Climate Engineering Fuels Devastating Hail Storms


Dane Wigington

Artificial/chemical ice nucleation  and highly destructive hail storms, whats the connection?

Our climate system is spinning our of control. Though there are a numerous and varied causal factors, a great many  roads in this equation lead straight to the ongoing and totally out of control global climate modification programs.

Artificial/chemical ice nucleation is now constantly used in the covert weather modification programs. The use of these materials cools down the clouds and thus the air mass below the clouds. But what happens when these unnatural elements cause ice formation at far above usual temperatures and in far greater concentrations?

hail jet

hail windshield

hail baseball

hail house

Much more frequent hail storms and exceptionally large hail stones are the expected result. This is in spite of the fact that the jet sprayed canopy above the storm systems is actually limiting cloud convection.

Do records show an increase in the damage being done by unusually large and frequent hail storms? Yes.

84% increase in hail storm damage from 2010 to 2012 and that increase is still rising.

Are there other recent examples of unprecedented “ice balls” created by massive artificial/chemical spraying of nucleating elements?

Yes again.

ice balls lakeshore

ice balls lakeshore 2

ice balls lake top

ice balls lakeshore news

Ice boulders on the Great Lakes never before seen until the last few years. Do you believe the explanations given for all the unprecedented oddities by the mainstream media “experts” who are literally paid to say whatever their told to say?

Global climate modification is a totally out of control juggernaut of complete insanity. There is NO NATURAL WEATHER at this point, all is tainted by the all out geoengineering assault that has been unleashed on planet Earth.

All of us must work together in order to bring these programs to light and to a halt.

17 Responses to Climate Engineering Fuels Devastating Hail Storms

  1. Ryan says:

    Fantastically spoken. Are you by chance a Witness? My mother is. Much love to you and yours Gene.

    ~Peace, Love, & Truth~

  2. NANCY says:

    those Great Lakes balls look like what NASA Scientists labeled ‘BLUEBERRIES’ on MARS.

  3. Earth Angel says:

    Kay, that sounds hopeful. Thank goodness there are those working on trying to neutralize and reverse the horrendus destruction being wrought upon Mother Earth and all her children. Perhaps there IS a ray of hope for us!

  4. Earth Angel says:

    Not so far as I can see unless it’s you Tomola!

  5. Earth Angel says:

    Thank you Gene Maynard, this is one of the most moving and beautifully written commentaries I have ever read. It should be shared far and wide! You have summed it up and just about said it all..May God watch over us and have mercy on our souls.

  6. Tomola says:

    Do I detect a troll or shill at work here.

  7. Katie says:

    Ever since finding out about the dangers of geoengineering i couldn’t help thinking about a freak hailstorm we encountered in perth W.Australia in 2010. It came out of nowhere. The hail was the size of tennis balls. It caused so much destruction. You can still see people driving around in cars with massive dents all over them. I would really like to find more information on this! Off the subject- Dane, thank you for all of your efforts exposing this insane sci-fi movie world we are living in. Can’t be easy. I take my hat off to you.

  8. Steve says:

    Thank you, Gene Maynard, for your comment, and true analysis of the sad situation on this present evil world.
    Thank God for the promise of the new earth and new heavens! Fight the good fight of faith, and may the angels of God be with you.

  9. Azaima says:

    I want to share so many of these articles that you post, Dane, but with all the spelling errors, no one will take them seriously. I’d be happy to edit them for you before you post them.

  10. gingercake5 says:

    Sue, there are some videos on youtube of people trying to melt snowballs with a cigarette lighter, but for some reason there is not enough interest. These videos need to go viral. The snowballs turn black and gradually get smaller, but you never see any drips, drops or puddles on the counter. There is no water in them.

  11. Gene Maynard says:

    Elements; What are They
    The Bible tells us in 2 Peter 3:10, “ But the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat—“. The word “elements” speaks of the foundation, the base, the constituents or the component parts that make up the whole. We can know much about the earth, the weather and the sun and moon through the study of; geology, meteorology, and astronomy. We can know such things as;{1} The Sun is 93 million miles from earth,{2} Earth’s orbital plane around the Sun creates the seasons,{3} Ultraviolet radiation (UVA,UVB, UVC) given off by the Sun can be destructive and deadly, {4} the Ozone layer absorbs 98% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays [the Ozone layer is being decimated], {5} 100% of the worlds oxygen supply comes from three sources; [a] Photosynthesis, [b] Ocean Plankton, [c] Boreal Forests [all are dying from Geoengineering], {6} Ocean currents are driven by the gravitational effects of the Sun and Moon as well as wind and water density {these have been altered}, {7} the Earth’s climate to a great degree is controlled by Arctic ice {climate is heating}, {8} billions of tonnes of frozen Arctic methane gas are kept intact by ice and frozen tundra [the release of which could end life on earth, arctic ice is rapidly melting], {9} life on earth depends on healthy sunlight reaching earth’s surface [it is dimmed by 20% through Geoengineering], {10} earth’s atmosphere is 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen-19.5% oxygen is needed for human survival [available oxygen is being displaced by aero soled aluminum]. These and much more make up what The Apostle Peter refers to as the “elements”. Most apparently have never considered these critical “elements” actually being destroyed; yet that is exactly what is happening! Life on earth, even earth itself cannot survive the destruction of these elements. Yet, God said through Peter some 2000 years ago the day would come that they would be destroyed by burning. If God said it would happen and today we can see it happening, we need to take notice. What will be the result of all of the elements, earth’s life supports, being destroyed? Well, human life as we know it will cease to exist. As Peter went on to say, “The earth and the “works” that are therein shall be burned up”. “Works” is the Greek word “ergon”; it speaks to the toil and labor expended on this earth through not simply physical labor, but also thinking, planning, worrying, plotting, hating, rage, etc.
    We must come to grips with certain truths. There is a very ugly, evil component to this world that permeates the “earth and all of its works”. This evil is incapable of feeling remorse or compassion. The Bible tells us that Satan is the god of this world; 2 Cor.4:4. Lucifer made the boast that he would ascend above God and would become as the Most High; Isa.14:13-14. The Sons of God in Genesis chapter six are the fallen angels, spirits who followed Lucifer and are now bound in chains of darkness; 2 Pet.2:5 & Jude 1:6. This does not mean they are in chains bound in order that they can do no more damage. Rather they have inhabited willing hosts and have continued to produce demonic offspring down through the millennia, bound up in evil. These are those who produce “giants”. This word speaks literally of a bully, one who cares nothing about others and bides his time to crush whomever he can. The medical term given today is “clinical psychopath” but God says they are simply demon controlled people. The Apostle Paul describes the day when these people will rule the world in 2 Timothy 3. “Bound over to judgment” is a term that tells us these men (hosts) have no compunction of guilt, they are remorseless, and they obey their master who is Satan. These are spoken of in Rev.16:9, even though scorched with great heat they still refuse to give God glory. It is believed that 3-4% of the world’s population today should be classified as Clinical Psychopaths. These are people who tend to rise to the highest levels of government around the world. Jehovah is the true God but He has given Satan temporary reign and allowed in the last day this evil to rule the entire world. Repent and believe God!
    As earth’s life supports crumble, as The Department of Homeland Security has armed itself with four hundred fifty million rounds of .40 caliber bullets (why), as The Department of Agriculture has been armed with machine guns (why), as the U.S. Postal Service seeks bids for small arms ammunition (why), as The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAH) ordered forty-six thousand rounds of ammunition (why; what does the Weather Service need with ammo),as the Armed Forces undergo desensitizing training to assault churches and kill women and children, as the news media are threatened if they report truth, as Law Enforcement nationwide is federalized, as weather is manipulated by HAARP and snow is artificially nucleated across the Eastern U.S.; what are we to expect? Since history always repeats itself I believe we need to look no further than Nazi Germany. The mass slaughter of the Jewish race was not the beginning motive; (Ominous truth). The genocidal slaughter we look back on today gradually evolved from a deportation program. “Kristallnacht’s” hidden agenda was to traumatize the population into quietly accepting subjugation through violence. Resettlement camps soon became work camps where tens of thousands died having been literally worked to death. The civilian populations of Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, and others were not simply passive but willing, active participants in the killings in many instances. Will American Law Enforcement imprison and kill innocent Americans? The Nazi’s found that for the greater majority of soldiers, law enforcement, civilians, even Russian POW’s (desiring to be released from the concentration camps) were more than willing to murder innocents as long as the crowd was doing it. The vast majority of people around the world will obey commands no matter how reprehensible, as long as the commands are given by an authority figure perceived as being legitimate.
    In Noah’s day the Bible tells us that “the entire world was filled with violence”; Gen.6:11. It seems violence has a traumatizing effect on men and entire populations. (Jon Aretakis: Geoengineering When suffering and violence overwhelm a person emotionally, they withdraw from the pain. The Bible says their consciences become seared. They lose any compassion they had for others. They can even find pleasure in pain, theirs and others. This is the reason as Noah was building the ark and even as the flood over ran them; they were still too passive and unbelieving to see the truth. God says it will be that way again, “Just as in the days of Noah”. It was the same in the days of Hitler and it’s the same today. The world is filled with evil and violence. Violence on T.V., violent video games, violence at marathons, violence on our streets, in our homes, in our schools, war after war feeds the insatiable appetite of the military/industrial complex, violence in our skies. Violence breeds more violence, it’s a drug that is never satisfied. Many in the world today see nothing wrong and will disagree with all I’m saying but consider this; when peace becomes an anomaly that means violence is the standard. Is this the standard we want our children and grand-children to recognize? If the answer is no then we must make a change. We must shake off the chains of darkness that have convinced us violence is the preferred state of existence. Embrace peace and love! Embrace the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ. By faith take His life for our own. Refuse to embrace this world.
    I believe God will repent of the evil He is even now allowing to come on this earth if we will only repent. We must deny this world’s offerings; all that is in this world is being used by the god of this world to drive a wedge between God and those He loves. It is all being destroyed. We must acknowledge that and by faith turn to God with all of our hearts.

  12. Sue says:

    @Kay: You seriously believe these hazardous chemicals can suddenly become “eco-friendly”? If thats the case, why are they being deceptive about these operations? The number of chem-planes in New England is ALARMING!!!! We are being robbed of not only natural sunlite, but of our precious sky!!!! I say this: Move the heck out of the way and allow nature to continue on ITS COURSE!!! I trust God’s natural cleansers, thank you!! All in the name of “saving the planet….”, seriously! These jets are active ALL DAY & NIGHT LONG…..ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY …. and somehow their carbon emissions aren’t negatively effecting our planet? Has anyone tried to melt these hail-balls? I wonder if they’re like the snowballs that can’t be melted! I have family in KY & ME who personally did the experiment of trying to melt a snowball & it turned black, wouldn’t melt & had a dangerously hazardous smell!!! Toxic!!! This tells me that these government run operations to manipulate our weather are NOT ECO FRIENDLY!!!!!!

  13. Jerome Saint John says:

    They Know-they can see the same satellite view of the Chemtrails we can-Even better, their system is un-filtered! They see the same NEXRAD stats and the HAARP stats we do – They just refuse to tell the truth! Same for the ‘Elected’ Officials – They Know! – They have known for years about this – They refuse to stop it because they do NOT answer to those who elected them – They obviously answer to their Controllers. Every day for YEARS now we been breathing the Metallic Nano Particulate Chemtrails FallOut – Getting hammered by human enhanced pumped up storms with hundreds killed & $Billions in damage – When will it stop? Who Knows!! Its very obvious we are on our own – Our Controllers will not stop it that should be obvious by now – Why are many people voting in the same people and expecting them to act differently? – To stop the Chemtrails FallOut – If for nothing else – To Save The Next Generation This – Or WORSE!–>

  14. Kathleen Gabel says:

    And you should be on the National News saying this, Dane. America deserves to know what is really going on. Thank you for speaking the Truth about what is Unnatural ManMade Weather Devastation. May your voice be heard far and wide!

  15. carol freiberg says:

    Yes these people are insane and devoid of any moral compass.Looking up in the,once blue, sky this AM saw 3 planes spewing their poison on our area. Went out last night with my high beam flashlight and saw the poison from the day before raining down on me. Makes you want to hold your breath and run indoors fast as possible.I will continue to try to shed light on this program but at times it feels kinda hopeless.People seem so preoccupied with their own problems that they are resistant to take on the elephant in the room.Last year my garden was pathetic and I blamed it on anything else but the chemicals being sprayed.This year I will test for the metals used in these programs.Also will have myself tested for these toxins.Keep up the work you do Dane,if you can wake me up there is potential to wake up many more slumbering folk.

  16. kay says:

    IOLA method can eventually replace SPRAYING. IONISING LOCAL CLOUDS (IOLA) by a swiss company resulted in formation ofclouds, creatingrain then becimes eco-friendly. Success stories in DUBAI< NEW MEXICO<MEXICO can be seen . – go to MEXICO IOLA PROJECT fully implementd by MEXICO govet. It takes pollution away to stratosphere. Research concluded the results positively.
    Al Ain and Dubai cities have IonisingTOWERS. Solar energy suppllants the needed power. This is cheapest of all other aerosol methods. 52 rains/year were produced by this method in Al Ain region. Deserts can be arid made by this revolutionary process. This is not faster compared to SPRAY METHODS – only drawback ofthe system

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