Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 26, 2022, # 342


Dane Wigington

Global power structures are more desperate and dangerous than ever before, unfolding and accelerating ecological collapse is further fueling that desperation. Behind the curtain of conflict between nations, covert cooperation continues on core issues like climate engineering, there is no other possibility. The "Department of Homeland Security" now seems to be categorizing as "an enemy of the state" any who dare to voice their opinion about our government, welcome to totalitarianism. The constant parade of completely engineered winter weather mayhem is wreaking havoc on populations in some regions while engineered drought is doing the same elsewhere. How dark will the wider horizon have to get before a larger percentage of the masses wake up to the fact that what we collectively face is nothing short of a fight for life? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

21 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 26, 2022, # 342

  1. lance says:

    Another storm front coming into the west coast of the US.  Starting off with rain due to above freezing temps then dropping below freezing later Friday night with upwards of 5 inches of snow predicted overnight into Saturday.  Another ice storm is possible.  Damage from the last ice storm in the form of lots of tree limbs, many quite large, that are on the ground which were covered by snow are now visible.  A huge rock slide occurred on Hwy 50 near Echo Summit last night.  Huge boulder on road blocking traffic still this morning.  They have to drill holes in it, insert explosives, and detonate them to cause it to fracture into smaller pieces so they can remove it.  Hwy 50 has been closed for over 12 hours now.  Additionally, the cost of gas/diesel fuel here in the Lake Tahoe region is over $5/gal, the cost of natural gas has tripled, and electric rates are going up 20%.  Cost of food and other necessities here has also gone up significantly.  We're moving in April, hopefully.

  2. Paul Davis says:

    Dane, well you called this one right… a card to be played global warfare…  Global war unfolding in Europe. With Ukraine the sacrifice zone. Unfortunately being a breadbasket region and holder of 15 nuklear power plants and Chernobyl, certainly not a good mix.  With the way that Russia is attacking civilian sites, nuclear war would not be out of the question….   I hold the government of the US to bear great responsibility for this as well as Putin.  But maybe other powers were really driving this…situation…    Here in the US, all I hear thru the media is escalation….. Having said that, Wars must end. They bring too much destruction to people and to the natural environment.  When ppl realize that consequence, wars will end.   

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "War is over, If you want it", John Lennon

      That little quote was posted on billboards outside of military recruiting stations, "Globally". It was working!!! So John had to go. M'er F'ers!!

    • Robert says:

      Too late for a turn around as far as I'm concerned. Fukashima is still spewing it's poison and Chernobyl isn't contained by any means. Let's recall what Dane has repeatedly mentioned, that it takes 20 years to take a nuclear plant off line. Stewert from Scotland, what do you think?

  3. Laura Cotter says:

    To Dane and all others.  I ordered the professional flyers (100) from Dane which are great!.  Bill and I don't get out much….still recovering from covid in the fall and the intense fake cold they want to throw at us nearly every day.  But of the ones we handed out, the dog groomer after she grabbed the copy I handed her and was quickly off to work on the next dog, immediately must have read the line at the top above the 2 photos of puffy clouds. The top line that mentions "Threatening All Life on Earth". I wanted her to see that first by the way I handed it to her.  With her face glued to the sheet as she was walking away, she uttered "OH WOW".  I won't see her for 5 weeks but will be curious to see what she says. The other was at our doctors office. Masks are required there so Bill handed one to the man on the opposite side of the room who was glued to reading it until they called him to go thru the inner door to see the Dr…..he walked by us with his thumb up and kept his copy!   Two were given to our fav pizza shop owner for he and his wife.  We will see one or both of them tomorrow and I'm hoping for comments.  Two were given to the Dr., the extra one for his wife.  He usually spends time talking with us regarding the state of our country and more. He was late arriving.  So next visit should be interesting. These first two actual responses are why I'm writing.  It was exciting and encouraging to us…..and hope it will be for all of you too.  I plan to always have them handy to give out to a person who for the moment, seems to be idle….giving them a moment to get absorbed by the words on the flyer.

  4. Gene Adaway says:

    I counted 19 jets actively spraying this morning.  And that was before 0900.

  5. Lance says:

    Major aerosol operations ongoing over central/northern CA and Nevada visible on the COD Nighttime Microphysics images GOES West today!   

  6. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL,  First off here I would like to thank the folks that tended the Gem Faire awareness booth last week. It makes me feel good seeing your efforts of "taking it to the streets". Mr Gem Faire is my inspiration for having my own awareness booth, thank you my friend I have met. Looking forward to when you return to Puyallup.

    Has anyone given any real thought to the fact that we are on very limited time. Limited time to accomplish anything meaningful that will cause change. Many folks will join this group or that group that is already established. Will any of those groups be performing any tasks that will have a positive effect of the outcome of what we all are facing globally? Any of those groups address climate control? Basically the answer is "no". Most if not all groups are just pacifiers to keep folks calm until it literally is tooooooo late. For years now I have been a proponent of "taking it to the streets". I have lead by example and I have accomplished much of my goal in being a teacher of what we see in the sky daily. How much "data" that we pass around "electronically" actually gets any traction? I would say almost none. It all gets diluted with everything else that folks think is important. This is why I have kept to one subject in my awareness efforts. Ever try to follow a ping pong ball around? It is my belief that if "we" can open eyes to see the weather mods that are in our face daily, the rest of the house of cards will fall quickly. Dane used to mention this all the time in his broadcasts. For 6 years now I've had all winter to sit up here idle in my cabin and "amour up" with data and observations to use at my awareness booth during the farmers market season. At this point of the winter season I am bursting at the seams to get out and "Take It To The Streets!" I have to catch myself so as to not pounce on any open ears I may come across. Little bites, small steps…. As fast as I can dish them out!!

    Love and strength my friends, we are only now entering the rage of the storm. Keep your face to the wind and your feet on the streets.

    'a' simple horseman

  7. BoomerFred says:

    Hello My Many Kindred Friends,  On this rollercoaster of an apparent illusion come alive, stuck with the deep pain of knowing yet get abandoned for telling. Labeled and shunned like we savor what will certainly arrive, lest we can turn around the locked in lies. Dane, you have said some of these things so often those dots sporadically come to paint a picture afore these old eyes; {even with cataract surgery for both upcoming; first right one Thursday, next one late month}. Turning double 7's surprise. Closed left and couldn't see any of the chart without fuzz. HaHa Nuclear cats and glaucoma too. Doc with 25K cases said there will be shunts placed for that and that sounds Good two

    Now back to hill country's radical weather, few can see as a pattern, as that off/on normal showing up every few dayst fool's 'em. Let's most think it's natural for Texas' to have two season's in same dayl. These are wonderful afternoons whenallowed and we flee the house to hike this fabulous new trail way above Canyon Lake, after we've kept the gypsy cat inside to keep her alive. Despite her perfect calico cammo blending so she can sit under the tree where we feed a lot of various birds many of courses of food-seed. They give quite a show- flurry flying to get all they can without their usual diet of insects, eh ?  

    Anyway, not to run-on, and tell what seems to make more sense when we read between the lines the computer voice of the NWS on our C. Crane radio delivers. See it was rough for me to piece it together until #342 helped. See after the cool sets in when the 'welding torch of a sun sets' the predictor tells us of an upper level disturbance shifting the wind northerly and temps take a plunge drastically until mid-late morning. The air is bone-chilling thin, smells metallic and it continues not to have exhaled condensation puffs.

    Better stop here, had to get that off to you while it became/stayed rush and write it down. You are among the few willing to give me the chance to see thru the confusion and tell what may be close to what these little rich powerful men think is worth-while, with no concern for any living thing, Stay in Prayer That Avails Much and Can Comfort  Us as We Run With Dane,  headlong into the unknown and unsaid, for soo many weak excuses and limited scope 

  8. Mary Hollowell says:

    A UN Conference of the Parties on biodiversity (COP15) is going to be in Kunming, China?

    Well, I can report that the city has a new airport. I hope airport scamming has been tackled.

  9. Jonathan says:

    The comment from the pilot is most concerning… we must all face the fact that we are here for but a brief time in this 3-D experience, but while we are here, let us look the storm in the eye and do the best we can to reach out to others with information. That is the most effective and practical thing we can each do.

    Let us not give in to hopelessness or negativity. 

    Sally Carrighar's books may help some of you here in this audience.

    Be at peace,


  10. Earth Angel says:

    My question is this: With some pilots reporting the drastically warming upper layers of the atmosphere such that the autopilot feature forced a descent- how much longer will military tanker jets and those actually doing the spraying be able to function? Will the destruction of the atmosphere become such that NO planes will be able to achieve lift thus grounding them ALL? If so, how soon might that occur and won't that be a bittersweet answer to our prayers; ending their ability to spray the planet yet probably too late to save it (and ourselves) from destruction? What a sad place we have come to. How could we have let things get this bad? My heart is heavy today.

    • Stan Sylvester says:

      Earth Angel,

      I feel your pain. Hope this helps:

      Psalm 37:1,2,7,12,13

      "Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious of those that work unrighteousness, for they soon be cut down  like the grass, and wither as the green herb. 

      Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him, fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

      The wicked plotteth against the just and gnasheth against him with his teeth.

      The Lord shall laugh at him for he seeth that his day is coming."

      My modern day translation, "they're gonna get what's coming to them!" This is a spiritual contest. Satan seeks to ruin what God said in Genesis regarding His handiwork  "that it was good.".

      Defeating the forces of evil is God's  job. We can do our job which is to support Dane in this fight against those that are presently destroying  the earth's life support system.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for responding with your words of comfort Stan.We all have our low spots in this battle and it helps so much to have a friend's encouragement at those times. Thank you for reaching out to me. With renewed energy we march forward together.

  11. LS says:

    The news from the pilot is the worst I've ever heard here. We are in an ELE, no doubt… as Dane has been saying. Best wishes to all fellow lover's of our once thriving, beautiful planet and thanks to all who have served on the front lines with Dane.

    Thanks to Lance for reporting from Lake Tahoe where the degradation of the environment has become to painful to detail for me.

  12. Gary Morrow says:

    We have been given a one in a billion paradise but we have managed to trash the planet in as Dane says the geological blinking of an eye.

    Behold the birds of the air. They do not sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father provides for them  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they do not toil,, neither do they spin.. And yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 

    (Matthew Chapter 6)

  13. LogansRun says:

    Hello All

    As Dane said in this latest broadcast…he would be surprised if we made the end of this year…without the whole world turning upside down.

    I believe this to be a forgone conclusion.

    Those that could make any real difference to how things play out…simply do not give a damn…about the planet…the life upon it…their fellow human beings…indeed themselves.

    Is it inevitable… that the monsters controlling the narrative…will  play the "nuke" card?

    Any day now….?


    Who will stop them?

    So…as the clock finally hovers over midnight.

    I tell my children I love them dearly.

    I hold my loved ones close and tight.

    And continue the fight for our world.

    Til the very last day.

    May God Have Mercy On Us All

    • Brent Papon says:


      I thought it would have been this last year.

      Between the crazy chem ice nuke and the rare day when the white silvery sun peaks through and makes you feel like you are internally combusting, It is hard not to think that we are already there.

      Thanks again Dane and all who post here and on the net. 

      It is nice to know I am NOT alone.


  14. Amy says:

    Sounds like the news is getting their information from you! You talk about topics one week and the next you are telling us about these headlines on these same subjects. They are parrot troopers! 

  15. Kelly says:

    Another round of weather whiplash in Colorado. From 70 to -10 in less than 24 hours. The bitterly unnaturally cold air is no match for animals or humans or any living thing. Thank you Dane for your endless efforts. These are indeed dire and scary times. Also my thanks to all out there doing their best to sound the alarm while we can. I am documenting almost daily Climate Engineering in Colorado since 2017, @bringbackblueskies on IG and also CHD live in chat. I have recently been trying to get anyone beyond Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Meryl Nash to address Climate Engineering on CHD. 

    Peace and Blue Skies,


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