Courageous Former Commercial Pilot Joins The Fight To Stop Geoengineering


How could the cancer of destruction and insanity that is tearing our planet apart grow so unimaginably massive? Because there are so many individuals in the "system" that have long since sold their morality and honor for a paycheck and a pension. Thankfully, there are exceptions to this rule who are making their voices heard. When credible professionals speak out about the ongoing climate engineering insanity, people listen. Former commercial airline pilot, Willem Felderhof, has long since shown the courage to make his voice heard in the battle to expose the toxic air inside aircraft cabins. Willem is also helping to sound the alarm in the fight to expose and stop global geoengineering, his testimony is below. My most sincere gratitude to Willem Felderhof for his dedication to fight for the common good.
Dane Wigington

Courageous Former Commercial Pilot Joins The Fight To Stop Geoengineering

By Willem Felderhof, contributing writer for

My name is Willem Felderhof and as a former commercial airline pilot the issue of geo-engineering and weather modification has my full attention. It took me a while though before I “saw” that there was something completely wrong at the “office”. In 2009 I received an email of a friend who requested my view on the “chemtrail” phenomenon.  And with an open mind I answered him that, apart from the motivations behind these programs, seen from my perspective, experience (10.000+ flight hours) and technical knowledge of commercial airliners, it was highly doubtful that these programs would exist. But from that moment I started to do more research and more important I analyzed the skies more with awareness. I didn’t take long before the blinders dropped from my eyes. I was mostly shocked by the fact that there was no uprising under the pilots and meteorologists whose job it is to observe, analyze, study and anticipate on weather phenomena like cloud formation, structure and dynamics. 


Geoengineered skies are now the norm all over the world

But on the other hand, due to my history as a whistleblower, a 10 year battle against the airline industry over toxic air IN the airplanes, I was familiar with the dynamics and mechanisms so it did not surprise me either. And since pilots often have a big ego, the fear of being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” and being casted out of the group has more priority than the future of our children and/or Mother Earth.  


Nozzles are clearly visible mounted on the pylon directly behind the jet engine exhaust stream

I think anyone who did thorough research on the issue of geoengineering understands the direct and imminent threat for the future of humanity and/or the planet itself. And by realizing that fact, our individual goals for prosperity and personal happiness can be parked a side. It is time to awake the inner warrior, NOW, and start acting in order to stop insanity at work.

There is a multidimensional war going on against humanity and Mother Earth, and geo engineering is a multi layered weapon of mass destruction in this war, period. Not only that, geo engineering and weather modification programs are used by the powers that be to create l a solid legal framework for setting up a one world government.

The good news is that the psychopaths in power are in panic and that’s why they are pushing their agenda into overdrive. And because of this, their pathetic programs become more blatantly visible for anyone who is willing to see it. The current increase of highly toxic programs like geo engineering and weather modification programs are actually a boost for the global awakening. And like New World Order architect Zbigniew Brzezinski stated, this global political awakening is the greatest threat for the global power structures and their insane agenda’s towards full spectrum dominance. This global awakening not only offers us the possibilities to protect ourselves against these vicious attacks (I will publish an article soon, explaining ways to protect yourself against these attacks in a powerful way), more important; it forces us to take immediate action in order to stop and reverse this madness. One of the actions will be to hold those in office accountable for abuse of office, and for performing politics that are a direct threat to national and international security.


Blanket spraying of highly toxic geoengineering aerosols is occurring around the globe over land masses and oceans

Regarding geoengineering, people ask me very often what they can do about this. Simple: do research as much as you can, become aware and more important: act upon it!

On an individual level I am preparing a presentation on geo-engineering/SRM/weather warfare and electro magnetic radiation and how these programs work in conjunction with each other. And then I will just travel around in Europe. I do not have any clue where it goes but it will create momentum for sure.

Besides this I am busy setting up a legal framework in Europe to start legal action. For this I am looking for people who are willing to take active stand in this fight against geoengineering. You are more than welcome to join and take an active role in this crucial battle. Especially people with knowledge of European law, pilots, and meteorologists are most welcome.  But again, anyone is needed. We have to join forces NOW. It’s ridiculous to waste more time before starting to save the future of our children and the beautiful planet Earth.

Please contact me for more information about what you can do and how to help in our strategies in the fight against geoengineering in Europe.  

Don’t forget, it is now or never!

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  1. Angelica Carpenter says:

    I would definitely like to help in any way ! I will keep telling others.

  2. Glenis Batley says:

    I want to be more active. I live in Burbank, CA, USA. I post all the time on facebook and to my list, but I need to do something more effective. I don't expect anything sensible from my Representatives in Congress, but I must start writing them anyway. Count me in.

  3. Hi Willem,
    Intriguing to read your story. I cover geoengineering on my Report as well and I would be very interested in having you on my program. 
    Would you be interested in sharing content or doing an interview?
    Marco Janssen
    The Janssen Report

  4. Franz Barkhorn says:

    I too came into contact with a pilot who had been involved with this program. As if to drive the point home while returning from a trip from New Orleans, our aircraft was seeking a higher altitude to pass over a storm. As we came out of the top of the cloud cover we observed to our Port side of the aircraft an unmarked DC-10 in the process of laying down its Geo-load.  We were just about parallel with the aircraft and before I had time to snap a photo with my cell phone the pilot of our airliner went into a quick descent back into the cloud cover. Most of the other passengers didn't even notice. THose that did and asked the flight attendents were told we were trying to avaid turbulence from the storm. 

  5. Stefan says:

    Sooner the better, we ALL realize this war is targeting Humanity, All Living Beings, Nature and Earth itself, waged by criminally insane psychopaths and their co-collaborators in 'office', industry and academia! Anyone in disbelief of this should learn about the "NASA War Document", of which detailed, shocking information is posted at StopTheCrime[dot]net.

    "A problem cannot be solved with the same mindset that created it" [Einstein]

  6. Research and common sense can go a long way. I have spent most my life out side playing and working from 5 to 60 yrs old. Very in tune with my natural surroundings . 
    First of all the Newest jet engines produce no contrail . Older jet engines produce a contrail about 1 to 2000 feet long. When you see a contrail from horizon to horizon over a broad valley 10 to 30 miles long and it spreads into a wide haze trail you are seeing chemical trails. 
    Now who would do this ? Here is a start for your research. Bill Gates is a major stock holder in Monsanto . Bill Gates has invested billions into Geoengineering patents using aluminum as a dispersant and is connected to Evergreen Aviation deploying modified tanker jumbo jets to spray at high altitude. And Monsanto has created a GMO seed to grow in aluminum tainted soil. Then research HAARP and weather control . 

    • matt daniels says:

      being a former aircraft mechanic for 25 years working on jet engines I can tell you if an engine was making this kind of smoke it would be grounded.It is not possible for the new engines to produce the trails you see in the sky's. I have been farming vegetables for the last 7 years and are outside most of the day  they start spraying around 9am and by 3pm the sky is so hazy that you can take a photo straight into the sun. most would not notice the trails because within 15 minutes they have drifted. every time you see a trail post tex ect to your friends to go outside and look up.

  7. Dawn says:

    I have had some very challenging experiences which I believe could be related to this issue. Is there a private group for discusdion?

    • marie snow says:

      Cori Gunnells and I have observed filaments falling from military aircraft twice now. We had the first samples tested and they are highly positive for aluminum, barium, and strontium. The second set of filaments are being tested for the same heavy metals at this moment. We have contacted the EPA, ADEQ, 94 members of Legislature, All Arizona State Representatives, two local air force bases, FBI, DHS, Dept. of Defense, and finally, Counter Terrorism Task Force in Phoenix. Because no one government agency claims possession of, or jurisdiction over these aircraft, I have filed a complaint that these two events were acts of terrorism with the Counter Terrorism Office. DHS did not reply. These are in deed acts of terrorism being performed on an unknowing public. These programs are poisoning the entire planet and all living organisms.

      This pilot is a hero in my eyes and with more people like him, we will be able to put an end to these programs.

  8. anthony fisher says:

    I was first made aware of them by an ex pilot of the USAF back in 1996, they have been going on way before that, most people I talk to are not aware of it, I point it out to everyone I meet.

  9. Michael Arden Yows says:

    ….IF I were from another planet and briefly viewed these geoengineering activities in order to determine what the intent was…I would surely think that those orchestrating were either very confused dolts or suffering from a very real illness related to cognitive function….I mean really…..seriously….

  10. Erin P says:

    Thank you, Willem! Best to you and your effort. I saw the aerosol spraying up close while in flight on a US Airways jet from San Francisco to Philadelphia at ~9:45pm in early September 2014. I sat in a south-facing window seat and it became evident that we were following the same path, same climbing altitude, of a jet that was marking dashes that were thick and spreading. (The trails were very close to us, and I'm familiar with their spreading pattern, so I had no doubt.) We weren't at all far from the west coast when I noticed it. I suspected the spraying was from another commercial jet, given the path, altitude.

  11. JR says:

    Good morning this day 10-15-15 from the Southwest part of New Mexico. I'll be as brief as I can. East to west along I-10 much SAG spraying. They are running parallel lines which as the sun rises in short time they turn into fake clouds. The same was happening due west of us, and the same was going on over El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. It feels cool for a short time and really gets hot as the day wears. Yesterday the SAG perpetrators were spraying heavy west of our area whiting out sky. I pray for the saints in this fight!

  12. George Schroder says:

    The internet lets us think we're doing something but the truth is that discussing this with each other on the internet is not getting us to our goal. Since all the people involved in aerial spraying are either ignorant of their role or clearly for sale, let's pool our funds and buy some whistleblowers… offer large cash rewards for the production of indisputable evidence. let our lawyers tell us what evidence we need and then do what it takes to go get it. And how about getting real information into the military and airline people. Stuff their lunch boxes with it. Billboard their routes to work. Enroll their families. Buy a couple planes to gather aerial evidence. These people are murdering us. We've got to take powerful, non-violent action now or die. We're the 99 percent. Let's get off our butts and act like it. But beware… no violence. Not a raised voice or mean gesture. They want that. What they don't want is for a quarter million people to march into an airport and inspect the planes…

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      George, I love your idea to "Stuff THEIR lunch boxes with it."  I've been doing just that for close to two years now. Check out my video and show it to your local pizza shop owner. Tell him that you will print the labels and help put them on the boxes. PLEASE EVERYONE SHOW MY VIDEO TO YOUR LOCAL PIZZA SHOP OWNER!  Never Give Up!!!

    • Michael Arden Yows says:

      …..clear thinking….100%

    • Mary Noonan says:

      I like the idea of pizza boxes. How about getting a list of airlines and evidence of these airlines doing this spraying, and then shaming them into stopping by pushing a boycott. Hurting these companies in their bottom line always speaks volumes to these companies.

    • marie snow says:

      George Schroder, If we 'buy' whistleblowers they will not be considered credible by anyone. I don't agree with your statement that just discussing geoengineering on the internet is not getting us to our goal. There are so many more people waking up to the truth regarding these programs because we ARE discussing them. The only way to bring about change is to bring forth mass awareness.

  13. SortingHat says:

    They are back to spraying hard after a few days of quietness.   As usual next weekends rain system is falling apart and it's looking like it may be barely anything at all other then some light showers. 
    Today there are several chemtrails going in a weird east to west pattern here in Salem Oregon and there is NO air traffic that way.  
    Don't you tell me it's normal air traffic Hippogriff dung!
    Thanks weather gods for spitting on the Pacific North West and the West Coast!

    • Maltomeal says:

      Yes SortingHat,  I too have been watching the skies near you but just a bit to the north, in the Portland areas. I've been posting photos on FB of the repeating circles and grids overlapping in intensity over the past few days. My wife and I have both noticed the air quality dropping as we are sensitive to particles. More coughing and mucus.  It's hard to make converts, but I keep trying to share the logic and get people to look up !

  14. Marc says:

    Hello Willem, when we who are awake to this atrocity encounter a story like yours, especially someone with your credentials and experience in the air, we GO CRAZY! The movement needs people like you desperately. Your experience adds dimension and credibility to the cause. My cousin is a pilot, (private prop-plane only). But I had a discussion with him about geoengineering and laid materials and a video on him about 6 months ago. What was amazing to me was the fact that he has been flying for close to 40 years, and frequently for the last 15. He was completely and utterly clueless as to what I was talking about and was certain that all the trails in the sky were just "contrails". While he is not the kind of guy to become an activist, like you, I am quite sure I opened his eyes to a greater truth about what's really going on. And maybe, just maybe, he will tell his pilot friends and the word will travel around, which is the whole point of our efforts. Thanks again, Willem!

  15. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …..One of the actions will be to hold those in office accountable for abuse of office, and for performing politics that are a direct threat to national and international security…..geo engineering is a multi layered weapon of mass destruction ….against humanity and the very planet itself…..including all life…..

    Brilliant statements… hat is off to you BIGTIME….Thank You…. 

  16. Tamara says:

    Here is another interesting read, it seems to be a disclaimer to all the things that are happening on the planet now.
    Titled "The Unintended Consequences of Geoengineering"
    Even more interesting is who published this paper….hmmm

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Great find! 
      Looks to me, from reading the abstract, that the Sandia Labs ghouls believe that the best way to treat the "side effects" of geo-engineering is simply to keep on in the same insane mindset, and just add more chemicals to get a "fix" for all their poisoning by using ever more poison and "technology." 
      Well, HEY GUYS, DIG THIS:

    • Marc says:

      Hi Tamara. Yet another interesting but utterly repulsive document in your link. In the entire long-winded section entitled "Unintended consequences of geoengineering", I found it most astounding and incredible that the impacts on human health are reduced to only one, solitary statement wherein atmospheric particles are estimated to contribute directly to 500,000 premature deaths per year. WTF???!!! No explanation, no analysis of the biology of inhaling massive quantities of nanoparticulate aerosols. The entire issue of impacts on human health was virtually reduced to a footnote. Meanwhile, the various analyses of geoengineering's other impacts are quite extensive and filled with scientific gobledegoop, some of which has already been proven not only stupid, but wrong, such as the "positive impacts of geoengineering on plant growth", etc. etc. Unbelievable, the rank overwrought bullshit out there that passes for high-level science. 

  17. Karin Kooiman says:

    Thank you Willem! I was aware of this thing happening since 1999 or so. For years I 've looked up in the sky and tried to point it out to others but with hardly any result. So I am glad to see more and more people open to this and people start to stand up. 

    • Jon Adamson says:

      I'm an amateur photographer and have taken many photos of the sky as it was being filled up with chemtrails.  One day as I was looking up at the sky and doing this, a gentleman walked by, very puzzled by my actions.  He asked me what I was looking at.  I said "Chem trails", and pointed them out to him.  I tried to explain to him what they were and he simply scoffed and said "Those are con trails! If what you said were true THE MEDIA WOULD BE ALL OVER IT!"  Then he walked off shaking his head as if to reiterate his conclusion. I've gotten similar reactions from many including family members who think I've just gone "over the edge".    …oh well.  That's what we are up against.  Too many people believe what the media tells us or doesn't tell us. 

    • Tammy says:

      Under the Bush administration this program took full force. I believe that is why they got us into an international military situation and increased the program. Senior Bush was the first to publicly announce The New World Order.

  18. Melody Meachum says:

    Dane – thanks! I think you made a lot people's day by giving a minute glimpse of your struggles in this battle.

    Continue to expose the WEATHER/CLIMATE LIES  through every means possible… social media, letter & literature campaigns/emails/daily conversations.

    This is how we beat the propaganda being spewed through Network News, disinfo sites, UN Climate Conferences, junk science papers,  etc.

    Soon there will be more of us than them from every walk of life AWAKE AND SPEAKING OUT. They are afraid of that happening!

    Remember – prior to the NSA being forced out of the woodwork, the majority of people either would not or could not believe that their OWN Government spied on them or that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB to establish DHS for even greater control of the population!


  19. I Live in Lincoln, England and we have continual chemtrail spraying, I have written to members of parliament about it, my MP and my MEP's all to no avail. I have had my rainwater tested and it shows varying levels of aluminium, barium, strontium, titanium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, arsenic and sulphate. If there is anyway I can help in Europe please let me know. I am not a pilot, meteorologist or a lawyer, I am an accountant.

    Kind regards


  20. David says:

    ………to me "conspiracy theorist" is a term of endearment.I know when I am addressed as such that it presents me with an opportunity to enlighten them on a some of the things going on around them.

  21. Michel B says:

    I wonder if the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have believed anyone if they were told that in a few hours or minutes or seconds, that their cities were going to be blown up entirely by single bombs dropped and detonated overhead? That they would be vaporised in a microsecond or instantly charred beyond recognition?

    Would they have believed it?

    Given how we all know how history has traveled in the last two centuries, how anyone can now find out the real causes of war and economic depressions, genocides, militarised foreign policy, covert operations committed by the military of their own countries against their own unwitting citizens, the hundreds of millions of lives sacrificed for power and profit and a whole planet enslaved for a few psychopaths at the top, how can anyone reasonably be in denial about weather modification programs?

    Awareness vs Ignorance. This is the big battle ground. Ignorance is the playground of the criminal. Awareness is their mortal enemy. We must become more aware, more intelligent, more critical, more analytical, more skeptical, more investigative, more savvy, more compassionate, more caring and more motivated to reverse the bad and to increase the good. We need more people doing this.

  22. Lara.H. says:

    I want to help with the issue.  I have been living in England where I see constant spraying, but I don't get very far speaking with friends and family about how the 'untouchables' are ruining the planet for humanity and it's future generations.  I will be moving to Italy where a group such as this one is greatly needed.  I can translate in Spanish, Italian and English,  we need more people to start asking questions and putting pressure onto their representatives.  Thank you Willem for your effort and expertise.

    • Terri Perry says:

      Lara, I am English and my husband and I moved to Italy in 2009.  The spraying over Italy is probably worse than in England.  We see it virtually every day and a friend who drove up the whole of Italy back to England saw them spraying the entire way.  Last night, there were jets constantly back and forth over our house – I was so alarmed I checked the news to see if a war had broken out.  Even my Italian neighbour said it was terrible – like a war.  I have tried to educate them about what is happening and sat them down in front of the video made in Italian by Italians about the Geoengineering called "Tanker Enermy" (which can be viewed with English subtitles).  They had difficulty in concentrating on it for an hour but were shocked at what they saw. Most people here do not know anything about the spraying and think we are crazy when we try to point out what's going on.  Italy and Sicily regularly has very adverse weather now – floods, mudslides and hail the size of golf balls that dent cars and smash glass.  

      A large percentage of the trees are dying or dead. Even the tiny saplings of the Holme Oak trees here in our garden are burnt to a crisp.  One day I sat in the garden and heard a terrific 'crack' as if a branch was about to break off a tree.  The bark is drying out and falling off, leaving the trees exposed.  There are 237 dead or dying trees just on a 15 mile stretch of road and no one notices (one area is a WWF site but don't expect them to care).

       Italy is not renown for its concern for the environment or its animals- everything is for TODAY – rubbish and freezers are dumped everywhere in this beautiful area of Abruzzo and if you ask about want is to be done the standard reply is "there is no money" yet Italy is involved in the geoengineering and it is costing thousands of euros daily which could be spent elsewhere.  

      When we bought the house in 2006 there so many birds making noise in the trees you could hardly hear yourself think but now you hardly see any (and they are still allowed to shoot them!!). We had badgers, toads and frogs. Now, all we have are wildboar which are destructive and dangerous. 

      This summer was the hottest we have ever experienced – the thermometer went almost to its maximum. 118 deg Fahrenheit!  I had trouble with an extremely high heart beat for days during this and had trouble getting it back down to normal levels.  I have seen a map that Dane showed on this website that "Italy is a hotspot and is to receive LESS precipitation in future.  We already had no rain for months. Our garden was just dust even with watering every day. I no longer bother to try to grow anything to eat because this year plants have been killed, looking as if they had been torched.  Our friends used to grow tomatoes outside but within a month they died – yet if they put them in a poly tunnel they grow all year with good yields until the frost.  If we are to see even higher temperatures and even less rain we are now thinking we made the wrong decision to leave England to come here. Last year's crop of olives was few and this year set to be the same again or worse.  Are Monsanto wanting people to use GM Sunflower oil instead?


    • Michel B says:

      Italy is the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement, is it not? Now it is part of the Global Slow Kill Movement.

  23. Michelle Boulter says:

    I live in Port Townsend, Washington, U.S.A.

    Although inactive for the last couple months, we are witness to this type of spraying, almost on a daily basis. I am shocked at how many people do not look up to the skies to witness this horrible crime.  As well, just as amazed that no one is attributing the demise of our health in general, to this practice.  Thanks, but I don't want to breath or eat this poison anymore!  Please, UNITE WORLD!  We can not stand alone to make a big difference,  we can come together, and agree that not one of us is exactly alike in our lifestlye, culture or religious beliefs.  If we could just start respecting each other, for these differences, and the mere fact of how important and special life is to each of us, in our own way.  We could then unite, with a larger force, to fight for the common cause, Mother Earth and Beyond!

  24. Inspired by Dane's "Global Alert News" I made a video about the situation in Germany, similar to the picture above:
    Horrific spraying day, yesterday!
    (English translation is provided.)
    Drastic video title – but I mean it that way!

  25. Catherine says:

    I woke up a few years ago to this travesty, and it didn't take me long to find Dane's site on geo engineering. I have been following it since. I'm inspired by the fact that not too long ago, his posts were getting fewer comments by far than now. It is inspiring to see more and more persons waking up to reality. Thank you Dane for devoting your life to this cause on our behalf. 

  26. Henny Vreeling says:

    With growing concern I see nearly every day how the sky is polluted with chemtrails and as I'm an amateur astronomer with many self-built telescopes I experience although my latest built mirror (Newton) telescope has a 30 cm mirror with 97 % reflectivity that many faint objects in the night sky are becoming still more difficult to see! Some time ago I contacted the KNMI ( Royal Dutch weather forecast institute) at De Bilt in the Netherlands with questions about chemtrails; their answer was: 'we don't know anything!' I replied: 'your answer looks like nothing, had not expected much else' ! So they are instructed to keep their mouth shut, if they tell the truth maybe they will be dismissed by this institute! Halas real heros are hardly to find in our country which has also a very bad government nowadays! I'm really very worried about how we can stop this mass-poisoning-murder of our biosphere!! We will face very hard times next years!!!      Very truly yours, Henny

  27. Allan says:

    I put this site together with the hopes of awakening the brain dead. I try to dismantle the system in incremental steps, so people can understand. Please share with your family and friends. Post it wherever you can. Copy the info below as is. Thanks.

    We stand at a moment in time where what we each do individually now, will determine the future existence of the next generation (our (grand)children) and the future of the human species. There is only now and the war has already been going on for sometime and most people don't even know it is happening to them.
    If your waiting for someone to save us, it's not going to happen.
    It's S.O.S = Save Our Selves.

    • Marc says:

      Spectacular assemblage of articles and links to vital information regarding the intentional assault on our health by the corporate psychof**ks. Thank you, Allan.

  28. Earth Lover says:

    God, forgive them (geo-engineering pilots and geo-engineering industry) for They Know What They Do! 

  29. Beverly says:

    I'm going to make a presentation to our local Rotary. This is all the businesses in the little town of Parker, AZ. This will  be a 10 min show and tell.


    • Marie says:

      That is great Beverly!!! That is what each one of us needs to do, get out into our communities and share our knowledge and concern. Some may choose not to believe and even call us names, but there are some who  will be awakened. Thank you for your work! We will prevail!

  30. JJ says:

    What amazes me is that so many people  do not see it going on, all you have to do is look up and take a few minutes and watch, it is so obvious that the planes are spraying. They criss cross the sky several planes at the same time, the chemtrails expand outward connecting together in a web and turn a beautiful sunny day into a cloudy hazy one. Anyone that can look up and see this and think is is normal is in some serious denial or just extremely non-observant of their surroundings. Thank you so much for speaking out, I hope that more people start looking up and waking up and realize what is going on. I am ready to help! Unbelievable how widespread this is, people posting from many different countries. Well, it is happening here in Michigan too over the great lakes, can't be good for the largest source of fresh water, wonder what the levels are in the water in the great lakes.

    • Jaen says:

      Living in rural coastal California I have been unable to understand why my friends and family have taken so long to notice! I believe the chem spraying may even be used to prolong our drought. Seven years ago was saddened to find them starting up in Norway. People must be too afraid to acknowledge that this is really happening.

  31. Judy Dodd says:

    Hi to all you fellow aware carers of humanity & our beautiful planet. I say never give up. We must all stand together. We must never forget that we are the majority by a long shot & though there are many unawake people, those of us who are awake must keep up the good fight!

  32. Rosalie says:

    We're in the midst of a Federal Election campaign here in Canada.  I had the hope if I got involved with an opposition party and alerted them about geoengineering, it could give them the upper hand. What better timing than now for bringing "the" most important issue to the surface.  I got nowhere.  Election day is Oct. 19th.  I'm all ears for suggestions as to how I could take advantage of this critical time in Canadian politics to enlighten the masses. Our current Prime Minister has been very damaging to our country.  His concern for the environment is non-existent. A real dictator. I too find myself frustrated by the denial from friends and family whenever the topic of weather comes up. Nobody gets it. Astounding!  I've more or less alienated myself from people I considered good friends, now that I know what I know. I post  Dane's geoengineering site whenever and wherever I can.  I do a have a sense of hope as I read the comments on here.  We are making progress.

    • Kelly says:

      Hello to all who are awake and participating here, most of all a huge thank you for doing this and to everyone trying to wake up the sheeple. I had to reply to Rosalle as a Canadian who had also tried to bring up the issue to our puppet politicians in the current election and they all want to talk to you but they don't "hear" what your trying to tell them. As soon as you have an issue like this you can tell they're instantly sorry they decided to speak with you. I too am extremely tired of trying to convince people as to the truth but thats all we can do right now as the politcians and the media won't touch this issue.

        I live in western canada and our provincial Mantra was "Land of the living skies" well now its land of the chemtrails, I have hundreds of pictures of grids and trails and patterns that are so obvious only a total idiot wouldn't be able to see them but yet everyone ignores it and all the goodies that come along with them, Cancer is skyrocketing amoungst other respiratory illnesses and neurological issues. Its hard to imagine such a huge conspiracy and the resources it must take to spray the entire planet. We need some other way to fight back, because the politician puppets and anyone who could actually do anything about it won't touch it and while we try to wake up others they're killing the planet and us which is their plan I guess. Anyway thanks for listening to me rant and to Rosalle I'm still going to keep trying to work them right up to the election, just wanted you to know you weren't alone…..

      take care all,

    • Connie Loewen says:

      I thought about alerting one or the other of the rival parties hoping to obtain the top power job in the nation but I also ran it by myself and came to the conclusion that NO ONE wants to rock the boat before the election with something this earth shattering. I don't even think  there is a Government Official who will listen and take action without a threat of  serious legal consequences. With multiple other horrific crimes/ actions against humanity unpunished in the past and in the present day, the only thing that rings a bell is credible legal action with real punishments for those responsible.They are the real threat to National Security and they are the real conspirators of terror by allowing the spraying to continue and accelerate with no accountability and oversight while in complete denial.

      Reminds me of most criminals…..DENY DENY DENY

    • Tamara says:

      I am currently reading The Money Mafia by Paul Hellyer, apparently there sre some very awake people in Canada. You are not alone.

  33. Kathy says:

    THANK-YOU Dane for your relentless incredible work and encouragement. It is awesome that we can come to this site and not only be educated daily but encouraged  in such dire times by you, who of all people need the most support. It is so, so hard to wake people up when many have lost the ability to see the obvious and think for themselves but this site gives hope as it draws the brightest of minds from all over the world thanks to your constant dedication against all odds. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you …fight with all our might!

  34. Jan says:

    I live in Ireland.  I see this. People think I'm mad when I raise the issue. My daughters find it amusing that I take photos of the sky.  My youngest is an air hostess with Aer Lingus and I have asked her to question some of her pilot mates…..  People just do not want to believe this shit happens!!!!.  

  35. Tania says:

    Thanks for coming out and trying to make the public aware! I have too opened "Pandora's Box" and feel life my life will never be the same. I have been trying to tell people about "chemtrails", HAARP, GMO's, and Monsanto (and the other companies) but it gets really old feeling like a conspiracy theorist. My family laughs at me, my friends don't want to hear it anymore, and I'm exhausted and feel like I'm not making a difference!  I truly believe the WORLD needs to come together and FIGHT against the "powers that be"…BEFORE it's too late and we've been wiped out, the planets been destroyed,  and our future generations are left being the slaves to the evil & greedy 1%…. Let me know what I can do!
    #SaveTheWorld  #LetsBeHeroes 

    • Lex says:

      Do not give up Tania. I've been at it for 5 years now. I work within the aviation industry. I've been ridiculed, scoffed at, yelled at, marginalized, labelled "conspiracy theorist", shunned and bullied. Please understand Tania, most of these people suffer normalcy bias. A worldwide over-arching evil intent is too big for them to comprehend. Being an awakened person isn't easy…. that's why it's you and not them who is awakened. You will be vindicated, but sadly it may be at the expense and suffering of the people you love i.e. the ones who are laughing at you. I want to encourage you to keep going. There is somebody out there who has heard you, just as I have. After 5 years, the scoffers still scoff, the ridiculers still ridicule but I've gathered enough awareness of people around me that when certain news items emerge, I've become the "go to guy" for clarification of events. Knowing this, we should never belittle a street evangelist again. It is surprising what they know and what they are prepared to take in abuse from passers-by in order to find the one who'll get the message. Chin up, shoulders back and let your awakened mind and bold spirit prevail.

    • Greg Emerson says:

      I agree with you totally Tania, I have a little baby, Alex, my motivation is over the top on this, and despite people who turn a blind eye to what is obviously going on, there are people like 'us', who are ready and in many cases waiting to find out about this to take the action that is needed to make a greater impact.  There is a tremendous resource with Dane's website here at our disposal.  Any of his video's would have more than enough convincing/factual info that you could copy (burn) and let others see.  Best to be subtle with this and perhaps ask if a person is open to viewing information about a program called Geoengineering.  Let the video do the talking….best of luck and hope you can transform that motivation into great results for Team Earth:)


    • Patty says:

      How are they keeping the masses asleep? Craziness! I guess 9 hours of TV watching a day (of perversion, twist, and filth), smart phones, and concerns about how to feed the family and pay the bills keeps all oblivious on what's being done to us. Plus addiction to entertainment. Takes courage to face the truth. Let's stop being cowards.

    • SortingHat says:

      I've already made peace and decided to accept that we are going the route of Mars where our atmosphere will eventually get blown away by manmade activites.

      It is too late to reverse course.  Might as well go for a head on impact or otherwise it will be like the Titanic where we slowly sink.   

    • Jenny says:

      Sorting Hat, some of us have families and others we care for, and are not willing to give up yet.  Besides, how can we see governments lying to their own people and not do anything about it?  (i.e., trying to expose that it's going on)
      Obviously, you're a Harry Potter fan.  Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione etc. wouldn't give up in the face of evil, would they?

  36. Kurt says:

    A different perspective here. I live now since 10+Years in north eastern Brazil, and I am following this chemtrail topic since the 90's. But nope, not one chemtrail in the skies. has anybody already checked why? As far I know its always called a global phenomenon. Could it be that peculiar wind conditions here do not allow them to be seen? Or is the southern hemisphere not affected? I do Live in one of the major big cities with heavvy air-traffic. Any Ideas?
    Keep up the good Work,

    • Fiona says:

      My nephew went to America and said they were everywhere, he is a keen photographer and took many pictures of the chemtrails whilst on board other commercial flights. I have seen them on weather radars, hundreds of photos of them. I too talk about it, post about it but most of my friends just don't seem to care what goes on. Leaves me scratching my head wondering just what they think the future holds for their children. The madness of fracking, mining, deforestation, polluting the oceans and poisonous chemtrails will all take it's toll on our beautiful planet and creatures.

    • Peace Warrior says:

      I live in Southern Tasmania, Australia and for a time I thought we might escape the chemtrails here, however, that is no longer the case. We have been chemtrailed for at least the last 3-4 years that I know of. During the night, the sky can be crystal clear and often is, but we hardly ever see a clear sky now in the south-east, just before and as the sun is rising in the morning.  I know, because I used to enjoy photographing the dawn sky and it is becoming a rare thing to witness it, now, however, the clouds may dissipate later in the morning. It is as if somebody is hiding something.  I'm suspicious because there is a HAARP station in the region and who knows what THEY'RE doing. The sun also looks very metallic in nature these days, rather than being that yellow or orange ball of fire that we were so used to seeing as children, and the heat is more intense causing the skin to burn more quickly, even though the air temperature may be quite cold.  Although Tasmania is an island and therefore has higher humidity, and usually good rainfall,  I've noticed that outside, our pot plants dry out very quickly and don't thrive so well, anymore. It's as if they're being starved of oxygen. I also know someone who travels overseas extensively and who complains that there is something very wrong with the air here, despite the small population and low levels of regular, air pollution. There seem to be fewer insects around, especially bees. I used to live on the mainland and saw the planes spraying in Central Victoria several years ago. I am pretty sure that the chemtrails were being used to control the weather and extend drought conditions there.  I have also witnessed the planes carrying out the chemtrail spraying in S.E. Gippsland (farming country) and the N.E. Victorian Highlands which are sparsely populated, as well as seeing photographs taken of them in other Australian states.  This is all part of the agenda and I believe that whoever is directing these programs plus numerous other, global initiatives, is deliberately trying to destroy all Earth life forms (i.e. people, animals, fish, plants etc.). It's almost as if they need our world to have a totally barren environment like Mars and devoid of life as we know it.  Most people, especially city folk, don't look up in the sky much. I was at a Monsanto protest rally some time ago in the city and nobody else seemed to be aware of the chemtrails dispersing over our heads. I read somewhere that the pilots and crews who are aware of and participate in the chemtrailing believe that they're doing this for the benefit of humanity.  They've somehow been led to believe that it's a good thing.  Another theory that's out there, is that the chemtrails are being sprayed to protect us from some cosmic electromagnetic shockwave (well at least that's what I think they were trying to convey) when Planet X or Nibiru comes within range.  Who knows what the TRUTH is!  One thing's for sure, the chemtrails are bad news for all of us. You only have to see the list of ingredients in them to realize that.  If they weren't harmful, why has there been so much denial and secrecy surrounding their existence and use by those who are in-the-know?  It is so disheartening and tragic to see our beautiful planet and so many decent people in it being destroyed by an evil minority. However, we simply cannot give up!   The stakes are too high and we all have to do our bit, however small, to try and turn things around for the better, if not for ourselves, then for our children, grandchildren and all future generations of Humanity to come.  Let not the "Human Domain" be conquered!

  37. jay angelo says:

    I have been using both and when i see a chemtrail.  There seem to be a few regularities in altitude as well as some airlines that almost constantly spray. Jetblue (ironic name) is one that sprays a lot but most are unregistered bombardiers or embraers. ive noticed the sprayers are more of the regional type airplanes, although i have noticed a few Boeings. Try matching up the planes spraying to what you see on these sites.

  38. Willem, I am filled with admiration for your brave stance. We need a lot more like you, willing to put the future of humanity, our children and grandchildren, above personal gain. I live in the North West of England and see the effects of this insanity in the skies above me almost on a daily basis. I have sent video and photos to my local Member of Parliament this summer asking pertinent questions like, Is he aware it is happening? Who is doing it? Who has given them the right to do it as it surely breaks international law? Who is paying for it?, Will he post a question in Parliament on my behalf?, etc. Response – full denial. He said he had checked with the Dept of Transport when I believe it should have been the Dept of the Environment asked.

    It is like a living nightmare, keeping me awake at night, thinking of the future of my 3 little grandchildren. Like others here, I find trying to get friends and family on board is thankless and likely to get you labelled a crank. Also like others, I would like to have local soil analysed for metals but don't know what is involved.

    Anyway, although not meeting any of the qualifications you list in any willing volunteers (other than being a retired, fully qualified engineer and having run my own engineering design business for 25 years) I would be grateful if you could please add me to your list, if you feel I might be able to help in some way? It just occurs to me that those of us like-minded people here in the UK might perhaps form a contact group to see if we might help move this critical movement forward.

    I have just been dropping a reference to into every online media article I can that is mentioning the (current unstable) weather – with mixed success. I have wondered about having some hard-hitting flyers printed to post in the neighbourhood, perhaps leave with libraries, local bars, schools, etc, if permission is granted. If Dane wishes to pass on my email address to you, he hereby has my full approval. Thanks again. Stay safe & God Bless. Malcolm

    • Mike says:

      Hi Malcolm,
      I am in Pembrokeshire and like you are desperately wanting to join with others and start a movement.  Hopefully one that could use Avaaz and 38 degrees etc to start making noises that can't be ignored by the powers that be.  What do you suggest?
      Cheers, Mike.

    • Hi Mike, Sorry for the delay, if you want to get in touch, you are most welcome to contact me by email, as is anyone else in the UK for that matter, so we can possibly discuss how we might move things forward with our fight. It must be more effective as a small group than just as individuals, pooling ideas and resources. An online petition to force a debate in Parliament might be a start?

  39. Marley says:

    Tara, yes I do – and sadly it feels 100 percent more scary than a B Movie!  

    Willem, I am no lawyer or meteorologist, but I want to support you in any way I can. I need to do something and we will have more power in numbers than individual actions.  I have now been sharing my knowledge of this horror for nearly one year and feel I am getting nowhere, while here in the South of England our skies could not look more unnatural or distorted and yet still people will not see.

  40. Damon Duval says:

    Always Grateful for more help.

    Soon we might decide that we are drowning in data/evidence.

    And that finding out and holding accountable exactly WHO is making the initial decisions to spray will be job #1…. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Damon, it is important to continue filling in the blanks in regard to the battle at hand, your point about getting to the core of the issue is certainly valid and is a part of that equation. All are needed to help in this task, hope you can assist us with our ongoing efforts.

    • Damon Duval says:

      You have my utmost assistance, Dane – have your flyers on my vehicle,,.. although interestingly one was removed anonymously – 
      note the perfecting of "spraying" as early as 1952 – when defense turned offensively into offense

    • Marni cato says:

      I'm in! I'm not a pilot, but do constant research. Any way I can help, please let me know!

  41. Prayer Warrior says:

    I am holding each and everyone, committed to the enlightenment of others, in the highest possible love and light. In these most daunting of times, I AM Believing in the power of our Creator and Heavenly Host to hear and answer our prayers of deliverance from this evil. I AM in full confidence as I pray that messages will be heard, eyes will open, voices will join together, hearts will fill, and we will succeed in stopping this horrendous assault on our planet.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you and Bless you too Prayer Warrior!  Holding us all in Love and Light and your prayers for our success in this mighty endeavor are much appreciated. ; )

    • Thank you for those words, God Bless.

    • Peace Warrior says:

      Hello Prayer Warrior,
      I wrote this acrostic prayer this morning and thought you might like it:
      Peace Warriors' Prayer
      Please God, grant us Your supreme protection.
      Embolden, motivate, and give us the power to put an end to all wars and conflict.
      Armour us with love, compassion, integrity, truth and wisdom.
      Compel all those who govern, to dismantle the global, military-industrial complex.
      Energize us and give us the capacity and strength to make a difference, however small,
      So that we, and all future generations of Humanity, may live freely and harmoniously in a paradise of PEACE.
      © 2015 Eleanor M. Wylie

  42. Emily says:

    I know its so important to stay positive , and help sound the alarm , but I have no one to help me not een my own parents I try to talk to them about it and they simply dimiss everything I ahve to say I soemthing else they dont remember how blue the sky used to be they dont see the trees dying my mother was trying to tell me the trees have always been they way they are , I am so sad , I find it hard to enjoy life knowing that we are all being sprayed every single day & I am not doing enough about it. , I dont even like walking in the forest anymore with all the dead trees and trails everywhere , I dont know how to not stop talking about it everyone says im a downer and im negative, sucking the fun out of everything and dimisses everything I have to say , tis really hard to want to get out there and act when your own family thinks you are a fool and will not support or help in any way . Everyone I know is alseep, I suppsoe I need to do it on my own & hopefully help alter others who will want to act with me .Any advice would be great , how does anyone else here live day to day knowning this is happening it's rather consuming.

    • Emily says:

      I find it hard to enjoy life & have fun because I am being selfish. Any advice would be greatly appreciated .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Emily, you are absolutely not alone. My parents and only brother have not spoken to me for years due to my constant commitment to this battle. For my parents, and for yours, it is their burden to bear. “To thine own self be true”, never turn away from your calling, you are strong, those that deny are not. The correct use of our will, this is all that belongs to any of us, never give it up. We are all with you Emily, we march on in this battle.

    • I empathize with you Emily. It is hard. Once you have woken up (like Pandora's Box) to the fact it is going on, it is at the back of your mind nearly every waking minute, affecting your daily life and making it almost impossible to enjoy the normal happiness that all those oblivious people around you experience. Most don't want to know and so you start to bottle it up to avoid any ridicule which makes matters frustratingly worse. All we can do is to try and keep going, to support each other and view ourselves as a team, one in which we are very fortunate to have a dedicated leader such Dane. Regards Malcolm

    • Dawnski says:

      That touches my heart in such a BIG way, Dane. My son & I are flying solo. Black Sheep Squadron. We consider you family. . .Love you, Brother. xoXO

    • Nick Tarasiuk says:

      Emily, just keep up the good work!  Never give up.  Sooner or later folks will see the light!

    • Ron Jones says:

      Emily, many people support you.  I feel the same as you.  I gave up my life's passion, golf, once I learned of geoengineering, as I felt, how can I spend the day having fun when this is going on?  And I have become a black sheep in my family, as well.  I will fight on, as Dane quoted, "To thine own self be true".  Many people stand with you – you are not alone.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Just keep chipping away at it Emily. Try not to let the ignorance of others get you down. It too is hard for me; when everywhere I look I see it all around me. The dying trees are the absolute hardest for me to take. I've been at this for about 3 years now and eventually I have come to be able to set it aside for small amounts of time to enjoy family, friends and activities. It is important to try and retain some 'normalcy' in our lives in between our activism for this incredibly important and dire cause. I make contacts and pass on information every chance I get. Fortunately more and more people ARE getting it and waking up. Just keep the faith, try and keep your spirit up, keep doing what you can and know that you are NOT alone! We have a team of FANTASTIC PEOPLE all coming together around the globe for the same purpose and goal of helping one another and saving our magnificent planet earth!

    • Sara says:

      Dear Emily,
      You are not alone! We are all here to support you. People are at where they are for their own reasons. We can't change anyone but ourselves. We can't help anyone unless they ask for help. Stay awake, learn all you can, try to wake others up whenever you can but detach from the result. You may not see it right away but no effort is ever wasted! Just like planting seeds, one day will surprise you with a great tree freely reaching out to the sky…
      It is very difficult to stay positive in today's world. Try meditation, there are many great resources available, often times for free. Be selfish, try to have fun, just remember the battle is within not out there. And having fun is a very important piece to the puzzle.
      With Love, Sara

    • dawnski says:

      Dear Emily,

      I remember when I first became aware of what was going on in our skies and to our planet. All thanks to Dane Wiggington. That was in 2011 or 2012 I believe. I am speaking out louder than ever before even though people do not want to listen. I just state the facts as I look up to the sky, and I have been blessed with a sarcastic sense of humor aimed at the government of course. MY faith keeps me strong.

      That being said, I encourage you to balance out this reality with some of the simplest pleasure we have here on this earth. The joy in a babies smile, a rambunctious toddler, a butterfly fluttering by, a bird chirping in the trees, the rare deep blue sky like we had yesterday, lovely autumn leaves and even those elderly eyes full of wisdom. Enjoy each and every day while forging ahead.

      I welcome you to the family. Come here when you feel frightened or angry and you will find support and encouragement and LOVE. Love and prayer keeps the world going 'round. . . .Keep the Faith. Stay Strong.
      Love, Dawnski & Son xoXO

    • Emily says:

      Thank you so much Dane Wigington for your words of wisdom and knowledge, dedication, selflessness & compassion for helping sound the alarm on this and many other global crime against the earth & humanity. Thank you so much everyone for your advice & stories I really needed to read all of this. You are all right I am not alone ! Thank you so much to everyone involved despite being black sheep of society will fight for what is right & spread the truth no matter what. I am infinitely grateful for everyone who is strong and courageous & taking a stand  & I am positive we will stop this, together we can do anything.

  43. Kathleen says:

    Support global warming?  Emit chemical vapors from planes that reflect the suns rays onto the earth. Do I hear Aluminum? Temp up 10 degrees in the oceans. Ocean life dis in abundance globally and daily.
    Support weather modification?  Emit chemical vapors from planes that absorb water leading to drier climates and also engineered storms through HAARP. Do I hear bromide?
    Support big pharmacy companies who keep putting out cancer research? Emit chemical vapors from planes that accelerate and cause an accelerated rate physical damage to heart, lungs, blood and brain.  DO I HEAR ALUMINUM? More mo ey for drugs and research.  There are cures but ig pharma won't acknowledge.  $$$$$$$$/LOSS!
    Support Monsanto with crop engineering for profit?  that changes the pH of the earth's soil in inhibiting growth of crops, trees? why else would they develop seeds that are a "one time use only". INCREASE DRYNESS OF PINE TREES AND LEAD TO FOREST FIRES, hmmmmmm.
    We have the EPA which is NOT a government agency but a rogue agency
    WHO IGNORES WHAT IS GOING ON.  WHY?  Follow the money.
    The less than 1% who have control of the wealth of THE WORLD think the rest of us 99% are delusional.  WE are not,  they are.Why?  Because the global elite are required to display their intent out in the open.  WE GET IT, WE SEE IT, WE KNOW ABOUT IT AND only the True Living God can change this. WE ALL ARE DEALING WITH EVIL INTENTIONS FROM EVIL PEOPLE WHO MOCK, KILL AND DESTROY HUMAN LIFE FOR THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR.  When Soros, Rockerfellers, Bilderberg, Ford, Monsanto, CDC, CLINTON THROUGH OBAMA, BIG pharma and&nbsp, then MAYBE things might change.  
    Till then, breathe honorably and fight the good fight!

    • Tamra says:

      We do have Evil all the way up to the Top levels of Governments around the World. Just read an article that the EPA has bought millions in weapons to fight crimes against environment, yet they do more harm like the "accidental spill into Colorado river"  And, when given scientific evidence of toxic geochemical spraying they do nothing. Corruption is so deep, most can't believe and I'm afraid it will take a massive organized movement to stop the demonic activity. 

    • Beverly says:

      Hi everyone,  yes ! This is all very disconcerting, especially when you know it's the Global Elite that is doing this  to reduce the population. They are trying to make us sick and sicker, so we will drop like flies. But here's what you can do to fight aluminum. Double up on your Vitamin C and take CoQ10. Also take all the Omega 3's you can. Olive oil, Krill oil, Salmon oil, etc. Don't forget Magnesium Citrate (it fights Altheimer's. what aluminum gives us). I fight back on email by telling the truth to Senators, and everyone. There are other things The Elite are trying to do cause a dire water shortage across our land through weather manipulation. We should all know how  to make water from the Sun. Look it up on the Internet or buy a Survival Book. 
      Dane, have you heard about this Climate meeting that will be held in Paris ? We uphold you Dane and Thank You fo everything.
      Beverly Bishop

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Monsanto's profit margin is down + 5% and they're slashing over 12% of their workforce because farmers are refusing to buy their GMO seeds:

  44. stephan says:

     Hey Willem and Dane – This is the best birthday present i ever got – thanks to you both and all of you who are helping to expose these monsters.

  45. russ elder says:

    Willem-God keep you safe.Thank you for being a true Patriot and doing the"right thing". Hopefully more people will come out and feel guilty for what they are doing.Thanks again

  46. Lee says:

    I've known about geo/Chem trails for several years. I'm pretty much a nobody. The few people that I've been able to show the difference between a con trail and a Chem trail recognize the difference but either don't care and yawn or like me, they pass it on but there's little us nobody's  can do. I live near BWI just north of DC. This past Saturday the sky was full of trails but for the first time, they were doing them in circles. It was almost like they were trying to telegraph a message. These were big over lapping circles. There are no flight patterns that follow this path. I'm less than 10 miles from the airport and constantly have my eye on the sky as well as I track the communication satellites. 

    • tim says:

      Yes, I have seen the circles too.

    • John says:

      I have been following this for months in the D.C area and was the first time i saw spraying in the half circles . 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Lee, NEVER think that you are a nobody. God don't make no junk!! We each have purpose in being here and can make tremendous differences if we but try.

    • Nnikki says:

      Hi Lee. EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY! Please don't consider yourself a nobody. Your voice matters as much as anyones. Even if people don't seem to listen, the seeds have been planted & they just might sprout in time to make a difference. We all must continue to be planters & never give up no matter how discouraging it can be at times. Take care.

  47. Nannie says:

    Dear Willem, I am so happy you are willing to do this. I also live in the Netherlands and  the sky above us is terrible. Everyone who will listen to me I tell the truth but people don't believe me. My grandschildren who are 4 and 6 years old are telling it to the children at school and to the teachers but they think they have a great phantasy. Its time to wake up!

    • willem says:

      Hi Nannie,   yes I know it horrific in the Netherlands. I will be touring across the country from December on the issue of geo engineering and electro magnetic radiation. How it works, who does it and why, how it affects our health and most important: how to protect yourself against it. Check my website for updates on it  take good care Nannie!  Warme groet, Willem

    • George says:

        You must go confront the teachers.  Tell them not to do anything that may ostracize your children.  Be firm with them.  Your hero children must be allowed to earn their schooling before they set off into the world.  The teachers berating could jeopardize their early learning. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I completely DO NOT UNDERSTAND how anyone can look at this crap being sprayed on us and think it's a "fantasy." Or that it actually performs as intended and actually does reflect the heat away from the planet– Oh yeah, reeeeaally?  Can you PROMISE me and the other 7 billion people here that the reflective side of your nano-shit will stay heaven-side UP, hmmm…???
      I completely DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYONE who sits there doing nothing about chem trails, talking to no one, taking NO action and tells me that this is a "choice," also.
      To YOU I say:
      GROW UP and GROW A PAIR!!!
      "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."  — Edmund Burke

  48. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    Thank you so much for standing up for all life! We will keep you in prayer!!

  49. Cindy says:

    I am in Canada where the toxic trails are just as destructive to all who breathe them in. I live in an industrial city where most people just blame the pollution on the refineries here and many don't even care to look up to see what is actually happening in our skies. I have alerted some but even members of my own family think I have lost my marbles. How do I offer words of strength and education to this city? I know some of what is going on but am sure my knowledge has a long way to go. I even went as far as contacting the military base in a neighboring town to inquire what is going on with the all the spraying and activity in the skies. They tried to tell me it might be the flight schools with their students. I explained it wasn't so much the activity of traffic above our heads that concerned me as much as what that activity was leaving in its wake. What can one person do against so many closed minds and denial from our government?

    • susan says:

      Hello Cindy,
      I, too, live in Canada in the Toronto area. Today, Oct. 12th, started out clear and cloud-free (which in itself is not natural since we live on the Great Lakes and there 'should' always be some clouds in the sky). But by mid-afternoon, the chemtrails started hard and fast and by early evening, they had done their work and had spread a haze-cover over the entire sky. I have railed for years about chemtrails but people just roll their eyes. I don't care. Perhaps, they will one day look up and wonder how our climate has been so radically messed with. Hopefully, it won't be too late but at the rate I'm going with 'converts', I'll be long gone. But no matter what, we must keep the faith and know that as the Planet's frequency rises, the agenda of these Projects will be disclosed 'as if by magic'.  

  50. Amyp says:

    Dear Willem,

    Congratulations on being one of the few experienced commercial pilots  brave enough to speak out on this issue. You have my utmost support and gratitude for your work. I hope the presentation you are working on will empower more pilots to come forward, much like the pilots for 9-11 truth did. Afterall, pilots, ATC, and maintenance personnel in the airline business are all in a unique position to offer knowledge and hopefully disclose information on this subject.  Pilots know their planes and are able to walk around the aircraft pre-flight to spot any anomalies. Something like nozzles (like the photo of the nozzles in this article) would certainly be seen. If these truly are on some commercial jets I find it hard to imagine how a credible pilot wouldn't know something was amiss and then refuse to report it- or flat out refuse to fly. Pilots are if nothing else, highly conscientious about safety and, very aware of the condition of their aircraft. Which can only mean that certain commercial pilots are in the know. Otherwise, some must know what is going on and simply be turning a blind eye to it in fear of losing their jobs (or worse). There is strength in numbers, and power in collective consciousness. I hope your colleagues in the airline industry will join you in speaking out. You are a hero in my book and I wish you peace and harmony in your journey. Put me down for help in any way. For now all I can offer is focused positive energy for you, and healing for our Mother Earth. 

    • willem says:

      Hi Amyp,

      Thank you for your kind and empowering words. Besides the B737, I was flying for 16 years on the MD-11 and although there were no additional nozzles on that type of A/C . But I know they are present on other types and in other airlines. Maybe it was as an additive in the fuel back then or in other ways. as you know it is a multi layered technology. And yes the cognitive dissonance under pilots is just as rigid as it is under the masses. But more and more are waking up and loosing their fears. Lets bundle our efforts more and act to end this madness. Wish you well,  Willem

    • Beverly says:

      Well said Amyp. I support you in your great thinking.

  51. Kim says:

    You have my support and time from south England where plane pollution is alarmingly common, stay safe


  52. jonathan o'quinn says:

    Thank you.

    How can i help locally, besides emailing people and talking about it?

    I live in Eastern N.C. and had a sample of the top two inches of my soil tested this spring. Guess what the Aluminum level came back as?

    The equivalent of 1,190 lbs/acre!!


    • Earth Angel says:

      Jonathan, I live somewhat near your location and would like to know what lab you used for the testing. Is there some way you could let Dane know the name and address?

    • Beverly says:

      Jonathon,  double up or  triple up on your Vit C to counteract the Aluminum.

  53. I want to join forces to denounce geoengineering

  54. Thomas says:


    You did a good job on The Common Sense Show last night.

  55. carol freiberg says:

    Best news I have had today. Thanks to everyone involved in exposing these maniacs. I hope I live long enough to see a stringer full of these rotten apples hanging in the public square for all to witness the penalty for being a  psychotic, megalomaniac when they are finally rounded up and held accountable for evil against humanity. This includes all of the alphabet agencies who are complicit. You will receive no mercy for the harm you have helped to inflict on humanity. Time to grow a pair and jump ship if you work for these types of agencies. Complicit=GUILTY!

    • Felix Mosso says:

      Nice comment Carol,   I had already thought of PUBLIC STONING or

      death by forced chemtrail toxin breathing……….

  56. Rose Jenkins says:

    Dane, I'm trying to get a local eco-enviro-social justice group here in the St. Louis area to run a program on chemtrails.

    Any suggestions for possible guests who would be able to present authorative information to this group? It's still in the "talking about" stages, with a possible air time early in 2016.

    I would like to hear something from you on this pretty quickly, as the planning group is supposed to meet on Oct. 21st. I've been doing all I can to alert people to this hideous situation for several years now (particularly since 2009-10), devoting quite a few pages in the paper I own/publish/edit, Pathfinder News to this effort. (The internet is a great medium for disclosure, etc., but there's nothing like a "hold-in- the-hand paper" to get a message across.)

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rose, thank you for your efforts to sound the alarm on the critical issue of climate engineering. I would highly recomend sticking to the science terms and avoiding the “chemtrails” term which leads people straight to “conspiracy theory” and “hoax” disinformation sites and definitions. Sorry I do not have anyone to recomend as guest speakers in your area, but you are always welcomed to use existing presentations from Thanks again for your efforts Rose. If you want to see just how desperate the power structure is for us to use the “chemtrails” term, examin the link below and view the short video in it.

    • Marc says:

      Hello Rose, I live in St. Louis and am aware of your publication. Thank you for all of your efforts to expose! I would like to be involved with your idea for a group presentation(s). Do I assume correctly there is contact info in Pathfinder? I will follow up on this!

    • Marc says:

      Hello again Rose. I found your contact info online. Thanks.

  57. Harry says:

    Hi. I'm well aware of what is being done.  And I am willing to work as hard as needed to stop this insanity. 

  58. Dee Cook says:

    I am a very concerned citizen and I am happy to help in any way I can.. 
    Thanks kindly!!!
    Dee Cook

  59. Sandra says:

    Nicely done. Google Florida chemtrail researcher harassed by mercenaries by Will Thomas— nearly got him killed. Never ever give up or in! Love aka Sandra

  60. Melody Meachum says:

    Dear Willem Felderhof:
    Fantastic…. Thank you!
    You are and will have a huge VOICE to inform Europe of the global war the weather makers and climate "forcers" wage against us all.

  61. Cori Gunnells says:

    Willem Felderhof,

    Thank you for your honest account, and exceptional courage speaking up as a whistleblower. I look forward to the next article you plan to publish, and of course would be willing to assist you and your strategy. 


  62. Colin says:

    Happy to help here in Europe best I can, being based in Glasgow Central Scotland we see continuous spraying almost daily.
    With kindest regards,

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