Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 16, 2022, #349


Dane Wigington

The pendulum of engineered weather and temperature extremes continues to swing back and forth in so many regions of the world. Climate chaos is inflicting profound damage on ecosystems, food supplies, infrastructure and thus human populations. How much more of the nefarious atmospheric operations can be sustained by societies and the web of life? And even now the climate science community continues to push geoengineering as a way to "reduce human suffering" while pretending such operations are only a "proposal". In how many other ways are global controllers waging covert warfare against populations? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Mountain America Exposition Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

43 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 16, 2022, #349

  1. Randyl J says:

    Blessings Dane and ALL Here Following and Sharing Along With You, Dane, Week after Week! 

    I’ve been reporting from central North Carolina for about 2 years now and always feel  joy to find new voices in this Comment Community. Raymond’s and Earth Angel’s ‘voices’ are now ‘familiar’. (Maybe I’ll take out ‘rain bets’ as no useful precipitation has fallen all spring here.) I’m echoing what Earth Angel wrote, as it’s all speeding up.

    Sadly, my little Maltese had to leave me last week. Of course there are stats on Maltese predisposition to Congestive Heart Failure and the related coughing, water retention- especially in ‘senior age’ dogs. However, I observed that she had more than double her usual symptoms after walks or outdoor activities when I could see heavy spraying. With all We know, from this amazing resource Dane has created, one can easily see the effects this is causing on our pets also!!

    Looks like the Carolinas’ Hot-Cold Weather Whiplash is being gradually shifted so that the oven heat in another month or so, doesn’t alarm the Sheeple.

    Keep following Your Hearts and Inner Voices that lead towards that feeling of a New Earth of Healing, Peace, and Positive Energy.

    Randyl J

  2. sea says:

    During the first wave of mandated mask wearing in 2020- I said to a friend, "where are all the environmentalists (so-called earth lovers), as we will see billions of masks strewn everywhere and NO ONE has made comments as to where these toxic pieces of manufacturing will end up"

    That was 2 yrs ago….

    Here is a recent article from the NY Post:

    More Than 1.5 billion Masks Will Pollute the Oceans This Year

    • sea says:

      Although my comment was made in early 2020-I stand corrected on the article timing in the NY Post (it was Dec 2020)- the quote of 1.5 Billion masks is 2 years old! So the accuracy is way off, I have searched for a current count (which I am guessing is being censored) and I cannot find any recent articles (2022) but we can only imagine the many Billions of masks every where including our already struggling ocean.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes sea, I agree. I have said the same thing- and what of the millions of nose swabs and home test kits containing toxins that nobody wants, or the tons and tons of hazardous waste of plastic syringes, latex gloves and disposable needles & hubs? Where the hell is all that stuff going to end up? I guess in the oceans and the landfills just like it always does. Our governments and the corporations they are in bed with are REALLY concerned about the environment aren't they?.. Happy Earth Day Everybody!

    • Lizzyh7 says:

      Not to mention all the cleaning chemicals spewed about everywhere.  The plastic bottles used to dispense that stuff as well.  But no matter, just diaper up and be sure to change your mask everyday, never mind where it ends up, you're merely a selfish science denier to point out the reality.  And then there's the endless wars we simply must fight, spewing carbon and toxic chemicals all over the world.  Or the green agenda with all the resultant chemical pollution.  Just strip mine the oceans so we can all drive a Tesla!  And by all means, do not look up at what is happening in the sky, only nutters do that…

  3. Linda.. LS says:

    Hi Dane

    I forwarded your interview with Ray and The Dimming to my county Supervisors, CAO and Sheriff. Everyone up here knows what's up and no one will acknowledge it or talk about it. El Dorado County is up to their ears in supporting geo engineering of all types. Then they say the forests are dead because we didn't log enough. I'm not humored. The forests are a frightening place to be these days. I feel so sorry for the innocent wildlife that are suffering in these deplorable man caused nightmare conditions. Those closest to nature suffer along her and all the inhabitants. 

  4. Earth Angel says:

    Congratulations on making it to the 40,000,000 mark on viewership Dane. I watched a very sad & shocking video on Fox 5 weather news site about the unnatural horrible snow & ice storms that hit the Dakotas recently. The video showed several horses INSIDE a barn that were COVERED in ICE, and I mean ALL OVER their bodies, and in their manes & forelocks- never in my life seen anything like this  INSIDE of a barn! The owner said they couldn't stop shivering and all we could do was pray that they would recover and not die of hypothermia.I don't know all the particulars but a horse in a barn should NOT be ice covered no matter how cold it is. As a horse owner I am horrified. Please pray for this woman & her animals. No telling how many others are suffering and losing cattle and other livestock, and what of the poor wildlife with nowhere to shelter and no relief? We HAVE to stop these bas*@r&'s RIGHT NOW.

  5. CJ says:

    What will they think of next? This is insanity!

    Mechanical trees capture CO2 at ASU Tempe campus



  6. Dennie says:

    From Common Dreams:  Dozens Arrested as Scientists Worldwide Mobilize to Demand "Climate Revolution:"

    "If everyone could see what I see coming," said one scientist, "society would switch into climate emergency mode and end fossil fuels in just a few years."

    If only it were that simple..

    More than 1,000 scientists across the globe chained themselves to the doors of oil-friendly banks, blocked bridges, and occupied the steps of government buildings on Wednesday to send an urgent message to the international community: The ecological crisis is accelerating, and only a "climate revolution" will be enough to avert catastrophe.

    "World leaders are still expanding the fossil fuel industry as fast as they can, but this is insane."

    What organizers described as "the world's largest-ever scientist-led civil disobedience campaign" kicked off just days after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report detailing the grim state of efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C by century's end, a target set by the Paris accord.

    As one of the report's authors put it during a press call earlier this week, "Unless there are immediate and deep emissions reductions across all sectors, 1.5°C is beyond reach."

    Warning that the IPCC report's language was watered down at the behest of governments unwilling to rapidly phase out fossil fuels, scientists and their allies took that message further during their direct actions on Wednesday, operating under the slogan "1.5°C is dead, climate revolution now!"

    "I'm taking action because I feel desperate," said U.S. climate scientist Peter Kalmus, who along with several others locked himself to the front door of a JPMorgan Chase building in Los Angeles. A recent report found that the financial giant is the biggest private funder of oil and gas initiatives in the world.

    "It's the 11th hour in terms of Earth breakdown, and I feel terrified for my kids, and terrified for humanity," Kalmus continued. "World leaders are still expanding the fossil fuel industry as fast as they can, but this is insane. The science clearly indicates that everything we hold dear is at risk, including even civilization itself and the wonderful, beautiful, cosmically precious life on this planet. I actually don't get how any scientist who understands this could possibly stay on the sidelines at this point."

    The Los Angeles demonstration was accompanied by other protests across the U.S., the largest historical emitter of planet-warming carbon dioxide and home to some of the most powerful fossil fuel companies in the world.

    In Washington, D.C., climate scientists chained themselves to the White House fence and were ultimately arrested as they demanded that U.S. President Joe Biden declare a "climate emergency," a step that would unlock a range of tools needed to combat global warming.

    "We have not made the changes necessary to limit warming to 1.5°C, rendering this goal effectively impossible," said Dr. Rose Abramoff, one of the scientists arrested at the White House. "We need to both understand the consequences of our inaction as well as limit fossil fuel emissions as much and as quickly as possible."

    "I'm taking action to urge governments and society to stop ignoring the collective findings of decades of research," Abramoff added. "Let's make this crisis impossible to ignore."

    No worries…very soon it won't be…still and all, am amazed that at least we have some real scientists left who can think critically and are not so concerned with the damnable "paycheck and pension" bullsh!t that they wouldn't turn out and protest via civil disobedience.  LESSON NUMBER 1:  NOTHING GETS DONE UNLESS SOMEONE ACTUALLY FEELS THEIR FEELINGS!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      ..And STILL NO mention of the climate disrupting Aerosol Crimes taking place over our heads every day by these protesting 'scientists'! Total cowards or totally ignorant. Either way it looks like we are going to have to kiss our as**'s goodbye in the near future. Good luck and Godspeed to all. Hope to see you in the hereafter.

  7. Raymond says:

    I made over $300 on Easter Sunday simply by betting everyone in this Texas hotel, who honestly believed it would rain… that we wouldn't see one single drop.

    As I collected on those bets, each person asked the exact same question:   "How on Earth did you know it wasn't going to rain, and how could you possibly have been so certain?"

    I said:   "Even though the forecasts made by every meteorologist, on each channel of the local news stations said we had upwards of an 80 to 100 percent chance of heavy showers and that thunderstorms were likely. I knew that they were wrong, because the signs of climate engineering to mitigate the rain, was so obvious that even a four year old child could accurately predict the exact opposite."

    Each person said: "WHAT?"

    I told them that Geoengineering of the planet's climate systems and weather patterns, has been taking place in our skies for over 50 years now and all you have to do is look up to see the proof.

    They said: "Really? What proof is that?"

    After spending about ten minutes explaining myself each time. I said:    "The person who runs a website called Geoengineering Watch dot org. has been dealing with this very same climate engineered drought nightmare, for over ten years now in California. And he has amassed more than 20 years worth of proof that is purely based on facts. Not conspiracy theory half-truths or conjured up fairy tails. He is dedicated to exposing the "great" elephant in the sky aka man made weather, via climate engineering. His name is Dane Wiggington and because he shares his knowledge and experience with the rest of the world. That's exactly why I knew it wasn't going to rain on Easter Sunday."

  8. Joseph says:

    Most consumers don’t know that the toilet paper they find on shelves is made in part from climate-critical forests like Canada’s boreal forest.

    Charmin, which is America’s number one toilet paper brand, is fueling a tree-to-toilet pipeline which threatens our climate, Indigenous communities, and the iconic boreal caribou. Every minute, a small city block’s worth of boreal forest is clearcut, in part to produce Charmin.

    Canada’s boreal forest helps regulate the global climate by holding more than 300 billion tons of carbon — the equivalent of 36 years’ worth of world fossil fuel emissions — in its soils, plants, and wetlands.

    We should not have to cut down climate-critical forests to make throwaway toilet paper. We need to stop this tree-to-toilet pipeline and make Charmin planet-safe.

    • Al T says:

      If this why we are getting this late rain? To create the conditions to release these bugs? Classic government thought process, there's too many mosquitoes but not enough to kill them off so we need to more to make less so make it rain.


      Also, what is the problem with mosquitoes out here aside from being a mild nuisance? What disease is spread? None. I've been bit ten million times by mosquitoes in my life, never once did I get sick.


      Also, despite being a mild nuisance, they are food for bats. I just say we love them alone.

  9. Matthew/Boston says:

    Sunday, April 17, 2022, 3:18 PM. A suburb about 20 miles outside of Boston. Sunny morning turning overcast in the early afternoon.

    I had just finished listening to this weeks Global Alert News a half hour earlier. I was going to my porch to drill and modify the frame that holds my protest signs.

    Some variation of hail starts falling in force.

    This wasn’t typical snow. It wasn’t rain. And it wasn’t hail like I’ve ever seen before, and I’m well into middle age.

    What landed looked like mini snowballs. It reminded me of the very light, round white ice melter you’d buy in a large rectangular plastic bag.

    I measured, and they were all between 3/32“ and 1/8“ in diameter. They barely bounced when hitting the ground, or any other surface. When hitting all the surfaces within ear shot, it sounded like muffled hail. The wind very easily blew them across whatever smooth surface they landed on, like they were made of styrofoam.

    I checked online and the temperature was 44 degrees. Wind from the west (the direction was my observation, not what it read online) was between 6 and 10 MPH.

    It lasted 10 minutes. It trailed off for two minutes, then returned for two minutes, then trailed off and didn’t return.

    I let a few melt in my fingertips and it did not have any slippery feel at all.

    It’s 3:50 and the sun is back out. At 4:02 I noticed all of it has melted.

    I don’t recall witnessing anything like this before. I think I’d have remembered if I had. It looked very unnatural.

    • Paul Davis says:

      BOSTON MARATHON Field Report:….

      MATTHEW- Yes… you described the "hail" fall perfectly. I too saw this event….  on Sunday….certainly looked like styrofoam pellets….  AND THE REASON for this event?….The international  event, The Boston Marathon….They needed to be sure that there would be cool temps for this global event…  Nice and cool,, just like "normal", for if it were a hot day in the 70s or 80s, the world would see this…. as long as there are  cool temps, then everything is normal, or back to "normal"….  these Weather Modifiers are very skillful as they have had much practice, financial support, and support  from the controlled news media….   -Paul/Boston 

    • Richard/Wisconsin says:

      Had the same thing happen in northern Wisconsin last week, on April 14, at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon.  Same appearance that you described, like small round balls of styrofoam that didn't make any noise when it hit the ground or on my vehicle.  And thankfully, no damage to the vehicle, either.  Lasted about 10, maybe 15 minutes at most, then quit.  But the next day, we got real snow, about 2 inches worth, that slowly melted over the next day or two.  Weird stuff, but clearly looked like it was a manufactured product of some kind. 

      Have noticed the same thing when it comes to weather reports, and talk of rain or snow that produces little or nothing, but there are plenty of trails in the sky prior to a weather event. 

      About a month ago, on a cloudy day, all across the sky it looked like an upside down plowed field, with what appeared to be actual rows from east to west horizons.  Was on a freeway so getting pictures was pretty much impossible. 

  10. Kay Clark says:

    All people need to do is look up. There is no longer a nature-made sky. I'm in the Midwest and it's 12:25 pm CDST and it's snowing. Not much now and I'm hopeful it will stay this way. 

    How I keep track of what's happening . . . I watch the sky, I listen for planes/jets flying over and can pretty well know that the weather will affect me adversely in the next two to three days.

  11. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    As always, Dane, thanks for your tireless efforts to raise awareness, despite the maddening public apathy. Years ago I stopped trying to talk with people close to me about geoengineering, because they just won't accept the facts. "One day," I hope, something will open their minds. 

    Dane, if I may ask: are you funding pop-up advertisements on TV station websites nationwide? Here in our little nook of upstate New York, I keep seeing pop-ups for "The Dimming" and It's such a pleasure to know one click can change so many of my neighbors' minds. As if the near-constant threats of "severe weather" and brazen aerosol sprays in our skies were not enough to convince them.        

  12. Stuart says:

    Idaho and Montana Earthquake Weather

    M2.7 quake reported near Augusta, MT this AM.  Winter Weather Advisory issued for that location.

    M2.7 quake reported near Stanley, ID last night.  Snow in forecast next several days that location.

    Geoengineering operatives spinning numerous Cold Fronts across northern tier states.  Engineered Cooldowns.

  13. Jonathan says:

    This afternoon I'm going back to East Carolina University. He'll be getting back to school tomorrow 5 on Easter break. Final exam start in about 10 days so there should be quite a few students at the Student Center today. I will hand out as many booklets and fliers as possible and also leave some for the students to find. We must all do everything we can to reach as many people as we can while there is still time. We never know how much time we're going to have so we must make every moment count. Now I want to share a quote from author Jack London.

    " I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze that it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."

    • Jonathan says:

      I apologize for the typos. Anyway, the distribution went well. I handed flyers and booklets to many of the students at the college. I also went throughout the Student Center and left materials out for the students who will be coming in in the coming days to study there for their final exams. A few years ago, the Student Center gave me permission to place geoengineering materials in one of the magazine racks beside the student center help desk. So I filled that back up as well. Because it is a liberal arts college and I don't want to trigger anybody I can lay across as a conspiracy theorist, which would cause many of them to shut down and ignore anything that I say, I simply walk up to the students and tell them that I'm handing out information on climate change and then head to the middle walk off. The words, climate change, are not threatening nor are they political or religious, so people's guard is not up. Then they can read the wonderful resources that Dane has made available and let those materials do the talking for me. I find that if I'm non-threatening and polite and respectful the materials are generally very well received. I don't engage them in conversation nor do I point up at the sky and tell them that we're all going to die or anything crazy like that. I simply hand them the climate change information and move on to the next person to the next study area or the next desk or table. I also went outside to wear one of the student buses was dropping off and picking up students and hand is some out there as well. The only time I ever engage people in conversations about this subject is if they ask me specific questions, in which cases I will respectfully answer them to the best of my ability and refer them back to the printed materials to research further.

      This is shared with you all for the purpose of encouraging everyone here to bloom where they are planted and to work as diligently within their sphere of influence as they can  to get information out to people.

      We still have not done enough work! They are spraying like absolute mad out here in eastern North Carolina. There is an unnatural chill in cold that is chemically induced within the weather on many days. It's not a natural cold. It's all so extraordinary dry here, and any rain that does fall which is usually not more than a few drops in a day, immediately evaporates. I can't even keep the bird feeder filled easily. The water just evaporates into the air in a short time. The planes are still flying. The filth is still being poured into our skies. I watched the other day as enormous tractors drove around the commercial agriculture fields around our house. I already mentioned before that I checked with them to see what they were spraying. The answer was glyphosate, atrazine, and halex GT. Carcinogens. Caution about eating commercial agricultural products. Congratulations to those of you who have been able to get your local radio stations to broadcast the global Alert news. The media here in my part of the state is completely closed to this. They won't even talk to me. All politicians at this point are essentially a waste of time. I have never encountered one single politician who would talk about this and acknowledge the truth of what Dane is talking about.

      Keep trying and never give up. Look the storm in the eye.

    • brent papon says:

      I've been using 'solar radiation management' to get peoples attention. I fully realize that SRM is the tip of the nonexistent ice berg, but it's 3 words folks know. The term geoengineering is too much for someone who has no clue whats going on. I am slightly educated and when I first heard geoengineering, I thought 'engineering the eart?.' 

      Of course, that is exactly what it is and the term is inclusive of all the B., However, Solar Radiation and Management are words any civilian can understand.

      Would also like to agree with all the kudos to Dane on his most recent Q and A. Dane. You are one of my greatest teachers and I thank you. Your knowledge of so many things is vast and you are very good at presenting those ideas. Also, a peot, at times. That said, as your student, I will answer the question nobody wanted to answer…

      With everything I have experienced personally and what I've learned mostly from you and some others on the net, I'd say we have @ 3 to 24 months left.

      As I've said before here, I thought it would have been last year. I just didn't think it would be possible to keep the charade going. The amount of spraying increases every day and the sheer amount chem cold ice nuke this season was unbelievable. I barely survived the winter. Everyone I know is struggling physically and mentally.

      So, yeah, not much time left at all. As I've said before, I'm hoping that some survive and are able to salvage something. It doesn't look good. I told my sister 5 or 6 years ago that if they kept spraying, they would kill everything. And they pretty much have. 

      Thanks again to Dane and everybody associated with this site. It is the only one I comment on.

      Peace and love

  14. Stuart says:

    More Earthquake Weather

    On Tue, April 12, a M2.6 quake was reported by USGS in southern IL.  Later that evening heavy rain and thunderstorms swept thru the area.  This was part of a large storm front which stretched from Louisiana to Illinois and swept to northeast U.S.  A Geoengineered 

    On Fri, April 15, a M4.0 quake was reported locally here near Catalina island.  USGS later retracted that report, calling it a "computer glitch" due to a "non earthquake event".  Well, SOMETHING happened, as many reports from citizens of FELT SHAKING were logged in.  Friday weather here was mild with clear skies, light aircraft spraying activity over land.  Saturday we awoke to HEAVY OVERCAST skies.  Once again, evidence of Geoengineering ops of upper atmosphere inducing earthquakes locally.

    Happy Easter and good luck to everyone here.  Hope VSF is OK, no reports from her lately?

    • virginia says:

      Stuart, a Happy Easter to you, as well, and thank you.  I am so saddened that almost all media have completely ignored this important day for so many millions of people worldwide.   There is only one conclusion at which I arrive and that is 'someone out there' is trying to completely obliterate Christianity.   As obvious as the engineering of our climate and weather. Why?

      As for the small earthquakes, Stuart.  They happen frequently all over the planet and they are hardly felt by those in vicinity.  Let us pray they won't get much bigger.

      Thank you again and best wishes to you..


  15. Paul Vonharnish says:

    At approximately 25:30 minutes into the presentation, Dane mentions the association of high wind conditions which enhance endothermic responses. Absolutely true. I've noticed these unnatural windage conditions for over a year. "Wind chill" effects are off the charts.

    If one pays close attention, they will notice that days prior to high windage or cold were heavy aerosol release days. If you are electro sensitive, you will clearly hear the ringing of HAARP apparatus or "other" forms of electromagnetic manipulation. These forms of manipulation are becoming more and more noticeable.

    I follow a number of automotive restoration videos on YouTube. Many of these persons are complaining of high winds and cold weather conditions, as this affects their ability to film or work outside. There are often clear traces of geoengineering tracks in background skies. They don't seem to notice.. Perhaps they are reluctant to mention awareness due to YouTube restrictions on "content"…

    In terms of awakening the population: Ask your neighbors if their ears are ringing, especially in the quiet of the night. You will be surprised at their response…It is not tinnitus.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Paul.  So good to see you back.  You were AWOL for a long period there for a while. Missed you.

      As for the ringing in the ears.  You are absolutely on the button.  I am electro-sensitive and can attest to the ringing during the night hours.  Some only last for one minute or so,  but obviously not tinnitus.  Scary when it happens because one wonders what the hell is going on.  Thank you for covering that in your post.

      Hope your Easter was pleasant.  Be safe and well.


    • Kelly K Green says:

      Hi Paul,

      I just saw one of your comments on Dr. Mercola about Geoengineering & The Elephant in the Sky missing from the discussion on Biodynamic farming. 

      Thank you! I often leave comments on RFK's Children's Health Defense but I have issues signing in to leave comments on Dr. Mercola's website.

      I noticed last week that Catherine Austin Fitts discussed Geoengineering on her weekly show on CHD and it was the first time I have seen any content there that mentioned it. There is a link to The Dimming as well, but there is a disclaimer that CHD doesn't necessarily support the views presented in that segment. 

      Peace and Blue Skies,


    • brent papon says:

      I too have experienced the ear ringing for a few years. Thankfully, it doesn't last too long. This year, is the first year,but we have had very unnatural winds in NE Ohio. 

      PS. SVF please comment here, if you are able. Many of us are concerned.

      Peace and Love 



    • JR says:

      Yes Sir from Southwest, NM. The ringing in ears has been going on for some years now 24×7. I hardly ever post now but we get bombarded with SAG/SRM, known as chemtrail spraying all the time. These no good must be lusting for doing evil plus being blind in more than one way. In no way insulting a physical blind person, my respect. I feel for all being affected with these concerted sprayings. The winds come of course, this has been going on for a long time. Peace to All 

  16. Anx Plaino says:

    "Fire rainbows" in Western NC, courtesy of "jet contrails"?  Wow.  It's so in your face these days.

  17. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Boston, MA Field Report…

    Small observation: indicative of Xrays or UV B& C radiation hitting the Earth surface….   I saw an Azalea bush with what looked like someone took a paintbrush of brown paint down the side of it….  A section of brown, dieing leaves… like a strike of UV-C radiation striking it on oneside  like the path of Xrays or UV-C radiation.    Like shining a flashlight on the plant, dead & dying leaves.-Paul

  18. Dr. Mike says:

    Here in New Jersey are we more safe?  3 days ago, it was 88 degrees F at 4 PM; and less than 12 hours later was 41 degrees.  Does anyone question?  The west side of every tree on my street has it's bark severely burned.  Can I wake up many more before they can't find supermarket food?  If we avoid the next virus, will our brains still process normally?  Have most been conditioned to what they think is a "normal" sky?  It is all anything BUT normal!     

  19. Geoff Hanham says:

    Hi Andrea,

    You will probably be well aware of them, but if not, look up Eleonore Pauwels and Yuval Noah Harari.  Humans thrive on ''Conspiracies'' and always have done:  just look at Tudor and Elizabethan England – or take any local government council !  But the 'disposal' of the ''Unnecessary Eaters'' aka the ''Many too many'' aka you and me is most certainly a priority and ''They'' are damned by their own words, actions and all too public arrogance and disdain!

    Thank you Dane, you are a very brave man and ''True of Heart'' as the old English saying goes . . .

    Geoff Hanham


    • Kelly K Green says:

      Juval Harari,

      A Quote from a recent speech given at Davos by Israeli "futurist" historian Yuval Noah Harari: 

      "Those who fail in the struggle against irrelevance would constitute a new Useless Class. People who are useless, not from the view point of their friends & family of course, but useless from the view point of the economic & political system. And this Useless Class will be separated by an ever more powerful elite."

      He also says that we are no longer Spiritual Beings but instead are Hackable Animals.

      Peace and Blue Skies,


    • Diane Friday says:

      Some of us will NEVER be "hackable". Those who follow GW and comment here are among the "non-hackable". I don't pretend to know why we're among that group, and it doesn't matter. I'm just eternally grateful that we can't be programmed or controlled or mesmerized – call it what you will. "They" hate is, and that's good enough for me. 

  20. Paul Davis says:

    Thank you Dane-   The Creator knowing that the human race has done great damage to this planet, knows that on its current course, the human race will decimate the planet. Knowing this, the Creator has sent people into this world on a mission–to protect & restore the planet. Dane has been sent on a great Mission as has each of us–each to serve a specific role. For if this planet is decimated, humanity will destroy the life support system of the planet.  In addition to sending people to save the planet, the Creator has now sent new Teachings to support & to guide these efforts–stopping the destruction and restoring Earth. Each one of us has been sent herenow to do this, for this is not the responsibility of God, but of each person.  See …for Teachings including:…The Great Warning, The Global Emergency, The Race to Save Human Civilization, The Battleground, The Shock of the Future, and other essential Teachings….Thank you , Dane………..  Paul

  21. Gary Morrow says:

    Well, I finally got kicked off of Facebook.But not before I had posted thousands of comments and articles exposing the lies of the mainstream media. I am happy to report to you that a huge portion of the population is aware that the official ????? 19 narrative is a lie. Sadly, not so much so for the geoengineering herd of rampaging elephants in the room. 

    I had used for identifying logo on Facebook a picture of the ocean under a deep blue sky that had a single fluffy white cloud. The caption read I want  this sky again. Most people took that to  mean that I wanted better days ahead. Very few people understood that I mean it quite literally too.

  22. Sylvia Farley says:

    Here in NE Spain, Catalunya, freak weather has decimated fruit crops. Wonderful blossom was hit by heavy rains and high winds, stripping all the tiny fruit from the trees, almonds, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, olives are bare. Growers face bankruptcy  and fresh fruit will be scace this summer. My own garden has also sufferred. Living here, Iwhere I spend much of my time outdoors,  am very aware of the damage done by weather warfare to fruit, vegetables, and flowers, from poisoning from chemtrails, to drowning, dessicating, and burning with UV radiation. Everything is becoming smaller, weaker and less productive, year by year in spite of my best efforts to feed and protect my crops and ornamental plants.

  23. Andrea Biondi says:

    Like I said on the comments section on youtube, another channel commented a couple days ago he was wearing shorts, now he's being snowed on.  Commenters to his channel thought someone manipulating weather.  Also, check out the Georgia Guidestones (it's real), a monument in that state, that has ten tenets on it, one of which is reduce the global population to manageable levels, namely 500,000,000.  Interesting.  I think this has been in the works for a long, long, time, along with pandemics, etc.  Call me a conspiracy theorist, but usually conspiracy theories have a grain of truth to them.  I left a comment on that guy's channel to check out your channel, hope that helps.  

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