Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 22, 2023, #402


Dane Wigington

Record warmth to snow, back to record warmth and then back to snow again, all in the course of a week. Such extreme temperature and weather whiplash events aren't random acts of nature, they are the direct results of completely out of control climate engineering operations. The meltwater from chemically nucleated "snow" is contaminating waterways and farm fields. Though the Western US has been the target of relentless engineered winter weather in recent months, much of the rest of the planet is baking and burning with climate engineering operations further fueling the fire. Where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For a global perpective, below is a global "departure from normal high temperature" map for last month, March 2023. The only terrestrial region in the entire world that experienced below normal average temperatures for the entire month of March is a portion of North America (seen in blue shades). This is not an act of nature, it is a result of climate intervention operations by the world's largest military machine, the US military. Planet Earth is spiraling into a state of total meltdown, geoengineering operations are further fueling the overall fire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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50 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 22, 2023, #402

  1. Geoff Hanham says:

    Dane, so long ago now, we went to an animal rescue center to find a dog that chose us, but on the way out there was an Amazon parrot that went frantic as we passed…  We approached but  were warned that it had been badly treated and would bite! But she put her head down and we both unhesitatingly gave her a 'hug'… We then started ro move away and she started to 'cry'… We had never seen or head such anguish and pleading in a wild one… We took her home… The bonding was immediate – my wife was a beautiful dancer and Penny would sit on her shoulder and display, wings outstretched in all her beauty – when I played our piano she would sit on my shoulder and react uncannily to wat I was playing… her song would range from very loud raucous to beautiful quiet sub-song and indescribable soft murmurings…. She is now sitting on my shoulder spellbound at some Debussy piano music… But looking all the time at my wife's empty chair…

    In our infernal human arrogance and wickedness these beautiful wonderful creatures that have so much Love are being burnt alive and destroyed in their millions… WHY? WHY?

    Geoff Hanham



  2. Geoff Hanham says:

    Dane, just a short while age I went to the front yard to feed a young robin from my hand, and to my delight and astonishment found a soft-carapaced 'woodlouse' (English name) wandering over the path of our  house…  The first I have seen for many years… These ancient and so eneficial creatures, once so common in our childhood are now so rare… I put my finger near, it came and touched with its feelers for a second or two,  then wandered off to a gap in the pavers… It left me  beyond sadness remembering the  once myriad evening insects of our old West Country where they were a delight every day – we used to sit for so long and wonder at their beauty… So many brilliant metallic tiny beetles, the beautiful butterflies, bumble and honey bees and in the evening so many moths from the tiniest to the size of a baby sparrow… How can one not cry in anguish and rage at their loss…

    Geoff Hanham

  3. Lance says:

    On May 1st around 8am the weather machine (I'm not joking!) is going to create a low pressure system over the ocean just off of San Francisco/San Jose. Its going to increase in strength and pull moisture in from a large high pressure system way out in the Pacific Ocean. Thunderstorms are forecast to start up over the eastern Sierra range in afternoon on May 1st lasting into late evening. Rain is forecast with heavy wet snow above 9,000 ft. The low is to move inland late on the 1st and park over or just north of San Francisco. Rain is to increase in many locations in central CA. More snow is forecast for the mountains. Low is to get stronger and bring heavy rain down on the watershed that drains into Oroville Reservoir (near capacity right now!). Around 8am or so on May 2nd the low will move west, go back out over the Pacific Ocean, and gradually move south. For those of you who think that the weather isn't being controlled, you're either in denial or decieved!  

  4. Samuel and Katherine Lee Bates says:

    Your the best Dane.May the evil that has caused so many troubles blow away in the wind. Very hard to believe that such a beautiful world has to go through this evil but we will win and love will prevail. Hold steady and we will get rid of this evil.You and the ones that follow you know we have a tough fight but keep a smile on your faces and love in your heart and lets Beat This !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lance says:

    Massive amount of tropospheric "dust" coming from the NNW covering Oregon and moving into northern CA/NV. Unreal looking!

    Sector Images: Pacific Southwest – NOAA / NESDIS / STAR

  6. Lance says:

    World's first cultivated grouper fillet (

    Natural fish are dying out, and are so full of toxins they shouldn't be eaten, so this is their solution!

  7. Lance says:

    Heat wave hitting California is likely to bring hottest weather so far this year (

    15 degrees hotter than normal for this time of year! But, a cool down to happen next week. From one extreme to the other!

  8. Lance says:

    "Moscow has been hit by a historic heat wave this week, with temperatures reaching a 120-year record due to the effects of climate change, Russia's weather service said Tuesday. On Monday the Russian capital sweated under 34.7 degrees Celsius (94.5 degrees Fahrenheit), according to Roshydromet, matching the record for a June day from in 1901." ( news report)


  9. Lance says:

    Tried to send some info but lost my connection for some reason. Anyway, stratospheric aerosols all over central CA, NV, and into UT. 80F here north of Sacramento. Supposed to get to 85. Sun feels really hot to me. Very little wind. That is all for now.

  10. Robin says:

    Looking back on our recent heat record- 88 degrees- in St Paul, Minnesota (2 weeks ago), I concur with Lance's  April 23 comment.  He said that the spraying operations may also be done just to prevent higher temps/not to create rain.  Indeed if a sudden surge well into the 90s occurred, more panic would ensue, more would ??? the weather whiplash.  On the other hand the sky show did awaken people!

    I found an email by NEXTDOOR website which I seldom use.  Very interesting as to the discussion of overwhelmingly obvious jet sprayed skies from that record breaking heat day.  I was glad to see that someone aware of the thick denial of many as to the reality of climate engineering had a comeback.  She prudently said the whatever the opinions in this heated debate, please investigate "The Dimming" to learn more about this issue.  Needless to say- I chimed in by adding support to those opened to lean toward or state that indeed these operations are a reality (with 'The Dimming'/this website/comments etc.

    Lots of ways to connect.


  11. Lance says:

     After looking at the "departure from normal high temperature" map for last month, March 2023, I remembered a news report from yesterday in which a location in Russia experienced a massive fire. It started in stacks of logs that spread to a nearby community that burned down dozens of buildings and homes. This area has been experiencing major drought conditions and hotter than normal temps! BIngo!

  12. Harry says:

    "If I seem completely disillusioned with so-called academia, it's because I am."


    I hear you Dane, and I admire your never-ending desire to make a difference in this world.


    Courage is contagious, may we all stay engaged, and positive for our own sake, and for the sake of humanity.

    • John says:

      Isn't that a coincidence that over 1/2 of the carbon increase occurred in the 1980's, Isn't the end of the 70'd when the militarys,(china, russia, u.s., signed a treaty on geoengineering(1978 as I recall), to keep it confined over each respective country. Could it be. Pretty sure geoengineering was responsible for the crash in Kenner Louisiana in but reports say sometime  in July between the 9th and 12 th of July) due to a microburst, There seemed to be several news reports of a white blanket of dust in Arabi, LA around that same era. and numerous reports of green slime falling on roof tops in areas of the country blamed on leaking sewage tanks on aircraft. Really???? Seems like early experiment attempts to me.

  13. Nemo says:

    And another thing…

    IMO the left gets it right more than most.

    But not with the wmds.

    Iraqi had weapons of mass destruction.

    The chem gas He used on the Kurds

    It was made here and sent through Germany.


    So good at gassing



    • virginia says:

      Nemo: It would be helpful if you gave us a detailed reference to back up your astonishing claims about Iraq's 'chemicals of mass destruction" and its use on the Kurds.  Thank you.  It would be interesting to hear your views on the depleted uranium use by USA and its allies which now poisons not only Iraqi soils but its people – to this day.  By the way, USA and UK are still sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine for the same purposes.  War is Hell – for all sides.

  14. brent papon says:

    Hey guys

    Check out Lee Camp on rumble.

    He did a piece on Geoengineering a day or so ago.

    I think you should get in touch with him Dane.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Brent, thanks for the heads up on Lee mentioning geoengineering. I have communicated with Lee in the past, but he did not seem interested in further investigation of the issue, hopefully that has changed.

  15. Jonathan says:

    I turned a section of the back of my property into a wilderness area. It is very small compared to the wilderness areas that some people have available. But it is being planted every year with all kinds of perennial wildflowers to attract insects, small mammals etc. I had some success last year and have planted hundreds and hundreds more seeds this year already. I planted many acorns last fall and counted the other day 28 young oak trees coming up. It is a small wilderness area for the animals and is right beside where I feed the wild foxes every night. Even the smallest nook or cranny of wild space can be a haven for the precious animals with which we share this world.

    People could learn a lot by studying the lives and cultures of the indigenous peoples of this world, what few still remain, and how they see themselves as a small part of a much larger system of life and endeavor to live their lives in harmony with the rhythm of the universe, such as the Dogon people of Mali, Africa.


  16. Lance says:

    "…SRM approaches to managing climate change require initial and ongoing addition of aerosols to the atmosphere, with increasingly greater additions as emissions of GHGs rise, given the risk of sudden and potentially catastrophic warming if aerosol levels are not maintained."

    Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols – PMC (



  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Toxic Vinyl Chloride Pollution: It’s Not Just an East Palestine Problem, Report Shows
    Children's Health Defense

    A report released this month shows that what happened in East Palestine was far from an isolated incident and that people across the country are regularly exposed to vinyl chloride pollution, particularly those living in low-income areas and communities of color.


    Vinyl chloride is a colorless gas used to make polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics used for such things as pipes, vehicle upholstery and plastic kitchenware.

    Vinyl chloride contamination is primarily emanating from petrochemical production and waste disposal facilities, according to the report issued on April 13 by the nonprofit Toxic-Free Future.

    The group said it analyzed data collected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), finding that in 2021, U.S. vinyl chloride and PVC plastic producers released more than 400,000 pounds of vinyl chloride into the air, and that just five companies account for more than 97% of the nation’s vinyl chloride air pollution.

    Those five — Westlake Chemical, Formosa Plastics, Occidental Chemical, Shintech and Orbia — collectively manufacture more than 10 billion pounds of vinyl chloride per year, according to Toxic-Free Future.

  18. Lance says:

    There are two big water supply reservoirs that need to be watched closely as or if the weather in CA heats up this week as forecast. Shasta Reservoir is at 95% of capacity. Oroville Reservoir is at 90% of capacity. Rapid snow melt could easily change this in a short time. Am looking to the NW right now from my current location north of Sacramento and am seeing the particulate formations moving in from the NW right now. Sky was fairly blue earlier, but now its becoming light blue as the particulates in the atmospheric moisture move over the area. Quite hot in the direct sunlight. UV is at level 8 or 9 now. UV radiation is what causes snow to melt rapidly, not the air temperature. By the way, aurora's were visible from San Diego last night! Does this cause heating of the magnetosphere that protects the planet? Stupid question, but hey, according to the "Weather Girl" were stupid people!

  19. Lance says:

    The "Weather Girl" claims she's "brutally honest about how stupid people are about climate change science", but not one word about GEOENGINEERING!

  20. Lance says:

    Big melt possible in the Sierra's, the media proclaims! Could be catastrophic, they claim! High temps in the low 80's in the CA valleys, 70's in foothills, 50's in the Sierra's right now, but are to increase later this week. Am staying north of Sacramento so I'll be experiencing it first hand! Meanwhile, geoengineer's are conducting aerosol operations out over the Pacific Ocean NW of CA. Particulate trails are over northern CA coast right now and are moving to the SSW. Clearly visible on SAT microphysics and tropospheric dust images. Sitting out in direct sunlight right now is uncomfortable, to say the least! Air quality is not good either! 

    • Dennie says:

      We're supposed to be getting an hour of direct sun at solar noon in order to get our vitamin D levels up and stimulate melatonin production in the skin cells, but being in direct sunlight much after 11 a.m. means burning up.  I couldn't pick up my solar lights yesterday, they were too hot to handle with bare hands after sitting in the sun for charging. The air's been absolutely filthy for weeks. I suspect the crap that's in it gave me arthritis, swelling of three joints on each hand.  I'm a professional musician (or I was…). Great, huh?  Why can't the people perpetrating every step of this massive crime against humanity and nature have their Karma delivered quicker, with interest?

    • Earth Angel says:

      I have to wonder about the news hype of big flooding with the melting of the 'snow' at the higher elevations out west since artificial ice nucleiation generally sublimates from a solid to a gas bypassing the liquid phase. We know most of this material has been created by this process so how could it cause major flooding? My guess is they would need to pull a great deal of moisture from the pacific to create massive floods again. It will be interesting to see what happens with regards to this.

  21. Dagny says:

    We got hit this last weekend. both saturday 4-22 and sunday 4-23 with a chemical freeze. it isn't nature it is man who created it. the water in all outdoor bowls did not freeze. not even a crust on it but the grass and trees had a light film of frost on them. That frost destroyed the leaves on every single tree that had leaves and flowers on it.  it burned every bloom. not one tree got missed. i have never seen this level of destruction from so little. They sprayed it into existence. 

    years before this they spray and kill the blooms on the fruit trees so we get very little fruit if any at all. this year. they killed the trees! they all look like wilted lettuce. not one tree missed. all the sugar maples, all the elms, all the hickory, all the black walnut, the one pecan tree we have blackened. all the chestnuts limp. not one leaf on it left. this was not a deep freeze it wasn't ice…it was chemical completely!! it came from the back of the airplanes. and yet people say it is 'nature'. there is nothing NATURE about it…it is man made chemical that mimics natural frost but with a difference it penetrates and kills the whole tree. 

    our grapes look like they got hit with a flame thrower. crisped and dead. from one weekend of man made frost! at a temperature of 40 degrees….yes…40 degrees. 

     every white and red mulberry tree leaves and flowers dark brown and limp. the bramble roses are limp.  the bamboo we have is dark green now and folded over to the ground. it is the hardest plant to kill and yet it got wiped out in one weekend.  it couldn't be worse if it got hit with an agent orange like vietnam.  all the emerging leaves, and flower and what little fruit started. dead. 

    the whole forest in our area acres and acres of trees wiped out. two days in a row they have done this and it is worse every morning. the ground is warm but the chemical frost burns. it makes our hands freezing cold and white like loss of circulation. they promise to keep it up for another week…there won't be a single tree left! i would not be surprised if no new leaves emerge after this hit. 

    this is the worst kill of our orchards that i have ever seen. they came up with something new!  or made it thicker somehow. heavier saturation. there will be no nuts, no fruit. nothing for the wildlife to eat this blooms left for the honey bees to pollinate.  nothing for people either. things under greenhouse cover survived. nothing else did. 

    beware the killing frost this spring. 

    just a report from the south

    • Dennie says:

      That is just horrendous. The same freezing/burning crap that hits all our plants is hitting US.  Most DO NOT EVEN FEEL IT–!!! It gave me arthritis and now I don't know if I'll ever play professionally again… F'in BASTARDS–!! WHEN THE HELL WILL THESE INSANE PEOPLE EVER WAKE UP TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO THEMSELVES.  If they have children, THEY ARE CHILD ABUSERS.  And why do we think it's okay to abuse ADULTS?  And ANIMALS?  And wildlife, and wild plants?  Where the HELL is the military going to get the FOOD to feed their homicidal kiddies doing the dirty work of the crazed gazillionaires calling the shots to the mthrfcking POLITICIANS and GENERALS?  When are we going to see ALL of THESE CRIMINALS and EVERYONE WHO HELPED THEM lined up and given the Ceaucescu treatment, televised live so we KNOW they're done? And WHY the Hell do we have "parents" who raise kids who BECOME MONSTERS like this?  

    • John says:

      In Southern Louisiana, this frost burned  all the leaves on the upper canopy of the persimmon tree and left the underside intact. Didn't kill the tree fortunately, also got the crepe myrtle leaves but not the plants. The blueberry bushes close to the road under cover of over towering trees and act as a  windblock from the west were spared and rose bush located next to house in an area shielded from the West.  all the plants grew new leaves, leaving the dead leaves as a reminder of what happened. They are glued on apparently.

  22. Joe says:


     World military expenditure rose by 3.7 per cent in real terms in 2022, to reach a record high of $2240 billion. Global spending grew by 19 per cent over the decade 2013–22 and has risen every year since 2015 (see figure 1). Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a major driver of the growth in spending in 2022. Military expenditure in Europe rose by 13 per cent during the year, which was the largest annual increase in total European spending in the postcold war era. The exceptional growth was largely accounted for by substantial increases in Russian and Ukrainian spending, but many other European countries boosted their military budgets in 2022. Spending increases in parts of Asia and Oceania also contributed to the global growth in 2022. This SIPRI Fact Sheet examines key regional and national military expenditure data for 2022 and trends over the decade 2013–22. The data, which replaces all military spending data previously published by SIPRI, comes from the updated SIPRI Military Expenditure Database

       This is important since war is one of the Biggest Polluters on the Planet.   

    There are so many issues to deal with etc,

    Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2022 (

  23. Martin says:

    Dear Dane,

    Our current rainwater here in Polperro is full of surfactants, which shows up in the rainwater downpipes in the village.

    Until I pointed it out to friends, not one of them had noticed.

    It would appear that most people in the UK have had a lobotomy.

    Or they don't want to know and bury their heads in the sand.

    I despair !!


    • penny waters says:

      know polperro well from family holidays sir

      essex is the same – full of stupid people who indulge themselves and use stuff like it is going out of fashion

      women who want to wear frocks all year round instead of dressing for the weather

      vanity, vanity, all is vanity – is that from solomon in the bible?

      i really believe that most people do not think on any sort of level that involves not being selfish – like small children they indulge themselves

      fast cars, big houses, constantly buying of stuff

      the people in britain have lost their way although i am quite sure that my generation have never had 'a way' just reacted with the animal that is below the neck, leaving the heart to be governed by the genitals….and leaving the brain wrapped up in self indulgence

      i miss my mum and dad's generation who really knew what self control was – well amongst the working people who had been born in the depression years amongst people who had nothing – while the royalty – well did what royalty always do – don't walk amongst the people – don't know them – watch the peasants from afar with little compassion and love

      and as for the coronation – well am sure i will be out under the sky when that farce is on

      did i say that charles windser has bought a 'piece' of land in transylvania – where his great grandmother lived – you would think he had enough land wouldn't you? or is it somewhere to hide?

      told to me by a person from the area who lives here  

      what a joke



  24. Dottie Derewicz says:

    Why is Donald J Trrurmp and Rpbert F Kennedy Jr..not speaking out about this ..Robert F Kennedy Jr. is saying he is the grreat..climate change..king..Why is he not even mentioning this?…Why are they afraid????..Please if we could just get one of these to even mention it..we could make a difference..Have you met with RFK..sir??..Please meet with him..and let's see what he has to say..He seems honest and to him..plead with him..Thank you..for who you are and what you are doing but please ask them why they are not speaking out..

    • Harry says:

      Hi Dottie,

      Saw your post, and thought I would chime in.

      Until recently, I believed in both of these men, but what I am hearing from Dr. Shiva tells a different story about them. I have also heard bits and pieces from other sources, so unfortunately, I do not think they will be a part of the solution.

      Dr. Shiva is now running for president, and he seems to make clear they are part of controlled opposition.

      Now, the question that begs for me is, who can I /we trust anymore?!

    • Lance says:

      Those who put their faith/trust in men and their works don't understand that this way of thinking has put humanity in the situation, or "trouble", they're in today. The blind leading the blind have always run off the road and ended up in ruin!

    • Robin says:

      Hi Dottie, For your information RFK jr had an interview with Dane (CHD-tv.  'The Dimming' was also posted on his website.  I have followed Childrens' Health Defense.  I believe someone on this discussion board brought that interview to my attention.  So, yes- RFKjr knows of it.  He made quite an amazing opening speech to his campaign.  Enough of us get on to the streets?  I think he will follow through, knowing his life will be at grave risk.  It already is. 

  25. JR says:

    Southwestern N.M. is getting blasted with much spraying with SAG/SRM/SAI. The clouds that were around got obliterated. The remainder of clouds around seemed to have gotten pushe up North away from us. We are all in this USA for those only observing people, people in our country somehow believe we are covered by God's grace. I pray for his kids & the unsuspecting that they would wake up but reall? Everyone seems to be into a good time and run over you to get to that point. We are led by oppressors & corruption & liars…

  26. Jackie Pollock says:

    This really is shocking information and data on what is required to produce Green Energy and its components!!

    And populations don't know anything about this since None of this is put forth by the media and power people in control.

    Terrible!   Thank you Dane for reporting all these Facts!


  27. Ken perry says:

    i really like your show an listen to it every week for yrs now and i know i see the chemtrails nonstop it effects my breathing an gums me up at night only to feel fine the next day only sleepy an worn out its nonstop it seems like an i know im suffering from it but its everywhere i went to the hills an noticed they dont have any smell no pine tree scent just damp an dead smells im awear of this but i also know that 75 yrs ago the parabal of the fig tree took place now 75 yrs later we are on the verge og the Tribulation of end times it says we have bad earth changes an bad weather and it also says nothing that mankind does will effect the end times stuff so they can keep sprayin the skies an pretend the winter is winter an summer is summer one day  it will all blow up on us besides we are just before the 6th seal HAVE A GOOD ON ALL id be ready its coming soon

  28. Randyl J says:

    Thank You Ongoing Dane!!!

    Thoughts ~To KNOW:

    “It doesn’t matter,” They say. “We are all ascending along with Earth, into a higher dimension”. “No! Says another; “God (Allah, Great Spirit, etc.) is bringing a New Earth down.” An octogenarian sighs, “Just take me home to ‘Heaven.”  Or perhaps the so-called Intergalactic “Seeders” wisely wait:“Foolish humans destroy what the Creator gave them. We will reseed Earth after they are removed.”

    One and a Half Million Souls have touched this website!!! Where are You? Where is the cohesion to unite ALL of US?  We have these Free Tools! Let’s keep sharing!!!

    IF I’m being removed from a life, I want to KNOW ‘How, Why and What’ – even if it feels I have no choice. Dane is the ‘Voice of Truth Crying in the Wilderness!’ KEEP SHARING EVERYONE! At least let Others KNOW!! As Humans, We are ALL fractals of Consciousness/Source. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW!!!

    Randyl J

    • penny waters says:

      how, why and what……randy j

      the only way i can reconcile myself to the idiot human life and what is happening is that nature creates and destroys …..

      and within its creation, are the seeds of its destruction

      and we are just a part of nature – not apart from it and we were created by nature and nature creates and destroys

      so be it…. tis painful for us ones who feel the wind on our cheek and the sun warming – the ones who know – really 'know' that they are alive – life is about suffering the buddhists say

      and life has always been about suffering to me from the anger of my elder sister towards me and the arrogance of many others along the way, who think i am lesser than them

      i believe my soul/energy was given to me to use up by not retaliating to others darkness – so my light is being gradually extinguished with the hope that, by the time it is my time, there will be no soul left cos it has balanced with the darkness i have received

      if that makes any sense to you sir

      if i didn't have this mind and this heart i would be lobotomized like so many others who do not live on the edge.. in the moment..full of awe for life and how it comes to life

      the tiniest creature fills me with awe – even though i squash the ants in my kitchen i have warned them – do not run about in my kitchen amongst my food and eat it – we are in competition then and i have an urge to survive and so will kill…until the end….and then they can eat me…. if they are still here!

      what minds we have and what heart…if we can feel it! and still laugh!

  29. Stan Sylvester says:

    In observance of Earth Day, Good Morning America had a segment on cloud seeding. Meteorologist Ginger Zee reported on the attempts to combat the lessening of water levels of the Colorado River. 

    She interviewed Garret Kammans, President of North American Weather Consultants. He said that they can't make the clouds appear but can give Mother Nature a "boost" when a rain system is in the area. 

    With the current drought conditions, business is good for cloud seeding. However, Mr. Kammans may be looking over his shoulder. The University of Colorado is trying to develop AI drones that would replace those cloud seeding planes. Yet another industry and its employees in danger of because of AI!

    At the end of the interview, Robin Roberts spoke on behalf of environmentalists. She asked Ginger if there should be concerns of the chemical Silver Iodide. Ginger assured her that any of the chemical reaching the ground was "negligible."  I'm sure with that response, all environmentalists watching the segment let out a deep sigh of relief.  



    • Lance says:

      The lies being told concerning geoengineering, the advanced electronic technologies and the toxic elements being used, are absolutely preposterous! I wasn't going to post anymore comments, but the lies are just too much! I watched from my location west of Rio Vista, CA, as the aerosolized elemental particulates sprayed into the atmosphere over the Pacific coast came in from the WNW to cover the entire sky over central CA on Sunday the 23rd of April. Lots of toxic "dust" on the hood of my black pickup as a result!  The temperature got up to 85F here and I am quite certain that if this spraying had not created this artificial cover it would have been hotter. This isn't about creating rain, its about keeping it from getting too hot, mainly so the massive amount of snow in the Sierra's doesn't melt too fast! UV radiation level is at 8 today and is expected to rise next week. UVC is making it to the ground also! Major earth directed CME to cause a bit solar storm on the 24th! Its going to get hot!   

  30. Jonathan says:

    If there's anyone in this audience who has contacts in India/Asia or close friends from India/Asia who may know other people in India/Asia, please share this broadcast with them.

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