Climate Engineering And Weather Extremes Causing Societal Disruption and Mass Mortality


Climate engineering is weather warfare and biological warfare, these issues are all one in the same and cannot be separated. Climate engineering has been the power structure's primary weapon of choice for decades. Anthropogenic activity has inflicted immense and irreparable damage to the planet and climate system on countless fronts. The climate engineers are manipulating these systems as a means of power and control over populations. The geoengineers can create toxic cool-downs over large regions, at the expense of worsening the overall warming of the planet. The weather makers can also engineer protracted drought and extreme heat. One example is massive ionosphere heater induced high pressure zones like the "ridiculously resilient ridge" that is parked over the US West is literally frying the landscape and drying up all sources of water. Global climate engineering programs are ultimately about power and control, period. Even the El Niño phenomenon is not exempt from the climate engineers attempt to manipulate. The geoengineering weapon of mass destruction is being aggressively used against populations around the globe, including the US population. Every single day the geoengineers interfere with the climate, it inflicts even more damage to the climate system and the biosphere. China and Russia are also heavily involved in their own weather modification madness, it is a competitive race of total destruction. The newly published article below only scratches the surface of the ongoing climate carnage occurring around the globe.
Dane Wigington


Thousands Of People Killed By Extreme Weather So Far In 2015 As El Niño Arrives To Bring More Chaos

Source: The Independent

Thousands of people have been killed by extreme weather so far this year and now scientists fear a weather event will cause droughts, wildfires, flooding, landslides and food shortages.

Australian scientists have warned of a “substantial” El Nino effect that started in May. 

The phenomenon,which only happens every few years, is still in its early stages but has the potential to cause extreme weather around the world, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

El Nino is the name given to above-normal temperatures in the Pacific Ocean that have the potential to cause devastating conditions around the world.


Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and India are likely to face drought, whereas parts of South America and the US get face flooding and torrential rain.

It could create stronger typhoons in the Pacific, the BBC reported, but drive freezing winter weather in Europe like it did in 2012, which was the UK's coldest in decades and led to several deaths.

El Nino's effect on harvests around the world also has the potential to drive up food prices for basics like rice, coffee and sugar.

There are also fears that climate change is leading to more deadly heatwaves, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes around the world.

More than 1,200 people have died in Pakistan of heatstroke and dehydration as temperatures soared far above 40C and power cuts crippled Karachi over the past week.

India is currently recovering from the second deadliest heatwave in the country's history, which had killed 2,500 people by the start of this month.

india-heatwave2Deadly heatwave hits India

The Earth Sciences Minister, Harsh Vardhan, blamed the heatwave on climate change.

“Let us not fool ourselves that there is no connection between the unusual number of deaths from the ongoing heat wave and the certainty of another failed monsoon,” he said.

“It's not just an unusually hot summer, it is climate change.”

Deadly heatwave hits India

Deadly heatwave hits India

Scientists at Oxford University have started work on a scientific model they hope will enable them to establish or rule out links between climate change and extreme weather more quickly.

Scientists argued climate change contributed to last year's January floods in the UK She said global warming probably contributed to 2013’s record heat in Australia and last year’s flooding in the UK
Scientists argued climate change contributed to last year's January floods in the UK 

It typically takes about a year to determine whether human-induced global warming played a role in a drought, storm, torrential downpour or heatwave, allowing sceptics to dismiss the impact in the immediate aftermath of disasters.

“We want to clear up the huge amounts of confusion around how climate change is influencing the weather, in both directions,” Dr Friederike Otto, of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, told The Independent in October.

She said global warming probably contributed to 2013’s record heat in Australia and last year’s flooding in the UK.


A Pakistani resident helps a heatstroke victim at a market area during a heatwave in Karachi. More than 1,000 people have now been killed in Pakistan’s continuing heatwave as the deadly temperatures look set to continue
A Pakistani resident helps a heatstroke victim at a market area during a heatwave in Karachi. 

More than 1,200 people have now been killed in Pakistan’s heatwave as the deadly temperatures look set to continue.

Karachi, the county’s largest city, has also been hit by huge power cuts leaving more than 20 million people struggling to cool their homes.

Officials said about 40,000 people have suffered heatstroke since Saturday and the number was expected to rise.

It is the worst heatwave in Karachi for more than 35 years, seeing morgues run out of space for bodies and emergency clinics set up in the streets.

People are being urged to look out for the signs of heat exhaustion, which can develop into potentially deadly heatstroke that causes the body to shut down as its temperature rises beyond safe levels.

The deaths in Pakistan come after last month’s heatwave in India, which had killed 2,500 people by the start of June.

Several areas in South America, the Caribbean, the US, Asia and Africa are also suffering droughts related to unusually high temperatures and a lack of rain.


A woman walks in the flood waters in southwest Houston More than 400 people are believed to have died in flooding so far this year
A woman walks in the flood waters in southwest Houston 

More than 400 people are believed to have died in flooding so far this year.

In January, the Southeast Africa Floods, which were partly caused by a tropical storm, killed at least 176 people in Malawi, 86 in Mozambique and 46 in Madagascar in just a week.

More than 250,000 people were forced to leave their homes, the United Nations said, and hundreds more people were missing.

Later that month a teenage girl died in Malaysia after floods hit parts of Sarawak and Sabah.

Another deluge hit Tanzania in March, killing 38 people and wounding dozens more.

Devastating floods in northern Chile left at least 25 people dead in the same month and officials feared that number would rise with 125 people still missing in April. More than 30,000 people were affected.

A huge storm front that moved through Texas and Oklahoma at the end of May triggered record-breaking rainfall and spawned several tornadoes.

The deaths of 27 people were attributed to flooding in Texas, four in Oklahoma and 11 people were missing.

The remains of a petrol station that exploded during flooding in Accra, Ghana
The remains of a petrol station that exploded during flooding in Accra, Ghana

Then at the start of this month, Accra, the largest city in Ghana, was hit by days of downpours that flooded markets and trapped workers.

At least 25 people were reported to have died as a direct result of the flooding but it caused a huge explosion at a petrol station that killed 200 more.

Last week, torrential rain turned the river running through the Georgian capital of Tbilisi and killed 19 people. Another man was also mauled to death by a tiger that escaped the city’s zoo when its enclosure was destroyed.

Flash floods brought the Black Sea resort of Sochi to a standstill today, halting trains and leaving cars half-submerged in the city where Russia staged the Winter Olympics.

There have not yet been any reports of casualties.


Tornadoes have destroyed homes and reportedly sunk a ship in China Almost 500 people are estimated to have been killed by tornadoes so far this year, mostly in China
Tornadoes have destroyed homes and reportedly sunk a ship in China 

Almost 500 people are estimated to have been killed by tornadoes so far this year, mostly in China.

A half-mile wide F1 twister that passed over the Yangtze River on 1 June reportedly caused a cruise ship to capsize and sink, killing more than 440 out of 454 people on board.

Other deadly tornadoes struck in Mexico, Burma, Brazil and the US.

An outbreak that hit Texas, Oklahoma and Mexico between 24 and 26 May killed 15 people, mostly in Mexico, and the storm front also unleashed deadly floods.

Tornadoes form all over the world, including in the UK, but are usually most destructive in the US, parts of India and Bangladesh.

Cyclones and hurricanes

The eye of Super Typhoon Maysak as photographed from the International Space Station (ISS) in March Fewer than 100 deaths have been recorded due to hurricanes and cyclones this year, but the toll is feared to rise as the storm season starts in the Atlantic
The eye of Super Typhoon Maysak as photographed from the International Space Station (ISS) in March 

Fewer than 100 deaths have been recorded due to hurricanes and cyclones this year, but the toll is feared to rise as the storm season starts in the Atlantic.

Pacific typhoons, which started forming in January, have so far killed an estimated 25 people in four separate storms that struck the Philippines, Carline Islands, Marshall Islands, Mariana Islands, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, China, Laos and Thailand.

The “monster” cyclone that hammered a tiny South Pacific archipelago in March was caused by climate change, it was claimed.

At least 60 deaths were also attributed to two storms this month that struck Odisha, Gujarat and Maharashtra during the North Indian Ocean cyclone season.

One person died in Mexico during Hurricane Carlos earlier this month, when they were reportedly hit by a falling piece of metal during high winds.

It was unclear whether deaths attributed to the storms were caused by wind, debris, floods or other factors.

The Atlantic hurricane system started at the beginning of this month and has not yet spawned any severe storms, which are expected until the end of November.

This article does not attempt to account for all deaths caused by extreme weather and has not included related disasters including landslides, droughts and wildfires.

Source: The Independent

24 Responses to Climate Engineering And Weather Extremes Causing Societal Disruption and Mass Mortality

  1. Edward Carberry says:

    Sorry you guys south of the boarder.Being a Canadian, Dean perhaps if some of us might like to be in touch with other Canadians   through you? You might pass back details for emailing? I am in BC and I hate to see these planes flying overhead dumping that stuff  out! They had the nerve Saturday at 15:00 app to fly and do there chemtrailing! That stuff really looks like rain clouds on the satellite pictures. That  was two Saturdays in a row now, but who is counting???  I can't put much on Yahoo for they remove anything with Geoengineering on it.hehehe as the kids do.  Have to figure a way to get the Sheepale to wake up and see what is going on above their heads! Dane keep up the work please,  

  2. Ms. Taylor says:


    What's your expert take on last night's (July 4) lightening during and just after the sunset in northern California? I live northeast of Mt. Shasta off of Hwy 97.  We witnessed the thunder and lightening coming from above very scattered and thin layers of clouds – I could see the sky above some of the clouds. In the area closer to Mt. Shasta the clouds were thicker and darker.  

    I live on a hilltop, so I could walk around my house  to view strikes happening from all directions.  On one side of the house I could see large tree-like branch strikes reaching across the sky, while my friend on the other side of the house could see a huge strobe light kind of glow from that event.  It wasn't like anything I've seen out here in the past 20 years.  

    Yesterday in the early morning there were two very distinct, puffy and long chemtrais in the early morning – both os them were both on the same trajectory about an hour apart.  Wasn't able to observe the skies all day long, so I most likely missed more action in the afternoon and early evening.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ms. Taylor, I made it a point to observe what unfolded last evening from a vantige point on a mountaintop. Heavy aerosolization took place (from the geoengineers) which broke the moisture up before it could migrate further to the west. Thought the aerosol spraying greatly interfears with convection, it also increases atmospheric conductivity and static build up. The climate engineers leave nothing alone, nothing.

  3. nikki says:

    While he has many, this is one of Dane's best, most simplified articles – with direct info and links – to date.  We should all share information …no matter how many "conspiracy theorist" reactions we get… glazed faces…  rolling eyes… tin foil hat comments… because, as we all know, it's not a conspiracy, it's an emergency.

  4. keith whittington says:

    There was a time when the headline to this article would shock people, but not anymore. Societal disruption and mass mortality is standard procedure. Corporate media has conditioned the viewing masses to accept the malevolence as a price of freedom and security, and convinced them that it can't happen here.

    Boy, are they in for a big one!

    I wonder what they're gonna' do with all those flags.

  5. Zack says:

    It actually will not stop raining where i live. It has rained for over a month now just about everyday, and i just checked the weather forecast for the next month, and it's saying the first 15 days of July will be thunderstorms, the whole month of June was thunderstorms. Today i watched as golf ball sized hail destroyed what remains of my diseased garden, as i said before the days we actually get sun are always hazed out. Not a day goes by where we have true dark blue sky. I cant even find words to describe how i feel. This has to stop NOW!!!!!!!! I'm sick and tired of it i hope the people know that are helping to cover this up they will not be overlooked doesn't even matter the reason even if it is pure ignorance not a day goes by where we’re not watching

    • Joel says:

      Been going thru the same nonsense, including the hail today. From Eastern PA by any chance?

  6. maureen mccain says:

    Would like to have sample letter that I could copy and have other people sign. We have 3 parts to our government for checks and balances, why can't we use Supreme Court to bring class action to stop the illegal use of our tax money? If I had the power every congressperson and senator would have to report to work M-F for 8 hours until they tracked every cent of our tax money that is misappropriated!

  7. maureen mccain says:

    so how do we stop this illegal use of our tax money in the US? There has got to be a way! As you said "The house is burning" Let's get is done.

    • Tax money doesn't mean anything to THEM at all. It's just collected to keep us down and poor. THEY can print their own money … and laugh at us stupid little sheeps.

  8. Lakotah says:

    How much time do we have left? As far as what's being done by what? Geoengineering, Nuclear damage, HARRP, military experiments, our government? Pfffff. Obviously all of these things are out of our control. And with a country such as we live in,as divided as it is, as clueless as people are. It's over with as far as our country is concerned. We haven't had a true statesman in any office that truly cares what this country used to stand for,for quite some time. And the machine that runs it is gonna keep it that way. Why didn't the citizens in this country gather together after 911 or the Boston bombing when so many people lost their lives like the people in France came together after 2 Al Qaeda killed 16 people just this past January where 3.7 million people rallied together on the streets in protest to terrorism? So why didn't the American people rally together? Are they scared, complacent, divided, stupid, un-informed, pre-occupied? Oh,sure there were lot's of flowers and notes and sad people while our military attacked the supposed terrorist organization. That was about it. 

    As far as the rest of the experiments go, well, I venture to say in 5 years' time the poor health of the people will be at astronomical proportions. Between contaminated water, food, air, the cost of healthcare, things will be winding down pretty quick for some people. It's obvious to me with all due respect unless the entire country rallies together there will be no change. So in the next five years or sooner (more likely) you might start working on your bucket list.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lakota, how much time to we have left? We cannot know, but we should never ever underestimate the difference each and every one of us can make in regard to the overall outcome. There is no room for despair, no room for fear, we must all fight to raise awaremess with a tenacity of a mother protecting her threatened child. It is not over till its over, we can yet accomplish astounding good even in this late hour. NEVER GIVE UP.

    • maureen mccain says:

      We do have the power, especially with the "Web" Please read the "Animal Farm" by George Orwell"

    • anna says:

      These operations you mention, and more, are ALL psyops perpetrated by US/Western (Israel, UK) intel to keep people in line. Domestically, the FBI is involved. Boston bombing? Psyop. Fake blood seen at the scene of crime. Drill announced at the time of bomb. Patsy framed. Same with every attack in France (that's Netanyahoo's beat). Sandy Hook. Everyone, please see False Flag Weekly News on Youtube Thursdays with Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett and also see Sofia Smallstorm's presentation in Sandy Hook (Sandy Hoax). While they sometimes have a hard time separating wheat from chaff, the main evidence they present is indisputable.

      Al Qaeda (the database) is a CIA front. So is ISIS. So, obviously, while everyone is concerned about these hoaxes, not to mention Charleston and the obvious race-baiting false flagging going on here (hoax, hoax, hoax!), these attacks not only serve to keep populations distracted, scared and in line, they also enforce US-Israeli dictat with respect to states. (France has been bucking Russia sanctions, among other actions; endorsing Palestinian statehood, etc.). The s&*t is really hitting the fan now. Every attack is BS. London beheading? Watch Ole Dammergard's presentation on youtube. Paid actors in every one? Sandy Hook? No bodies ever carried out. First responders wondering where are they.

      So as Dane puts together the eco-sociopolitical, so must we see through the phony false flags. This is why the house burns. Also check out Metanoia Films' Counter Intelligence Doc on youtube in 5 parts. Great documentary. See the history, see the present.


    • Lakotah says:

      Dane, your tenacity is second to none. I feel we are such a very small percent of this Nation and very few want to listen. The few that do listen, most will forget as the next news event comes up. Like I said, this Nation is too divided. Add that along with the Moral breakdown of this society and we've got a real grave situation here. And this goes without mentioning tremendous debt and power structure.

      As far as the environment, there isn't enough regulation to stop man's destruction of it worldwide. It would take a miracle or an act of God to change any of it.

      Both my wife and I feel there's going to be a revelation of sorts in the near future. Like I said, we better start working on our bucket list.

      I have to say, your site is most enjoyable to read.

  9. Bob says:

    Yesterday in northern Vermont, the weather channel called for a "mostly cloudy" day, as opposed to the "partly cloudy" described forecast for the day before.  "Partly Cloudy" meant horsetail clouds from horizon to horizon, yet actual blue sky seen interspersed in between.  "Mostly Cloudy" observed to be a white sky.  LITERALLY. From horizon to horizon, a uniform white sky.  One could see the sun where it was in the sky because the layer of white apparently wasn't thick enough yet to make the rain that we are observing today.  White sky?  Come on people.  I never remember, when growing up, having a full day of white sky.  Also the day progressed, the sky became slightly darker, and one could no longer pinpoint the sun.  It was uniform, no breaks at all.  Never saw blue sky at all, let alone a clear sun.  It's my belief that this 'day' was the cover day for spraying, because no one could see past the low white layer.  And today as predicted, as manufactured, ridiculously, we have continuous rain.  Forecasted to be all day long and I believe it, to my dismay.

    They are paying attention to our awakening, and pulling out all their tricks to keep it covert.  Please all, continue to post irregularities, gross abnormalities, and we will continue to awaken the sleeping masses until WE,  and our anti-geoengineering movement, finally proves without a shadow of a doubt, that they and their programs are evil And destroying the Earth for most everybody.  Remember Eugenics, And it's movement, is very real.  There are many leaders in power that fully believe it's the right path for humanity.  They really do think they are doing humanity a good for all service.  They do.  And there in lies why they are psychopaths.  We, the actual 'good' people, outnumber them so greatly, that just knowing the truth, and spreading it where ever one can, is how we will end this insanity.  It is a Revelation, not a revolution, that is, and will, win.

    Thanks again Dane, for your heroic work.

  10. penny says:

    Not that anyone needs more bad news, but i just read that just a couple of weeks ago the Arctic lost, in one day, sea ice coverage over 320,000 square kilometers – an area the size of New Mexico.

  11. penny says:

    This weekend was the most beautiful i've seen in Trondheim since moving here 2 years ago.  Today there are fake clouds and a visible haze, but yesterday the sky was nearly a normal deep blue (normal for the natural world, that is).  Even at its clearest, however, it was evident that there were particulates in the air, from the fact that all the shadows were fuzzy.  If you are old enough, you will remember that on sunny days one's shadow was so crisply distinct that it could have been drawn by a fine-point pen on glossy paper. 

    Not any more.

    Who would ever have suspected that one day they would mourn the loss of a shadow?

  12. Karl Schreiber says:

    That's true the weather change can be noticed everywhere: For decades I know the Allgäu, an area in Bavaria, Germany, located close to the famous castle of Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein. I never saw something like this on site before:
    In early April, 2015, Cyclone Niklas eliminated a lot of healthy trees. I made a slide show of the damage in one location (of many others) during a holiday trip in May 2015.
    Sorry, the explanation in the video is in German in order to teach the local people a lesson and the information part would have gotten too long to present it also in English but all the friends in this battle reading this know what's going on and who/what is responsible for it. I just want to show you that even save areas get hit now. There is no escape on the surface of our planet. Maybe for this reason, the elites are busily constructing underground cities for themselves?

  13. Dear Dane, dear fighters against the crimes in our skies.
    The attached video is the result of Kate's and my cooperation against SRM. It's in English with German subtitles.
    Listen to the beautiful protest song and her great voice!!!
    All the people out there:
    I included the download link on my video channel and the mp3 is available with Geoengineeringwatch as well:

  14. Jonathan says:

    This explains the master plan. Get the documents she talks about in this video and let’s all manifest! She said we need a REVELATION, not a revolution! For it would bring about martial law, cause that’s just what they want, to have a reason to use their weapons on us. One thing I’m wondering, why isn’t Canada EVER or barely ever mentioned in all the crap going on? We all know Stephen Harper is an elite! I would like to think that we might not be hit as hard as the U.S.A in the world’s global domination. Don’t worry, I know, it’s not the case, we will all be controlled in the end. Chemtrails, smart meters, nano particles, bio warfare etc. Get informed, go search for the documents, post then everywhere, print yourselves a copy, distribute them, translate them in the language most spoken in your area, put them in public places, schools, shopping malls, bulletin boards, arenas, hell even profession sports arena/stadium/field. Everywhere! It’s time to rise and now! We don’t have time anymore! The doomsday clock had been moved to 11:57, I think we should keep in mind our own clock, 11:59! They can’t control 99% of I’d, no? Our can they. Like it is written in this article, if you come across someone like me, a conspiracy theorist, chances are in smarter than most and can teach you a few things.

  15. DebW says:

    that "super typhoon" is TOTALLY geoengineered…I don't care what anyone says anymore…we don't even have "normal" weather anymore, either…they have millions in fear because of what they are doing, but I am not one of those in fear because I have always been a fighter when it comes to this earth and all living things on it..

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