Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 10, 2017


Dane Wigington

How many different types of chemicals has the human race already released into the biosphere? The number is shocking beyond belief. Who is the biggest polluter on the planet? How much worse can the autism rates get? President Trump has stated that his gutting of environmental protections will create jobs for Americans, but at what cost? How much will those jobs matter on a lifeless planet? What about the economy? If it is doing as well as we are told, why are so many stores closing? Why are so many companies laying off workers? Chemically nucleated cool-downs continue in parts of the US, but how hot is it in other parts of the world? Can we survive if our oceans overheat and die? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As the arduous battle for the greater good rages on, many have chosen to try and sit out the fight. What will happen if such apathy continues? Game over on planet Earth in the geologic blink of an eye. If we do not want this to be our final destination, we must all summon our strength, courage, and motivation. We must commit ourselves fully to being a part of the cure, and not the disease.

This week's outreach booth is at the South Towne Exposition Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


My deepest gratitude to Mike Torrence, AKA "A Simple Horseman", for his efforts to help sound the alarm at the Founders Day Parade, Tonasket, Washington, on June 3rd, 2017 (photos below).

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148 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 10, 2017

  1. Joe ceonnia says:

    Now the power elite want $money, for space warriors, yes that's right, CNN reported today July 9th 2017. Also reported was all the wildfires in California and all over the world first they dry out all the soil with geoengineering, solar radiation management, poison all the waters for drinking, and HAARP, so many idiotic shit, now they want more money to spend on a space program that puts Warriors in space. Excuse me but didn't they tell us there were no aliens, no other life lived in our solar system. WTF. They're killing us. Wake up now.  If anything, write your congressman today or blast them with emails. We're all next.

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    The saying is America is the greatest country on the planet. How could this be, when we are the worst at contaminating, poisoning and toxifying our planet! If we are the greatest country, then we should be the best at preserving and saving our planet, but this will never be the case.

  3. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    The USA is 

  4. Seeing Clearly says:

    Just to be a little humerus  I guess, how many of you ever wore glasses or wears glasses and what are your feelings or where your impressions and feelings when you first realized you need glasses? 

    I don't ever talk about the rise in people that need glasses because out of everything that is going on in the world this is near the bottom of the list, but because I been frequently talking about disability pride and the effects this movement is having on getting the truth out about what's causing so many of our health problems I wanted to bring a less serious example of disability pride and that would be the pride of needing glasses to see clearly as it shows in this video

    Therefore thus the concerns and questions are raised once again, is disability pride a good thing to have, I personally don't believe it is for many reasons, however the issue surrounding pride of weaknesses is so complex that in order to have a clear understanding we have to be able to both look at the case in detail and generalize the topic overall.

  5. Lee Eyerman says:

    Have read many websites that say Trump s going to cut funding on chemical spraying.I have noticed not so many spray days here in Ohio.Temperatures hot but not life d!raining like in the past.There appears to be spraying behind fluffy clouds,and it rained  hard this week,but this  rain did not make me sick.Does anyone else notice an improvement in chemtrail symptoms.Usually when it rains you feel like your body weighs a 1000pounds. Any improvements in other parts of the country?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lee, reports of extreme geoengineering assaults are coming in to us from all over the globe. If you are experiencing a temporary reprieve,  your are fortunate. About the current administration cutting back on the climate engineering assault, there is no credible source of data that would comfirm this. What information we do have indecates a completely different scenario. FYI

    • Michele Bline says:

      I'm in Ohio too. Skies are blue with no sign of webbing or anything. But the sun feels like a blowtorch on my skin. THe suns rays make me feel sick and that says something as I was in Saudi Arabia during desert Storm.

    • Michele Bline says:

      Lol. I spoke too soon. They waited until about 6pm to start spraying. I tracked a few planes on planefinder, American Airlines and Southwest. It's now solid webbing over my house. And something just dawned on me…the ever tightening baggage limits on commercial flights. I'm thinking it's because of the weight of the aerosols.

  6. Seeing Clearly Media ⚖︎ says:

    Big pharma, profit over lives (

  7. Frances says:

    Is this the result of weather manipulation?

    "Drought in East Africa has ruined people’s livelihood and devastated food supplies."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Frances, the attached link can shed more light on your question. FYI

    • Sylvia Sires says:

      Frances, same thing is happening here in America but not seen YET! Chemtrails purpose is to prevent precipitation; rain. IT'S A DESICCANT.They use microwave to spread the chemtrails so we're all being slowly cooked! This is why you hear about birds falling from flight dead and flying and crawling insects disappearing.Everything is being affected by microwave. Gwen Towers are putting out radioactive microwave, just like a microwave oven with it's doors open.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sylvia, yes, climate engineering is creating protracted droughts all over the globe, but deluges are also increasing. The overall agenda behind the programs and the overall impacts are very complex. The powerpoint presentations on the home page of can shed much more light. Thank you for your help with sounding the alarm,


  8. LS says:

    Hello Dane and Everyone,   

     Anyone who would like to act on of behalf of our life sustaining air-  here is the contact at SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) where you can send a comment until 5:00pm on June 16th concerning their ramping up of cloud seeding in the Sierra ….to meet renewable power targets mandated by Brown. (You know…..our self appointed God) Thanks. 

  9. Perhaps of interest. >

    The Doctrine of Superior/Command Responsibility

    “Command or superior responsibility” is often misunderstood. First, it is not a form of objective liability whereby a superior could be held criminally responsible for crimes committed by subordinates of the accused regardless of his conduct and regardless of what his knowledge of these crimes. Nor is it a form of complicity whereby the superior is held criminally responsible for some sort of assistance that he has given to the principal perpetrators. Instead, superior responsibility is a form of responsibility for omission to act: a superior may be held criminally responsible under that doctrine where, despite his awareness of the crimes of subordinates, he culpably fails to fulfill his duties to prevent and punish these crimes.”

    Complete text:

  10. Dana MacCuish says:

    Great report once again Dane.  I do not know if you want to print this comment or not, as it is a controversial topic.  But as I have suspected for many decades, it is now being reported as highly beneficial to human health and well being.  If anyone is interested in learning about the human bodies affinity for canniboids and thc,  there is a docu-series playing called "The Sacred Plant" that is quite remarkable and should have people connecting some dots in their simple minded coloring books they carry on their shoulders.  I have had a cancer in my past and have defeated it.  The medical establishment is trained not to find solutions.  If you print this slightly off topic comment Dane,  I hope others gain knowledge from the docu-series and maybe find some relief for their affliction (s).

  11. Joe Ceonnia says:

    After much thought and consideration, When you live a long life you see alot, and It’s like the Kennedy assassination all over again, first 911, they assasinated all those people that day!, we all now know it was our own  Government, (They) even documented their actions, which shows me how stupid they are, Or maybe how stupid we all are, because now they’re assassinating us all, with a slow,slow death, and we sit idly by and let them… There are metric Tons of poisonous chemicals released into the Biosphere and we actually see it happening, and nothing is done!!! Our military sees it too and they took an oath to protect us and the Constitution, One Nation Under God. Where they go? And where is GOD! I don't want to ask God, But I do pray every day for God to help those in position to help us. Let them see the errors of their ways. We need every possible help we can get, now I’ve alerted every human I come in contact with, to the point where people walk the other way when they see me coming! TRUE!

    I even pray for the fools flying these death flights, that are killing us and killing themselves, YES! I pray for them too, that they come to their senses in time to stop this insanity. Because quite frankly, this is suicide by a thousand little cuts. Only it’s metric tons of poisons in our biosphere. Or as David Keith said “free riding on our grandkids futures” What the Fuck is he saying??? I never wished a bad thing to happen to anyone, I truly believe in karma, but I hope his family dies first from the metric tons of poisons in our atmosphere! Raining down on his grandkids! In fact I wish I knew his address so I could write him a nice little letter!!! He also he's doing this for the money! Yes he said so….

    • Dennie says:

      I actually wrote to Madman Keith about the "free riding on our grandkids" gambit, several years back.  He said he has kids and that he would never do anything "unethical" that would result in harming them (…!??!!!), but he did NOT, however, say he wouldn't do anything immoral, actually.

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    My friends, I am sad today. I just learned a great man died last month. A man that spent his entire life planning and engineering a better life for each and everyone of us on this planet and for the health of this planet. "A forward thinker". Someone I looked up to and listened carefully to. Jacque Fresco. Much of what I believe and much of what I write about started with Jacque. I have known of him since the early 90's. What he taught finally started sinking into my being around 2005. I offer two short videos that are only a brief synopsis of his life and work. We can fight all we want, but without a goal, a direction, it is all pointless. Jacque tried and succeeded in many ways to bring light to a better way of thinking and living. For our planet, for all of humanity. His work will live on in some way through my acts and my teachings.

    • renate says:

      Thanks, 'a' simple horseman, learned something new today.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Horseman.

      I'm not 100% sure about Fresco. I've read some things about him maybe one year ago. He wanted a world without money ( Im not defending money ). But who are the others that want the same??, – Rockefellers and company..

      His speech, in my opinion ( and I'm not well informed about him ), is globalism 100%.

      Maybe I'm wrong.

      Keep the Good Work, friend.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Pedro, thank you for your comment. You bring up several good points that can be easily misconceived. "A world without money", Damn straight my friend. Not even "digital" money. That's the point you missed. "Globalism?", No, freedom of choice and the resources to pursue it is not globalism. Jacque Fresco's planning and engineering were very futuristic. So much so that our current minds that have been so heavily indoctrinated have a hard time grasping the key elements of such a life depicted by Jacque. Hope that helps.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Horseman.

      I respect your opinion, and is clear that you have more information about Fresco, than me. I just want to share this with you;

      I believe that all "futuristic" visions are 100% an illusion. Future, by definition, is something that do not exist. But of course, we can work today, for having a better future tomorrow. Like the little ants, that prepare themselves for Winter. Call me ignorant.

      In my opinion also, we can not engineer the World, this is another Big illusion. We can change it, only.

      The World is a – Living Entity -, which function by organizing itself, through eons. With Humans ( and MFs ), or not.

      The Key is the Atmosphere, and the "they" are changing our Atmosphere.

      We have two kind of systems, the Hunter-Gatherer system ( which is already almost dead, with their impermanent houses and constructions, and eternal moving of populations ), and we have the money system, which can be used for building slavery and debt, or Equity and Justice, depending on the groups that will make all the decisions. The decisions are in the WRONG hands.

      Maybe Fresco is the 3rd system, yet for understanding and discovering.

      But always, when I see big and "futuristic" buildings, I see Big business.



  13. Propaganda article tries to glorify a mental illness ADHD.

    The inability to control your energy and pay attention is nothing to be proud of.

    You want to embrace neurodiversity how about keeping it healthy and free from illness.

    Stop stigmatizing healthy neurodiverse children and people as retarder boring neurotypicals.

    This is what true bigotry looks like stigmatizing the healthy to feed the ego of the sick.

    It shouldn't require or involve a mental illness for people to be able to be neurodiverse, 

    Don't play the minority victim card, just because you're the minority don't make you right and vise versa.

    It's foolish to play the minority card to justify your ways.

    We are at least still somewhat oppressing thieves and liers and criminals assuming they are the minority I don't see anything wrong with oppressing them.

    • Hello Seeing Clearly: I'm not sure what message you're attempting to relate in your post. ??? Incidences of ADHD syndrome are no longer  isolated to specific "types" of individuals. That is: Nearly every living person on the planet is being affected by electromagnetic induction of their neurological systems. Attention deficit issues are just one expression of a whole complex of behavioral disorders caused DIRECTLY by pulsed electromagnetic fields.

      Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health

      Submitted by: Amy L. Dean, DO, William J. Rea, MD, Cyril W. Smith, PhD, Alvis L. Barrier, MD

      American Academy of Environmental Medicine


      ["The fact that RF exposure causes neurological damage has been documented repeatedly.


      Increased blood‐brain barrier permeability and oxidative damage, which are associated with brain cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, have been found.4,7,15‐17 Nittby et al. demonstrated a statistically significant dose‐response effect between non‐thermal RF exposure and occurrence of albumin leak across the blood‐brain barrier.15 Changes associated with degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) have been reported.4,10 Other neurological and cognitive disorders such as headaches, dizziness, tremors, decreased memory and attention, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, decreased reaction times, sleep disturbances and visual disruption have been reported to be statistically significant in multiple epidemiological studies with RF exposure occurring non‐locally.18‐21 "] 

      Complete text:

      More studies needed???

      National Association for Children and Safe Technology

      Excerpted from: Reduction of Phosphorylated Synapsin I (Ser-553) Leads to Spatial Memory Impairment by Attenuating GABA Release after Microwave Exposure in Wistar Rats PLoS One. 2014; 9(4): e95503.

      Published online Apr 17, 2014. doi:  10.1371/journal.pone.0095503 Abstract


      ["Abnormal release of neurotransmitters after microwave exposure can cause learning and memory deficits. This study investigated the mechanism of this effect by exploring the potential role of phosphorylated synapsin I (p-Syn I).


      In the rat experiments, there was a decrease in spatial memory performance after microwave exposure. The expression of p-Syn I (ser-553) was decreased at 3 days post-exposure and elevated at later time points. Vesicular GABA transporter (VGAT) was significantly elevated after exposure. The GABA release from synaptosomes was attenuated and p-Syn I (ser-553) and VGAT were both enriched in small clear synaptic vesicles, which abnormally assembled in the presynaptic terminal after exposure. In the PC12 cell experiments, the expression of p-Syn I (ser-553) and GABA release were both attenuated at 6 hours after exposure. Both microwave exposure and p-Syn I silencing reduced GABA release and maximal reduction was found for the combination of the two, indicating a synergetic effect.


      p-Syn I (ser-553) was found to play a key role in the impaired GABA release and cognitive dysfunction that was induced by microwave exposure."]


      Our experiments on Wistar rats and PC12 cell line suggest that microwave exposure (30 mW/cm2) can induce behavioral and cognitive dysfunction via altered GABAergic transmission. We have shown for the first time that reduced p-Syn I (ser-553) expression plays a critical role in this effect.

      Complete text:

      There are many, many thousands of peer reviewed studies which define the issues involved. In short: Human behavioral disorders are being directly induced by the 60 cycle electrical grid and incompetent use of radio signal broadcast.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Just for clarification, I was focusing specifically on the social, geopolitical like ideologies and issues surrounding what and how we interpret the issue surrounding ADHD, for example, is ADHD something to be proud of and accept or something to fear and cure.

      How people see things matters, which is why we constantly have to make sure we are standing in solid ground in our interpretation of the world and reality.

      ADHD I see it as the lack of ability to regulate your energy impulses and control your sensory processes so you can't focus and stop moving I know the diagnostic criteria is unreliable and inaccurate and many people are labeled ADHD who do not truly have the disability and I also know ADHD is caused by how our biological bodies interact with our environment or surroundings that includes radiation and toxins and any factors that can play a role in someone's development some which are consequences of geoengineering.

      I do appreciate your reply Paul.

  14. Lori Bee says:

    Hi, Dane – do you have any info on how to remove some aluminum and toxic metals in the body caused by geo-engineering etc?  Cilantra and iodine I hear ?  Also bentonite has some aluminum in it but is known for taking out other metals ?

  15. marc says:

    I have just reviewed Sam Carana's website again, which I do periodically. (ArcticNews) I encourage anyone who visits here to check out this site. Bursting with alot of the latest relevant data re: arctic melting, weather warming anomalies, future projections, etc. What I DO NOT accept, though, is the site's "CLIMATE PLAN", which is hyperlinked at the end of many of the reports. Read their "climate plan" in it's entirety and one can come away from it doing only one thing: scratching one's head in disbelief. Furthermore, "Sam Carana" (a pseudonym for an aggregate of climate scientists) absolutely refuses to incorporate open acknowledgement of ongoing massive global geoengineering into their reports. Why? What is absolutely incredible is that even at this late stage of the game, wherein they themselves openly quantify and spell out the extreme DIRENESS of our climate situation, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF GEOENGINEERING IS STILL TABOO!!!! What a posse of pussies. You'd think that here at the "end of times" (as Frodo said) there would be a "no-holds-barred" policy on their site. If the situation is as dire as they report, and it most definitely is, if not even worse, that they still choose only to mention geoengineering in the context of their "Climate Plan" (SRM) as an emergency mitigation strategy, is absurd and DISINGENUOUS. 

      In any case, after reading through a whole mess of their reports, it is clear that our situation is no longer linear, but rather, exponential, a scenario Dane Wigington has repeatedly referred to in his talks and interviews, as well as on his magnificent website. The exponentiality of our climate disintegration could not be more obvious now. It is occurring in timeframes that ARE NOW DIRECTLY RELEVANT to current human civilization, rather than, say, previous extinction events that unfolded slowly over centuries or millennia. 

    • Blam says:

      what it should make you do is doubt all of the information on his site as he is obviously being paid by the same people doing this else he would tell the truth. How can you doubt his information, all of it. If you dont speak of geo engineering you simply cant be trusted.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Blam, we must all learn to “separate the baby from the bath water” so to speak. We must learn to sift the facts from the ommisions or falsehoods. The front line Arctic data posted on the Arctic News website is accurate and can be verified from many other sources. It would be a mistake to ignore verifiable front line facts without investigation due to other incorrect conclusions or ommisions on a web site.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Flyeater, It's not a test. It is a mass dispersion of toxic material at high altitude. This story sugarcoats the insanity.Truth and lies spun together to confuse and control peoples perception.

  16. I'm pretty certain the practice of protecting civilian populations via military "solutions", has proven to be a spectacular failure…

    Looking at the situation in a historical context: Civilian casualties typically outnumber armed combatants by over 20 to 1. Yes folks, that's right. On an agregate level: 20 or more DEAD civilians for every reported combatant. Let's not mention the complete destuction of whole cities, the complete destruction of historical artifacts and records, and the repeated decimation of Earth's environment…  

    So let's throw more money into the morbid black hole we so passionatly defend with our apathy and cowardice…

    • BaneB says:

      Paul:  Ever wonder why there is no tomb to the Unknown Civilian?  We ARE their  "sacrifice."

    • Hello BaneB: Heh, heh. There is a Tomb to the Unknown Civilian. it's called planet Earth. No grave marker as yet. Funding will be be limited…

  17. Donna-AZ says:

    Great report as always. I found it interesting that Cathay Pacific is laying off 600 employees. I hate to see anyone lose their job, but when I see those 747's fly over Phoenix and occasionally over my area unloading some of the worst trails of all at 34-35,000 feet, my hope is that some are pilots.

  18. gotta go says:

    Corporations don't care about their employees either.

  19. We have damaged our environment and have caused immense harm to the biology of this planet.

    You can see it in the trees and in human, 1 in 5 have a chronic disability.

    Vegetation is struggling to survive, humans are also.

    Environmental health and biological health is linked with one another.

    We all have a responsibility to do something about the greater good, I come here to get stuff done. 

    Yes it's hard and stressful and a sacrifice to quit your easy football party life and get real and do the honorable things.

    I am here to get things done, I am here to spread a spirit that has energy and power to move and motivate and educate.

    We all float or sink together.

    Those who utilizes their lives to make a killing have to be held accountable.

    The one who hears the word has responsibility for it, if you're not aware of a problem you're not as responsible as someone who knows there is a problem so if you didn't know Geoengineering you weren't responsible to it and even if you found out by accident, you now know it exists and you have a responsibility now to inform others so they share responsibility and that you fulfill your duty to stopping climate engine.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Seeing Clearly, "That" is a damn good comment, Indeed.

      Good point(s). Makes me wonder, "what's the opposite of hypocrite?"

  20. Seeing Clearly Reports says:

    When the media refuses to cover a dire issue, it's our job to become media.

    We can't or shouldn't disrespect freedom of the press, however, we can become press.

  21. Seeing Clearly Reports says:

    Good show!!!!

  22. Joseph L says:

    How Big Pharma Created the Heroin Epidemic

    Medical Industrial  Complex


  23. Randall says:

    the story reported here states the strong thunderstorms over the Midwest is causing ozone depletion ?????? The cause they say is moisture reaching the colder than normal troposphere, this sounds so fricken fishy since they are just finding this out?? The lies are abundant from the MURDERES!!

    • Alexander Tierney says:

      If i understand correctly the lightning should actually be creating ozone even a 12 volt battery can produce ozone, if you lightly brush one terminal of a battery with a wire connected to the other terminal you can smell the ozone, it is similar to the smell of the ocean.

    • BaneB says:

      Randall: They point everywhere but not to themselves as the cause of ozone destruction.  

  24. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Thank you for posting my pictures here on the weekly broadcast article. I had no idea they would end up here on the main stage. I gotta be honest, when I opened this page yesterday, I laughed… and then my eyes welled up with tears and I got a big lump in my throat. I still can't figure out why I did that hence my delay in writing here on this article's comment column. Thank you Dane for your support.

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet, Thank you also for your words of encouragement. I have high hopes that my efforts will stir your minds into similar efforts. There is always a way to make an impact in the public eye. "Look for it". It's a small town here and I have been well received. As I rolled through the parade, I received MANY "thumbs up" from all kinds of folks. Many have questions about what is happening above their heads, but many do not know where to find answers. Let's all make ourselves available to provide those answers. Be kind, be confident, be very real. Like I wrote before and will again many times, "I am seriously NOT good with game over". I will be a part of the faction that prevails for the greater good, or I will die trying to be. This fight will take us all, each in our own individual capacities and talents.

    'a' simple horseman

    • Skeptikos says:

      You rock, "a simple horseman". I feel inspired to do more than just talking to a few people about this seeing you parading with that banner! Balls of steel lol


      I think we wont make enough awakening in time given by the numbers and reactions I see, but if we dont try that will be the real failure. After death, we will know we did the right thing, and that will have positive consequences IMO…

    • Rhonda says:

      God bless you "simple horseman." Also in a small town, trying to sound the alarm. Keep the faith, but keep up the fight. Time to take this to the next level before it is too late. 


    • Dana MacCuish says:

      I totally agree that "you rock", a simple horseman!  That was a great idea and well received by the crowd witnessing!  Awesome!!

      PS –  That looks like a real cool dog you have!  I like!  🙂

    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautiful effort 'a' simple horseman! Love the banner and your cattle dog companion. I had a Queensland Blue for almost 14 yrs. and he was the toughest, fastest and most loyal dog ever. Thanks to you both for giving your time and effort in helping our cause. You must have had good fun out there parading down main street too- ya' did us all proud! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  : )

  25. Oo7 says:

    Could someone please mark today on their calendar for east coast canada and look into this. I have been following and watching chemtrails/geoengineering for years and ive yet to see anything as bad as i see it today.


    THIS is terrifying

    all yesterday we were sprayed in the evening very hard, masking the sunset as it dipped beyond the horizon. Today i can only describe it as 200% coverage, clouds in the distance are masked by haze of the fallout, one can visibly tell the stratosphere is blanketted. The chemtrails continue overhead all day. Heat is picking up very quickly, the wind is unstoppable, and common haarp identifiers are littered in my sky. 

    This might be one for studying.

    • Rosalie says:

      I agree Oo7. Wondering what the agenda is here. Canada's East Coast has been hammered with frequencies, SRM, and wicked winds and thunderstorms. I've had to ramp up the antidotes to push my way through such insanity.  Nano nano everywhere.  

  26. Lumaaqahü says:

    I thank you Mr. Wigington from the depths of my heart for your courage, integrity, and tenacity to speak out on these most important issues. Your words and the responses of all your listeners give me a kind of hope and strength in these darkening days. Thank you all for your important information, links, and steadfast observations. When I speak out about these things to people around me I am often chilled to the bone from the blank looks and closed minds I perceive. It's like living in the Days of Noah before the flood. Keep up the good work! I pray for you all.

  27. marc says:

    To Donna-AZ in Phoenix, I can corroborate your observation. Today is Sunday, June 11th.  Yesterday was a shit parade in the sky as I described in my earlier posts. Today?? It is 1:30 p.m. and I have yet to detect even one single solitary jet leaving a trail ANYWHERE FROM MOUNTAIN RANGE TO MOUNTAIN RANGE, HORIZON TO HORIZON. HELLO???? Blue blemish-free skies as far as the eye can see. Assuming there exists a remote possibility of a discriminating observation in the mind of the average idiot on the street, we have to ask ourselves: what in the blue f**k do these aforementioned people think might explain MASSIVE SPREADING TRAILS ONE DAY AND ==NONE==!!!!!! THE NEXT?? Doop-de-doop-de-doop, gee what a beautiful day…clear skies…..ahhhh….it's great to be alive. What the f**k?? Fact is, the vast majority don't bother to deduce much of anything from what they see in the sky. It does not even occur to the dumb-asses on FB who post pretty pics of multi-colored sunsets that there might be an insidious reason for such colors to be appearing everywhere now. On this point, I am convinced, absolutely convinced, that materials are being intentionally added to induce colorful sunsets. How's THAT for a conspiracy theory? What better psy-op than to make the public go "ooo" and "ahhh" at the pretty sunsets, magically evaporating any molecule of environmental concern they might otherwise have had. Holy Mother of God……….have a nice day.

    • r k says:

      In Manhattan when the sky is not completeley sprayed over, the setting sun is so bright that you can't look at it. In the late afternoon it is blinding white, and as it gets close to the horizon it is blinding yellow, then blinding orange as it drops lower. I am appalled that people are ignoring this.

    • r k says:

      And yes, I do point this out to others when an opportunity arises.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  No jets for four straight days!  Prior to that five days of blitzkreig.  The past four days have been very strange.  It's slmost the middle of June and Friday morning it was 40F. Cloudy, misty, some rain, some blue blue sky.  Saturday  35F at 6:30 am, and cold all day, rain, wind.  Sunday low of 40F, blustery, rain, sprinkles, and hail, with temps below 50 all day.  I have had a wood fire going since last Friday in California in June.  Today, cold, clearing with puffy clouds, windy, and a beautiful blue sky.  Total precip: 3/4 to 1inch total.  Two jets went over this morning with the shorter fake contrails.  Another jet just went over at about the same altitude, a bit higher up and no trail of any kind.  

    • JR says:

      Hey Marc; Same here on Saturday, way to much SAG/SRM here in Southwest, New Mexico Las Cruces Mesilla Valley. They had dives into east to west parallel lines (in between) from North to South directions. Almost but not grid patterns as a tic toe game, crazy bastards. I have not seen the grid patterns in a long time. Scums (filth) of the Earth people I'm telling you. I took pics. with phone camera. How do I send to you Dane if interested or anyone else concerned here. No techno here for p.c. Handing out burns from "Why In The World Are They Spraying" when I can afford or direct people here!!! God Bless…

    • Erica says:

      Actually, I am one of those "dumb F$&ks on FB" that post beautiful photos of the sunsets. I'm aware of the Geoengineering taking place and  know without a doubt that the more colorful and deeper sunset vista  hues usually mean more nanoparticulates sprayed that day. That being said, my education is in Chemistry with a biochemistry subspecialization and I use that small bit of hard earned academic cred to educate anyone that will listen and direct them to this particular website. I also use my photos, which happen to get much appreciation, to find a bit of peace and beauty in the stress of knowing that we are in a downward spiral unless something miraculous happens.  Most of the people I speak with about the obvious Geoengineering taking place in my sky shots,  listen politely as I repeat what I've learned here and seem interested enough to take a look at this website, but there are others that think I'm delusional and these folks are the ones without any science background other than the Internet and Wikipedia to reassure them that I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist and they can be secure in their skepticism. On another note, it occurred to me that perhaps the reason that our current POTUS is determined to support the dying coal industry is that their byproducts are necessary to keep this Geoengineering program going on full force. The coal ash required for such large scale production must come from somewhere, so the coal mines may have a part in this too. The coal mines may also know just enough to be able to use this involvement as a tool for blackmail. Too conspiratorial? I woke up the other night thinking, someone must surely have thought of this when determining the chemical composition of the ground level pollution. Thank you to everyone here who makes an effort to alert the masses to the reality of what's happening to our planet. 

    • marc says:

      Erica, Thanks for your reply. Just a few days ago I posted a comment here about the exact same thing you are wondering. I drew a possible connection between the Trump administration's suspicious and firm support of the ("clean") coal industry and the geoengineering industry's need for an unlimited supply of coal fly ash, which has been virtually proven by Dr. Herndon, as a base material for their SRM agenda. Don't know if the article Dane posted here roughly a year ago or less is still here, but it details the work of Dr. Herndon (I hope I have his name right) regarding his discovery in the San Diego, Ca. area that ground and water contamination exhibits a direct correlation to a typical analysis of coal fly ash. Furthermore, I wasn't trying to offend anyone regarding sunset pics on FB. I actually have several really good friends who are very fond of posting pretty sunset pictures. The intensity and color spectrum of many, many sunsets nowadays are suspiciously too good to be "true". Atmospheric particulates….etc. etc…..

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Erica.

      To the ones which don't have academic background, says that GE will end conventional and Biological Agriculture. I guarantee you that they will Listen.

  28. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 169th email, titled 'A Tissue of Lies'.

    1.I still have great difficulty in understanding how, according to JAXA, Arctic sea ice volume has increased by @ 1,268 cubic km since 1st June when: we are just 10 days from the summer solstice, temperatures in the Arctic have continuously been at or above 0ºC, and Arctic sea ice extent is falling dramatically.

    Not that the "extent" method is an accurate means of measuring anything, since 25 sq km of solid "sea ice extent" could easily become 112.5 sq km of "sea ice extent" as it breaks up and disperses). 

    As we saw in August 2014 during the massive Arctic spray campaign (and resultant heat waves everywhere else because most military and contracted civilian planes were allocated to the Arctic), that any cooling effect they achieve is very short lived.  They will probably still try it again this August.

    Add the 'Fire and Thermal Anomalies' layer to Worldview geographic pictures, and you can easily see the dramatic number of bush fires in central Africa, plus those in Alaska, Siberia etc.  There is an interesting heat anomaly in the North Sea, half way between Aberdeen and Stavanger.

    It is staggering how much money the BBC receives from the British Government and the EU. Sir Christopher Bland (BBC Chair 1996 – 2001) stated in 2015, that it is worrying how the BBC is becoming "an (propaganda) arm of the Government".

    3.  Notes to Self (week 22 of 104).  Question everything and research everything, for we are being fed a Tissue of Lies.

    • Sean says:

      Hey Andrew, There are a lot of factors at play with the sea ice. It's a super complex scenario. In all honesty the world really needs a drastic meltout to happen this year in order to wake up, but not sure it will happen. The frog in the boiling pot of water really seems to rule the day here. Here is a quote from The owner of the Arctic sea ice blog, who is not prone to denialism by any means. This might help explain the less than expected melt so far this year:


      "As you can see, there are even less melt ponds than last year. In fact, it looks very similar to 2013. David Schröder wrote to me in an e-mail:

      We predict the September Arctic sea ice extent 2017 to be slightly larger than last year: 5.0 +/- 0.5 mill. km2. In spite of the lowest Arctic ice volume in April, the May melt pond fraction in May is the second lowest of the last 10 years in our simulation with the sea ice model CICE. Anomaly figures with respect to 2006 to 2015 are shown for May 2017, 2016, 2012 (highest pond fraction) and 2013 (lowest pond fraction). Stronger melting and pond formation only occurred north of Canada and some parts of the Beaufort Sea. Otherwise the pond fraction is very similar to May 2013. Below average air temperatures (with respect to 2008 to 2015) and increased snow depth seem to have had a stronger impact in reducing pond formation than the thinner ice in increasing pond formation.

      Persisting snow on the ice is the best explanation for the fact that we haven't seen much melt ponding (ice turning blue on satellite images), despite ideal weather conditions during the past two weeks. Of course, as we have seen last year, preconditioning isn't absolutely decisive when it comes to the final outcome of the melting season, but this data seems to put a damper on prospects of breaking the 2012 minimum records. For now.

      Addendum: What's nice about this, is that it confirms our suspicions back in February when we discussed what could be the reason there was such a divergence between PIOMAS and CryoSat. The number one suspect was snow cover, due to the relentless series of storms coming in from the Atlantic.

      As I wrote at the time:

      This is pretty big, IMO, as it tells us something about snow depth on the sea ice which may have consequences for the state in which the ice pack enters the melting season.

      Maybe we're getting the answer. The last time there was such a divergence between PIOMAS and CryoSat was during the 2012/2013 winter. Remember, 2013 was cold and cyclonic, causing an unexpected rebound after 2012's spectacle. I don't think this year will be the same, if only for the fact that volume is at a record low because of a record mild winter, but 2017 could be 2016's rebound.

      I think I'll be looking a lot at SSTs in weeks to come. And the weather, of course."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Helllo Sean, how can any assesment of the Artic ice scenario be considered legitimate if such an assesement does not consider the ongoing climate engineering global assault? How can any assesement be considered legitimate if there is no mention of massive and ongoing sea surface chemical ice nucleation operations? The effects of which are clearly visible on NASA satellite images. The attached link will shed more light on some of the factors I have mentioned. FYI

  29. Lumaaqahü says:

    "Courage must be stronger, heart stouter, spirit sterner

    when our strength fails us. Here lies our lord cut to pieces,

    Our best man lies in the dust. 

    If anyone thinks to leave the battlefield now, he will howl forever."

    – Maldun

  30. Gretchen says:

    A dose of verifiable reality pertinent to the current political theater proving collusion and obstruction of "justice" by our so-called "government agencies"…

    Here is the DoJ press release with three familiar names in the very first sentence…

    Connecting the dots in spite of the media collusion, disinformation and distraction; these actors are used again and again, over and over to deceive the American people and further the agenda of the psychopaths that control everything…

    • BaneB says:

      Gretchen:  Is it an overreach to suspect Kenny Lay was never in that coffin?  🙂

    • Gretchen says:

      BaneB- Food for thought! I don't accept as truth any vomit the media regurgitates as news, the recent "deaths" of nazi /zionists Rockefeller and Brzezinski, for example. My gut tells me they are sequestered somewhere; willingly or unwillingly, and not six feet under! F**king psychopaths, somewhere close to Fukushima I hope…

  31. Joe Ceonnia says:

    It's June 11th Philadelphia North, 6:00 am the sky is bright blue, I tell my wife to hurry out to the patio and see how blue the early morning sky is. That didn't last at 6:30 am the flights started, YES here they come, and there it went, the white out has begun, by 2:00 there will be nothing left of our blue sky. Or there will be bits and pieces of blue. I'm so depressed.  

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Up-Date my Friends. These aircraft have the short sprays, which means something different. These are not the complete white outs that the others bring, These leave a haze, which means it's going to be very hot today. They said control the weather by 2025, nonsense, they control the weather RIGHT NOW!  How can we afford these flights, but we can't afford medical for the masses??? That right we can afford medical for all, they just want to make us all ill, so we will seek out medical assistance that cost a fortune $$. These folks are sicker then most psychopaths. God bless all, we'll need help from somewhere!! Because our Military is complicit with this poisoning. This is chemical warfare, and we're the enemy!   

    • Dennie says:

      I hardly think the weather is under control.  When you add up all the weirdnesses:  All the "too hot," all the "too cold," all the too many cyclones/tornadoes, etc., all the drought and all the flooding, I'd say that it's all waaay beyond being just "out of control."  The weather exactly matches the "people" (they are not real humans!!!!) doing the controlling.  Ever notice how the biggest control freaks are also the most out-of-control people??

    • Frank says:

      Dennie, we're pretty sure they are controlling the weather with the general goals to keep the NE USA cool, and our enemies very wet. I think what gives it the out-of-control appearance is that they are at the stage where they are like the guy with two hands and ten leaks in the dike. When he plugs one leak, another starts. They don't have enough hands to manage to growing air masses that must be held back.

  32. Jeffrey Fish says:

    So much chemtrailing on this planet and so many people in denial, it's ludicrous. If it was for the sole purpose of depopulation then I doubt you would see anything. There are too many ways to introduce deadly bioagents without them being seen. It seems to me to be multi layered as a lot of us believe and one thing that continues to nag at me is that it is so obvious that at some level I actually believe that part of the chemtrailing is an attempt to reflect and bind detrimental radiation. Whether the origin is cosmic or solar does not matter. I also believe that it contains the intent of trying to prevent an EMP from an atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device from a foe, along with a spectrum of other nasties that will and are bringing about depopulation. It is maddening and has become akin to carrying around a dark powerful piece of information that I can not do any thing with. I have convinced some but driven many of my friends away. It is a double whammy to me because I work in the field of arboricultural sciences and on a daily basis witness the continuing die off of a massive spectrum of species and the proliferation of new maladies that are not even identified or classified. I am in contact with our local agricultural agent who is now seeing the light and is just as baffled by these new diseases and strange mycological entities that actually require new classification, for which there is no explanation for there sudden appearance in our environment. To behold and bare witness to the possible ending of this civilization is enough to bring me to my knees. It is clear to me that we had the opportunity to chose a different path with Tesla's work instead of becoming slaves to the "Petro giants" God help us all. Jeff

    • marc says:

      Jeffrey Fish, amen to that, my brother.

    • Dennie says:

      Don't be too quick with praise for Tesla, as he claimed he had the power to split the planet in two– now, why in Hell would anyone in their right mind brag about something like that?  if you ask me, he's just the other madman on the flip side of the same dented, treasonous coin ;-).

  33. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    And 99.999% of ALL the chemicals that were developed and released to the Biosphere, are NOT necessary for nothing in our Lives, besides giving big money to the petrochemical industry of death.

    The World MUST work through Solar energy, Hemp, Seaweed ( for bio-plastics ), and other natural materials ( like Bamboo and others ) which could be developed causing almost ZERO negative impact, and inclusively Good positive impact, on Nature.


    The petrochemical industry must END.

  34. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Just in case this insanity wasn't in your face enough already. Now we get "Colorful Vapor Tracer Clouds" laced with "Barium and Strontium."

    I am living in a science fiction movie!

    • Larry Charles says:

      Steve,  Right you are.  The name of the movie is:  The Matrix.  Look it up.  🙂

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      And "cupric-oxide". Virtually insoluble in water or alcohols; copper(II) oxide dissolves slowly in ammonia solution but quickly in ammonium carbonate solution.

    • Dennie says:

      @Steve Chamberlain, the "plant guy:"  Thanks for posting this! I just went on the AccuWeather website and left a message as well as a reply to a poster about the "colorful clouds" and the patently false statement that they "pose no threat" to anyone.  Feels great to type the words, "Get informed, visit"  BTW:  "V-e-e-e-r-y interestink" that they use a female voice-over narrator for their short weather and space informational videos who is the same one that did the voice work on the internet ads for a product called "Pooh Pourri….." hmmm, yes we ARE having a load dropped on us, in so many ways….

  35. Susan Ferguson says:

    For those of you who are concerned about exposure to radiation:
    Bluetooth What You Will Learn Nowhere Else – Is It Really Dangerous?  / Posted by Lloyd Burrell / Updated April 2017
    Bluetooth is the name of a wireless technology that uses pulsed radio frequency signals. Anybody that has been following my website will have just felt their ears prick up as I said the word “pulsed”. Not good. … about pulsed radiation: “Pulses carried by microwaves are particularly dangerous.  This is because their very short wavelength allows the transmission of pulses with extremely rapid rise and fall times, and it is the rate of change of the fields (rather than their total energy) that does most of the biological damage”  …
    Conclusion – Are Bluetooth Head Sets Dangerous?
    The frequency of Bluetooth wireless headsets is the same as that of microwave ovens. Microwave ovens use much higher power levels. But the power levels themselves are not the issue. Its the rate of change of the EMFs, the pulsing, that causes most of the biological damage. Bluetooth radiation is dangerous.  Bluetooth headsets are particularly dangerous because they are held within centimeters of the brain and they are used in conjunction with a cell phone. So you’re getting double exposure. If you use Bluetooth in a car the effects are multiplied due to the Faraday cage effect.
    … the bottom line is avoid Bluetooth headsets. Avoid Bluetooth radiation and practice safe cell phone use. Some people are electrically sensitive, they can feel the effects of these exposures. But don’t think that because you can’t feel anything that you’re not being affected by Bluetooth radiation and similar exposures. This is not what the studies are saying.

    • Hello Susan:

      Lloyd Burrell's "ElectricSense" web site is excellent informational site. I used to offer comment there, but found that Lloyd (like many others) was way too soft in his approach.

      I've been aware of electromagnetic/health issues for over thirty years, and have read about 100,000 pages of peer reviewed studies in the last 10…


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "sea" sent this to me last night. It is a good interview packed with lots of info about assault via micro wave frequencies. As you watch, know that "super computers" are added into the equation. Scary "stuff". "sea" believes her 24 year old son(graduate of college in silicon valley) has been "zapped". I know she is not grasping at fake conspiracy theory.

  36. Maria Rutledge says:

    Hello, I don't have a Facebook page and I have tried several times to post on here….I live in Dalton Ga and they spray us here daily I have so many pictures But I have noticed they are doing a lot of heavy spraying at night here….I wish there was someone around here I could talk to about all of this..

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      I have known about the spraying for 10 years. I was in denial for the first six years. In Jan. 2014 I found GeoWatch and it changed my life. I have made many great friends at this site, some I have met in person.  I rarely pass on a chance to speak with someone about Climate Engineering. The first thing you should do is send an email to All of your contacts with a link to this episode of Global Alert News.

      As for finding someone to talk to about all of this, I say talk to everyone about it. I have been doing it for four years now and will continue to until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity.

      Glad you joined us, Maria

      The Pizza Guy

    • jean ballard says:

      maria rutledge . welcome to the real world. you are not alone.  if you do not have a face book account . there are  other sites  get a google account . or tumbler. or linkiden. or stumble upon.  but this site is the one true site that is giving you the  verified truth. on geoengineering issues.  i am  disabled and homebound . but i spread all of danes post or radio programs to every web site i can .  as long as we have  internet  freedom i will keep on  posting. or i have breath to speak.. so  bookmark this site . follow up with sites  dane gives you. and you will find people  in your own area plus others you can talk with. and share your questions with .

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Maria Rutledge, I'm with Steven Chamberlain here. "Talk to everyone!". It's just about all I ever talk about with everyone I cross paths with. Something about "game over" that constitutes such constrictions in conversations. Nothing else matters until this assault happening above all of our heads stops. If it helps, you can get my email address from Dane and write to me, or Steven, or many others here in this column.

    • mac says:

      Welcome aboard Maria, Now you are in  the know. The only thing of encouragement is that most of the people on this site have a clue of what is going on and it's not the most pleasant but at least you know the truth. Don't get discouraged if your friends, family or whoever don't believe you, it's just part of the process. Just arm yourself with the truth and just speak of the truth as often as you can. There's alot to learn here. Stay in touch and hopefully you can find some comfort knowing that others are here with you.

      Keep the faith,


  37. virginia dulin says:

    Does anyone elso have itching and hives on top of hives, last spring doctor put me on allergy medication year round and its apparently not working. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you I itch all the time and yes I have enviromental allergys to ragweed,cottonwood,pine trees,maple trees,corn pollen,dogs,cats. I dont have animals, i have to use airconditioning,wear cotton clothes.this has gotten much worse the last 2 years.I even have itchy bumps on my scalp. The skin specialist says to use this high dollar ointment, I have and I have these back this summer again.I am outside to plant and take care of flowers and small small garden area.Thanks for listening

    • rayross says:

      Virginia Dulin – I sent a friend who was suffering from poison ivy to my Chiropractor, who does a protocol called NAET, and he took care of it in one treatment.  However, she did have to go to him again the following season, but it was not as bad.  I have lost touch with her since.

      See if there is a Practitioner in your area…..

      Also search Google and the yellow pages.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Virginia…Try applying colloidal silver maybe in one of the strong ppm. It's working on a rash a friend has suffered for years!

    • Frances says:

      I hope it's not Morgellons. By accident or by design we don't know the entirety of the cocktails being rained on us.

    • gardenerguy says:

      Eat lots of organic honey, comb included.

    • David says:

      Watch "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," available through Amazon, Netflix and others. 

      If this isn't enough, read about Max Gerson's (MD) work with cancer patients, where juicing healed the immune system so quickly that at first patients were dying from liver toxicity, subsequently prevented by using caffeine enemas. Max (circa 1880-1950, not related) has passed on, though there are books about his life and times. His daughter, last time I looked, is still alive, savings lives as a hospital administrator. The most recent edition of her book on healing, written with the help of BBC journalist Beatta Bishop, is quite readable.

      i had both prostate and skin cancer. When I Cleaned up my diet and started juicing, developed generalized pruritus (itching). Putting two and two together, (the itching story and Max's work), I did the coffee enemas for two months. The cancer went away, the itching went away. Also lost 8" off my waist and my diabetes. 

    • penny says:

      I've had Morgellon's symptoms in the past, and have used Carnicom's research to effect a recovery.  I take vitamin C (as magnesium ascorbate) every day, and when my skin begins itching excessively I use NAC (n-acetyl cysteine).  Both are available from Swanson, and perhaps elsewhere, without any additives – a very important consideration when taking supplements.

      I'm not an MD and am not pretending to give 'medical advice'.  I stay as far away from MD's and the made-to-kill medical system as possible. Death by Medicine, anyone?

    • virginia dulin says:

      Thanks for all comments to the itching problem that I have Susan where can I get the Colloidal Silver ointment? I have a local honey bee destination that I am going to get thee honey with the comb. I have ordered the n-acetyl cysteine to try that as well. I have alot to research, Yes?

  38. Barbara says:


    Has anybody tried to contact Erin Brokovich? We need somebody like her.  I tried a long time ago to ask you about helping with a class action lawsuit, because I've legal experience in doing that but am not able to relocate.  A couple of days ago, the WA state Cmdr commented on his lawsuit filed with the Fed Govt, and just above a fellow from OR commented on his lawsuit, then spoke of how Trump tossed out another suit and at some point stomped on an environmental report on the ground.  We HAVE TO GET TRUMP ON OUR SIDE.  Please address this in a column soon and ask for all our help and get help for yourself to put together a data base of helpers and lawsuits filed and denied.  You have also not updated us at all on the class action suit out of CA.  H E L P    P L E A S E !!!



  39. Melanie Moran says:

    It is really wonderful to see these photos and to see the passion and effort people are putting in to spreading awareness. Great work "a simple horseman" and the gem fair folks!   

    • Dennie says:

      Bravo, "a simple horseman," kudos to you!  I heartily second the motion.  Now I wish I could acquire more energy and courage to find the answers to my personal plight in a quest to seal the crap out of my house more thoroughly, so I can breathe here more easily and not be terrified of living in my own house again 24/7.  Please pray for me.  I continue to pray for the transformation of consciousness that will drive resolution of the entire paradigm that is driving this sick system.

  40. jefe says:

    Yesterday I was talking to a couple of people on my job, telling them about the spraying… it was all new to them.  The man was a former Navy sailor and had much to say about the way our Navy is a major polluter!  From dumping garbage at sea to dumping fuel from aircraft before making carrier landings, we have a long way to go.

  41. Jeanette S says:

    Thank you, Barb, when I started taking up gmo causes and I would see people's reactions, I would go home and start prepping and studying how I can save myself and those living around me. It may be lack of rain that is hard on the sea life as most of those creatures you mentioned are in bays, streambeds, shallow brackish water. I was in N England once and where I was had healthy shell fish. The towns had many bridges over streams and it seemed to me that they were teaming…maybe that was a fraction of what it once was? What I can say is that the water, the well water, is full of minerals and I would venture to say that the minerals wash off the land and into the water and streams and the shellfish are getting what they need from that. Maybe it is the lack of rain. If I had a place such as yours in proximity to the ocean and wanted to do something…I might do a solar distiller and have it drip down rocks and into a small pool where mineralized fresh water mixes with the bay or ocean water, hopefully providing a more healthful environment. I thought about this too for the devastation of the Deep Water Horizon disaster. I would try to do a protected lagoon with mangroves, marsh to filter any high ocean water that comes in to try to save the species and fisheries down there. A small place perhaps but a safe haven to salvage species hopefully eventually it will clean up and these saved creatures can reproduce and spreadout. Or even fish tanks, natural ponds would be better. mangroves and particularly marshes filter out pollutants from ocean, from land either way. Grow some veggies in a hoop house against a hillside. Check out Elliot Coleman's books, Four season Harvest is one; he is in Maine!!


  42. Christine says:

    marc, another good metal chelator: EDTA. It is actually the best one. I also did notice that the sprayings are DELIBERATE attacks on certain places at certain times. Days like 9th June (6/9) are SPECIAL numbers in which the sick criminals seek certain achievements. The sprayings here in SF area, used to be west-east, now in the latest time, the direction is south->north.. The entire kingdom of insects, birds, wild animals  is becoming smaller and smaller.. Really not sure how to act  in this tragedy, since trying to talk to young simple people, almost always ends up with bullying..  What is extremely concerning are also the increasingly large amounts of foreign FIBERS, everywhere!

    Collect and analyse..

  43. Michel B says:

    How about this for distraction: The Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia) has as its front page news today, wait for it…. Schapelle Corby is going to be on Big Brother! (Sarcasm follows) NB I am fulfilled! I have been consumed by speculation as to what our all-important Ms Corby is going to do. Thank you The Sunday Mail. Your journalistic integrity is par excellence in keeping the public informed of truly important issues. Not to mention the lesser article below said headline about mobile phone texting related car crashes. Yes, it is a problem, but is it possible that there are somewhere in the world some more important and impacting things going on???!!!

    Like I have said before, the NEWS in Australia should be called the Football, Cricket and Car Crash Report. So, the upshot is that we will continue to hear about every distractive topic, but we now have Ms Corby as the B******t topic to be set up and milked for months or longer and flooding our TVs and newspapers.

    Things are getting so dumb that you have to wonder how they are not shooting themselves in the foot by being so obvious in their attempts to dumb down everything. People have got to be starting to ask questions, haven't they?!!!

    • Frances says:

      There was spraying over the Darling Downs June 5th and 6th; also someone at Buderim posted photos on the facebook NZ and Australia Chemtrail site of spraying the same dates.

    • Roma says:

      Same hear in New Zealand, including Ms Corby, car crashes etc. although one particular news item, here in NZ, really caught my eye – "In Canada, a toddler chasing a bubble ran onto the road and was nearly run over"

  44. Joseph L says:

    Thank you for  all the great work that you do.  This is your quote from above.  We must commit ourselves fully to being a part of the cure, and not the disease .  Nicely said.  I also thank  all the activists that get involved to expose climate engineering.
    Here is the link  about the military being the biggest POLLUTER ON THE PLANET.
    While the U.S. military's past environmental record suggests that its current policies are not sustainable, this has by no means dissuaded the U.S. military from openly planning future contamination of the environment through misguided waste disposal efforts. Last November, the U.S. Navy announced its plan to release 20,000 tons of environmental "stressors," including heavy metals and explosives, into the coastal waters of the U.S. Pacific Northwest over the course of this year.
    The plan, laid out in the Navy's Northwest Training and Testing Environmental Impact Statement, fails to mention that these "stressors" are described by the EPA as known hazards, many of which are highly toxic at both acute and chronic levels.
    The 20,000 tons of "stressors" mentioned in the Environmental Impact Statement do not account for the additional 4.7 to 14 tons of "metals with potential toxicity" that the Navy plans to release annually, from now on, into inland waters along the Puget Sound in Washington state.

    • BaneB says:

      Joseph L:  "Our" very "own" utterly corrupt Congress approves these insane environmental outrages conducted by the Pentagon. These war game experiments are destroying MILLIONS plus of ocean creatures. They know it. They have admitted it.  But when the dead carcasses wash up on a beach the "experts" act puzzled and say they are studying the reason for these mass die offs. How many conclusions has anyone read about or heard on MSM from these "puzzled" ones' report back to the public? We know it's caused by our righteous understandings that it's Geoengineering, Fukishima, climate change, and a smorgasbord of anthropogenic suspects.  Never is the culprit fingered in the MSM.  And you can be sure the Pentagon practices will never get the blame for any of the damage.  Undoubtedly the existential national security threat is all of the above.  The matrix is trapped upon its own canard.  

  45. marc says:

    Interesting….soon as I finished my other much longer post, I went outside to check the sky and there was a jet laying a trail VERY, VERY LOW in a long sweeping arc DIRECTLY, and I mean DIRECTLY, over my neighborhood. The trail was one of those that almost immediately start fanning into weird segmented shapes at regular intervals along the length of it. I'm gonna estimate this jet was flying at about 18,000-20,000 feet, because I've witnessed many jets today flying at what appears to be the upper limit of their altitudes, which I believe to be around 35-40,000 feet. Well, isn't that just the most f**king amazing coincidence you can imagine? In any case, for a jet to drop their shit that low in a long, highly conspicuous arc right over Tucson, seems to me to be tantamount to raising a big middle finger to whoever might have the audacity to be concerned about their murderous agenda. Oh, and by the way, here's a middle finger I've saved just for all you big f**king babies in the sky.

    • Dog says:

      I can attest to the veracity of marc's Tucson post above; I was going to post this fact in real time today but he beat me to it…it's blatant beyond belief, and yet almost no one is noticing. No one looking up.  No one paying attention to anything other than their immediate surroundings (if that). I felt sadness and rage.

      Dane, what are an individual's legal recourse?  Are there legal entities that an individual can contact that might provide a glimmer of hope for concrete action? I have sent two emails to our Congressman, laying out the facts and the probable consequences of inaction, and still NO RESPONSE.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dog, in regard to your legal questions, stay tuned, I should have more concrete announcments soon. 

    • Paul Yeaton says:

      I was sitting in the watching, probably, the same jet making same arc coming up from Tucson passing over Chanler east of I-10 then arcing north towards Flagstaff. The contrail was so dense it cast a dark shadow on the ground and was clearly visible as a dark stripe from altitude to ground.. 

      I am betting this is the same aircraft that made an east/west pass to the north maybe between Prescott and Flagstaff as well as a similar east/west pass to the south, maybe over the Casa Grande area. I would venture a guess that both were in excess of 100 miles in length when I first saw them hours before the one coming up from Tucson. Also both had spread into a quite wide swath with the.northern one being several times the size of the southern one..

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi marc, we also were treated to an arc. it wasn't over my house this time, it was to the west near White Tank Mountain. I took a picture of it after it was first laid out, and a few more shots as it creeped towards and drifted over our home. It very closely resembled the one that an F-35 sprayed over my house, and of which I have pictures of in action. Yesterday was an extremely horible day for Phoenix. I could see all that shit from my house. There were more X's than usual, which was good for me on my 5 mile drive to the east. The giant X in my face all the way captured many drivers, as it looked just like the one on the banner accross the back window of my car. I was getting nods and thumbs up, and I jumped out of the car twice at two different signals to hand out cards. I wish I could have just kept driving east. The one gal with her hispanic accent and startled eyes said, "I thought it was just a conspiracy theory".  

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Probably piloted by David Keith and Ken Caldeira.  The "experiment" is in your face.  They laugh.  They celebrate.  When are they going to do that "balloon experiment" in your area?  By the way, it's 35F here in Mendocino at 4,000 feet.  Rain off and on for three days and no jets visible nor heard.  Just unseasonable very cold and very unstable blustery weather.  Prior to this the weather terrorists sprayed us  like crazy.

    • barbzi says:

      Apparently big fat jet toxic arcing clouds over our AZ skies, I also saw one over Buckeye Saturday afternoon. First one i've ever seen. Sunday clear skies. Today, Monday so far clear skies. Also much cooler. Double digit. Clear nights too.

  46. Sue says:

    Thanks Dane, Great show, all the information is so scary. Why are people still in denial ?  I find it so hard to have any response to them other then What the F—are people thinking! 

  47. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    DANE THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. I learn so much from your radio/internet broad cast every Saturday. I appreciated your topic diversity and over lap regarding our atmosphere, oceans and imploding biosphere with all of the many variables.
    Thank you for mentioning the coal source for all the methyl mercury we are consuming when we eat sea food let alone the radiation and other persistent pollutants that have long half lifes and devastating effects on Life. I learned about the devastating effects of our toxic vaccine schedule last year when I viewed "In Lies We Trust" by Dr. Horowitz,  "Vaccines The True Weapons of Mass Destruction" by Dr. Rebecca Carley, then Vaxxed when it came out and recently "The Truth About Vaccines" by Ty Bollenger. I have come to know way to much about Vaccines being utilized by the power structure to poison the general public and military personnel. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry contaminating the first polio vaccines with simian "monkey" virus 40 "SV40=cancer causing virus, they have added dozens of other toxic ingredients to vaccines. They put aluminium, ethyl mercury, sorbate 80, MSG, Formaldihyde, aborted human fetal tissue, bovine tissue, other types of animal culture tissues, plasmids and a whole host of other crap depending on the type of vaccine. The point I want to make is ethyl mercury is 50-100 times more toxic to humans than methyl mercury and twice as persistent in our bodies especially after entering the body through the wrong route of entry ie injected vs ingested. Mercury is the second most lethal element preceded by uranium.
    There are several foods, herbs and minerals that chelate and bind with mercury, other heavy metals and radiation starting with cilantro, selenium, iodine, spirilena, activated charcoal, nano ziolites, essential oils, and organic coffee ground enemas. Health is wealth and no amount of money can buy it back after it has been lost. Only knowledge and active lifestyle change with an organic plant based diet can provide hope of regaining ones health and wellness back. 
    I Pray that all of the good people of the Earth will unite to take back the power and resources from our task masters before our doom is sealed.
    True Regards

    • Blam says:

      Christopher, you are right, I lost my health, or I breathed this shit in and it was lost, or it was lost from the garbage I ate, You are right, plant based recovery, lifestyle change, and one other thing, hope. I am getting better but is mainly through dietary changes, Anything processed is poison.

  48. marc says:

    First thing I do upon waking is go outside to examine the sky. Today was a shocker. The worthless motherf**kers who are behind this had been busy, probably all night. There were at least 15 fat trails laid parallel to one another on the north side of the Santa Catalinas on the north perimeter of Tucson. They were "fat" because they had been airborne long enough to spread out, which means they likely were spat out before dawn. Really? This agenda is so f**king important to these worthless shits that they have crews flying ROUND THE CLOCK all over the world?? Obviously there are graveyard shifts (how's that for an applicable term?) working somewhere all the time. As my morning wore on, I witnessed what I will estimate to be another 20-30 trails in progress, the majority running east to west or west to east, with a handful cutting across this filthy sight at diagonals. Conspicuous diagonals, I might add. Literally RIGHT OVER TUCSON. It's early afternoon now and the vermin who fly these planes aren't done. Hence, once again, my estimate in one of my last posts proves to be accurate: by sunset there will have been roughly 100 OR MORE trails defecated over just this horizon to horizon corner of southern Arizona. Can this really be happening? Dane spent a good while in his broadcast today discussing the increasing TOXICITY of the whole planet. Can we even begin to comprehend the magnitude of what's settling down through the air column over southern Arizona, just based on the spraying I've described? Reports like mine are coming in from all over the f**king country. Jesus f**king Christ!!! It is beyond comprehension how much wealth, how much material, how much human complicity, how much poisoning is involved here with this agenda. The disconnect between THIS GLOBAL AGENDA and the consciousness of the greater public remains impossible to understand. Question is, what is the real goal of the focused spraying over southern Arizona?? The uptick in regional/local spraying yesterday and today is significant. I don't pretend to have it figured out. I have examined regional weather maps for forecasts over the coming 7-10 days and cannot yet identify a scenario which might be connected to the heavy spraying I am seeing here. Unless of course, it is an attempt to obliterate any chance of rainfall in the region, for I AM seeing movement coming directly from the Baja/Pacific region to Arizona, which implies a lot of moisture. 

      Again, I am agog and completely blown away by a realization of the vastness of what is required for these geoengineering snot-rags to pull off what they are doing. How can an agenda of this Earth-wide scope continue without 7 billion people rising up in outrage? (rhetorical question, I know the answer) Thousands of jets, entire corporations dedicated to manufacturing the materials going into the onboard tanks, thousands of human beings, some in suits, many in lab coats, many in combat fatigues, many in industrial work clothes, ALL busily going about their tasks within their little sphere of activity, all just interacting gears in a highly complex machine designed to terraform the biosphere into something no longer alive? Really??? Is this accurate? Are they terraforming the planet in preparation for some ultra-high-tech mapping/matrix/surveillance endeavor? You can jolly well bet your bank account on the fact that they AREN'T doing it to save all of humanity from an 18C temperature increase over baseline. Have a nice weekend.

    • Dog says:

      marc I saw this too – you may have also noticed that the sky above Tucson this morning had extremely weird-looking wispy "clouds" to the west-northwest that seemed to be shedding tentacles downwards towards the ground. 

      Some people probably thought that these "clouds" were cool looking; I, on the other hand (knowing that these "clouds" should not be there especially when our region is currently under the typical high-pressure system for the month of June in Arizona) had a different reaction/realization:


    • Jeanette S says:

      My thoughts are that the ignorant that do every other toxic job here, are the ones doing it. The ones spraying the glyphosate everywhere, the ones putting the additives in our food, the ones working in the plastics factories. The ones that use the tons of dryer sheets and you have to go through the toxic clouds in neighborhoods. Them, they're doing it. What's one more thing?

    • ron hall says:

      Marc:  As a matter of fact, "they" have been, "terraforming the planet" with EXTREMELY FIERCE HIGH TECH endeavors for decades. And, importantly the "they" includes many other countries. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS MIND-BLOWING IMMENSE SOVIET SOVIET SCALAR WEAPONRY SYSTEM THEY HAD BACK IN THE 1970S!!

    • ron hall says:

      Oh! And I forgot to mention that one of PROJECT WOODPECKER'S "EXPERIMENTS" KILLED SOME 600,000 CHINESE IN THE 1970s(1976,I think).  Our species is a scourge upon this planet, IMO.

    • rayross says:

      marc – Thanks for pointing out all the thousands of people making their living in the various industries involved in the geoengineering program.  I never considered them.  Their paychecks are secure for a while,  but there will be no pensions.


    • Donna-AZ says:

      "They" are obliterating any chance of rainfall in our region, same as last year. Last year they destroyed 4 monsoons and gave us 1. I see moisture coming and that's when they spray, and that seems to be the only time I see trails, except for in the winter when they're trying to make it cold. If it was really about Solar Radiation Management, where are they today? Not 1 F##king plane in the sky. It's almost 11:00am, are they still in church?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Here's a link to some interesting reading regarding ron hall's comment of the Russians killing 600,000 Chinese with the "wood pecker". I think the USA Inc is a mere copy cat bully.

  49. Jan Rogers says:

    Barb, I too have red in my white birdbath.  Not all the time but only after certain rains.  It has to be the chemicals.

  50. Carol says:

    Hi Dane !!! Bring back Hemp and stop ground pollution ?? That's one solution ((( Amazing plant history ! Another big fat lie with have been told   By the Corporation's … Weather in England is awful ,fluctuation is unreal  .. Just seems to endless … Scary scary …

    • BaneB says:

      Carol:  Big fluctuations here in Mendocino County, California.  Cold!  Rain.  Blustery.  Quiet as a church mouse with no jet trails (yet), and no jet engine noise for three days. They are probably reassigned for a few days down to Tucson and the southwest region to suck that area dry.  The wintry weather here is not totally unprecidented.  But, the last time I saw these temps here  and the precip. was 20 some odd years ago.  But never in 26 years have I experienced such bluster and so many days of this.  

  51. Seeing Clearly⁻ says:

    We acknowledge our life in a toxic soup of toxic chemicals, however, why aren't our doctors recommending frequent testing for these toxins? Some even deny that the toxins are toxic and call it natural to have toxins all over the place. They say if water makes our car rusty then water is a toxin and I respond by saying gasoline makes your car run really good should we start putting some of that into our body? The answer is NO.
    People would continue to make up lies and deceive to continue to be in denial.

  52. Robert West says:

    A friend wants to know if there is a reliable lab in Oregon where he can have some golf ball size hail stones tested for toxins. A few weeks ago a hail storm hit Madras, Oregon, and caused a lot of damage. Insurance companies are paying to repair cars, trucks, windows, roofs, siding, etc. Thank you if anyone can let me know.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Robert,  on hwy 99 in Tigard, OR tests water samples for toxic substances and potability.  I don't know the spectrum of tests they offer. Their # is  503  639 9311.  I'm sure there are many such labs.  
      Google   "potable water testing" or variations of that.

  53. Alan says:

    Two days ago, the Oregon children's climate lawsuit against U.S. was cleared to go to trial but yesterday the Trump administration's attorneys filed a writ of mandamus to get the case thrown out.  (It's not the first time they've tried and probably won't be the last.)

    Details here:

    Coincidentally (or not) yesterday, during a speech ,Trump dramatically dropped a three-volume environmental impact report on the ground and shuffled it around the floor with his feet, insinuating that it was unnecessary. 

    See that here:

    • marc says:

      Alan, thanks for the provocative YT link to Trump shenanigans. What's also revealing about that video is the response of the audience in attendance: laughter, when Trump tosses the reports on the floor. This encapsulates the "crux of the biscuit". I f**king guarantee those same people who were laughing will have their smirks and chortles wiped clean off their faces within a few years, when they finally get to experience the end-game of their ignorance: starvation and apocalypse. 

    • Seeing Clearly⁻ says:

      It is of great shame that the Trump administration would "throw" out a lawsuit filed by children for global warming something that will impact their future more than an adult.

      I completely understand that not everyone is focused on the biggest factor when it comes to saving the environment, however, this does not mean we should shame them for what they are already doing it just means we should encourage them to do more.

      The hypocrite I am most concerned about in this particular situation is Donald Trump, who shows off how much of a patriot he is for America and denies or does very little about the biggest threats we face including environmental cataclysm.

    • Dog says:

      Hi Alan and All,

      Looked up "Writ of Mandamus" – here's the definition:

      Mandamus ("We command") is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from a superior court,[1] to any government subordinate court, corporation, or public authority—to do (or forbear from doing) some specific act which that body is obliged under law to do (or refrain from doing)—and which is in the nature of public duty, and in certain cases one of a statutory duty. It cannot be issued to compel an authority to do something against statutory provision. For example, it cannot be used to force a lower court to reject or authorize applications that have been made, but if the court refuses to rule one way or the other then a mandamus can be used to order the court to rule on the applications.

      Mandamus may be a command to do an administrative action or not to take a particular action, and it is supplemented by legal rights. In the American legal system it must be a judicially enforceable and legally protected right before one suffering a grievance can ask for a mandamus. A person can be said to be aggrieved only when he is denied a legal right by someone who has a legal duty to do something and abstains from doing it.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      I'm not a lawyer, but as the Trump admin. reverses protections and penalties across the board, will they succeed in claiming that these reversals, once enacted, can/will squash not only the Oregon Childrens suit, but all others like it that make it that far up the legal chain? Also, the judicial system at that level is appearing to be WAY compromised – if the last bastion (as I saw in another post here) of the American federal governmental system, does not adhere to the Constitution, then that's "Strike Three" – WE'RE OUT –

    • Dog says:

      To see more about this extraordinary and very important initiative, please go to the website –

      If the current administration (or anyone else), dismisses or tries to hinder this effort,without any legal or other discourse on the issue, they are thereby demonstrating a level of callousness, indifference, ignorance, …etc (FILL IN YOUR BLANK HERE)…

      that is (FILL IN YOUR BLANK HERE)… 

      We will most likely see PR pushback that these children are being unwittingly used as a smoke screen for an agenda, not an authentic movement. "Fake News". That's one aspect.

      This pushback by the Admin. (and the others, in the name of The Public Interest)  is being sold as "Normal" to WE, the Consumers of "Information", and it will come to dominate the discussion if we allow that meme to continue.

      A critical danger is that most of the barriers to the elimination or evisceration of environmental, and many other regulations etc. have been or are about to be breached, and this is being sold as something to be desired. For an important instance, The House just voted to eviscerate Dodd-Frank, a VERY VERY important instance…however right now the Trump Circus is all the rage.  Many other things are going on as well that are escaping the public's radar.

      The environment doesn't matter. The Law doesn't matter.  The Constitution doesn't matter. The populace doesn't matter. Only "Progress" matters.

      The final move is when they have convinced the people that the CHILDREN DON'T MATTER. Let's see where this lawsuit goes –


    • I am sad for this generation.

    • Dennie says:

      House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was interviewed late in May at the Commonwealth Club of California, aired on KQED fm San Francisco last night.  She said "Trump's their man," in regard to the agenda of the Repugnican Party currently in power: 

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  For some reason this incident reminds me of Mussolini.  

  54. great founder's day photo and I hope it got more audience response further along

  55. Barb Eaton says:

    We're on the coast of Maine this weekend. Finally have a weekend with no rain so we're cleaning up outside. When I stepped outside to clean & refill the bird feeders I was shocked at the sky and all the jets going over leaving their toxic spews. I had to come inside and take pictures as no one believes me that it is this bad here. Why? Because we have wide open views of the skies and they can't hide behind a tall tree or skyscraper.  When we cleaned the birdbath it was RED, filled with RED tiny particles. What chemical is that?  I have 8 week old chickadee nestlings and 5 two day old Bluebird nestlings both in their own birdhouse.  What kind of world will these new birds face?  If their parents can find enough bugs to feed them they'll be lucky to survive.  Their world is as bleak as ours, we all share the same space and breathe the same air, drink the same water.   A Simple Horseman you are doing a fantastic job of spreading the word and we all thank you.  Dane, I planted another seed this week. I sent one of your videos and it made them curious. Then I sent the link to this site. I was thrilled to find someone that is paying attention and willing to learn more!  One at a time is a slow process and we'll never make it that way, but if all of us here get just 1 more person interested it would be almost another 27 million!! The numbers would double and from there it would go off the charts as those people also spread the word.  We cannot give up this fight, I refuse to give up this fight.  I know I don't want to look out the windows here at our summer camp and see only a Canfield Ocean.  Already we hardly see any ducks, commorants, even seagulls as we did 3 years ago when we first came here.  The baby lobsters are dying they say.  Soon it will be the clams, oysters, scallops…they won't be able to make shells in the acidic sea.  They have already ruined the coffee trees, coca trees, FL peaches, CA produce (mostly rotten stuff coming to the east coast), now I just read a cyclone that hit Madagascar has just about wiped out the vanilla crop and the price has doubled already. We are way late planting here in the North East from all the nucleated cool downs and rain rain rain. The food shortage is coming people make no mistake. It is exactly what "they" want and nobody pays attention they're too busy with all the fake news distractions day after day.  Besides all the chemicals in the biosphere…all of those plus the others they spray on our food we are being poisoned from all fronts – air & ground. There is no escape.

    • Bonnie morgan says:

      Hi Barb 
      I have a friend who just moved to Maine near Bangor in Milo. I just sent her what you wrote here to see if she is seeing the same thing..she is awake as well .. if you would like to connect with her let me know and I will help with that 
      Im in Hawaii and here they shoot clouds of the stuff from ships you can see it on the weather sites 
      Blessings to you and everyone here 
      Bonnie Morgan Lahaina Hawaii

    • marc says:

      Barb Eaton, thank you for your observations. Excellent post.

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