:

      In my opinion, I think the relentless diabolical communist a-holes know exactly what they're doing, so in other words, that this global meltdown is intentional. I think this because they exhibit signs of genius, everything the a-holes have done in the past couple hundred years has been thoroughly successful, so obviously from the results they're getting concerning this current geoengineering agenda, this agenda too is moving along as planned.

      The a-holes predicted global warming decades ago, this was no random lucky guesswork on their part, they warned and predicted it because they knew they would be intentionally causing it. Idiots are not capable of such decades long foresight, planning, and execution.

      I think the a-holes have an exit plan, their survival is guaranteed somehow, for if it hadn't been, they wouldn't be doing this geoengineering crap in the first place.

    • Marc says:

      And we have the likes of GENIUS Paul Beckwith making YouTube videos calling openly for geoengineering the Arctic with SRM (and CDR) because of his scholarly alarm at the what the GHG's and warming numbers are showing. Yet he's apparently not cognizant of studies indicating INCREASED MELTING DUE TO CLOUD COVER (SRM) ???? Genius!!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, you are exactly correct about Beckwith and the AMEG group. Their calls for geoengineering (as if it has not already been going on for some 70 years with cataclysmic consequences) reveals the willful blindness and total failure of the science community. 

    • Dennie says:

      Marc:  It's actually really, really simple– the "thinking" goes like this:  "If SOME geoengineering isn't doing The Job, then MORE WILL!!!"

  33. Ted Krupp says:

    I live in San Diego County, Calif. USA As the waters keep washing away the sand on the beaches. The residents (mostly wealthy) get the county to replenish sand on the coast. They set up dredges off shore and then pump sand onto the beaches. The next storm washes it away along with a little more sand and rock facings. This results in a large and costly process paid for by tax payers.

     The weather forecasters are calling the high surfs coastal high tides as though it is a normal weather event. These high tides are occurring daily, Not upon a Lunar phase tidal basis. But the residents do not want to face the inevitable.

  34. W. B. says:

    The entire system is designed to condition individuals to be absolutely oblivious to their surroundings.  Our sky is literally falling.  Thank you Dane for tackling head-on this paramount challenge to wake everyone up.

    You will be in the history books, if there remains anyone left to write them.

  35. Michael Rogers says:

    Today January 28, AGAIN I'm seeing the giant parallel rows of clouds not seen for years here on the central west coast of California. Most spraying is beeing done off shore so we don't see it but only the hazy overcast.

    IF the spraying is being only done to lower the earths temperature, then WHY is it still being done when it's COLD??:–I submit it's for military purposes!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, in regard to spraying when it already seems cold, it must be remembered that a major agenda for the climate engineers is to confuse the population in regard to the true state of the climate. Geoengineering is not about the common good, as you correctly stated, but there are many layers to this issue (all ultimately about power and control).

    • jodi says:


      We see planes everyday here in San Luis Obispo county, CA.  They are so low we can see some of them have red wings on them.  A regular jet flies so high we can't see them with the naked eye. My question is, do you know about how long it takes for that CRAP to hit the ground? And is wearing a mask if we have to go out in it going to help?  It seems like I see it and feel it a lot more lately.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jodi, according to a polymer chemist I have communicated with (now deceased), the decent times of the sprayed elements can be a matter hours depending on dispersion hight and other atmospheric conditions. There are materials that of course could decend much faster if that is the desired outcome.

  36. dave marsden says:

    Paul Beckwith posted this a few days ago– and at about 8min in, he gets to a map of the Jonas super storm moving across the eastern seaboard…  and what follows it. 

    You really have to see it to believe it.

  37. dawnski says:

    My Daily Nugget of Truth. . . Thank you Dane. I'm hoping I can help spread more seeds while there is time. I asked my boss if he was aware of the Bundy Ranch Shooting. We are in NC. He said he didn't have a clue. . .but he has lots of information about the Panthers going to the Stupor Bowl. And presidential suggestions. . . well fed by the media of course.

  38. It often occurs to me that the monopoly media ominous “threat” of WWIII is as good as the real thing to keep the corporate deals rolling along?
    * Iran Buys Airbus A380s, Seals Peugeot Deal at Paris Signing
    Jan. 28, 2016
    Iran placed an outline order 118 Airbus Group SE jetliners including 12 A380 superjumbos and secured an accord with PSA Peugeot Citroen for the modernization of a Tehran car plant as President Hassan Rouhani’s post-sanctions European shopping trip reached Paris. The aircraft to be bought from Toulouse-based Airbus are worth almost $27 billion at list prices, according to Bloomberg calculations. …Among other deals announced in the French capital, Aeroports de Paris and Bouygues SA will assist in the construction of a new terminal at Tehran’s main Imam Khomeini hub and Vinci SA signed an outline agreement to run and renovate airports at Mashhad and Ispahan.

  39. Astoundingly heinous, synaptically impossible, a malfunction of the soul that these terminally dysfunctional madmen can actually even think of 'owning' the Sun! The Global Corporate Regime is fueled by metaphysical morons, godless fools with no sense of the sacred. All demonic states of consciousness are inevitably inexorably leading them to the Abyss.
    * WHO OWNS the SUN?
    Warren Buffett controls Nevada’s legacy utility. Elon Musk is behind the solar company that’s upending the market.  /By Noah Buhayar | January 28, 2016

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