Geoengineered Western US Meltdown To Cool The Rest Of The Country, Again


Dane Wigington

The Western US has, at minimum, long since become a climate sacrifice zone for the geoengineers. The current NOAA departure from normal high temperature "forecast" map is below. This map reflects nothing less than the "scheduled" weather from primary climate engineering contractor, Raytheon, who does all the forecast modeling for the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In this completely engineered scenario, ionosphere heater induced record shattering heat will bake the Western US while potential record cool temperatures may occur in the Central US. The scenario shown below has been repeated by the climate engineers countless times since 2007.


The HAARP ionosphere heater installation in Alaska is only one of many large radio frequency / microwave transmitters located around the world that are utilized for climate engineering purposes.


When the ionosphere is bombarded with the massively powerful RF / microwave transmissions from installations like HAARP, high pressure heat domes can be created and maintained. In the case of the current record shattering high pressure heat dome over the US West, the clockwise spin of upper level air currents around the high pressure zone allow the weather makers to steer cooler air from the Pacific into the center of the country while completely bypassing the West.


Though the "official" forecasted record highs in the West are alarming enough, the actual temperature readings on the ground are now significantly higher than the "official" readings in almost all locations monitored by and others.


The latest "Temperature Departure From Average" map shown below is very revealing in regard to the true state of global temperatures. Where is it cool? Where not? The coming climate engineering cool-down in the eastern two thirds of the North American continent truly stands out. Antarctica also stands out as a focus of the global climate engineering assault, a primary element of which involves chemical ice nucleation for weather modification. Due to the recent collapse of the immense Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica, the climate engineers appear to be fully engaged in an increasingly desperate and destructive attempt at damage control in the polar regions.


The increasingly radical swings in Greenland melt extent is another glaring red flag in regard to the on and off engineered cool-downs which include chemical ice nucleation as a major factor. The extreme fluctuations in the Greenland surface melt graph below are alarming and indicative of the ongoing climate engineering assaults in the region.


Sea surface chemical ice nucleation processes are also being utilized on a massive scale. The swirling patterns left from chemical ice nucleation materials on the sea surface are very clearly visible in the NASA satellite image below (east coast of Greenland). Such patterns are also clearly different from the usual broken ice mosaic seen in the upper right of the satellite image.


The power of chemical ice nucleation elements must be seen to be believed, the lab test shown in the 15 second video below gives a glimpse.

Arctic ice mass (volume) has dropped precipitously in recent decades and is now at dangerously low levels. In the attempt to hide this fact from the public for as long as possible, the climate engineers have decimated the planet and the atmosphere as a whole.


The very short animation in the video below is even more revealing in regard to the true state of the Arctic ice volume implosion.

Where are the US temperatures predicted (scheduled) to go in the coming months? The NOAA long term forecast map below reveal the accelerating warming that will soon become impossible to deny for even the most willfully blind.


Again, the record heat / record cool weather whiplash scenarios (that has now become the norm in the US and the world) is completely engineered, completely unnatural, and until the recent past, meteorologically unprecedented. Why would the climate engineers carry out such scenarios? Because engineered cool-downs (like the one currently slated for the eastern two thirds of the country) continue to fuel the division and confusion in the population as to the true extent of damage to the climate system (which global geoengineering is making exponentially worse overall while simultaniously destroying the ozone layer). The climate engineering manipulated cool-downs are, of course, only temporary. They are also highly toxic due to the geoengineering jet dispersion of chemical, heavy metal particulates and polymer fibers.

Just as there can be no legitimate discussion of the state of the climate without first and foremost addressing the global climate engineering assault, there can also be no legitimate discussion of climate engineering without addressing the constant engineered cool-downs and the chemical ice nucleation factor. Chemical ice nucleation is a primary element in the ongoing climate engineering assault. If climate engineering is to be effectively exposed and halted, this critical aspect of the equation must be understood and addressed. While the majority of the masses are still allowing themselves to be distracted with power structure orchestrated political theater, the biosphere is collapsing and every breath we take is being contaminated with the toxic fallout from the climate engineering operations. How long till the power structure plays the WWlll card as a final option? What are your priorities? Make your voice heard in the critical battle to expose and halt the global climate engineering / weather warfare assault, and for the greater good. 

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  1. Adam Hampton says:

    It all makes perfect logical sense. I can remember the local weather stations in DFW always talking about the "Mexican Cap" of high pressure that keeps us cooking and the energy in atmosphere has to get incredibly unstable to "break the cap". We used to get lines of storms originating in far west TX that would be hundreds of miles long stretching south to north and the would march across the state usually at night and everybody would receive a good rain. Now there's not enough moisture left in the atmosphere to trigger storms even when the wind blows in from the Gulf. That type of pattern has not happened in TX in several years as what little precipitation we now receive comes from random directions and very seldom yields any beneficial moisture. We are in worse shape this year than we were in 2011. I have not had any running water in well over a calendar year. 

    • Debralyn Smith says:

      Greetings Adam. Those were the good old days huh? Of good old thunderstorms and rain so the trees smelled wonderful as did the moist earth. Sigh. Haven't smelled either in many years….. weird, abnormal weather "events" and heat beyond anything I've ever experienced. Tough to keep anything alive. Keep trying to wake up the ignorant to what's going on but we r in the minority my friend. I wish u well. 😊

  2. JoAnn says:

    All these weather atrocities are done by design pushing the One World Order. WHY doesn't President Trump get involved in this? He has to know who is doing this and why!!!!!!!

  3. Aldo Mysek says:

    What is the purpose of keeping the eastern 2/3rds of the U.S. cooler than normal this Spring? Could it be to put a damper on outdoor work getting started? Deliberately delaying this affects all local economies. Less money generation makes things tougher. No money means no spending.

  4. Glenn Mike says:

    This is a weather radar print screen from October 2016 showing Sweden. The three rain rings appeared in the south of Sweden placed like in a triangle all summer and during the fall others further north started appearing.

    Swedish media reported severe drought on the island of Gotland which has a ring around it in the picture. During the summer the ring was around the island and so no water fell on the ground on that island leading to the drought.

    In the picture the ring has moved and is partly over the island of Gotland but during summer no or very little rain fell on the island.

    Swedish weather radar print screen from October 2016:

  5. Dave UK says:

    Hi good people.  Just a little update with what's happening here in England.  Our local governments are now rolling out a kind of 'pitch black' scheme whereby ALL major road and street lights (except certain communal / security lighting) are shut off at around midnight (till 5am) leaving everywhere in total darkness. Without a torch etc, you cannot see the sidewalks or the roads.

    What's also been noticed is the lack of people around. Hmmm. Without being paranoid  – it feels almost like a curfew. It goes without saying – it must effect some human beings psychologically…surely.  A good name for it that has just come into my head would be – 'The Cinderella Project.' LOL. Meaning – everybody needs to get home by midnight!. My friend has to use halogen just to see when he's push-biking home.  He can not emphasize how eerily dark it is and how strange it all feels. Some of my neighbors are worried about the crime rate flying up – due to the blackout. Others have been quicker off the mark – by putting solar garden lights everywhere.  Some places now look like it's Christmas every night due to the mass of white and colored lights. (Dave takes a moment to shake his frickin' head again). 

    Now, the local authorities have said it will save money.  And that's what i and others initially thought as well. But, me being naturally suspicious of all authority – i was a touch concerned that it might not quite be all the complete or total truth. You never know – do ya. So i found out how much they were going to really save with this scheme. And the amount of savings came straight from the horses mouth.  I thought it would be in the millions.  Nope. Our whole County of Surrey would save less then 1/4 million a year.  Now that is peanuts compared to the budget they get from Central Government.  

    And why am i mentioning all of this.  Because by chance i happened upon some news that made me wonder again about the lights being shut off. It has recently been discovered that we yet another new global threat (as if we didn't have enough of them). And that is that pollination is under threat from artificial light at night. The artificial light was found to reduce visits of nocturnal pollinators to flowers by 62%. That is a serious figure. They say the impact of this – is a significant reduction in fruit production. They also say – pollinator numbers are declining worldwide so this is not good news for wild plants and crop production. (Hmm..i think we can all see the road ahead). Amazing how it's took them this long to work out that nocturnal insects are easily distracted from their pollination duties by the lure of bright lights.

    One way to react to this disturbing news of course – would be for local Governments to start making our roads, streets etc cut down or total blackout its artificial light.  Makes you wonder doesn't it.  I do anyway. LOL.

    But, as you all know, the Deep State has many ways to roll out its carefully orchestrated lies and half-truths. For instance – the news today has just given (and am using their headlined words) – 'A grim Weather warning for Europe's future.'  They went on to report – 'Extreme weather could kill 150,000 per year in Europe by 2100 if nothing is done to curb the effects of climate change – scientists say.'

    (The Study is in the Lancet Planetary Health journal)     

    Hmm.  We all know they will underestimate and under-report everything due to their instructions by 'others'. Added to that of course is the paycheck / pension scenario (as so brilliantly documented by Irene Parousis. (Hi there Irene – well done for what you said to the supervisor of Forestry).  They went on to say – Heat waves would cause 99% of all weather related deaths.

    Amazing how one statement is so mixed.  They have delivered and are trying to prepare people for the 'rocky' time that possibly might be coming. They also use the words '..if nothing is done to curb the effects of climate change.'  Yeah right. Either they know that climate change is due to man's massive global experiment with the weather systems…or they don't and are oblivious to it all.  You choose!  As to the year they used – 2100.  Nice optimistic projection folks!  I think, no – i know (as do you all) a hell of lot can happen (and WILL do) in eighty years.  I have a slight suspicion that the planet will be a whole heap different by 2100 – one way or the other, that's for sure!

    Right. In a different story (same day science news / BBC) but firmly on the same subject and coincidentally using the same year projection i.e 2100)  – they used the heading 'Global warming to boost deadly humidity levels.  (we know you bastards – everyone i know can't believe how humid England has been this summer – unreal). They have said – millions of people living in South Asia face a deadly threat from heat and humidity driven by global warming – according to a new study. (God – if they only knew we all know as to what's behind it and why / or do they already know and are just allowing the 'bad news' orchestrated warnings to trickle out)

    They go on to say – Most of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will experience temps close to the limits of survivability by 2100 – without emission reductions. The research says the fraction of the population exposed to dangerous, humid heat waves may reach 30%.  

    There is no doubt that even the Deep State is beginning to get agitated and a little concerned.  They are now delivering the warnings (albeit most times – half-truths) a little quicker and more regularly than before.  What amazes me most is that if the UN projection (NOT prediction) that our oceans will be devoid of any food by 2048 – isn't calamitous enough to worry the masses into a new state of awareness  – then what the hell is.

    Love and peace to you all from England


    • NatC says:

      Dave UK- I'm in the UK too and I did notice the 'extreme' weather reporting the other day and took note too.  I thought at the time it was an obvious shout out for the term 'extreme weather'. Then today I read that some federal departments in the US are urging staff not to use the term climate change anymore, but 'extreme' instead.  Reading it I thought, ah ha, I was right. It was implied in the story that was reported here. The news outlets beat that story to death in tandem, ad nauseam, all day long, and on the radio too.  I was waiting for the mention of geoengineering, but not.  It is not like they are telling us anything new, but just trying to exercise some kind of subliminal programming without giving the real causes. ( ~That is how I see the news anyway, generally) It doesn't take an idiot to see it is already extreme. So in my case I felt like regurgitating that story by the end of that day.  I didn't see the point of it. So here is the article – if I may post it here. If not, just search – 'not use the term climate change but extreme weather, and you will find it'.


    • penny waters says:

      dear dave 

      i live in essex and i was really happy to hear that the lights are going out – and tis not everywhere, for me, unfortunately. 

      you are obviously not as old as me but then me and my generation get a lot of abuse now from people who disagree with me and others of my 'type' – working class old people

      no respect for elders – maybe if people asked us why we feel the way we do we might get some respect – instead of just abusing us

      bit like the old geezer vince cable – head of the liberal party – who has abused us recently for not wanting to pay the lazy beaurocrats in europe for sitting on their bums doing fanny adams – except line their own pockets

      look at his face and tell me he is a nice person – or is he after the young vote like corbyn, who lived at the end of my road in hackney – and i wouldn't want trust him to help me across it!!

      when i was young the lights went out – it is natural for a human being to sleep during the night time – that is when the body repairs itself!!!!!

      why do we have to live here in a perpetual party – london is a mad place with people constantly on the edge of madness because there is no peace anywhere – by nine'o'clock when i was a kid everywhere in london was closing down – apart from the fleshpots in soho – or the west end where all the rich spent their evenings – in 'high culture' or so they would tell you – they didn't get into work at 7 in the morning!!!!

      no peace for us and the rest of the creatures in the world

      sorry you made me go into one!!

      we are all this craziness  togetherand need to all sit down and wonder what is going on in the human world, and the rest of the world and how our actions affect it

      we are all responsible – i have used petrol most of my life – travelling on buses and now in my car – when i was first trained as a gardener i cut everything down and dug up our native plants and replaced them with exotics

      i recently did e herbal medicine degree at uni and found that most of our 'weeds' are wild food and herbal medicine

      i live in the country as far away from people as i can cos they make me so mad with their selfish ways

      i was never taught when i was a child that we live on a finite planet – a little speck of energic nature whirling in space

      we do not bring our children up to be aware as a human and people who live in cities are the worst because they never 'feel nature'

      went for a walk in maldon yesterday and couldn't get away from the useless noise that comes out of most peoples mouth – no real thought behind it – just jabba, jabba, jabba, this that and the other

      so glad i am old

      wow lost it there

      love to you all from penny


    • penny waters says:

      forgot to say – the dark makes me feel safe – in the dark one can 'feel' around themselves – one can feel mass – if you suspend being used to looking – and use your feeling (is it the aura – the energetic side to us?)

      think about it – do people who are burglars feel safe in the dark – i think not – think burglaries will go down and will be less crime cos people will get to sleep!!!

      having real trouble now with lack of rain here – thinks will end up with extreme geoengineering like the states – has taken a long time coming but people still seem not to want to be awakened out of their slumber!!





    • penny waters says:

      and thank god fro the humidity – at least there is moisture

      and the deep state – there aint nothing deep about them – tis about trade and making money – and that is how most people in this country are motivated – wave money in front of 'em and they will awaken

      i live amongst 'neighbours' who have over the years harassed me and tried to intimidated me because i love nature and i am a women and am not obsessed with what i look like and do not defer to men – i have a mind that i use to decide what is good for me – then i cannot blame anyone else for stuff that goes wrong – ultimate responsibility

      women are meant to be different and have a controlling affect on men  – to be yielding but not deferential –  men have to live in the world of men – which is a hard thing – am glad i am not a man – so difficult – cos men hunt and women gather

      you have just got me on a roll here

      humans take a lot of thought and i have realised that people who fit into the system aren't awake – till something wakes them – and then there is outrage – lets hope it happens soon – it feels to me like chaos at present – especially with the things that dane finds out all the time

      tis proper scary!!!

      love to you all in the madness!!!

    • River says:

      Intelligent forum here. Mahalo

    • Debralyn Smith says:

      WOW. What an informative post, to say the least. Thank u for taking the time to put it all together. I'm fully aware of these atrocities. Have been watching and feeling it all for years. It's ASTOUNDING to me how many ignorant people there r still claiming oh it's all just part of a normal cycle.  NO! There is NOTHING normal about SO MUCH! Sigh. I try educating. Share Danes site as often as I can. U can lead a horse to water…..🤷‍♀️ I yearn for the good old days when I could smell the trees and the moist earth after a rain……. can't remember when we had rain. I'm in No California. NEVER need ac years ago. EVER.  I'm at 3,000 feet in mountains outside of Lake Tahoe, where at over a mile high is getting into the 90s. Abnormal and outrageous. Wish folks would wake the hell up…….. I wish u well across the pond👍🙏🏼😊 

  6. EyepilotX!!! says:

    Freezing in Chicago! We had a brief "heatwave" in June and since that the minute the temp starts rising we get "weird" thunderstorms… not at all like the ones I remembered from my youth! No-one seems to care! And yet the sun is too hot yet the air is cool! Like I said before; the Summers of 1988 and 1995 were HOT. Nothing even remotely like har since. Yet winter has a  brutally cold edge that hurts. This is fake weather and I HATE it! Thanks for letting me vent. I wish I could do more.

  7. nobodies fool says:

    halfway through all these amazing mails, with the haarp ringing high in my head, the first "thunder" produced by this mess in Vermont causes minute  water droplets to form and fall on my arms INSIDE THE HOUSE. Curioser and curioser.

  8. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Temperatures this time of year in Northeast Florida should be High Temperature 92 (90-95) Low Temperature 74 (72-77). Since Sunday July 30th, the High Temperatures have been in the low to mid 80's. Two days last week during that lower High Temperature Anomaly, Daily Rainfall records were set. Meteorologist's claimed the reason for the cool down was from a Cold Front. Their statements were NOT true. It is a very rare occurrence for a Cold Front to be strong enough, to influence High Temperatures 10 degrees Departure from Normal for nearly a week in July. The Low Temperatures were normal however, with Lows in the Mid to Upper 70's. A true Cold Front would have lowered the Low Temperatures as well. The winds were predominantly blowing from the Northeast. When a Cold Front approaches, winds in Northeast Florida blow from the southwest, then blow from the northwest after the passage of the Cold Front. This was not the case with the wind directions that occurred. Below average relative humidity only occurred on Monday July 31st, since July 31st, the relative humidity has not been below 70%. A Cold Front is supposed to dry out the atmospheric conditions not supersaturate it. As you can see, I personally observed and witness the Chemical Ice Nucleation that occurred here this past week!!!!

    • jan becker says:

      David, it means a lot to me that you are willing to contribute from your extensive knowledge about weather to enlighten this group further with science-based analysis.  As you may realize, science education in the US has been intentionally neglected so that ignorance reigns on most fronts.  Ignorant people are easily cowed by gatekeeper scientists who insist that geoengineering isn't happening (yet).  Again, thank you!

  9. BaneB says:

    Blast pattern:  Donna-AZ has posted way below here a link to the NOAA GOES WEST rainbow loop.  I think this particular link is instructive as to the visual understanding of the deliberate destruction of storm cells that approach California.  The direction of the flow pattern can be from any direction, whether trying to cross into Southern California from Mexico or Arizona, or in this instance a storm cell (yellow color) as depicted (blob) moving southwest from Nevada into the Sierra Range.  Pay close attention to the yellow blob south of Reno.  It's a viable rain producing cell. The cell is dissolved.  But in the process of heating it with microwave RF a blast pattern is created.  The observable portion of the semi-circle pattern can be seen rushing out of the cell to the southwest, where it disappears as steam.  To really see this enlarge the viewing area and note the detail.  This is a classic example of how drought is maintained here in California….via aerosol spraying, and massive RF zapping of storm cells.  Fingers crossed my link links:

    PS:  I miss Mario's great posts and links to radar/NEXRAD exampling his visual discoveries of how these RF microwave facilities manipulate the weather.  He teaches, so perhaps he is taking the summer off.


    • BaneB says:

      Caveat:  The link to NOAA in my above post has been superceded by their daily updates.  Therefore the GOES Sat. image rainbow loop for that particular time frame has been outdated by NOAA.  

    • Mario says:


      I'm still here.  I still read the comments.  I still actively promote GeoengineeringWatch.  And I cherish your updates from NorCal.  I did stop commenting because I felt like the more I dug, the more questions I and at a certain point I realized that I was in over my head as far as trying to make sense of the enormity of it.  I felt my comments were becoming counterproductive because I my quest for more and more specifics became futile and I was expressing my confusion and on going education in a way that may have been hurting rather than helping.  I'm only trying to understand the physics of how they are doing it . . . But my passion for spreading the word has not diminished.  I put a card into the hands of two strangers I met this weekend while camping at Gold Lake in the Sierra Buttes.  They were both recent UC Davis Graduates majoring in Wildlife Conservation.  Neither were even aware of climate engineering.  I hope they follow up and spread the word.  Thanks for thinking of me.  I'm still here, and I'm still watching NexRad returns every day.  Maybe your comment will spur me to become active again here in relating my thoughts and experiences.  My heart is with you and all commenters on here, as well as Dane who I truly admire and respect.  I think he understands that the emotional and mental toll of trying to understand it all leads us through stages of grief, flight or fight, and sometimes disillusionment.  I'm in the fight with everyone.  I just haven't been very vocal.  Hopefully I can put together an update of my own personal struggle as a committed warrior, who is experiencing a stage of educational evolution and verbal expression of my feelings on the subject.  I've wanted to throw in the towel, but know I simply can't.  I promise I haven't abandoned the fight.    

  10. Irene Parousis says:

    In the last forty eight hours we've had several very big branches come down from the trees around our building.  One fell on the road and after we called the City I waited outside for them.  The supervisor of Forestry showed up in a brand new Land Rover and when he was done assessing the downfall I approached him and asked if he's been seeing a lot of these lately.  He explained that this week was extreme, so then I started the conversation about Geoengineering, to which he kept nodding and was in agreement with, but then went on to say as he walked away from me, "It's not me, you have to get to the top".  I yelled back that they won't listen and it's up to him and me, but obviously it fell on deaf ears.  This was a perfect example of what Dane calls people only caring about their paycheck and pension, but for how much longer?

    • 'a' simple horserman says:

      Irene, Good Job! A couple points if I may. 1. The man listened to you. 2. He gave his bottom line reply that runs in 'his' mind. He will think of your closing remarks as he was walking away. If he loves trees, those words will haunt him. Seed well planted my friend I haven't met yet.

  11. Dave UK says:

    Hello everyone from the humid man-made saucepan lid that hangs over our heads here in England. 🙂 

    First i'd like to thank you Dane for your thoughts on my recent August post about people getting heavy metals toxicity tests. And second, but by no means least, I'd like (just for a change) not to haarp on (see what i did there) about how bad it is all getting in England (as i pant for breath – even with my rickety air-con on), but instead to offer some entertainment of sorts. What i feel is needed is a 'tonic for the troops,' A bit of defiant English rhyme for my fully awake fellow brothers and sisters….. 


    Oliver Twist – famished foodie, what in the Dickens – and why's Ron so Moody, it doesn't make sense – but neither does Judge frickin' Judy…but you don't see it bothering me, there's a fatal blow a-coming for the Tyranny, I see a light upon the darkness called Liberty, she whispers – 'all those that can believe in me – shall be free.'

    She frowns –

    'What in the smokey hazes and forest fire blazes is he talking about?',

    She laughs –

    In a homage to the Beatles – she starts to Twist and then Shout – that there's a hurricane a-coming – and that there is no doubt – that it's gonna pack a punch and it's gonna knock 'em out, ding-ding..and that's the frickin' time-bomb ticking end of the World-Title-bout. 

    We win. They don't.  We'll thrive. they won't.

    Oliver Twist – can't believe what he's seeing, a possible happy future for every human being?

    It's never too late – to challenge the Deep State. As a famous fella once said – 'Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.'   – Now that's poetry!

    Well, i feel a hell of a lot better now that's all off me chest. I certainly know it can all be quite a personal struggle sometimes carrying the flag as we do. But I often try to remind myself that there is a reason for us..It's because you all remind me of that – each and every time i come to Dane's tremendous site – and i am so grateful for that everyone.

    Best Wishes to you all from England  (the damp side of the pond).. 


    • Dennie says:

      Ha hah, a little levity lightens the load.  Seriously, we need a comedy troupe that does spoofs on The Powers That Be and their activities and policies regarding climate change, like the Diggers back in the 60s here in Left Coast San Fran-Crisco, where we are now being OVEN-ROASTED to death in a hijacked atmospheric "We HATE Planet Earth" message delivered via a One-Two H.A.A.R.P.-generated punch of Mojave Desert-heat-on-steroids in this 50th-year anniversary of the Summer of Love.  What sound track comes to mind for this torture session? "Pleased to Meet You" by the Rolling Stones; "A Day in The Life," from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; Eleanor Rigby; and maybe "With a Little Help From My Friends." 

    • nobodies fool says:

      I love this post. Thanks.

  12. Ryan in Seattle says:

    I personally watched a very large and obvious spraying over the Puget Sound in Seattle ahead of this heat wave, and was absolutely shocked at what I was looking at.  My 3 year old daughter in the back seat of the car was also then asking the obvious question – "daddy – why is that plane making a line in the sky when other planes are not doing that?"  I had no answer for her but it was obvious to a 3 year old.  It flew directly over the Puget and did not follow the rest of the typical commercial airline patterns, and laid a massive swatch of particulate that then distributed throughout the sky.  The next day we had haze and heat everywhere.  I also noted terrible headaches and feeling racing thoughts that evening myself.  

    I'm blown away that this is going on and am questioning how to escape it and how to fight it.  I feel completely powerless at this point.  I should have taken a video and now have downloaded the Geoengineering Watch App if this happens again.  

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes, I watched this come in from the west like a wall moving east. I have never seen anything like this in my 7 awake years. Horrific !  I am in the south puget sound area and trying hard to get a group to help coordinate awareness events here in wa. Please let me know if you are interested in connecting. We have Simple Horseman on the East side and Susan  and few others on the west. Chris posted yesterday and I am happy to give a contact through Dane if interested. Would be great to get something going here. We are helping in a booth for the fair this september as well. We are on borrowed time to get the word out.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, about the detox from aluminum and glyphosate.

      He talks openly about the Climate manipulation, and the consequent poisoning of the Biosphere.

      – –

      Mineral Water for detox.

    • SilentSister says:

      Hi Ryan! Me too- I live on the east side. Got pictures of the day in spraying just before. Also – it " rained" in Kirkland the next morning. Glad to see there are some intelligent observers in Seattle. 

  13. marc says:

    Yet another monsoon blast through Tucson yesterday. Interestingly enough, after my recent observations of obvious SRM activity in our skies, we returned right back to the typical monsoon scenario with gigantic billowing cumulus clouds building up throughout the day, culminating in a couple of drenching storms in late afternoon. I must say, the skies over Tucson for the last two days have been unusually spectacular…..and no lines in the sky. I had occasion to be 50 miles south of town yesterday for a gig and I was startled when I noticed a patch of sky overhead that was exhibiting a depth of blueness I have not seen in many months. My rider was half my age and I was compelled to discuss how such a blueness used to be virtually routine once upon a time, like maybe before she was born. I marveled at this blueness from the driver window of my car. Ah, if only, if only we could somehow return this whole world and it's skies to the way it "used to be". But the f**ksticks from Hell seem to have other ideas.

      Does not the vast majority of humankind simply want to live in peace and harmony with our glorious planet?? Just exactly HOW did it come to this?? How? I reckon when societies complexify and the needs of the many require greater and greater organization and cooperation, it appears that there always emerges the FEW who somehow get it in their dumb-ass heads to wildly enrich and empower themselves at the expense of the many. This simple flaw (genetic/environmental?) has brought us to a place of crushing inequality and catastrophic exploitation. It makes me so very sad! The unsustainability of this structure could not possibly be more obvious now. Perhaps it was inevitable given the mushrooming populations. And maybe therein is what lies at the heart of the whole entire matter: "overpopulation", I'm not sure. Which is why I am personally convinced that we are in the early phase of a radical depopulation agenda conceived and designed by the aforementioned "few". What is beginning to worry me almost more than SRM/GEOENGINEERING etc, is the vast weaponization and dissemination of microwave frequency infrastructure, vis-a-vis the "cell/gwen" towers. These motherf**kers have been working non-stop from one end of the country to the other fiendishly installing these towers, equipping them with power feeds that are so far beyond what is necessary were they just "cell" towers, that the only conclusion any rational person could come to is that we are sitting ducks for an eventual "wipe-out". This is NOT wild conspiracy theory!!! We are already swimming in a frequency soup of certain death and despair. The mere flip of a switch could instantaneously cook us all from the inside out…….game over…overpopulation solved…..Just exactly WHO is behind the construction of tens of thousands of these towers and other rooftop installations across the entire landscape?? For improved cellphone communication? Really? Weather control?? Really? Really? Who is doing this??? This reeks of military (deep-state) behind a clever disguise. So go ahead, stand up proudly with your kids for the worthless f**king national anthem at your ballgames and keep duping yourself into thinking what a great country you live in. While you wallow in your patriotic stupor you are being nano-particled, GMO-ed, vaxxed and microwaved to a slow death right along with your kids AND the grandchildren you will never meet.

    • bob says:

      They also want to use this 5g for "the internet of things" – every thing you buy scanned and tracked – and all appliances in your home planned to go online. 

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, that was really brilliant.  Tonight, out letting the dogs run for their sunset romp on the field at the local high school I was talking with a parent of some kids nearby about global warming and sea level rise.  Seems like the Mexicans are doing a lot better in being able to face reality and actually discuss what's happening to us without apologizing, acting like scared rabbits or flinching.  Many of the parents are really concerned, if not worried, about being able to afford housing.  Many cannot buy in this area (San Francisco Bay Area).  They will have to move somewhere further out (translated: hotter), like Cloverdale, Antioch, Tracy, Turlock, Ukiah and north.

    • Tanya says:

      Hi Marc, I would agree with you that the vast majority of humankind wants to live peacefully and in harmony with the planet. Pedro posted a link to an excellent YouTube video that actually answers your question as to how this has taken place.   it's posted in this feed on August 2nd if the link above does not work. I read an excellent article this morning from Dr. Mercola regarding smart meters in this article is also a link to a new documentary which is free to watch until August 11th. Thanks for responding to my message regarding his article on GMOs. I suspect that the smart meters will also be used with the cell phone towers.

      Everyone should read this article:

      Here in the western mountains of Maine, Oxford County, we are completely socked in in dirty fog. Some of the swamp Maples on my property we're beginning to show signs of autumn as some of their leaves were turning red. I thought that they were confused because of the very cool evenings. Now those red leaves have turned brown and died. There are several different kinds of mold and moss growing on my deck. 


    • Tanya says:

      Here's the link to the YouTube video that Pedro posted on August 2nd. It's titled documentary on the cult of materialism. This explains a lot of the cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias. It also explains the reactions that we get as we try to wake our fellow human beings. Thanks Pedro.

    • curly says:

      "it appears that there always emerges the few that get it in their dumb ass heads to wildly enrich and empower themselves at the expense of the many"

      It's only because the "many" make it possible for the "few" to do this.  This is the real problem—giving anyone powers and authority that the individual himself does not possess.  If  I wanted to spray toxic chemicals into the sky I would be put in jail because it's a crime and I don't have the right to do so.  But somehow I can join with others who don't individually have the right to do so and magically it's Ok to give someone else the right and authority to spray poisons into the sky.

      This is the cause of most of the problems in the world.  A group of individuals can not  give rights or authority to someone else when they themselves individually don't possess those rights and authority.

      This is the cause of the most human problems — this notion that someone can give someone else authority that they individually don't have.  This is the crack in the human foundation of thought that needs to be stopped.

      Geoengineering, nuclear madness, and war are all symptoms of this human mental disorder.  Battling the symptoms is not going to end the disease.  We need to recognize the cause and end it.  Until we stop magically giving authority that we don't have individually  to others we will continue to have all the madness.

      It's really quite simple and very logical.  

    • nobodies fool says:

      Well, well, Al Gore has penetrated my emails. Told him and Greenpeace to go to hell, al if they aren't there already. So, Marc, this split in human consciousness goes back way way further than this, and this plan has been in effect for millenia. I mentioned before the Norse prophecy of "Ragnaroth", the final battle involving the world "serpent" ( hint, hint), and how the serpent would, before the final battle , rise from the ocean and poison the skies. This was planned long time ago, and all the necessary conditions have slowly been put in place, including the idiotic "economies" of money, and material acquisition  which make dupes of most people, particulary those who hold privilege of any sort within this system. People who fill their houses with machines and toxic chemicals, who send their babies to day care and their children to training camps called schools, stopped caring about their children a long time ago. All they care about is looking good to the herd, the status, the desperate hope that they , at least they, will not be shamed. And so they march on toward their self-inflicted obliteration. Live and let die. Let them go. They have had a million chances to know, and refused.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Tanya. Thank you. And thanks to Dane.

      Following the video about the cult of materialism, I've found other video that gives a bit more info connected with the specific act of buying and the mental frame that is behind the same act, when compulsive.

      Also, I think that is important to understand a bit more that to much money in the wrong hands can dictate radically the course of Human History. And how just a few "guys" are getting all the money.

      And about the mental frame of the super-rich and their tax benefits..

      A maximum roof for wealth must be established in All World.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Curly.

      The key for killing the "disease" is; eternal vigilance. But we only can achieve that, if we manage to END all secret societies. That's the key.

      There is some hope, because we are the "buyers". Information is crucial.

  14. Sean says:

    PIOMASS volume numbers for sea ice were released. July had the second lowest decrease on record??? Are the frying the rest of us in order to keep the cool air up there and prevent a full scale melt down this year? We're getting scorched here in southern BC.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, yes, the scorching of the western US is indeed connected to the climate engineering agenda in the Arctic, but this being said, the statistical slowdown of Arctic ice “extent” is only smoke, mirrors, and massive chemical ice nucleation operations. Global sea ice extent is at record low levels and plunging still further by the day. More headlines to come on that story.

    • Sean says:

      Yep you're right Dane, Antarctica's extent has been doing something real weird the last few days, decreasing when it should be going up until early Sept. I would imagine the massive 10 meter waves surrounding the continent on all sides are playing a role in that, mixing up the ocean around it. I'm just surprised a the PIOMASS volume number released for the Arctic recently. They now seem to think 2012 volume was slightly lower at the same day of the calendar. We'll see what happens but its amazing they have thrown every damn thing at it and its still running neck and neck with the record year. It's all gonna go pretty soon.

    • nobodies fool says:

      Absolutely. The microwave intensity here in Vermont last two days matches the desperate effort to move clouds inland, with lame predictions of "rain" here just o cover their tracks. Seems mosquitoes are one lost life form at these times. Humid, but not a single one last night nor this morning. This is Vermont, for chrissakes, land of trees and bugs. Don't look to anyone but the poor to give a hoot, as the middle and upper middle classes are too busy trying to figure out how to spend all of their money. True, true. 

  15. Wanda Drewery says:

    Here is South-East N. Carolina we are experiencing below normal temps. 80's for highs. The temps have not been above 89 for a few days and the forecast is for the same for the next several days. Usually our temps are in the 90's this time of year with thunderstorms. Now just 'cool' temps and rain.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Wanda, We are in north central Georgia and I am just weirded out today at the cool temps, intermittent rain and overcast we've had for days and still predicted for days to come. This is NOTHING like normal summer August weather conditions as many of you realize. It is nice to have the cooler temperatures but at the same time is very creepy and depressing when you know how it is being 'created' with the toxic chemicals and abnormal frequencies. Last evening on the weather 'story' from our local news out of Atlanta I could plainly see a complete circle of frequency emanating from north eastern Mississippi which is obviously effecting this bizarre summertime weather. I am finding it hard to function normally today day when our world is so out of kilter. I wish it all would stop and we could go back to the healthy wonderful planet our Creator gave to us, but like Dane says, It is gone and will not return in any reasonable time frame that matters. I am feeling very strange today, I'm thankful to have you all out there to keep me sane through this insanity. There are few I can speak with about this in my immediate world. God bless you all, my family I haven't met yet.

  16. beatriz says:

    This morning woke up to the now usual bright white skies with glaring sun fiercely rising on the East. Soon after non-stop roaring thunder coming only from the NE. The sky is a pervasive white out, no discernable dark clouds, and no vertical frightening lightning; only small horizontal flashes of light once in a while. Lots of wind and rain. Very, very atypical of NYC when the weather was more or less "normal". As Dane commented in this article, seems like a complete Ice nucleation even, robbing the moisture from the West, the temperature is quite cool now.

    The trees in the city are all in an accelerating process of dying. They show the effects of the pervasive UV, and the poisoning of the heavy metals. Most trees lhave no bark left, the branches split off, the leaves are burnt, the little bark left covered by different color fungi, the trees bending or leaning, the tree trunks having lost their fluids and essence are so thin!

    However, Mother Nature is so brave and stubborn, refuses to let go without a fight. Many of the trees i thought were absolutely gone, have shooted off many branches and leaves from the trunk and roots, beautiful new green growth; as pointed out by our good observers in this site, the trees sensing they are so very stressed go in over blooming, seeding and coning! As Dane says we all have to do our best to stop this Geoengineering insanity, and help Nature to salvage what is left of its previous Glory, as there is immensity in a grain of sand!

    • Dennie says:

      "Fighting for our lives," and begging for our rights from the criminals WE have seen fit to put into positions of "power."  

      Listen to how we have allowed our very language to be hijacked by the "powers" that should NEVER have been each and every goddamnable time we talk about cancer.  It is always and ever about putting up a fcuking FIGHT, "fighting" cancer, fighting this, fighting that, and that and that and THAT, world without end, GODDAMMIT! as soon as someone "comes down" with it.  And the brainwashed idiots treating you might just as well be wearing army boots and helmets, hefting heavy packs filled with god-knows weapons of mass destruction, spent uranium shells and all, toting AK47s and shooting "rag heads" in the Middle Eastern deserts, FIGHTING over the last drops of the sooo, soooooooo precious life blood of the beyond-sick military-run industrial banking complex– UGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dennie says:

    Starting about four days ago I noticed a shift in the weather, definitely whiter and more still, less fog, but a lot of particulates in the fog.  Yesterday turned out to be alarmingly hot. It was comfortable inside my house, all day long, quite cool, no sweat, literally, but I stepped outside around 4:00 and got hit with blast furnace heat.  Yesterday we had pockets of heat hitting us. Sometimes the thermometer read near 100, then 95, then 90, then 89, like all over the place, in a short period of time.  The air was very still.  The "atmospheric additives" the past few days have been ultra-fine and cause your mouth to feel very dry and a bubbling sensation when it hits anything wet.  It's fine enough to give me a headache all the time now.  They've definitely added the cold stuff to the mix.  I can always feel it and taste it– UGGHHHH!!!!

    I'd like to convert my garage into an "in-law" apartment.  It would be very close to 300 sq. ft. and pretty well sealed off from the outside air (planning dept. here wants you to make the garage doors go away), and there wouldn't be any way I'd be exposed to ambient air such as you have when you've got a house with two chimneys and a suspected leaky skylight. The other part of the house has been too leaky to feel comfortable staying here at night.  I may be able to mitigate those leaks because I can feel where the air is coming in. It's going to take about $50k to do the job and I'll need to get a loan to do it.  Please pray with me that I can qualify for a decent loan, get the job done and move back into my own house.  Soon.  Thank you! 


    Privacy is eroding away now we are able to see everything everywhere at any time with few exceptions.

    Before with google maps it was everything that is outside everywhere, however not at any time.

    As snapchat has announced you can now see what's going on around your city and all around the world as it happens.

    You can instantly see how the sky looks when it rains or how a fire looks at ground level or the inside of a building like a restaurant snapchat now allows users to post stories of images and short videos available to the entire world.

    Monsoon rain made its way to places like Stockton, CA people have posted a moderate rain falling in their back yards.

    Snapchat can be utilized to verify the rain seen on radar as people often upload the weather outside when it rains or is very hot.

    I by no means am trying to promote snapchat as of now I hardly ever use it personally as i am doing other stuff and because it is very corrupt like all the other social media platforms however it is good to utilize them when you can. 

    I will say that you do have to be mature as you never know what you are going to see when you open a story about 1 in 10 or so stories are a cigarette.

    Looking at the world map of snapchat stories you can get a glaring look at society and it is not good.

    Now if there is a natural disaster or something of interest, you can bypass the media and see what is going on through snapchat because privacy doesn't exist anymore, so I might as well use this to my advantage while we can not utilizing it won't make it go away and I agree it is unfortunate that our privacy is chipping away as technology continues to advance we need more regulations to maintain privacy where it is needed.

    Wraping up, it is nice to be able to track the weather and other important occurrences, now the covert weather manipulators (men with weather weapons )  and the media trying to cover up natural disasters won't be able to ge away as easily anymore because anyone can be watching anywhere.

    • horsegirl says:

      Hmm… time to grab the coordinates on the elites and catch them in action.  Don't suppose they think the sword has two edges.  Note the billionaires' club outside Bozeman, Montana.  Can you snapchat them?

    • Hello "Horsegirl", To emphasizes I didn't incline we would track specific people, although you may be able to do it if you are good with technology and can hack and get the address of any account you wanted or you friend them and they accepted the request, however the elitist you are looking for would have to have snapchat and you would need to know their username and they would have to have their GPS on and their phone with them.

      Many of us love to blame the elite for everything that happens and I am aware the elite or our leaders are very corrupt I often think a 5 year old would be more presidential and make better politics than the presidents we have been having and are having in the white house and that says a lot it shows that we are focusing on issues of distraction from the bigger picture of what truly matters.

      We have clowns in the white house, unfortunately we have bad people governing our country with power reigning over us thankfully in America government has limited power, however, as the stability of the planet erodes away due to environmental damage and bad influences that lead to widespread destructive behavior the government is becoming more powerful or lawless in its attempt to rule over a chaotic population.

      To finalize I don't think I can snapchat anyone in Bozeman, Montana as I never even heard of an elitist club and have no connections with anyone in Montana much less an elite I am afraid I can't help you on that one.

  19. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet… and some I have(grin).

    Today was farmers market #13, 9 more to go. It was 102 degrees this afternoon. I'm telling ya, it was a bit tough to endure. Our booth was looking pretty good today. Many thanks to Dane, Ben in New Mexico and Steve (the Gem Faire guy) and myself. Tell ya something else, I was proud to endure today knowing I would not let down the faith that has been instilled in my efforts. I am always good for my word. As I traveled to Redding on the day of the 12th farmers market, I felt a bit guilty for not being there. My people mean a great deal to me here and I had good momentum built up. Today was a testimony to how much I lost in my absence I lost a bit but I will recover it and then some as the weeks ahead unfold. I got my wish in that the wild fires stayed away while I was gone. There are wild fires in all directions around my region. None here in my specific area 'yet'. However, the day I returned, the winds shifted. I have been looking at 2 to 5 miles of visibility due to the fire smoke coming from British Columbia for 4 days now. God save us from all that is contained in that smoke. I can only guess what the nano particulates become when combusted.

    There were only a few significant visitors at the booth today. A local home builder stopped by and chatted for about 5 minutes. He told me his story of how or what woke him up to the aerosols being dispersed above our heads. A few years ago he was setting trusses on top of framing and a big tanker flew over twice at low elevation. He did take note of what they became as the day wore on. Good on him for noticing. I had two folks come by that I met at the Chesaw parade on the 4th of July. It was fun to hear how they have valued the flyer I gave them and were delighted to get more to send off to their family in other states. Their family takes mental notes of the aerosols over 4 states. Pretty cool for a bunch of hickerbilly's(that's what my son calls me). (Some of us hickerbillys have a brain and were not afraid to use what's left of it(smile). The manager of the local gas station/hotel/minimart/car wash/mocha stand stopped by and I got to have a breif but impactful conversation with her. She's seen me around for years and knows my reputation. I was granted permission to post flyers in the windows of the establishment. It's gets a lot of tourist and local traffic. It is the hub of my little town. The owner is a well respected long time resident here and always has a nod and a smile for me, regardless if she's talking with someone or not. There's one that I will be recruiting to help get the words out. She has lots of grandkids. And lastly here, a very nice woman about my age stopped by after looking closely at the banners and the new to me poster boards. Come to find out she lives across the valley  from me. It was her son that got her to look up and learn. And here's the best part. She frequently visits this site. And Susan F, please know that she was involved with a group of folks that met with our local government regarding electro magnetic warfare practice in my area. I did not know they existed. I will find those folks and join them.

    From the heart… I'm still coming down from my adventure of going to Redding. The number of things that have raced through my mind since mixing energy with soooo many great people is great and broad in spectrum. I spent 49 hours on a bus. It was worth every minute. Ask Mary Hollowell if her flight from the east coast was worth it. Ask Jane Tande if her 10 hour drive one way was worth it. Ask Robert West if crossing the entire state of Oregon was worth it. And Dane, meeting you was something that just had to be done. It was good to look you in the eye, shake your hand and say hello.

    Love to you ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Simple Horseman, all of us gained from your presence at the Redding event, and from the presence of all the activists and individuals that were willing to go to the effort of attending (some from as far away as France and the UK). If we all stand together, we can yet make a difference, even at this late hour. Lets press on into the storm, there is no going back.

    • marc says:

      Simple Horseman… de man!!! Awesome, brother. Wish I could have been in Redding to meet you. Dane suggested he might pull together an event in Sacramento. I could probably make that one. Hope It happens!!

    • Kathy says:

      Yes between the smoke and unknown heavy particulate matter who knows what we are being forced to breathe here in WA . If it werent for the intense heat, I would think its a foggy November day in August here for several days now in the West. Its unreal whats happening right now on the Westcoast… Hope all of you in Redding are holding up!

      I too am still running off the event and all that took place…please keep in touch with us. I am humbled and honored not only to meet a hero like you selflessly doing all you can in this battle but to be working on the front lines with men of Honor, Integrity and a sound mind.

    • penny waters says:

      hmmmmm…. 'willing to go to the effort'!!!

      i am poor and have little money and don't have a passport because i want to love where i am.

      yes it would have wonderful to fill myself up with the joy of meeting people who are awake

      no money, no time, am an ant trying to get in my harvest of fruit and hold my tumbledown together cos i preferred to help my mum and dad pass over here and ended up living here

      don't take it so personal dane – know you have been a voice crying in the wilderness for a very long time

      don't want to use more petrol in an aeroplane – fed up with gobbling up this poor planet

      love penny

      living in the human world for me has always been living in a storm!!!!


  20. Melody Meachum says:

    Yes, Lake MI really "up" last year and this year, as already stated "30 year high". I live 35 min inland from South Haven beach. Could NOT believe my eyes at last Sunday's visit. Narrow walk between water's edge & bluffs…witnessed same thing while vacationing 4 hours north along Sleeping Bear Dunes shoreline…significant bluff erosion.

    I honestly don't have the energy to research whether this is the result of massive ice cap melt off and predicted rise of coastal waters..even affecting inland bodies of water!?!?

    So many great comments, sharing information, experience and mutual encouragement allowed at Dane's site. The momentum of awakening the general population is happening!! We witness it on this site constantly.

    I just want to take a moment and truly THANK all the whistle blowers, including Dane, who have sacrificed so much over time, whether they have been in the trenches battling the nasties, such as weather warfare mongers, GMO mongers, pharma mongers, military-industrial mongers…money money money, MONEY, SUFFERING & EXPLOITATION…you get the point. For decades, brave men and women have sounded the alarm, yet with so very few hearing, let alone believing what they heard. Whistle-blowers have left a lot of skin in the game for a very long time. Some have tragically lost lives and others in the future will tragically lose their lives in "untimely and unorthodox manners" because of their convictions and efforts in whistle-blowing. I can't imagine the isolation and desolation they felt! I think it's a big deal when some of my family or those in my closer circle think I'm a conspiracist.

    As also stated earlier, keep telling "one" Results come one by one. Find the touchpoint with each person you encounter whether it's health issues, the blazing white, searing sun, lines in the sky, get them thinking and share your knowledge…pass it forward like doing good deeds!





  21. sean slavin says:

    Greetings to all my brothers and sisters that are "awake and aware".

    I understand that a lot of you are feeling defeated. I realize that many are weary and just want this to all go away. I imagine most, if not all of you, want to disappear or retreat to some quiet place in nature while this insane world destroys itself.

    I would be lying if I told you that I have not often felt the same.

    But when the days are dark and change seems impossible please remember this,

    Whether we feel it or not we are being looked after but we must do the right thing, always.

    All of you are beautiful souls contributing in your own way. It would serve us well to remember this: Do your part, whatever that is. The rest will unfold as its meant to.

    Sending you all strength, love and light.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Hello Sean,

      I just wanted you to know that I spoke with a couple dozen people about this insanity today. Some days are better than others for me lately. I was going full force raising awareness for several years. I hate to say it but I actually take a day off from talking about this madness every now and then. Today was just one of those really good days for me. I spoke with confidence and clarity as I pushed the seeds into their sterile souls. I will continue to do my part, without fear, trepidation or timidity until my last breath. Thanks to your strength, love and light I will have another good day tomorrow.

      Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • nobodies fool says:

      Mahalo, Sean, well said.

    • penny waters says:

      nicely said sir

  22. SilentSister says:

    Hello estate observers! Thank you, Dane, for another clear and concise article about the arrogant insanity of global weather engineering and warfare. It's interesting to me, that for those of us playing the " home game ", and have been at it for a while, how obvious and almost common sense this all seems. Of course "they" are messing with weather as much as they are messing with the microcosm at the genetic level. Seems so logical that this would occur fin the race of intellectual property. This is wrong! To mess with all of life as we know it for the need to satisfy the big brains on humaniy! Where is the heart? Where is the ethics?!!! 

    I read articles like the one I'm including here, and it's like pre-school for the masses. Trying to unleash the truth slowly so people don't freak out? How long will the division occur between perspectives while this crap is going on? Why does it take a tragedy to wake up complacency? Are we really that programmed to make a few people rich? Pretty disgusting if you ask me- when we all have so much greater potential power than this. Everything is just a psychological story that we hang on to with great indignation. Read this article, oh wise ones, and see if you don't agree that the truth is between the line- but never direct. Burning up in the NW and the west coast – incredible haze from the fires. Take care!

    • marc says:

      Silent Sister, thank you for the link. However, the article is simply yet another steaming pile of disinformation and public programming. In fact, we can add this article to the pile of hundreds of such articles now being seeded into MSM by the deep-state pricks who think they are having the last laugh. When in fact, it is they who will be quickly discarded by the real monsters at the top of this diabolical food-chain when their usefulness has expired.

  23. Joseph L says:
    Fires are torching Montana, and the money is running out
    The state's financial worries come as forecasters for the National Interagency Fire Center predict that eastern Montana, southern California and the western Dakotas could be exposed to major wildfire threats into October or November.

    • horsegirl says:

      Thanks for this.  Sounds like a land grab to me.  Western Dakotas means the Black Hills, and all proximate to eastern Montana.  Saw the elite grab up the greater Yellowstone region from 1988-1992.  Five major assaults,one being the Yellowstone fires.  In 1989 they ditched the railroad system across south central Montana (also pulling up the railroad line running from Livingston to Yellowstone Park, a masterpiece of human construction just trashed).  There was the wolves' relocation fraud (Yellowstone is some 70 miles across, totally encompassed by congested human habitation, too small for wolves' range, and just to the north the same wolves were so abundant in Alberta they had a bounty on them – were shocked when slimebag Montana federal careerists came paying a million apiece for the animals).  Fourth was finessing the takeover of land north of the park by the Church Universal and Triumphant, looking the other way while they built the world's largest fallout shelter and began worming the region with underground bunkers, consummating in the group "going Waco" in the early 90's to the elites' advantage.  Fifth was widget Robert Redford parking his oversung ass amid his apparatchiks/groupies in the midst of the Yellowstone/Goulder River watersheds to film his epic real estate ads "A River Runs Through It' and "Horse Whisperer" which drew the California wealthy into the state like a magnet.  I was born/raised in Livingston.  I mean they just grabbed the place up.  Lakota people, look out.  Looks like a ploy to grab up the Black Hills to me.  Scum filth pedophocracy, I hope the natives lay you waste..

    • horsegirl says:

      Meant Boulder not Goulder.  Also this arson system threatens the Crow and Cheyenne lands.  Wondered what had constrained the creeps for so long in not grabbing up all those red canyons and gentle hills, sweet streams of the natives. 

    • nobodies fool says:

      "Pedophocracy"  – good one, Horsegirl!! damn, I want to get us all together in one place for a roaring party!! Pardon my naive ebullience.


  24. lorenzo says:

    Dane, I live around Nassau County, Long Island,N.Y.  For the first time this summer I noticed dying leaves at a shopping center I have gone for years. I would park under these trees for shade, I realized last month the trees were not as full as other years, and under close inspection I saw that the leaves were browning and shriveling up. In July?  And as you have stated often Dane, these leaves will not drop off in the Fall, because its not natural   Also went swimming in famous Jones Beach out on Long Island and my skin was tingling as I got out No jelly fish or man-of-war bites. The acidity of the ocean is just getting worse. Thanks Dane for your time and devotion  

    • Rutherford_County_NC says:

      Here in Western NC, I'm seeing alarming leaf fall as well. Maple trees especially, and certain species of oaks.

      The leaves of the maple are covering my yard, but they're not the brilliant reds and golds of a normal fall. They are brown, and half burnt looking.

      Also, my tomato plants this year were going gangbusters till about two weeks ago. Then they all died. As in overnight. From healthy to dead.

      I'm not a rookie when it comes to growing food by any means. It is getting more difficult every year to have a productive garden.

      Less pollinators, more UV, unknown particulate contamination, etc.

      And the media wants to bombard us with the 'evil' of Confederate monuments and Nazis, while our world is dying all around us.

      Perhaps a civil war and collapse of the USGOV might have one benefit: cessation of geoengineering programs.

      Perhaps it won't be long before heritage Americans hoist the black flag and rid our country of those who wish to destroy it and those of us descended from generations of Americans, who's ancestors pioneereed this land at great rish, effort, and much suffering.

      In NC, our wise democrat governor has said that all Confederate monuments must be removed. I recall that historically, it was the Nazis, communists, and ISIS that destroy history and attempt to erase the parts they don't like, to better control and demoralize their subjects.

      As an 8th generation American who's kin on both sides fought for teh Confederacy and who DID NOT OWN SLAVES, the assault makes me sick. The men who fight wars are not the men who make policy.

      They sacrifice for their families and their sense of duty.

      The left in this country has gone insane and is pushing more people every day more to the right. If you call someone a nazi enough times, they will eventually decide, "yeah ok".

      Now they are calling people opposed to abortion nazis.

      Where will it end?


      it's nice to come here for some relative sanity. Keep up the good work.

  25. Frances says:

    South-East Queensland readers, have you noticed the sky today, Thurs., with the unusual clouds coming in from the West and what looks like frequency transmissions effects.  I wonder what agenda the weather manipulators have for us.

    • BaneB says:

      Frances:  Same here in Northern California.  There was a decided change in the sky over my area mid-day yesterday.  The cloudless sky began to morph from powder blue to smears and a few aerosol trails.  But I was sitting in the shade at the front of the barn before that and watched weird white striations of stacked parallel horizontal short lines in  a small cluster rise above the northern horizon.  No, not the long aerosol lines.  This concoction obviously was a microwave RF creation.  It stayed there for a good hour whilst over me the sky above smeared over with milky grunge.  Just a small report from here.  I did get some pics, as is my automatic habit.  Thanks for your report.

    • Dennie says:

      The skies Thursday over northern CA in Marin County and the Bay Area were iron gray, still and mean.  You could FEEL the particulates scratching your eyes, mouth, nose, skin.  And it was HUMID like the jungle.  Yesterday late in the day the grunge began to bust up.  Today's cooler but not really, if you know what I mean.

  26. Bella_Fantasia says:

    On a high camp note of absurdity, the greatest military in the world might not even be able to launch a nuclear weapon. Error message: Unable to read disk.  At least, we can hope  : )

  27. barbzi says:

    To the weary…. Evil has a plan and strategy. Good needs a plan and a strategy too. With God all things are possible.

    • SilentSister says:

      Thank you for the reminder that it's all so much bigger than we are! Just Brahe tip of the iceberg – so to speak. 

  28. IMHO, the Manhattan/Los Alamos "Trinity" project NEVER terminated and was transferred into the Global Weather War Project. I read, but cannot quote, that the MP scientists and PTB were devastated at the Hiroshima outcome but not like people like us which called for a permanent shutdown due to the horror and death. To them the bombs were too obvious, too many countries aware, too many deaths, etc. So, they regrouped to continue the projects along with other countless operation names. The "Manhattan" project was managed from a high level logistically into numerous regions throughout U.S. under a cover of false corporations and companies. In my hometown of Buffalo/Upstate NY, it was only 50 years later that all these small manufacturing companies, mills, foundries, etc. discovered their workers had been handling without knowledge or protection toxic, cancer causing tools, etc. The entire region is now a cancer designed region. I've lost my family and countless friends to cancer and unknown diseases unheard of before the 1940s. Also, Lake Erie was the first U.S. lake to "DIE" due to zero life!" How can a lake die? This decentralized model was implemented across the U.S., not only Buffalo/Niagara Falls. It destroyed the American side of Niagara Falls along with abandoning the City to fall into economic ruin. The Manhattan Project was covertly decriminalized, decentralized. Same plan then. Same plan now. TPTB brag (Club of Rome) of using the weather since it's the perfect weapon–all people depend on it worldwide.. As Edward Teller is to have said after the launching of the bomb, "I am become death…The destroyer of worlds (Shiva)". 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sandra, yes, the weather is of course being used a covert weapon of catostrophic decimation. This being said, we must remember and consider that the damage to the planet and the climate system (from countless anthropogenic causes) is absolutely real, and cannot be undone in any time frame that matters. Now we are fighting to salvage what is yet of Earth’s life support systems. Every day climate engineering is allowed to continue, our chances of long term survival are diminished. Lets all keep sounding the alarm.

    • Roy says:

      Haunted by burning rivers, untreated sewage, Lake Erie dying, deforestation, Love Canal, lack of conservation, renewables, energy efficiency, etc. led to some of his environmental concerns. Continued use of the oceans, aquifers, & atmosphere as dumps are disturbing realities. 

      Topic:  Geoengineering – Environmental issues?

      Is a government program attempting to control weather and climate change & being advanced without our consent?  Hundreds of groups worldwide are already protesting aerosol spraying affecting the hydrological cycle, ozone depletion, extinction rates, & the once blue skies, now often milky. The program is designed to spray from aircraft nanoparticles of heavy metals and other materials.  The intent is solar radiation management to create solar dimming to cool the planet.  Oxygen-supplying trees and plankton are decreasing and and UV radiation is increasing while the temperature is on the rise.  Aluminum, the primary element being used, also affects the bees and may affect human health.
      This workshop will simply ask you to LOOK UP.  A good site to visit about this topic is 

  29. frank reps says:

    The denial and or avoidance by the government of the incessant geo engineering activity taking  place in our skies is somewhat like the response of a husband to his wife at the time she catches him in a compromising situation with a strange woman in the bedroom of their home ;   " Nothing is going on Honey…..Are you going to believe your eyes…or believe me ?? ".  The  " donate " portion on this website was placed there so readers may also help with this very critical fight.

  30. Nina says:

    I wonder if Portugal is the "climate sacrifice zone" for Europe? The forcast is for this drought to get worse over the next months. Nature looks so stressed. It is heartbreaking, and so few people seem to notice or care.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Nina.

      And the "Government" of that "country" ( colony of the EU ), made predictions of drought for the next three months ( IT WAS OFFICIAL ). How can someone make weather forecasting with 3 months advance??, That is NOT possible. People are SLEEPING!

    • mac says:

      Hi Nina, I'm saying that yes, you probably are the "climate sacrifice zone," The EU and the rest of the Elite know this the 100 anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima. Why would they not sacrifice Portugal? The Miracle of the Sun was on July 12th 1917. I would assume most people in Portugal are aware of this event.  This Geoengineering event will in all likely hood run though October and maybe longer and get worse not better unless there is some kind of intervention from God

    • BaneB says:

      Nina:  Perhaps Portugal is assigned the same sacrificial role as is California?  Both are at the edge of a large land mass facing the oceans, and the incoming moisture fields.  We mutually are are the forefront to manipulate the weather, Geoengineering the droughts, stealing the moisture and sending it elsewhere.  I sit here wondering when the weather warfare terrorists will set this region on fire.  We are suffering hot weather, dead and dying forests, and it's going to get much worse by fall.  Good luck. Thanks for your update.  Hope you get some rain.

  31. Frank - PHL says:

    I'm sorry about this. I know this will be difficult, but it just comes to me and I must say it.  If you are a regular, you know I am a regular, and I just want to do a big reality check.

    WE know what we are doing. Dane is doing a superhuman effort to collect and report evidence of the ongoing deliberate destruction (geoengineering) of the life support system of the planet. We believe that if we show enough people this evidence, they will "convert" to our side and spread the word further with the ultimate goal of a huge mass of people that will stop this deliberate destruction.

    How do human beings react to this challenge? Some accept, but most come up with some reason not to accept it. Of course they reject the idea of geoengineering as ridiculous fantasy, and when faced with the evidence of a world warming itself to death, they say there are cycles to all natural processes. We live in a universe that works with billion-year-cycles. We are in the nasty end of a cycle and there is nothing we can do about it.

    We, on the other hand, are sure that the end of geoengineering will bring the end of the warming problem, but, you know, we don't really talk much about what would happen if we achieve this goal. All I have heard, here, is that there would be a short, volatile period of climate crisis, and then the healing would begin.

    Is that right? Because the picture that I get of the overall climate situation, from here, is that this destruction has a lot of momentum built into it and even some new feedback processes actually working for it (like the release of methane) so that even if geoengineering stopped today we might find ourselves very close to oblivion anyway.

    And, further, since all the references to the goal of a working biosphere are from a time before industrialization, doesn't that mean that the healing, and I mean radical healing, would require the elimination of all the industrial goodies that we would probably never want to lose, lest we return to a Mad Max, short-lived world of horses, swords, and hard work, that I don't think we really could survive en masse.

    So, I understand the call to the good battle, to educate the innocent, to right the wrong, but do we still end up at the same end?

    Or to put it another way, I think everyone that is a regular to this website is a very special person. I think everyone of us could and would do anything to start a new life that would be good, but I think when we bring along all the others, the billions of veritable human manifestations of industrialization, the lives that were made possible only by industrialization, the world would be just as unlivable as it will be when the temperature finally rises to the boiling point of the human brain.

    PS.  On the other hand, this sorry burst of reality was motivated when I found myself frustrated with the path we are on. I thought if we want to at least win the goal of educating the masses and hoping for the best, we must do something radical – and my idea was to take a documentary crew on a chartered flight to the poisoned sky above where we would have the equipment to capture a sample of the "goo" right out of the sky and test it for what we know is there and present this "event" to whatever media of the masses that would have us, Dr. Oz, Ellen, Steve Colbert. We would demonstrate once and for all that the trails are a poison deliberately sprayed to harm us all. That would be the best we could do to change the mass mind in one fell swoop, because the way we are going the world will end way before we ever get to everyone.

    So, to be blunt, what I'm saying is that  I think it's time to sh** or get off the pot.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Frank, of course you are correct abou the majority still refusing to wake up no matter how much evidence they are give. Keep this in mind, they will soon be forced to face reality due to unfolding events. About the final outcome, the journey is the destination, this must be constantly remembered and considered.

    • Frank - PHL says:

      Well, with this new "geoengineering" movie coming out in Oct, I should remind you that the big "Pearl Harbor" movie came out 4 months before the real, new Pearl Harbor, 9/11. So maybe we are close to the big bursting. I think the Stock Market and current events are very ripe, so I guess there is no need for frustration. We will all find out soon.

    • Frank - PHL says:

      And I just want to say that if I did not find this website, Dane, that this would have been one of the scariest, loneliest times in my life.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Frank, A year or two ago I posted the fact that the pollution we've already created will be with us for the next 40 years.  The old song: I never promised you a rose garden, comes to mind, as I don't recall Dane or anyone saying that if this stopped now, we'd have brief and violent trouble, then all would be healed.  Clearly that will not happen, not a chance in hell.  Long term hell at that.  And by the by, a great amount of the world still lives as if the old times, that is to say minus our toys and stores, off the land and they are dying as we 'speak'.  Somalia, for instance.  Or, Oman where they've eschewed new stuff, preserving the old ways.  It is so true that we And others! have destroyed nearly every single thing natural.  We don't know for sure what would happen if geoengineering was stopped.  We Would like to see.  We all want a future for Earth, for our grandchildren.  Of course.  It may well be too late, but which side do you want to be on?  How will you answer the children who will ask: What did you do to help? Did you care?  Enough?  If nothing else this is a great thought experiment, except there is else.  Already, thanks to leaving democracy alone, not participating, not guarding as if precious and it is, we've let oh so much slip through our fingers.  The whole world in fact.  It is a matter of 'right action'.  Morals.  Choices.  Consequences.  It is a way of looking at the world in a helpful way as opposed to what we can get out of our time, to suit us, money wise, vision wise.  Not everyone has a vision, a plan, a path they know or choose.  Or, they have their own ideas born of their own dreams of what they want for themselves, not realizing how futile that is.  Dane wanted to live off grid and did, and so with his solar discovered something wrong.  Now there are nearly 8 billion people on Earth.  It IS hard to envision a path forward.  Truth makes a good beginning and a litmus test of sorts to evaluate our own behavior in all this.  Some may want a happy ending and good luck with that.  Some want to do what is right and ethical and drag others towards the light.  If you consider the sheer amount of fuel, the incredible amount of emissions from geoengineering, 24/7 all over the world, just that alone is the nail in the coffin even before diagnosing whatever is in whatever.  So, geoengineering makes the single most best place to start.  Regardless of how it all plays out in the end.  We each have that to our advantage.  I feel for the others too blind to know or have a clue to hope with!  Hope is everything.  Which is so much better than nothing.  Some think it is all going going gone so get mine while I can.  That does not help!  At all!  Just know you are on the right path, do the best you can and treat nature with respect.  Then, maybe, no regrets!

    • Kaza Dum says:

      You are over thinking the problem, the problem is we gave private banks the ability to control our money, everything that is bad including geoengineering is a result of that decision.

    • beatriz says:

      thanks for your post, Rachel. touched my heart by its clarity, compassion and simplicity.

    • nobodies fool says:

      frank: many have tested this crap by wiping it off their cars in the nineties. We know for a long time now what is in it. What we don't seem to be able to figure out is what the hell is in people's brains that keeps them so oblivious. 

    • penny waters says:

      we are going into a solar minimum – what will that mean to it all!!!

      and are you all still trimming your hedges – are you helping other creatures to survive

      use petrol to blow leaves of lawns!

      humans are nuts

      we cannot hide – no-one can which is why i think 'they' are trying to do some stupid things with climate that is f****d

      thatcher, and her cronies, was the one that started the decline in the eighties of the banking system and the abuse of the money system

      this country was fighting itself cos everyone blamed everyone else

      she did all the wrong things for all the right reasons – and that's what people in charge do because they think that they are in charge of other people – immediate problem – only i know what is good for me!!!

      personal responsibility is the only way – when people try to abuse it 'they' call it anarchy

      anarchy is what should exist in families – promoting personall responsibility

      love penny

  32. Black Cat Italy says:

    We've had clear blue skies for weeks now bar one day when we saw wispy trails above. Well, this has been the hottest day yet. 116F in the shade of the gazebo. Too hot to be outside. It looks like we have a heat dome over Italy too.  When you open the door it is like opening an oven. 

    The some of the plants leaves are scorched black as if they have been in a fire.  I fear for the future now more than ever.  

  33. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Sean stated that Vancouver has had barely a drop of rain in 6 Weeks!  Oh My!   Sean, I assumed Our Rain in Alberta was coming from the Coast. They hit us hard here with Rain as they did last Summer. I am getting Sick of Rain.  As stated on this site by others… Why if the Weather Makers were doing this for the Betterment of Mankind are they not using these tricks to PUT OUT THE FIRES!!!  No, They would rather ruin another Province by Destroying their Crops with the deluge of migrated Rain that they themselves have moved away from the Province that desperatly needs it there. They are Insane!    We had Stars last night Midnight, 2 AM, there they were. A Sight to Behold.  At 4AM A thick Dark Fog!!!   It has just lifted at about 10AM  What the Hell was that!!!        Alberta, Fog!!!   Insanity!   Well, We Know what it was. Now we have streaks & Smears in the Sky. You Know, those Fake Clouds they create that look like a Mad Scientist just painted the Sky with White, Black & Pretty Pink Smears that I call Arsenic, Oil & Blood Clouds!         There is No End to Their Madness.   I Know a Half Truth is A Whole Lie, But,  I Liked this Quote also….Beware of the Half Truth. You may have gotten hold of the Wrong Half!

    • SilentSister says:

      Same here in Seattle… of course, after a hard day of spraying, it was cloudy and we got " rain" the next morning- 2 weeks ago. 🙁

  34. Art Radtke says:

    Everybody stay vigilant and run the course (marathon). As more and more credible professionals and concerned people are awakened the insane geoengineering terrorists will get their due reward. I spoke with a 37 years old woman with her 2 children at the outdoor city pool while we were in the water enjoying the cool down. I made small chitchat about how hot the sun felt and she said she agreed. I shared with her that the UVB's were off the charts and not what the media has been putting in the newspapers or on television weather forecasts. Then I asked her if she had ever heard of geoengineering and she said no. I said I could show her an example of it as their was an airplane in action right above us doing geoengineering (spraying).

    (Un) Fortunately there had been a plane that had been in the near vicinity about 30 minutes earlier and I could show her the aftermath of that planes spraying. I explained to her that the plume had spread out to start looking like thin clouds and that the one she was watching now would soon have the same results. She was very intelligent and was quite amazed on what I had to present. Since she was in no hurry I went on to explain a lot of things that I have been educated about on Danes exceptional site here. I mentioned the heavy metals used in the spraying are know to cause cancers, alzheimers, and autism. I mentioned that at age 62 my cognitive skills have been greatly diminished and that I was taking antioxidants and vitamins to help counter act it with detoxification of my body. She said she too finds herself having difficulty in focusing and at age 37 she was very concerned that that was not normal. She had a very close friend die from a very rare cancer at the age of 41 and that the doctors didn't know what it was. She also mentioned that her husband was an airline pilot and had served in the military and she was going to go on Danes site with her husband and research. I mentioned Danes site at least 5 times in my conversations with her and she repeated it back to me and guaranteed me she would visit the site. A little kid about 11 years old (might of been her son) was looking at me and I asked him if he heard what I was saying and he said yes. I asked him if he remembered the site and he said I said good boy, and please go there to that site and get yourself educated and he said he was going to check it out. All of this is to say that this thing is going to be won by one. One person at a time. Then they will tell another, and then another tells another and before you know it this thing is going to go viral. I get kind of radical at time and I have a thought. If the USA government is not going to respond to the people of America's wishes to stop the insanity then is it possible that parts of the country or even individual states could secede from the Union. That way people could move to the free states that could enact their own agenda's and have their airspace protected from the poison. Of course this is very extreme, but it would get the attention of the media and then they would have to investigate why this or that state or region wants to form their own country. Anyways I am going to keep up the good fight. Glad to see so many Christians joining in the fight. We are to be good stewards of everything God has given us and I intend to make a stand. Keep up the fight everyone. God Bless! 



  35. Deborah Rush says:

    WithThanks to Dane and following these comments(Bryan's made tears-stay true)I have been trying one-on-one to wake up people;since winter of 2010/11 seeing;experiencing similar to all of your comments here.In SW New York state,it(the Sag/SRM) has quickly-caught up to the effects/results of damages easily seen and felt now near-daily.Bryan,I agree,the cognisence we as humans have of a greater Power will be proved,until then we all have a duty to educate and inform.

  36. Roy says:

    Dane – I have followed you and your website for years now, and have made an avocation of studying the on-going geoengineering and weather control programs.  I'd like to thank you for consistently sounding the alarm on what these eco-terrorists are doing to our planet and our people.  However, all of my research – and it has been considerable – has led me to one simple conclusion, and it is this: these geoengineering/weather control programs are too entrenched, too monolithic, and too profitable to ever be discontinued.  No amount of civil or political protest will ever be successful in putting this unholy genie back in the bottle.  Too many parties at too many levels stand to gain from these programs – militaries, governments, globalists, eugenicists, corporations, bankers, political parties, and more. The overseers of these programs will continue to create false narratives to justify their nefarious weather control agendas, and they have enormous power and money at their disposal. Remember that all technologies follow a similar trajectory – they are weaponized, monitized, commoditized, and politicized; not necessarily in that order, but the result is always the same.  Weather control has finally reached it's penultimate manifestation – it is now for sale to the highest bidder. They are not just controlling the weather any more Dane, they are selling it.  In other words – weather control has become Big Business.  This business consortium is global in scale and the Weather Wizards behind it think they are the Gods.  That's an impossible enemy to fight.

    One can only hope that if there is a true God, he, or she, will smite these bastards down.  But I'm not holding my breath on that one…

    This is not fatalism Dane, it is pragmatism. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Roy, though I certainly understand your angst, and though I certainly recognize the immensity of the foe we are standing against, I would remind you that all empires collapse from within. In the case of the US military industrial complex, this collapse is already underway. Industrialized civilization will soon enough meet the same fate. In regard to the state of the climate, any who believe that the damage is not real, are not looking through a clear lense. No matter how insurmountable our challenges seem to be, who can say for certain how the future will unfold? If a mountain appears impossible to climb, do we abandon the attempt altogether? Those who control the current (and crumbling) power structure are just twisted and demented men and women, not Gods, they are not an “impossible enemy to fight”. Our will belongs to each of us alone, it cannot be taken. Even at the threat of death, our will still belongs to us. The choice to use that will correctly, in accordance to nature, not matter how daunting the challenge, this is our responsibility. It is not an option, but rather an obligation. I hope you will again stand with us in this most critical battle to expose and halt climate engineering, Roy.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      The Humblest Citizen of all the land when Clad in the Armor of a Righteous Cause, Is Stronger than All the Hosts of Error.   – William Jennings Bryan –          Difficulties are things that show a Person, What They Are!   – Epictetus –    Roy, Quitting is Their Gain, Not Ours. Please keep Hope in Your Heart for Our Team.   And God be True. He knows All that are Involved In these programs at All Levels, Big or Small in authority. From the Secretary handling the Paperwork to the Pope.  Maybe He is Testing Us. Watching who will Lay Down & Be Silent & Who Will Stand Up For His Creation.  I Choose to Stand Up Until My Last Breath of the Manufactured, Polluted Air We Breathe.  The Wrath Of God will happen when HE, has had Enough of Watching the Destruction that, WE HAVE CAUSED. To Sin in Silence when One Should Protest Makes Cowards of Men & Women. God Will Not Hold Us Guiltless. Not To Speak Is To Speak. Not To Act, Is To Act!  God Is Watching & Taking Note how We are treating All His Creations. Especially His Children!  He Will Punish those that Have Abused them So Greatly.   They Had Better Hide In Caves.    Jesus Is Coming Back.    And He Is Pissed!!!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Roy — The fact that they are lying to us and have lied to the American people for decades, using our taxpayer money to fund their insane destructive experiments that obviously they had no idea of the consequences, this is what continues to motivate me. I want people to know the truth about what has been done and what is being done to them and to our beloved planet. People have a right to know the truth. Dane's line-the-sand strategy of credible facts, staying away from wild speculations which cannot be verified, has served him and the Cause well. We must continue our efforts to expose these monstrous crimes against humanity and planet Earth.

    • Roy says:

      Please don't misinterpret my post: I stand with you Dane, and all the good-intentioned people in this battle for truth and justice. But you must understand, we have already lost, as have they…whoever they are. At this stage in the game, you should be thinking more about recovery, and less about resistance, in my humble opinion. 

      Napoleon said it best, 'Never interrupt an enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself'.  The destroyer is among us and has been for decades. 

      Think about that…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      No offense taken, Roy, but with all due respect, if “my enemy” is in the process of destroying the rest of  us (and the entire web of life) along with himself, I will most certainly take every peaceful action I can to “interupt” the power structure that is waging the global assault on us all. Again, about having “already lost”, first, no matter how dark the horizon (and I have no delusions in regard to how bleak it is), no one can know the full complexities of what will unfold, or exactly how. And on a final note, the only defeat lies in not haveing done ones best until the absolute end, without yeidling to the insanity, ever. Our individual good, or evil, lies in the correct use of our own will. Again, I will peacefully resist with every fiber of my being until the final outcome, count on that. Hope you will consider standing with us, Roy, the journey is the destination.

    • Dennie says:

      Roy:  I certainly sympathize with your feelings of defeat.  But that's all it is:  FEELINGS of defeat.  And that is NOT the same as actual defeat– it's just your "learned helplessness" programming acting up.

      Now hear this:

      "I have met the enemy and he is US," 


      "We have not yet begun to fight,"

      Because, indeed, with so many who have yet to become aware of what's going on right over their very heads, we haven't ;-).

  37. Joseph L says:

    Very nice work . Gary Null show which  I try to listen to everyday just reviewed Al Gore's new movie Inconvenient truth the sequel.  Here it is starting at the 20 minute mark – 48 minute mark. This is worth listening to since Gary exposes alot of what is wrong w Al Gore. It is not all bad but alot is.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joseph, yes, Gary is so very knowledable and on track with so many issues. I will hope that he will more directly address the climate engineering issue in the future.

    • Joseph L says:

      Yes Dane I agree.  It would be nice if Gary would have you on his show again.  You certainly bring alot to the table.  Gary is definitely aware of what is going on between health, environment and politics etc.

  38. God rules says:

     A week or two ago, I spoke with an 85 year old from Archer, Iowa. Apparently they are looking for rain. We, in Wisconsin are swimming…Lake Michigan at its high point of thirty years ago. Shut off the damn spraying, Emperor Trump!…then, Andrew Liveris as head of Manufacturing & Commerce of Dow Chemical GMO ilk… I supported Ron Paul for Prez!!!

  39. C.J. says:

    I notice at a certain time in the very early morning while trying to sleep, I get the head sweats. Then when I get up and go outside the sky is all a wispy milky haze. The clouds are nothing like clouds. Just a milky white mess. I suspect they are spraying 24/7 and what they spray when we are asleep is some very nasty chemicals that alter your sleep. Poisoning you while you try to sleep. Sometimes there is a very short burst of rain. The trees are dying rapidly along with more and more getting the adverse effects of this. Like mentioned before. All kinds of disorders like urinary tract infections and rise of Alzheimer's and cancer off the wall. I told a girl about this and when I saw her again. I asked her if she looked at the information that I had given her, she said no. I have been looking at the weather reports though she said. Nobody gives a Sht it seems. I don't know how they can't care when it is pointed out to them. I guess it takes time. By the time that time comes it will be No time left for you. 

    • MAP says:

      Myself, I have been asking how all the people who live in the vicinity can just ignore the completely dead or severely distressed trees that are dying before our eyes. This community is more middle class or lower middle class and there are completely dead large trees with not any sign of life on them sitting in yards in front of modest but decent homes. It disgusts me.

      All I can think is that the aerosol dispersions along with fluoride, etcetera, are doing their job on the masses. In addition, it also goes back to paychecks and pensions which puts most people in a stressed situation of choosing between their paycheck from Fascist System or speaking truth and risking it all. I have many relatives and friends who and acquaintances who enjoy their fake and phony lives of rapacious consumption. It matters not with what political party any of these people mentioned identify. They all live the same type of lives which ultimately destroy Mother Earth.

    • Kaza Dum says:

      I suspect a large reason people dont do anything when confronted or show apparent apathy is learned

      American psychologist Martin Seligman initiated research on learned helplessness in 1967 at the University of Pennsylvania as an extension of his interest in depression.This research was later expanded through experiments by Seligman and others. One of the first was an experiment by Seligman & Maier: In Part 1 of this study, three groups of dogs were placed in harnesses. Group 1 dogs were simply put in a harnesses for a period of time and were later released. Groups 2 and 3 consisted of "yoked pairs". Dogs in Group 2 were given electric shocks at random times, which the dog could end by pressing a lever. Each dog in Group 3 was paired with a Group 2 dog; whenever a Group 2 dog got a shock, its paired dog in Group 3 got a shock of the same intensity and duration, but its lever did not stop the shock. To a dog in Group 3, it seemed that the shock ended at random, because it was his paired dog in Group 2 that was causing it to stop. Thus, for Group 3 dogs, the shock was "inescapable".

      In Part 2 of the experiment the same three groups of dogs were tested in a shuttle-box apparatus. All of the dogs could escape shocks on one side of the box by jumping over a low partition to the other side. The dogs in Groups 1 and 2 quickly learned this task and escaped the shock. Most of the Group 3 dogs – which had previously learned that nothing they did had any effect on shocks – simply lay down passively and whined when they were shocked.[4]

      In a second experiment later that year with new groups of dogs, Overmier and Seligman ruled out the possibility that, instead of learned helplessness, the Group 3 dogs failed to avert in the second part of the test because they had learned some behavior that interfered with "escape". To prevent such interfering behavior, Group 3 dogs were immobilized with a paralyzing drug  and underwent a procedure similar to that in Part 1 of the Seligman and Maier experiment. When tested as before in Part 2, these Group 3 dogs exhibited helplessness as before. This result serves as an indicator for the ruling out of the interference hypothesis.

      From these experiments, it was thought that there was to be only one cure for helplessness. In Seligman's hypothesis, the dogs do not try to escape because they expect that nothing they do will stop the shock. To change this expectation, experimenters physically picked up the dogs and moved their legs, replicating the actions the dogs would need to take in order to escape from the electrified grid. This had to be done at least twice before the dogs would start willfully jumping over the barrier on their own. In contrast, threats, rewards, and observed demonstrations had no effect on the "helpless" Group 3 dogshelplessnes.

      This I believe is what is happening to people, the inability to do anything against an oppressive police state.

  40. Neill says:

    That was a truly shocking article to read and certainly illustrates the sheer insanity of what is currently happening around the globe courtesy of these lunatics.  It looks as though the west coast is being sacrificed as part of the ongoing confusion strategy they are employing but, I'm wondering also if as the jet stream has been effectively 'flipped' are we in the UK now getting the backlash of that also?  We have been getting massive downpours, gales, cold temperatures and now were being told by the Met Office to expect the stormy, wet weather to continue for the rest of the summer!  It is truly horrific in terms of the effect of this on peoples mental and physical health, crops and food production, economic and tourism effects.  We have been utterly betrayed by our 'so-called governments' who have allowed Europe to be invaded by migrants and with the resultant chaos this is causing and now this – they obviously want to create as much chaos as possible and to utterly destroy what is left of our countries and people.  Tyranny!


  41. Here in Ohio near Clevelsnd we are frying especially also at night plus no beautiful blue sky's any more only webs , trees have green fungus on them and bark falling off leaves falling off , and no one cares the saddest 

    part of the whole story but on tv get those new pills out for illness and buy that new car and buy that beer and sit back and enjoy the sports most important entertainment while they slowly kill you and decrease your life , one morning we will wake up to a war and also rioting in the streets , these people are truly insane 

    • Ann Nonimus says:

      Same here in Detroit MI,  End Time.  Trees croaking, wicked chem-pleghm hacking   /  goobering plus the mindless Borg shuffling aimlessly transfixed by their god, lord and master, their  " I  – PHONES". Confront the evil, maintain all efforts to wake folks and spread the TRUTH as best you can.  God Bless & peace. Universal awakening required! 

  42. Carol says:

    Hello Dane Thank you for what you do , milky haze everyday very heavy and muggy UK I watch the planes go by everyday some leave the crap and the others don't ? My gazebo is literally covered in big blobs green and brown stuff that has come down and our car is covered some days My veg garden things r dying from fungus and  scorched blobs on the leaves looks like they have bleached  .. insane…  . I inform people at all times now because the situation getting so bad in UK to .

    • Dave UK says:

      Hi Carol. Dane and everybody else.

      I do salute you all, for i know this knowledge and awareness of the geo-engineered skies can be emotional. Once you've discovered the rabbit hole that others don't think exists – it changes you forever when you come back up to the world and taste once again – it's sham reality. It does often make me angry and depressed at the situation when i see the milked white skies over England every day. Oh how i miss my true clouds and blue skies (yes…we did use to get them in the UK!) Although those sly-dog alligators – the weather manipulators, they regularly take Sundays off – for obvious reasons.

      As you say Carol, it is humid in England. In fact it's been a full on humid summer – due to the milky white saucepan lid they've got over our heads. My biggest fear was that the weather in the UK was going to become permanently muggy for our summertime. Oh dear – it's already begun.  The geo-engineering of the skies above ol' Blighty has really been ramped up this year.  They are going for the full-on 'right in front of your eyes' deception.The classic 'Emperor's new clothes' scenario. 'The bigger the lie – the better.'  

      Hi Gail – Yellowhead County Alberta. I so recognize the way you describe the white, black and pink clouds as though someone has took a paintbrush to the sky. So true. So disappointed that the majority of people can't see 'what's wrong with the picture.' 

      Special wishes to Frank – PHL (You are not alone brother)

      I understand too where you're coming from Roy on your concern we will never reach critical mass, and even if we do, we couldn't change anything due to the Deep State's obvious advantages. I pretty much agree, and have stated this previously to Dane that critical mass possibly isn't going to be quick enough. But, i admire and follow his example of hope (which educates and inspires many many people). Thank you Dane for all you do for this fragile earth)

      IMO, you are both kinda right in a way,

      I still feel that the first domino hasn't even been nudged yet – let alone started to fall.  We all know, or are all becoming aware of, that the only true remedy is reasonably quick action. Obviously we can't engage them on the streets in this war, that type of uprising we would lose – even with a critical mass. But one thing has struck me concerning our agenda of 'informing' people or making them aware of the geo-engineered skies. People often just can't deal with that abstract idea of the sky being manipulated by 'darker' forces etc.

      (The disinformation of course plays its part, like the naming of thirteen completely new cloud types – which are soon to be in encyclopedias!)

      So many people who visit Dane's site are trying to spread the word – only to be berated or laughed at or otherwise completely ignored,  Could there be a way to quicken up peoples' awareness. Something that could lead to inevitably proving (beyond doubt) to anyone that something somewhere is very wrong. We already know of the blood or hair sample tests that we all can have for aluminum, strontium and barium. And we are all ingesting those metals.  IMO, It might possibly be a good idea for all of us to get those tests.  Imagine then that you could show your doctor or your friends and neighbors etc your toxicity levels – that will probably show abnormal levels of the aluminum, strontium and barium etc. We then challenge them (for their sake of themselves and their kids etc – to get a toxicity test. Or, pay for one test of your neighbor, or family or friends / strangers etc (the tests are pretty affordable too), but you must ask them to include a test for the three metals I've mentioned – as some labs won't do this automatically.) I often wonder what would happen if that other person's toxicity WAS abnormal after a test. It would then surely provoke that person into wanting to find out the toxicity levels in his whole family etc. If then, any family member was found to contain very high levels of heavy metals – that person would possibly want some answers as to how and why.  The how would come first of course, that's when we try to explain about the geo-engineering – because that person would be paying pretty much smart attention to you now, and not shrugging their shoulders or laughing when you point to the fabricated sky that's passing him or her by. This could, only could mind, possibly create a domino effect.  For instance, where i live their are 12 immediate neighbors in the close.  Three i know are already aware of the sky not being right, two of those neighbors are aware of chemtrails every day – or to use the proper term as Dane says – Geo-engineering or SRM etc. Now that's three out of twelve who are aware. in other words a quarter of my neighbors are already aware of the Deep State's agenda.  I'm now imagining that if i got a test that showed abnormal toxicity – i could convince my neighbors to do the same.  IF, and only if the results showed high levels of heavy metals – then we could present the fact to the other neighbors. i.e the case gets stronger for us – if we can show that something is obviously affecting all of us.  I would imagine most human beings would be concerned if three out of twelve neighbors were showing high or abnormal toxicity concerning aluminum etc. Some, if not all, would recognize it as a health issue and would begin to ask questions.  This would be exactly what our cause needs. We can then begin to speak more openly and point to the fact that all of us are ingesting this toxic soup, so what are we going to do about it folks!  We can tell them we know not just how its done – but why it's done.  The why being the killer blow. But it might not even matter whether they believe us or not. The toxicity abnormalities would begin to lead them to the answers – as it did us!  Having a hardened fact about their health could be the big difference between staying unaware or waking up to something. The next step could be for enough aware people to challenge those in authority to possibly get their own toxicity tests. If enough human beings suddenly are aware of the toxicity levels in their bodies – maybe questions will begin to be asked.

      Maybe what I've said above could be considered idle dreaming, but Dane told us we need to do our best, so im just racking my depressed heart and mind and very soul for anything that could quicken up the mass awareness that's needed. Could we use  this as our major weapon in letting others (blinded by ignorance or deception) know there's something wrong.

       It would be nice to hear others thoughts (good or bad) on this, especially your good self Dane.

      God – it's so warm and humid tonight in England again – breathing isn't as easy as it use to be lol. Stay strong everyone, 'tis not easy i know, but we are all together in this journey, and Dane is right, it is about the journey.  Take care everyone and much love from tropical humid England.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, thank you for your message to us all. Something to again consider and remember is this, the implosion of empire will come from within, not without. The undercurrent of awareness and concern from those behind the curtain is growing by the day. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, their breaking point will come, the fracturing of the power structure is already underway. My wife is from Lithuania, and grew up under Soviet occupation. Lithuanians had been oppressed for so long, and to such a degree, that they believed nothing could ever alter the equation. Then, in the blink of an eye, the oppressive forces collapsed from within. She was there, in the very square in Vilnius Lithuania, when it happened. Who can say for certain how all will unfold? Who can say what allies we may have which we are as of yet unaware of? Only one thing can be said for certain, we must press on in this all important battle for the greater good. Going silently into the night is not an option, we must never yield, ever, our will can’t be taken from us. Face to the wind.


  43. BaneB says:

    Today was the warmest, nay hottest, day I have ever experienced here in Central Mendocino County, California.  The peak temperature reached 107F in the shade.  This morning The Weather Channel forecast was for 108F.  But that would have been for the small valley below me, not here at 4,000 feet.  It is usually 10 degrees cooler up here.  That says to me the temperature nearer sea level must have reached 117F.  Or higher.  If this microwave induced high pressure dome continues, the trees, already stressed, are going to wither and weaken.  Everything up here already is in decline for the past 20 years.  And accelerating.  Regarding the milky haze, it has been noticeably prevalent here for a few years.  It rarely goes away in spite of the weird unnatural wild storms and the cement snowfalls.  It quickly returns no matter the cleansing winds and rains.  I once had a nice clear view of mountains 50 miles or more to my southeast.  Nowadays due to the milky sick looking haze I can bare make out the outlines.  Now we are having fires in the state.  That smoke is mixing with the haze so forget seeing anything but a wall of whitish grunge.  No view.  Gone but not with the wind.  I notice too the images Dane posted above showing that the Raytheon terrorists plan to really stick it to Arizona.  They are going to heat it up.  I also noticed in a recent satellite image of those massive storm cells over Arizona a few days ago that the entire massive low pressure system was rotating clockwise.  I thought low pressure was suppose to rotate counter clockwise.  In the process those cells closest to California were being hit with powerful  microwave RF and imploding, dissolving.  The shock waves were so self-evident.  These weather control freak want to prevent rain from getting into Southern California.  It's obvious because having paid attention to these satellite images for the past year I see the same storm cells destroyed over and over when they move towards the border between Arizona and California.  Of course we know how they savage the lows coming in off of the Pacific.

    • Robert West says:

      BaneB – I was wondering if you could post a url of the storm cell rotating clockwise over Arizona so that I could use the correct settings on my NOAA image. I guess that's what you used. I'm just learning. Thanks.

    • Thomas says:

      Arizona monsoonal thunderstorms are part of a regional  high pressure system, which in rotate clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. Low pressure systems rotate CCW. Monsoons are different because of their ability to have cloud formations and precipitation despite not being associated with a classic low pressure cold fronts.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Robert, I look a NOAA and take screen shots every morning (early). If you don't look early, the monsoons coming from Mexico will have been greatly diminished, or blown apart. Also look at who is actually getting rain on the intellicast map, and when an area is enlarged, you can, on occasion see the radars blasting through the rain.  Then there's my favorite map from NOAA and NWS showing the radars at work Watch them all, and you will see what they're up to, moving the jet stream, stopping rain, allowing rain or "1000 year flooding" Pure evil at work here. And here are the locations of the NEXRAD Towers and their reach, in the lower 48.

    • Robert West says:

      Thank you Thomas and Donna-AZ for all the information. I viewed the weather maps just now and found that the motions of the weather makes more sense to me. I live in a major "spray" zone that goes thru Northern Oregon and I hope use weather maps combined with "spray" routes to demonstrate that the weather is really being manipulated. My doubting family members are very skeptical of the truth. They certainly put me to task. Thanks again. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Donna, Thank you!  I have SO much trouble with this stuff, what you laid out here really helps!

    • BaneB says:

      Thomas, thank you for the heads up.  Learn something new and stand corrected.  Meanwhile here in Mendocino County, California, the sky has turned to milky smears, a change from the white fluorescent glare of the last 8 weeks.  Some aerosol trails.  Hot!  104 today in the shade. Weather forecasters say possible rain, thunder, and lightning for tomorrow.  Fire danger!  I went to a party yesterday.  The die off of the huge fir trees is shocking.  The environmental melt down is horrible.  

    • BaneB says:

      Donna-AZ:  Thank you for those links!!  I was not able to link to mine.  

  44. Sean says:

    You're not far from me. I think you're enshrouded in the same smoke we are here in Vancouver BC, from all the massive forest fires burning out of control in the interior of the Province. It's crazy.

  45. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Thank heaven this was not a Lithium overdose!
    PENINSULA DAILY NEWS / Aug.1, 2017: Smoke apparently originating from Canadian wildfires blankets the hills northeast of Lake Pleasant on Tuesday afternoon. The smoky conditions reportedly worsened later in the day and were also apparent in nearby Forks. Olympic National Park issued a statement Tuesday answering concerns about the smoke, saying it was from wildfires in Canada and that there were no fires in the park.

    NASA Worldview link for screenshot of the smoke:


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      My sincere apologies to BC Canada. I did not mean to be insensitive to your fires. I was all day imagining the most intense Lithium/aluminum event ever, because there has been so much of it covering the Olympic Peninsula lately. Please forgive me. May we all make it through these terrible days. I love BC, so beautiful!

    • Sean says:

      No offense taken at all. Yes hopefully we can make it through this all. The forecast here was originally for record shattering temperatures. Those have been moderated a bit due to all the smoke blocking the sun. We've had barely a drop of rain here in Vancouver in 6 weeks. That is very unusual here even for Summer. There is no rain in the forecast either.

    • Alan says:

      Hi, Susan!  I checked out the NASA link you posted and ended up zooming in on the Queen Charlotte Sound area east of Graham and Moresby Islands.  The density of aerosol trails there was stunningly disgusting.  


  46. Bryan says:

    Absurdly fake chemical skies in SoCal and now suddenly rain? Not actually falling, mind, but with sporadic bursts of electro thunder claps where the forecast every day prior has never mentioned anything?

    I imagine the weather actors being a troupe of Saturday Night Live actors awaiting their next improv skit. It's all theater, and more desperate by the hour.

    I too was shocked by the 116 forecast for Redding. I monitor Dane's neck of the woods to see what he's up against. This arose out of nowhere,, as if punishment for all the truth revealed at the gathering.

    "We shall have none of that," the globalists say and hurl a thunderbolt down at Redding as if straight from Greek mythology. The entire West a sacrifice zone…It's utterly insane.

    While shopping with my wife last night I almost broke out in tears. Three new gigantic "cell" towers erected seemingly overnight, one in the middle of a shopping plaza, another near a church no more than 300 yards away, and a MASSIVE con job now standing in the city park that's taller than any of the surrounding trees.

    My wife, of course, didn't even see what I was looking at in bewilderment. I waved her into the store so I could walk around the buildings and find the sources. There they were, protected by concrete bunkers and plastered with WARNING signs.

    I kept wondering how much blood money the church accepted, no questions asked, to allow such madness directly above their preschool. That's when I lost it, the tears poured down, and I momentarily lost the will to fight.

    They're erecting those "towers" everywhere here. At the fairgrounds, at the junior college, above Century 21 and Jack in the Box. To me they scream malevolence. I see no angels playing this Haarp.

    Yet I stare into the faces around me, walk into those buildings to ask if anybody knows how they suddenly got there and about the radiation levels emitted from them. You already know the answer.

    Nobody asks. Nobody cares.

    I have regained my fighting spirit, but don't let anybody question the Germans how they allowed the Holocaust to happen. Each day my city, my skies become a concentration camp and nobody lifts a finger or raises a voice. 

    It breaks my heart in a million pieces, especially for the innocent animals and all sentient beings enduring what they never remotely deserved.

    It will take God to sort out the morality of this impending cataclysm. But for those fuckers masterminding the insanity, I say good luck when you meet your maker! I believe in cosmic justice, no matter how screwed up the present seems.

    The bigger picture is far beyond my own paygrade. But I can tell you there's no debating when the tap on the shoulder comes to be a fisher of men.

    Paycheck and a pension? Nope. Time to toss out the moneychangers and face the new Rome, the globalist empire. Nothing has really changed in 2000 years. But you begin to understand a little of what Jesus faced by staring into the abyss yourself. Walk a mile in a man's shoes…

    Nobody likes having a guy around who tells truth to power. It was never a fairy tale, ladies and gentlemen, this epic struggle between good and evil. Elitists merely hacked the story to give it a convenient capitalist twist.

    Life never was about money but about finding your center in the greater good, in sacrificing ego to a higher truth and a greater law. That had to be bulldozed, of course, to make room for modernity but it never really went away. True North is still north. Love and compassion, kindness and gratitude remain what they forever were.

    Hold tight to what you know and have always believed throughout the coming storm. The absence of all those qualities stated above cannot build a world worth living in. It can only destroy and distort. Man will ultimately perish by his own ego, by his own freewill, if you will. Unless of course there's a surprise happy ending 🙂

    It doesn't take a god to destroy a planet. Just a few monstrous egos that refuse to take a knee. Hubris. On a global scale. Instead of stopping, they magnify self like a cancer, not content until it's killed the host.

    We fight for life, for light, for right, for justice, for truth and for beauty until we can fight no more!

    • Dina says:

      Well said Bryan, you described exactly  how people  are behaving nowadays. Although I believe that  this behavior will drive the world to its end, I still maintain a hope that something will change this course.

    • Debra Haworth says:

      Very well said Bryan. Thank you.

    • littleoaktree says:

      fantastic comment, bryan. we who see are grieving a death unseen by too many. i read these articles and comments and am grateful to our shared strengths. best wishes.

    • Tenderflower says:

      Well spoken, Bryan, I am out of tears here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we are experiencing such penetrating heat that I'm surprised the forests haven't caught fire spontaneously.  

      Today we have that artificially generated 'cool down' with chemclouds and north winds, no wonder the arctic circle is melting since so much cold has been stolen from them.  

      Take heart though Bryan, we are all in this together, somehow we've got to make it through or at least be able to tell people when we can what's really going on.

      How much longer does the Earth have?  Ask Raytheon, their computers must know when enough is enough.  

    • Matthew says:

      Thank you Brian, your words resonate with my being, and this resonance was really needed, as my jaw and heart dropped so many times, wondering why did I move to California from NJ at this time? I did it to get out form under the cloudiest place in the nation, the NYC metro area, then mold, the fungus and the dying trees. My heart sank as I realized I traded one problem for another. 

      Faith, conviction, guidance, it is all here, for all of us. I have to be vigilant and understand that I made these choices, guided. I did not make these choices alone, they were made with my family and their guides. Peace. We are looking to plant the seeds of Peace. For now it is in the hot sun and grey-blue skies. Later, we will return to nature, either triumphant on the ground, or in the ground, dead or alive. We have no choice but to persevere, as the consequences in this physical life are real, very real. 

      DUMBs? Do we sign up, are we recruited, do we build our own. Down there, what does one come back up to? Off planet options, with the likes of Bezos and Musk, they too are seeking as if their lives depended on it. I am sure they have the DUMB option at their disposal,

    • Dave UK says:

      Beautifully said Bryan.

  47. Gretchen Thomas says:

    The simplest definition of "world war" is a war involving many nations of the world. Are there not many nations maliciously engaging in weather and biological warfare on unsuspecting civilian populations, and cannot that be construed as a world war? Not nation against nation, but nation against humanity.

  48. Jeanette S says:

    What do the polymer fibers do? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeanette, some climate engineering patents call for polymer fibers as a means to help keep the reflective metal particulates suspended in the atmosphere for a longer duration. There are likely other applications for the same materials.

  49. ron hall says:

    DANE and Marc (related to your last impressive post):  WTF is this link?  Have you seen it?  One really dumb ass guy thinks he can capture CO2 and bury it 50 tons at a time.  Keith comments his usual vile froth.        This whole "project" is obviously designed to embroil the dumb-ass "experts" TO CREATE DIVERSION SO THE REAL ON- GOING HORROR THAT IS F***ING RAGING RIGHT NOW(AS PER DANE, MARC, AND TOO MANY TO NAME OF US WHO ARE ACUTELY AWARE OF)!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      With the strategy of the covering of "clouds" "they" will never cool down the Earth's surface. Why in deserts which are the most scorching places on Earth, nights are always very cold?, because ( as we know ) in Natural deserts, there are very low levels of humidity and almost always, there are no clouds ( I'm talking about real clouds, and also there is NO rain ). Therefore the scorching HEAT fades way very fast in the end of the day, to the higher levels of the Atmosphere. Is because of this FACT that during the nights the temperatures in the hottest deserts in the World, are often around zero degrees or less, sometimes minus 5ºC, in places with altitude levels near the Ocean level. Now, the Fkrs need the ""shield"" made with the F TOXIC ""clouds"", because they have destroyed ( as we know ) the Ozone layer, the miraculous gas. And now they will ""help"" with their precious F EXPENSIVE, TOXIC and POISONOUS ""shield"", everyone that will kneel to their MAD plan of domination, DESTRUCTION and SLAVERY. With toxic spraying..

      And they are stealing OUR atmospheric humidity and Rain with these dry ""clouds"".

      We need the Sun, like we need Food. But without the Ozone Layer, the Sun ( the main reason, together with Water, why Life exists on this Planet ) can be the reason ( indirect ) for the extinction of Life as we know it. Because ( as we know), the heat is growing as the result of a  increasing UV radiation in one atmosphere with increasing levels of greenhouse gases, resulting of the Oil centered ECONOMY invented by these bastards, and fruit of their climate engineering ( climate destruction ). We are inside the trap.

      The MFs are owing us all the Ozone Layer, WE WANT IT BACK!!!

      We want OUR Sun BACK!!!

      We want OUR Rain and Trees BACK!!!

      They will FALL.

  50. Travis from Pennsylvania says:

    Im 24 years old and live in a remote location in the Appalachian mountains. The amount of spraying taking place here is shocking. The past two years I have been researching and observing what I learned to be geoengineering from this website. Alzheimer disease has taken many of my family members, so learning of geoengineering was quite sobering. I have taken hundreds of photos and videos of these aircraft, along with aerosol clouds, and even anomalies on radar maps as evidence. Of course, few people care or can comprehend what Im talking about. From my observations, these aircraft seem to be spraying covertly in many cases. I use high resolution camera with a telescope, and can zoom very close to these aircraft. Some of which initially leave NO trail, but after a minute the lines appear. It is dead quite here, so i hear every single tanker when they pass overhead. It is a very distinct sound, almost haunting, and it is non stop. I have counted dozens of them flying in formation, and in single file. I can't hate my generation for not waking up to this, because I was once like them. There are so many distractions in our society. God bless you Mr Wigington and all of you who share the pain of knowing the truth.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Travis,  Thanks for your input.  My generation  is the one that set our demise in motion (I'm 84).  It is your generation that must unite to save itself.  I apologise for my ignorance and apathy.  Larry


    • Jeanette S says:

      I saw an article about dicamba on tobacco plants in TN. It occured to me, I wonder what the weather is like in Appalachia…blocking the sun  and then exposing them to full daylight will kill them as will dicamba or the combo of the two. We have had full sun here even though the computer says partly cloudy…I guess that is fog/overcast till 10 then full sunlight. It is cool low eighties outside here in Oakland.

    • Rhonda says:

      Travis, You are a wise and 'awake' young man. Thanks be to God! I have two sons, 25 and 22. Although they thought I was nuts when I first introduced them to the geoengineering crime, they too, have become very aware, observant, and knowledgeable of the devastation being delivered to each of us. Please help to wake your generation, knowing that you are not alone. It is up to every single one of us to do everything we can to stop this so that you and yours may have a better future. God bless and never lose faith!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      This is what makes this site so very unique to all others. We have Travis from Pennsylvania 24 years old explaining honestly what his generation is dealing with, so much electronic distraction. The sure knew what they were doing there keeping them under the control of the empire. Then we have Larry Charles 60 years older at 84 who made me Cry with his Very Honest Words of Shame for his generation's ignorance & apathy. I Know my Father would have felt such Shame also if he was still Alive. Thank You to both of you. There is so much blame to go around.  I have felt guilt myself for not Seeing The Truth Sooner. I get angry at my generation. A 60s child I grew up with Peace, Love & Rock n Roll. They pushed Mary Jane on us to mellow us out & make us docile. I have heard they used a lot of Rock groups to achieve this goal to be pushed on our generation. Another goal achieved.  All we can do is make amends each day & Pray our efforts are rewarded with Mass Awareness Very Soon.

    • Matthew says:

      I remember waking up to chemtrails, and have absolutely no idea why I did not see them previously. Travis, I am humbled by my own inability to see, the same way you are. 

    • Michel B says:

      re Larry Charles – Allow me to amend your statement about your generation setting our demise in motion. It wasn't your generation per se, but instead it was a group that has been power mongering now for several centuries only. For sure certain historical events such as the wide industrial use of oil occurred in the late 1800s to early 1900s and then to boom through the 20th century to where we are today, but your generation isn't to blame. The same problem is happening all of the time, that is, a very small group of rich/elite conspire to protect the commoditisation of key products such as oil and power generation, food production, scientific research, military concerns, education and economic affairs nationally and globally.

      There have been cases of nations challenging this empire of control but they were not successful. The ignorance of the scope of these problems, let alone the problems themselves, is nearly complete in that most are simply not aware. Dane says that they will be woken up by implosion and collapse. I'm not sure that will even wake them up. The will to ignorance is strong. I've told people about climate modification and have experienced all types of reactions, none of which I might have imagined, given that I am a good listener as well as a skeptic who investigates.

      So, the problem is one of educating as many as possible and this challenge has always been with us, since Adam was a boy. We have to get organised and act. That is the only way I see any progress being made towards achieving some good.

    • Dave UK says:

      And may you be blessed too Travis.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Travis.

      Make videos with your high resolution camera, collect evidence from the weather warfare and biologic warfare those "guys" are doing. Sooner or later they will be on Trial. I've witnessed many times what you describe about the lines that appear in the sky only a few minutes after the passage of the planes.

      Be strong, young Men like you are very needed in this gigantic battle against these evildoers.


  51. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    Hi to all of you fine brothers and sisters. Susan I live in the Puget Sound area and have noticed the milky white haze over us the last few days. The spraying has been intense last year and this year. Our thoughts, prayers, words and actions are our hope. It is time to end Capitalism before it ends ALL.

    • Kathy says:

      Christopher I too live in the same area as you. I watch every single day the details of the sky and today was like none I have seen in the 7 years I have been awake. I was horrified at what I saw come in this afternoon. As you know this came in from the West with westerly winds blowing to east. Look at komos rediculous explanation from the weather forecast clowns.

      The timing of this for the afternoon hottest time of day was executed so perfectly. There was zero smell of smoke as they claim it was and no way on this earth the denseness of the milky haze was smoke from that far, unless I am mistaken and the whole country was on fire, even then… if you are interested there is a growing group of us here in this state( including simple Horseman) that is "doing the puyallup" awareness booth put together by another activist and maybe we can discuss future events for our area. let Dane know if you are interested and I can get my cc info to you through him?

  52. Ludovico says:

    I have seen the same "milky haze" in Argentina, S. America at least half a dozen times this year. Kind of like smoke, but no smell. Weird stuff, these criminals are insane, and most people are completely unaware.

  53. Terri says:

    Sending you a hug Susan.  I feel you girlfriend.

  54. EndtheFed says:

    "When will the power structure play the WWIII card?"  …Within the next five years or less, it's safe to assume.    

    I didn't even know that the high in Redding today will be 116…that is outrageous.  None of that is being reported on anywhere, not even RT.  

    Not only has a total mainstream media blackout been taking place, but it's happening alongside a massive disinformation campaign amongst the so-called "alternative media" personalities. They somehow manage to cherry-pick random data points to fuel their illusions.  What's strange is the first time I ever heard of Dane was on the Alex Jones show back in 2013 when I still listened to that bumbling baffoon of a cointelpro operative.  They're trying to start civil war in America like they have in countless other countries, it's so obvious.  Division on biosphere destruction is just another tool in the toolbox.    

    Weapons of mass distraction are proving to be deadlier than anything else.  Trees bloom in mid-February now, arctic sea ice collapsing, record high temps all over, and somehow many still live in denial.  What more will it take?   

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      The Trees dont bloom in Alberta until May & into June now with some species. They use to bloom in March & April months. Now theres an extreme difference!  And your Trees are now in February!  My they are working hard at destroying all that was once Natural.

  55. Kenneth W Emerson says:

    Thanks for reiterating what I and my wife, who live here on Oly Pen, have observed today. I always get my hackles raised whenever I see those planes spraying their poison on us at least 4 times a week around here! I have so much more to say about all this unnatural weather, and I will say more when I get a chance.Susan Ferguson is spot on about this poisoning we're subject to.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Kenneth — I am so happy to find another person who lives out here on the Olympic Peninsula who understands the seriousness of geoengineering. Many cannot fathom the fact that the technology producing EW electronic warfare is identical to the technology used in geoengineering. Those US NAVY Growlers carry multiple "programmable preemptive pods" under their wings, these pod things are emitters of various frequencies of radiation, like baby HAARPs, and not only are they an assault on our human immune system, but they are effectively sterilizing their million dollar pilots! Thank you! I look forward to hearing more from you.

  56. Mark Johns says:

    Do we have any concerned government employees in the Trump administration who will to stop this lunacy? Also, Trump indicated during his campaign that he was going to do something about the man made drought situation in California. Any information on either of these issues?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mark, about Trump and his administration, they are only further fueling the climate engineering insanity, FYI

  57. Kathleen Donnafield says:

    As Susan has responded, here too in Colorado where we've had an abnormal winter season with record highs and very dry with virtually no snow fall other than in the mountains, there now is a haze where our beautiful mountains are now obscured. Coloradans are noticing daily high temperatures. But, with the uncomfortable aspect of high temperatures comes a more curious cloud cover and rolling clouds with sporadic sprinkling of rain droplets and in other areas, torrential downpours. We had a historic hail storm earlier in the season which caused millions of dollars in damages in one year, alone. In the past 7 years, record breaking highs have occurred and hail storms in various parts of the country have been reported as unparalleled. Is it any wonder that trees are dying because of infestations due to global warming? And our earth is swallowing not only a home or car here or there, but homes. Florida is reporting a growing problem with sinkholes and yet, our government is one of the worst offenders and deniers of man made climate change. › Earth › Environment

    • beatriz says:

      Pedro, thanks so much for the fungi remedy, will use it on the dying trees in front of my building in NYC.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Beatriz.

      Thank you for your kind reply.

      I'm a normal guy with big defects, but I believe deeply that the meaning of Life is to help ( being helped, respect others, being respected, and having kids ). I think that when we respect ( who deserves. And when we are respected, when we deserve ) and when we help someone with the very limited knowledge we have about the World ( because we are only human beings ),  we stay in these moments, closer of the driving Force that makes the World evolve since the beginning of Times.

      That Force is Love. It's a Spiritual thing.

      We must care.

      When I've read your reply about the other video, about the cancer treatment, I had the Spiritual experience I'm talking about.

      Is because of this the MFs will FALL.

  58. Susan Ferguson says:

    Excellent report, Dane, as always. These maps and your analysis tell the story. Thank you! Here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, there has been a very sinister thick white "milky haze" that is highly unusual. Looking more like white pollution than any kind of cloud cover, I can barely make out the Olympic Mountain range. Vancouver Island and the Strait of Juan de Fuca are also shrouded in this "milky haze" that spells Lithium and aluminum to me. I am remaining inside with my Silica and other metal detox remedies. God forgive these monsters who are destroying our beautiful planet. The trees have not begun to die here yet, but today I noticed browning in the Red Cedars, which is said to be a symptom of fungal disease in their roots from the soil. I believe this is how the trees started to die in California. I live on the shore of literally "an ocean" of green Cedar trees, and if they begin to die, I don't think I can bear to watch. I may go back to Texas, to the dead oil fields in Crane where my father started, and live like the Cherokee lady Shaman (my ancestor) in the completely devastated useless destroyed landscape, surrounded with ubiquitous rattle snakes, and calling on The Great Spirit.

    • Van Nadler says:

      Do good.. be good … be one.May order and righteousness  descend illuminating All

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      For the dying Trees, Water with sodium bicarbonate, half a teaspoon per each two liters, can help the Tree defending off from the fungi. If want to use other substance, 1/2 a liter of cider vinegar in a bucket of Water ( 9 to 10 liters ) will help too.

      Dane, about the detox from the fluoride, in this video there is extra info that I think could be important;



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