Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 26, 2015


Populations in first world countries have been very successfully conditioned to believe that they are immune to the world's problems. Most have convinced themselves that if they ignore dire issues for a long enough duration, the problems will magically go away. This very delusional notion is very close to being completely obliterated. Converging catastrophes are now here, there is no place to hide. As a boy I watched every one of the Jacques Cousteau documentaries, multiple times. Mr. Cousteau was a massive influence in my life, the sound of his voice is forever burned into my consciousness. One of his statements has always stood out prominently in my mind: "Not only have we failed to realize we are one people, we have forgotten we have only one planet. Today we have nowhere else to go". Very harsh and irreversible realities are already unfolding by the day, the fossil fuel fiesta is over. Do we just give up because the former way of life is over? There can be no virtue or solace with taking such a path. How could we look  our children in the eyes if we took this course, ever? If we have any chance to preserve what is left of Earth's life support systems, we are obligated to try with every fiber of our being. The greatest leap we could take in the right direction is to expose and halt climate engineering. Now is when we find out what we are made of, and why we are here. Make your voice heard.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Adam says:

    Those that think government or the military will save them are not aware of the compartmentalized system of classified clearances, that prevents any  well intentioned individual, or even groups of understanding how the entire system functions.
    This is the cancer that is continues to grow, eventually consuming the host.
    The solution is simple.
    The root cause of all unjustfied destuction is sociopathic behaviour.
    Substitute the word evil with psychopath.
    This will explain almost all abhorrent behavior that has existed for thousands of years.
    Opensource everything, collaborate and decentralize, become more self sufficient.
    Most importantly, THINK FOR YOURSELF!

  2. Rachel Robson says:

    I want to thank Stuart McDermott, Eng., Sorting Hat, and Bella_Fantasia for kind remarks.  And Penny too, and Penny too funny!: reviving Curmudgeon, increasing pessimism!  And Bella, sweet Bella, I want you to know I look forward to anything you post, and I try to imagine you in your unusual life of many places, always so interesting.  As is everyone here.  So brilliant, so enthusiastic, so making progress! It is wonderful always to hear from Malcolm K Foster, and Susan Ferguson in her tireless efforts whilst under assault! even.  I continue to learn so much from each and every one of you all here.  And Dane of course, goes without saying.  And I will seek out some books, such as David Northeast Florida recommended by Elizabeth Kolbert.

    To Bella-I hated Europe on principal and so made sure to learn nothing about it at all.  But then I heard of Eleanor of Aquitaine and had to know more.  Besides it being the 12th century, Eleanor married two kings and had eleven children!  It is rumored that she rode bare breasted leading one crusade!  After eleven children?  Uh?  In any case, this lead me to other European women of history who were magnificent.  Most of the books on Eleanor are 4-500 pages long.  But for Emilie du Chatelet, an 18th century brilliant woman who won Frances Science prize, which she had to share with Voltaire although his efforts failed hers did not, but no woman had won before, a quicker read.  Bella, you might like: Passionate Minds, by David Bodanis: Emilie du Chatelet, Voltaire, and the Great Love Affair of the Enlightenment.  My lit professor and I became lovers but he always thought women were inferior.  That women had made no real science or art or other contributions, only men.  One reason I left him in the first place.  Many decades later, we reconnect in Bay Area, after he spent 24 years in Saudi Arabia!  And back to the same argument.  But, he did direct me to better books about Eleanor and I took off from there.  Over geoengineering, I broke up with him again!  A friendship this time, with past references in common.  Him with multiple degrees and wealth that was.  Put me down so much, it pretty much forced me to learn!  And say bye.  But now I know a great deal about Europe and Euro history, forever war, forever shape shifting, breaking up and re-forming, all the while making an art form of war and domination.  Britain and India.  And Pakistan formed the year I was born.  From Salt of the Earth, I learn from Sebastiao Selgado so very much, including the fact that one half of our Earth has not be disturbed. His work might have come to little if not for his wife. I wonder what he thinks of geoengineering.  A lifetime of photographing, documenting our world.  This is a big world.  There may be hope.

    To Dane and all here, I wish a well new year and much success!

  3. Sortinghat says:

    The reason 'war is good for business' is a blatent cover up for the true economy sickness.  All the money we print we don't have and it all goes to programs that some of us alert knew would fail but instead of heeding the warnings the media lashes out and calls us 'dangerous right wing extremists' as if we have guns in every room.
    Our economy is at the point that all they can do  is  keep it stagnated or it will crash hard as we pay the piper.   They think they can keep that disaster from occurring but it just keeps things stagnated insdead oif allowing real progress noit backed by decades of lies decit that would make Salazar The Slytherin himself feel sick to his stomach.

  4. Teri says:

    i do not want to waste Dane's webpage for a debate but i will say that thinking that freedom isn't possible because people are not responsible enough for it is the same argument slave owners once used for slaves. slaves would starve to death. they wouldn't know how to live. they wouldn't do the ''right'' thing whatever that might mean.   slavery ended and suddenly that argument was proved wrong. this nation has the largest government in the history of the world and yet we have geoengineering being done by that same government people say the world cannot live without. it has proved how brutal and savage it is but the argument is that people would be irresponsible children without it. I believe people would quickly learn how to take care of themselves and be responsible. They need the freedom to learn, freedom to try. 
    for a good way to look at it i encourage people to watch a video by Josie .
    It is a start in learning to think outside the box. a different way to think about not encouraging violence against others. government is force. period. it isn't the best way to 'organize' society. it is the worst as it has proved over and over again.  society does not need force. it needs the absents of it.
    basically repeating the same mistake expecting different results won't solve a problem. it won't stop the planes from flying. it won't stop people polluting the planet. learn new ways to do new things. it starts in the head and heart.  that concept is difficult to comprehend but without it those who get away with great harm now will be emboldened to continue and to do much worse.
    it is simply my belief 2 cents worth. take it for what it is worth. it started with my agreement of what Dane said about politicians and elections my belief just goes a bit further. as forest gump once said….''that's all i have to say about that''..

    • Robo Sapien says:

      You have to be very careful, with 90% of America receiving some form of government assistance that hardly any of us can be called free. I would venture to say slavery has expanded not receded since the civil war.

  5. Jane says:

    This is no longer a Conspiracy or Hoax. This is not a joke either especially when you see the lives that are being lost each day from this.

    Here in Ontario it is below zero and we have freezing rain. So what's up with that. It is whatever they are spraying up there and it is creating accidents and fatalities on the roads.

    This is totally sickening. Also tragic to the families that have to see their loved ones injured or succumbed to this.

  6. Dallas says:


    I like what you are saying and yes all the flooding, storms and deaths are because of this Evil Agenda. I have been following this for years now. I started figuring this out when I came across the Staged 9/11. 

    It is so nice to see others post a give valuable information to share with others. As you can plainly see, more and more are waking up according to the number of Posts. Keep posting everyone and Keep Looking Up and Listening. 

    The day will come that the majority will start to Clue In. I Hope!

  7. Pharmer says:

    Mr. Dane Wigington is a modern day 'Paul Revere' warning us of what's coming, but he needs all of our help. WE are the awakening – all of us together!  It begins with each of us individually, but only by working together cooperatively can we save our beautiful planet at this point.  I'm thankful to the Creator that someone like Mr. Wigington came along now, because we needed it.  Dane is a catalyst to ignite our fuses, but he can't do it alone – at this point we all need to do our part to save the beautiful planet Creator gave us to live and love on.  Some friends of mine here in Portland have begun to spread their healing knowledge, and it's people like them and Mr. Wigington who give me hope.  The Creator gives me hope too – the Force of Creation is with all of us IF we learn how to tap into it.  The evil entity only thrives when good people do  nothing to stop it……

  8. Rex says:

    Regarding the Paris summit, why did the hypocritical bigwigs go there with their private jets and Obama with his Completely Undeserved Air Force 1 and why didn't these hypocrites  use Skype or Go To Meeting if the Climate situation is that dire?  And of course, I heard 0 about GeoEngineering from Obama or the MSM with this summit 

  9. Rex says:

    Yes, I think this recent spate of weather is very much GeoEngineered and anybody who died as a result should be treated as murder. 

    The Mainstream Media and meteorologists and politicians who cover this up should also be treated as murderers   The politicians should especially be treated as murderers as well. In my case when I've repeatedly called-written DIane Feinstein about this issue, it's not like she and her flunkies don't know this is going on.  And what about those FAKE environmental groups who ignore this issue as well such as the World Wildlife   Fund, the Sierra Club , the Audubon Society, David Suzuki and others? They disgust me.

  10. kenny says:

    Update from Southeast NJ…the ice nucleated "clouds" continue.  the background skies are now a steely blue grey (does that relate to aluminum, of course…like I mentioned previously this fake cloud coverage is so much lower than before.  For me, personally, this is a deliberate false electromagnetic field/shield designed to trap the humankind  consciousness within their confines.  We are as a people recognizing and trying to beak free…this has nothing with solar radiation/etc..this is about blocking our consciousness…our wanting to throw off all segregation, their are  NO ONES…THINK ABOUT IT…NO ONES.  while our so called "governments"  continue the segregation propaganda…their is No One, there is no I AM, and I will not allow those to put blame on me, a well as my brothers and sisters in  the false god name.  period the end. Do the re search…it is there, has been, so the "word" RE SEARCH…get it???  why is it??  why do they give this "name" RE SEARCH, IT IS RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES…JUST THE "NOUN" ALONE TELLS YOU….IT HAD BEEN, AND "COVERED UP", SO NOW YOU NEED TO RE SEARCH.


    • staceyi says:

      you are right on! have you heard of saint germaine? we can transmute this mess into beautiful energy with the help of the higher-ups if you know what i'm saying! i believe if we put All of our energy into tapping in to higher frequencies the results will be obvious—much love to all who care—-it's hard to wake everybody up, but we are doing it

  11. Teri says:

    Adding my 2 cents worth Dane. You are correct that elections are staged to keep people thinking they have a say in who rules them. What most people don't know or are not capable of seeing is that it doesn't matter who wields the whip that flays our backs. It is the fact the whips exists that is the problem. In other words, who sits on the throne doesn't matter. remove the throne. The concept that one person has the right to rule another that is the problem. That concept has murdered millions of people and will murder millions more until people see it for what it is instead of what they want it to be. 

    Whoever people vote for, the government continues unchecked. Whoever is the figurehead does NOT matter! The Alphabet soup agencies do not stop. They do not change. they do not cease to exist. The IRS continues unchecked, the DHS, CIA,FBI,FDA, on and on and on it goes. The peasants have zero effect on those agencies and how they choose to impose their views on the world. The military is not an election. They can and will continue to murder millions. unchecked. 

    This whole system was one big con. a long con on the american slave. From the very beginning. it was designed exactly as it has become. people will say ''if only we can get back to….''yada…yada''…that is another con. another lie. it is exactly as it was designed. there is no getting back to a different time, place, ect. because the end result would be the same. the same tyranny. the same brutal savage rulership. it was designed for what it has become. yet people swallow the lie. the big con. and believe still that they can beg, plead and petition their way to freedom. it has never happened and never will. period. 

    the only chance is stop repeating the same mistakes expecting different results. learn to think and act different. learn to stop believing others are better and someone how more competent to rule our lives. they are not! never have been and never will be. grow up and realize there is no ''savior''…there is no one who works for our safety. it is time to do it ourselves. think for ourselves. act for ourselves. protect ourselves. let go of the fairy tale belief in a god called government to save us because i can promise, they never will. they prove it over and over and over again. 

    let it go and think of something new. some new way. let go of the old thinking and think different. think smarter. think of new ways of doing old things.

    • marc says:

      Amen, Teri. I'm with you 110%. Awesome.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      .. but OF COURSE, it would be nice not to have anyone ruling "over" us. 

      Problem is, most humans are so childish, immature, irresponsible, lazy and yes, thoughtless to the point of wickedness, as well as spoiled, they will NEVER rule themselves: "Mommy is always around to clean up my mess," never mind that these spoiled, overgrown juvenile delinquents we call "Scientists" have been specializing in making the kind of messes that just can't be cleaned up, they are in fact in process of MURDERING their Mother, and they need to be thrown out of any time-and-space dimension where they would continue to wreak their much-loved programs of mass annihilation by any and all means imaginable, including some not.  Most of the rest of us sit back and say nothing.  Many of the ones who try are vilified, marginalized, ostracized and pilloried, if not outright murdered.

      The only lasting way this is going to be fixed is WHEN WE START RAISING OUR CHILDREN DIFFERENTLY, WITH MORE AWARENESS AND MORE CARE.  And that starts with making the decision that it's time to stop the Overgrown Baby Act and get it through those billowing clouds of pot smoke surrounding too many people's heads that IT'S OKAY to become an actual adult. 

      Look kids, you can't even dispose of your own trash properly (YES, we see plenty of evidence for that– just look at your own city's streets and highways if you somehow do not believe this to be true), so the onus is on YOU:  How in Hell are you going to be able to rule yourselves properly when you so obviously cannot control most everything else you do?

      We need Adults-in-Charge and we most definitely need to get the "kids" out of the Control Room on Planet Earth, but you'll need to act if you want to see this changed, then keep vigilant; vigilance is the price of a truly free society.

    • Chad says:

      There is God, and it's not the government, the Military, or the Elite! You people forget, God gave dumbass mankind free Will where Your Self Righteous, hippicritical , lying, cheating, stealing leaders and Evil Ones want a New World Order with TOTAL CONTROL! Weather as a weapon is awesome way to Abuse the system of Nature and God as to so imbalanced as crazy, literally psychotic and have been controlling the weather around the world for decades, at least 7! See Disney 1959 information of weather control based off Nicola Tesla of early 1900s! They hold the patents and ideas still today! Look it up! Discern yourself! He who seeks the Truth shall find it! And he who controls the weather wins the phony Bs Monopoly Game of Cons and house rigged travesty of Justice and outright nightmare that's killing us all! Not many seem to care! Paper says 1 out of 4 as compared to most scientists today are deadly worried about suicide course the crazy leaders and psychos have put us on! Twilight Zone B s!!! God bless us all in Jesus Christ's name, Amen! We all need it!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Teri, I'm with you about thinking, only I'd say think of new ways to do new things.  Not old things.  I'd go further saying learn to think differently so that you don't just improve on the old but rather blaze a trail for new.

      But, so much here I cannot agree with.  People ask and want to be "governed", guided, some sort of oversight.  People want some things to depend upon.  Like real air.  Even Indigenous tribes chose leaders, and not just one, there were specialties and councils too.  People want some protection, some fairness.  In Beirut, Lebanon, they have no president, which was nice for awhile.  Now garbage and sewage is piling and spilling through the streets and no one knows what to do.  After all, we are millions and billions in this world.

      I agree that especially when it comes to the president of the US these days, that that person is more chosen than elected.  Wall Street collapsed and destroyed lives and yes, too many people gave up control and common sense for this to happen in the first place.  So they give us a "black" president to raise spirits and to show what a fair country we are, and he promised things he did not intend.  And he is a constitutional expert which worked out well for them, the bad guys.  So now, regardless of who we vote for, they will give us Hillary so many can be happy there is a woman in the White House, when in fact she is a huge part of the problem and I will never vote for her.  No matter what.  She's already done too much harm.  But this will happen.  Regardless, my life goes better when democrats are in office.  But I hate there's a two party system.  And the saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely is so true.  But voting is a right we have and I am not about to throw one of the few rights we have away.  You are right that the whole system reeks of corruption and needs re-doing.  But we can't all just fend for ourselves at this point.  And by the way, this bloated asshole military of ours, the rank and file were not conscripted, not drafted, these guys enlisted!  And, apparently, most of them are not pleased.

      When last at University, I had a minor in Chinese history.  That was more than 40 years ago.  I was so intrigued that China had had a major revolution every 200 years, for four thousand years, the military on behalf of the people against the government.  Seems to take about 200 years for absolute corruption to happen.  Many of these alphabet agencies are not old, some are rather new and apparently intended to just make it look as if someone was minding the store.  When that was not true.  It would seem true that we are chattel, but no one is "flaying" my back.  That is a real thing, not to be bandied about so cavalierly.

      I know no one who thinks of a politician as a savior!!  Rather as someone willing to do the boring as heck, thankless, endless work of making sure this and that gets done.  Stuff you and I would never want to do.  But someone must.  As you said, these are not the olden days.  But, many need to be held accountable for the wrongs they've done.  A multitude of wrongs all over the place.  China and India are preparing to level the playing field.  We won't like it much, but it's due.  And apparently geo-tinkering has been going on so very long that the whole world is likely to end soon- as we know it and we are ending too.  So, who left to think new thoughts?  And while we wait to die, will Donald Trump be our president?  Do you want that?  If you do, by all means, don't vote!  Otherwise, do.  At least vote locally, think globally.  Offer some solution other than calling names.  Putting all down.  What is your plan?  Full on riot and mayhem?  Do you have children?

    • penny says:

      After reading through this and other related disagreements here, I think I have to come down on the side of agreeing with all of you.  And not just to be uncharacteristically agreeable (why start now?  My resolution for the new year is to revive the word 'curmudgeon' by example!)  No, I really think that everyone here has a valid point, and that what it boils down to is that the human condition is an unsolvable paradox (and did I mention that I am committing to increased pessimism as well?) 

      My philosophy has always been that every one of us has the right to live as we see fit, unmolested by others, and obviously that right carries with it the responsibility of allowing others to live as they see fit.  So if anyone disagrees with my philosophy, and chooses to impose their will on others, I either have to abdicate my own responsibility to leave the imposer alone, or watch as others (and perhaps myself) lose our own right to live as we see fit.  Stuck on the horns of a dilemma.  Another way of stating the problem is the old adage that only those with no desire to govern are fit to do so (to which one might add that those who want to be governed are the least fit to be governed – because they will do anything they are told to do, no matter how heinous or barbarous the act).

      New ways of doing new things – yes!  🙂 

      "We don't want a bigger piece of the pie; we want a new pie."  – Winona LaDuke

  12. Jeff says:

    Another great report Dane,thank you for insight.

    I strongly think that the events unfolding in our world are going to peak into some very harsh times for every one. This is no reason to give up,but to work harder at exposing this crime.

    The criminals in power doing this,and many other crimes, want people to give in. I for one do not accept there so called leadership,and will die fighting them.

    Without taking things to the breaking point (where we are heading),the majority of people will just set on there ass not thinking it does not effect  them. For many its a needed kick in the ass.

    People that are awake now can make moves to protect them selves,and family. Look into building your own food system. Regardless of space,Aquaponics is viable. Set up an emergency plan with your family,and if needed do drills to keep sharp. There is much information on line for prepping for a collapse.

    I really hope the concerned people on this sight are heard,and are around to help put what's left into working order.

    Best wishes,Thanks Dane

  13. kenny says:

    Here is just a sampling of our so called "representatives"  Please view.  They did not go blindly into the night…we must keep the pressure going..please view and send…especially to your so called "representatives" and ask them to explain or pose the same questions to your "present" "representative"

    Watch Politicians Snap When Alternative Media Journalist Asks Them One Short Question 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope everyone will spend time with this post! ~J

    I hope you all will spend some time with this one — even though the clips are old, they are quite amazing. ~J

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Kenny:  Thank you for finding such useful, helpful information. 

      If we hope to persuade people and change their minds, or at least open their minds to the possibilities and realities other than the one they see on t.v., we would all do well to study these videos very carefully and learn the Socratic Interview process.  The Problem for most we would hope to show the facts regarding the ongoing geoengineering programs is that they suffer from what our "Tsar" of (Mis)Information, Cass Sunstein, calls a "crippled epistemology," meaning that they do not know where to look for information.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh good grief, this is foolishness.  Painfully so.  I hate, HATE the Socratic method.  It is binary.  Folks, can we ever get out of binary?!  Seems to be everyone's new god.  Manifested in these devices, such as this computer.  The world is multi-dimensional.  Bigger than yes, no, up, down, in, out, and on and on and on.  This gets us nowhere but here, in a jam, a multidimensional jam in which Socratic thought does us no good, no favors at all.  In fact, this very methodology got us here in the first place.  This is NOT the new way of thinking we so desperately need!  This is in fact the kind of thinking so many scientists use, seemingly missing entirely the fact that our real world is not binary.  Which is why geoengineering is not working, not helping at all.  These idiots geoengineered us into a multi dimensional corner with binary thinking, binary toys.  Binary machines.  May have seemed clever and useful thousands of years ago in a barren land when people still thought the Earth was flat.  But now that Earth is flatlining, we need more comprehensive ways of thinking, out of this Socratic box that has brought us so much pain.

    • Stuart McDermott, England. says:

      Brilliant….thank you.

  14. kenny says:

     Here in Southeast NJ, was about 60 degrees this morning before sunrise.  Had some peaks of blue sky, here and there between the chemtrails.  Around 8:30 AM, the skies went dark, looked out to see the massive ice nucleated "cloud"coming from the north along the coastline that snuffed out the sun.  It grew so fast that within minutes the entire sky was "clouded" out, from horizon to horizon.  About a half hour later, about a 20 degree drop in temperature.  A nasty, bone chilling cold, as if it was only 20 degrees.  I could feel the cold just standing near the window.  Starting to break up a bit now, and these dark grey "clouds" appear to be so low, just above the rooftops.  Chemtrails can be seen above them and now another batch of ice nucleated "clouds"  that are growing and spreading by the nanosecond.  The windows IN my garage are all fogged up on the INSIDE, from the severe temperature drop outside.  The water in our small canal, is churning, like a rough bay, though there is little to no wind.  No wonder so many comments here, they just keep doing it over and over again.  This is what you get when you are taught lies about what democracy really means, democracy is nothing more than mob rule.  We have all been set up.  This country was supposed to be a Republic, not a democracy!!  And we all know, the MOB are our governments, especially the US Corp, the military arm of the Jesuits.  Like Dane keeps saying, when will our enlisted military WAKE UP? And stop going blindly into the night, with the promise of a free college education or so called "patriotism".  Just another form of divide and conquer, like religion.  We are all brothers and sisters, who were blindly led into this web of lies and deceit for eons!  USA, USA we are number 1!  Really, only number 1, in brutally, force, genocide, military product sales and military bases around the world.  The Empire's enforcers of Mob Rule/NWO…Yes, that is democracy at its best!  To trick and deceive innocents into paricipating in this evil game.  Found this one isolated semi breakdown, but I am sure, it goes alot deeper than this.  Ask youself this, why did the Vatican steal and lock up ancient texts, and burn/confiscate/flood out any remaining texts?  It is because it is THEIR sins, they laid upon Humankind through mind control/manipulation/genocide/"crusades"/etc, to force humankind into believing that they were closer to god then the rest of us…to which I say this, closer to your "god", not mine!!

    patriot (n.) – Online Etymology Dictionary

  15. Dallas says:

    It is quite clear that there are numerous Sheeple People that find all this Whacky Weather is just Good Old Mother Nature. You hear lots and lots of Clueless Sheeple saying its always Good Old Mother Nature creating all this.I do however have my condolences for the people in Texas that just lost their lives and homes because of Good Old Mother Nature. When you watch Weather News and see people crying and saying that they prayed that they would be Safe, it makes me wonder whether these people know the True Story. I would guess, most likely Not!

    The ones that have familiarized them selves to the True Nature of what is happening probably stand a fairly good chance of how to protect them selves from this intentional Assault that is being doused over their heads in plain sight.

    I am not feeling sorry for the Denier's because once they have been told and hesitate that this is happening are truly ignorant to the NEW World Order that has been going on for some time.

    It is a very unfortunate situation that is Happening. It won't stop any time shortly unless more and more research and Learn.

    • Teri says:

      I have thought the same thing. Further, i said to myself and family that another batch of people were murdered and their homes destroyed by the weathermakers. These storms are not natural. They have been created. The people who died were killed by military airplanes pushing storms at them for an experiment. Just to see if they can do it. The massive flooding is again man-made. forced, created and pushed or stopped and stalled to create the flooding that kills and destroys. The reason? because they can! 
      They have turned the weather into a weapon of war. people, animals, plants, homes, and businesses are the targets. The collateral damage. The weather makers compare notes and think about who to hit next to create the latest ''headline''…

  16. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 92nd email to my contact list, titled 'Factoids'.

    1.  The Arctic is due yet another heat wave this New Year weekend with surface air temperatures reaching +10ºC, particularly around the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Arctic shelf.Methane releases will be huge in 2016.

    2.  By spraying 10s of millions of tons of toxic particles into the atmosphere, they not only harm all life forms and our entire biosphere, they increase the moisture in the atmosphere which in turn leads to massive deluges of rain and the resultant flooding.

    3.  Global temperatures are already 1.6ºC above pre-industrial levels.  What a waste of time and money the IPCC and the recent Paris "agreement".

    4.  Every 1ºC rise in temp increases humidity by 7%.  Fungi and mould anyone?  This year several counties suffered deadly levels of heat due to the humidity causing Heat Index.

    5.  On Dec 20th below surface water temperatures of 10.7ºC were recorded near Svalbard in the Arctic circle.

    6.  There are at least 57 feedback loops in action, some of these are irreversible.  Mother nature is back in control and the criminal geoengineers are desperately trying to hide the symptoms, not tackle the causes… with most medicine.

    7.  The world, and life as we know it, will rapidly change over the next 4 years.


  17. L says:

    I am unemployed in the UK. I have no family. Just before Christmas Day, as part of our return to work programme, we are required to make formal jobsearches with a government company created to ensure this. As there were virtually no jobs around, they were doing quizzes just to make us comply with the mandates for attendance so we can receive our paltry social security money! The jobs we look at are so banal and meaningless and these people were doing quizzes with us to justify their existence and to sustain the system. Meanwhile outside, heaving crowds were discussing games, food, tweets and facebook whilst overhead, toxic chemicals were raining down and the weather is frighteningly mild for December with unprecedented floods in the North of England: York is nearly under water. It was like some eerie sci-fi only this was real. In that office, I damn near had a meltdown with the blatant insanity of it all. Virtually every day, I shed tears over the geoengineering situation: it is such a painful truth. But I live for truth, however painful it is. I spent Christmas Day alone, no celebrations, no TV, no social media, took a walk and considered what I can do towards this cause. Family or no family, Nature is suffering, Mother Earth is integral to the cosmos just as we are to Her and this is a planetary war we have to fight. And death does not free us from this responsibility either as we are far more than just the material body that science would have us believe we are. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “L”, it matters that you care about this cause, about the common good, and you are not alone. All of us that dare to care march together in this fight, it is an honor to march with you. Never give up.

    • Shaun Soton UK says:

      Hello L

      I'm also from the UK and my Xmas was pretty similar to yours.I share your desperation in many ways. How people can be so blind as to refuse to even consider what's occurring over their heads is directly linked to the insane weather we and so many others are experiencing around the world is beyond me, it truly is distressing. In fact when I first fully realised a few years ago that all this was actually really happening it instantly gave me a bowel infection through shock and fear of the consequences. Dane's right I believe, life as we know it isn't going to exist much longer. IMO the only thing that will awaken the masses will be when disaster strikes in some form or another which is a matter of WHEN not IF now I think. I'm inspired by Dane tho, he refuses to back down or give in and sacrifices so much in order to sound the alarm, even to the extent of paying for a radio show which must be very expensive which I'd like to thank him for. I try to follow his example and keep on keeping on doing my small bit in trying to inform people of the gravity of the situation we face even tho it's seldom received very warmly. I have to endure the insults and abuse as we all probably do but I believe the day will come soon enough when the knowledge and information we have learned will be of vital importance to a lot of very frightened people. Deep down I feel there is a divine plan for humanity and even at this late hour there is still hope, it gets darkest before the dawn as they say.

      Anyway L, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

      Kind regards and best wishes to everyone


    • Rachel Robson says:

      L, Hello!  York nearly under water?!  Gee.  I so know your frustration, have been there, as others I know have, in that office fulfilling mandates for subsistence over and over again.  Luckily? I am too sick and too old and so just get the subsistence.  Being so poor, I have to constantly pull rabbits out of hats, making and baking Christmas gifts and though I have a family, I'd have been alone as usual too on Christmas.  But for a neighbor who noticed I was leaving a present and invited me in.  I love his place and so did.  Then got invite for Christmas dinner.  Here and there, concerning a remark or two I made, someone would grumble that I'm into anti-geoengineering.  So, I didn't push it at all.  My goal, in part, is to further cement our tighter than most, city block, as these people have the means to help.  And I got to show my skills.  Which gained me some more respect.  I was surrounded by professionals.  Yet came away with the distinct feeling that I was light years sharper, hipper, more aware than any of them.  I am not bragging, it just was true.  And it gave me a boost to realize that I really do have some "power".  And I will drop the hammer later.  But gotta say, doing all the research Dane begs us to do for ourselves has made me way way more sharp, focused, aware–not only of geoengineering, but so many other things I found out along the way, things that before I did not know, or forgot, or could not articulate.  All this has been one heck of an education.  I really owe Dane for that alone.  And so much more.  It is as if I've found my voice.  As well as confidence.  And I so agree with what you said.  Especially the last couple of sentences.  It is so inspiring to hear from people all over the world here at this site Dane so generously supplies.  It really helps.  Thank you!

  18. stephan says:

    Thank you Dane – Hello all – Cousteau would not be impressed these days – The comments that I've read so far are emotionally draining but this only makes me realize I'm in amazing company – I can't find a video with the lyrics to this – you can find them –

    • Nathan Rugh says:

      Here you go Stephen. Lyrics to Protocol.  I love Gordon Lightfoot's music.  He captured the soul of Nature and the North.  I hate Geoengineering.  I hope it ends soon.  Thanks to Dane for his passionate fight against this evil.


      By Gordon Lightfoot

      Who are these ones who would lead us now?
      To the sound of a thousand guns
      Who'd storm the gates of hell itself?
      To the tune of a single drum

      Where are the girls of the neighborhood bars?
      Whose loves were lost at sea?
      In the hills of France and on German soil
      From Saigon to Wounded Knee

      Who come from long lines of soldiers?
      Whose duty was fulfilled?
      In the words of a warrior's will
      And protocol

      Where are the boys in their coats of blue?
      Who flew when their eyes were blind?
      Was God in town for the Roman games?
      Was he there when the deals were signed?

      Who are the kings in their coats of mail?
      Who road by the cross to die
      Did they all go down into worthiness?
      Is it wrong for a king to cry?
      And who are these ones who would have us now
      Whose presence in concealed
      Whose nature is revealed
      In a time bomb

      Last of all you old sea dogs
      Who travel after whale
      You'd storm the gates of hell itself
      For the taste of a mermaid's tail
      Who come from long lines of skippers
      Whose duty was fulfilled?
      In the words of a warrior's will
      And protocol

  19. Marc says:

      When the shit really hits the fan, I mean REALLY starts hitting the fan, there will be experienced here in this spoiled rotten country of ours levels of suffering that cannot now be comprehended. I tremble with fear and dread to envision what's gonna happen when food deliveries begin to falter and cease altogether. I am fully prepared to quietly starve to death in my home, unless of course some wildman with a handgun busts down my door and murders me because I had the audacity to not have any food left for him to steal. So be it. In fact, that may be preferable to starving, but I don't have the balls to kill myself by my own hand. But I'd wager that in that grim near future scenario, many WILL have the balls to do so. And I find this so unbearably tragic and sad. There really are just a whole hell of a lot of us and that translates into an impossible situation if the food supply lines are cut. And if municipal water treatment plants and the associated infrastructure begin to fail or otherwise become inoperable, we're talking……well……..something I don't even want to talk about. I am, of course, thinking out loud here and doing so only because these scenarios are inserting themselves into my mind more frequently lately. I am beginning to feel something that goes beyond mere "concern" now. The dire developments on every front, as elucidated so strongly in Dane's radio broadcasts, coupled with my own research and observations, is coloring my every thought, my every hope I once had for my children, and what remains of my deepest heartfelt love for this sublimely beautiful planet. I find myself once again fighting off an overwhelming sense of resignation. The accumulated, and accumulating poisons we KNOW are all around us AND inside us are beginning to be felt more and more by many thousands, if not millions. These same poisons have already killed most of the entire Pacific Ocean. Can the enormity of these crimes ever find an appropriate punishment? Methinks eternal damnation in the fires of hell may still be too kind a punishment for those few who have consciously conspired to orchestrate this VIOLATION of all we hold dear. I personally hope and pray there is a special place in that Hell for the sons-of-bitches at Exxon-Mobil who, early on, not only KNOWINGLY covered up their knowledge about the dire warming effects of fossil fuels. but have systematically continued to the present day to obfuscate, confuse, disinform and otherwise LIE to the American people and the world about the perils inherent in the use of such fuels. 

       And now Dane has made it painfully clear that even the COP21 summit is fundamentally a LIE, a curtain, to be drawn across the stage so as to hide the tragic truth that none of these motherf**kers intend to do ANYTHING different than what they've done all along, which is to do business as usual until complete collapse of the "system" renders them paralyzed. AND YET, we STILL find some so-called environmental groups praising the achievements of the Paris Summit. Unbelievable! That we who, in theory, all want the same thing, which is a sustainable and habitable planet, cannot find the common ground of the REAL TRUTH of what the hell is really going on. 

       I complained in an earlier post, right at the conclusion of the Paris Summit, that the extreme urgency of the planetary situation is not recognized in the final accord, nor is it legally binding in any way. Governments and corporations are NOT CAPABLE of acting in timescales that matter, apparently, unless it has to do with war. This, as it turns out, is entirely by design. 

     In conclusion, I just watched the entire "Chasing Ice" film. I had seen snippets of it here and there. If this doesn't cause deep deep concern, then nothing will. And this film was made 5 or 6 years ago. You can bet glacial retreat and glacial death have continued to be on the increase. In the film, James Balog expressed his fear of a 1 to 3 feet increase in sea level rise by the end of the century. Such was the mind-set only a few short years ago. Current predictions are running way, way past such numbers, and in a much shorter time frame. Remember what I said about food shortages and water availability problems? Say hello to your new roommates and thugs from New York and Miami.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Marc, Thank you for posting my exact thoughts and feelings.

      Never Give Up Brother!!!

    • Hi Marc — Great post. Funny, I often think that starving to death alone is preferable! Imagine the breakdown in the medical system, the chaos at hospitals. So many are on prescriptions these days. When people stop their serotonin inhibitors, they get violent. I don't have children, but I can imagine that is the most heart breaking. Did these moronic demons have a plan, do they now? Or has their greed and the monstrosity of the military industrial corporatist Global Regime just gotten completely out of hand, replicating its errors into catastrophes beyond their control. I guess we will never know. Thank you for intelligent insights from your kind heart, as always.

    • Cris says:

      Marc, when I was shopping for Christmas Eve dinner at Trader Joe's, they were all out of carrots. I asked one of the employees if they had anymore in their back inventory.  He checked and said no they were out, but he added they were limited on the quantity they could order for the store.  He stated this never happened before and they could always order as much as they needed.  He seemed puzzled why they would limit the amount they could order.  It scared me thinking is this the beginning of the food shortages here in the United States.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, Hi, I just have to say you crack me up!  The wildman who would kill you for not having food for him to eat!  Needed that laugh and thank you!  Hey, Nero fiddled while Rome burned, you fiddle.  Music is always needed especially in distress!

      All my progressive groups think the Climate meeting did not accomplish much, but settle for it being a start, as nothing else can be done.  And of course the government is not going to say how bad things are.  They don't want us to go nuts until the last minute.  It was considered by many that the Climate talks at least discussed it, and agreed to some tiny degree.  Not that that helps.

      I saw Chasing Ice some time ago now and it was very good.  Gotta say though, Racing Extinction is just as good if not better!  And it was on TV.  First on Discovery, then on Animal Planet.  So, probably can be pulled up.  It was thrilling even.  But just as dire.  And in it you get to see how the loss of sea life is more than chemicals.  Over fishing is a huge huge problem.  I never thought I'd fall in love with Manta Rays until this film.  Which also had some way cool, covert ways to bring all to people's attention.  We could learn.

      I've been waiting for a revolution for 50 years!  Feeling a bit too old now for all this to come.  Like you though, I will not kill self.  However, suicides rates are way way up.  My daughter so wanted to be Jacques Cousteau.  He would be horrified indeed.  And yes, this is getting way too depressing.  Just knowing this has been going on my whole life time flies in the face of all I thought I knew.

      With category 4 tornadoes-this time of year yet and in new places- again, I want so much for all the nuke plants, and associated nuke stuff, to be shut down!  Seems obvious and logical and TPTB cannot deny it.  Unlike geo-engineering.

      Cheer up a tad, anyway you can, because apparently, we still have some living and work to do!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The past December, 2015 Paris Climate Summit solved NO problems.  Even the Affordable Health Care Act was a better start at solving health care costs but it should more aptly have been named the Somewhat More Affordable Medical Insurance Act.  I know it's made it much more possible for those who have had NO insurance, but it would have been much, much better simply to have given Medicare to everybody.  It's a much more efficient way of covering people's actual health care costs, NOT just throwing a bone to the insurance companies while the medical ghouls continue to profiteer. 

      If you call yourself a "conservative" while earning any less than $100k per year while believing that expanding Medicare is some kind of "socialist plot" that represents a Big Threat to your Holy Money, think again-;

  20. Jeff says:

    i am am trying to understand what the geoengineers are trying to do here in Atlanta and it puzzles me. They have been painting the skies all day here and according to my thermometers, we hit 78 degrees today, which is absolutely absurd this time of year. Humidity was late spring like. I was watching the weather and your radio show, I'm speachless really it was just excellent and I look forward to it every week, I noticed the icy weather in south texas and I was thinking that we would see the cool down from that, but then I saw this;
    is this reliable? It looks like they are still going to heat us out? I have never seen right angles in previous fronts and it looks artificial. 
    I am am trying to show everyone what is happening here and how absurd it is, but I do not want to be discredited from unreliable and uneducated responses.
    thank you Dane, and any help is truly appreciated! I have children too and this just makes me sick at my stomach.

  21. DrDignity says:

    Very cold here today in the Coachella Valley, two very heavy spray days, 26 & 27 December 2015.  No rain, a covered sky of fresh mares' tails, coalescing, blocking the sun.  We are going on our fifth year of drought. Zombies walk, decorate, talk on their cells.  Nobody looks up. Thanks for the radio show.  DrDignity

  22. john says:

    I love your stuff, ty and keep it going.

  23. Sortinghat says:

    Would it be better if we just  went to  sleep nd pretended none of this ever happened then we can die in happiness?

    • john says:

      No it would not. Have any children? That what scares me: what is going to happen to them?

    • Melanie says:

      Sortinghat, if everyone felt this way, we would have no chance. We all have to shine in the light and remain strong. Have you seen the movie Avatar or any of the Matrix movies? IMO, not far from today's reality. Stay with us in this. All of us collectively can make a difference. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Sortinghat, I do share this dream of a sleep that wakes to a world not ruined.  But, you cannot unknow what you know.  Can't unsee what you've seen.  And, it would seem we cannot undo geoengineering.  Worse, it has been going on way way too long to leave hope.  Hard pill to swallow.  But then, there is self respect.  How can one not try?  Not prepare for what is coming?  Not help others?  Others may not want to know but they need to.  I had to find my daughter's murderer and did.  We know who is murdering us and Earth.  Soon the found murderer I referred to goes to court.  Would that I could say the same for the idiots whose egos have destroyed much of our world's systems, killing so many along the way, slow killing us.  Or fast, as with so many cancers. Stealing our children's future.  Their very lives.  Do we go out stupid, or go out smart?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Just saw my reply and shocked myself!  NOT my daughter's murderer-God forbid!  My daughter's Father's murderer!  That was not easy as he was a fullblood Lakota in SD where a good Indian is a dead Indian and the police did not care.  Took 4 years.  I had the answer in 4 months but they did not care until it became their only unsolved homicide in 10 years and they wanted to clear Their record. Occurs to me, that a lesson for geoengineering admission could be found in this convoluted raison d'tre of record clearing, a kind of soul cleansing even if not genuinely felt by those who repent.  In a race to beat others to the punch?  Even if only to save one's own ass?

  24. Karen D says:

    A superb news article.  Thank you so much Dane.  I will be sending this on.

  25. SD says:

    Make no mistake, the widespread tornado activity seen in the southern U.S. the past few days was CAUSED BY the Geoengineers.  Someone in the operation gave the order to COOL DOWN  the areas in question. They created an artificial LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM over Missouri several days ago.

    Two days ago they created a similar Low Pressure system in the Texas panhandle.  A M2.7 earthquake was recorded at the time in the area. THE GEOENGINEERS CAUSED cold Canadian air to rush down towards the Low Pressure and generated the tornados, hail and snow.

    Rural America is under attack by the Geoengineers.  They are sacrificing rural areas in an attempt to create weather "normalcy" for urban centers.

    Today the USGS quake site reported another HAARP induced quake in the far north of Alaska.  These used to be rare – not anymore.  The Geoengineers move cold air from the far north of AK and Canada down to the U.S. to CREATE WINTER CONDITIONS.

    • David Northeast Florida says:

      Google: "Climate Change Will Shake The Earth", not to mention all the Earthquakes occurring from the Hydraulic Fracturing/Fracking, with Waste Water injection into Shale Rock for the release of Natural Gas, in Oklahoma & Texas etc. Imagine the widespread contamination to the Earth this is causing. The Fuel Companies are denying accountability for the damage to peoples property from these Earthquakes, which are now measuring as high as 4.0!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:


      So often I would like to see these MTHRFCKERS DESTROYED, or simply watch and wave, as they sail off to Mars, sacks of potatoes and shovels, no doubt, in tow… man, somethin's saying you gotta feel sorry for those potatoes!!  And WHILE THEY'RE OUT, let's CHANGE THE LOCKS.  Give e'm a ONE WAY TICKET outta here!!!

  26. Mike Mickevicius says:

    Just say'n and ask'n at the same time… The deadly and "un-seasonal" tornados were likely caused by whoever controls HAARP and High Altitude Aerosol Dispersement…what say you???

    Homicide via weather manipulation!!!

  27. The lunacy of War-mongering & arms as big business…
    …it is the US arms sales to foreigners that is really flourishing. Despite a stagnant international weapons market and increased competition among suppliers, American foreign weapons receipts rose from $26.7 billion to $36.2 billion last year. According to a new congressional report, as The NY Times reports…
    The United States remained the single largest provider of arms around the world last year, controlling just over 50 percent of the market. Russia followed the United States as the top weapons supplier, completing $10.2 billion in sales, compared with $10.3 billion in 2013. Sweden was third, with roughly $5.5 billion in sales, followed by France with $4.4 billion and China with $2.2 billion.
    …the dollar is revealed to be a paper thin instrument of warfare, a ripple effect on the people, a twisted illusion, a weaponized money now engaged in a covert economic warfare that threatens their very livelihood.
    Ron Paul: Almost all wars have been paid for through inflation… the practice always ends badly as currency becomes debased leading to upward pressure on prices. “Almost all wars, in a hundred years or so, have been paid for through inflation, that is debasing the currency,” he said, adding that this has been going on “for hundreds, if not thousands of years.”
    “I don’t know if we ever had a war paid though tax payers. The only thing where they must have been literally paid for, was when they depended on the looting. They would go in and take over a country, and they would loot and take their gold, and they would pay for the war.”
     As inflation has debased the currency, other shady Wall Street tactics have driven Americans into a corner, overwhelmed with debt, and gamed by rigged markets in which Americans must make a living. The economic prosperity, adjusted for the kind of reality that doesn’t factor into government reports, can’t match the costs of a military industrial complex that has transformed society into a domestic police state, and slapped Americans with the bill for their own enslavement.
     Dr. Paul notes the mutual interest in keeping the lie going for as long as the public can stand it… and as long as the gravy keeps rolling in: They’re going to continue to finance all these warmongering, and letting the military industrial complex to make a lot of money, before it’s admitted that it doesn’t work, and the whole system comes down because of the debt burden, which would be unsustainable.”
    video here:

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      As a senior in high school our "government" class listened as our teacher told us that war was good for business– man, it was so very quiet in that room in that moment that you could have heard a pin drop– probably The Most Unforgettable Moment of Silence I've ever observed.  Well, I'd liked to have asked then, "And what's it going to look like, once our proverbial chickens come home to roost? What's The End Game, WHERE IS THAT ROAD GOING TO TAKE US, and what shape will we all be in when we get there?"  Those teachers are nearly if not gone; it's us, the kids, who've had to watch while that plays out– not played out yet, but we also can be contributing writers of The Next Chapter, if we can work together and write the mthrfckrz right out of the script.  Can we all do that?

    • I wonder how much of this $36.2 billion went to the new geoengineering industry.

  28. Gary Arsenault says:

    I need a simple question answered.
    If the planes and weather modification programs were not happening, would the world still have a problem with global warming and climate change which would be still problematic?
    Is it possible that what is happening is benevolent?
    Would we be looking at a huge mass extinction otherwise?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gary, the climate scenario is complex. Climate engineering is making an already bad situation far worse overall, not better. The attached link should help answer your question.

    • Wake Up World! says:

      Yes Gary the world would be and absolutely is burning and for more than one major reason. Everyone should be watching anything and everything you can get your ears on from Arnie Gundersen of because we're also dealing with 4 totally blown up and melted down nuclear reactors at Fukushima and radiation is being found in air, soil, food and water all over the US and abroad. The Pacific ocean is DEAD. Gamma rays are in our geoengineered clouds which are further super-heating the atmosphere and burning up what is left of the ozone layer. If geoengineering doesn't kill us all, Fukushima certainly will. There is no stopping it. They are not even trying to stop it.

  29. Richard Raymond says:

    Watched "Chasing Ice" online, very informative, visually stunning.

    Thanks Dane for all you do!

  30. I can't be 100% sure of the real reasons for it but here in the UK we have been experience widespread floods over the past few day which have caused misery and much damage in many areas here in the north. I have never seen anything like it in my near 70 years nor experienced such record high temperatures during a supposed `winter'. I only sleep with shorts on as nights get so warm in bed which is not like me. Plants and creatures are emerging early thinking it is spring. That is bad if frost and snow eventually arrives.
    This follows weeks and weeks of constant rain from gloomy cloud-covered skies, such that we often need house lighting on during the day, and the ground has become completely saturated. We have had constant, very strong winds also. With solid rain day and night over Christmas, numerous rivers have burst their banks and flooded many homes/businesses. The army is out to help rescue people. Yesterday, I managed to move our caravan/trailer to higher ground from close to a raging river about to flood the nearby storage compound.
    The news is full of all this, of course, and about what steps can be taken to reduce the chances, or effects, of future flooding, like better barrier protection, dredging rivers, not building on potential flood planes, better crisis payouts, etc. What is not being mentioned is what the likely cause of all this unnatural catastrophic weather might be – except for perhaps something to do with `global change/warming" which needs investigating!
    Naturally, I strongly suspect that is is being caused by man deliberately messing about with Mother Nature in controlling the weather via geoengineering and HAARP. My understanding is that ALL weather patterns can now be interfered with, if not fully controlled, but, of course, none of this gets mentioned in the media.
    Suddenly, I wake up to a lovely sunny morning with blue sky and look out of the window to see – at least 3 planes criss-crossing the sky, leaving their poisonous trails spreading out horizon to horizon, and my heart sinks. They are at it again. I will again try to get some comment online about this in the MSM today under related articles, even though they usually get voted down by a sceptical, generally apathetic public when they are published, but we can only keep trying to awake people to this insanity. More severe weather may help.
    Thanks again for all you do Dane, best wishes for 2016 to you and all fellow `planet Earth lovers' – donation to follow.

  31. R West says:

    North of Bend, Oregon. Heavy duty spraying last night with something that is very toxic because it is causing bad flue symptoms, watering eyes, head aches, nausea, the whole ball of wax. I am PO'd and ready for a real fight. My dog is real wheezy, too. I hope Washington and Idaho are doing better than Oregon. Turned furnace filter  fan on high. The weather cabal is going all out now and I hope we can do something soon.

    • Nicole says:

      Same here in the NE, R West. Same here.

    • yeoman rand says:

      we can do something – all of us – lets pick  a day and time – and all of us
      together -use our minds and think of permanently stopping the cabal.
      from them using chemtrails and weather weapons on the earth planet
      it's a start –

    • Claire says:

      I am new to this group and yes I have witnessed wide spred spraying over the skies of Philadelphia pa. December 10, 11th and a few on the 12th. Counted over 60 contrails on the 10 over the span of many hours. This is truly frightening. How can this be a global experiment with out public discourse and approval. Who is making these world wide choices for us as a global community. I am a die hard environmentalist. I love mother earth. How can we wake up the public at large locally. Who will listen to us?  How can we stop this unatural weather manipulation with no respect towards the natual process that our world has going from the dawn of life?  I am so confused and truly upset. I don't know where to begin my journey on advocating transparence and acknowledgement that this is a real event and past tense event. The spraying of our atmosphere is one done without care and proper small scale experimentation to understand the reprocussions of such a large scale experiment. And I use the term experiment with harsh thought. This is an attack on global warming in the wrong direction. I am extremely nervous of the long term afffect of a crazy experiment that appears to be a shot in the dark. 

    • Claire: As a Christian, I have found solace in the Bible and am no longer confused.  For me, this global scenario parallels its prophecies, exactly.  I have wondered if it isn't also in the Koran, which might explain the concocted assault on Muslim "jihadists" but haven't finished it.  The prescription I've given my college students (not all of whom are interested) is to maintain vigilance, clean our own homes (metaphorically), and never stop sounding the horn.

  32. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and All, Once again, another great edition GAN, thank you Dane.

    I hope your broadcasts reach many many "new" people each week. I know myself and many others pass along each weeks broadcast. Dane, you made a point about how some folks think they are going to escape into the mountains when things get bad. You're right, they will not survive up here, there's hardly anything left of our beautiful forest and it's inhabitants. There are folks around here that are armed to the hilt. When things go bad they won't take kindly to newcomers. I ask, what good those arms will do when you can't even grow a vegetable? Will they threaten the plants and make them grow? Our soils are in very sad shape. There won't be much if any food at the grocery store which will make things very unpredictable and ugly. We too have experienced huge drops in Bee populations(though most do not realize it). We here do not live in an artificial environment as most do. It's as clear as day the changes to our trees and wildlife in general. I continuously point "things" out in conversation when ever I am in town or with friends. "Doesn't even register",  not even with wanna-be hippies and the so called earth people and the "organic community, not even the 'forward thinkers', geesh!! I wish I could rant like some do on here. But, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. In this case, honey is factual information and teaching others "the facts".

    It's another nucleated snow day here on the North Okanogan. I have over a foot of fake snow out there. I shutter to think what it is going to do to my soils and spring growth. Last year even the sage brush had a hard time. The natural grasses were extremely stunted and diminished in density. This years weather is way more engineered than last year in many ways and many different engineered applications. I'm tired of this fake snow and even more tired of folks that do not question it. These snow flakes all look the same. And where did the wind go? I haven't seen a snow drift in years. Used to have them all over after a snow storm. Seems anymore we just get "snow fall". Lastly here, In my opinion, one of the greatest hurdles we all face in waking folks up to geoengineering is this, "people do not and or will not believe 'mankind' can control the weather". Even after watching jet tankers fly all day over our area and cover it up. Anyone have anything to add to that?

    Ignorance "was" bliss, I remember those days. They were 'fun'. It's a mighty big rabbit hole we've jumped into and only one right way to get out. "Repair the planet and treat her like she needs to be treated". Same goes for how we all get along in "society". Feed a stranger, try it! Then try to figure out who feels better(grin)….

    a simple horseman

  33. Las Vegan says:

    Wow, Dane.  What a powerful radio broadcast.  You really succinctly and directly add up the data and draw some very powerful conclusions…which I happen to think are absolutely correct.  My mind wanders back to Einsenhower, a decorated and popular general fresh from WWII, cautioning the citizens about the "military-industrial complex."  I think our world took a radical turn after WWII, and we citizens know very, very little about actual issues–I include in this remark allegations from whistle blowers of a secret space program.  I think technology available to the military-industrial complex, at the very highest levels, took that echelon of power in directions which would blow our minds.  I believe power is also the reason the military complex partners with the industrial sector.  That level of technology, I feel, is the reason we see an absolutely maniacal thirst for power dominating our world today.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I agree, Las Vegan.  We have a global NAZI mad scientist mindset with Tesla Technologies.  I think there's power potential beyond anything we can possibly know.  And they've kept it that way.  Fossil fuels could have been gone for decades, but instead they cornered the market and they will continue until the last drop is wrung from our poor Earth.

      I wonder what energy sources run the DUMB's.

  34. ed says:

    watch a re-run of the sun bowl in El Paso on 12/26. early in the game it was 50 degrees. then the snow started. then it became cold. but only 35-40 degrees cold. Dane's correct. the 12/26 sun bowl is proof

    • Sully says:

      I watched the sun bowl and live in east texas. It was 80 here and they even mentioned on the broadcast. That it was only 36 yet snowing like crazy in el paso!

    • David Northeast Florida says:

      Dane is absolutely Spot On Correct, about the Black Friday Chaos, if people act like Rogue Animals then, what about when all the Natural Resources are depleted that are needed to produce all those materialistic items, then what, could you imagine their behavior. Currently the Global Population in over 7 Billion and it now takes Planet Earth 1.5 years (18 months) based on an Annual Cycle to replace/regenerate the necessary Natural Resources, for humans like Water, Food, Clothing, Building Materials etc to survive, this does not include Animals, Aquatic Life & Insects. By the year 2030 with the ever increasing population, it will take 2 years for Planet Earth to cycle for the regeneration of Natural Resources required for sustainability, we only have 1 Planet Earth. I have posted a couple times before, about two great books I read, written by Elizabeth Kolbert 1. "THE SIXTH EXTINCTION" An Unnatural History 2014. 2. "FIELD NOTES FROM A CATASTROPHE" Man Nature and Climate Change 2006. These two books give investigative Data, with Factual Evidence which is a great tool in addition to this website, like Dane has mentioned numerous amounts of times for convincing the people in denial!


  35. chantiel says:

    Is there anything we can do about the fluoridation? I truly believe it would help many people see things much more clearly.

    • Danny says:

      The Fluoride Action Network is the most accredited not for profit in the US fighting toxic water fluoridation. Dr. Paul Connett has been fighting fluoridation for decades. I stopped 90% of my fluoride intake years ago and it definitely makes your head clearer however we will need a miracle to wake the majority of sheep up.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      An activist named David Barnett in Marin County, CA U.S.A. has been pretty successful in mobilizing public opinion and being a presence at the Water District board meetings.  The president of the board at the time that fluoridation was initiated was Dietrich Stroh, who has since become a very strong advocate of STOPPING drinking water fluoridation.  He says it's clear that it is unnecessary for drinking water safety and the research clearly shows that if people want to use fluoride to treat their teeth, they need to apply it topically, not systemically.  What a load of stinking junk "science" went into the propaganda persuading most of the voting Idiots to think that poisoning the water with it would improve our dental health– yet ANOTHER "Adult Fairy Tale," when mostly, people need to grow up and get informed, then take responsibility for their OWN health actions, and stop expecting someone to sprinkle us all with Magic Fairy Dust that will somehow absolve us all from needing to apply personal responsibility techniques to our lives on a daily ongoing basis

    • Gary Arsenault says:

      Yes we can do something about fluoridation, we can get up off our sorry asses and start protesting in front of the water plant and in front of our municipal offices of government.
      You can be an example…..we can all be an example….
      Myself I would do it, but I am too lazy and it is easier to just bitch,  complain about things and blame everyone else so I feel better about myself.

    • yeoman rand says:

      just pass the word around to everyone – when your out dining – your
      friends – tell them flouride is poison in the water – that the nazis's
      put flouride in the concentrations camps water to num down the people
      interned there. Pass the word around  – its works – I noticed a commerical for pepsi diet – they state it contains no aspertane-
      aspertane is poison – if we stick together we will win – strength and honor

    • Rachel Robson says:

      TPTB decided that because tooth decay was such a big deal, that fluoridating water was the way to go.  When I was in 8th grade, my male math teacher had beige teeth.  Really obvious so he got that out of the way straight off.  Said where he was raised, Texas I think, that their water was naturally high in fluoride.  He claimed this gave him his perfect and perfectly beige teeth with zero cavities.  Was an odd thing at the time and I never forgot it.

  36. Roger Gibbons says:

    Hello all, I am in sunny, or I should say illuminated Florida this week.
    I was catching some whitened sun rays yesterday before noon and then across the skys they came ….one after the other jets…not less then three hours the skys were littered with chemtrails and not less the four hours the whole sky was whitened ……with chemicals making a white overcast look.
    Its unbelieveable … see even people laying beside me became believers of what is being done to the skys above……we now have more believers and thats great to see ….people waking up …lovin it.
    Everyone keep up this great work and maybe just maybe we can stop this killing spree.

    • Bill Lutz says:

      Hi Roger, hope you have a great time here in the former "Sunshine State."  We moved here from the Northeast 10 years ago, and it's been very troubling to see what's happening to our world above.  Yesterday, I was sp upset seeing the massive spraying efffort going on above us in SW Florida, I called the local newspaper office in Naples.  The reporter emailed back, saying she checked with her editor, and said there was a large amount of air traffic due to the Holidays, and the high altitude cold weather contributed to the contrails I saw.  Disgusting lies and blindness to this disaster.

      My 2016 goal is to deliver Geoengineering Watch flyers to every resident in the gated community I live in during January.  I have the utmost of respect for Dane; I pray for him and his family throughout the coming years.

    • orange says:

      Welcome to Florida.  It was an utterly amazing and extremely special place.  Now it's a ruin.  When I moved to the Panhandle 6 years ago, the thing that struck me most was the tons of butterflies we would get starting in September.  We would drive down a rural highway and they would be everywhere, like a living, fluttering carpet.  The water was as clear and beautiful as you could ever imagine, we'd see fish jumping out, have them nibbling at our toes…when we went fishing, we'd always catch a lot of fish!  Now, we haven't caught an edible fish in forever.  The Gulf is full of foul seaweed and jellyfish.  It doesn't smell clean any more.  Our oysters are dying or dead.  The air stinks.  I can't hang clothes out on the line to dry any more without them coming in stinking.  There are chemtrails everywhere.  I used to see bald eagles all the time, I haven't seen anything but buzzards in a long time.  And of course all we see is chemtrails, no blue sky any more.  They have turned this magical, beautiful state into a corpse and I am about to lose it crying as I type this.  The thing I miss most of all is the beautiful, white puffy clouds.  Standing in an orange grove surrounded by oranges on the trees, with those white clouds overhead…I thought that must be what Heaven is like.  Standing on the beach, looking over the Gulf, watching curtains of rain move back and forth across the utterly flat water, then seeing the sun break out as it was setting, making a rainbow….seeing the "green flash" when the sun sets, seeing sea turtles and a dolphin actually jump out of the water and do a flip….I could go on and on and on.  What we have lost, what we have done and allowed to be done to this state, this planet, is criminal and evil and we will all undoubtedly pay either here in this life or the next. 
      I went to swim with the manatees a few years back.  They were wonderful.  Of course, there were other idiots acting stupid around them, being disrespectful and nasty.  I saw a few with awful scars on their backs from boat propellers….I saw an idiot on his boat FLYING through an area nearby, despite knowing it was full of manatees.  I don't think I've ever had more of a rush of furious hatred ever in my life as I did that moment, seeing that idiot on that boat.  I'm sorry I'm rambling but it's the end of the world and I think I'm either losing my mind, my heart is breaking and I know we're all doomed and there's nothing we can really do to save it.  I just hope it will somehow fix itself someday, when we're all gone and I hope the elites cannot survive in their underground bunkers….truly, God, let the rock not hide them and the dead tree give no shelter. 
      God bless you all. 

  37. Roger Gibbons says:

    Hi Jack …..good comment on the Banks which run the world ….I would like you to investagate little further. you will find in your research that what is behind the banks of this world is the wealthest religion on this
    Planet and their agenda if you do your research is to run the one world government.
    It is said that the richest family in the entire world is the Rothchilds and that maybe true …..but the richest religion makes them look like pikers.
    If you do your research you will find that the banks get their orders from the Vatican ……..specificlly the Jesuits.
    No other state in the world controls more people, wealth, land, kings, and governments then the Vatican.
    It has also been stated that the Rothchilds are the Guardians of the Vatican bank.
    Its their agenda to rule the world once again …they did in the dark ages and then they were wounded by Napoleon and was healed in 1923/29 and they havent stopped.
    Their agenda is to destroy protestant and recapture her place has the one and only believe system.
    The Pope just Stated that climate change must be the worlds number one concern and gave his blessings to the action of the use of all that will slow down heating of the planet this is the first time a religious leader EVERY spoke in public of this nature.
    The question is can spraying the atmosphere reduce life to a manageable amount for a one world government the answer would be yes its happening right now ….
    So I urge you to dig deeper in your resreach and you will find that the Jesuits are behind all of it.

    • Jack says:

      It is not the fact that the Rothschilds own it, it is the fact that the Government is borrowing from a Private Bank, and is allowing that private banks, and all private banks to create the money through Fractional Reserve Lending.
      As long as this system remains in place, it doesnt matter who owns it, because someone else will just come along and own it.
      The trick is do the monetary reform I mentioned so that ONLY the government creates the money and the people can govern and take care of all the problems worldwide.
      Right now the ANY owners of the private banks, who also own the Federal Reserve Bank, will try to stop us the people from solving the worldwide problems, because they WANT worldwide problems so they can have THREATS to control the world with, to protect this banking scam.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wait a minute.  What history are you reading?  Eleanor of Aquitaine's time period was just coming out of the Dark Ages, barely.  Her first husband a French King.  Her second, Henry the 2nd of England, which at that time was a cold, bare, backward place.  There was no Vatican then, and the Pope was in France.  For some time the Pope was up for grabs, or very weak in position on a tiny island in the river in Paris.  However, the Catholic Church was established, run in the main by devout men for the most part, and there were nuns who were kind to Eleanor when Henry had her locked up in a tower for a very long time because she constantly made war with him.  Though she was Catholic, she was not a full believer.  The Aquataine area was renowned for their love of nature, freedom, song and dance and enjoyment of life.  But, the Crusades began, and Eleanor rode with them against the "infidels" to give heart to the faint of heart, and with them the Pope's blessings in the form of a red cross-hand made, stitched upon a white cloth.  Those of means in France, glommed together with forced peasantry to fight for Jerusalem, dreaming of King Solomon's fabled temple and gold.  The red crosses first were Knights-hence Knights Templar, called this for that reason.  Priests passed out ones to all who went or most all.  Some early starters were masons, as masons unlike most others had a free pass to go where they liked owing to their skills.  It is said but never proven, that they did find King Solomon's temple and tons and tons of gold, buried.  And then looted.  And masons honed their skills from what they discovered.  The Pope then became afraid of the Knights Templar and ordered them all killed and most were.  However those who survived did so by hiding out in the rugged hill country of the Swiss Alps and began the first ever international banking system.  This was in the 1100s.  And the crusades hooked them up with more than gold–silk, and all manor of spices, plants, jewels and various things rumored but previously unseen, such as roses.  Some believe that Jesus and his family made their way to France and there is a tomb that is thought, fairly recently found, to be his and family.  Who knows but that the Pope had no Vatican then.  Royalty, like Eleanor, married women and sisters to far flung places including her sister in the Middle East, to fortify their standing and armies.  This international first banking system was for all peoples at that time who had the means-whatever background or nationality.  Which were very few, very.  How it all ended up in the Vatican I do not know.  But I suspect the masons and their connections which were many, as their skills got them hired by the very wealthy to build cathedrals so wondrous that to this day many of the techniques are not known. 

    • Sortinghat says:

      Amen!   The Vaticans are desendents of those who corrupted Rome and you know woh that went.   I mean how.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Rachel Robson, you're on fire today!  What an comprehensive, eye opening analysis of European history, something I've been unable to grasp.  Too Bad Eleanor's pagan/Wikken-like proclivities didn't prevail in history.
      Thank you, Rachel.  I'm always happy to see you here, thinking you're feeling a little better when you come by.  Wishing Christmas Blessings of Peace and LIght come to you that carry over to the New Year.  Love,

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @Rachel, I saw a documentary about possibly finding what was believed to be copper/gold mines of King Solomon.  Unknowable amounts of worker/slaves certainly perished, and the tailings still render the area highly toxic today.

  38. Beverly says:

    Susan, you are a powerhouse, thanks for all the wonderful information.

    • Thank you, Beverly! Dane is my hero and inspiration. Let's hope 2016 is the year that change really comes. I'll take the exquisite beauty & perfection of Nature over the insane inept greed-based acts of these evil unconscious geoengineering idiot morons any time.

    • Melanie says:

      Agreed! Thank you Susan.

  39. Joe susko says:

    Heavy chemtrails in tampa yesterday I was afraid to go outside some of the trails went in circles almost like the pilot was trying to make it blatantly obvious what he was doing. 

    • Diane Friday says:

      I think you're on to something Joe. IMHO, based on (sadly) years of observation, especially after finding this wonderful site, the higher the number of people who are "awakened" to what's going on, the more blatant they get. I used to think those evil-looking X patterns were some kind of latitude-longitude markers; now, I think they're just flipping us off, letting us know they know we know, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Or maybe I've just gotten way too paranoid. It's hard to know these days. 

  40. mary says:

    Does anyone know where to find a list of the Weather Channel's sponsors? Thanks!

    • [Not sponsors, but… …Notice how massive big-data accumulation & centralization of information through digital technology has allowed the control  of everything to fall to fewer & fewer corporate entities, so useful to the rise of the Global Corporate Regime]  IBM Lands A Place On Millions Of Homescreens After Buying Weather Channel Owner
      But not the Weather Channel. It’s complicated.
      Oct. 28, 2015 / Matthew Zeitlin
      The Weather Company, which owns of The Weather Channel along with a bunch of weather websites, apps and other businesses, will sell the entire company, aside from the TV channel, to IBM. IBM said it would acquire The Weather Company’s corporate and digital business, which includes a lucrative set of operations that store and analyze weather data and license it to other companies. The Weather Company’s former owners — NBC Universal, and private equity firms Bain Capital and Blackstone — will continue to own the Weather Channel, which will do a licensing deal with IBM for weather data. … the Wall Street Journal reported that a deal would be for around $2 billion. IBM said the Weather Company sells its data and services to more than 5,000 corporate and government clients. … Weather data can be useful across a range of industries, from transport to energy, insurance and farming. “The Weather Company’s cloud-based data platform will allow IBM to collect an even larger variety and higher velocity of global data sets, store them, analyze them and in turn distribute them and empower richer and deeper insights across the Watson platform,” IBM said in a statement announcing the deal. The acquisition will also give IBM a foothold in people’s smartphones, where it will take over the Weather Channel app, which it says is the fourth most used app in the United States on a daily basis — as well as a valuable source of data in its own right. The Weather Company’s “sophisticated models analyze data from three billion weather forecast reference points, more than 40 million smartphones and 50,000 airplane flights per day, allowing it to offer a broad range of data-driven products and services,” IBM said. While much of the raw data used for forecasting and analysis is generated by government, weather can still be big business for companies that serve the industries that most care about it. The Climate Corporation, a startup founded by former Google employees that sells data analysis to farmers, was bought by Monsanto for over $1 billion in 2013.

  41. I can't be 100% sure of the real reasons for it but here in the UK we have been experience widespread floods over the past few day which have caused misery and much damage in many areas here in the north. I have never seen anything like it in my near 70 years nor experienced such record high temperatures during a supposed `winter'. I only sleep with shorts on as nights get so warm in bed which is not like me. Plants and creatures are emerging early thinking it is spring. That is bad if frost and snow eventually arrives.

    This follows weeks and weeks of constant rain from gloomy cloud-covered skies, such that we often need house lighting on during the day, and the ground has become completely saturated. We have had constant, very strong winds also. With solid rain day and night over Christmas, numerous rivers have burst their banks and flooded many homes/businesses. The army is out to help rescue people. Yesterday, I managed to move our caravan/trailer to higher ground from close to a raging river about to flood the nearby storage compound.

    The news is full of all this, of course, and about what steps can be taken to reduce the chances, or effects, of future flooding, like better barrier protection, dredging rivers, not building on potential flood planes, better crisis payouts, etc. What is not being mentioned is what the likely cause of all this unnatural catastrophic weather might be – except for perhaps something to do with `global change/warming" which needs investigating!

    Naturally, I strongly suspect that is is being caused by man deliberately messing about with Mother Nature in controlling the weather via geoengineering and HAARP. My understanding is that ALL weather patterns can now be interfered with, if not fully controlled, but, of course, none of this gets mentioned in the media.

    Suddenly, I wake up to a lovely sunny morning with blue sky and look out of the window to see – at least 3 planes criss-crossing the sky, leaving their poisonous trails spreading out horizon to horizon, and my heart sinks. They are at it again. I will again try to get some comment online about this in the MSM today under related articles, even though they usually get voted down by a sceptical, generally apathetic public when they are published, but we can only keep trying to awake people to this insanity. More severe weather may help.

    Thanks again for all you do Dane, best wishes for 2016 to you and all fellow `planet Earth lovers' –

  42. Dane it also just occurred to me if we are being exposed to high level of UV light. The end game is to destroy humans a a cellular level. Destroying the DNA and the ability to reproduce. The slow kill of all humans. 

  43. Michel B says:

    In real ways everyone is confronted with these programs. We are all involved in the processes and ramifications. Everyone is living under an altered sky and all denial is the most useless sidetracking. So called humorous reduction of the news by those hearing of it for the first time only speaks of what is really a nervous and fearful mode attempting to deny verifiable truths.

    Everyone who is currently ignorant or denying the realities is going to find out and be forced to acknowledge what is now old news to us here. I tell everyone I can so that when the time comes they can say, "Well, I was told", as useless or useful as that may be.

  44. Jack says:

    The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned and its owners also own all the big banks, and they are literally printing money for themselves.
    Here is exactly how:
    Since the Federal Reserve Bank merely puts ink on paper and calls it money and then lends it to the US government which has to pay it all back, the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are, in reality, printing money for themselves.
    Also, these same owners, who also own all the big banks, when they make loans, they simply add a number to their electronic balance sheet without doing anything else, and again, it all has to be paid back to them, so again, in reality, they are printing money for themselves.
    Now you can see who it is that is intentionally inventing and funding all the chaos in the world so they can use it as a pretext take away Person Freedom, Human Rights, National Sovereignty, and to force a One World Government into existence, which is the ultimate protection for this scam.
    This is the ULTIMATE scam and the ULTIMATE outrage, yet the media, including all the publishers of textbooks, are totally owned by the Money Vermin and WILL NEVER SPEAK OF THIS!!!
    You are lucky, that after a lot of hard work by people to uncover this, YOU NOW KNOW!!!
    Do something with this knowledge and call your Representatives right now and tell them you want Monetary Reform!!! (See the solution below).
    To shut down this scam for good, YOU MUST STOP governments from borrowing money from private banks, and stop private banks from creating money by Fractional Reserve Lending.
    Governments MUST START instead start creating money for their own use, and start lending it to banks so that government will get revenue from the interest.
    Money should NOT be backed with Gold, because the Money Vermin now own the supply of all the gold and there is no way for governments to get the gold back from them.
    However, Silver has real worth and the supply of is not 100% owned by the Money Vermin like Gold is, so it can easily be used to coin money.
    Money would be backed by Silver AND by the word of Government, which is the word of the People who live and work in that country and therefore are the true Government of it.
    Do not do business with private banks which are creating money for themselves by Fractional Reserve Lending, they are the Money Vermin.

    • Robert m. says:

      nothing like this is ever taught in our school systems. we are taught to be good little sheep and  get into the flock so we can be sheared.

    • Elaine Woodriff says:

      Jack, after the Fed and the banks print the money and lend it to the government and others, they not only have to pay the loan back, but have to pay interest on the loan, which adds up to a large, very, very large amount of income for the Fed owners and the banks.

  45. Julie McLean says:

    Thank you Dane.

  46. Larry Meyer says:

    Dane, I notice in this months issue of ARIZONA ENGINEER, a publication of the University of Arizona College of Engineering, the College is launching a new Major: Environmental Engineering. "Environmental and chemical engineering, two closely connected fields will be integrated"!
    You can throw a rock from the UofA Campus and hit Evergreen Airpark. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      How convenient for them! They can then just send their graduates right over to Evergreen and start them at astronomical salaries for their 'good works' in this exciting new field.

  47. Lorna Richard says:

    The citizens of Holland have sued their Government. Why are we not pressing charges of negligence, and conspiracy to do harm,  towards those in politics that have allowed this to continue?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The article about the lawsuits against the governments of Netherlands and Belgium are from April, 2015.  That was 8 months ago– what's happened with these lawsuits during this time?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The Hague ruled in favor of the plaintiffs back in late June 2015:  This article ends saying that "the lawsuit doesn't say how the government is supposed to meet the new, more ambitious goals. The world will be watching closely to see what happens next."   I looked for later articles with more recent updates but didn't see much.   There was one from with a photograph of the court after the ruling:  If anyone hears of any further movement on how this lawsuit proposes to seek compliance, please post it here.

      Interestingly, I also found an article from the April 29th issue of, titled Whitening the Arctic Ocean Won't Save the Planet:, and related articles with salient titles, including the following:

      * "The World's Coral is Experiencing a Massive Bleaching Event"

      * "Rogue Geoengineer Dumps 100 Tons of Iron off Canada's West Coast– Geoengineering is always controversial but it's even more controversial when you don't tell anyone first"  (NO KIDDING– This is what is in print, I'm quoting the article verbatim)

      * "Scientists Observe Temperatures Warming in Response to Increased Carbon Dioxide"

      * "Whitening Cities' Roofs Is Environmental Equivalent of Taking 300 Million Cars Off The Road, DoE says" (I put white shingles on my house when it needed a new roof back in 2008, glad I did; just wish I earned more and could afford to build a straw bale house close to farmland, with water catchment, storage and recycling systems, too).


  48. Sunshine says:

    Where can we buy a temperature gauge that is accurate? Thx

  49. Anthony Enright says:

    Thank you for what you do.I am the owner of Bioprime Company which is a microorganism product for treating waste water and solids in sanitary systems. I am almost at the point in time where with my product and other company components that I can reduce Nitrates by over 60% in Sanitary systems protecting ground water and run off. I look forward to hearing about your research and findings.

  50. Dennie Mehocich says:

    I'm wondering exactly when the M.I.B.C. knew the Middle East was sitting on a vast ocean of oil.  My guess is that this was a known fact for a long, long time– I've heard that oil from Chechnya is famous for it's purity and is used in the oil lamps at the Vatican. 

    With the vast growth of industry during the Industrial Age, fueled by petroleum after all the whales were nearly killed off, I believe that it's entirely possible that there was a plan to allow the wreaking of havoc on the Jewish people of Europe in order to create a pretext for a need to make them a "homeland" country in Palestine that would be assured massive European ties, as a means of the Anglo-European money powers gaining a foothold in the Middle East, thus "securing" their position as a "rightful" taker of the oil.  Didn't work out really all that well in many ways, if that was the plan.

    • Small surface occurrences of petroleum in the form of natural gas and oil seeps have been known from early times. The ancient Sumerians, Assyrians, and Babylonians used crude oil and asphalt (“pitch”) collected from large seeps at Tuttul (modern-day Hīt) on the Euphrates for many purposes more than 5,000 years ago. Liquid oil was first used as a medicine by the ancient Egyptians, presumably as a wound dressing, liniment, and laxative.
      Oil products were valued as weapons of war in the ancient world. The Persians used incendiary arrows wrapped in oil-soaked fibres at the siege of Athens in 480 bce. Early in the Common Era the Arabs and Persians distilled crude oil to obtain flammable products for military purposes. Probably as a result of the Arab invasion of Spain, the industrial art of distillation into illuminants became available in western Europe by the 12th century.

  51. Irene Parousis says:

    Thank you Dane.  I often use the Titanic metaphor when telling people about the state of our planet.  Yesterday was the most depressing day as I knew so many were opening up presents, oblivious to the unusual warm temperatures for this time of the year.  It takes every ounce of my being to continue in this battle.  I wish I could see some light at the end of the tunnel just to keep me motivated.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Irene, your voice of reason in this equation matters more than you realize. With every person that our combined efforts awakens, our power for the greater good grows. Never give up, we need your voice in this battle.

    • chantiel says:

      Please don't give up! I am just now realizing the sinister plans behind what I've been seeing and I have managed to get some who don't want to look to admit at least to themselves that something is going on and those chemtrails are not normal. I think we are close to seeing a public response because of you and others like you. I have always been a skywatcher so I can tell things have changed, even clouds. But even the oblivious are beginning to think. Thank you for all you do!

  52. Earth Angel says:

    Another powerful message. Thank you and God Bless you Dane for your excellent research and courage. We march proudly with you and do the best we each can. We pray for a better outcome for this planet than appears possible from this point in time. As you so often say, "We can't know what the future holds or what forces may be at work in our favor" so we trudge on and keep the faith.

  53. Dane – Great talk. Thank you! Amazing informative. :

    * ”This ship is sinking," retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson tells Abby Martin, adding that "today the purpose of US foreign policy is to support the complex that we have created in the national security state that is fueled, funded, and powered by interminable war." The former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations reflects on the sad but honest reflection on what America has become as he exposes the unfixable corruption inside the establishment and the corporate interests driving foreign policy.
    "It's never been about altruism, it's about sheer power." [video here]:

    * We must change our groundwater-sapping ways …the developing crisis that is worldwide groundwater depletion. In the United States:
    • Water levels have declined in 64 percent of the wells included in a government database during the past two decades, in some areas up to 100 feet.
    • For 13 counties in Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Kansas and Iowa, average water levels have decreased more than 40 feet since 1995.

    * Saudi Arabia ancient desert springs dried up: Wealthy farmers had been allowed to drain the aquifers unchecked for three decades. Beginning in the late 1970s, Saudi landowners were given free rein to pump the aquifers so that they could transform the desert into irrigated fields. Saudi Arabia soon became one of the world’s premier wheat exporters. By the 1990s, farmers were pumping an average of 5 trillion gallons a year. At that rate, it would take just 25 years to completely drain Lake Erie. The Saudi government’s policy largely enriched the ruling elite and resulted in a near total depletion of its precious aquifers, Elhadj wrote. “A combination of money and water could make even a desert bloom, until either the money or the water runs out,” Elhadj said. For Saudi Arabia, it was the water. Now the water is nearly gone. Most of that underground water came from ancient aquifers that are deeply buried and don’t naturally refill for tens of thousands of years.

    • russ says:

      Susan Ferguson—–thank you for the video Abby Martin did with this Colonel. While as a Veteran I was not shocked but it did my heart good to hear this and share it on Face Book and e-mail.Thanks Susan

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Susan:  Thanks for providing the links to the articles mentioned in the weekly Geowatch radio broadcast.  Although, as with Alex Jones, I am not a fan of Abby Martin, these interviewers do let those who beg to differ with The Powers That Shouldn't Be to have a real say.  Let's pray that we start hearing more of these voices via mainstream media very soon, and increasingly so, this year.

  54. jo says:

    Equation simple:
    Aluminum kills Ozone.
    Unfiltered Solar Radiation kills you.
    Therefore, stop the Geo-Engineering.
    Melting blacktop in India and melting car plastic is not temperature, it is weakly filtered Solar Radiation.
    Simply put Geo-Engineering kills you by destroying the atmospheres ability to filter Solar Radiation.

  55. virginia says:

    Just a short note to thank you, Dane, for your tireless efforts in presenting us with such important knowledge on geoengineering, etc.

    Let us hope that 2016 will bring to the people of Earth relief from the sorry mess it is in…that includes poison sprayed on us from the skies; continuing radiation from Fukushima, and wars that kill millions, et cetera.
    There must be hope.  Happy New Year to all, everywhere.

  56. wendy says:

    Hello Dane,
    In Southern BC we have been hit hard. Expecially with HARP and Chem trails.  The sun this month has only been out 5 times otherwise we are under heavy cloud coverage.  We have about 50 new towers in the area and you sure know when they are active. Our forest is gone due to fires this past summer being fueled by Chem trails.  People are aware of what  is going on but how do we voice it more publicly. So people open their eyes and fight for this planet we live on. With all this methane has being released our earth is just a ticking time bomb.

    • Mike looking up says:

      W, its everywhere Detroit is layerd with old and new, such a ugly sky.  Jets pounded us Christmas Eve day….. We have had 8 or 9 hours of sunlight last 28 days. A friend sent a sunset picture from Key Largo, all chem man made. My heart is breaking.

    • Jeff Walker (Ottawa, ex-Brentwood Bay) says:

      Hi Wendy, how about ex-premier Bill Vander Zalm, speaking about chemtrails.
      Only politician I've seen say anything about this.

  57. The Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act of 2015

    ExxonMobil, Peabody Coal Lobbying for Bill Preventing Climate Change Accounting in US Trade Deals /By Steve Horn • December 20, 2015
    The day before global leaders and diplomats passed a climate change deal in Paris at the United Nations climate summit, the U.S. House of Representatives — in a 256-158 vote — authorized the final text of a bill that has a provision preventing climate change to be accounted for in all U.S. trade deals going forward. That bill, the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 (H.R.644), now may proceed for full-floor votes in both the House and the U.S. Senate after its conference report was agreed upon. A DeSmog review of lobbying records shows the bill has received heavy fossil fuel industry support.  The language in the bill originally dictated that “trade agreements do not require changes to U.S. law or obligate the United States with respect to global warming or climate change.” According to National Journal, Congress changed that language in the conference report to “greenhouse gas emissions” and took “global warming or climate change” off the table. [full article here]:

    How a Customs Bill Ignited a Fight Over Climate Change
    Despite changes, a key Democrat says the bill would block climate work.
    Demo­crats and en­vir­on­ment­al­ists had balked at the ori­gin­al House ver­sion of the bill, in part be­cause of an amend­ment that would have barred any trade deals that re­quired the U.S. to make any new ob­lig­a­tions to fight glob­al warm­ing.
    Re­pub­lic­ans in­ser­ted the lan­guage over con­cerns that the White House would use fast-track trade powers to jam through new cli­mate deals, but en­vir­on­ment­al­ists warned it would put a freeze on the U.S. cli­mate ne­go­ti­ations.
    The con­fer­ence re­port softened that lan­guage. Rather than cli­mate change, it now refers only to “green­house gas emis­sions” (still the largest part of cli­mate policy) and it au­thor­izes the U.S. Trade Rep­res­ent­at­ive to keep work­ing on green­house-gas policy if that’s the main ob­ject­ive of the talks.

  58. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Thank you Dane, for this stellar edition of Global Alert News. I have linked it in an email to ALL of my contacts. Everyone, please do the same.

    Never Give Up!!!

  59. GREAT GOOD Work Dane, newly discovered fungus is killing trees critical to hawaii's water supply. please keep on doing good LOVE Always John.

  60. TnGeoWatch says:

    Real reported high and low temps are all being under reported. Badly!

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