Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 29, 2023, #416


Dane Wigington

"Earth is at catastrophic risk of collapse by 2025", even mainstream sources are now admitting to what is becoming all but impossible to hide or deny. Over a dozen countries are enduring catastrophic wildfires, primary heat distributing ocean currents are shutting down and the ozone layer is collapsing. While matrix media attempts to pacify populations by convincing them that we can tech our way out of the converging catastrophes that are closing in from every direction (or "adapt), the reality on the ground continues to prove otherwise. The challenges we collectively face are not just coming, they are here. Is there still time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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32 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 29, 2023, #416

  1. Aaron says:

    I've been watching live satellite view from zoom earth. You can blatantly see them laying down trails around storm systems. From what I am witnessing these trails are dissolving storm fronts. It's actually insane how well you can see there climate engineering operations, FROM SPACE. The amount this insanity is crazy. In my area, south western Canada. Trees are dying off at record numbers. If it keeps going this way, we will have very little to no wildlife by 2030. Maybe even sooner. 

  2. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    They said it would definitely cool off by Monday as a dip in the jet stream would bring us some relief from this massive heat dome that's been parked directly over us now, for going on THREE MONTHS! But the updated forecast shows that it will get even hotter now and stay that way for the unforeseeable future.

    106 to 108 and 83 to 85 at night. With increasing humidity. Another wards, hot as hell and no end in sight.

    They said our first chance of rain in over three months would come by Tuesday of next week as well. Nope. Not now.

    But the northeastern coast will cool down to September like temps and it will be absolutely beautiful there.

    This happens exactly the same way every single year in August. They say it will cool down soon. But it never does, until around mid November. Every single year! And the coolest place on the planet. Remains that way, as the climate engineering Mafia pulls the jet stream down for them. But parks ever more oppressive heat domes over us and holds them here.

    This is so insanely frustrating and the weather forecasters need to simply stop lying to us. Tell the freaking truth! Geoengineering will continue to bake this part of the country and keep their neighborhood all cool and cozy. For as long as they can do so and get away with it.

    I honestly feel like I am a prisoner of their weather war and that they truly enjoy dumping red hot coals on us. Just to keep a climate induced air conditioning blowing on them. This is torture beyond any Geneva Convention standards.

    I literally have to wear oven mitts to open the "chrome handles" door to my "white" car, or I end up with third degree burns. We have rolling blackouts daily, just to keep the power grid from crashing. Plus, there have been record numbers of deaths from heat stroke and heat exhaustion this summer.

    I really don't know how much more of this I can take. Foundations are cracking and roads are buckling. Not to mention the millions of dead fish along the coast and in the local lakes. Smaller birds are dropping dead out of trees and even buzzards and hawks are finding shelter in barns and pole sheds. Not taking to the skies and relying on humans to put food and water out for them. I have five buzzards and one hawk living in my barn right now.

    I have never seen it this bad ever. Roofing shingles are literally melting and falling to the ground in puddles of tar and gravel. All five of my attic turbine vents have now fallen off and are so warped from the heat, that they are nothing more than heaps of mangled metal. Both of my central air conditioning condensing units blew out the compressors, from super high head pressure. So I installed seven window units and three of them have gone out in the last week.

    I keep seeing these news stories about "How hot is too hot for humans to exist on this planet?" Well, it is TOO HOT right now. At least where I live. Everything, and I mean everything is collapsing, failing and breaking down constantly. My refrigerators can't keep the food from spoiling and the chest freezers are all I have left to store perishables in. But they cannot get down to freezing any more. I turned off my water heaters, because the water coming out of the taps is already scalding hot.

    I used a laser thermometer and aimed it at the roof. It read 288 degrees! And I have a light colored roof. I aimed it at my neighbor's black car and it read 304 degrees. The roof already buckled from the heat last week and his hood is warped. Unfortunately he has no shade trees, carports or room left in his garage. So, I expect it to explode any day now.

    Fire danger is in the purple and not red. Because compost heaps are self igniting. If anyone wants to know what hell on Earth looks like. Just come on down and pay us a visit here in the Hill country of Texas. I can't stand in the sun for more than 20 seconds, before my skin feels like it is on fire. Very, very painful.

    Not one single living creature, here in the country, ventures out into the sun during daylight hours. And I have never seen that before in all of my years of living on this poor dying planet. Read an article in the local paper yesterday that said "We can expect daytime highs in the summer to reach 135 degrees, in just a few short years." And I thought it was hot now. Death Valley ain't got nothing on us.

    • penny waters says:

      dear person

      am worst than shocked

      can't take it in – i live in essex uk and we had rain today – unexpected and 'wrong' but we had water that fell on us

      so sorry – found i couldn't skim your words – do that with long mind streams as yours is – but caught the piece about wearing oven gloves to open your car doors and had to go and sit for a while to take what is happening to the inside of me, and to come back to read it properly

      have pain in my guts 

      not a way to live – makes me cry – so sorry

      can't believe – live amongst numpties – cannot share your pain with anyone cos i live amongst non-conscious humans

      come live here – bring your family, could do up the 2 derelict sheds – bring the rapters? song birds in garden would hate it but……

      only third of an acre but covered in trees and bushes – grow food greens and eat wild herbaceous plants and eat from nut and fruit trees

      this is insanity – knowing the madness – so sorry that this is happening – can't do anything – except offer shelter

      and no-one to really help stop the madness of insensitivity

      full of wonder and dread

      wonderful and dreadful

      to shelter with other creatures

    • brent papon says:

      Totally the same hear in NE OHIO.

      The cars and the fridges ain't workin' the same.

      NO MORE.

      It's LATENT HEAT.


      Everything is spoiling

      Has been for a while.

      Take care


  3. Julie Large says:

    I don't necessarily agree with the accuracy of Paleo dating but I'm well aware of what I see going on in the environment and the UK it's obvious that the seagulls are despearate for food let aone how wildlife is suffering  in other places and thank you for bringing  a lot to my attention and the attention of others that  previously I was  unaware of.  At the moment we have a lot of rain and it is cooler but we did have some hot weather for a short while.  There are a lot of other issues going on here.

  4. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Breaking News

    Massive hail events are happening around the world right now. And in places where the high temperature records are being smashed on a daily basis. Also in countries that have never had major hail events before. In the middle of summer or any time of the year.

    As Dane would say:

    "Is this a sign of sheer desperation on the part of the climate engineers? Trying and failing miserably with chemical ice nucleation operations, to convince the masses that ice coming from the sky, is a proof that Earth will never become a planetary furnace".

    Record highs. Insane amounts of hail, and then right back to record highs all over again. What is wrong with this picture people?

  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    You know there is something seriously wrong with the meteorological community in America when they say "cooler weather ahead" and the forecasted high temps will still be between 97 and 99 degrees. There is no doubt that they are trying to brainwash or program the masses into believing that the planet isn't really melting from climate engineering. Because the streak of 100 plus degree days will come to an end soon. But they are told not to mention that the humidity will increase from 45% to a whopping 78% and it will feel more like 145 degrees In The Shade!

    Oh Hell No. We can't tell them that. Instead, they are forced to lie through their teeth  (by NOAA and Raytheon "now RTX") and say "Now for some folks who work outside, it may actually feel more like 109 to 110 degrees as the humidity is expected to increase slightly."

    They have yet to tell the truth about the "true" heat index values or wet bulb effects. And you can tell they are lying because they hesitate slightly and roll their eyes back a little. Right before they tell these untruths in their weather forecast. Even experienced body language experts would agree with my observations.

    But the majority of the sheeple don't have a heat index chart or table and they aren't able to decipher their body language either. So they take them at their word. Even though it feels like a literal oven outside.

    But Hey, No worries Mate. It will soon cool down to just 99 degrees and the threat of heat stroke won't be on the table any more. Plus, the irony is that when it gets to 106 with 45% humidity, it feels like 132 degrees. That's a full 13 degrees "real feel" less than the upcoming "cool down".

    I also find it ironic that some weather forecasters are receiving death threats in other parts of the world. Where the people are becoming more and more aware of climate engineering operations in their skies. I certainly don't wish for that to happen to any meteorologists. But when you help to sell the weather warfare crimes by the climate engineering community. You run the risk that you may become a casualty. Once the masses finally wake up around the world and the truth can no longer be hidden.

  6. Jonathan says:

    From the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Book 4 :49

    " Be like the promotory against which the waves continually break, but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it. "

  7. Dennie says:

    Are "They" now readying us to play The Final Card, and this is "Their" way of "announcing" The Final Act (casting Russia as Supreme Villain, of course), to the rest of us peons?

    From Common Dreams, Medvedev Says 'No Other Option But Nuclear War' if Ukrainian Counteroffensive Succeeds

    Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the current deputy chair of the nation's Security Council, threatened to wage nuclear war if Ukraine's counteroffensive to repel Russian invaders and reclaim territories they occupy is successful.

    "Imagine if the.. offensive, which is backed by NATO, was a success and they tore off a part of our land, then we would be forced to use a nuclear weapon according to the rules of a decree from the president of Russia," Medvedev wrote on Telegram, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin's Decree No. 305.

    Signed in 2020, the doctrine authorizes use of nuclear weapons after "aggression against the Russian Federation with conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is threatened."

    "There would simply be no other option," added Medvedev, who served as president from 2008 to 2012. "So our enemies should pray for our warriors. They are making sure that a global nuclear fire is not ignited."

    Russia conquered and unilaterally annexed regions of Ukraine including Crimea in 2014 and Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia last September. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy responded to the annexation of the four oblasts by formally applying for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)—whose decadeslong expansion to Russia's borders has been cited by Moscow as a provocation for the invasion of Ukraine.

    Medvedev and other top Russian officials have raised the threat of nuclear war on numerous previous occasions, including when Western nations provided Ukraine with weapons. In January, Medvedev warned that "the defeat of a nuclear power in a conventional war may trigger a nuclear war," and that "nuclear powers have never lost major conflicts on which their fate depends."

    Last month, Putin said Russia had begun deploying tactical nuclear warheads in neighboring Belarus, from which Russian troops have invaded Ukraine.


  8. brent papon says:

    Thanks to Dane and all who post hear and on the u tube.

    NE Ohio.

    Still convection winds.

    Crazy UV

    They are lying like hell @ that and temps.

    Also, I'm convinced that this bereft culture is producing sociopathic narcissists.

    They are not just in congress anymore.

    And another thing.

    Your brain functions best at 26 years of age.

    Why are our 'leaders' 80 plus ?????????????

    Why are we putting all our recourses towards the elderly???

    How long can any heard give ALL to the sick and dying while denying future generations of ANYTHING ???

    Paychecks and pensions indeed.

    Take care kids.

    PS Watched the first 30 mins of The Road.


    I had to stop watching it.



    • david says:

      I just read a book titled 'The Narcissist Epidemic' which is part of a study I've been doing on the subject.  It was a good read.  It will confirm your observations.  

    • penny waters says:

      the road – yes, tis more than enough – shocking

      prefer the film where the old bloke gets on his tractor to visit his brother who lives a long way away, a tale of the emotionally good not greedy humans mostly

      not sure about the brain functioning best at 26, some bone joining in feet at 26?

      as far as i understand humans don't finish growing all over, till they are 30yrs, the last thing is the myelin sheathing (nerve insulation – like the plastic on electric wires) that insulates the nerves in the brain

      i thought that was when people had finished growing into themselves – as a character, if you know what i mean

      we have old humans in charge but as i am old i know how stupid they are, not because they are old but because cos they haven't really had a life of nothing else but self- indulging – they are all so greedy and grotesquely wasteful

      i was politicised by my dad who was born in hoxton just around the corner from the last workhouse in london (i believe?) 

      above the door it read:-

                  "abandon hope all who enter here"

      strange where the rich and powerful humans have brought us to


  9. Larry DeMarco says:

    Dane, As I have said many times in the past, your hard work, dedication, professionalism, knowledge, and tenacity are amazing. I don't know how anyone who takes the time to hear you can fail to be motivated by your presentations, especially your GAN broadcasts. You somehow always manage to up your game. Thank you four leadership and for never, ever giving up. God bless you and all who support your invaluable efforts. 

  10. Lance says:

    Ever since the creation of the world the invisible nature of our Creator, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been CREATED. Those who create "theories" as to how the earth, man, and everything else came into being do not acknowledge God. Their statements that prove this are readily available. Those educated in their way of thinking are everywhere. That's it, that's all, I'm done.

  11. Be says:

    For anyone who understands the mechanisms by which we now head for Venus syndrome, please write to the White House to explain and provide your views on the situation:

    I have written a couple times on this and another issue, and I think they read and are responsive to this online form.

  12. Stan Sylvester says:

    Micah 3:11

    "Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price and her prophets practice divination for money. Yet they lean upon the Lord saying, is not the lord among us? No disaster will come upon us."

    I thought of this verse when Dane shared his experience with Billy Graham. Today's clergy of the professing Christian denominations have been bribed by the 501c3 tax exempt status.

    LBJ was the big pusher of this during the push for the Vietnam war. He had to be sure that the pulpits were on his side as images of body bags arriving were being shown on TV.  Today, they must stay mute on the weather warfare being waged.

    Satan is not stupid. He isn't running around chasing all the church goers. Instead, he gets the leadership under his control. "God's got this" becomes their message. Meanwhile countless scriptures regarding stewardship of what we've been given and using the mind that God gave us are ignored.

    For the most part, today's clergy mirrors those mentioned in Micah. Studying and teaching the scriptures is not a passion but a profession. They toe the line protecting their salary and/or pensions.The big difference is that today their watered down message is so much more easily accessible to the masses with multi media outlets. They end their message by reassuring the masses that the Lord is with us, and don't listen to all that weather warfare stuff!!!


    • david says:

      I just read a book called The Narcissim Epidemic by Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell as part of a personal study I've been doing on the subject.  It was a good read and will confirm your observations.  

  13. jay dee says:

    Please remember to visit this homepage, and encourage others to do the same (especially those who have never been here). Visiting the homepage, EVEN IF you've already seen the latest Global Alert News, helps steer more people to it, through the algorithm, which determines these things. (The Al Gore Rhythm)   THANKS, DANE!!   Keep trying, everybody! If you can, get some of the booklets, flyers and/or business cards and just leave them in stores, libraries, parks, everywhere! SOME will be read.

    • Jonathan says:

      I agree completely. Last night my wife and I went out to eat dinner. I left a few "The Dimming"  cards with the tip. Earlier in the day, I had to go to the supermarket. I left a couple cards at the checkout register.

  14. Jana says:

    Thank you Done W. I was introduced to your Site  through Mike Adams Natural News Program on his Brighteon. I fallow your reports and try to inform people around me.It is frustrating , since 99.7 % of people , will not react to it.Are we already " Nano Aluminum demented or may  by our Thyroid Gland  now full of Barium ( misplaced Iodine)making us slow?May be the  NANO Aluminum is causing a Lung Fibrosis, a failure of Lung to pick up Oxygen( that will also cause a Heart Failure. The Blood must go through the Lungs into a Heart. Lung Fibrosis is a  disfunctional stiff Lung / a Block  for a Blood Flow.I wonder what the Gates of Hell is breathing?And other on the Top of Food Chain? They definitely do not appreciate the beautiful Gem, the Planet Earth. We will end up, like  Venus or NUKED like Mars Civilization ( NASA Discovery)why? Because of SATAN which hates Life.He has his Way into stupid people Heads.I will keep fighting w/ you, Dane W.  and with all your Fallowers.Thank you, for all you and your Fallowers  do. Love Jana


  15. Jonathan says:


    I recently emailed a link to "The Dimming" documentary to a local meteorologist. You can imagine his reply. The significant thing is that he actually did reply. Of course he shot it down as all being conspiracy theory and said that they're basically a bunch of articles that are scare tactics and that he perused the website but not actually watch the documentary. I did thank him for taking the time to write me back, which is more the most of them do. I followed it with this response:


    Dear Charlie,

    I noticed something as I reread your email. What I had actually sent you was a link to the documentary, "The Dimming." In your email reply, you mentioned that you had perused the website (not the documentary).

    What I had asked you to consider doing was not to look at the website but to simply watch the documentary. If you will take time to do so, you will see interview after interview with government officials and retired military personnel confirming the reality of these stratosphere aerosol injection programs.

    In addition, I will ask you to please look very carefully at the pictures on the link that I'm attaching here. Note especially the medical doctor's notes about what nanoparticle aluminum does to the body, particularly the central nervous system.

    It seems that you were somewhat quick to dismiss the weather modification programs as conspiracy theories.

    If you truly feel that way, then how do you explain what we are seeing happening all over the world?

    Anyone who's ever been to a military air show will be familiar with the contrails that form across the tops of military fighter jets when they make certain maneuvers, at certain angles and rates of speed, when the relative humidity is high. Those are true contrails and only last for a few seconds at best.

    Dr. David Keith (a real PhD scientist, so somebody you would probably have more faith in), who is now at the University of Chicago, is one of the world's foremost government recognized geoengineering scientists. If you would watch this documentary, you would see him in 2011 at a geoengineering conference out West, on camera, saying that their goal was to put at least 10 to 20 million tons of nanoparticle sized aluminum in the atmosphere globally every year. And that was 12 years ago. He also referred to it as, "…free riding on our grandkids."

    Again Charlie, I would respectfully ask you to actually sit down and watch this documentary and listen carefully to what the people are saying who are interviewed in this documentary. You needn't reply to this. I would like you to listen to what those people are saying, whether you tell anybody about it or not.

    And if you're slightly more daring, go stand outside for a few minutes one day and feel how much hotter the sun is on your skin compared to when you were growing up, and then tell me that that's a conspiracy theory.


    • Joe says:

      Thank Jonathan for that great reporting..

        Truth of the matter is LAB TESTS DO NOT LIE.   

      You can't find what you are not looking for.  I have to believe that alot of people who report the weather (meteorologists)  know the truth but would rather collect a pay check has the whole planet burns down etc.  

      Most people are clones and just fall in line w  all the lies. 

      Most wars are also built on lies.

      Thanks Dane for all that you do for the greater good.

        I have followed you since 2010 and   I WISH

       none of  what you are reporting is true.

      The truth is all of what you reporting is TRUE  and more people need to wake up.

    • Larry DeMarco says:

      Excellent Jonathon! 

  16. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Here is the most obvious question that is the key to proving how Geoengineering is killing the planet and all life on it. Much more than anything else we are doing as horrible stewards of this world.

    If it is supposed to be a form of SRM (Solar Radiation Management Aka Modification) and intended to block a percentage of the Sun's heat from reaching the surface. Then why are they creating Cirrus Clouds? The only clouds known to amplify the sun's heat and radiation. You know, like a giant magnifying glass in the sky! Rather than a semitransparent umbrella as with Stratus, Cumulous and Nimbus clouds.

    And to take that one step beyond. Why do they spray through the night? Creating a blanket that traps heat in and makes the planet even hotter.

    Everything that the "clinically insane" Geoengineering community is doing is forcing the Earth to heat up a thousand times faster than just  from the effects of greenhouse gases alone.

    I know that they are using the media to blame this on the Commercial Airline Industry. Saying that by accident the commercial fleet of planes are doing this, and they need to be re-engineered in order to correct this issue. But I have noticed that most of the Cirrus clouds are forming behind military flights and not Commercial flights.

    To me, it appears as though they are purposely baking us alive. Why?

    All except for the east coast of the U.S. of course. Are they sacrificing the rest of the world to keep themselves cooler and wetter?

    For over 75 years now!? Where the end result is that the crap is hitting the fan worldwide at one second to midnight and it's going to be "lights out" for everyone soon. Just because they have only been thinking of themselves and the rest be damned. That's not war crimes. That is Earthly Genocide and Omni cide. Born out of greed and the addiction to power.

    Owning the Weather by 2025 means absolutely nothing now. As the entire world is boiling itself into another Venus. Thanks almost entirely to Climate Engineering's amplification of greenhouse gases heat absorption properties.

    • Jonathan says:

      That is one excellent point that you make regarding the Cirrus clouds. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  17. Sunshine says:

    Hi Mr Wigington,

    My daughter texted this to me🥺

    "The reading from a buoy off Florida this week was stunning: 101.1 degrees Fahrenheit, or just over 38 Celsius, a possible world record for sea surface temperatures and a stark indication of the brutal marine heat wave that's threatening the region's sea life." › climate

    Thank you for all your hard work-Sunshine

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Nanoparticles are a suite of ingredients engineered to almost atomic scale that are largely unregulated in the US. They are used in various fields of food science and food microbiology, including food processing, food packaging, functional food development, food safety, detection of food-borne pathogens, and shelf-life extension of food and/or food products.1

    Nanoparticles are already naturally present in some foods, such as milk, where casein micelles in milk are nano-sized spheres made of proteins.2

    However, some studies suggest that eating them may cause inflammation of the digestive tract, damage DNA, and harm cells.0 The use of nanoparticles in food does not mean that it is atomically modified food or produced by nanomachines.3


  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:


    The 3 million genes in the gut microbiome vastly outnumber the 23,000 in the human genome. They also produce thousands of small molecules that carry out many functions in the human host. In this way, gut bacteria help digest food, harvest energy, control immunity, and protect against pathogens. However, imbalances in the gut microbiome can disturb these crucial functions to either trigger disease or fail to protect against it. Studies have linked imbalance in the microbiome to cardiovascular diseases, allergies, cancer, obesity, and psychiatric conditions.

    The human gut and its microbiome
    All nanoparticles bind to gut bacteria
    Prof. Stauber and his colleagues set up experiments in which they could examine the effects of a wide range of synthetic nanoparticles.
    These experiments simulated the journeys that the different particles might make as they travel through the different parts of the gut and encounter various bacteria.

    The main result was that all the “currently used or potential future nanosized food additives” showed ability to bind to bacteria in the gut.
    The nanoparticles bound to all kinds of bacteria, including the “probiotic” species that can breed in milk products such as yogurt.
    While all the synthetic nanoparticles that they tested attached to bacteria, the researchers noticed differences in their binding properties.

    When bound to nanoparticles, the bacteria altered their behavior in some ways that might prove beneficial and in other ways that might not.

    A potential outcome that could be of benefit is the inhibition of infections, for example by H. pylori. The team made this discovery when experimenting with silica nanoparticles in cell cultures.
    However, a potentially disturbing prospect that came up in other experiments was that binding to nanoparticles could render some unfriendly bacteria less visible to the immune system. Such a result could increase inflammation responses, for instance.

    An important point the authors make is that food also contains naturally occurring nanoparticles — some of which can enter the food during preparation.

    The team also ran experiments on natural nanoparticles and was surprised to find similar results to the experiments with synthetic nanoparticles.

  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    'I wash all my food like crazy': scientists voice concern about nanoparticles
    US foods are increasingly full of nano-scale additives, even as researchers raise alarm bells about their safety

    Toxic AmericaUS news

    'I wash all my food like crazy': scientists voice concern about nanoparticles
    US foods are increasingly full of nano-scale additives, even as researchers raise alarm bells about their safety

    Mićo Tatalović
    Wed 29 May 2019 02.00 EDT
    France is clamping down on a common food additive that has been shown to be carcinogenic in animal studies. The ban of titanium dioxide, announced by the French government last month, follows a review that could not rule out human cancer risks.
    The ban is just the latest chapter in a long-running debate on the safety of widespread food additives known as nanoparticles, which are largely unregulated in the US.

    This suite of ingredients, engineered to almost atomic scale, may have unintended effects on cells and organs, particularly the digestive tract. There are also indications that nanoparticles may get into the bloodstream and accumulate elsewhere in the body. They have been linked to inflammation, liver and kidney damage and even heart and brain damage.

    Technological developments over the past two decades have meant that we can now engineer tiny particles much more easily – and their unusual properties make them useful in the food industry. They are currently used to change the texture, appearance and flavor of various foods. For example, silicon dioxide is added to salts, spices and icing sugar to improve their flow. Salt and green tea are ground to nano-sized particles to boost their flavor or to improve their antioxidant properties.

    Titanium dioxide, or TiO2, appears in sweets, baked goods and milk powders, often as a whitening agent. But the tiny metal additive has also been shown to accumulate in liver, spleen, kidney and lung tissues in rats when ingested and to damage the liver and heart muscle.

    Due to safety concerns, some scientists who have studied nanoparticles say they would have reservations about eating food that contains the technology. “As a consumer, I wash all my foods like crazy,” says Christine Ogilvie Hendren, executive director of the Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology at Duke University, when asked if consumers can wash off some of the nanoparticles that are increasingly found in food and packaging.

    Health effects from titanium dioxide observed in the lab were particularly acute in young animals, which is a concern given that children are especially exposed to it through candies, chewing gum and desserts.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The emerging role of metallic nanoparticles in food
    Carolina Alves Dos Santos  1 , Avinash P Ingle  2 , Mahendra Rai  3   4
    Nanotechnology is widely used in biomedical applications, engineering sciences, and food technology. The application of nanocompounds play a pivotal role in food protection, preservation, and increasing its shelf life. The changing lifestyle, use of pesticides, and biological and/or chemical contaminants present in food directly affect its quality.

    Metallic nanoparticles (MNPs) are useful to develop products with antimicrobial activity and with the potential to improve shelf life of food and food products.

    Due to the prevention of microbial growth, MNPs have attracted the attention of researchers. Biopolymers/polymers can be easily combined with different MNPs which act as a vehicle not only for one type of particles but also as a hybrid system that allows a combination of natural compounds with metallic nanocompounds.

    However, there is a need for risk evaluation to use nanoparticles in food packaging. In this review, we aim to discuss how MNPs incorporated into polymers/biopolymers matrices can be used for food preservation, considering the quality and safety, which are desirable in food technology.

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