Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 12, 2015


The reality we have all known continues to unravel from every direction. Industrialized/militarized civilization is comparable to a vehicle careening down the side of a canyon after crashing through the guardrail. The human race are the occupants of the vehicle, and even at this most critical juncture, their focus is on what seat they get and what radio station is playing. The power structure continues to facilitate the total distraction of the public in countless ways with mainstream media as a primary tool, this includes PBS. If you think you are getting the truth from such a source, think again. This week's Global Alert News elaborates on the current collision course we are all on. From false flags, US wars of aggression, ocean collapse, and biosphere implosion, the truth is being spun and shrouded from view. The public's perception of reality is being manipulated to a degree that cannot truly be comprehended. If we are to have any chance of altering the current course of our fate, the populations must be awakened.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Look at the Mess over your neighbourhood at the picture at the very top of this page. They ain't from cars or smokestack's. It is from all the Aerosol spray that the Planes and Jets continually dump on you from this Geoengineering Scam that continues each and every day.
    I really hope that the Sheeple and the Denier's wake up to this ongoing onslaught of disaster.
    When you see the direction of the flags blowing and the wind that is blowing from the South and how warm it is in certain areas, possibly you might figure out what is going on.
    As you see on idiot TV weather channel these people are flooding out all kinds of areas while causing drought in other areas.
    The Indiginous people that live up north are being flooded out while California is Burning up.
    Just like the staged 9/11 attacks. These people that are in Wall Street are making huge amounts of Money on all the Disaster which keep reoccurring each and every day. 
    I find it very hard to believe that people are so lack-a-Daze-cal on this subject that is so apparent that even the Birds over head can figure it out!
    Well wake up to the Fat World of Useless Eaters!
    Because that is what is happening.
    Poisoning your water, your food and the air you breath.
    Why are they doing this?
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road right to the Money Trail.
    Better wake up real soon People.
    Just look at the Obituaries and see them falling like Flies.
    Each and every day. Another one Bites the Dust.

  2. Lucille Wolff says:

    “The great storms of the world are coming, the Great Waves of change, the great upheaval. For humanity has sown the seeds of this for a very long time. You are standing at the cusp of a new world experience. It is not the end of the world, but a great transition to a different kind of world reality.”

    Presented here are recommendations to assist you in beginning to prepare for the Great Waves of change.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Lucille,  Your post of that link is an excellent and useful contribution to our ongoing dialog.  Thanks.  Larry

  3. Dane : I wanted to know how much aluminum is needed for microwaves to damage humans. The way foil lights up in the microwave. This is disturbing to me if this might be one option. Thank you as always. 

    Ray Pharaoh

    • Larry Charles says:

      Raymond,  you might want to Google "heavy metal detox"  or "aluminum detoxification.   Larry


  4. kenny says:

    Just went out around 1PM here in southeast NJ, and was sweating in my car, even tho'  I was dressed in September attire.  Got the windows open and the outside cooling vents open.  I'm looking at the outside temps per my car's "computer" and it reads only 59 degrees, could not believe my eyes.  I get home and look at my Ole fashion thermometer and it reads 68 degrees in the shade!!!!  Guess they also have our cars computer rigged for temperatures.

    After all morning of ice nucleated "clouds" and HAARP, plus the weekend, they must have run out of the stuff!!!.  So this afternoon, we are getting chemtrailed, so obvious, they are coming up from the south, along the coastline and then doing a quick loop and head west to the sun.  the loops are hanging in the skies.

    Heard the local weather report while I was in the car, and "they" say, it would cloud up later in the afternoon, tho' temps will remain in the 60's, with a chance of rain and maybe thunderstorms over night…what a joke.  Guess they have another shipment of chemicals on the way, to ice nucleate again.  It is supposed to remain cloudy and foggy the rest of the week with temps remaining in the 60's until the weekend, when a "cold front" is expected to come in.  Guess it is going to take them that long to set up to move the jet stream, just in time for the weekend, to once again try to fool the population in the northeast!!

    Dane, wish there was a way you could forward all these great comments/weather reports to the people you know, so they know, that we know.

    Spoke with my friend who has been with me on this since 2012, and she said, do you notice now on the news from all different countries regarding this ISIS thing, the Ukraine, Paris, etc, the skies all look the same.  I have been noticing that for a long while.  The first thing I look for in photos and videos from like RT or even a blogger I follow in Hawaii, these skies are everywhere, all over the world..  Maybe that is another way to slowly start the conversation with others that are still really on MSM.  

    one last thing, went to the bank to get some "cash", and on the back of the envelope it says Bank Human(TM)…on the go, online or in person.   WTF, "Bank Human"???  Would love to hear comments on this, it is an outrageous trade marketed statement from a "bank"

    • kenny says:

      Well, now it is 3:15 PM and the skies have been ice nucleated once again.  I should have put the dots together before my comments above.  But it just so happened,I noticed a wide body jet, flying extremely low, just towards the military bases just west of me.  There are no commercial airports in this area.  We have Newark, way up north, we have Atlantic City, way south as well as Phildelphia.  This plane was way too low and heading west/slightly northwest.  I have been living here for almost 13 years, there is no commercial airline flight patterns that fly over.  so, I can only surmise, that this wide body jet was flying in more chemicals to ice nucleate our state.  The temps dropped at least 10 degrees within minutes.  I rushed to close the windows as the cold air rushed in.  The skies are now that pale yellow and blue smears.  Also wanted to point out, before the Ice nucleation, I saw chemtrails that were PURPLE, A COLOR I ONLY SAW AT DAWN.  IT DID NOT SPREAD OUT OVER THE SKIES, BUT STAYED IN TIGHT FORMATION
      Sorry to say, but the majority of our "military" have been so thoroughly entrained/drugged with so called vaccines, barked at, degraded, they are literally unconscious!!! and just robomilitants, who only obey orders.  Those who do not are weaned out, by death (Pat Tillman) permanent dismemberment, drug addicted, etc.  So when, and if they can come home, they are yet again beaten down and suppressed into homelessness, bedridden, failed VA care.  All that fight off these mind controlled programs and want to speak out, are exterminated.  Dead men tell no tales, that is the motto of these pirates, who they call themselves "government".  As Dane said, they are all in on it, just playing out their part in the play.  So called Human Beings, altering the minds and souls/frequencies, TO MAKE YOU BUY IN.  IT IS REALLY NOTHING MORE THAN A REALLY LONG INFOMERCIAL BEING PLAYED OUT ON A WORLD WIDE HOLOGRAM.  aND THIS IS WHAT i WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE.  None of us are there..little is reported, by family members that remain.  WE ARE "SHOWN" THESE THINGS EVEN FROM ALTERNATE MEDIA, WHAT IS THE REAL TRUTH?  DO YOU GET THE SAME INFO FROM REAL LIFE HONEST FAMILY MEMBERS, WHO ARE NOT HELD AT GUN POINT TO CONTINUE THE LIES?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Kenny:  I wondered about the accuracy of modern car thermometers for a few years now.  The Prius I was riding in on my way to Healdsburg one very hot June late afternoon about three years ago said it was 98 when it seemed over 100 degrees. 

      Even on cold days when you're sweating you can feel the heat of the sun when it comes out, like yesterday mid-day in Ukiah, CA. 

      What bank are you talking about?  If it's one of the Toxic Twenty, little wonder.  I decentralized back in October of '08 after the melt-down. Pulled my funds out of CitiBank and walked them over to the Redwood Credit Union, an 8-county Northern CA credit Union.  Good deal.  MORE should do the same.  THAT action WILL SHOW THEM!

      PEOPLE:  If you are banking with B of A, Chase, Wells-Fargo or any of the other "too-big-to-fail" banks, now bigger than ever before (they have 45 percent of the deposits now, as compared with 25 per cent like they had in 2008 when they melted down), GET OUT.  DECENTRALIZE and put your money in a small local bank that doesn't make risky investments or a credit union that doesn't trade on Wall Street.  At a credit union you're a member, not just a customer.

  5. Eric Piper says:

    Has anyone noticed a decline in smaller bird populations? We currently have a strange bird disappearance in Seahorse Key, FL. Geoengineering would also explain a lot of the strange deaths of birds dropping from the sky in the past. Also have seen a lot of jets spraying chemicals that dissipate almost immediately (looks like contrails), and spraying in tandems.

    • kenny says:

      yes, we have hear on the southestern coast of NJ.  We had finches all year long, barn finches, purple finches, and gold finches in the spring/summer/fall months en mass.  lucky if we see a barn finch.  No butterflies (which I had so many over 5 years ao when I planted specific plants, and now not even a moth can be seen.  We used to have duck galore, being on the coast and living along the canals, barely any left, the egrets that had finally come back in the early 2000' to 2008, gone, yet again!!!!  We also had huge popuation of swallows during the summer months, loved to watch how they played amongst each other, and how they would attack and chase the robber barron "blackbirds" out of the neighborhood.  In early spring, would hear the marshes come alive with the sounds of frogs/toads, as they emerged from their winter hibernation…silence…all I hear is silence…there are no fish in the canals, that used to jump out of the water to catch a bug, all that lurks in the canals are jellyfish

      We are not alone in our observances, not only what we see, but what we hear…2 eyes to see, 2 ears to hear, ONE voice to declare and make known the atrocities the few have and continue to do through out mankind's "His stories".  We must all break down the language.  look itt up, why do so many "words" have so many different meanings, why are they verbs, nouns, adjectives and now most of all Acronyms.  As Dane has said, do the research yourself, just this word alone gives you a clue…RE search…why are we RE searching, the meaning of the word itself, tells you, we had aleady searched and found at one period and time, but whatever happened afterwards, requires us to RE SEARCH.  

      Why do we need to re search, because the (k)nowledge we had obtained, was taken from us, burnt…they love to use fire to destroy records/history…have done so thru out history, over and over again…if not that, they say they were lost in a flood..really?  all indiginous people with ancient (k)nowledge have been genocided or put on "reservations"  are you kidding me?  When you start to dig into the true meanings of words and their meaning, you will discover the hypocrisy

  6. Larwence says:

    Hello Missy,
    What is the name of the video you are referring too in your post here?

    • MISSY says:

      Lawrence: There were a few I posted today, one was about respiratory virus , the other one was from Barry Davis a post to his BC group, and the other one is a trailer called Amerigeddon (share far and wide) for a movie due out in January 2016.

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all, It is literally freezing here in Berkeley.  And the rain!  So much rain.  After the drizzle and mizzle, we really didn't believe it would rain like this and young grandson did not board the coop.  Which might not have helped much.  The coup floor is soup!  Tarp up now…. but damage done. I slept through the lightning and thunder dang nab it because I love both.  My daughter was sleeping in a trailer a block away and said the noise from the thunder seemed to be coming from the ground. 

  8. Paul Craig Roberts
    The Neoconservatives’ Hegemonic Goal Of Making Sovereign Countries Extinct Is Bringing Instead The Extinction Of Planet Earth
    My warning that the neoconservatives have resurrected the threat of nuclear Armageddon, which was removed by Reagan and Gorbachev, is also being given by Noam Chomsky, former US Secretary of Defense William Perry, and other sentient observers of the neoconservatives’ aggressive policies toward Russia and China. … the IMF is presenting itself, although the financial media will not notice, as a tool of US foreign policy. …the institutions of Western civilization are in fact tools of American dominance. The institutions are not there for the noble reasons stated in their founding documents. The bottom line is that Western Capitalism is simply a looting mechanism that has successfully suborned Western governments and all Western “do-good” institutions. As in George Orwell’s 1984, the IMF is dividing the world into warring factions …
    The Western peoples are so dimwitted that they have not yet understood that the “war on terror” is, in fact, a war to create terror that can be exported to Muslim areas of Russia and China in order to destabilize the two countries that serve as a check on Washington’s unilateral, hegemonic power.   …the US is pushing a policy that means the end of life. Yet, the majority of Western governments support it, and the insouciant Western peoples have no clue. … The US government pays Internet trolls to ridicule such questions and their authors.  …In the West lies prevail, and the lies are driving the world to extinction. An expert reminds us that it only takes one mistake and 30 minutes to destroy life on earth.  Full sane article here:

  9. Obama is a Goldman Sachs sock-puppet! How do you spell HOPE? Goldman Sachs ratzoids! Bizness as usual…
    A List of Goldman Sachs Ties to the Obama Government–including Elena Kagan
    Under the Obama Administration, in 2009 alone, Goldman Sachs took more than $20 billion in taxpayer cash through bailouts, payments and backstops; and then turned around and paid out $16.2 B as 2009 bonuses, plus an additional $5 B more in bonuses in 2010 [Without Obama Administration’s “help” Goldman’s bonuses would have been zip, zero, ziltch.]
    Did you know corporations, like Goldman Sachs, can buy “help elect” a majority of Congress by donating a mere $1.6 B in bribes “campaign donations”? That’s less than 10% of the $20 B “bailout” Goldman Sachs received. Easily affordable, with a 10x return on investment.
    Multi-Billion dollar give-aways bailouts don’t just happen by themselves . . . Goldman Sachs is lovin’ it.
    A List of Goldman Sachs Ties to the Obama Government Including Elena Kagan

    When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, no major U.S. corporation did more to finance his campaign than Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Employees at Goldman donated more than $1 million to Mr. Obama when he first ran for president.

  10. TNGEOWATCH says:

    This is a bold wrap up of current economic events.  Advise reading to the end.
    As Dane says everything is connected back to Geoengineering our very existence.

  11. wayne says:

    Wow, whacko weather, clear on Saturday with the exception of the silvery white horizon, Sunday they started spraying early, took over 42 pictures, all day insanity….the evening brought continuous winds with gusts in excess of 45 MPH very cold and “two drops” of rain absolutely psycho!  Palm Springs area.

    • Ken says:

      You would not believe the heavier-than-ever-before cobwebs in the trees from the fallout over Bosnia. I drove into Venice, Italy and back to eastern Bosnia last Friday. The 5-10 jets at a time where EVERYWHERE streaking from horizon to horizon their toxic goo…

  12. Philoveritas says:

    It still hasn't snowed yet in my area(Hamilton, Ontario). Which is something I can only remember happening twice in my life-time. Sure we have had green Christmases before but not a last quarter devoid of any snow. The jets are still at it everyday in the early morning in the eastern sky and thankfully my friends and family are starting to acknowledge their existence. I believe I has had more success because the approach I take is simply to state "they are making clouds again…" It's easy to point out and once people start paying attention then they inevitably reach the point where they come and ask me 'why'. When I tell them it's because of 'global warming' I often get scoffed at with the whole "it's a scam" meme. This year it seems they have decided to cool down the west instead of the east. Two years of polar vortex is enough to keep the masses asleep I guess…

    • Greg says:

      So true, and as far as I know there has literally been no snow as far north as Thunder Bay, some 13 hours north of Hamilton give or take….this is the strangest I have ever seen it, a week of fog, you can see how saturated the sky is with moisture and it rains a couple of drops and then stops.  Last night it was trillions of particles of what seemed like moisture, but I didn't feel even dampness on my hand, and the way these "particles" were falling almost floating through the sky, just was out of proportion with my experience….weather whack-a-mole to quote Dane!

  13. Shirley Kistner says:

    Dear Dane,

    I have to give credit where credit is abundant.  You are an American Patriot Hero.  Thank you for your factual and intellectual World News reports in regard to Climate Change.  I first noticed spraying in our skies three years ago.  I asked my neighbors if they knew what we were witnessing that particular morning?  Two quickly replied, "Oh those are condensation trails".  Once again I questioned;  why are there 14 to 16 jets flying irregular patterns with thick trails of of extreme irregular exhaust that's remaining in the atmosphere for hours as it continues to get longer and thicker?  Their answer;" those are military jets".

    Since that time I have taken in excess of 3,000 overhead photos of the almost daily sprayings.  I have to admit; this is the first time I've feared for my life and the lives of my family members and close friends.  Actually, I fear for the lives and welfare of all Americans.  I've traveled from New York to Florida on numerous occasions witnessing the identical events of unpleasant spraying experiences as we have had in South Carolina.  Many South Carolina residents have concluded this is not a conspiracy theory.  We can smell and taste what is being sprayed on us.  Sadly, most people won't come to terms with the criminal acts that are taking place.  I've always been of a proponent of factual research.  Follow the money trail and you'll get closer to the truth.  Why at age 84 would Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild and his wife Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild make a substantial stock control investment within the weather industry?  Secondly, his family connection, along with David rene' de Rothschild of France, to The Bank for International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland.  Thirdly; I've listened to several interviews of lies from Obama's Science Czar John Holdren who replaced Green Czar communist, Van Jones.  The list goes on.  The bottom line, this must end.  People need to wake up now.  I'm doing all I can to give factual sound information on a consistent basis.  I shall continue.   

    May God Bless you Dane for your brave service to our beloved United States of America.   I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Respectfully and Sincerely yours – Shirley 

  14. MISSY says:

    Here is a movie trailer for a movie that will come out in January called Amerigeddon exposing our 'government'.

    • MISSY says:

      also here is letter from BC chem group

      Hi all:
      If there is a Video to understand completely, this is it. In other Words, turn off everything including your Cell,
      shut the door to your Study and listen to this at least 3 times, 5 would be better!!! One spot to understand is at
      the 16:20 mark!! Near the end is important info where the Mugs in Government are allowing likely a 3rd World
      War to get going…..this could be a mask, as Governments know our Fiat Money System is Broke….it cannot
      go on as it is. So, we will be taken to War to actually cover up the Lousy Job of managing our Money
      that Governments created!!
      For 14 Years now, I have been trying to have Governments look into the stopping of Chemtrails and a lesser
      amount of years to have Agenda 21 stopped. Taxpayers have not been told a thing about either of these two and
      both, so far, have cost Taxpayers
      billions of Dollars. Chemtrails on a Monthly Basis is a billion Dollar expenditure
      that Governments all over the World go to great Lengths to make sure they are covered up. I certainly do not want
      another War, however, Warring has benefits in that Chemtrails and the Push to make Agenda 21 a part of us; will
      likely be stopped….Governments will just not have the dough to War and still Bury us daily with Nano Aluminium
      and the other 38 Toxins that make up a Chemtrail. Edward Teller told Government that CO2 Production would
      double if Chemtrails were allowed to go ahead…..Government went ahead anyway and look a the Pickle we are in!
      And added to this, if War is on the go and we go into a Depression, there will be even less Money to Mismanage!
      With Money being so very tight, we may also get rid of the Fraudsters that have Infiltrated most of our Lives!
      Barry Davis,
      Vancouver , BC .

    • MISSY says:

      also here is something that was posted on this site last Sept, 2014

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "I'm just so afraid of the world that you're gonna have to grow up in" says the "mom" character in the trailer. 

      Well, not enough so right now that any of these kinds of people would actually MOVE to do anything about changing any of this. 

      "They" make money on all of us sheeple on the way up and on the way down, says Gerald Celente of Trends Research.  Why not capitalize on the collapse of western civilization in the entertainment sector by delivering up a mish-mash fantasy of What Could Be Our Future, handed to us by the handmaidends of the Elite, who decide what movies we'll see will be made? Money/Power/Control is their "holy trinity."

    • bija says:

      Noticed the credits are heavy with the Norris name. Mike Norris is Chuck Norris' son. Nice to see that he and his family are really doing something to wake people up!

  15. I'm sure this is old news to many here, but good support evidence.

    Whistle blower: James E. Phelps studied electrical engineering at the University of Tennessee with his thesis being in core reactor refuelling electronics for breeder reactors.  Much of his work was at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee (ORNL) which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) where he worked in the areas of radiation detection and measurements and site remediation amongst other tasks. He developed the concept of air pharmacology while working at ORNL.  This concept entails "treating" the air with chemicals to mitigate and offset the effects of other toxic chemicals in the air such as hydrogen fluoride and chlorine.  The purpose was to lessen the extremely toxic effects of fluoride pollution while not stating that a problem existed to the public.  The entire art of pharmacology is about how to add one more toxic effect to mitigate another from industry or environment. The chemtrail technique is basically air pharmacology – how to add one more pollutant that has some positive synergistic effect against another.  Phelps developed this approach while looking at weapons plants worker health effects at ORNL. Jim has been actively and openly involved in criticism of ORNL and DOE and much related material may be found by searching online.  There you will find much on "air pharmacology" or "scattering" or "geoengineering" or, in other words, "chemtrails".  He has openly made claims of being a whistle blower.

  16. michelle says:

    I live on the Australian Eastern Seaboard and the spraying also hides that which is coming and that which is coming is here and visible in Australian skies. A new star rises prior to the sun about an hour before our now very early sunrises and very late sunsets which are as out of place and not keeping their times like the moon. I have seen two stars of a day and blocking out the sun you can see what look like stars orbiting the sun. Put welders glass over camera and snap a photo. The WiFi and heavy metals in you and around you will no doubt help with the micro chip they have ready for you. I call upon Jesus everytime I hear that ringing and it stops immediately every time.

  17. Leo Derosia says:

    I saw 2 planes spraying over nw new hampshire on saturday. I never gave it any thought until I found this site….they were going up and down too so do not tell me that they were commercial jets. Some guy on the boston herald said it was jet exhaust and I was of course wearing a tin foil hat….there is certainly a msm blackout on this and many other criminal stunts that the people in power take part in. 

  18. Robo Sapien says:

    The United States is a dictatorship organized by corporate entities under the auspices of the illegal, treasonous federal reserve. Almost every alphabet agency, IRS, CIA, FBI, DHS, ATF…these are examples of treasonous agencies used to enforce an illegitimate government on WE THE PEOPLE. This is why they disarmed the military on US soil, these monsters are afraid of the US military. That should be your first sign on who to turn to for help. These usurpers are deathly afraid of the US military and its oath to protect WE THE PEOPLE. Their fear of the US military gives me hope, all is not lost if we find allies in our armed forces. Any belief in a constitutional republic where you have a voice is wasted energy other than putting in these traitors face the fact that WE DO NOT CONSENT. WE DO NOT HAVE A GOVERNMENT, DISABUSE YOURSELF OF THIS NOTION. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE DECLARED ENEMY OF USA INC. This attack on us makes sense when viewed from this lens.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo, I agree with you.  But what do you mean by saying: "This is why they disarmed the military on US soil?"  That I don't understand.  Dane has long been saying we need our brothers and sisters in the armed forces to join us.  I first thought that seemed too much to hope for.  But, maybe not and some are coming forward.  Some.  But others in service have said a lot of these guys don't care, they are killing machines who do not care.  You described yourself at one point as a killing machine.  So, I wonder what brought you to this site?  This might give a clue as to how to reach others.  I wonder if you are in touch with others?  and I wonder that if our armed forces rebelled, what would keep them from going rogue-as in mercenaries for hire?  Or for the hell of it? 

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Rachel, American soldiers are not allowed to bear arms while on American soil, not on bases, no where. The president's military guards are not allowed to have bullets in their rifles. They are afraid the US military might simply wipe out the unconstitutional and illegal FBI, ATF, DHS, CIA, NSA, IRS , Federal Reserve  et al. If I were president the first thing I would order is the arrest of ever member of every alphabet agency or even a CONUS commander with the sack enough could easily control the entire united states within 48 hours deposing all impostor government officials of USA inc and establish a legitimate constitutional government, if his troops were armed. I was in the military and there is not one soldier who would disobey an order to take down this illegal fraudulent government- we ache for a general to command us to right the ship.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo, I did not know this.  The Presidents guards have no bullets in their guns?!  The military aches for a commander to give the order to overthrow this illegal government?!  Wow.  This not armed on US soil thing, is that why the government is now so heavily arming the police with military weapons?  This would answer that!  Gee.  I am stunned.  Gives me something to think about.  

  19. Ed Bee says:

    Driving back from church this afternoon, I can't believe it is 60 degrees in mid-December in Wisconsin. I see one dead or dying tree after another. The bark is rotting off and covered with green mold. Many have just fallen over. It got me to wondering if our end will come by suffocation eventually, if the cancers and other health problems haven't already. Don't we need all the trees to replace carbon dioxide with oxygen? With growing populations and diminishing plants for food and oxygen production, I think we are on a collision course with disaster.

    • a simple horserman says:

      Just curious here.. Did those who attend church discuss geoengineering at church today? If not, "Why Not!"… It's a valid question, wouldn't ya say?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      They never discuss geo-engineering or chem trails or anything any of us discuss here (because unlike the general public most of us here actually know how to observe our surroundings), in church.  There has been NO specific discussion of the die-off of wildlife and loss of species, NO discussion of toxins in our environment and NO discussion of the corporate/military/baking contribution to this.  Oh, they know it's there, but they never connect what's happening environmentally to what we might actually do to take action to stand up for God's creation– this is simply never discussed, there are NO ideas about how to go about that and churches, for the most part, no longer get involved in community actions or public educational events, like rallies and marches.  It would be an extremely unusual church that would take on the subject of omnicide.  They'll march against hunger and poverty, but there is NO connection, apparently, of social injustice and the loss of the health of the environment–!! to the Money System, never mind what Adam Smith said about the wealth of nations… Oh, they do complain in their sermons that too many are just a bunch of mindless "consumers" who have no time to get involved in the common good which now means we need to give everything we own to the poor, move over and squeeze in a little bit tighter to make room for all the people coming to a North American city near you from the Middle East, as it is in process of being depopulated so the U.S. military can occupy the oil fields for the rest of time, no pesky occupants needed to stand in their way.  Guess they didn't have the "heart" to gas them all to death, after all, so they're literally being dumped on us.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ed Bee, Hello.  Weird how this made me feel good in that I have friends in Illinois who send me pictures of healthy trees.  Such that they tend not to believe me.  There are places where trees do look healthy, for now anyway.  But yes, suffocation would seem likely, given the plankton too.  Science is now saying that bushes capture more CO2 than previously thought.  But, factor in the amount of methane in our air, along with lack of oxygen and things look grim.

      a simple horseman, below your comment, asks about if this was discussed at church, this being geoengineering.  A valid question.  Religions have done much harm.  But, if churches got behind this, we'd gain some real traction.

  20. gordon haskell says:

    Arrests have to be made and I can only assume that those arrests will be carried out by the military themselves and /or with all the Veterans aid. All available evidence must somehow find a way into the 'right-minded' officers' homes -by-passing official corrupted channels. It's absurd now that we all know the names of the culprits right up to the very top of the oligarchs and their bankers and yet no military has been organised to defend the citizenry, when it is the citizenry's taxes paying their wages. 

    • Stuart McDermott, England. says:

      Hi Gordon,

      As far as I am aware we all still have the right of citizens arrest if the situation so deems. I think we are now in that situation.

  21. An Update on Global Spraying with Clifford Carnicom
    Catherine Austin Fitts, The Solari Report on December 10, 2015
    Clifford Carnicom: I found a paper by the Federation of American Scientists and it was like this group was trying to make amends for having been involved in nuclear testing. They were postulating what they felt they might be involved with in the future and they brought up the topic of LIDAR. It was fascinating to me because this is obviously a think-tank at the highest level in terms of what we think is the most important thing to be working on. And this group was putting forth the proposition that they should be working on LIDAR. So I looked up LIDAR to conceptually understand what it was and it fascinated me to no end in terms of the implications.
    Many of us know RADAR. Radar is a system where you bounce a radio wave off of something and you can detect its existence or not. LIDAR is the same idea except that they use light waves instead of radio waves. The main difference for LIDAR would be the size of the particles you’re detecting. Instead of detecting a boat or a ship or a plane, LIDAR is directed towards microscopic, sub-micron sized particles.
    So when you start thinking about the development of a system that essentially could monitor and track the location and distribution and movement of material on a micro / nano scale, the possibilities are completely endless in terms of what that means. One of them was certainly that this has real prospects for development of surveillance systems at essentially a microscopic level. You breathe particulates. Particulates are in our body. How could I eliminate the prospect of developing a system that would allow me to track information down to the microscopic level at any location that I chose to?
    Catherine Austin Fitts: In 2000-2001, someone I knew who used to be very senior in covert operations at the CIA showed up in my life very suspiciously and tried to persuade me re: a whole bunch of different things. One of these was: by breathing in the materials that were in the aerial spraying, they were basically displaying a global ID system. The particles would find each other in our bodies and they would create the equivalent of an organic bar code or chip.
    Clifford Carnicom: How can I eliminate that from consideration? Because what is being said there is exactly the picture that I have. It’s quite sensible to me that unique signatures could be presented at essentially the cellular level or lower. It’s quite conceivable to me.
    Catherine Austin Fitts: I think what these guys literally want is the ultimate database of everything that be managed as a dynamic system in a simulation.

  22. Bill Russell says:


    Great show. Correct on all points.

    Keep telling people about all the lies and shite other

    than GeoEng.  People must see the whole picture.

    An intelligent person cannot ignore everything.

    If you tell all the facts, one thing will stick and

    then a cascade of belief will come. They will awake.

    Bill Russell 

  23. Marc says:

    So what's with this Paris accord, anyway? I mean, it's not lost on me that turning around a ship the size of the Titanic takes time, on account of it's immense size and bulk and INERTIA. But while it is interesting on one level to ponder the final text of the Paris agreement, the big REVEAL is that, amidst all the structured language designed to appease as large a majority of the countries in attendance, there seems to be a lack of urgency embedded in the accord. The time frames pertaining to "re-evaluation" of the collective efforts are marked in 5 year intervals, etc. Really? Does this mind-set not reek of delusion? The extreme urgency of the global environmental situation is so watered down in this accord as to be virtually invisible. Is that the only way it can work at these levels of government? Ponderously slow and thick, like trying to swim free-style in a pool of honey? Is the real and palpable sense of urgency to the whole matter left up to all the alternative news sources, such as this site here? And even if the extreme direness of our global predicament were to be emblazoned across every headline newspaper, every popular magazine, every top-tier tv news program, and every online news site, bullhorned by every Prime Minister and President, would it even make any f**king difference to the masses mired in their own special brand of inertia, false understanding, or desparation just to survive day to day?

      The Paris Accord seems to me to consist of platitudes and legalese. Do I wax overly cynical here? Maybe. But even if there is substantial "follow-through" on promises of action by all governments involved, my feeling is that it will be "too little, too late." And as we here all know only too painfully well, unless and until fossil-fuel addiction AND global geoengineering is radically curtailed or ceases completely, and SOON, the health of the world that the Paris Accord is allegedly trying to save will continue to spiral out of control in a nosedive to annihilation.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Marc, Waxing overly cynical?  I think not!!  This time frame is to reach such and such a goal by 2050??!!  My progressive activism sites say that this was not what was hoped for.  And that it was hard to get all to agree to anything such that this is a victory of sorts.

      Either somehow we are all way off on a time frame, us doom and gloomers.  Is that possible?  Does it do our issue service to exaggerate, to believe that we have but years if that?  Mass delusion as an ex-friend described it.  You know, as if scaring people into action?  That will be the takeaway for some, who will point to this accord saying that if all these people believe this will help, then it can't be as dire as what we are saying.  But all research and science says it is.  Are we to believe that these leaders have no clue?  Leading politicians, leading scientists, think tanks, etc.  On the other hand, if they described how dire, everyone would freak out and all hell would break loose and not in a helpful way.  So, are they taking that into account?  Who knows but that this was no help.  At all.  But we really didn't expect better did we?  Same old same old.  Depressing, but not new.  I, for one, am not "into" doom and gloom, nor waiting for the Resurrection.  Facts are facts.  Diplomacy is not my gig.  I don't want to meet anyone halfway, as in this time frame that term is meaningless, as meaningless as the goals they've set.

       We always expect better of others don't we?  That, itself, says something about us.  Something not doom and gloom.  They are the ones churning out the doom and gloom, via such difficult yet paltry efforts with poisons to boot.  And abject refusal to disclose geo-tinkering, despite all, as obviously this would lay blame on governments, not us "normal" humans or cows or cars-which is their whole focus.  Not that it does not count, BUT!!!

      And of course, the main government responsible for the most harm is ours.  So embarrassing.  So shameful.  I mean for things even other than geoengineering.  Like nukes.  Like what we've done to Africa and other nations such that they must overfish to live, must slash and burn to live.  Must cater to American needs or perish.  We've done enormous harm to South America, to Africa, to the Middle East as well as Asian countries.  And to This once perfect country.  Trampling everyone's rights as we go.  Again, embarrassing.  Maybe that is why there is so much football pride?  Pride in country, in a right livelihood, in purpose served, is just gone baby gone.  Perhaps people crave pride.  Need a sense of pride, like self respect and that doesn't seem to be wrong, unless it leads to blindness, stubbornness and the kind of pride that goes before a a fall!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Well put Marc! You have a fine way with words. The only way I can see anything meaningful getting done in a time frame that matters with regards to stopping the current lunacy will be to completely circumvent the governmental/ legal systems which are now in place. How that takes shape or what it will entail I have no idea. For the record, I am not an advocate of violence, although the entire web of life on this planet is currently being violently attacked in so many ways. We could sure use some Divine Intervention on our behalf, and soon!

  24. JR says:

    Good Morning from Southwest, New Mexico-USA. With some nice cloud cover Sat. 12/12/15 we did receive some rain, Thank God. This Sunday morning with winds left over from last night into present they persist from HAARP mix no doubt. The reason I say is because what Cloud's did remain the lowlife Chem Sprayers SAG/SRM were, and still spraying big time from East, and North to South along Interstate 10! You people know it looks whited-puffed, billowed out like. The clouds earlier in sky were broken up and odd looking shaped. Some years back on another board (site) the meteorologists were trying to conjure up same new name for the new formations. This was due to the Chemtrails-SAG-SRM, and don't forget HAARP.

  25. Donna says:

    Hi Dane, Excellent Program. Another thing people might not know about is the Giant Swastika-Barracks (Naval Amphibious Base Coronado just south of San Diego). Built in the late 60's, they've changed the roof color on one of the L's, but you can still see it, loud and clear on Google earth.  I'm in Arizona, where so many retirees are out golfing and enjoying the outdoors unaware of what is going on above them. I was wondering if I too, can get the graphics for the Billboard that went up in Rohnert Park to make a Banner for the tailgate of my truck and for my yard. I also thought of using 2 umbrella bases in the truck bed with 2 posts and the Banner when I'm at the store. They have been spraying the crap out of us, and it needs to stop.   

  26. kenny says:

    talk about upside down, after the dawn today with yet again, bright red, purple and pink lit up chemclouds, we were bombarded with massive, massive ice nucleated "clouds", here in southeast NJ.  it is now 8 AM and the skies are solid white/pale yellow, while the "clouds" are blue, with the HAARP wave pattern.  They are now spraying BELOW this fake cloud coverage.  It was so warm last night, that it woke me up at 3 AM and I had to put the ceiling fans on and noted the outside temps about 69 degrees.

  27. Martine says:

    I’m curious, has there been any mention whatsoever of geoengineering at the Paris climate talks?!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Martine, as expected, geoengineering was only discussed as a “proposal”. More detailed data on this in tomorrows post for

  28. Mike looking up says:

    CAN SOMEONE HELP WITH EXPLANATION ? This is my second post this morning but a hour after my first I looked outside maybe 5 AM and sceen heavy fog.  This is my concern, I took a flashlight and had it focused so to see the heaviness of the fog. What was surprising too me, many like tiny bugs in the air. (but obviously not bugs).  What I seen was as many as thousands of these tiny like things as I was able to video shoot this with camera and fashlight.  Is this actually real fog or is it part of the aerosol spraying? I seen a couple of videos done with Black Light catching fine particals as I'm wondering if this is the same, nighttime aerosol spray. Does this sound like anything someone has seen or heard of in the past? Thank you

  29. Mike looking up says:

    Hello all and thank you Dane, yesterday I finallly lost a friend.  We had been debating this and Fukushima for some time. As the reports came out from TEPCO and the Japan Government as well as our own, I finally told him I could no longer do this. The idea of being intellectually honest means something to me. In a debate I'm honest, If someone brings up a good point I acknowledge it.  This man couldn't do the same, and reached for exuse after excuse.  Many will not WAKE UP a sad truth but the MSM has them locked into a corner. I asked him at the very end how can you make your stand knowing all you do?  I added a couple of statistics., besides the acknowledgement of media owned and operated by 5 mega corp's, congrees approval rating is at 8 percent with a larger lie of 5 percent unemployment, how can you still believe in anything said by media or government? Don't you see everything and I mean everything is manipulated? He said, well, that has no meaning coming from the media.  So finally at that time I just gave up. For It's something like a sicknes really. I can only hope he does well the rest of his life. Take care old friend for without being intellectually honest and or "To Thine Own Self Be True" you have nothing except a lie. **** Weather Report from the Detroit area****  I believe new record highs have been set  but worst of all we haven't seen the sun in 9 or 10 days, nothing but breaks here and there. Even though we can't see them up there, I'm sure there working  over time. Be well all and once again many thanks to you Dane, many thanks. Mike Looking Up, maybe the 30th time I've reported here and you all be safe.

  30. Todd says:

    Humanity is at a crossroads, and after years of research on this and many other subjects, it is apparent that mankind is not entirely responsible for this mess.  We've been brain-washed, mind controlled and drugged into complacency and apathy.  The current mass awakening that is occurring globally and our affinity for our world will see us through these challenging times.  It is our destiny to solve this together, and this site is a prime example of how much we care.  One foot in front of the other, is our way back to freedom, and those responsible for this enslavement will be held accountable.

    World peace and love to all, Todd, the ezwriter.

    • David says:

      It's is absolutely ridiculous/insane that these Climate Engineering Weather Modification/Warfare Programs are going on. The Criminal Climate Engineers in the driver's seat need to realize it is affecting them, as well everything on Earth (Omnicide). Why would they do this. I am sending E-mail 's with attached photos to NWS Jacksonville, Naval Air Station Weather Jacksonville and to all the Local News Station Weather Departments, of the Aircraft spraying aerosols for SRM/SAG, that I observed yesterday. Our skies were Crystal Clear Blue here in Atlantic Beach/Jacksonville Florida, on Saturday 12/12/15, up until 2PM, then within 45 minutes of multiple jets spraying particulates, the sky was 80% covered with aerosols. I went onto the Naval Station Mayport KNRB hourly weather observations. That station was NOT reporting the Aerosol layer. I also went to Naval Air Station Jacksonville KNIP hourly weather observations, they were reporting a scattered cloud layer at 25,000 feet. It read 250SCT on the log. Why was one Weather Station reporting the aerosol layer and the other Weather Station in Mayport 5 miles away from me, Not observing and reporting it. Naval Station Mayport KNRB and Naval Air Station Jacksonville KNIP are 35 miles from one another. When I send my E-mails, I will sound like I do have any knowledge (play dumb) on GeoEngineering and not know what is going on, to wait and see what everyone tells me?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Todd, for your encouraging perspective. I also do not completely blame humanity for this tragic dilemma as we have been craftily deceived and purposely misled in many ways for so very long. The fact that there is a mass awakening at this time also gives me some hope for a positive outcome, even at this late hour. At least those of us engaged in this most important battle know we are fighting on the right team whatever the outcome.

  31. Sandra M Beebe says:

    HI Dane

    I am so totally with you and so believe in everything you are saying.. I have done my research and I continue to put the word out there to others.. thank you from the bottom of my heart to keep this all Strong..  Our whole planet and every human being on it, matters !

    God Bless you !! 

  32. Pam says:

    Greetings Dane, Major signs of the times!Could it be that we are reaping from what we have sowed?As a nation, have we gotten so low that we are now in big trouble? I would suppose that we all better call out to God Almighty and repent, so there will be hope for a place far better than what our earth has become.Thank you for caring about the earth Dane and all of us that want to make it a beautiful place to be! Peace and love

  33. Nickola says:

    For quite  while I've been noticing very unsettling signs and changes all around me, something that doesn't Feel right, but no one seems tonotice anything unusual besides what is already reported on the news media and therefore considered somehow explainable and/or expectable. I have been seen as the worrier, even as an inviter of trouble.  It has been a real, appreciated, welcome input to my psychic sanity to have tuned in to your geoengineering watch, Dane, and realize that I've not crash dived off my rocker and that I'm not alone in noting the alarming situation . Many thanks for your being here to explain and so richly expand our awareness. Next: What can we do about it?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nickola, we all need to sound the alarm, we must reach a critical mass of awareness as fast as possible. See the “activist suggestions” link on the home page of 

  34. Beverly says:

    Dane, even if we spread  the word and get everyone to look up and realize what is happening to them. What can we do to save ourselves from breathing this poison ? Wear gas masks ? or what ? Can you recommend something we can do ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Beverly, if your outside, there is little you can do to prevent exposure. The particles are far too small for filtering out with any readily available masks. We have one option, to expose and stop the insanity, every day counts.

    • Larry Charles says:

      For face mask info Google:  ebolapreparednrss N95-vs-P95-vs-R95  (Consider N100)

      In Asia, face masks are common, and in some areas essential.  Although not in U.S. yet, we may be there soon.

      In the meantime, respond to Dane's plea for help in awakening others.

  35. Beverly says:

    I'm listening to your radio program. The dollar is collapsing all over the world. Take your dollars out of the bank and buy gold.   The U.S. created ISIS.That was a powerful and scary broadcast. Dane, each one of us has to become self sustained. Grow our own food. Stock pile some water and store some food.. Be prepared !!

  36. Cheddar says:


    As a CA native and AWAKE individual,  it seems obvious to me that the weather makers have  switched coasts this winter. Record highs on the East. No telling what record cold they'll dump on us. Or flooding.  They've already hit OR and WA. I'm glad I live on the ridge.

    Any news on the musicians and lawyers? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cheddar, I should be allowed to give an update on the expanding legal effort soon. About the reversed US weather conditions, yes, I just covered that scenario in the attached link.

  37. MISSY says:

    here is a link to apocolyptic weather patterns happening now;


  38. When Nature Dies We Die says:

    I can't watch TV and haven't had cable for years because it makes me physically sick, I have a real reaction to it. Besides, I already know how the rest of my family got to be selfish careless pigheaded consumers I don't need to see it any more.

  39. Beverly says:

    I have to laugh at Obama when he  talks about the Paris Climate Conference. He thinks he's actually pulling the wool over our eyes. We know what's going on Mr.Stupid President. You haven't dumbed us down. Dane keeps us informed. Thank goodness !!

    • Charles says:

      Isn't it ironic that the same idiots in Paris talking smack about "saving the planet" are the very same ones responsible for destroying it? I guarantee you that the topic of aerosol spraying NEVER even came up at all!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Charles, though the subject of geoengineering is duscussed openly only as a “proposal”. However, behind closed doors, the ongoing climate engineering crimes are certainly discussed. The power structure will hide this greatest of all attrocities for as long as they can. 

    • Larry Charles says:

      This all began long before Obama…or the Bushes.  As far back as Eisenhower, we were being warned.  Larry

  40. Irene Parousis says:

    Every one of your word, Dane, resonates.  Five years ago I lost my beloved mother and since grieve daily, now I'm losing my beloved MOTHER EARTH and the pain is unbearable.  To know I am not alone this time, in my grief, is so supportive.  I can't thank you enough, I guess you were meant to be our mentor in these times, thank you!

    • Nicole says:

      I'll second that notion Irene. We all need a hero right now, and Dane, you're it. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Irene and Nicole, I am very grateful for your support, but truly, this is a team effort. Each and every one of us matter in this fight, none can be spared. We all stand together. 

  41. James A. Brown Jr. says:

    "The Sleeper Has Awakened", and many others are now "Awakening".  Onward and Upward.  Let us always be "PRET TOUJOURS PRET".

  42. Gary says:

    Just read a very disturbing conclusion that after spraying to weaken immune system next will come the kill spray to finish  off  what is left.
    Dane can you get medical protocols to negate these chemicals being dumped on us I am in Fiji Islands a seems no one knows what going on theres heavy spray ever day drought is every where in the Pacific. Very hard to get water here. All I hear is El Nino excuses, UN bs every where here. Its so beautiful a world to kill, I pray over and over please those above us please  step in to stop it .
    We need names, locations of those responsible for this. 
    Thank you for your hard work. With out your voice darkness would be darker.

  43. russ says:

    Heard a long range "weather forecast" for upstate NY (1hr west of Albany) the first chance of having a high of 32deg. is the middle of January. God help us all. Thanks for all you do Dane—you still give me hope for my grandkids.

  44. Marlys says:

    10" of rain in southeast Florida in December, unheard of! 4 days of rain and cloud cover is unprecedented and I have been here since 1989. The first day of sunshine and that morning the sky was filled with trails including watching one live and then saw it shut off. Time to pollute S. Florida and cover the crops that will be shipped to the world. I have  lesions on my face that the MD's and extensive testing can't diagnose. So many people are sick here and of course all the snow birds will get to deal with the aerosol spraying, not that it isn't happening up north. I spotted a small blue fleck on a friend's leg on the day I photographed the trails and when we viewed it under the microscope it was definitely a nano particulate with fibers. It had to be scraped of his leg with a knife as it had started to imbed it's self into his skin. This all just too real people.

  45. Jay Fiatp says:

    Very heavy spraying in NorthEast Massachusetts right in our faces today  , or the people who look up and have put time to prove beyond any reasonable doubt there is a commitment to the aerosol particles being dumped on us  in the Western world and other countries . Keep planting seeds never give up until our last breath no pun intended . Peace 

  46. stephan says:

    Thank you Dane – Hello all – I do check in to see what the news "repeaters'' and what the weather "monkeys" have to say – pretty hard to watch – I flyered my apartment block suite by suite about 4 years ago – out of 30 suites there were 3 rejections – the other day I realized out of those 30 suites there were now only 3 suites occupied by the then tenants – I flyered the apartment block again and out of 27 suites there were 2 rejections – NEVER GIVE UP.

  47. moderncalamity says:

    For those who wish to order geoengineering bumper stickers please try:
    I just ordered a few.  I also recommend that we should wear N100 or P100 respirators because the air is constantly contaminated.  Also, consume food/water with high silica content since it will bind with aluminum.  
    I keep wishing that this whole geoengineering calamity is just a really bad nightmare, but unfortunately it is not and the current path does not look good for life as we know it.  However, the best hope we have is Dane and everyone else who supports this website so please continue to get the message out since it is our best option.

  48. mossmoon says:

    Dane: No polar vortex this year to deceive the Eastern US where all the decision making is made. Why not?  What I have noticed this year (in NJ), ominously, is NIGHT spraying on a fairly consistent basis.

  49. Malinda says:

    Thanks for another great radio show, Dane.  Your recollection of swimming with the baby seals brought tears to my eyes.  I am so saddened by what people have done to this planet just to make a buck.  Dane, you are truly blessed to have been able to swim with the baby seals…what a great memory.  Here in Baltimore, Maryland, it was another warm day (about 65 degrees) with heavy spraying. Yesterday was a heavy spray day as well. I went out to run errands today for about 2 hours and noticed a silvery gray haze covering the area at ground level.  Visibility appeared clear for 1/4 mile and then the haze was visible in all directions blocking a crisp view of buildings, trees, etc.  I can only imagine that Maryland is being bathed in toxic fallout.  When I finally arrived home, my throat was burning.  I just wonder where these toxic chemical mixtures are being made.  Lets pray they run out of aluminum, barium, strontium real soon.

    • Malinda says:

      I just checked NOAA's forecast for Baltimore.  The Maryland Dept. for the Environment has issued a code Orange for tomorrow (Sunday) for ground level ozone and fine particles.  The reader is directed to the MD Dept. of the Environment's website which says that the fine particles that cause haze are in the 2.5 micrometer (Respirable) range. I guess the "weather forecasters" and the Dept. of the Environment are working in tandem to let us know that the fallout is scheduled to be here tomorrow.  Though I saw the haze all day today.  http://WWW.MDE.STATE.MD.US/AIR. $$  This website also includes information about the pollutants EPA is required to test for under the Clean Air Act.

    • American expat says:

      You are right Malinda, when you say Dane was blessed to have had the experience of swimming with the seals.  I also have been blessed with seeing the most beautiful sight of my life, swimming in a school of fish in Hawaii, off the coast of the Big Island.   I am a weaver, and the sight of the sparkling gold, silver, and black fish weaving amongst each other and sparkling in the sunlit pure clean water, demonstrated the sheer beauty, bounty and playfulness of Mother Earth.  Being a deep lover of nature, my goddess, I suffer so daily when I see the skies of Belgium littered with planes leaving thick trails  of pure sh$$%&tt.   I can't believe that humankind has come to this.   Talking to family about all this is the hardest of all….when you love them and don't want to tell them about the bad news, and yet we keep trying and the difficulty in getting the seriousness of this across.  Thank you all here for your hard work and sharing.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Malinda, it looks like a real possibility that coal fly ash could be the base material used in the toxic cocktails sprayed above us. Geophysicist Dr. Marvin Herndon and others have recently posited this theory. A paper was published in the International Journal of Environmental and Public Health in August 2015. I have made hard copies and distribute them every chance I get. It seems they may have run out of places to bury and dump the crap so hey, why not just take it up to high altitude and spray it out all over the planet? Right?! (apparently it is also used to line lakes and in certain manufactured products like gypsum board) Great ideas huh?!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Earth Angel, many of the elements in fly ash are compatable for ocean fertilization (another highly destructive form of climate engineering). This is another reason the fly ash is a likely suspect for the base  material.

  50. LisaSez says:

    I'm in West Michigan where roses are blooming and some of the trees still have leaves in mid-December. This afternoon they're dropping that damn "fog" on us. Every time it happens, my throat tightens up and I have a dry cough. The people in my orbit are deep asleep in the Matrix, and they do NOT welcome a wake-up call, thank you very much. Despair, anyone?

    • ️Nance says:

      I'm in West Michigan too, keep passing out the fliers and don't give up!
      We have to keep trying!

    • Earth Angel says:

      LisaSez, Do not despair. As Dane often says, they WILL wake up soon whether they want to or not- they won't have a choice.. Keep going with what you are doing!

  51. Dane – Thank you for your excellent overview that included numerous factual details giving absolute evidence that contradicts and sheds light on the mountain of LIES infecting our planet, as we are bludgeoned with and continually submerged in Tavistock Institute propaganda, intentional confusion, evil. I so look forward to your weekly GEW Global 'TRUTH' Alert. This UK Guardian article you pointed out is the most shocking and a serious reminder to store food:
    Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say
    Experts point to damage caused by erosion and pollution, raising major concerns about degraded soil amid surging global demand for food / Dec. 2, 2015
    The world has lost a third of its arable land due to erosion or pollution in the past 40 years, with potentially disastrous consequences as global demand for food soars… nearly 33% of the world’s adequate or high-quality food-producing land has been lost at a rate that far outstrips the pace of natural processes to replace diminished soil. The University of Sheffield’s Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures…the loss was “catastrophic” and the trend close to being irretrievable without major changes to agricultural practices.
    “You think of the dust bowl of the 1930s in North America and then you realise we are moving towards that situation if we don’t do something… We are creating soils that aren’t fit for anything except for holding a plant up.”

  52. D. Shaw says:

    Shout out to those who live in Nebraska and are engaged in the process of getting this information out to people.

  53. lora bruncke says:

    Another great hour of facts that baby boomers need to know.

    Thank you DANE for your never ending research and guidance.

  54. havent figured out how to post here yet, dont forget they never got the guy who killed jfk his brother and martin luther king either . so we must all be in good hands, right?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      keith crawford, looks like you did figure it out!  Hello.  They used to say that the JFK files would be released in 2030.  If only we could make it that long!

  55. Al C says:

    Thanks Dane, excellent program as usual.
    I'm glad you touched upon the Bush family funding Hitler…….It's amazing that people don't realize we've been fed so much horse manure that passes for history………….All the real info is there if you care to do the research.
    As far as what would an alien civilization would think of us as a species?………….I personally believe we are being watched and if I were from some other star system, it would be obvious that we are a very primitive and very possibly "spiritually insane" species.
    By that, I mean we don't know who we really are and have been indoctrinated through religion, the education system, etc to stay in the box and believe what they tell you.
    I feel that there is a global transformation in consciousness occurring right now and things are not going to get better overnight.
    It seems like there is some diabolical force running everything and have been for eons and the power elite are afraid of this awakening………….Sorry for rambling………..we all need to stay awake and stick together through this.

    • trudyb1929 says:

      Everywhere we go, we see more and more folks wearing the N95 face masks. Here in Prescott AZ hang sky covering clouds of brown smog. Today am  lite snow 5000' is  speckled  with something that looks like coal dust.  Planes rumbled overhead  the last 3 nights. 

    • Larry says:

      Dane you are doing an awesome job and I can't thank you enough. The sad part is WE are fighting a nearly impossible battle. Unless  the attorneys can EXPOSE the whole truth thru the news media we don't have a chance. As all of know it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get anyone to wake up, look up at the trails and to question EVERYTHING!  I have tried with friends ,  Family and clients that I think may be receptive but it's nearly hopeless.the news is so controlled that I'm not sure any way to get thru with the truth is even possible. I do thank that a GIANT  lawsuit  IS the ONLY way to get coverage and expose ALL the criminals that are involved. A story like this would get ratings and everyone's attention and it would be hard for them to not give air time or are they air under total mind control. Or are they just instructed by the producers or station / newspaper owners to just stand down or lose your job. WHO has that kind of POWER to actually silence ALL THE NEWS???  If this is what we are up against then need I say the word?  I would take  at least a half million angry citizens to march to the Capitol and THEY would still no doubt silence the cause from the media , LIE  and creat a spin story… AND FRY ALL INVOLVED with the latest crowd control microwave weapons !!! It is the military industrial complex involving Monsanto , Gates, and all the rest of the 400 billionair Lunatic elite and this is going to be tough to halt . THEY HAVE AGENDAS and I do not think we can change their course without some divine intervention. We can only hope that a fleet of asteroids smacks fight on the heads of the sick perpetrators starting with Monsanto.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Lets all keep marching Larry, we must keep our stride in this battle. We are diligently working on the legal filings, Canada and US. Perhaps not “giant” as you mentioned, but possibly enough to put a break in the dam.

  56. Great Good Work Dane. See Mark Passio 

  57. gail says:

    I have placed the geoengineeringwatch bumper sticker on my car, and carry a copy of the home page of the website to hand out for anyone that asks me, or to whom I talk to about this.

    My daily prayers include you, Dane, and bless you and this website… 

    • Stan Pike says:

      How? Where? Do we get car stickers in the UK 

    • Stuart McDermott, England. says:

      Do what I do Stan, Find images on here you think are good for the job. Print them off, laminate them and get them out there. Hope this helps.

    • American expat says:

      And stickers/plates to hang on our bikes in Belgium?  EU website links on anti-geoengineering?  Please.

  58. Fred Rouse says:

    It's a bit spooky for me to listen to your stuff, because you're my age, you look like me (except you have hair), and your cynical/skeptical thought patterns mimic my own, which leads us to many of the same big-picture dystopian assumptions/conclusions. 
    My awakening began after 9/11, and I've changed my mind on several big issues since.  At some point, notwithstanding entertainment and distraction, denial and cognitive dissonance are a wall of cards.  Challenging and engaging with and disabusing our friends and acquaintances of their mass media mental monologs is the highest purpose of our lives.
    Clearly, you agree, or you wouldn't be doing what you are.  I'm just saying, you and I can change our own minds about stuff, and so can lots of other folks.  I just hope they do it soon.   Gotta have hope.

  59. Barb Armann says:

    I've been watching them spray above my home since last year. And it used to be only once or twice every other week.  NOW it's every day and it's not just one or two stripes….it's an entire patchwork!! And every one in my family and friends in the same area have all been talking about how tired they feel all the time and headaches in people who usually NEVER get headaches!  They are killing us at a very rapid rate I would bet.  I know there's a plan to lessen the population. And I truly believe they've been slowly working on it since they started forcing us to vaccinate our kids before allowing them into public schools.  Now it's gotten worse. And I believe they pay or threaten our media to keep blacked out about it.

  60. Stuart McDermott, England. says:

     People who I inform and who refuse to accept the fact of Geoengineering. I hit with my quote below…

    • Gary says:

      If you read Danties Inferno,  of the ten stages of hell the ninth level was for those who deceived those as above, going to be a long time there G

    • Nickola says:

      Stuart:  I'm "writing" from New York/USA and briefly, yet very strongly, want to tell you I agree with your concern and dismay re:geoengineering and it is either being ignored or dismissed because I guess it's not seen as an important and relevant is at this time. Along with Dane, to whom I am very grateful,and all the others who are being made aware, let us stay in touch and informed and awake, and searching for solutions. Again, glad you and Dane and all the others are here, now. 

    • Stuart McDermott, England. says:

      HI Gary, I will take a look, thanks.
      Hi Nickola, I'm not going anywhere apart from out there making people aware. Stay strong, as we all need to be in these turbulent times. Dane and many others have given us a platform to communicate and share information on and this is how we fight. As Dane has said, once critical mass of awareness is reached, things will change.

  61. TnGeoWatch says:

    75 degrees in Chattanooga TN right now. Highs are being under reported. The zombies are still shoping and driving and totally unaware of all of this unraveling collapse!  
    The skys are full of pollutants and trail after trail! 
    We we live in terrible times! Stay strong everyone. Keep spreading the word!

    • Michael says:

      64 degrees in DECEMBER in the Northeast. WOW. There are still green leaves on the trees up here. It's gettin' real and scary really fast.

    • Jeff says:

      Same here in Atlanta. They've been hiding it under slight cloud cover, if you are looking you can still see the planes blasting away up there.

      It was 75 degrees here and they were reporting 72 to keep it under the previous warm temperature record for this day. I saw the weather tonight and they are saying we might tie record warm temperature tomorrow at 73 degrees set in 1991. I'll be checking the actual temp tomorrow as well. I have developed severe allergies lately and that only happens during pollen season in the spring. It's never happened in the winter for me. My family is complaining of headaches today and they aren't even aware of the spraying going on overhead. My allergies went away tonight after I returned home and got out of the outside air.

    • TnGeoWatch says:

      I had two aware contacts send me images of temperatures in Chattanooga yesterday hitting 77 and 79. The 77 was near the air port and using mercury thermo! 

      This morning lows at 60. But were being reported to be in the mid 50's. 

      Clearly! The local media is bought. What a lie to fool so many. Fear of it all???

      Keep an eye on our local weather personalities. If they start to bug out. We will know something is up!

    • Larry says:

      The zombies is the perfect description of the general population.  Scurrying around like ants shopping and carrying on like everything is fine and NEVER LOOKING UP and wondering WTF is going on. Dumb ass people …this is WHAT THEY WANT !! To Question nothing and don't ask…. Mindless zombies !… It's no wonder the elite wants to cull the population.
      On another note The sun is like a giant UV spot light in the sky with a corona that is totally unnatural and AN INTENSE glare that I can no longer tolerate and still no one notices.I feel like it's truly OVER!!! Can someone offer a ray of hope?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larry, if our collective efforts can bring the climate engineering issue to the light of day, there will be a paradigm shift. Our troubles would by no means be over, rather, just beginning. Even so, it would be a quantum leap in the right direction. If we can expose them, we can stop them. You could have your “ray of hope”, never give up.

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      Confirmed by multiple eyes Newschannel 9 Chattanooga removed the daily normal high and low from Friday, Saturday weather reports.  No mention of abnormal high temperatures or lows.  Just an enjoy the nice late fall warm weather. 
      Several of us aware locals contacted the station yesterday, and amazingly yesterday pm and this morning back to showing the stats.
      We are cracking the dam!  It is very shocking to think that little ole Chattanooga tn is being controlled by the power structure.  No one is immune to this lie!

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