Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 23, 2018, #150


Dane Wigington

Many would, of course, rather listen to feel good news stories that do not have any bearing on the rapidly increasing challenges that are closing in on us all. But how can we deal with dire realities unless we are willing to fully face them? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

We are already late in the game, many have grown weary of the fight for the greater good along the way. We must overcome such battle fatigue, we must not lose our stride in the effort to wake the masses, we must march on. Though social media is doing their best to silence us, our grass roots efforts to inform the public with credible printed data continues to fuel a growing undercurrent of awareness. Let's all keep sounding the alarm, never give up.

An important reminder of the upcoming climate engineering awareness event / forum in Northern California, July 28th, 2018, hope all who are able will attend. For more information click HERE:

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Event Center, San Diego, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


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  1. Jeanette S says:

    Marie, I hope you get this. I do not think that any dust mask, especially the simple dust mask style can filter the nano particles. I could be wrong but they can't even filter the nano particles for testing, let alone in a filtering mask for breathing. the N95 does not. Perhaps it could help if they put charcoal or zeolites or some sort of element that molecularly draws them in the material…? Myself, I think I might wet a cloth or better put oil on it so that the particles hopefully including the nano. I like to think that the nano partners with the water molecules and goes on their way or are too large then. You could probably rely on your own breaths moisture maybe. why should we have to live our lives this way?) I also only open windows to the house on the side with porches and tons of plants hoping that they block it, what is falling downward, plants absorb it, water, moisture hooks up with the NA.

  2. Jeanette S says:

    In response to Stuart…I did not read where you are from I am assuming CA, USA. I was outside today and still no sign of lines, though I know the clouds are fakers. It is like you say, they must be spraying the heck out of the ocean as when red planes were coming in for landing there was so silver particulates in the air, the red was only60-80 % visible or the planes needed new paint. No, it was the particulates masking the plane's color. 

  3. Joseph L says:

    Great show connecting many dots.

    I posted your website in the comment section on tree die off.  No mention of course of climate engineering etc.

  4. Rodster says:

    Pat Bowlen which is the longtime owner of the NFL's Denver Broncos was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and now his Annabel has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. When will people look up at the skies and make the connection? /smh

  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  For those who are interested in following ongoing events in the Arctic and Antarctica, this is an excellent resource with loads of graphs, images, screenshots, and animations:

    Arctic Sea Ice : Forum

  6. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: As many of us have surmised, when they are no longer able to successfully hide the increasing heating of planet Earth — both the Arctic and Antarctica are in serious meltdown, fires & floods already in progress  — and the inevitable collapse of the biosphere, the geoengineering monsters like David Keith etc. will insist on implementing these technologies — which the clueless will never know have been ongoing.  Seemorerocks in New Zealand reports a recent article in the business section of the New York Times!  There is also an appropriately gruesome photo of D. Keith… They want geoengineering to mitigate the the effects of petroleum and keep the oil cartel happy! Sick minds…demented…insanity… Global Orwellian governance will be based in geoengineering the planet…

    HR 353, discussed in Congress this week, which gives $111 million dollars to research for "the weather industry", does identify cloud behavior simulations as a field of study, and then hands over ALL of the tech and IP developed in this vast research funding bonanza, to "the weather industry" in a "tech transfer."  Then read the link below which was on the cover of today's NYT Business section — the Carnegie Foundation has just had a giant DC conference for — guess who — WEATHER scientists to MOVE AHEAD WITH GEOENGINEERING EXPERIMENTS and cloud spraying to protect the earth from global warming consequences — rather than cutting carbon emissions. The writer notes that this policy is more appealing to a Trump presidency (weird creepy weather changing band-aid for warming) than actual cutting of carbon emissions. The feature posits that a global governance structure to basically run the geo-engineered weather, is a likely outcome.
    I am not making this up. It is the front page of the business section of today's NYT — the Carnegie Foundation funded this conference — and you can see HR 353 for yourself on soon and in the video here.
    The point of HR 353 is now clear. These MILLIONS in US taxpayers' money is being directed to "academic partners" in global weather experimentation, per both documents, and that in turn is going to create a "US weather industry" of technology in private sector hands, actually using military jets to spray clouds. See the New York Times!!! And note it is on the Business section, not the Science section.
    This narrative that I always assumed was right in the tinfoil hat category, is now fully documented and confirmed. Instead of investing in cutting carbon emissions and saving our precious planet, our government is handing over millions to the private sector for cloud pattern experimentation in real time, spraying of clouds to reflect back the sun's rays, and the creation of a vastly lucrative and powerful "weather industry" in private hands.


    • CFRTitle 45Chapter ASubchapter APart 46Subpart A › Section 46.116

      45 CFR 46.116 – General requirements for informed consent.

      Except as provided elsewhere in this policy, no investigator may involve a human being as a subject in research covered by this policy unless the investigator has obtained the legally effective informed consent of the subject or the subject's legally authorized representative. An investigator shall seek such consent only under circumstances that provide the prospective subject or the representative sufficient opportunity to consider whether or not to participate and that minimize the possibility of coercion or undue influence. The information that is given to the subject or the representative shall be in language understandable to the subject or the representative. No informed consent, whether oral or written, may include any exculpatory language through which the subject or the representative is made to waive or appear to waive any of the subject's legal rights, or releases or appears to release the investigator, the sponsor, the institution or its agents from liability for negligence.

      (a) Basic elements of informed consent. Except as provided in paragraph (c) or (d) of this section, in seeking informed consent the following information shall be provided to each subject:

      (1) A statement that the study involves research, an explanation of the purposes of the research and the expected duration of the subject's participation, a description of the procedures to be followed, and identification of any procedures which are experimental;

      (2) A description of any reasonably foreseeable risks or discomforts to the subject;

      (3) A description of any benefits to the subject or to others which may reasonably be expected from the research;

      (4) A disclosure of appropriate alternative procedures or courses of treatment, if any, that might be advantageous to the subject;

      (5) A statement describing the extent, if any, to which confidentiality of records identifying the subject will be maintained;

      (6) For research involving more than minimal risk, an explanation as to whether any compensation and an explanation as to whether any medical treatments are available if injury occurs and, if so, what they consist of, or where further information may be obtained;

      (7) An explanation of whom to contact for answers to pertinent questions about the research and research subjects' rights, and whom to contact in the event of a research-related injury to the subject; and

      (8) A statement that participation is voluntary, refusal to participate will involve no penalty or loss of benefits to which the subject is otherwise entitled, and the subject may discontinue participation at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which the subject is otherwise entitled.

      (b) Additional elements of informed consent. When appropriate, one or more of the following elements of information shall also be provided to each subject:

      (1) A statement that the particular treatment or procedure may involve risks to the subject (or to the embryo or fetus, if the subject is or may become pregnant) which are currently unforeseeable;

      (2) Anticipated circumstances under which the subject's participation may be terminated by the investigator without regard to the subject's consent;

      (3) Any additional costs to the subject that may result from participation in the research;

      (4) The consequences of a subject's decision to withdraw from the research and procedures for orderly termination of participation by the subject;

      (5) A statement that significant new findings developed during the course of the research which may relate to the subject's willingness to continue participation will be provided to the subject; and

      (6) The approximate number of subjects involved in the study.

      (c) An IRB may approve a consent procedure which does not include, or which alters, some or all of the elements of informed consent set forth above, or waive the requirement to obtain informed consent provided the IRB finds and documents that:

      (1) The research or demonstration project is to be conducted by or subject to the approval of state or local government officials and is designed to study, evaluate, or otherwise examine: (i) Public benefit of service programs; (ii) procedures for obtaining benefits or services under those programs; (iii) possible changes in or alternatives to those programs or procedures; or (iv) possible changes in methods or levels of payment for benefits or services under those programs; and

      (2) The research could not practicably be carried out without the waiver or alteration.

      (d) An IRB may approve a consent procedure which does not include, or which alters, some or all of the elements of informed consent set forth in this section, or waive the requirements to obtain informed consent provided the IRB finds and documents that:

      (1) The research involves no more than minimal risk to the subjects;

      (2) The waiver or alteration will not adversely affect the rights and welfare of the subjects;

      (3) The research could not practicably be carried out without the waiver or alteration; and

      (4) Whenever appropriate, the subjects will be provided with additional pertinent information after participation.

      (e) The informed consent requirements in this policy are not intended to preempt any applicable federal, state, or local laws which require additional information to be disclosed in order for informed consent to be legally effective.

      (f) Nothing in this policy is intended to limit the authority of a physician to provide emergency medical care, to the extent the physician is permitted to do so under applicable federal, state, or local law.

      Complete text:

      Mother Earth needs a complete explanation of potential "complications" from David Keith and company…

    • Hawkeye says:

      Thanks for that info Susan! Good to know and show!

      With the deepest sarcasm and under the siege of "battle fatigue" I say; are we really so surprised to read that "the economy" aka the money, wins out over righteousness once again?!

      To "them" I say; karma is a bitch! You shouldn't try to fool mother nature. Maybe if these volcano's keep blowing it will ground the spray nozzles. I just know Earth will not put up with much more from these mad men of business and science. Keep the faith. It is difficult, I know!

      Blessings, Hawkeye

  7. helot says:

    The thunder claps moments before the massive flash flood producing storms began to pour down last week in Eastern Iowa were The Most unusual thunder I’ve ever heard in my life. The lightening looked a little unusual, too. much like described below, as if produced from within a tube.

  8. Colleen Cran says:

    Professor Exley has studied aluminum for 35 yrs. He said no aluminum, no alzheimers.


  9. Jeanette S says:

    this is a reply to a simple horseman…maybe you might want to keep the stump of the grandfather tree living, or trim the splintering and see if the tree sprouts again. It does still have a root system for an entire tree and the stump will get all the energy, life strength of that root system. Maybe attempt to root cuttings; this is a tree whose genes we want to keep…rigorous ones, despite the odds and stimuli and come shining through. You do not say what kind of tree it is. I did so myself with some sort of pine. the beautiful rigorous one near my workplace…I ran off with several pinecones to hopefully propagate the good pine tree genes for all of prosperity. we too had high wind from due west on sunday evening. If it were blowing any harder I would have worried about the trees. It only did for a short while only to blow in the cooler air.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jeanette, Paul, Bella, Dang and ALL, Thank you for all of your thoughts of support and kindness. It helps and it matters. For what's it's worth, Grandfather tree is a Ponderosa. The trunk left standing is 20 feet tall. From there it went up in two symmetrical bodies. It was full and beautiful. The base of the two tops landed about 20 feet from the trunk. Testimony to how hard the wind was blowing. A larger Ponderosa down the mountain from my cabin at my neighbors place also lost one of it's two tops. That tree is 4 ft in diameter. The base of the broke off section is 2 ft diameter. After examining it, It obviously was not as healthy as my Grandfather tree. Jeanette, FYI, Grandfather tree has many "kids" growing around the base of the trunk. I'm sorry, but that is the best hope for the future. They are now on their own against the elements. Funny how that parallels our own selves and family. Paul, I have canoed several trips in the BWCA. I shutter to think what it all looks like now. Bella, "other worldly" doesn't begin to describe the winds 'and' rains that rolled through here. It has had an effect on my spirit in many ways. It took my neighbor up the mountain, two hours to cut his way out coming down the morning after the storm. Already I have seen the disaster capitalists out doing their thing. I'm not smart enough to envelope many of the geopolitical issues at hand these days so I stick to what I know, Geoengineering and how it plays out in our every day lives. I am anxious to gather other folks accounts of the storm at the farmers market awareness booth tomorrow. Maybe I'll come home feeling a bit better than I have the last few days. "They" will not beat me down. I am in this to the end or to the time when solutions start being implemented by all of us achieving critical mass awareness. It's the only way out of this mess we've allowed our selves to get in.

  10. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Civilian efforts to bring Palestinian issues before the eyes of the world need serious public attention and support.  Please continue to follow the progress of this flotilla.  These kinds of civilian efforts will require persistent public focus and expansion, as the risks for a political backlash will become ever more present.  My deepest gratitude to these courageous activists from Spain (and other Nations) and to Dimitri Lascaris of The Real News Network.

    Dimitri Lascaris Reporting From Spain aboard the Freedom Flotilla

  11. Pete says:

    What a week again, been busy, also out enjoying myself but all part of the mission.


    I am under orders from a very old good friend who I found out recently is also aware to have more fun too and I agree, think that’s important in order to gain credibility, especially with hard facts I’ve been posting – need to be out there socializing, planting seeds and informing people as much as pos. along with other awareness activities.


    Out in city near me on Sat night for first time in years and I could not believe the amount of homeless people on the streets – they were everywhere – ripped through my heart – I was telling many that things must change and what this world is and most agreed.


    And the spraying over here in Southampton UK on Sat morning was some of the worst I’ve seen yet, I was out at 6:30am Sat morning and what I saw in action will never leave my mind, I got photos but they do it no justice to how many aircraft were at it, side by side, others cutting through those dispersions, others coming along and hitting older ones etc. I stopped most people I walked past to look and I explained some facts, only one was interested to know more, most just shrugged shoulders or looked at me like I’m crazy, one said it’s lovely, another old man agreed but said well they have to get population down – I’ll let you guess my responses!


    More heavy spraying on Sunday but Monday and today very little and skies remain clear, but this morning I saw 2 aircraft again almost side by side, seemed about same altitude, one with spray coming out but those short ones that stay with aircraft and don’t persist, the other nothing at all – big clue there people.


    Had few people ganging up on me at party I was at Sat night but held my ground and they had no answer really that could not be based on anything but opinion.


    I am becoming much stronger and wiser all the time, I don’t have all the answers but I know what is the right thing to do and again a lot of thanks to you Dane.


    This world must change and with all of us keeping on and never giving in we certainly have hope – that shockwave is coming…

    • Liz says:

      Hello Pete,

      We live near Winchester and see the same thing going on above us. Notably there has been nothing the last couple of days. We encourage people to watch the sky and familiarize themselves with normal flight paths. If they do this they will eventually realize that something is amiss when the sprayers are at work. I shall never forget one particular day about 3 years ago when I had to take a train to London. There were chem trails the whole distance. That's a heck of an operation!

      Have you noticed this?: google "oxford university geoengineering". It names the Met office and several Uni's involved in geoengineering research on the home page. Looks like they are coming out of the closet on this.

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today is a sad day on Mike's side of the mountain. Very early this morning, 3 AM or so, a huge storm rolled through. It had sustained winds like I've never seen before here. It sounded like an angry freight train. Similar to what I've heard when I watch tornado videos, only different(grin). The cabin shook and the rain literally came in heavy and sideways. "The lightening", Oh, My, God! Never before have I witnessed horizon to horizon "sheet lightening". It's always been on one horizon or another, "never in all directions". It was odd that my dog was not barking, wanting to go out and get the thunder. He's all Courage, I taught him well. The thunder did not sound like our usual or even unusual thunder. There was a completely different "tone" to it all. Some of you out there are electro sensitive, I am "tone sensitive". And color too as long as the topic is up.

    This morning when I woke up and had a cup of coffee. While sipping away, I looked out of my kitchen windows and discovered that "Grandfather Tree" was snapped in half and laying on the ground. I was amazed how far the top section landed from the trunk section. That tree was a symbol to me, a shrine, a tree that had stood the test of time and commanded a respect. It was the biggest tree on my place, 3 foot diameter. I'm going to count the rings when I get to clean up the corpse. It will not be a good day. Every last branch of grandfather tree will go through my wood stove winter after next. I lost several other "favorite trees" this early morning. I noticed that when examining the root cluster, there were not many small roots connected to the larger ones. This is not good. Grandfather tree and my other favorite trees were half way healthy compared to the rest of the acreage I have. That includes my neighbor the USFS. Bottom line is, the trees that fell had the most needles on them. Sad, ain't it?

    In retrospect here. That engineered storm has seriously pissed me off. Where do I work out my frustrations? Internally that's how. The outwardly will come all in good time as I tend my awareness booth each week. Nothing I like more than to make people think.

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Significant observations"

      Yesterday I observed aerosol dispersions being laid out "below" the cloud level. That's was pretty low folks. The dispersions were the quickly disappearing kind. I won't name names, but I could clearly read with the naked eye, "Emirates" on the belly of the aircraft. Welcome to why I despise "law", "admiralty law". They were so low that if one was inclined to acting like an Ostrich, it would have been the day for a sand bank full of heads. Just sayin…..

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      'a' simple horseman, how frightening, other worldly and incredibly sad for you.  It's certainly good your dear dog stayed inside with you, and we're certainly happy and relieved to hear you made it through. 

      It sounds like those who would 'control the weather' have lost it. . . . . .and broke it.  I'm lost for words, except to say we'll be thinking of you.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello 'a' simple horseman:  Very sorry to hear about your loss of trees.  I can relate… The severe loss of trees in the Superior Nation Forest broke my heart years ago… I can't even go there anymore…

      Several readers have posted comments regarding unnatural lightening events.  As I suggested several pages ago, I believe "they've" nearly saturated the atmosphere with ionizing materials.  A few days ago, I watched the artificial "lightening" in absolute horror.

      I built my first vacuum tube radio while still in high school.  The lightening reminded me of what happens inside an electronic vacuum tube when the tube develops a leak or the heater circuit is faulty… The materials being released into our atmosphere are doping agents – the same elements are used in the electronics industry.

      For those who keep posting glorious references to Nikola Tesla:  Mr. Tesla was as much a plagiarist as he was a gifted "inventor".  There were hundreds of other gifted persons involved in electronic research in the late 1800's.  For instance: Tesla did not invent the radio.  See: Guglielmo Marconi

      Thank Underwriters Laboratories and financiers such as J. P Morgan for Tesla's notoriety… Jus' sayin'

    • Dang says:

      I can feel your sorrow the grandfather of your property the one for sure to outlast you Oregon the same now Anza the same .  My soil seems almost dead the redshank forests are not gonna make it much longer . Update no spray 5 days s cal ? 

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Tesla – The Great Radio Controversy 

      Were the Marconi radio patents not repealed and awarded to Tesla after he died???  That is what I have read in many places. From what I have come to learn over the years is that any electrical engineer I have met and conversed with is unfamiliar with Tesla's name or work…..   Kind of like saying Wayne Gretsky couldn't skate or shoot a puck there Paul.  The man single handedly launched us into the jet age in my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.  Depends on what books you read I guess.

    • Ron Marr says:

      I think you are correct, Dana MacCuish…JP Morgan, wouldn't finance Tesla. They gave all the credit to Thomas Edison, the main steamer, who wouldn't rock the boat. Tesla knew too much about free energy. The Capitalist don't like to share and Tesla lived out his long life broke. After Tesla's death the vultures moved in on his research, which is being used against us today…and not with Tesla's intentions.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello 'a' simple horseman:  I saw your above reply regarding canceling trips to the BWCA .  Some of it is still intact, but all of it is seriously damaged by major heat stress and chemicals.  Less than 4% of the original White Pine forest still exists… Moose populations have declined over 73% since 2008.  Bird populations have plummeted, and forest floor bugs are in serious decline…

      I visited the upper end of the Gunflint Trail in September 2014, and swore I'd never return there again.  Even after 15 years of "recovery" the destruction from a HAARP demonstration (July 4, 1999) has scared the area for the next 3000 years.  There's very little soil depth in the Superior National Forest, and stands of White Pine do not recover without several forest turnovers…

      I hiked about 1000 miles of forest – including the Superior Hiking Trail in 2012.   I would often get  physically nauseous experiencing the man made destruction of this once sacred area…

      Ten years after blowdown, Boundary Waters still recovering | Minnesota Public Radio News

      This is (of course) a completely fabricated lie: >  Boundary Waters–Canadian derecho – Wikipedia

  13. Jeanette S says:

    It has been clear here in Oakland/ebay for several days now. sat and sun were supposed to be about 80 degrees. It felt a whole lot hotter and hot in the house that is expected at about 88-90. Held thumb up to the sun-still a silver haze. cooler today. i also wanted to let you all know that I have seen many more kinds of bugs in the yard, some animals. I do not think they migrated from somewhere unless it is lack of water no puddles from lawn watering. so do not think things are getting better, the reason I mention it is because my yard is organic, permaculture, biodynamic, just plain leave nature to its business…I can't stress this enough. It works and everybody needs to drop the chems and the lawn and welcome nature back in. everybody reading this please do this to save the wildlife and don't be afraid of weeds many are more nutritious then what is in the store and have medicinal qualities. go weeds! also I just had to solve a question in my mind was a "slurpee" type drink ice-nucleated and if so did that make it toxic (other than brain freeze which I do not see how it can be actually healthy). You can do this with a can of soda…it is the co2. Now if it is like anything else there is more chemicals in it than meets the eye not so much the drinks but what they do to our air in the whole process of nucleation not to mention wildlife including fish. did you all see the news about tristan beaudette? they mentioned he was a scientist. I looked him up. He was a scientist at a pharmaceutical company doing vaccine research on adujents? (the additives?) for immuno delivery? vaccines. he was on lnked in. I think that is everything. god bless.

  14. Stuart says:

    Paul V's characterization of Judge Judy reminded me of my ex-wife.

    One week after most recent Japan quake and interesting facts emerging.  USGS sticking with M5.5 estimate but with 5 people dead and 6,000 buildings damaged? Video coverage just watched on NHK showed parked cars jumping up/down and trees whipping like in typhoon?  High level SHINDO once again.

    Japan seismologist interviewed said two separate faults moved at exact same time and he remarked he had confirmed similar quakes recently worldwide which also erupted from multiple local sites.  Not normal. Much rain also reported across Japan in recent weeks, might be Engineered or enhanced.

    Meanwhile, southern CA weather average temps but with extreme UV levels. No visible SRM trails here many days, activity likely offshore to enhance Marine Layer Clouds reported by others here.

    • Stuart says:

      Tue PM update –  M2.7 EQ reported near Loma Linda. Live report on local KABC TV.  M2.7 EQ also reported near Borrego Springs CA at approx same time, perhaps 30 mi apart. Slight drop in Barometric Press locally today noted.

      745 PM live TV coverage showed view of Marine Layer Clouds (Malibu mtn top cam) "Luminous orange-pink color" very prominent, indicates clouds SATURATED with aerosols of aircraft origin.

      800 PM – a solitary tanker plane noted in western sky, leaving a short trail only. (we've all seen these) Flying NW towards ocean.

      Forecast calls for heavier AM fog/ clouds Wed AM southern CA.

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Geoengineering in the present, future – and past?
    Trump presidency 'opens door' to planet-hacking geoengineer experiments

    As geoengineer advocates enter Trump administration, plans advance to spray sun-reflecting chemicals into atmosphere
    the Guardian, / 27 March, 2017

    Under the Trump administration, enthusiasm appears to be growing for the controversial technology of solar geo-engineering, which aims to spray sulphate particles into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s radiation back to space and decrease the temperature of Earth.  Sometime in 2018, Harvard engineers David Keith and Frank Keutsch hope to test spraying from a high-altitude balloon over Arizona, in order to assess the risks and benefits of deployment on a larger scale.  Keith cancelled a similar planned experiment in New Mexico in 2012, but announced he was ready for field testing at a geoengineering forum in Washington on Friday.  “The context for discussing solar geoengineering research has changed substantially since we planned and funded this forum nearly one year ago,” a forum briefing paper noted.
    While geoengineering received little favour under Obama, high-level officials within the Trump administration have been long-time advocates for planetary-scale manipulation of Earth systems. David Schnare, an architect of Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency transition, has lobbied the US government and testified to Senate in favour of federal support for geoengineering.  He has called for a multi-phase plan to fund research and conduct real-world testing within 18 months, deploy massive stratospheric spraying three years after, and continue spraying for a century, a duration geoengineers believe would be necessary to dial back the planet’s temperature.
    Geoengineers argue that such methods would be an inexpensive way to reduce global warming, but scientists have warned it could have catastrophic consequences for the Earth’s weather systems. Scientific modelling has shown that stratospheric spraying could drastically curtail rainfall throughout Asia, Africa and South America, causing severe droughts and threatening food supply for billions of people.  “Clearly parts of the Trump administration are very willing to open the door to reckless schemes like David Keith’s, and may well have quietly given the nod to open-air experiments,” said Silvia Riberio, with technology watchdog ETC Group.
    Full report

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, June 24, 2018
    Global Research 12 September 2017
    … providing the reader with direct quotes from a US Air Force document on the use of environmental modification techniques which indelibly provide irrefutable evidence that the threats are real and must be addressed.
    In this paper we show that appropriate application of weather-modification can provide battlespace dominance to a degree never before imagined. In the future, such operations will enhance air and space superiority and provide new options for battlespace shaping and battlespace awareness there, waiting for us to pull it all together;” in 2025 we can “Own the Weather.” US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report, 
    … ‘Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.”
    …  ….From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary. Some of the potential capabilities a weather-modification system could provide to a war-fighting commander in chief (CINC) are listed in table 1.

    What Do We Mean by “Weather-modification”?
    The report states:
    The term weather-modification may have negative connotations for many people, civilians and military members alike. It is thus important to define the scope to be considered in this paper so that potential critics or proponents of further research have a common basis for discussion.
    In the broadest sense, weather-modification can be divided into two major categories: suppression and intensification of weather patterns. In extreme cases, it might involve the creation of completely new weather patterns, attenuation or control of severe storms, or even alteration of global climate on a far-reaching and/or long-lasting scale.  In the mildest and least controversial cases it may consist of inducing or suppressing precipitation, clouds, or fog for short times over a small-scale region. Other low-intensity applications might include the alteration and/or use of near space as a medium to enhance communications, disrupt active or passive sensing, or other purposes. (emphasis added)

    The Triggering of Storms:
    Weather-modification technologies might involve techniques that would increase latent heat release in the atmosphere, provide additional water vapor for cloud cell development, and provide additional surface and lower atmospheric heating to increase atmospheric instability.
    Critical to the success of any attempt to trigger a storm cell is the pre-existing atmospheric conditions locally and regionally. The atmosphere must already be conditionally unstable and the large-scale dynamics must be supportive of vertical cloud development. The focus of the weather-modification effort would be to provide additional “conditions” that would make the atmosphere unstable enough to generate cloud and eventually storm cell development. The path of storm cells once developed or enhanced is dependent not only on the mesoscale dynamics of the storm but the regional and synoptic (global) scale atmospheric wind flow patterns in the area which are currently not subject to human control.

    Is the CIA involved in Climate Engineering?
    The Involvement of the CIA in Climate Change Technologies
    Back in July 2013,  MSN news reported that the CIA was involved in helping to fund a project by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) focusing on geo-engineering and climate manipulation. The report not only acknowledged these technologies, it confirmed that US intelligence has been routinely involved in addressing the issue of climatic manipulation: [full informative article at link below]


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      To everyone (newcomers to the site and other) who are distracted when the bolton psycho says: that it is necessary to "overthrow the regime of Tehran", crying for a change of regime, because the Iran regime will not comply to the plans of world dominance of the masonic/satanic empire, and who are still distracted since the 9/11 (psyop), people should listen, instead of what he said, the words: >>  we need another genocide with many millions of deaths, that will destroy (and enslave) a peaceful and sovereign people who wants to maintain their culture, which is one of the oldest human cultures on Earth. Their riches are ours, and we need to sacrifice the lives of their populations.

      One word for all who is responsible for the separation of all children from their fathers at the US border:

      ALL the responsible involved in these cruel actions (from top to bottom) are the worst scum on Earth, starting at the top.

      Inclusively, I read that many fathers are deported without their children… and… that the services have lost track of more than 1150 children. Where are these children? 

      Who makes children to suffer on purpose is not human, I know what they are and many here also know. On the day everyone in the world understands what these creatures are, we will be free.


  17. Ron Marr says:

    As we look back upon the iron curtain or any oppression, for fifty years we had regarded all these peoples as mystified victims of dictatorship, whose only way out was to be won over to our marvellous values. As if we were not ourselves hostages to a system every bit as terroristic as theirs, the system of fluidity and transparence, a system just as effective at putting an end to history.  Transparency, rigged and loaded down with all the detritus of history, one might almost feel sorry that entire peoples are coming out of their darkness, even if it was violent and tyrannical to fall prey to the Enlightenment to go down like flies in the artificial light of our freedom, our unbounded solidarity, our unscrupulous news system.  We who so respect the private life of individuals should also respect that of peoples and their rights- against all international morality- to escape this modern tribunal of news and information-gathering which is assuming all the features of an Inquisition.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Ron, thank you! It is always good to read another's thoughts regarding the perceptions inflicted upon us as a collective. First it was the "McCarthy Era. Then it was the "cold war". And now we are swimming in a pool of sharks intent for the kill. I couldn't begin to count the number of horses or dogs I have been tasked with to find out why they are so crazy out of control. Always, it boils down to understanding and sharing common thoughts of "getting along". A note of how our power structure does not want us to realize the true capacities of how life can and will support itself. Whether we're on board with such train of thought or not. "Extinction is not prejudice".

  18. Prairie Explorer says:

    This morning, when I went to search for something on, I was greeted with a picture of "ship tracks" as Bing's homepage image of the day in relation to today apparently being the "Day of the Seafarer."  I remember Dane covered the subject of "ship tracks" a little over a year ago here:

    Under the image on Bing, if you click "Learn More" it tells you all about the "clouds" made from ships' exhaust, along with plenty of satellite images of these trails in the "Images" tab.  A lot of the images show the West Coast of the United States, or Southwest off the coast of Portugal.  Even though ships do indeed output exhaust, given the speed at which those ships travel, there is no physical way that they could leave trails of those lengths that would stay intact for that long.  Trails hundreds of miles in length, and repeating that same pattern multiple times, parallel to each other over vast areas?  No way!  Same goes for the grid patterns over the oceans.  The only logical explanation is the trails are from originating from aircraft flying the same, or similar route(s), and the air currents causing those trails to drift.

  19. Paul Vonharnish says:

    This may be a re-post, but I'll plug it here anyway. >

    'As crimes pile up, they become invisible': Western complicity in Saudi Arabia's dirty war in Yemen — RT Op-ed

    After three years of relentless conflict, it has been estimated that out of a population of 27.4 million, 22.2 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance, 17 million are food insecure, 14.8 million lack basic healthcare, 4.5 million children are suffering malnourishment, while 2.9 million people are internally displaced. As for dead and injured, the toll stands at almost 10,000 and 50,000 respectively.

  20. Comrade Pedro had posted this link as a reply at the bottom of the page.  Thank you Pedro.  Here’s an excerpt from the article cited:

    Yemen: US Grants Approval for Genocide | PopularResistance.Org    June 14, 2018 

    It would be easy for the Trump administration to stop the UAE attack. U.S. special forces are on the ground in Yemen working closely with UAE forces. U.S. planes are refueling the Saudi and UAE bombers. U.S. intelligence is used in the targeting process. The U.S. supplies the bombs. Without U.S. air-to-air refueling there would be no air-support for the UAE fighters on the ground. They would be unable to launch their attack.

    The few. The proud. etc…

  21. Jan says:

    The following is a copy of my email to the head of The Real Truth About Health Conference which is done in cooperation with the Hippocrates Health Institute.  Their 2018 presentations can be viewed at, and 75 videos, including past years, are available to watch for free.  Their presentations deal with a variety of cutting-edge subjects including vaccines, EMF, diet, health, GMOs, environment, etc.  No anti-geoengineering presentations have been done in its six-year history.


    "This is a follow-up to my phone call to the recent The Real Truth About Health Q&A call online in which I suggested a speaker on geoengineering for the next conference in 2019 since this is the most devastating criminal act to the environment and all life forms being done worldwide, heavily controlled and orchestrated by major corporations and the United States government and other world governments.  You stated you would be very interested and to send a referral to you.  

    The speaker I recommend is Dane Wigington of, link below, who is anti-geoengineering.  I do not know if he would be able to travel to New York from California.  He is doing his own one-day conference in July in California.  He has a weekly broadcast every Saturday.  He is by far the most intelligent and informed and honest source for information on this subject.  His 2017, 725-page book is titled GEOENGINEERING:  A CHRONICLE OF INDICTMENT.  His website will indicate his contact information as well as a multitude of links to further information.  He has participated in debates with pro-geoengineering candidates, and there are links to those on his website.  A debate is something that you could consider also.  Dane wins the debates because he simply has all the facts and presents them confidently.  Maybe, he would participate in a Skype situation or be willing to recommend someone to take his place at the presentation but, as stated above, he is by far the best – his level of integrity and knowledge far exceeds expectations.  He has an international audience, as you do.  As you continue to strive for top-notch speakers, I highly recommend Dane, and with TRTAH exposure this important knowledge can be further shared with the world."

  22. Tngeowatch says:

    More unfortunate news about radiation

    keep up great work Dane. 


  23. Rodster says:

    Dane have you ever contacted Prof Michel Chossudovsky? I get the impression he's from Canada but this guy like you knows his geopolitics and weather modification programs including HAARP !

    Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rodster, yes, I have had limited communications with Mr. Chossudovsky. I will hope that Michel continue to cover the critical climate engineering issue.

  24. Mike Bush says:

    Thank you, Dane, for another compelling update. The dedicated and courageous work of you and your team is greatly appreciated.

    The jets were very busy early this morning over Norfolk, UK. There to greet me when I drew back the curtains and looked up, as I always do, were at least twenty aerosol trails running parallel across the sky as far as I could see. This is greatest amount of spraying I've yet seen. The reason being of course that it's June, high summer, and we are currently under the influence of a large high pressure system: lots of UV to deflect. Yet Friends of the Earth, the world's oldest environmental group, say 'they have not seen any credible evidence of spraying or dusting of the upper atmosphere'. We know who's calling their tune! As you repeatedly say, Dane, the truth cannot be hidden or denied for much longer – and the shock for so many of the world's population will be immense. So, yes, put simply, those of us in the know do have a duty to spread the word.

  25. Thank you Dane for another solid presentation regarding the multiple challenges we face.  Some of us are facing the dangers.  Many more are turning tail and running away… It's a disgrace to witness the hypocrisy of our nation… John Bolton belongs in prison, period…

    Few people believe in the power of Lawful resolution.  They've been programed by nonsensical bullshit ike the Judge Judy show, wherein legal procedure is reduced to some tyrannical bitch administering "justice" upon the uneducated and irrational… I don't even think the characters are real people.  I think it's all theater…

    For those who interested in legal recourse, see: > 

    THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE Act 328 of 1931


    See pages 98-103 for specific definitions of violation and penalties related to Prohibitions of use: harmful biological substance or device – chemical irritant or chemical irritant device – harmful electronic or electromagnetic device – harmful radioactive material or device. 

    (i) “Harmful chemical substance” means a solid, liquid, or gas that through its chemical or physical properties, alone

    or in combination with 1 or more other chemical substances, can be used to cause death, injury, or disease in humans, animals, or plants.


    Those in the armed forces take notice.  You are aiding and abetting the premeditated murder of tens of millions of civilians in Middle eastern countries such as Palestine and Yemen.  >

    Excerpted from: 18 U.S. Code § 1111 – Murder | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

    “(a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. Every murder perpetrated by poison, lying in wait, or any other kind of willful, deliberate, malicious, and premeditated killing; or committed in the perpetration of, or attempt to perpetrate, any arson, escape, murder, kidnapping, treason, espionage, sabotage, aggravated sexual abuse or sexual abuse, child abuse, burglary, or robbery; or perpetrated as part of a pattern or practice of assault or torture against a child or children; or perpetrated from a premeditated design unlawfully and maliciously to effect the death of any human being other than him who is killed, is murder in the first degree.

    Any other murder is murder in the second degree.

    (b) Within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States,

    Whoever is guilty of murder in the first degree shall be punished by death or by imprisonment for life;

    Whoever is guilty of murder in the second degree shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life.

    (c) For purposes of this section—

    (1) the term “assault” has the same meaning as given that term in section 113;

    (2) the term “child” means a person who has not attained the age of 18 years and is—

    (A) under the perpetrator’s care or control; or

    (B) at least six years younger than the perpetrator;

    (3) the term “child abuse” means intentionally or knowingly causing death or serious bodily injury to a child;

    (4) the term “pattern or practice of assault or torture” means assault or torture engaged in on at least two occasions;

    (5) the term “serious bodily injury” has the meaning set forth in section 1365; and

    (6) the term “torture” means conduct, whether or not committed under the color of law, that otherwise satisfies the definition set forth in section 2340(1).

    Complete text:

    Also see: >

    18 U.S. Code § 1091 – Genocide | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

    For those designing chemical and biological weapons to be released upon civilian populations: >

    Excerpted from: 18 U.S. Code § 175 – Prohibitions with respect to biological weapons | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institut

    “(a) In General.—

    Whoever knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains, or possesses any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system for use as a weapon, or knowingly assists a foreign state or any organization to do so, or attempts, threatens, or conspires to do the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both. There is extraterritorial Federal jurisdiction over an offense under this section committed by or against a national of the United States.

    (b) Additional Offense.—

    Whoever knowingly possesses any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system of a type or in a quantity that, under the circumstances, is not reasonably justified by a prophylactic, protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purpose, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both. In this subsection, the terms “biological agent” and “toxin” do not encompass any biological agent or toxin that is in its naturally occurring environment, if the biological agent or toxin has not been cultivated, collected, or otherwise extracted from its natural source.

    (c) Definition.—

    For purposes of this section, the term “for use as a weapon” includes the development, production, transfer, acquisition, retention, or possession of any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system for other than prophylactic, protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purposes.

    Complete text:

    For liars and cowards employed by NASA, Raytheon, and NOAA: >

    15 U.S. Code § 330 – Definitions | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute


    As used in this chapter—


    (1)   The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of Commerce.

    (2)   The term “person” means any individual, corporation, company, association, firm, partnership, society, joint stock company, any State or local government or any agency thereof, or any other organization, whether commercial or nonprofit, who is performing weather modification activities, except where acting solely as an employee, agent, or independent contractor of the Federal Government.

    (3)   The term “weather modification” means any activity performed with the intention of producing artificial changes in the composition, behavior, or dynamics of the atmosphere.

    (4)   The term “United States” includes the several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and any territory or insular possession of the United States.

    (Pub. L. 92–205, § 1, Dec. 18, 1971, 85 Stat. 735.)


    For war criminals like John Kerry, John Bolton, and the entire US congress. >

    18 U.S. Code § 962 – Arming vessel against friendly nation

    "Whoever, within the United States, furnishes, fits out, arms, or attempts to furnish, fit out or arm, any vessel, with intent that such vessel shall be employed in the service of any foreign prince, or state, or of any colony, district, or people, to cruise, or commit hostilities against the subjects, citizens, or property of any foreign prince or state, or of any colony, district, or people with whom the United States is at peace; or

    Whoever issues or delivers a commission within the United States for any vessel, to the intent that she may be so employed—

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    Every such vessel, her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with all materials, arms, ammunition, and stores which may have been procured for the building and equipment thereof, shall be forfeited, one half to the use of the informer and the other half to the use of the United States."

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 746; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.) 

    Complete text:


    Suppling foreign countries like Saudi Arabia with weapons of mass destruction is an act of treason.  Do you stupid bastards actually believe that destabilizing the entire planet is in the best interests of American civilians?  You swore an oath to protect.and SERVE… Who are you serving?  Israel?

    • Julius says:

      Those are great sentiments but in this era of tyranny we can plainly see that laws only come out of the barrel of a gun. The governments explicit monopoly on violence forces compliance and every single court will shut its doors to you because the judges themselves will face life threatening consequences if they dont comply.  There is only one answer and its a bitter pill to swallow, our whole idea of government is false, there is only one government one that exercises it monopoly of force to enforce compliance and if you think you can peacefully resist, I believe you are mistaken.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Julius:  No, no, no!  When you take the position that "they" are in control, you defeat the entire concept of personal freedom and moral integrity.  You might as well hand 'em a cigar and climb into an intellectual coffin.

      If you truly understood the power of civil Law (OUR LAWS) you would not demoralize other readers with such notions of surrender…

      There are options such as Grand Juries available.  In fact, there are so many Lawful options available, it would fill a hundred pages of legal discourse.  Don't confuse Admiralty courts with civil procedure…

  26. Bob Kuskis says:


    You are doing an absolute amazing job.  Never quit, Never die.

    This is definitely a stretch but consider.  The ionization of the atmosphere increases the ability for microwave transmissions the world over.  This will eventually support the micro chipping of the herd/sheeple for the eventual 666 control grid when currency increasingly goes cashless. I believe this is part of the over all plan.

    Huge increases of weather craziness will be coming.  To all readers of this awesome website – stay close to our maker of heaven and earth. 

    He will destroy those who destroy the earth.  How come that verse is in the bible?!  Coincidence – no way.   

  27. andrew from scotland says:

    My 223rd email, titled 'Oops!'.

    1. In the last 30 days the Arctic Ocean has lost about .5m of sea ice (average thickness of 2.2m now at 1.7m) – even if future sea ice loss was linear, we could easily have a "Blue Ocean Event" in 90 days. 

    Or if you prefer, judging by the current 10–day rate of loss of Arctic sea ice volume we are 40 days from an ice–free Arctic.

    Arctic sea ice extent is, of course, growing in many areas as the ice breaks apart and spreads over open water.

    Unusual ocean heat now showing east of Svalbard as well as the ocean heat to the west.

    Next week the coldest place in the Northern Hemisphere will be central Greenland with day temps @ -10C and night temps @ -15C. North Pole still above 0C, Siberia 25C+, Scotland 15C+.

    A large number of people died form the heat in India in the past two months. Many more people will die this summer due to heat in the northern plains and the Deccan Plateau – sunlight on rocky hills radiates heat back into the sky – that heat is then focused back down by the atmospherically sprayed geoengineering materials and greenhouse gases. Heat from the sun down and then up and then back down…and people die.

    How many volcanoes are currently erupting – is it 53? Some are starting to say that we will have a severe winter.

    2.“Somehow, they’re going to leave,” Assad said, adding that the Syrian government will focus on dealing with the US-backed forces, including the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), “with the Americans, or without the Americans.”

    “Any interested party in Syria should understand that attacking US forces or our coalition partners will be a bad policy,” said Director of Joint Staff Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie. He added that the US will remain in Syria as long as needed, to maintain their so-called “deconfliction zone”. Damascus does not recognise the US unilaterally declared “deconfliction zones” . 

    Damascus does recognise the international “de-escalation zones” which Russia, Turkey and Iran established with the full support of the United Nations Security Council.

    Ah well, the US will soon have to concentrate on invading Iran if they are to complete their stated aim of occupying Tehran by end of 2019.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 76 of 104).   We were warned and warned and warned about global warming, and the world's governments decided to talk and talk and talk. Talking gives the general public the impression that something is being done, but almost nothing has been done. 

    Oops, yet more exponential delights – Last week I reviewed the Malcolm Light et al 'Global Omnicide between 2023 and 2031' chart of Oct 2016, and then he pops up in a comment section saying that he now thinks the extinction event will culminate in 2 to 9 years (2020 to 2029). 

  28. Christine says:

    Walt Disney predicts the weather in 1959:

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Christine:  Great find on the video.  It's "interesting" to watch these incredibly naïve presentations regarding science and technology.  Early on, the film posits the weather as an adversarial force, rather than regarding the weather as a creative reality to be reckoned with and appreciated…

      All the flashy technology, yet it is basically dead machinery.  None of these technological wonders can plant crops nor enhance the essential qualities of the Garden.  Existence reduced to numerical science.  Infinity evaluated by numbers rather than valid intellectual concepts and holistic ideals.  Our Picasso-like fragmentations of reality have gotten us where we are today…

  29. Frances says:

    Electro-smog.  Not sure this is appropriate for this site; however, just made aware of study done in 1965 by/for Ford Motor company on the effect of microwaves on the central nervous system.

    • Nancy says:

      Electro-smog does affect the nervous system.  Thanks for the links.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      It continuously amazes me that technology that is 50 or more years old is being implemented, "deployed" currently, globally. "Perfection".

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Massive aerosol spraying operations over the Pacific Ocean off the California Coast – today June 23, 2018 on NASA Worldview.


    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  Small wonder the weather terrorists are spraying the eastern Pacific like there is no tomorrow.  The image shows a massive low pressure system up in the northern Pacific that stretches southward for several thousand miles.  That could bring much needed rain to a very parched California, especially for the south.  And we all know these terrorists hate allowing any rain into California and the southwestern U.S..  As this moisture field approaches Mendocino County I will see the "blue" sky of today turned into a streaked out freaked out white smorgasbord full of bizarre Frankenstein fake clouds and aerosol haze.  Thanks for the heads up.

  31. Michael Bierlein says:

    Bolton will do it as the USA is more evil than any empire very was. Just watched Hellstorm video, of WW 2 by Thomas Goodrich, truly shocking. Happy to say I brought two friends into the fight, a father and son team. 

  32. Kenny says:

    You guys need to start selling T-Shirts! Anything to help wake others up.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kenny, shorts coming with our image / logo and web site front and back, stand by.

  33. WILLIAM says:


    • Marie says:

      Please make the hats too. I will wear a hat , but not a T shirt. The hat will go with everything.

  34. Starbright says:

    Hi Dane, Do you think man can create Thunder and Lightning? Thank you for your insight!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Starbright, in regard to your question about lightning, the short answer is yes. FYI

  35. Sadie-Kay says:

    We've got hundreds of wildfires burning out of control again this year in British Columbia, Canada, said to be started by lightening strikes. Seems to me they are started by design to drive folks out of their farm homes so that corporations can claim their interests: fracking, corporations stealing and controlling the water, mining companies stealing mineral rights, oil company interests, foreign pipeline company corporations and factories, GMO forest industry destroying local hardwood lumber industry,  Bayer/Monsatan destroying organic food suppliers, because in general these psychopaths are forcing folks into the big cities, to live in shoe boxes, NWO style.

    • Dale Komai says:

      Natural or man-made?

      Fires cause additional evacuations; thousands remain without power
      Red Bluff Daily News
      Updated June 24, 2018

      RED BLUFF — A fire west of Red Bluff Saturday has caused evacuations between Stoll and Walnut on the west side of Baker Road as well as Paskenta and Wilder roads, according to Cal Fire in an update Sunday morning.

      As of 7:25 a.m. Sunday, it was listed at 500 acres and was 40 percent contained, according to Cal Fire.

      Thousands remained without power Sunday morning as a result of the fire, according to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. The utility shut off power as a precaution and due to damaged facilities and must conduct safety inspections before restoring power.

      Customers affected include those along State Route 36W and west of Red Bluff from Walnut and Wilder along the Reeds Creek and Live Oak corridors.

      A second fire off State Route 36E near Paynes Creek, which started around 11:30 a.m. Saturday, caused evacuations to Ponderosa Sky Ranch, Paynes Creek Road and Plum Creek Road, according to Cal Fire. By 7:20 a.m. Sunday it had burned 3,000 acres and was 5 percent contained.

    • Marie says:

      I heard on the night radio that the volcano in Hawaii was started when they did more Fracking very near there!!! So the corporations keep destroying the planet and they never learn. Nature is fighting back now!!!

  36. James Kostran says:

    We have gray skies about 2 out of every 3 days in the Buffalo, NY area.  It rains very little; maybe a five-minute cycle.  The skies will clear; but after the chemtrails trash the sky, it gets gray again.

    • Marie says:

      Hey. I live 40 miles from Buffalo NY and we got 3 inches rain this wk. We got one inch almost a wk ago, one inch Saturday and one inch on Sunday. We needed it badly. The weeds were starting to turn yellow too some of them. And today Sunday June 24th i heard frogs in the pond next door AND frogs in the rain ditch across the road. Not a lot, but a few. But so far not ONE yellow jacket bee.

  37. Bella_Fantasia says:

    'Slow Suicide And The Abandonment of the World' by Edward Curtin, June 22, 2018,
    There is relevant philosophy in Edward Curtin's article, yet we each need to assess ourselves.  He makes the argument that we are encouraged to lose the capacity to rebel or resist conformity by social pressure early on; however, it is a slow suicide.
    He begins with R. D. Laing's quote from The Politics of Experience, 1967:
    “The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one’s mind, is the condition of the normal man.  Society highly values its normal man.  It educates children to lose themselves and to become absurd, and thus to be normal.  Normal men have killed perhaps 100,000,000 of their fellow normal men in the last fifty years.  Our behavior is a function of our experience.  We act the way we see things.  If our experience is destroyed, our behavior will be destructive.  If our experience is destroyed, we have lost our own selves.”
    (Note to self:  time to re-read The Politics of Experience)
    Perhaps this explains why most people WILL NOT see the blatant aerosol trails.  Or perhaps it explains why we're misfits of a sort, having held on to our ability to see and to object.  Anyway, I recommend this essay.  I feel like I'll understand it better tomorrow.

    • rk says:

      RD Laing has a very accurate description of what is happening. I have heard some people acknowledge that they are aware of the sky spraying, but don't want to pay attention to it as it disturbs them/their matrix focused lives.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thanks, Bella_Fantasia! I have not thought about R.D. Laing in many years.

    • Bella_Fantasia:  Stunning quote from R. D. Laing!!!  It so nails it in terms of how personal "experience" is nullified by social pressures to conform.  Conformity is an alien life-form if one possesses an actualized personality.  I think social conformity is an anti creative force… An eraser of the inner self and spirit… 

      Like many others who frequent these pages, I was born acutely sensitive to my environment.  I could key into the direction and range of a bird song three miles away… The larger environment was sacred to me… The sky was a rich azure blue in the Autumn, and the leaves were golden and fragrant…

      I couldn't understand the willful destruction of the forests.  Couldn't relate to consumerist frauds such as Christmas.  I silently wept within, whenever I came upon man's willful waste; piled high in dumpsters… The bombed cities of ruin.  The experience of our forefathers, raped and discarded by "progress".. As  R. D. Laing put it: "If our experience is destroyed, our behavior will be destructive"

      The media knows this… They are champions of doom… Thanks for the excellent posting… Good on ya!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      " I think social conformity is an anti creative force… An eraser of the inner self and spirit… "  (I agree 100%). …and the builder of our "culture": the anti-Culture. 


    • Pedro says:


      "Genie Retail Energy (GRE)"

  38. jintampa says:

    The only response that I have is that I have been feeling really terrible with achy lungs, lots of mucus, lymphatic system aches too. I don't know what to do. I have had allergies almost my whole life, I try to eat organic  at all costs.. I do take white  generic benadryl. it seems to be the only thing that helps. Any suggestions I would appreciate. I also take herbals.Any advice is welcomed.

    • Brendon says:

      One cleanse that I've learned for respiratory is: add 1/8 cup fresh, organic, chopped cilantro to miso soup and drink 1 cup daily.

      Something we must all do as well as alert the masses is learn and teach each other how to detox and live with the poisonous fallout as best possible in the meantime.

      Thank you so much Dane and everyone 

    • CHRIS Sargent says:

      Have same problem  I use an old Chinese remedy for chest mucus. 

      Several slices of diacon (long white radish) with two spring onions in a little water boiled for 20 mins. Drink  it’s quite pleasant. Gets rid of mucus 

    • Belinda Brent says:

      I purchased three air purifiers from AllergyBuyers  They take everything out of the air in my house, including metals.  They are really working, as I was beginning to think I had some sort of lung disease.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: I post this periodically. I recommend Vegetal Silica (gets the aluminum out of the brain), Synertek Colostrum (boosts the immune system), Colloidal Silver (safe anywhere in & on your body), Olive Leaf Spray (protects & boosts respiratory health). Fight. Don’t give up. We all “walk this lonesome valley.”  Our beautiful planet and the sleeping earthlings are counting on you!

      Also, Dane has posted this “The Basics” on staying healthy and alert:
      Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t
      July 13, 2016    
      Dane Wigington /
      How does one retain some semblance of health while existing in a world that has become alarmingly toxic and incompatible to life as a whole? Though there are countless sources of contamination, the climate engineering fallout is the most pervasive of all. I am not a physician, but I have made an effort to understand and pursue fitness and health since I was about 14 years of age. To some degree I have avoided previously penning this post because it is not my primary area of study. This being said, I have had many requests to outline what my personal health protocol is, so I'll do exactly that. I am not giving medical advice, I am not suggesting or directing anyone to practice the health/fitness regime that I follow, I am simply sharing it.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      I read that taking (food grade) diatomaceous earth will rid the body of aluminum. Every morning I drink a small fruit juice glass of water with a teaspoon of this in it. It does not have a flavor; it makes the water cloudy, but it's very easy to drink. I've not had any respiratory problems, even though our skies are sprayed almost daily. Hope this helps.

    • Randy says:

      2 TBLS Braggs apple cider vinegar. Slowly add 1/2 tsp baking soda until

      it settles down. Add as much water as you want. Drink this 

      3 times daily. Also get silica into your body. There are several ways to do sap. Silica detoxes the metals out. Diatomaceous earth is a good spice for silica and has numerous other benfits

    • Christine says:

      enzymes are powerful in digesting the inflamed tissues, mucus, etc. Bromelain together with Quercetin and Nettles can be used for bad allergy reactions, Mucolase, Serrapeptase, (Enzyme Defense from Enzymedica), Wobenzyme from GargedOfLife, and many others, all can help to 'take apart and to transport' the inflamed tissues away. For metals detoxification one can add EDTA, charcoal, chlorella, all in addition to silica..

    • Michelle Edwards says:

      Hi there! Google Anthony William, Medical Medium. Following his protocol, my persistent allergies, ear infections, back pain, acne, joint pain, tingles, numbness, has disappeared. Thousands of people following his words of truth, and recovering from all sorts of chronic illnesses. I wish you health.

    • Marie says:

      I really think we need to STOP breathing in these nano particles as much as we can. I wear a mask every single time when i go out in the yard even when i take the dog out for 3 minutes. The one i like the best is Omairpure…(Om Air Pure) . They have a web site. Do a search. If i had bad allergies i would NOT continue to breathe in this poison. When i hop from the car to a store i carry a "hand mask" in my hand and breathe into it until i get into the store. Sometimes i even hold my breath. The hand mask: Take a cotton or other bandana – get at Dollar Tree – Fold it so it's narrow. Inside place a surgical mask or N95 in. Cut off strings, flatten out, cut slits in N95 one so it lays flat. Pin it to the bandana…duct tape will not stick. Then fold over the the mask is hidden inside. Carry in your hand when you are out in public and don't want to wear a mask. Most people don't even look or are too polite to ask. I realize we can't do the mask thing 100 percent of the time, but some has to be better than none. I am working on something else, but need to get the kinks out of it so can't mention yet. Oh, the omairpure mask is the best in my opinion. Says it filters out 99.99 percent nano particles. Check out their web site. I tried the VOG mask, but like the Om one better as it's lighter and it feels like not even wearing a mask. Cost about $40.

  39. Lonnie Gordon says:

    Good broadcast, Dane. I am sending this out to many people. I wrote a letter to Mother Jones magazine after reading an article on the environment, (I can't find it now), and I have never heard a word back from them. I referred them to your site after a short intro. I thought at least that publication might acknowledge climate engineering. 

    I have never received a response from any entity I have written to. It must be so frustrating to you to be stonewalled all the time. What the hell is the matter with people? I always go back to "cognitive dissonance". They don't wnt to know and are too distracted by all the other "stuff" that goes on daily. Just as you always say. 

    • James Newport says:

      You are Right most people rather stay in their comfort zone or black 

      BOX…..Fear of finding out the TRUTH, a lie is easier to deal with!!!

    • Marie says:

      What is the name of the air purifiers? These nano particles are IN the house too. I saw them in the dark with the flashlite. Not as much as outside, but still there and in the car too! Daikon radish is supposed to lower blood pressure too. It's one of the ingredients in Allistrol . Diatamacious Earth has Silica in it and yes it gets the heavy metals out. No taste is true. Yes, i have read too that cilantro gets heavy metals out of the body. That and DE is cheap. Boil some cilantro and make a tea maybe with a boulin cube. Tasty.

  40. Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

    wake up sheep!!!!!!

  41. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  By continually blasting the Atmosphere, the Ionosphere, etc. year after year with their bloody microwave and other transmitters, heterodyne interferometry, these insane technicians are messing with, potentially irrevocably interfering with and destroying the Earth’s natural harmonic resonances that allow the magnetic field to act like a mesh to magnetize the atmosphere and permit life on this our once blue-green planet in the Woven Universe.  Below are excerpts from another Springer textbook that decisively connect geoengineering the planet and technologies that are being taught in various universities.

    Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
    Excerpts from Atmospheric Aerosols, Properties and Climate Impacts – Olivier Boucher / Springer Netherlands, 2015
    … proposed to inject intentionally gaseous aerosol precursors or aerosols into the stratosphere in order to offset some of the anthropogenic greenhouse effect and mask global warming. … the case of climate engineering injection into the stratosphere would have to take place continuously because the limited residence time of aerosols in the stratosphere.   Several technological solutions have been envisaged to inject the aerosol precursors into the stratosphere:  a fleet of aircraft carriers … it is reasonable to think that using a dedicated fleet of aircraft is a rather simple, robust, and scalable possibility.
    Another option would be to emit at the surface a sulphur species that is stable in the troposphere and can diffuse into the stratosphere where it is photo disassociated by ultra violet radiation. Moreover, large quantities of sulphur compounds are available, only because fossil fuels are massively desulphurized before or after being burned. …  The optimal aerosol injection strategy is one that seeks to maximize the time-integral of the radiative impact of the aerosols for a given mass of aerosol or aerosol precursor, for a given energy input, or for a given cost.  The residence time of stratospheric aerosols is much longer when aerosols are injected above the tropical tropopause, i.e. in the rising branch of Brewer-Dobson circulation.
    Brewer–Dobson circulation is a model of atmospheric circulation, proposed by Alan Brewer in 1949 and Gordon Dobson in 1956, which attempts to explain why tropical air has less ozone than polar air, even though the tropical stratosphere is where most atmospheric ozone is produced. It is a simple circulation model that posits the existence of a slow current in the winter hemisphere which redistributes air from the tropics to the extratropics. The Brewer-Dobson circulation is driven by atmospheric waves[1] and may be speeding up due to climate change.[2]
    The altitude of the tropopause decreases from about 20 km at the Equator down to about 6 km over the Poles. However an injection at mid- or high latitudes results in a much shorter aerosol residence time and has much less impact, especially if the altitude of injection is just above the tropopause. The injection system therefore requires altitudes of 20 km to be optimal.  …
    As the rate of emission of aerosol precursors increases, coagulation between particles becomes more important, which increases the average aerosol size, may decrease the aerosol mass scattering efficiency and increase the sedimentation flux out of the stratosphere.

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  Thank you for the articles that allow the public (this board) to read and realize just how insane have the high priests of mad science become.  They know no bounds.  My view is the weird sounds and loud booms being heard all around the earth, and including the evermore freakish extreme weather, are caused by the meddlers' of high tech research, stabbing and jabbing, heating and lifting, inducing bubbles into the ionosphere, and as you say squirting various aerosols into the stratosphere for purposes that are obviously mad concepts out of Luciferian minds.  One can be sure much of this is less than altruistic with military purposes hidden in the 'cover' story.  The plan is likely for creating free energy weaponry using the ionosphere as their source for  warfare force enhancement.  They seek to be THOR.  And the ionosphere is reacting.  100 pound hailstones anyone?

    • BaneB says:

      Pedro:  Why was, is being, will be…….Babylon destroyed?  "For that which she disseminated to the whole earth."  War and weapons production and sales are a major source of her revenue.  Peace cannot be allowed nor false flag terrorism abated lest the revenue stream dry up and collapse the entire house of cards.  It's all a scam.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, V. Susan

      It sounds like, from the explanation above, they should be spraying at the Equator for 'optimal' aerosol particulate loft or whatever they're trying to do.  It seems to me their explanations seem to contradict the results of their operations, for the most part.  But, of course, we don't really know all their agendas.

      Funny (not) that the Keiths and Caldeiras always speak of spraying sulfur dioxides, sulfuric acid or even liquid sulfur.  It seems like aluminum is the 'new' sulfur.  I happen to be deadly allergic to sulfur in medicines.  They cause my bone marrow to produce deformed and stunted red blood cells, which would quickly cause pernicious anemia.  My recent blood tests were normal.  If they actually start to use sulfur, I'll be toast in short order. 

      You had commented on the white dust you're seeing.  We've had that in Alaska for a couple years.  I thought it might be related to cold and ice nucleation, but I'm guessing.  It seems 'heavy' like plastic or metallic dandruff, gets inside everything, and it's hard to dust away.  It's sticky and gets stuck in the corners of eyes, even my indoor cat has it each morning, which I wash away with water on a clean cloth.  I don't want her to ingest it.  Very recently I've had something invisible and painfully sharp get in my eyes, like glass, and I'm wondering about nano-diamond dust.

      I often think of you with the growlers overhead.  It's a war, without any doubt.  With all the atrocities done around the world for 'security', real security would only come with removal of the psychopaths, tyrants and ghouls.  Then there's the problem of all their minions.

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