Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 9, 2019, #187


Dane Wigington

What are the most critical threats we collectively face? If we cannot breath without inhaling the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout from the covert climate engineering assault, how long can we possibly expect to retain our health? How long can the environment survive under such conditions? How many are now willing to reconsider their priorities? What acts of desperation can we expect from the tyrannical halls of power? Where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

In a long and arduous journey, like the fight to expose and halt climate engineering, battle fatigue becomes a factor. The challenges we face can seem overwhelming, but if we can summon the strength to continue our march forward one day at a time, we may yet accomplish profound good even at this late hour. Waking the masses to what is unfolding is essential. Make your voice heard, share credible data from a credible source, all of us are needed in this critical battle to sound the alarm.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booth in the photos below was set up at the Historical Train Depot farmers market in Punta Gorda, Florida (3/9/19). Maciej has also translated flyers into Polish and personally distributed them in his homeland of Poland.

13,000 color glossy 2 sided informational flyers were recently inserted into the entire circulation of the Yuma Daily Sun newspaper in Yuma, Arizona, on February 22nd, 2019. Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere thanks to Barbara Kirkpatrick for spearheading this very important effort.

This week's outreach booth is at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

77 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 9, 2019, #187

  1. Nitro Strength Supplement says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about geoengineering.

  2. Melissa says:

    Here in Montana we don’t even need to look at a weather forecast. We just watch how many planes are flying and we know a change of weather is on its way. A few beautiful sunny days in a row then in come the planes and usually within a day comes the snow! So obvious for anyone paying attention. 

  3. Lorraine says:

    The "Powers That Be" must be desperate.  Spraying today (March 14, 2019)  is intense and continuous.  The chemicals sprayed in our skies spread out unusually quickly these past few days, to form an immense veil.  The sun, though, managed to peer through that man-made haze.  We can hardly see the moon at night nowadays.   

  4. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  I have lately been feeling deeply heartsick at the endless examples of criminality and corruption in my country. Greed for money & power has led the ‘Land of the Free’ into an ever darkening prison of abuse and misuse, spiraling down at every level. From reading Chalmers Johnson’s ’Sorrows of Empire’ many years ago, I realized that my own country had become an avaricious empire – an empire that did not even serve its own people, but was in fact the tool of an evil elite who are themselves the servants, the slaves of demonic forces. No wonder geoengineering is carried out beneath an insane veil of  ridiculous lies!  Now truly a criminal enterprise, the United States of America is being systematically destroyed from within by its immoral, invasive, cruel and brutal corporate tyranny. Part of me weeps, and yet I know the 'Field' must be cleared to make way for the new seeds that will be sown.

    The College Admissions Scandal Is A Perfect Example Of How Deeply Corrupt America Has Become

    Is there anything left in this country that has not been deeply tainted by corruption? 
    By now you have probably heard that dozens of people have been arrested for participating in a multi-million dollar college admissions scam.  Enormous amounts of money were paid out in order to ensure that children from very wealthy families were able to get into top schools such as Yale University, Stanford University, the University of Texas and the University of Southern California.  We should certainly be disgusted by these revelations, but we shouldn’t be surprised. 
    Such corruption happens every single day on every single level of society in America.   At this point our nation is so far gone that it is shocking when you run into someone that actually still has some integrity.
    …. history has shown us that any nation that is deeply corrupt is not likely to survive for very long.
    Our founders understood this, and former president John Adams once stated that our Constitution “was made only for a moral and religious people”…
    Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
    Today, we are neither moral or religious.
    What we are is deeply corrupt, and America will not survive if we keep going down this path.

  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Microsoft Workers Protest War Profiteering
    Be Interesting to see if they all are fired
    Paul Craig Roberts

    A global coalition of employees of the Microsoft Corporation is demanding that a contract for work with the U.S. Army be dropped.
    Some employees —I don’t know the percentage—have sent an open letter to both the CEO and the president/chief legal officer of Microsoft stating alarm that “Microsoft is working to provide weapons technology to the U.S. Military, helping one country’s government ‘increase lethality’ using tools we built. We did not sign up to develop weapons, and we demand a say in how our work is used.”
    The employees say that Microsoft has previously licensed technology to the US military, but until a recent contract Microsoft has not crossed the line into weapons development.  “With this contract, it does. The application of HoloLens within the IVAS system is designed to help people kill.  It will be deployed on the battlefield, and works by turning warfare into a simulated ‘video game,’ further distancing soldiers from the grim stakes of war and the reality of bloodshed.”
    The employees tell the company that ‘intent to harm is not an acceptable use of our technology” and that they “do not want to become war profiteers.”  The employees demand that the IVAS contract be canceled, that Microsoft cease developing weapons technologies and appoint an external ethics review board to ensure Microsoft does not “empower the U.S. Army’s ability to cause harm and violence.”
    One wonders why the employees’ demand left out the Air Force, Navy, CIA and NSA. Nevertheless it is encouraging that after 20 years of murderous mayhem created in the world by the criminal and corrupt Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump Regimes, some people finally found their voice.

  6. James Reinhart says:

    So much for information that has been verified and part of the congressional record.  I see that there is a need to shut down the facts here that are associated with the Geoengineering groups that have also committed crimes against creation and will hang on to the historical lies that brought us here.

  7. Brian weeks says:

    This is like the story of Clair Cameron Patterson Beginning with the publication of Contaminated and Natural Lead Environments of Man, Patterson tried to draw public attention to the problem of increased lead levels in the environment and the food chain from lead from industrial sources. Perhaps partly because he was criticizing the experimental methods of other scientists, he encountered strong opposition from those then recognized and he fought against lobbying powers of the ethyl corporation 

  8. Mary Jane Nelson says:

    I live in British Columbia and our weather forecasts are strange.  This is a link from our weather network talking about a 'weather bomb'. The comments section always has the climate change folks.  Hard to imagine these are normal patterns.

    Thanks for amazing work you do, Dane.


  9. Irene Parousis says:

    Paul Vonharnish, not sure if it's Greg Hunter you are referring to as a "parasite" but, if so, I feel that the fact that he interviews and let's Dane expose geoengineering, outweighs other contradicting qualities he may possess.  The interview you referenced has almost 51 000 views.  Is it worth criticizing Greg in such a manner and potentially compromising this platform?

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      I feel the same Irene. I didn't want to say anything when I read Paul's comment, but I will back you up on this one. Calling Greg a "Parasite" went a little to far. Opinions are like…well you know, everyone's got one.   I still love you Paul!  

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, "parasite" is a grossly exaggerated misnomer for Mr. Hunter.  I don't know why that term is being used here and you can read below why I think that more thought needs to go into that.

      I'd like to know exactly why anyone who mindlessly slings terms like this does not see that Mr. Hunter has actually given Dane Wigington and the geoengineering awareness movement a larger platform for informing the public?  I mean, Alex Jones IS crazy, but if YOU work on your own ability to sort the ice cream from the Bee Ess…. ya "get it," now?  Do you people indulging this kind of "purist" mind-set also make sure that every single thing you eat does not touch anything else on your plate?? Throwing out the baby with the bathwater– HOW OCC IS THAT? And more importantly, WHOM does your pie-in-the-sky perfectionistic Idealist mindset actually HELP in the REAL world–??? And why do YOU always have the floor, unimpeded, unquestioned, and NO OTHER POINT OF VIEW included here?  These questions and your answer is L-O-O-O-O-O-O-N-G overdue.

    • DblOT says:


      I totally agree. Viewing the initial comments after the interview, Hunter kept linking Danes website numerous times to skeptics as a place they should go for more information. He also defended Dane as well as corrected and called out the misinformation shills. He appears to be definitely on board with Dane, and this issue.

  10. Stephen K. O'Neal says:

       In this day of unprecedented vehicles for communication, the people communicate in substance less than ever before, drowning in unrelenting bytesnips of superfluoum and symptomatic obsessions, obfuscating their organic hunger for meaning as a species.  But also in the reality of today, we find that talking about the weather is not truly…. talking about the weather.  It is understood by those in uncommon positions, that the real technology in possession of the brokers of global policy is easily fifty or a hundred years beyond public perception and its process of indoctrination.  This also, and in particular, applies to the control of weather, and its abuse as a weapon     

  11. Pete says:

    I got to say, I have become more annoyed with what seems a majority who do know about Geoengineering and do spread awareness, but also continue to push the narrative, that all is fine, warming is a hoax. climate change is not real, ice age is coming, they have this agenda or that and so on! Honestly, how is it people can’t or won’t, acknowledge the damage done but do get that the skies are being sprayed, yet don’t seem to think that and all other factors are not killing the planet’s ability to support life! Really gets to me, have seen it all lately, increasingly so, therefore really they play into the hands of those responsible!

    It’s not only a blind population who know nothing or will ignore and deny, but we can’t even get the truth community to look at the bigger picture! Conclusion, most people are too far gone in their programming or have such an ego so refuse to look at anything else! I don’t have much hope at all in reality but never the less, will never stop trying and keep planting those seeds and providing the most credible data from here.

    A note on ill health you mentioned Dane, bit of a flu epidemic round my way lately, many from work off ill last week at same time inc myself – I was so ill, for a few days like nothing ever known before – not good, which  makes me suggest, is it any wonder with all we are breathing in and what else are they adding to the mix!!!


  12. herb says:

    Scopex is a dog and pony show for the public.  I wouldnt be surprised if they had a carnival with all the clowns and pony rides they could muster..  Total bull….

  13. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I just watched Dane's March 6, 2019 interview with Greg Hunter of  Thanks again Dane…

    Though Dane does an excellent job of keeping focus on the realities of geoengineering, Mr. Hunter (like most beltway pundits) pokes fun at the Green New Deal's authors and their serious calls for climate corrective actions.  Propaganda works both ways, pal…

    Many parasites and Washington bureaucrats such as Mr. Hunter, honestly believe grounding all aircraft is nonsensical, because it would infringe on their preferences to pollute the atmosphere with thousands of tons of aviation fuel every year.  Where's my consent?

    I generally use full screen mode to view Geoengineering watch broadcasts, and recommend that persons disseminating broadcasts to associates and family request that they do the same.  The images of sprayed aerosol pollutants in the background are truly horrendous to behold.  Think of this:

    > Every aerosol trail represents hundreds of tons of aviation fuel burned and released into the atmosphere. < Aviation fuel is loaded with additives and toxic substances… Breathe deep the gathering gloom…

    • Earth Angel says:

      Right Paul, And as NASCAR winds up for their season I have thought how are we ever going to get those race car nuts to stop burning tons and tons of amped up fuel needlessly for sport and fortune?!!..They'll NEVER do it! Think how much gas is burned just shipping the cars all over the country and practicing, let alone on race day. I am not against people enjoying themselves or doing something they love but when its supports the demise of the planet through the fossil fuel industry's abuse of nature why can't people just try learning to play croquet, go hiking, bicycling, take up tennis, swimming, horseback riding, or play a board game with friends/ family on Sundays? Geez!

    • Earth Angel says:

      FYI- My comment was referring to your statement about aviation fuel burned Paul. I don't harbor any hard feelings for Greg Hunter, I think he is doing his best with the platform he has and my feeling is that he has accomplished some good with it.

  14. Joseph L says:

    Great show  . I put geoengineering into search engines and it seems quite a few new articles come up on the subject — All the articles make it seem that it is idea but not already happening.

    Here are a few of them  today

    Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering

    March 11, 2019, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Read more at:

    Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering

    March 11, 2019, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Read more at:

    Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering

    March 11, 2019, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Read more at:

    Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering

    March 11, 2019, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Read more at:

    Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering

    March 11, 2019, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Read more at:

    Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering

    March 11, 2019, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Read more at:

    Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering

    March 11, 2019, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Read more at:

    The Risks, Rewards and Possible Ramifications of Geoengineering Earth’s Climate

    Injecting aerosols into the stratosphere could help cool the planet, but scientists have yet to study exactly how such solar geoengineering would work





    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Taking my cue from Dennie's comment about Teller's "shinny side up".  As if Teller and other science ghouls didn't know about aircraft induced atmospheric heating. > Excerpted from:

      Variability in morphology, hygroscopicity, and optical properties of soot aerosols during atmospheric processing


      Renyi Zhang*†, Alexei F. Khalizov*, Joakim Pagels‡§, Dan Zhang*, Huaxin Xue*, and Peter H. McMurry‡


      *Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843; ‡Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455; and §Division of Aerosol Technology, Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, SE-211 00 Lund, Sweden


      Communicated by Mario J. Molina, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA, May 19, 2008 (received for review February 20, 2008)


      "Soot aerosols produced from fossil-fuel combustion, automobile and aircraft emissions, and biomass burning are ubiquitous in the atmosphere, comprising 10–50% of the total tropospheric particulate matter (1–6). Once emitted into the atmosphere, soot particles are subjected to several aging processes, including adsorption or condensation of gaseous species (7–9), coagulation with other preexisting aerosols, and oxidation (10–12). Model calculations have shown that, when associated with other nonabsorbing aerosol constituents (e.g., sulfate), soot seems more absorptive and exerts a higher positive direct radiative forcing, and the warming effect by soot nearly balances the net cooling effect of other anthropogenic aerosols (5, 13).

      Also, on the basis of mesoscale model simulations, absorption of solar radiation by internally mixed soot aerosols causes warming in the middle atmosphere and reduction in cloudiness over the tropics 4)." [End quote]

      Complete text:

    • Susan Remes says:

      Here in Florida the spraying got much worse in March & suddenly we had a flu like epidemic. The hospital & doctor's offices were filled. Our beautiful skies were completely blanketed, blocking out any blue or the sun at all. We the people kept relapsing as the spraying continued. I was so sick &  still.have not completely recovered. Yet people just refuse to believe their own government would do this!!  

  15. Rachel Robson says:

    I took Dane's recommendation for Bing and I like it.  Using that search engine, a couple of weeks ago I was able to post a tad.  Last week I tried again, but it did not take.  So, one more try.  Given a discussion with a neighbor I decided to look up the first person to have autism.  That would be one Donald Triplett, of Forest, Mississippi, born in 1933.  There were ten others, he was the first and with his case, the name coined: Autism.  Never the less, I will never agree that even a wee bit of mercury is ok to have 'on board', as docs say.  Now, 'they' are saying it is now thought that the cause of Autism is related to traffic fumes AND particulate matter.  Hmm.  To my mind, this is a giant misdirect regarding particulate matter.  In that as in calling sky hacking contrails, the word particulate matter is being referenced in another direction so that when one hears complaints of particulate matter they will think of something other than all that sky traffic, while focusing on traffic below..   

  16. Benjamin Cehic says:

    The world forgets that one lit candle in the darkness illuminates the night, but millions of lit candles can vanquish it.

    Each day and each night I see more and more planes dispersing particulates, so much so that the color in the atmosphere turns into soot. The sad reality is that we all know  no matter how much evidence is provided the majority fear to be different and choose to be apart of this suicidal carousel of lies, deception and death. 

    But even their foundational illusion will crack and fall apart very soon. Because the people I encounter everyday are more and more concerned with what is going on. They know something is wrong, but don't know what. And many more are learning about climate engineering as well as where to get additional information on it. 

    Keep going  Keep pushing, and don't forget that you may feel alone in this but theres an army working beside you all. 

  17. David Bach says:

    Hello folks,
    They did it again! The last 2 weeks have been much to warm for this Season. Daytime temperatures rose up to 15°C (59°F) even in our region, which ist usually cooler than regions at lower altitude. They started spraying us like bugs the last few days creating a white layer above the usual „clouds“ they seeded. It led to stormy winds and sudden temperature snapping up and down. Yesterday evening we had 9°C, the weather-apps showed 5° daytime max for today and predicted rain and snow. When I woke up this morning, snow was falling down shortly after the „unknown“ planes crossed the sky over an over again. I can’t see them, but you can hear them. The puddles are freezing while temperatures are still above the freezing point. And they are using massive amounts of natrium chloride again to clear the roads from flash ice like they did since January the 15th. There is so much salt everywhere that trees beside the roads are all dying. Totally crazy and unnatural. I also read some of the vast amount of documents Paul V. linked here and translated some stuff to show and post around. The Weather modification becomes extremely obvious so that even people I never suspected to notice it, started to complain and realize that there is clearly something wrong with the weather and climate. Seems like we are accelerating on track to awakening the sheep. But there is very little time left. The situation meanwhile is really severer and power structure becomes extremely desperate. I'm not sure how and what they are thinking because they are literally dancing on a volcano now. There ist no way out of this. Truth is on its way. Some things should be considered when it comes to geopolitics. The theater plays in the opposite direction than MSM is trying to tell us. While US forced Europe, especially Germany to build this LNG terminals to outmaneuver Northstream-2-project, Russian company's started to sell their LNG for rubel to Europe, using this terminals. The price Russia offered is extremely cheap compared to the fracking gas US was trying to deliver. The US share in global LNG market ist pretty low compared to traditional natural gas suppliers. This ist the beginning oft the end for western global domination. The vassals are turning their back to US and starting to cooperate with Russia. The maximum deception is created for the public because MSM goes on to demonize Russia and Putin. The Matrix is crumbling. To get a better glue of what is really happening I often read and they had been right about for a long time now about things the global power structure and banking cartel is up to. But their plans are shattered. The world is on brink of collapse and I suspect that 2019 is the year of that. On the other Hand, there are indeed people in high positions who are working on a paradigm change for the economic and society model. Their plan is to overthrow the current system and to implement a resource based local economy to preserve what's left of the ecosystem. reforestation programs, the end of globalized economy and FIAT money. The end of money as we know it. I'm not sure if this plans are honest. But it sounds to me like something i would like to believe in. Full basic democracy, no more spreading of rich an poor and so on. It is that little piece of hope that keeps me going on sounding alarm. The Cabal has little time left and there are more good people on our side, even if we never met them or even know about them. The Larouche Movement seem's to be a part of that. Mr. Lyndon Larouche has stated for as long as he lived that the economic concept we where following till now, will be the death for the planet and all of us. Main goal of them is to bring all supportive movements for a transformation of our society together to gain momentum and break this system of global domination, plunder and destruction.

    Let's not forget. We the little ones own the real power and there is one thing we have to keep in mind every day: Don't belief the false narrative: money is power! The Cabal's power vanishes in the very same moment we start denying their basis of power and stand together. The concept of central banksters fiat-money owned by the cabal.

    kind regards to all supporters here,

    especially Dane and  Mr. "library" Paul V.

    • Dennie says:

      We had rain-rain-rain-rain-rain in the S. F. Bay Area to the point where 12 homes were evacuated in the Sausalito hills after a house slid down the hillside in Hurricane Gulch and landed 3 doors uphill from the residence of one of my students… "Street closed to through traffic" was the sign I was greeted with last night, then a large pile of lumber (demolished) sitting at the side of the road on the slope.  I had to back all the way down Crescent Ave. to West Street and park there, then hike up hill with my cello strapped on my back– truly "Adventures in Music Teaching!"  Then after all the rain-rain-rain and geoengineered cold-cold-cold, it hit 80 F here yesterday mid-day.  I know this because my attic fan came on and I have it set for 80 Fahrenheit…..Looks like we're all going to have "a summer like no other," each year here on out, from now on until it's all gone….. I guess… 

      If we "little ones" "have all the power," then please explain WHY so many completely act like they have no idea that there is even such a thing as "power;" Why, they say, POWER IS BAAAAAAD!!!!!!  Translated:  If I actually admitted I'm noticing anything's wrong with The Picture, then it means I have RESPONSIBILITY to help fix it, and I sure as Hell AIN'T gonna lift so much as one finger to do that!!!

  18. Dennie says:

    From Fixing the Sky:  The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control:  "Conflict over weather control is the likely cause of the last war on Earth."  — Edward Teller  

    Teller certainly did much to contribute to the problem.  After all, it was his idea to spray metal particles in the sky in a mad attempt to cool the planet and hopefully undo the heating of the industrial revolution and the nuclear age (and you can bet The Farm that he knew exactly how much heat each of the blasts of every bomb "test" contributed to the heating)….wonder if he actually believed that every one of those metal particulates would all somehow miraculously stay shiny-side up… 

  19. Jan Becker says:

    To All the Brave Souls Who Are Willing to See the Truth:  Copied below is a letter responding to a recent request for money from the Sierra Club.  Although I haven't sent them anything in years, they still ask me for money. Guess they are desperate.  Feel free to copy and use any part for your own communications with so-called environmental groups.

    To   Michael Brune, Sierra Club

    RE:  response to your fundraising letter

    Date:  3-10-19

    I have no intention of ever sending Sierra Club another dime because your cowardly organization refuses to even acknowledge the tremendous damage being done to the environment by ongoing stratospheric solar radiation management (SSRM) programs.  In fact, you won’t even use the scientific term itself, even though scientists all over the world are discussing the “possibility” of its employment as a last resort to “unexpectedly” rapid global warming.

    Perhaps if these same scientists had been allowed to include SSRM “side effects” like ozone destruction and its cascade of catastrophic effects, their models would not be so very far off.  First it was “sometime around 2100,” then it was “by 2050,” but last week, it suddenly became “by 2026”!  In a few months, the fairytale of keeping global warming to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels has been shown for what it is and all the yacking about Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord proved to be mere theater to keep the masses divided and oblivious to all the business-as-usual inaction on the part of everyone who has any real influence (regardless of political self-identification), including the Sierra Club.  If you played along, knowing this, you are just as bad as the frackers.  If you didn’t know, you are incompetent as observers of reality.  Which is it?  And why should I support you either way?

    While giant money-sucking parasites like the Sierra Club pretend to piss out spot fires of de-speciation, the forests of California burnt to the ground over the summer.  While you lobby Congress to protect the national parks of the US, methane explosions and wintertime forest fires are literally eating Siberia, one of the largest true wilderness areas left on the planet.  I, too, doubt that our national parks will make it another 100 years.  In fact, it looks like our species will not make it for another 100 years.

    Just remember, if SRM continues, we might as well stick a fork in Earth and call her done, because SSRM does not allow Earth to respond to the anthropogenic onslaught with her own systems of re-balancing.  It is exactly like the symptom-suppressing drugs doctors give patients rather than treat the underlying cause of disease.  And, as usual, the side effects are worse than the malady itself.

    Don’t send me another begging letter until your organization has grown a spine and openly opposes the eminent acceptance of SSRM, which at this moment is the greatest single threat to the world's environment and all life on earth.


    Jan Becker

    Mineral, CA

  20. Frederick Richards says:

    Greetings to Those more in the Know,

    The pace is heating, more good and bad appearing, my time here waning, may I write a bit and ask for your take on the following ? Yesterday I donated to a small radio stations fundraising efforts, which is another story for another time. Point is, it could be this 'foot in the door' may well be helpful in calming me while doing my best to want them to broadcast Dane's weekly Update on their air. Any station I suppose is 'fair game' . My first thought was the college stations and I almost enrolled into one with a small hint they would. Didn't enroll nor did/do I know how now.


    Help. Is there anyone here willing to assist in guiding me with a jump-start of steps gleaned their adventures landing their first broadcast, for the next easier one ?  Please stay close to the curb. I am not too deep into the tech revolution, more into the Urantian Revelation. Not equipped with a "smart" phone the time change gave me a chuckle when it appeared as the reason both my Tracfone and Smith& Wesson watch showed me to be less than 'in synch' with the present. 


    Warm Regards to All of Us Doing What We Can to Sound the Alert 

    • Angehair says:


      I just contacted the station manager for my community supported radio stations. He wanted $250 a month to air the show weekly in Little Rock and New Orleans as well as Acorn Radio…You might have to pay and or find ask the station managers to it for free.

      Contact geoengineerinwatch to get the weekly shows in MP3 form to send directly to the stations.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Here is yet another glaring abuse from our corrupt immoral insane out-of-control government and the courts, which have adapted laws meant to serve the people into an extortion racket to extract money for itself from the helpless clueless confused. If any of you have gone through a divorce, you know that it is more often the lawyers who win — but did your realize that the judges and court officials, and many others, up the line to the Federal Government are also profiting from these heinously avaricious corrupt evil practices that often involve children. This is soul-sick and is further evidence for the complete moral degradation of the stinking American Empire. Please listen to the video [link below] and send this to anyone you know who might be unwittingly suffering from this kind of criminal extortion.  Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence has worked with hundreds of these kind of cases and has done an excellent job reporting in this 20 minute video. Definitely worth your time. We live in an era where: "Thieves are kings, and the kings are thieves."

    The Divorce Industry as an "extortion racket"
    [My notes]: The massive for-profit divorce industry is exacerbated by government intervention. Who profits? Not the unfortunate unhappy couple, man & wife. It is the judges, the lawyers that make a killing off acrimonious divorces — and thus encourage enmity between man & wife. Also psychologists, guardians, social welfare system workers involved in custody disputes make money off the misery from these family separations that are encouraged.
    The divorce industry has very little to do with the couple and is operating more as an extortion racket [my words].  The government has to get its money paid from the people. So they have learned how to capitalize on the unfortunate break-ups — and not only just capitalize on divorce, but create actual incentives for men & women (especially women) to get divorced.
    States receive money from the Federal Government. Income taxes flow out of the state to the Federal Gov., that then decides which states get how much back. So to qualify for money from the Federal Gov., the state has to conform to what they want.

    The Fed.Gov. has mandated that the states have to collect a certain amount of child support — in order to qualify for the money for the Fed.Gov. This incentivizes separating families, putting the kids with the Mom (lower income), imputing the income of the father, and setting up a system to collect, collect, collect!  If payments are late or you get sick, there are late fees and penalties — which the Mom never sees – only the government. This is a diabolical industry by which the Fed.Gov. makes hordes of money that makes its wealth off child support through the destruction of family. This is how the ‘child support’ system works.

    • Dennie says:

      FYI:  NPR's Reveal program by the Center for Investigative Reporting did a whole show aired yesterday on San Francisco fm radio station KALW on the custody industry and how it makes the big bucks fueled by allegations of child abuse, whether true or not.  A lot of courts still base their decisions on the junk science "facts" of Dr. Richard Gardner, a psychologist whose crazy theories, including the postulation that it is normal behavior for adults to have sex with children, included the theory of parental alienation and that it is healthier to award custody to the "alienated" parent, the one with whom the child does not wish to live ("alienated" parent is usually the one who the other parent accuses of child abuse, true or not).  From the transcript:  "Gardner committed suicide in 2003, and by then, mental health experts had discredited his theories. They called it junk science. Some state courts even ruled it inadmissible, but it didn't go away. A group of judges, lawyers, and psychologists still believed there was something to Gardner's theory and went to work redefining it. They decided it's not a mental health disorder, and they change the name to parental alienation, minus the syndrome. It's now an umbrella term to explain why some kids reject their parents."

  22. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL,

    Each week I look forward to seeing the pictures on this page of those that are currently tending the "front lines". They are my modern day hero's. (Why do I get choked up when I write that? Because I have great love for them). This week I get to witness the efforts of 4 such hero's. Maciej, always, it is good to see your smiling face. It is also good to see you have support by your side at your booth. Barbara Kirkpatrick, 'thank you' for your efforts to get info out to the general public. I hope you feel a sense of accomplishment. "Gem Faire", thank you for your relentless effort to have an awareness booth at each of your retail venues. You make me proud with your endurance of fortitude. And lastly, to the woman sitting at this weeks booth, you my friend I have not met yet, make me even more proud again, thank 'you'. I hope you will chime in here and encourage others to follow your foot steps… "My hero's"

    FYI, I will not be able to attend the Puyallup Gem Faire booth the last 3 days of this month, March. It's been a tough winter for me. All my work came to a grinding halt 2 months ago. Winter has been relentless up here in north central Washington. I am not able to afford the 300 mile trip unless some miracle happens. I'm not going to hold my breath for it. So in all that, I put it to folks like "Keeping at it", Kyle Clausis, Kathy and Larry and many others that reside in the Pugeot Sound area that will read my words to step up to the plate and tend the Gem Faire awareness booth in Puyallup. "It matters".

    Love and strength to ALL my hero's, 'a' simple horseman

    • Jeanette S says:

      Hi SSH, that was me. I did it in part to restore your faith. 🙂 I will have a report for all on Saturday's blog. Good news if that is what you want to call it. 

  23. Linda Clark says:

    Dear Dane, I too live in Northern California and have recently noticed no geoengineering going on and real Clouds are appearing in the Sky. I pray your Alerts have reached our President and those that can actually STOP those trying to kill all of us. May our Lord God continue to bless you and your family. Sending out love and hugs, Linda

  24. Mike says:

    Same here in Hot Springs, AR…I've counted just 7 days this year when the sun was shining…and 4 of those days turned into the white haze.  I can see it behind the 'real' clouds' on most other days…beyond sickening.

    • Angehair says:

      Mike, try to get the broad cast on KUHS if you can. It is on KABF. I'll contact KUHS eventually.

  25. Barb E says:

    Close to 50* yesterday here in southern New Hampshire, blue sky without one cloud (not natural). Only thing in the sky were the 6 jets spraying in tandem west to east.  Today 30* and snowing like hell and we can hear the jets over the total white out sky still spraying their cocktail of death to make it snow.  Same scenario we've seen all winter. Sticks to everything like glue.

    • BaneB says:

      Barb E:  Funny you should mention ‘glue.’  There was 3 to 4 inches of new white powder on the ground.  It snowed over night.  I went out to feed the birds with rubber boots on.  This is not the first nor only snowfall this winter.  But it is the first to literally stick like glue to my boots.  Usually the snow does not accrete on top of the foot portion of the boot. The father along I walked, the greater the accretion, becoming an agglutinated lumpy covering.  The souls were doing the same, building up higher and higher, like clogs.  My first thought was static electricity because of how it clung.  I quickly decided it must be chemically induced ice nucleation.  “Glue!!”

  26. Duane says:

    Same here in Round Rock Tx (a little north of Austin) – and Houston:  Same "dumb-down" effect as elsewhere.  But we will continue to introduce  the term "geoengineering of the skies" into every conversation that we encounter.  What else is there to talk about but the Weather? Check out Youtube videos given by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD PHD on how to de-tox the metals that are being sprayed on Everything on the planet!

  27. Bella_Fantasia says:

    For all the academics that have failed us, that certainly isn't true for Professor Michel Chossudovsky.  For all the times I've presented information about geoengineering, including Chossudovsky's work, some recipients have criticized me because 'he is only an economics professor' (therefore irrelevant).  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If anyone questions his expertise, do definitely pass along his biographical summary.

    Not only am I blown away by his research and experience, my gratitude is immense because he is on our side.

  28. Paul Vonharnish says:

    The excerpt below is from Extinction Rebellion's stated manifesto and purpose:   "Some actions will focus on legal venues. As people work their way through the legal process, the courts can provide us with an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the government's dishonesty and to tell the truth. We can show that science and evidence are on our side and that our demands are credible and necessary.

    Where people wish to adopt this approach, XR legal strategy team will make available information resources (from pre-action to police interview to trial) to support a defense that non violent direct action is a reasonable and proportionate response to the government's failure to acknowledge the climate emergency and its failure to defend life. We will develop and revise legal strategy in light of experiences across XR."

    I like the youthful exuberance of the Extinction Rebellion manifesto, but it's the power of royal families and the mercantile markets that control economies, not governments.

    These folks need to address the issue of a world that is legally owned and operated as a slave plantation.  See: Divine right of kings – Wikipedia

    In the Middle Ages, the idea that God had granted earthly power to the monarch, just as he had given spiritual authority and power to the church, especially to the Pope, was already a well-known concept long before later writers coined the term "divine right of kings" and employed it as a theory in political science. For example, Richard I of England declared at his trial during the diet at Speyer in 1193: "I am born in a rank which recognizes no superior but God, to whom alone I am responsible for my actions", and it was Richard who first used the motto "Dieu et mon droit" ("God and my right") which is still the motto of the Monarch of the United Kingdom.” [End quote]

    Complete text:

    Cleaning up the industrial diaper bucket is going to take more work than a civil rebellion and fancy words…

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hmm well, that is always a bit of a quandray for someone like myself who pledged an oath of allegiance to the crown, and subsequently fought 'for them' in several "conflicts".

      I hear what you are saying, but your wiki quote refers to the middle ages.

      Also, if one goes about attacking the British monarchy, verbally or physically, one will have very few British military or civilians on your side – and we need them to be on our side for a civil rebellion. 

      On on.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Andrew from Scotland:  I hear ya, but allegiances to authority figures leads to tyranny and fascism every time.  The Queen of England and other "royal" ministries control most of the world's social security assets and IMF financial accounts. >

      Supplement No. 99 [June 2012] 10.8221

      1984 No. 1817


      The Social Security (United States of America)

      Order 1984

      Made 22nd November 1984 — Coming into Operation

      Articles 1 and 2 1st January 1985

      Article 3 1st January 1988 

      "Under S.I. 1988/591, any provision in the following Order relating to the calculation of widow’s allowance under U.K. legislation includes a reference to a widow’s payment under U.K. legislation

      "Under art. 2 of SI 1995/767 the SSC&B Act 1996 (c. 4), the SSA Act 1992 (c. 5) and the Jobseekers Act 1995 (c. 18) are modified so that the effect can be given to the proposal that any references in the Agreement set out in Sch. 1 to this Order, to sickness benefit, invalidity benefit or invalidity pension under UK legislation shall include short-term incapacity benefit or long-term incapacity benefit and to the proposal that any provisions relating to the calculation or payment of the former benefits apply also to the appropriate latter benefit.

      "Under Art. 2 of S.I. 2012/360 the SS Admin Act 1992 (c. 5), the SS Conts and Bens Act 1992 (c. 4), and Part 1 of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 (c. 5) are modified so that the effect can be given to the proposal that any references to invalidity benefit or invalidity pension under UK legislation, shall include a reference to employment and support allowance which is a contributory allowance awarded by virtue of the Employment and Support Allowance (Transitional Provisions, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit) (Existing Awards) (No. 2) Regulations 2010.

      At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 22nd day of November 1984

      Present, The Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council 

      "Whereas at London on the 13th February 1984 an Agreement on social security between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the United States of American (which Agreement is set out in Schedule 1 to this Order and is hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) and an Administrative Agreement for the implementation of the Agreement (which is set out in Schedule 2 to this Order and is hereinafter referred to as “the Administrative Agreement”) were signed on behalf of those Governments: 

      And Whereas by Article 27(1) of the Agreement it is provided that the Agreement, except for Part III, shall enter into force on the first day of the second month following the month in which each Government has received from the other Government written notification that all statutory and constitutional requirements have been complied with for entry into force of the Agreement: […] 

      Complete document: Evi-Doc_13_Supplement_99_Volume_10

      Who Owns America? Part 1

      Who Owns America? Part 2

      Who are the Windsors? – Webster Tarpley – YouTube

       Published September 22, 2015

      The "royal family" concept is a "bloody" chaste system (see India) and grossly archaic at best. The divine Right of Kings is still in effect throughout all mercantile empires and jurisdictions under Maritime Law.  To change the world, we need to change the rules…

  29. Diana says:

    Is there any group,, people, person in northern Minneosta to hook up with on this?

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Diana:  Yes, I live in Northern Minnesota > been a Minnesota resident my entire life.  I have become somewhat disabled due to necrological damage from Lyme disease, so can't do public venues.  I would be willing to share data and suggestions with you regarding geoengineering.  I have a large data base…

      I've tried "informing" others about the destruction of our environment, but too many syllables confuse television addicted people… Eyes glaze over in less than a minute > as intended by the designers of cellular broadcast and WiFi cable equipment….

      The "snow" today is definitely chemically nucleated. The snow gobs are more like table salt than flakes, and ground temperatures are unnatural.  Ice gobs form on car windows and paint surfaces, and road crews are forced to use massive amounts of calcium chloride on roads to clear ice… All ignored by the sleeping proletariat… Please contact the web master for my email address…

  30. Diana says:

    Here in Minnesota storm warning last night storm starting at 3 pm Saturday.It is Saturday at 9:35 pm no snow yet.. Such a shame weather people can not  even give us the accurate forecasts. What a farce. Blue sky for short time this past week in am then came the trails as plain as day dripping the goop.  No one notices!.

    Heard a comment around 2 months ago about the trails,"Look at those planes dumping their fuel." I want to bang my head against the wall.  How ignorant and blind are people.  I want to cry.  OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE. People so buried in cell phones, facebook, football etc. etc.




    • Lorraine says:

      Hi Diana.  As you mentioned in your post, when people make the comment "Look at those planes dumping their fuel", just add that there is aluminum and other chemicals dumped with the fuel.  That way, they may be more responsive to listening to the truth and not brush you off.  Just saying…

  31. Angehair says:

    I have some good news! I just found out last week that for the past few months Global Alert News has been aired on WAMF 90.3 FM radio in New Orleans –, Acorn Radio at, as well as KABF 88.3 FM in Little Rock ( at 12pm on Fridays.

    This is all for $250 a month to keep it on the air. If anyone can donate to these stations please note it is for the Global Alert News Geoengineering Watch. If anyone can email the station manager to thank him and encourage them to continue airing the show so that the message can still reach people in our increasingly censored world.

    Thank you so much to Aaron C and anyone else that has donated to keep the show on in the heavily sprayed, hot, wet south. I'm considered lower working class in Arkansas yet will do my best to keep Global Alert News aired indefinitely on these stations as well as research and respond to criticism the stations have received for airing the show. 

    It is evermore apparent that doing much more than trying to stop geoengineering is like polishing hand rails on a sinking ship.

  32. Sandy Patrus says:

    I commend your daughter for her choice not to vaccinate.  My two granddaughters are not vaccinated, except the 7 year old has the first part of the  whooping cough vaccine, which my daughter was against, but her Pediatrician talked her into it by telling her there was an outbreak of whooping cough in our city.  Now she seems to catch every cold virus that comes around.  Needless to say, my daughter never went back to that Pediatrician again and is sorry she ever let her do the first half of the  vaccine in the first place.  Other than that she is very bright and outgoing.  My 18 year old granddaughter has never had any vaccinations and has rarely gotten sick her entire life.  She is very bright and  level headed and also very outgoing.  It is a very scary thought that they could take your child away from you if you object to their poisonous shots.

    • Dale K says:

      Exposing Truth in Face of Media Half-Truths
      By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

      Mainstream, pro-propaganda is screamed at tens of thousands, perhaps even millions, of our patients and parents every day, calling them resistant; difficult;  irresponsible; baby-killers. The personal assaults hurled at educated and informed parents who choose to refuse the injection of foreign matter into their children with the illusion that this will somehow improve their health is everywhere, including the halls of Congress.

      MILLIONS of people have been affected by the censorship of Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, YouTube and probably soon, Facebook. Amazon removed vaccine documentaries within an hour of a letter from Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA). Books will probably be banned next, no matter how many references.

      Is this America?

      From all available evidence, a majority of anti-vaxxers are educated people who send their children to Waldorf schools and have access to both mainstream public health information and to vaccination information that presents a different view. They choose to not believe the mainstream conspiracy propaganda, which is what it really is: No placebo testing. No proof of protection (i.e. get the shot and get sick anyway). Denial that vaccines can cause harm. Health only comes through a needle.

      Why would people who care about their children’s health choose to ignore the solid, evidence-based recommendations of the government and the health-care system? The simple answer is because they don’t trust the government or the health-care system. Theirs is not an unreasonable position.

  33. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Another completely insane prescription drug. This is beyond criminal. Ketamine is a hallucinogenic — that is known to “cause psychotic episodes” in people who are at risk!  What in occult hell are they up to? Side effects include psychosis! Depression is a healthy sign from your soul asking you to contemplate your life and how you live it.

    “Ketamine…often causes out-of-body and hallucinogenic sensations when administered"

    Fast-Acting Depression Drug, Newly Approved, Could Help Millions / NY Times
    A nasal spray version of the drug ketamine has shown promise as an antidepressant, even if its properties still aren’t well understood.
    Of the 16 million American adults who live with depression, as many as one-quarter gain little or no benefit from available treatments, whether drugs or talk therapy. They represent perhaps the greatest unmet need in psychiatry. On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration approved a prescription treatment intended to help them, a fast-acting drug derived from an old and widely used anesthetic, ketamine.
    The move heralds a shift from the Prozac era of antidepressant drugs. The newly approved treatment, called esketamine, is a nasal spray developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., a branch of Johnson & Johnson, that will be marketed under the name Spravato. It contains an active portion of the ketamine molecule, whose antidepressant properties are not well understood yet.
    The generic anesthetic is already increasingly available for depression, at hundreds of clinics around the country that provide a course of intravenous treatments, and studies suggest it can help treatment-resistant people. It often causes out-of-body and hallucinogenic sensations when administered; in the 1980s and 1990s it was popular as a club drug, Special K.
    … Esketamine, like ketamine, has the potential for abuse, and both drugs can induce psychotic episodes in people who are at high risk for them. The safety monitoring will require doctors to find space for treated patients, which could present a logistical challenge, some psychiatrists said.
    The cost for a one-month course of treatment will be between $4,720 and $6,785, said Janssen, and experts said it will give the company a foothold in the $12 billion global antidepressant market, where most drugs now are generic.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I agree, V. Susan, that's certainly disturbing. Psychosis usually doesn't just clear up on its own.  One definition of depression that makes sense:  A normal reaction to abnormal circumstances.

      That very expensive Special K seems on par with some of the newer secondary treatments for diabetes.  Some of them are causing increased amputations of the toes and feet (which is one reason many people treat their diabetes in the first place, isn't it?) while others have the new utterly disturbing side effect called Fournier's gangrene of the genitals.  If people choose to ignore that, they might want to look at the pictures.

      The information is out there.  How can so many still believe the government cares so enormously for our well-being? 

    • Earth Angel says:

      V.S.F.- I heard this mentioned the other day on a tv news broadcast. I couldn't believe it. I worked as a veterinary assistant many years ago for a couple of years with a small animal vet. She used ketamine in certain cocktails that were used to anesthesize cats and dogs for surgeries. I can't believe this would be prescribed for people as a treatment for depression. The stuff would send the animals to the outer limits- glassy eyes & pupils dialated! She always brought them back safe but they were definately on a trip way out there. I can't imagine this drug being used anywhere except under the close scrutiny of an experienced surgeon/ anesthesiologist in an operating room somewhere. Unbelievable. I know I sure wouldn't want to take it.

  34. glenn says:

    No Winter until Jan. 15,2019….then….8 weeks of the same horrendous weather patterns, over and over. Freezing cold, warm and raining, repeat repeat… peaceful weather…all wind and drama non-stop. I hate it. Constant spraying and sunless days. Just sickening. Good work Dane, we've got your back.

    Glenn, Southern WI

    • Denise in WI says:

      It started to get very cold, very early this year, but well said – no peaceful weather, all drama.  This sucks. I'd move if I thought it would be better somewhere else.  I've never felt such a lack of control over my own life.  These 6 month Winters can really wear you down.

    • Denise in Northern WI says:

      I should clarify, North of you in Oconto, it's been all snow.

      40 inches in February alone.  I'd take rain any day!  The roofs are caving in, and the snow banks are over my head. 

  35. Louise Neufeld says:

    In Manitoba our skies are solid white, not even gray.  The incredible array of spraying was so obvious the other day, no one in their right mind (I say so sarcastically) would ever be able to admit these are contrails.  Another storm is being forecast and we are experiencing snowy, winter weather as we near the middle of March. On another disturbing topic, my daughter has chosen wisely not to vaccinate my five month granddaughter.  The flak she has received is abysmal.  While various social media sites remove any info about the harms of vaccinating, there are constant comments about hanging and killing those that don't vaccinate. Incidentally, those threats aren't removed. My daughter is scared and struggling to defend her choice.  After all, not vaccinating could be seen as a deadly choice for your child and I'm sure that pretty soon Child and Family Services wouldn't hesitate to remove your child from your home, especially in Manitoba. Everyday our MSM, particularly CBC, has articles about vaccination and crucifies the vaccine hesitant and anti-vaxxers. There is no longer a debate or even an attempt to understand why people wouldn't vaccinate.  We don't have mandatory vaccination in Canada but the topic is now being bandied about. And soon you won't find any anti-vaccination info in books or movies as they are no longer available on Amazon. Censorship is becoming worse than in WW2. And we are stupid enough to believe we live in a democratic society with freedom of speech!

    • Jeanette S says:

      Tell your daughter that is their vaccinations rearing their ugly heads. Stupidity always loves company; its reassuring to them that the dumb thing they did isnt so bad because…well somebody else did it too.

    • Colleen Cran says:

      All Canadian media is bad (national and local). When a vaccine story is posted on some media FB page, my comment is always Have they put liability back on Vaccine Manufacturers? Usually no one challenges my question. I know someone who has a 2 yr old son (breastfed), seems to research different things, but when it comes to vaccines, she has jumped on board the Vaccine Bandwagon. 

  36. Brian N Tanimoto says:

    For those who are undecided about the truth behind the 9/11 attack but are willing to maintain an open mind, please see this short essay I wrote a while back:

  37. Cliff says:

    Hi. Here on South East Alaska it has been clear for 2 weeks Bright blue sky day and night,  it would go down to 20F every morning is very dry. Only 4 inches of snow all winter not very cold.  

  38. Chad Haberman says:

    Doctors are starting to listen as i show them and tell them im documenting it just as they are with names and agencies!!!

  39. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Rolling Stone and other activist publications chose to lie, because accidents tend to happen… Look up the cover story regarding former Rolling Stone journalist Micheal Hastings. CIA Doctrine: Thou shalt not tell the truth…

    Man made aerosol and air quality problems are not news to anyone with a functional intellect.  Commerce and environmental theft are the keys to man's increasing and pervasive dementia. >

    Excerpted from Asian brown cloud – Wikipedia – Impacts 

    Health problems

    One major impact is on health. A 2002 study indicated nearly two million people die each year, in Asia alone, from conditions related to the brown cloud.[12] 

    Regional weather 

    A second assessment study was published in 2008.[13] It highlighted regional concerns regarding: Changes of rainfall patterns with the Asian monsoon, as well as a delaying of the start of the Asian monsoon, by several weeks.[14][15] 

    The observed weakening Indian monsoon and in China northern drought and southern flooding is influenced by the clouds. 

    Increase in rainfall over the Australian Top End and Kimberley regions. A CSIRO study has found that by displacing the thermal equator southwards via cooling of the air over East Asia, the monsoon which brings most of the rain to these regions has been intensified and displaced southward.[16] 

    Retreat of the Hindu KushHimalayan glaciers and snow packs. The cause is attributed to rising air temperatures that are more pronounced in elevated regions, a combined warming effect of greenhouse gases and the Asian Brown Cloud. Also deposition of black carbon decreases the reflection and exacerbates the retreat. Asian glacial melting could lead to water shortages and floods for the hundreds of millions of people who live downstream. 

    Decrease of crop harvests. Elevated concentrations of surface ozone are likely to affect crop yields negatively. The impact is crop specific."

    RELEASE: 04-140

     April 27, 2004 

    Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm the U.S. Climate

    EPA Finds Airplane Pollution Endangers Climate, Fails to Curb Emissions

    For Immediate Release, June 5, 2015

    Vera Pardee, (858) 717-1448,

    Complete text:

    Nothing to see here.  Fly United

  40. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 260th email, titled 'Climate Chaos within 22 months. 4C /  ER strategy / Twaddle

    When will they initiate the 2 year nuclear volcanic winter to refreeze the Arctic (and Antarctic)?

    Because Sam Carana et al say that we could have an 18C rise in global temperatures by 2026, some people still think that we have 7 years to take action. This is not true.  

    A 4C to rise in global temps will cause photosynthesis and plant growth to stop in the main crop growing regions of the world, which will cause massive starvation and extinction of many species. This will also probably be when the planes stop flying, and then within 4 weeks of no planes we will likely have an extra 7 or 8C rise in global temperatures (at this stage, it really doesn't matter whether they are chemtrails, aerosols, atmospheric spraying, or contrails). 

    However, going back to the 4C rise in global temps and one of my fun calculations: Let's be generous and say we expect a 16C rise in 8 years, then let's be even more generous and assume it will be a linear global temp increase..this leaves us with 2 years before a 4C temp rise and SHTF – unless something extraordinary happens.

    Actually, Sam does mention this little problem, buried in the middle of his post. To quote: 'As an earlier study points out, life on Earth will already have disappeared with a 5°C rise'.

    Meanwhile, Joe Neubarth calculates that a 2C rise in GAST will cause the massive crop failures and 'civilisation' collapse, though he currently thinks we may have another 8 years until that 2C temp rise happens. 

    Assuming Arctic sea ice extent has peaked, as of 28th Feb the sea ice melt had come 2% of the way from winter maximum to a Blue Ocean Event; on 8th March is was at 1%. The lowest extent year ever, 2016, by the same dates, was still in refreeze and therefore at 100%.

    I see the Antarctic sea ice extent is fast approaching lowest ever for date, and there is an increase in methane release. 

    There are bar charts being circulating that purport to show ways of reducing CO2 emissions. What strikes me about these charts is the fact that we have wasted years and "billions & billions" (to quote the Greta/Trump video!) on things that will have the least effect on reducing emissions, and not tackled the things that might have the biggest effect on reducing CO2 emissions. 

    The Hungarian prime minister has warned that the 2015 migrant crisis (which saw millions of migrants pour into Europe) was just the beginning, and that a new wave of African migrants will soon overwhelm the continent. Notice he said "Africa" and "migrants", and not Syria, Iraq or other non African countries where US/NATO military action has caused huge refugee crises. As usual, it is the middle east refugees who are highlighted in mainstream media (although not the true cause of their plight), and not the huge numbers of climate migrants coming from Africa.

    The excellent ER strategy update here. I hope their non-violent blockade of the motorway out of Dover on 30th March has the desired effect.

    You may need a translator!:  Nicola's head is slightly in the wrong place – the background should read ' Lying Scotsman'…as famously happened with Alec Salmond.

    Dictionary definition of Trumpery: nonsense, rubbish, deception, trickery, fraud, falsehood, empty talk, twaddle, something without use or value, showy but worthless, etc, etc.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Andrew, in regard to this conclusion ” within 4 weeks of no planes we will likely have an extra 7 or 8C rise in global temperatures”, if we consider all related factors, available data points to a possibly very different conclusion. Climate engineering is the single greatest factor that is reducing Earth’s hydrological cycle (in addition to traping more overall heat than it deflects). The reduction in the hydrological cycle translates into far less natural lower level cloud cover (which would block incoming thermal radiation). Climate engineering is the single greatest factor that is decimating the ozone layer. This translates into far more extreme UV radiation bombarding the planet, killing forests, killing planton, and further contributing to the loss of natural cloud cover and thus the overall heating of the planet. There are many more factors to consider, but the bottom line is this, when all factors are considiered over an extended time frame, highly toxic and destructive climate engineering particulates are not benificial in any overall context. If we are to have any chance of extending our time on this once thriving  planet, all forms of human “intervention” must be halted, starting with stopping climate engineering. The planet must be allowed to respond to the damage already done, on its own.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Agreed, Dane. As I wrote recently on another website, regarding our possible chances of survival: '… if the geoengineers and weather warfare operators would allow the natural feedback loops to operate naturally.'

  41. John says:

    Southern Arizona started clear cool and sunny.  Then here come the planes, now the sky is one grey haze,  sickening.

    • Holly says:

      Same here in New York. We seldom see the sun here anymore.

    • BaneB says:

      John:  And soon enough….here comes David Keith, too, to your region to conduct his experiment-fraud.  Yep, right over your head in the skies above, deliberate dissemination of aerosols to “see the impact upon the atmosphere.”  Of course its a sham.  He and his ilk are seeking to pretend Geoengineering is not already a fact. The terrorists have been doing this  decades.  But they would have us believe it’s merely a possible future necessity.  I hope Arizonans are paying attention to this plan to dump on you courtesy of Harvard.  

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