Climate Engineering Denial And Deception, Holding Mainstream Media Accountable


Dane Wigington

Should we consider it acceptable for mainstream media news anchors and their "chief meteorologists" to completely ignore and marginalize the legitimate and verifiable concerns of the public that they claim to represent? Should we just stand silently by while media and meteorological "professionals" (that the community depends on) willfully blackout critical issues (that relate directly to public health and welfare) without doing a shred of honest or legitimate investigation? The short answer is no, we cannot, we must not accept such a betrayal of the public's trust. In Northern California, KRCR is an ABC affiliate that covers the North State. The chain of short messages below are my attempt to hold the ABC news anchor for KRCR (and their chief meteorologist) accountable by simply asking them to address the public's concerns in a town hall setting. This effort has been ongoing. The ABC news anchor finally gives a very unprofessional and completely inadequate response. A 40 year veteran Aerospace Avionics Engineer then directly addresses the ABC news anchor with his own letter which fully supports the reality of global geoengineering and our efforts to expose the ongoing atmospheric aerosol crimes.

1st Request

Hello Mr. Kruger and Mr. Mangas, 
As I am sure you are aware, the rapidly growing public concerns over the issue of climate engineering continues to accelerate. As meteorological and media representatives for the North State (through KRCR), it is my hope that you will agree to accept this formal invitation to attend a locally staged public forum (in a town hall setting) in order to address the public's questions and concerns about what we see constantly occurring in our skies. The lingering expanding jet aircraft trails often haze out the entire skyline (which is the stated goal of "solar radiation management" programs). If (as the KRCR chief meteorologist) Mr. Kruger believes climate engineering is not in fact going on, the public would like to know on what facts and information such a conclusion is based. I, and many others, hope you will accept this sincere invitation to address our concerns as our local weather and media representatives. If so, we would coordinate a date, time, and location for the meeting that would be acceptable to your schedules. 
Dane Wigington

Verifiable facts sent for consideration:

Federal "gag order" on all NWS and NOAA employees

Links to numerous film footage clips of jet aircraft spraying

New Science Study Examines Methods To Gain Public Acceptance Of Climate Engineering

New Science Study Comes Closer To Disclosing The Catastrophic Health And Environmental Consequences Of Climate Engineering

Massive Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification

Historical presidential report documenting ongoing and expanding climate engineering programs

Extensive list of climate engineering patents

Solar radiation management governance initiative

2nd Request

Hello Mr. Kruger and Mr. Mangas, I hope you would be kind enough to issue a response to the request sent last week. As mentioned in the former message, public concerns about climate engineering are escalating rapidly, it would seem appropriate for the chief meteorologist that represents our region to at least be willing to address the public's concerns in a town hall setting.

Thank you for your consideration to this second request. 

Dane Wigington

3rd Request

Hello Mr. Kruger and Mr. Mangas, we are all still hoping you will be willing to answer questions from the public to address our concerns about what is happening in our skies. The photo attached was captured today from the NASA worldview site, what could cause such a cloud formation? This is one of the many questions we would like to have addressed at a town hall meeting at a date, time, and location, that would suite your schedule. Again, as the local chief meteorologist that represents our region, we hope you will be willing to address our questions and concerns.

Dane Wigington

What could cause an alarming cloud formation like what is shown below? And on such a vast scale?


4th Request

Hello again Mr. Kruger and Mr. Mangas, still hoping to have the courtesy of a response regarding the communities requests to have their questions and concerns about climate engineering addressed in a public town hall setting. Below is a satellite photo taken today over Northern California. It reveals an atmosphere that is completely saturated with aerosols which look more like blowing smoke on the radar image as opposed to natural cumulous or cirrus clouds. Smoke is of course a particulate, climate engineering/solar radiation management patents and programs expressly call for saturating the atmosphere with light scattering particulates dispersed from jet aircraft. If (as our chief meteorologist) Mr. Kruger feels our concerns are unfounded, and that we should not believe what we can see with our own eyes, we would be very interested in hearing on what basis of facts he comes to such a conclusion.

Dane Wigington


First response from KRCR ABC news anchor Mike Mangas

On Feb 18, 2016, at 6:20 PM, Mike Mangas wrote:

Hello Dane-

I apologize for not responding to your emails. I didn't see them – to be absolutely honest, I blocked them some time ago.

Going into the geoengineering debate, I tried to keep an open mind. I listened to you, to your followers, showed up at the seminar you had in the David Marr auditorium, and did online research. I'm not a scientist, and don't pretend to be, but of the things I could confirm, I have found lies, mistruths, conspiracy theories of all sorts (and not just geoengineering. That forum had a cornucopia of conspiracy theories. Who shot Kennedy, what really happened on 9-11, did we really go to the moon, etc.)

Reading things like we the media are being paid off by the government to keep things quiet, or to believe humans are capable of intentionally altering the environment on a global scale, for nefarious purposes, or that such an alleged massive operation could be done in complete secrecy, and talking with people in the airline industry whom I have known for years,  whose opinions I respect, who literally laugh at geoengineering conspiracies, led me months ago to come to the conclusion that… I don't believe it. I do believe geoengineering is being discussed, but not anywhere near being implemented, and certainly not on such a grand scale.

Everyone is free to believe what they want to believe, and as I've said before, I admire your passion, but I'm done with this, and have been for months.

I just don't want to spend any more time on it.

Clearly, I have no interest in being involved in any sort of town hall meeting, nor in covering any such event. (I speak for myself only in that regard.)

I will not respond to any further correspondence, unless it's a subject other than geoengineering.


Mike Mangas

KRCR News Channel 7

(530) 722-6423


My 1st email in response to ABC news anchor Mike Mangas and ABC "chief Meteorologist Mike Kruger

Mr, Mangas, with all due respect, do you really believe your response would hold up in any reasonable forum with a reasonable community of concerned citizens? Which clearly neither you nor Mr. Kruger have the courage to face? You baselessly claim all is "conspiracy" and yet make no acknowledgment of the mountain of climate engineering data to the contrary, including links I sent to you and Mr. Kruger. These links even contain the full text to 750 page US senate report and an 80 page US presidential report, both proving beyond doubt that global climate modification has been going on since the late 1940s. Did you really do any investigation at all, Mike? Or do you just rely on the opinions of "people whom you respect"? How about the federal "gag order" on all National Weather Service and NOAA employees? Any explanation for that? Are we to expect government scientists to speak out in spite of a federal "Gag Order"? It is unfortunate that those whom the community relies on for their news are not even willing to address legitimate and extremely dire community concerns about solid science issues like stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management. Unfortunately you have made the decision to distract from the science by plucking out  a meaningless passing statement or two from the MC at the event. Clearly you have done your best to unjustly slander a major community event with 1000 in attendance and many experts including former military and former government scientists. 

Anyway, Mr. Mangas, thank you for making clear your unwillingness to address critical and legitimate community concerns on verifiable science issues like climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management. Your comments are now on the record (I can only assume Mr. Kruger is taking the same position). As the climate engineering issue becomes impossible to hide, I can only imagine the community will justifiably feel extremely betrayed by those in media who have done their best to hide and/or marginalize issues of such dire gravity. The issue of global geoengineering will soon enough be exposed and acknowledged as the climate system disintegrates, wait and see. At that time, individuals like you and Mr. Kruger (and other local media representatives) will have a great deal of explaining to do for the citizens you claim to represent, but instead have chosen to blatantly betray.

Dane Wigington

My 2nd email to ABC news anchor Mike Mangas and ABC "chief meteorologist" Mike Kruger

Hello Mr. Mangas and Mr. Kruger, just an FYI, it seems the State of Rhode Island is waking up and acknowledging the geoengineering reality.

FYI, Rhode Island legislation draft to stop geoengineering, February 11, 2016

Rhode Island Legislation To Stop Climate Engineering

Below is a letter just sent to you, Mr. Mangas, from an Aerospace Avionics Engineer. Though this extremely qualified expert has asked me not to publish his identity for the time being (as he is still involved in research on the subject at hand), you are well aware of who he is Mike as I have already seen your response to this individual in an email you sent in reply to the letter below. This most recent expert testimony is on top of all the other experts that have already testified in Shasta County about the reality of climate engineering and the dire threat it poses.

The letter below is from an Aerospace Avionics Engineer. It was sent to ABC's Mike Mangas (and forwarded to me) in response to the ABC news anchor's blatant refusal to honestly investigate or objectively report on the critical geoengineeering issue.

Hello Mike,

I just read your response to Dane about not covering any more GeoEngineering stories.

That may be difficult to avoid. 

I am an Aerospace Avionics Engineer of over 40 years, with considerable work experience at our NASA Ames/Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards – working specifically on a high altitude research aircraft designed to study the Ozone layer.  It was a part of the ERAST projects sponsored by NASA, the company I worked for was Aurora Flight Sciences.

During my work at NASA the folks at JPL figured out how to use the 4th bit in a data stream from an orbiting satellite – and ended up finding the Ozone hole in Antartica.

What failed to reach the public,  is that the Ozone layer is usually only about a quarter of an inch thick!   Another missed item was that Ozone can't be created without Oxygen and Ultraviolet light – above the Atmospheric layers – so it can't form on the dark side of the planet.  This causes holes to form.  Ozone holes are normal – to a point, that point is about where we are now; the Ozone layer is pretty much gone – we know this with the excessive UVB radiation, and the CERES satellite data.

This was 1994, and 1995 – at this time was the big R-12 refrigerant conundrum – this is what the Chemistry Engineers were telling us, and that the Chloromethane molecule was responsible for all the holes in the ozone layer.

I only had 1 simple question: "how does a heavier than air molecule reach tropopause?"
No-one answered.

The next NASA project was the Barium release by satellite.  Lots of data was gathered, and most people involved with the project thought they were doing real science for a good cause.  Not so.  It was government sponsored research data for the solar radiation management programs.

Since that time I have spent significant time and energy researching the CERES data, which was one of the first satellites measuring the "Energy Balance" for planet Earth – I am not using the public data, I have been granted access to the actual data (or so I'm told) that has not been scrubbed.  After 2 years of studying this data, I still can't really determine what is going on.  I am familiar with the scanning micro-bolometer that is the sensor aboard the satellite, but putting that data together in an easily understood video presentation has proved to be a major computer task.

I don't like conspiracy theories.  I want facts.  I want data that speaks for itself, no matter who reads it.

My first comparison of data gathered from 2000-2005 to data from 2010-2015 was very alarming.  So alarming that I figured I made a mistake.  I am taking more time to cover every line of program and every bit of data before any publication is made.  There is 58.6 gigabytes of data. 

Before I received the CERES data, I had to promise the Langley Center that they would receive copies of my papers before they go public.  That bothered me at the time.  Could be just an accuracy check.

I have emailed Dane on several occasions about my current research and his, and on each occasion Dane has had verifiable data to corroborate his claims.  I don't see anything but an intense desire Dane has but to try and recover what we have left on this planet – before it is gone forever.  Personally I admire Dane – it would be far easier for him if he just didn't care.

But he does, and so do I.  This is intensely painful at times, especially when I hold my grandkids. 

Here is a quote I learned many years ago "There is a bar to all understanding, it is contempt prior to investigation."  

In my research I have to maintain an open mind – otherwise I introduce bias into the overall equation by ignoring or discounting certain data.  It is critical I have error-free results, no exceptions.  The stakes are way too high for all of us.

Mike, thanks for reading this – and I hope it doesn't piss you off!  That, is NOT my goal – we need to have good news coverage – accurate, unbiased, and without fear.

We all need YOU, Mike, when I get finished with this project I'd like your opinion – and help.

A final note for this message, can Mr. Kruger, yourself, or the "airline industry" friends (who's opinion you stated you base your conclusions on) confirm (with verifiable facts) that the trails in the photos below are just "normal commercial traffic" trails, and not climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management? Populations are waking up, the climate engineering insanity cannot be hidden in plain sight for much longer no matter how much deception and denial we are fed from the media and meteorological communities.  How will the public react once they know the degree to which they have been lied to about such a dire issue? 

Dane Wigington

Lebanon, Tennessee1:6:16Warren Grace

Photo credit: Warren Grace

The effort to expose the global geoengineering assault requires that we each do everything we can to expose those who are helping to hide the ongoing climate engineering crimes. Make your voice heard in this most critical battle.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

156 Responses to Climate Engineering Denial And Deception, Holding Mainstream Media Accountable

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  2. Here is where I am holding the mainstream media accountable for lying.  As a former EEG tech, I have written a response to the Associated Press re: wearable sleep devices & brain waves.  I tell them climate engineering is messing with circadian rhythms.  Ours AND the cicadas.  The insects are not supposed to be chirping at 4:30 AM in Georgia! – another result of CE

  3. Make Certain that you Make "No Mistake" about what is ensuing above your heads. It Dumbs you down and it compromises your immune system. No vitamin D because there is Not any Sun. 

    When you get the cough or you get walking pneumonia maybe you will finally come to grips with yourself that this is not a joke.

    If you go to your local physician and get more and more antibiotics to battle your ailment and get cured, then start thinking why you have that condition in the first place

    It can only be caused from one thing and one thing only

    All them Toxins that these jets and airplanes are spraying on you and everything on this Planet that we call Earth

    This goes so Deep it is unimaginable

    There are so many people involved in this Diabolical Deception that it would make your head spin when you figure it all out

    In the mean time don't be surprised when a Tsunami hits the Golden Coast

    Something Very Very Large is on it's way

    It is going to be Very Devastating for anyone that is in it's path.

    Prepare yourself

    Only people that are hep up on everything that is in Taking Place may stand a chance

  4. I have confronted a meteorologist that was my friend about Chemtrails and he blew me off.  He's from WGN TV and The Chicago Tribune.  I told him they are not contrails because they are persistent and to be that way would require conditions that are rare, yet people are posting pictures every day.  Therefor, conditions that are rare can't be everywhere every day.  He quit me as a friend.  He went to a meeting where the big computer is in the UK.  He wouldn't fly in a plane.  He took a ship.  I wish I was a fly in the room that day.  We have to expose them and all of the politicians that are being controlled.  The corporations are probably being promised lucrative business boosts for controlling the media and our government.  They will all die with us, but if we can wake people up, we can still stop it.  Please tell people to use decent language in their approach because many of won't use their posts on our timelines.   A song called "Chemtrail Cowboy" is a good example.  The song is a great one, but foul language is in it so I won't post it on my page, which reaches a large amount of people.  Keep up the fight!

  5. Wyatt Berry says:

    wow all I can say is wow these govt stooges and media folks are so full of themselves and weak.

    they totally have their marching orders despite what they tell us to the contrary.  how can someone be so overtly deceitful??

    I get the same damn responses from my local news affiliate/govt officials, if I even get any response at all!

    they really do think we are stupid

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      This is unnbelievable human insanity, not to discuss, or expose the potential outcome that is harming the Earth and every living organism within. How could these Meteorologist's, Scientists, Environmental Companies, agencies & government's, not disclose data & information on the programs regarding climate, contamination, UV Radiation, Nuclear fallout, ecosystems conditions, etc., they themselves ars be affected as well! They always play dumb, or act like they are unaware of what we are trying to discuss with them, by blaming the subject on another agencies, or completely blocking/cutting you off, like Mike Mangas blocked Dane's email's. I had one of the lead Meteorologists named John Meyer DOD Contractor at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida, permanently block/disable my e-mail address, from being able to send him any future photos of SAG/SAI/SRM with explanations and questions. I also had Jacksonville's Local News Channel 4 WJXT block my e-mail address, the main station e-mail & meteorological department e-mail both blocked me. I actually spoke with a Meteorologists Scott Cordero at the NWS/NOAA Jacksonville, he actually said the word Chemtrails, but I quickly said GeoEngineering, he responded oh you mean the Falsified/Manipulated NWS/NOAA Temperature Graphs. I said yes, give me more detailed infornation on that subject, he responded No Comment. Cordero did give me some hints as to, obvious manipulated Temperature Graphs/Records in reference to the Federal GAG Orders, but that is all I was able to obtain from him.

  6. Wayne says:

    Folks there is no longer any way I can describe the sky in Southern California, since early afternoon the spraying has been so insane,  beyond anything words are able to express, quite honestly I could cry.

    On my way home from work the bizarre play continued to unfold, jets flew and are continuing to fly, I can only assume all night long, five, six or seven flying parallel, every five minutes or so, the moon shouldered in synthetic cloud of toxic metal mist, massive lines covered any sight of stars, the night horizon blanketed in fog as the dust rained down in front of my LED.

    I no longer have hope or faith the population will wake up in time to end this mess.

    • Alan says:

      "AccuWeather" forecast for San Diego area from SD Union Tribune – "High clouds will overspread the area later tonight and into the day Sunday."  Oversprayed, they probably meant to say.

    • BaneB says:

      Actually, a video is worth a thousand words, and I saw what you lament at the UTube entity:  1pacific redwood.  Under that heading there is a meteorologist who seems to be doing almost daily vids of the geoengineered terrorism in your regional skies as well as utilizing weather satellie imagery to show the viewers the weather warfare manipulations over both the west and east coasts.  He resides in LA and did a vid on just your sky for yesterday.  Just so you know you are not alone in what you observe, this kind of sky grunge is now everywhere, city and country.

  7. Eva says:

    Wow, surprised to find this article in Cyprus:

    Minister pledges probe into chemtrails

    Hope it is not mere political ruse.  Look for comment by "pilot" Adrian Akers-Douglas.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gee Eva, this is great.  This does not sound like a political ruse, this sounds legit.  Here is hoping.  Vermont is it? that brings this up, now Cyprus.  This plus that will gain more I'll bet.  The wheel begins to turn!

    • Lynn says:

      Cyprus had a real blitz on 2/4/16; it's no wonder the Minister reacted. 

      I questioned my state legislators 2 weeks ago about SRM at a 2 hour Q&A session.  One laughed.  One said she did read emails and encouraged people to email her…and the 3rd said they were going to do all they could to help solar power succeed for the producers an the users…talk about avoidance.  I was thanked by one person after the meeting and whispered to about making contact with the assistants instead by another attendee…There were a lot of blank faces. 

      It's Feb 27th and I haven't had a fire all day.  The house is plenty comfortable.  Our weather has been turned upside down.  Whatcom County, Washington state is sprayed daily. I have a ton of pictures here from the Mt Baker foothills to Bellingham.  Can't begin to say how many emails I've sent to advertisers, TV stations, KGMI/Cascade Radio and a few event organizers.  They think I'm nuts.  My next move is to take SRM and aerosols to the Lummi Tribe here in Whatcom.  One video I saw referred to a south east Tribe who knew but didn't act because they didn't want the ridicule.  Time to stop that baloney.  Somebody from my church said I was talking Star Wars stuff!  The meaning of Hosea 4:6 these days is covering more than our socio/political future.

      There is even an RCW # pertaining to geoengineering on the state books.   

      I watch some of the reality shows like Duck Dynasty and the Swamp People mainly to see their skies…  It's a hoot when they end up showing great illustrations of geoengineering! The TreeHouse program is another good one. 

      We gain strength from each other that's for sure.  Local fliers similar to what Dane offers on the left side here for copying, will catch our neighbors eyes when they recognize a building in the picture…Dane's info with our pics…

      Thanks for everything you do, Dane.

  8. [This AP article was mentioned in the recently republished with additional new chapters, “The New Confessions of An Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins. I couldn’t help wondering if the FBI has it’s own “small air force” what the other agencies have and what they are capable of doing… …]
    AP: FBI using low-flying spy planes over U.S.  /Jun 2, 2015
    WASHINGTON — The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the U.S. carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology – all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government, The Associated Press has learned. The planes' surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge's approval, and the FBI said the flights are used for specific, ongoing investigations. The FBI said it uses front companies to protect the safety of the pilots and aircraft. It also shields the identity of the aircraft so that suspects on the ground don't know they're being watched by the FBI. In a recent 30-day period, the agency flew above more than 30 cities in 11 states across the country, an AP review found.
    Aerial surveillance represents a changing frontier for law enforcement, providing what the government maintains is an important tool in criminal, terrorism or intelligence probes. But the program raises questions about whether there should be updated policies protecting civil liberties as new technologies pose intrusive opportunities for government spying. U.S. law enforcement officials confirmed for the first time the wide-scale use of the aircraft, which the AP traced to at least 13 fake companies, such as FVX Research, KQM Aviation, NBR Aviation and PXW Services.
    …Some of the aircraft can also be equipped with technology that can identify thousands of people below through the cellphones they carry, even if they're not making a call or in public. Officials said that practice, which mimics cell towers and gets phones to reveal basic subscriber information, is rare.  Details confirmed by the FBI track closely with published reports since at least 2003 that a government surveillance program might be behind suspicious-looking planes slowly circling neighborhoods. The AP traced at least 50 aircraft back to the FBI, and identified more than 100 flights since late April orbiting both major cities and rural areas. One of the planes, photographed in flight last week by the AP in northern Virginia, bristled with unusual antennas under its fuselage and a camera on its left side. A federal budget document from 2010 mentioned at least 115 planes, including 90 Cessna aircraft, in the FBI's surveillance fleet.
    …The FBI asked the AP not to disclose the names of the fake companies it uncovered, saying that would saddle taxpayers with the expense of creating new cover companies to shield the government's involvement, and could endanger the planes and integrity of the surveillance missions. The AP declined the FBI's request because the companies' names – as well as common addresses linked to the Justice Department – are listed on public documents and in government databases.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan!  When you mentioned a black helicopter back when over your property, shining a light on you, I thought immediately of Mel Gibson's Conspiracy movie, which for all the silliness I still loved and much truth in it after all, as well as lots of black helicopters!   But, the above is alarming and sounds illegal.  Not to mention the front to say to AP not disclose the names of the companies less the taxpayer!!!! have to pay more for new cover??!!  Pay and repay to have your space and communication violated?!  Add this nonsense to the dirt in the skies.  As if we needed more planes.

  9. So beautiful…we are stardust…
    Close look at the ATLASGAL image of the plane of the Milky Way
    European Southern Observatory (ESO) /Feb 24, 2016
    This video takes a close look at a new image of the Milky Way released to mark the completion of the APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy (ATLASGAL). The APEX telescope in Chile has mapped the full area of the Galactic Plane visible from the southern hemisphere for the first time at submillimetre wavelengths — between infrared light and radio waves — and in finer detail than recent space-based surveys. The APEX data, at a wavelength of 0.87 millimetres, shows up in red and the background blue image was imaged at shorter infrared wavelengths by the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope as part of the GLIMPSE survey. The fainter extended red structures come from complementary observations made by ESA's Planck satellite.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, I did see this and yes so beautiful and we are stardust indeed.  I mean literally.

    • bija says:

      Thanks for this, Susan!

      We are stardust    Billion year old carbon    We are golden   Caught in the devil's bargain   And we've got to get ourselves    Back to the garden

      ~Joni Mitchell

  10. Robert says:

    Heavy spray every day in the Bend, OR, area. Today the spray is different. Usually it has a metallic taste, today it has a combined taste of metallic and organic. It is putrid and gave a headache in minutes. I hope the weather moguls get a taste of their own medicine.

    • Dennie says:

      and to think I once thought of moving to Bend to get away from the spraying; we all know now that the Pacific Northwest is Chemtrail Central, but it's looking like every other place is going that way, too.

      Heavy spraying the last few days here in the San Francisco Bay Area, ostensibly to pull in some little rain; it spittered and sputtered and today the skies are mostly blue– except, of course, for the omnipresent chemtrails. 

      I'm with Wayne.  Of course not Every Single Last Person is going to wake up and, just like our weather Moguls, THEY CAN'T TASTE OR FEEL anything; they are ALREADY DEAD– why wake up when you're in the numb stage on the way to your total spiritual (and now physical) demise–??  No, I do NOT know what it is going to take to STOP the insanity.  But I do know that God does answer prayers– it's just that for the larger, more intractable problems, it takes more time.  Unfortunately, this problem will still be ongoing by the time I'm finished on Earth.  People who don't feel anything don't care about much, I've noticed.

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    Here is a notable quote from Tolstoy:

    "I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives." 

  12. Rachel Robson says:

    Hi Donna, yes, the same.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Can't believe I'm replying to myself, but the second post here should have been the first as I was trying to tell Donna that yes, the same Hanford she knows of in Washington.  Huge issue for very long time and they knew this was coming.  But, not to worry!  Scientists can now grow meat and fish in a lab!  Yum, lab meats/fish.  And yay, scientists save the day except oopsies, what to do with nuclear waste spilling out everywhere much less into that mighty river.  No one has an answer for That.

      Just gotta throw in that gee, zero response to what Tolstoy said?  Really?  To me, it sums up well the difficulty many have, including idiot news guy in Redding.  As well as those who refuse to become aware of what is going on.  In fact so much is going wrong in this country that as Bill Maher said last night, he and others have issue fatigue.  Can barely stand to hear of one more thing gone wrong here in the U.S.  It IS overwhelming.  Flint is not the only city with That problem.  As Erin pointed out, as in Brokovich, it is the chloromine.  City water is often treated with chlorine.  To that they added ammonia thus making chloromine.  This stuff itself is poison.  Both cause old pipes to leach lead.  The second one moreso, but it itself will kill you.  Imagine drinking Windex.  And by the way, Mark Ruffalo is one heck of an activist.  Is he hip to geo-engineering?  Hello Hollywood!?

  13. Dennie says:

    Widespread general "haze" today in the San Francisco Bay Area, plus the usual chem "streaks" in the sky, the difference being that today, there is something that's been added that feels much finer than usual, is even colder than usual and is giving me a massive headache; now, HOW are we supposed to survive being POISONED on such a massive scale–?  Doesn't ANYONE ELSE feel this crap as much as I do? HOW do the blind/deaf/dumb sheeple as well as our Lords and Masters of the Universe Whose Ideal It All Is to spray us with poison, like rats, 24/7/365, manage to sleep-walk through their sorry preoccupied little lives and NOT feel any of this, at all– ??

    • Marc says:

      Dennie, yeah, I never thought it possible but my friend and I off and on for weeks have been noticing that the "cold" doesn't even feel quite right. It's subtle, but the cold air has a kind of weird "falseness" about it that is different than coldness of years past. A biting quality that feels a little odd. Am I imagining this because of what I know? I'm not sure. Ice-nucleated cold air?

    • levi says:

      Dennis my eyes burn when I go outside anymore and in the sun I can actually see the reflection of the particulates as they fall to the surface.I would argue like Dane the "elite" thought they could play god with the weather indefinitely but know now they've opened Pandora's box with the numerous feed back loops that have been triggered .They are now preparing for total collapse but do not fret for they will not be able to ride this out and they will only prolong the inevitable.

    • Earth Angel says:

       I notice the same thing Marc. I spend a great deal of time outdoors taking care of my livestock. Have done so for over 20 yrs. right here in the same location. The winter of 2013 was the first I really took notice, we had such a brutally cold winter and they engineered snow a couple of times (if memory serves me right). It was so cold many horses in the area lost weight (a local equine vet confirmed this) and despite double blanketing/sheeting mine during the worst of it, so did mine. Anyway, I am out in all types of weather caretaking, feeding, and I definately notice the recent cold feels unnatural. Very bone chilling. Different somehow. Goes right through you. The kind of chill like opening a refrigerator door that has been described by others. It's not your imagination. Must be very hard on the animals and wildlife too. Very weird. Don't like it at all.

    • Diane Friday says:

      Yes Dennie, my partner and I feel it as much as you do. We live on the east coast — southeastern PA — and I think we get slightly different poison cocktails, but every bit as potent. Yesterday was one of the worst days ever in terms of how we felt both psychologically and physically. When I read of the multiple murder-suicides that happened over the last few days — one in Washington state, one in Arizona — I wasn't surprised. We know how adversely we can be affected by what we're being sprayed with and the constant bombardment with microwave and electromagnetic energy, yet sometimes we're still at each other's throats over the stupidest things. Once the exposure has taken hold, no matter how much you try and control what you're feeling, nothing works until the  nefarious mechanism is turned off or redirected somewhere else. That's only a theory, mind you. After the psychological and emotional wringers we were put through today, then came the physical effects, some of which we've been experiencing for only the past four or five days. New and improved pain and suffering, it seems. We both have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome as it is. We both have gastrointestinal issues as it is. We both have pretty severe issues with our backs. We both have arthritis, though that's still in the mild to moderate stages. But this past week, some new and very scary symptoms: sudden onset of stiffness in all or in a specific area of the body. Going from a sitting to a standing position, or kneeling while cleaning, we've both experienced a sudden stiffness in our legs and/or back, where it seems like if that stiffness were to last, we wouldn't be able to move. My partner experiences a woozy feeling when this happens: I have the woozy, lightheaded just about any time. Then there are the watery eyes and sneezing once exposed to the daily death from above. My tongue burns terribly, like what a chemical burn must feel like. This usually happens when there's heavy spraying in preparation for the next storm. The high-pitched tone or hiss or hish in our ears is almost constant now, the only difference being the volume and pitch of the sound. 

      Today was something different and something so much worse going on today. The widespread pain we both had at the end of the day was excruciating. And just a few hours ago, I stepped outside for a minute and looked up at what were clear, star-filled skies, being quickly concerns up by one east to west trail after another. Now there's that sickening haze hanging there, probably setting us up for yet another new and different adventure in hell tomorrow. Gods help us  


    • Dennie says:

      Marc, levi, E-A:  My student in San Carlos, CA describes changes like this as "sharply colder" weather– of COURSE we are being ice nucleated.  I first noticed this sometime in the late 70s, with sharply colder days in November than I'd remembered most of my S.F. Bay Area earlier years.  It was very "sharply colder" in November of 2000 or so– we had frost early in November that year, not usual whatsoever for the S.F. Bay Area, a very temperate place.  I've also noticed, like today, that it manages to be hot and cold at the same time– the sun is hot but the AIR is cold– how weird is that, how is that accomplished?  "Better living through chemistry," eh?  Okay, so, WHAT IS IN THIS CRAP?  Is this indeed the same barium and ammonia cocktail that those 100k head of cattle were murdered by a few years back, was it 2012 or 2013?  WHO GIVES ANYONE the right to spray this ANYWHERE???  I wanna grab these geo-freaks by the scruff of their scrawny pencil-necks, twist their polo shirts and DEMAND A DAMNED GOOD ANSWER to my question–!!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, yes, I too noticed the cold here did not feel normal.  For one thing, it seemed concentrated on the ground.  To me here, not subtle at all.

    • Dennie says:

      The stiffness is probably caused by an imbalance of electrolytes that should normally help with normal system functioning, including muscle contraction, nerve transmission and more.  Barium replaces potassium, aluminum replaces magnesium (I think), etc. I've been taking potassium citrate plus a calcium-magnesium-zinc supplement.  When the spraying is heavy I get muscle spasms that are fairly uncontrollable. I cannot keep on top of the poisoning and neither, really, can anyone else here; that also goes for the "people" who dreamed this absolute nightmare up.

  14. cinnamon says:

    IMHO, now the controllers are even dissing their own paid shill meteorologists.  Yesterday, 2/25/2016, local news "channel" 7AM weather, clear skies,but temps dropping thruout the day.  By 8 AM here in NJ we were massively ice nucleated, with so called "clouds"  By 9:30 AM, with the HAARP, etc on high, the skies were turned into a nothing but solid pale grey skies and the winds whipping from the north, then south, then west, then east and that is the way they remained thruout the remainder of the day.

    And it is now repeated today.  7 AM "forecast" for today, was very windy, but clear, with wind chills feeling like 20 degrees.  By 8:30 AM, we were ice nucleated, slowly at first (as always) then massive "cloud" coverage from the west (yet again) even tho the "prevailing winds" were out of the north.  At sunrise, I noticed my neighbors "flag" was shredded.  The ice nucleated skies, you could see the chemicals desolving onto our surface, them more ice nucleated cloud coverage, HAARP, etc ramped up, by 11:00 AM we have total "cloud" coverage from horizon to horizon and the "clouds" TOTALING WHITING OUT THE SKIES…YOU SCUM SUCKING BOTTOM FEEDERS…THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE, AND FOREVER BE…I ABOLISH YOU!!  YU HAVE ANY NO RULE ON HUMANKIND.  YOU CANNOT MAKE ME ACCEPT "CLOUDS" THAT HAVE STRAIGHT EDGED LINES, YOU CANNOT DENY WAHAT I SEE.  WE WILL NOT DENY WHAT WE SEE, BASED UPON "MEDIA" AND TALKING HEADS. MINIONS BEING SACRIFICIED

  15. Caught On Tape: U.S. Test Fires Nuclear ICBM, Warns "We Are Prepared To Use Nuclear Weapons"
    Zero Hedge 2/26/16
    Less than two years ago, news of Russia test-firing an ICBM just as the east Ukraine civil war was heating up, was sufficient to send the stock market into a brief tailspin. Since then, the launches of nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles has become an almost daily occurrence, with the market hardly batting an eyelid.  In fact, it happened just last night at 11:01pm PST at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, where – for the second time this week – the US test-fired its second intercontinental ballistic missile in the past seven days, seeking to demonstrate its nuclear arms capacity at a time of rising strategic tensions with Russia, North Korea, China and the middle east.
    The unarmed Minuteman III missile roared out of a silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California late at night, raced across the sky at speeds of up to 15,000 mph (24,000 kph) and landed a half hour later in a target area 4,200 miles (6,500 km) away near Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands of the South Pacific. The entire launch was caught on the following video, which was released by Vandenberg just 4 days after the previous ICBM launch.  [here]:

    • Another report that suggests to me that the major powers are stocking up and storing oil for a coming war. I hope I am dead wrong.
      Russian Production Is At A Post-Soviet High Despite Oil Freeze
      By ZeroHedge  / 26 February 2016
      …according to calculations by Bloomberg's Julian Lee, released moments ago, Russian crude and condensate production just set new post-Soviet daily record of 10.92m bbl yesterday.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, It's a stretch I'll grant, but any chance this is what I heard one week ago yesterday?  You said last night and second one in past 7 days, but also said this video released just 4 days after the previous one.  A sonic boom?  Or?  I "felt" it was military.  I also understood your most excellent explanation.  Still, I So felt military.  And, it happened at 12 AM sharp.  As if on a clock.  But this recent one could not have crossed near me, of course, going as it did to the South Pacific which needs another nuclear whatever like a hole in the head!  Still.  My experience was too odd.  I've asked all my neighbors and locals I know most of whom slept through it and assume, given lightning that it was lightning just as these people assume clouds are clouds.  Seemed to me to be perfect cover for something nefarious.  But, of course there are other explanations I suppose, like yours.  Still, this post got my full attention. I cannot believe this idiot world is still playing with nukes.  Small or large.  You said this one was an unarmed Minuteman 111 missile.  But at the beginning you mentioned nuclear tipped.  I am tired, hungry and confused!   And I HATE war!!!!  I've not yet hit the link, not sure I have the time now, but will.  Pissing contests!  Would that these people would grow up!

    • BaneB says:

      The message is all about terror.  And species suicide.  Unfortunately, for all her posturing, Babylon blundered. And created a power vacuum in the cradle of "civilization.  Now she is checkmated and willing to risk life itself to undo Israel's cause.  And we all might seriously consider the "unthinkable."  Which is to say it is illogical.  But, hey, when did that ever stop psychopaths?  And no, these mafias don't give a damn about their children.  History proves that.  So, gird ourselves psychology for what seems to be the inevitable.  There is, IMHO, a convergence.  The quickening pace of the aerosoling, and the obvious ever more prevalent RF zapped atmosphere, and the war games in your region and elsewhere, suggests the showdown is approaching.  

    • Hi Rachael — I so enjoy reading your posts. Of course I cannot know what you experienced. Many here on the Olympic Peninsula have reported sonic booms. Also we know HAARP is capable of generating earthquakes. I was suggesting a newer fusion technology they aren't ready to tell us about. Plasma physics has opened up so many new areas. There are bound to be new weapons based on heating plasma by injecting particles. I believe you mentioned the combined effect of sound and light behind your eyes. Plasma waves are similar to sound waves. I can't draw any conclusions yet, but there is a great deal of interest in what is called ion acoustics. Reading the textbooks doesn't always make it easy to know what they are using these theories and unbelievably complex equations for. I wish I had more answers for you. Years ago a black helicopter flew over my isolated rural property shining an intense light into my house. I spent the next day calling every agency I could think of and got nothing. It never happened.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan and all, I did watch this brief video of that missile, the white around its glowing self reminding me of my eyes last week before BOOM.  I have some doubts about war in the offing.  Call me an optimist, or just practical, but this article goes on to say: "As Reuters adds, demonstrating the reliability of the nuclear force has taken on importance recently because the U.S. arsenal is near the end of its useful life and a spate of scandals in the nuclear force two years ago raised readiness questions."–There is a bit more but first I wanted to note the term "nuclear force" as this is new to me as a seeming entity.  Also, what scandal?–then: "The nuclear spending boost is an ironic turn for a president who made reducing U.S. dependence on atomic weapons a centerpiece of his agenda during his first years in office."–yup, that is the only reason I voted for Obama.  Has pissed me off ever since.  Apparently, from this article, the military has a nuclear wish list costing so much it is not possible.

      All the above jibes with what I found out about Burns County? in Oregon, the land in trust protecting endangered Sage Grouse, which Hilary sold to Putin to mine for uranium and yellow cake.  Why does no one slam her with that one as she campaigns?  Further revealing that "we've" had to buy the stuff from Putin's old missile heads!  I mean, how odd is that?  Maybe Obama really did scale down.  One assumes such arrangements sent gossip around the world to the effect that we are not contenders anymore.  Perhaps while envisioning a new president, the military is asking for all the money in the world to rebuild our nuclear force.  They won't get it and they know it.  This country is broke.  So they are haggling and apparently getting rid of old ordinance.  Our country is out of yellow cake.  This sale of protected lands was done back when Russia was being friendly.  This is such a game!  Like chess.  China is acting weird, North Korea is always weird, but at least some reasoning can be figured from China.

      Mao's agenda included changing agricultural practices.  What he put in place all over China was a disaster leaving them with little land to grow on and no bees.  China ran out of bees long ago and pollinates by hand!!!!  They buy their pollen from Switzerland.  And our beekeepers buy their queens from Switzerland.  Here is hoping Swiss bees are still healthy!

      But with what all is going on in Europe with refugees and chaos, Putin is bound to take as much advantage a possible.  I wish this country would step up to the plate and take refugees.  We have room and we caused this in the first place!  And, we have so little population for so much land, as compared to others.  If we did this, it might slow Putin's roll.  And people are resources too.  We all are.  Bring on biodiversity!  I believe that is one way to end wars.

      As for Putin's oil, California is now the third largest oil producer in U.S.

    • Dennie says:

      .. oh, so I see now it's back to that cherished National Fairy Tale of Nuclear Insanity from the Fifties, our Lords and Masters of the Universe's insane wet dream of "winning" a "limited" nuclear war– never mind the stoopid f***s can't quite understand that ionizing radiation does not obey political boundaries no matter how much denial they believe to be "reality," and they will get just as sick when they breathe plutonium as all the little sheep they care not a whit about– Ugly little Luciferian-Angel progeny, these JUVENILE DELINQUENTS need to be locked up and the keys thrown away before they completely burn down the house.  They're already well under way, and I just can't wait until summer..

  16. cinnamon says:

    To Dane's point about the "media".  An excellent video explaining how the "talking heads" manipulate the masses.  Hopefully, this can help "open" the "eyes/mind" of others.  Had a brief conversation with a co worker, that actually believes, everything in the "news", has to be the truth, otherwise "they" would not be allowed to say/print it. 

    Total Breakdown of The Media’s Use of NLP & Mind Control

  17. It's a good thing our corporate ghouls have accountants and legal staff to protect them from the truth… It's the corporate system folks. Corporate "system"… < Number the Beast as this…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, hello, and I'm no sure I get your drift.  However, last night I saw General McCandlish? uh?, ex head of NSA and black ops all, being interviewed, new book out.  He was surprisingly likable and reasonable and not a bit macho looking, more like someone's silly, ticklish grandfather.  When posited that our military could turn against us, he says never would happen.  They'd have to follow the law which says citizens cannot be harmed.  They would have to refuse orders en masse, as per the law and international law as well.  Hmmm.  Uh…  You seem to the perfect one to field that.  I need to rewatch this as I don't have spelling down, book down, exact wording down, but will.

  18. C.J. says:

    This is the 2nd time that I have read the 1st response from Mike Mangas.
    I find it interesting when he says this in his response.
    He says he didn't see them and then says to be totally honest I blocked them.
    OK am I missing something here?
    If he didn't see them then how would he know to block them if he didn't see them?
    Its bad enough that he is lying to you Dane with the huge amount of credible Data that you have presented to him.
    But when he is deceiving the public about the weather. I think he should step down from his job to be totally honest.
    Dane I really think you put him on the spot and that is why he is running away per say. 
    You did a real good job.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      C.J. hello.  I think what you are missing is that he told staff to block Dane's email to His box, obviously.  Seems as if Dane has communicated with him, or tried to Very many times.  Offices do this.  Someone must have brought it to Mangas's attention, owing to quantity and length of, and subject of piling up.  So, Then he saw them.  I suspect that from Mangas's point of view, Dane is harassing him. I seriously doubt Mangas thinks he is lying to Dane or deceiving the public.  He seems firmly entrenched in his naivete.  Comfy in his belief system.  Well paid?  He does not sound like a young news hound looking to make his mark.  More like an established older person wanting to keep his job and reputation.  And sanity.  Of course we all disagree with him, wish he'd see the light, but he is not gonna.  No inquiring mind there!  

  19. Marc says:

    Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work announced that the US launched an unarmed Minuteman 3 missile from Vandenburg Air Force base late last night, ostensibly to send a "signal…..that we are prepared to use nuclear weapons in defense of our country if necessary." Oh, really? In defense of what? The American people you are also viciously bombarding every day with toxic aerosols? In defense of what? Our crumbling infrastructure and our absurd and laughable political system that has long since ceased being a democracy? Just exactly what, Mr. Work, do you purport to be defending? The ability of the shadow government to continue it's unconscionable programs of deadly weather warfare and heinous mangling of all of Mother Earth's delicate and once sublimely magnificent ecosystems and indeed, the entire web of life? Nuclear weapons in our defense? Are you f**king kidding me? Yeah, that's pure military genius, for sure, as if such an unthinkable scenario wouldn't quickly spell suicide for the very entity you imagine yourself to be defending. Perhaps it could be argued that such narrow-minded thinking has been exercised by elite powers for countless centuries. There just simply has to be a wiser way to conduct human affairs in this world. I pray with all my heart for an end to this chapter in human ignorance. Unfortunately, it appears the prayers of so many millions over so many years have fallen on deaf ears.

    • BaneB says:

      Right in, Marc!  This "thing" has piled upon itself chain and lock since the dawn of written history.  This is the inevitable entrapment.  And we are its captives.  The wave rushes to the shore, full of bravado it rises and hisses, foaming at the edges it crests, and crashes upon the beach.  The storm is over.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Very well said Marc!

  20. Dana MacCuish says:

    Useless oxygen consumers akin to Mike should be held accountable for their actions.  A morning will arise with a pleasant surprise…  Tonight the sky was clear for the first time in a long while up here in Meadow Lake country, Saskatchewan, Canada.  At 8:30 I opened the door because I thought I heard a coyote howl.  As I did a falling star was gracefully falling down the Southern sky.  Seldom sees stars anymore let alone a wish grantor.  You can bet both boots I did!  Looked out once more just at 11:15 and the cursed planes had wrecked havoc upon the brilliance of the Universal television.  I so miss my favorite evening program.

  21. We had that “halo” effect here on the Olympic Peninsula WA today. They sprayed like crazy all day. My photos:

    • BaneB says:

      Three reports from Pacifica, Mendocino, and Washington State.  These greasy terrorist induced aerosol halos from hell are becoming more frequent.  I have a series of these going back two years.  Do me a favor. If these are iPhone taken, go to the noir filter and see if that won't provide more definition by removing glare.  You can switch back to the original easily enough.  I am curious about whether there is one or multiple rings.

    • Susan, thank you for posting your photographic evidence of the ongoing sky-crime, and for your relentless research into the data. I’ve seen these sun-halo-effects many times. Always strikes me with a vague “end-of-days” kind of mixture of disgust and anticipation… odd that such toxic madness could achieve this almost artistic effect.
      Looking at the shocking NASA satellite images Dane included in this article, it occurs to me that our intrepid ISS astronauts must view these synthetic weather monstrosities every day of the week. Yet, not a peep is uttered by our brave
      cosmic explorers. Passing strange is our ability to rationalize away even the most blatant evils.
      What was that about “consciences seared with a hot iron”? I think we’re there.

    • BaneB — My camera is an inexpensive Canon. I don't own a cell phone. The third image down has been contrast-enhanced to show the geometry better. But I didn't observe multiple rings. I have been painting landscapes for 40 years. Obsessed with art history, I can easily identify clouds painted by Constable, Claude Lorraine, Titian, Corot, or Bierstadt, etc. So I am acutely aware when I see something unnatural creepy weird. There nothing like this or these 'fried' chemtrail clouds in any painting ever.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan, I don't know where my minds goes sometimes.  It dawned on me, FINALLY, to download your pics into my phone and run them through the noir filter.  I wish I had some manner to send them back to you filtered.  You will be amazed at what you can't see because of the glare.  Omens, and signs, and wonders.  Perhaps you have a friend who can perform the removal of the glare.  There is likely a way to post them here from my phone but I have yet to figure that out.  Thanks for sharing.

    • BaneB — I have an email for my website blog, you can send the 'noir filter' images here:

    • BaneB says:

      Images sent.  And I included the same phenomenon from my sky taken on the same day.  Best regards.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, Gee, I wanna see Susan's film too, especially given what you've said.  "Omens, signs ans wonders"-oh my!

    • BaneB says:

      Hi Rachael, I sent her pics back, filtered.  This did bring out greater detail.  I also sent her twelve pics from my collection to the e-mail address she listed here.  My iPhone has limitations and can't post pics here.  And I avoid Facebook like the plague.  My access to send pics is only direct to e-mail addresses. Maybe Susan can post hers and mine on this board if she is so inspired.  Or give me an e-mail if you want to.

  22. Linda says:

    PS  Many people here are coming down with the 2 viruses that are circulating…norovirus and rotavirus (?).  They have many powerful symptoms and last quite a while.  Some are saying they think it was from exposure to certain geoengineered sprays.  I agree.  Please wear hats and protect self and even be careful swimming.  I think we are being hit pretty hard lately…in many respects.  But with awareness, caution, sharing info, and steady perseverance, we will surely make it.

    • Dennie says:

      There was a widespread and long-time rotavirus outbreak in the S.F. Bay area. 

      Please, folks, use your heads– wearing our "tin" hats or any other kind for that matter is not going to stop anyone from breathing in any kind of shit, and there's plenty of it as we all know.  NO amount of being careful while swimming will keep you safe when you're drenching yourself with untested water– sheesh, JUST DON'T SWIM!!  I believe it's possible we're also being sprayed with staph, which does like to hang out around swimming pool locker rooms, and probably other infectious agents. I am having a second round with staph and I keep tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary and other essential oils around to combat these, much to the consternation of our "infallible" Big Pharma-controlled medical "experts.  It doesn't help that we aren't getting enough sunlight here now to kill these agents the way we were used to ten and more years ago. 

      I'm noticing every single one of the weather effects that commenters here are writing in with every day so I feel no need to report from my area– we all know what's going on, what it looks like, nothing "unusual" about it any more, this is the new "normal" for The Now Generation, but it's good to keep at this, those who do– you never know when "They" are going to come up with something even more diabolical and unnatural.  It's getting so I don't even remember what a normal sky looks like, we all have to look in old back issues of Arizona Highways and Ansel Adams photographs– ! 

  23. Linda says:

    The awareness on this page is truly wonderful.  And it will communicate in its own way from mind to mind.  I am sure of this.  When I send around Dane's messages, people do not respond much, which makes me sad.  So I turn to prayer to ask for help in waking people up to the truth…and send out powerful thoughts during meditation.  And as often as possible bring conversations to the highly visible chemtrails in the sky….many tourists who come to the So. Calif area willingly talk openly about the spraying.

    On days when things seem just too grim, I cannot help but think of a wonderful teacher I had who said, "just when you think it is all over, you will awaken to a blossoming new earth."  So I pray a lot for rain and that we all eventually find ourselves in the blossoming new world.

    Thank you for holding the Light of Knowledge and for sharing.  I think Michael B is right….they will not give up on their own; they must be made to stop.  If it is too dangerous to confront directly, we can wage the battle on the inner planes.  That seems quite powerful to me.  If the beat of the butterflies' wings can be felt on some levels for hundreds/thousands of miles, as some scientists say, imagine what directed thoughts/prayers can do as well.

    Love & Blessings to all….and to the most beautiful water planet in the cosmos.  May it survive and thrive

    • krissylea says:

      I like to send my vibes to the earth around me. Drop your branches on their heads. Maybe even the earth below the airports will cave in so no more planes can fly out. Stuff like that. Maybe if more people think like that it could work.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      krissylea, No, no no no no no!  My daughter was almost one of those heads!  Two cars behind an homicidal tree, as she calls them.  My daughter is aware and active and does not deserve, few do, to be treed to death.  Oldest grandson was with her.  Surely there are more positive vibes you could send out lest you become one of "them", the bad guys, the killers.  Fighting evil with evil is what wars are, on the surface anyway.  Pray instead for healing, for the opening of vision and brains, for the laying down of arms and the end of war madness.   

    • Linda, thank you for your wonderful spiritual offerings here on Geoengwatch, they are a great encouragement to me, and many others, I am sure. My favorite spiritual warfare prayers, as the sprayers go overhead, are for:
      1. Bigtime awareness of wrong-doing, and heavy conviction of sin to be upon the pilots and aircrew’s minds and spirits.
      2. Miraculous intervention which would mysteriously clog up the particulate delivery systems in the plane. Like the hand of God just giving the pipes and pumps a good squeeze!
      This one I have actually seen answered in real time…awesome!
      3. Then, there are the ongoing prayers against evil…”We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and spiritual evil in high places”

  24. levi says:

    "How smooth must be the language of the whites,when they can make right look like wrong,and wrong look like right."

    Black Hawk, Sauk

    • BaneB says:

      The paradigm has its schitzophrenic foundation in ancient Mesopotamia.  This is not to say that those ancient people had a monopoly on evil. They had a monopoly on civilization in the form and intent we know in our day.  Certainly, human guilt being innate, a culture with a economic imperitives based on plunder, is going to create many rationalizations for its behaviors, the greatest being the invocation of God in war and to assuage its guilt over its false values in peace.  Untold numbers of peaceful tribes throughout Mesopotamia were destroyed and subsumed by the relentless march of "civilization.  The creature has spread onto the whole earth.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Perhaps, "How smooth must be the language of the paid off politicians, media, and corporate hyenas be when they can make right look wrong  and wrong look right?"

  25. Texas' massive methane leaks: Massive Methane Leaks From Texas Fracking Sites Even More Significant Than Infamous Porter Ranch Gas Leak
    EcoWatch, 23 February, 2016
    Texas is dealing with a comparable disaster that has been overlooked by officials and the media, in part, because the state’s methane emanates from a powerful industry’s infrastructure. According to the Texas Observer’s Naveena Sadasivam:
    “Every hour, natural gas facilities in North Texas’ Barnett Shale region emit thousands of tons of methane—a greenhouse gas at least 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide—and a slate of noxious pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and benzene.
    “The Aliso Canyon leak was big. The Barnett leaks, combined, are even bigger.”
    At its peak, the SoCal Gas leak emitted 58,000 kilograms of methane per hour. By comparison, researchers with universities in Colorado and Michigan, partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund, estimate around 60,000 kilograms are spewed every hour by more than 25,000 natural gas wells in operation on the Barnett Shale—with the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex at the center.

  26. Marc says:

    Was a time not long ago when we all naively and expectantly looked to our favorite TV weather personality for not only the weather forecast but for lighthearted and entertaining delivery or perhaps something a little more sober if the weather was gonna be bad. And if they weren't hard on the eyes that always helped keep us interested. This "tradition" continues yet today. But isn't it f**king high time these so-called meteorologists cut the cutesy bullshit? Who the hell is gonna have the balls to break ranks and talk geoengineering? Yes, some meteorologists have alluded to "chaff" or "bits of plastic" dropped by the military for so-called experimental programs that are showing up on radar as anomalous weird blips and shapes. But they are very few and far between. Why in God's name is the subject of geoengineering such profound TABOO amongst meteorologists? The first obvious answer is this: geoengineering implies, BY DEFINITION, a cornucopia of government activities most of which are little understood by the public, if not completely and utterly unheard of. Because of this, there is an instantaneous tendency to reject or avoid facing such a possibility head on. Meteorologists, and their corporate bosses, wouldn't dare invite such controversial content into their weather-casts. But really, who honestly gives a shit? I'd like to say I don't. But in truth, I do. I do give a shit. Why? Because if geoengineering were openly acknowledged (by meteorologists) to be a huge factor negatively influencing our weather then that would imply that we are already at critical mass and maybe, just maybe, public opinion might become quite unruly indeed. TV METEOROLOGY IS NOT A SCIENCE IF IT DOES NOT INFORM IT'S AUDIENCE ABOUT HOW GEOENGINEERING IS MODIFYING THEIR WEATHER. IT IS LIKE A WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION MATCH: IT LOOKS TOTALLY GENUINE, BUT IT AIN'T.

  27. CENTRAL ONT. says:

    I live in Central Ontario and where I live I know exactly who is involved in this. I could disclose it to you but I won't. Go no further than to you local airport in all surrounding areas of GTA and then look at your Air Ambulance and your air force bases. Pretty easy to figure it all out. They are all involved just like your fire department and police department. Enough Said,

    • virgina says:

      @Central Ont:  Why be so cryptic?  If you have some important and credible info, it would tremendously benefit the cause.  May we be in on it? Thanks.

    • Diane Friday says:

      I've just come to that same conclusion today, not two hours ago. My partner and I were talking about this insanity, as we often do. Too often. And no sooner had I said, again, that I'd give anything to know where these planes are coming from, did I realize that there's a good chance they're coming from the three major airports to the east of us. They fly from almost due east to due west almost without exception, unless there's yet another storm scheduled in the coming days, in which case there will also be aerosol assaults flying north to south AND east to west. Given that Newark International, JFK, and LaGuardia airports are all within 100 or so miles east of here, I think maybe they've been hiding in plain sight all along. There are military bases even closer. In fact, when were first made aware of the "chemtrails" back in 2001, not long after 9/11, we assumed there was so much activity in the skies because the US was no doubt preparing for war. However, as my partner was a jet aircraft mechanic in the Air Force during the Vietnam war, as soon as a friend of hers told her they weren't contrails, but chemtrails, we were seeing, she knew it made sense, she believed it, I believed it, I began researching it right away, and we've watched it get exponentially worse every year since. Now, it seems to get worse every day. These megalomaniacal psychopaths have to be stopped. 

    • Rosalie says:

      You're basically saying all levels of government are involved in this insanity, with the private sector.  What also worries me are the amount of towers being erected all over the place in Ontario. On municipal and private property.  It sure would be nice if you could disclose more of what you know Central Ont. If it's happening here, you know it's happening in many other places.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      I think we all know that unmarked jets are flying out of somewhere.  It would not surprise me if Canadian Forces bases in Trenton and Borden Ontario as well as U.S. bases in New York State are involved. You must consider that these "secret agreements were made a long time ago and perhaps P.M. Trudeau is not aware of the file. What exactly is the basis of the accusation of Air Ambulances (which fly directly over my house) and Fire Departments? 

  28. virgina says:

    Dane: Preparing a letter to the Mr. Mike Mangas, I looked up his bio info (apparently self-written) and was astounded that this arrogant, uneducated,  rude twit serves on the SHASTA COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  Can you imagine that?  Can you think of a less qualified, concerned and ethical person than Mangas to serve his community?  Man, we are all in deep doodoo if this is the best Shasta Community Health Center can offer.

    He also enjoys jogging, cycling, swimming and golfing….all of which are outdoor activities where the skies above him are in full bloom, so to speak.  And during these activities, he hasn't noticed, not once, those goofy lines, white-outs, and weird 'cloud' formations which he denies with such arrogance?

    Talk about a phony-baloney-first-class.  Posing as Mr. Good Guy and all the while, not only ignoring this incredible threat to all of our lives, but ignoring his duty as 'lead reporter' to report the facts with an open and enquiring mind.  Plus writing such a childish, petulant, ignorant letter to the one person in his city of Redding that has devoted so much time and effort to educate him and millions of others about geo-engineering, about topics that should be of vital and primary concern to a member of the Board of Directors of the SHASTA COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER. (all reading this should write to the center and inform them of his stance, with reference to this website and his letter).

    Mr. Mangas, you stated that you are an ordained deacon in St. Joseph's Parish in Redding.  I suggest that you hustle yourself to the confessional booth and admit to the good father that you are a phoney and that you are negligent and deficient in your duties as a deacon to serve your parishioners in good faith and as lead news caster on KRCR and a director in the Shasta Comm. Health center.

    I ask that, for the good of the health and welfare of the citizens of Redding, that you submit your resignation as a board member.

    From a long-time resident of the County of Shasta.  One who knows that the skies are no longer God's or nature's.


    • Marc says:

      Virginia, absolutely brilliant roasting of the illustrious Mr. Mangas. Most excellent. Bravo!

    • Well said Virgina. Just maybe if one of these so called meteorologist or news anchor would show the courage to tell the truth the rest might jump on board. It's just a wish.

    • Dennie says:

      Virginia:  Thank you for exposing this sycophantic CHARLATAN.  Ultimately, it is very SAD, how these people choose to conduct themselves.  In between work assignments I am at home weeping and praying tonight.  This insanity MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  29. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Judging by the reply the eventual defendants will change the subject to conspiracy regardless of the solid evidence presented.  Then it will become "National Security" and "Classified." Then they will demand to know the names of the "power structure" and provide "proof." Governments will invoke a "ban on publication of evidence and judge only trial". The media gets an out and puts the story on the bottom of page 23. Maybe 10,000 can grow to 100,000, let's hope so.

  30. Dave says:

    Perhaps a couple of Mr Mangas pilot friends would accept the invitation to attend with him the meeting to convince to us that our conspiracy theories, are complete bunk, you know, for the greater good of mankind. 

    • bija says:

      Nothing could be more clear! 1 Pacific Redwood is a must watch for anyone who really wants to understand the manipulation of our weather to create extremes all over the map. This analysis should be obvious to any meteorologist/scientist with an ounce of intelligence and integrity. Well done, 1 PR. You are another of the valiant voices, like Dane, in this critical battle to stop this madness!

  31. I assume that all the plasma physics technology used Ionospheric Heaters emerged from Nikola Tesla’s research which is said to have been confiscated. Here are two interesting quotes from Tesla:

    * Electric current, after passing into the earth travels to the diametrically opposite region of the same and rebounding from there, returns to its point of departure with virtually undiminished force. The outgoing and returning currents clash and form nodes and loops similar to those observable on a vibrating cord. To traverse the entire distance of about twenty-five thousand miles, equal to the circumference of the globe, the current requires a certain time interval, which I have approximately ascertained. In yielding this knowledge, nature has revealed one of its most precious secrets, of inestimable consequence to man. So astounding are the facts in this connection, that it would seem as though the Creator, himself, had electrically designed this planet just for the purpose of enabling us to achieve wonders which, before my discovery, could not have been conceived by the wildest imagination.

    * Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world. Our hearing extends to a small distance. Our sight is impeded by intervening bodies and shadows. To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions. We must transmit our intelligence, travel, transport the materials and transfer the energies necessary for our existence. Following this thought we now realize, forcibly enough to dispense with argument, that of all other conquests of man, without exception, that which is most desirable, which would be most helpful in the establishment of universal peaceful relations is — the complete ANNIHILATION OF DISTANCE. To achieve this wonder, electricity is the one and only means. Inestimable good has already been done by the use of this all powerful agent, the nature of which is still a mystery. Our astonishment at what has been accomplished would be uncontrollable were it not held in check by the expectation of greater miracles to come. That one, the greatest of all, can be viewed in three aspects: Dissemination of intelligence, transportation, and transmission of power.

    • bija says:

      It seems that genius minds like Tesla and others, for example Raymond Royal Rife, have fallen prey to TPTB. Perhaps they were naive or simply coerced to give up their brilliant inventions, only to have them buried or used for the blackest of projects. It simply saddens me that the brightest minds who work toward creating a better world through healing or free energy are hijacked and turned into pure evil for the sake of greed and power. What a different world this could have been but for the abusive, psychopathic, and dark-hearted misdeeds of the few. Tesla may have seen this coming toward the end of his life. We live in a world that revels in snuffing out bright sprits!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, I did read this days ago, then put it on the back burner to re-read later.  Though I've heard much of Tesla, I have not studied him. I am not sure, well, rather am sure, that I cannot live long enough to study all I'd like to study, read all I'd like to read.  That said, this is so very intriguing and I have questions, I always do.  Such as, he is not saying the current passes around the globe, the 25,000 miles, rather seems to say half that.  Underground?  Why half?  Does this vary with different amounts of electricity or does it stay the same regardless?  I would guess that magnetics has a lot to do with this.  So, with every lightning strike, does this happen?  Through the Earth?  What if things are in the way these days, such as deep mines and caves, underground constructions, etc.  How far underground does this current travel?

      These days, we tend to think of electricity as above ground, even in "the cloud".  I would imagine that if all this goes underground it must be quite a traffic jam these days!  Toss in electromagnetic everything and that vibrating chord as example, must have far more nodes and loops.

      I study matter and anti matter.  Fascinates me.  The more I know the more it seems as if indeed the Creator has electrically wired the planet and universe in infinite detail, even at the sub atomic level.  I cannot help but wonder what the horrors mankind has wrought, what they have done to this fine tuning, this underground rebound.  What makes it rebound?  And does every bit go exactly half way round the world or does it vary with size of charge?

  32. These mega data-collectors are allowing all the corporations to merge into one giant control system, tyranny. Investor Jim Rogers recently said that the one world currency is coming, meaning definitely in the banker's plane 

    *Amazon Wants to Seed Cloud with Banks
    Financial institutions and other big companies hold the future of cloud computing in their hands.
    Amazon has been making the rounds to big banks including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase to pitch them on using its cloud-computing service, Amazon Web Services, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The hard sell to banks makes sense as 10-year-old AWS enters the next and trickiest stage of life. The road to cloud computing's future goes straight through Wall Street, and it won't be easy to navigate. … Banks, then, are the great hope of cloud computing's next phase. For one, banks spend oodles of money on technology. Research firm IDC last year said Wal-Mart spent more than any company in the world on technology. Bank of America, Citigroup, AT&T, JPMorgan and two other banks were also among the top 10 tech spenders. Executives at Goldman Sachs have said roughly one quarter of the firm's employees are in technology.
    Financial services also tends to set trends for the corporate world.
    That's why tech startups trip over themselves to sell their products to financial services firms. Goldman and Morgan Stanley even host mass pitch sessions — think of it as suit-meets-hoodie speed-dating — to hear from young tech companies that want to sell to banks.  …

    • BaneB says:

      We have, all of us, become captives of The Beast.  Thank you, Susan, for these posts of your that reveal just how well and near complete is our imprisonment, from the arena of high tech and hard sell.  At one time a few years ago I thought the solution to regaining our privacy and our freedom from these predators, stalkers, and grim reapers of Wall Street and Silicon Valley was to break the umbilical chain by unplugging the personal computer and chopping up the smart phone.  The technology has its birthplace within the dark minds of the Pentagram and it's assorted siliconed tentacles.  Lots of federal start up money was funneled into the early beginnings of many of what are now mega corporations.  Remember, early on when the sales pitch was hot and heaving to company and individual alike, the major question to the hustlers was just how secure is this technology.  I well remember the reply was completely safe and secure.  Of course that was a lie.  The purpose of the entire spiel was to put spyware into every aspect of our lives, from sleep to walking to vacationing, to our very thoughts.  Yes, and to make tons and tons of unimaginable wealth for our silicon controllers and their burgeoning surveillance police state.  So when one understands the reality now in our face about getting rid of cash and only issuing plastic debit cards to obtain food and shelter, one realizes just how vulnerable and imprisoned we are. "No man shall be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.."  In other words, if one dissents from the wiles of the matrix the message is coming rapidly into focus…, you are on candid camera while you are tracked and starved.  And do not expect the USPO to offer any privacy.  All letters and packages are bar coded and tracked.  All address to and from are scanned and stored.  Finally, the Geoengineering terrorists could not destroy our weather without the computer.



    • girlbot says:

      The currency won't be to those banks' liking because they will likely be defunct or severely downsized once the gold-backed currency comes about — and the US dollar severely devalued. The new currency is gold-backed basket meant to take down petrodollar supremacy. Learn more about by listening to Jim Willie and others at

    • stephan says:

      well said BaneB - you certainly know your masonic geometry – thank you Susan – Dane for President !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      And yet, we are not truly and finally imprisoned, if indeed "freedom is a STATE OF MIND."  We must all and each work ceaselessly to match the outer with the INNER, for this is the very ESSENCE of creativity!  FOR US TO SUCCEED in healing ourselves and the planet that is our home, we MUST EACH OF US QUESTION THE PARADIGM that tells us that it's all about OPPOSITES:  Black vs. White, rich vs. poor, educated vs. not, etc.  The POLARITY concept must be seen for what it is in order to rebalance ourselves, then everything we see outwardly.  Healing is an INSIDE JOB, at least to start– LET'S GET GROWING!!!

  33. Known longtime says:

    Spraying has been going on in Long Island for years now… So when will the brave save us? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Known longtime, as the Hopi proverb has stated, “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. We must all make our voices heard in this most critical battle.

    • Hi Known Longtime — I lived out in Southold LI on the North Shore for many happy years with my two German Shepherds. I am wondering if the trees out there in Greenport and Orient Point are dying. I love the rounded color stones on the beaches of the Long Island Sound and feel they are one of earth's wonders. It was still mostly potato farms when I lived there in the 1970s. Sad days we live in.

  34. Mike looking up says:

    Dane, this is a small idea for local areas that may have formed groups. Find a sky writter pilot that's a believer and form a small budget deal to carry banner on heavy spray days.  I'm trying,  I'm the same guy who suggested a small book type or booklet on "Greatest Story Never Told", something that reads as a spy story or vilainous plot with foot notes, about Geo but make it a military thriller read on the evils. Thanks, and Im trying. God speed.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Mike, hi.  I like your ideas.  I have a friend, young, who has been making movies all his life, graduated film school arts, and is trying to sell one now in LA.  I keep telling him about this and saying its a gold mine for movies and it is!  Could be a sci-fi thriller.  For one, as so many sci-fi writers seem to foresee the future, while hitting on current events.  Or, it could be a horror show of sorts as one slowly catches on, turns here and there for verification, becoming more and more afraid as things get worse, yet people refuse to acknowledge what is going on in plain sight.  Many ways to spin it.  Short or long it could be riveting, alarming, instructive-complete with hush orders from the government, a trail of dead men, peoples sickened, confused and horrified all over the world, and the underlying plot of why, why, for God's sake why?  I mean, a person could write hundreds of stories from this site only.  Any more film makers out there?  Looking for something "new", relevant, intense, full of plot twists and bad guys and the few who know and catch on?  Such a film if done well, could make your career!-and just possibly save our world.


  35. Alex says:

    Dear Dane:

    Thank you for all of the work you put forth. I have been watching "Chemtrails" for almost 5 years over the Sierra Nevada foothills near Yosemite Park in Madera, Co. Calif. and have taken many pics of what looks like arial checker boards. I feel deep in my bones that we are being poisoned systemically through all of the agriculture  that grows in the Central Valley.  We let Big Brother take the reins and now it is really too late.  There is no way that millions of people living in  millions of apartments can be much of a Prepper for very long. I feel like we are very close to a losing battle.  I am 72 and have seen and done enough to know things are wrong. I love this song by Leonard Cohen "Everybody Knows" an expression of Truth. 

    Thank you again ….I am forwarding your link to all of my friends that need to look up (not wazz up) a lot more often.  I go to Steve Quayle's site every day to be more informed.

  36. Michel B says:

    The SRM has been very covert here in Brisbane, Australia. We have very little in the way of obvious trials in our skyscape. In fact, at times in certain parts of the sky at certain times of the day, the colour has been almost a normal deep blue. But this might just be due to a temporary perspective. I always look to the east in the morning for that typical white haze in front of the sun and do the same in the afternoon to the west. Scarce puffy white clouds appeared but are being badly dessiccated by aerosol particulates.

    This afternoon to the west, the white haze was very expansive. One of two puffy clouds in front of this mess were just melting away before our very eyes. The haze was descending to the ground within the furtherest distance of view, which means it is most obvious at ground level on the horizon because we are looking through the thickest part of it. That means that someone standing on the horizon to me is looking at an awful brown/gray mess on top of my head just as I am seeing it on top of their head.

    Tonight on the news we had an interview with the head of the Bureau of Meteorology. He smilingly described how we are heading into continued warm weather as we go into Autumn. An extended summer was a description given. Dry conditions are predicted until at least April, so a dry ending to a very dry summer. We have entirely missed out on our rainy season. Some rain was directed over our catchment areas so that the privately owned SEQ Water would have its commodity placed into its dams, to sell to us, the public who previously paid for this former public utility.

    I am sure that 'ownership of ownership' is a concept being brought into existence by the insane, doublespeaking, bored power freaks who know no limits to the advancement of their illogic. Trust me, they will not stop on their own. They have to be made to stop. Even when everyone knows what is going on, they will not stop. They have to be made to stop. At this point they suffer from complete hubris.

    • SD says:

      You are right Michel B.  That is the nature of sociopathic/narcissistic disorder.  They will never stop or admit error on their own. But it's not just the perpetrators, the media and general public who continue to deny reality will never admit error.  A lot of mental problems we're dealing with here.

      Latest U.S. tornado victims in my thoughts today.  The recent reports of sonic booms and unusual earthquakes in New Jersey PRECEDED the storms as they raced northeast.  A recurring pattern noted.  It takes a lot of energy to "change the weather" and the Geoengineers have access to it.  And they use it. And it causes mysterious booms and earthquakes in the process.

  37. Bill says:

    There must thousands of pilots involved in doing this, are any coming forward?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bill, we must contemplate the potential penalties of those on the inside of the system that would dare to expose the power structure. Consider the “gag order” on all NWS and NOAA employees, how dire would the penalty be for a pilot?

  38. Larry Bond says:

    Is Mike Magnas a preacher.. Hmmm ..well I say a prayer he will come forth..and tell the truth…

  39. Very Concerned says:

    Dane…Thank you for all you do…We as American Citizens…Will stop the foolishness that has been happening for way TOOOOO…long…we all have a living right to have health and a healthy world…Keep up the fight…in the finals….good…will win…How are the Attornies coming with the court case against these …SPRAY HAPPY FOOLS??? There is no reason that the people of GOD'S world should have to put up with this kind of Killing stupidity….How can we put a heavier foot down and stop this dead in it's tracks….I have been spreading the word all I can…thanks again for all you do…. 

  40. Christine T. says:

    Pacifica chemtrails pattern is 'strangely repeatable' in the last few days. On the 23rd it ended up with an double rainbow-like ring echo around  a sun, for many hours, with very little to partially no clouds, just with the strange haziness. Documenting such events, with dates and remarks maybe can be of use to find out what's the purpose of the spacings, legths, distribution of all these 'diffraction clouds', as I call them now. Also remembering (!) ones own health status is important, since we know that the chemtrails contents are highly questionable, in particular in terms of affecting our bodies! Only nature inside of us, which includes individual DNA, water and protein molecules, specific metals, is very repeatable.. Btw. Ba, Sr can replace Ca and Mg with detrimental health effects according to some Rockefeller Institute studies.. AND one needs to add the 1946 Standard Oil patent for using Sr, Ba, Al metals for their purposes..

    Exact repeatability in nature on the scale larger than any of the living organisms, outside of their bodies, seems 'strange', unless it is correlated with some phenomena like holographic diffraction and coherent imaging, for which NASA is quite famous. Seeing their plans for the outer space, last year on West Photonics conference in SF, made me not wanting to believe what I was hearing. There was NO REGARD in these plans for BIRDS, or in fact ANY LIVING CREATURE…

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, the bizarre rings around the sun on the 23rd!  You are in Pacifica. I am in central Mendocino County.  You are on the Pacific Ocean and I am 60 miles inland and more than 200 miles north of your location.  Yet we report the same phenomena.  This suggests a large portion of California's population, had they bothered to notice, observed the huge greasy looking rings around the sun.  I took a number of pics of this so it is dicumented.  Once the glare is removed the image is astonishing for its construct.  Yes this lasted for hours.  And after a mid day nap, I went outside and there was the huge ring again around the sun now to the west.  All day the sky was saturated with jets spraying aerosols.  Of late these terrorist operations have been flying way way up there, so high up without binoculars they are almost impossible to see with the naked eye.    

  41. Marc says:

    Mr. Mike Mangas isn't worth the paper he's printed on. What a big baby and a typical mainstream phony. What the goddamn f**k needs to happen before some of these pansies grow a backbone and come clean about what they (I'm certain) know to be absolutely going on in our skies? 

    • BaneB says:

      Actually you are not wasting your time.  But, be forewarned it will likely be your one and only communication by text/e-mail.  After the forum in Redding last year, I wrote to this disgrace of a media outlet.  The text was polite. I sent my usual shock and awe pics of the sky as seen from my vantage point.  Yesterday I sent another polite note and more pics, including the astounding images if the rings around the sun.  Guess what?  Yep.  I plan to phone them this morning and ask why my communications are blocked.  It's not like sending texts and pics is something to harass them. But, truth can annoy the guilty. Given the FCC, a public agency, licenses these users of the PUBLIC airwaves, it seems Mr. Mangas and the corporation owning him are in violation of the public trust.

  42. Diane Friday says:

    Here's my latest comment submitted in response to the local ABC affiliate's report on the destruction and death toll in the wake of the latest round of engineered storms hitting many southern and east coast states. I'm glad I remembered to copy it this time. I checked back five minutes after posting, and it had been removed. 


    Diane Friday

    a minute ago. Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by

    "Maybe one day soon, anyone calling themselves meteorologists will be more inclined to speak up, tell the truth, explain the real whys and wherefores behind these storms. One after another after another, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Now that the much-hyped "Godzilla" El Niño seems to have gone missing, what's the official explanation these days? The link below might be of assistance to anyone interested in learning some hard and unpleasant truths.

    For more detailed information:;

  43. Dave says:

    I wrote the Mangas character an e-mail and erased it about halfway through. Too pathetic to even engage in dialog. But, that is the mentality of the evil the runs the show. You know if he can look his kids in the eye and tell them that same thing,……………………………….I mean really what can one say about folks like that?. 

  44. Sam says:

    Order followers be like Mr.Mangas.

    i feel sorry for the other countries that cant really do anything about this

    • Larwence says:

      We here in the USA seem to be one of those countries! Heavy spraying all week again in central California.


  45. Dave says:

    Susan, I am sure all of us would say amen to your eloquent tribute to Danes unrelenting effort day after day week after week year after year,  that has led us and so many more to this point where I think we sense that some "cracks in the dam" are beginning to appear as Dane says. To honor his work means we need to recommit and redouble our tasks to enlighten and inform as many as we can as soon as we can.  

  46. SILVER says:

    Mr. Mangas is either a total idiot or totally corrupt. I'm guessing the latter. No one with half a brain can look at your site, Dane, and not see how bad things are getting because of the geoengineering agenda. I wonder how much these guys are getting paid to pretend the chemtrails are harmless, even as they cause illness and death in millions of humans, animals, and plants all over the world? No matter how much they're getting paid, it won't keep them out of hell. And they will be there for a VERY Long Time.

  47. Barbara Lyon says:

    Hi, Dane!

    Audubon today offered a petition for us to sign to take action for climate control.  I would not have trusted it or signed it, except it had the ability to put in your own words.  Right up front, first paragraph, I entered STOP GEOENGINEERING NOW and gave a short explanation of it, told them to come to my house on a steep canyon with a 180 view of the Pacific Ocean where they could prove to themselves it is real.

    You mean so much to all of us!  Many Blessings!

    • BaneB says:

      Well, I see KRCR has me blocked from communicating.  Looks like the mainstream media is giving the high sign to the public.  When you are through showing your guests around your place and the obvious non ending dinge skies, send them to my place.  And while they are experiencing the overhead geoengineered terrorism I can show them all the dead and dying trees and the general melt down of the natural environment.

  48. Roger Gibbons says:

    Great job Dane on confronting ABC weather personal, its always great to find someone on the inside to give this movement a reason to keep pushing along.

    I just sent out to all my contacts including government officials the Rhode lsland bill on stopping geoengineering ….now that is real and should open more eyes.


    Thanks to all……keep sending out info ..they will open eyes.

  49. levi says:

    We are flying around an enormous ball of fire through hostile to life space and these adults (with spoiled child like minds) are all to cocky and entitled.There is no planet b,our one saving grace this vessel like the titanic has its bottom blown out in the ice cold expanse with no help.We are the ones we've been waiting for.I'd imagine if aliens come to see the earth in the hellish state it will be in soon there will be nothing left of the beauty there once was.Now we are flying around on a dead planet in hostile to life space.Just like the titanic we are being pacified and told nothing is wrong while the whole ship is going down at breakneck speed thanks to the massive hole in the bottom of the ship (climate engineering).

  50. BaneB says:

    Oh great, a repository for my images! I see a link to a chance to shock and awe yet another media outlet.  KOVR has blocked me.  It matters not if one is polite.  The same treatment is metted out no matter.  And no matter the wall because it is not high enough to keep out the USPO:-). Indeed, yesterday I sent a slew of information and lots of images of the geoengineered terrorism in our skies to that phony operation.  Not my black an whites though.  They already have quite a few of them and I waived any copyright claim, too.  Who knows, one day they will be forced by popular demand to restore the trust the public once gave in abundance to the mainstream media, and in particular to the weather forecasters.  The forecasters have to be the lowest of the low because they can't possibly not know about what is taking place with our skies, and the bizarre weather. Why not say "today we can expect jets by the hundreds to assault our skies and so keep your children indoors." Oh yeah, Mr. Swartz over at KOVR Sacramento used the term 'cloud theory' on me to dismiss me as another ignoramus.  I wonder what cloud theory he might proffer to the public about square clouds.  LOLs:-))))


  51. Diane Friday says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. After being in the depths of depression the last two days, this article made my day, my week, my year so far!! As a former legal secretary, who remembers procedures fairly well, I can easily envision the immensity and impact of whatever legal actions are in the works. I'll gladly continue to email our local meteorologists, leave comments on their lie-filled forecasts, and otherwise be a thorn in the side of these overpaid carnies who call themselves meteorologists. Thank you Dane. 

    • Diane Friday says:

      And for the record, day two, round two of engineered storms here in southeastern PA: temperature 62 degrees at 8:23 pm. Tornado watch in effect until 11:00 pm in most of the surrounding counties and many counties in southern New Jersey. The rain has been coming down in buckets off and on since approximately 5:00 pm, and there is now ominous-sounding thunder and lighting. Wind gusts up to 60 mph have been forecast, and I believe that will happen. In February. This wouldn't be unusual in the spring, or in the heat of summer, but this is happening in southeastern Pennsylvania in February. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Diane, I just checked the outdoor thermometer; it's 11:15 pm here in central N. Ga. and it is 40 degrees; 22 degrees cooler than you are in SE Pa. in February!  Unbelievable what the nut jobs are doing to this planet. I'm afraid they've broken our atmosphere. : 0

    • Mark Harrison says:

      Hello Diane,

      I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania and am glad to know of another fellow traveler on this beautiful orb who is awake to the insanity.i have been aware of and documenting the ongoing geo engineering debacle for well over 8 years now. We must have had 2" of rain yesterday, violent thunder and lightning last night and strong wind with a 50 degree temperature predicted today. Don't despair, there are others who are awake and aware. 

      Dane- you are an inspiration and a model of professionalism involved in a very daunting yet most noble fight. Please let me know when you speak on the East Coast, would enjoy listening to you. I have downloaded and printed out the business cards you have available on your website and pass them out to as many people as will take them. Every little bit we can do to raise awareness is a strike at these quite insane individuals. God bless us all as we move through the insanity of our times.


      Mark Harrison 

  52. Howard Taylor says:

    Watch out this great scientist now has a bullseye on him.It might  good to release his name.

  53. Steve Davey says:

    I have a second home in Central Oregon and each time I come over from Eugene, if the skies are clear, then total spraying of the skies is inevitable. I can count more Chemtrails here than anywhere else in Oregon.  Just two days here 2/23/16 to 2/24/16 and the skies now are totally obscured from sunlight.  Trails crisscross the sky.  Certainly spraying has been stepped up considerably from just a few years ago..what use to be staggeringly beautiful bluebird skies are now boring, overcast and poisonous heavens.  God help our children.




  54. Dave says:

    Dane, thank you for your tireless efforts to inform and end this insanity 

  55. virgina says:

    Dane….Great stuff, really tells us a lot about our Redding news sources. I've lived in Redding since 1976 and remember when Mike Mangas  THAT mike mangas was a stumbling, bumbling sports caster on KRCR.  His mentality hasn't changed, I see and I am surprised this guy is still with KRCR.  I stopped listening to that channel years ago..too damn dumb sh+t coming from it.

    I am infuriated at his cavalier, mean-spirited approach to the obvious in the skies above Redding and his arrogance and better-than-thou reply to your fine  correspondence.  There will be a letter in the mail to Mr. Mike, from me and my family.  What is really sad is that he reflects so badly on the City of Redding.  It has grown so through the years, but mangas and KRCR whom he represents are still in the dark ages of the early 70's.  I am embarrassed for this city and sorry for the small, closed mind of mangas. 

    Perhaps his stiff neck is preventing him from looking up at the skies.

    I apologize for him, Dane, you deserved better than his cheap shot.

    Thank you.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      HellO Virginia, thank you so much for the local support in this battle. When we stand together, we can no longer be ignored.

  56. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Excellent, Dane! If we would all (in our respective regions of the country/world) follow this example and open civil, intelligent, factual discourse with meteorologists, it would help our cause tremendously. 

  57. Miles says:

    If people want to grant Mangas his "due respect" that is their preference. I however, would rather call him out for the lying, obfuscating, passionless, criminal abetting sack of shite that he clearly is. for all undue treason this Mangas is exacting upon the people of our country. I speak to TOO many people like Mangas, holier-than-thou, couldnt possibly waste their time on such conspiracy drivel! they think they know everything there is to know, and thats what makes these people dangerous. they will not meaningfully investigate. Guess what Mike Mangas, we are getting the torches and pitchforks ready about now!

  58. Dave Christy says:

    Every day lately the San Joaquin valley sky is getting loaded, I have put in requests for the Valley papers and  KCRA to report on the cause, no response from anyone one way or the other. We had a pretty good rainy season going on and  and were hoping for more, is this big assault just west of the Sierras this pat week a block to prevent the rain we need for our drying up reservoirs ?  CARB  EPA  all agencies I talk to deny any knowledge of spraying or state that it is out of their jurisdiction. I would  would love to find a person in Government that could speak the truth about any topic especially this one .

  59. Sean Slavin says:

    Great post Dane. Definitely one of the best I've read and they're all excellent. Spraying in Sonoma Co. CA is off the charts. It's been this way now for so many weeks that I've lost track.

    They've definitely kicked it up another notch.

    As for the ABC gentleman, Mike Mangas who said that when he brings up the topic of Geoengineering to people in the airline industry they laugh at him I say this: Any adult that laughs at another adult for questioning things that are obviously not "natural" is hiding something or afraid. Second the laws of physics do not support the persistent contrail lie. This can and has been proven.

    Anyone who tells you that those lines are simply moisture vapor are either lying to you or sorely misinformed.

    As a society it seems we have forgotten to trust our own instincts and common sense. Instead we rely on the so called "experts" to tell us what to do and what reality is.

    I guess that's why they call them sheeple.



  60. Michel B says:

    That letter from the Aerospace Avionics Engineer is gold. Here is someone who can totally 're-rail' (opposite of derail) the issue with the right questions, the answers to which imply the real truth.

    Of course I realise we all can do this by employing the right logic, rhetoric and skepticism, but when an Aerospace Avionics Engineer does it, well, how do those lying scientists then counter his credibility and ignore his questions, like they do ours?

    "How does a heavier than air molecule reach tropopause?" Well, it has wings, wings with high bypass turbo fan jet engines mounted on them!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      MichelB, Hello and I quite agree with you.  That letter from that person is pure gold.  And yes, with wings! mounted with a hi bypass turbo fan engine–or, it appears, even a satelite?!!!

  61. Helene says:

    wondering if Tavis Smiley might be open to doing a segment, if not an entire program, on his PBS show?  Third day/night of intensive spraying here on south/west Vancouver Island, it was supposed to be clear sunny and in low-mid 50sF all week…layer upon layer of "clouds" obscuring sun which, when shines, is so intense it almost hurts…

  62. Rosalie says:

    Today, as I heard sirens off in the distance; likely a car accident, due to treacherous driving conditions, it left a sick feeling in my stomach.  Yesterday's skies were HAARPed, and sprayed like crazy.  I took pictures. The black soot patches in the sky told me we were gonna get it good.  The media hyped the Winter storm all yesterday and today in Ontario.  I have been feeling sick for days, hacking and coughing and having respiratory problems.   I never get sick.  I feel very weak. This is so wicked, it must be stopped!

  63. Naomi Frismodt says:

    I've been following this guy's weather analysis on youtube for some time. Anybody familiar with his  channel?


    • Earth Angel says:

      Susan just posted one of his most recent explanations of the massive storms being held off the western coast of North America by the HAARP frequencies. I had never seen his reports before. Excellent work. Crystal clear analysis.

    • Elena says:

      Yes, just found out about it, Susan Ferguson has posted links to it a couple of times recently. They should hire this guy to report the real weather! Can you just imagine it, hearing the truth on a news channel? The sleeping would be like, whaaaat? I'm at the library computer testing to see if this post will go, for some reason I can't post anymore from my home computer. Either I'm still having technical difficulties or I'm being messed with! Google is creepy.

  64. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California  Poison Spray Alert ! 2-24-2016 @ 012:50

    This is one of the worst days  I have seen in 10 years of this Poison Aerosol Fall Out .

    What a Bunch of Creepy Criminal Crooks we are dealing with now in our elected Government  ,,,,

    How  could we let them do this to Us ?


    • Steve Mobley says:

      Madera County California 2/24/16 the worst spraying I have seen to date. Have 30 dead Ponderosa pines on my property of which 16 are a threat of falling on my house. Just got an estimate to have them taken down. $10,400. Our cedars are dying too they don,t know why.Its not from the beetles its a mystery to the tree guy. I asked if had ever heard the term geoengineering he said you mean the chemtrails I said yes look up its happening right now over us. I told him I think that is why they are dying– he agreed.

    • virgina says:

      Steve in Madera County: So sorry for your trees and the cost of removal. Know the feeling, had it here in the forest east of Redding.  My cedars (3 of them) are dead, all within one year.  The leaves on my fruit trees (pear and applies) burned to a crisp, as did what little fruit they bore.  First time I've seen this  happen.  Had to have three huge pines cut, as well.  Sad

      Good luck to you and let's hope we can, somehow, lick this horror before it's too late.

  65. I wrote this in my heart while watching the aerosol spraying cover the sky here…the planes are cloaked in chaff, invisible here…
    I would imagine that many of us who are posting here are suffering to one degree or another from these undiagnosable chemtrail illnesses. I am and I take note of others who write about dealing with their various and multiple symptoms. For nine years now, my ability to digest food has slowly surely degraded, deteriorated. I’m down to a small handful of foods I can eat with any confidence. Nothing I love – like wine or chocolate. At least I have been able to gain some weight back since I returned to the Olympic Peninsula WA from my seven years in New Zealand and I am grateful for that. I am an American woman after all, born and raised in Texas, and this is my once beloved home country, home of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. A country that once offered refuge to so many escaping tyranny. All humans naturally will feel in our souls this love of the good earth beneath our feet, the earth’s soil we emerged from, wherever we are born.

    As much I as like to eulogize, honor and praise Dane Wigington, I know that is not what he wants. Unlike some, Dane has no personal need for followers. His integrity and humility are beyond question. What Dane wants is 10,000 independent Dane Wigingtons, meaning 10,000 of us who are sovereign in ourselves, strong, thinking intelligent rebels who are willing to put everything on the line as he has done and stop the insanity of a blind science ruled by tyranny and greed.
    To me that means first of all, at age 70, learning the science which I have been endeavoring to accomplish with the advantage of Dane’s research from over 12 years of his life – a unique life that might have been spent in other more gentle creative pursuits. We will never know the sacrifices Dane has made for the common good, the ‘Cause’. Dane’s love for our dying planet Earth, Nature, and all humanity inspire us every day. I doubt I would have ever had the courage to confront the local Congressional Representative here in Sequim WA if I had not had Dane in my heart & mind, infusing this old lady with his relentless courage, creative mastery of anger, and even-ness of composure.
    So everyday I wake up and ask myself…What can I do to help today? Because time is running out for us earthlings and other pursuits will soon prove useless anyway. How much time remains before the plagues begin? Many are sick now. The canaries in the coal mine. Even the money will inevitably then be worthless as there will be nothing worth having, nothing worth buying – except food and clean water.  Love in the Dying Time…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, my deepest gratitude to you and  every other activist that never wanted this job, but has never the less risen to the occasion. Yes, 10,000 tips to the spear, this is exactly what we need in this most critical battle. As we each start spot fires of awarness, the flames are merging into the blaze that cannot be put out. Lets all keep rolling stones down the mountain, the avalanche of awakening is coming, unfolding events will soon force the truth into the light of day.

    • Sean Slavin says:


      You, as well as everyone else on here are a beautiful soul. You are the embodiment of what the human soul and spirit should be.

      You have many wonderful gifts. I enjoy and am inspired by all that you offer to humanity. Thank you for being you 🙂

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Susan:  I too could not digest a lot of things before I started taking a good probiotic formulated for people like me (female over age 50), as well as a Standard Process vitamin and glandular extract called A-F Beta food recommended by my London, England, Worsley-trained Five Element-style acupuncturist in Fairfax, CA.  I really thought I was going to have to have my gall bladder removed due to all the signs and signals, and now I'm fine.  At least some of my problem was also due to having taken antibiotics over the years for various finger infections and bronchitis.  With the probiotics these illnesses clear themselves a lot more quickly and without any pharmaceutical help, other than maybe some tea tree oil compresses for external scrapes, garden dings, etc. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dear Susan, One would never be able to tell you suffer such an eating problem, given what seems to be endless strength and clarity, mental acuity.  Have you tried turmeric?  It has saved my stomach.  For many years now I've not been able to gain weight and still weigh too little, but turmeric makes eating possible for me, possible for my stomach to function like normal-ish.  I don't approve of the capsules.  I have reasons.  But I use it with foods.  To heck with what I love to eat.  That no longer matters.  I am told that we all, as we age-get old!-have trouble with digestion.  I recall that Gandhi created a diet for himself based on records he kept regarding how different foods made him feel.  I thought that brilliant and always intended to do that.  Finally I am.  I no longer care if what I eat is repetitive, not what I'd prefer, etc.  I only care to feel well and not be plagued with stomach issues.  I now only eat foods that I know will feel like an injection of vitamins and will digest!  And my stomach is too happy now to complain!

  66. Marianne Clancy says:

    Dane~I just saw on youtube last Sunday's X-Files epsisode where they say what is going on with chemtrails. They used that exact word, said what they were made of and how they were meant to inflict sickness on us. You have to see it.

    • Al C says:

      I saw it too………..It's the first times I ever heard the word "chemtrails" come out of a television speaker aside from videos I've watched.


    • Glenda Jasper says:

      Yes Marianne watching X-files myself was blown away ..stop and think why they put this on television they too run the Media..they are so powerful this is why us fighting the chemtrails are not going away.. anytime soon

      Keep our heads out of the skies and focus on ourselves in knowing we shall prevail the darkness upon Planet Earth..

    • Marla Stair-Wood says:

      The first episode mentions weather war and SRM.

    • Jenny says:

      I haven't watched the last two episodes yet;  guess I'd better watch them soon before they disappear!

  67. Dennie says:

    As awful as this entire saga is, something in me wants to say that it is always darkest right before dawn.  The cover of the March 10, 2016 issue of Scientific American is graced with a photo of a newly-discovered hominid, fossils of which were found in great abundance in South Africa.  When I opened the cover to peruse the table of contents I noticed coverage of the Syrian disaster which comes out saying that Syrians are fleeing a major drought, and where there is no rain there is no farming.  Surprised to see SA calling a "spade" a SPADE for once in their damnable lives, to quote Ray Tagliafero.

    The Defense Monitor is the quarterly newsletter of the Project on Government Oversight.  In the issue dated Oct/Dec 2015 they ran an article by Danielle Brian and Mandy Smithberger titled Treatment of War Hero Reveals Broken Military Whistleblower Protection System, the story of Lt. Col. Jason Amerine who was harassed by the Army for having spoken to a member of Congress about the U.S. gov't's. broken and dysfunctional hostage recovery process.  So I'm taking this to be a perfect example of what happens in the military when you actually act honorably in a consistent manner.  To stop the military insanity you also need very strong and honorable Congress people, such as Sen. Charles Grassley, R-IA, who fought to stop the harassment and clear Amerine's name.

  68. jeff says:

    Great report,I admire your persistence. I hope people wake up quickly,cause it could not look more obvious in the sky's over my house.Personaly I  have very little empathy for those that go on supporting this crime,prosecute them all,put them on display for a shame display. 

    More power to you Dane,and all those in this fight 🙂

  69. Tim Reeder says:

    Thanks Dane, amazing fact-based tenacity!

    We have to gather at our local tv affiliate stations and provide them a physical presence they cannot block!

  70. Dane — This is a brilliant post useful to all of us. Thank you. Especially the email from the 'Aerospace Avionics Engineer of over 40 years, with considerable work experience at our NASA Ames/Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards'. What he said is very interesting and confirms, at least for me that these corporations are trapped by a lethal technology they did not understand.

    Avionics Engineer: My first comparison of data gathered from 2000-2005 to data from 2010-2015 was very alarming.  So alarming that I figured I made a mistake.  I am taking more time to cover every line of program and every bit of data before any publication is made.
    I have emailed Dane on several occasions about my current research and his, and on each occasion Dane has had verifiable data to corroborate his claims.  I don't see anything but an intense desire Dane has but to try and recover what we have left on this planet – before it is gone forever.  Personally I admire Dane – it would be far easier for him if he just didn't care. But he does, and so do I.  This is intensely painful at times, especially when I hold my grandkids.
    Here is a quote I learned many years ago: ”There is a bar to all understanding, it is contempt prior to investigation." 

  71. Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?  Paul Craig Roberts / Feb. 24, 2016
    Most people who are aware and capable of thought have given up on what is called the “mainstream media.” … The sign of a totalitarian or authoritarian state is a media that feels no responsibility to investigate and to find the truth, accepting the role of propagandist instead. The entire Western media has been in the propaganda mode for a long time. In the US the transformation of journalists into propagandists was completed with the concentration of a diverse and independent media in six mega-corporations that are no longer run by journalists.
    …The prime example is 9/11.  … the presstitutes still repeat the official propaganda, and there remain enough gullible Americans to prevent accountability.  Competent historians know that false flag events are used to bring to fruition agendas that cannot otherwise be achieved. 9/11 gave the neoconservatives, who controlled the George W. Bush administration, the New Pearl Harbor that they said was necessary in order to launch their hegemonic military invasions of Muslim countries. … the “mainstream media” calls skeptics “conspiracy theorists.” …  the police state that America is becoming certainly has a powerful interest in disarming the public. … clearly the US government has an authoritarian agenda and is using orchestrated events to create a false reality for Americans in order to achieve the agenda.
    Whistleblowers pay a high price. Many of them are in prison. Obama has prosecuted and imprisoned a record number. Once they are thrown in prison, the question becomes: “Who would believe a criminal?” … The government has us where it wants us—powerless and disinformed.  … Mainstream journalists cannot question and investigate and keep their jobs. Scientists cannot speak out and continue to be funded.
    Truth telling has been shoved off into the alternative Internet media where I would wager the government runs sites that proclaim wild conspiracies, the purpose of which is to discredit all skeptics.

  72. * Hanford contamination spread across public highway /Feb. 21, 2016
    The Environmental Protection Agency has called the uncontrolled spread of small amounts of radioactive waste at Hanford “alarming” after a Nov. 17 windstorm. Surveys six miles north of Richland after the winds subsided found specks of contamination had spread beyond Route 4, the public highway from Richland out to the Wye Barricade secure entrance to Hanford. The contamination had blown from the 618-10 Burial Ground, which is being cleaned up on the west side of the highway.  The search also turned up previously undiscovered specks of radioactive waste believed to have been spread by plants or animals outside known contaminated areas.
    * Officials: “Historic crisis” along US West Coast… “We’re facing a fishery disaster”… “Very never-seen-before things”… Should be exclamation alarm to public — Extinction threat for salmon runs; Loss of sardines, squid, sea urchins, kelp; Massive sea star deaths; Marine mammal strandings… more

    • Donna says:

      Is that the same Hanford Nuclear Reservation in WA that is now America's newest National Park? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, I have been following Hanford for a very very long time.  This was inevitable and is unforgivable.  And they knew it.  Many tribes have first rights over fish near there, actually right below there.  As I said, this has been coming long time now, it was just a matter of time.  The waste stored there was badly stored and ate through the barrels.  Long ago.  The contamination began long ago already.  Guess it had to get to this point to get anyone's attention!  There are other "Hanfords", who is next?

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