Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 14, 2018, #140


Dane Wigington

Biosphere collapse will push power structures to total desperation. As has been stated so many times on the Global Alert News hour, the rapidly unfolding implosion of the global climate and countless ecosystems, along with the quest for remaining resources, is (and will continue to) fuel unbridled aggression from military industrial societies like the US and it’s allies. So far the vast majority of first world populations (whose lifestyles depend on the constant looting, plundering, and pillaging of resources from other countries) have shown little to no concern over the barbaric behavior of their “governments”. False flag events and narratives are used as a pretext for aggression by hegemonic powers. When those narratives fall apart (as was occurring with the “Skirpal” incident), a new pretext for aggression is created (the latest factless chemical attack accusations against Syria). Is America the greatest threat to world peace? Polls overwhelmingly say yes. In this broadcast, an extremely important press release on the progress being made to expose the truth about 911, the most glaring false flag event of them all. As the truth on many fronts becomes all but impossible to hide, our government is doing all it can to monitor anyone who dares to tell it. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As the horizon continues to darken, denial continues to deepen, this is a sad and perplexing characteristic of the human race. Those who are awake must not ignore their calling of conscience, “to thine own self be true”. The effort to wake the sleeping masses matters in ways that none of us can yet fully comprehend. Even at this late hour, what measure of good might we accomplish if we do not yield in our efforts? Giving up is not an option, we must all make our voices heard, we must all work to wake those around us, sharing credible data is key.

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  1. Michelle Edwards says:

    Anybody else notice the new vaccine that is being pushed? For shingles virus. I continue to be astounded at how gullible people can be. Hard to change their minds about it.

    • Lucille Munro says:

      Yes I have noticed this too.

      Some sheeple will line up to take it.  For 50 years old and older.

      They are poisoning the babies and young children with vaccines.  Now with the flu/pneumonia vaccine along with this shingle vaccine, they are poisoning the baby boomers/pensioners to get rid of them on the other end of the scale.

  2. Sandy Patrus says:

    We are having these 70 to 80 mile an hour winds here in Santa Fe, NM tonight. I have never seen or heard anything like it before.  They were calling for rain but not a drop of rain yet. Earlier this evening my daughter who lives less than 5 minutes away, smelled gas in her garage and brought her family to my house until my husband could check it out.  The winds were so powerful it blew out the pilot to their water heater through the vent…so my husband re lit it and they returned home.  I just hope the birds in the trees survive this tonight!




    • Sandy Patrus says:

      As I suspected would happen, we got no rain with them calling for a 70% chance…just a lot of dirt everywhere because it is so dry.  At one point last night I heard something hitting against my bedroom window and thought it was hail.. after my husband investigated, it was very small gravel that is on the ground outside that window, blowing up and hitting against the window.  A large section of a wooden fence behind my house was knocked down.  This is not normal weather we are having.

  3. joey says:

    So now, Geoengineering is getting mainstream coverage with more lies about studies and recommendations….

  4. Sandy Patrus says:

     If we have no politician out there that will have the guts to stand up to this aerosol assault on us…what use are they to us….why do we even bother to support any of them or vote them into office?  I am done with them all!  But I have news for them…they and their families are going to die too when we all die, unless of course they have reserved a spot in the underground  bunkers the elite will retreat to when the shit hits the fan!

  5. Gary Cristani says:

    Some people just wont admit that the earth is dying.

  6. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Hello Virginia.  Below is the link that says Russell "Texas" Bentley was an American soldier US Army. And I don’t think all military are incapable of being articulate. My comment was directed at the way this article is carefully “crafted” to have an emotional effect, fear impact, and therefore alerted me to the familiar Edward Bernays scent of propaganda.

    Virginia: By the way, Susan, where did you get the info that he was an "American soldier"?  I read his bio where he states he was a volunteer for pro-Russian fighters in the Donbass.  And, even though he may have been a GI – believe it or not, there are many American soldiers who are very bright and articulate and fully capable of writing such an article.  Thanks always for your fab contributions to this website.

    Russell "Texas" Bentley:  As an honorably discharged veteran of the US Army, and as a soldier in the Novorussian Armed Forces of the Donetsk People's Republic, I want to say something about the US special forces soldiers who were killed by ISIS in Niger on October 4th of last year and about the video of their deaths that has recently been released.

    • Sallie Robinson says:

      I think P. C. Roberts is using Russia for his sources. 

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Susan,

      Thank you for clarification on Russell status re American Army. One can apply the Bernay's theory to almost any political material that is published, especially by our government.  To pick and choose which material is 'authentic' and which is of the Bernay's school depends quite a bit on the personal leaning of the reader, don't you think?  There is a quote by one of the Rothschilds (I believe) that in essence said: 'When the people believe all of the false data we have given them 100%, then we know we have won." (Paraphrasing)

      Your research is sincerely appreciated, Susan.  I learn much from your comments that are so timely and educational and always "right on."

      Kind personal regards,


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan for your due diligence!  I so appreciate that!

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Virginia:  One can apply the Bernay's theory to almost any political material that is published, especially by our government.  To pick and choose which material is 'authentic' and which is of the Bernay's school depends quite a bit on the personal leaning of the reader, don't you think?

      VSF:  No. I do not think this is so.  My criteria is based on pure reason and beyond personal.  In fact articles that are intentionally crafted to evoke fear and confusion in the reader fall into the category of manipulation. FEAR Inc. – Fear titillates. The Internet is drowning in these kinds of frequencies, which should be considered as intentional propaganda at the very least.  Fear sells.  Words that come from the heart, that are sincere and honestly held by the writer, like Dane's, have a completely different frequency.  I will continue to trust my own inner guidance over and above anyone.

    • Tom Keith says:

      The Rothschilds might have said something like that, but William Casey,CIA director in 1981, under Reagan said" We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

    • Dennie says:

      Here's some background information re the William Casey quote from 1981, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."  Barbara Honegger was there and heard Casey say it:

  7. Jeanette S says:

    another report from the sfrancisco bay area: 

    About Coolidge ave this a.m., patch of hail about two exits prior to 14th Ave. odd that it was one small patch, and they were not balls but looked more like cubes. Like broken windshield glass.

    …if this gives any insights…thunder under one dark cloud against the mtns. in no./mid east Oakland on hwy 580.

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Is it just me, or was the last two broadcasts of Global Alert News just a lot more than alarming? Many of us write in here and remark about how Dane turns it up a notch more each week. I'd say the ratcheting up of intensity is a reflection of how things in reality, that the news doesn't cover, actually are and are beating down everyone of our doors. "Can you survive if the matrix unplugs 'from you?"

    It sure does seem strange to not see a few pictures at the top of this page from the current Gem Faire event. This weekend the Gem Faire will be in San Diego CA. I know for fact that there is a whole bunch of people "down that way" that read this column regularly. Even better is there is a HUGE population down there that needs to have at least a flyer put in their hand. I'm still looking for that picture of 10 people behind the tables of the awareness booth. As always, when I am being a teacher, I offer food for thought. Kathy, Larry and myself noted over and over, that if there were multiple people visiting the booth, even more stopped by all on their own. Please feel to add in there any "fitting" cliche you like. Take it from me, moving a herd and it's mentality isn't that hard. 2 legged or 4, from my perspective, the principles between the two are identical. Oh ya, and the week after is Santa Rosa Ca Gem Faire. Frankly, that is the one I hope gets to boast having 10 people tending the booth representing the single greatest cause of our time. How much will folks down that way take before they stand up and make their voice heard? Help Gem Faire help us all. Make the time!

    "Man power for event is scarce". I just about fell over when I heard those words. That ain't right people! It pains me to hear Dane say that "on air". Excuses vs reasons, those that could be available had better ask themselves those things and be honest. Dane and company are not going to beg for help. But I'll bet if you offered, they would find just the right spot for you to help out.

    Dane, I thank you kindly for your closing statements to this weeks broadcast. They settled so deeply I honestly don't know what more to write other than "thank you my friend I have met".

    Face to the Wind,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Mary Nix Hollowell says:

      Good efforts to inform the public posted under #139.  Keep up the momentum.  And I gave materials to ? Secret Service? (I think) during President Carter's latest book signing in ATL.

  9. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    How many jets does it take to fill a Sky so full that you cannot pin point the placement of the Sun in the sky during the daytime? And how many layers are there in the Sky to see only a light glow in the sky where the Sun is trying it's best to get through to the Earth?        I have photo's of the Sun in the sky behind these almost daily grey plagues we see, that anyone looking of night time photo's of the moon on a cloudy night wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two. We again drove 650km  (403 miles)  on Saturday the 7th. Not for a single moment did we see the Sun. There has been several snowfall warnings in Alberta over the past week. On the 14th we awoke to +2C(35.6F) By 9am it was +5C(41F) By noon it was partly cloudy & 15C(59F) Then, the sky got ugly with black clouds. The temperature fell to 10C(50F) And it started "Snowing"! Yes indeed Snowing! It didn't snow for long, & it was shocking to witness. Yesterday while picking up supplies in town as the snow was falling at +7C(44.6F) No one seemed to get how hugely "MAD" that is! I want to conk their heads together like Moe. Ugh!  It dropped again by only 1 degree and stopped snowing after a couple of hours. Now today they are calling for Snowfall Warnings for all of the West of Alberta, from the North to the South Snow at times heavy with warnings of "Treacherous Road Conditions" with 10-20cm (about 8") called for in above temperatures!  And once again, a Fog Advisory for other areas. It was at zero celsius this morning & started snowing the lovely pasty toxic crap on us yet again. Now at +3C(37.4F) it's been snowing for a few hours & now at noon finally lessening. It's Melting as it's Snowing! The stores are already stocked with Spring bulbs & Plants, Soils, Seeds, Patio Furniture, Barbecues…. And the ground is frozen solid.          What a Joke!      And a Cruel One!          I had two Robins come on the 13th & stayed only for a short while, two Junco's have been here for a couple of days Two amazing Swans flew past my kitchen window as I looked out above the trees & one lone canadian Goose who looked & acted so Perplexed. Why is the Lake still Frozen! The Loons will be next to come to a Frozen Lake! Then Two Butterfly's, A Crane Fly & few hundred Flies. Could years of migration be Wrong?  You would think after the Huge Hit the Bees, Birds& Animals took during the winter of 2014 here in Alberta would have taught these Lunatic's something.    But No. They are doing the same thing again that Killed so many of them then. I would defy anyone who tells me that we are not in our soon to be in three days, "EIGHT MONTH" of Snow! It started September 19th & on the 20th there was Blizzard Warnings for Central Alberta & 8" fell. On the 20th Bears were re-located from oilfield camps. Snow Blowers & Plows were out & by the end of the day, a total of 12" fell.  I have made it a habit to write down each day. It's Amazing how people can tell you how wrong you must be, so now I have dates available to back myself up for over 18 months of weather in Alberta.  So now we still have a massive amount of snow to yet melt & the ground to thaw. Trees, Fruit Trees to bud & bloom. Flowers & Berry Bushes to Grow. Birds to nest. Grow your crop or foods. In four months!       This is Madness!                Is it Ignorance, Complacency,  Stupidity, Wilfull Blindness. No Love For Life or your Family? Take your pick, or all of the above?             Nothing in the World is more dangerous then sincere Ignorance & conscientious Stupidity!                                ~  Martin Luther King Jr. ~   

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gail, Thank you for your contribution. I appreciate and will use all of your acute observations. 8 months of snow, geesh, and I thought 5 months was tough. Crazy engineered inconvenience for all life. Next time I see one of those "happy lights" at a garage sale, that replicate the sun, I'm going to buy it. It's hard to keep from dragging butt when there is no sun for such long periods of time. I'm right there with you with the wildlife situation. It pisses me off to no end that long timers around here won't see it. And those that do just shrug their shoulders, oh well. So far, the only birds to return to my cabin have been a pair of Blue Birds and a pair of Says Phoebe(Robin looking bird). Where did the Gray jays go? The Ravens are dwindling in numbers. There is an entire clan of them here in my woodlands. The elders nest is in a big crack half way up a cliff set back out of the elements. I've watched them for almost 20 years now. Gail, I hope you get to have spring thaw soon and maybe throw in a few sunny days.

    • Jeanette S says:

      thank you for doing that Gail, writing down what you see. for the longest time I was hitting a certain place going home on the freeway and I would look at a mtn. in the distance and give a rating of the clarity of the air and note any other observations.

      I said to an associate when he said the air was very clear for two days. and I said that is probably they wanted to go from one chem to another and were afraid we might drop if they mixed in the air. and you thought it was that carrot…it was our little friends giving us eye excercises straining to see through the haze and then being able to see the rocks on the bank on the far side of the bay. can't say the sociopathic did not give us anything.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Simple Horseman & Jeanette for your kind words. I also keep track for my own Sanity, I don't like to say un-true statements. This way, I know for sure what I say is, Fact.  It ended up Snowing another 5" and stayed at 3C(37.4F) for most of the day. It is still snowing at zero celsius but, the texture/make-up of it has changed. I just spent close to an hour removing Bird feeders caked in Ice. No wonder the birds are having such a hard time trying to get to feed. This crap sticks. Very wet & heavy mixture. No wonder why so many have had Heart Attacks shoveling it.           Mike, I too had Gray Jays, three of them, I think the Merlin took out two of them. They are the Sweetest birds on the Planet.  I have seen Phoebe's before. They look smart. I have Ravens that come each day. I feed them eggs & some grain bread & chicken once in a while. They chase the Merlin for me. Nature, Birds, Animals, Always give back!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gail, I don't know what I want to say first to you!  But, yesterday, I did actually have trouble finding the sun in all the clouding!  That was weird. Second, Swans?!  Is that normal where you live?  Wow, I've never seen swans fly by.  Third, 8 Months of snow?!!  How will Anything survive?! Fourth, how is Gib?  Still alive?  Still there with you?  We are not covered in snow here but it has been so cold so much that everything is affected big time, as that just never happens.  All of nature here seems to be confused including me.  And thanks for mentioning that you are noting and recording on paper what happens, weather wise.  I want to do the same.  I used to keep logs of sorts until I could no longer write clearly, but I could do This and via your efforts, it would seem to be quite useful!  Oh!  Eye catching!: Bears relocated? from oil field camps?  How, and how many?  Why? Would they not hibernate normally?  Usually by now here, I could have peas and the tomatoes would be started, but no. Oddly, this past Saturday was quite hot.  Next day cold, next colder with hail.  It is weather whiplash here every other day.  I've about had it.  So a small crow seemed to feel when raining last.  I was under an awning waiting for my daughter when I heard this small crow, screaming, soaking wet on a branch over looking a busy street.  It was raining fairly hard and he/she was so not pleased.  In between screaming, this crow bonked the branch he/she was on and it sounded like metal.  Took me awhile and much watching to realize where that sound was coming from.  I've not seen crows do this before and we do have tons of crows.  It was striking.  It was as if resting his voice, he still had to scream and so bonked this branch which for some reason really did sound like metal and rang out,  scream, bonk, scream, bonk.  One very unhappy crow!  I hope your misery ends soon, but, things seem very out of whack, very.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @'a' simple horseman,  You are so fortunate to have Ravens nesting, living, near you.  A blessing!  An entire clan yet!

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Rachel, Sorry for the late response. Swan's, Yes indeed. A Beautiful sight to witness. You can usually hear them coming. I have a video of 3-4 dozen, eating, cleaning & playing together in 2014. Saskatchewan has large groups migrate through their Province. They have an Amazing amount of Geese that move through there also. Geese I never knew existed.  White Pelicans come through too. Sand Hill Cranes. We get many varieties of large bird breeds. No, not 8 months, 7 months & now into the 8th month as of the 19th. Yes, Insanity.  Gib, has moved on with the last of the flock, I Hope to see him again in the Autumn with his mate & brood.   All I know is there was a few Bears re-located near an Oilfield camp that a friend of mine was working at. There can be hundreds of employees milling around. The Bears were hanging around looking for food. It was too early for them to be hibernating & food already scarce, they will go into these camps or hang around to get food, so, they move them for the workers safety. It happens a lot.   I think the Aluminum has been messing with Birds & Animals behaviors for years.  The Crow was telling you his woes.  He's probably sick of the Sky too!

    • Lucille Munro says:

      You are spot on.  Keeping a journal is a great idea.

  10. Dan Man Always says:

    Only an educated guess. I could be wrong though.

    Who own's F.B. ???

    Could it be Mark Z. on the MSM right now in the News?

    You must have watched the TMZ show before most likely.

    Could it be Team M.ZUCKER BERG?

    Just throwing that one out there.

    It seems the guy owns a lot.

    Including a whole list of information from people that use F.B.


    Think about it.



    • Sandy Patrus says:

      I don't know, but glad I got off of Facebook months ago.  Can't stand MSM anymore, especially Rachel Maddow.  Everybody has your information today and there is no way you can avoid being spied on, but I do avoid anything that goes through Google and I don't use Messenger anymore.  

  11. lorenzo says:

    Weather was crazy in the NYC area. we did not get chemically nucleated snow.  20+ inches in parts of Minnesota, Ridiculous! But we had a drop of about 40 degrees in less than 24 hours 80-40  Lying asshole weather forecasters continue to spout "vortex" and other lame reasons.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello, Dane.

      Thank you for your COURAGE.

      Many thanks to our Legal Team, wishes of Good Luck for them. And many thanks to the 9/11 Legal Team as well.

      The analogy of the monkey with the hand trapped inside the jar is a great example that illustrate what is happening with Humanity right now.

      For the military, I must say that a Good Soldier is the Soldier that knows when to say NO to a bad order that represents the intention of conducting an act of immorality or injustice.

      The molten "iron" they found, it was: FIRE PROOF STEEL that was molten.

      No one is isolated in loneliness in the Wild. Nature is God.

  12. Dan Man Always says:

    DNA Heritage. Find out who your ancestry is?

    That is a very good thought L.E.

    I thought that the very minute I seen it was advertised.

    Collect your DNA for nefarious reasons.

    Once these people that are doing this, get the DNA, then everything falls right into place for the Eugenics Team.

    Then the spray can be manipulated at the right time and the right dose right over your head. They know where you live because you gave them all your information. Isn't that nice, isn't it.

    Nothing suspect here, NOW is there????

    Fortunately, I did not fall for it.

    I was a very critical thinker at the time I heard the Ploy.

    It was a few years back.

    Just like F.Book.

    Gather your info.

    They gotcha!

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Thought about that myself!

    • horsegirl says:

      Hi, great points.

      I got hip to this about 18 years ago when friends streamed into a college health fair to get cut-rate exams.  Blood of course was drawn from all.  I learned through contacts in administration on campus that every blood sample was sold to laboratories.  I refused to have anything to do with it, realizing that genetics was part of the screening.  Yes they sell everything they suck from our bodies.  These pedophiles – wanton cannibals – probably even have taken the fetuses from the abortion trade.  I know that is the grossest thing imaginable.  But we have to face it.  The power structure is really that craven.  For a read on the subject try the late great Dave McGowan's "Programed to Kill" – they really are that despicable.  Child sacrifice all the time.  Never give these creeps your blood.

  13. orazio says:

    hello Dane, hello everyone. UVB and UVC rays are coming to the ground, sunglasses still protect us? or how should we protect ourselves? thank you and good luck to everyone.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, wear them.  They block out the UVA and B.  I'm not sure what can be done about sunglasses blocking out UVC, not sure of the current capability, but just because we have greater solar radiation here doesn't mean you need to stop wearing your shades.

    • orazio says:

      thanks Dennie, part of the UVB and UVV rays that should not pass, I think there is not adequate protection, but if there are any news, good to know.
      the situation is dramatic.

  14. Gary Cristani says:

    I wonder if there was a way to jam there radio frequencies so they could not control cloud formations and create cool downs.

  15. Jeanette S says:

    organic is still the better option organic with nano aluminum or conventional with nano aluminum. what is to think about?

  16. Jeanette S says:

    skies wer blue in sf bay area but when you look at the sun total white pearl haze 12 visual inches. they must have sprayed the hll out of the ocean and it blew in

  17. Rhonda says:

    Another stunning report!   Thank you Dane!                       

    Today, I heard the terrifying words of Nikki Haley! "These chemical attacks could 'very easily' happen in the United States." WELL. OF COURSE THEY COULD!!!!! The masses are completely complacent to the OBVIOUS spraying over head. As heinous as the long term plan of destruction is, I have always feared a 'once and for all' attack. As Haley said, it would be "so easy" and the masses would never know until too late.   What is wrong with people?!!!!!! WAKE UP FOLKS!

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Here's one for the books.Geneology groups where you send your DNA to see your heritage are selling these swabs to medical groups to experiment on everything including biological weaponry.Be careful what you give out.


    • Jeanette S says:

      I wanted to do the Nat geo thing gene histiory thing but that is what I thought…how do you get the public to do something willingly? hs them.

    • Heidi says:

      Rhonda, I was just thinking that smoking in public places is prohibited, but what about the aerosol droppings destroying our biosphere?  As long as these actions can be kept alive as 'conspiracy theory', the 'masterminds' will be able to continue until it is too late.

      Dane, thanks for keeping us up to date, sharing your knowledge, and alerting us of places where we can effectively speak up. Stay safe, and be well.

      Lee, I agree, I would never, voluntarily, send my DNA into any lab. 


    • Listen carefully to Nikki Haley comments from 6:30 onward.      Nikki Haley at AIPAC 2018 – Full Speech – YouTube

      Everyone should be terrified.  Public acceptance of journalistic censorship via organizations such as AIPAC needs to end.

      The UN/NATO agenda proves clear time and time again. Restricting   food supplies, blockading medical support, and seventy years of willful slaughter in Palestinian, are clearly acts of genocide and international terrorism. I don't think Israel needs any help. The United Nations has it handled…

  18. Sandy Patrus says:

    My husband asks me why I am so angry all the time…How can I not be?  If he knew all the things I know he would be angry too.  Only he is still watching MSM every night, so how could he possibly know the truth about things.  He does not believe anything I tell him except about what is going on in our skies, he does believe that, but he had to watch them spraying from horizon to horizon before he did. I feel as though the more educated you are does not make you an authority on what is true or false.  I think you have to be a critical thinker and be able to think outside the box, and do a lot of research to be able to determine what is true or false today…especially when the media tries to portray the truth tellers as the conspiracy theorists giving the people fake news.  

    • Rhonda says:

      Sandy! Oh my!!! I am right there with you!

    • Flyeater says:

      I read an article in the guardian a week or so ago stating that in the next couple weeks David Keith and his Harvard team were launching the largest SRM experiment ever. My question is… Where are they planning on doing this?? There was no mention. I think t should be known. Anyone know? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Sandy, I too agree with you so much!  I do watch some MSM, but I feel as if I know what I am doing and I do research and seek out other info as well.  I do think MSM has upped their game, in part because they really are not MSM anymore as so many go to computer sites that tell them what They want to hear.  I feel MSM has morphed into more areas than TV.  At least you got your man to recognize weather modification!  But, I feel I need to add that one cannot survive carrying anger all the time.  I do have a beautiful poster in my bedroom of John Trudell saying: "Don't trust anyone who isn't angry", and I do get it, but I can testify that carrying anger all your life can make you sick, physically sick.  There must be some balance.  I seek out humor wherever I can find it!  

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Thank you Rachel for your reply and advice.  When I was very sick this past winter I mentioned to my homeopathic doctor that seeing all that spraying in the skies made me angry because I knew what was raining down from the skies was making my condition worse, and she told me to let go of the anger because I needed to forget about the spraying for now and concentrate on healing myself.  She said we all have the ability to heal ourselves with our minds…but what we needed to do was think positive and tell ourself we will get better.  Every time I talked to her I did feel a little better that day.

  19. Joseph L says:

    Great show start to finish  . Below  article needed to mention Geoengineering as one the biggest factors in the depletion of the ozone layer


    Ozone layer not recovering over populated areas, scientists warn

    While the hole over Antarctica has been closing, the protective ozone is thinning at the lower latitudes, where the sunlight is stronger and billions of people live

  20. I just want to compliment individuals who regularly post comment on this site. I peruse 50+ sites a day most days, and Dane's quality of presentation and informed comments by readers is truly outstanding.

    As Andrew from Scotland, V. Susan Ferguson, and others point out; its difficult to sift through the chaff and propaganda spin.  If you remain true to your inner heart, you won't be led astray…

    The situation in Palestine needs our unified attention.  This stain upon the sands of time must be cleansed: >

    Israel Mows Down Unarmed Gaza Protesters for 3rd Week as US Blocks UN Investigation >>> Posted: April 14, 2018 <<<

    Author: Ben Norton

    Israeli soldiers wounded more than 900 peaceful Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border for the third Friday in a row, while the Donald Trump administration prevents any action by the United Nations

    • virginia says:

      Dear Paul.  "This stain upon the sands of time must be cleansed."  It could not have been expressed in a more succinctly beautiful  way.  Until Palestinians receive the justice for which they have been waiting since 1948 and before, there will never be peace, not only in the Near and Middle East but throughout the world.  Despite the immense oppression and agony inflicted on the Palestinians, the "international community" remains silent.  Why?  Are not 70 years enough punishment for being a Palestinian who wants his country back? There is an expression in Arabic: " Upon the sands of time, the footprints of our oppressors will be erased. We are ancient countries who gave much to the world.  We will not fade away."

      Thank you for all your posts and for your efforts.  Peace.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, This compliment is beautiful especially in that it comes from you!  My God, how do you handle 50 sites per day?  Myself, I get lost in studying.  I mean lost in a good way.  I've been on Palestine's side forever.  It is heartbreaking!  Something Must be done about the sacred cow called Israel!

    • Pedro says:

      The masonic triad: the banksters ( "nobility" ), royalty and the CHURCH.

      the jesuits are a military order and are central in the PROBLEM.

      …and the helpers.


      the big military belong to the jesuit order?

      Western oligarchies fighting against Eastern oligarchies.

    • Pedro says:

      The masonic triad: the banksters ( "nobility" ), royalty and the CHURCH.

      ( …and the helpers ).

      the jesuits are a military order.

      Are the "big" military members of the jesuit order?

      jesuit order = to the (catholic) roman  empire? Or there are other crime organizations above this one?

      One thing I know; Jesus Christ represents Humanity and he is crucified on the wall, inside the church. People must read better the signs.

      Western oligarchies fighting against Eastern oligarchies.

      the psychopath aristocracies will bury the World.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This excerpt from an interview with an 'insider' in which the data is complex, articulate, and scientifically accurate, shows how the supposed enemies are in fact working together to accomplish geoengineering the global shield. Again this confirms what Ron Marr has said about the "Letters" post being [Russian] propaganda – and also the fact that we must all beware of the insidious layers of propaganda that will continue to assault us as we get closer to WWIII, the ultimate distraction from the collapse of the biosphere.
    Points To Ponder: The Shield Project
    What is the relationship between these spraying programs and One World Order?
    Personally I am against the move for globalization, and yes, there is potential to use the Shield to speed up the process of globalization, there are several countries that are involved in this project: European Union Nations, USA and Russia are the largest contributors to the project, many of the allied nations and UN Members participate to one extent or another. The material (chemical spray as you may call it) comes from all of these nations.  To insure that the chemicals are not tampered with, they are mixed and sprayed over random nations. This means that chemicals produced in the USA has a good chance of being sprayed over Russia, England and the USA. This random spray of material means that no nation would be certain that their chemicals will be sprayed over a nation which they have issues with. Russian planes may be seen in USA skies, but so too will USA planes be seen in Russian skies. The canisters used are sealed in a third nation that has no idea where its canister is going. Participating nations have their observers at every station where canister loading is done. All of this to insure that the shield is not used as a weapon.   To further insure that the shield is not used as a weapon, non participant nations are sprayed by participants who must spray in order to get enough material to maintain their nations shield. It is understood that not spraying is as much a military offense as shooting at them.  Without the shield, UV poisoning would cause great death. The threat is a common one, which has brought nations together in defense.  The natural outcome of having a common enemy is to strengthen international ties – a step toward globalization.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All, great citizens of the World.

      the "new" climate inquisition order, is about the control of Food production and access to Food and Water ( the great dream of monsatan and of its associates ).

      The "shield" is the > multilateral weapon < ( as we all know ).

      We are talking about the destruction of the Ozone layer in order to justify an "action" to counter the exponential rise of global warming ( the action:  the very existence of the shield ).

      We are talking about the manipulation of the rain cycles.

      The destruction of all Insects. ( And the collapse of the food chain ).

      The destruction of all little creatures that rely on insects to survive and who are the secondary pollinators.

      The destruction of ALL Trees by the environmental contamination made by the aluminum  > flammable and desiccant < nano particles which are present in the aerosols. Even with some rain, Trees are not recovering from their dryness anymore, because of the poisoning made by the nano particles of aluminum. In this way, becoming also much more exposed to fungi and parasites. Trees that last many centuries are showing in these last years, signals of dryness in the end of Winter, even when levels of precipitation are not very low.

      We are talking about the increase of "cloudy" days over the year and less Sun exposure for Ecosystems and agriculture. The Sun ( and Water ) are the reason for the existence of Life on Earth. And when the Sun shows, it's coming with lethal UV radiation.

      We are talking about the destruction of ALL living Beings, because the aerosols are toxic.

      Even if viewed as a major necessity for some parts of the World, climate engineering could be conducted exclusively on tropospheric level and using large airplanes spraying lines made of tiny droplets of pure Water into the air and mixed with some kind of benign particulate material ( in a scale larger than nano scale ), in order to produce some level of cloud seeding. But the plan is about destruction, not about construction.


    • Pedro says:

      And I forgot to mention the implications which are interconnected with the drastic increase of global warming (caused by climate engineering itself) and the methane issue. A PROBLEM that will dictate in the short term the existence of Life on Earth.

  22. frank reps says:

    Miky Hill asked  what my point was when I outlined that the  " tell "about Trump was his current coarse and disgusting public  diatribe  against Assad and Russia ; as well as his disgusting past behavior which included consorting with a Porn Whore while  his wife was caring for a newborn son .  Trump's  absolute one hundred and eighty degree turn on his promise to have friendly relations with Christian Russia is evident. I did not even mention the fact that Hillary has yet to be served with papers ; or the Wall has not even been started.   I stated that Catherine Austin Fitts gave Trump a one percent chance of success.  I was mistaken ; she gave him a two percent chance of success.  Anyone who  does not get my "point" must be among the people who are increasing Trump's approval ratings.  

  23. Pete says:

    Dane, having listened to these every week since last July, it has most certainly played on my conscience and I have taken note. Earlier, I responded to Doug MacMartin in regards to the debate last month and copied in many people, inc Paul Beckwith, other climate scientists, various environmental institutions etc with quite a number of direct email addresses and generic and some people I know who are awake too – I think most of them got through. Hoping this will have some impact – got to be someone at least who’ll take note. If I receive a reply from Doug, I’m guessing what direction it will go in having seen your previous exchanges with his denial, but really it’s for the benefit of all the others – who knows some good may come of it – I truly hope so. Maybe I can appeal to his humility if he has any at all.

    Cognitive Dissonance – a term I use a lot, have noticed so often, the more educated they are in general the worse it can be. They are very clever people but have little knowledge of the lower ends of society if you will, maybe because they have never really experienced anything that bad in their lives and have no grasp on really of just how much corruption exists in this world. They don’t want to see it and can’t be told. Heard so many talk about Syria this week for example, believing everything the MSM has said – I try to correct them and tell them how it is but so few ever listen, but occasionally some do surprise me and I am getting less resistance to talking about the only topic that matters!. Think some of my family too are finally beginning to wake up – I live in hope.

    On another note, here in South UK, I saw an aircraft yesterday turning on and off, wasn't a persistent aerosol trail though and no major op in progress, looked very suspicious indeed! We had an almost clear very sunny day, very apparent how silvery the sky looks where the sun is shining most  – this was after a whole week of overcast skies – today it’s been mainly overcast again.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Pete, For what it is worth, given that I thought this site is about weather modification, starting some months ago here in Berkeley, CA, I've seen the same, the on and off trails.  It seems new and it does look puzzling.  Clearly something actually new is going on with this, though at the same time, there are far more long solid lines.  On Sunday here, at one point there was a big, very noisy wind for about maybe 3 minutes, and it seemed to be blowing in circles really whipping trees around, very attention getting.  Then, it rained hard for about 30 seconds and over, gone.  Yesterday, early morning, hail pinged my window sills and the news showed masses of hail all over, and in one place, still there hours later though it was not That cold, cold but not that cold.  By just before 11AM as I headed up town, the sky was a wonder.  Huge whipped cream like clouds and in front of them, in them?, smaller, gray and dirty looking  clouds, but in the midst of all this, small areas beyond of what appeared to be true blue sky.  One could not have seen a trail if there was one, the sky just packed with an assortment of 'clouds' of a variety of colors, even blue-ish clouds.  I wonder what they are up to?  The hail was brutal while it lasted and so I  worried about the fruiting trees in flower.  I am seeing Way more dead trees here than ever before.  This area had been lush really, somehow so much looked so good.  Not now.  But also we've had such cold, even today and this is very weird for here, never in 4 plus decades has this happened.  Supposedly, we have a 'Mediterranean' climate.  Plants and birds seem confused.  Me too!  

  24. Ron Marr says:

    Those letters are propaganda. The Empire is in the process of leaving its Host. The new capital of the NWO, will be Jerusalem, and its feigned glory. They control Russia, too. As 'THEY' move the pieces of the chess board, our bellies are tickled with the ideas that it is up to us. That, all we have to do is stop the people in our government; if we only do the right thing, we can stop devastation of the planet and population. It would take order followers all over the world and the masses from all over the world and then, maybe, we can slow, 'THEY', that hide behind the Vatican, down. They are so ingrained in our illusion of life, that we think it is US. They would like to create chaos, confusion, hate, strife and death, among the American people, against the government…while Trump is only their puppet…so we can think is our fault when they have to slaughter us. This is not bad news; for we, all the masses around the world, together…form the human spirit…the most powerful force on earth!

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF:  Ron Marr says, "Those letters are propaganda. The Empire is in the process of leaving its Host." THANK YOU, Ron Marr!  As this wartime psy-op insanity continues to escalate, we must become ever more watchful of the layers of deceitful propaganda being spewed and crafted by both sides.  The coming inevitable collapse of the biosphere is truly all that matters – as our 'convenience' world breaks down, and the displaced masses begin to migrate, what will people have to eat?  Where will clean water and sanitation come from?  This ineluctable global catastrophe is what they are trying to hide with their war distraction, which will likely go on for another year. And it is obvious that our leaders are completely unhinged from any moral or humanitarian considerations.  Every night on NASA Worldview, I see the ongoing geoengineering operations that are continuing to weaponize, 'metalize' and ionize Earth's atmosphere. These aberrations, deformations of cloud water vapor are visible around the planet – generated by interferometry transmitters and masses of toxic metals with the full cooperation of the USA/NATO, Israel, Russia, and China. Collusion!

    • Ron Marr says:

      V. Susan Ferguson, You are welcome. We know truth; when we seek out and understand our experience. For me to say the letter is propaganda, on my part, I am not saying Russell "Texas" Bentley is not an honorable guy. When, 'THEY', have someone in a position of mind control, rather it be Academics, Military, politics, sports, Hollywood, etc.,etc., 'THEY', will dictate what you say; that is what indoctrination is all about… no matter how honorable your intentions. Consciousness is our only salvation…and we can never judge truth, on the prowess of academia or articulation; Truth, like a wild flower, will grow from the cracks in concrete or the mutilated genes of a freak. It doesn't matter who we are; it is not an American issue…it is a Global issue. It will take the masses of Human Consciousness Globally to stop death and destruction; 'THEY' that provide this, cannot survive in consciousness. Those that follow their orders will kill consciousness and themselves; for we are one. Please, please, wake-up.

  25. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 213rd email, titled 'Question everything'

    1. On 13th April, the 365 day average Arctic sea ice volume was reported as 2nd lowest @ 13, 237km3.

    The year to date average sea ice extent continues to be (put the record on) at record low.

    Since the end of March, there appears to have been a rapid increase in CO2 releases at Barrow Alaska. If this continues and if the methane releases continue to rise and if the oceans continue to absorb the heat, then we will see an increase in extreme weather resulting in food shortages and price rises this year – even in our isolated western bubble.

    2. Teresa May's speech to justify UK's involvement in the missile attack on Syria unfortunately contained much misinformation and many half truths and downright lies. For instance: knowing that quick timing is critical in any analysis of a chemical attack, Syria and Russia repeatedly asked for an OPCW inspection, but the OPCW team was still in Lebanon when the missile attack took place and so could not have (according to May) done an assessment nor apportioned blame; it is not the role of the OPCW inspection team to apportion blame ; Russia "recently", according to May (but actually a couple of years ago), vetoed an OPCW inspection only because it was incorrectly tasked to apportion blame;  videos of the the supposed "barrel bomb" show it to be remarkably intact and undamaged, lying on top of rubble near a hole in a wall which it came through – an impossible trajectory for something pushed out of a helicopter; the area was a war zone and there are bound to be planes, helicopters and drones flying about – the militants also have surveillance and attack drones; the photos of the children show them in different positions – why move them/ask them to move for different photo shoots; why is it only children we see, when the logical target for any such alleged attack would be the Jaysh al-Islam terrorist militants; 

    Further: anyone close enough to "hear hissing" of a lethal chemical agent would be dead within seconds; the al-Qaeda affiliate group, Jaysh al-Islam, has admitted to using chlorine gas to kill dozens of civilians and captured soldiers in Aleppo (it is Jaysh al-Islam that the Syrians and Russians are fighting in Douma); why, after similar 'events', do we sometimes see the same children alive and being carried out of buildings after some future staged 'event', why are the genuinely dead children often identified by their families as having been taken hostage by the militants; 

    …and why is there no US/UK/France missile attack on Israel as a result of the videos showing IDF snipers deliberately killing Palestinian children, much to the verbal excitement of the snipers companions, particularly when the child "flies through the air" when hit.

    I suspect that any pre-emptive or retaliatory attack by Syria/Russia/Iran on US/UK/French warships would be likened in western propaganda to a 'Pearl Harbour type event'. Would this be the "…major event where people pull together…" that Trump is looking for?

    3.  Notes to Self (week 66 of 104) WASF, but that is all the more reason to question everything.


  26. Liz Huber says:

    It is past time to pray for the world asking God to protect us from evil leaders "where ever they are"…… too many people were caught up in the cult of HRC…….why were we not allowed to have someone like Dane run for president?   Why are we always only given outright damaged people.   Find a youtube video of a correspondents "roasting" to see how absolutely vile the MSM is.    The disgusting, smarmy humor – they all knew and laughed about Matt Lauer's behavior long before it was brought to light publicly.   We have some seriously sick people in charge at every level of society here.   Christianity is being marginalized at every level.    It holds us personally accountable for being a decent human.   Of course conditions in the material world will mirror those in the spiritual.

  27. Gary Cristani says:

    Just seeing all the dead trees should be enough to wake anyone up, but most people do not want to be woken up.

  28. There's currently a "snow" blizzard here in Northeastern Minnesota. The snow is not crystallized moisture. It's like something you'd scrap off the inside of a old freezer. I call this crap "snow goober", cause it's like nucleated snot manifested by some ghoulish moron…

    The incessant HAARP warfare has seriously affected my bird friends. Their migrations are completely confused, and their calls are sporadic and woefully stressed. My ears ring constantly. How about their hearing and sensory systems?

    All I can feel is anger and disgust for what man has done. When I was a child, the sky would be absolutly filled with geese and other migratory birds at this time of year. I see small groups of less than a dozen now. Their flight line is disordered… I'd like to burn all these black magic science bastards at the stake…

    • Sherrie Hall says:

      Same here in Western SD. We get a 65-70 degree day followed by 5” to a foot of very strange snow.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Paul V.

      I share your distress over the toxic, gloppy 'snow' but especially the lack of migratory birds in tiny bunches, disordered formations.  They must be absolutely distressed physically.  We're seeing that in Anchorage too.  All the creatures are in my prayers.

      About your comments regarding 'consensus science',  they're yanking our chain for sure; however, I did make a tiny inroad.  My reply to J. Marvin Herndon went to moderation, which really might have been the end of it.  But it was allowed after all! Here's the article, click for the comment section.

      Some clever soul here had posted this article, and it's my failure not to taken note of that person.  Anyway, thank you, insightful person : )  I would be useless trying to research science journals.  Articles like these can open a new window of opportunity for me to comment.

    • Hello Bella_Fantasia:  I think every reader comment helps balance out the information base. Reader comments often send me off on new missions for fact finding and insights. So thanks for that. Reader input and Peer review may help to prevent "consensus" scientists from turning into a mob of technocratic dictators…

      Definition – Expert:  A formerly pertinent individual…

    • BaneB says:

      Lee Eyerman:  Facebook is the tip of a very polluted iceberg.  One has to wonder about medical plans (insurance companies) and hospitals, too.  What are they selling to CDC or laboratories?  And those computers with your personal medical histories… secure are they from being hacked?  

    • Pedro says:

      Bella, the Birds are not "distressed physically". They are GONE.

      15 years ago, migratory birds were in the millions.

    • Christine says:

      I can only cry while reading your sentences… All what we can do, is to grow TREES, as much as we can, to give back the birds their living space, they lost. Since insects are no more there in the amounts they used to, it is important to feed the birds ORGANIC good food, in order to help the to propagate…

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Who and what can we know or believe?  I am writing this as much to myself as to the contributors and readers of GW.  Christina Parousis has contributed an article A LETTER TO AMERICA from a Russell “Texas” Bently that sadly I cannot find fault with — EXCEPT that this article is in my opinion too well crafted to have been written by a man who says that he was in the American Army and who says this about himself:
    “My name is Russell "Texas" Bentley, and this is my blog about the war in the Donbass region of Southeast Ukraine. I am in Donetsk, and I have been here since December 2014. From January to June 2015, I was a soldier in the Essence of Time combat unit of the Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF). I served at the Donetsk airport and Spartak as a rifleman and RPG gunner.  I am now doing Information Warfare for the Donetsk People's Republic. The war in Donbass is only one Front in a global war. Fascism has again raised its ugly head, and we are here to fight and defeat it. Truth is one of our most powerful weapons, and my job is to get the truth to the people of the Western world. But I need your help.” [He’s asking for donations.]
    In my opinion as a writer, this article is too well crafted to have been written by a professional soldier, aka a mercenary, and “a rifleman and RPG gunner.”  This article is so inclusive and carefully designed to pull in every emotion, from fear, threats and enticements to the practical capitalist — that it could only have been written by a group, a think tank of professional propagandists who understand human psychology all too well and know how to manipulate & sway the reader.  His entire website & graphics are crafted to make us feel that he is a good old Texas boy fighting fascism? Well, maybe.
    What I want to convey here is that we are already in war time mode and this will be a war of words, meaning propaganda on both sides. We know that are own government has apparently gone mad under the influence of the NeoConservative Zionists. We know that our government, the military and the corporations that serve them are raining toxic materials down on us and the planet everyday — and we know that this is done in collaboration with Russia, China, etc. So what is the real game … behind the porpaganda curtain?
    Gordon Duff of Veterans Today has publicly admitted that he makes up much of what he writes in order to keep the fodder going for the readers at VT.  Many of the sources I have been reading and posting admit that it is next to impossible to know if the information they are receiving is valid and truth.  Truth disappears in wartime. I still trust Paul Craig Roberts, but who are his sources?  I have never been able to listen to Alex Jones, who in an emotional breakdown, now claims to have been betrayed by Trump.  I do believe that Putin is holding back so that history will not blame him for starting this war, which will become a no-win nuclear holocaust.
    The information of Russia’s new advanced electronic technology that can destroy the entire US Navy is a good case in point. Paul Craig Roberts says that “Russia could easily have destroyed every ship and every airplane” with their electronic technology they claim is more advanced than ours and nullified the destroyer ship the USS Donald Cook. Well maybe, but read the American version of this event:
    While the USS Donald Cook really was approached by a Russian jet in the Black Sea in 2014, U.S. officials say the details of the encounter were not accurately presented in the Vesti report and that most of the facts presented there are fabricated. American analysts suggest Russian officials may have made up the story to disguise the weakness of their own military.  “Russia’s claims about harming the Donald Cook are false,” said Jorge Benitez, director of NATO Source and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security. “The Russian fighter jet was unarmed and there is no evidence that it damaged the U.S. ship in any way.”  During the incident, a Russian Su-24 buzzed the USS Donald Cook within 300 meters for some 90 minutes. A video shot from the ship shows that the Russian aircraft had neither external weapons hanging under the wings or fuselage, nor any external pods essential to house the electronics that Vesti claims it used against the Cook.  The U.S. Navy also says there was no damage to the destroyer. In an email response to VOA's website, the Navy wrote, that on April 12, 2014, a Russian SU-24 indeed “made numerous close-range and low altitude passes” over the USS Donald Cook in international waters in the Black Sea.

    All I’m saying here is that we should all be very careful what we accept as truth and believe. I include myself in this.


    • virginia says:

      Hi, Virginia Susan,

      I heartily agree with your post.  We should, most assuredly, evaluate each author of each post as to his background and reliability and ultimate goals.  There is so much disinformation and mythinformation being thrown at us from such an array of political writers, that it is difficult for the average reader to separate the chaff from the wheat, so to speak.  However, in the case of Bentley's post: while there are points that should be questioned, the gist and focus of his warning seem to be on focus, although it is a sad commentary reflecting American citizens who are now demoted to sheep-like entities. From another viewpoint, there are those who are trying to instigate a deep division in America, and, in effect, start a revolution that would be the nail in the coffin of this country, at least in my viewpoint.  So, you are right:  it is really difficult to make any personal decisions unless one is well-versed in current events – and past history.

      By the way, Susan, where did you get the info that he was an "American soldier"?  I read his bio where he states he was a volunteer for pro-Russian fighters in the Donbass.  And, even though he may have been a GI – believe it or not, there are many American soldiers who are very bright and articulate and fully capable of writing such an article.  Thanks always for your fab contributions to this website.


    • Christina Parousis says:

      I have been following Russell (Bonner) Bentley for the last four years since the war in Donbass really took off.  He has always, since I've known him, been well spoken both in writing and verbally.  He has a way with his words, which yes, can invoke fear because it is matter of fact, unapologetic and simply the truth.  In this particular article he is indeed articulate but I do not put it past Russell of being capable to have fully penned it himself.  Having lived in the U.S. for most of his life with an opposite political outlook to that of the masses, should suggest that he would be well read when formulating his own opinion that was, and still is, contrary to Western cold war propaganda.  He knows a lot of history, I have heard, not just read, him discuss it. 


      You do make a good point that all superpowers, Russia included, are collaborating on the geoengineering programs and your question, "So what is the real game … behind the porpaganda curtain?" is relevant.  I often try to appeal to many in the alternative media sphere to address these programs, and I do my best to convey in the comment section of various people's posts, Russell's included, that climate engineering and the threat of global war are interchangeable.  I respect and encourage that kind of dialogue which directly confronts people, giving them the opportunity to respond, but where does inducing suspicion about those who are, in their own way, trying to expose the truth in this grand battle actually get us?  I was not prompted to respond here to stick up for Russell, rather to point out that the observations you've presented, although valid and well taken, on a platform such as this where there are a lot of people looking in who are new to all this information, may perhaps be counterproductive.  In fact, with the audience in mind, I decided to share Russell's article here yesterday, because it is​ straight-forward, on target and a most appropriate call to action for people to wake up and stand up, which I think every single person in the West needs to hear right now.  I hoped his message and warning could impact people, if it makes someone scared and uncomfortable then it did part of the job.  And I'm not surprised that it does make people uncomfortable because it suggests that we are all responsible, which we are, and as we know, most don't like to hear that no matter how 'awake' they are, much less coming from someone who is aligned with Russia, moreover, Soviet Russia.  For this reason I hesitated to share this article here when Russell wrote it over a month ago, because I am all too familiar with the ideological thinking (and simply put, racism or fascism) that Dane often talks about.  But in light of the events that have been transpiring over the last week, at the risk of hitting a few nerves, I strongly felt it needed to be heard now more than ever. 


      As for how much truth there may be to the superiority of Russian military weaponry to that of America's, I think the fact alone that 71 out of the 103 missiles the U.S. fired at Syria on Friday having been intercepted by technology from Soviet era Russia speaks for itself.  What wrong can come from the Western populations being informed of the scale of Russian military capability?  Even if it is an exaggeration, it may be the only thing that will wake them up to the fact that there are in fact repercussions to their governments, and by extension and not only lack of protest but non-compliance, their own actions.  Perhaps if the West had never developed such an exceptional, invincible notion of self void of any fear and forethought as to the fact that there ARE consequences to their actions in pursuit of the 'American Dream', this would be a much better, safer world and even healthier planet. 


      To suggest that the likelihood of a 'lame' person like Russell writing this article is farfetched, going as far as suggesting that it is propaganda, is to disempower those who are or have the potential to come forward and speak truth to power, with or without the right credentials.  More importantly, it promotes the divisive cold war mentality of fear.  Is it propaganda when Paul Craig Roberts says it?  If not, then why is it propaganda when someone like Russell does, even if you may think he lacks the proper background or status to account for his articulacy.  Knowledge, critical thinking and wisdom, gained from life experience and especially war can equally lends itself to one's ability to convey themselves in a most proficient, compelling and eloquent way as I can attest to from my ww2 freedom fighter grandparents. 

      I agree it's healthy to question everyone to some degree, but I hope what people take away from Russell's message isn't doubt about 'the messenger', or that he is a Russian prop, rather, that even if that were the case, it does not diminish the truth about what he's saying.  Is it worth it to denounce the author's credibility so much as to compromise the value of the content, especially at such a critical time when the content could not be more relevant and important?  To suggest that somebody like Russell, who has physically put himself on the frontlines and is a target 24/7, is manipulative displays a lack of consideration, not to mention respect. It seems like a kind of character assassination, and not only on Russell.  I can see how this kind critiquing may dissuade and discourage people from sharing here, especially as a younger person.

      At the end of the day, it's about what we know or believe in ourselves, as the article you shared from The Saker so perfectly states, "Think of it as a giant mirror. What do you see?"

      I believe there are two truths that persist in Russell's article, despite speculations of who actually wrote it; they are: The West should be well aware of the ramifications of their masters military actions, and we who comprise the West are indeed ALL responsible, if not for what has gone terribly wrong, then what has the potential to go right.  Either way, it involves taking responsibility, as I believe applies to the global climate engineering programs as well.

      I include myself in this too:)

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Christina — If you read my post you will see that I said, sadly I cannot find fault with what he said.  I do question who he is and why he said these things in the manner he said them. I hope you are correct about his character.  Still I feel it is important to question everything and everyone, especially as a world war approaches. And I grew up in Texas.

    • Dennie says:

      Gordon Duff was exposed a few years back as a disinformation agent. At least Mr. Bentley got it partly right– fascim IS rearing it's ugly head, but he's shown his hand as utterly confused as to which side he is fighting against, the Facist country actually being the United States of Amnesia, er, Uhmerica!  

      In any war, the first casualty is the truth.  Here's another example of what we're up against:  The author of this whopper, "Sean Adl Tabatabai," (is someone there trying to sound like Matt Taibbi?) is, in my opinion, likely a conglomeration of various snarkmeisters on C.I.A. or U.S.N. intel payroll writing under a nom de plume a la "Tyler Durden" and "George Washington" at, as well as "Sam Carana" at arcticnews.  How do we know who these people are?  Are we just supposed to believe what they write about themselves in the "about the author" sections?  How do we know that they're even real, even when you go to a lecture and see them?  How do you know for sure they aren't some made up character who really has another real name and they're just an agent posing as some Big Authority as part of the massive charade of lies masquerading as truth that's going on Big Time out there right now?

    • virginia says:

      Hello, Cristina:

      I appreciate your ability to stand up for your convictions and for giving us a more personal side to Russell Bentley's timely piece.  We must not, whether advertently or inadvertently, contribute to ad hominem attacks or in essence "attack the messenger."  While it is healthy to question what we read and to have a discourse on the message, all one has to do, in the case of Russell's warning, is to compare what is on the ground now, what is in play in this political arena to realize that his admonitions, his warnings and his efforts to spur the populace to some positive actions are sincere and motivated by the realization that time is running short if we are to save what is left of humanity.  Actually, his concerns are not unlike those of Dane's. Are they not? In spite of the strong opposition, the intent to stifle, the ridicule that Dane knew he would receive when he embarked on his quest to educate, warn and spur to action a populace asleep and uninformed, he was not deterred.   We need more Danes and Russells in our country and in this world.  We need warriors with courage and heart and it is up to all of us to support them and wish them God speed.

      Having read hundreds of commentaries on this website, it is apparent that all are very much worried and earnest in their efforts to eradicate the dangers that face us.  As far as I know, this webpage, Dane's creation, is the only one that is set up to not only awaken the flock but to give all of us an opportunity to contribute and have a healthy "give and take."   It is in itself a beacon of encouragement as to what just one man's sincere convictions, knowledge and ability to communicate can do to change the world.  We should and do sincerely applaud them and thank them for their difficult tasks.

      And thank you, Cristina.  Peace.

    • To those commenting here:  Wow!  You folks just blew me away with the integrative process of what you've said.  Christina Parousis:  Your last comment was vast… Bravo!

      My own sense is that it's time for a deep – planet wide – recognition that the game must end. Civilians can no longer afford to have players like the United Nations holding the cards…

      There are many forms of war being waged against America. There is an overt State of world-wide systemic terrorism taking place, and it is openly financed by international banking.

      Russia obviously has significant military capabilities, but I don't think that should be a validated point of public focus. The final answer to human truth will come through our souls or through our economic machinery. The question remains: What kind of future do we wish to create?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Christina Parousis,

      The Saker has my appreciation, and he tells us who he is:

      "Frankly, I am awed, amazed and even embarrassed.  I was born in Switzerland, lived most of my life there, I also visited most of Europe, and I lived in the USA for over 20 years.  Yet in my worst nightmares I could not have imagined the West sinking as low as it does now."

      "I was born in a Russian military family and I studied Russian and Soviet military affairs all my life. I can absolutely promise you this, please don’t doubt it for one second: Russia will not back down and, if cornered, she will wipe out your entire civilization. The Russians really don’t want war, they fear it (as they should!) and they will do everything to avoid it.  But if attacked then expect a response of absolutely devastating violence."

      "Don’t take it from me, take it from Putin who clearly said so himself and who, at least on that issue, is supported by about 95% of the population.  From the Eastern Crusades to the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, enough is enough, and the Russians will not take one more western attack, especially not one backed by nuclear firepower.  Again, please ponder Putin’s words very, very carefully: “what need would we have a world if there is no Russia?“

      (The roots of Russia go back to 862 AD)

      "All that for what?  The USA and Russia have NO objective reasons to do anything but to collaborate (the Russians are absolutely baffled by the fact the leaders of the USA seem to be completely oblivious to this simple fact)."


    • Pedro says:

      Thank you for your post, Bella.

    • Dennie says:

      The REAL game is to bully Russia into not ditching the U.S. Petrodollar.

  30. Frances says:

    I am really disgusted that Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK leaders have approved of the US strikes on Damascus.  They will willingly send their sons and daughters off to war on the basis of lies, like the Bush/Blair lies re Iraq.  Teresa May is not smart enough to have thought up the Skirpal incident on her own.  One commentator has said the US strikes are to destroy any evidence pointing to the source of the nerve gas which allegedly killed women and children recently.

    • This is Germany calling... says:

      It`s only German government that is not the opinion of most of german people.All newspapers are only doing propaganda,just like 75 years ago.But we also have a lot of sleepsheeps here,that will not leave their sofa to help `we all must stay together!!

    • GretchenThomas says:

      We must remember that signs and symbols rule the world; every institution, government, industry, etc. is infiltrated at the highest levels by secret societies, satanic, and nazi/zionist cult in-bred psychopaths who's evil doings, murder and mayhem infuse the universal life force that flows through and around us all with negative energy, which they seem to thrive on. These people have no conscience or morals.They are the personification of evil on Earth.

  31. frank reps says:

    The  intensity and frequency of vicious and  coarse commentary from  the Potus  about legitimately elected National Leaders may  cause one to think that Trump could be having some problems with his diet or worse yet; his  onset of some  Dementia.  The man has  very little self restraint ; as evidenced by his  ludicrous conduct with a Porn actress.  Trump's past activities were really a " Tell " about his future actions but Americans were so fed up with " establishment " Types that they took a chance  on him. Two years ago;  Catherine Austin Fitts said there was a One percent chance that Trump would be a good president.  Well people ;  That long shot has not panned out.

    • Miky Hill says:

      Wwhat was your point?

    • frank reps says:

      To further clarify my POINT about Trump's betrayal of the people who voted for him is that  The American people took a chance on a guy with a  very questionable background.  The comment about Trump's possibly having  "dementia "was a tongue in cheek excuse for his unpardonable actions.  Thjose who had voted for him have been conned ; myself included.  .  

  32. Daniel Dill says:

    al gore has the nerve to go around talking about climate change ! Wonder why he don't just look up at the skies and notice what the hell is going on up there! These politicians make me sick! Please America for God's sake look up and take notice! May God help us all and bless the ones like Dane Wigington for trying to wake us all up!

  33. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Thanks again Dane.  Sorry if I plug your comment area with too much legal text, but you hit on so many important talking points, it's like I can't help but respond with what I have on hand.  🙂   Hears more Johnny from The Center for Biological Diversity.                           Sixty-five Center Suits Filed against Trump since His Administration's Inception

    The Center for Biological Diversity is resisting Trump in every way possible — especially in the courts.

    From the moment he took office, our lawyers have been working feverishly to oppose every attempt he's made to worsen climate change, kill wildlife, endanger public health and destroy public lands.” Complete page:

    • Marie says:

      It is terribly cold here in Western NY…but Friday i heard a lot of tree frogs here in the country and i saw one bee flying around my head. It did not look like a yellow jacket as it was short so maybe it was a honey bee. I also saw some little bugs flying in the air. Dont know what they are, but they are tiny the size of mosquitoes, but not that. I also saw a lot of birds, other smaller ones i don't know what they are., and lots of crows too. I put out those suet things for them.

    • Pedro says:

      Extremely important Action !

  34. David A. says:

    We do not consent! great work Dane. I'm trying to do my part, but the pep-sheep are still in denial.

  35. GretchenThomas says:

    TEHRAN (FNA)- "International analysts told RT the massive missile strikes the US and allies conducted against Syria actually benefit terrorist groups, and prevented inspectors from proving if chemical weapons were used in Douma."

    "Analysts: US Acting as ‘ISIS Air Force’ in Syria, Spreads ‘Conscious, Transparent Lie’"    (MUST READ)

    "Russia: Goal of Syria Strikes Was to Prevent Chemical Watchdog's Fact-Finding Mission in Douma"

    Not quite the same scenario depicted by the Main Stream Media or our so-called "government." "Don't believe everything you hear or see, there are always three sides to every story: yours, theirs, and the truth."- Unknown

    TEHRAN (FNA)- "Syrian Gen: Damascus to Respond to US-Led Strikes by Attacking Aggressors' Bases in Syria"

    TEHRAN (FNA)- "Author and political analyst Michael Springmann says the United States, under the influence of the Zionist regime, seeks to disintegrate Syria and to work towards a "Greater Kurdistan".

    On the other hand… let's have a history lesson and take a second look at HRC and her BFF in action-

    This article is about the use of chemical weapons in Syria during the last regime prior DJT; it clearly states Assad destroyed his chemical agents under UN supervision four years ago; and HRC was a go-between for the BO regime and the leaders of Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey) to set-up an attack and blame Assad.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gretchen, How's that banner looking these days? I hope it has some wear and tear on it. It's a good one.

    • Hello Gretchen Thomas: Thank you for posting this excellent group of links. The NATO alliance IS the axis of evil in this world. NATO was established by a certain ethnic agenda – not our own… This article explains the unfolding situation in America. >

      The Good Friday Massacre: World… We Are All Palestinians, Now!

      By Brett Redmayne-Titley

      Global Research, April 06, 2018


      The scenario reminds me of this brilliant interview by Russel Means:

      Russell Means: Welcome to the Reservation – YouTube

      Published on Jan 20, 2011

      Please refer to full introductory text shown below the title graphic. 

    • GretchenThomas says:

      'a' simple horseman, that banner is taking a beating from the wind (and rain) storms battering the southern shore of Lake Erie, broke a rubber tie-down strap is all; my civil flag   has more wear and tear. I'll send pictures. We had about 36 straight hours of non-stop rain and howling winds from the ENE which is odd since the weather system was approaching from the south and west. The weather terrorists certainly have the Great Lakes in a cooler and wetter than normal weather pattern; there were winter storm advisories to the north, and flood warnings around western Lake Erie basin and islands today. I anticipate the MOATAB (Mother-Of-All Toxic Algal Blooms) this summer; industrial agriculture has a stranglehold on the Lake Erie watershed.:(

  36. Paul Vonharnish says:


    U.S. CodeTitle 18Part IChapter 101 › § 2074

    18 U.S. Code § 2074 – False weather reports

    Whoever knowingly issues or publishes any counterfeit weather forecast or warning of weather conditions falsely representing such forecast or warning to have been issued or published by the Weather Bureau, United States Signal Service, or other branch of the Government service, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ninety days, or both.” [End quote]

    Complete text:

    • Lucille Munro says:

      Thanks for this tidbit.

    • Rosalie says:

      Great work, Paul.  Good angle to capture the crimes and punish the weather forecaster liars. All the best success with this.  As always Dane, I am very thankful for all that you are doing.  The wake up in my world is at a snail's pace.  Keep on doing what's right everybody.

  37. Christina Parousis says:


    'To My Family and Friends, and All Good People of the USA,

    You may not know it yet, but the world changed on March 1st, 2018, an old era was ended, and a new era begun.  In very great part, the meaning of this new era is up to you.

    On that historic day, Vladimir Putin revealed to the world that the US military is now obsolete, and no longer capable of "projecting power", committing war crimes, or intimidating and destroying smaller nations around the world. That day has ended forever, one way or another.  The US military is still completely capable of the mission it needs and deserves to do, which is to defend the territory and people of the United States of America.  You are safe. There is no threat.  But the days of your government threatening and destroying other countries is over. I hope you understand this.

    Putin's revelation of Russia's game-changing weapons, against which the US military is literally defenseless, is not a threat or a bluff. Only liars and fools speak of "Russian aggression", and the stupidity of anyone who says or believes "Putin is bluffing" is beyond measure. Russia's weapons are real, and the US military industrial complex (that Dwight Eisenhower warned about 57 years ago) has absolutely no defense against them. In spite of plundering and squandering literally trillions of dollars from the US treasury and the American People in the name of  "defense", they are defenseless.

    Russia's new weapons present no threat to the American People, unless you allow the people who own and control your government to to start a world war and force the Russians to use them. But if you do allow that to happen, the American people will get exactly what the "good Germans" got in 1945. And you will deserve it, just as much as they did. For the exact same reasons.

    Russia is not your enemy. We seek only cooperation for the mutual benefit of all Mankind. But since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, 28 years ago, the USA, NATO and the EU have sought to plunder and rule the world. They have been the enemies, the enslavers, the destroyers of the world. No reality based person can dispute that fact. There is no place that the US or NATO has gone into in the last 4 decades that is better off. Not one. In fact, there is no place that NATO or the US have intervened, (usually against international law) that hasn't become a failed state, hell on Earth for the citizens, and a genuine danger to the surrounding regions and the world. It is the US government and NATO, and the people who own and control them, who are the threats and the enemies to the future of Humanity. But their days of disregarding international law and destroying weaker nations with impunity are now over, as of March 1st, 2018.

    The good people of America now have a huge opportunity, and a huge challenge. Russia spends less than one tenth what the USA spends on military and defense, but their military and weapons are superior in every measurable way. The waste, corruption and abject venality of the US military industrial complex has wasted trillions on weapon systems that are now literally useless, and which have left the US military (and by extension the American people) defenseless before the power of Russia's weapons, which are  designed and produced to be effective rather than profitable.  The opportunity is this – the USA can now reduce its military spending (the highest in the world) by 90% and still be safer than you are right now, spending almost a trillion dollars a year on useless weapons and a defenseless military.  Safer, because as soon as the American People take control of their government enough to reduce your spending to ONLY as much as Russia spends, Russia will stop having reason to see the USA as an existential threat. The less you spend, the safer you will be. The more you spend, the more likely World War Three, which will see you as the instigators and the losers. This gives the USA, starting as soon as you want, an extra $800 billion, per year, to spend on things that have actual worth, things you really need.  Health care, free college education, fixing the rotting economy and infrastructure that are daily becoming more of a threat to the American people than Russia has ever been.

    Your challenge is that you must root out an entrenched  and ruthless kleptocracy, built on deceit and oppression, and which is bent on war, and will stop at nothing to cling to its power. It is a huge task, an historic task, but in it lies your only hope. These parasites must be stopped, and if the American People are not up to the challenge, if they fail in their historic mission, they will leave it to the armies of the world, led by Russia, who will no longer tolerate those who want to rule the world. Your rulers are leading you to a war you cannot win, a war from which you, your families and your nation, and perhaps the world, will never recover.  If the American People do not prevent their rulers from starting World War Three, there will be war.   Peace and prosperity or death and desolation. These are your only choices, and now is the time to make your choice and act accordingly.

    An annual windfall of $800 billion is yours for the taking, if you have the wisdom, courage and determination to take it back from the charlatans and scammers who have been robbing and wasting your trillions for years.  Already these vermin claim the only possible solution is to give them even more money, as if those who fail when they out-spend their competitors ten to one might succeed by spending twenty to one.  At some point, the host must rid itself of its parasites, or risk being bled dry.

    When the American People stand up to their oppressors, rid themselves of their parasites, the people of Russia and of the world will stand with you, will applaud and support you. All good people in the world are on the same side. Those who oppress and exploit you do the same to us. Your enemies are our enemies, and ours are yours. Stand up, as we have, throw off your chains and illusions, see for yourself who your real enemies are, and together let's defeat them, before they destroy the world and all that is good in it. Only you can stop them without a global war. If you don't, there will be war, and we will stop them. But those who live in the USA will suffer the fate of those who start and lose a world war. It is not a fate to be desired.

    America, that time has now come for you. The choice is stark and clear, and you must make it soon.
    Either bring your rulers to heel,  stop the war they are bent on starting, and reap the benefits of stopping the most egregious and wasteful scam in history, or do nothing, allow your parasites to consume you, and let them lead you and your children and your nation to Armageddon and a fiery death in a war that you now know you can never win. The choice is yours. And so is the responsibility.'

    Russell 'Texas' Bentley

    • virginia says:

      Thank you, sir, for warning Americans to stand up and deliver….or else. Many of us are trying to do just that (proof is this website).
      However, in my opinion, the "world did not change on 3/1/18" as your first sentence states.  As for America, especially, our world changed on Nov. 22,1963 by bullets shot at a defenseless man in Dallas, Tex.  Those bullets allowed, from that point on, a country newly established in the Near East, to take over our country and rule over our foreign and domestic policies to this very day.  You see the results.  While I agree with  you that Vlad Putin is the only person who can lead the world back to sanity, and while his pronouncements of his country's array of superb weaponry makes a profound difference in the battle of the two biggest nuclear powers, there is the third country who will have the final sway over what route America will (and should, in their estimation) follow.  We Americans have little to say in the matter, no matter how loudly we cry, or for whom we vote.  Please do not blame all of us for the actions of our present (or past) administrations.  There will be a time when we who want peace and justice throughout the world will prevail, hopefully.  To the countries  we have turned to dust, to the millions of innocent lives we have taken for naught, for the heartaches and hopelessness we have caused so many, I, at least, offer my humble but very sincere apologies. 
      Thank you again, sir, for you splendid and heartfelt post.  Peace.

    • Rhonda says:

      Yikes! Uh?

    • Marie says:

      Wow. Quite interesting. If the U.S. cares so much about it's "people" then tell me how come we have NO underground shelters for our people and yet Russia has underground shelters for most of their people? Who is the better man?

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      So, just what do you suggest the trapped slave masses do to get around the deep state, who actually runs the show, without disappearing or having martial law declared. We are well aware of the corruption. Anyone who believes that change will come through voting ect. is dreaming. It's all rigged, everything. 


  38. Daniel says:

    Thank you very much for all that you do Dane. How much time do you reckon there is still left before the collapse of the biosphere?
    Thank you for your time. Warm blessings to you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Daniel, Thank you for your support in this battle. In regard to your question, no one can know the answer with certainty, there are countless variables and unknowns. Because of this there may yet be factors in our favor if we can manage to halt the all out assault that is currently being waged against the planet and its remaining life support systems. This being said, under any scnenario, the current paradigm is already in its death throes. 

  39. Jeanette S says:

    we are too busy paying Monsanto and ge morons to have a Navy to protect it? russia could not afford lightbulbs for rooms for people to attend the Olympics…just trying to figure it all out, though there may not be any figuring out the sociopathic. I am not so against aggression but it has become clear to me that it is just to protect the slime of humanity and what they do. It is we the real people that are the pawns in any conflict like children with plastic soldiers bickering who lost how many soldiers and this determines the "winner". divest from the stock market, don't join the military, don't buy things, buy as little gasoline and electricity as possible, grow a garden, buy only base foods and cook. Let's bust them up. 

  40. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Alex Jones wakes up to Trump!
    Foul language. Ignore the title. There is nothing funny about this.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:


      Believers and followers of Alex Jones should take notice of certain inconsistencies in his dialog…    

      Alex Jones STRATFOR Connection and the Murder of Andrew Breitbart

      Posted: March 2, 2012

      Author: David Chase Taylor
      March 2, 2012

      Alex Jones Cancels Speaking Tour 3 Days after Exposure as STRATFOR Agent

      Posted: February 16, 2012

      Author: David Chase Taylor
      February 16, 2012

    • izzy says:

      Something else we might consider “waking up” about would be that fact that pubic opinion is constantly being pushed into a state of wholesale anxiety and fear, and often on the basis of widespread misinformation. They had us kids crawling under our desks back in the 50s, and the negative stimulus has been constant ever since. This latest manufactured crisis was so similar to the Cuban missile standoff, the rhymes of history are almost deafening. “Winning hearts & minds” uses the same principle as warping them does. I suspect the later is actually the true operating model. Universal forces we have little understanding of feed on this stuff, to our detriment.

    • SBX says:

      Nice video Susan. It’s good to see Jones accepting the fact that Trump is controlled by the military industrial complex. It really is all about natural resources. It’s all a matter of time until we go to war with Russia over natural resources. Of course our media will blame the war on terrorism to try and get as much support for the war as possible. Russia leads the world in natural resources. Russia is estimated to have around $75 trillion in natural resources and the U.S. is estimated to have somewhere around $45 trillion in natural resources. Even John Rockefeller stated something about how he was thankful for the media because their plan for the world would not be possible without the media. Hopefully, we can stop all this madness of false flags, collapse of the biosphere, etc. It sure would be nice for all of us to focus more on solar energy and hydroelectric energy instead of focusing on fossil fuels.

  41. Kenny says:

    I continue to give out my GeoengineeringWatch flyers by the hundreds almost everyday.

    When I hit up the mall I leave hundreds in the parking lot under car windshield wipers. I can do 500 cars in 20 minutes. This is a great way to get the word out. Most decent people won’t throw garbage on the ground so they are forced to put the information flyer in their car. I’m sure most of them eventually end up looking at it.

    I’m not sure what else I can do. I even made my own flyers!

    Thank you Dane!!!

    • Jeanette S says:

      thank you, Kenny.

    • Karen says:

      Yes!   Good idea, will do that ~  I hand them out all the time.  I have a huge envelope with them in the car.  Will start mailing them to our weather stations and government people.  We ran into the City Manager who truly looked stunned and actually WANTED information!  Keep sharing, you never know!   Thank you Dane!  

      Glad you are sending emails that says what people CAN do.  People know, but don't think there's anything they can do.  I see it on the left side of the website now.

    • Rhonda says:

      Right on Kenny!

    • Marie says:

      Wow. That is a great way to do it. I leave flyers in the bathrooms of stores i go to. I don't have the nerve to put on cars. Kool idea though.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      A good time to flood parking lots with information is after a weather event that has caused damage to homes & vehicles, Hardware Stores etc. . People are curious by nature. I think they are looked at. And then they are driving home with the sky above to look at & see!   I had a guy scream at me once over "Killing Trees"!   A waste of paper, he thought!   But, next to him in his sports car was a women reading what I had left under their wiper. Which mentioned how many Trees were dying do to these spray programs.  I hoped later that he would become a great activist for our cause, Simply out of embarrassment!   I just smiled at him.    And to you Marie, It's much easier when you have another with you. Builds confidence & you can hand out a lot more, two lanes at a time.   I am shy too!   But, I Have To!   The more people we can hit at once, will be "Our Success"!   Like the Gem Faires.

  42. Martin Landeros says:

    Here in southern California  the entire sky  is silver white. No blue sky for 3 days. Not a single cloud. I open my weather app says clear skys. U can look the at the sun and see its being obscured. It's insanity.

    • Barb says:

      Martin, it's the very same here in NC and everywhere we go when we travel. We have never seen anything like it, as the trails are getting more and more frequent. Today is typical…started out without any clouds, chemicals being sprayed starting around 10 am and soon the pretty day was no more. No one seems to notice. 


    • Sherrie Hall says:

      Same thing here in the South Dakota Black Hills.

      we had 5 inches of Snow yesterday after days warm enough not to need a coat.

      today it’s melting like crazy 40+ temps.

      this snow is not normal looking as it melts, walking on it feels like cotton candy.

    • JF says:

      Martin, I see the same here in the Riverside area of Socal. They have been relentless in their spraying for weeks. Hardly ever a blue sky.

  43. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The US message to the world: Bow down and worship me!
    THE SAKER / April 13, 2018

    … don’t listen to the Ziocon propaganda machine!
    What is clear is that the Neocon-run Trump administration is willing to risk WWIII just to save it’s face, to look “tough” and to maintain the illusion of its relevance.  It is also willing to commit the most odious crime under International Law, the crime of aggression, and it does this brazenly, with the supine, cowardly, support of almost all the western political leaders. … the US is clearly spitting in the face of Russia daring her to “do something about it” … by ignoring the UN and entire corpus of International Law, the AngloZionists are also spitting into the face of every single human on the planet and proudly declaring “We are the Hegemon, we are above everything and everybody, above you and above any of your laws or principles.  We are even above facts or logic.  Bow down and worship me!“.
    On a personal note, my disgust tonight is really total.  I take some consolation in the fact that mine was one of the voices which tried to prevent this.  We failed, but at least we tried.  We can live with ourselves.  … There really isn’t much we can do at this point besides pray for God’s mercy. What will happen will happen.  But even if this specific aggression stops today, the fact that the Empire was willing to risk the future of mankind just to save its ugly face tells us all we need to know about it and it’s so-called “values”.  Again, the message is clear: “Bow down and worship me!”
    It is now for each and every one of us to decide how to respond.  Or not.  Your choice.  You will have to live with yourself and the consequences of your choice.  Think of it as a giant mirror.  What do you see?
    The Saker

  44. SaintSausages says:

    Start listening to Jordan Peterson about how to develop your self into an effective force of good. Dane's information is crucial knowledge but the majority of listeners still lack any means and tools to do anything productive with the information he supplies. I reiterate, listen to Jordan Peterson about how to grow into a person of moral integrity like Dane that we may all carry this burden together.

    Search Youtube "Jordan Petersons Life Advice Will Change Your Future."

  45. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS / April 14, 2018 / "the US Joint Chiefs of Staff would not accept the risk of conflict with Russia."

    It appears from the very limited US missile attack, most of which were intercepted and destroyed by Syrian air defenses, that the US military prevailed over the crazed John Bolton and carefully avoided a strike that would have resulted in a Russian response.
    How was the feared conflict between the US and Russia avoided? From what I have been able to learn, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff would not accept the risk of conflict with Russia. The reason is not that the Joint Chiefs are more moral, more caring about the deaths and injuries that would result, or less inclined to go to war based on lies. Their objection was based on the lack of protection US Navy ships have from the new Russian weapons systems. An attack that brought a Russian response could sink the US flotilla and present the US with a humiliating defeat that would discredit American military prowess. …
    It would be a mistake for anyone to conclude that common sense has prevailed and the conflict has been resolved. What has prevailed is the Joint Chiefs’ fear of a defeat. The next crisis that Washington orchestrates will be on terms less favorable to Russian arms.  …. The neoconservatives will advance military men more in line with the neoconservatives’ aggressiveness to positions on the Joint Chiefs.  … It would be a mistake to conclude that diplomacy has prevailed and common sense has returned to Washington. Nothing could be further from the truth. The issue is not resolved. War remains on the horizon.

    • Jintampa says:

      Thanks for posting this article Susan, I read it at about 1am, I hope Paul Craig Roberts is right. I didn't know about the strike until this afternoon, I was busy with other things. Insanity runs rampant in D.C.

    • Marie says:

      Yes, didn't the Russians have some kind of mini EMP device that shut down all the electronics in one particular ship? Wow, and we don't even have that either!

  46. virginia says:

    Well said.  It is time.

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